[STORY] My Baby’s Father (episode 1-14)

My Baby’s Father
My Baby’s Father

My Baby’s Father
My Baby’s Father


Author’s p.o.v.

Kim paced around her office,she forgot the flash she was meant to bring for today’s presentation. She knew her boss would rant about her being irresponsible in the presence of everyone there.

“what to do,what to do?” She said searching her brain for the most possible solution.

“Oh Kim, what have you done this time” Brenda entered unannounced.

“You startled me” Kim told her.

“I know I did,you are making me worried. What’s wrong? Is it the boss?”.

Kim nodded her head.

“What have you done this time?” Brenda asked again.

“I forgot the flash for the presentation at home” Kim said

“What presentation? Don’t tell me it is today’s own”.

“It is”.

“Oh Kim, you shouldn’t forget something as important as that. This presentation means a lot to the boss and I can’t imagine how annoyed he is going to be”. Brenda sighing.

“You are making matters worst. You should motivate me not to crush the remaining courage I have”.

“You know the boss has anger issues and this is all your fault. You shouldn’t have taken the flash home in the first place”. Brenda said.

Kim sighed before saying “I was working on it yesternite and I didn’t know when I fell asleep”.

“The meeting is in 10 minutes time and you know how far your house is from here”. Brenda said.

“I know,that is why I feel so bad right now. I can’t imagine the embarrassment” Kim said placing her head on the table.

“Isn’t there a hard copy or something?” Brenda asked.

“There is, but the boss specifically requested we used the projector for the presentation because the information on the flash explains everything” Kim said.

“You knew all this and you still forgot it?”.

“I woke up ten minutes after the alarm rang so I had to rush so I would not miss the bus”.

“Oh Kim,what to do? What to do”.

“I would find a way even if our jerk of a boss would find every reason to scold me. I wonder why he hates me so much” Kim lamented.

“I don’t think he hates you”. Brenda said.

“why do you say that?”Kim asked.

“his personal assistant never lasts for a month, he either sacks them over little mistakes or they resign themselves when they can’t endure any longer. But look at you, you have been here for close to three months already”.. Brenda said.

“that’s because I need the money badly and who told you i am not enduring, he is like a lady in her period. Always complaining”.

“what are you gonna do then?”.

“bear the insults but incase if I eventually get sacked. Recommend me to another company like you recommended me here”. Kim said.

Brenda frowned before saying “I don’t know any company that pays better than this at this time. Many companies just recruited.”

“I finally lost with my silly mistakes. I am going to be jobless again”. Kim lamented.

“you won’t get sacked as long as you keep your month shut whenever he is talking but looking at you it would be quite hard because you will talk back “. Brenda said.

“I won’t this time, it is all my fault”. Kim said.

Brenda was about to reply when the intercom rang.

“Kim come over now. Do I have to remind you that it is time for the presentation? ” her boss said over the phone.

“I am sorry sir”. She said before dropping the telecom.

“was that the boss?” Brenda asked as Kim stood up.


“I wish you the best Kim and if you get out of this mess I would treat you to lunch “. Brenda said.

“I am nervous as hell”. Kim said.

“you have no idea how scared I am for you “. Brenda Said.

“I have to go now bren, excuse me”. She said before leaving the office.

ALL the best Kim.

ALL the best.

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Kim’s p.o.v.

I made my way to my boss office with a pounding chest,I have never been this scared all my life. I have made several mistakes over the past twenty four years of my life but I couldn’t have made a mistake this stupid. i am a careless, stupid girl and I know that. Out of all mistakes to make I shouldn’t have made this? my boss is like a beast always growling over every little thing and d–n it if that doesn’t piss me off too,I can’t imagine the embarrassment I would get today. I straightened my skirt before knocking the door.

“come in” he said.

i entered and I locked the door,I turned my back to see him already starring at me. my boss was so hot no doubt,he was the second most eligible bachelor of new York and ladies flocked over him but he has anger issues,he gets mad over every little thing and he is so rude and I can’t help but wonder how someone like him can head a successful company with his character. I also can’t help but pity myself,I suffered so hard before I got this job and the pay was barely enough to cover dad’s medical expenses for a month not to talk of my expenses.

“Miss Kim are you gonna stand there all day and zone out” his voice brought me out of my trance.

“I am sorry”.

“the meeting is in a minute or so,let’s go” he said standing up. “did you bring all that is required?”.

i feel like dying now.


“let’s go already,no time for chitchats” he interrupted me already on his way out.

I was about to tell him that I forgot the flash and as usual he thought I wanted to say something stupid. I arranged the documents well,but I know without the flash this presentation would be a mess and right now I AM A MESS.

we got to the conference room where the shareholders and some clients were already seated. important personnels,people I have never met before except from the older Mr bustamante. That explains how important this meeting was for the company.

“i apologize for keeping y’all waiting”. my boss said taking a seat.

“you didn’t keep us waiting,you just Kept to time,I guess we just came a little early”. the oldest of the men spoke.

I went around to share the photocopied documents, something I knew was not the best solution to the problem at least they would understand a thing or two if they looked at the paper. My dad usually said half bread is better than none.

“The meeting would start now”. my boss said again. “this is Kim,she would present the project”.

I stood up and I bowed my head in greeting. kill me already,just kill me. I forced a smile on my face. I looked at the document in my hand,it was the same document I gave to them. I looked at my boss and he was staring at me boring holes into my body like ‘what the hell are you doing’.

Even though there was no flash there is still hope right? All what I needed was courage and I summoned the courage I had even though I knew it won’t end well. The flash was like the brain of this project.

“the project is called ‘BIG FILE’ as I informed y’all in the last meeting we had”. i opened the documents before continuing. “Big file is a project that started first in South Korea before it was left unattended to due to their country law. New York City Is a big city so we decided to take over the project collaborating with the biggest electronic company in new York and since we started the project it have shown itself to be an investable project. You might ask,how does big file works? Big file works for people above the age of ten,so it works for practically half and quarter of the city’s population,when you get signed in to big file,it contains all your informations starting from your name and every other thing that concerns you and_”.

“Miss Kim,you already talked about this the last time we were here. We need the illustration of how big file works” a man said.

“yes the illustration. We are tired of the talks.We need a live illustration of_”. another man chirped in until my boss interrupted him.

“Let’s not get so worked up about this. we have the illustration here. Miss Kim input the flash let them see the illustration”. he said and I froze unsure of what to do.

I suddenly find my shoes amusing so I looked down.

“Does this looks like a joke to you?” one of the investor spoke up.

Businesses minded people have low or no level of patience at all. I raised my head to look at their stoic face boring holes into mine.

I should just die now.

“Mr bustamante are you playing with us?”. one of the men spoke up directing his question to my boss.

“You have no idea how much I invested in this” another man said.

“Mr bustamante are we being scammed?”. The first lady spoke up.

“is there a flash or not?”.

“isn’t it obvious there isn’t any flash that this project of big file or whatever is a scam” another man said.

All this while my boss did not speak a word and I knew it was silence before the storm.

A man I persume was the most important person there cleared his throat and they all went silent already. He was the same man that talked about them being a little early. The older bustamante i guess because I have seen him several times outside the office,in the hospital to be precise.

“We should hear the young lady out and Mr bustamante before we start making conclusions. This is not our first time of coming here so why should we think we are being scammed,This young lady here have done nothing but to do her work efficiently since we have been coming here so I don’t know where all this is coming from” the man said.

“I am really sorry about this”. My boss said bowing his head not before throwing me a hard look.

“So Ashton is there a flash or not?” the same man asked.

my boss looked at me before saying “There is a flash, Miss Kim where is the flash?” he asked without any emotion whatsoever and I knew I was in a big mess.

“Sir,I _”. I said trying to think of what to say until the man interrupted me again.

“We should probably reschedule the meeting”. the man said.

“I don’t think that is necessary”. My boss said.

“It is necessary Ash it is,it Is obvious there is a problem here. You should find a solution to the problem before you reschedule the meeting”. he said smiling. He looked nice and he even called my boss by his name,he even shortened it and the latter did not complain.

“We should reschedule it then. I am sorry for the inconveniences” My boss said with a Stern gaze.

“We would take our leave now”. the man said standing up and the others also stood up. “Find a solution to the problem soon”.

My boss stood up to walk them out,I was alone in the room and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

I packed the documents that they angrily left and I arranged it neatly before calling a cleaner to come and clean the place. I went to my office I sat down not before taking a cold glass of water.

what have you done Kim?

jobless again!.

I couldn’t lose my job now,it wasn’t just right. dad’s medical bills and I had my own bills to pay too. I was about to lay my head on my table when someone barged into my office making me jump from my seat.

“What the hell have you done?”. My boss yelled and I shook.

His eyes were red,he looked so mad like he could strangle me. To say I was terrified was an understatement. I was scared.


Kim you are jobless already.

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Ashton’s p.o.v.

“What the hell have you done”. I yelled barging into Kim’s office. I couldn’t say I was mad,I was far from mad it was like the bomb ticking in my head would soon explode. She looked terrified but I couldn’t care less. How could she? she knew how important this project was and the people involved are assholes except from my uncle. If my uncle haven’t bailed me out I wondered what would have happened,I felt helpless back there and I didn’t like the feeling one bit I was one to always be in control. Even after my uncle bailed me out I still hated myself for having him always bailing me out like I was incompetent and I had to apologise again even though I was aware of their mutual hatred for me except from my uncle of course.

Back to Kim,she was really stupid for doing that. Wasn’t she suppose to use the flash and even when I told her she just had to look down and look stupid and make me look f—–g stupid in the presence of everyone. She could have told me there was a problem before we got to the conference room instead of making me look like a fool there. I was so sure of the project and now most of them probably thinks I have nothing to offer.

I wanted to yell at her again not considering her terrified state,she f—-d up big time. But this was a company even though it was soundproof I couldn’t risk yelling again because I don’t trust myself.

“What have you done Miss Kim”. I said menacingly with a voice I didn’t believe was mine.

I was really pissed like really,she flinched again. I didn’t even yell this time.

“Do you think this is a f—–g joke?” I asked her moving closer.

“I am really sor_”. she was saying before I cut her off.

“that word. You spoil everything and you just expect it to get fixed with your stupid sorry”. I said again.

“it’s just that earlier today I _”.

“where is the flash?” I asked cutting her off again.

she looked down again,she already spoilt everything what else does she wants?.

“I forgot it at home”. she said raising her head.

f–k if that did not make me more angry.

“you forgot the flash?”. i asked not believing what she just said.

she nodded her head before saying “yes,I am really sorry”.

“Don’t f—–g tell me sorry”. I yelled making her flinch again. “This is the line. This is the f—–g line,I have had enough of all your incompetencies,you either forget everything given to you or you just mess everything up. Are you that dumb or you are just clueless”. i said there was this flash of hurt in her eyes then anger.

“I apologise it was all my fault,I was working late yesternite and_”

“You had no right to take that flash home knowing how confidential it is”. I interjected.

“You said there were some things that needed to be crosschecked”

“yes I said that but I didn’t ask you to take it home with you”. I said sharply.

“There was alot of work to do so I had no other choice than to take it home and work on it”.

“here comes your incompetency again. You took something so important as that home and you just had to forget it. Who does that? You are really dumb “. I said again and she flashed me an angry look.

what does she want to do? I should be the angry one here because she f—-d everything up.

“you don’t have to keep repeating that I am dumb”. she blurted out.

so much guts.

i look at her with a raised eyebrow “Aren’t you? you are one of the dumbest person I have met because I see no reason why you have to do something like that”.

“I know I am not dumb and I don’t like it when people call me dumb either, because I am not. Since you knew I was dumb you shouldn’t have given me something of that importance”. she said.

“This shows how irresponsible you are. You are trying to shift your responsibility on others”. I said getting more angry at the tone she was using on me. who does she thinks she is.

“No i am not shifting my responsibilities and like I said earlier I am at fault,but if you can’t still believe that and accept my apology then with all due respect you are the irresponsible one”. she replied looking at me straight in the face.

I was shocked,she might be pretty and all that but no one talks to me that way. She might have talked to any of her previous employees that way but no one talks to me like that. I repeat no one.

“looks like you got a job elsewhere”. I said smirking,she definitely wouldn’t see another place with a pay like this at this time of the year.

she looked at me with so much anger not saying anything.

“you are fired”. I told her and she gasped.

“Right,I knew it would get to this but you are more of a jerk than I thought”. she said maintaining eye contact with me.

I didn’t give a f–k about what anyone thought,She had no right to speak to me that way.

“Pack your things and bring my flash first thing tomorrow morning”. I said curtly before leaving her office.

who the hell does she thinks she is?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

I would get back my flash and solve the problem she began.

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Kim’s p.o.v.

“dad how are you feeling?”. I asked my dad and he looked at me sadly before forcing a smile. I touched his arm gently and even with my gentle touch he still flinched.

He is in so much pain. My dad has cancer,yes lung cancer. When I was informed he had cancer I was shocked because I thought it was a female disease,I know it is dumb to think like that but I couldn’t help it but look at me now pumping money for hospital bills every month.

“Are you okay?”. he asked me gently.

I smiled at him genuinely “I am okay. Don’t worry about me”.

“I feel so lonely here, can’t I go home already?”. he asked me.

I shook my head before moving closer to him “of course you will. just get well first”.

“But I am already fine”. he said again.

Sure he is fine with the visible pain in his eyes,with the painful look in his eyes when he smiles.

“No you are not fine and moreover I try to pay you a visit everyday”.

“yes you are right about that. But I am tired of staying here it have been 6 months already. I want to leave”. he said again.

I frowned before saying “sure you want to and I would be glad if you leave too that is why you have to get well first”.

“I just said I was fi….”

“dad!” I interrupted him “you are not fine and the hospital is where you would be taken care of properly”.

“why are you here by this time?”. he asked.

I looked at my wrist watch. it was 12 noon. I looked at him before saying “what’s wrong with me being here by this time?”.

“this is early afternoon,you should be at work”. he said again.

oops,only if he knew I have been jobless since yesterday.

“is something wrong?” he asked with a worried look.

No,he would be worried again. He is already sick he can’t compound his problem with worry.

“Dad, nothing is wrong. I just missed you so much and I decided to pay you a visit”. I said. I did miss him but I didn’t pay him a visit because of that. I paid him a visit because I am now jobless.

“stop that Kimberly”. he said,his voice higher than usual. He should take things easy.

“Dad I don’t understand you. stop what?” I asked not ready to tell him the truth.

“I might not have been the best father but I remember me and your mom teaching you never to tell lies before she passed away. stop lying to me,you didn’t come here because you felt like,I know how passionate you are about your job. Kim did something happen?”. he asked gently.

Now he was coaxing me to tell the truth,and I couldn’t just find it In me to lie. that worried look in his eyes is telling me not to say the truth but my manners and how I have been raised never to tell a lie won over my logical side.

“Dad I got fired”. I said lowly and his eyes widened before he quickly concealed it with a small frown.

“what happened?” he asked.

“I made a mistake dad”. I told him.

“everyone makes a mistake Kimberly,you don’t need to feel bad for making a mistake”. he advised.

yes it was a mistake but a costly one.

“Dad I didn’t intend to do that”.I said feeling so stupid and useless once again.

“don’t be too hard on yourself,it was a mistake. the deed is already done you should try to ensure not to repeat that mistake again”.

“okay dad,don’t worry about me okay?”.

“I can’t promise you because I would always worry about you”. he said sadly and I suddenly felt like crying.

I am so useless. I can’t even pay the hospital bills again since I am jobless the bills would begin to pile up again.

“Kimberly,I should probably go home with you now”. he said again.

“why would you say that?”. i asked him.

“I don’t want to pressure you Kimberly,I am an old man already and you are still very young,I shouldn’t pressure you with my problems and_”.

“Dad you are not pressuring me,why are you saying all this?” I asked him.

“i know the amount of money you pay in this hospital isn’t a little amount,look I even got a private room and the doctors treat me well,you pay other bills too. Kimberly the only way you pay those bills is because of your salary but look now you have been sacked and I know it is not easy for you so why should I bother you with my problems”.

“Dad I have to take care of you because you are my father and who said I am tired?”.

“no,I should be the one taking care of you because I _”.

“Dad enough of this worries,this is why I never wanted to tell you. Dad everything would be fine”. I assured him even though I wasn’t sure myself.


“Dad”. I interrupted him “I would find a job,I promise you. You have to rest now”.

“Kim if I can’t go home I should check into a smaller room or a less cheaper hospital”. he said again.

“I already said no. I would be fine dad. We would be fine. Now get some rest”.


“Dad I am going to see the doctor”. I said kissing his cheeks before leaving the room.

I took a deep breath immediately I left the room. I went to drop the flash this morning before many people came to work so they won’t give me this same pity look dad was giving me. Brenda have been trying to call me since but I haven’t been picking because I didn’t want her to pity me I might just cry.

I went to see the doctor and it was still the same story ‘the cancer have hit your dad’s lungs’ he told me some drugs I had to get from the pharmacy,the price of the injections they always give him to reduce the pain have increased and they wanted to try another type on him. All what the doctor said required money and I was already running low on money and was waiting for my pay check before I got sacked. I paid the required sum of money and I couldn’t help but pray that they wouldn’t need more money for his treatment this month. I left the hospital after saying goodbye to dad.

When i got home and I placed some calls to the few people I knew before I got my previous job and inquired if they knew any place i could get a job but their answers were the same and I couldn’t help but notice the fake pity in their voice when I told them I lost my job. They were probably jealous I got a well paying job but look I lost it now. I gulped down a glass of water when I noticed the vibration of my phone,I looked at the screen and it was Brenda. she was probably worried it wouldn’t hurt to pick up.

“Kim are you okay?”. she asked worriedly.

“yes I am”. I replied.

“you haven’t been picking my calls and I got more worried when I learnt you have been fired and I was scared you wouldn’t hurt yourself”.

“no I am fine”.

“I am sorry Kim,I sincerely hope you find a job soon but if you need any help financially I can help in a little way”. she said again.

I needed help financially but I wouldn’t want to compound my problems with hers,she had her problems too and I wasn’t one to bother people.

“no I am fine thank you for thinking about me”. I told her.

“I knew he would be mad but I didn’t expect him to fire you immediately,he looked like he was content with the job you did”.

“I made a mistake Bren”. I told her.

“yes it was a mistake Kim. Actually when I saw him yesterday he looked so angry that everyone left his way when he was passing he also fired the financial manager yesterday”. she informed me.

“Bren I knew I was gonna be fired”. I told her honestly.

“but it wasn’t entirely your fault,you work your head out and you are bound to make mistakes”. she told me.

“I wish he understood that but as usual he expected everyone to be as perfect as he is. he even called me dumb on two different occasions and I lost it”. I told her.

“Kim you promised not to talk back”.

“I tried not to,I even apologised and told him it was all my fault. I even tried to tell him about it before we left for the meeting but he dismissed me and ranted about how much I embarrassed him”.

“Kim this is not entirely your fault”. she assured. “I would have talked back if I were you the boss is a total a—–e”. she said lowly.

“I totally accept with you”. I told her with a faint smile that fell when i remembered I was jobless and she still had a job.

“Kim,i have to go now I would talk to you later”. she said.

“okay,have a nice day”. I said before hanging up.

I was left with my own thoughts,I didn’t regret talking back at him but I couldn’t help but think I wouldn’t have lost my job if I had kept quiet but I would have lost my voice to speak another time because he would take me as one of those girls captivated by his looks or something. But I really needed the job because it paid well and covered most of my bills but my mouth can never be quiet whenever I felt insulted and he insulted me. But I really needed the money if not for anything,for my dad.

I might be poor but I have a voice to speak when I feel insulted. I laid my head on my couch slowly falling asleep before the sound of my phone jolting me from my subconscious state. I rubbed my eyes before picking my phone and my eyes widened when I saw the caller it read ‘my jerk of a boss’ what does he want? when I went to drop the flash he didn’t even raise his head to look at me.

I scrunched my eyebrows what does he wants this time? I picked the phone before placing it to my ears.

“hello”. I said unsure.

“Miss Kim,come to the company now”. he ordered again and I frowned,I wasn’t his worker anymore why would he still order me around.

“why?” I asked.

“come to the company now”. he said again before hanging up.

what the hell? who does he thinks he is? I decided not to go anywhere when the rational part of me told me I still needed a job,this job in particular and the pay.

I didn’t think about my pride or anything when I grabbed a coat immediately and I ran out of my house.

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Ashton’s p.o.v.

Kim came earlier to drop the flash and I didn’t raise my head from what I was doing.why should I acknowledge her? she didn’t even look like she needed my acknowledgement so why should I stress it? I thought she was going to beg for her job but as usual her stubbornness and pride took over. who does she thinks she is?.

I got to work not after I rescheduled the meeting for 12 noon and surprisingly they showed up, not like they had a choice anyways. My uncle must have coaxed them into coming and they didn’t have much of a choice.

The presentation was going on well and they seemed pretty convinced not before Mr Collins started asking different questions and the others acknowledged the questions. The truth is I didn’t go through the paperworks I only did all that was required and Kim had to read everything and look she isn’t here. so I was lost on what to do but me being me I answered the ones I knew confidently,if I knew they were going to ask questions like this I would have gone over the paperworks but even if I knew there wasn’t much time to go over it because I had other works to do.

And as usual my answer did not seem to calm them down instead it increased their curiosity and they kept asking different questions that completely had nothing to do with the project. it was becoming more louder and I really wanted to snap when my uncle shot me a warning look. My uncle came to the rescue again and tried to assure them that big file was an investable project but the same Mr Collins spoke up saying they did not see how big file was profitable and they would like to pull out. ‘pull out?’ I didn’t need their money anyways I can do this on my own ‘money conscious bastards’, my uncle tried to convince them but they refused saying he was fond of using his position into forcing them into doing something they don’t have interest in,after much argument they refused blatantly and my uncle had no choice than to let them be. They started leaving the room one after the other not before threatening me to return their money and to be honest I didn’t budge. I can always do this on my own and big file Is a project I have been passionate about since my college days so why should I stop it because of some money conscious bastards. I and my uncle were the only ones in the room when he spoke up.

“I don’t think they are going to change their minds soon. They totally agree on whatever Mr Collins says whether good or bad. I think they have come to a conclusion”.

“Good for them. They would regret not investing in this project”. I said unbothered.

“what are you going to do now Ash? you should probably drop the project”. he said.

“why should I drop the project because some money conscious bastards couldn’t think of the future?”. I asked him suddenly getting angry.

“it was your fault Ash,you shouldn’t be the one with a Stern look when finding people to invest in your project”. he said again.

“no it wasn’t that,they were just mad because I have been handling the company well since dad died even though they expected it to go bankrupt after two months. You need to Imagine their pain now”. I told him.

“I know that is a part of it too,I didn’t expect you to handle the company well but you surprised me anyways. What are you gonna do now?” he asked.

“I can do this on my own”.

“on your own? do you know how much you need for this project? you can’t sell the company shares Ash if you do that the company might go bankrupt”. he said worriedly.

“who said I wanted to sell the company shares. I can never do that,I have another plan”.

“what plan?” he asked.

i moved closer before smiling at him “how about you grant me access to my fund”.

“your funds?”.

“yes my funds. Dad said I could use it in rainy days”. I told him.

“but this isn’t a rainy day”.

“it is for me. I am so passionate about this project and I would do everything to see it coming to pass. And my fund is more than a billion dollars and I believe I am old enough to have it already”. i told him.

“Ash,you haven’t met the requirements” he said firmly.

“what requirements?” I asked frowning.

“you have to be engaged before you can have that funds” he said and I bursted into laughter. he looked at me weirdly before asking me what was funny.

“you are very funny. you didn’t mean that right?” I asked him.

“I am very serious Ash. before your father died that was the requirements that must be met before you have your funds”. he elaborated.

i frowned not finding any of it funny “you are kidding right? why would I need to get married before I get my funds.isn’t it my funds?”.

“it is yours no one is arguing about that but you need to meet the requirements or forget about it for now which means forget about your project”. he deadpanned.

I wasn’t doing that,big file would come to existence and i would do whatever i can to ensure that.

“Less I forget,where is your assistant? I didn’t see her today” he said again.

“what about her?” I asked almost growling.

“you sacked her right? you have behavioral issues that you need to work on. That girl is really hardworking and I see no reason why you should sack her because she made a mistake”. he scolded.

“She still made the mistake anyways,so why the fuss?”.

“Ash no one is above mistakes and not everyone is as perfect as you are”. he said again.

“if she hasn’t made that f—–g mistake this money conscious bastards wouldn’t have pulled out of the deal” I told him.

“you are still hurt about the project huh” he teased.

“I am not hurt. I just think they don’t think and they are too money conscious”. I replied.

“you shouldn’t have sacked your assistant anyways,she was hardworking and she was quite smart, she is polite too. I have met her more than once outside your company. I usually see her in the hospital”.

“the hospital?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“yes the hospital,I happen to see her whenever I go to see your Aunt,her dad’s room is beside your aunt’s own and we bump into each other on several occasions,she looks so nice.So sad that her dad has a terminal disease and with her work she still manages to go see him everyday. That shows her dedication”. he ranted on.

“you like her?” I asked him thinking of something already.

“yes,she looks so innocent and hard-working too and have I mention how smart she is?”. he asked.

“I like her too”. I replied forcing a smile.

“you do? you idiot,why did you sack her then?” he asked teasing.

“you know I have animalistic tendencies” I said causing him to laugh loudly.

“yes you do. Alotta times”. he added.

“I would get my funds immediately I get engaged right?”.

“yes you will”. he replied before telling me about other things and how he wishes I get engaged fast because I wasn’t a kid anymore and he wanted the best for me like he would for his own child.

Immediately I got to my office I thought of things to do to speed up the process so I can get my funds fast because I don’t want the big file project to lay around for long. I didn’t have any girl I was dating presently the farthest I can go with a girl is two nights and they become so clingy,I wasn’t one for relationship. We have sex and that is all. Even if I wanted to get engaged,it would be for a short while until I lay my hands on the funds and I would form a break up story for my uncle and of course the general public. The lady who would be interested in this without feeling clingy is the puzzle I have to solve.

My uncle mentioned Kim and he even said he likes her and we would be a good match and the likes. I even told him that I liked her which was a complete lie,the fact that she doesn’t look smitten by me is the reason why I don’t like her. He also mentioned about her dad having a terminal disease. now that she is jobless and I bet she would get a job that would pay her enough money to cover the medical bills of her dad in such an expensive hospital not to talk of her own bills. jackpot. Kim is the best person,she doesn’t like me and I don’t like her too,we just have to pretend to uncle and everyone interested and boom the fund would be Mine and I would offer her a huge amount of money that she wouldn’t probably be able to resist because having a sick relative with a terminal disease would require money. She would not be so clingy to me and everything would be pure business and after sometimes I would paint a break-up story for my uncle and the general public. JACKPOT. I hope Kim would accept,of course she will
who wouldn’t accept when I offer her a huge amount of money she won’t probably be able to resist if not because of anything because of her dad. I just have to remind her about her sick Dad and how far this money would help him. She wouldn’t be able to resist that right?.

I took my phone and dialed her number,it took a while before she picked up. She was probably shocked,i am too. she finally picked up.

“hello”. she said over the phone.

“Miss Kim come to the company now”. I ordered. it took her a while before she replied.

“why?”. she asked.

“come to the company now”. I repeated before hanging up. I wasn’t about to beg her to come. This arrangement would be beneficial to us both even though a large part of me doubted if she was gonna come I couldn’t help but think she was gonna come anyways.

And she came.

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Kim’s p.o.v🤗.

I got to the office earlier than I imagined and to be honest,it was kinda annoying but look I am really desperate. I don’t feel bad for talking to him that way but I feel bad for my father and what is bound to happen to him if I don’t get a job fast.

“hey kim”. Stella said. Stella is the boss secretary and she haven’t spent alot of time here yet but the few months she have spent shows she is a nice person at least to me.

“hello Stella,how are you doing?”.i asked her

“good thank you. The boss is in his office. He should be expecting you”. she replied.

“Thank you,excuse me then”. I said making my way to the elevator.

The elevator took me to the boss floor. surprisingly only the boss office was on the top floor the other offices were on the subsequent floor. The elevator ding and the door slide open. To say I was nervous was an understatement🥺. i summoned the little courage I had left and I made my way to his office. I took a deep breathe before knocking on the door after telling myself that nothing worst can happen to me after all that have happened in my life.

“Come on in”. I heard his deep voice.

I took a deep breathe before entering the office wearing a neutral look.

“Good afternoon”. I told him and he replied with a nod of his head. So much for being an a—–e.

“have a seat Kim”. he said gesturing to a seat.

I took a seat adjusting my coat well.

He cleared his throats before saying “i have a deal for you”.

i looked up before asking “what deal?”.

“A simple deal not complicated or anything”. he said in his thick accent.

“What deal?” I asked again.

“A simple,beneficial deal. It’s kinda private and I don’t think we should talk about it in the office”. he paused. “how about we meet outside the office I know of a very good bar”.

“I don’t understand you”. I said. I was thinking he was about to reinstate me instead he is talking about a deal. What deal?.

“You won’t understand until you see what it entails,can you meet me in the bar tonight?” he asked in a suprisingly nice voice not his usual growling.

What’s with him anyways? “what bar?” I asked him.

“I would text the location to you. Be there by 8”. he replied.

“okay”. I nodded my head.

“see you by 8 then Miss Kim “. he said before focusing his attention back on what he was doing.

“excuse me then”. I said standing up.

On my way out of the company I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. Why would he need me to come to the bar whereas stupid me was thinking he wanted to reinstate me. What would happen if he doesn’t reinstate me?🥺 what would happen if I don’t get annother job? my life is f—-d.

“Take care Kim”. Stella shouted after me and I gave her a small smile,I didn’t even realize I have passed her desk. So much for overthinking.


When I got home,I thought of what to wear to the bar. No doubt it would be an expensive place where they would be well dressed people,I can’t just go there in my coats and leggings dressed like a clown. There were times I also wore girlish cute clothes,then daddy was still healthy and he worked hard that I saw no reason to work,then he usually bought me clothes and shoes but when the disease hit him like a thunderstorm things have not been the same any longer.We used all his savings on his treatment,we even had to sell our comfortable house for a smaller one but still he haven’t gotten well.

F–k cancer,since then I knew life was more than having a comfortable house and expensive clothings. it was Far more than that,I found comfort in cheap trousers,leggings,hoodies,sweaters and the likes. except from my office dresses. I can’t go to the bar in those can I? if I was going with my friends it would have been a different story but this person is a company owner and those there would be flirty rich. I opened my wardrobes and few of the girly clothes were still there,I sold the rest for a reasonable amount of money and kept some because of situations like this.

I picked a floral designed dress,it looked cute but it didn’t amuse me in anyway like before. I felt like I was just going to inconvenient myself in that bar,I wore it and it looked so free on me unlike before when it would have hooked my curves in the required places. I sighed,I have lost a lot of weight but the truth is that since dad got diagnosed for cancer and me having to get a job,I eat anything I see and sometimes food is the last thing on my mind even in the office unless Brenda drags me for lunch. I tried few similar clothes but it was the same results,too loose and I didn’t feel so confident in it like I would have felt in my usual clothes. I wouldn’t force myself to be like other people,I picked an evening black gown that I knew would always fit me anytime because it was simple and i kinda liked it.

My phone beeped and it was a message from my boss, ‘downtown bar’ it read. I sighed,I have been to the bar several times and it looked comfortable,i felt relieved since it would not be a place where I would feel intimidated by the other ladies dresses,that is not my thing to worry about anyways. I looked at the clock,it was still 4 in the evening. A nap would not hurt and I can rest my stressed brain. I jumped on the bed and in no time sleep overcame me.

I woke up to the sound of my phone,I rubbed my eyes before looking at the screen ‘my jerk of a boss’ what does he wants? he probably wants to cancel the meeting.

“hello”. I said sleepily.

“Miss Kim,where the hell are you?” he asked yelling and my eyes Immediately to the wall clock 8:45,I shrieked. “Miss Kim,where are you?” he asked again this time in a more lower tone.

“I am in a cab right now,there is heavy traffic on my side of town”. I let our a disoriented lie.

“I am expecting you” he said before hanging up.

I Immediately jumped out of my bed to the bathroom,I washed my face and I immediately came out to wear my dress,applied light makeup on my face before tying my hair in a high ponytail because if I decided to style it I may never get to that bar today. Yes I am obsessed with my hair,maybe because it was too long or something the truth is I don’t know why I was obsessed with it. I threw on a nude pair of shoe and off I went.

I saw a cab very fast and I told him where I was going,thankfully there was no traffic but my boss probably don’t know where I stay so he has no choice than to buy my lie. I paid the man and I ran inside.

I picked my phone to call my boss “hello,I am in the bar already” I told him.

“come to the VIP section” he replied.

i made my way to the VIP section amongst the ton of people doing unbelievable things. I thought this was a bar not a club for Christ sake. The VIP section was worst,they did all manners of things,some were even sniffing drugs with a card like object,I suddenly felt sick and I couldn’t be more thankful that I wore a decent clothe because 90% of the ladies here wore disgusting clothes,some even had men that were grinding them. The few times I came here with my friends,it was in the afternoon and everything was much better than it is now. I made a mental note not to come here again.

I paused on my steps when I noticed someone’s hand gripping my shoulder. To say I was terrified was an understatement.

“mai laiiidy,let mee buyy you a drink”. the person slurred,I turned to meet a guy with green eyes,he looked really drunk and wasted. Where was the jerk of my boss anyways.

I frowned slightly before removing his rough hands from my shoulder “No thank you”. i said about to move when he dragged me with more force than he did earlier. I almost yelped but I maintained a cool composure even if I was terrified inside of me.

“I innsist,yuu shuu haave a drrinnk wif mee first”. he slurred in his speech again.

I gave him a really cold look this time before removing his hands with more force from my shoulder “And I said NO”. I said stressing my no.

“whoo dahh ffuck dyu thinkk you are to tell..”

“I am so sorry for whatever trouble he might have caused you. He can’t be left alone on his own wherever there is alcohol”. A guy spoke up interrupting him before dragging him away.

I nodded before searching with my eyes for my boss until my eyes landed on his. He was in the centre of two ladies and they were doing all sort of disgusting things to him. He waved at me and I suddenly felt sick as I went closer,he sat in a very secluded corner and I suddenly felt relieved that what I would see would be lesser than what I have been seeing since I stepped into the club. I sat down opposite him not without noticing the furious looks those girls gave me ‘calm down he is all yours’.

“Excuse us” he told the ladies with a harsh tone. He is really an a—–e,what am I doing here by the way. The ladies hurried of with an unbelievable look on their face.

“You took long Miss Kim,this is 9:00pm. our meeting was scheduled for 8pm”. he said buttoning his shirt and I diverted my eyes,I needed to cleanse all my body including my eyes when I get home.

“I am sorry,there was heavy traffic”. I said.

“I have a proposal for you”. he said bringing out a document I didnt know he brought.

“what proposal?” I asked .

“A simple proposal that involves alot of money”. he replied before handling me the documents.

I opened the documents and I read the heading it read ‘marriage proposal’ i choked on spit.

“what is this?” I asked him.

“Go on please”. he urged me.

I went on to read what it entails.
*6 months contract.
*500 million dollars.
*behave like we are in love in public but in private you are free to do anything you please with anyone.
*live with me immediately we get engaged for a period of 5 months then the latter announces the public breakup.

I read on and I couldn’t help but laugh. it was unbelievable,I couldn’t even stand him for a day without snapping not to talk of living with him.

“is there something funny there?” he asked.

“yes there is. is this a joke?”. I asked him.

“No it isn’t” he replied sternly and I frowned.

“I can’t do this”. I told him.

“why can’t you? there is a huge amount of money involved,do you know how much you can achieve with this money?”. he persuaded.

“I am sorry but I can’t. it is like I have sold my integrity because of money”. I told him sincerely.

“who the fucks cares about integrity or anything. It is like acting a movie,we pretend like we are in love in public and we live our seperate lives in private. it is just for 6 months,just 6 months you would be back to your own life with alot of money”. he said again.

“we don’t even like each other”. I said.

“Exactly,I don’t like you and you don’t like me. That makes it easier for us to go back after the deal is over”. he said.

“why are you doing this?” I asked him. “you don’t have to do this,it’s like wasting your money for nothing,why would you get engaged and breakup after? if you aren’t ready to do this,why should you force it? because I am not understanding what this is all about”. I said sincerely.

“I really need to do this and yes i am not ready to settle down but my uncle insists I get engaged before I am allowed access to something very important”.

“And what is that?” I asked curiously.

“my fund”. he replied.

“so this is all about money? but you have enough already,you don’t need to do all this because of money,why don’t you wait until you find someone you love and settle down. All this doesn’t make sense to me”. I said.

“That’s the point. I don’t think I would be settling down soon ,I don’t even see myself settling down in 5 years time. And I really need the money now”. he said again.

“I am sorry but I can’t do this”. I told him.

“why?” he asked.

“Because I can’t deceive people. I won’t forgive myself and I can’t imagine myself doing something like this”. I told him.

“You are painting it like it is murder. No one is holy and who told you that the public gives double shit about anything? i just want my uncle to believe me” he said again.

I shook my head “that’s the problem,I can’t see myself deceiving your uncle.He have been nothing but nice to me since I met him”.

“It is just for a period of time and everything would be forgotten. The public would see another issue to talk about after a while”. he persuaded but I wasn’t about to give in. it’s like deceiving everyone,I wasn’t scared for his uncle alone I was scared for myself. What If I catch feelings or something we would both regret happens.

“Why would you choose me tho? there are plenty of girls who would take this opportunity without questioning you”.

“Because it would both be beneficial for us both and moreover it’s just for a short period of time”. he said.

“how would this arrangement be beneficial for us both?” I asked.

“I need the funds and you also need money for your dad. I heard about his condition and i discovered you really needed money for his treatment now that you don’t have a job and for how long do you think you can pay the bills for his treatment without a job?” he asked.

“Are you blackmailing me?” I asked.

“no I am not. I am only saying you should think about how far this money would help your dad”. he said.

“My dad won’t ever ask me to do something like this.”

“But he is in the hospital and he needs money”. he pressed on.

“I can always find a way but I won’t do this. It is not the right thing to do even in my desperate state”. I told him sternly.

“I think you are actually afraid of something else” he said smirking.

“And what may that be?” I asked.

“I think you are afraid of falling for me”. he said and I cracked into laughter.

“Unbelievable it can’t happen”. I told him flatly.

“Then you must have a pretty good amount of integrity but we would see how far the integrity would take you”. he said before sipping his wine.

“I am not gonna do this and that is final”. I told him.

“you sure about that? he asked.

“yes i am” I replied.

“let’s see how far you can go before running back” he said and I suddenly felt threatened.

“i won’t run back” I told him.

“you will Kim. You will”. he said.

I wasn’t going to do this. It wasn’t right and I don’t want to make a bigger mistake.

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Kim’s p.o.v🧑🏻

It have been three weeks now since I had that discussion with Ashton and since I left that place I made up my mind not to contact him again since he was not going to reinstate me I had to move on and find a job.

As tempting as the money Is I can’t just do that,I have something to gain and I have a lot to lose. Thankfully I got a job in a coffee shop even though the pay was little I still had something to take home and the owner of the shop Is an old lovely woman Laura she treats me like her daughter and she even added a little amount to my wages when she heard of my dad’s illness. She also gave me Thursdays and Fridays off to find a befitting job but the story was still the same but i couldn’t help but appreciate her kindness to me.

Dad’s bills were piling up and even though the doctor feels so bad for reminding me about it all the time i knew they were just being patient with me since i wasn’t one to behave like that of course they knew how much I loved my dad. I knew dad was worried about me but he knew better than to let me know. I did other menial jobs too but there didn’t help matters at all,i hated my life for doing jobs like this with my certificate but at least the little money I got from all the jobs took Care of dad’s basic needs.

“A cappuccino please”. someone requested.

“Coming up,do you want anything else?” I asked with a polite smile.

“yes,a bagel coated with sugar”. the guy added.

I nodded my head before going to get his order. “here”. I said handling it to him.

“How much is it?”. he asked me already sipping his coffee.

“6$”. I replied.

he nodded before dropping a ten dollar note “keep the change”. he said and I smiled before thanking him and he gave me a wink before leaving the counter.

Did I forget to mention the tips I get here? it was enormous in a weird way,there were some customers that never smiles and never drops a tip instead they complain of how strong the coffee is or how flat the snacks are and they are some fortunate people that always drops a tip not minding how small or huge it is. I just have to flirt and force a smile and boom they drop a huge tip. For a reason this job looks like a waitress in a bar/club kind of job. If I just had to take care of myself and not my dad,this job was more than okay for me but immediately I get little money I have to pump it into dad’s health and boom there is not much left to take care of myself,I probably look like a walking dead now but I don’t regret taking care of my dad and I doubt if I would ever regret it.

“An espresso and a doughnut”. a bald headed man requested.

I smiled at him “coming up please”. in return he scowled at me.

“here” I said handling it to him “that’s a total of 10$”. I told him.

He looked at the paper bag in his hand before banging his hands on the table,I flinched before forcing a smile at him “I didn’t ask you to get me a doughnut”. he scowled.

I was terrified but i didn’t want to show it to him neither did I want to cause a scene because there were other customers present,I forced a tight smile “i am sorry but that was what you ordered for”.

“I didn’t order a doughnut”. he said angrily “I ordered a bagel”.

A bagel? I didn’t hear him say that. The man looks so dangerous so I know better than to argue with him “Right you ordered a bagel. sorry for that,I probably misheard you”.

“yes you did”. he said again.

“Right a bagel! coming up now”. I said giving him another tight smile and he looked like he was going to bang my head on the counter if I didn’t stop smiling at him.

“Here,do you want anything else?” I asked him.

“no”. he replied curtly.

“7$ in total”. I told him and he looked at me like I was a piece of shit before he slipped a 10$ note from his wallet “my change,make it fast” he demanded and I pulled a 3$ note from the drawer “here,thank you”. I told him smiling again even if I felt like throwing the rejected doughnut at him but i couldn’t do that to Laura she have been nothing but nice to me since I got this job.

The day went by like other days. Taking customers order and holding your temper when you just want to snap and kick a nuisance in his g—n. So much for patience,I cleaned up the place and I locked it up. I made my way to the bus stop to catch a bus home.

• 😷

I woke up to the sound of my phone,I rubbed my eyes before looking at the clock,it was 7:00. F–k…I looked at my vibrating phone it Was Laura,what Is the matter?She always opened the shop by 6 because I had to go the other place where I worked for two hours. Then I take over from her by 9 and I stay till 7 in the night sometimes 8. I picked the call but she wasn’t saying anything.

📞”Laura?” I asked unsure when she didn’t say anything.

She sniffed like she was crying, okay I was getting more worried. Laura is an old woman and I doubt if she has any relative,I was the closest person she had to a child.

📞”Laura is everything okay? are you alright?”. I asked.

she sniffed again before saying..

📞”Kim something is wrong”. she said and my brow furrowed.

📞”what’s wrong Laura? are you okay? is it your leg?” I asked her.

📞”no it isn’t that. uhmm can you come over to the shop now? I know you have to be somewhere but I would really love if you come over”. she requested.

📞”okay I would be there in twenty minutes”. I said before hanging up.

• 🥺

in less than twenty minutes I got to the shop and to be honest I was surprised at the state I met the shop,i remembered leaving everything clean and tidy.

“what happened?” i asked laura who looked devastated.

“The owner of the building came over yesterday…..”.

“yesterday?” I asked.

“yes,I am really sorry I didn’t tell you about it”. she said.

“What does he wants?”.I asked her feeling my stomach knot when she looked unhappy on what she was about to say.

“He needs the building back”.. she blurted out..

I froze “why would he need the building back”I asked her..

“Actually this building is mine but i have sold it off since two years ago”. she said taking a deep breath.

“i don’t understand you”. I told her.

“I sold the building off two years ago but the man I sold it to let me use it when he discovered I had nothing doing and he wasn’t in new York either so he still let me use it for the time being until yesterday..” she paused looking at me “he came saying he needed to make use of the building actually last week he called me that he was coming to New York but I didn’t know he was going to make use of the building so fast”. she said sadly.

“Why did he destroy your things then?” I asked her not understanding the reason why he should spoil everything we have both worked hard for especially her.

“I wasn’t ready to leave,I told him to give me sometimes but he refused saying he had given me enough time and look he asked people to break into the shop and destroy things here”. she said.

“I am sorry”. I told her sincerely.

“no I am. Kim I am really sorry. I know you have to find another job which I know would be so hard at this time of the year and I know how your dad’s condition is weighing you down. I am really sorry”. she said breaking into tears,I went closer to hug her and I tried to assure her that I would be okay but she had to take care of herself and not bother about me.

That was how I lost another job 😞.

It have been a week since i stopped working and I have ran really low on savings,I felt bad because the money I got from the other place where I worked for two hours wasn’t enough for anything. I spent most of my time looking at my phone thinking one of the places I have applied for would call me to give me a job. I was presently in my apartment starring at the TV but to be honest my mind wasn’t there I was thinking of my f—-d up life. I was just so UNLUCKY..

My phone rang and I looked at the screen it was the doctor and my heart sank. I hope dad was okay.

📞”hello”. I said unsure.

📞”Miss Kim?”. he asked over the phone.

📞”yes doctor”. I replied.

📞”your dad needs to start his chemo appointment”.

📞”what’s that?”. I asked.

📞”chemotherapy,he needs to start it soon. Your dad have been bedridden for close to 8months now. I am sorry but we can’t just leave him like that,the more time he spends doing nothing the more the cancer eats what is left unaffected in his lungs”. he said.

📞”how is he now? can he do the chemo thing?”. I asked him.

📞”to be honest with you,he isn’t really well and we highly doubt if he would be able to perform his first chemo but he needs to try to start one at least and we need to do that before the week runs out. The chemo specialist from John Hopkins isn’t gonna stay longer than this week”. he said.

Everything f—–g thing needs money. Every f—–g thing.

📞”how much do I have to pay?”. I dare to ask him.

📞”a hundred thousand dollars for a start” he said and i froze.

A hundred what? only if he knew I didn’t have up to five thousand dollars now.

📞”miss Kim,I know it isn’t gonna be easy but you need to get the money before the week runs out. Your dad case is like a fall”. he said and I gasped.

📞”a fall?”. I asked.

📞”yes a fall,that is why we need to start chemo. I have to go now miss Kim I would get back to you”. he said before hanging up .

Where do I get a hundred thousand dollars for chemo before the end of the week? I haven’t even paid the outstanding bills and there is already a fall.

What do I do? dad needs to go for that chemo because to be honest I see his case getting worst everyday. if dad dies I would never forgive myself. I really need money and I have only one option Left.


I sincerely thought I won’t do that for any reason in this world but my dad’s life is on the line and he really needs the money. I know dad won’t be in support of this but I have no f—–g Choice.

What if he have found another lady? That just tells me that life doesn’t give a f–k about me.

I wanted to cry because I rarely go back on my words but I was really desperate and I can’t just help it anymore. Just six months,six months my life would be back to normal and dad would be okay.

‘dad is worth it. he is worth it’. I assured myself before dialing my boss number.

What a f—-d up world😞.

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🌺 Ashton’s p.o.v🌺

“I thought I already told you not to call me any more”. I told the lady I had a one nightstand with I couldn’t even remember her name. it was just a night,just one f—–g night so I see no reason why she should keep on calling me.

“I missed you,didn’t you miss me?” she purred over the phone. The truth is I can’t even remember her name,we both had a good time and that’s all.

“I didn’t miss you. look I can’t even remember your name so stop calling me”. I told her bluntly. I have alot on my mind right now and having a good time wasn’t on my mind now.

“you sure about that? you looked like you were enjoying it when you were f—–g me”. she said again.

“don’t call me again”. I told her sternly before hanging up.

If I was in a normal state of mind I would have accepted her offer to have a good time but hell I was practically loosing my mind right now. I thought Kim would come running back to me after a week or so but heck it have been a month already and she haven’t even placed a call across. Who the hell does she think she is? I inquired and I learnt she started working in a coffee shop,after i knew the owner of the building all I had to do was to place a call across and offer to buy the building at an insanely high price and it didn’t take him three days to accept and I told him to clear the f—–g building,I knew it was stupid and mean but I am really desperate and i won’t take no for an answer. I have a little hope she would have no choice than to come running back to me.

I buried myself in my work which have been relatively boring since I had to put my project on a stop for the time being,I have been snapping on everyone more than usual,I was really desperate and frustrated.

“sir,you have a meeting in ten minutes”. my secretary said to be honest I can’t even remember her name too. I rarely remember my employees names.

“you didn’t knock”. I said raising a brow at her. I was in no mood for any f—–g meeting,I need my big file project.

she looked confused “i knocked sir and you said I should come in”.

Did she knock,I didn’t remember when I said that. Great I am finally running mad. “you didn’t”. I deadpanned.

“I did”. she argued.

“you should just drop the issue and apologize”. I told her. She looked at me weirdly before apologising.

“Take care of the meeting and if you can’t, reschedule it”. I told her resting my head on my table.

“Sir,we already rescheduled the meeting thrice. We can’t keep re_scheduling it”. she said calmly.

“I clearly remember giving you two options. Take care of the meeting or reschedule it,it’s unprofessional to choose the easiest”. I told her.

“Sir,I have no idea on what to discuss during the meeting. If you knew I was going to attend the meeting you should have informed me earlier”. she said again.

“who the f–k do you think you are to tell me what to do?” I snapped.

“sir,I am not telling you what to do. i only said you should have informed me earlier so I would pre….”

“Get out”. i said interrupting her.


“i said get the hell out or you didn’t hear that part too. get.the.hell.out”. I said stressing the last four words.

she sighed before scurrying out of my office. At this rate everyone might just resign but they can’t because of the huge amount of money involved. You want money? then you f—–g work for it. I rested my head on the head rest on my chair,I really need to continue the project and I can’t f—–g do it without funds,the last thing i would do is to beg those money conscious bastards. I would do this on my own and it can’t happen without my fund and I can’t get my fund without a lady and..

The sound of my phone brought me to reality. Can’t they just understand that I want to be alone,I ignored the call but the phone rang again. i swear if this is work related i am gonna sack the bastard calling me. I looked at the screen it read ‘Kim’. okay I expected this call after everything but not this early after she lost her job in the coffee shop. Guess she is as desperate as I am then. I smirked before picking the call,she better say something meaningful.

📞”hello?” she said.

📞”Miss Kim, how can I help you”. I asked in a flat tone.

📞”i just…thought..I”. she stuttered before stopping abruptly.

I guess she finally ran out of INTEGRITY. I smiled inwardly,may God forgive me.

📞”you should say whatever you have to say now because I am really busy”. I said curtly. I know, yes I know I wasn’t really doing anything,but it is fun to play with her. I am the one in control here.

📞”I am sorry for calling you at this time”. she said in a low voice I guess she was still fighting with her inner mind. she haven’t made a decision yet has she?.

📞”Go on,why did you call?” I asked her.

she took a deep breath before she replied.

📞”does the uhmmm..deal still stand?”.

Jackpot!😋..I did a mental dance in my head but it wouldn’t hurt to taunt her a little.

📞”what deal?” I asked with my voice emotionless as usual.

she sighed again,guess she was having a hard time doing this than I thought.

📞”the uhmm…deal,the engagement deal”.

📞”what about it?”. I asked her.

📞”I am interested”. she said.

I huffed,this has got to be the best statement I have heard in the whole of this year. Sure you are,who wouldn’t be?.

📞”you are?” I asked her. “you sure you are?”.

📞”yes I am”. she replied.

📞”it took you so long to make a choice,I can’t wait for you forever. They are other girls waiting to grab this opportunity,you can’t just place a call to me after a month to tell me you are interested”. I blurted out suddenly feeling angry for all the weeks I have been waiting for her call and all the stupid things I did before she finally agreed.

📞”I know and I am really sorry”. she begged. She must be really desperate then.

I sighed.

📞”meet me at the bar we met the other time by 7,don’t be late like you were the other time”. I told her.

📞”i am sorry,but can’t we meet in another place?” she asked unsure. “the bar is quite far from my house”. she added.

I huffed,I knew that was not the reason why she didn’t want to come to the bar. She looked uncomfortable with whatever was happening in that place the other day and I caught her more than once saying a silent prayer. Who the f–k is that innocent?.

📞”yes,it is far from your house”. I said sarcastically “come to bar Hugo then,I guess that isn’t far from you house”.

📞”bar Hugo? okay”. she said sounding relieve.

of course bar Hugo was a formal place,you rarely see them doing illegal things there.

📞”don’t be late”. I said before hanging up.

To say I was glad she called was an understatement 😋. I was happy I didn’t waste thousands of dollars over the building in vain. She was bound to run back after she runs Low on oxygen. But she must be really desperate to call me this fast and she didn’t sound rude.

I left the company earlier than usual to the bar because I am aware of the never ending traffic in new York City. My employees looked at me weirdly when I smiled at them instead of my usual growling on my way out. Guess they weren’t used to it I should probably smile more often now or rather they were suprised I left the company earlier than usual.

I got to bar Hugo few minutes after 7 and to my surprise Kim was already there. She wore a ripped jean with loose tops,since the little time I have known her I know she wasn’t one to over dress she just wears what she finds comfortable and I find that endearing but she didn’t look so good and she have reduced drastically in weight compared to the last time I saw her.

when she noticed my presence,she forced a smile “hello”. she greeted me.

“hi”. I said taking a seat. “do you want anything?” i asked her.

“no I am okay” she replied and there was that sad glow in…what the f–k Ashton, it’s none of your f—–g business. it’s a deal and nothing else.

“okay,I want something tho.” I said signalling to the waiter. I couldn’t just come to the bar without drinking anything because a certain person doesn’t want to drink.

“give me a whiskey”. I told him and in no time he came back with my order.

“I came with the contract”. I said passing it to her.

“okay,I already read it the other day”. she told me forcing a smile.

“good. I knew you were only scuba diving and you will definitely run out of oxygen”. I told her sipping my drink.

“This is all about how important the money is to me and believe me if I didn’t need the money urgently I wouldn’t come back”. she said looking at me straight in the eyes.

“the fact still remains the same. You came back and we would both be happy”. I told her smirking.

“There would be no sexual relationship between us right?” she asked me with wide eyes.

oh that is what she is afraid of😲.

I laughed softly “of course there won’t be,only if you want it”. I said moving closer. “I knew you were afraid of that”. I smirked.

“I am not afraid,I was only making sure nothing like that would happen”. she told me.

“i repeat it won’t,only if you want it to”. I said looking at her .

“believe me i won’t want it”. she told me.

“I would remember that”. I. told her.

“when are you paying me?” she asked me.

“desperate are we?” I asked her.

“yes I am,you talked about paying some amount of money before I move in with you.”

“yes I didn’t forget that. I would do that first thing tomorrow”. I told her.

“thank you”. she told me with a genuine smile and I just understood that the reason why she agreed to do this must be quite important.

“I would get back to you on how things would be from now on. Just flow along”. I told her.

“I will. just don’t forget to send the first payment”. she reminded me.

“I won’t. Sign here then”. I told her gesturing to the dotted lines at the bottom of the documents.

she took the pen before assuring herself calmly “just six months.just six months”. she told herself before she signed it but I heard it anyways.

Within the next six months big file would come into reality.

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🌺Kim’s p.o.v🌺.

“Miss Kim,come with me please”. the nurse said leading the way and I followed suit.

“dad are you okay?” I asked immediately I entered the room. My dad was seated on a wheel chair and a doctor I haven’t met before was taking his vitals. We exchanged pleasantries and I got to know that he was the chemo specialist.

“i would leave you two right now. An intern would come and wheel him to his room”. the doctor said.

“no need,I would do that. How is my dad doing?” I asked him.

“He is improving and we hope it continues like that. But he is quite weak for a first chemotherapy”. he said.

A good and bad news in one sentence.

“would he be fine?” I asked him.

“hopefully he would be. We should have a little hope but we shouldn’t raise our hope too high. His condition is rare but a miracle can happen right?”. he asked with a tiny smile.

“yes it can”. I said with determination.

“excuse me then Miss?”.

“Kim… Kimberly”. I told him.

“A nice name though. Kimberly”. he said with a gentle smile before taking his leave.

what a gentle man and he is hot too. Kim easy,easy. You didn’t come here for a hot doctor.

I wheeled my dad to his room and he haven’t said anything since I helped him to lay on the bed. I was beginning to get worried he wasn’t one to stay quiet whenever I am around him.

“dad are you okay?” I asked him.

“yes I am”. he replied with a tight smile that seems to hurt.
Coolval stories.
I scrunched my eyebrows “does it hurts? tell me where it hurts”. I told him.

he gulped before replying softly “it does hurt alot”.

i suddenly felt like crying and I fanned my eyes to no avail but a tear slipped away and i wiped it immediately.

“Kimberly,you don’t need to cry. I would be okay”. he assured me.

“you have been saying that for about 8 months now but you are still in pain”. I said bitterly.

“look at me Kimberly”. he grabbed my hands and I flinched at how cold his hands were “I am going to be okay and I would go home with you,this sickness would pass. But it breaks my heart to see you sad,wipe your eyes okay”. he said and I wiped my eyes immediately.

“you aren’t going to die right?” i blurted out.

“No Kimberly,I won’t okay? I won’t”. he assured me.

“yes you won’t”. I said gripping his hands like my life depended on it.

if he dies I won’t forgive myself. I love my dad so much.

“Kimberly,where did you get the money for my chemo. The doctor said you have paid all the outstanding fees. Did you get a job already?” he asked.

“yes”. I replied. I knew it was a lie but I couldn’t tell him the truth, I can’t just say ‘i accepted to be my boss fiancee for 6 months to get his funds’ that doesn’t sound right and it isn’t right either.

“really? you got a job?” he asked and I nodded “yes I got a job”.

“why didn’t you tell me about it?” he asked again.

“I didn’t want to bother you because I wanted you to focus on your chemotherapy and moreover I wanted to settle the bills first”. I told him.

“Right so the pay must be really huge since you already settled my medical bills and my chemo on your first pay”.

“yes it is really huge”. i told him.

“the work must be stressful too,you don’t have to push yourself so hard okay?”.

This advice came at the wrong time because I already pushed myself pass my limit.

“The job is for 6 months though”. I told him truthfully,I couldn’t just lie to him like that.

“six months? what kind of job is that. Tell me Kimberly Is it illegal?” he asked alarmed.

“of course not. The job contract lasts for just six months but at least,It would take care of you and I”. I told him.

“Kimberly are you sure this is….”

“Dad! that is enough”. I told him kissing his cheeks and he wrapped his hands around me “I am alright”.

“you smell like strawberry”. he said sniffing me and I laughed in return,it felt so good.

“dad stop it” I whined but he wasn’t budging and I didn’t want to leave his arms too.

I love this man more than my whole life and everything i did for him was worth it. He is worth it. I was drunk in the rare moment when my phone rang.

“Kimberly go and pick that”. my dad said and I reluctantly left to pick the call. it read ‘my jerk of a boss’ right! spoiler alert.

I flashed my dad a pathetic look before exiting the room.

📞”Kim why does it takes so long before you pick your calls?” he asked in his usual intimidating voice.

📞”but you called only once and look I picked the call”. I argued.

📞”you picked after the fifth ring. I am a busy man”. he ranted on.

who does he think he is anyways?.

📞”I am also busy too and I tried my best to pick the call immediately it rang”.

📞”yes you did”. he said sarcastically “our first public outing is tonight”. he said.

📞”tonight? and you are just telling me now?” I asked dumbfounded.

📞”when was I suppose to tell you? I remembered telling you to stay put and go with the flow”. he said and I wanted to snap but I later decided it was not the right thing to do.

📞”what time and where exactly should I meet you?” I asked calmly.

📞”meet me? are you really that clueless on things like this? i would come to pick you up.” he said.

📞”why? I don’t think that is necessary”. I told him.

📞”you think that is not necessary? how do you expect us to create an impression if we don’t get there the same time and moreover do you have an entry card? where you invited? I was the one invited and I decided to come with you because that is our first step”. he explained and i felt really stupid, looking at it,it wasn’t right for us to get there at different times.

📞”what time?” I asked.

📞”I would come get you at 6″. he replied.

📞”6? isn’t that too early?”.

📞”it isn’t, wear your casual clothes,I have booked an appointment in a fashion store you would be provided with what to wear and the rest”. he said.

📞”and who said I can’t wear what I have?” I asked feeling angry.

📞”because the party is an elite party and you can’t go with me in casual clothes remember we are making an impression Tonight and you have to look your best. What’s with you anyways? you should be happy you are getting new clothes”. he said and that was the last straw how could he say that? I was not a charity case or anything because I really needed money does not mean any rich person could step on me.

📞”are you still there?”. he asked.

📞”you said 6pm. That’s okay I am hanging up now”. I told him.

📞”hold on,aren’t you gonna tell me your house address?” he asked.

📞”right my house address. J125 Greenwich street”. I said before hanging up.

I knew finding my house address would be hard because there were tens of Greenwich street in NYC but I couldn’t care less,that is his punishment for thinking he can talk to anyone the way he likes. We definitely had alot to talk about.

I bade my dad goodbye and I went home. Immediately I got home,I saw a package at the front of my apartment,I bent to pick it,it was designed with yellow and red ribbon 🎀. There was a paper with words scribbled on it,I removed the paper to see what was written there. it read ‘kim,I was baking this cookies when I thought of you and I decided to give you some. I miss you and our little chats at work,I sincerely hope things weren’t like this. Take care of yourself and eat well because you are not looking so healthy. Lots of love and hugs Laura.’ It was Laura,it was really sweet of her to have thought of me. I made a mental note to pack some for dad when next I was going to the hospital.

I went inside,kept the cookies safe in the refrigerator. i switched on the TV to see if they were airing any of my best shows,that turned out to be the best sleeping pill because I fell asleep not long after.

The ringing of the alarm bell signified me that someone was at the door. I rubbed my eyes before going to open the door,I opened the door to reveal Ashton fully dressed in an Italian cut suit,he looked so… OMG I am not going to drool over the a—–e.

“Take a picture it lasts longer”. he said smirking.

what the hell “keep on dreaming,I was only starring at you because I wasn’t expecting to see you this early”.

“oh you sure weren’t expecting me when you just dropped a random address and I had to find the Greenwich street that Kim lives in”. he said again.

“come on in or you can just wait in your car”. I told him not liking the idea of him coming into my house.

“no I would come in”. he said entering and I locked the door after him. “small and cozy house”. he muttered. “hurry up,we don’t have alot of time left”. he ordered.


I went to my room and threw on a casual clothes,still not happy with the notion of me having to dress like others.

Kim it Is just for 6 months and you are back to your comfy clothes.

“let’s go”. I told him immediately i entered the living room and he scrutinized the cloth I was putting on and I thought he wanted to make a rude remark but he decided to stay mute.

We got to the fashion store,it was huge no doubt but it didn’t fascinate me,it was like I was going to be slaughtered with different products I would not feel comfortable in.

“Hey Ashton”. the lady said making flirtatious eyes at him and I rolled my eyes.

“Clara this is the lady I told you about”. he said with a Stern voice oblivious of her seductive gaze.

she looked at me scrutinizing my looks and I gave her a flat look in return “is she the one?”. she asked dumbly.

“yes. Make her more presentable. We don’t have much time”. he said .

oh I wasn’t presentable.

she was about to throw another witty comment when she saw the look on my face “oh yes,give us an hour and you wouldn’t believe she is the one anymore” she turned to me “let’s go”.

I followed her and the other ‘beauty experts’ to a room. After YEARS of me changing clothes, changing shoes, restyling my hair to different styles,one of the ladies had the gut to tell me to cut my hair a little and I snapped at her. After patting and beating my face all in the name of makeup they where finally done. I looked pretty to say the least but I knew I preferred the ‘comfortable kim’ to this ‘presentable one’.

“I would send the payment to your account”. Ashton told the Clara lady.

“yes,and it won’t hurt to have a drink with me you know”. she suggested shamelessly.

“excuse me please”. he said ignoring her former statement and we left the store to the venue of the party.

I didn’t feel too comfortable in the clothes and I couldn’t wait for us to get this over with.

What would happen tonight?.

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CHAPTER 10🌹💖🥀.

🌺Kim’s p.o.v🌺💝.

We got to the venue of the party and Ashton parked his car in the parking lot,to say it was big was an understatement. it was more than big and that made me more nervous. i didn’t even know what type of party it was,how would I have known when it was impromptu. I turned to Ashton.

“what kind of party is it?” I asked him.

He murmured something I couldn’t make a word from before telling me “I don’t know”.

I gulped “you don’t know?”.

“of course I don’t,this happens to be the first invitation I laid my hands on and I decided to attend because it would be a great opportunity for us”. he explained.

so he didn’t know what he came here for “where is the invitation card?” I asked him.

“here,why do you need the invitation card anyways?”. he said bringing out an envelope from his suit inner pocket.

I collected it ignoring his earlier question,what kind of human being was he anyways. I read the invitation,it was for a certain Miss Juliana birthday party. I gulped,all this for a birthday party? Rich people get to throw money away every little chance they get.

“What’s in there? a business meeting?” he asked .

I nodded my head “yes,a business meeting with your business associates”. I said sarcastically.

“oh it is a business meeting? sounds like there would be some cool reporters there” he said still not getting it.

“you don’t get it do you? this isn’t a business meeting or party,it is a certain Juliana’s birthday. it is quite surprising that you don’t even read invitations”. I said scrunching my eyebrow.

“i don’t have time for petty things. it is a good thing it is a birthday party,the news would spread like wild fire”. he says unbuckling his seat belt gesturing for me to do the same.

“do you know her?” I asked him and I immediately regretted asking him that. Of course he knows her,who would get an invitation to a party if he doesn’t know the host.

he looked at me probably thinking of dropping a nasty comment. “yes I do know her. Not only physically”. he paused coming closer to me and I moved back on impulse “I know her in bed too”. he said unlocking my side door a little and I breathed a sigh of relief immediately.

“like she is your ex?” I asked still not understanding.

“My ex? no she isn’t, it was just a night and she is quite good too”. he said not in any way disgusted about telling me about his sexual escapades.


“no need to stutter,let’s get in now. shall we Kim?” he said cutting me off. “just stay put,i would be a proper gentleman. Hopefully reporters would start taking pictures from here. there are quite a number of them here,those that weren’t granted entry stay outside”. he said before leaving the car.

He came around and opened the passenger door with a smile that showed his two dimples and gosh that was cute like OMG. shut the f–k up Kim.

True to his words, immediately i stepped down of the car reporters immediately surrounded us asking different questions.

√mr bustamante who is she?.

√is this the new lady in the picture?.

√miss Juliana talked about striking a deal with you. what do you have to say about that?.

√did you really halt your big file project due to low investors?.

√say something please.

√did the investors really withdraw because you were too rude?.

√talk to us please. say something.

The reporters asked questions over questions,thankfully there were security present and in no time we were directed inside. I need to have my beauty sleep with no disturbance after this is over.

The interior of the hall was elegantly decorated but I couldn’t expect less. The so called Juliana must have alot of money. We got ushered to a seat with many faces I haven’t met before talking in hushed whispers and the ladies looking at me with envious gazes ‘believe me I don’t want to be here either’.

“smile Kim,don’t give off the wrong vibe”. Ashton said his breath fanning my face. I guess most people would probably take this as a lovely gesture. yes please believe everything you can so I get this done with as fast as possible.

I forced a big smile on my face and It was like my face was starting to hurt. I was never one to fake my emotions,I love being honest and I would love to be honest with everybody but my dear things don’t work the way you want.

“Ashton”. someone called.

I turned to see Ashton’s uncle strolling to where we were. okay here comes all my acting skills.

He looked at me for a minute with a look i guess was shock in his eyes. okay we got caught😳

“hello Kim”. he said.

“hello Mr bustamante”. I replied stretching my hand for an handshake but he drew me into a bear hug,not to be dramatic but I almost choked….okay we didn’t get caught 🤕.

“it is nice to see you again”. he said immediately we disentangled.

Would you let me breath first?🙄

“the feeling is mutual”. i replied.

“Ash,care to explain what is happening?”. he asked facing Ashton with a wide smile on his face.

“what does it looks like?” Ashton replied in a bored tone.

“I understand you already my boy but it is great to see you like this. look kim is happy too,I always knew you had a thing…”

“uncle!”. Ashton interrupted him coldly.

“yes I am sorry. I would leave you both alone”. he said winking at me “it is a pleasure to see you again and hopefully I would be seeing more of you”.

“my pleasure”. I told him before he excused himself to talk to other people.

“i didn’t expect him to be here,but I guess him being here is to my own advantage,he don’t have to read the news from newspaper and tabloids,he have already seen everything by himself”. Ashton said.

To be honest my mind wasn’t in this party,I just wanted to get this over with and go home to sleep already and I definitely didn’t like how he was standing so close to me. I am not a freak,but this guy is really hot and him standing so close and his breath fanning my face isn’t a good sign at all,I know we are to pretend and all that but he doesn’t need to make it look so real. it was like he was doing it to make me uncomfortable on purpose.

“Ashton?” a lady called. She was dressed in a gold sequin dress,the dress was slit by the side and all her boobs were out on display. I had no idea how she felt comfortable in a dress like that,she was so thin like she starved herself on purpose and her make up was heavenly. She is beautiful,I won’t lie but she shouldn’t have gone through so much trouble to look more beautiful.

“it’s a good thing you came Ashton”. the lady said not after scrutinizing me with her eyes and I gave her a tiny smile. kill them with kindness.

“yes,I didn’t know I was coming until this evening” Ashton replied in his usual flat tone.

“I am glad you came like really glad”. the Juliana lady gushed. she still behaved like I was invisible and i didn’t care too. It reduced the number of unruly people I have to talk too.

“meet Kimberly my girlfriend”. Ashton said.

she looked at me shocked. i would be too if a person I had a nightstand with recently brings his ‘girlfriend’ to my party.

“oh..Kim..uhm nice to meet you”. she said stretching her hands with a fake smile.

“yh. my pleasure Juliana”. I replied taking her hand.

“nice party Juliana,but I have to talk to other people too. excuse me”. he said coldly.

After hours of talking to several people I know I won’t remember most of their faces after tonight. especially the nasty ones who looked at me like I was a piece of shit,some even dropped nasty comments and some were so nice that I felt like giving them a big hug. Ashton excused himself to talk to some people and I was glad he finally left my side.

yes let me breath.

i grabbed a drink from a passing waiter and I made my way to a part of the hall that was dimly lit. At least I would have sometime to myself to breath properly.

My peace was cut short when Juliana and two other girls I couldn’t recognize but I am sure I have seen them once or twice snickering came to where I was standing.

I gulped down the remaining of the liquid in the glass. To be honest,I didn’t know what was in the glass,I just saw a drink and I collected it.

“look who we have here”. one of the girls snickered and I gave her a tiny smile in return.

“oh Ariana,it is Ashton’s sweetheart”. the second girl added.

“well well well. look like our search was not in vain”. Juliana said.

I laughed softly,this scene looked like when the queen bee in high school comes with her friends to taunt a nerd.

“what’s so funny?” the Ariana girl asked.

I looked around and no one was really paying attention to us,of course where I stood was dimly lited.

“what a nice party”. I remarked.

“let me go straight to the point. If you think Ashton is gonna stick with you forever, you are just joking. He is gonna use you and get tired of you then he would throw you away like the trash you are”. Juliana said harshly.

tell me something I don’t know Julia,just tell me.

I laughed humorlessly “like he did to you right?” I asked her and the look on her face was priceless. I should probably take a picture.

“I am more beautiful than you are,look at you. Who the hell do you think you are? for all we know you are just his lowlife former personal assistant that he felt like having a good time with”. she added.

“Are you trying to say Ashton used you and got tired of you? considering how beautiful and Rich you are i didn’t expect a guy to use you and toss you into the trash can,so pathetic”. I said menacingly. I should be given an Oscar for acting this way because I hate being mean to people. it was probably the wine or whatever i have consumed that intoxicated me to talk like this. But she was a b—h for thinking she could talk to me anyhow she liked.

“hey,you don’t talk to Juliana like that”. one of the girls said.

“oops,my bad I am really sorry Miss Juliana”. I said with each word dripping with sarcasm.

“who do you think you are anyways”. the Ariana lady said.

“look here Kim or whatever,you are just a piece of trash that would eventually end in a trashcan”. Juliana remarked angrily.

“me? piece of trash? I wonder who is a piece of trash amongst us. You know Ashton was telling me how you both had a nightstand and I couldn’t help but pity you. Ashton had only one night with you and he tosssd you away. so sad he couldn’t even make it twice”. I remarked feigning pity and she looked wounded like she could drag my hair anytime soon.

“you b—h who do…”

“Am I missing anything?”. Ashton interrupted. he snaked his hands to my waist and hell yes I was not f—–g comfortable…we were at close proximity.

Juliana stilled and forced a perfect smile on her face. wow we are both actresses.

“no,Kim and I were just talking”. she said.

“is that right babe”. Ashton asked dragging the ‘babe’. he went further to trace kisses to my neck and believe me I wanted to scream but the ladies in front of me… OMG.

“yes,we were just talking”. I managed to say.

“great then. we have to leave”. he said.

“happy birthday Juliana once again”. I told her slyly and she smirked at me.

After rounds of forceful goodbyes we finally exited the venue and I couldn’t wait to get to my house,have a bath and sleep.

“you were a good actress in there”. Ashton surprisingly remarked immediately we entered into the car.

“was I?” I asked dumbly. it must be the wine or something.

“you did surprisingly great and most of them probably think we are in love and shit like that”. he remarked flatly.

“can you,you know stop kissing me and all that?”. I asked him.

he looked at me before facing the road again “why? you have a problem with it? it was stated In the contract and how do you think they would believe us if we don’t do that?”. he asked.

“it is not okay to just kiss me when I least expect it”. I said truthfully.

“are you affected by the kiss?” he asked.

I shook my head “of course not”.

“great,I am not affected too. so it means nothing to me ,it should mean nothing to you too”. he said flatly.

I don’t know how far I can take the unexpected kisses it is like invasion of privacy.

“right,when next I want to kiss you I would let you know. How about that?”. he asked thoughtfully.

“that is manageable”. I replied.

He dropped me in my house and I couldn’t be more thankful. he didn’t even wait for me to say anything before he drove off. not like I was about to say anything anyways. He was back to his intimidating, bossy,rude self and I didn’t care because I was used to it by now.

first outing done.

Now to the rest of the six months.

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🌺Kim’s p.o.v.🌺

I paced around my living room, To be honest,I don’t know why I was bothered about Ashton saying he was going to propose this night and I should get ready,I always knew it would come down to this and it was stated in the contract but I didn’t expect it to happen this soon. I still needed time,yes time. But it was too soon,it was just a month after our first meeting together,we have attended several outings after Juliana’s birthday party but it still looked so soon to me. Yes I want to get this over with but I still had to tell my dad I had a fiancee Right?.

My thoughts was interrupted when I heard a knock on my door. Who could it be? It can’t be Ashton right? This is just past 3 and I haven’t even gotten ready yet. The person knocked again so I went to open the door. I opened the door to reveal Jimmy. Immediately he saw me he scooped me into his hands and I yelled for him to drop me down. Jimmy is sweet,very Sweet.

Okay let me tell y’all who Jimmy is. Jimmy Is the sweetest person I have ever met aside from my dad,I and jimmy kinda had a thing when we were in college,it was a crush_ish thing and we kinda hit off but when the crush faded we had to end things and look we have been friends since then. He probably still has a thing for me and I am aware but I honestly prefer us to still be friends and I had alot going on in my life after college to think of Love.

“How have you been silly noodle?”. He asked me and I scrunched my eyebrows when he called me that. Jimmy has a weird nickname he calls people he is very close to and believe me I don’t like him calling me silly noodle it makes me blush like a high school teenager.

“Don’t call me that”. I told him before going to the fridge to get him something to drink.

“I have missed you so much”. He said following me closely. I did miss him too,I missed him alot. He was like a brother but when business calls you attend to it.

“Awwwn”. I gushed “give me a hug”. I said opening my arms.

“And I missed your scent”. He said sniffing my hair.

“You pervert”. I joked pushing him slightly and he in return he gave me a cute pout “ewww big Jim have grown so soft”. I teased.

“Stop that already”. He said before gulping down a glass of juice.

“So how have you been doing?”. I asked him.

“Good,life have not been easy but at least things are not worst. How are you too?”. He asked.

“Good. Life haven’t been easy you know but nothing is easy right?”. I said joking lightly.

“And how is your dad?”. He asked again.

“Not good”. I said sincerely and his mood changed immediately. I wasn’t one to bother people but I couldn’t just lie to Jimmy and moreover he would still know if I am not telling the truth,so why shouldn’t I just come clean🤕.

“Is the cancer that bad? I thought he was diagnosed for cancer not up to a year now. It shouldn’t have gotten that bad right?”. He asked.

“The doctors said that the cancer has eaten deep into his lungs”. I muttered gulping a glass of water.

He came closer “I am sorry Kimberly”. He said putting his hands around me before patting my shoulder.

“No it is fine Jimmy . I have a huge faith that daddy would be alright,he himself tells me he would be alright. He recently started his chemotherapy”. I said with a sad smile.

“His chemotherapy? That must have been hard for him”.

“Yes it was at first,he didn’t look like he was in the right position to do it. They even shaved his hair… you know his hair is bound to fall off anyways”. I laughed softly “but I know dad would be alright. He is a strong man remember?”.

“Yes he Is a strong man and I can’t help but wonder why cancer has to taunt him. Look at you,you look so thin and you don’t look so healthy.” He paused “are you sure you are alright?”.

“Of course I am. I might be stressed okay? But I am alright. See” I said flexing my arms and he laughed softly.

“You should take care of yourself first. That is what matters Kimberly”. He advised.

“Aye. Aye sir”. I replied bowing my head slightly.

Time sure flies when you are with Jimmy,we talked about different things and we laughed too,really hard. And I was thankful that he came to town to pay me a visit because I temporarily forgot all my problems and I think laughter sure cures all the worries. I was sad when he wanted to take his leave and I was even about to tell him to wait a little when I remembered I had a ‘date’ with my ‘boyfriend’ tonight. Of course I didn’t tell Jimmy that because for sure he would have seen the newspapers and tabloids and I was grateful that he didn’t talk about it,who knows I might just spill the beans. And moreover hearing it from me would hurt him no doubt and I don’t want him to distance himself away from me because Jimmy is one of those people that I don’t want to lose because of an arrangement, something that isn’t even real. He suggested we met another time and I was looking forward to the meeting.

I had a shower and prepared for the ‘suprise engagement date’. It wasn’t a suprise to me but I am to act like it is a suprise and stuff…you know how acting works don’t you?🙄🙌

I finally settled for a silver sequinned gown. Yes I have alot of uncomfortable clothes now because that is what I have to wear to look ‘presentable’. The clothes were so tight that i couldn’t wait to get out of it. And most of the clothes showed alot of skin,if not thighs,it shows my back and of course not my Breast😒. My breast were my most covered assets.

I applied my makeup and styled my hair into two big braids. That should do right? I did other essential things and in no time I was done and I waited for Ashton to come and let’s get this over with.

He came not long after and he was…no I am not telling you how he looked because he is an a—–e and assholes shouldn’t be blessed with the kind of looks he has.

The ride to the venue was silent and I was glad that there was no snarky comment to throw in and moreover I was kinda nervous. He seems kinda comfortable with my dress of course because I looked ‘presentable’ and moreover i wasn’t about to change the cloth if he complained anyways. He took a sharp turn before stopping at a coffee drive thru,I wondered why he stopped again. Great anyways,it would buy me more time.

“What should I get you?” An older man asked.

“A cappuccino with little Cream and no sugar”. Ashton replied.

In no time,the man brought the cup and Ashton paid him his money before winding the glass up again.

A—–e he couldn’t even buy two. I hissed inwardly.

“Here,you should drink this”. He said gesturing to the coffee.

“Why? I didn’t say I wanted a coffee”. I told him.

“Right you didn’t want one but you look kinda nervous. Hell no you are nervous and it is pissing me off”. He said flatly.

“You are probably hallucinating”. I remarked before collecting the coffee from him “ahh bitter”. I said immediately I tasted it.

He looked at me for a moment and there was a tiny smile on his lips that he immediately concealed with his signature smirk and he drove off immediately.

And true to his words after I took the coffee I was kinda not nervous like before and I was ready to get this over with,with a perfect fake smile. We got to the restaurant and we were directed to the seat Ashton reserved. It was in a reserved area and I was glad for the little privacy even tho those here were rich people too there were definitely sneaky reporters.

We were served a wine that tasted heavenly and i must say it would be the only good thing I would taste this evening because there was no food that caught my eye in the menu and I had no choice but to order the same as Ashton.

We were several minutes into the meal and we chatted like we were acquainted. Don’t ask me what we talked about because it was random but those around us would probably think it was something important.

“Look I am really bad at all this shit…like you know relationship and the likes”. He said like it wasn’t obvious already. Okay was he nervous too?.

“Wow. You are nervous too?”. I asked and he gave me a ‘wtf’ look.

“I am not nervous”. He deadpanned. “Anything I say,you just have to smile and you know behave shocked”. He said.

Right behave shocked and happy.

He stood up and I was still focused on my meal but I could see him from the corner of my eyes,he got on one kneel and there were already hushed whispers from different corners of the restaurant,then there was flashes of camera lights.

“Hmm Kim would you marry me?”. He asked and to be honest he looked really nervous,I was kinda the calm one now. I think he was the one that needed that coffee in the car.

Since my childhood days I have always dreamed of how lengthy my proposal would be not the casual ‘would you marry me!’ of course this wasn’t real but he could have added something to spice it up. This explains that he is really bad in relationship like very bad😒.

Now back to present day,now to act.

I am very sure the look on my face was priceless “OMG Ashton,yes I would marry you. Yes I will”. I shouted ‘happily’. The purpose was of all this is to draw attention right?

He smiled and slipped the ring in my ring finger before standing up.

“I am gonna kiss you now”. He said before smashing his lips on mine and there were shout and applause then more shots were taken. I looked at the ring on my finger,it was too beautiful and so expensive for an arrangement but what can I say? It was Ashton’s idea.

Many people present in the restaurant came by our table to congratulate us and gushed on how beautiful my ring was and how cute we looked together. Even the restaurant manager came to congratulate us.

I was happy when we finally left the restaurant but my eyes kept on diverting to the ring on our way back home. It was beautiful no doubt with a large diamond stone. So much for nothing.

“You would be moving in to my house later this week”. Ashton said with his eyes still focused on the road.

I gulped “isn’t that too early?”.

“No,it is stated in the contract right”. He asked giving me a side gaze.

“But I don’t think it is…”.

“It is necessary we do things early and get this over with as fast as possible”. He said harshly.


“Yes let’s get this over with”. I muttered. I didn’t like staying around him too.

“You are moving next week”. He added and I huffed.

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💐Ashton’s p.o.v💐

“It’s a good thing you aren’t packing all your luggages to my house”. I remarked drily and she shot me an angry look.

“Yes I am not packing all my luggages to your house” she huffed before zipping up a bag.

“What’s that for? You sure don’t need that for the next few months right”. I asked out of curiosity.

“None of your business” she deadpanned

“Of course it is my business because you are bringing it to my house so I have every right to know what is in there”. I argued. I was enjoying taunting her and I know any minute from now she would yell at me.

“Maybe i should stay in my house then. Look Ashton I am really doing you a huge favor so you should f—–g respect that”. She said.

Her doing me a huge favor? I am the one doing her a f—–g favor.

“You? Doing me a favor? That sounds so impossible,don’t go and get useless ideas. I am the one doing you a huge favor”. I fired back

“Right. You are the one doing me a huge favor”. She said with sarcasm dripping from each word “I am going to tell you for the hundredth time,I don’t enjoy doing this so don’t push me”. She stated calmly before concentrating on what she was packing.

She doesn’t want to get angry. Does she?.

“And I don’t enjoy any bit of this too,I can’t imagine someone like you living with me. That’s f—–g out of my comfort zone”. I told her.

She raised her head to look at me for a second before concentrating on what she was doing. Did she just ignore me? Who does she think she is anyways.

“Be fast with whatever you are packing,you have been packing for the past hour what the hell are you packing anyways? You aren’t gonna stay in my house forever,just six months. Six freaking month”. I said exasperatedly.

I guess that went pass the line because she stood up,clamped her hands above her chest “you should leave now. When I am done I would let you know or you can send a driver. But I just want you to leave right now”. She said.

She didn’t really say that right? after standing for about an hour. She didn’t even offer me a f—–g seat.

“You are kidding right?”.I asked.

“I am not. I really want you to leave now I bet you have alot of things to do and I f—–g have alot of things to do too and you are not making me concentrate”. She told me exasperatedly.

“And who told you I enjoyed staying here anyways. It isn’t even fancy or anything”. I muttered.

“Right. That is why you should f—–g be on your way to your ‘fancy’ place”. She told me quoting the fancy with her hands.

With the way she was looking,she was a minute away from throwing something at me.

“Yet you talk about someone being rude. You are really rude”. I told her.

She laughed loudly like what I said was so funny “you think I am rude? That is really unbelievable,we both know you are the rude one. Anyways you have to be on your way now because I can’t stand another minute with you here”.

“Why? You think I am hot and the hotness is gonna burn you?”. I asked turning my head to the side.

“I didn’t say that. You are really good at giving yourself compliments but I would remind you again that I don’t find you hot in anyway”. She remarked.

Okay,that is unbelievable. She doesn’t find me hot? I am beginning to think I am not hot anymore if someone like her doesn’t find me hot.

“You are really bad at lying”. I told her in a flat tone.

“You should be on your way now”. She said gesturing to the door.

“Right I would be on my way and you have to find the location of my house all by yourself,then you catch a cab or something”. I told her with a Stern look.

“Fine I will”. She replied.

“You are going to take a cab to my house with all this luggages?” I asked with astonishment.

“Yes,why? You just said I should catch a cab right? And moreover I would prefer a bus or cab to riding with you. Be on your way please”. She deadpanned.

“Sure you are accustomed to catching a bus or taking a cab but at this particular time you can’t catch a bus or cab because to the public you are my girlfriend and it isn’t right for you to still be seen catching a bus. You should get a car from the money deposited in your account”. I told her.

“I don’t remember telling you I needed a car,I have tons of things to be bothered apart from buying a car. Thanks for the advice but it is not really needed”. She fired back.

“I would send the driver only because I don’t want any scandal”. I said getting more angry.

Why was I angry anyways? She shouldn’t talk to me anyway she likes. She even asked me to leave her house,she sure has guts😒.

“Right you should”. She stated. “I would call you when I am ready”. She added.

“Be hopeful I am gonna pick your call”. I moved towards the door and she followed closely. I am leaving your house already🙄🙌

“Believe me that would be to my own advantage”. She replied.

“And to mine too”. I muttered before leaving the house and she murmured something incoherently before shutting the door after me.

B—h 😒.

Why am I bothered with her anyways? She isn’t my f—–g type. Right she isn’t but…

I got into my car and I drove off to the company. Believe me she would stay stranded in her house for a few hours because I wasn’t ready to pick her call after the tantrums she threw in her house,good thing she is coming to my house we are gonna play ‘game of thrones’ and see who is in power.

Be sure Kim to be ready for the worst few months of your life.

🌹 Kim’s p.o.v🌹

“Ahhh all done”. I sighed before zipping up the last bag.

Yes I was packing to Ashton’s house today and to say I was uncomfortable was an understatement. I am more than uncomfortable,I just want time to fly so fast in times like this I sincerely need a time travel stuff whether it was real or something paranormal I don’t f—–g care.

I wonder how long I can put up with Ashton’s unbearable and rude character. Imagine him telling me I am rude,so funny. He is the rude one. My thoughts wandered to my dad,I went to see him yesterday and I kinda came clean when he asked about the huge diamond on my finger,I told him I have been seeing someone for sometimes and he proposed to me not so long. Of course he was kinda angry and shocked that he didn’t know about any of this and got sad that all this happened because he was in the hospital and not at home with me. I didn’t tell him that I was moving in him with him because he was going to freak out and ask me if I was out of my mind. My dad was so high on moral and he instilled alot in me that is why I feel so guilty whenever I am by his side. But I was desperate for him to get well and I did what was right. At least that is what I tell myself.

I sincerely hope I was not gonna regret this,I hope I don’t and most of all I hope my dad gets well soon and all my sacrifices would not be in vain. I know it is very rare for cancer patients to survive but I believe he would be part of the miracle survivors.

I picked my phone to call Ashton,it rang the first time and true to his words he didn’t pick up even after calling him again and again.

A—–e. Anyways that is to both of our advantage,I will have one more day to spend in the comfort of my house because I wasn’t about to call him again after this last time. It rang and he unfortunately picked at the fifth ring.

“What?” He asked rudely.

I rolled my eyes like he could even see me “I am done packing,send the driver”. I replied uninterested.

“And you are just telling me now? You should have called few minutes before you were done not Immediately”. He scolded.

“Like I didn’t call. But you were not picking up so when you weren’t picking up what should I have done? Cry?”. I asked him.

“No one appreciates your sense of humor”. He stated.

“Like I care”. I muttered.

“I don’t f—–g care also”. He yelled over the phone.

When his he never angry? He sure needs a therapist section for his useless anger issues.

“Just send the f—–g driver already”. I yelled back and to my f—–g dismay he already hanged up already.


In about half an hour I heard a knock on my door and it was the driver,he sure came early then because I was expecting him to take at least an hour.

“Hello miss?”.

“Kimberly. Just call me Kim”. I told the stone faced man.

Like boss like employee,he wasn’t even friendly and he was making me more nervous.

“Alright Kimberly,where are your luggages?” He asked.

I pointed to the two boxes at the corner and he lifted both like there weigh nothing at all. There sure weigh alot and I wasn’t sure I could carry one alone.

Halfway through the ride I tried to start a conversation with Mr stone faced who I later learned that his name was Scott. Scott was not friendly at all and the conversation was one sided because he only threw a comment or two and that was all. I gave up too, what’s the point of forcing a conversation when the other person isn’t interested.

We got to a giant gate and Scott got down to input a password and the gate slide open before he came back to drive us in. The house was so big,it was like a castle but it was not designed castle like. It was so beautiful but it was still manly with dull colours. Scott helped me with my bags and he inputed another password.

What’s with this house and passwords?

I got into the house and to say it was beautiful was an understatement,it was wide and mostly decorated with white and black colours. It looked so dull but it was beautiful too. It also looked empty but there were definitely expensive things there that I wouldn’t wanna touch.

“I have to go now. The boss said to inform you that you should use the room marked X in the entry. And I think you might want to know that the house keeper comes in once a week”. Scott informed me.

“Thank you for telling me. Is there no other worker apart from the house keeper?” I asked him still finding it hard to believe that there is no one in this house except from Scott and I. What is this? A cemetery?

“Yes,only the housekeeper is allowed entry into the house once a week. The other people work outside the house which Is the surrounding and the lawn”. He elaborated.

“Okay,thank you”. I said.

“I have to take my leave now”. He said bowing slightly before he used the exit

What the actual f–k? So I was literally the only one in this house right now. I climbed the stairs dragging one of the suitcase that weighed more than me,i groaned as I dragged it down the hallway looking for the room marked X. I passed several entry with different letters like W Z A and the likes. Is this an hotel? I finally came across the room marked X and I entered it was big,like really big and it has a closet and ensuite bathroom and it freaked me out. It was beautiful too but still decorated with plain colours like the rest of the house. I went back downstairs to get the second suitcase and I sorted things out I would try to make it homely as possible not the usual black and white_ ish stuffs.

After hours of sorting my clothes,shoes and every other thing out I was really hungry and tired. I even lit my strawberry candle and the scent was starting to evolve round the room,I want this room to be homely as possible for the few months i am gonna live in it. I also arranged my few bathing stuffs before going downstairs. Thank Goodness Ashton was not back yet,I went around the house finding the kitchen and thankfully I located it not long after. What to eat? I opened the fridge,it was stocked up with food and a gentle smile sat on my face.

At least I got food to eat,it would not be easy but there is food. Food is worth it.

I frowned when I remembered the foods there were raw and there wasn’t anyone I could quicky microwave and eat and I am really bad at cooking,I rarely cook. Yes I know it is wrong but my college days were filled with me buying takeouts and eating noodles or pizza and unfortunately there wasn’t noodles or pizza here.

I thought of what to eat for about ten minutes and my growling stomach wasn’t helping at all. I eventually settled for a chicken sandwich. There was meat,lettuce,bread and cheese. I brought out my phone and browsed the recipe. With the recipe it won’t exactly be a disaster right?

I was slowly moving forward in getting my sandwich done. It was time to fry the chicken breast.

“Dip the chicken in flour after marinating”. I read aloud. I already marinated it right? Yes I already did.

I dipped the chicken in flour and rubbed enough flour on it,the once neat kitchen was a mess now but I didn’t care. I was hungry.

“Now fry the chicken in a low flame groundnut oil of about 35°c”. I read again. What was that about? To fry a chicken I needed a thermometer again. What am I? A doctor?

I turned on the cooler and I placed a fry pan,added enough oil allowed it to get really hot and I threw in my chicken covered with flour and immediately it got inside the oil the place was full of smoke.

I coughed loudly,and moved back coughing repeatedly with tears in my eyes.

This chicken is a b—h.

The kitchen was covered with smoke and I was f—–g scared of moving to the cooler in my coughing feat and confused state then there was a bad smell of something burning and the kitchen was still covered in smoke.

What to do?

“What to do?” I asked myself still coughing. My head was blank and I sure love my life and I wasn’t going close to the cooker because I was rooted on one spot. The smoke must have covered the whole house now.

“What the heck have you done”. Someone yelled at my back and I turned back to see Ashton covering his nose with an hanky looking at me with angry eyes and red ears. He sure looked angry.

Just kill me please.

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🌹Kim’s p.o.v.🌹.

“You have a mom?” I asked dumbly.

It have been barely a week since i started living with Ashton and believe me it haven’t been easy,Ashton was like an onion having different layers,if you open this layer there would still be another layer to discover and it sucks big time.

About the cooking saga the other night,after yelling and getting everything in order he still scolded me and I talked back because it wasn’t my fault that Google didn’t know how to make a chicken sandwich. I didn’t hear the end of the matter though,to cut the long story short…I slept hungry that night.

We were presently eating breakfast, Ashton rarely ate with me and I am happy with it at least it reduces the number of times i have to see him in a day. He was a good cook no doubt but I wasn’t going to tell him that,since the day of the cooking saga he have been the one always cooking except from when the housekeeper comes in. He was probably eating with me today and not off to work because he had something to say that brings us back to the discussion.

“Yes I do. Who doesn’t have a mother?”. He asked.

I don’t.

“Why are you telling me this?”.

“Because she is dropping by this afternoon”.

“Like she is coming here?”.

“Yes she is,and she wants to meet you”. He said.

“She wants to meet me?”. I asked.

He nodded “yes she wants to. That isn’t a problem right?” He asked

Surprisingly he haven’t gotten mad with my unending questions,that is probably because he needs a favor.

“It is. Why would she wants to meet me?”.

“Because to her and everybody you are my fiancee”. He said again.

“But we both know I am not”. I retorted.

“That doesn’t matter because everyone thinks you are”. He stated.

“What if I don’t want to?”. I asked him. I didn’t feel so good about meeting her and I don’t know why. She might be all those saucy rich women that looks down on others like her son and I don’t like people like that.

“You have no choice Kim. She is going to drop by on her way for shopping”. He said looking at his wrist watch.

“Shopping?”. I asked.

“Yes shopping. She shops every Thursday and today is Thursday,she wants you to tag along”. He explained.

Who the hell has a scheduled shopping day? She is probably so saucy and spends money anyhow.

“What if I don’t want to tag along? Like i am not in the mood to shop”. I muttered truthfully.

“You are not always in the mood to get social. You are so antisocial and that is a total turn off”. He remarked harshly.

“I have to see my dad today”. I said ignoring his earlier comment. He won’t get to me.

“You always see your dad everyday right? A day wouldn’t hurt right? And moreover don’t you think you are pushing it? There is nothing wrong in sparing an hour or two to socialize with someone.” He said again. He was already on the edge.

“I have other important things to do”. I told him sternly.

“My mom never changes her mind on something,she said she wants to meet you today and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change her mind and that is because I see nothing wrong there. Be ready by 12noon,you should please be presentable because Mom can be so scary at times”. He said before picking his briefcase and strolling out of the dinning area. I had a sudden urge to throw one of the dishware at him.


I was the only one at home now and I can’t help but think of something that wouldn’t make me meet his mom. She is not just scary at times,she is scary all the time. I have met her officially on one or two occasions apart from other times that she yells on Ashton in his office,that was why i asked him if he had a mother? I guess they don’t really have a good mother to son relationship. None of my business anyways, Ashton is bad with relationships so I see no reason why his mom should be good in relating to people too.

She was always decked with makeup and in designers cloth with bodyguards following her,d–n if that is not intimidating enough,she was the one heading Ashton’s dad’s company before Ashton took over… so I heard.

I cleared the dishes and cleaned the kitchen before I retired to my room,I sincerely have no idea on what to wear because I wasn’t in the mood to socialize with anybody and knowing Ashton’s mother she won’t be on her own,there would be other women with her and that sucks the more.

I opened the wardrobe and started searching for a presentable cloth to wear. It took an hour or so before I settled for a blue jumpsuit with diamond stones in the neckline. It looked simple but sophisticated,it sure looks presentable. I looked at the time and I had less than two hours to get ready. I settled for a blue shoe and a chanel handbag,after all this is over I would have many designer clothes and bags. Like it was worth it after all.

I jumped into the shower and I think I stayed there for about thirty minutes because the water was soothing and it felt peaceful I wasn’t about to get out of the bathtube when I remembered I have to be somewhere and I wouldn’t want to be late.

I got out and I changed into my clothes,I applied a light makeup and I packed my hair in my usual ponytail. I was ready. I went downstairs to sit and wait.

After waiting for about thirty minutes or so I heard the ding of the elevator. I straightened my clothes and after sometime there was a knock on the door, I stood up to open it and it revealed a man in a white shirt and black pants.

“Good afternoon Miss,I am Andrew”. The man said.

“Good afternoon Andrew”. I replied.

“You are miss Kim right?”. He asked

“Yes I am”. I replied.

“The madam said you should come with me”. He said with a tiny smile. He looked nice unlike Scott.

“Give me a minute please let me grab my bag”. I told him before strolling to the sofa to get my bag “let’s go”. I told him with a smile.

He chatted with me casually like he just didn’t meet me some minutes ago. The world needs people like Andrew. Carefree people like him
..talking to him reduced my nervousness and we might have laughed once or twice before we got to the car and I put on my straightest face pushing away nervousness to the pit of my stomach. There were two cars,one was a range Rover and the other car I was being directed to was a Bentley but I don’t know the model because I am bad with cars like I am bad with everything else🙂.

“Miss Kim,get in the car please”. Andrew said opening the back seat door.

I got in and he closed the door after me before going to take a seat in the passenger’s seat. There were two people in the car excluding me. Andrew and Ashton’s mom,to be honest I don’t know her name and Ashton didn’t mention her name before he left. It would be really awkward to call her madam.

“Good afternoon Mrs bustamante”. I said politely with a small smile.

As usual she was decked up in make-up,she scrutinized me with her calculated gaze before forcing a perfect smile “Good afternoon Kimberly,call me Rosa please. I am not that old and I wouldn’t want to be addressed like that”.

“Okay Rosa”.I replied.

“Start the car Andy,we are stopping over at Tangiers for a drink with the ladies”. She instructed Andy.

He started the car immediately and the range Rover I saw in the driveway followed suit. I wonder who the occupant of the other car are, probably her security team. None of my business though.

Rosa threw in a snarky remark once or twice on our ride to the Tangiers but after a while neither of us talked and in no time Andrew parked in the driveway of a very beautiful hotel.


“Don’t you think you need a haircut?”. One of the ladies asked me. I couldn’t remember their names any longer.

We have been here for the past one hour. The two ladies here were like Rosa,so Sophisticated and so saucy but the youngest of the two rarely talked. They have made it their mission to taunt me by throwing snide remarks at me and to be honest I would soon snap,it was already infuriating.

“No I think it is perfect this way”. I said forcing a smile.

“No dear,it is far from perfect. Everyone wears a short hair,you can rarely see anyone with a long hair as yours if it isn’t a wig” the second woman added.

“That’s a good idea Kimberly,you would get your hair cut to a lower length and it is a good thing we are going shopping after this then we would probably visit a salon”. Rosa said.

“But I don’t want to…”

“I should call my daughter Julia,she is interested in things like this”. The second woman interrupted me.

“But you told me Julia has other places to be and…”

“She is done already,she is back home now”. Julia’s mom fired back at the other woman.

All this for nothing.

“Oh my baby girl Julia,tell me,is she still in the country?”. Rosa asked.

“Yes she is. After her birthday,she decided to stay in New York for good. You know she isn’t getting any younger”Julia’s mom replied.

“There was a time we all thought there was something going on between her and your son,it came as a shock when I heard your son got engaged”. The second woman said again.

Rosa smiled “I also thought something was happening between them. I was rooting for them too,but you know how Ashton is”.

“Julia would love to pay you a visit this weekend and it is a good thing she is at home now. She would love to join us”. Julia’s mom suggested.

“Yes she should please. The more the merrier”. Rosa said and Julia’s mom immediately stood up to call her. She excused herself and strode to the other end of the bar.

“So Millie how is the planning for the monthly brunch?”. Rosa asked the other lady.

Her name is Millie. So childish,she is probably the youngest amongst them.

They talked about things I was clearly not interested in. Julia’s mom was back already and Rosa suggested we all waited for Julia here.

“I heard your dad is not feeling well”. Millie said facing me.

“Julia was telling me about it not long ago. She said something like cancer”. Julia’s mom added.

Julia sure knows alot about me.

“Is that true Kimberly? Ashton didn’t tell me about that”. Rosa said

“You are sure you don’t know about that? It have been for a while now”. Julia’s mom said again with a sly look.

“How is he doing now?” Millie asked. She looked nice.

“Fine thank you”. I replied.

“I know having a parent with a terminal disease isn’t easy,my mom also had breast cancer and it wasn’t easy for me and my siblings. They had to cut her left breast after everything and we spent a huge amount of money. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you” Millie said with a tiny smile.

“It’s a good thing she has Ashton to pay all her father’s medical bills for her”. Julia’s mom said again.

Like mother like daughter.

“Millie you shouldn’t be telling everyone your mom’s miracle story,it is getting old. Cancer isn’t a disease you boast off. It is very shameful to be related to someone with cancer”. Rosa said.

She was really infuriating and I already came to a final conclusion which is ‘i don’t like her one bit’, why would she say that? Cancer isn’t shameful,those affected didn’t pray to have it did they?

“I was just trying to offer her a tiny word of comfort. I was not telling her a pathetic story”. Millie defended.

“She didn’t say she needed any of your comfort and…”

“Rosa!!”. Someone squealed we all turned to see Julia in a t-shirt and side silted skirt decked up in make-up as usual. She never wears a full cloth does she?

“Oh look at my baby girl,you have grown so big. Come over”. Rosa said and Julia strode over smartly. I looked at her mom there was this glow of pride in her eyes. Millie looked disgusted and she started typing on her phone absentmindedly.

“Give me a hug ma’am”. Julia gushed immediately she got to the table and Rosa hugged her.

She took a seat before acknowledging the rest of us on the table and immediately she saw me her expression changed and she forced a smile immediately.

“Look who we have here. Hello Kim”. She said in a sickly sweet voice.

“Hello Julia”.

“You guys already met?”. Rosa asked.

“Yes,we already met at my birthday party”.she replied

Great,just great. Today couldn’t get any better

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🥀 Kim’s p.o.v🥀.

Julia looked quite acquainted with Rosa and they talked all through,I was glad I wasn’t forced into a discussion I knew next to nothing about. We had different hobbies, to me talking about the latest gossip in town isn’t my thing,why would you be so interested in someone else’s life that you know almost everything about them.

The first time I met Julia was when Ashton and I went for her 26th birthday party,since then i haven’t met her and to be honest I know next to nothing about her apart from the obvious fact that her family is one of the richest family here in New York. But Julia knows probably everything about me and believe me if that wasn’t shady enough. I met you just once and you went to do a background check on me,that looks so stupid and not so right. It isn’t right at all.

“Kimberly, can you please input your number on my phone?”. Millie said with a gentle smile.

The table was divided already, Rosa and Julia are on the same team, Millie and I weren’t interested in whatever Julia was telling Rosa. Like she was exaggerating the story and I wonder what was so fascinating about hyping a story that way. Julia’s mom doesn’t even have a team,she have failed woefully in joining Julia’s and Rosa’s discussion. Julia finds a way to excuse her from the discussion with sentences like “mom you don’t know this person but aunt Rosa knows her”. “Mom you already heard about this right?”. And she wasn’t about to talk to Millie because Millie is bent on starting a discussion with me and Julia’s mom doesn’t like me and for the record,I don’t like her too 🙂.

“You want my number?”. I asked her. She was nice to me no doubt and that is why I am shocked. She doesn’t even know me and she already wants my number.

“Yes please if you don’t mind”. She smiled again.

“I don’t mind”. I told her before collecting her phone.

I guess I Made a bad first impression about her,she is not like the other ladies,she is nice and d–n if that didn’t warm my heart. It have been long since someone was this nice to me.

I imputed my number and I gave her back her phone.

“I would give you a call one of these days. There is an auction coming up next month and I am the one sponsoring it and I want you to attend it if you have the time”. She informed me.

“An auction?”.

“Yes. An art auction to be precise”. She said again.

“You are an artist?”. I asked her with wide eyes.

“Yes I am. Not a very good one though,but I try my best and let’s say people love my work. Wait let me show you some of my works”. She said scrolling through her photo gallery.

“Here,look at this”. She said scrolling through different pictures that she have drawn “I draw when I have nothing to do,you know being a parent isn’t easy.” She laughed softly.

“This is beautiful”. I told her. It was a picture of a little girl dressed in different colors. She really knew how to draw,it looked so real and it was so beautiful.

She looked at me shocked “you find this particular one beautiful?”.

“Yes. It is. Is there something wrong with it?”. I asked her.

She smiled softly again “no,it’s just that you are the first person to gush about how beautiful this painting is”.

No that’s unbelievable.

“You mean no one have called this particular picture beautiful?”. I asked her shocked.

She sighed “not that Kimberly,they do say my paintings are beautiful. But no one have told me with a sincerity as yours. And I do think my paintings is just there, Rosa do tell me to drop painting,that painting isn’t a career but I love painting and it is like my life so I don’t think I can ever stop painting”.

“No you shouldn’t stop. It is very beautiful and your other paintings are awesome too. You have a talent and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it,I haven’t discovered my talent yet but with time I will. Your paintings are really beautiful and I love everyone of them”. I told her.

No one should be ashamed of their talents. It is a gift and everyone that doesn’t see it that way is toxic and you should probably stay away from them. She was totally out of the league of Rosa’s friend because she doesn’t behave like any of them and I wonder why she is still with them. Probably the fame of being recognized as one of the bustamante’s friends.

“Thank you. I sincerely hope my husband and my friends think the way you think. They all say it’s trash and I should find a befitting career”. She said again looking at the direction of Rosa and Julia’s mom who were pretty engrossed in whatever she was telling them.

“No. Your paintings aren’t trash. I love it especially this”. I said pointing to that of the little girl.

A little smile graced her lips “that little girl is my daughter”.

“Your daughter?”.

“Yes and she loves to paint too. I guess it is hereditary,she insisted I drew her even if her dad quarreled with me over it,she requested I placed the painting in her room and I did just that”. She said smiling.

“That’s lovely and she is beautiful like so cute”. I gushed.

“Wait until you see her in person,I have a feeling she would like you”. She told me and I felt flattered.

“Why do you say that?”. I asked her.

“Because you are beautiful in and out. It is what is in here that matters” she said gesturing to her heart. “Are you going to come for the auction, Ashton is coming too,he always attends even though he is irritated by things like that. If he doesn’t want to come I would send an invitation to you,I would really love if you attend it”. She told me.

“I would try to attend it”. I promised her.

“Thank you”. She said patting my hand.

She is so nice. Just like a mom,a good mom to be honest.

We talked about different things and she was pretty chatty for a quiet looking person like her,she told me about her young son that she adopted not up to a year now. I find it endearing that she was open to me like she didn’t just meet me today. We were pretty engrossed in whatever we were discussing when Julia interrupted.

“I really love your puppy aunt Millie”. She said in a sweet voice.

“You haven’t even seen the dog yet”. Millie retorted.

“I have,I have seen the pictures on mom’s phone and it is so beautiful”. She gushed.


“Yes Julia have a thing for dogs. She even volunteers in an animal shelter right Julia?”. Her mom elaborated.

“Yes Mommy. I would love to visit Aunt Millie one day to see her dogs house”. She said and Millie forced a strain smile.

“Sure Julia. You are free to come”.

“Thank you. Give me a hug aunt”. She said moving forward to hug Millie. Millie returned the gesture with a noticeable stiff hug.

She wasn’t her fan and it was painfully obvious.

I had no idea Julia was listening to whatever Millie and I were talking about,I think she eventually ran out of her exaggerated stories.

“Let’s head to the store. Shall we?”. Rosa asked standing up and we all followed suit. Time was far spent and I couldn’t help but wonder how people spent their free time this way. If it wasn’t for Millie,I would have been bored to death.

I opted to ride with Millie since Julia was sticking to Rosa like a sticky gum and we were going to the same store. It wouldn’t hurt to ride with Millie right?.


We have been in a female store for close to an hour now. The ladies shopped senselessly including Millie she kept saying “kim this would look good on you take it” and gradually the clothes in my arms were piling up,it was like she was the one shopping for me and I felt indebted. I wasn’t good in things like this because it wasn’t just my thing.

I looked around the store deciding to pick at least one cloth by myself when my eyes caught a very beautiful black gown. It looked so cute and it was modest. I have probably seen a dress to wear to the auction if I finally decided to attend. I went closer to catch a better view of the dress,I was about to remove it from the hanger when I heard someone say….

“OMG mom,come and look at this dress. It is the Versace dress that Ariana and i have been searching for in almost all the cloth stores in new York”. She gushed.

“Take the dress then. It is really beautiful”. Her mom said.

Couldn’t they see I already saw the dress first.

“Right I am taking it”. She said dragging it from my hands “I hope you don’t mind Kim. This dress seems to be mine”.

“Of course she doesn’t mind. I think designers suit you more”. Her mom said.

“Of course. I was born fo wear designer clothes not some cheap regular clothes. Remember I don’t repeat clothes mom,I wear them only once”. She explained.

“Julia I don’t think that dress is your size”. Millie said not looking so happy. I didn’t even notice when she got here.

“Why do you say that?”. Julia fired back.

“I think the size is a bit smaller for you”. Millie said.

“Are you calling me fat. I don’t care if it is smaller or bigger I am taking it and moreover Kim can’t really afford this can she?”. She asked slyly.

“You don’t have to be so…” Millie was saying until I interrupted her.

“It is alright. You can have it Julia, it probably suit you more”. I told her.

“Mom follow me to the changing room please. Aunt Rosa would definitely like this dress”. She smirked before leaving with her mom on her trail.

“Let’s get you a dress like that. Julia is a spoilt brat and her mom won’t just admit it”. Millie said still looking pissed.

“No it is alright. The clothes I picked are enough already”I told her with a gentle smile.

“You didn’t pick the clothes. I did”. She joked and i laughed.

“Yes you did and there are beautiful”. I told her sincerely.

She smiled again “I have good eyesight, let’s go and get more”.

“No this is enough already”.

“No it’s not,I would pay”. She suggested.

“No please you don’t need too”. I told her.

“No I will”. She stated before dragging me.


Millie and the other ladies were currently shopping in the undies section and it was embarrassing,she was asking me to give her suggestions on seductive undies.

“I am going to buy this for you. You have small boobs right?”. She asked me.

I am sure my cheeks were burning red now “Why would…”

“That’s okay”. She interjected “i have eyes to see,this probably looks small on you. Let’s try this”. She passed a red lingerie to me.

Rosa passed us with Julia following her. They stopped beside us.

“This boxers are so beautiful”. Julia gushed grabbing a pack.

“Yes there are,do you wear shorts too?” Rosa asked her.

“No I don’t anymore”.


“But I can get it for Ashton,he would like it right?”. She asked smiling.

“Yes he will. That’s very thoughtful of you”. Rosa told her.

“He wears colorful shorts like this one too. I have seen it on him in more than one occasion”. She said grabbing another short.

“He wear that too?” Rosa asked.

“Yes I would buy both and some socks too” she suggested.

“Yes that’s great. It is a good thing you thought of getting him something In a ladies store”. Rosa said with a calculated smile.

“I always think of Ashton Aunt,all the time and he thinks of me too”. She said not minding that i was three feets away from them.

No one cares anyways.

“He sure thinks of you too”. Rosa assured her.

“Are you sure Aunt?” She asked.

“Yes. Very sure. Office relationship doesn’t last long you know that right”. Rosa said and they both cracked into laughter.

So funny🙂.


After hours of shopping we finally left the store and thankfully it was too late to go to the salon. Rosa suggested we meet another time but I know I wasn’t going to be going out with her soon especially with Julia tagging along on everything. She should just stick to Julia.

Office relationships don’t last long anyways so there is no point in pretending to like me because I don’t like her either.

I bade Millie goodbye and she hugged me, she told me to think about the art auction and she said she was going to call me tomorrow.

Rosa volunteered to drop me home since I came with her,i guess she had no other choice.

“Julia aren’t you riding with me home?”. Her mom asked her and she frowned immediately.

“No mom. I am riding with Aunt Rosa”. She said.

“But you came with your car”. Her mom added.

She frowned again “I can’t drive since It is getting late and I am really tired and moreover my driver took the car back on our way to the store. Mom you told me you were going to stop by at uncle’s house you should go ahead”.

“Julia,I told you…”

“Mom you should go ahead and moreover I want to drop this bags for Ashton”. She said raising her hands up.

Awwn 😩she shopped alot for Ashton in a female store,that’s really cute🤤.

“Don’t worry Amy,Julia is safe riding with me”. Rosa said with a tiny smile.

“That’s great,excuse me then”. She said before entering her car.

The ride to Ashton’s house wasn’t peaceful at all. Rosa and Julia chatted lousily but I didn’t care I just wanted to get home and sleep in my room. I haven’t eaten anything apart from breakfast but I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted ro sleep.

We got to Ashton’s house, Rosa and Julia came down first and I followed suit. Andrew was nice enough to carry the shopping bags for me and I passed him a grateful smile. I was indeed tired and I needed my bed.

I knew I wasn’t going to sleep immediately because with Julia and Rosa nothing is predictable.