[STORY] My Adventures With Girls (episode 1-21)

Episode One In my entire life I have never been this scared…… facing six angry ladies….sorry seven actually, with four known to be pregnant, who knows if another haven’t finds out, all waiting for me at home. “Nextangel you are bad” yes I know am bad…. “In fact you are very bad” that too I know I am. I kept saying all these things to myself while going on the road, with just a singlet on and my shirt on my shoulder, was I really heading home? Look guys to be frank with you all these Casanova stuff na scam, I heard there is something called Kama, or a law that says”what goes around usually comes around” I don’t want to believe it in my own case, but it could be. Come to think of it, what was I thinking dating six girls in the same school and others outside the school at the same time, was I thinking I would go scot-free? I don’t even love any of them that much, that foolish Tomas that usually push me to do all these things where is he now? I was still wondering and thinking of what to do when an idea came to my mind,”go to Tomas’ house beg him to accompany you there,at least he won’t allow those jezebel to roast you alive” as I have that thought, I believe it is the best decision so I decided to take the direction to Tomas’house. After Trekking for about 5 minutes, I was in deep thought when I heard “Hey you” “Hey you”! “Commot from road”! The last thing I heard was “shhhhhhrrrrrriiiii, sshhhhhhhhhrrrrraaaa” it must have been the brake of a vehicle, I saw myself on the floor, people gathering and saying one thing or the other, some were crying, I couldn’t see or hear clearly, I saw people trying to take me from the ground….. and I black out…….. The Episode Two on the way, it depends on ur acceptance of the story, please comment and encourage me or else I stop posting it here

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