[STORY] My Adventures With Girls (episode 1-21)

Episode One
In my entire life I have never been this scared…… facing six angry ladies….sorry seven actually, with four known to be pregnant, who knows if another haven’t finds out, all waiting for me at home.

“Nextangel you are bad” yes I know am bad…. “In fact you are very bad” that too I know I am. I kept saying all these things to myself while going on the road, with just a singlet on and my shirt on my shoulder, was I really heading home?

Look guys to be frank with you all these Casanova stuff na scam, I heard there is something called Kama, or a law that says”what goes around usually comes around” I don’t want to believe it in my own case, but it could be. Come to think of it, what was I thinking dating six girls in the same school and others outside the school at the same time, was I thinking I would go scot-free?
I don’t even love any of them that much, that foolish Tomas that usually push me to do all these things where is he now? I was still wondering and thinking of what to do when an idea came to my mind,”go to Tomas’ house beg him to accompany you there,at least he won’t allow those jezebel to roast you alive” as I have that thought, I believe it is the best decision so I decided to take the direction to Tomas’house.
After Trekking for about 5 minutes, I was in deep thought when I heard “Hey you” “Hey you”! “Commot from road”! The last thing I heard was “shhhhhhrrrrrriiiii, sshhhhhhhhhrrrrraaaa” it must have been the brake of a vehicle, I saw myself on the floor, people gathering and saying one thing or the other, some were crying, I couldn’t see or hear clearly, I saw people trying to take me from the ground….. and I black out……..

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Episode Two
I found myself on Hospital bed with some strange people around me after being into coma for three days. Immediately I became conscious I was feeling headache and pains all over my body. I tried to reminisce the incident that led to me being hospitalized but I couldn’t remember any thing.
As I tried to acquaint myself with the environment and people around me in the door post I saw a lady who I believe should be around 27 to 29 years of age, she wore a white over all, you know those shirts doctors do wear na, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that she was the doctor.
“Hello Mr, you are awake! Thank God, you have been like this for the past three days, how are you feeling now and hope there is no much pains” the lady asked, those voices was even prettier than her looks, she has a figure eight shape, she is not too tall nor short, she is a typical ebony skin type of girl, her boobs and butt oh my goodness! I heard all her questions but I didn’t understand because of what I was thinking, she came closer touched my shoulder, those hands are just the perfect therapy I want, it cooled down my temperature, ” Mr hope you are ok, you were involved in an accident three days ago and these good Samaritans brought you here, we discovered bandages and some drugs with you which we believed you must be coming from the hospital, so you can tell us your name and where you are coming, the bills has been sorted out by the lady who hit you” those words were killing me slowly.
“Wake up, wake up oga” I said to myself, already the little man below has risen to another angle I could not understand why, I checked her ID on her chest and it’s read ‘Ngozi Ezinne Chibuzor’, did I even said I checked her ID? Truth is, it wasn’t her ID I was checking it was her chest, I had already naked her in my mind, I was brought back to my senses when the door to the hospital room I was opened……In come another elegant and extremely beautiful creature!
I adjusted my short because little Johnson was inconveniencing me, “Good afternoon ma, good afternoon doctor, how is he doing now? Hope he is getting better? Peter how are you doing hope you are fine now, sorry it was all my fault”… The Cinderella kept talking while greeting everyone. She said it was her fault why of a truth it was mine, how she got to know my name was another thing I could not relate. I later realized she got to know my name through the Hospital card giving to me in the hospital I was coming from.
“Oh your name is Peter? You really have a nice name, anyways this is Ms Olumide Olawale, she was the one that hit you and brought you here”, Ms ‘Ngozi did the intro, requested the Ms Olumide to check her in her office before leaving. The perfume this lady use was all over the room, aboki perfume does no smell at all compared to hers, “H-how di-id you get to know my name”? I stuttered, it was actually the first word am saying since I woke up from coma. “Oh I saw it on your hospital card, it even here, you will be discharged this evening, I will take you home if you won’t mind, don’t we will get some provisions along the way, I promised you will be fine” Ms Olumide said.
I was about to be excited when I remembered she said “take you home” home ke? I don’t have a home ooo, go which home when about six girls are waiting to strangle me to death? Why must it be my home? What about her own home? Am I even mad, thinking of going to her home! Man d die once and all die na die but how will I die when my adventures just want to start? I lay down on the bed while Ms Olumide thanks the 3 people in my ward, gave them some money and they all left wishing me quick recovery, I lay thinking of ms ‘Ngozi and Olumide who should be prettier when Ms Olumide went to see the doctor ‘Ngozi……….

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Episode Three
Well…..after the meeting with the Doctor (‘Ngozi), Olumide came out and told me the Doctor needed to see me in her office, I was happy inwardly and at same time scared. The thought of those Jezebels in my house could not leave me, will they still be there waiting for me, non of them even bother to look for me or call me, anyways I was not even with my phone, and more over its better that way.
I went to the Doctor’s office, by now she has removed the apron and she looks even more sexy, the office smells really nice and well kept. She ordered me to sit down as she wrote some things in a file, after she was done she stood up and came to my side. “Mr Peter” she called with her hands on my shoulder, must she always touch me when ever she is talking to me? She has no iota of idea how it feels in my body, I Freezed the moment she touched me, she then paused, looked at me, smile and she said, “I noticed any time I touch you, you are always uneasy, are you scared of Ladies or what? You have never sleep with a girl before? Don’t be shy or scared am harmless” can you imagine! I wished some one should tell this girl that I have already f–k her in my mind or that in my head right now she wasn’t wearing any cloth, will she even before if I tell her that I just came back from heaven because I was doing six or more girls, later some body will say Nextangel is bad!
In the office nothing really happened wasn’t expecting any thing to happen either, she requested my contact I told I have lost my phone, she still sha collect the phone number, she wrote hers for me, asked for my house address which I told her, and she said she will come and be checking on me. I don’t know why in the presence of these two ladies I was so quiet, they would talk and talk yet I won’t say anything, as a hunter if you make too much noise your bush meat might hear and run away.
I left her office with a sweet hug from her, see mumu, for her mind now she wants to teach me how not to be scared of her, I just smiled sheepishly with one hand holding my Johnson down so that she won’t notice, I got to be reception I met so many gorgeous nurses but one particular one caught my attention, she very fair in complexion, very tall and a bit fat, she doesn’t have big boobs but the hips is something else, the same devil walked up to me and gave me the remaining drugs with a message from Olumide that I should meet her in the car. I was beginning to wonder if someone use women curse me, I got to the said car and I met Olumide.
“Hey Peter, come on in, hope you are good now”? I entered the car. “Look am so sorry I hit you, it wasn’t intentional, I was heartbroken because my boyfriend just broke up with me, after spending so much for him, he has the got to tell me that he is fed up with the relationship, guys are really wicked, in fact guys are animals”! She screamed, I was a bit confused of what to told as she was crying, “am sorry ms, it’s ok you will be fine, but not all guys are wicked or animals” I tried to console and correct her for calling all guys wicked and animals but of a truth me am a good example of a wicked and animal kind of a guy.
She said we should be going to my house before we could come to her side, I don’t want her to come to my side because of those girls, but she insisted on coming so I have no option or choice,casala about to burst I don’t know what to do or how to explain to her. On our way she took another street I asked her why, she told me she needed to pick something at home, we got to a big mansion, a four bedroom flat well furnished and decorated, she alighted, open the gate with a remote control, and within minutes she came outside with a small hand bag, I don’t know what she wants to use it for.
She started the car and off we go to my house, my heart started to beat faster than normal, she was talking but I was not listening, I was just thinking of what to do or tell her when she sees them, man must die once and after that it’s judgement, me self I sabi Bible. We parked in front of my house and the whole environment looks strange, my room looks like a hell fire, I came down and she followed me, I looked around to see if I can see “them” but I could not find any of them, I found my keys on top the door, I opened, entered, to my greatest surprised my room was well kept, my phone was inside, just spider web.
When she entered, she dropped her bag, requested for the kitchen which I showed her, she brought out Sphag, fishes and ingredients to cook, I was just looking without saying a word, it was not her case am scared of, am just scared of why I couldn’t meet anyone at home and the situation in my room. I forgot to tell you guys that Ms Olumide actually said that my room was beautiful but I know that it’s just lamba,as she was in the kitchen cooking I heard a knock on my door… My heart moved from my chest to my head, I could hear my heart beating like a drum. I felt a cold sensation all over my body, who could that be, is that how I will just die, won’t the person at least

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Episode Four
As I heard the knock on the door, I was visibly scared and shaken, I was about to go and open the door when Olumide came that she will see who is there that I should not worry. I became even more scared on hearing that, I just acted fine and she went to open the door,I couldn’t hear what she was discussing with the person at the door so I didn’t bother, was just scared.
The door opened and in came a lady, not beautiful sha but she has a fine shape, she is actually my neighbor she has been crushing on me since and I knew it but I didn’t give her attention because she no fine. “Good bro Peter” she greeted me. “Good after Peace, how are you doing na, this one you came to my room today, hope all is well”? I asked. “All is well oo, I hear say you get accident, some say you run away after you give about five girls…….” “Hey ssssssshhhhhhhh, keep quiet jhor! Who tell you that kind thing”? The girl wanted to put me in trouble, thank God Olumide has gone back to the kitchen.
Peace now explained to me how those girls fought each other through out a whole day, they got tired and left since they couldn’t see me, it was only one that stayed back till the following day, she swept, washed and ironed, arranged my room before leaving, no wonder i met it in good condition. I prayed silently for the girl that did that since I couldn’t know who she is. I thank Peace as she wanted to take her leave, but Olumide came out and insisted she stays back and eat, that is how aunty siddon back ooo. Well Peace is the only girl so far that will stay with me without my Johnson misbehaving.
After cooking, Olumide served the food, we both are with Peace before she left. It was already getting towards night when Olumide told me she wants to shower, I was shy because our toilet is not her kind of toilet but she insisted, she fetched the water took it there herself, and came back to get a towel, I excused her so that she can remove her clothes and she started laughing, why will she laughed na, I asked her why she was laughing and she told that I don’t need to go after all both of us are adults. I kuku ma sit down back, removed her clothes entered the bathroom, immediately my phone rang, I picked it and went outside since it is a new number, I thought it’s one of those girls, on the other end I hear……”Peter how are you doing, hope you have taken your medicine”? “Who is this please”? I asked, “oh am sorry it’s me na, Dr ‘Ngozi, I just say lemme try your number”? “Ok thank you ma, I have taken the drugs and…….” That is how the conversation went on and on until she promised to come check on me before we bid bye to each other. I got inside me Olumide creaming her body, where she sat down the towel has loosen from her chest and the breast is outside, I sat down pretending to be pressing phone but my eyes and mind the there.
She finished, I also went to bath, coming back I thought she would be preparing to leave but I was wrong, she wore a sexy night gown that is transparent and lay on the bed without wearing any undies! I wore my boxer too, off the light and lay down too, we didn’t talk to each other for 3minutes. Before I knew it I heard “Peter”

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Episode Fifteen
Voom the door opened without me even saying the usual ‘come in’ or ‘who is there’, I looked towards the direction and saw a furious Peace standing behind the door, she didn’t say anything just went straight to the bed side and pretended to be looking for something, I wanted to keep quiet because I already know what she was doing but what of the clueless ‘Ngozi? I know I have a lot of questions to answer both ladies when Peace leaves and when ‘Ngozi leaves too. I summon courage and asked the witch what she was looking for and she told me that she forget her ‘stuff’ this morning, what the stuff means i don’t know, I just kept quiet, me the doc kept talking, after looking for what she didn’t lost for God knows how long, she started leaving, I asked if she has found it she said know that she will check in her room first if she didn’t see it she will come back. ‘come back where’? Is something wrong with this girl? She just wants to spoil show for someone ooo.
Immediately she left….”are you guys dating”? It was ‘Ngozi asking. “Who and who”? I asked, pretending not to know who she meant. “Stop pretending jhor, you and the lady that just went out now”, “boo, we are not, why do you ask”? “Because of the way she badged in and how was looking when she entered the room, it seems she was jealous or something” “don’t mind the silly girl, we are not dating, she is just my friend and neighbor but it seems she likes me but you know it’s not possible na, we are neighbors”, “why is it possible, what matter most is the love, it seems people plenty that love you oo”. She said, we both laughed, a little time her phone rang, she picked and she was told to hurry back to the hospital as there was an emergency, she quickly rushed and left, I accompanied her a bit, when she board bike I came back.
On getting home I already met Peace sitting in my frontage, I walk pass her without saying a word, immediately i entered she followed me, I didn’t say a word to her even at that, “what happened to you? Why is your face gloomy or did I do anything wrong”? I looked at her with hatred in my heart. “Peace or whatever your name is, what is the meaning of what you did few minutes ago? Why will you badged in when you know that I have a visitor? What is the meaning of that na?, “Is that why you are angry? But I knocked na, since no body answers and the door was not locked and you guys were inside so I decided to enter” “something is wrong with you oo, you knock and there was no response, you should know that the person is busy” “but you were not busy when I entered na, or were you? I thought the lady was just the doctor that treated you but what was she doing for that very long time with you? Na toto go later kill you Mr man” I laughed in my mind when I hear that last statement but I still have to pretend to be angry so that next time she won’t do that again, “madam keep quiet, even if toto kill me, no be your type of toto” she bended her head, immediately her countenance changed, it’s like I have gone over board, I noticed the pain and shame, I asked her what happened, she looked up at me and said, “so my toto different from all the ones you are f—–g abi? So you think say you get power abi? Don’t worry next time you go run, because I was hungry and tired yesterday, you think you are strong right? We shall see” “see what, which next time? Who will f–k you again? So that you will finally die abi? No me go kill you madam, just d your side, you want to put me in trouble” she was seriously ashamed and I noticed her quest for revenge, me too I need re-match because the first one resulted to injury. We were discussing normally now, we decided to go outside and as we got outside behold i got the shock of my life, my past that I thought has passed, came calling, the ladies I thought I would never meet again in my life, I have prayed earnestly never to meet any of them again, yet one of them was standing in front of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes neither could Peace, I cleaned my face to see if it was true lo and behold it was, I saw………..

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Episode Six
I had one thing in mind during the s—–g and licking period, I don’t wanna f–k her without condom, the intensity of the romance was so much that I almost forgot about the condom! I took my hand to my bed side where I do keep my bullet proof for easy access but non was found, I was confused because I had enough before the accident and what happened to them I don’t know or maybe the lady that swept and arrange the room swept it away!
After few minutes of ultimate search to no avail, Olumide asked me if it’s condom am looking that I was so serious I told her yes, she laughed, went to her bag and brought out ‘Kiss’, as she stood up I couldn’t believe my eyes, of a truth I know she is beautiful but to be this curvy I never imagined!! To even believe that I am the one eating this sweet vinavoovoo was another thing, my head begin swell as she came back towards me, the hell fire pit was thick and black, it is a typical thick Ponmo!
She brought the condom, opened it and inserted it in me by herself, all this took not even up to two minutes, she came to the bed, I raises her two legs up, closed them together, bend them towards her chest, my two knees on the bed, as I f—-d her from back, she was shouting and begging me, I went slowly slowly then deep and deeper then I t—-t sharply deep inside, she will open her mouth but no sound will come out, I did this for some minutes then, then I put her legs down.
I opened the legs wide, put one in between my own legs and one behind my back, as I t—-t in her middle, she was opening her mouth and eyes at the same interval, the very shaved and clean V was awesome, I was thrusting this time around very fast as she keeps shouting aloud, the noise was too much and it might wake my neighborhood, so I removed it again and I asked her to come on top, since she will have the control being on top, she came on top, I held and smooch her breasts as she banged as hard as she cook, she was whining her waist like someone that is twerking, we f–k in this position for some time then I came out again, it’s already more than an hour since we started, the thing is if you f—–g and changing position you don c-m easily, i was ready to as always give first impression, she called me a shy guy or some one scared of sex, I had to do this to prove a point. As we back off I started to feel breeze in my under, as I checked, lo and behold condom don burst!!! My kokoro still stand gbim! What should I do now? I told her she laughed again and again, she said we should stop then since I don’t want to do raw, she held my d–k looked at it and Voom in her mouth!!! I was shocked but the feelings was awesome and sweet, she placed the cap in her mouth she was s—–g the cap as we do s–k breast mehn the sensation was heavenly, she used her tongue to be rubbing round the cap I couldn’t hold any longer cus I was beginning to get signal from my brain and you know what that means, I quickly bend her down, place her chest on the bed, put her two knees on the bed, raise her waist up and vim I inserted forgetting i didn’t put on condom after all ‘one thing must kill a man’, I banged her in the position and with that sensation i used all my force I didn’t even know she was shouting too loudly until I heard “kokokoko” I heard the first one but I thought it was just my head making sound, the knock on the door continue until I realized it was really not in my head but a knock on the door, and on realizing that I heard “srasra sra” I pour those liquid all over her because i didn’t want to release in her to avoid stories that touches the heart, I shouted “Yes who be that” then I heard a Female voice telling me to be careful not to kill some one’s daughter, I recognize the voice and I know you should know who she is if you can guess well…….

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Episode Seven
As I heard the knock on the door, I asked who it was and the person told me to be gentle not to kill somebody’s daughter, she wasn’t even concern that am disturbing neighborhood her concern was that I should not kill somebody’s daughter. I laughed, went out side open the door and the person was no longer there.
Peace is a nice girl, she has a good shape but I don’t love her much because she ain’t that beautiful but she gat a good shape. I went back inside told Olumide that it was Peace, she just laughed and said it was true that she was actually shouting, I laughed too and we lay down. I couldn’t get my mind off Peace, she is someone I wished to f–k, she sexy anyways and I can’t two rough handle her.
I don’t know why I love sex too much but on another note it’s good for the body right? We lay down sleeping and around 5am I felt a hand on my body, I woke up and found Olumide all my body, she was even more sexier, I looked into her eyes kissed her passionately caress her body, she was doing like mermaids, my mind was not with her again, it’s all with Peace, I just want to f–k the girl in peace.
We are still kissing when I discovered that Olumide already put her mouth on my d–k, she s–k me till I lost control, I was trying not to put my mind there yet this girl find means of waking me up, I rose up with anger placed her head down the edge of the bed only her waist on the bed, I insert my Johnson, it entered once I t—-t in and out slower and fastly on several occasions, she was moaning but she doesn’t want to make noise in other not wake the neighborhood, I was doing but it ain’t sweeting me like it use to be, we did it roughly and before 1 hour we were done, she was looking at me as if I commit abomination all because it was not long like the first one. I came down went outside to ease myself.
Fast forward, day break, we both came out me and Olumide and the first person I saw was Peace, she was looking at me as she mean me in her mind, I greeted her she answered and smiled.
Me and Olumide spent more than 4hours that morning and by 11 she told me she wants to go home, I told her we should go together and we prepared ourselves and got dressed and left, on our way home, I saw Peace and Olumide talking to each other butI didn’t know what they are saying, but I hope it’s for peace sha.
As I was leaving I looked at Peace, she winked at me, smiled and bid me good bye, we left to Olumide’s house, we removed our clothes both got into the kitchen and started preparing what to eat, the thing is that the girl knows how to cook, she is very good in cooking and I enjoyed eating her food after cooking we started eating and talking about life, walk and everything about life, she was actually nice to be with but how long will the f—–g last? Am not some one that is stable with girls, but I love this girl sincerely as i was still contemplating on what to do and my phone ring, i checked and it was a new number I picked the call and the caller was Dr ‘Ngozi! I was shocked as I went out to pick the call. I looked back and saw Olumide following me, I couldn’t talk freely with ‘Ngozi before ending the call because of Olumide. I don’t know what I am really getting myself into right now but I pray God save me…..

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Episode Eight
That day through out I couldn’t sleep I was just thinking about ‘Ngozi and occasionally my mind will come across Peace, I was beginning to have that feelings that someone like Olumide will be a jealous type and any shinor out side might leads to brutality. I spent the whole of that day with Olumide and then towards evening time I told her am leaving, she refused initially but I insisted that I must leave so she has no option. Not as if I wish to leave but you know as a player you have be at alert, and secondly if I am steady with her it will make her feel as if I am too much into her, she will feel as if she has hit jackpot, being a player you make them come after you not the reverse, she obliged to drop me but I refuse and she gave me Transport, who am I to reject more?
Going home, I have two things on my head, one is Peace, we have to settle our matter but any home game always involved home advantage and also disadvantage, as a Casanova strafing a girl in your compound or neighborhood odikwa risky, casala can burst any time. The second thing on my head is ‘Ngozi the doctor, she is a friend to Olumide, what took me to Hospital the first time was me f—–g two secondary school girls that are friends, imagine doing it with two working class grown up Ladies??????it is very disastrous I swear, i won’t because of p—y come and go and kill myself.
The bike man dropped me in my compound around that six o’clock, after paying I looked towards my side I saw Peace smiling, this girl’s smile always finds a way of giving me shiver, if she smiles she is always beautiful, she a wore a blue skirt and her top was very tight, her nipples was standing as they pushed the shirt as if they want to tear it, my d–k always finds a way of embarrassing me, this d–k doesn’t rise for her before but now it’s doing it, I went inside dropped my stuff and came outside, i was sweeping my room when I heard a knock, I checked and it was Peace, she didn’t even wait for me to ask her to come in before she did, she came in asked me to give her the broom as she helped me do the sweeping. Suddenly she bursts out laughing I checked why and behold the condom I was looking was actually under my bed, almost 10 pieces and the saddest part is that the one we used the previous night I didn’t throw it away, “So na only one set you do and she come the cry like that”? I couldn’t believe my ears when Peace asked me those questions, trouble d sleep, nyanga no go jejely on him own him come go wake am, “what do you mean na madam”? I asked back pretending not to understand her question, “The condom na, una do just one roll she wake every body I think say una even do up to 3 or 4”. Yipa! This girl go really bad ooo, 3 or 4 round of sex? She could really be a sex machine but I can’t drive her engine abeg, I became even scared of her, who want die on top woman? I tried to end the conversation so I just went and stay outside, she swept finished and came outside to meet me. “So tell me who be that new babe again, she is too big for you, the aunty fine sha, but you be bad boy, you can really handle her well last night but you no fit try it with me I can’t shout like that at all” I knew immediately that my village people are at work again, finally they have succeeded in bringing who will kill me, what this girl saying is not just a seduction it’s a suicide mission and I am not ready to die. I didn’t even answer her I was just looking at her as she continues her talking, “one of those your girls even come today, that tall come black join, she get one kind pointed nose like this, I tell her say e don tay way you come house because i know say you don discharge them be that”. I couldn’t believe my ears, the person she described is actually Jenny but why came by? But wait, how did Peace knows that I have discharged them, she knows more than she should I swear, i sha thank her for saving my ass and she gat the gut to tell me that I own her ‘one’! Which one is one again I don’t know.
Sitting with Peace was not boring at but I don’t want to get things started between us, I wished I could go out but to where will I go when there they are CCTV camera all over me, I might bump into one now and the rest might come looking, Peace went inside came out with a plate full of jollof rice with fish and meat, the food really smell nice as she dropped it with two, she went inside again and came back 5’alive juice, I was wondering why all this hospitality. She gave me one spoon as she hold the other, shey make I d fear her food too ni? God forbid, I can’t but what if she put love portion in it? I allowed her to taste first both the food and drinks, we ate drank it and started hosting. She packed the plate went inside and immediately a car drove into my compound with two occupants both female, I didn’t bother myself because I believe they are not there because of me they came down and started walking towards me, I became afraid until I looked very well and I discovered it was…….

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Episode Nine
I looked very well and discovered that two females were coming towards my direction, I became scared for no reason I didn’t steal or kill after all na f–k I d f–k! I sat still, it was when they came closer I discovered that it Mrs Hilary and her Daughter. Backwards….. Mrs Hilary used to be my Home Economics teacher in School, she likes me very Well then (abeg bad Belle people na normal like ooo not the other way oo), maybe because I was brilliant, I don’t know why she came to my house and she didn’t even come alone but with her daughter,as if not enough not just any how girl ooo a beautiful girl. First impression matters a lot you know, immediately I recognized her I rushed to greet even when am not certain of her coming.
I greeted them, gave them chairs to sit as i stood watching them, I immediately thought of what to offer them then I rushed back inside came back with two bottles of soft drinks thanks to my benefactor Olumide who bought them for me, God save her where ever she is,if no where will I get money to buy for them? As I gave them Mrs Hilary refused that it was not why they came, I became more curious to know why.
“Enh Peter, meet my Daughter Paulina, and Paulina meet Peter, I already told you about him, Peter we had that you had an accident that is why we came to see how you are doing” she said after introducing us to each other. “Ah thank you very much ma, am really grateful ma, I never believe you will care this much, and Sis Paulina, thanks very much for coming to see me am actually fine now by God’s grace ma. She asked how I have been coping I told am managing, they stayed more minutes and they were about leaving she ask for my number, as she brought out her phone, she forget that it was off, she requested the daughter to collect that she will collect it from her when she charge her phone.
They stood up and went to their car entered and zoom off. I began to think about my life, why everything i do is all about women, I was happy because she has my number I could get to call her easily but is that a good idea? Immediately they left I saw Peace from Window looking at me, this girl must be mad, she smiled came outside and sat down with me till around 10pm, we decided that we should go and sleep and as we both stood up she was following me, I asked her where she is following me inside she told me she is not feeling sleepy yet, and she will be with, when sleep comes she will go to her room. See temptation sha, she said if I don’t want her to come she will go back, I felt some how so I told her no problem, she came inside, we were talking and laughing slow and gradually her voice began to fade before I knew it she has slept off already. I tried waking her up but She won’t wake, it was in the process of waking her I discovered that her keys was with, she had plans to sleep there before, I locked my door and went to the bed, covered her with blacked as I slept too.

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Episode Ten
After covering her with the blanket, I slept too, am the type of guy that doesn’t sleep with clothes on, so I removed my clothes, leaving only my boxer on, nothing is as sweet as laying naked on the bed, the breeze will blow you well and you will enjoy your sleep, but if rat cut your shinini you are on your own.
During the night whether I too sleep abi Peace no gree sleep I woke up discovered that Peace’s one leg and one hand was on my chest and leg respectfully, she was breathing hot air on my face because her face was directly towards mine as if she wanted a kiss, you understand that kind sleep na, though fresh but I hate some body breathing to my face, it irritates me seriously, but because of her body on me I couldn’t turn my face but I pretended I didn’t notice upon all the discomfort. My hand began to pained me because I was not balanced, I decided to do it by force, I changed position and she turned her back on me, pushing her bumbum towards my d–k, she just wearing a gown unknown to me that she didn’t wear pant, I turned my back on her too facing outwards while she faced the wall, my body could not move I wonder why with all these signs I still couldn’t erect very nice of me.
I slept again only to wake up around 4am with a shining thing on my face which I later discovered that it was NEPA that brought light, I stood to off the light cuz I can’t sleep if light is on, lo and behold my Johnson has arose and about to tear my boxer off, I wonder why everyday at this particular hour this thing always like to disgrace someone, I wanted to stand up but I had to sleep back find out if Peace was asleep and if she is not I will just wait till my shinini calm down, I looked to her and I couldn’t swallow my saliva, the gown she wore covered only her upper body to her waist side, she was laying flat facing up with her Puna looking succulently at me, it looks so tempting but yet I have vow not to f–k her, I was looking at her and still contemplating on whether she is actually sleeping or not, what ever way this must be a real temptation. I read in the holy book that someone in Egypt over came his oga’s wife temptation to lure him to bed, but I bet if it was this kind of one and with the way my body is hotting me, I wouldn’t mind eating the forbidden fruit.
I did like a gentle man, covered her body again with blanket as I stood up went straight as if I want to ease myself, went outside stay there till my d–k has calm down, I came back inside, off the light and went to bed again, but before I slept i discovered she was no longer asleep, she smiled at me and closed her eyes, till today I didn’t know why she smiled, I didn’t give it a thought because she was always smiling, I lay facing up and so many things started popping in my brain. Soon it will be dawn and she will leave, it’s not about her leaving it’s about what she will be thinking about me if I didn’t f–k her, it happened to me once when a lady visited me because she wanted to do something in my area, she slept in my room I didn’t bother to even think of anything not to talk of doing anything with her but when she left she gave me the biggest embarrassment of my life by asking if my d–k was working as she wonder she wanted to give me free sex but I was forming, I couldn’t cry that day because the babe set die!????????????
I began to imagine removing that gown, going under there giving her head but then she doesn’t look that clean to me to give her head, or I should turn her back down with only her shoulder on the bed and her legs with her waist up as I banged her but then my mind no gree, it was already six o’clock and day has break, she rub my chest and say good morning, I replied her and asked after her night rest which she said was not pleasant, I already knew what will come next or why it was not pleasant so I to keep quiet I only told her sorry. She asked how mine with her cold hand rubbing all over my body, my Mr know no shame has began pushing my boxer and the shameful thing was that it is very visible she is seeing what was happening below, I told her my own night was good as I slept well, see lie, she raised one of her legs placed it on mine as she used it to caress mine from my knee to my d–k, I tried to resist but it seems the devil was more powerful, her hand went down my waist side and poop! to inside my boxer as she caress my d–k, I asked her what she was doing and she told me, she was doing what I couldn’t do! Those words sounds like a blow to me, so she believed I couldn’t do? Immediately i changed my orientation, turned towards her unbuttoned her gown because it has buttons and…….

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Episode Eleven
After I unbuttoned her gown, I removed the bra with one hand within 3 seconds, I can’t imagine how I did it but if was too fast! Peace won’t kill me that is all I know, remember I told you no pant under, by removing those things she is already moaning, I kissed her passionately please pardon me, she is the first girl actually that i am kissing ‘Passionately’ I lay her on the bed facing down ward, raised her bumbum up a bit as I insert my agent of mass destruction, she screamed as it penetrates the VJ, I never knew her p—y is this night!

We were riding in moonlight tales as she moan and shout at same time, I can hear her saying “please kill me, won’t me…..eat me up…..yes!yes!yes oooo!you are there baby!I love you baby, I love you baby”? I was hearing the shout but the sensation was too much to keep her shut and it was already dawn, people must have woken up, thank God for NEPA light that day as neighbors were playing music if not my Asiri for tun (Secret leak in Yoruba), I banged Peace with anger for telling me what I couldn’t do, I wonder why girls tend to look down on good guys, am I even a good guy? Am normal not good actually am in between.
I kept f—–g this girl as if my life depended on it, the moan has turned to cry but I didn’t even understand, I turned her up after close to an hour insert again and started knacking her in missionary position, she begging me now to please stop she is tired, who tired help when I never pout? I kept the banging going on and on, as she kept screaming and begging.
The screaming started to reduce slowly, I noticed but I thought she wasn’t feeling it again so I increase the tempo, she was no more moaning, I looked at her, her eyes were closed, I hope it’s not what am thinking? ???????????, I kept knacking mumu me, but the whole body was shaking, immediately my d–k dried, ah!! Is she dead! Mo gbe ooo???????? I raised her hand up, leave it and it fell to the bed, checked her pulse and I discovered she was still breathing she just fainted, I rushed to my door side brought a bucket full of water as I started pouring it on her, she was not responding at all, I kept pouring, thousands thought going through my mind, I never wanted to f–k ooo, but her mouth won’t keep shut, she even had the audacity to tell me she was doing “what I couldn’t do”!
What if she dies? No she can’t die! What if someone finds out now? Wahala don come, I never even c-m sef my g—n still paining me, I poured more water and piom she sneezed thank God the water entered her nose, she opened her eyes but couldn’t stand up, I held her hand, lay her on the bed, I was still naked and immediately my eyes jam her nipples again Johnson don wake up, my d–k no go put me for wahala abeg! She started smiling, I don’t know what wrong with the witch as she is always smiling, she looks beautiful though, I looked at her and asked how she is feeling, she told me she is fine but she is feeling pains in her lower abdomen, I don shift her womb ooo, I started laughing and the thought of what she said keep ringing in my head “Doing what you couldn’t do” the re-match go soon come.

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Episode Twelve
I sat down laughing to myself sheepishly knowing too well that I have don my best, yes I did really do my best, it’s not easy to satisfy a woman, but if you have done that it’s a well done for you. Peace left my room that morning feeling much better, who won’t feel better after a great n hectic sexual adventure.
Immediately she left I tried to reminisce the previous night, I really thank God because if she had died what would I have done? Go to prison probably or worst still be stone to death or even hanged if they suspected I used her for ritual. I have really got to slow down now or I get into trouble.
I came out brush, took my bath, freshing up and then grab some thing to eat. I wore one of my best Jean trousers, as I dialed useless friend Thomas’s number, he picked and told me he is at home. I dashed out and on my way out I saw Peace and her face was not looking good but who that one help? That’s what I don’t like about home game, they are too much eyes, small straff way we straff now she wants come turn to monitoring spirit? I left anyways not minding her countenance.
I entered a bike going to the junction before Thomas area, the bike man was a young handsome dud, it was my pef he first complimented, I entered the bike which he said it was #100, if he is carry someone with me but if it’s only me that is #200, I oblige that he should find some else because I only have #500, to n from Thomas side will caused me #400, I won’t spoil my plan. 3 minutes into the ride, he saw a lady who waved at him to stopped and he stopped, she was actually going to the same direction, so she came to climb, I came down for her to climb but she refused claiming she won’t sit in the middle, that moment I knew she was a Yoruba lady, they love that kind thing ehn! With my stubborn sef I told the bike man ladies don’t sit in my back, and if she won’t be in the middle either of us should go. I didn’t know what the bike man said or did but I noticed the lady climbed and on seeing her climbing I stood still waiting for another bike but the dud asked me to climb, i then asked the lady if she agrees. .”madam should I sit or not”? I asked, she frown but she still answers…”oga if you want to climb climb abeg”….” See you see shakara what do you even have that I have not seen before that you are forming” “Mr man keep quiet abeg, who is forming for who”? We started quarreling small small while the bike man keeps laughing. We got to our junction and coincidentally she was going to where am going, we paid separately and stand waiting for another bike, I asked of her name, she looked at me with bad eyes yet she told me “Brenda” I compliment her beauty and from there one thing led to another and finally i got her number!
Another bike came, entered and it was the same address I was going that she is also going and lo and behold it was Thomas compound, Jesus works in miraculous ways, we came down both surprised yet we kept quiet, she went to her room and I went to Thomas’s room, I met Thomas absent but I saw a lady, she looks so much like Thomas and am sure she his sister. To kill boredom while waiting for his brother, we started chit chatting, we spoke about many things and she was so lovely and beautiful, something in my mind keep telling me f–k her f–k, another keeps calling me a fool that how can I f–k my friend’s sister? Suddenly we heard a knock and before answering the door has opened already and Thomas entered with a straight face when he saw me and his sister talking and laughing, he asked why I didn’t call him that I have arrived but does that really need? At least I called before coming and he told me that he was home, though I knew I should have called but I didn’t even want him to come back when am still enjoying my time with Ene(that is Thomas’s sister’s name). I knew why he was frowning but the sister was unaware, so I had to divert his attention by asking who Brenda was and he frown even the more……

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Episode Thirteen
I was at Thomas’s place but his character looks unusual, he wasn’t happy seeing me or what I don’t know. He asked me to follow him outside but by then I already collected Ene’s number, we went outside leaving the sister behind as we got outside i asked Thomas what the ‘straight face’ was and why the strange attitude, he asked me to sit down which I did. Hi”Oboi….you know why I called you here”? He started… “Nope I don’t know and why you come carry me commot way and your sister the gist na”? I replied and immediately hearing that part of his sister he flared up. “That gist kee you there! Wetin you and my sister the gist? How you and my sister to know each other, you way I know very well, why you go d gist with my sister? Make e better end that way ooo”…..”Guy wetin happened na, why you d para? Person no fit follow your sister talk again”? “Talk about what guy? What are guys talking about, na so you go do go straff my sister abi? Oboi if I hear am na wahala for you ooo, better no try am cus i no go take am easy”…… Thomas warned me with a stern face. “Thunder fire you there, so na where you been the carry matter go be that? You d fear make I no f–k your sister abi, all the Shima way you d nyash no be person sister, abi you want say your sister no d f–k? Guy no go bring that matter oo, which hand come be that one na? “Oboi I don tell you oo, no try go close ooo or else……” “Shut up jhor, I send you message? Who even tell you say I want straff your sister? Anyways who be that babe na”? I divert his attention to the other lady. He frown again and then asked why I want to know I told him to just tell me, and he told me that she just moved to the neighborhood, he however warned me to stay clear that he is eyeing the girl, I laughed, guys sha.
We went out bought drinks and came back to drink in the house, we stayed outside sipping our drinks when Brenda came out, and she was looking so hot and fabulous, both me and Thomas were staring at the girl, I quickly removed my face, she pretended not to have seen us but we didn’t mind. Thomas sister brought food for us and i asked her to join us and eat Thomas shouted at her to go in side and eat her food, I smiled, I have to then negotiate with Thomas between his sister or Brenda, I told him i would leave Brenda for him if he gives me his sister but he refused either of the options so I kept quiet.
Towards afternoon I received a call from ‘Ngozi that she coming to my place, like ‘The Flash’ I used speed arranged myself enter road before you know it I was already at home, arranged my room spread pef every where and my room was smell nice, got into bathroom take my shower but not before preparing food, it was delicious though. I tried to take a nape but no way because I was already thinking of how sweet ‘Ngozi will be. In my imagination I got alerted by my phone ringtone, I checked the caller and it was Olumide, should I pick or not was the greatest decision I was to take, the call ended and she called back again, this time around I decided to picked and she was like “Hello where did you drop your phone that you didn’t pick the first time? Anyways am in your neighborhood and I will come by when I am done with what am doing”…. Without knowing if am at home or not! What is the meaning of this na, which kind bad market be this? Should I just run from the house or wait for her to come and then discharge her quickly but what of if ‘Ngozi come and meet us there. In few seconds I decided to leave the house but on a second thought what if ‘Ngozi comes in my back. I was about going out when I met Olumide by the door post, she was looking radiant, but that wasn’t my thought that time, I had to look for another lie, I told her am going towards that her side to see one of my mum’s sister’s friend’s daughter who was very sick that we should go together, she didn’t believe me but she didn’t have options, she rushed inside my room to see if any one was inside but she didn’t see anyone then she came out that we are going there together, I was shocked! What more lie will I give? I agreed but I started calculating what to do next, I texted Thomas to call me in the 20 minutes to pretend as if something was wrong and request me to come immediately, him want begin Ask question but I told him to just do as he is told but he refused that until I accept not to date either his sister or Brenda! He is very mad, but the situation I am is even madder, we can always settle this but this one no settlement, I agreed, we keep Trekking and Olumide keep asking me where we are going that is that far, I told her to keep working or go back home. Small time my phone ring,and Olumide was besides me, I checked the caller and behold it was………..

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Episode Fourteen
I checked the caller and it was Thomas!!! Olumide was like, “who is calling you, abi it’s the girl you want to go and see that you are lying abi”? In my mind i was like, “see this mumu” I don’t know what girls think, once you straff them they believed they can control you or they own you but the truth is nobody own anybody and everybody is free to enter or use any hole. I decided to put the phone on speaker for her to hear. “Hello baba where are you abeg the rush come my house it’s very urgent” Thomas said from the other end, “oboi wetin happened na? I d go somewhere na what happened for the urgency”? I replied in pretence. “Guy start coming and stop asking foolish questions abeg, you will go there later just the come now now”, Thomas said by making it look real. It was enough evidence for the witch beside me to believe. I told her to go home as I divert my direction towards Thomas’ house, and she went back home.
As I left Olumide side ‘Ngozi call just entered, thank God, I picked and she told me that is close to my house, I told her that am almost home too.i took a bike to my house and on getting there I met Peace and ‘Ngozi gisting and laughing, what the hell they were saying I don’t understand so I kept mute, greeted them but silently I knew Peace was not at ease with herself as her countenance changes once her eyes jam mine.
Me and ‘Ngozi followed to my room and I can see Peace standing up and going to God where. As we entered I noticed ‘Ngozi looking around my room and smiling, my mind too was smiling, it was telling me ‘you have done well my son’, I asked her to sit as i offered her juice to drink, I brought food for her too and she asked me to join her in eating, though I declined but she insisted that i must else she won’t eat so I joined her. We started eating and talking about life , her work and so many other things, then it got to issue or relationship, she asked if i have a girlfriend I told her No. I know many of you will think I lied, but did I have a girlfriend or girlfriends? Do I even have girlfriends or f–k mate? But it doesn’t mean all join. I asked if she has too, she said No too, I then asked her why she broke up with the her guy, abi she never date before? Or maybe na Virgin, she told me she cheated on her, I asked her how many times, she was surprised why I asked her How many times. Why I no go ask? If she can break up with her guy that cheated what of a whole Cheater like me? She go kill me be that na, she then asked me why I broke up with my own girl, I looked at her with surprised, not because she asked after all I was the first person to asked but because i didn’t know what answer to give her, the answer has to look real and genuine. “Because of Cheating” I said calmly. She frown and so “OMG!! It means we are on the same page, I hate people that cheats like seriously, as guys cheat that is how girls do too” see mumu I didn’t even tell her who the cheat was she has already concluded who it is! She hates people that cheats, what of people that are cheat themselves, me can’t be term someone that cheats again, am the the cheat gan gan. Looking at this girl I know she will put some body in trouble I better don’t start I won’t end because she be doctor she fit give me sniper or rat poison to chop! But her p—y go sweet, imagine how tight the ‘sweet in the middle’ will look like!
She looked at me sternly and asked, “do you have any body in mind you love, or wishes to date”? I said yes and she asked Who? I was shocked again, this question is quantitative reasoning and I have to be careful in answering it. I told her, Tiwa Savage, Omotala jalade, Omowunmi, Yemi Slade, Cha-cha Eke, Mercy Aigbe and so on……. You need to see her face! She said she is serious that I should mention people I have known or been with, so I told her that was why I used “…and so on”. She d fine who to rope, if she wants to toast me it’s better she does so straight without beating around the bush abi na me she the wait make I toast her? Kolework. We were gisting and laughing as the heat began to emanate where I believe the gburugburu want to start one devil just knock my door without waiting for permission and Voom opened the door………

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Episode Fifteen
Voom the door opened without me even saying the usual ‘come in’ or ‘who is there’, I looked towards the direction and saw a furious Peace standing behind the door, she didn’t say anything just went straight to the bed side and pretended to be looking for something, I wanted to keep quiet because I already know what she was doing but what of the clueless ‘Ngozi? I know I have a lot of questions to answer both ladies when Peace leaves and when ‘Ngozi leaves too. I summon courage and asked the witch what she was looking for and she told me that she forget her ‘stuff’ this morning, what the stuff means i don’t know, I just kept quiet, me the doc kept talking, after looking for what she didn’t lost for God knows how long, she started leaving, I asked if she has found it she said know that she will check in her room first if she didn’t see it she will come back. ‘come back where’? Is something wrong with this girl? She just wants to spoil show for someone ooo.
Immediately she left….”are you guys dating”? It was ‘Ngozi asking. “Who and who”? I asked, pretending not to know who she meant. “Stop pretending jhor, you and the lady that just went out now”, “boo, we are not, why do you ask”? “Because of the way she badged in and how was looking when she entered the room, it seems she was jealous or something” “don’t mind the silly girl, we are not dating, she is just my friend and neighbor but it seems she likes me but you know it’s not possible na, we are neighbors”, “why is it possible, what matter most is the love, it seems people plenty that love you oo”. She said, we both laughed, a little time her phone rang, she picked and she was told to hurry back to the hospital as there was an emergency, she quickly rushed and left, I accompanied her a bit, when she board bike I came back.
On getting home I already met Peace sitting in my frontage, I walk pass her without saying a word, immediately i entered she followed me, I didn’t say a word to her even at that, “what happened to you? Why is your face gloomy or did I do anything wrong”? I looked at her with hatred in my heart. “Peace or whatever your name is, what is the meaning of what you did few minutes ago? Why will you badged in when you know that I have a visitor? What is the meaning of that na?, “Is that why you are angry? But I knocked na, since no body answers and the door was not locked and you guys were inside so I decided to enter” “something is wrong with you oo, you knock and there was no response, you should know that the person is busy” “but you were not busy when I entered na, or were you? I thought the lady was just the doctor that treated you but what was she doing for that very long time with you? Na toto go later kill you Mr man” I laughed in my mind when I hear that last statement but I still have to pretend to be angry so that next time she won’t do that again, “madam keep quiet, even if toto kill me, no be your type of toto” she bended her head, immediately her countenance changed, it’s like I have gone over board, I noticed the pain and shame, I asked her what happened, she looked up at me and said, “so my toto different from all the ones you are f—–g abi? So you think say you get power abi? Don’t worry next time you go run, because I was hungry and tired yesterday, you think you are strong right? We shall see” “see what, which next time? Who will f–k you again? So that you will finally die abi? No me go kill you madam, just d your side, you want to put me in trouble” she was seriously ashamed and I noticed her quest for revenge, me too I need re-match because the first one resulted to injury. We were discussing normally now, we decided to go outside and as we got outside behold i got the shock of my life, my past that I thought has passed, came calling, the ladies I thought I would never meet again in my life, I have prayed earnestly never to meet any of them again, yet one of them was standing in front of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes neither could Peace, I cleaned my face to see if it was true lo and behold it was, I saw………..

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Episode Sixteen
Behold Dooshima stood in front of me smiling!! I opened my mouth to talk but no words came out, I tried to shut it back but it refuses to close, I looked at her belly it’s almost going to seven months now, but the belle flat, does it mean she has aborted the pregnancy? I would be glad if she does that because am not ready to be a father, I can’t be a father when am still be fathered! She too was standing there with her eyes wide open not saying anything except exchanging glance between me and Peace, was she wondering what she was doing with me or what I don’t really know but all I am hundred percent sure is that I can sense danger and anger, she stood there for like 3 minutes and then she brought out her phone, mogbe no darun!!!!! Am doomed!!! Was she calling police or her parents? She placed the phone on her ears, I can hear it ring on the other end, I looked to where Peace was, but she has gone, leaving me to face my kama, if I over this period I will never have anything to do with Peace again but what of our re-match? Was I even supposed to be thinking of a re-match that kind time….”YES”, that was the only word I heard from Dooshima when she placed the phone in her ears, just that word that she cut the call, it’s like she, the person she called and maybe some other group of people have planned something against me!!
Seriously guys I think I am foolish, with everything I did, since I came back from hospitals and I didn’t see them again, was I not supposed to relocate to another place or even leave that place entirely? But Pussies won’t let me think straight, I came back and was f—–g up and down!! Dooshima having dropped the call, came to my side without saying a word to me entered my room and sat down, those silence can murder someone quickly, I sat for a while not knowing why I have not gone inside to meet her, maybe waiting for who she called, if it’s something that I will run for my life, but on a second thought why will I run? Shebi na Belle I give person I no kill anybody?
I started having temperature when I couldn’t think straight again, I decided to go inside to meet Dooshima who is already lying down on my bed comfortably pressing her phone, maybe she was texting the other person(s) what they will do, “Dooshima how far” I don’t even know where I got that confidence from that opened my mouth to talk, “I d ok” that was her reply, she didn’t even look at me for a second, she just concentrated on her phone, I need to find another sentence to keep the conversation going, maybe I will get to find her plans for coming there because I sense bad plan. I went close to her and sat down, after all na once man d die, even the holy book talk, man dies once then judgment follows, maybe I have died and today is my judgement. She was still looking beautiful and sexy and for the very first time since she came I felt pity for her, not just her alone but for all of them that I have hurt, my d–k has really been controlling and I need to stop. “Am sorry Dooshima” I found my breath again, “sorry for what”, she asked. Sincerely speaking, if I used my church tell person am sorry and the person ask me ‘sorry for what’ while the person knows why i said sorry e d vex me, she knew why am saying sorry yet she still asked what for?, But am I supposed to be angry? This time I need to take every bull shit. “For everything that happened” she smiled and said that she has heard but she “just wait first before you say sorry”. Those words were like grenades to my heart, why should I wait first before saying sorry to her if something terrible is not about to happen?
Dooshima stood up and said we should go outside and which I agreed even with mixture of fear but do I have any choice? Does the sexual pleasure really worth all these things am passing through? We went out sat down but she wasn’t saying anything, her eyes was fixed on the road like someone expecting somebody, I decided to fix my eyes on the road too, I was already expecting the worst but inwardly was also praying it shouldn’t be worst than i expected, suddenly I saw the worst, 3 ladies coming toward us, 2 known to me and 1 unknown, Dooshima was smiling, while my heart stopped beating for some seconds……..

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Episode Seventeen
The three evil ladies coming towards me(actually us, me n Doo) are actually fearful, I usually heard of kama in the movies, I also knew it’s real but what I don’t know is that I didn’t believe it will come to me this way. I heard a quote that says “what goes around always comes around” but I didn’t know mine was coming around at all, I really regretted it but I wonder why it chose this time to come around.
I sat down looking as they walked passed me without saying a word, they went straight inside, same thing Dooshima did when she first came, it was the stranger among them that greeted me and I answered, her voice was so sweet! Pardon me for saying that, it’s like my village people use women do me, cus how will I be thinking of another babe when I get issues unsolved at hand? As they went in, their chief inspector general, Dooshima followed suit, leaving only me and myself outside, I sat for a while, hoping and praying that it should be a dream, but it’s like I wasn’t ever gonna wake, because whether am sleeping or awake, it’s still the same thing I will face, so the best thing is to face it once or maybe twice and for all.
I went inside without another thought, on getting inside I saw the three of them laying on the bed while leaving the new lady sitting down, “sister how far na? Hope you are doing good, am Peter and what is your own name”? I asked the new girl, the the three other girls who ignored me before were surprised, as the lady was about to answer me I heard, “Taa’aa, don’t even go t, shey e no d tire you ni? Na so our own take start oo, en hen you want do to her wetin you do us abi? You no even asked us why we come, na girl way you see na him come d your eyes abi? No go there else the dead way go soon kill you go come faster than usual” it was Lois ranting, she was the one that came with Jennifer and Dooshima, the other ladies name I could not get because of their anger, though Lois was some how right but I was going to be killed na, although i should have thought of what they are doing here before any other thing. “You guys pretended not to see me na, and more over, it’s not today you guys do come here, I thought you guys just came to check on me na, and please don’t spoil my name in presence of people cus am not as bad as you just portrait me” I some how could still talk though I don’t know how comes but I know one thing before whatever they will do to me, I need to say my mind.
“Peter God go punish you oo, what do you take us for, you have us pregnant and you ran away to only God knows where, you didn’t bother to know what next we should do, you think we are fools abi, you know I once came here, I met one lady who told me that you were not around, I don’t know if she tells you”! It was Jenny this time around, remember I told you guys about a lady Peace told me came to look for me? It was Jennifer. I calm down, that kind matter you don’t need to rush or else you go just injure yourself, you just need to go slowly because in anger you can say the wrong thing and scatter every thing, I was just looking at them and smiling. I look at Jennifer for some seconds then I found my voice again, “See baby, you should have asked me where I have been, check my body (I removed my shirt, I forget an unknown girl was among us), it is all bruises and scars, from the accident I heard while coming from the hospital that day, am very sorry for everything I put you guys through, look at me as a monster or what ever name, you are right but just know that it was not my fault, I was in coma for days before I woke, it was days later someone gave me a new phone and SIM since I lost that one that day, I know I hurt you guys so much but you should forgive me” I really did well in the Speech and it worked magic as their rage became calm and they spoke calmly, telling me they were not aware I had an accident.
After the story we settled, it was then I was told the new lady’s name to be Ukot, an akwaibom girl, she is beautiful, very chubby but not fat with nice nose and a sweet voice too. “But babes, what about the pregnancies”? That question I asked, was maybe very wrong or something because it turned the room to be as silent as a cemetery, it was like no one was inside, why did I even ask? But why wouldn’t i ask? Why are they reluctant to answer or looking at me with surprised faces, I hope this question do not turn their anger on again???

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Episode Eighteen
I asked a question that I shouldn’t have maybe ask but it has been asked already and I can’t take it back. After a few minutes stare, one of them cleared her throat, Dooshima their leader and asked…”Peter, as you are now, will you be able to cater for six pregnant ladies at the same time? You don’t work you don’t do anything for a living”, “I know I can’t but it doesn’t mean I should not ask na? At least it’s my tight to ask if am responsible” I tried to vindicate myself but furious Jenny won’t have any of that, I wonder why she is even more particularly furious at me, I know hurt her but it wasn’t just her, they are many, why is her own paining her that much? “Will you keep quiet lemme hear words? Which your right? How on earth did you even do it? Sleeping with all of us at the same time and we foolishly did not know, till we all get pregnant for you! If you must know we all agreed to have abortion after we left the Hospital, one person refused to do it, you can find that out yourself, one person had complications and almost died, find that out yourself, is it a crime checking up on us? You were still here all these while yet you couldn’t check on us or even look for us, what type of a human being are you? We are the one looking for you instead of the other way round”? As Jenny fumed I knew she was right, I knew they can’t all keep the babies but who is the person that refused doing the abortion? I can’t figure that out just yet, I really do abandoned them, I was too scared of responsibility, thank God they opted for abortion at least am free now.
The interesting part is that as we were talking, Ukot didn’t say a word she was just looking at me and from time time we do make eye contact but am I mad to decide what she was thinking when I am being spoiled in her presence, she might be looking at me with hatred or maybe with surprised as to how I successfully carried out my mission, I believe so well the later option because the look I saw was that of desire not hatred, she is beautiful when she looks at me innocently like that, little did I know that Jennifer has been observing my stare at her. I heard taawaard on my back, it was Jenny “better remove your eyes there, you know say you get sweet mouth, but if you try it with her, if I see you close to her I swear I will kill you and I mean that”, this girl really mean me sha, “but babe I didn’t do anything na, ask her did I do anything, I don’t even understand what you mean” I tried to defend, “d there the deceive yourself, I know you very well and I know what you are capable of doing but just try it and see, you will know what am made of”. It dawn on me that I should be careful because the Jennifer I know doesn’t threaten in vain.
After we apologize, I actually did the apology first before they did too, they cooked food we ate together, we said we should play Ludo, since the heat was too much we all came out to play it outside, as we were playing it and laughing with different jokes, I saw some one walking up and down with straight face, i knew it was Peace, she was expecting to hear argument or fight but she was put to shame, she couldn’t take it anymore and she came to our side and decided to join us but she was not concentrating, I only understand but the girls didn’t, I was laughing unusual laugh and she knew I was laughing at her, she could not bear it she left, we play till evening time when it was getting dark and they decided to leave, on our way going cus I was accompanying them, a call came in, immediately i saw it I silent it and put it my pocket, the devil want to spoil my beautiful moment, as we were going I noticed a familiar face in our front coming, though it was a bit dark, the face look like someone that is calling me…..that was when I knew that my village people has finally arrived, because Jennifer that I know will want to know any kurukere……

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Episode Nineteen
When I saw the person coming in front to be the same person calling me, I put myself in their middle as she walk pass us, she was heading towards my house definitely going there, as we were going when she passed us, she slow her steps, I tried to look back but it seems Jennifer is trying to get the vibe so I need to be careful, I let out a big sigh but not without a question from Jennifer, she was asking me if there is anything I was hiding I asked her why she said so but she won’t answer, that she noticed my behavior when the lady pass our side, I tried to stop her from talking rubbish but she no want hear ooo. I told them am going back home since Jennifer want to cause problems, she just laughed and told me that she understood my antics, sincerely speaking the lady really knows me, she knows when am lying or telling the truth, she sometimes get all my moves but she never get my Casanova life styles. Though they didn’t want to let me go but I had to, I left them in the name of being angry, meanwhile it was the visitor I want to go and see, I left them and went back home.
On getting home as expected, she was there waiting for me. The caller and waiter is no other person than the doctor, ‘Ngozi, she doesn’t look Happy at all looking at her facial expressions, it’s like something is wrong more over she didn’t come with her car it’s unusual of her, I looked towards the monitoring spirit in my house, Peace, as I thought, she was there staring at me, I just hope she hasn’t told ‘Ngozi anything because she can be wild sometimes, I ignored her went to ‘Ngozi greeted her but no reply, the reply I got was “where are you coming from and why didn’t you pick my calls or return the calls”? Guys two technical questions in my front that needs technical answers or else I will be caught, many answers pop up my brain but I first began to imagine what to tell her, I didn’t pick her call truly neither did I returned he calls, funny enough the phone is still in my pocket, the good news is that it’s still on silent mode, first answer is already coming, where am I coming from, from what I said earlier, her steps reduced when she passed our side on the road, what if she has seen me and she is just pretending? If I lie now she will catch me but then will I tell her the truth? I can tell her the truth but in another form, after all, truth na truth. All these thoughts happened within seconds, but during those seconds I didn’t keep mute else she will know I want to lie or thinking of what lie to tell, so I kept conversation going while thinking of what to say, seriously guys to be a player is not easy, u have to be very smart and sharp and very fast too. “What happened na, why is your face like this? Is it because you didn’t see me at home”? I asked all in a way to divert her attentions, “answer my questions and stop saying another thing”, she seems not in the mood. Thank God I already know what to say, “actually some of my classmates came here and I accompanied them to the junction and as for the phone I silent it when I was sleeping and I am sure i have not removed it” I didn’t actually lie sha but it’s like the truth I told her worked, I brought out my phone and her missed calls were still there and my phone still on silent mode. She stared at me with both anger, jealousy and desire, if you are a player then you should observe ladies’ look or facial expressions in other to know your moves, “do you know that I saw you people? You were in the middle of 3 girls, I passed and you pretend as if you didn’t see me” na true she talk I did as if I didn’t see her but she saw me but why didn’t she stop me, I asked her where she saw us all in pretence she mentioned the place, but then should I said yes just like that? “I actually saw a lady walk pass us but I never knew you are the one, I have never seen you walk long distance on foot, had it been it’s car I would have understand, but am sorry sha” that is how my apologies were accepted, I know this lady has a plan, I equally have too and to be honest, I will ravage her body to, I brought out my keys, opened my door and looked back to see if aunty Peace was still there looking, and lo she was, looking with hatred and anger in her faces, I smiled at her and me and ‘Ngozi entered……

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Episode Twenty
Me and ‘Ngozi entered the room and I removed my clothes leaving only boxers, before the ladies left they scattered the room but I wasn’t aware so I had to rearrange them, as I was doing it, she came to me and requested that she cooked, I told her I don’t have much food stuff at home she said we should go and buy if provisions store is closed by, we went to one of my customers in a neighborhood and on getting there she was no longer there I heard she has relocated, so they directed us to another store, though the person that gave us the direction didn’t say it well but the place he was directing us to sound familiar, I sha didn’t give it a serious thought we just left since it’s about 7pm.
Guys you won’t believe it, I was wearing one of my favorite hoodie, a black one, I usually wear it to avoid being recognized by unwanted people. We got to the said shop, a lady came out and greeted us, I almost removed the head cover of my shirt, but then I looked at the floor it was tiled and seems I have been to shop before, I covered my head back, the lady was busy pricing market with ‘Ngozi, I looked at her with styles, I noticed she was pregnant, so I removed my face, since I don’t know any pregnant woman, I was about going there to ask her a question when I remembered what Jennifer said, “we all did abortion except one who refused to abort her baby you can find her yourself” I stepped back immediately as if I was looking for something, when she faced where light was reflected i realized she was my girlfriend!! Guys I found Bola, I knew she do sell provisions but I didn’t know she was also pregnant or she left it, I knew she was decent and even chaste but it never occurred to me that she was pregnant, I did use condom but I can’t remember whether it was all the time or it busted, the pregnancy should be close to delivery now, I couldn’t help but pitied her, I put her in that condition, for the second time I was feeling remorseful for my actions but why didn’t she remove it like others, even though I knew she was seriously searching for a husband but she wasn’t looking for a child?
Ngozi bought what ever she wants to buy and we head home, I looked back and saw Bola countenance, I could imagine what pains she must have been passing through, I could imagine the psychological effect on her, I could imagine how she has been fairing knowing that i might never gonna come back, I could imagine how she would be crying day and night knowing that the baby in her womb might never know the father, nothing is more painful than being called a BASTARD! The baby will called a BASTARD, my baby a bastard when am alive and knew that she was mine? But then I was only imagining, I wasn’t feeling it, imagine just imagining and am feeling this way, what if am the one passing through that, I almost wept for her, all this while Ngozi was even talking to me but I didn’t hear her, so she held my hand and then asked me what happened, I told her I was just wondering how the lady she bought things from will be coping with her pregnancy, she said as if I knew what she was thinking, she told me that she even asked her why her husband didn’t come and help her out when she is this heavy, that Bola said she doesn’t have a husband and that instance that she knew she got pregnant by chance not her choice and maybe the ‘Bastard’ that put her in that condition ran away, I was shocked how ‘Ngozi emphasize on the word bastard, she didn’t even have any idea of who she was referring to as a bastard, I began to imagine again, I have both parents, she not knowing mentioned bastard and am this upset already, what of my baby that will be referred to a BASTARD for the rest of his or her life? Through out our walking home I could not talk much I was just wondering what step to take, even if i can’t make things right but I can’t allow my child to be called a BASTARD, that name is too awful, guys like me have made many girls single mum and many children BASTARD, I can’t let my child pass through that.
Ngozi and I cooked finished, she served and we ate together, though it wasn’t the first time, we took turn to take our bath, I did first then she later followed, she removed her clothes standing unclad she has a very sexy body, I couldn’t fantasize much due to what was going on in my mind, she bath finished, came to bed and she said to me, “Peter you know am a doctor, I didn’t study psychology but I study people’s mood, something is bothering you or it is maybe you are scared of me but don’t be, you are free to eat me up, am all yours tonight, all is there something you are not telling me”? All what she said was not funny but that part she said or am scared of her git me laughing, I didn’t said a word to her, I just turned her back, raise her butts up with her knees and chest on the bed, I didn’t open her legs much, I put one of my Knees on the bed and my one of my legs up straight as I showed her what am made of, sincerely speaking her p—y was very tight but this days not all tight Pussies shows that it has been less busy, some na chemical, in all our f—–g, though we had great sex like four times before dawn, my mind never rest because of Bola.
Very early in the morning ‘Ngozi got ready to leave she dropped an envelope on bed for me, she kissed me passionately and told me that I was the first person to make her happy after sex, that if not for her work she will stay for one week but I should not worry she will arrange for that, I was just looking at her, one week ko, one year ni, for whose’ house? I didn’t even reply her. She left and I counted the money, to my surprise it was a huge 60K I was so happy, immediately a thought came to my mind on what to do with the money…..

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Episode Twenty One
After ‘Ngozi left and I began to imagine what she meant by giving me 60K, is she taken me as a sugar boy or boyfriend, if am her boyfriend she won’t gimme such amount of money after sex na? Whether sugar boy or a boyfriend there is no problem am ok with it, at least the money will keep coming. I held the money in my hands and so many thought kept pumping in my mind, I had so many things to do with the little amount, I do wonder sometimes, there are somethings or problems you don’t know you need or have until when you have money, once the money comes So many things will follow suit. immediately i remembered Bola, I thought the right thing to do is to identify with her, she might be going for ante-natal and all that, feeding money, baby’s stuff and so on, I think I will have to go and apologies to her. After giving it a thorough thought I decided it’s the best to do.
That money I took my bath as usual, having brush my teeth and a little exercise, I wore one of my finest clothes with a spray of perfume, I was smelling nice, I picked my face cap, and I dashed out, two things on my mind either she accepts me as the father or she rejects which I believe the former, immediately i closed my door and turned back, I saw Peace staring at me, I didn’t even say a word to her, as I was about leaving she called me I didn’t answer but I stood waiting to hear what she has to say, the idiot was asking me where I was going to and why I was avoiding her, I looked at her again, shake my head, without a word and left.
On getting to Bola’s shop, I met her sweeping the shop, I went straight there, without her to see my face because I wore a cap, collected the broom from her hand, though she resisted initially but I insisted and she gave me, she then asked who I was and why I was hiding my face, after sweeping, I removed the cap. When she saw me, her face showed it all, anger, surprises happiness, fear and so on, she couldn’t say a word, she just went and sat down looking at me, I myself couldn’t say a word, I was looking like a mumu, I went to her side, kneeled down and apologize, I didn’t even know where that my gentleman character emanate from, but it’s works, she started crying, I begged her not to, she cried that I left her in that condition, that I deceived her that I love her but I was actually flirting with her and so many other girls, impregnating almost all of them, how she refused to kill her baby even when others did, how she looked all over for me but couldn’t find me, all she said was true and i apologize again. After she has calm down a bit I explained to her what I was also passing through though some were lies, how I never knew she was also pregnant and how I discovered her shop the previous night, she surprised because she said, she knew something wasn’t right the way I was behaving that night but she can’t ask, she asked about the lady I came with(‘Ngozi) I explained to her what we have, I told her it wasn’t something serious, she frown initially but she just had to accept.
I asked her why she didn’t opt for abortion knowing how hard it is to be a single mother, she said she can’t abort her baby no matter what she will pass through, I asked if she is dating someone now, and she asked if someone can date her with pregnancy, we both laughed then I gave her 40K out of the 60K, I supported her in shedding her wares, she went inside and bath, brought food and we ate together, we talk so much about so many things, I truly realized i have missed her, I noticed Bola’s countenance changed, she was lively and joyful, I knew that moment she was happy again, the heavy load of giving birth to a BASTARD has been removed and me too was very happy for the decision I made, my child won’t be tag a BASTARD, we were both happy, I was with her till evening helping her in selling her markets as we gist and laugh……..