[STORY] My Adventure with Kwine (+18) (episode 1-13)

Episode 1

Just on a blissful and normal Sunday i decided to run a check on my eskimi account so on of my crush or lemme say internet crush just emailed me her line
which i ask for some weeks back,
i was so happy then i copied the number down but waited till after church before trying her number out i tried it at first it wasnt going i was like “mogbe
this girl don see mugu” then i latter tried it in the evening then it went but she never picked up, i just zero am ni forget the girl because girls dey very
well sorry for not introducing my self at the begining of the story just wanna give you guys some suspense. am Zeus as per normal i be naija boy lag bred sha
, i dey stay alone because i be fredral government worker i am in my 20 the story i am about to say is about my meeting with an internet friend which lives
back door but i never knew until we met, now here was how it all began.
i usually browse on different website cus i social network a lot i be boring type and also a flirtzo, i do my things my way if you dey doubt me go ask your
sister eh! permit me i no dey sing o just trying to expres my self. i have spoken to many chicks online so ijust saw this girl for the first time on eskimi

na so i message am not up to 10 min she replied then we just chatted for a few minuites then i asked of her digits then she no gree. see shakara o she want
make i dey beg her ni na so i just snub her go check other girls wey i don message down before i knew it she went offline me sef comot but because of work i
no too dey frequent online.*****back to where i stopped*****
one nice sunday i just close duty cus na military guy i be i just dey rest i carry my ipad dey browse i first go place bet for 9ja bet for that day matches i
just say make i check my stuff for eskimi na so i see the number i come call am e no go na latter for evening e come go she no pick after like 30min she come

call me…..
me:hello good evening
she: sorry who am i speaking with???
me: this is zeus your friend on eskmi
she:oh! whats up
me; am fine
she: sorry for not picking up i was on a bike on my way home from a friend place
me: no wahala
na so we just dey talk unnecessary talks sha till we arrived at when we gonna see but she is always busy except sundays then we picked sundays and during our
coversation she did mentioned she was staying in my area less did i know she was staying in a estate at the back of my base until a day before……….

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Episode 2

now Sunday was here and the funniest thing was i was also expecting one of my side chick that schools in a university close to my place, her name is shade
she just called and promise to come on Sunday how i won do am but as a sharpy boy i just called my guy on phone who wasn’t around explained everything to
him this one na badoo he bad pass me he just said i shouldn’t worry that i should check for his key inside the flower vase in from of his apartment as i
dropped the call kwins call just entered and said she is almost my gate that i should come out and pick her up i had to rush and quickly arrange the house
because it was around 9 in the morning as i arranged everything bought malt and shortbread from the store beside my block put inside my guys fridge, put
air freshner on the guys air conditioner make the room dey cool na im call come enter o say i get visitor for gate i just ran to the gate as i got to gate my
guys just dey eye me say omo you don start chick wey just return from church wey never enter her house you don carry am come sey dem no even sure if she even
go the church sef as i reach where she dey then i saw whom i have been chatting with all these while dark in complesion a bit tall her front was not too big
but moderate the same as the back and she was wearing their choir attire one white top and red skirt for my mind i was like can something happen today omo

this one na s.u ooooooooo, i just lock up dey do think of how to runs my thing my guys just dey hala me for road i just smile dey go my own, finally we got
home chit chatted a bit i offered her what i bought then she said she wanted watching movie then we searched the shelf for film i never knew my guy had
prono in his house this girl see am come dey ask me jamb question sey how i take get am but i just bone she come dey claim holy, finally she laid on the bed
wey were just checking m,y pix on my ipad the girl still dey form and me still dey ponder i just dey think how i go take runs the girl package i finally
succeded in romacing her but she just dey form for me i sha do before i knew it her head don dey my chest i still dey romance her after a while she just lay
on the bed come dey say she go soon leave o instantly i remember orientation wey my guys dey gimme say if babe say she go soon leave she mean sey ogbeni do
fast ooo, i just soji my self still romacing her now in aflirty way i started kissing her neck she made a little moan and said pls stop it

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Episode 3

As i dey kiss her neck she was just saying stop it omo see i no gree oo na him i start to dey play with her titty Bosom she come dey moan loudly a bit before
i know she don grab my head miracoulously her top were off i no even know come i take comot the bra wey she nono, for my mind i say work don set we just do
dey smootch oo na im i say make i try my luck as i unbutton her skirt she just say make i stop am then she sat upright omo come see preaching sey i nono
say na first time meeting sey make we stop as she won wear her shirt back i just planted a deep kiss in her mouth she was now like carried away na so we do
again o but this time i got the chance off her skirt it remain her tight and pants cus she dey wear one black tight as i was squeezing her Bosom i dey kiss
her i come leave her Bosom i try to remove the thight omo the thing gimme little problem still i no accept defeat i do soteh i come comot am i come see her
red half netted panties don wet i was like na so work don set she come dey do small gra gra sey i no go fit comt the pant as per sharp boy i no argue i just
dey use my hand s dey rub the pants like that till my hands had access to inside the panties before we knew it was playing with the clitz o na him girl just

enter cloud 9 me i comot am all i just dey play with the clitxx and dey finger Fork her as i see sey ogbeni she won Pour just comot my joy stick find condom
for my guy house the bastard don carry am comot omo see wahala i come dey think of wetin to do i just zero am insert am like that come dey bleep her
missionary style she just dey moan omo abeg this girl is well endowed with ringing tone only the ringing tone fit make you Pour sharp sharp i just try i bleeped her for 5 min dey i finally Pour as i cummed on d tiles floor i cleaned it up with rag the cleaned her with tissue we layed unclad on the bed i nono
sey this girl dey wait for round 2 for her ,mind she just dey look me maybe for her mind she would be like omo this guy na wa o me i bone sey today na today
befor e we know it i became hard again we started another adventure from missionary style we switched to girl on top reversed cow girl style omo see how the
babe dey ride me like donkey from there straight to bleeping her from behing i started doing it then i sensed she has cummed and she layed flat on the bed
her Buttocks facing up i just start to dey bleep her for behind i do ooo before we knew it after like 10 min i cummed agained then i fell both of us breathing
heavily then this time we weren’t shy of each other she was now like you won to kill abi i just dey laff she con say why are you laffing i no send i still
dey laff we layed there unclad and slept a few minuite before we finally hit the last round this time was a combination or scissors, girl on top missionary
style then doggy style we had it for 12 to 15 min then we finally stopped mehn it was a wonderful experience i just enter my guy bathroom bath she sef shower
then she dressed up the bed and i clothed up set to go then she left for home around 3 as she just reach gate na him shade showed up as i dey escort her
go…………..omo see GOBE ..

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Episode 4

as she just reach gate na him shade showed up as i dey escort her go…………..omo see GOBE ….
I just greeted shabishly escort quin enter taxi na him quine sef dey ask for hug i sey she nono sey i dey front of gate, na him she say ehn ehn so na because of that tiring gbeku girl(tiny girl,though shade is not tiny any way) i dey form for her bah, i come say no oooo sey she no dey see cctv cameras every where say my boss dey look us from him office ( you go fear lie na) she say ok, as i look back see the look on shade face omo that strong look fit break concrete o omo oba……
******************flash back************
I know you would be wondering who shade is well shade is an 100 lvl student of one university which i could barely remember lately she is a shorty but she get Buttocks, when i meant as if she wears jean e go like say the Buttocks dey won fall, but she is ok.

I met her one day as i returned from work went to use the atm machine in her school, as i comot for the atm enter one super mart na him i meet her with one of her friend mercy dem won board bike dey go their house na so i stop them dey follow them yarn. Na shade i won follow talk na mercy dey answer me omo i bone mercy collect shade number. After like 4 days i call shade telling her i wanna see her na so we comot together enter one ice cream store trust school girls the way she just dey look me cus i never told her my occupation but she know am not a student of their school for sure, until the very first day she came over she come know the work wey i dey i dey do, sey i be fg worker, militarian to be precise, then we talked she took me to one lonely place in her school showed me around and we sat alone just talking about normal thing trust girls the first thing they wanna inquire from a very young handsome looking baby face guy like is my gf but na with
style she was like this one you are with me till 10pm hope she wont come and beat me up, then i was like beat you up bawo, and who is this she oooo, for my mind i knew she was talking about my gf, i just laff i come sey none of that i am stark single me wey i be young badoo, then we just started talking viraly….

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Episode 5

We talked about so many things sha i asked her of her friend mercy she told me little about her then i was like thanks for the company its getting late i had to go home na so i comot go house sha……..
*************back to where we stopped***************
As i see quin off i come follow shade enter my guys dey shake their head dey laff sey omo see zeus baby of the base don bad oooo two air craft( as we normaly call girls that we don’t date but bleep), then she was now like who was that girl i was like na my boss sey make i help am drop am off gate because he doesn’t want anybody to know she came looking for him, girls and jamb questions she still insisted why my guys were laffing i was like na them know next thing was ki lon wa ni le, e bi npa mi meaning what is at home am hungry then i said nothing for now if you get upstairs you will eat, omo see my chick say she is lazy to cook i said then she soak garri abi…..she giggle and said she will make indomie, next thing was hope your laundry guy hasn’t come cus i have little clothe to give to him and i said hope it isn’t pant and bra cus i wont allow him wash it he his my laudry guy not my house boy, ok??? She was like ok, then we waka go house
sha cus my house was far from the gate as we were going my slippers cut on our way then i waited to do it omo na him i see shade back o i say chai this girl carry then i rememberd the first day i bleeped her…….
*******************flash back************

It was just on a normal day when shade came to visit me after her first visit even during her first visit i should have bleeped her but she came along with mercy ever since mercy as stepped her foot in my house and saw the guy i was since then her intentions towards me don rise soteh she dey call at intervals but me no dey too give her green light thinking na plan work any ways am not really into shade na just my air craft but i still gats to be care ful you now nau as e dey go. The second time thats when shade came to my house we were watching gotv together one drama like that on African magic epic my mind no dey the movie though it was night but she wasn’t spending the night with me any ways but atleast you know girls will be girls she wanted it but na shakara first when we got to a scene wher the lover birds in the movie dey show love kissing and what have you trust nolly wood, the she looked me straight in to the eyes cus she was lying flat facing
down and her Buttocks was facing up but the head was on my laps then i sighted the Buttocks omo my Joystick just come to shun as per soldier wey dey parade ground as if she knew what i saw then she asked……..

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Episode 6

Then she asked me if its because of what i saw i was like in the movie then she had an hmmm look on her face i just chuckled and said she is sweet ooo and she is well endowed then she smiled a flirty one and turned over but my standing rod still dey nack her head because i was putting on a playing pant ( that short simple nicker used in playing ball) then she said mine too isn’t bad hmmm we just laffed and before we knew it we are already kissing the first place i went to was her Buttocks then we kissed i was just throbbing her Bosom squezzing it and playing with her Tip while she was deep kissing me and throbbing my Joystick before we knew it her gown was off she off her bra i was even the one helping out with the bra thats how we started the sexcapade………
****************back to where we stopped***********
As i was thinking i never knew my Joystick was standing and she was staring at me she just pated my back and exclaimed “oni ro ku ro oshi, what are you thinking” i just laffed and covered my Joystick then we climed upstairs my house a bit messy because of the laundry guy hasn’t showed up yet she helped me cleaned my room and she kept the dirty cloth int he laundry basket then she set off to the kitchen and made us indomie and egg her favourite and na their food na student, we were just eaten then she asked how far with the money i asked you about tomorrow is Monday o and that lecturer i don’t want his palava o then i said how much is it then she said ah oti ya gbagbe what are you thinking??? Then i was like only your Buttocks can confuse some one then she said 2500 then i said ok i reached out for the drwer and handed her the money she was so excited and happy next thing was am felling somehow i wanna bath she just entered the bath room and had her bath omo
as she pulled of her cloth and tied my white towel the Buttocks come shoot the towel out for my mind i was like jesu Kristi(jesus Christ) omo today na today i went down stairs to get holandia yugort missed with alomo i just drank it dey prepare for what is to come as i lie down for bed i just continue the flash back of our first S£x together cus that day was the bum

*************flash back*********
As i helped her out qith the bra then i started working on her twin born on her chest then she was moaning but in a low tune she still rubbing my Joystick before i knew it my hands were inside her Kittycat i tried draggin her puple plain panties she was entirely wet even the pant was wet after draggin it then she pulled off my playing pant then mr Thomas flew up in aa standing position she was like mo ku oooooo, then i was like in my mind shoro niyen???(a popular slang) then i layed on her then i strated rubbing her clits she was over wet my hands were just drawing like someone eaten okra soup…………

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Episode 7

She was very wet then i used it to moisten my Joystick then placed it at the entrance of her kitty she was just hoping and mouth wetted like some one in a party waiting to eat jollof rice that has been serve to some one beside her but hers isn’t here then she said gently i was like ma worry then i put it in then she exclaimed ye!!!! I was like sorry she said gently i started doing it gently till the whole head was inside……….
******************back to reality*************

As i was remembering this probably to turn me on remember i just had 3 rounds of hot S£x earlier that day with kwine then she stepped out from the bath room with water dripping her body then she sat on the edge of the bed side cus my bed has a bed stick or stand its not on the floor so its higher from the ground, because of the joy of the hand out money i gave her she was like dear todays own will be special i have special surprise for you i was now like what would that be in my mind then she came and gave me a light kiss and immediately i responded with a deep kiss so i quickly pulled off my singlet and my short so i was stark Unclad next thing she laid me on my back and started licking me from my chest then i forgotten that i just finished bleeping some then she said why is your body salty i remembered i haven’t taking my bath i immediately jumped in to the bath room had a quick one but my body don sour i never comot from bath room na him come
attack me from there o she knelt down and started giving me a mouth gig omo my stuff don stand gidi gba she was bit good at it the she s—-d me to the extext my legs were shaken then i lifted her and carried her droped her on the bed then i started to work on her as well continued with her Bosom then down to her abdomen(stomach button) way down her kitty with little hair then s—-d as if i really wont stop even if trumpet blow we did all thses switched to 69 position and had all these for an hour then i was feling she was a bit weak me wey be say her Buttocks don dey my head, i started bleeping her from behind hitting her hard she was moaning loud ly latter i layed her on the edge of the bed and i knelt and continued give her missionary style then we switched to me sitting of the bed then she was on top but in a cross her legs were open wild but she was doing the grinding as we dey do am my mind just flew 30 min i never realeased as we wanted switvhing
to another style i just hear ko ko, i was like “what the hell!!” who is that i shouted angrily then the person sabi oga na me aminu ( my laundry ) then i was now like come back latter have forgotten time is far spent he was like oga na till tomorrow then i was like no wahala then shade sai abi have i forgotten that she has cloth too to wash i was like she should drop them and pick it up tomorrow or next she was like ok then we continued switching from style to style and floor to bed vice versa then she was weak and me i was on the peak of coming she was like its ok stop am tired i no gree o then she forced her way out and was breathing heavily like some playing number 2 position in a football match, then after some time i begged her to let me release she just layed their her Buttocks was facing up is ha continued then after 10 min i too came i was feeling dizy i could not walk she sef could not walk she said her legs were weak we slept off and woke up
around 8:55, then she stood up prepared rice because there was little soup in the fridge and we ate and around 9:30 we stood up and i escorted her gave her #200 for tfare though its just #40 to her place as i entered my house i was too tired i had just squeeze my face iron my uniform ready for work the nex day i switched loud the sound system ready to sleep na so sleep just carry me go as per butter fly…

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Being tired after the previous day sexcapades woke up late i just have to jump up from my bed and rush to take my bath then headed down the stairs everybody just dey run go office me i was half dress i just ran back upstairs and dressed up fully within minutes am fully dressed ran to office for Monday muster parade which took 15min after wards every body headed to his own office i checked my phone and saw 7 missed call 5 messages and 25 whatsapp messages, 3 missed call from kwuin 3 from shade one from an unknown source then the messages are from mtn and the shade thanking me for the money and then kwuin nagging about me not calling her the previous day to confirm if she has gotten home then the whatsapp were from annoying group chats, immediately i just heard my name then i turned back saw my boss i went to him and collected his bag he asked me how my weekend was then i was like its ok then he said i should help him get to the cafeteria and collect
the food which he has ordered and also buy recharge card for him on my way back before i knew it i had a call from shade thne i picked up next things was she was happy about how last night went and about the money i said no problem,

then not to long my laundry guy called to inform me he was around then i told him where the key was explained to him that my gf clothe was among though shade is not my gf but i gatss package he said no pee i ran to the office then i received a message a message from shade that mercy is coming to pick up the cloth the next day i was like ok motigbo. When i got to office my boss told me to help him type some stuff which i did so as i was typing i remembered kwuin then i called and she picked up immediately but she querried why inever called i just lied i was too tired that am sorry and she said how i was felling i was like ok sha and she said ok, then i called the unknown nuber too i was shocked it was mercy how was this
possible how did she got my number omo abeg o i don’t want wahala she only said she would be coming to pick up shade clothes then i was like ok. Then she said she will really be happy cus she was even looking forward to seeing me that this will be an opportunity for her to talk to me then i was like how is this possible , what are this girls up to am scared oooo hmmmm mi o fe wahala fun emi mi, i don’t want trouble for my life, as i was just reasoning that my boss just shouted are you through with my work then i said yes sir then said email it to me now lemme cross check it i was like ok, next thing i took my phone and check my eskimi account saw new replies then started reading them, then i saw another angelic babe but thats story for another day…………

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episode 9

The next day mercy informed me of her coming she came around 5 as if she know sey i for don close then i offered her something to eat then she said she wasn’t hugry next thing was that she was telling me about how shade was talking all about mt and she said next that bros xeus you are really handsome ooo but you look so young very young then i was a bit flattered then she said if she had opportunity of dating me ehn she no mind if i get many gf i was like ehn ehn any way mercy mercy wasn’t bad though she is chocolate skin black beauty girl she had this Bosom that i cant barely hold with my one hand except the second hand follow join am, she is taller than shade but she is ok she didn’t really have that Buttocks of shade but she is alright then i just packaged shade clothe give her as per sharp and gave her 2h as tfare then she was like she would call me once she got home i was like no pee,then she stood up and huged me as her big bosso touch my
chest my head confuse instantly, she went away the jean she wore showed her shape then i was like jesus omo this girls no go kill person.

Then when she got home she gave me a call and told me she hasn’t seen shade but she dropped it in her hostel then she said hope i love what i saw, i knew what she was up to but i pretened as if i knew nothing then i asked what did you show me that i saw then she said oga soldier why you won dey form now, she now said to be frank with me she really likes me starting from day one but since i went for her friend there is nothing she could do but still she does not mind me bleeping her and we can make it secret i nver believe my ears i was like if shade knows nko and she said nothing of such then she said she would call me latter that she don’t have much card, i immediately layed on my bed thinking of what was happening or wwhat was about to happen….. i wasn’t sure if this is a plan work or i was just lucky to
have both friends the thing nwas really pounding my heart then i was like well am a prof in this game i have to take my time so i can play the card well then i took my time to study mercy and shade to know what they were up to i called my guy and explained all that happened then he said omo guy nothing to worry about just continue to dey enjoy your self na you be boss nau abi you go pass one gimme if you dey fear i just said God punish your gentiles………..and na so the thing go oooooo i and mercy were just talking and chating for days same as shade before i knew it mercy and i are close but she never visited me because she don’t want suspicion from her friend shade and shade sef don dey watch us closely cus she knows what her friend can do maybe her friend don tease her about the matter before after a week they started their exam so no too much chances for them but as for me i dey bleep my side babe kwuin on the other hand is not around she has
travelled to her home town for her grand ma burial so i just dey do the way and manner bleeping no time, after a month of exam they finally finish next thing shade called and told me she would be going home for holidays but will be back soon and that she missed me gan me sef miss her though i missed her olumo rock Buttocks but i gats wait then mercy on the other hand didn’t hear from her was curuious then i thought maybe she sef has travelled wanted asking shade but i just bone make she no dey think another thing trust girls now abi wetin you think?????

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Episode 10

After shade left on holidays, kwuin travelled to ondo i just dey ni but i dey bleep sides sha, one day as i dey fire aishat one of my side babe i just a call it was mercy telling me she was coming to see me the following weekend i was like didn’t you go on holidays then she said nope she had to sort out somethings at school which she would finish by Monday i was like wow, but why spending a weekend here then you no fit stay school then she said schoolis boring and she just wanna spend it with me at my side i got the message but i just pretend as if i knew nothing i finally agreed then she said what should i buy for you if you i am coming cus i know shade is not around your fridge would Have been empty i said anything. Friday was here she came latter in the evening i was at home arranging my house so it will look alittle bit tushed her text came in which reads “am at the gate come and pick me up” then i strolled to the gate with mamud a bado lee
friend of mine on seeing her with bag and poly bag i guess the poly bag is filled with soup ingredient i helped her out with it and her other bag mamud then collected her bag as per gentle men then we talked and gisted how school is going then as we got to my block she just entered straight to the kitchens mamud on the order hand left us and said iya we dey come back come chop prepare our own you know how teasing guys can be, then i checked the kitchen saw she was cooking egusi soup i just sat in my room playing video game then she said dear should i put your food now before i go take my bath i was like if you are through we would eat together she said no pee then she dashed into the bath room she is a shy girl so she did the pulling off and everything inside the bathroom but me come dey wonder which time me and this girl start to dey date wey she dey call me dear then i come conclude say make she no allow our chats dey buggle her head oooo, not
sooner mamud came in she over head mamud yelling for his own share then she said mamud own is in the kitchen and instantly he carried and dashed to his own apart ment………within 15 to 20 min she was out wearing a normal singlet which didn’t really covered her bosso cus she has a big t-t,but no bra i just dey imagine how i go take mamsa this t-t that night, then she wore a very short mini which if she bends down you can vividly see her kity kat she sat across open her legs then i sighted her red panties on seeing this my Joystick rise but because of the puffy wey dey my legs e no show we just dey chop no talks but she was just stealing a look at me maybe hoping if i would commend the food or say anything about her wears for that evening, me sef dey admire her but i just pam for where i dey………

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episode 11

After the wonderfull then i said mercy you are a good cook never new you were this talented who thaught you??? Trust girls now she said she had been cook since she was 7 if in hear, then we layed on the bed watching chris rock death at a funeral, we were just laffing nest thing our eyes jam each other there was this momentum silent that the t.v was on but we could nt hear it we were just lost in thought or probably emotional thought then before we knew it we started kissing all of sudden we were so deep and the door was unlock i never knew when mamud enter next thing he just coughed immediately we stopped and wanted pretending as if nothing ever happend but it was late then he just said he wanted returning the plates then he left then he said in our normal slang he said guy no crash o make you fly safe and land safely ooo, then he left as soon as he left like this i just ran to locked the door then i just layed then i was just staring at the roof then
she layed her head on my chest and she said zeus i think am in love with you but am trying hard to get over it but i cant and i don’t wanna betray shade i said hmmm, then i said what should we do she said she don’t know i just sighed immediately i pulled her close and said lets make it secret but with out no trace so she wouldn’t suspect, i kissed her in her fore head and she smiled then we continued from where we stopped we kissed and kissed and i started massaging her Bosom and palying with her nippy she was just moaning then i pulled the singlet off left alone her bare titty with the skirt i perfectly worked on it message it like never before after working on it then i was rubbing her laps not knowing she wasn’t putting on anything omo my mousa just rise sharpaly pulled her skirt up kissed my way to her kitty cat tougue flipped her kitty lips then found her clits she had this big kitty so i licked her and s—-d her and toungued Fork she was
moan so loud to the extent the person in the next apartment could hear but our door na sound proff and my cound system was on and a bit loud then as i saw she was getting weaker i just drew down my boxer short shook hand inside pillow and brought out a condom and wanted wearing it then she said no she wanna revenge then i layed flat she started working on my huge erect masculine rod she s—-d it to the extent i found it hard to breath she was so good in that as i could not take it again i took the condom she collected it from my hand and tore it apart her self and wore it then she climed on top and started riding me in a cowgirl style and after 5 min we switched to reversed cow girl style straight to doggy style then back to reversed cow girl she just wanna be in control of the whole thing then when i saw i wanted to Pour is with straight to missionary i did my own ruling as i did it for just 3 minute then i cummed in jjust layed on her my Joystick still
inside i stood up and headed for the bath room cleaned my self up came back she was still on clad our clothes wear shattered on the bare floor then we slept in a like 69 position her head was at my feet and her feet was at my head then she switched to the normal position and she layed her head non my chest and next thing heard was so this is what shade is enjoying then we chuckled and before nwe knew it we had slept off…….

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Episode 12

When i woke up i couldn’t find her by side i was a bit weak to stand up, but i forcefully did then i went to the kitchen she was washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen then i went and hugged her from behind immediately my guy just called and said “guy you still dey fly we won come play game o” then i said no Shtt before i knew he was like your sama cook next thing i just said she cook your father balls he just laff before i knew it the battalion in my house you know as guys house dey be na especially if na bachelor then mercy made semo and egusi soup come see as my guy rush for m,y mind i dey boil sey how far which kind thing be this bcause me i get mission, after they have devoured the whole plate na so dem just leave i just say God punish them then mercy packed the plate and came and joined me on the bed watching t.v, before know we were about embarking on journey na so we start another one o, we had our selves for 30 mins then she went to bath she was still on her towel when shade called she was in school but she wont be sure if she would come say hi, i said ok then i informed mercy then she just laff and said danix gee, i was like i don’t understand then she said i shouldn’t worry i may not understand and i said she should make me understand she was like when the time comes then we went out on a stroll and came back we ate dinner and we slept off in my mind i was like whats danix gee whats happening i was very confused to the extent that i couldn’t sleep i just dey ponder and wonder wanted waking mercy up to explain the danix g stuff but i don’t wanna disturb her sleep then i layed on the bed till i dozed off, then she just woke me up and said she was about to leave the next morning then i said no wahala now then i escorted her to the gate, then i promised to check on her the following weekend.
I went the following weekend to her rented apartment though na girls full there she had a room mate called aishat, i just sat down looking at the house it was nice though then mercy said she was coming she wanted buying drinke for me then i and aishat were having this talk then she said she would like to have my pin which i gave her then she said we would talk more on bbm, mercy came back we drank ate and as we were leaving i met the shocker of my life …………………….somethi ng shocking

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Episode 13

As we were going i just shade with one guy tall a bit huge but not that huge then mercy said thats danix g, then shade was now shy then she introduced me to the guy and said i am her cousin that she told him about eh see gbege o…cousin bawo, mercy was just dumb the whole TiME, me shap boy i just pretend ni, then i moved on then shade texted me to wait then i waited at the bustop she came and join us much latter then she started apologising that she had to say it so the guy wont tel her parent she has been rolling with boys then i was like ehn! Ehn then she said yes then mercy went back and lef us alone then shade said she wanna come spend the night at my place that she has missed me then i was like are you serious?? She said yes then i said i have heard…….fast forward Later that evening she was in my place we were talking then another thing happened what happend was that mercy left her panties inn the bathroom and her earings in the room and i nevr noticed…..#busted see trouble that night i was just begging and explaining o, she no even here me out see wahala na so she vex comot for my house that night around 11 i was like omo see hef up, went in and started regretting why i allowed shad e slept over , why mercy did what she did by forgetting her stuff manythings were podering my mind, then i slept of after playing boob marc don’t worry be happy track,, then i slept off, the morning i got a tex from shade that i shouldn’t ever call her again or talk to her thats its over then i got the shocker of my life when mercy said they casted a bet she and shade that she will have her way with me and mercy won, i was very confused tried reaching mercy it nwasnt going nthen i was like mogbe, but i was still happy though ntn concern me i don enjoy i don enjoy be that oooooooo……i locked up went to my guys side joind in drinking their mcdowells infact in happiness my chapter with shade is over need to start planning ahead for the big one…..that was when kwuin called and said she missed her period…