[STORY] MR. TEACHER (18+) (episode 1-15)


I was nicknamed Seal-breaker by my friends. Why? Because not only was I an expert in breaking virginity, I had deflowered so many girls. Why do I like virgins, I know not but I know having the knowledge that a girl was a virgin was a serious turn on for me. Although virgins in this generation were scarce, so I decided to aim a little lower and more specifically. My target were teenage girls. They were fresh, beautiful, chaste but gullible, which means that one of their highest weaknesses were words also known as flattery.

I had watched a lot of romantic movies, read a lot of romantic books and listened to a lot of R&Bs all because I wanted to up my game and be good at making girls swoon just at the sound of my voice and the words that escaped my mouth. I had broken so many hymen that it seemed like oxygen to me. Why do I like virgins? It was simply because I had been abused by one when I was a child. I was just sixteen and the first shadow of beard could be seen above my upper lip and back then, I was in SS2. An innocent church boy who loved the piano and minded business.

My abuser had been a member of my church. She was twenty four and was chubby. She was in the choir department and was one of the lead vocalist. Her name was Gloria. Anytime Gloria sang, the holy Spirit seemed to be interested in visiting the church that day for you’ll see other female members of the church going into a trance or simply falling under the amounting. Some would reel back and scatter the chairs, upsetting them and alarming the other members of the congregation standing around them.

If they were not lucky, they would hit the floor and start rolling, squirming or vibrating like a Nokia phone. One of the things which baffled me was how they always remembered to keep their thighs together. Another puzzle that was yet to be solved was why it always had to be the feminine gender. Young girls, ladies, mothers and even grandmothers weren’t an exception. As long as Sister Gloria was ministering with her sonorous voice, a female will surely fall under the anointing.

Everyone admired her and even I myself had a crush on her which only my best friend knew about. I just didn’t know how I was to profess my love to sister Gloria. I mean, she was eight years older than I was and not only did I dread being embarrassed, I also dreaded being rejected, so I decided that it was best if I kept my feelings to myself to avoid stories that touch. However, since I would sometimes go to the church in the evenings after school for personal trainings, I soon discovered that something was going on between sister Gloria and brother Efosa, the choirmaster.

He was thirty-two and had a fiancee whom worshipped in another church. The important factor that gave Brother Efosa a chance to cheat was because of the long distance relationship he had with his girlfriend. She was in the northern part of the country, working in a bank and he was based in Lagos, working as the manager of a company. I had known brother Efosa for a very long time and I didn’t like him. In fact, I hated him the more when I found out that he had finally reached the tentacles towards the very girl I was crushing on and what was more annoying was the fact that she was almost always all over him.

It is a surprising thing that once a guy in the church is good at singing, suddenly, every girl has a crush on him. The guy didn’t have to be handsome or rich, he just had to stand on that alter, sing and plunge everyone down an emotional tunnel and boom, every girl wanted to talk to him. You keep hearing his name popping up everywhere on every girl’s lips till it becomes so annoying you want to choke the next girl who mentions his name to you.

Anyways, back to sister Gloria, I started noticing that something was fishy when I would see brother Efosa and sister Gloria sneak into a dark corner in the church. I didn’t like it one bit and I wondered what was so attractive about brother Efosa. Although, he was sturdy but he was bald and had a bushy beard covering his chin and a moustache forming around his mouth, so why would girls be pulled to him like moths to light?

Each night sister Gloria followed brother Efosa into a corner, she came out looking more distressed. One evening, as I arrived church and decided to eat some superbite sausage and Viju milk, I heard people arguing and then brother Efosa burst out of the corner with sister Gloria following him with tears while she pleaded about something I had no idea of but he was resolute so he brushed her off and walked out of the church, got into his car and sped off while sister Gloria returned inside the church building, sat down at the rear of the church and began to weep with her face buried in her eyes.

Concerned, I tucked away my snack and drink and tentatively approached her. I sat down with her but didn’t know what to say. I naively placed my hand on her back and began to pat her gently. She looked up and I realized that her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were red. She stared at me for a moment as she slowly ceased crying then asked me an unexpected question.

“How old are you, Patrick?” She asked, sniffling.

“Um, sixteen going on seventeen by August.” I replied, slightly puzzled.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked yet again.

I smiled shyly. I wanted to tell her that I would love to date her but nobody else but I said instead, “No.”

“Do you m——–e?”

That question deepened my puzzled frown. I looked around warily due to the fact that we were in a church. “Um, sister Gloria, that question is a little bit too per-” I started to say but she cut me off.

“Just answer!” She stated.

I swallowed hard but simply nodded, too shy and ashamed to verbally affirm it in church. “Good,” she said. “I want you to do me a favour, it’s very important. Can you come to my place after school, in the evening?” She asked.

“But I have practice.” I said.

“Forget about practice. I’ll give you ten thousand naira if you can be there at 5:30 p.m.”

At the mention of such an amount, my eyes widened and I blurted. “I’ll be there.”

“Okay.” She rose, taking her handbag. “Do not tell anyone about it.”hi SÀÑTÜS 08091756761 to be added to his story room to enjoy more from there.

“I won’t.” I meekly answered.

Without a word, she wiped her face with her hands and walked out of the church leaving me dumbfounded, wondering what sort of favour was so important that she was willing to offer ten thousand naira for it. On my way home after practice, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her and I anticipated the next day like I had never done before.
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So I got to sister Gloria’s place nine minutes past 5. I was sweating because I had rushed down to her place after running an errand for my father. When I reached her house which was a self-contain apartment, I knocked on her outta wooden gate and she opened the door almost immediately as if she had been anxiously awaiting my arrival. Immediately, she grabbed my upper arm and pulled me in then glanced down the open hallway to be sure that no one had seen me. Surprised at her rough handling, I waited then she bolted the wooden door, adjusted her curtain and turned to look at me.

“I said 5.” She sounded displeased.

“I’m sorry, I had to run an errand for my father.” I apologized.

She sighed then said, “Come in.” I stepped out of the foyer then entered her bedroom and she bolted the door behind her. I stood there wondering why she was so nervous and also why she seemed skittish. I stood by the wall because I was confused of what to do next. There were two beds adjacent each other with a small aisle housing a reading chair and table in between where several motivational books, bibles, jotters and other materials laid.

The two beds were neatly dressed and even though I had no idea which was hers, I was certain that one of it belonged to her roommate, sister Yemisi who was also a chorister. The church had rented this apartment and had paired them up to live together as a form of assistance for their service to the church. There were two wallpapers on the wall. One was about a beautiful and neat kitchen and the other contained several pictures of Don Moen.

There was also a tall shoe rack that contained several footwears which most of it were high heels of different colours, inches and designs. In a corner, there was a wardrobe and a towel was draped over one of the unlocked doors. I noticed other things and I realized that this was actually the first time I had entered a female’s room that wasn’t my sister. I was still sweating despite the fan which was slow and made squeaking sounds. I had worn one of my favorite pairs of clothes and it was all to impress sister Gloria.

“Where’s sister Yemisi?” I finally asked.

“She has gone for Bible study. I told her that I was sick.”

“But you don’t look sick”, I wanted to say but stayed mute instead, waiting for her to tell me what she had invited me over for. In as much as I was excited to be in her room, I was also looking forward to the ten thousand naira. In fact, I had even made a list of what I would spend it on.

“Sit down.” She said, pointing to the bed with a blue bedsheet close to the bathroom and I obeyed. She moved to a chest freezer that I hadn’t noticed and brought out a bottle of chilled fanta and before I could refuse, she uncorked it and handed it to me.

“That will help you cool down for a while.” She said, standing in front of me.

I took the drink and took a sip, enjoying the cold sensation as it travelled down my throat. After a short while of awkward silence, she finally asked, “Patrick, have you ever been alone in a room with the opposite sex before?”

“Yes, my mother and my sister.” I ignorantly answered and she rolled her eyes.

“I mean with a girl who is not related to you.”

“Oh! No, I have not.” I answered.

“Have you ever seen the naked body of a woman before?”

If I was fair, I would have blushed but I was a tall dark almost-lanky boy. “I’ll be honest. I have only see my teacher’s be laps. She doesn’t properly in class.”

She hissed. “I mean a girl in your peer group…”

I hesitated as I tried to remember and when I couldn’t come up with any memory relating to that, I shook my head. She seemed to frown a bit then said, “It means you are a novice then.”

“Novice in what?” I asked, puzzled.

She began to unbutton her shirt and that was when I realized that she was actually tying a towel underneath the shirt. As she shrugged off the shirt, I almost lost the hold on the bottle of my fanta and my jaw literally dropped when she finally untied the towel to reveal her nudity. What caught me more was her pink nipples. Sister Gloria was so fair that her stretch marks were almost red.

With a shivering hand, I slowly lowered the bottle to the floor between my feet without taking my eyes off her chest. I couldn’t believe what was happening that I had to blink several times before I realized that I wasn’t dreaming nor imagining any of this. She seemed to watch my reaction for a moment then as if reading my mind, she said, “You can go ahead and touch it.”

Hesitantly, I lifted my hand and reached for it and I naively tweaked the right n—-e before I boldly spread my fingers and held the breasts. Oh my! It was so warm and soft. I swallowed hard and I could feel that a taut tent had formed in my pants already. This was the first naked body I was seeing and I was totally mesmerized by the sight of it.

“Well, Patrick, to be frank, the reason I called you here is because I want you to break my virginity.” She confessed at last.

I stared at her in disbelief and could only utter one word, “Why?”

She swallowed hard and a sheepish look crossed her face. “I know you have been noticing brother Efosa and I for a while now. Truth is, we are dating and brother Efosa has told me that the only way he can marry me is by getting pregnant for him first. It’s their family tradition.”

“But the church won’t wed you if you are pregnant.” I managed to say, avoiding lowering my gaze to her V-line that was calling to me.

She snorted. “The church doesn’t have to know anything. Even if they later find out, it would have been too late by now.”

“Then why me?” I asked. “I’m just a boy. I have never had sex before.”

“The problem is Efosa and I have been trying for days but he can’t seem to get in and in frustration, he has given up and said that if I can’t go and do something about it, then there’s no us. So, this is where you come in. I have been watching you in church for a while now and I know that you are a good boy who doesn’t have many friends and somehow, I trust that you can keep a secret.”

“But I don’t know anything about sex. I’m sixteen, remember?” I reminded her.

“I believe that you are not totally ignorant, after all, you take biology classes in school. I myself know a few things and I’ll guide you. If you can succeed in doing what I have asked of you today, before sister Yemisi gets back from church, I promise that I’ll give you ten thousand naira.”

I didn’t need to think twice, I agreed. I get to have sex with my crush and also get ten thousand naira, why would I want to pass off an offer? Immediately, she got on her knees in front of me and began to hurriedly unbuckle my trousers while I tried to assist her. When she finally pulled my trousers and boxers down my waist, I sprung free and the head of my erection hit her on the face, leaving a thin trail of pre-c-m.

Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at my erection and then at my face. “I thought you said you are sixteen? How come you are this big?” She asked but I shrugged. I was oozing pre-c-m, anxiously waiting to get laid. Suddenly, she swallowed it inside her mouth and I let out a loud moan as I closed my eyes and began to imagine all the styles my friend and I had discussed we were going to do if ever we get an opportunity to get laid.

Sister Gloria did wonders to me that within two minutes, I blew off in her mouth and she hurried to the bathroom to spit it into the toilet. When she returned, she laid on her stomach on the bed, spread her thighs and asked me to eat her from behind. At first, I made a face of disgust. Why would I want to put my mouth where she peed from. I was more interested in s—–g her pink nipples or sticking myself into her but she told me that the only way to prepare my body was to eat her out and that I should just forget about her boobs for now.

Reluctantly, I got on my knees and hesitantly ate her out like the novice I was but I realized that she didn’t smell that bad down there like I had always imagined of every woman. Within five minutes, she told me that I could enter because she had read that it was easier to deflower a virgin by entering from behind while she she was fully laid on her stomach on the bed.

When I couldn’t find her juicy orifice, she guided me but I could not push in. Frustrated and realizing that time was ticking away, she spread her legs wider, dug her fingers into the sheet, then bit hard into her pillow after instructing me to coat myself with Vaseline and shove myself hard into her and she would muffle her scream with the pillow and I did just that. With all my strength, I plunged in and when I pulled back a bit, I saw blood coating my erection and the rim of her p—y.

I soon began to t—-t in put of her slowly as she hissed and whimpered in pain, I was still enjoying the tightness and warmth when someone knocked on the window, startling us and I quickly pulled out of her and scurried to a corner. She sat up in alarm then waited to see if we had imagined the knock but the knock came again. The curtain was drawn so we couldn’t see who it was.

“Who’s that?” She asked with dread.

“It’s Yemisi.” A female voice grudgingly answered. “I have been knocking on the door for a long time but you didn’t answer it.”

With wide eyes, Sister Gloria turned to look at me in shock and scared to death myself, my erection died instantly!
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We panicked now. I didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that even sister Gloria wasn’t expecting her this soon. She quickly grabbed a gown and slipped into it after she quickly wiped off the blood from her inner thighs and private part with the towel she had initially tied. She quickly yanked off the stained bedsheet and squeezed it into one of her bags then she turned to look at me. She accessed me for a minute then suddenly snatched a wig from the wall where it was hung along with other wigs then she handed it to me. Holding the wig, I was confused as I watched her rush to her bag to look for a long flair gown, a pair of slippers and a scarf. Before I could protest, she made me wear everything and then asked me to cover my head with the scarf and hide my face.

When she was satisfied with the outcome, she tried to compose herself as she finally opened the door, went out into the foyer and also unlocked the wooden net gate. Angry and frustrated, sister Yemisi brushed past her. “What took you so long?!” She demanded.

“I’m sorry…” I heard sister Gloria say. “I told you that I am sick and I didn’t hear you because I was sleeping.”

“Fine.” Sister Yemisi who was still angry walked into the room and I saw her give me a curious look. “Who’s this?” She asked.

“Oh!” Sister Gloria was nervous now. “This is Ugo, a friend of mine. She came to visit.”

“Well, it’s a good thing. It’s just the thing I needed and God has provided it. Good evening sister, Ugo, I’m Yemisi.” She stretched a hand towards me and I only smiled through my veil and shook her hand. I shook her hand so hard that when she gave me a look, I realized my mistake and immediately pulled my hand back. “I was afraid to speak because I suspected that my imitation of a female voice would be so pathetic that it would give me away.”

“You don’t speak?” Sister Yemisi spoke. She was a slim lady in her early twenties but had wider hips and she was dark in complexion. Her hair was kinky because she had refused to relax it and she never wore any earrings but she was beautiful.

“She is a shy person because she stammers, so she doesn’t really speak much.” Sister Gloria quickly said on my behalf.

“Oh! May the good Lord restore you completely.” Sister Yemisi beamed down at me then added, “there’s nothing God cannot do.”

I nodded but lowered my face and that was when sister Gloria asked. “What did you mean earlier when you said it’s just what you need and that God has answered your prayers?”

“I was actually hoping that we should hold a vigil tonight, since it’s Friday. But now that sister Ugo is here, it will be more fun.” She explained.

I grew tensed while sister Gloria quickly countered. “No o, that cannot happen. Sister Ugo is not staying the night. He… I mean she has to leave… In fact, she was just about leaving when you returned.”

Sister Yemisi gave me a skeptical look. “Sister Ugo, I have a strong positive feeling about you staying back. I feel that the Almighty God wants to work wonders in our lives and you never can tell what great wonders can occur tonight if you stay the night, so I insist that you do, I promise you that you won’t regret it.” She tried to convince me but I glance to Gloria for help and she seemed helpless.

“Maybe some other time, Yemisi but Ugo really never planned to spend the night. Her family will be worried about her if she doesn’t return home.” Sister Gloria intervened yet.

“If that’s the problem, you can give your family a call and tell them where you are… Besides… It’s about to rain.”

Gloria gave her a baffled look now. “How come you even returned home earlier than normal?” She inquired.

“The sky was showing signs of an impending rain after the service finished. So instead of trekking as usual, I begged mama Rachel to give me a lift home to avoid being caught in the rain.”

“What rain?” Gloria gave her a skeptical look. “There’s no rain at all.”

“I thought you said you were sick.” Yemisi accused Gloria noticing the way she was agile and defensive.

Gloria immediately pretended to look weak then answered. “Sister Ugo bought me some drugs.”

“And I can see that the drugs are really working. As long as sister Ugo is not complaining about staying the night, I don’t see any reason why you should complain on his behalf.” With that, she picked her slippers and put them on the rack then said, “Is there water in the bathroom, I want to bath.”

My ears twitched at the mention of bath and before I could do anything, Yemisi suddenly pulled her blouse over her head and then pulled off her skirt. Her undies were made of white lace material and in as much as I knew that the right thing for me to do was to close my eyes, I couldn’t. I watched her unhook her bra from behind, pulled it off and tossed it on the bed, revealing her perky breasts which had a wide areola and fat nipples to go with.

I saw Gloria given me a sign, secretly signalling me to look away but I ignored her. Jeez! I get to see the nudity of two women in a day. Sister Yemisi took off her panties and I realized that unlike sister Gloria, she was unshaved but her hips were perfect. Grabbing the towel from the wardrobe door, she wrapped it around her body and soon disappeared into the bathroom. I was as hard as rock between my legs but I didn’t want Gloria to notice so I clamped my thighs together.

Gloria sat next to me and began to whisper what we were going to do while Yemisi had her bath. I whispered back that I didn’t know. She told me that Yemisi could be overbearing some times and if she didn’t get what she wanted, she tend to take offence so she begged me to bear the night and stay the night and said that I could leave very early tomorrow morning before Yemisi woke up since she was a deep sleeper.

I reluctantly agreed because I thought that staying the night would enable me have sex with Gloria once again since Yemisi was a deep sleeper. Minutes later, Yemisi stepped out of the bathroom, wet and clad in her towel again. She greeted me and asked if I had eaten and when I shook my head, she chided and teased Gloria that she had no hospitality. Gloria got up, warmed the beans she had in her pot and soon returned with a stealing plate of beans. She grabbed the slice bread on the fridge and gave it to me.

As I ate, I saw Yemisi take off her towel then began to cream herself. When she was done, she slipped into a flimsy cream nightie then sat down on her bed. She leaned her back against the wall and began to read a motivational book. Then she announced that we would start the vigil at 10p.m. and end it by 2a.m. At exactly that time, we began the vigil and sister Gloria led the praise and worship while sister Yemisi did the preaching. It was stressful. While I listened to her drone on and on about salvation, I would nod off to sleep at intervals but Gloria would nudge me awake.

I hated Yemisi at that moment. Here I was dying to sleep and she just didn’t want to give the sermon up. At 1:30a.m., the clouds released the rain it had been hoarding and the downpour was harsh. Cold wind wafted into the room and caused goose pimples. I saw sister Yemisi’s nipples harden through her night gown and I concentrated on that. When the vigil was finally over and it was time to sleep. Yemisi complained that Gloria’s bed was too small for both of us to comfortably sleep on it so she suggested that we joined the two beds together.

Gloria took away the chair and table and then the two beds were pulled together. I was offered a pillow and I laid down in between the two ladies. Soon, the room grew quiet and the power was taken, leaving us in darkness. I was waiting for Yemisi to sleep deeply before I could turn and start groping Gloria but much to my dismay, I soon realized that she had fallen asleep.

Not pleased that she had bailed out on me, I soon realized that my body was awfully close to Yemisi. She was lying on her side, backing me and the more I shifted away from her, the more I realized that her buttocks had covered the space I had left between us. I would shift and shift but somehow in her sleep, she would cover the space. She did this until there was no more space to shift and I was forced to lie on my side facing her. Lying in between two ladies had made my manhood so hard, especially because I had been looking forward to digging Gloria and the rain also contributed to it.

I laid there and tried to force myself to sleep and that was when Yemisi shifted again and this time, my eyes flew open as her next movement, forced my erection through her ass crack, even though we still have our clothes preventing direct contact. I tried to be still, wondering if I had been caught. I feared that if Yemisi felt my manhood in between her buttocks, then she would definitely know that I was not an Ugo but a guy but she didn’t rouse from her sleep and I felt my manhood twitching in between her buttocks in a mixture of anticipation and dread.
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I remained still for a while, dreading if she would wake up but when her sleep continued on disturbed, I carefully reached out and placed a hand on her buttocks and when she didn’t move, I squeezed it a bit and yet she remained still. I concluded that Gloria was right after all and that Yemisi was indeed a deep sleeper so I decided to make the best out of it. The rain had reduced to a drizzle outside but the room was still cold. I glanced over my shoulder at Gloria and much to my satisfaction, she was still asleep on her belly and was facing the other way.

Swallowing hard, I moved closer to Yemisi and till I could perceive the apple hair cream in her hair. I began to fondle her ass and I grew bolder with the way I groped her as time to ticked by. When I realized that I wasn’t having enough access to her body the way I wanted, I gently and carefully turned her to lie on her back and she made a grunting sound, stirred but didn’t wake. I stared at her body through her night gown and my manhood grew painfully harder.

I was eager to get to her breasts but the neckline was too high that I know I couldn’t bring it out from above and the gown was up to her knees which meant that it would be stressful trying to pull it up the way to her chest, so I decided to just s–k the hard nipples through the thin material of her gown. I s—-d both, leaving wet patches on the surface. As I s—-d her, I rubbed her v—a through her panties but she never woke up, all she did was adjust then settle back into slumber .

Soon, her panties grew wet and I was curious to know how she tasted but when I felt the bush of pubic hair, I changed my mind. The last thing I wanted was a strand getting stuck between my teeth. Unable to hold my urge anymore, I pulled her panties to the side after carefully spreading her legs to accomdating me. Since the room was dim, I groped for her opening with my fingers and when I found it hidden within her bush of pubic hair, I held her open with two fingers, pulled up my gown to my waist and then lowered myself.

As I pushed into her, I felt no barrier, unlike Gloria’s. I slowly slid into her, praying and hoping that she wouldn’t wake up. Surprisingly, I sunk in the full length of my erection and she was so warm, wet and deep. I began to t—-t in and out of her slowly, keeping a wary eye on Gloria and hoping that she didn’t wake up too. As I s—-d Yemisi’s nipples, I continued to drive in and out of her. I was enjoying myself and I felt so fortunate that I had actually agreed to spend the night.

Soon, I pushed Yemisi’s knees up and continued to pound her, making sure that the mattress didn’t shake too much lest I gave myself away. Soon, I felt my balls tighten and I quickly pulled out and spilled some semen close to her anus on the bed. I was quick to get the rest in the palm of my hand. When I was done ejaculating, I let Yemisi’s pant fall back into place then crept into the bathroom to wash off. When I returned, she was still asleep and soon, I joined in and slept off too.

Deep in the middle of the night, I woke up to someone groping me. When I woke up, I found Gloria s—–g me off, with her head bobbing up and down and I realized that I was very hard in her mouth. Soon, she laid beside me, turned her back to me, lifted a leg and guided me inside of her. I took her that way for twenty minutes before I finally cummed. She went to the bathroom to have her bath and when she got back, she gave me the twenty thousand naira and quickly asked me to take off the disguise then I crept out of the room.

That was my first sexual experience and it was memorable. I later discovered that same week that Yemisi had actually been aware all the time that I had had sex with her and she had only pretended to be asleep. She came for more anyway, not minding that she was ten years older.

Whenever Gloria was not home, she would invite me over and we would have sex while she pretended to sleep because she claimed that was the best way she enjoyed it. She spoiled me with gifts and gradually I became a gigolo. To my utter dismay, I realized that most of the sisters ij church weren’t really what they claimed to be. They were all hypocrites who did their various evils behind closed doors but were quick to castigate and judge others.

Anyway, I slept with Gloria five more times but at the end, after ravishing her body countless times, brother Efosa still ended up getting married to his fiancee. He sent an invitation card to Gloria and she was furious. She cried her eyes out and the pastor mandated her to be the vocal leader on the wedding day. It was as if she would die and I noticed the glare she kept sneaking at brother Efosa. A week later, I heard that she had committed suicide and had died from overdose.

The news really shook me and I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t get to see my crush anymore. She was the woman who took my virginity and she was gone just like that all because the goat called Efosa had only used and dumped her. Although, before she died, she had written a letter confessing everything to the church. Brother Efosa was suspended and even though she had also confessed that she had paid a teenage boy to deflower her, I was relieved that she had left my name out and I was thankful to her. Sister Yemisi however got married and soon became a Deaconess.

Years passed and I kept having sex with older ladies. Even in my university, I flirted with and screwed some female lecturers and some non- academic staff who were above thirty and were still spinsters. I slept with so many older women, both married and single that I lost count but I craved that feeling of being the one to deflower a girl again but the problem was none of the older women were virgins. They were professionals and I wasn’t even their third.

When I graduated, I was 25 and served the following year, securing a job became difficult. I trekked the streets of Lagos applying for jobs but either I didn’t meet up to their requirements or I didn’t pass the interview. One way or the other, there was always an excuse and soon, I was plunged into despair. I rented a face-to-face single room and drank garri and groundnut most of the time as i tried to manage the small money my eldest sister had given me to live on until I could secure a job.

I was already 28 and I would sit outside all day, flipping through newspaper pages to find a job vacancy advert but then I realized that my landlord’s daughter Halimat wouldn’t let me be. She was sixteen and attended a government school where she was in SS3. She would ask unnecessary questions like why I was sitting outside without a shirt or why I haven’t shaved my beard and sometimes, she would ask personal questions like why I didn’t have a girlfriend or why does my manhood get so hard in the morning when I go out to pee.

Most times, I would ignore her or scold her but she never gave up. One Friday afternoon, I was having my bath in the public bathroom avd she had returned from school at 1:30 p.m. The bathroom’s door was faulty and was dangling on just a hinge which disabled it from properly closing. I had hung my wrapper to block the doorway and was singing as I bathed when unknown to me, Halimat snuck into the bathroom and I wasn’t aware because I was soaping my face. When I realized that I wasn’t alone was when I felt a hand on my d–k.
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Alarmed, I quickly washed the soap off my face to find little Halimat stroking my d–k and grinning up at me like a wanton child. With a frown on my face, I quickly peeked outside to see if anyone was around or had seen her sneak into the bathroom but when I realized that the coast was clear, I turned angry eyes on her.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered harshly.

Her smile didn’t wane. “I want to bath with you.” She said.

“You must be crazy!” I snapped, realizing that she was still in her uniform which was a striped lemon shirt and a pleated lemon skirt. “Get out of here this minute before someone sees you! Do you want to put me in trouble?!”

“No one will see us. Mami is at the market and the other tenants have gone to work besides Mama Balqis who has gone to the mosque to pray and Baba Jamiu is is confined to a wheel chair and stuck to his room. You know that he can’t push himself when Kofo is not around.”

“And where’s Kofo?” I asked. Kofo was the old man’s grand child and she was twelve.

“Kofo has gone to buy akamu (pap) for baba.” She answered me.

“I don’t care, just get out of-” I paused as my body shuddered. I was stupid. While talking to her, i had forgotten that she was still stroking my d–k and I had gone hard in her hand now and the words caught in my throat and I looked down at the stupid betrayer between my legs, pulsing and responding in her hand. “How many men have you done this to?” I asked now.

“You are the first and that’s because I like you very much.” She said.

“But how come you are this bold? Have you ever been sexually involved with a man before?” I probed.

“Not really but brother Festus used to finger me at the back of the house.” She answered.

“Who is brother Festus?”

“He was a bachelor but he moved out after he got married last year.

“I see…” I said as my d–k got harder because of the soap made her strokes more slippery and enjoyable. “That means that he didn’t penetrate you then.”

“No, he complained that I was too tight.”

I smiled wickedly as I thought of tearing open this little bold s–t in front of me. “But will you want me to enter there?” I tested.

She smiled shyly now and cast her eyes down. “If it’s not going to hurt. My friends and I had a deal that whoever gets to lose her virginity first will be the leader of the clique and will also be deflowered by the man who deflowered the leader.”

My eyes widened. What kind of bet was that? Children of nowadays now so daring to their own detriment, but I didn’t care. She wss not my younger sister, so why should I discourage her from carrying out the bet. I didn’t care as long as it was my own d–k which would make the first drill to open the hole. “How many friends do you have?” I asked with a mischievous glint in my eyes.

“We are seven.”

“Seven?” I whistled in astonishment. Seven holes to drill? Whoa! “That’s wonderful.” I said and suddenly found my hand going to her chest to grope her boobs. I didn’t want to waste any time, so I pulled her closer and kissed her. She was a novice and kept clashing her teeth with mine. The kiss was frustrating and I feared my lip being bitten because Halimat had big upper front teeth that made her look like a cute rabbit.

Soon, I gave up on the kiss and began to unbutton her uniform shirt. She was wearing a white singlet inside but no bra so I quickly bent down and attacked her breasts, s—–g them above the neckline of her singlet while she held my head and moaned softly. I soon lost interest in her breasts because they were small. I found my way under her skirt and noticed that she was wearing a tight. I told her to take it off. Some parts of her uniform were already wet from having contact with my body.

When the tight was out of the way, I told her to get rid of her panties. She took that off too and hung them on a rusting nail on the cemented wall which was partially covered with algae. She was still in her shoes and socks then I felt her v—-a with my hands and realised that she only had sparse pubic hair. She was already wet. In as much as I wanted to give her head, there was no way I was getting on my knees in this bathroom and eating her young Honeypot.

I decided to go straight to the point. After telling her to gather her skirt around her waist, I instructed her to turn around and place her hands on the wall. She eagerly obeyed but I noticed that she was rather nervous.

“It won’t be painful, will it?” She asked me over her shoulder.

“No.” I lied. I didn’t have time trying to be easy on her in a public bathroom where we could be caught. I had not had sex with anyone for a long time, neither did I have a girlfriend, so I was eager to blow my seed. Positioning myself behind her. I guided myself to her entrance, then holding apart her young buttocks, I pressed the cap of my d–k to the entrance of her v—-a and plunged in. She let out a scream of pain, worried that she might give us away, I quickly reached out and clamped a hand over her mouth, muffling her cries of pain.

She tried to pull away from me but I had her trapped between my body and the wall. She attempted to straighten up but the pain made her jolt back to the bending position. She was trembling but I didn’t care. There was no way I was pulling out now, we die here today. I began to t—-t in and out of her and I felt her opening clamp tight around me, as if trying to force me out but I only buried myself deeper and waited till the clamp relaxed. I looked down and saw a long line of blood travelling down her right leg to stain the top of her white sock.

She reached behind her and tried to push me off but I didn’t budge. I soon resumed my t—-t and soon, I increased the tempo as I felt myself at the edge of exploding. She almost bit my finger as her pain intensified but I pinched her cheeks and continued slamming until I yanked myself out and spilled them on the floor.

When I finally let her go as I groaned from the pleasure of my release, her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were red. She could hardly stand up right and she reached for her undies, pulled down her skirt and walked awkwardly out of the bathroom without a word to me. Sexually satisfied, I continued my bath and flushed the drops of blood and semen out the drain. Throughout that day, I neither saw nor heard from Halimat. Later in the evening, I saw her younger brother coming into the house and I stopped him to ask,

“Sadiq, where’s is Halimat?

“She is upstairs. She’s not feeling fine.” The ten year old boy answered.

Noticing something in his hand, I asked, “What’s that?”

He opened his hand to reveal the sachet of drugs. “Mama sent me to buy some drugs for her. She’s complaining of stomach pain and headache.”

Nervously, I probed, “Did she tell Mama anything about me?”

The boy gave a puzzled frown then slowly shook his head. “No.

“Good…” I sighed in relief now. “Tell Halimat that I want to see her when she gets better.” you can hi SÀÑTÜS 08091756761 to be added to his story rooms to enjoy more of such stories…

“Okay uncle Patrick.” Sadiq answered and disappeared into the dark corridor while I sat down and beat my bare back with my t-shirt to ward off the biting mosquitoes as I plotted just how I intended to deflower all of Halimat’s six friends.
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The next day was Saturday and after finishing the environmental by clearing rubbish out of the gutters so the stagnant water breeding mosquitoes can now flow, I walked to the bathroom and washed my arms and feet before returning to my room to make some pap which I ate with some bean cakes which I had bought earlier. I had just finished eating when I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said aloud so that whoever was at the door could hear me and soon, my curtain shifted and Halimat appeared.

“Good morning.” She said. Her demeanor was different from the cheerful one I was used to.

I paused. “How are you?”

“Fine.” She grudgingly answered. “Sadiq told me that you wanted to see me.”

“Yes.” I answered. “How are you feeling now?”


“Alright…” I said as I groped my mind for what to say to ease the tension between us. “Did you tell Mama what happened between us?”

She shook her head.

I nodded in satisfaction then patted my old mattress. “Come and sit down na.”

She shook her head.

“What? Are you now scared of me?” I asked but she didn’t respond so I sighed in resignation, rose to my feet and went to meet her at the door. “Please Halimat, do not let what happened yesterday ruin our good relationship. Why are you now cold towards me? I thought it was what you wanted.”

She shrugged my hand away when I tried to touch her shoulder but I reached behind her and squeezed her buttocks and she jumped and turned her back completely away from me. Her resistance was beginning to get my d–k hard in my pants again and I decided to try my luck. “Why are you behaving like a child?” I teased her. “Don’t you know that after what happened yesterday, you are now a woman?”

“You promised that it would not be painful but you lied.” She mused.

“I’m sorry…” I tried to tickle her. “See, let me tell you the truth. Your p—y was so sweet and tight that I couldn’t control myself. In fact, I can swear with my mother’s grave that it was the best I have ever had. You will make a good wife to any man with such a juicy honeypot.”

A shy smile formed on her face now as my flattering words got to her. “You are serious?” She asked, her eyes bright now.

“I’ve never been more serious. I have slept with countless girls that i can vouch that yours is the best. Imagine, a whole graduate like me losing control on such a young honeypot as yours.”

“So… Does that mean that you like me?” She asked with hope in her eyes.

“Like is an understatement…” I played along knowing that I could luckily get to screw her again if I continued praising her. “I love you, Halimat. In fact, ever since you served me your Honeypot, I couldn’t get you off my mind. I even dreamt that we got married.” I added more lies.

By now, she was so happy that her eyes shone and her full grin appeared on her face when she heard the married part. “So does that mean that you’ll marry me?”

“Why not?” I knew that she was very gullible and I was using it to my advantage. “I’d rather die than marry any other girl.” At the mention of this, she caught me by surprise by throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me and I recovered from my surprise on time to fondle her buttocks. When she finally pulled away from me, I said, “See, when a man deflowers you, for two of you to bond properly, courtesy demands that you let him sleep with you anytime he wants to or the love will die.”

“Really?” I saw the confusion and worry in her eyes. “But I’m still feeling little pain.”

“That’s is why I’ll only rub the head of my d–k on it, I promise you that I won’t go in at all.”

She gave me a skeptical look. “You promise you won’t enter?”

“Eh!” I placed the tip of my index finger on my tongue and touched the carpeted floor with it. “I promise! Even if I’m going to, it will just be the tip! I’m a man of my word.”

She hesitated for a moment before she reluctantly told me to lock the door. I hurriedly obeyed and by this time, my d–k had created a tent in my boxers. As I returned to her, she carefully lifted her gown to reveal her panties and this time I noticed that she had rows of beads around her waist. I guided her to the mattress and told her to lie down on it. The mattress was high so I told her to shift her buttocks to the edge so that her feet were on the floor then I knelt down between her open legs. I took off her panties while she waited, staring at the ceiling and anxious for me to ease her pain. While I fondled her small boobs under her gown, I pulled out my d–k and began to carefully run the cap around her v—a in order to entice her and I saw her close her eyes and her lips parted to release a moan.

I grabbed my d–k and began to beat her c——s with it and her moans increased while she squirmed on the bed. Soon, I saw her p—y glistening with her secretion and unable to hold it any longer, I positioned the cap of my throbbing d–k at the entrance of her v—-a and then slowly went in an inch. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she sat up but I acted first. I grabbed her in my arms and stood up so her legs were wrapped around my waist. Immediately, I went to the nearest wall I could find with myself buried deep within her and placing her against the wall, I pounded her mercilessly. She tried to scream but I covered her mouth with mine in a forceful kiss and continued to pound her that I felt her bleeding again which made my thrusts more slippery.

I pounded her so hard and deep that when I pulled out with force out of her to c-m on the floor, a spray of liquid shot out of her and splattered on the floor and i knew that she had squirted. By the time I released her, she collapsed to the floor completely weak and began to cry and I squatted beside her and began to beg her that it was the devil this time who made her p—y too hard to resist and my d–k had slipped into her by mistake.

Suddenly, we were both startled when we heard her mother calling out for her. She managed to get up, wore her panties and sneak out of my room to answer her mother. That afternoon, I saw her washing the dishes outside with a sack that had been cut and turned into a makeshift sponge and also a yellow solid soap. I pulled a chair closer and began to pet her with sweet names but when I called her my wife, she practically blushed. Then I asked her if she had told her friends yet about our escapades and she said she had already told one and that she was sure the one she told would tell the others.

Then I asked when would they come and see me, and she replied that one would come tomorrow after school then she made me promise to just sleep with them but not love any of them the way I loved her and I agreed. When her mother came down the stairs in an attempt to enter the lower corridor, she paused and gave us a look and I quickly changed the topic and asked,

“Define biology.”

At first, Halimat gave me a confused look then she understood and quickly defined biology as best as she could.

“What is cell?” I asked again.

She defined it still.

“What about photosynthesis?”

She gave a wonderful explanation and then her mother approached. “Brother Patrick, good afternoon o.” She greeted.

I pretended that I was surprised to see her and that I just noticed her presence too. “Ha! Mama Halimat! So you dey here? Landlady-landlady! Super landlady! In fact, any other landlady is a counterfeit!” I hailed her.

“Oh jare, I don hear…” She dismissively said, not falling for my antics. “So you know biology very well?” She asked.

“Yes, I actually studied micro-biology in school. Second class upper to be precise.” I boasted.

“I was surprised with the way you were asking Halimat questions. Em… I’m a very good friend of Halimat’s secondary school and she told me that their biology teacher had just put to bed and she’s on maternity leave. I can talk to her to employ you in her stead.”

My eyes widened and I slowly rose. “Really?”

“Yes… Since you have been searching for a job to no avail, you can actually go there and teach for the mean time.”

I was so overjoyed that I thanked her profusely. She soon left and without hesitating, in joy, I rushed out to the nearest beer parlour to enjoy myself with a bottle of Star and some fried-peppered meat but I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. I was looking forward to meeting one of Halimat’s friend. Luck was just shining my way from every angle and I was glad.
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The next day when it was around 3 o. Clock when Halimat returned from school, I immediately tidied up my room, borrowed air freshener from a bachelor neighbour who worked in a sachet water factory. He chuckled and asked if I was expecting a woman but I simply ignored him. When I was done, I stood by the door to assess my room, trying to imagine that I was the girl and how I would feel when I walked into the room, and I was pleased with what I saw. I had even changed my bedsheet which I had not changed for two months. I had mopped my carpet and gotten rid of all the cobwebs in the corners of my room and the ceiling and then I quickly rushed to the bathroom to have my bath then donned on a red shirt and pair of jeans trousers that I only wore on special occasions.

When I was done, I took a good look at my room again to be sure that everything was in place before I settled down on my bed to wait. Soon enough, a knock came from the door and I rose to answer it and just like I had expected, Halimat was standing in front of my door with a friend of hers. I ushered them in and as the friend walked past me, I checked her out before I closed the door. I saw her looking around my room with interest and I offered her the only seat in the room which was my mattress.

“Please feel at home.” I said sweetly as I excused myself to buy two cans of Maltina and two Cabin biscuits for both girls. As they ate, I laid down on my side propped up on an elbow, trying to strike a conversation with the girl whom I had found out that her name was Chinelo. Understanding that she was spending too much time after secretly giving her a look, Halimat rose and left the room and I stood up and locked the door after her. When I was finally alone with Chinelo, she seemed a little nervous. “You look very beautiful.” I told her as I returned to the bed.

“Thank you.” She managed to say and slowly began to unbutton her uniform while I watched her. Unlike Halimat, she had bigger boobs and a bloated abdomen. When she was done, I sat down and told her to sit on my laps and she hesitantly complied. I played with her boobs, s—–g each one at a time and also caressing her thigh. When she began to moan, I knew that she was beginning to relax. After s—–g her boobs for like ten minutes and my erection was practically stabbing her ass, I asked her to completely undress.

I slowly took off my clothes too and told her to come down the bed, lie on her chest in a kneeling position with only the upper part of her body on the bed and her buttocks jutted towards me. I took off her panties, grabbed a jar of Vaseline and set it down beside me. Fully naked with her now, I coated myself with enough Vaseline and did the same to her, concentrating on her opening. She would flinch anytime I slowly inserted a finger into her. Holding each buttocks in my hands and pulling them apart, I guided myself to her tiny opening then pushed a bit. She tensed up immediately but I wasn’t ready for her to change her mind so I added more Vaseline to the entire length of my d–k and pushed half of it in. I heard her groan then saw her fingers clamped down on my bedsheet.

I pushed all the way in then waited for her to adjust to the invasion before I started moving. As I had sex with her, I would reach underneath her to stimulate her c–t with my fingers anytime she tensed up and tightened around me. I did this very well till she was soaking wet around my d–k but I couldn’t go in deep like I had done with Halimat. After having her to my satisfaction, I released on the floor, panting and sweating then I gave her my old blue towel to wipe her sweat and also clean herself up. Just in time, Halimat knocked and I opened the door just as her friend was dressing up. As they walked into the corridor, I heard Halimat asking her in hush whispers how it went and if she was in any pain?

Feeling good with myself, I had my bath, soaked my towel in a bucket of water and slept very well. Then I dreamt. I dreamt of a girl I had never seen before. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and she seemed to be around sixteen years of age. She was so beautiful and sexually appealing that I felt my d–k get hard in the dream but before I could touch her, my sleep was rudely interrupted by a loud knock on my door and this, my dream vanished. Angrily, I got up and dragged myself to the door. I yanked it open and saw Mama Moji, the Muslim woman. Her husband was a soldier who was on duty and what I disliked about this woman was the fact that besides her unkempt hair, she was always on wrapper.

“Wetin? (what?)” I angrily asked.

She stretched an open hand towards me and twisted her mouth to one corner in her usual annoying way. “I come collect nepa money. (I came to collect the electricity bill money)”

“Na why you dey knock my door like that? (Is that why you were knocking on my door that way?) I demanded. “You no know say person dey sleep? Na which kind enemy of progress you be sef? (Didn’t you know that I was sleeping? Why are you this troublesome anyway?)”

“Oh, so you dey sleep? Why no go sleep? After you don f–k that small girl finish. Halimat no do you again, na her friend you kon dey f–k too, abi? (Oh, you were sleeping? After you have had sex with that little girl. So Halimat is not enough to satisfy you and now you have included her friend too, right?)

Alarmed, I suddenly grabbed her other upper arm and yanked her inside her room, scared that someone might overhear her. “Na wetin? (What is it?)” She flashed her eyeballs at me and roughly shook me off. “You wan wound me?! (Do you want to injure me?!)”

“Why you dey talk anyhow na? You wan put me for trouble? Why you like to dey gossip like this sef? Dem use am do you? (Why do you talk so carelessly, do you want to put me in trouble? Why do you like gossiping this much? Are you cursed with it?)”

“Abeg, leave me alone. Give me my money make I commot from here! (Please, leave me alone. Give me my money so that I can leave!)” She snapped and turned a cold shoulder to me.

“You see why e no good make woman be housewife? Na to dey put nose for wetin no concern them! Do you see why it’s not a good thing for women to be housewives? All they do is meddle into other people’s business!” I retorted.

“Oh!” She flared, “So you dey use style-style insult me say I dey jobless abi? You nko? At least I sit down for my domot, I no jobless reach you dey carry p—k dey f–k small small girls upandan. She I na because I still dey pity you abi? I go go tell Mama Halimat everything wey you dey do for this compound! (So you are indirectly insulting me that I’m jobless, right? What about you? At least I sit in front of my room and I am not as jobless as you who goes around sleeping with small girls! Is it because I’m still pardoning you, I’ll go reveal every thing you do in this compound to mama Halimat”) She fired back in a loud voice and i quickly covered her mouth with my hand.

And”Abeg na, why you dey do like this sef? (Please, why are you even behaving like this?)” I pleaded then calmed as I thought of a way out of this mess. “Okay, wetin you want make I give you? (What do you want me to give you)”

“First, give me the 250 naira for light.” She stretched a hand towards me with her elbow on her hip and I rushed to my jeans trousers to fish out the amount.

I gave her three hundred naira and said, “You go give me change fifty naira.”

“No be only change.” She hissed and tied the money into an end of her wrapper before folding it up again. “Ehen, second thing na, you know say my husband no dey around. (You know that my husband has been absent from home).”

“Ehn, wetin come happen? (And so?)

“Wetin come happen na say, body no be firewood, so I want make you service my engine!” She simply said.

“What!” I exclaimed in shock and disgust.

“Wetin be what?! That thing wey you dey do for Halimat and her friend, come do am to me to or I go climb upstairs go tell Mama Halimat. (What is what?! That same thing you have been doing to Halimat and her friends, do it to me too or I’ll go upstairs and tell Mama Halimat.” She said.

“What kind of blackmail is this na?” I grumbled. “You no know say you be married woman? You don even born four, mama moji Which kind wahala be this na? (You know that you are a married woman? You have when given birth to four, mama moji! What kind of problem is this?)

“You dey do abi you no do? (Will you do it or not?)” She placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head sideways towards me, waiting for an answer while I mumbled under my breath like an angry child. How can this woman be asking for the impossible? Even the smell of her wrapper could kill a mouse.
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Please note that the translation is for non-nigerians, so bear with us. If you understand pidgin, avoid the bracketed words.

“Ehn, sha lie down for bed. (Just lie down on the bed)” I grudgingly said as I sluggishly moved to the door to lock it then an idea struck me and I turned sharply and said, “Mama moji, no be Ibrahim dey cry so? (Mama moji, is that not your son Ibrahim crying?)”

She gave me a disgruntled look. “You no serious. Moji don back Ibrahim go mama Kafaya house, better no think say I be mumu, just come here kon knack me make I dey go my room. (You are not serious, moji has strapped Ibrahim to her back and gone to Mama Kafaya’s house, you had better don’t think that I’m gullible, just come and have sex with me so that I can go to my room.)”

“So you really prepare come abi? (So you really came prepared right?)” I pointedly accused. “You intentionally send moji and Ibrahim go play for Kafaya house so you go come my room come f–k. E mean say no be nepa money carry you come be that! (You intentionally sent moji and Ibrahim to play in Kafaya’s house so that you can come to my room for sex)”

“And so? Abeg leave mata, if I tell you how this thing don dey hungry me since, you go pity me. Them don deploy baba moji go Maidiguri since and he no go come back until after four months, and me I no fit wait again. (So what? Please leave the matter alone, if I should confess to you on how long I have been craving for sex, you’ll feel sorry for me. Baba Moji has been deployed to Maidiguri since and he won’t be back until after four months, I can’t wait any longer)”

“But na who send you go marry soldier sef when you know say you no go fit hold body? Why you kon dey use your reggae spoil my blues? (But you shouldn’t have married a soldier if you knew that you wouldn’t be able to cope? Why are you trying to ruin my life with your own problems?)”

She frowned now. “E be like say to talk dey hungry you. (It’s like you are really in the mood to talk.)” Then she hissed and took off her wrapper and my eyes widened at the web of stretch marks below her abdomen which indicated child birth and also on her buttocks and thighs.

“Come, you no even wear pant! (Wait a minute! You have no undies on!)” I stated in disgust.

“Igbayen nko? (And so)” She frowned.

“So na so you dey carry yansh dey waka for compound since? (So is this how you have been parading naked around the compound for a long time?)”

“How that one take concern you? (How is that a business of yours?)”

“How e no go concern me? (Why won’t it be my business?!)” I fired. “Wear cloth, you no go wear, na to dey tie wrapper upandan. Even pant sef na wahala for you. Do your hair, even though na kiko or didi, you no go plait, na to dey cover am with your smell smell hairnet. How e go hungry baba moji come house when you dey dress like this?! (Wearing clothes are difficult for you, all you are good at is to be parading yourself clad in a wrapper! Even to wear panties is a bigger problem. To make your hair, even if it’s the traditional thread style or African weaving, what you do instead is cover your unkempt hair with your smelly net. How do you expect baba Moji to be eager to come home to you when you don’t have a proper hygeine?)

“Patrick, no insult me o… (Patrick, do not insult me.)” She pointed a warning finger at me. “No just insult me at all at all. (Just don’t insult me at all)”

Fuming and still trying to get my way out of this mess, I said, “Your breasts sef dey touch your belle. See how dem dey think because you don use your wrapper sag the life out of am.” (Just see the way your breasts are touching your stomach. Just see how terrible they look because you have caused them to say sag much with your wrapper)

“Thank you, baba moji like am like that. (Thank you but baba Moji likes them that way)” She retorted, unfazed by my words.

I hissed and said in frustration. “Sha lie down make we do quick so that you go carry your wahala commot from here. (Just lie down so that we can get this over with so that you can leave with your problems)” As she attempted to sit on my bed with her bare buttocks, I yelled out, “Kai! No put that yansh for the besdsheet wey I just wash o, just spread your wrapper, sit down on top. (Stop! Do not put your buttocks on the bedsheet I have just washed, just spread your wrapper and lie on it.)”

She grudgingly complied then laid on her back as she watched me reluctantly began to take off my boxers. My d–k was limp because the sight of her nudity could barely arouse me. “See how you pack stretch mark for body, you wan sell am? (Just look at how your stretch marks are very many, do you want to sell them?)”

“Patrick, just shut up come enter. (Patrick, just shut up and come penetrate me).” She rasped. “That your p—k better stand o because I no go commot from here until you don f–k me well well.” (That your d–k has better erect properly because I won’t leave this place till you have fully satisfied me.)

“Your mate dey hustle fry fish sell outside, you dey here dey hustle bachelor p—k.” (Wives like you are hustling by frying and selling fish outside and here you are hustling for some d–k.)

“Before you start to dey make mouth, just know say my husband own big pass your own well well. In fact, e dey show vein.” (Before you start gloating, let me remind you that my husband’s d–k is way bigger than yours. It even has a lot of veins)

“Ehn, travel go Maidiguri go meet am na, go! (Really? Then travel to Maidiguri and go and meet him then, go!)” I flung my arm with an angry gesture.

“Just come na, you too dey vex. (Just come over here, you are quick-tempered)” She placated me now then flinched her eyebrows at me as she hailed. “Patrick-patrick! Patrick the f–k-anizer!”

“No call me that kind name. (Don’t call me such names!)” I warned her as I approached her.

Unwillingly, I got into bed with her and she eagerly grabbed my d–k. “This thing never strong well well na.” (Your erection is not hard enough)

I slapped her hand away and roughly pushed her laps open. “You no fit shave sef. (You can’t even shave your pubic hair.)” I grumbled, remembering Yemisi.

As I knelt between her legs, ready to lower myself into her, she stopped me. “Just like that?” She asked in surprise.

“Wetin? (What?)”

“You no go s–k me as dem dey am for blue film wey baba moji dey watch?”

I made a face of disgust. “S–k you ke? You want make I put my mouth for here? (S–k you? You want me to put my mouth on your v—-a?)” I gestured down at her v—-a.

“Ehn na. (Yes of course)”

“Lailai! I still like my life, me no fit bring my mouth anywhere close to your yansh.” (Never! I still like my life, I am not taking my mouth anywhere close to your v—-a!)

“Wetin dey do you sef? But I clean na.” (What’s even wrong with you? But I’m clean.)

“Mama Moji, I say I no do! (Mama Moji, I said I am not doing such!)” I remained adamant

“Why?” She inquired.

“Abeg na.” (Please) She pleaded.

“If you like, beg from now till thy kingdom come, I no go change my mind! Shey baba moji dey put mouth for there?!” ( If you like beg till thy kingdom come, I won’t change my mind! Does Baba Moji give you head?)


“Na im you want make I die before my time! In fact…” I got off the bed now. “I no do again, come dey go.” (Oh! And you want me to risk it and die before my time! In fact, I’m no longer interested, you should leave!)

She sat up. “Why you like to dey form sef? Oya no vex, just come enter like that.” (Why are you so pompous? Alright, don’t be angry, just come and penetrate that way.)

Reluctantly, I got back on the bed again, spread her legs and sunk into her with my half erection. I had to remain buried in her for a few seconds before my d–k hardened and I began to t—-t in and out of her with my gaze averted. She was a loud moaner and soon began to moan and play with her own breasts. Scared that someone might overhear us, I grabbed my pillow and threw it on her face. Her p—y was so wet that it made a wet squishy sound anytime I slammed into her. Somehow, much to my dismay, I discovered that i was actually enjoying it, even though it was not as much as sleeping with Halimat and her friend who were tighter.

I didn’t bother holding any part of her body to aid my t—-t, I just leaned my weight on my hands which were on the bed and repeatedly slammed her till she was panting hard, telling me to go deeper and faster. I slammed her just the way she wanted it and soon she was shuddering underneath me. After a few minutes, I knew that I was at the verge of coming but as I tried to pull out, Mama Moji wrapped her legs around me, refusing to let go.

“Mama Moji, I wan c-m na.” (Mama Moji, I want to ejaculate)” I complained.

“I know, pour am inside!” (I know, ejaculate inside of me.) She said.

“Pour wetin? If you wan carry belle, no be my own you go carry, wait till baba Moji come back.” (Ejaculate what?! If your intention is to get pregnant, I won’t be responsible for that, simply wait till baba moji returns.)

“For our tradition, na abomination to waste sperm, so pour am inside me. (It’s an abomination to waste sperm in my tradition, release inside me)” She insisted.

“No wonder wey you no sabi family planning. No go carry belle for me o cuz I go deny you.” I warned her. (No wonder you are terrible at family planning. Do not get pregnant because I will deny ever having sex with you.)

“No worry, I no go carry belle, I get one agbo inside my room wey go flush am out. (Don’t worry, i won’t get pregnant, I will flush the sperm out with a herbal concoction.)” She assured me. Unable to hold back any longer or release myself from her grip, I felt my d–k spasm and soon I was shooting jet after jet of sperm inside of her. When I was done, I felt weak. This woman had made me f–k her for more than twenty minutes. I collapsed on my bed, while she grabbed her wrapper, tied it above her breasts, thanked me and snuck out of my room.

Immediately, I muttered “P—k kill you dere!” (May penis kill you) then I went to have a bath to wash her smell off me. The next day, I slept with Bidemi, a chubby friend of Halimat and it continued like that throughout the week. The fourth one, Rhonda was on her period but I entered that way. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from such pleasure. In fact, having sex with her while she was on her period gave a new sensation and made her penetration so easy that I didn’t regret it.

The fifth one, Gift was harder to deflower, I had to put in extreme effort to break her hymen and when I finally entered, I didn’t take too long and I ejaculated because I was already stressed but I made sure I locked my door, told that she was not going home until I was done and after taking a short nap to replenish my energy, I gave her the banging that she would never forget in a hurry. The sixth one, Fathia was very jittery. It took a lot of chasing around the room, begging, comforting and assuring her to get her to be still because she was scared that it would be very painful. and when I finally entered her, she urinated on my bed because of the pain but I didn’t mind, I continued nontheless till I was sated.

But on the Friday I had been interviewed in the Upright Girls Government Secondary School and I was asked to resume the following Monday. I bought some cold water starch, starched my shirts and ironed them and my trousers, then I polished my shoes, now very eager to resume work as the new biology teacher.
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When I resumed work as a teacher in the girls school, it was great. I just couldn’t imagine what luck had shone upon me. There were varieties of girls to feast on. There were slim, chubby, fat, fair, dark, tall, short, you name it. It was like inviting a lion into the herd of zebras and I was willing to devour them all. I would go to class and teach and as I taught, I tried to be funny because I know that was one trait girls liked about a guy. Some of them would flirt with me right there in the class by unnecessarily curling the end of their plaited hair around their index fingers, smiling lustfully at me and some bold ones who even went as far as deliberately unbuttoning their first two buttons to give me a free view of their cleavage.

I tried very hard not to get an erection in class and when I was done and about leaving, one of the daring girls would quickly jump up, offering to carry my teaching materials for me to the office. Well, my office was the biology lab. I had moved out of the staff room when I realized that there were a lot of nosy female teachers there and the biology lab gave me enough privacy to carry out my sexual acts. Sometimes, I would invite some of the girls over, one at a time to come s–k me off while some, I would simply have sex with them.

I once even had sex with two friends, although both were not virgins, I had told them to bend over a table and I would move from one v—-a to the other, pounding them till I was sated and had my release. I had spent a month in the school and so far, I had had sex with sixteen girls besides Halimat abd her friends. I didn’t have to flirt with some of the girls to get them to open their legs, some came willingly while some even visited my house to get what they wanted and I never failed in servicing them. It was fun so far and I had my landlady to thank for this wonderful opportunity.

I was drawing and labelling several diagrams on a cardboard one morning when I heard someone come into the lab. Glancing up, I asked in a loud voice, “Who’s there?”

Soon, one or the bold girls in SS3 appeared from the corner and walked up to me holding a textbook, I noticed that she had a finger placed between the pages as if she didn’t want that particular spot to close.

“Good morning Mr. Patrick.” She greeted.

“Oh! Davina!” I beamed. “How are you?”

“I’m fine sir.”

“Is anything the problem? I’m not having your class now, am I?”

“Not at all sir, I just came to ask you if you take extra lessons?”

I set aside my pencil now. “Extra lessons?”

“Yes sir. I discussed with my father that I wanted to improve in biology since I wish to study medicine in the university and when I told him about you, he asked me to ask you how much you charge for lessons?”

“Will it be home lessons or school lessons?” I asked.

“Any one sir.”

I contemplated for a while. “Okay… You know that I have a tight schedule but I’ll get back to you before the end of the week.”

“Alright sir…” She said and I went back to my work. I had hardly labelled two more parts when I looked up and realized that she was still there. “Davina, anything else?” I asked.

“Yes sir.” She placed the book on the large table and opened the page to reveal the reproduction chapter. She pointed at the illustration of a penis and asked, “Sir, is it true that this is really what men use to pleasure women?”

I nodded. “Correct.”

“Does one have to be married to have sex?”


“Is sex enjoyable?”

“It depends on whom you are having it with. Why all these questions?”

“Sir…” She nervously scratched her nape. “It’s my boyfriend, he has been pressuring me for sex.”

I was interested now. “And that boyfriend of yours, how old is he?”

“He’s nineteen sir.”

“Nineteen? And you want to have sex with him, trust me, you won’t enjoy it. What you need is a real man, not a boy.”

“What do you mean sir?” She asked.

“Come.” I beckoned to her she ate approached me. Since I was seated on a stool we were almost eye to eye. “Tell me, as your boyfriend ever touched you before?”

She hesitated. “He has s—-d my boobs and fingered me before but now he says it’s not enough and that men have needs.”

“Yes, men have needs, but your boyfriend is not a man yet, he’s a boy and if you let a boy be the first to sleep with you, you’ll forever regret it because you won’t know how the real pleasure only a man can give feels.”

“So what do I do? I really don’t want to lose him. I know that other girls are after him.”

I pulled back from the table and began to unbuckle my belt as I asked, “Are you ready to be a woman?”

“Yes.” She gave me a curious and puzzled look as I zipped down the fly of my trousers.

“Are you willing to do anything I ask of you and not tell a soul about it?”

She hesitated then swallowed hard, “Yes.”

“Good…” I brought out my half-erect d–k out of my pants and said, “touch it.”

She hesitantly reached for it and wrapped her fingers around it and more life seem to flow into it immediately. “Can you feel how warm it is?” When she nodded, I added, “This is the real penis of a real man who can make a woman out of you.” Then I took her hand away and told her to go lock the door. She obeyed and soon returned and by then I was now standing and had my trousers pushed down to my ankles.

“Kneel down.” I instructed her. “You have to pass through some rites before reaching womanhood.”

She knelt down before me with my d–k pointing at her face and holding the back of her head, I took my d–k and caressed my cap around her lips, leaving a glistening trail of pre-c-m then I nudged her her lips open with it to meet her tongue when she tasted my pre-c-m, she tried to pull back but I held her there and pushed my d–k further into her mouth. I could see the frown of disgust written all over her face which showed that she had never done such before.

I made her s–k my d–k, lick underneath the length, s–k my balls and even forced my d–k to the back of her throat and held her there for some seconds. I washed her gag and choke on it. Her eyes turned red and her face swelled a bit from lack or oxygen. When I finally let her go, she fell back, gasping for breath as spittle dribbled down her chin. I patted her head like a child then told her to get on the table. When she did, I helped her take off her panties. I kissed her passionately then slowly lowered myself between her thighs and I pleasured her with my mouth the same way she had pleasured me and soon she was moaning abd squirming.

I had eaten out so many girls that i knew how each tasted and it was exciting because most times, it made me penetrate with ease. When I was done pleasuring her with my mouth, I straightened up then the told her to turn on her side. That way, I placed one of her legs on my shoulder and opened her p—y to me. Although, she was already wet but I wanted her wetter to aid my t—-t. I had no Vaseline so I used my saliva instead. I coated her with my saliva be after coating the cap of my d–k then slowly pushed into her, parting her flower open to accomdate my size and I saw her grimace a bit. She was easy to break due to the vigorous fingering her boyfriend had subjected her to so I didn’t have much stress going through what was left of her hymen.

With her two legs on my shoulder now, I buried most of my s—t in, I began to t—-t in and out of her as I unbuttoned her shirt and grabbed both breasts. I pounded her so fast that her breasts jiggled in my hands whose nipples I occasionally twisted. After pounding her for close to ten minutes, I yanked out of her to c-m on the floor. As I sat down back on the stool to catch my breath, she sat up and slipped on her panties. She didn’t bleed because she must have bled the first time her boyfriend had fingered her. “You are now officially a woman. You can now have sex with your boyfriend.” I told her.

As she got off the table, she buttoned her uniform and put herself in order again. “Thank you, sir.” She seemed happy. She grabbed her textbook and walked out of the lab and after cleaning off my semen with a tissue paper from the floor, I went back to work.

After lecturing the SS1 students later that day and the students happily spilled out of their classrooms when the bell was rang, I caught a glimpse of someone I felt I had seen before as I passed an SS2 Art classroom. I retraced my steps to get a better look and through the window, I realized that it was a girl. She was tall, dark in complexion and had her hair plaited in pigtails. She sat at the rear of the class alone and seemed to be invisible to the other students whom totally ignored her and we’re busy chatting in groups. She on the other hand simply sat at the back like a loner and was flipping through a textbook with such indifference.

When I took a closer look at her, I realized that she was the beautiful girl I had seen in my dream before Mama Moji had disrupted my dream a month ago. My heart began to beat faster. I just couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing her in reality. I almost called out to her when an adult male voice called out and interrupted. “Mr. Patrick?”

I turned to see the Geography teacher, a short man with a paunch, approaching me with a stern look on his face. “Yes, Mr. Amos?”

“The principal wants to see you.” He said. I know that he didn’t like me but the feeling was mutual. The man was too strict and flogged the girls regularly as if he revelled in hearing them cry. He was a devout christian but I saw him as a fanatic. I had a feeling that he was envious of all of the attention that I was getting from the students and female teachers and would do anything to jeopardize my job.

Immediately, my heartbeat increased in dread. “Why?”

“When you get to her office, you’ll find out.” He simply said and walked away. Taking a last glance at the girl who was still oblivious to my presence and mentally noting the class she was in, I strode off towards the principal’s office.
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MR. TEACHER (10)??‍?

I knocked on the open door of the principal’s office. She was a big woman and she was seated at her desk scribbling something in a file. She looked up and gestured at me to come in and I did.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted.

Her chair creaked noisily as she leaned back into her chair and stared at me through her glasses. “Please sit down.”

I sat down on one of the two chairs across from hers and said, “Ma, I was told by Mr. Amos that you wanted to see me.”

“Yes…” She took off her glasses and set it down on the file. “Some reports have come to me that your relationship with the students in inappropriate.”

I feigned ignorance and confusion. “What do you mean ma?”

She sighed then entwined her fingers on the desk in front of her. “I heard that you secretly meet with some students in secluded places and some even go as far visiting you at home.”

“What!” I exclaimed. “That allegation is wrong, ma!”

“Really? This is a very serious allegation Mr. Patrick and any teacher found guilty will not only be sacked but handed to the police for exploiting the girls and having sex with them. They are not even adults, do you realize that that might have blossomed more than they are supposed to but they are still children!”

“I am very much aware ma.” I said, adjusting to the edge of my seat, trying to look convincing and emotional too that I had been wrongly accused. “They are like sisters to me and I assist most of them with their assignments or any difficulty they might be experiencing academically. In as much as I will never do anything to tarnish my very good reputation, I won’t also do that to the school. I want you to believe that all these allegations are mere rumours only put out to drag my name through the mud ma.” I defended myself.

“Very good.” She nodded. “I’ll like to remind you that you came highly recommended from a very good friend of mine who’s also a parent in this school so please, do not make me regret employing you in this school.”

“I give you my word ma that I wouldn’t do such. I’m a good christian and fornication is just not one of my things, not to talk of sleeping with small girls that are even too naive to know anything about sex.”

“Alright… You can go.” She dismissed me and as I rose, she added, “Um, Mr. Patrick, I heard that you are very good in biology so I will like you to be giving my daughter lessons after school hours.”

“Which of your daughters ma? The one in SS3?” I asked.

“No, the one is SS1, she’s very poor in it. You know Toyin, don’t you?”

“Of course ma.”

“Yes, that’s the one.” She said.

“Okay ma. I’ll get back to you.” I said and stepped out. As I walked back to my lab, I heaved a sigh of relief and decided that I had to be more careful and secretive about my escapades. I wasn’t ready to lose this job at all. Then I smiled when I taught of Toyin. I had already slept with her in my house and d–n! That girl’s buttocks were as big as her mother’s. The way they clapped on my d–k anytime I gave her the doggy style was a sight to always relish in.

That afternoon after school, I went for one of my extra lessons. It was in an estate and I taught a JSS 3 girl of fifteen Basic Science and Technology. I was also knowledgeable about the subject and her elder sister who was in SS1 had been the one who had recommended me to the mother. As I walked into the sitting room after the door was opened by the maid, the mother flounced into it in a long flowing floral gown and with her handbag on her forearm.

“Oh, uncle, you are here.” She said in surprise and her perfume soon permeated the entire parlour.

“Good afternoon ma.” I greeted.

“Deborah!” She turned and called out over her shoulder. “Your uncle is here, bring him a can of malt!” Then she turned to me and said, “I’m actually on my way out, I’ve a naming ceremony to attend and I’ll not be back till seven thirty.”

“Okay ma.” I politely said.

“When are you supposed to be done with the lesson?” She asked.

“Six p.m. ma.” I answered.

“Fair enough. No one is at home besides the maid and Deborah I’m glad that you, an adult came just in time to be with them until I get back.”

“What about Tina?” I asked of the older sister.

“You know young girls of nowadays na, she has gone off to a friend’s place.”

“Alright ma.”

Bidding me goodbye, she hurried out of the house and I soon heard her car pull out of the compound and zoomed off. After what felt like ten minutes, Deborah appeared from another small door leading to the dinning room which can be seen from the sitting room. She was wearing an alter-neck blouse and a bum short. Swallowing hard, I rose, grabbed my books and went into the dining room.

“Uncle, good afternoon.” She greeted me as she placed her note book, textbook and stationery on the dinning table. She usually sat across from me but this time, I told her to seat next to me instead. She obliged without suspecting anything and we began the lesson immediately. Thirty minutes into the lesson and finding it difficult to concentrate with the way her nipples were sticking out through the thin material of the blouse and when I leaned back, I could see the crack between her ass from her bum short.

Deciding that this was my chance to try my luck with her, I asked her to call the maid. When the maid appeared, I slipped my hand into my pocket and told her to go get me Gala sausage roll. “Oga, dem no dey sell that one for estate o. Where dem dey sell am far small.” The maid told me.

“Ehn, no go buy am come.” I told her and she left.

Five minutes after when I was sure that the maid was gone and that I was all alone in the house with Deborah, I carefully asked. “Deborah, let me ask you a question.”

She looked at me with curious eyes. “Uncle, what is it?”

“Why do you wear such clothes?”

“My mum buys them for me and my sister. She says if we learn how to dress sexy from when we are younger, we will learn how to keep our husbands when we are married.” She answered.

“I see.” I cleared my throat then tentatively asked. “But has your mother taught you the best way to keep a man yet?”

“How uncle?”

“Stand up.” I said and she obeyed then I turned my chair sideways to face her. “Do you know that you have such a beautiful body that any man would be willing to die for?”

“I do?” She asked, checking out her body.

“Yes…like this two things now…” I reached out and flicked her nipples with a finger and she shyly recoiled from me, her arms flying to protect herself.

“Uncle, what are you doing? You just touched my breasts.” She smiled shyly, not meeting my eyes.

“Do you want to be the most brilliant girl in your class?” I asked.

“Yes uncle.” She said.

“Then let me s–k them.”

“No o… My mum said that I shouldn’t let anybody touch my breasts.” She gently protested.

“Really?” I asked and when she nodded, I told her, “Do you know why Chioma is the most brilliant?” When she shook her head, I said, “That’s simply because I have been touching her here.” I pointed at her breasts. “Okay, wait, let me show you something.” I quickly unbuckled my belt and brought out my d–k which was already hard then shook it at her but when she gave no surprised looks, I asked her, puzzled. “Have you seen this before?” When she nodded, I asked again, “Where?”

“Uncle Timothy puts it here…” She touched her pubic area “…anytime he spends the weekend in our house.”

“Who’s this uncle Timothy?” I asked, curious to find out who this bastard that has beaten me to the honeypot was.

“Mummy’s younger brother.” She replied.

I slowly whistled in shock. So her uncle has been sleeping with her and no one knew. “Did you tell your mum?” I asked, in order not to jump into conclusions.

“No, he told me not to tell anybody or I’ll die and mummy will die too.” She said sadly.

“I see…” I slowly nodded then took a good look at her from head to foot. “Have you started seeing your menses yet?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Only Tina has started.”

“Good… Come.” I beckoned her over and she slowly approached me. “Let me see what uncle Timothy has been doing there.” I said as I reached for the button of her bumshort and started zipping it down. I forced it down her waist and told her to place a foot on my lap so I could take a good look at her v—-a. “Did he touch you like this?” I asked as I stroked her there and when she nodded, I slipped a finger into her, “Did he do this too?” She nodded again. This time, I fingered her slowly, “What about this?” She nodded yet again and this time I was frigging hard. My fingers were already wet with her secretions. “When does he do it?”

“In the midnight, he comes into my room to put his thing inside of me.” She answered.

“And when last did he do it?”

“On Saturday night. He always leaves on Sunday afternoon.”

“I see… Let me check inside and see if he injured you but I also have to check with my thing.” I pointed down at my d–k when a frown crossed her face, I quickly assured her. “Don’t worry, it’s for your own good, it’s just to feel if inside is bruised. When I’m done, we will get this Timothy of an uncle arrested and locked up for good.” When she naively nodded, I pulled her to me and made her s——-d my lap then slowly, I sat her down on my d–k. She was tight and warm and I moaned as she swallowed me whole.

“Uncle can I stand up now?” She asked.

“No, not at all.” I said quickly. “Scanning inside might take twenty minutes and to complete the process, you have to go up and down.”

“Okay.” She nodded, held my shoulders to support herself and began to slid up and down my s—t. I tried not to show much emotion to give away the fact that i was enjoying it. I assisted her in bouncing on me, telling her that it would work faster that way while i held both buttocks in my hands. She bounced on me till I felt myself at the edge of cumming and soon I exploded inside of her. Since she was yet to begin her menses, there was no cause for alarm. When I was done, I slowly pulled her off me and some of my semen trickled out of her.

“Go and have your bath but don’t change your clothes. And as for that your uncle, I’ll see him personally.” I told her but I knew that I had no intention of doing so. Two minutes after she left and I had tucked my chairman back into my trousers and composed myself, the maid returned and handed me the gala. Deborah returned ten minutes later and we continued the lesson with what time was left before I left her house.hi SÀÑTÜS 08091756761 to be added the story room to enjoy more from there.

At night, I dreamt of the girl I had seen in SS2 Art class again but when I was about touching her, I woke up. I sat up on my bed, panting and wondering why I was dreaming of the same girl a second time. Then I concluded that destiny was trying to connect me to her and that made me more resolved to get her at all cost. Soon, I returned to sleep, anticipating the next day.
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After my first two periods in SS1 Science class, I was walking through the open balcony when I stopped at the Art Class of SS2. What has actually stopped me was how noisy they were. With my cane, I walked into the class and immediately my presence was noticed, the students gradually fell silent while some of those who had been sitting on the desks or on another seat, either slipped down to sit on their chairs or snuck back to their seats.

“Who were those hooligans making noise like market women?!” I barked, striking the cane across the top of the nearest desk and the girls flinched. My eyes swept the back of the class and the girls cowered. I only taught SS1 and SS3 while some other biology teacher taught SS2. “Who are you supposed to have now in this period?” I asked. “Class rep! Where’s the class rep?” I asked, looking around and a girl stood up. “What are you girls supposed to be doing now?”

“We are supposed to have Government sir.”

“And instead of sitting here and making stupid noise, why didn’t you go to the staff room to call your government teacher?!”

“Sir, she is absent from school today. The principal told us that she is ill.”

“I see…” I softened a bit now. “Fine, I’ll take you biology now.” I saw a few girls frown in displeasure but I didn’t care. Placing my books down on the nearest desk, I grabbed a piece of chalk from the bottom of the board and scribbled Biology at the top then underlined.

I began to teach them and somehow, they listened with rapt attention. In the course of my teaching, my gaze locked with the girl’s and I suddenly paused. It was as if she could see into me, as if she invaded my mind and knew my every thought. I tried to compose myself and I found perspiration gathering on my brow. Wiping it off with the back of my hand, I stammered into continuation. Throughout the class, she just stared at me and I could feel her eyes even when I was not looking her way. Every other girl in the class asked or answered questions except her and a very few.

Her expression was bleak. She neither smiled not laughed, nor did she speak to anyone else. Eager to hear what her voice sounded like, I pointed, “You! You at the back!” Every head turned towards her direction but she betrayed no emotion. “Stand up!” I ordered. She quietly obeyed. “What’s your name?”

“Leah…” Her voice was light and soft.

“Can you explain Symbiosis?”

“This is where two types of living things depend and also benefit from each other but in a harmless way.” She explained.

“Good.” I asked her six more questions and she answered them correctly and then, I knew that she was brilliant but what bothered me was if she was also as smart as she was brilliant because if that were so, it meant that she would be a big challenge to lure with mere words. “You can sit down.” I said.

After fifteen more minutes of teaching, I said to her before I left the class. “Leah, see me in the biology lab after closing time today.”

The school closed and I sat in my lab anxiously waiting for her to come. Five minutes passed, no sign of her, ten more minutes disappeared, still no sign of her and I was almost tempted to go out and fetch her myself. I was determined to get this girl and nothing will stop me. I moved over to the window and pusged the louvers then peeked through and I could see a throng of students moving towards the school gates with their schoolbags. I turned then gasped when I saw Leah standing beside my table. How she had managed to enter the lab without as much as making a sound, I knew not.

Smiling nervously and trying to do away with the fear, I asked, “How long have you been standing there?”

“Some seconds.” She answered.

“I see.” I sat down on my chair and stared at her for a moment, admiring the features of her body. “What state are you from?”

“Cross River.”

I slowly nodded my and continued played with my small goatee. Then too impatient to hold back any longer, I decided to get straught “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I do not need one.” She answered bluntly and it surprised me.

“What if I say that I like you and that I’ll like us to know each other better?” I probed.

“For your own good, do not like me.”

I slowly sat up, surprised at the tone of her voice. Not only was it bold, it was also threatening. “Or are you dating another teacher?”


“Then it means you don’t like me?”
When she remained quiet, I asked her, “Can you come to my house tomorrow evening after school.”

“No.” She plainly answered.

I grew angry now. “Why are you so rude?!”

“Am I?”

I tried to calm myself. I knew being angry would do nothing but scare her off so I put on my best smile. “Come on na, why are you behaving like a child? I know that you are quite aware of what I’m driving at here. Ever since I laid my eyes upon you, I can barely tear you from my mind. Listen, I’m so in love with you, in fact, I have even told my mother about you and she’s dying to meet the angel that has stolen her son’s heart. Just come over to my house tomorrow so that we can get to know each other better. I promise you that I’ll be at my best behaviour. I’m a very honest man and I really want something with you.”

“You’ll marry a sixteen year old girl?” She asked in surprise.

“What is the big deal? Age is only a number my dear. I’m really in love with you which means that I am ready to go any length whatsoever for you.”

She was about to speak when her wristwatch began to beep. She glanced down at it and I saw her eyes widen. “Sir, I really have to go now.” Before I could utter a word, she had hurried out of my lab.

That day, I went home sad. Even when Halimat snuck into my room that evening for sex, I was in no mood for it. No girl had ever turned me down before but this girl was so proud and adamant and it made me yearn for her even more. As I sat on my bed with my elbow on a raised knee and the side of my head tilted against the palm of my hand, Halimat kept trying to get at my shirt but I kept shrugging her off. When she persisted, I lost it and snapped, “What is it? Do you think someone is always in the mood, if you have no better thing to do, just get out of my room.”

She paused and stared at me in surprise because I had never spoken to her in such a tone before. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked me.

I sighed then asked. “Do you know of a girl called Leah?”

“There are four Leahs in that school, which one are you talking about?” She asked.

“The tall beautiful one in Art class of SS2.”

“Oh! That loner?” She chuckled. “Did she offend you? Please don’t flog her o if she did because no teacher has ever flogged her. The last teacher who did had a swollen hand the next day and at last he ran mad.”

“You don’t mean it.”

“Can’t you see that she has no friends? She sits alone, walks alone and I can swear that I have never seen her eat anything, all she does during break is to go out and sit down on the root of the big tree in the centre of the school, watching other girls play.”

“Really?” I was amazed.

“Yes.” She continued. “There are even rumours that she enrolled herself in school. She claims to be an orphan and no one knows her family.”

I anxiously adjusted on the bed as I asked her the next question. “But do you know where she lives?” I didn’t mind paying Leah a surprised visit.

“Lives?” She chuckled. “No one knows. We only see her trekking down Old Cemetery road. My friends and I have tried tracking her to her house but she just suddenly vanishes into thin air. One minute, she’s there, the next, she’s gone.”

“Hmmm…” I said pensively. After all what Halimat had told me, I was still not willing to give up that easily. I wanted Leah and I was determined to get her. The next day, I made up my mind to neglect my lessons and trail her to her house instead. Maybe if I pulled closer to her, she would get to accept me and know that I my feelings towards her was genuine. That night, when I slept, I saw her sitting at the foot of the big tree in the centre of the school which Halimat had told me about and when I approached her and sat down with her, she stood up and walked away. I was furious. How could this girl even avoid me too in my dreams? Who the hell did she think she was?
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The next day after dressing up for school, I was locking my door when Mama Moji who was passing by with a bowl of urine passed by her children and her during the night, stopped beside me and she was clad in just a wrapper as usual.

“Teacher-teacher…” She hailed. “Na school you dey go?” (Are you going to school?)

I gave her a disgruntled look then replied with sarcasm. “No, na Post office I dey go.” (No, it’s the Post office.)

“Wetin sef? You go just dey vex anyhow, person no fit follow you play again?” (What? Can’t someone even joke with you again?) She asked with a hand on her hip and the other holding the bowl of urine by its handle by her side.

“Mama moji, I’m not in the mood for your problems now.” I said sternly.

“Patrick, na who vex you this morning abi you no sleep well?” (Patrick, who offended you this morning or is it that you didn’t have a good night sleep?”

I angrily turned to fully face her now. “Mama Moji, na wetin? Dem send you to me this morning? You no fit pass make you just mind your business for once?!” (Mama Moji, were you sent to frustrate me this morning? Can’t you ever pass by and go about your business without meddling?”

She pulled closer now after glancing both ways of the corridor to be sure that we were alone. “Patrick, you know say e don pass one month?” (Patrick, you know that it has been more than a month now?) She said in a whisper.

“And so? I dey owe you salary?” I retorted. (And so? Do I owe you salary?)

She began to flinch her brows in a way as she grinned from ear to ear then she turned her buttocks towards me. “You no miss am?” (Don’t you miss it?)

I pulled my shoulders back in disgust. “Miss wetin? Better carry this nonsense commot from my front.” (Miss what? You had better take this presence away from my presence.”

She frowned now and turned to look at me. “Why you dey do as if you no enjoy am. You don forget how you take dey knack am that day?” (Why are you pretending that you didn’t enjoy it? Have you forgotten the way you were smashing it the other day?)

“Mama Moji, I no go gree make you let me go work late. E no go work for you. Carry your smell smell piss commot from here before you kill person.” With that, I brushed past her and started for the entrance/exit of the corridor. (Mama Moji, I won’t let you cause me to go late to work. It won’t work for you. Take your smelly urine from here before the stench kills someone.)

She turned to watch me go then said aloud so that I heard her. “If you like run, I go dey wait for you when you come back. You must give me wetin I want. You no fit pity soldier wife? Why you stingy sef?” (Run all you want, I’ll be waiting here when you return. You must give me what I want? Can’t you show empathy to a soldier’s wife? Why are you this selfish?!)

I paused and partially turned to look at her. “If you want transport fare to go meet your husband for Maidiguri, I go give you but for me to enter there again, over my dead body. And abeg, when you never brush in the money, no just open your mouth dey follow person talk anyhow.” (If you want transport fare to go meet your husband in Maidiguri, I’ll gladly give you, but to sleep with you again, I’d rather die. And please, whenever you are yet to brush your teeth in the morning, do not go about talking to other people carelessly.) I retorted then stomped out of the building. I had barely taken fifteen steps down the street when I stopped a public motorcycle and went to school.

I was easily irritated and I did not smile while I was in class teaching. In fact, the girls who usually flirted with me, read my sour mood or didn’t attempt any rubbish. Anyone who created any sort of distraction was sent to kneel down outside the class. I had no time for rubbish. When I was done, I refused to let any student help carry my books. I simply tucked them under my arm and left to the lab. I sat down in the privacy of the lab and began to hatch up a plan. I had no peace of mind and it was all because of that girl, Leah. Why was she so adamant? How could she even look me in the eye and talk back at me?! No iota of respect.

That day when school closed, I secretly followed her but as Halimat had told me, once she turned into the old Cemetary street, she simply vanished. I did this again on Friday and when the same thing happened still, I decided that I had to try another means. The next Monday, as I walked past her class that day, I paused at the window and asked, “Where’s is Leah?”;She lifted her head from her desk to look at me and I told her in a stern voice. “See me today during break time!” Without waiting one second, I turned and hurried off to my lab.

During break, she came as ordered and by then I was eating the fufu and egusi soup I had bought from the school canteen. I swallowed the last piece of meat, walked to the window to wash my hand with the water left from the bottled water that I had bought then I returned to my seat and gave her a hard face.

“Good afternoon sir.” She finally greeted.

“Afternoon.” I tersely replied. “Today being Monday, I want you to do something for me.” I pulled a creased 1000 note out of my pocket and handed it to her and she reluctantly took it from me with a confused look.

“Uncle, what’s this for?” She glanced up from the money to me.

“I’m having a mosquito problem in my house and I’m tired of using mosquito coil. That thing is not effective.”

“But how does that concern me?” She asked.

I frowned. “What do you mean by how does that concern you? Are you stupid? You dare ask me such a question? Anyway, I don’t blame you. From the way you speak to those older than you, it’s obvious you lack home training. No wonder that you have no friends!”

She just stared at me but said nothing. She betrayed no emotion of anger or sadness like I had expected.

“The whole me trying to be your friend and you are forming? You little brat! Who are you forming for?! What do you even have that I have not seen before?! Do you know how many people wants me to notice them and yet I chose you out of a thousand girls in this school and you turned me down! I’ll frustrate your life in this school! I’ll make you so miserable that you’ll rue the day you rejected my advances!” I said bitterly.

Ignoring everything I had said, she simply asked again, “Uncle, please what’s this money for?”

After giving her a scornful look, I said harshly. “It’s for Raid. But it and bring it to my house and you must not come even a minute later than six in the evening!”

“But sir, why should I be the one to buy it? I can’t buy anything and bring it to your house o.”

I jolted to my feet now and barked. “Are you mad?! Is something wrong with you?! I am a teacher and I’m sending you an errand and you dare say it to my face that you won’t do it?!”

“Sir, you can make me run errands within the school premises but once it’s outside school, your power over me becomes invalid.”

“You must be very stupid!” I said. “If your name is Leah and you were truly birthed by your parents, dare me and do not show up at my house with that insecticide by be 6.” I threatened. “Now, get out of here! Get out!” I flung my arms in a wild gesture and she simply turned and left.

As I slowly settled down in my seat again, I had a feeling that this girl was really going to give me a tough time. Concluding that I would need some help, I pulled out my phone and dialled a friend’s number.

“Fawas, how far?” I asked as soon as the person picked my call. “Abeg, I go need that stuff… No worry, I go collect am for road as I dey go house… Just help me keep am, abeg. Na urgent matter be this. No problem, your head dey there. We go dey see naw.” (Fawas, how are you doing? I am going to need that stuff… Do not worry, I’ll collect it on my way home… Just help me keep it, please. This is a very urgent matter. No problem. I know you are understanding. We’ll see soon.)

Later that evening, I was pacing my room and checking the wall clock when a soft knock came on my door. I rushed to it and flung it open and I almost smiled when I saw Leah. I had almost feared that she wouldn’t show up and was already plotting the severe punishment I’d serve her the next day. She was dressed in a white top and black trousers and she was holding a plastic bag containing my tin of insecticide.

“How did you find my room?” I asked.

“A woman in wrapper sitting outside plaiting her daughter’s hair told me.” She said.

“Okay.” I stepped aside, opening my door wide but when she made no attempt to come in, I asked, “Won’t you come in?”

“No.” She held up the plastic bag towards me. “I have bought and brought what you want. I want to go home now.”

“Haba, why the hurry? Just come in and sit down, even though it’s just for five minutes.” I insisted.

After a short silence, she reluctantly stepped in and I shut the door and bolted it. Turning to her with a smile, I said, “You must be hungry. I prepared white rice and chicken stew just for you.” I said, grinning.

“I’m not hungry.” She simply replied.

My smile vanished. “At least eat a little.”

“I don’t like eating.” She stated.

I swallowed hard now then presented her with a carton of five alive which I had drugged. “Okay, at least drink this.”

She stared at the carton of fruit juice and shook her head. “I don’t like fruit juices.”

Frustrated now, I suddenly grabbed her head and tried to kiss her. I had taken tramadol and my d–k was already painfully hard. The longer I took without sex, the more painful my erection felt but she suddenly shoved me away and I fell on my ass. Furious now, I yanked a hidden handkerchief from the back pocket of my trousers, grabbed her and covered her nose and mouth. She struggled for a while then became limp as she fell unconscious. Letting her lie back on the bed. I jumped up and stripped myself naked as fast as I could then I got on my knees to do the same to her. But as I tried to unbutton her trousers, it wouldn’t open. I tried to zip it down, the zip refused to move. Sweating now, I tried harder but nothing worked.
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(Please know that I tried my possible best to translate. I can’t remember a few words in English)

I had never raped anyone in my life and had never had to stoop so low to do that because my words worked wonders for me and I was so good in satisfying this young virgins that they came back for more. But why this particular girl has decided to make me suffer to get me was what even made me more determined to get that honeypot that she was feeling it was too important to give to me. I was still trying to get her zip out of my way when my electric bulb flickered. I paused and stared up at it, before I could go back to what I was doing, the light in the bulb suddenly disappeared. Plunging me into total darkness.

I was confused. What was wrong with my bulb. I knew that there was still power because besides the red light on the wall socket where I charge my phone or sometimes plug on my iron, I could hear music coming from the next room. Then what was this bulb’s problem? I asked myself. Before I could blink, the bulb suddenly came on and it was so bright that I feared that it would explode but be instead it regulated back to its normal voltage. Ignoring the bulb now and trying to resume where I had stopped, to my utter shock, I realized that I was alone in the room. Leah was gone. Alarmed, I sprang to my feet, scanning my room frantically with my eyes. I stared at the spot on my bed where she had just been a few minutes ago but it was empty. I had been straddling her unconscious body while trying to undo her zip, how had she slipped away without me noticing.

Realizing that something was fishy, I ran to the door, unbolted it and peeped out but she was not there either. Wondering what was happening since I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it, I began to ransack my small room, calling her name and grabbing my painful d–k occasionally but Leah was no where to be found! She was gone! Totally gone! Deciding to rack my head on her strange disappearance later, I realized that I had to sort out one serious issue and that was my painful erection. I knew that with the Viagra and Tramadol that I had taken, if I didn’t dive into someone’s Honeypot as soon as possible, I was done for. I was in serious pain already and the last thing I wanted was being rushed to the hospital for medical help. Jeez! It would be so embarrassing.

So, I grabbed a wrapper and quickly tied it around my waist. I stepped out into the corridor and glanced down both ends. I rushed to the backyard and tried to urinate, hoping that it would calm my painful erection a bit but I couldn’t even release a drop of urine. As I stepped out of the bathroom, grabbing my crotch through the wrapper and grimacing in pain, I saw Sadiq, Halimat’s brother coming down the stairs and I hurried to talk to him through the railings of stairwell. “Sadiq!”

“Uncle, good evening.”

“Yes, is Halimat home? Please call her for me. Tell her to come now now now now! It’s very important!”

“Uncle, Halimat is not at home.”

My hopes fell. “Where’s she?” I demanded.

“She has gone to see our aunt living five busstops away.” He answered.

“When will she be back?”

“By 9 o. Clock.”

“Mba! (No!)” I shook my head. “I would be dead by then, I can’t wait.” I said and hurried off back into the corridor, still grimacing and walking awkwardly. I thought of what girl I could summon from school but I changed my mind because I knew none of them would be allowed to leave home at such an hour by their parents so in my desperation to get quick relief, I decided that I would go to the nearest brothel I could find and get laid. I was about entering my room when I saw Mama Moji stiring the pot of egusi she was cooking on a table beside her door. I paused as I contemplated that seeking Mama Moji’s help would be faster and I wouldn’t need to take any transport not pay for her services.

Reluctantly and because I had no choice, I tried to compose myself as I moved towards Mama Moji. The last thing I wanted was giving the cause of my distress away and having her mock me or even make me beg for sex. “Mama Moji, Mama Moji!” I hailed. She turned to give me a sideways glance then hissed as she focus on her boiling soup again. “Ahan, you no go answer me?” I asked. “We dey fight?”

“Why you dey hail me? If na money you wan borrow or na wetin I dey cook enter your nose, just turn dey waka go back to your room.” (Why are you hailing me? If it’s money you want to borrow or it’s the aroma of what I’m cooking that brought you here, just turn and go back to your room.) She retorted.

“You dey vex for me? Na wetin you dey cook sef?” (Are you angry with me? What are you even cooking?) I smiled at her then craned my neck forward to look into her pot and the smell of iru (locust beans) and kpomo (cow skin) blasted my nose. “You go kill person o! See how your food dey scent!” (Ha! You’ll kill someone with the aroma of your soup!) I took a deep inhale and saw her smile. “Ha! Baba Moji dey miss!” (Ha! Baba Moji doesn’t know what he’s missing!)

She smiled shyly now and gave me a friendly but suspicious look. “This one wey you carry yourself come dey praise me dey make my head dey swell, na wetin you want?” (The way you have brought yourself here to praise me and make my head swell with pride, what is it you want?)

“Ehn…” I began gingerly then stole glances down both sides of the corridor as I pulled closer to her and whispered against her ear. “That thing wey you ask me for this morning, I wan give you now. Omo Wobe!”

She frowned a bit now. “That girl nko wey I direct go your room?” (What about the girl I had directed to your room?)

I hissed and waved a dismissive hand. “That small pikin? I don pursue am. Na you I want.” (That little child? I have chased her off, it’s you I want.)

Her smile broadened now. “So, I no lie be that, you really enjoy that last time. Ehen! (So, it means that I was not lying when I said that you enjoyed our last sex. Of course!)” She flinched her shoulders. “I know say I sweet na, even Baba Moji been dey talk am. (I know that I’m
sweet, even Baba Moji always testifies to it)”

“Ehn, I agree…” I said, just to make her cease her gloating then placed my hand on the spot above her buttocks. I was impatient “Just come, make I sama you quick. I really dey in the mood now. See wetin you don even cause. (Just come so I can screw you quick. I’m really in the mood now. Look at what you have even caused.)” I removed my hand from ky crotch to show her the profound tent my pointing erection had made in the wrapper and I saw her gasp and cover her gaping mouth with her hands.

“Na wetin be this? (What is this?)” She whispered.

“Come now, make you see am for my room. (Come so that you can see it in my room.)” I tried to pull her by her waist towards my room but she resisted a bit.

“You want make I burn food and make my children sleep with hunger this night? Just go make I off stove, give my children food eat then I go come meet you. (Do you want me to burn my food and cause my children to go to sleep on hungry stomachs? Just go so that I can turn off the stove, serve my children their dinner then I’ll come meet you.)” She shooed me towards my door with her hands.

I saw the eagerness in her eyes but I stalled. What she had asked for sounded like a long time to wait. “You sure say you go come? (Are you sure that you’ll come?)” I skeptically asked.

“With that thing wey I dey see o… (From what I’m seeing…)” She pointed at my erection with lust in her eyes. “I fit even sleep this night for your room. (I can even spend the night in your room.)

“Okay, no tey o abeg. (Okay, don’t stay too long please.)” I told her and reluctantly left for my room.

Ten minutes later felt like an hour when she finally snuck into my room, smiling. Immediately, she entered, she bolted my door and I grabbed her without hesitating. Tearing off her wrapper myself, I rushed her to bed, immediately she entered, her tore her thighs apart and immediately dove in. As I felt her moistness, I almost sighed in relief but I knew that the major relief which would release me from this hell of an erection would only come once I ejaculated and that was my aim even though it would take me hours.

I started slamming her, groaning and grounding my jaws and sometimes gritting my teeth. One could hear the sound of flesh hitting against flesh if one was to be at my window. I never ceased pounding. I was so anxious to get a release.

“Abeg, sor free. No scatter am for Baba Moji. (Please, take it easy. Do not destroy it for Baba Moji.” Mama Moji complained.

“No vex. (Do not take offence.)” I mumbled under my breath but didn’t reduce my pace. I continued slamming and slamming until I felt her run out of vaginal secretion at that moment but I didn’t stop. I continued till it was dry organ to dry organ and with the pace I was taking, my d–k began to feel sore because of the dryness.

“You wan wound me? (Do you want to injure me?)” Mama Moji complained yet again, now in serious discomfort.

Without stopping my thrusts, I reach over for my jar of Vaseline, paused to coat myself and her with it before sliding into her sore tunnel again. My thrusts were harder and deeper this time and instead of moaning, she began to whimper. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she placed her hands on my chest and tried to shove me off but I refused to budge. In fact, to support myself, I held the edge of the bed at either sides of her head so that when she pushed at my chest, the bed only moved from the motion. When she realized that she was trapped and couldn’t get away, she tried to twist around but I followed her movement and continued smashing. I was dripping sweat all over her but I was determined to see this to the end. Thirty minutes had passed.

“Patrick, commot from my body, I no do again! (Patrick, get off me, I’m no longer interested.” She finally voiced out.

“Mama Moji, I never c-m na… (Mama Moji, I haven’t cummed yet” I told her.

“Abeg forget c-m. You don dey f–k me since and e no be like say you go stop anytime soon. Na person wey dey alive dey c-m, commot before you shift my womb. My Toto don dey pepper me sef. (Please, forget about cumming. You have been having sex with me for a long time and it doesn’t seem like you’ll c-m anytime soon It’s someone who’s alive that cums, get off me before you shift my womb. My p—y is already very sore.)” She whined helplessly, desperate to get away from me.

“Mama Moji, abeg, just wait small. Give me ten more minutes!” I pleaded as continued smashing. She was dry again and as I reached for the jar of Vaseline a second time, she gave a sharp twist and managed to get her upper body off the bed. I quickly coated my d–k again and followed her as she tried to crawl her way to the door. I crawled after her and caught her in a doggy position. I slid in and began to smash again and this time, she began to wail in her Yoruba dialect like a wounded cow. “Émà gbà mi o! Eyin àdugbo, é gbà mi lowo Patrick o! Bobo yi fe kpa mi o! Oloriburuku ni o! (Please help me o our neighborhood! Neighbours, please come and rescue me from Patrick! This guy wants to kill me o!) As I slammed her harder and faster when I felt myself at the verge of releasing, she began to chant, “Mo gbe! Mo gbe! Mo daran! Mo ti jiya! Obo mi o! Obo mi o! Ha! Patrick, ko no da fu n e. Patrick, o ku re. Patrick, o she eyan rara! Obo mi o! Mo ti ku o! Temi ti tan! Yay! Yay! (I’m in trouble! I’m in trouble! I’ve suffered! My p—y! My p—y! Ha! Patrick, it shall never be well with you! You will not die well! Patrick, you are not a human being! My p—y! I’m dead! I’m finished!)” She repeatedly slapped the floor with her palm as fired on not minding her desperate cry for help and curses. She should have known what she was getting into before coming to my room. She wanted sex and I was giving her just that. Soon, I yanked myself out and exploded on her buttocks and the floor. I was so exhausted that I fell on my back while my d–k went through more spasm and oozed out more semen that sluggishly trailed down the side of it.

Mama Moji was miserable. She managed to get on her feet and then fixed a scornful eye down at me. “Wéré ni ye! Ko ni dà fu é! (You are a mad man! It shall not be well with you!)” She beat me with her wrapper but I was too tired to ward her off and in a fit of rage, she limped out of my room after tying on her wrapper again. That night, after resting for half an hour, I went to take a bath. I was too tired to eat anything, so I went to bed straight. In the middle of the night, at exactly three a.m. while I was asleep, I felt someone on my bed and I opened my eyes and turned then sprang up to a sitting position in alarm when I saw Leah on my bed. She had her arms folded under her chest, her legs were crossed at the ankles and she was staring at my ceiling.

“Leah!” I exclaimed in shock, wiped my eyes with my hand and took a second look and truly, she was there still dressed in the same white top and black trousers. “How did you get in here?” I demanded as a certain fear gripped me now. My door was still bolted from behind so I had no idea what she was doing in my bed at this odd hour or how she got in. Slowly, she turned her head to the side to look at me and terror struck me from her gaze.
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Leah slowly sat up now and asked,
“Do you know who I’m?”

“Yes…” I stammered. “Your name is Leah.”

“Leah what?” She asked.

I stuttered for an answer but came up blank so she offered the answer. “My name is Leah Mathew and I’m from Bayelsa state. I have no single family or relative here in Lagos.”

I swallowed hard. “Then, how come you are in Lagos?”

“Because where I’m, you don’t need family or relatives to get by. You are all by yourself.”

I realized now that she looked pale and when I carefully reached out and touched her arm, it was cold. I withdrew my hand in horror. “How did you get in here?” I asked.

“Does it matter?” She answered with a question then a sinister smile appeared on my face. “You drugged me, didn’t you?”

I felt shame totally envelope me and I sheepishly looked away. “If you had succeeded in raping me, I’d have killed you.” She said and I stared at her in shock on how bold she sounded. “But I’ve other plans for you.”

“Please forgive me…” I pleaded, now scared for my life.

“That was the exact words the man who cost me my life said.” She answered and I gave her a surprised and puzzled look. “And he has been roaming the streets of Bayelsa for the last seventeen years for what he did to me.”

I was sweating now even though the atmosphere in the room was cool. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m supposed to be thirty two years this year but I’m stuck. My dream was to grow up, become a lawyer and have my own family but that man who called himself a man of God made that impossible!” She hissed venomously. “I was fifteen years old when my problems started. I was having repeated bad dreams of falling in an endless abyss and it made me scream always in my sleep. When it was during the day, I was happy and cheerful but once night drew near, I was dismal and scared. My fear was so great that I trained myself not to sleep and I would only sleep in the morning, even during classes in school. While some thought that i I was pregnant, others thought that I was a witch.”

One day, after a new priest was posted to our church, he was leading the congregation in prayers when he paused and stretched his hand towards the congregation and with his eyes closed, he said, “There’s someone here. The devil is seeking your soul. He has been visiting you in your dreams, pulling you closer to him that you find it difficult to have a normal life like other people. The Lord has told me today, that if you do not come for a week’s deliverance, prayer and fasting, your funeral will take place.”

I thought nothing of it but with the way my parents turned to look at me, I knew that they be had already concluded that the priest was referring to me. After the service, my mother coerced me into going to see the priest in his office. While he attended to us, he kept staring at me while mother told him about my dilemma. My mother even told him that I hardly slept anymore but I knew that I had insomnia and this had nothing to do with any evil spirit. My parents were illiterates so they had little knowledge about most things. My mum insisted that I was being haunted by a spiritual husband who was trying to get me in my dreams.

The priest told my mum that the reason was because I was too beautiful and such traits were bound to attract an Incubus. He declared that I must pray and fast for seven days and a deliverance must be performed on me to cleanse me of the evil spirit. I decided to play along because I wanted everything to be over with but when he stated that I must live in the church till everything was over and I was never to go to school, I started to protest and my mother snapped at me to shut up and that it was an abomination before the eyes of God to talk back at the Lord’s anointed or defy his orders so I kept mute.

That day, my mum brought me back to the church in the evening with a few of my clothes and the other necessities that would last me throughout my stay. I was given a small room in the priest’s quarters to inhabit for the meantime. The first day my socalled deliverance began, the priest came into the room and told me to remove my clothes and kneel down in front of him to pray in my undies. When I asked why, he said that I was not to disobey a man of God’s orders. Unwillingly I complied. After praying for twenty minutes with his hand on my head, he would anoint my forehead, my cleavage and my crotch, claiming that the anointing oil would repulse my spiritual husband.

This happened the next day. The same thing happened but it was worse this time. He placed his hand on my head to pray while I knelt before him and this time his crotch was brushing my face and the way he shook my head while praying only made matters worse for my face kept slamming into his crotch. When my mother came to visit me that evening, I tried to tell her but she didn’t even let me finish. She scolded me seriously and told me not to slander the priest’s name or God would punish me so I kept my words to myself. My mother so much believed abd trusted in pastors or priests that she respected them more than she respected my father. In fact, she worshipped the very ground priests or pastors walked on.

My mother could postrate on the floor when she saw a priest coming and she could do almost anything that was asked of her. She believed that if she did all these things, God would bless her abundantly when anyone said anything against a priest, she would flare up and defend rhe priest as if she knew what he could or could not do. Anytime my father was broke and needed money from her to tend to some family matters, she would claim that she had no money but anytime a priest asked for donations like chairs or other things, money will automatically become available and she would purchase double. She was the vice president of the church women association and would never miss anything. Sometimes, she would go to the church to wash the priest’s clothes while she forced my father’s laundry on me.

The next morning which was the third day, the priest came into my room and the same process happened. He was practically caressing his swollen crotch against my face while he claimed to pray. When he was done, he told me to open my mouth, dipping his index finger into the bottle of anointing oil, he placed it on my tongue and told me to s–k on his finger which he slowly t—-t in and out of my mouth. I only stared at him in confusion until he pulled his finger out and licked it himself then he told me to rise and turn my back to him, when I did, he anointed my buttocks and my breasts through my undies. I said nothing to anyone because I thought that if my own mother didn’t believe me then no one else will.

The fourth day, he came around yet again and told me that out prayers would be longer this time because we were drawing close to the end of the deliverance. Asking me to close my eyes as usual after making me strip. He didn’t put his hand on my head this time but on my breasts then slid his hand into my bra. He would twist one n—-e then do the same to the other as he murmured incoherent words he claimed to be speaking in tongues. When he was done, he asked me to take off my panties and lie down on the bed then told me to spread my legs. Telling me that he would anoint me this time with his powerful tongue of prayer, he stuck out his tongue and licked me. I flinched but he was not done yet. He moved his tongue to my tiny opening and dipped the tip of his tongue into it.

I didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t like it one bit. After running his tongue across my v—-a in the guise of anointing it, he kissed my c–t and told me to get dressed and as he walked out, I noticed the tent in his robe but I said nothing, ate the food my mother had brought for me then slept. The next day which was Friday before I could even dress my bed, the priest was already in my room before the usual time. He instructed me to kneel down that he just had new instructions from God and that it was very important that he prayed with me now. He claimed that my spiritual husband was very angry and that he has threatened to take my life very soon.

I undresed and knelt down but this time, he said that I had to be completely naked for the prayer to be very effective and I reluctantly discarded my undies. When I knelt down, he told me that I was never to open my eyes no matter what happened if I wanted to save my life. He said that the angel of the Lord was going to descend from heaven to do wonderful cleansing to my body and I was never to open my eyes, not even a peek or everything we have been doing would go to complete waste. I nodded my head and closed my eyes then he began to fondle my breasts and twisting my nipples. I tried to cover my chest with my hands to make him stop but he only pushed my hands out of the way and continued as he murmured words of prayers that I couldn’t hear.

Soon, I felt something soft and warm push against my lips. A sticky liquid touched my tongue and I grimaced at it’s strange saltiness. Whatever it was came again and forcefully parted my lips, sliding into my mouth. I heard the priest mutter “S–k on the Angel’s rod of deliverance and you shall have your miracle!” Then he slid into his inaudible prayer again. Reluctantly, I began to s–k on whatever was in my mouth and it kept sliding in and out of my mouth. Unknown to me, I had s—-d the priest’s d–k for ten minutes when he told me to rise then he helped me lie on the bed since my eyes were closed.

I waited and I could hear the ruffling sound of his robe. Just when I thought the prayers will continue, I felt his warm mouth on one of my nipples and I shuddered. As he s—-d my n—-e, he stroked my v—-a with his fingers. He s—-d me for a while and my body reacted in a strange way it had never done before. Soon, I felt him spread my thighs and kneel in between my legs. I had no idea what was happening because my mother never gave me any sex education, all she emphasized on was that I must at all cost end up like Esther in the Bible who married a king and brought wealth to Mordecai.

The priests held my hips with both hands and I felt something soft and warm brushing against my opening where I bled through every month. Suddenly the soft object pressed hard against my opening and I winced but it didn’t stop. I tried to open my eyes but the priest reminded me that the devil would take my life if I did or resisted the miracle rod of a man of God so I tried to remain still. The soft object pushed again and with much force suddenly popped into me and I let out a cry of pain. Immediately I felt a hand clamp down on my mouth to muffle my cries. Whatever soft object had broken into me and invaded inside of me now felt very hard and I could hardly breathe.

When my cries died down, the priest removed his hand from my mouth and told me that this was the painful process to eject the spiritual husband from my life and make my body repulsive to the demon. I thought that was all he had to do to my body but I was wrong.

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This man abused me so roughly to the point that I had serious bruises. When he finally cummed, it was as if he was convulsing on me and it aggravated my pain. My boobs were sore because of the way he had manhandled them. I could even touch my nipples because of they had little cuts due to the way he had kept biting them amidst s—–g. I wept but he told me to lower my voice. He told me that I should be glad now that I had been ridden of the spirit and that in two days time, I’d be allowed to go back home where my life could return to normal. When I threatened to report him to the church, he grabbed my throat and told me that nobody would believe me because he was held in high esteem.

He stated that due to the miracles which he performed through means best known to him that people have neglected Jesus and they now worshipped me. He told me that his word is law and if I was dared opened my mouth to anyone, he would disgrace my family and I in the church, heap a lot of allegations om them and even go as far as having us ostracized from the church and no one would stop him. He gloated that he held so much power that people gullibly lived on his every word and had stopped praying for themselves but instead come to him for prayers. He boasted that he could get any girl he wanted in the church and even married women and yet no one would cast a scornful look upon him. Finally letting me go, he leered at me and told me that he had been eyeing me for a long time and cooking up the false prophecy about me being haunted by a spiritual husband was just an hoax to have his way with me and that my overbearing mother had fallen flat for it.

He told me that it was not easy being a priest. How would the church forbid priests from getting married or having sexual intercourse despite knowing that they were humans who had hormones. He revealed that he wasn’t the holy priest having sexual intercourse and that at least he were better than some of them who had delved so low and were sleeping with each other; priest to priest and nun to nun. Then he asked me if I didn’t hear about the foreign priest who had sexually molested thirty girls who were underaged and had infected them all with HIV? When I gave no answer, he caught one of my n—-e, he twisted it and I grimaced in pain. He let it go and rose to his feet, promising to come that night and warmed that I had better be receptive by then or my resistance would be to my own detriment.

After he left, I laid down on my side and curled into a fetal position then wept bitterly, blaming my mother from making me go through this. I even blamed God for not rescuing me from this demon who was leading a lot of people astray. That evening, my mother bought some food for me and I weakly sat up to receive her. When she saw me, she asked if I was sick and I refused to answer. I was so mad at her that I didn’t want to look at her. She sat down beside me and commented that with the way I looked, it meant that the spiritual husband was really tormenting me and that I should be happy that the priest had a vision about me when he did.

Just then, I couldn’t take it anymore so I blurted. “He’s the spiritual husband himself!”

My mother turned a scornful eye on me. “Have you gone mad? Do you want to die young for talking about a man of God like this?!”

“Man of God my foot!” I snapped. “Does a man of God put his penis in a girl’s mouth?!” I blurted but the painful swat I got on my mouth made me recoil from my mother.

“I can see that you are possessed!” She fired angrily. “You want to bring the devil to my house abi? What do you even know about penis?! Have you even seen one? If you see one, do you even have the guts to wait! Now Leah…” She shook a warning finger at my face. “Whatever nonsense that’s going through your head had better stop! If your wish is to finally become a prostitute, over my dead body will that happen! I’d rather send you to the conventry!” Without waiting for any more explanation, she angrily rose to her feet. “Let me go and see the priest. I bought him a lot of roasted goat meat, as for you busy your mouth with your food before you let blasphemy make God angry and strike you down with thunder!” Then she left.

I was more angry that my mother didn’t believe me. I had no appetite so I shoved the cooler of food away from me and laid back on the bed to resume my tears. Who was going to come to my rescue? Who was going to believe me when I tell them that the priest took advantage of me sexually. I had slept off when I felt the soft head of his penis in my mouth. At first, I was confused about what I was and thought I had imagined it but when he tapped my cheek with his penis to wake me up, I knew that this was no dream. I jolted up to a sitting position and moved closer to the wall. “You are not going to touch me o.” I grumbled stubbornly. “There’s no way you are doing to me what you did to me in the morning.”

“Leah Mathew, come here and s–k this d–k!” He ordered but I shook my head and stood my ground. “Leah, I’m warning you!” He shook a finger at me and his penis bounced from the gesture. “Don’t let me deal with you this night! I’m not in the mood for your child game, come and put this thing in your mouth now, or else!”

“I’m not going to do it! Never!” I yelled.

All of a sudden, he got off his knees and stormed out of the room and in a minute, he returned with a belt. “Leah, come and s–k my d–k!” He ordered yet again.


He advanced now, raised his arm and brought the belt down with enough force on my shoulder and I cried out in pain and twisted my body in agony. He whipped me four more times till I was writhing on the bed like a mad girl, screaming, crying and begging him to stop. When he stopped, he s——-d my chest and brought his d–k to my mouth when I still turned my face away, he knocked me on the head, grabbed my face by my cheeks and forced my mouth open. I had no choice than to accept my fate and s–k his d–k. And soon, he exploded in my mouth. I jolted up almost upsetting him off my body. I hated the taste of his semen and was about to barf and spit it out on the floor but he grabbed my nose and squeezed my nostrils shut, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe then he threatened that he would deal with me severely if a single drop of his sperm left my mouth and in order for him to release my nose, I had no choice than to swallow it.

Smiling in satisfaction, he rose and left the room, promising to be back the next morning which would be my last day in his quarters. In the morning, he appeared with the belt just in case I chose to be defiant. My body already had marks of his belt on them and I wasn’t ready to receive more so I slowly sat up and mumbled a good morning under my breath. Without replying me, he took off his clothes then asked me to do the same. Like an helpless chick, I laid on my bed and he came on it and nudged my thighs apart. I braced myself for what was to come because my body was still trying to heal from his last sexual assault. As he lowered himself on my body and guided his d–k to my v—-a, I squeezed my eyes tight, preparing myself for the inevitable pain. He slid into me, reopening the bruises that were healing. I grimaced but could not say anything as he began to t—-t in and out of me. He made me do every position, bend in every direction and sucks his balls before he finally ejaculated inside of me.

My mother was to come pick me by 6 p.m. so he made sure he returned at 4p.m. for another round and I wordlessly accepted my fate. I gate no emotion as he plowed me in a doggy style, bending over occasions to bite me on the back. I didn’t moan, I didn’t cry, all the fight had left him and I was just a shadow of my former self. When my mother arrived, I was already packed and waiting. She offered five litres keg of palm oil, a basket of oranges, corn and pear fruit and also the sum of twenty thousand naira to show her gratitude. The priest told her not to worry that the work of God was free but she persuaded him to collect the items and the money after which she left with me.

Three weeks later, I had been sent away from school because of my incessant of vomiting and worse habit of sleeping in class. I was taken to the school’s hospital and was confirmed pregnant. My mother undid her outer wrapper and rolled on the ground, wailing to the sky and whoever cared to listen that I had brought shame to the family despite the good upbringing she had given me. She accused me of letting the boys in my school touch my breasts and have sex with me. She dragged me home and threw me at the feet of my father. When my dad learnt of my situation and asked who impregnated me, I told him that it was the priest but a sharp slap from my mother sent me scrambling to my father for refuge while I wept. My father believed me. He knew that I would never lie so he said he would take me to the church and confirm the truth but my mother persisted that she would go instead.

Dragging me to the church on a Wednesday evening, the priest came to us and asked what was going on and why was I crying and my mother said, “This stupid girl here is claiming that you are responsible for the pregnancy!” The priest gave me a cold look then placing a hand on my mother’s back, he led her some feet away from me so that I wouldn’t hear them. Their backs were slightly turned to me and I could see my mother nodding to every word the priest said. Soon, he left to his car and returned a hundred thousand naira which he handed to my mother. My mother happily took the money and tied it in her wrapper then he blessed her and did the sign of the cross.

I was confused when my mother told me that we were going to a place and I should make sure that I told nobody what would go on there. She took me to a matron who owned a pharmacist and had a small room at the back. That was when I knew that my mother had bought me there for an abortion. I heard them bargain the price as soon the matron slipped on her eye glasses and told me to lie down on a bed-like surface. Pulling a stool, she sat down in front of me, brought a bowl of water and held some tools then she asked me to raise my knees and open my legs.

The abortion process was even more painful than the priest’s sexual assault. I felt the cold tools go inside me, cutting things. I was in severe pain and I cried the more while my mother tried to comfort me. Soon, the matron announced that she was done and my mother paid her. On our way home, I kept crying. I couldn’t walk properly. I kept bending over on the road because of the pain in my stomach. Before I reached home, blood was streaming down my legs. My mother took me into the house and brought her wrapper to clean me up. She assured me that all I needed was a little rest and that I’d be fine. My father had gone out so he was unaware of what was going on. My mother sat down on the edge of my bed and began to count the remaining money while she occasionally touched her fingers on her tongue. I was squirming and moaning in pain as I felt more warm blood gush out of me to soak my mattress. I realized that my mother had actually taken me to a quack because she didn’t want to spend more. By the time she had finished counting the money, my life had left me. I was dead. I had died a very painful death.

My mother began to wail and call our to neighbours but it was too late now, I couldn’t be saved. I was buried the that evening and the priest who had destroyed my life officiated my burial rites. I was angry even at death. Three months later, I still couldn’t pass on to the other side because of my anger. I had so much bitterness in me that the angel refused me entry, so I went back. I started by appearing to the priests in several praises and shocking him. Even in the middle of a sermon, he would scream and run away anytime he saw me and the congregation were perplexed. One Sunday, I compelled him to confess his sins to the church, after he did, I gave him a hard resounding slap and he immediately became mad and tore his garments and ran out of the church before he could be overpowered. As for my mother, I gave her a leg sore that would never heal until my bitterness drains from me. I moved down here to start a new life where no one knew me and yet, you are no different from the priest!” She spat bitterly as she glowered at me.

I got on my knees now, placed my palms together and began to plead for mercy. I had actually overstepped my bounds this time and my yearning for teenage virgins had landed me in serious trouble with a bitter ghost. “Please, I beg of you. Forgive me. Please Leah. I never knew that you were a ghost! Please spare my life! I promise that I’ll change. This is not my doing at all. I was also used by an older girl. Please, forgive me Leah! I’ll change! I give you my word!”

She shook her head slowly and smiled wickedly. “I won’t kill you but I won’t let you get away with this either. People like you deserve to be taught a lesson they will never forget in a hurry!” Just then, she tapped the wall and several teenage girls began to step out of the wall. They were over a hundred crammed in my room, I needed no prophecy to know that they were ghosts and I trembled at the sight of them.

“Who are they?” My lips quivered as I flattened my back against the wall in terror, looking for an escape route but they had gathered around my bed.

“They are girls like me.” Leah answered. “Girls who were sexually abused me by relatives, strangers, teachers and so many more wicked men. They died terribly and have been roaming the earth just like me seeking revenge. Everyone of them will give you a taste of her bitterness.”

Before I could ask how, the nearest girl slapped me hard and disappeared. I was stunned by the slap and I cried out as my hands flew to my cheek. By the time the second one slapped me, it was as if I was blinded for a second. This time, they didn’t wait in line, the slaps came from everywhere and the more terrible slaps I received the more they disappeared. By the time the last one had slapped me, my shoulders were slumped with my head hanging down and my chin touching my chest. I was drooling and I had lost my senses. Leah slowly rose from my bed and said, “I’ll be watching you and if you go back on your word, we’ll come for your life this time.” Lifting her arm, she gave me the hottest slap of all and I twisted in a circle before I slumped on the floor.

Three weeks and some daya later, I woke up in the hospital and I was very disoriented. I had severe headache and when I inquired about how I had gotten here, a nurse told me that my door had been found open with me unconscious inside on the floor. She told me that I had been in Coma since then. A week later, I was discharged. When people asked me what had happened, I couldn’t tell them anything. Some days later, I moved out of the compound and travelled down to Bayelsa. I got an NGO job which was meant to support and empower sexually abused victims and so far, we have been helping out victims who are victims of rape or sexual abuse. We succeeded in putting a stop to the abuse and making the abusers pay for their crimes.

I now write books to help victims recover and I’m married now but I’ll never forget the night that changed my life forever. Just the way I was ruined by two church sisters at my teenage years, the girls I had roughly deflowered now liked rough sex and no other way could sate their sexual needs. So whenever you see a girl asking for sex in an unusual way or style, know that whoever had given her her first sexual experience just that way and it had become a part of her. I even learnt that there are girls out there who love to be beaten and forcefully slept with by their boyfriends while some prefer you choke or inflict pain on them. There are guys or men out there who are only sexually attracted to older women, attracted to single mums (as long as the lady has birthed a child), or attracted to women who are sexually domineering. Do not be quick to judge them or call them animals, find out who gave them their first sexual experiences. Boys are abused too, by teachers, nannies or the house maids, some, even by their mothers’ friends.