[STORY] Mary My Student +18 (episode 1-6)


I was relaxing in my office, reveling in the euphoria I always have after a lesson. One could rightly say that teaching was my drug and I always have my fix each day and moment I am in the classroom.
Before I begin my story let me introduce myself.
My name Callum Wilson, I am an English Language teacher in a secondary school. One could say my name is odd in a school where 75% of the students and staff bore native names, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I am 5ft 6 inches tall, I am dark-skinned, and I always like sporting a low cut hairstyle. There is nothing really outstanding or extraordinary about me. Well I could say the secondary school wasn’t the biggest or the most prestigious in the country, but it wasn’t a backyard secondary school though.
As it is I am not a person blinded by vanity. I take things the way they are. I had a small but nice office in the school block and this was per my request. Though it was a bit isolated from the staff room it didn’t matter as the quiet is always needed after a class lesson.

I am 25 years old, and I am single, I think I love it that way, I couldn’t remember the last time I had sex, but I’m sure I had none from my 24th birthday. I broke up with my girlfriend two years ago, she was the type that couldn’t do without cheating, I decided it was better we cut ties before it’s too late to repair the damage. She didn’t take this kindly as she threatened me in all sort of ways in order to make me take her back. But I wasn’t shaken. I didn’t want a situation which she would get me to share in various infections she might acquire in her dreadful deeds. Little did I know that she had gotten pregnant to an anonymous person and trying to get me to take responsibility for it, but good thing I broke up with her at the right time before she could set me up in any kind of trap.
I could now say for myself that I’m single and safe. No not searching. I have made my books my new girlfriend and the classroom my hotel, and I always enjoy teaching. Though I was mainly an English teacher, I do volunteer sometimes on subjects that the teachers are not available, subjects like biology and agricultural science.
Like the agricultural science teacher he was involved in some scandal which I am pretty sure he was innocent, he was accused of rape and several evidence pointed to it as the truth, but I felt the whole thing was a set up. This got him to lose his job and also stand him a chance of getting a teaching job from any good school around. In that case I had to take up teaching agricultural science until a new tutor was appointed. As for the Biology, the teacher in charge of it forced a move away from the school after trying unsuccessfully to get me in a sexual relationship with her. I think she can’t stand seeing me every blessed day and so forced a move away. I liked her though but the way she treated students in her class did everything but endear her to me. She was the type that if she is angry she’ll take out her frustration on the class this making students afraid of her class and those not offering the subject feel in paradise. I didn’t still understand why the students jubilated when they learnt that I would be taking over the Biology class until a new subject teacher is found.

I was still relaxing in my being that was the last lesson for the day, when the door burst open and someone walked in. I’m never surprised when someone comes into my office without knocking because I knew it was only one person who does that, so I was always expecting it. But it wasn’t the person I thought. It was another person entirely. It was Mary, one of the students in my class. She was a beautiful girl though, fair in complexion. she had big boobs and ass, she had balanced calves and had a sweet heart shaped face, her hair was done up in cornrows per school regulations. She wasn’t the brightest student nor was she ever smart in class, the only good thing she could boast of herself was her beauty.
She always scored lowest in my English class.
She shut the door and struts into my office without a greeting and my anger was beginning to rise but I managed to keep my cool.
She got to my table and stopped, then she hiked up her skirt and placed on her legs on the chairs I reserve for visitors in my office, this clearly exposed her clean white panties to my view.
” What’s the meaning of this and why did you burst into my office so rudely?” I asked with some venom in my voice. She flashed a beautiful smile and I knew she was up to some mischief.
” Calm down, there’s no need to shout, because when I finish delivering what I have to say you would have no anger left in you.” She answered back in a defiant tone.
” I’m not interested in whatever you have to say, now take your foot off that chair.” I ordered but she made no effort to obey.
” That’s not what you should say. You should ask me what I want.”
” Okay fine, what do you want?”
” Good. I want you to lick my p—y and f–k me and for you to be my toy boy, anytime I want sex I call you regardless of whatever you are doing, I also want straight A’s in my English and agricultural science. And in this relationship I am going to be the domme and you the sub, that’s what I want.”

This got me almost crazy. ” Who do you think you are and did you place such an offer because I am so foolish to accept? If you are mad you better go to a good psychiatric hospital.” She looked at me still smiling. ” It’s like you want what happened to Mr Collins to happen to you.” I looked her open-mouthed in surprise.
” So Mr Collins was innocent?” I asked her and nodded with a mischievous smile.
” He thought he was high and mighty not knowing he has the brain of a chicken, I went up to him and made the same proposal I am making to you right now and he turned it down rudely, well he said he couldn’t cheat on his wife which made me wonder if his wife is in possession of his d–k and common for him to give me straight A’s throughout my stay in this f—–g school and enjoy my sweet juicy p—y he fluffed all that and ordered me out of his office, so I set him up and he fell nicely to it, now let me see if his wife he feared so much is going to believe he never raped any girl, with his spoiled reputation I don’t see any school employing him. No one rejects Mary and go Scot free.”
My mouth was wide open with shock at this time. ”
My mind flashed back to the whole Mary-Collins saga about nine months ago. The principal delivered this news at the morning devotion which shocked the students and most of the teachers including me to the bones. That was the first for a morning devotion to disperse without the usual noises and bustle. Every student moved very quietly to the class. I was dumbfounded at the news and the principal didn’t make it look any better. He was like,
” I said it, I said it, don’t trust all this people going looking like normal people, not knowing he is a beast in human clothes, wolves in sheep clothing. Can you imagine, a well trusted teacher having the mind to be forcing his students to bed, I don’t know how long he started this or he has been doing this but now his excesses has been curbed, he has met his Waterloo in the body of Mary Jasper. That was the girl he tried to force into his bed, but the girl being a god-fearing girl refused, she refuses to allow herself to be defiled and she raped the girl. She forcefully took the girl’s dignity.
What a shame! Mr Peter Collins has tainted the image of the school and I don’t tolerate this so that is why is have dismissed him from the school immediately and I have sent a letter to the “Education Board” to warn them of his malicious habit, so that he would not be employed into any school nearby for him to continue carrying out his atrocious act.”
At this all the students reacted with” No!” Mr Collins was the students favourite teacher and he was my very good friend. Students loved him because he was generous, because he was kind, he was always smiling and always wanted to help, he rarely punishes a student and whenever he does he would call the student into his office and explained to him or her why he punished them and made them promise him that they won’t put up bad behavior anymore. He was also a person who loves to sing which made him an ever present face in the school choir.

So hearing this happen to one of their favourite teacher was something saddening.
The principal went on trying to dash any piece of respect the students had for Mr Collins into the mud before dismissing the assembly. Most of the students knew that the principal did not like the Mr Collins. He hated him for no just reason so all what he had said of him was taken with a grain of salt.

I myself spent a day thinking what would have made Peter to do this and I have to conclude that it was a setup. during break I would walk into a group of students discussing on the issue and i would ask for their opinion, each of the student would say that they believe it was a setup. Some said that Mary has the face of a trickster. However we hoped that the truth would soon be known.

And here was Mary confirming that the poor man was innocent.
So you mean you the man was innocent and you made him lose his job over nothing?”
” No, over something. ” She answered sharply. ” He rejected my offer and my body and I don’t like that.”
” You have surprised me Mary. Mary in the Bible was a virgin, she was the mother of Jesus Christ a very holy man who came into the world to die for our sins, you are bearing her name and you are something else.”
” Hey hey, you spare me that, I am not a Christian so don’t bother me, I am not interested in your Christianity shit. So do you accept request or do you want to follow the same path as Collins?”
I took a deep breath pretending to think and then said. ” Do your worst Mary, I would not accept such stupid and brainless request.”
” Wait you’re daring me?” She asked lowering her eyes in surprise. “Remember you are single, so the authorities are going to swallow my stories hook line and sinkers and again you are hot so who’s gonna doubt my story.”
” Yes I am daring you, do your worst but I promise you that I Callum Wilson would have the last laugh.” I fired back in a defiant tone. ” And drop that leg from the chair, I’m sick of looking at your dirty panties.” This got her where I wanted her, in angerland. She dropped her leg from the chair and and adjusted her knee long white socks and stared at me for a while then said “we shall see,” and made for the door.
I then called “Mary.” and she stopped and turned towards me maybe thinking I have quickly reconsidered my stance and was ready to agree to her request but I didn’t, instead I showed her my middle finger and said ” F–k you Mary.” Her pink flesh grew red with anger and her brown eyes stared at me full of hate and she answered. ” We’ll see who gets f—-d.” She stormed out and slammed the door shut so loudly that I felt the whole building vibrate with the force.

I stared at the spot the departed Mary once stood for a moment, my face grim looking before my face softened into a grin then finally to a short laugh.
” Foolish girl.”
That little idiot never knew that a camera was recording her or that she was speaking directly into a microphone.
” God bless you for me Rita.” I said in my thoughts, ” sense would never kill you.”
I then went into the inner room at the back of my office and checked on my laptop. everything was recorded on high quality as the camera was a high quality spy camera and the microphone was very good it picked up the slightest of sounds and whatever it picked up was clear. I allowed myself to laugh again. ” Rita if not for you, I would have been in deep shit now, God bless you for me.” I muttered.
I then saved the footage then went out and sat down on my chair and rested my legs on the table and waited for Rita to show up, “who is Rita?” well you’ll know in the part 2

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episode 2
I sat down for a while waiting for Rita to show up but she didn’t. I don’t really know what was going on, why doesn’t she come anymore as she always does before the bell for dismissal goes I have started getting used to her coming into my office before school closes that I missed her.
Rita Dominic is my student, she is the only one I could call my heart’s lovely. At least she had shown that she is. Our closeness to each other is tastement to a crush albeit not a mutual crush.
I can still remember how I met her and it wasn’t through asking her out, the school regulations had put a stamp against student-teacher relationship as it encourages laziness on the student’s side and cheating on the teacher’s side. Plenty cases of unwanted pregnancy from the male teachers has caused the practice to be branded a crime which can cost the teacher a job. Also it was because of another case which two married teachers fought over a boy in SS one. This was one shameful thing almost made the school a laughing stock, so that made the school authority very strict on the issue. I met her in a totally different way.
Well it was when I gave my class an essay, that they should write on the topic” AN UNLIKELY ENCOUNTER.” I asked them to imagine meeting somebody they never expected to meet, how things went with them and how they ended up. I urged them to make it long and not some “wham bam thank you ma’am” story. As I wanted to see the novelist in them. I asked them to submit the first half of their essays for review so that I can see their progress and level of creativity. This had brought in an excited buzz with my students as I dismissed them home.
The following week I collected their notes for review and took it home and took my time poring over their notes, following the stories, looking for mistakes correcting some or highlighting it for the owner to do so. Many of them were quite creative like the one of the student told how he met president Donald Trump his essay was exciting and almost convincing only that his essay contained a lot of geographical errors and also the inability to tell the weather at the time of the month. Maybe he forgot or didn’t know that not every time is winter in Washington DC. So I suggested a map and a globe for him in order for it to help him more in his work.

Some others were quite trash, from those I suspect were the copiers in my class. Unfortunately for them, this wasn’t something they could copy from their colleagues.
Like the one girl narrated on how she met Satan on her way to school and Satan stopped her and tried to woo and ask her out, so she slapped him and pushed him away, that satan was angry and disappeared with her to hell and when they got there she discovered that Satan does not have money, that he is a beggar in hell and that there is no fine girl in hell. Satan does not even have bicycle talk less of motor, so she disgraced in front of his family and then Satan tried to beg and she removed knife and was about to chuke him to death when she reappeared back to earth. This got me rolling on the ground with laughter. So I set her book aside and focused on the others. Everything was going smoothly until I got to her book. Her essay went thus ” My Unlikely encounter happened on my first day in the secondary school, not my starting though, I had to change school so as it was I was beginning my SS 2 class in a new secondary school. I knew nobody but I was sure I am going to make some friends.
I called at the supermarket to get some sanitary pads and some chocolate bars. I had finished my purchases and was about moving out when a hand of a young brushed against me and it sent a shock through my skin making me drop the stylish polythene bag I was holding spilling the contents in the process. He stopped beside me and squatted down and helped me pick my things and apologised softly though what happened was at no fault of his. I looked up to his face, he was smiling, he wasn’t a very handsome fellow though but his smile had wooed me without him saying a word. I stood up slowly with him still looking into his face, I had to resist the urge to kiss him right there. He said ” I’m so sorry.” again but it didn’t sound like an apology to me, it sounded seductive, hypnotic and like music to my ears. After that he left me standing there alone and disappeared into the crowd. It was when I lost him that some sense came to me. “I should have asked what his name was or should have gotten his contacts.”
I walked outside and scanned the crowd for him, but it was too late, I had lost him. I knew nothing about him apart from his smile and he didn’t volunteer anything, the only words that left his lips were” I’m so sorry.” I went home that day kicking myself. The other days saw me hover around the supermarket hoping to catch a glimpse of him, planning to right the wrongs of the previous day but I couldn’t find him so I have up.
The following week I started my new school, it was a like a slum compared to my previous school but I liked it because of the good reputation it had. I stopped at the “flame of the forest” tree in the school compound that was in bloom to admire the fallen flowers.

I then noticed a young man emerging from a car cradling an attendance book and some books in his arms, he then turned and looked towards my direction and my heart stopped beating, my head swarm like I was high on narcotics, my stomach melted and the world around me slowed to a stop. I knew him at least I knew the smile, it was the guy I met at the supermarket a month ago and he was probably a teacher in the school. I wanted to go to him and hug him tight but I couldn’t.”
At this point I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that her essay was about me.
I could remember the day that happened, and it was one boring afternoon that I decided to get some noodles. I could still remember knocking down a girl’s bag and helped her pick them up but I couldn’t remember the face as I wasn’t interested, I forgot about everything as soon as I left the supermarket.
Her essay continues ” during the lesson period he came into the class and treated English language, his words were music to my ears, I couldn’t focus on the lesson, I was drown in the sound of his voice. It was seducing me, it was arousing. I had taken the front seat hoping he would notice me but he didn’t. I was so frustrated when he finished his lesson and left without saying a word with me every day of his lessons were torture to me, as I long to touch and kiss him on the lips.”
Her essay ends here. I could remember I was confused on the essay. Was this girl waiting for an opportunity? How long is this going on. My student having a crush on me.
On this particular day she was writing about. I had smiled at her seeing her at the flame of the forest tree because there was at least one person who shares the same passion with me which was seeing the tree blossom.

I later found out that her name was Rita Dominic and I had developed a habit of pronouncing the Dominic as if it was spelt Dominich.
I rated the essays after going through them and returned them to the owners. I felt that she might expect to ask her to see me regarding her essay so I refrained and didn’t ask her to come see me.
I didn’t want to get myself into any tight situation. I watched her face when I handed back her notebook to her and could quickly read the frustration as she didn’t even check the ratings but opened immediately to where she expects me to write “SEE ME” but found none.
I had asked them to put an hold on the essay until later.
Before I continue let me describe Rita, she was a plump but beautiful girl, thick in all the right places, she smiles easily, her face is round and she sported a broad nose, her black eyes were like pools of mercury and she has pearly white teeth.
She had large boobs probably double D cup breast. Which was always straining to burst out of her school uniform. He had large ass too and had balanced calves. I always enjoy the way she walks always sure of her self and playful.

The school uniform consisted of a white shirt with green pleated skirt or slacks. She was the type that prefers a bigger waistband and it look pretty to me. Though the school allows plaiting of hairs, Rita always prefer a low cut hairstyle on her jet black hair. Anyway the hairstyles the school permits were cornrows, Ghana weavings and straws.
A month later after handing their essays to them, I got a surprise visit from her one day. It was after I had taught my last lesson for the day and was taking a breather in my office waiting for the school to dismiss that she breezed in like an angel. She must have been nervous about something that she forgot to knock. I looked at after she said a ” good afternoon Mr Wilson” and I replied but before she could say anything more I said.
” You didn’t knock before you came in.”
” I’m sorry.” She apologised.
” Okay you go outside then knock before you come in.”
She quickly moved out of the door then knocked, I invited her in.
Then I asked her ” how can I help you Rita?”
It was here she confessed her crush on me, it was here she told me of all the torture she was having anytime I come into the class to give a lesson.
She was like ” Mr Wilson I know I shouldn’t say this but I have to.
As you can see, I have been excelling in all the subjects you handle, so this is not for grades, I wouldn’t even want you to reward me underserved grades.
I have been waiting patiently hoping you would make a pass at me but it seems you see me as just one of your students and nothing more, so I have to come for what I want, I love you, I adore you, I cherish you, I want to be your girlfriend please take me.”
I haven’t siad a word since started talking.
I marveled at the girl’s braveness, I know many a student wouldn’t walk up to a teacher and confess her attraction to him, instead they would be secretly crushing on him.

I felt flattered to discover that somebody as beautiful as Rita had a strong crush on me, I wasn’t really that handsome but I wasn’t a baboon either. Her words seeped to the recesses of my heart. I beckoned on her to come to my side and then hugged her to myself. She melted into the hug and then her eyes looked up to my face.
” Okay! Rita! I love you too, I would be your boyfriend.”
My words were met by a big smile from her. I lowered my head to kiss her on the cheek but she offered her lips instead and we kissed. It was short and sweet, but we quickly had to stop before things get out of control.
” I appreciate your braveness. Not every student would have the mind to do that.” I said.
This was true as there was even one of my female colleague that I was sure she had an attraction on me judging by the way she was always dressing to impress me. I had barely noticed her due to the fact that my ex-girlfriend had left a bad taste of women in my mouth. I had begun to notice her and was planning on asking her out before Rita showed up from nowhere.
I knew she would be kicking herself if she finds out that somebody else had taken the place she covets.

I had quickly set the rules of our relationship.
1 it was to be a hands off relationship, sex would not be involved for a while. ( Well I didn’t want the situation of knocking her up and either risk my job or the girl’s life) also I didn’t want a situation in which after having sex with her she then use it to blackmail me and make me the submissive in the relationship. this was also to test the girl’s patience.
2 While in the classroom we are teacher and student and not lovers, we’re only lovers outside the classroom.
3 what happens in the class ends in the class.
4 no award of free grades, you work for your grades and that means in the classroom and not on bed.
But kissing, fondling, open discussion was allowed. Touching each other’s private part was allowed but with clothes on.
Rita agreed to all these and we left on a happy note.

Rita would always show up in my office before the bell goes for dismissal for a hug and kiss.
She would sit on my laps and I would feel her big ass press down my balls, but it was a comfortable feeling, I also love touching and fondling her big boob and she never encourage or discourage me,
She was playing according to the rules. She also seemed to improve more on her performance, well she has never scored below 80% but at it was now she seemed to have made it a point not to score below 90%.
I was happy and proud of her and always looked forward to the closing hour to see her breeze into my office. Her chamomile perfume always lingered in my nose for the whole day and the image of her in a tight white shirt with her boobs threatening to burst out of her shirt, her lips shiny with lip gloss which I’m sure she always applies before coming into the office, and her green pleated skirt, with her ass and hips feeling a generous amount of the skirt, complete with her white knee high socks and black sandals was always a subject of my dreams in the night.
The classroom was always the hardest part, we behave very well and nobody got the tiniest bit of hint that Rita and I were anything other than teacher and student.
But the word Sweedy and Darling always threatened to get in the way anytime she stands up to ask or answer a question. This always cause to catch herself and I was beginning to see that her fellow students were noticing it, but I couldn’t blame her, that always happens when you are in love.

I was still sitting in my office trying to wrap my head around the whole incident of Mr Collins’s rape accusation. This was being felt in all the classes, the students were quiet and almost emotional, even when it was time for break nobody went out frustrating the lady at the canteen who was sure of making it big but was disappointed as nobody showed up. This happens when something bad happens to your favorite teacher, you wouldn’t believe he did something bad even if he actually did.
I had somehow managed to keep my grieve aside during the class.
I couldn’t and would never believe that Mr Collins raped a student, he was so god-fearing, so devoted to his wife, so open and pure. I know that a hell lot of money was being spent on the whole saga to prevent Mr Collins from going to jail. Though I would have loved to hear Mr Collins side of the story but he had quickly packed and left the town without volunteering any explanation.
I was still contemplating when the door opened and I knew it was Rita, I had urged her not to bother knocking anytime she comes to see me. ” At least she would take my mind’s of this bad thoughts.” I thought.
Rita opened the door and sashayed in with her trademark smile. She seemed to be getting prettier each passing and I liked that. She didn’t bother a good afternoon, it wasn’t important. She walked over to me and offered her lips and we kissed.
” Do you know why I’m here darling?” She asked with a bit of seriousness.
” Of course to give me my kiss and hug.” I replied. ” C’mmon come sit on my laps. She moved over and sat down on my laps and looked at me in the face.
” What happened to your friend, do you believe he did that?”
” No I don’t. I replied truthfully. ” It is something really unheard of him to do.”
” So who do you suspect?”
” I don’t really have a suspect, maybe a jealous friend or a malicious neighbor, raped the girl and set him up and unfortunately he became a victim.”
” So you never suspect the girl?”
” No i don’t, she doesn’t look like a person that can fake being raped and cost an innocent teacher his job.”
” You’re such an expert in knowing people. I can’t believe you’ve never suspected that little witch.” The smile had left her face and she was all serious with a bit of irritation. ” For your information, that witch set up the poor man because she might have offered her body to the man in return for one thing or the other and the man turned him down so she employs the most painful way to reward the man for his loyalty and honesty.
I shrugged. ” That seems a bit far-fetched, don’t you think?”
” Well as you can put it, but the real reason I came here is to inform you that you’re next.” She said with no hint of a joke.
I looked at her with some kind of alarm.
” What do you mean by that baby?”
Rita looked at me quietly for a moment before she replied.
” I mean you are next to be dismissed on grounds of rape, you are next to be sent away with a scathing remark following you,
You are next to be jacked into a corner by that witch! Mary!”
I chuckled” look baby, I don’t get any of what you are trying to point out, why would see come for me?”
” Has she been doing well in your English classes?”
” No!, She’s always among the lowest, she might be a beauty but no brains unlike you.”
This caused her to smile.
” Who’s going to be handling agricultural science now?”
” Me of course.”
” And you think she wouldn’t come.
Remember you are single, you’re younger, so this would make your own version of the story much more sweeter and interesting to hear and as you do not have loads of money, it would be announced to the local newspaper and television and you’ll be ruined for life in jail.”
I was inclined to believe her.
” So what do you want me to do?”
I asked her. She kissed me on the lips before she answered.
” Go get a spy camera and wire this office, keep the camera always on complete with a high quality recorder so that anything she would say would be recorded and that would be your only Savior. But if you let that girl reduce to ashes or ruin your life forever, I promise I would hate you, I would hate you with a passion, and if you could still see me when you’re out of prison, I won’t even pass by your shadow. Forewarned is forearmed.”
I nodded as her words touched me.
She lowered her head and kissed me and I began to fondle her big boobs. I heard her hiss and follow it up with a moan and I knew she was aroused, I took my hands off but she held it and put it back urging me to continue, things were about to get out of hand when the school bell signaled closure and she reluctant got off my laps. I could see her aroused nipples trying to poke holes through her shirt even with her bra on and could feel the sexual frustration she was in.
” Can I see your ass?” I joked. But she didn’t hesitate in flipping up her skirt and letting me have a good look.
” Had I known you would want to look at my ass, I would have worn a sexy underwear.” She said with a tinge of regret.
” It’s okay.” I said ” I didn’t even expect you to oblige so easily, I have heard you’re advice and I would do something about it.”
” Be real quick about it Darling, I love you.”
” I love you too.” I replied and she left joining the throng of students going home.
As soon as the coast was clear, I rushed to a convenient store and asked for a spy camera. The attendant was very friendly and informed me of a new one they had in stock that was pencil sized and had a high magnification rate. It was a little costly but better that than to be going to jail. I asked for a high quality microphone to go with it and was given one that looked like a pen as a way of disguising it. The man asked one of the other attendant to follow me and help me install the camera.
I took him to my office and he quickly identified a good hiding place for it and in a matter of minutes he had set up the camera and connected it to my laptop. He then asked me to go into the open and pick a pen cover on the floor in front of the cameras and then mutter something in the process.
I did it quickly and muttered “shit” as I picked it up.
I came back to the man and he pointed to the laptop screen. The camera had zoomed in when I bent down so what I picked up was clearly seen and the SHIT I muttered was clear as if I said it out loud. I thank the guy for his services and offered to pay him but he declined stating that I have been charged more than the fixed price for the camera as the thought I would haggle over the price but I didn’t. I thanked the guy again and he left.
So two weeks later Mary showed up and unknowingly confessed her sins in front of the recording brothers exactly as Rita had predicted. “That girl must be a prophetess, I swear” I thought.
” God would bless you for me.” I said again under my breath.
I waited but Rita didn’t show, then suddenly the school bell sounded dismissal and I quickly packed my stuff, locked the office and hurried to my loyal three years old Toyota Camry at where I normally parked it.

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I waited but Rita didn’t show, then suddenly the school bell sounded dismissal and I quickly packed my stuff, locked the office and hurried to my loyal three years old Toyota Camry at where I normally parked it.
There my Toyota Camry stood meekly waiting for her owner or friend. She was courtesy of an uncle who was running for the post of a councillor, it was the first time I’ve gain anything from a politician or politics as a whole. Well she has been my friend for three years and had stood with me through tough times, she had waded me through floods, got stuck with me in a quagmire in the middle of nowhere, she had sheltered me from the rain and sun, kept me cool on hot days. she had waited on me without complaint, she had been my friend, I have also tended and suffered with her through her own problems like when she had a flat tire or an electrical fault. I tried all my best to provide her daily needs of fuel and monthly needs of oil change.

I always visit her whenever she is at the infirmary awaiting repairs or servicing.
There was waiting patiently as she always does for my return.
But someone else was there as well, it was Rita bracing her big butt against the car and looking into space, fuming at something.
Her presence lent some sense of urgency to my legs and I walked faster than before in order to get to her.
I got close o the car and cleared my throat to get her attention.
Her head jerked towards me and her frown melted into a wide smile.
Whoever or whatever made her frown, it wasn’t me.
” Hiya! Honey! What up? You haven’t been coming to see me in my office anymore, what’s wrong? Have you suddenly developed cold feet in the relationship?” I asked her in almost a joking tone.
She started at me scanning me from head to toe, but it wasn’t that of disdain, it was the one you do when you can’t quickly get the right words to answer a question.
” Are you not the one that refuses to come out of your office?” She answered me in a sweet voice.
” No it’s not like that, I was always waiting in case you’ll show up.”
” I always wait here for you beside your car, when I’m tired I would just go home.” She replied.
” Why here, why not the office?” I asked in a surprised tone.
” Come on I’m just surprised why you don’t understand the reason I don’t show up in your office anymore, have you forgotten you’ve installed a camera in there?”
” Oh my!” I gasped ” I completely forgot about that.”
” That’s why I always waited here for you, you know I can’t hold myself when I’m around you, so I didn’t want the camera capturing us in our heat of passion, which one way or the other it gets to the school authority and gets you dismissed from work, I would never feel good with myself if that happens.”
” I understand.” I said with a nod.
” Anyway today I was determined to wait today until you come out,” she continued. ” The woman I stay with would be out of town for a week, and I won’t like feeling lonely when I have you but you seem rather early today.”
” In that case get in the car let’s go.”
” So?”
” So what?” I asked raising my brows.
” Has that idiot committed herself yet?”
” Yes she has.” I answered triumphantly and then narrated the whole thing to her.
Rita clicked her fingers and said ” serves her right, she would never know what hits her when she pulls off her shenanigan.”
” With that being set let’s go.” I said.
I tried to open the car door for her but she stopped my hand and her big black eyes like pools of mercury stared into mine.
” Remember I am your student, so I can do this myself.” She said.
With that I let go of the handle and she opened it for herself and settled comfortably at the passenger seat. I dumped my books at the back seat and slid into the driver side.

Rita was quite a girl, just like me she wasn’t blinded by vanity, she didn’t like or dislike anything or the condition of the car. She only commented on the vanilla air freshener that I use in the car.
” Smells nice.” She commented.
” Yea.” I replied. ” But not as nice as your chamomile perfume, in fact after inhaling the fragrance from you I always forget that this one here, it always lingers in my senses throughout the day and even in my dreams.”
She smiled, obviously flattered.
I stole a look at her thigh that was a little exposed, she noticed it and pulled her skirt back exposing more flesh. This caused me to blush.
I inserted the key into the ignition and fired up the car, she purred softly as it normally does then I switched on the air conditioner and felt the cold breeze caress my tired limbs, I pulled out of school compound and waved to the security man. My car hit the road and we were soon on our way home. After we were some metres from the school compound she asked me to stop the car, I eased the car to a stop wondering what was brewing. She sprang on me and fixed her lips to mine and engaged me in a hot kiss, hotter than we’ve ever done before. We snogged and necked for five minutes before we stopped to catch our breath.
” D–n I missed this.” She gasped.
Is that why you wanted to kill me?” I asked through my gasp.
She gave a short laugh. ” The kiss is two weeks old, I was trying to justify the length of you depriving me of it.”
” Works for me.” I said shrugging.
I started the car again and we were off.
We got to my decent apartment amid some chit chat. I stopped the car and we got out. She moved towards the door and I tossed her the keys while I moved the car to my parking spot and got it locked.
With my books in my arms I elbowed the door open and found her drinking water from a glass, droplets of water formed rivulets as it ran down her beautiful neck.
I dropped my books on the table and walked up to her and kissed her neck.
” C’mmon what are you doing, I’m all sweaty and dirty.” She protested with a smile.
” I like it that way.” I said softly and she giggled.
I soon stopped and she stripped off her school uniform and I showed her a robe left behind by my ex-girlfriend and she changed into it. She took her school uniform to the washing machine and dumped it in.
She then moved to the bathroom to take her bath.
After a few minute she was done quite surprisingly fast for a female.
She spent half of the time I expected her to spend at the bathroom.

She emerged from the bathroom like a dark-skinned angel donning a toweling robe. It was bodyfitting on her while it was quite loose on my ex-girlfriend.
Unfortunately I wouldn’t get to enjoy my much loved chamomile scent on her as she didn’t bring it along. So she had to settle for my cheap body cream and cologne.
This again proved she wasn’t a vain type of girl as she didn’t ask any silly question or despise the cream.
She then sat down on the loveseat beside me.
” So what made you leave your previous school?” I asked barely allowing her to settle.
” I had to leave at the advice of the school authority for my safety or so they said.” She answered nonchalantly.
” What warranted that?” I asked further.
” I had a fight with a teacher who we never knew was a witch and on a mission to eliminate any prospect with a bright future.”
Intrigued I asked her to tell me the whole story and she began.
The name of that teacher is Cecilia Morgan. Every one knew her as Mrs Morgan. She was very pretty and has a kind face. She was much loved by the students, you know in a big school like that it’s not easy to pull that off. But she did anyway. She was very generous, always giving gifts to the students, little did we know.
Her gift sometimes were just outright bizarre. Like the one he gave a boy a golden spider as a birthday gift. The boy was one of the brightest kids in the school. Though he found the gift a bit strange, he accepted it as he was no arachnophobic. Unknown to everyone, this became a source of nightmares for the poor boy as we later got to know. The boy would dream of either being chased by a giant spider or he would be caught and the spider would wrap him up in a web, and whenever he wakes up his body would be full of spider bites.
He tried to find the golden spider where he kept in order to either throw it away or return it, but it was nowhere to be found.
She had the habit of giving pens with a red barrel to students that scores highest in her class as a gift.
But the one that got my attention was after two students she has given those pen died. They were two girls Nene and Ada
Unknown to us was that anytime she gives the pen to a student the student’s life is transferred to the pen which now means that the ink is that person’s blood, so the more he or she uses the pen, the more their blood is reducing and they would be growing thin gradually when the pen runs out of ink, they die
This students I’m talking about were so bright.

I attended the burial of Nene and was still there after everybody had gone out after doing the lying in state. Beside the girls coffin was the book she had written a novel ironically titled ” My Best gift from my teacher” I stared at the girl’s corpse in the coffin with her hand folded across her chest, she had cotton wool stuck in her nostrils.
I then moved over to the table the book was on and picked up the pen and stared at it for a while.
If any of the girl’s family thought my behavior was strange, he or she didn’t show it. I opened the pen’s barrel and checked the ink, it was dry, the girl had concluded her novel with the last ink which was her last drop of blood.
I stared hard at the empty pen, my face furrowed in a frown. I strongly felt that the pen was one way or the other connected with the girl’s death.
I then decided to pay Cecilia Morgan a visit to confront her on the matter, this was a rather daring thing, but I was determined to see the root of the matter.
I got out as the people carried the coffin outside and headed to her apartment.
As I got nearer to her house, something forced me to stop, I didn’t know why, nobody hailed me.
I was about to keep moving when I noticed this plant with broad leaves. I have never seen the plant in my life before, so I wondered how it got there. I picked two leaves off the plant and studied it, I couldn’t give a name to it.
I moved away from it still holding the leaves, I then noticed something strange. Though the sun was shining brightly, my shadow was nowhere to be found. I was surprised and searched around me but I couldn’t find my shadow so I concluded that I was invisible maybe from the leaves.
I contemplated it was better this way as I could catch her red handed at whatever she was up to.
I got to her front door and it was locked, I noticed something on her roof, it looked like a human eyeball but was green and was being held by a stick that seemed to be growing out of the roof. I think it was serving the same purpose as satellite dishes. I turned around to the backyard and found the door open so I went in. I got to her sitting room and found her holding one student’s book and peering carefully at some mirror on the table she was sitting at.

There were many strange things around where she was sitting.
On the table was a crow a toy bat on a cross, two eyeballs of whatever, some books and a basket beside her.
Some strange kind of smoke were coiling out of the basket.
I heard her say ” another prospect with a bright future” before dipping her hand into the basket and took out two of the red barrelled pen she always gives to students and wrote the names of those that had passed on it before putting them in her purse.
I gasped and she jerked her head around and looked directly at where I was standing but didn’t seem to see me and turned her head back.
She finished whatever she was doing and got up and walked away.
Out of curiosity I ventured nearer and looked down at the mirror.
I didn’t see anything for a while, then I began to make out blurry images then it finally became clear.
I saw numerous skyscrapers, beautiful landscapes, expensive cars, many things that were just wonderful. But my head was beginning to hurt, I felt as if something was trying to force it’s way into my body, the room started swimming around.
I took my eyes off the mirror and felt immediate relief. I wondered whose future was that.
I took a minute to scan her room looking for something I could take to disrupt her concentration, there were many paintings of strange scary animals and demons so I couldn’t take anything.
I then walked outside and decided to go home. I then stopped and broke off the eye and took it with me. As I got out of the compound a glanced at the spot the plant stood, it was no longer there, I looked at my hands and the leaves I was clutching has vanished mysteriously.
So I hurried away from her compound.

The next day I wore a pair of jeans shorts and sport bra under my school uniform as I planned to hold her to a fight. I did some exercises and practiced with my punching bag.
I waited a bit as I wanted to meet her in the classroom, I knew the only way to make everybody believe who she really is was to make her confess in front of them.
So I took that eye with me. My body was all tensed up and ready for action. I got to the school a bit later than I use to and the principal was there issuing punishments to the late comers.
He seemed pretty moody as he always does for the past three months. I threw him a quick ” good morning Sir” as I stormed past him and he acknowledged it with a nod and waved me off.
Many of the students that knew me were surprised at the scowl on my face and some stopped to ask a question or two but I ignored them.
I moved to the SS one block as I knew she would be there and burst in rudely.
This startled her and she stared at me with surprise.
I walked up to her boldly and stared at her in the eye.
She was like ” what is it?”
So I answered ” what part have you played in those two girl’s death?”
” What nonsense? ” She retorted” are you trying to say that I’m responsible for their deaths?” Her voice rose in anger.
” Yes you are and I want to know the reason. Why did you kill those two girls?” I’m sure my eyes were glinting with ferociousness.
The other students were shocked at my boldness to accuse her, a teacher for that matter for such a thing.
The principal and other staffs of the school had assembled outside the classroom but did nothing to interfere, all of them had the same hopeless look the principal was having on their face.
Cecilia turned and look towards the teacher as if she was expecting any help but they offered none.
She then turned to me and said ” do your worst, I’m not telling you anything, go f–k yourself.”
“Your daring me?” I asked her.
” Yes! ” She replied. ” Who are you?”
” If you don’t want to talk, I’ll beat it out of you.”
” You, beat me, you are a good comedian” she said in a scoffing tone. ” Do your worst maybe I would have to teach you a lesson for meddling in things that doesn’t concern you.”
With that I started stripping off my school uniform.
The students might have thought I had gone mad when I started removing my clothes until they saw my shorts.
I handed the clothes to a student, then I lunged at her and she brought herself to a defensive stance and aimed her fingers for my eyes, I was smarter because I expected it, i ducked and kicked her and she fell heavily. She got up and sprang on me and held me trying to heave me off the ground and go for a throw but I struggled and held my stance. She strained herself to lift me up but didn’t succeed, I feigned a slip and she fell for it landing heavily on her face and got a bloodied nose.
I made the mistake of trying to kick her, she quickly grabbed my leg and I fell she quickly jumped on me and tried to hold me down, I elbowed her and she gave me a space , I then gave her a hard punch on the side and she howled I pain and let go of me.
I got up and began punching her all over. she managed to get up and was successful in blocking my punches and try to counterattack.
She made one false move that out odds heavily on on her, I gave her a cunning opening and she fell for it and tried to kick me in the g—n.
I held her leg and flipped her over do she landed on her back.
She turned over and tried to get but I had jumped on her and held her hands behind her back and pressed it down with my knee.
Now you f—–g tell me the part you played in those girl’s death?”
I asked her forcefully.
” I am not telling anything.”
A curious boy had taken the eye shaped thing out of my uniform’s pocket and was looking at it carefully. I beckoned on him and he tossed it to me.
I then showed it to her and asked her ” what is this?”
She reacted in a quite surprising way. ” Where did you get that?” She screamed ” give it to me now.”
She forced me off her body and made to snatch it from me but I held it back.
” No giving it to you until you answer my questions, now what part did you play in those girl’s death? Tell me or I destroy this d–n thing.
She was like ” Okay okay! I’ll tell you, those pens I give to the students are evil, once the get it, it becomes them and the ink becomes their blood anytime they are writing with it their blood is running short and when the ink runs out they die. It’s not my fault I’m just looking for a promotion, so this is what I had been tasked with, I have to get of many prodigy and students with bright futures, the more I do this, the more my chances increases, my mission here is to rid the school of many bright students as I can.
” What have you done to the principal?” I asked her firmly.
” I hypnotised them, I captured their hearts, so the school board cannot take any decision that is against me, they are under my control, I don’t know what you did to them that they didn’t obey my telepathic commands. Now give me that.”
I backed away from her and she was like ” don’t dare let it touch any green grass.”
So with that I threw it out of the window and it landed on the grass outside.

” Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed and her voice echoed through her whole school and even outside which was a rare occurrence and rushed to window and watched the thing outside as it melted down into the grass.
She looked at with eyes full of hate ” what have you done? What have you done? You’ve now stood me a chance of getting a promotion, all the sacrifices is gone, all what I had done is now null and void thanks to you. And now you have brought this idiots back to their senses. I am leaving but I’m coming back for you, all the punishment I’m going to get from what you just did, I would make sure you get it two fold.”
With that she hurried out of the classroom to her car and sped away in a cloud of dust.
The principal spoke and his voice had returned to normal no longer the dull voice he had adopted.
He came into the class and asked all the students who had received those pens from her to bring it out.
They did and I wasn’t surprising she gave it only to the brighter students. The news soon got round the school and the other students who had received any kind of gift from her surrendered it and it was burnt publicly.
After that the principal issued an official dismissal letter for her but since then we never saw her back anymore.
The other students started discussing various things they experienced when in custody of the mysterious pens.
One narrated on how he was getting sick everyday and his parent were becoming regular customers to a local pharmacist another always dream of being stabbed with a pen the size of a tomahawk.
A policy was created in the school that no student was to receive any gift from any teacher because of that.

A week later before the school closed the principal called me into his office. He congratulated me on my bravery for facing Cecilia without fear of reprisal and thereby saving him and the students from harm, but he further said that I was in danger if I continued staying in the school, that Cecilia might have something sinister in her mind for me.
“She might sent someone to kill or maim or abduct you because you ruined her plans,” he said. “right now the police are searching for her but they haven’t found her yet, and the worst of it is that she might harm before we could lay a hold on her. We went to her house but she had packed up and disappeared. So what we have to do for the better of you is that you have to find a good school in a remote area where she wouldn’t even think of finding you okay? I’m very happy that I didn’t stop you that morning God has really used you to save us”
I had to agree with him though no student knew it. They searched for schools and decided on this one because of its good reputation.
Prior to my arrival I encountered you and now I’m in love with you.”
She finished her story and I gasped.
” Sounds like a fairy tale isn’t it?” She asked and I nodded ” but it is true, I think the same thing that moved me to do that is the same that made me warn you of Mary, if not you would have been a victim now.”
“I agree with you.” I said ” but what is that thing? Is it the eye?”
Rita laughed, ” No! Not the eye, it’s just a gift. But talking of the eye, I wondered whose future was that in the mirror.”
” You don’t know?” I asked feigning a surprise.
” Yes seriously, I don’t.” She replied.
” It is your future. Your future is brighter than you think.” I said with an assuring tone and she smiled shyly and I admired her dimpled cheeks.
” Got any food? I’m hungry.”
” Yea but you have to cook it, I grabbed a bite from the fast-food yesterday and this morning as I was too lazy to cook.”
” That’s not a problem, I’ll cook.
” There’s a couple of frozen chicken in the fridge you can use to to cook,” I directed ” what are you planning to cook?
” Rice and tomato stew.” She replied.
” I think I was craving for egusi soup.” I said.
” Yea I can prepare the two in a heartbeat and then gave me a peck on the lips before heading to the kitchen, I watched her big ass sway as she goes.
” Reserve the broth for me.” I called after her. ” I do love it very much.”
” Not a problem honey.” She called back, so you drink chicken broth, no wonder you are so fresh.”
I chuckled at this.
She was soon through with preparing the food and the soup.
She had done that in an unimaginable speed. The aroma of the food made my mouth water as she brought it to the tiny dining area.
” You seemed pretty fast about it.” I commented.
” Yea, thanks to your gas stove.” She replied with a smile.
We settled down, said the grace and we began eating. She was a d–n good cook, the meal was delicious and I ate and ate until I was sprawling on the dining chair feeling like a Python that had swallowed a goat as I waited for some of the food to digest so I could have space to breathe.
She quickly clean up and did the dishes, something i always reserve for later.
After the meal we chatted on various subjects and spent some time watching action adventure movies on my phone. It was no surprise that she liked” Mad Max Fury road” the same way I do.
After night had fallen, I took a shower and got ready for bed.
I played down on the bed waiting for her finish her shower so we could cuddle.
I was a bit surprised when I saw her nude silhouette at the door. She walked in slowly and got on the bed and began crawling seductively towards me batting her eyelids sexily.
I was like ” baby, what are you doing?”
” I’m about to have sex with my love.” She replied with a sexy hiss.
” But this wasn’t included,”
” I know, but I had been with you for a while, I need this darling.
She crawled up to me and sat astride on my legs. She was already wet.
She looked at me with sexy eyes. ” “Take me baby, I’m so hot for you.”
My body must have forgotten what sex was like because I was beginning to feel as if it was my first time, I was nervous, I haven’t had sex for a year and a half, but I was starting to feel the effects of Rita’s seduction.
” I thought we talked about this.” I tried a futile last ditch attempt to resist the sex goddess.
” Yes Sweedy,” she hissed sexily. “but I know you need me, your body deserves and craves mine I can see it in your eyes, look me straight in the eye and tell me you don’t want me, I will believe you.”
I know I wouldn’t be able to tell her I don’t want her, I know I wouldn’t have gotten to this situation with someone else, how would she even had access to my room at this hour.
” I haven’t had sex for a long time,” I said rather lamely. I regretted it as soon as it left my lips, but she didn’t laugh or scoff at that.
” I know but you sure hasn’t forgotten how to do it.” She said.
” How about contraception?”
” Don’t worry bout that, I am on the pill and I’m in my dry period now, so chances of pregnancy is very slim.”
” What……?” I tried to say something but she put a finger to my lips.
” It’s okay!” She whispered softly. ” Stop talking just take me.”
She lowered her lips to mine and we kissed passionately more hungrier than we’ve ever done albeit a short one, before she lowered her boobs to my face and pushed a n—-e into my mouth which I began s—–g gently on it and she moaned.

Now this is one fraud you would find in every female, whenever you s–k their breasts during sex they would moan, but the won’t when they are breastfeeding a baby.
Anyway it was just an observation and didn’t worth bringing it up in the heat of passion and spoiling the mood.
She slid down my body and took my semi-hard d–k into her mouth and s—-d me to full hardness looking into my eyes as she went on. This was something my ex-girlfriend never liked to do and I didn’t always bother her.
After I was hard she climbed up the bed and lay spread-eagled for me. I dropped on my knees and gave her cunnilingus before sliding my hard d–k into her to consummate our love.
We didn’t f–k, we made love, it was gentle and sweet as her p—y gripped my d–k as a vice.
After like 50 minutes we were done and we both dozed off in each other’s arms.
I didn’t miss the satisfied smile on her face as I switched off the bedside lamp.
I felt a little regret, ” I hope Rita is not also up to something.” I thought as I lay down and she inched herself closer.

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I was shaken awake the following morning which was a little strange as nobody does that. It was his alarm clock that does that for him.
And I am sure I didn’t set it
“Wake up sleepy-head it’s time to get to work.” A cheerful voice said with the shaking. I was wide awake before I knew it and opened my eyes, there stood Rita already dressed up in her school uniform with a smile on her face.
” Wasn’t there school in today’s plans?” She asked and I didn’t know what to answer.
” What time is it?”
” Not very late for a teacher but would soon be for a student anyway there’s nothing really much for you to do, I’ve ironed your clothes and have set out your breakfast on the table, so all ya have to do is bath, dress up and zoom to work that’s all but as for me I need to get going.
” Rita your are wonderful”
Rita frowned a bit ” are you out of nice endearing names for me?”
” Oh sorry! I gasped ” Darling you are wonderful.” She smiled her thanks.
” I have taken your to unlock the car and get my school bag, here is it.” She threw me a bunch of keys which I caught deftly.
” And…………” she rummaged in her school bag and took out a brown envelope, walked nearer to me and gave it to me.
” What’s this? I asked curiously.
” My nude.”
” Your nudes?” I asked with surprise. ” What for.
” You know after we had sex yesterday’s night, I knew that your mind is not at peace, I know your are fearing being backed into a corner similar to Mary-Collins saga, I know you won’t admit it but since our relationship was out of real love, I don’t want you to go around with a suspicious mind. So the purpose of those nudes is that if I Rita Dominic try to use the sex we had last night to set you up in anyway that is uncomfortable to you, you are free to post it on social media.”
She paused to let what she said sink in. I opened the envelope and pulled out some photos. Sure as death it was Rita nude photos at least twelve of them, from fully clothed to completely nude and even some close up shots of her genitals.
” Why did you do this?” I asked.
” Because I know you might not fully trust me, I don’t want you going around with a feeling of regret.”
I nodded and stuffed the photos back into the envelope.
” So goodbye, see you at school.”
” Why don’t you wait so I could get you there at once with the car?”
” Remember you are the teacher, I am the student, do you want people to think we spent the night together?”
” Well they wouldn’t guess.” I said.
” Who told you? I gotta be off see you at school.”
With that she moved out of my apartment with a on either our faces. I took the photos and hid it in a safe place with a sigh of relief.
” Really Rita wasn’t up to anything, she just wanted to be taken,” I thought. But I took the photos because it was better safe than sorry.
I quickly hurried to the bathroom to have my bath.


I sat in my office grading student’s papers and recording smile.
A smile came to my face as I remembered the past week,
Rita had spent every day of it at my apartment and we had our intimate times to the full. She had taken it upon herself to prepare my meals thus saving me some stress but I knew trying to grade the papers would be a hard thing to do with her around.
I heard a knock on the door.
” Come in!” I replied to it.
With that the door opened and two tall men came in. The said a ” good morning and I replied.
” Good morning, can I help you?”
Just then the female teacher that was trying to get my attention sexually came in walking briskly.
I felt she has some problems with her phone which she wants me to help also using the opportunity to gain some body contact with me.
I had noticed her now and I could have asked her out but I didn’t want to cheat on Rita.
I offered the men a seat but they declined.
” Are you Mr Callum Wilson?” One of them asked.
” Yes I am” I answered.
” We are police officers and we are here to arrest you.” He said as both of them took out their ID cards and showed it to me.
” Arrest me? For what?” I feigned ignorance.
The female teacher also raised a questioning ebrow to them.
” It for rape.”
” Rape?” The teacher asked almost shouting almost shouting.
” Yes Mr Callum Wilson was being reported that he raped his student by name Mary Jasper.”
Then he turned to me” Mr Wilson, you are under arrest, you have the right to remain silent until you are in the police custody because what you say or do would be used against you in the court of law.
The teacher was dumbfounded and stared at me open-mouthed, the look she fixed on wasn’t a ” I can’t believe you did this” look, it was a ” how did you get yourself into this mess” look.
Her eyes were beginning to water.
” It’s okay Nancy, everything’s gonna be fine.” I assured her.
Then I turned to the man. ” Officer do you mind if I finish recording this before I forget?”
” Oh no not a problem, be my guest.” He replied.
Nancy made to move out and I stopped her. ” Nancy not a word of this to anyone just yet okay?”
She nodded. ” Okay!” She replied, tears had started running down her face.
” Come on clean your eyes, don’t give anything away.”
I watched her whip out her handkerchief as she left.
“There nothing to fear Nancy, Rita has got me covered.” I thought.
I quickly finished the recovering nicely and closed the book.
” Officer we’re good to go.” I said and one opened the door for me while the other followed me closely
They stayed closely behind me as I locked the door and they escorted me to their car. They didn’t raise many eyebrows since they weren’t in their police uniform and also didn’t show up in a police squad car.
I went into the car and the other went in after me sandwiching me between them, I wasn’t afraid as I’m sure Mary would expect me to be, because I knew my camera got me covered.

The driver started the car and they moved out of the school compound. I glanced back at the rear windscreen and I could see Rita outside her classroom standing still and staring at the car that was fast leaving the school with a frown on her face.
I could feel her saying” good luck.”
We got to the police station and the men ushered me into their questioning room, and there was Mary sitting there sobbing pitifully. Her mother was beside her comforting her.
” I don’t know what is wrong with all this male teachers oo, are you the only girl in the school? Was I committing a crime in bringing you to this school? Ehn are you the only fine girl in the school, what really made my daughter to be rape bait?”
The policemen showed me a chair and I sat down opposite Mary and her mother.
I smiled at Mary and said ” so Mary you finally pulled this off as you promised.” She looked at me with eyes full of hate and replied ” I hate you, you defiled me, you tool away my pride, you are such scoundrel, you are wicked, what ever made me to trust male teachers again? I trusted you, when you invited me to your house I didn’t know you had something dirty in your mind, I hate you with a passion.” She said with all the venom she could muster.
The policeman cleared his throat to get my attention.
” Mr Wilson, do you know this young woman?” He pointed to the Mary.
” Yes” I answered, ” I know her, she is one of my students, her name is Mary Jasper.”
” Did you invite her to your house as she claimed?”
” No I didn’t, i never invite students to my apartment, any business I have with students stays in the classroom or the school compound and never beyond that.”

He turned to Mary ” Repeat your story young lady.
Mary mother cleaned Mary’s eye which had began pouring fresh round of tears.
She sniffed and began. ” Officer this man here is my English language teacher, I went to him with a problem I was having in my English textbook which I needed some help. But instead of him focusing on showing me what I wanted to know, he was busy looking at my breast and telling me my breast was big and nice, I told him not to say that but that he should show me what I wanted to know. Instead he began asking me if I have a boyfriend, if we were sexually active. I didn’t answer any of this, I told him to show me what I want and he said he would only show me only show when I come to his apartment, I told him I can’t, that students were not allowed in teacher’s houses, but he said it was there or nowhere else. I trusted him, I didn’t know he was a scoundrel, a rapist, so yesterday I went to his apartment so that he can let me know what has been bothering me,
When I got there he invited me inside, I have brought my book along so that he can teach me what I wanted. Instead of that he began touching me intimately, I told him to stop but he didn’t, I suggested that we should go outside instead.
He disagreed and continued touching my breast, I threatened to shout if he didn’t stop touching and he stopped and got up. I didn’t know where he was going, I thought he has stopped what he was trying to do, I didn’t he was going to lock the door so that I would not be able to escape.”
She paused at this point and cried more and her mother shook her to comfort her ” it’s okay Mary stop crying, the criminal has been caught, he would be dealt with. Nne sorry.” I almost chuckled at this point but I kept my cool, I didn’t know that Mary was such a good actress.
Mary sniffed and blew her nose into the handkerchief her mother offered her before continuing with her story, ” he came back and started touching me more forcefully than before and I tried to shout for help and he covered my mouth and dragged me to his bedroom and threw me on his bed, I tried to get up but he forced me down. He tried to remove my shirt but I did not allow him, I tried to fight him off but he was stronger than me.”
Now this was another blatant lie,
Mary had the stature of Rita, both of them are a bit muscular,
Unless it is in the case of a total submission of one party before what she claimed can take place.
Mary and I are evenly matched if it we were to have a brawl and the only one that can emerge the winner was the one with a better fighting skills. It was little hilarious as she claimed it did all that still covering her mouth with one hand but I kept my cool and didn’t laugh.
She continued. ” I hung onto my clothes but he tore it off my body and went for my bra, I used my two hands to cover to hold my bra and he slapped me, this scoundrel slapped me, this son of a b—h slapped me and forced my hands off my bra, he removed my bra and threw it away, when I begged him to stop he slapped me again and ordered me to keep quiet. He tore my skirt off and tried to remove my panties,”

She broke down again at this point and her mother continued comforting her.
I smiled inwardly and kept my cool.
I tried one last time to defend my dignity, my pride, but he was too strong, then he raped me, he defiled me, he rubbished me,
Oh God why always me? Mr Collins has done this same thing to me but I didn’t learn my lessons, I trusted you too much. You male teachers are dogs, you are worthless, I didn’t know all of you are the same.”
Her cry took a higher pitch now as her tried her best to keep her under control.
” Seriously I didn’t see this coming, had I known you were planning this all this while I wouldn’t have walked myself into a trap. I don’t know why my body could disappoint me like this, even though you were raping me I was already nice and wet for you, my body betrayed me”
” Young lady would you please continue? What happened after that?” The policeman urged.
After raping he laughed and said ” that’s the lesson I wanted to teach you, how did you like it?”
I didn’t answer him, I was so ashamed. He then left me saying I could dress up and go
My body was weak as I was dressing up I didn’t even know that I forgot my panties, I left and reported this to my mother and my mother decided we go to the police the following day which is today.”
She concluded her statements with more sobs and her mother didn’t tire to comfort her.
The policeman turned to me ” did you rape her?”
” No I didn’t.” I answered confidently” and I never invited her before to my apartment neither has she ever shown up yesterday at my apartment.”
The policeman turned to her mother. ” Mrs Jasper would you mind repeating your statements.
” No I wouldn’t mind. I was waiting anxiously for Mary yesterday, night has fallen and she was not at home, I was beginning to worry as I did not know where she was. I was still worrying when I saw somebody creep into the house, I thought first it was a thief and was about to raise alarm but I discovered it was my daughter, I went to her and found out that she was crying, I asked her ” Mary wetin happen?” And she answered ” my teacher raped me.” This is the second time a teacher from this same school had raped my daughter, but since it was already dark, I decided we would come to the police station in the morning to report.
My cried all through the night and refuse to eat until now.”
I smiled inwardly again ” after what will hit you, you’ll ask for food.” I thought.
” So Mr Wilson, did you rape her?” The policeman asked me again.
” No I didn’t.” I answered boldly.
” As it is we went to your apartment and we found some items that implicates you.” The policeman said in a palliative tone.
” What are they? I want to see it.” I asked, I was a little frightened that they might have found Rita’s nudes, but I knew where I kept it would be hard to find, even with a careful thorough search.
The policeman laid out some items of clothing which includes a ripped shirt which seemed to have taken off with force, a bra which one of the straps have snapped off and a rumpled skirt that seems the wearer was involved in a scuffle. I wondered where Mary got all this.
” And this.” The policeman said holding up a big pair of panties. ” We found in your apartment and she claims it’s her own what do you have to say about this?”
Well the panties belonged to Rita, I could recall when she took them off before getting on the bed with me. She might have discovered the panties cabinet of my ex-girlfriend who was a penchant for buying worthless things she has a habit of buying oversized panties just because they were stylish and would never wear them.
At least that was a genuine reason for her to forget it or she didn’t find it quickly but had to hurry to school. But as it is I couldn’t involve Rita in the whole issue, it wasn’t a risk worth taking, there was no reason to risk my job.

The policeman held up the pair of panties, Mary and Rita had the same body shape and size of ass so Mary wouldn’t have any problem fitting it. ” So Mr Wilson, how did this get to your apartment?”
” It might have been dropped by the girl I had sex with yesterday.”
The policeman exchanged glances with the other policeman and I knew he didn’t believe me anyway it sounded like a lame excuse.
” Who was her? Where is she from?” The policeman asked calmly.
” I don’t know, it was a one night stand.” I know Rita would never be happy with me calling her a one night stand but it’s better safe than sorry, I dare not f–k up with my job on the line.
The policeman nodded, the way a grown up would do when a child tells a transparent lie.
” But Mary I’ve never seen you wear this clothes before, when did you get them” Mary’s mother cut in.
” Mummy it’s because I haven’t worn it before, it was my first time of wearing when I went to his apartment yesterday.” Mary answered.
” Well officer, it seems I have kept quiet on the issue all this while but I want to let you know that this girl sitting, is a bloody liar, a blackmailer, a manipulator. She offered me her body in return for grades and for me to be her slave taking orders from her and not the other way round so I rejected it and promised to get me arrested on something I didn’t do, she even claimed that she gave the same offer to Mr Collins which he turned down and he set him up and got him arrested on charges of rape.”

I see Mary’s face lit up in a half smile with the corner of my eyes when sees that the police didn’t believe me
Well that still sounds pretty lame Mr Callum Wilson but we are going to take your statements, what is your own side of the story?”
I began ” it was about a month ago, Mary came into my office and said to be quite rudely ” I want you to lick my p—y and f–k me and for you to be my toy boy, anytime I want sex I call you regardless of whatever you are doing, I also want straight A’s in my English and agricultural science. And in this relationship I am going to be the domme and you the sub, that’s what I want.” I was kinda surprised and insulted at such an offer and ordered her out, she confessed right there that it’s like I want what happened to Mr Collins to happen to me, she said Mr Collins was innocent of any charges laid against him, that the reason that happened to him was because he didn’t agree to her request.” I dared her to do her worst and ordered her out of my office, I think that was the last time I met her other than the classroom. She didn’t bring any problem for me to review, she never does that, she’s one of those that scores lowest in the class hence her offer. I never invited her to my apartment and she didn’t show up at my apartment yesterday, nor has she ever done before.”
” Liar!” Mary almost shouted” bloody liar, aren’t you ashamed? Look at such a cheap lie after raping me you are trying to defend yourself saying I offered you my body, look at you.”
” So Mr Wilson per her accusations we have evidence that you actually committed the crime, now you claim you didn’t do it what’s your evidence to prove that she’s actually lying against you?” The policeman said calmly.
” Officer, it’s only God and…………”
” I know it would always be God” Mary interrupted, ” when you were raping me God wasn’t there? Now let him come down and defend you, let him come down and tell them you, that stinking idiot didn’t rape me.”
” Mary! I said sharply. ” Enough! I’ve had enough of your insults, I am your teacher and I deserve respect from you.”
” Oh! teacher!” She mocked ” Aristotle the great teacher, Wilson the great rapist, look at your mouth, do you think this is the classroom, how do you respect a rapist who doesn’t want to be respected, well I think you would have all the respects in jail. Mtcheeeeeeeew” she added a clucking sound at the end.
” Young lady, respect yourself when you were giving your own statements he wasn’t interrupting, so calm down let’s hear what’s he has to say.”
He then turned and nodded for me to go on.
” As I was saying officer it’s only God and the camera I had in my office when this event took place that can prove my innocence.”

I glanced at Mary with the corner of my eye and notice her face take on a shocked look.
” Sorry! Did you say a camera?”
” Yes!” I answered boldly” and if you don’t mind you can go with me let me get my laptop from my office, the footage is there.”
” In that case let’s go get it.” The policeman said as I got up.
Mary’s face had taken on a stunned expression now and she was no longer shedding tears profusely. Her unsuspecting mother was only happy that her daughter had stopped crying, but it was only Mary that knew that she would soon be in deep shit as her scheme was about to be uncovered.
I walked out with one policeman following me and the other going ahead of me. We got into the car and drove down to the school compound.
The driver parked the car and the policemen got out with me. I unlocked my office’s door and they got in with me, I moved to the inner room unlocked it, went in and unplugged my laptop. It was only one policeman that followed me inside, the other had stayed behind.
I got out with them, locked the office, then we got in the car and off we go.
I glanced back towards Rita’s classroom and she was there staring at the car I was in.
A fellow student tried to engage her in a conversation and I saw her snap at the girl. I couldn’t make out what they said.

We got to the police station and we went inside the questioning room and I set down my laptop
I could see that Mary’s face had evolved from shock to fear and then finally to anxiety.
I said ” officer like I said, the prove that I am a victim in this whole issue is right here, but first I am going to play the footage of the one you came to arrest me, so you can be sure that it’s no fake but genuine.”
” Go on, Mr Wilson, I’m eager to see it.”
” But you might want to hold her, she seemed ready to destroy the evidence.”
With that the other policeman who hadn’t said a word since we met went and stood behind her.
I then played the footage the policemen first came to arrest me.
The knock on the door sounded quick loud and clear before I said come in. The camera video shot the policemen in various angles and everything they said was loud and clear the camera even zoomed in on the book I was recording scores and showed clearly what was written. The policemen nodded as it was clear that it was genuine.
I also streamed the one they followed me to get my laptop. The other policeman had stared directly into the camera without knowing and laughed when he discovered.
” But seriously I never saw any camera up there,” he said his first words that day.
” It’s because it’s carefully hidden, you would only find it if you know it is there.” I answered with a half smile.
I then played the footage of me and Mary. Mary made to spring up but the policeman was watching and quickly stopped her.
” Calm down young lady.” He said soothingly.
I situated the laptop where everybody could have a clear view of whatever is going on on the screen.

The footage opened to me resting in my office before Mary came in and stood with one leg on chair baring her white panties. The camera zoomed in on her panties because there was something printed on it, it was LOVE written in bold letters.
The look on Mary’s face has evolved further from anxiety to terror then finally to horror. I was enjoying myself. There was also this shocked look on Mary’s mother’s face and everything unfolded before her very eyes.
The footage ended with me giving a short laugh then saying ” foolish girl.”

Mary was no longer crying, she was speechless, she has been rendered dumbfounded, her scheme has been uncovered.
Her mother who had been sympathizing with her all along turned against her. ” Mary, so this is true? So this is what you have been doing? You made that man to lose his job and good reputation because he would not agree to your foolish idea, is this what I suffer day and night go send you to school to do? If you wanted to do prostitution why not go to Italy. That’s where your age mates are going, instead of you putting the lives of the innocent in danger, oh I am finished, my daughter has killed me.”
” Mom it’s not like that, it is li…………” Mary tried to foolishly defend.
” It’s like what? Ashawo, 419, if you talk nonsense again I kill you there, it’s like what?”
I turned to the policeman and said ” officer I have given forth the evidence of my innocence and as they say cameras don’t lie, what do you want me to do now?”
The policeman was too stunned to speak for a while. He was really shaken from what he witnessed.
He then spoke ” Mr Wilson, we are sorry for everything that happened, we shouldn’t have doubted you, but we have found out you are innocent and as it is this would have would have fetched close to 25 years in jail. But how come, who gave you the idea that made you act so fast?”
” Officer you know after what happened to Mr Collins, I sat down and thought, I knew Mr Collins wasn’t a type of person that would rape even when he is drunk. From then I felt I was the next target, I was sure I could feel the bull’s eye on my back. So l decided to put things in place in case it happens. I thank God that it didn’t happen before I could install those cameras. She though she was smart but I have shown her I am smarter.”
Though in truth all credit goes to Rita Dominic as she was the one that gave me the idea, because I didn’t even feel myself as the next target as I claimed. I was bound to be taken unawares, but I couldn’t mention her there so as not to land myself in trouble.
The policeman turned to Mary’s mother. ” Mrs Jasper, we are sorry but we have to arrest your daughter for false accusation of rape while also trying to get an innocent man into jail.”
Mary’s mother was terrified, ” officer abeg don’t arrest her. ” She pleaded. ” Please forgive her she would not do it again please pity me, she is my only daughter, her father has died for a while now, she is all I live for now.”
” Madam we are sorry, but it is this same thing the government is paying us to do, they pay us to root out blackmailers, manipulators and other similar atrocities, we are sorry we don’t forgive here at the police station. Jack!” He spoke to the other policeman, ” handcuff her, the other policeman moved producing a pair of handcuffs from his pocket then holding Mary’s hands behind her back. I then heard the click. There was something special about the handcuff clicking locked, it sounded like a swoosh of a sword before it cuts into something. It was like a lawyer’s mallet signal a discharge and acquitted case. It was so special.
As the policeman was about to lead her away he stopped and said to me ” Mr Wilson, I’m sorry this happened, I myself have been a victim at once, I went to jail for ten years over a crime I didn’t commit, I was framed for murder and it was the love of my life who fought tooth and nail to root out the root and got me out of jail and got me back my job, while those involved in the scandal were punished by the law, I married her immediately the coast was clear and we are still living happily today. I’m sorry it happened but good thing you are proven innocent quite early.”
With that he led Mary away.
Mary’s mother was crying, wailing and begging but it didn’t help.
I pitied the woman, she thought her daughter was right, not knowing she was blindly assisting her in her tricks.
The policeman turned to me, ” Mr Wilson, I think you are free to go we would call you if we need you.”
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Then to Mary’s mother” Mrs Jasper you can go, your daughter would be here before we can arrange to get her to court, as she is 18 she is eligible for a jail term and she might get like 15 to 20 years but it depends on the decision of the judge.”
” Officer is there no way you can help me?”
” No I’m sorry there’s no way we can offer any help, you should just hang on and hope the judge is lenient and sentence her to prison for lesser years.” With that he left her as she continued wailing and hitting herself.
The driver of the police car took me and dropped me off at the school compound per my request as I wanted to get my car.
I think I could make out shapes of Nancy and Rita waiting for me. Maybe anxiously one waiting at the car the other at the classroom.
“Phew.” I breathed. ” The devil’s plans had not worked on me.” I thought as I marched on like an explorer reaching his destination.

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As I arrived at where my car was Nancy was all over me.
She hugged and smooched me.
” Oh Callum, I was so afraid, how did it go? Are they letting you out on bail or did they let you go free?” She asked her questions without giving me a chance to reply meanwhile holding me tight to her body.
” It’s okay Nancy” I replied.” Everything is okay, they didn’t let me go on bail, I wasn’t just guilty.”
I was holding on my laptop tightly so I won’t drop it.
I noticed Rita emerge from the classroom and started trotting towards where we were standing with a smile, Nancy chosed this moment to plant her lips on mine and engage me in a very passionate kiss. There was many things in the kiss, it was a kiss of hunger, a kiss of want, a kiss that had waited years, she took to the kiss like a starving dog to a platter of raw meat. She kissed me like she had been thirsty for days and had just stumbled upon a cool spring.
I saw Rita stop in her tracks and a frown enveloped her smile, I tried to stop the kiss but Nancy wasn’t having any of it. Rita’s frown deepened before Nancy stopped so we can catch our breath.
I know Nancy never noticed Rita as she had her back on her and wouldn’t have cared if she has.
I tried to extricate myself from her but she held on. ” Callum, I’m so glad you are safe and sound, I have been so worried, can I come to your apartment and spent the night? I won’t be able to stay all by myself after witnessing you being arrested.”

Rita stormed off towards her classroom at this, my laptop fell out of my arm but I caught it before it hits the ground.
” Careful.” Nancy warned ” so what do you say?”
” Eh yes, I mean No, you can’t come.” I stammered.
” Why? Why can’t I come?” She asked in a small voice as if she was about to cry.
I didn’t fell for it but I was short of explanation.
” Eh I I eh, I have a meeting with a friend who wanted to buy my cousin’s land, so it’s going to take me till midnight, so if you were coming to spend time with me, I might be gone all night.”
” Does it really have to be today alone? Can’t you do that some other time? What if you were still in the cell?”
” If I were, I would have let today slide, but I’m not, and I am here in good time so I have to. Sorry about that.”
My heart was now at my throat, I stared towards the classroom and could see Rita watching us through the window.
” It’s okay I thought you would have a chance, so you could tell me everything that happened at your apartment, but no worries, there’s still another time.”
She then started to walk away and then paused as if an afterthought, came back and pulled me in for a kiss, I turned my head to avoid her lips, but she held my head and turned it back, planted a soft kiss, whispered” I LOVE YOU”, before walking off to her car. She started her car and was out of sight in minutes. I dumped my laptop at the back seat of my car and waited for Rita with bated breath.
” I hope Nancy hadn’t ruined things for me.” I thought. I was about to call out when Rita walked out of the classroom with her backpack on her back.
She was frowning and seemed to be sulking while fidgeting too.
She walked up to me and muttered a good afternoon Sir.
I found this funny but didn’t laugh,
She opened the car door and took her seat in the front without a word, I went in through the driver side and watched her quietly for a moment, ” look Darling I’m sorry, it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t just push her away just like that, you know you are the only one I want.”
” I know, I was just jealous, I know she liked you as well.” She replied nonchalantly.
” Where you jealous that she’s going to take your place?”
” Whatever!” She replied still not smiling.
” Are you angry with me?”
” No I’m not.” She answered staring into space.
” Okay I would find out.”
With that I pulled her near and began tickling her, she squealed and wriggled herself like a maggot attacked by ants, after a while I stopped. There were tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.
” Are you still angry with me?” I asked with a smile.
” I said I’m not, please don’t tickle me again.” She replied.
” What if I do?”
” No please don’t.” She said shying away from me.
” Okay! okay!” I said and fired up the engine.
” How did it go?” Rita asked much relaxed now.
” It’s a long story, I’ll tell you everything at home. So why did you snap at your classmate?”
” Oh did you see it? She was bothering me.”
I moved the car out of the school compound and waved to the security man.
We got to my apartment and Rita got out while I parked the car in the usual spot.
” Sweedy can I watch the footage of Mary and you?” She asked sweetly.
” Of course, here are you” I handed her my laptop.
” You know I won’t know where you hid the whole thing and I don’t want to tamper with your private files, so finish what you are doing and come and do it yourself.”
” Okay!” I mumbled and watched her big ass sway side to side as she walked inside.
Soon we were seated together watching the video Mary came in and tried to blackmail me.
We have already had lunch that Rita prepared.
” This was a very brilliant idea from you, I didn’t even give it a thought.”
” And it was wise of you to heed it and not dismiss it because it came from a teenager.”
” Why would I? brighter ideas came come from people way younger than you and as you can see have I didn’t heed your warning I would have been in the police cell now.”
” Thank God you’re not. Anyway why not tell me everything that transpired.”

I went on to narrate everything, how Mary acted, and Rita listened attentively and muttered” serves her right.” When I finished.
” I almost got you into trouble myself from that panties. How did you work yourself out without mentioning me?”
” Well I just said, it was a one night stand.”
Rita shrugged. ” Honey if you want to do anything with me, you better do it now, because I’m not going to spend the night, the woman I stay with would be back this evening and if she doesn’t see me, she might look for me and it wouldn’t sound nice if she finds out that I am at a teacher’s apartment. That woman is a pretty loudmouth and is known to spice up stories to make it more juicy to the ears so if she discovers I’m here it might spell trouble for you.”
” It’s okay Sweedy. But you know I haven’t heard you talk of ex-boyfriend before? Didn’t you have a boyfriend in your former school.
Rita chuckled. ” No I didn’t have any boyfriend, it wasn’t worth the stress and headache.”
” Why that?”
” There it was a common thing for another girl snatch your boyfriend before your very eyes.” Rita said with an air of apprehension.
” I don’t still get you.”
Rita stood up. ” You see how I am? How curvy and thick I look?”
” Yes I see and you are an object of jealousy to some of the girls.”
Rita smiled shyly at this.
” Fine, at my former school, I am just among the average,” she said.
” What do you mean?” I inquired.
” What I mean is that the girls over there are more endowed than I am.”
” Unbelievable!”
“They have bigger boobs, larger ass and curvier bodies and they go by this slang ” dogs eat bones, real men eat meat.” Which means that if you are not like them you are meant for dogs.”
” Hmm!!!” I mumbled.
” If you are a slim girl and your unlucky enough for a guy to ask you out, it’s better you turn it down to serve yourself an embarrassment because you would be surprised when a big girl with ass far bigger than yours shows up and kiss your boyfriend in front of you, and take him away if you try to interfere they either beat you up or ridicule you in front of others and they would laugh at you. And whenever they stand before your boyfriend they would ask him whether he liked bone or meat, sometimes he may reject but they would never give up. If they guy is proving stubborn and refuse to fall for them they will get him with some form of blackmail, but he would never be a slave to them.”
” That wasn’t good now? There are many boys in the school why don’t they go for their own.” I queried.
” No there wasn’t, girls made up approximately 75% of each classroom. The boys weren’t much though it wasn’t obvious from mere looking.
So to get a boyfriend was rather the survival of the fittest.
And quite interestingly, they were very submissive and faithful to their boyfriends even the ones they snatch from others. Boys were being sought after like a piece of gold. One even went as far as snatching a teacher’s boyfriend.”
” Ah, How did she go about that one?” I asked with interest.
” I don’t know, but how everything got out in the air was when she called the girl out in the classroom and asked her why she snatched her boyfriend.”
” Was that her boyfriend a student?” I asked quite hastily.
” Yes!”
” Wasn’t there a rule against that?”
” No!”
I shrugged okay and Rita continued ” maybe she thought the girl would be ashamed, quite stupid of her. The girl came out to the front of the class and scanned the teacher from head to toe with a sneer on her lips. The teacher was very pretty with a face of a fairy but was slim, she had barely-there boobs at least her ass was big but not half the size of that of the girl standing before her.
” Oh what were you saying?” The girl asked in a mocking tone.
” I said why did you snatch my boyfriend?” She repeated herself.
” I was saving him from bondage.”
” What kind of bondage?”
” Why am I even answering you, what do you have that I can’t snatch your boyfriend, or do you mean these wrinkled oranges you call breasts, here is something for a change ( she cradles her breasts) he loves these firm, big succulent t–s more than those things. You know the only thing you can boast of is your pretty face and this half size ass,” she said slapping the woman’s ass quite rudely.
The class was tense with suppressed laughter.
” What nonsense is that?” The teacher asked angrily and made to slap her but she acted fast and stopped her hand and twisted it making the woman squeal in pain.
” Don’t dare try to lay a f—–g finger on me.” She warned. ” The reason I snatch him from you is because you don’t deserve him. Go and find a husband and marry, don’t be preying on teenagers. Do you think that poor boy would be able to dig out of your sucker well? Leave him to enjoy what teenagers enjoy. And lastly dogs eat bones while men eat meat, do you think he would chose a bony thing with a pretty face over a hot plump sexy thing like me? Of course not, he’s no dog.”
With that she pushed the teacher away and began to move away from the classroom. The teacher lunged after her maybe with the motive of knocking her down, but the anticipated it and stepped aside quickly before sticking out a foot for her, tripping her as she slammed her face into the door breaking her nose in the process.
” Try that again and you’ll have yourself to blame.” She warned.
They were reported to the principal who only punished the girl for disturbing the class but blamed the teacher for bringing in personal matters to the classroom. And the punishment wasn’t much just two days suspension.
But the teacher out of shame resigned, packed her stuffs and left. Her position was quickly filled in a matter of days, not even up to a week and everything continued as if nothing had happened. So with all that saga I wouldn’t risk my heart for any boyfriend there. And besides the woman was just outright stupid if she was to do such a thing, she should have confronted the girl elsewhere maybe she thought the girl would be intimidated.”
” Quite interesting.” I said in wonderment.
” Yea! really!” Rita concurred ” and the most interesting part is that if one of them finds out they are both dating the same guy they’ll become friends immediately instead of the other way round, and if I had a boyfriend, how would I have done now that I found you.”
” There would have been some ways about it.” I assured.
With that she drew nearer and kissed me on the lips and whispered” I love you.”
” I love you too.” I whispered back.


The following week was Mary’s trial along with other convicts. Her mother couldn’t afford a lawyer so there wasn’t anybody to stand in the way.
I attended the trial and sat together with the crowd as Mary cut a forlorn figure in the dock her once glossy cornrows were matted with dirt or sweat.
She surprisingly plead guilty when the charges against her was being called out. She was sentenced to 17 years in prison with option for parole after 14 years and that was due to the fact that I didn’t press my own charges and demand for damages, she would have gotten more than that, at least 21.
Mary’s mother was surprisingly quiet and dry faced. As for me I didn’t feel any remorse or pity for her, sometimes you have to get caught in your own trap to give others a useful lesson.
I waited behind after the court had dismissed and had the pleasure of seeing Mary being led to the black Maria.
” Mary!” I called and the policemen leading her stopped.
I walked up to Mary and it was pleasant to my eyes to see Mary all bundled up in a pair of new handcuffs cutting a dejected figure.
Her face was bereft of hope or comfort. At least she would be 35 years when she would be out of jail.
I looked at Mary who avoided my eyes, I had no pity for her as this was the position she wanted me in but it backfired thanks to Rita and her brilliant idea.
” Mary!” I said and she didn’t respond, I knew she wouldn’t. ” You see your life? I know you never expected to be in this position ever in your life. This was the position you wanted me to be, right? Either this or I be your sex slave, but you thought you were smart but I am smarter. I knew you had no idea I had a camera in my office recording everything you said and did, well it’s because I wasn’t planning of going the same Collins went. You took the poor man unawares, but never me.

When I told you f–k you, you said you’ll see who gets f—-d, now who’s the getting f—-d?
Yours is better, by the time you are out you would still be young enough to start over, but if you have succeeded in getting me in as you planned I would be a miserable old man by then. Anyway I don’t have much to say I just wanted to say this last words to you, maybe by the time you are out I won’t be around. Mary lifted her face to look at me and I showed her my middle finger and said solemnly” F–K YOU MARY” I watched her face squeeze with anger and knew she was wishing she could kick me in the balls.
“I hope this would be an “Alive in wonderland” experience for you so that in your next life you know you joke with.
With that I nodded to the policeman who were too patient to my amazement and the led her away pushed her into the black Maria and slammed the door shut.
Then a short while later the truck drove out of the courtyard taking Mary to her new home.
I later visited the principal to relay to him the whole news and showed him the footage of which Mary unknowingly exposed herself before the cameras. The principal was silent for five minutes. Then he spoke ” Mr Wilson, I am sorry for the way I handled Collins case, I was wrong in everything, and it wasn’t all because of Mary’s lies, it was also from my personal jealousy of him, I was jealous of him at how the students loved him and adored and I somehow found the incident as an opportunity to give the devil his due as a chance to paint him red.
I wish I could see him so I could apologize, I exaggerated the whole event, the students were sad but most of the teachers were happy at what happened as the were also jealous of him as I do. Tomorrow I am going to address the students and ask for their forgiveness and also tell them the whole truth.
With that I bid the principal goodbye and I left his house.
On my way home, I imagined how Mr Collins would feel if he got the news now that his name is cleared, that he was innocent afterall and was just a victim of false accusations. Would he be relieved? or would he be angry that nobody believed him? Would he burst into tears that his name has been tainted for no fault of his? Would he begin to sing and dance that his accuser in now in jail serving the government?

Ever since the rape incident I had never had a glimpse of him and I could safely assume he was now living somewhere with a different name and different look. How I wish I could get to him now and tell him that he is innocent, but he never left any clue to where he was. I would still thank Rita wherever I go because without her bringing up the idea, I would have been in jail as I am talking. Anyway I hope I would find Collins one day.
The next day was interesting.
Many of the sighed in frustration when the principal stopped them as the were about to disperse to their classes.
He went thus ” My beloved students, I stand before as a master, as a teacher and also as a prodigal son.” This led the students to exchange glances with each other as the didn’t know what the principal was up to.
” I am standing here to ask for your forgiveness, I am sorry for how I handled the case of your beloved teacher Peter Collins.”
Almost all the students sighed at this point while the others groaned.
No one wanted to be reminded of the whole incident or bad luck that befell their beloved teacher but why is he apologising now? What’s the need? About 90% of the school population has agreed that he was innocent and that he was a victim in the whole saga so there was no need of the principal boring them with his apologies.
” I am sorry for what I did, I should have done things differently, I should have investigated deeper but I didn’t, I blame myself it is all my fault. But today I am happy to announce to you that Mr Peter Collins is innocent of the rape charges Mary Jasper put on him, he didn’t rape her he was a victim of false accusation.”
This was met with a ” yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the students. It was quite surprising as the students jubilated, I’m not sure they would have jubilated half of how the did if the school won a major tournament, it was deafening and I was sure the people living outside the school fence would be disturbed.

The principal tried in vain to silence the happy crowd. He had to beckon on me to come and help me quiet down the crowd. I mounted the stage and waved my hands and the students kept mum immediately. I felt a little proud that I could do that what the principal didn’t succeed in doing.
” But that wouldn’t have been possible if not for your teacher Mr Callum Wilson. How many of you know Mary Jasper?
” That lazy cat.” A student said unconsciously, ” everyone knows her.”
” Fine!” the principal went on ” I didn’t believe Mr Collins went he said that Mary offered her sex in exchange for grades and not only that, she also asked him to be her sex slave. So Mr Collins rejected it and ordered her out of his office and she promised the man that she would taint his name and kept to her word and accused him of rape. She put everything in the right order and forced us to believe her instead of the truth. This made Me Collins to lose his job and good reputation.
But here.” The principal held up my hand.” Mr Callum Wilson is your hero.” The students were all smiles now and were looking at me with proud eyes with made me feel a little shy.
” And how did he do it, he installed a camera in his office and Mary Jasper went to repeat the same nonsense he tried with Mr Collins, not knowing that everything she said was being recorded, it was here that Mr Wilson tricked her to admit that she actually set up Mr Collins because he rejected her request, she used the incident to threaten Mr Wilson, but since the camera was there Mr Wilson wasn’t shaken, he turned down her malicious request and dared her to do her worst and she did, last week she went and reported to the police that Mr Wilson raped her just as she did with Mr Collins and the police came here and arrested Mr Wilson, I’m sure most of you didn’t notice?”
” I’m sure sir, throughout last week we didn’t see any police squad car in the school premises and I didn’t skip any day.” A student answered while the other students agreed with a nod. The hall was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
” It was because they didn’t come here with a squad car and also they wore mufti that’s why nobody noticed. As I was saying, it was after Mr Wilson was arrested that everything came out to light, it was there Mary was being exposed as a liar, it was there it now became known Mr Peter Collins was innocent and how many of you knew that she was an atheist and a pagan? I’m sure nobody did.”
This brought a gasp of surprise from the students as they shook their heads vigorously.
” Does anyone know what happened to Mary Jasper?”
” No sir!” A female student volunteered an answer. ” We haven’t seen her since last week.”
” Well you won’t be seeing her anymore, she has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for her atrocious act.”
“Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!” Another loud joyous cheer came from the students, louder than before.
” Now I want to warn you students, I hope you now know that there is a camera in Mr Wilson’s office, so if you go there to try any nonsense the camera would record you and when he brings it to us we would deal with you properly. Now I use this medium to warn and advise you to be hardworking and be attentive in class, ask questions where you don’t understand and stop the bad habit of skipping classes. Had Mary been hardworking would anything had led her to try to blackmail a teacher thereby landing herself in jail?”
” No!” The students answered.
” Now I want three hurrays for your hero Mr Callum Wilson.
” Hip hip hip.”
” Hurray” the students answered each hurrays louder than the former.
” Sir we don’t we try this hero clap
It goes like this, Hero, clap*clap*clap, clap*clap*clap*clap! Hero!” A student suggested. The other agreed with him and without being prompted, they started doing that. They clapped for me without tiring, it was obvious that they were happy.
I turned to look at the teachers, most of them were smiling while the others stood with a frowns and sneers on their faces at the students jubilation. I concluded that those were the jealous, bad minded ones. I stole a quick glance at Nancy and she was all smiles obviously the happiest among the teachers.
The principal saw that he could not do anything to stop the celebrating students and left them to enjoy their fun.
The students had quickly composed a song and turned the desks into makeshift drums
” Mr Callum Wilson is a hero, eh
Callum Wilson is a hero.
He has bruised the serpent’s head and sent her to hell.
Mr Callum Wilson is a hero.”
Then they added the hero clap at the end.
All the students looking for a chance to give me a hug and the bold one a kiss on the cheek.
I searched to Rita and found her a little farther off smiling, singing and clapping along with other students while also watching the students crowd around me.
I had to extricate myself forcefully and take to my heels.
But this only made the students take the celebration into their various classrooms and it was well over two hours before it died down so the teachers could go into the class and teach.
Rita came into my office during the closing hour and hailed me as a hero and gave me the hero clap.
” Now it’s turn for a kiss.” She said before sitting down on my laps and pulled me into a very hot kiss.

Her ass seemed to be growing bigger and firmer each day and the way her waistband tightened around her midriff gave her a perfect hourglass shape.
” You this wouldn’t have possible had you not given me the idea, so I think you are the hero.”
” Oh come-on silly, if you had dismissed my suggestion yiu would have been in hot soup now and I wouldn’t have been any hero.” She replied with a cute smile.
” Oh shit the camera,” I said sharply. ” It’s recording us.” But Rita wasn’t startled.
” So you think I don’t know you didn’t plug your laptop back? And beside even without the camera students would be wary of your office because they feared what they would day and do would be recorded, it’s only you and I that knows the truth and as for Holy Mary let her enjoy her newfound life in jail, I’m sure she would come back with a testimony that Jesus is Lord.”
I chuckled at this and we kissed again while I ran my fingers across her smooth thighs. But we had to stop before things get out of hand.
” I’m coming to your apartment tonight, so be prepared for me.” She whispered to my ear.
” Sure Milady! I’ll be ready for you.”
” Remember use no tramadol.”
” Off course you know I don’t use drugs.”
” Good.” She said before bidding me goodbye and sashaying out of the office.
Nancy later came in sporting a wide smile and congratulated me before asking if she could come to my apartment that day. But I said no and quickly thought up an excuse, I said I had already planned to visit an imaginary aunt somewhere. I didn’t miss the look of disappointment on her face.
But I couldn’t help it, I can’t take her to my apartment because she might Rita there and again I knew if I allowed her to come we might have sex with each other but I was never planning on cheating on Rita for any reason. I didn’t want to break one of my rules which was ” Cheating is not allowed in a relationship.”
I was however quick to throw in a cushion. I told her I wasn’t very free for some days but that I would invite her when I have a chance. She felt assured by this and bid me goodbye before getting out.
I leaned back in my chair and breathed a sigh. ” What have I gotten myself into?” I thought, ” I couldn’t just tell her I am in a relationship with someone else, it would hurt and if she discovers it’s a student she might get me into trouble, maybe if I could continue evading her she might come to a conclusion that I don’t want her and give up or she might not, she might try to know what I like in other women that she doesn’t have and make herself have it.
I just have to hang on and hope for the best.”

Mary was being transferred to another prison in a truck, she had found out a totally new world and agreed within her that the world she previously lived in was a bed of roses. Here was a hell on earth, no freedom, monitor everywhere, you are being monitored as you are peeing you don’t chose the clothes you wear, you are given a prison uniform, you only eat what is served and you don’t make any choices, she thought of her mother, how would she rate her now? She had trusted her daughter only to be seen her exposed and forever living with the memory that her only daughter is a prisoner. Would she be alive when she is finally out? She didn’t know. She was barely a month here in jail and was already regretful.
This was the place she had wanted people to go because they didn’t want to satisfy her selfish wish but she turns out to be the one coming here instead.
The truck carrying reached its destination and they were pulled out their legs and wrist bounded in chains.

The screening took place before they had their bonds removed, she was shown her cell and it happened to have only one occupant who was facing away from the door.
The other prisoner turned around and Mary saw that it was a woman, a very pretty woman. It was Cecilia Morgan the witch.
” Oh my goodness, fresh meat is here.” She rushed up to her and circled her like a shark before sniffing around her the way a sniffer dog would do.
Mary was immediately intimidated by her.
The woman suddenly stopped, ” I smell Rita on you.”
“Which Rita?” Mary asked shakily.
” Rita Dominic, the one who got me where I am now. I smell revenge, she got you here too.”
” No she didn’t.”
” Yes she did, if not directly but she has a hand in your arrival here, I can smell that on you. But I don’t care, I would take out my venom on you, I am to be here for the rest of my life and as long as you last I’m going to make your life a living hell as a revenge.”
” But you said it was Rita, I haven’t offended you in anyway.” Mary said with a frightened voice.
” I don’t care, I smelt her on you and that is all I care, she stopped me from gaining a promotion thereby making me a blood seeking witch, you can call it vampire witch I don’t care. I don’t know what they put in this prison that stops me from going out, anytime I need blood and tries to get out of this hellhole I would receive an electric zap and I would be weak for days. So now that you are here you are now my source of blood.
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Mary backed away from her and cowered at a corner.
Cecilia began walking towards her and she screamed” Don’t come near me.”
You can scream all you want, but I want to let you know that the securities don’t care what happens to you their purpose here is to stop you from escaping.
Now allow me to taste that sweet young blood of yours.”
As she was talking her teeth were growing into fangs.
“Don’t worry I’m not a real vampire, I would not turn you into one, what I want is your blood to keep myself going and nobody is going to see a bite mark on your skin.”
With that she grabbed Mary’s arm and opened her mouth to bite her.
” Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mary screamed.

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The end of Rita’s secondary school was nearing. A long while has passed since we resumed our hands off relationship and only resorted to kisses and hugs, I missed her company sometimes but it wasn’t that strong to make me look like a desperate teenager and again I have to do this so to give her a chance to study especially when it is nearing examination period, she always excelled beautifully in the subjects I handled and did same in other classes too.
But after all that long while we had to resume the sexual part because I felt she was beginning to feel that I am planning ditch her and with Nancy lurking in the shadows it wasn’t easy for her.
It was the time for their Waec examinations and things were going smoothly. A little malpractice waa involved, that’s can’t be overlooked in Nigeria. I had to contribute in more ways than one, I wasn’t really after the money, I just wanted to help my students to all pass out of the school on good note.

I still remember after the incident of me and Mary many of the students has resorted to calling me “HERO” it isn’t a bad name but I have to be a hero for them once again. I haven’t heard of Mr Collins since the incident of Mary rape accusations but I am still looking for him, I was sure he was now living under an alias but it was nothing I could guess.
Rita was rather a bright student, so my help in the examination hall was more of an assistant than a total dependence, since she was better in mathematics than me I didn’t really bother myself in that aspect as she was capable of handling it ( oh God I hate that subject).
After the first two weeks of frantic examinations schedule, the other week was an absolute calm. There wasn’t any examination for a stretch of a week and three days, at least not the ones that concerned Rita. This gave her a chance to take a breather and calm down. She paid me a surprise visit at my apartment, well I could say surprised because I wasn’t expecting her.
She prepared breakfast for me and we had sex. It was more of a lovemaking than f—–g like animals in heat. This reminded me of our first time together. After that we engaged in some post-coital talks and she stated her future ambitions before me.
” You know after the Waec, I’ll go to the university.” She said.
” Yea that’s sure” I replied. ” It’s a dream of every secondary school students to do that, but the barrier is always the money.”
” Yea but when there is a will, there is a way. So as I was saying after I complete my courses, I’ll go for youth service then when I come back we can marry.
Her statements wasn’t totally out of the blue but seriously I never had a thought on marriage.
” Ha you are even talking of marriage.” I joked.
” Yes and I’m serious.”
” What if another girl with developed a stronger crush on me and confessed it to me as you did, what should I do?”
” Please you would have to ignore her for my sake.” She replied.
Though I meant it as a joke I didn’t really feel it but what if it happens? as it was I was the only male single teacher in the school and probably the youngest.
So most of the female teachers were and putting on their best and were trying to get my attention and the most obvious of it was Nancy. She had backed off a bit these days maybe because I was busy with the examinations. But I know it would come hotter and stronger after the exams. I wondered what I would tell her if she confronts me one day and asked me ” you seem to be avoiding me, why are you avoiding me?”
” What about Nancy?” I asked this time a bit serious.
Rita breathed a sigh. ” Please you need to ignore her for my sake too, just the same way I am going to do when I am at the university. I would have to shoo away the guys because I know you are there for me. I would have said you are free to have her but I know her, once she gets hold of you she won’t let go and I don’t want a situation in which I am through with my youth service and come back here and she is still there feeling contented and happy, I don’t want to be a marriage and home wrecker and I also don’t want any rivalry between me and her if she finds out that you are not planning to marry her but me after settling down in your house.”
I was quiet for a while, this was really food for thought for me as I imagined Nancy waiting patiently for me to come to my senses one day and walk up to her and tell her I like you. I wondered how she would react. I also wondered how she would feel if she discovers that she is waiting in vain that I was reciprocating her attraction to me. How would she feel? What would she do about it?
And besides if not for Rita I would have been in jail at the moment and I know Nancy would never have waited for me for 21 years or so I might have been in there. Rita brought the perfect plan and I executed it and it turned out good.
And again I liked Rita for her bravery and courage to walk up to me and let me know of her heart desire which wasn’t something selfish, and this is something Nancy hasn’t done. What if she shows up unexpectedly one day at my apartment and demands an answer to my hide and seek game.
Well as it was she was behind Rita in the pecking order.
Rita cleared her throat and brought me out of my reverie.
” You know as you can see right from that day I met you at the supermarket you got hold of my heart and ever since then you are still there and nobody can replace it, the heartbreak would be too much to bear if I see another person taking my place. You know you are the only one I love, I love you and no one else.”
“Hmmm!!” I groaned.
” So what is your response?” Rita asked me with soulful eyes.
” Hmm!!! That’s a lot to ask but I’ll try, the only thing now is that I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I run out of excuses.”
Rita breathed a sigh, which I felt was a sigh of assurance that she was safe.

The exams resumed after the week of grace was over. Though the particular examination didn’t concern Rita but she came anyway.
I went out to ease myself at the restroom when returning I caught a glimpse of her and then she did a signal and I know what it meant. She wanted to talk to me. It was a single only understood between two of us as a whole sentence can be said with just a finger gesture or simply crooking a finger.
This is how I sometimes tell her the answer in the exams hall without saying a word or slipping in any piece of paper.
I walked over to her. She was beside the examination hall but it was out of sight of any prying eyes and poking noses, she was like
” Sweedy I have to go home.”
” Anything’s wrong?” I queried.
” No not at all, I just got a call from my parents and they want to see me and thank God I’m not occupied today.
” Wait did you say parents? I thought you were an orphan.” I wondered out loud.
” Orphan? Oh! no!” Rita gave a short laugh. ” No I’m not an orphan, I know it’s just that you’ve never broached the subject before and never cared to ask.”
” Not that I didn’t care, it’s just that I didn’t want to see you burst into tears if I mention them as some people are bound to do.”
” I know!” Rita gave a half smile, and I refrained from telling you about my parents because I felt you might freak out. As some parents are very much against their children dating teachers and I saw you as the type who doesn’t like trouble, though I would have told you had you asked about it.”
I nodded.
” But are you living together with them?”
” No, they are both working class people, they are living at where my former school is, and due to what happened I had to relocate, but they couldn’t relocate with me because of their work. They are now going for their vacation and decided to stop by to see how I’m faring. I thought leaving them was the first real test of my life, many might fear I would grow wild when I am out of sight of their watchful eyes. Anyway the woman they recommended me to stay with is a good woman despite being a loudmouth, she is honest and transparent.”
” So how about siblings?” I asked.
” I had a brother, he died.”
” Oh I’m so sorry,” I said with genuine pity ” it must have been so painful for you may his soul rest in peace.
” Amen.” But Rita didn’t look like somebody that was sad, she looked as if she was restraining herself from laughing out loud. But I didn’t probe because I didn’t know if she was about to burst into tears.
” But I didn’t tell you the manner which he died.”
I shrugged. ” Probably an accident or something tragic that you might not want to remind yourself of.”
” No something different. He died in the course of completing a dare.”
” A dare?”
Rita nodded. ” Yes a dare.”
” Was he dared to snap his own neck and he did?”
” No. He was dared to have sex with ten girls at a time and he dies while doing it. People later suggested that he might have had sexual diabetes and so the sex was too sweet, they said it was the sweetness of the sex that killed him.”
Rita stared straight at my face as I was trying hard to keep myself from laughing.
” It’s okay you can laugh, I laughed myself when I first heard it.”
With that I burst out and she joined in.
” Well those girls were his classmates I don’t know how he got into their midst, then someone suggested truth or dare. According to one of the girls that participated, he had dared them to do things that they’ve never done before, like daring the girls to perform cunnilingus on another girl or daring them to lick another girl’s anus. He dared the shyest girl in the group to strip naked and m——–e herself to o—-m in front of them. According to her all the dates they carried out was nothing harmful or extreme so there was nothing he shied away from doing when dared, so one girl finally dared him to have sex with all of them and make each of them o—-m twice. Most of the girls agreed that it was the perfect payback for what he made them do as there was a girl in their midst which always takes so long to c-m not to talk of twice. So they thought he would be in for a surprise as he would be made to work. He was done with the fourth girl and was with the fifth when they noticed him shaking. They thought he was having an o—-m and the next thing he was lifeless.

So the girls dressed him up and fled as they feared they might be arrested.
So after the autopsy was carried out of was confirmed that the girls didn’t have any hand in his death. That he died from heart failure as they was no sign of torture on his body or any sign that he was strangled. They suggested that his death might be from his exertions in trying to please the girls. So messages had to be sent to the girls that wherever they are they can come and resume their schooling that they are innocent.
Even after my brother’s burial and the explanation given for his death people still said it was the sweetness of the sex that killed him, I don’t even know where they got sexual diabetes from.”
We laughed a bit at this.
” Was he older than you?”
” Yes. Three years and some months.”
” Was that your only sibling?”
” Yes, I’m the only one left now. Though my parents are still young enough to bear children, they are too absorbed with their works. I can’t remember the last time I or my father tasted my mom’s cooking neither does my father even have a chance to sit down and ask what was for dinner. Infact there was one day my father slept some minutes later than he normally do, men you should see the way he was rushing. It was as if apocalypse was about to happen and he was rushing to enter Noah’s ark. He first tried to force his foot into a black handgloves thinking it was socks, he then realised his mistake and corrected himself, he then wore a shoe on the wrong foot then found out he was wearing different shoes.

That day was complete comedy and I laughed to my heart content, the man didn’t even ask me what I was laughing, he totally ignored me.
As for my mother she never bothers with makeup as she wouldn’t even have time to wear it.
So as it was none of them were prepared to drop their job and be a stay at home parent so that makes it totally impossible for them to have more children.”
” If your mother never had time to cook, so where did you learn to cook so well?”
” At my friend’s house and from the woman I’m leaving with now. Most of my friends mother’s are absolutely good cooks so they patiently showed me how it is done as they knew what was happening at my home. This woman also helps a lot, teaching me different delicacies and different ways you could prepare one type of food.”
” It’s okay, you need to go now, I have taken much of your time”
” No you didn’t Sweedy. It’s never ever boring talking to you.
With that she pulled my face near and kissed me on the lips for a short while and then waved goodbye.
” I love you.” She said.
” I love you too sweetheart.” I replied with a smile.
I turned around and to my shock Nancy was standing behind, me her eyes already red and tears were streaming out of them. I was sure she has seen everything that went on between me and Rita.
” So Wilson, all this while I’ve been waiting, so I have waiting in vain?”
Being totally unprepared for this encounter, I was quickly short of words and excuses.
” Look Nancy it is not like that.”
” It’s like what? I can’t believe you would choose a mere student over me, what does she have that I don’t have? Or is it dark skin? Eh?
All this while I have been keeping my heart open for you, giving out all the signs I could know off, not knowing you have some skeletons in your cupboard.
” Look Nancy, had you made this your attraction known to me since it would have saved you this headache.”
” How would I have made myself known, tell me how? When you were dribbling me like Messi and Ronaldinho, whenever I want to come to your apartment you would have some excuse for me. And funny enough it was today that I decide to tell you everything of how much I want you in my life, I looked for you in your office but I couldn’t find you, only to come here to be entertained by the sight.”
” Nancy I’m sorry. I’m…….”
” I know you would be.” Nancy interrupted. ” But that doesn’t mean a thing to me right now you’ve just ruined my day, you have just broken my heart.”
” So what are you going to do now?” I asked somehow wishing I didn’t ask.
” I am leaving right away. I am leaving the school, I’m handing in my resignation letter tomorrow, I know you love teaching, you add another subject to the list of those your handling.”
I held her hand, ” come on Nancy don’t do something you might regret later. Must every female teacher always leave the school because of me?”
I felt her hand, it was soft and smooth and her perfume was intoxicating though different from Rita’s chamomile perfume.
” well whatever you say I am not going to regret this one. I can’t stand seeing you moving around with the knowledge that you’re not mine, we will always have to leave, do you know how it feels to be rejected? So I am going, if you want me come and look for me. Now leave my hand.”
She snatched her hand away from me and stormed off towards the staff room.

I felt bad at how it got to this. I never expected her to leave the school because of this issue, I just thought she would realise one day that she wasn’t wanted by me and back off.
I didn’t wish it to get to this but as it came to pass I didn’t have any choice.
I began walking after her. She was still crying as she gathered up her stuff, her fellow teachers tried to get her to say what was the problem the tried to know why she was crying, but she didn’t volunteer anything. She just packed her things and headed to her car and started it up. The car sounded angry the owner and was soon out of sight.
” I hope she doesn’t commit suicide.” I said in my thoughts, I could understand how she felt, but I couldn’t help it. I wondered how Rita would have felt if I had told her no, maybe she would have done drastic, she might have even go as far as………..
I pushed the thought from my head.
I got to the staff room and met one of the female teacher with the physique of Rita. She had quite a large bossom and a gap tooth with a cute face.
She turned to me a suspicious look.
” You broke her heart.” She said
” No I didn’t. I thought she never said anything to anybody.” I replied.
” Yes but I know everything, I know that she was so obsessed with, so infatuated with you, and bided her time with patience waiting for you to come on to her but you never. Now what have you done to her?”
” I didn’t do anything to her.”
” Yes you did, she has seen you with someone who is not just anybody, isn’t it? And that is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
She looked at me with calm eyes, I didn’t answer her.
” Right?” She asked.
” But that isn’t a guarantee that she should leave the school.” I evaded her question. ” At least there are many people here she can turn her attention to.”
” Have you forgotten that you are the only single teacher here? That all other males teachers are married and no lady here is crazy enough to be starting a relationship with a married man, they want their own. Do you how you being single have been raising the hopes of the single female teachers? Most of them are trying their best to get your attention. And the fact that you are not a womanizer is just the icing on the cake. I know Nancy, she is my friend and she talks to me and she’s never for once minced words about his attraction to you, she claims that you had ticked all the boxes in terms of characters she wants in a man and she was prepared to ditch her own characters you wouldn’t want and embrace the ones you want. She was clearly winning the race as all the others were below her in the pecking order. I myself even have to back out of the race in order to give her a chance but you spurned all that and broke her heart.
I opened my mouth in surprise, ” even you.”
” Of course, what’s wrong with me?”
” But you are married.”
” Yea I am, but that’s only it, because the way I am now I’m just like someone who is not, my husband has resorted to drinking, smoking and all sort of nonsense. I have tolerated his sterility and now coupled with erectile dysfunction I haven’t had sex for over a year and a half now, I need love and you are the only person that could provide it.”
” Hmmm!!!” I grunted and it was clearly not the answer she wanted and seemed furious.
” Who is the girl that stopped the progress of Nancy?”
” Seriously you really wouldn’t want to know.”
” Why? I want to know.”
I shook my head and wouldn’t budge.

She lowered her tone and asked ” are you gay and is this girl we are talking about a guy? Because that’s the only thing that could disgust Nancy that much.”
” Oh no no no, I’m not gay.”
She seemed a little satisfied with the answer. ” Okay now that Nancy is out of the picture, what do you think of me?”
” I think it’s nothing, remember you are a married woman and I don’t like doing things with married women.”
She looked at me for a while and shook her head in pity or disdain.
” I don’t know what mould you came from, at least typical African guy would have grabbed the opportunities that had presented itself with both hands, but you are just different, funny a guy playing hard to get instead of the other way round. Okay if I could start a relationship with you, I would divorce my husband and I’m sure you wouldn’t have problem with a divorcee.”
I didn’t say anything.
” Okay fine I know it’s a lot to take in at the moment, so I’ll wait for your response soon and I want something positive.”
My heart was beating and I felt trapped, I began to feel Nancy’s pain as if it was a physical pain.
And with this woman also confessing her attraction and willingness to take a drastic step on my behalf I know it would be hard to curtail everything. But I know myself, I know that nothing would make me cheat on Rita.
She momentarily forgot where she was and pulled my head nearer and was about to kiss me and then remembered where she was and held herself. I turned around and could see the hateful stares the other teachers directed at her, but she didn’t care as she wasn’t a teacher and wasn’t doing it with a student.
I had to excuse myself and head to my office.
For the next three weeks, Rita and I didn’t get to meet with each other as she was quite busy with her examinations and I didn’t plan on disrupting her momentum. We saw each other in the examination hall.

It was the fourth week that their examinations were finally over and one could take a breather.
She came to my apartment the following day and we were able to have a good feel of one another after a long while. Here she got the full story of what really transpired between me and Nancy
After I finished she looked sad for a moment, ” I feel for her, but I wish she had stayed at least she always keeps herself under control.”
” What do you mean by that?” I queried.
” The school has found her replacement who would arrive next week and this one is a clear opposite of Nancy, she’s more beautiful than her, more endowed and more aggressive, she’ll hide at nothing to let you know she wants you and this is going to be a tougher test for you. But I can count on you.
” How did you know?”
” Well I just felt it just the same way I did when Mary was about to set you up.”
” I would see how accurate is your prediction.”
” Well I have some good news.”
” What good news I asked without much interest.
” I won a lottery.” She said with a half smile.
” Wow congratulations, how much is it? Probably two hundred thousand.”
” No! more than that. It’s ten million Naira.”
I stared at her for a while and then burst out laughing. I didn’t recover from laughing when she said, ” and I’m going to give you half of it.” This got me laughing more and I could see the frown on her face.
“Who you fooling girl? I know that might be a dream but not just right of the bat.”
Her frown deepened and she said ” look I am serious, I am joking about as you’re thinking.”
” Like seriously?” I asked still amazed and she nodded before showing duplicate of the lottery ticket.
” Wow you are rich girl.” I commented with sincerity.
” So as I was saying, I’ll give you half of it so you can establish yourself while I am at the university. I know you wouldn’t give up teaching, but that is not a bother for me. You could invest it in something maybe open a supermarket or a high class boutique or whatever that would get you good money. So that when I’m back from my youth service we can get married and make our wedding as colourful as we would ever like.”
” That’s so nice of you my love. Thank you.”
” Your welcome, but the thank you wasn’t needed remember you are my heart.”
” So what gave you the idea of playing this particular one?”
” Well I just felt it and decided to do it and it went out well and another good news.”
” What?”
” I have won a scholarship too.”
” Oh my God, what’s behind all this luck?
” It just the hand of God and the fact that I am in love with you.”
” So what are you going to do with your money?”
” I’ll invest it but would keep a low profile wherever I am in order not to be a target for kidnappers and hoodlums.”
“That means you’ll never buy a car?”
Yea but I’ll get a motorcycle as a means of transportation. So how about you are you going to buy a new car?”
” No I think I’m gonna stick with my friend she has been with me through tough times.
” Loyalty would not kill you.”
We both laughed.
” Why not go to the bedroom and get something doing?” She suggested.
” Who would ever say no to that?”
Nancy’s replacement arrived the following week just as Rita as predicted, her name was Isabel pronounced ( Izzybel). She was fair in complexion with a raven black natural hair, she had a tantalizing gap between her teeth, she had big boobs and and a bigger ass and walks with a self assured spring and wears glasses rather for fashion than for medical purpose.
If I was to compare her beauty with Rita I could say she beats Rita by 10% though that’s a little unfair as I haven’t seen Rita before with makeup.
The other teachers grew jealous of her immediately and many gave her cold shoulder but she had adopted an ” I don’t care” attitude.
Infact she made my office her second classroom and frequented it in a week more than Nancy has done in her entire stay in the school.
I tried and stayed as professional as I can and she was getting frustrated at this which I knew she would voice it out one day.
She kept coming to my office and sometimes made odd request like once she asked me to help her adjust her bra strap because it was too tight on her. I did it with a straight face and with no comment, but she had quite a nice body.

I always shared this with Rita whenever she comes to my apartment and asked her if she would leave if she finds out I am not interested in her.”
Rita shook her head ” she won’t leave she’s isn’t the type that gives up, especially if she loves you and also doesn’t want competition, she’ll do everything to keep other women away so it’s up to you but I can count on you.”
Three months later the Waec result was out and only two students failed. Rita had a very good result. Surprisingly an A in mathematics and a couple of B’s and C’s in other subjects. As soon as she got the results she came to my apartment to celebrate with me. It was a joyous thing. She quickly arranged for a matriculation exams as there was no time to waste. The result was out after a short while and she got the desired results.
I went with her to search for a .nice apartment for her to live at the area of the university she won her scholarship. She wanted something nice but not over the top. We succeeded in securing an apartment that was to her taste and the rent was affordable.
All through this Isabel Isabel never stopped coming to my office, sometimes just to engage me in some odd conversation and sitting suggestively, but I never blink seeing all those because I expected it. I had pledged my loyalty to Rita and wasn’t dreaming on breaking that. But Isabel never relented or gave up.


Rita visited the day before she moves to the university. She prepared my lunch and dinner and we had a talk together. Here she handed me the cheque for the money she promised. I was like ” I can’t still believe this is real.”
” Yea I know it looks like a dream but it’s true. You know, I want to marry a rich man, I want a rich husband. But instead of going out there to look for one why not make you one.”
” Yea, thank you very much, you know I never knew you would do something like this.”
” Like what? Playing lottery or giving you half of my winnings?” She asked with a cute voice.
” Both!” I replied.
Rita smiled.
” It’s the hand of God, he has a way of disgracing your enemies, maybe by the time she’s out of jail she would be surprised at how your doing.”
” I thank God for everything.”
” You know it’s good for you to go out and tell somebody your mind, I don’t know what i would have done now, if I see Nancy being all over you or boasting of you wherever she goes. I don’t know how I would have been if Mary had succeeded in sending you to jail. I’m sure I would have committed suicide.”
” No you won’t.”
” Yes I’m saying the truth, I know myself.”
” Thank God everything went in your favour and I even benefitted tremendously from it, you stopped me going to jail.”
Rita smiled at this.
” Sweedy you what?”
” What?” I asked softly.
” Our first issue is going to be girls. Twins.”
” Hmm!! How did you know?”
” I I just felt it. The same way I did about Isabel’s arrival and the lottery.”
“That’s nice.” I commented.
” So you should start sourcing for twins names.”
” That wouldn’t be hard, I already have one, Kinshasa and Brazzaville.”
” Your not serious.” She laughed. ” Anyway let’s save that for later.”
She looked at me straight in the eye and said ” I love you Callum.”
” I love you too.” I replied.
I tried to joke.
” You know now that you’ll be leaving, I’ll be looking like a sheep without a keeper. With all those women eager for you to get out of the way, what do you advise I do?”
” Please you have to hold yourself for me, I know it won’t be easy but I can count on you.”
” How about Isabel?”
” I know it’s gonna be a tough one, bit I know you can keep her at bay till I’m back fully, I try and visit you as quickly as I can when I have the chance.”
” What if another student shows up and confesses of her crushing on me and wants me in a relationship like you did?”
” I know none of them would have the courage, but if they did you know how to reply them.”
I gave a mischievous smile before asking the third one. ” What about Mary?”
Rita smiled and said ” F–K HER.”
I tried to say something more but she stopped my lips with a finger.
” Now let’s go to the bedroom and stop asking silly questions.” She held my hand and I we got up and headed to the bedroom.

The following afternoon she was all ready to move with her bags,
I returned her nudes to her and then told her I know she didn’t have to give me her nudes inorder to earn my trust but I had to take it because sometimes it’s better safe than sorry. So as it was i didn’t want a situation which somebody might encounter it and use it to blackmail her or ruin her, so she could dispose of the photos how she likes it.
She collected it from me and said “I love you” and I replied I love you too.”
I drove her to the bus station and we engaged in a kiss for a while before she exited the car. I watched her blow me a kiss before boarding the bus and it was so romantic.
Inside the bus she stared at me through the window and then pointed at something behind me.
I turned to look and it was a graffiti painting on the wall with the words ” YOU ARE MY HERO” boldly written on it.
I couldn’t remember the students singing and giving me the hero clap.
I looked back at her and nodded and she nodded too.
Soon the bus was full and began to move out of the park. She waved to me and I waved back till the bus was out of sight.
I felt a little sad as I drove back home though I knew I wasn’t losing her but knowing that I won’t be seeing her everyday as I have grown used to, being able to smell her chamomile perfume and kissing her. But I think I have fallen in love with her more than me before, I wished her well wherever she were.

As I got home I could see Isabel’s car parked at my parking space. And there she was waiting patiently for me beside her car. As I didn’t show up in school that day was enough excuse for her to come and see me, and “oh my!” She looked so hot in her mini-dress and strappy high heels. Her hair fell down in contours over her shoulders as she sported a pair of glasses and pink lips. She looked like a goddess.
There was no time for me to divert without her noticing, as I had noticed her too late.
I took a deep breath and remembered my promise to Rita and I vowed that I am not going to break it.
I took a deep breath and drove into my apartment. I saw her smile and thought ” somebody is going to get disappointed.”
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Mary sat beside her cellmate at the dining hall for prisoner.
” Had I not been in prison, I would have taken My Waec by now.” She thought. She hated the prison. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something she would have liked if she was free but here you have no choice. It was her birthday but sure there was no party in prison. She only have to quietly wish herself a happy birthday. She still continue to think of her mother, what is happening to her now? Has she decided to move on with her life? Or is she crying everyday on her? or is she cursing the day she gave birth to her?
She never thought of praying, well she never believed in God so praying was just nonsense to her.
Her cellmate Cecilia nudged her and whispered to her ears ” hey mate, today is my birthday so eat well, I’m going to need some birthday blood.”
Mary’s heart sank, she didn’t know she was sharing a birthday with the witch.
She wished she could turn back the hands of time in order to right her wrongs but no one could.
She resigned herself to her fate as she was doomed to spend more 16 hears in prison.


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