[STORY] LOVE IS Happiness (episode 1-8)


Episode One.

Nazeal: ok love, see ya!
**Hangs up**

Uhm, I just finished speaking with my love, mary.
What will i have done without her.
How would i have survived without her love.
Oh lord, you don’t know how grateful am i to u for making me encounter mary.

Oops, i havn’t even introduced myself and i’m prophessing the weight of my love.

My name is Dike .U. Nazeal but my friends call me nazeal. A young teenager whose heart is clouded by love, yes, mary’s love. **I think that’s all you gat to know about me**

Now talking about love, Mary had been my girlfriend since two years ago *that was when we were in S.S.S. 1* and ever since then, i felt completed..

It wasn’t easy getting her, if i could remember vividly, it took me a full
term telling her my mind and convincing her that am the right man for her **sincerely speaking, i am**.

I went through a lot in compiling all necessary information about her because i felt if i’m to make
a move, i will have to get her digits and the lots.

Her digits! Yes, it was one of the things that made me go
crazy. I got her mobile number from her
very close friend but before
she agreed to give me, hell was let loose.


Nazeal: Rose, please gimme her number, i won’t tell her you gave it to me.

Rose: **getting angry** I don’t have her number. Ah ah, how many times will i
have to tell u that.

Nazeal: And you expect me to believe………

Rose: **interrupting** Look young man, you believe or not is non of my business, i have already spoken the truth, exucse me.. **going away**

Nazeal: **running towards her** Rose, please don’t walk out on me. You don’t how i
feel towards your friend.
I love her…..

Rose: **interrupting** Then spit it out, tell her.

Nazeal: Which is the more reason i need her number. Can’t you understand?

Rose: *sighing* hmmm

Nazeal: **holding her hands** Rose, do me this favor, and i will do anything you ask of me. Please..

**She immediately removed her hands from my hand. Chai! This girl no no say na ‘conditon make crayfish bend’.**

Rose: Okay okay, I’ll give you but you won’t tell her i
gave it to you if she asks.

Nazeal: **putting my hands on my chests** I cross my heart.

**She brings out her mobile phone from her bag**

Rose: **scrolling though her phone** If you agree, then lemme give you the digits

Nazeal: **smiling** Yes……

Rose: 070*******6

Nazeal: Gat it, thanks……

********Back To Present********

Class : **All standing** Good afternoon sir

Teacher: **waving the class** You all may sit down.

**He went to the board and wrote the subject and the topic..
Not again! PHYSICS!

That man that would spend the whole day teaching..

Later pals, gat to receive some lectures.**

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Episode Two.

It was a sunny afternoon, Just came back from school after having a hectic day **That teacher meant
real business today,
teaching for almost 2hours,
till the lecture ended, what was
on my mind was when the
man would leave the class
assuming it was even
best subject civic education,
i won’t even shake but my worst subject

After dropping my bag, I Picked my phone and
wanted to call the number Rose gave me earlier at school.

I summoned all courage and dialed the number.

I noticed my heartbeat increase faster as it rings.


Receiver: **feminine voice** Hello..

Nazeal: **I intentionally wanted the receiver to speak first, i concluded that if i heard a male voice, straight terminating of the call
but i felt glad when i noticed it was a female voice**

Receiver: **feeling uncomfortable** Are you there? Who am i speaking with?

**Oh God, i was lost in thought**

Nazeal: **stammering** U..h..m, sorr.y… please is this …. mary?

Receiver: Yes! How may i help you?

Nazeal: **still stammering** yes, this is Nazeal from Royal high school, your classmate.

Mary: **confused** Which nazeal? We have two people with the name……

Nazeal: **oh shit, i forgot am not the only nazeal in school** Sorry, this is nazeal, Dike. U. Nazeal, the loner.

**The loner! That was my nick at school, our class master gave it to me because i don’t always move around unlike
the other guys**

Mary: **suprised** Oh Nazeal, how are you?

Nazeal: **happy** am fine.

**Someone should help me with the right words
because right now, i
don’t no what to say next**

Mary: Yes.. So who gave you my number??

**I knew she would ask of that sooner or later and i
wasn’t ready to tell her truth- i hope you know why**

Nazeal: A friend. Anyway, how was today’s work **changing the topic**

Mary: Cool but right now,
i have to go and have my shower, you know am just returning from school…

**should i come and join you? I felt like saying**

Nazeal: Me too, bye?

Mary: **breathing in**Bye!

Nazeal: Okay dear, have a nice day.

**Hangs up**

Did i just say that? **smiling** but hope i made a nice approach..

That was how my first call with her went, ever since then i kept sending her text messages, disturbing her
with calls
till she gave me her home addresses and i visited.

Then, things started to work out well, i visited severally
so that her parents will
know, even we going to school, i would branch there and then we go to school together.
The same thing applies to when coming home.

Gradually, her parents knew about me. I also made sure my mother knew about her.
**although both
parents considered us as friends**

Fast Forward – back to present

If you could still remember, i just finish speaking with Mary before giving you some clue
on how to get a girl – referring to the male.

The day is still new, i got a lot to do **do some cleaning up and attend my SSCE lessons**

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Episode Three.

Nazeal: **bowing** Mama, good afternoon.

Mum: **touching my head** Afternoon my son, how was the lesson?

Nazeal: **Dropping my bag and sitting down** Went well ma!
Am really hungry now mama, what did you cook?

Mum: **smiling** I knew you would ask of your
food, but before you eat anything, go and take your bath.

Nazeal: **standing up** okay ma.

Mum: **looking at me** Nazeal.

Nazeal: **looking back** Ma.

Mum: **looking serious** I want to discuss
something with you but that would be after
you take your bath.

**Thank God, because am not even ready for any discussion now, over tired they worry me.

Nazeal: Okay ma!

**Hmm, i wonder what my mother wants to discuss with me because she looked

I rushed to the room, changed my clothes, then fetch a bucket of water and rushed out to take my bath.
Oh i forgot my towel, i rushed in to get it and came back outside.

Ah, I even forgot to take my soap and sponge, no need self..
I poured the cold water on my body, then
hurriedly wore my clothes and rushed inside..

I went inside my room and lay
down on the bed when i heard my mother calling
me in the sitting
room, that was when i remembered that she said
she had something to discuss with me.

I wore my clothes and
almost ran to the sitting

Nazeal: **sitting down** yes mama, you called me.

Mum: Yes, my son, i want to tell you something.

Nazeal: **anxiously** Mum, am all hears!

**She talked about my upcoming SSCE, That i should prepare very well inorder
to pass the exam and maybe
sit for the UTME JAMB**

Nazeal: Mama, i would do everything to make you proud.

Mum: One more thing is about that girl Mary that you follow about all the time!

Nazeal: **suprised** And what about her mum?

Mum: You must stop seeing her.

Nazeal: **shocked** Why? I can’t do without her, she is my everything.

Mum: And i insist u
must stop seeing her unless you want me to stop
fending for your higher education.

Nazeal: **standing up** Cut
if off mum, how can you tell me that i should stop seeing
You can do whatever you like. My life will be frustrated if i don’t have Mary to think
of in my life”.

**My mother lloked at me in surprise at the words i had spoken and wondered what
had become of me.

Throughout my life, i had never contested my mother’s wishes or instructions.
She was therefore utterly dismayed at the defiant words that flowed out
of my mouth.

As she sat there confused. I stood up and left her.

Nazeal: I am going to look for her. She is my heart and i can’t afford to let her out of my life.

I hope am doing the right thing, yes i know am
doing the right thing.
Or is there still more to it?
I don’t think so!!

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Episode Four.

My mother had four children
of which i was the second.
My father left my mother when i was only two.
Due to the size of the family which she had to bring
up alone, we had to fend for ourselves as soon as we became teenagers.

My elder brother fell off the
line of education because
of the lack of fund and i would have joined
him if not for my resilience and will to succeed or
atleast obtain my SSCE certificate.

I did all kinds of menial jobs from pushing wheel-barrow **you collect people’s load and put in
the barrow then take them
to their destination**,
Doing sales boy etc just for money.

So when i called my mother’s words a sham, i had a reason for doing so, though some might suspect i put it a bit too strongly.

Why would she allow me grind bitterly in life like that and then boastfully say that
if i didn’t stop seeing mary, she would stop seeing me through higher education.
What had she done for me in my lower education?

When i got to Mary’s house, it was as if our parents had conspired to sabotage our love.
Yes, because mary’s father (Mr.Kevin) called me into his hall to talk to me as soon as he saw me.

Nazeal: **bowing** Good evening sir.

Mr.Kevin: Evening my son, how are you?

Nazeal: Am fine sir.

Mr.Kevin: **looking at me** Nazeal, I want you to
understand that you are still a young man and have
alot of time ahead of you
in life……

**Hmm, where is this man heading to? IS this an advice or what? Time will tell**

Mr.Kevin: **pause a little then continues** Although i appreciate your help and attachment to my daughter, i wouldn’t like
you to jeopardize your future becuase of her”.

**I was already feeling uncomfortable but i still want to know where this man
is heading to.
I started looking around to if i could see Mary but
she was nowhere to be found**.

Mr.Kevin: Both of you are young and if you don’t take care. You would run yourselves
into trouble and that
would be a very big trouble. What i want you to do is to forget about each other for the time being
and concentrate on your coming exams as life is one step at a time.
I don’t want you to be as intimate as you had been because you are both growing into adults and any unreasonable act might be disastrous. I hope you understand, Nazeal.

**Indeed, i did not understand Mr. Kevin’s words at all just as i had never understood my mother’s.

I was so shocked that when i stood up to leave, my legs wobbled and i fell
down on his center table. I would have hurt myself from that fall but for my
sharp reflexes.

Mr.Kevin: Hey nazeal, please go gently, don’t injure yourself.

Nazeal: **in tears** Okay sir, i’ll be fine.

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Episode Five.

**I was in tears as i left the hall. I did not see Mary coming and we bumped into each

Mary: **holding me** Honey! What’s wrong? What happened? **she asked as she saw the tears in my eyes**

I was choked with emotions so i could not utter a word.
I disentangled my self from her hold and headed for
the main gate. Mary followed me still trying to find out what was amiss.

Mr. Kevin: Come back here, girl!
**her father who had been watching our little drama shouted**

Mary quickly stopped in her tracks and i headed towards the gate.
As i went trhough the gate of their house, I
turned to look at her
and what met my eyes made me freeze.
She was shaking so much from her crying that i
thought she might faint. Then, her father took her back
inside the house.

I was completely shattered. My heart ached and i felt pains all over
my body as if i had received
a severe beating.
I could not sleep.
I thought about what my mother had said to me earlier in the evening
and what Mr. Kevin had said.
I had been in love with Mary for the past two years
although we knew nothing about sex, we enjoyed our relationship very well.

She was caring anytime i fell sick and her nursing was so efficient that I one day suggested she took
a nursing course after school,
Now a wedge was being driven between me and
my lover by both my parents and Mary’s.

As I lay thinking about the happiness i had gone through during those past years, sleep stole me from the pains
of disappointment, and i drifted into dreamland.
I dreamed about Mary.
She was standing on the banks of a large river and crying for me to help her cross. I happened to be at
the opposite side and there was no canoe to cross the river to the other side.

In desperation, i threw myself into the violent torrents and swam towards her.
The currents of the river were very strong but i
fought with determination and in no time i was at the other side.

For a strange reason, when i reached the other bank, i did
not find Mary at the place
she had been standing!!
How come? What happened?
I stood there wondering..

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Episode Six.

As i was wondering where she might have gone.
I heard
her shouting for me at
the same spot where i had been
previously standing, which was to say, she had
somehow been transported to the opposite bank just as
i had braved the vicious
torrents to come to her side **but how come?**

I did not know what to
as the wind had by now started blowing
hard and the water of the river was
greatly agitated.
But by what
supernatural means had
Mary swapped positions with me?

Just as i stood wondering what to do, i saw a huge lion walking towards Mary.
She was shouting for help again!
No one was in sight at the other side of the river and that had got me wondering how
she had got there in the first place.
I was aware of the dangerous currents which
I had swum through only a short time ago,
but the sight of Mary in distress overcame my sense
of danger. I jumped in again and started swimming to
the opposite side
of the river where I had originally been.

With all my might I began
to swim towards Mary agan. Halfway through the river,
I saw that the lion
was nearly at where Mary
was standing, so to gain time, i told Mary to run round in circles
to prevent the lion from
getting at her before I got
to the bank.
She obeyed
and did exactly what i told her.

Her running round frustrated the lion and it started roaring.
I swam onto hard ground and reached there in no minutes.
Luckily for me, i found a big club on the bank of the river which I picked up and walked towards the lion which
was now crouching with
vicious glare in its eyes ready to pounce on my loved one but i won’t let that happen.

I moved stealthily towards it from its blind side and hit it with all my might **I didn’t know i would have that kind
of strenght, maybe it’s because my mary is involved**.
In a moment it fell dead.
I left the carcass and ran to my lover and consoled her.

Nazeal: My love, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you.

Mary: **crying**

Nazeal: Oh talk to me, stop making me nervous. Tell me, are you okay?

**ofcourse i knew she was okay cos i believed the lion
didn’t hurt her but I wanted her to tell me herself**

Mary: **still shedding tears** Am okay honey, the lion didn’t have the chance to hurt me.

Nazeal: Yea, and nobody would.
**i said cuddling her hair backwards**

We then sat under
a nearby tree and it was then that we made
our promises to each other.
We vowed never to give any of us a
cause to regret ever loving
the other
and that with the exception
of death, no one was going
be a stumbling block to our love life.

The dream was so sweet that i thought it was a real. I was awakened from my sleep by
my younger sister who was looking for a cup
to wash her face with, since morning had come…..

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Episode Seven.

I was so mad at her! I lay on my bed pondering
about the significance of such a dream.

What did the river between us mean?
And what was that lion doing in our lives?
I could not make head or tail of it….
Did the dream have anything to do with
the conspiracy of our parents to tear us apart? Only time, i believed would tell.

I stood up, took my toothpaste and went outside to brush my teeth… I picked my phone to call Mary and when i remembered the incident of yesterday, i decided not to call her for now.

I hurriedly took my bath and went for my lessons.
I didn’t see Mary there **i didn’t even want to see her coz i can’t stand her presence** maybe she wasn’t feeling fine that’s why
she didn’t come..

Fast Forward

A few weeks later, I sat for my exams… As i was writing the exam, i did not see Mary **although i havn’t seen her since that day**..
I felt concerned that i didn’t concentrate on the exam..

After the exam has been over, i rushed to Rose, her close friend.

Nazeal: Hey rose,

Rose: Hi! How was the exam?

Nazeal: Went well but i didn’t see Mary.. Isn’t she writing the exam with us?

Rose: **her mood changed instantly** Well, i don’t know about that.

Nazeal: You can’t tell me that, your face is not even agreeing with you.

**I wonder why she always find it hard to say the truth once and for-all**

Rose: Well, if you must know, she travelled to Ivory coast.

Nazeal: What!! When? Where? How?

Rose: Well,, you can go and ask her father yourself.. **leaves**

**I stood there dumbfounded. I could not believe that Mary had left for the Ivory Coast.
I can’t beleve that my lover, the girl who made my life
worth living, had left me without
even a word of farewell. I boarded a taxi home because i don’t think i would be able to go home all alone..

I felt so bad that i could not eat and as a result,, i was sent to the hospital and admitted for three days without
the doctors being able to
determine what was actually
wrong with me…..

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Episode Eight.

Life became unbearable at home and in town and since I had completed school,
and did not expect any
meaningful effort on the part of my mother to further my
education, I decided to travel out of town.
But before i left, i went to Mary’s best friend, Rose, and collected her postal
address with the intention of writing to
her in the Ivory Coast.

I left my town Ajegunle in Lagos state and travelled to
Abuja **although i knew that i have nobody there**.
I wanted to get a job of my own and after many fruitfull search, God buttered
my bread as
i secured a job as an
agricultural products marketing officer.

I wrote my first letter to Mary and her reply from the Ivory Coast encouraged me to
write many more.
Her reply gave me hopes and i was the happiest man
in the world.

She told me *in the letter* that although we were
far apart from each other, our love was still strong
enough to bind us together in future.
She promised to look after herself very well so i
should also do the same and we must resolve to wait for each other.

Her letter brought a new sense of purpose into my life and i started planning for the future….

I saved most part of my salary and did not make unnecessary expenses.. I knew that Mary
was waiting for me and i should not
disappoint her.. I was determined to make her happy when we became man and wife and so i had to
make the necessary sacrifice and arrangements towards
that day no matter the circumstances…

I studied hard during all this time and sat for the GCE O’ LEVELS and passed with
distinction in all required
five subjects..
I got promoted in my work place and my
salary trippled..

It was then that the young women from the Capital started ‘doing their thing’.
They started flocking towards me like bees to honey..

Sit back and lemme share my experience with you buh i hope i would scale through.

…To be continued…