[STORY] LOVE IN THE DEN(episode 1-10)

[STORY] LOVE IN THE DEN(episode 1-10)
Episode 1 – The Abduction


He’s a 18yrs old boy of xyz high school,he’s eighteen but has a body of a person older than his age,a broad chest with nice abs,brown eyes like mine *wink*,nice face with blonde air and dark in complexion,an average beauty not too handsome and not ugly either.

He’s from an average family of Mr and Mrs Enitan,the first born and he has a younger sister Rofiyat of 14yrs old,he’s loved by all due to his kind gestures toward people and the person he loves most as at now is his sister Rofiyat,though that girl can be annoying sometimes,she’s equally easy to deal with and she loves her brother too.

Today is his first day in SS3 and equally first day of resumption and it was fun filled,getting to meet his old friends and all that.On a normal day he’d have leave the school at thesame time with other students but decided to wait till school is empty before going home(guess that was his mistake).

He hits the road as soon as he notice There’s nobody left in school,due to fear of the unknown he decided against passing the bush part he’s used to and choose to go through the long journey of the main road that’s gonna take him up to 30minutes to get home instead of the usual 20minutes he’s also used to,well na exercise he wan do(another mistake).

20minutes on the road(wey he suppose don reach house),a car come to a halt beside and the driver blare his horn to get his attention,the passenger sitting beside the drive beckon on him to come which he did after scrutinizing them quickly with his eyes and their faces does not look like that of people who can harm someone(dem dey write ahm for head?).

They asked him for a particular direction which he unfortunately knows,he use his hands to describe to them how they’ll go about it,the moment he take his eyes of them pointing to the tarred road ahead,he felt a hand grab his wrist and that was the last thing he could remember.(lol…juju at work)

A lady of 20yrs of age,light in complexion,oval face,turquoise blue eyes,pink lips like mine *wink*,average boobs,killer curve with big butt,just beautiful.

She’s the first and only daughter of Mr. Badmus,a business mogul in the city,her mother is late but her father didn’t marry another wife because of the love he has for her mother and she almost lack nothing.A 100level student of xyz university,studying mass communication and she love talking a lot,from one topic to another without resting.

She need some money for her upkeep because she already spent all the money with her and the ones in her account,her father said he’ll send it to her but she insists on coming home with the excuse that she misses her father and will like to see him(mistake).Her father said to send the driver to come pick her up from school but she declined saying she knows her way home(another mistake).

She took off from school at 3PM with the mind set of getting home by 4:30PM,she called her father to inform him to which he look forward to her arrival.She’s gonna board two buses,first one will take 1hr while the second one will take 30mins.

She boarded the first bus and arrive at the bus stop at 4:00PM,she boarded the second bus and 15mins to their journey some people attacked them giving them the impression of armed robbers but they are actually (everybodynappers).They were drugged and taken to an unknown location.

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Episode 2 – The Den


He opened his eyes slowly adjusting to his surrounding,if There’s one thing he didn’t wish for,its the headache that accompanied him to the world of the living.Its seems the jazz did two things to him,one was wipe his memory for sometimes and two was send him to the state of unconsciousness.

He sat up slowly to find himself in a partially dark room,dark red bob illuminated the room or should I say den which makes it more scary.He sits leaning his back to the wall to have a better look at the room,There’s no window and the door is short that a you’ll have to bend your back before you enter,the wall is painted white but splashed white blood,that sight alone sent cold shiver down his spine.

His school uniform is dirty already,mehn how e go take wash it now(oluya,e dey inside den dey think of school),the room smells like blood and sweats,gosh his stomach started turning and he almost fainted.

After scanning and his number six processed the data and give him the result that he’s been kidnapped for either ritual or by men butchers,those thought alone sent fear to his body.He makes the attempt of standing with the help of his hands but felt his hand touching something fresh like a flesh.”mehn I don suffer,they even put human parts too here” he thought.

She felt a hand touch her and she open her eyes slowly to find a young guy staring down at her in the dim lighted room,she quickly sat up to scan her environment and was immediately freaked out by what she saw,she lean against the wall and cuddled her knees to he chest in fear.

She didn’t know what to think or say,any thought will just scare her more,unwanted tears started trickling down her eyes as she remember her dad and her friends in school.”What will happen to her now,what type of condition will her father be in right now.” those questions pop up in her head.

She was so lost in her trance that she didn’t know when the guy’s face is few inches away from hers,he stare at her with concern boldly written on his face for few minutes and he finally say something.
“are you alright?” he asked startling her..

“does it look like am alright?” she snapped in anger surprising him..

“well just trying to be friendly.” he shrugged..

“who asked for your friendship?”

“keep to yourself then..and mind you,keep your strength cos I don’t think you’re leaving here anytime soon” he said a little bit irritated.

“shut up!…my dad will get me out of here soon.”she shouted..

“tsk,daddy’s kid I guess” he smirked wondering what’s wrong with her when he just want to make friend before they come cut his head..

“just keep your distance your fool.” she said rudely,oh I forgot to tell you she’s kinda arrogant and can be rude sometimes.

“huh,you think I’ll rape you or something?..I wonder how you’ll last long her with this your attitude.” he said mockingly..

She got more angrier with his last statement but decided not to reply him anymore,she stand up and walk around the room and was surprise to find out that there are more people in the room with them still passed out.

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Episode 3 – The Purpose


He’s really pissed by this lady,she’s so full of herself like she own the whole world,gosh where did this people even kidnap her from,she’s not going to last long here before they take her away to wherever they’ll take them because of this her attitude and he’s sure the person that will by her body part will just waste money cos this kin girl can’t po owo like the Yorubas use to say,he hates daddy’s pets.

He stood up and walks toward the door to check if its lock and its not a surprise that it is,he see different people waking up also,it seems they take all of them from different places accross the states.Within the next few minutes he heard muffles and cries from other victims there,most especially females.”weytin dey do this people sef.”he said to himself..

It kinda of baffles why he isn’t that much afraid like others are,maybe because he’s someone who doesn’t take any situation too serious,be it good or bad situations,he believe in his ability to think fast when he got the chance and I think that’s what’s gonna help him out here but how?.

He saw a guy who’s face is expressionless,yea,that’s the kind of people he’ll like to roll with.He walk towards the guy in a bid to start a conversation with him,as he was about to speak he heard a sound coming from the door and the door swung open revealing a hefty guy,the guy entered and another person who look like the boss followed suite.

The boss scan through the room like he’s searching for someone or something.Done with his scanning,he clear his throat before talking..

“Goodday everyone” he said with a straight face,he pause then continued..”I bet you don’t even know what time it is.” he check his wristwatch in a mocking way with a wicked smirk on his face,squinting his eyes like someone with an eye problem or some sort before he continue his speech…
“the time is 8:15PM already,well you haven’t use up to a 24hrs yet and you’ve started stressing your tear gland,you better save your strength cos none of you is leaving her alive.” he said while the girls started from where they stopped,crying like no tomorrow for them.

“shey I no talk ham,let’s wait and see sha”he thought to himself..

“shut up!” one of the hefty men shouted..

“eh,no need to shout at them,if they like they should cry blood,they’re dead meats..The purpose of bringing you here or lemme say camping you here is that you’ll all be sold to fetish priest in need of a whole human being or just human part and mind you,all the slaughtering and will be done here so don’t even think you can escape…You’re in the middle of nowhere.” he concluded and was about to leave when he remembered something..
“ehn ehn,let’s I forget,we’ll be tying you all to a tree every morning till afternoon and you girls your pussy will be use as a cum pit by my bois..Goodday” he said and left,leaving the two hefty men who have a wicked smile on their faces.

Licking their lips as the walk round scrutinizing the females with the eyes and hands pressing their boobs and butts to check the quantity,using the manhood to grope their arse occasionally.This is getting on his nerve but weytin he fit do unless dem don dig his grave already,finally the bastards go away with to ladies with big butt and average boobs.

“damn,fucking bastards” he shouted angrily the moment they closed the door..

She’s no herself anymore not with what she heard that man said,she wished she hadn’t act harsh towards that guy,he was saying the truth and trying to care for her even when he knows they aren’t leaving there alive,gosh.Those bastards didn’t help matter atall with the groping and pressing,when last she checked no man has ever touched her before,the worst that could ever happened is when she gives a friendly hug and that’s it nothing more.

She cuddled up to one corner,looking at others with everybody with their thoughts.She wondered what will happen to those ladies,what they’ll be going through at the moment will be very painful and perhaps cause an unforgettable trauma.

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Episode 4 – The Introduction


The night was quite short because he fell asleep quickly,putting all his worries away till the following morning.The morning come slowly,he wakes up with new strength but what’s the use of the strength if not to endure the torture they’re gonna receive.Though they’ve spent little morethan 12hrs there,it looks like 12minutes to him.

He stood up to check if anyone is awake too and was surprised to see morethan half of them wide awake including that arrogant daddy’s pet of a lady too.’shey this people even sleep sef.” he thought to himself as he made his way to the door to check for movement outside but as he was about to reach there,the door swung open and almost hit him,only few inches remain make e jam him,thanks to the fact that he’s walking slowly.

The two hefty thugs of the previous day entered dragging the two ladies they took with them and throw them to the floor while some kidnappees quickly move towards them to check them.The two ladies look like they just came out of a lions cave but the difference is that this is no lion’s cave but a rape cave,they look rough and bruises covered their body while they cry silently,they have been brutally raped by those animals.

Looking at the two ladies sent anger through his body,every blood vessels in his body is flowing of anger instead of blood,he nearly burst of range as his eyes turn red like some who just finish inhaling cocaine,they’re blooshed that they hurt and hot tears rolls down gently his cheek but he couldn’t do anything to those bastards,not just yet,he wish he could just grab their manhood and cut it and feed it to the dogs.

He move to the corner where he slept,that place as been his sitting place since yesterday,he look as the two thugs leave the den after telling them they have 20mins before they come to take them to the negotiation ground where they’ll be tied down like goats. ‘I’ll make sure to cut off their penis after this.’ He thought to himself.

She can vow that she has never seen eyes that red before,she couldn’t believe that he’s actually crying after seeing those ladies like that and that makes her want to know him more but she knows better to keep her distance at this time inorder to avoid his wrath though she occasionally glance at him.

She divert her attention to the ladies,herself and some other ladies tend to their bruises by using their clothes to clean it and consoling them at thesame time,everybody with their own thoughts,hmmm,she wondered how painful it was for them with what they pass through. ‘what if I’m next’ she thought but quickly kick the thought out of her mind.

They’re already tied to a tree,two persons one tree,a male and a female to be precise and luckily for her she’s tied to thesame tree with the guy but unfortunately backing eachother though she never mind,she just want to make peace with him and get to know him more.

She used her hands to brush his inorder to get his attention and it worked.
“hi” she said not knowing what to say..’why can’t I rehearse before sef..I’m too dumb’ she thought as she wait for his reply.

“what?” he asked with anger in his voice..

“uh..I..I..” she stammered not knowing what to say,choi she wish her hands are free so she can hit head with them maybe they’ll help her get the words out of her brain.

“your tongue don cut?..”he said with sarcasm and scoffed while she felt foolish but determine not to back off..

“I’m so sorry with the way I acted yesterday,I was not my self and freaked out to find myself in this situation..” she said with all the strength she could mutter while she bow her head like a vampire bowing to his master..

“hmm,ok and am also sorry for flaring up too..” he said sighing,she almost jump up in joy..

“Am Promise by the way..You?”

“Enenn..and you’ve got a beautiful name”

“thanks” she said and blushed..

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Episode 5 – The coldness of the rain


He was surprise to hear her greet him,though he’s happy she did,he just can’t show it,actually not that he felt something for her,its just that he loves making friends especially female ones,so you see.

Her name is kinda interesting,promise is an important word in the universe,after few minutes of silence between them,he wondered what’s going through her mind while at thesame time figuring out how to kill the silence,he was about to say something when she asked a question..
“what do you say?” he asked because he didn’t hear her clearly..

“tell me about yourself..” she said

“uh..nothing much to know” he started.. “am from an average family of 4,my dad,my mum,me and my kid sister..am a Ss3 student at xyz high school.” he concluded not knowing what more to say…

“hmmm..how did you end up here?” she asked hoping he’s not offended by the question..

“well,I’ll just call it fate,am destined to be here so no need talking about that.” he said calmly

“am sorry,I shouldn’t have asked’ she said with regret

“oh,don’t feel bad pls,just don’t waNna talk about it”

“ok o”

“so,tell me about yourself too” he inquired

“nothing much to know at all” she started but was cut short by a loud sound,she looked up and saw the sky is cloudy and its a matter of minutes before a heavy rain descend on the earth surface,the thunder strikes again and she tensed immediately(she’s afraid of thunder or lightning).

‘why this time na’ she thought as the thunder cooled down but the cloud is getting darker and this scared her the more,being a rich kid,she’s afraid of many things and she never wish to come accross this things but this one happening now is unavoidable unless they come to untie them from this fucking tree,but that’s not forthcoming.

Before she could say jack,a heavy rain started pouring from the sky,hitting them hard like strokes of cane and stinging like bees,she started sobbing quietly when its kinda unbearable,keeping her face down due to the quantity of water,with no hand to rub it off.

The coldness is too much for her as she started shivering,,her teeth slamming together forcefully,producing a sound like you’re gently knocking a door,she has never been in a rain once in her whole life talk more of staying too long in it and this is making her sick from within.

After what seems like forever,the rain finally stop but the coldness didn’t,she fought to stay conscious but couldn’t,she fainted almost Immediately.

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Episode 6 – The comfort


Seeing that she has fainted sent him into another rage of anger,the more he think of it the more his eyes turned red with fury,but what could he do,his hands are tied like that of a prisoner and even if they’re freed,There’s nothing he could still do as he’s no match for these men..’well let’s look at the turn out of things’ he thought calming down.

“hey…wake up” he said using his hand to hit her slightly due to the way they are being tied up,she needed to wake up as to not face the wrath of the mean guys,if they are to come and find her like that,they wouldn’t waste time in using her as their pleasure tool for the day.

Funny enough,the more his hands touch her bare skin(her hands),the more he wanted to keeping feeling its smoothness and softness.His mind drifted to a land of fantasy,which he’s never done before,he quickly cautioned himself from such thing and focus on her.

He puts more pressure on her and after awhile,she stir and cough,he heave a sigh of relief knowing that she’s regain consciousness but he could still feel her shivering.
“what happened?” she asked..

“nothing much…guess the rain is kinda harsh on you” he replied and she sighed then relaxed a bit…

The thugs came to untie them and took them back to the den,and as usual they took two females along when going back to the horror of them all,well,that’s expected as they’ve been told to use them for pleasure as much as they wanted.As soon as they entered,he held her by the waist and help her to one corner(he’s usual spot),he can’t help but feel helpless as she kept shivering and he couldn’t do anything,he fought the urge to remove his cloth and wrap it around her shoulder but he’s not wearing anything underneath,he wish he had wore a Singlet that day.

Looked up and sported the guy he wanted to converse with the other day,he beckoned on him to come,using his hand,they got talking and later knew the guy’s name to be frankkay,all this while,he’s sitting by her side with their fingers interlocking.
Frankkay is a handsome guy with the body that look like that of a person who workout a lot,he’s a 300level student of xyz university,studying agricultural science.

Frankkay noticed her shivering nonstop and he inquired from Enenn what’s wrong with her,he explained everything to him..
“hmm” frankkay started..”this is serious if I may say,her body is not reacting well to the coldness and she needs medical attention.”

“this people wouldn’t take her to a doctor,they’ll just molest her.” Enenn said looking sad..

“you’re right..then that leaves us with only one option,but I don’t think its a good idea and she might not want to do it.” frankkay said looking at her face to see her reaction..

“what’s it?…let’s hear first.” Enenn said hopefully..

“she’ll need the warmness of a guy” he said and they both looked at him confused..he cleared his throat and explain further..”what I mean is..she’ll need to have sex with a guy.”

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Episode 7 – The Pleasure?


It sounded like a bomb to her,what kind of situation is this,though she’s not a virgin,a result of silly drinking competition she had with some friends few months back,where she was raped by an unknown guy,she wept seriously at that time and she had forgotten about it but vow never to have sex with anybody until she find someone who she’s willing to give her body to.

Although she’ll be glad to give Enenn her body due to the attraction she felt for him(likeness),she doesn’t think it could be in this type of situation.’God what kind of situation is this’ she thought.
One glance at Enenn’s face says it all,he doesn’t seems to like the idea too and she could feel There’s more to it but that isn’t the matter right now.
“isn’t there any other way?” he asked concerned,he seems to be really worried about her.

“no other way as long as There’s no medical treatment around” frankkay said..

“ok..” Enenn shrugged looking at her face to know her reaction..

She’s really confused herself,she couldn’t stop shivering for a second and her body is getting colder by the minutes,even if they’re to do anything,not in here,just not in here,though others are oblivious of them cos everybody is occupied by their worries,they just can’t risk it.

She look at Enenn with a confused expression and then moved her gaze to frankkay,he seems less concerned about the decision they’re about to make,she couldn’t blame him,when he’s not gonna take any part in it.
“can we wait for a while,as in delay the warm thing for awhile to see if she’ll get better?” she heard Enenn asked frankkay..

“the choice is yours,but if its getting out of hand you’ll have to do it.” frankkay said..

“sure.” Enenn replied heaving a sigh of relief..Frankkay excused himself and move to the other end to strike a conversation with one lady.’choi,you still dey woo girl for this kind situation.’ She thought..
“thanks for everything.” she said to Enenn after some moment of silence..

“its nothing..How you feeling?” he asked with a concerned gaze..

“not getting any better.” she said still shivering badly..

“here,come here” he said drawing her closer to his body,she rested her head on his chest and she focused,allowing herself to feel the warmth of his body.

He could feel her body started to relax as she rest on him,she’s falling asleep and her body temperature is going back to normal,his warmth is doing a great job.He’s mind drifted to why the sex thing didn’t sound well to him,in fact he didn’t seem comfortable with anything sex though he knew one he’ll sure do it but that’ll be after he forgets what his ex-girlfriend’s mother did to him few months back.SHE RAPED HIM !

On a beautiful Wednesday morning,it was during the holidays,he decided to go visit his (ex)girlfriend after so much pleas from the girl and threatening to end the relationship if he didn’t visit her home,so he’s got no choice than to succumb to her demand.He dressed casually(his lifestyle) and headed straight to her house which is 30minutes away from his,he called her to inform her of his plans and she said she’s waiting for him.

On getting there,he met only her mother at home,he felt he’s journey was a waste of time and was kinda angry but later forgave her when the woman begged him,saying she was who send her on an errand just few minutes before he arrived,well what could he do,a parent’s wish is your command.

She ushered him in and told him to wait for her,he wasn’t comfortable with the way the woman was staring at him but he kept quiet thinking he’s just being insecure.She offered him something to drink which he declined politely but aCcepted after much persuasion from her.He didn’t even drink half of the thing when he started feeling sleepy,few minutes later he’s already asleep and the rest,you can imagine.
Though he didn’t have anything against his ex,he had no choice than to end the relationship between them,the girl who knew what happened because she caught her mother in the act,raping him while he’s passed out didn’t have any choice but to respect his decision,though they still stay as friends.

He come out of his trance and found promise soundly asleep,he couldn’t help but notice her beautiful innocent face as she sleep,her lips screaming to him to kiss them,just merely looking at her is doing things to him.He sighed and rest his back against the wall and closed his eyes..’tomorrow is another day’ he said..

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Episode 8 – The escape


Its been five days since they’re being held here and they’re reducing everyday,some butchered and some sold as a whole,though they give them little or no food,he seems not to be affected by it and all that is on his mind is how to fucking get out of there in one piece.

His relationship with Promise is going smoothly,though they took themselves as friends,There’s more to it in their hearts but none of them showed it.Him and Frankkay have been planning on how to escape,so they’ve took their time to study the place and number to thugs around the Den anytime they’re being taken out.

There’s a total of 15 thugs there,5carrying guns while the remaining 10 carry machetes,the place is built like a face me I face you with total of four room there,two on the left,two on the right,one for the victims,one of the butchering and the remaining two for the thugs to pass the night but not all of them,some go home at night while some stay and they’ll take shift the following night.

On this particular day,they didn’t come to take them out on time or might not even be coming to do so because of reasons best known to dem thugs.He moved closer to where Frankkay was sitting to inquire about how they’ll go about their escaping stuff and to his surprise he found out that Frankkay took two daggers from the guards unknowingly the other day.

They quickly strategize(if e dey dico) their plan,though they might not succeed they just need to give it a try and wouldn’t die without a fight,the others are not aware of their plan yet and they need to tell them so they wouldn’t freak out later.
“hey guys look here.” frankkay said seeking their attentions..”something is about to happen and I’ll like to plead with you guys not to freak out or afraid and pls don’t shout” he concluded while they all nodded..

Enenn moved towards the door and give it a gentle tap,that’s what they do when they need something from the thugs guarding their door,the door opened and a thug pop his head in asking what happened..
“come see this” Enenn said pointing to one corner,the two thugs entered thinking that one of them has fallen sick again,they’ve gotten used to carrying the sicklers among them.They made to move to the corner when Enenn and Frankkay attacked them from behind thrusting the daggers into their necks,the others doesn’t even make any sound,it seems they’re pleased with it,results of all they have been through.

They searched their pockets,took their phones and was lucky to have network coverage with full batteries plus enough credits.
“guys,this is enough to get us out of here,pls if you have anybody you can call for help pls do ASAP” Enenn said while looking round the room,he handed the phone to someone and nodded to frankkay..
“keep trying pls,we’ll go buy us some time.” Frankkay said and they headed out,taking along the two cutlass they found with the thugs.

As soon as they went out,she felt like following them,she just pray they didn’t get killed especially Enenn,she just realise how much she has come to love him,she silently prayed this isn’t their last meeting.She was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of a ringing phone,she remembered her father and quickly collected one of the phones and dialed his number and luckily it went through.
“Hello.” her dad’s voice echoed..

“Dad..its me..” she said hurriedly..

“P..P..Promise is that you.”

“Yes Dad..I need your help”

“what happened to you,where are you…”

“Dad just listen to me pls…you need to get the police and make them trace this call within the next 10minutes,we’re not save,we need help and we don’t know where we are.”

“ok ok,I’ll do that right away,just make sure the phone is with you and not dead.”

“thanks dad..” she said and ended the call hoping they come to their rescue on time as her thought drifted back to Enenn…

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Episode 9 – The Decision


He got to the veranda while frankkay followed suit with cutlass at hand,they knew most of the guards will be outside while the rest would be inside the butchering room and with the look of things and the silence it seems those with guns aren’t around,maybe they went for human hunting making it 8 thugs left to take care of.

As they approach the butchering room,his mind drifted to the two thugs he vow to cut off their manhood and he’s sure gonna do it.He peeked through a hole on the door and he counted the thugs in there to be four,they need a strategy cos they can’t just go in there unless they’re ready to go 6ft.

They knock on the door and quickly stepped to where the door will be opened to,two thugs came out thinking its their colleagues who wanted to take their shift forgetting to check the time,they were welcomed by Cutlass on their necks,their head flying off to the ground.The others sensing danger too ran out forgetting their cutlass in the course met their ends as they thrusted daggers into their Tommy,they covered their mouths,thanks to their stature and strengths,they snapped their necks.

They dragged their bodies silently to one of the room,those outside didn’t sense anything,they went back to meet the others but not after cutting off two of those thugs manhoods.They meet the others,some are looking sober while some have the looks of hope in their eyes and some are still trying to reach home.
“any development guys?” Frankkay said immediately they entered..

“I was able to contact home and made the police trace this place,they’re already on their way.”

“where do they say we are.” Enenn asked hoping they’re not far from home..

“one forest in xyz city” promise said..

“blood of Valentino” they all shouted..Enenn quickly whispered something to Frankkay who nodded in the affirmative..

“ok guys calm down..we were only able to take four thugs out,four of them are still outside while I think the remaining five with guns are their human hunting mission.”

“what are you trying to say?” promise asked sensing danger..

“what we’re trying to say is we are going to attack them head on to distract them while you guys get out of this building as soon as possible,if they found out what has happened they will contact those with guns and you know what will happen if they should do that.” Enenn explained as much as he could..

“you realise that’s suicide right?” one of them asked..

“you just need to do as he said.” Frankkay said ignoring the question..

“no,you can’t do that.” promise said as tears roll down her cheek,staring directly into Enenn’s eyes..

Enenn knew what she’s trying to do but he’s not gonna change his mind,as long as she’s save and sound he’s ready to give up his life for them,that’s the decision he has already made and he’s not going back.He grab her hand and took her to one corner while Frankkay kept on addressing and convincing the others.

“hmmm,this might not be the best situation for us but I’ll like to use this opportunity which might be my last with you to tell you that I Love You so much and will do anything to make you save even if it means death.” Enenn said immediately they get to the corner..

“don’t go please,you mean everything to me and I’ll die if anything happens to you.” promise said crying..

“shh..I know,I’ll be save” he said as he brought his lips down to hers…His mind drifted away from their worries for the meantime but deep down he knew that’s their first and last kiSs..

He reluctantly disengaged from her and stare into her eyes with hope for awhile before he made his way to the door where Frankkay is already waiting for him with a sad smile on his face,they head out,he could feel her eyes on him as he went out..

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Episode 10 – The End?


She couldn’t believe she has come to love him this much,watching him leave is like watching her soul leave her body and somewhere inside her she knew that’s gonna be their last time together,she burst into tears and someone came to console her and remind her the purpose of their sacrifice.

She got ahold of herself and made for one of the phones,she puts a call to her dad to know where they reach hoping they’re already around but was disappointed when he told her they’re still 1hr away from there and pleaded to them to scramble to somewhere safe.After the call they started hearing clashes of machetes outside,they knew at once that its time for them to move.

They all gathered together to say a brief prayer and made their way through the door,they walk briskly to the main entrance and stepped out,they saw two of the thugs dead and the guys are struggling with the remaining two thugs who are hefty in structure,the guys already sustain injuries,Frankkay was stabbed in the shoulder while Enenn was stabbed in the left side of his Tommy and he’s down due to body weakness.

Seeing that Enenn is down,one of the thugs(the one facing Enenn b4) made to stab Frankkay from the back but Enenn was too fast as he got up and put his body on the way,he was stabbed on the right side of his chest and he use the opportunity to stab the thug on the neck as they both went down.Seeing this she burst into tears..
“NO” she shouted and Made to run to him but was pulled back by Frankkay’s strong hands.

Enenn turned his head to her direction and looked at her as he smiled sadly before breathing his last,just then the police arrived and after about a hour everything was settled and the remaining thug were caught with their leader..
She has been a shadow of herself for the past few years and had nightmares about him every night,that scene just didn’t leave her mind even when her father sent her abroad to go study there.She went into numerous relationship in a bid to forget about him but all her efforts were in vain,she find it hard to love someone else apart from him.

In few hours time she’ll touchdown in Nigeria where all those memories are waiting for her at the airport,she had made calls to FranKkay to come pick her at the airport inorder to be consoled by him when she gets too emotional and started shedding tears.

Like she expected,Frankkay was already waiting for her at the airport with his beautiful wife,sighting him,she ran up to him and hug him tightly almost choking him to death,she started crying and as usual he consoled her,
“so,you’re still a cry baby.” she heard the unmistakable voice of her bestfriend Tonia who turnout to be Frankkay’s wife,she hugged her and they got talking while they head home.

She dress casually like she always do when she’s heading to no where in particular,when she wants to go cool her head off but today is different because she has a destination and that’s Enenn’s family house,her plan is to go there and wait for a couple of minutes to watch his sister or mother from afar.

Few hours later
She’s already at their house after asking from people around,the house is just as Enenn once described to her just that they’ve repainted it and it looks like new.Just as she expected she saw Rofiyat(Enenn’s Y.sister) outside with his mother gisting and smiling at intervals like nothing ever happened in the past,tears started rolling down he cheeks.

She wish she could just move on like they had done but she can’t,though she’s sad at thesame time she’s glad they’re living happily,she made to enter her car when she think she’s look at them enough,then she heard a voice from behind..
“Hello miss,are you looking for someone?’ The sweet male voice asked the second time when he got no reply at first..
She turn to look at the person,lo and behold he is the man that’s been giving her nightmares,the person she wanted to forget so badly ENENN smiling at her.
“Hello Love” Enenn said as he lock her into an embrace.