[STORY] Let me be your wife (episode 1-17)

Let me be your wife

Let me be your wife

The noise from my neighbour’s house woke me up, mr and mrs Ajayi were fighting again. I got up from my bed with a frown on my face wondering why it has become a daily routine for the Ajayi’s to fight every morning. “Oh, dear” i murmured and tried some body stretching exercise. Just when i was about doing the second round of my yoga style exercise, i heard a familiar voice saying “Gloria, its 6:25am. You better get up from that bed and come do your chores”. I hissed knowing i wouldn’t complete my exercise and hurried to the kitchen, where my mum a young petite woman in her late thirties was preparing bean cake and pap.
I greeted her in our yoruba dialect and started my chores. At around 7:05am i was already settled in my uniform of pink shirt and black skirt. “Shhhh, don’t tell. Am more beautiful than a mermaid” i whispered to myself as i made my way to the dinning.
“Omolara, how many times have i told you not to eat without your brother?” My dad asked with a fake frown.
“Am sorry, dad” i said. One of this days i would beat this sluggish mouse called Kelvin, i hate the way he delays during meal time, he better stop this behaviour of his before i pounce on him, i thought.
Kelvin is my younger brother and the last of two kids. Oh, yes that’s me being the first Child to the Adekunles. Mr Thompson Adekunle, my dad was an engineer working in a construction firm. While my mum, Mrs Juliet Adekunle was a nurse. You see, we are blessed as a family, cute with brains. One would say, we took after our parents, yes that’s true. But sometimes i wonder where my brains are when it comes to mathematics, because even the eight years old sluggish brother of mine was a genious when it comes to mathematics.
“Oh boy, this kid is cute, he has got a spaced teeth with nice dimples. He is the best in his class, and he always gets the best teasing from girls his age especially the Ajayi’s last daughter who was just seven years old. Although he helps me get my maths’ home work done but am still far more better than him. Hmm, am smart you know and he is just too slow. Winks, i wonder when i would stop talking to myself, phew” i wiped my sweat from my forehead.
Well, back to the moment, i sneezed as Kelvin entered the dinning after keeping us waiting for a while, because he wore a powerful perfume. Dad scolded him, and made him say the prayer before meal and i shone my teeth because i was happy he deserved it.
We got to school 7:35am and i being an ss2 student of the ‘great fountain international school’. A girl of average height, beautiful, smart, and brilliant except when it comes to mathematics. Fifteen years ago, i was named after my grandma because i had similar resemblance with her. Big eyes, great dimples, with spaced teeth and i was named Gloria Omolara Adekunle, i was my grandma’s photocopy but the only difference from her was my dark complexion. I believed i was dark because i love chocolates alot.
I being the class prefect and assistant game prefect ensured that my class and other classes were kept clean by making sure the sweeping rooster was called.

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The school bell rang, and within minutes the assembly ground was filled with students. I hurried to the ss2 girls line and fixed myself into a position, where i got a tap from behind. It was Deborah Omonaiye, my best friend. We smiled and chuckled at each other, whispering words only we, could understand. We listened to the announcement made by the principal, who left after the announcement leaving the ss3 prefects to end the assembly with the usual routine of show me your nails, where is ur socks etc.
The ss3 prefects shared themselves into different class with the head boy, Deborah’s immediate elder brother, Nicholas Omonaiye inspecting my class. I have never agreed to be on the same boat with Nicholas, i can’t stand him. I remember how he had written me a love letter in my jss1, which i gave to the principal who punished him infront of every one present at school that day. And since then, we have become enemies, now, i wonder why he chose to inspect this class. Nicholas looked more handsome than ever, he has a well built tall body with fair complexion, he was known as smart, funny and intelligent but the only thing i know about him was his arrogance.
I kept my calm even if i couldnt stand the sight of him, i thought i would explode if he comes close to me but he seems to draw near, as he moved towards me on this line.
“Oh, how i hate him, see the way he keeps flirting with the female students. Yuck i feel like throwing up” i said irritated, to Deborah who laughed uncontrollaby.
“What does he even feel like?” i held on tightly to Deborah’s hand as Nicholas got to me.
I was restless and already sweating and felt like throwing up on him. He looked at me and smiled making me wonder why he was smiling. He drew closer to me and whispered into my ear and i felt like melting into the ground. He left me to inspect others, then after which dismissed us into our various class.
I lost concentration in class that morning, and wondered why he wanted to see me during lunch break. Deborah was the only one who knew what Nicholas told me, she has told me a million times that she can’t wait 2 have me as her sister inlaw.
While still in deep thought, the school bell rang for lunch break, and i felt sick as the sound of ban ga, ban ga, ban ga came out from the bell. I buried my face in my hands and prayed that moment pass me by, i also dismissed Deborah with a nod when she asked if i was alright telling her i would join her at the school’s restaurant. I composed myself and was determined to eat before seeing the headboy if not i would lose my appetite for the rest of the day.
I hurried to the school’s restaurant but was stopped from buying my snacks by Raymond the games prefect who happens to be Nicholas best friend.

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Raymond, gave me a strict instruction to meet the head boy at the library and i wondered why Nicholas chose the library which is always deserted during the lunch break.
I felt like a defeated lion as i headed for the library, cursing under my breath at the thought of Nicholas. My heart beat increased as i got to the library, i sighed and opened the door playing deaf, to my rumbling stomach and my trembling legs.
A sudden boldness filled me as i walked inside, i got to a spot and stopped, straining my eyes if i could have a view of Nicholas.
“Gloria” i heard Nicholas calm voice from where i was and made my way to the extreme end of the library where he sat like a dove motioning me to sit down. I sat on a seat placed before him ignoring the plates of rice and drinks infront of me.
“Gloria” He said again this time more gently.
“Nicholas, please tell me why am here” i insisted, and frowned. He held my gaze for a while before he spoke.
“How long should we live like this?” he asked avoiding my eyes.
“For as long as we keep speaking to each other” i murmured.
“Even when am dying with this feelings for you?” i heard the pain in his voice and felt a chill in my spine
“What feelings?” i asked rudely
“It’s only a fool, who wouldn’t know i still love you” Nicholas said with a shy smile.
“Who are you calling a fool? I just hope the words you splashed from that river you called a mouth wasn’t meant for me?” i asked.
“No it wasn’t” he quickly answered me.
“Okay” i swooshed out a long breath. “If this Nicholas, doesn’t end this conversation before the end of this lunch break then am going to smash his head on the wall and hide his body inside the ceiling” i thought and gave him a stern look.

The library became quiet again with my stomach singing a song i couldn’t stop.
“Well, since we have nothing more to say to each other i’d like to leave” i said.
“Without eating? Besides am not done. Here, have something to eat” he opened the drink and plate of rice for me.
“Please o, when did this start? Did i tell you am hungry or that i want to die eating your poisoned food?” i pushed the plate of food.
“You are insulting me, Glory” he wore a frown. “I mean i did nothing wrong to deserve this ill treatment from you. Or do you want to tell me that i was the first to write you a love letter? For Christ sake…Glory, what do you want me to do? I got the punishment i deserved, i stayed off your track all this while then why…..” interrupted by me.
“Am sorry if you saw it as an insult” Already feeling guilty.
“I promise i would let you go once you finish that food infront of you and when i have said my mind okay?” he
assured me.
“Whatever” i ate few spoons of the rice and caught him unawares staring at me as i drank the drink.
“Why the stare?” i asked instantly.
He ignored my question and made for my lips. I was breathless and speechless after the kiss which lasted for thirty seconds. I never wanted that kiss to stop for it was heavenly. I never thought a kiss that brief could make my knees so weak.
“Glory, am in love with you, i fell inlove with you the first day i set my eyes on you” Nicholas took my hand in his and kissed it. “No woman has and no woman would ever take the space you occupy in my heart. Glory, please look at me, don’t cry. I promise i will always make you happy” He said passionately.
“Just shut up” wiping my tears from my face. “And leave my hand this minute. Who gave you that right to kiss me? What came over you?” cleaning my lip.
“Am sorry Glory, i didn’t know what came over me” Nicholas apologised.
“I regret coming to school today” i said but i needed another kiss from him and so i prayed silently.
“Gloria, please don’t say that. I am truely sorry for hurting you” Nicholas went down on his knees and pleaded.
“Please Nicholas, for the sake of our parents and your sister, stay away from me. Let it not be heard that i, Gloria Omolara Adekunle did not warn you Nicholas Oladapo Omonaiye o. As you can see, am drawing my ear for you” Nicholas burst out laughing uncontrollably at the sight of me warning him.
“Ok, go ahead and laugh like an hyena. This is the last” i got up, ready to leave.
“Gloria, don’t dare walk out on me. Remember am still the head boy” Nicholas said.
“Don’t provoke me o Nicholas, if not this school won’t contain the both of us because it would become world war three. Head boy my foot why not hammer head of horror? Head boy who goes about looking for innocent students to pass his mouth disease to” i replied him.
“Hahahaha, bye Glory. Am expecting you later tonight” Nicholas said admist tears and laughter.
“Something is wrong with you” i said as i rushed out of the library. On getting outside, Deborah who was talking with Raymond ran towards me and asked me why i was crying and the only thing i could say was “I hate that demon”.

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I couldn’t help but wonder why my thoughts were on Nicholas as i hurried to pick Kelvin at the close of school.
“Oh that kiss, i thought it would never end. Why him? Why is he the first man to write me a love letter and the first to kiss me? Why do i hate him this much, when he is just a nice guy? Nice guy? Please don’t deceive yourself, he is not worthy of that title. Infact i hate everything about you, Nicholas” I was so lost in my thoughts that i didn’t know Kelvin was talking to me until he tapped me.
“You seem to be in another world full of chocolates” Kelvin teased.
“Why do you say so?” i asked
“You never uttered a word or answered my questions. I thought maybe you were thinking about senior Nicholas. Ehen sister Lara, tell me why were you crying when you went to see the head boy” he enquired.
“Me, ke! Omolara? Which head boy? I pretended.
“Senior Nicholas, your worst enemy” he answered.
“Who? What connection do i have with him? I frowned.
“Sister Lara, i was with my friend Victor in the library when the labour prefect drove us out, well we hung around, then i saw the head boy and the games prefect enter inside the library and later came out without the head boy. Minutes later, i saw the game prefect talking with you before you went into the library and came out later wiping ur face. It was after you went to your class, that the head boy got surrounded by the labour and games prefect when he came out. At first he looked sad but later brightened up after chatting with his friends. So sister, there is no denying this” Kelvin explained.
“Story teller, must you know everything?” i asked grinning.
“That’s my proffession”
“Okay, he wanted us to be friends. He apologised for all the evil he has done to me.” i said.
“Why does he want your forgiveness now?” kelvin asked
“Well that’s because he doesn’t want to go and face the bigger world without making peace and the ss3 student just finished their waec exam so they would be leaving soon. I told him i wasn’t interested and he knelt down crying and begging me that was why i was crying when i came out” i lied.
“Ok, senior Nicholas is a nice guy. Who knows he might even be the one to marry you” he said
“Shut up” i said abruptly.
“Hahahahahaha, i was only joking” Kelvin said.
On getting home, who met my mum home from work early preparing jollof rice. We greeted her in our yoruba dialect and went to freshen up.

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“I can’t go mum. I don’t feel too fine” i tried talking my way out.
“Mum, why must we go to the Omonaiye’s place?” Kelvin inquired.
“Yes, mum. Must we go?” i chipped in.
“We were invited for a party at the Omonaiye’s place. So you better get ready and stop being a questioner.” My mum retorted.
“Yip-pee, there’s going to be a party. There’s going to be a party. Oh, yeah i love parties.” Kelvin shouted.
“A party? Deborah never told me about it. Why the party mum?” i inquired.
“Well, we don’t know. Your dad just called me from the office and got me informed” Mum said.
“All i care about is, there is going to be a party and not the reason for it” Kelvin said excitedly.
“Mum, i don’t think i would go with you. Am having period cramps and i don’t have anything to where” i lied.
“Young lady, you better work on that. You are not a kid anymore, go search yourself a dress” Mum said.
“But mum, i don’t want to go” i said instantly. Frowning as i recalled Nicholas last words in school “am expecting you tonight”.
“No one violates your father’s words. Be ready before seven pm” mum snarled.
Three hours later, we arrived at the Omonaiye’s house. We were led in by Mr and mrs Omonaiye who told us the reason for the party.
The Adekunles and the Omonaiyes have been friends for nineteen years now and so it was hard to celebrate without the other being present.

“We have been talking for a while now, where are the kids?” My dad inquired.
“I don’t know the where about of this kids. I think they are in their room” mrs Omonaiye said.
“Omolara, why don’t you go and call them. Check the rooms by the right you would find them there” mr Omonaiye directed me.
“Okay sir”. I said in a polite manner.
On getting to the first room, i suddenly yearned to be in Nicholas arms. I knocked on the door and gave the door a gentle push when Deborah answered.
“Deb, so you are asleep and we are waiting for you in the sitting room. You never bothered telling me about the party” i said grabbing a pillow on the bed and using it on her.
“Am so sorry Glory. It escaped my mind” Deborah said with a sheepish smile.
“Ok that is that. Now you get up and go call Nicholas, you are both sent for” i said.
“No way. You do it yourself” Deborah said and ran out of the room.
“Deborah, you better run because am going to break you if i catch you” my voice trailed off as i got to Nicholas room. I composed myself, making myself look beautiful for a reason i do not know. I gave the door a gently knock for a minute but there was no response so i opened it and stepped inside.
“Why is this jagajugulu’s room this dark?” i asked myself as i made to switch on the light but a hand held mine and a soft kiss which took my breath alone was planted on my lips. For the first time in my life i fell inlove with that kiss and the kisser. I wrapped my hands around his shoulder enjoying the moment until Deborah interrupted us.
“Glory? Nicholas?” Deborah called out as she entered the room.
“Yes…yes. Am here” i stuttered.
“Where are you and why is this room so dark?” She asked.
“Am right here and i have been looking for the switch since. Nicholas wouldn’t answer me” i answered. “Oh, here we go” i finally said switching on the light.
“You got me scared for a while. This room is empty. Where’s Nicholas? Have you checked the bathroom” she opened the bathroom but no one was there. “He’s not here” She said. At this point, i was trembling, wondering who kissed me.
“Deb where’s Nicholas na, he is not in his room” I said
“Hi ladies” Nicholas said from outside the room. “I was using dad’s laptop”
“You scared us both. Mum needs you in the sitting room” Deborah told him.
“Gloria, are you okay? You look scared” Nicholas winked at me as he went to the sitting room.
I felt tizzy throughout at the Omonaiye’s place. The rest of the term went well with me avoiding Nicholas and the term came to an end with the ss3 graduation party.

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Five years later, i was dressed in a white pair of trouser, a pink camisole, a white blazer, a white bag, and a pink sandals. I was in a hurry to meet up with my supervisor when i bumped into a young man on my way inside his office, i hastily apologised and entered inside my supervisor’s office.
Two days later, i got a knock on my door and thought Deborah has forgotten something behind in our rented apartment, and i opened without asking who it was.
“Wow, hi. Goodmorning madam” a gentle yet harsh masculine voice greeted me with a smile.
“Morning to you to sir. Please how may i help you?” i inquired from the young man.
“Erm….my name is Nelson. The guy you bumped into the other day” He answered me with such confidence that made me despised him.
“Oh, so you are? Hope none of your bones are broken?” i inquired.
“Nah, am okay” he answered with a smile.
“Good. Now mister man, i remembered i apologised the other day. But what i don’t and can’t remember is giving you my address. So you have got sixty seconds to tell me why you are here” i said politely.
“Whoa, well miss Gloria. I came as a man in need of your friendship. You see, the way we met was brief, we didn’t have the time to get to know each other well….” i interrupted him with my hand.
“Did you just call me by my name? I don’t have the time to ask you how you got to know me but please am not interested in your friendship” i said and barged the door on him. I knew what i did was wrong but i have a sort of hatred for the opposite sex and so i can’t stand them except Nicholas. As i led on the bed i heard a knock again and i got up furious and ready to pour my venom on the person behind the door.
“Who is there? Didn’t i tell you am not interested?” i said angrily thinking it was Nelson as i opened the door.
“Hey babe, sup? Who are you not interested in? Why that frown?” Deborah questioned me as she sat on the bed.
“I don’t know what is wrong with men. Can you imagine, just because i mistakenly bumped into one guy like dat some days back he thinks am now cheap” i answered her.
“Cheap, how?” she asked.
“I don’t know this guy before now, i never told him anything about me, but he came here few minutes ago telling me he wants us to be friends. Imagine that rubbish” i said.
“Hahahaha here, have this. He said i should give you this” she handed a small gift bag to me.
“See Glory, life is not like that na. You have to take life easy. I don’t like the way you keep turning down men, abi you wan marry yourself?” she asked.
“I would marry a man at the right time mrs i too know. What is inside?” i peeped into the bag. “And how did you get the gift? Wait, i hope you weren’t the one that gave him my info?” i asked her

“Hahahaha no na, you know i can’t do such a thing. You are still my brother’s wife and i made a promise to look after you for him. Truth be told, that Nelson guy is handsome o. I met him outside the door, he gave me that bag for you after introducing himself” Deborah said.
“Let him be handsome for you. And let this be the last time you would ever call Nicholas name in my matter” i warned.
“Talk about the devil. It’s your hubby. Here have it. Get the message for me, i need to attend to nature’s call” she chuckled as she handed the phone to me before entering the bathroom leaving me to stare at the phone for some seconds.
“Glory, pick the d–n phone its not a toy” she shouted from the bathroom.
“Hello, this is Gloria, Nicholas. It’s not Ronke. I am fine…..she’s fine too, school is fine. Yes..that’s true, no i don’t think that would be possible Nicholas. If not for Ronke who went to the bathroom, i wouldn’t have spoken to you. Yes….please get a lady and settle down with her, i have a boyfriend and he is planning to wed me soon. Okay….i would do just that, you too have a nice day” I said as the line disconnected and laid on my bed talking to myself
“Why am i treating the only man i loved this way? Why am i always scared about making my feelings known to him?” i questioned myself and sighed.
“Hey babe, what did big bro say?” Deborah came out few minutes later wiping her face with a towel.
“Look, don’t try that again, the next time you do, i would just walk out” i retorted.
“Am sorry na. I was between life and death na” she said.
“Okay, he said he would be boarding a flirt to Naija in two hour’s time” I replied her.
“Wowwww…..Lara, Lara your lovey is finally coming to Naija. And there’s going to welcome party” she said happily. I frowned but deep down inside i was happy.
Two years later, i sat with my family watching my favourite family tv show.
“Omolara, now that you are through with service. When do we meet your fiance?” my mum asked.
“Ahn an, mum atleast let me settle down into the society first. God would provide me a soulmate at the appointed time” i answered.
“Dear, please leave her alone. She should atleast get a place to work first. Ehen, Lara get ready you would be starting work tomorrow at the Omonaiyes company. Mr Omonaiye said he wants you to resume work same day with Ronke and that’s tomorrow so you would take your CV with you.” my dad said.
“Okay dad” i said
After, dinner that evening i called Deborah and we decided our outfit for the next day.

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It was a beautiful monday morning, i woke up on impose at exactly 6am and did some cleaning, then got my beautiful self into the bathroom where i spent almost an hour bathing and singing all the songs i knew. I rushed out of the bathroom soapy when my phone rang.
“Hello, Ronke how far na? Have you taken your bath?” i asked wiping my soapy face with my hand.
“We are big girls na, why must you address me as Ronke? Or do you have mosquito bites calling me Deborah?” Deborah asked me.
“See me see wahala o, is that not your name again?” i asked
“This friendship and that name, which is more important?” she asked.
“This, friendship ofcourse. Ehen Deb, have you taken your bath?” i asked.
“Since na, am even on my way to the office with big bro now sef” she replied me.
“What?” i asked instantly. “Never mind, see you later. Cut the call now” i shouted.
I flung the phone on the bed, and hastily wiped my body.
“Where are my undies?” i questioned myself. “Where is my make up kits? Where is everything?” i screamed. “Now, am beginning to freak out. D–n it, settle down, calm down pretty, calm down” i told myself.
Few minutes later i dressed and composed myself. I couldn’t help but admire myself on my black pant trouser with a yellow silk sleeve shirt, a black bag with black heels to go with it. I said to myself “Omo you no bad at all” as i got myself a cab.
“Naiye’s company limited, here i come” i whispered as i got into the company’s premises.
“Good day ma, welcome to NCL” the gateman greeted me with a smile.
“Thank you, have a pleasant day ahead” i murmured. And started walking towards the company
“I have to move fast, you are fifteen minutes late on your first day. The traffic today was just too bad, not my fault” i thought. Just as i was trying to enter the office i bumped into Nicholas and a girl.
“Oh peach. Are you blind? Don’t you watch your front? You almost broke my wrist” i retorted.
“My, my, heavens! Look who we have here” Nicholas pulled me close and hugged me tightly. “It’s almost a decade since we last saw. Look at you, you’ve grown so beautiful Glory” Nicholas said happily.
“Excuse me?? Nicholas who is this thing?” The petite lady beside Nicholas asked.
“I beg your pardon? Lady, do i know you before? If not that am in a happy mood today i would have taught you manners. Please Nicholas, warn your woman, i came here to work and not be insulted” i said and adjusted my bag.
“Glory, she is not my woman, she is a staff here and nothing else” Nicholas said.
“A staff, you said am a staff? Is that all i am to you?” The lady asked Nicholas.
“Please excuse me” i said and walked into the building but was stopped by the petite lady who landed a dirty slap on my face.

“What?? How dare you? Are you mad?” i asked with one hand gently placed on my already swollen cheek.
“Yes, it is your mother, your sisters, your grandmothers and decayed grandmothers that is mad. Look here, what i did is just a welcome party, the next time you open this pit you call a mouth and talk to my fiance i would make sure you spend thirty days in kirikiri prison” The petite lady said confidently. At this, Nicholas who saw all that happened ran up to me and tried apologising but i pushed him aside, wiping the tears from my face.
“What? Dad did you see that? Who is that girl?” Deborah asked her dad who was also in the reception room when it happened.
“That is Believe Ekem, pastor’s Ekem’s daughter. She is Nicholas’s assistance. But why, i mean what happened?” mr Omonaiye questioned.
“Pastor’s daughter? That girl is a demon and am not going to stay here and let her hurt my friend daddy.” Deborah said and walked towards me.
“Believe, have you lost your senses? What has come over you? I have told you i would never have anything to do with you, ever. Get that into your big head” Nicholas said and turned towards me. “Gloria, am so sorry. I don’t have anything to do with her” he pleased.
“Yes, my brother would never have anything to do with a possessed witch, she needs deliverance” Deborah said.
“What? How dare you?” Believe asked instantly.
“Quiet!!!. The four of you to my office now!” Mr Omonaiye snarled.
Six minutes later, the CEO of NAIYE’S COMPANY LIMITED walked inside a well furnished office, and sat inside giving us a stern look.
“Yes, what was that you all just displayed outside? Miss Ekem what brought about your slapping our new employee?” mr Omonaiye asked.
“Sir, this lady is so rude and such a lady is surely going to bring doom on this company. Can you imagine she bumped into us and couldn’t even apologised, she then flirted with the manager, throwing her body at him and telling me i stinked” Believe said.
“Sir, that’s a lie. Not everything she said is true” i said.
“Dad, miss Believe here is the rude one. I mean, what she did was uncalled for and it proves she’s is incompetent for this job” Nicholas added.
“Miss Ekem Believe, do you think you are incompetent for your post as an assistant manager?” mr Omonaiye asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Am sorry, sir. I lost my calm. I promise it would never happen again sir” Believe apologised,
“Okay then, the next time this happens again someone’s appointment letter would be terminate. Miss Ekem, tell the others there would be a board meeting by 11am” Mr Omonaiye said.
“Dad, haven’t you forgotten something? We are new here” Deborah said.
“Old age, am so sorry dear. Let me call my secretary to show you to your office.” Mr Omonaiye said.
“There’s no need for that dad. I would show it to them Ladies, this way” Nicholas said.
Nicholas tried to make up for what happened but i avoided him as much as i could because on two ocassion, Believe has threatened me in the bathroom.

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Episode 8

Six months later, the Adekunles and miss Believe Ekem sat in the living room of the Omonaiyes.
“Omolara, my child you know why we are gathered here today” Mr Omonaiye said and i nodded.
“My child, please tell us what happened between you and mr Chukwudi on the 15th of june” Mrs Omonaiye said.
“It was a day i would never forget” I said sadly.
“Will, you speak up and let us know what to do or do think we don’t have other things to do?” My dad shouted.
“Lara my dear. Please say it na, let us know if what miss Believe here, said is true?” my mum pleaded.
“Okay, on the 15th of june, mr Chukwudi the finance manager insisted i wait behind so we could go through the company’s financial records after work. He delayed seeing me until everyone has gone home and when he finally did, he tried forcing himself on me, i struggled but he wouldn’t let me go that was when miss Believe came in and accused me of sleeping with him i tried explaining but she slapped me, i got furious and warned her before leaving the office then called Deborah and explained everything. It was when i came to work the next day i heard of the missing money” i said wiping my tears from my face.
“Yes, is that all?” Mr Omonaiye asked.
“Yes sir, i swear that is all. Mr Chukwudi never slept with me sir, Miss Ekem misinterpreted everything. I don’t know why the eleven million naira that is missing from the company is traced to me, even when the finance manager is no where to be found” i explained admist tears and pain.
“Miss Ekem, said you have a hand in it but there’s no concrete proof. So we would have to put you on suspension until we are through with our investigation” Mr Omonaiye said.
“Thank you daddy” My mum said as she knelt down.
“Nooo, get up it hasn’t come to that. Lara here is also our child and we know she is saying the truth.” Mr Omonaiye said as me and Deborah joined my mum in kneeling down.
“Dad, mum, daddy and mummy Adekunle can i please have a moment with miss Believe?” Nicholas asked.
“Yes go ahead, the meeting is dismissed. Ronke, take Lara to your room.” mr Omonaiye said.
“Thanks dad” we chorused and we went to Deborah’s room.
“I so much hate that Believe girl. I wish i can kill, break, bend, and fling her” Deborah said and it brightened me up as i laughed.
“What? I mean Deb, can i ask a question? Do you think Nicholas is having an affair with miss Ekem? I inquired.
“God forbid bad thing, its not possible na. Nicholas truely love you, you would see” she said.
“Am not talking about love, he has suddenly clinged to her. Was just curious that’s all” i answered instantly.
“Okay, with the way big bro takes u serious Chukwudi would be caught very soon. Eleven million is just too big for him” Deborah said.
Few hours later i got a call from Nicholas inviting me to a restaurant.
I got into the restaurant and found Nicholas in the place he said he would be, we greeted and we got talking, i became emotional and he wiped my tears and told me everything would be alright. He later dropped me off at home and i retired for the night.
The vibration from my phone woke me up the next day, it was Deborah, telling me that Mr Chukwudi has been arrested and he has confessed that i had no hand in the company’s stolen money. She later said Nicholas was my saviour in the case and that mr Omonaiye wants me to resume work that day.
A board meeting was held that day and the entire management of NCL officially apologised to me and i was made the financial manager. I was given the rest of that day to celebrate with my friends and colleaques as a small party was held for me.
“Hi, darling” a gentle male voice said to me. I turned around felt tizzy for some minutes.
“Look who we have here, wowww Kunle. My goodness see my secondary school hubby is all grown. My oh my. Kunle what are you doing here?” i hugged him and touhed his cheek infront of my colleaques, suprised at his huge size, not knowing Nicholas watched from afar, angry and jealous.
“Hi Kunle, sweet. I missed you o. Thanks for coming, i thought you’d never show up” Deborah chipped in.
“Permit me to say this, girls you are looking like the goddess of the sea. You are much more bigger than me” Kunle said.
“Excuse me, Miss Deborah, the manager wants to see you now” Mr Hassan, a co-worker said.
“Okay” she said and went to see Nicholas who had a frown on.
“Hey big bro, why did you isolate yourself from the party. What’s up?” she sat down. “Ahn ahn, why the frown? What’s wrong?” Deborah asked.
“I hate her, i hate her so much. How could she throw herself at him like a w—e?” Nicholas said angrily.
“Bro, no na, why do you have to say that? That’s Kunle, our secondary school classmate. She is just overjoyed that’s all” Deborah said.
“Is that how to behave? see what she is doing. Do you know, i kept myself for that w—e and now she is seducing a guy in public in my presence. How am i sure my assistant wasn’t right about she and mr Chukwudi” Nicholas retorted.
“My goodness, Nicholas are you a virgin?” Deborah screamed. “Wow, you two are good to go, she is also a virgin as well” she said.
“Virgin my foot, tell no one about me being that, have i made myself clear?” Nicholas snarled and left the party.
Deborah returned back to us laughing and excited and told me Nicholas said he was tired and heading home when i asked about him. I was greatly disturbed as to why Nicholas would just leave without saying a word to me and so i lied about being tired and left the party.
The next day was a busy one for me and i couldn’t make out time to thank Nicholas for his help.
“Hey babe, how are you doing?” Deborah asked me.
“As you can see am very busy putting the financial records together. How is your bro?” i asked not removing my eyes from my work.
“He is fine. Talk to you later” Deborah said and left. Towards the end of work that day i got a call from Kunle telling me he would pick me up after work. I quickly hurried and tidied up my work and left my office but stopped and entered Nicholas office when i saw his door open.
“Sir, are you okay?” i asked him.
“Go, get out you w—e” he snared as he raised his head from his desk revealing his teary face.”
“I beg your pardon, i was only trying to help sir. I am not a w—e” i said as i headed for the door.
“I don’t ever want to see you around me again. I hate you, get out before i lose my temper” he said.
I got out in tears and went to where Kunle parked his car and couldn’t say anything even when he tried comforting me as he drove me home. All my thought that night was why Nicholas could use such harsh words on me.

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Early that morning i put a call through to Deborah telling her all that happened the previous day and she apologised on his behalf. I got busy with my morning chores thinking of nothing else but the guys that i have driven away from me in the past with my harsh words.
Just when i was contemplating on what to wear to the office that day, the door bell rang and Kelvin answered to it, few minutes later he came back with a frown.
“Sis, so you still haven’t dressed? Your boss and husband came to give you a lift.” kelvin said.
“Who?” i inquired thinking it’s one of his pranks again
“You heard me na. Your Nicholas is here” Kelvin replied with a grin.
“Look here, big head am not ready for your rubbish this morning. You hear me?” i warned him.
“And if am not lying, what would you get me?” Kelvin asked.
“I don’t have your time” i said and returned to my wardrobe.
“Sis, am not joking your boss is here” he said and left my room.
“Don’t let me get you o, you always do this everyday and i always let you go but not today. Am going to squeeze the life out of you when i get hold of you” i said angrily and pursued him into the sitting room.
“Whoa!!! Ta-da” Kelvin stopped and gave me the ‘i told you’ look.
“Oh my, my, my my goodness. Kel…vin you were right o” i stuttered looking at the figure in my front.
“Won’t you greet sis. Am going inside” Kelvin said and left the suprised Nicholas and me to stare at each other for some seconds.
“Miss Gloria?” Nicholas called out and i gained my senses back.
“Goodmorning sir, i didn’t expect to see you. I mean erm….what can i do for you sir?” i asked still suprised at Nicholas presence. “Is it possible? Has he come to apologised for his behaviour?” i thought to myself.
“I came to take you to the office, Deborah isn’t feeling too well, she made me promise to come pick you up. So you have five minutes” he said.
“Okay sir.” i said and rushed towards the door before he stopped me.
“One more thing, miss Gloria, make sure you put on a dress when you come out again” he said and gave me a stern look then looked away.
“Am sorry, you saw me this way sir. Like i said i never expected to see you here” i said and went to my room and changed from the towel i tied into a lovely black gown.
“Funny, she never expected to see me here, who then did she expect? How can she even give me such a reply with her towel on, oh those legs, that body is so curved and soft. Glory, why are you treating me this way? Why did you flirt with a guy in my presence? How could you? Something you have never done to me before. Is it because i love you?” Nicholas thought as he left the house for his car.
Eight minutes later, i went to say goodbye to my parents who were also set for work
“Mum, dad am going now, please be careful and you big head you set me up right? I would get you and grind you when i come” i said and walked out of the house.
I got to where Nicholas parked his car and tapped the door so he could open the door of which he did.
“You are four minutes late” Nicholas looked at his watched and frowned.
“Am sorry sir” i apologised, he made no respond and started the car.
“I called Deborah and she never told me about her health. Hope it’s not serious?” i asked still said nothing.
“Sir, i asked a question. I said i hope your sister’s illness is not serious” I said, he responded with his head this time.
“How is daddy and mummy?” i asked further.
“Look here, am not your driver, you hear me. I believe you have a phone, call them and ask. I hate to be distracted while on wheels. Let me drive in peace please” he snarled.
“Am sorry sir” i said and wondered why he was barking.
“Not another word from you again. Be mute please” He said

He ordered me out of his car as he drove into the premises of NCL. I thanked him and got down from the car, but saw Miss Ekem Believe looking at me as if she wasn’t about taking me soul. I hissed and went to my office trying my best to kick the events of the previous day and this morning out of my mind. Few minutes before lunch i got a call from Deborah, telling me she was going on a date with Kunle but his friend Michael, would pick me up for lunch. I told her i wasn’t interested and she laughed and ended the call, i sighed and raised my head only to see miss Believe.
“Harlot, witch, haven’t i warned you to leave him alone?” Believe said.
“Beg your pardon, miss Ekem. What are you talking about? I would not have you come in here and insult me” I sat up.
“So you still have the guts to talk? How dare you?” she said and i held her hand before it could land on my face.
“Are you mad? Is something wrong with you? Look here Believe, the next time you try to slap me again i would give you the beating of your life. Let this, even be the last time you would meet me to warn me anywhere again” i warned her.
“Oh, so you now warn me and call me by my name. You this illiterate how dare you” Believe asked me trying to free herself from my grip.
“Atleast am more educated than you an HND graduate. See the guy you are even talking about i know him better than you do and i can be his if i want to be so just stop fooling yourself and get out of my office this minute.” i snarled.
“Okay, we shall see” Believe said and walked out just then my phone rang.
“Hello….yeah….okay i would be out in a jiffy.” i ended the call and walked out.
“Gloria baby, are you going out?” Precious a co-worker asked me.
“Nah, i don’t think so i just want to see someone” I said and walked out, and stopped when i got to a red infinity jeep parked outside.
“Hello?? Am sorry to disturb but are you Mike?” i asked the handsome short guy inside.
“Yes i am and you must be Gloria right?” he got down from his car and brought his hand for a handshake.
“Yes i am. It’s nice meeting you” i stretched out my hand with a smile.
“What?? What’s wrong with you? Wait for me in my car” A harsh and shaky voice said to me.
“Mr Nicholas, is everything okay?” i asked.
“You heard me didn’t you? I said now.” he snarled.
“Am sorry sir, but i only came to take her for lunch.” Mike chipped in.
“Am sorry you too sir, but you are not allowed to take her out” Nicholas said.
“Why? Miss Gloria am sorry, please what’s happening. I don’t understand” Mike questioned.
“The lady you want to take out is my woman and i can’t let that happen. Now you get going before i lose my cool any than i have” Nicholas said and pulled me to his car.
“What was that you just did there. Don’t say anything let me go apologise for your stupid behaviour. Excuse me” i said.
“Don’t you dare walk out on my Glory.” Nicholas warned.
“I don’t have your time” i said and went to meet Mike who was about driving out of the company. I apologised for Nicholas unruly behaviour, and promised to make up for it. He accepted and left the company and i saw Nicholas looking at me when i headed back to the office.

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I stormed into my office angry at Nicholas behaviour. “How could he? And what is wrong with him” was all i could utter.
“No this can’t happen, this isn’t happening” i got up from my seat and started to pace around in my small office thinking of what to do to Nicholas.
“D–n it” i hit my hand on my desk. “That guy is getting on my nerves, he called me a w—e, now am his woman. Tell me how is that possible na? Why is this guy sent to destroy my life ehn?” i muttered.
“Gloria, the manager wants to see you immediately” Precious said as she entered my office, suprised at my mood.
“Tell him am not coming” i snarled.
“Babe, i said the manager, the CEO’s son is calling you” she said.
“And so? Abeg tell him am not coming. Or is it by force?” i asked with my eyes out.
“Okay o, i hear. Na you sabi” she said and left the office, two minutes i heard a knock on my door and i lifted my face to see who it was.
“Lara, why didn’t you obey the manager when he sent for you?” Mr Omonaiye questioned and i told him everything that happened.
“You mean, you and Nicholas don’t get on well?” he inquired.
“Sir, we are just being childish that’s all” i answered him.
“Okay i would do something about that. Now go and see him” He said and left my office.
“You sent for me” i said to Nicholas five minutes later.
“So you mean you wouldn’t have come if dad didnt tell you to?” he asked me with a stern look.
“So you told him then” i retorted.
“He was here when your reply was brought. What was that you did outside? You now hawk your body for those rats. How could you i trusted you with my life” Nicholas said.
“Do you have a life? Please tell me why you sent for me” i said.
“I love you” he said and looked into my eyes as if searching for my weakness. “I want you, i need you Glory, i want to make you my wife” his words pierce into my heart and soul.
“So, you want me to cry because you love me? See me see trouble o. Come, Dapo let this be the last time you’d open your mouth to tell me that thrash. Nothing on earth would make me look you” i said and tried walking out before he found out how i felt about him but he held me by my hand and yanked me back in such a way that our lips met and we were lost in a passionate kiss for almost five minutes.
“How dare you?” i finally said as he broke off the kiss.
“My love, i know you feel the same way i feel. I would arrange for my parents to meet yours tomorrow” Nicholas said.
“I don’t love you and i never would” i said and walked out of his office.
I felt my whole being trembling, i quickly sat on a chair and started crying.
“Pride, pride, why are you doing this to me? You know i love him so much. Stay away from me, i have to meet a counsellor” i said.
Later that evening, i got a call from Deborah who was crying.
“Nicholas? No na it’s not Nicholas. He can’t be the one” i screamed and got my parents and Kelvin running to my room.
“Omolara, my child what’s wrong?” My mum asked me.
“Ni…ni….nicholas, got in…involved in a ghastly motor accident” i stuttered and started crying again.
“Christ! How? When? Where? How did it happen? My mum asked shocked, already my dad has dialled the Omonaiye’s and have gotten the necessary information.
“Let’s not waste time here. Let’s go to the hospital right away” My dad said and we all rushed out on our night wears with my mum tying a wrapper round her chest.
On getting there, we met the Omonaiye’s too on their night wear, mother and daughter crying. I couldn’t hold back myself and so joined in the crying. Few minutes later, a female doctor came out and insisted on speaking with mr Omonaiye alone.
“Can i come too? He is also my son” my dad asked.
“Sure” The doctor replied.
In the office the doctor told them that Nicholas accident was very serious.
“You see, the accident affected both his eyes and his spine. Am sorry to inform you that he might not be able to see or walk again but he can with the help of an operation and it might cost millons” The doctor said.
When this was finally told us we all screamed “what??”
“My son, God why? Sell everything, sell the company. My son would not be a waste” Mrs Omonaiye cried, and knelt and held her husband’s trouser.
We were not allowed to see him that night but the next morning because he needed rest.
“Is she there?” Nicholas asked the doctor as he sat up.
“Yes, she is in a pitiable state. She still haven’t slept” The doctor said.
“You see, i told you she loves me. Hahahaha, this is wonderful, perfect plan. Me blind? Hahaha, let’s see how this game ends” Nicholas said and laid back on his bed.

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Two weeks later, after work i went to visit Nicholas in the hospital with Deborah and met him in a discussion with the doctor.
“I have told you, i cannot continue to be like this, i am now pampered, i lay all day like a log of wood, is it fair? Doctor just get a drug and inject it into me, what is the need of living when all hope is lost already?” Nicholas asked like a helpless child with his bandaged eyes.
“Big bro, no don’t talk like that, you haven’t lost anything, we are and would always be by your side” Deborah said.
“Yes that’s right Nicholas, we would always be here if you need anything. God has a reason for everything” i quickly added.
“Whoa, wait a minute. Did i just hear the voice of an angel? Was that Glow? I mean you now glow knowing am now a paper. How dare you mock me? I have warned you not to show your face here again, what are you still doing here? Out, out, get out of here before i do something silly to you. You made me the way i am, i had that accident drinking because of you that day. Now, you come to show your face here, you are a devil” Nicholas snarled and with this i started crying.
“Ahn ahn Dapo, that was too harsh na, did she force you to drink? No she didn’t, why drive her when she meant no harm?” Deborah said.
“You are an idiot, besides all of you are idiots, get out now. I don’t want to ever see you here again” Nicholas said.
“You have to leave this ward now, shouting is not good for his condition i need to put him on drugs to calm him down. Would be with you in a minute” The doctor said and led us out, coming out a minute later she frowned at us and invited us to her office.
On getting there, we sat on the two seats provided and glanced around her office for a while.
“I would not let you cause my patient anymore harm miss. He gets pretty paranoid this days which is not good for his health. I would have to restrict the both of you visit here for the main time until he gets better” The doctor said.
“You would do no such thing, try it and you would see if i don’t beat you black and blue” Deborah retorted.
“Deb, it hasn’t come to that. Doc, we are sorry, we never knew Nicholas would behave this way, it’s me he hates and not his sister, so she shouldn’t be restricted from visiting rather i should” i said.
“Does, she have a say here? Come i don’t take rubbish from people o, don’t try it next time and i don’t want to hear that you would ever stop her from visiting my brother. Hmm, the day you do, i would tell you am a jaguda, Glory stand up let’s go joh” Deborah said and pushed me out of the office.
“What was that for? You didn’t have to be rude na. That was very bad of you, you know she is just doing her job, you didn’t have to insult her” I said.
“That girlie girlie has no right, i despise her type. Come, let’s go and be with Nicholas, let me see her stop me” she said and pulled me by my hand as i was a bit relunctant to go in.
“You see, big bro is already asleep. Oops, i have got a call coming in” She got her phone from her handbag. “It’s Kunle, i would be right outside, stay with him” she said and closed the door behind. The room became quietly as i sat beside his bed stroking his hand and crying.
“Baby, am sorry i caused your accident, am sorry i made you drink, am sorry you are going through so much pain cos’ of me. I love you Nicholas, pride didn’t let me say it before but now to hell with it, i am going to stand by you until all this is over. I would never let go of you if the world do, i love you Nicholas, please find a place in your heart to forgive me please” I whispered and lowered my head until my lips met his, he whimpered in his sleep.
“I just made a promise to be by his side, a blind and paralysed man?” my thoughts kept pricking me that i was so lost in my thoughts unaware of Deborah’s entrance into the room.
“Hey, you look like you just saw a ghost. How is he?” she asked and sat on the other end of the bed.
“He looks fine, he needs that rest you know. He didn’t deserve to be like this, it’s so painful” i said wiping my tears and blowing out mucus from my nose with my already soaked handky.
“Yeah, he is too good to be this way” Deborah said sadly and with a smile minutes later as if being revived back to life.
“Guess what?? Kunle is taking me to see his parents this saturday. Am so fly, uh ta ta la la la. I just can’t wait” she said excitedly and i flustered.
“Deb, are you okay at all? Have you lost your mind? Do you know your brother is the one lying on this bed? All you do and care about now is Kunle this, Kunle that, not like he has proposed to you yet” i said.
“What does he need me for when you are already here? If only you knew the truth then you won’t be such a chump” she said making a funny face for me.
“Yeah, right and you are such a chum. What do you mean by truth?” i asked.

“Like seriously? You want to know? Mehn , d–n, oboy if i told you, you wouldn’t believe” Deborah said with a grin.
“Please tell me, i also have something to tell you” i said with interest
“You won’t believe Kunle and i had unprotected sex last night, gosh it was so good, the skin to skin feeling was extra great” she said.
“Are you for real? You smoke weed? How, why did you have unprotected sex? What were you thinking?” i asked instantly.
“Oh please, enough with that miss virgin. We were both ready to take the risk, atleast now, we would visit his parents then fix a date for them to visit mine” Deborah said.
“Okay, if you say so. My being a virgin is my pride and it would be my husband’s pride too” i murmured.
“What is it you want to say?” she asked with smile.
“What do you think about me and Nicholas? Do you think he would forgive me?” i asked her.
“Perfect match, virgin plus virgin. Hmm, yeah i think he would if you marry him” Deborah said.
“Virgin? Is he a virgin?” i inquired.
“Ooops, mo gbe, am dead, he warned me not to tell anyone about it before o” she sniffed just then mrs Omonaiye walked in and i couldn’t tell Deborah how i felt about Nicholas.

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“Look, Nicholas let me be, am not the only girl on earth na haba, why won’t you let me be? I have told you that i never want to be a part of your life so get that into your head and leave my room this minute” i said.
“Never! You are mine and mine alone and am going to take it whether you like it or not” Nicholas said and landed me a hot slap on my face and started struggling to get the file i held, he put his leg between mine and pushed me making me lose my balance and as i fell on a couch i let go of the file, he gave me a wicked grin with mocking eyes.
“You are mine, get that into that pea brain of yours. This divorce would never work” He said and turned to leave the room, but i couldn’t have him leave with the file, so i grabbed a pen knife on my make up table and rushed on him and hit him three times on his neck, he had a shocked expression with tears forming in his eyes, he raised his hand to his neck and pressed it against his bleedy neck and fell heavily on the ground.
“Wha..what..t..have i done? Oh my God! Help, help, somebody please help me” i screamed and rushed to the lifeless body of Nicholas and held him in his pool of blood.
“Jesu! Jesus!” i sat up on my student size bed and placed my right hand on my chest as if it would stop from beating faster, ignoring the droplets of sweat on my face i moved my head from one direction of my room to another searching for a proof of the incident. “It’s just a dream, thank God. Nicholas you shall not die, what kind of a dream is this? No it would not happen. Where ever you are, in the sea, in the sky, in the underworld i come against premature death from my life, from Nicholas life, from the life of his family and mine………..” i prayed like i have never done before that night and decided i’d go talk to Nicholas that day and make up for my actions.
I walked into NCL that morning, lost in my thoughts. I later put a call through to Deborah and left the office for the hospital, and getting there i met the doctor who told me that Nicholas has been taken home, ofcourse i thought she was lying and so i called his mum and she told me he was already at home. I thanked the doctor and left for the Omonaiye’s place which took me about thirty minutes to get there due to traffic.
I knocked on the gate on getting there, and the gateman welcomed me inside.
“Sister, good afternoon ma, how work? Abeg no vex say i never come see you, as concerning oga Nicholas accident. You know say he like you die, but now wey he don blind and paralyze i doubt say you go marry am” the gateman said.
“Afternoon to you too, i am not the type to run away from your oga you hear me? By the way where is he?”i asked politely.
“He and my oga and madam dey inside since they return from hospital. Sister Ronke still dey work, she never return” he answered.
“Okay have this” i sighed and gave him a one thousand naira note then walked to the main building and entered when the door was answered by a young lady in her early twenties.
“Good afternoon, please am here to see the Omonaiyes” i said and cleared my throat giving the girl a long look.
“Good afternoon to you too, come inside” she said giving me a rude look.
I met Nicholas parents who introduced the girl as Rita, the daughter of a late friend who has come to stay with them for a while. I knew deep down that i didn’t like her and concluded that she was a badluck as i knocked on Nicholas door and entered.
“Who is that?” he asked calmly.
“It’s Gloria sir, how are you sir” i asked as i picked a position on his bed and sat down.
“Why are you again? Why did they let you in? I told them not to let you in.” Nicholas retorted

“Please Nicholas, i know am the cause of your predicament and that you would never forgive me but i want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me” i said in tears.
“Forgive? Will i get back my happiness? Will i get a woman to marry me this way? Will i even be able to see and walk again?” he asked.
“Yes my love you would. I am going to be with you until this storm is over, this i promise with the whole of my heart” i said now on my knees
“Wait! Your love? Did i just hear that right? Did the almighty Gloria just call me her love?” Nicholas asked amused.
“Yes i did Nicholas, i am and have always been inlove with you, but pride wouldn’t let me tell you how i felt, am sorry i hurt you and i accept the blame for your accident and so i promise to be by your side till the end” i said.
“This is amazing, just like in the movies. Please leave when you are tired of mocking me my heart bleeds already” Nicholas said and sniffed.
“Why would i mock you? That is the last thing i would do, i am also hurt seeing you this way, i would do anything to see you smile again”I answered quickly.
“Oh, so you do it then because you pity me? Com’on Glory you can do better than this. I don’t need pity, i need true love. I want to get married before i go abroad for my operation and you are not even going to help me, so just go” Nicholas said calmly.
“How sure are you that am not for real? Baby i love you, and am ready to be your woman before and after the operation, please just give me a chance” I said making a funny face at him.
“I have a feeling you are not for real” Nicholas murmured.
“I am for real my love, i want to be your wife and the mother of your unborn kids” i said.
“Really? I heard you are a virgin how do you plan doing that?” he asked with a grin and i felt embarrassed.
“Make me your wife and you would know how i plan doing that, i also heard you are a virgin is that true?” i asked.
“Are you laughing at me?” he asked and tried raising his brow through the bandage face but end up whimpering.
“No i am not, i would never do that. Am sorry, am so sorry baby, please don’t move, just rest okay?” i said stroking his hand.
“Okay, thanks Glory, i would think about your proposal and give you a reply in twenty four hours” he said murmuring.
“Okay thanks. Can i kiss you?” I asked him as i sat back on his bed.
“Kiss me? Did you kiss me yesterday? I felt a lip on mine, and heard your voice, thought it was a dream” he pretended.
“Yes i did” i said shyly.
“It’s romantic, when you kiss without the person giving you the go ahead. Kiss me passionately, i want to know how you feel.”he said with a smile and when we kissed it was heavenly and it lasted some minutes without any of us breaking up the kiss until we heard the door open. “Yeah caught in the act you would say, but who cares? We are so inlove” i thought.
“Don’t you have some dignity? Why force yourself on a sick man? Are you sure you are okay?” Rita said to me and turned towards Nicholas. “Am so sorry dear, hope she didn’t hurt you?” she pushed me from the bed and sat there instead.
“No, Rita am okay, i told her to kiss me, i missed her you know but it was wrong of you not knocking, what if you had seen something else?” Nicholas said
“My love, please go with Rita to the kitchenand get me something to eat, i am hungry i want you to feed me too. Thanks Rita, for checking on me.” Nicholas said.
“Okay baby” i said and followed Rita out of the room.

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A week later, the Adekunles, the Omonaiyes and a few relatives voice could be heard coming from the Omonaiye’s house. I was led to Deborah’s room to prepare properly for the ceremony of the day.
“Yes it is my wedding day, so i have the right to be happy and look like a princess, i ought to be the only one to be admired today by all, most especially the love of my life” i said to one of Nicholas relative.
“Yes, you are right my dear, even if our son Nicholas cannot see how you look, you still have to look your best, it would make him even more happy you know?” the woman said.
“Hey, Deb na play play like play play person dey take die, if you know what’s good for you, remove me buba and iro and leave my makeup kit this very minute. Com’on before i pounce on you, you better start pulling it” i said with a frown.
“Hey, just hold it there Glory, like play play like play play person no they play with you” she asked in laughter.
“Not on this day, you hear me?” i said.
The traditional marriage was brief, so i was led back again to Deborah’s room to prepare for the white wedding. I quickly refreshed and soon a perfect makeup was done for me, i wore a white short gown that revealed my rounded figure eight with a veil and a pink bouquete with pink heels to go with it.
“Omo iyawo, you are a paragon of beauty, the goddess of the night, the sea and the moon, no wonder Oladapo the light of my world was so desperate to marry you” Mrs Omonaiye said as she walked into the room and hugged me.
“Thanks mummy” i said shyly.
“Ronke what is this? Why do you want to look like a masquerade on such a special day? You have a mirrow infront of you, so wipe that make up out now it’s too much. Lara my wife, you look pure, the pastor is already here so i expect you all out in three minutes time” Mrs Omonaiye said.
Soon after, we proceeded to Nicholas room where he laid on his bed, dressed on a black suit with black bow tie and Raymond, his secondary school friend took the place of the best man while Deborah wore a pink short gown as my chief brides maid. It was a small ceremony with only few family and friends around to witness it. After the exchange of vows and rings, and we were produced husband and wife, we had little refreshment during the wedding ceremony and i couldn’t help but notice the excitement on Nicholas voice especially when he whispered to me “You are now mine, mine you would be fore ever” i pondered on what to do this very night.
Thirty minutes after the celebration we were excorted by Raymond, his fiance, Kunle and Deborah to a rented self contain apartment in the middle of the town, with our house now being in the centre of both parents house which were located on the extreme ends of the town.
Nicholas had insisted on a rented apartment because of his condition and i had concurred, now i couldn’t help but watch my husband being brought in a wheel chair, and laid on the giant queen size bed on the floor of the room. They hastily bid us goodbye and left us to enjoy the rest of the evening together.
I stood akimbo for a while, staring at the rioting colours of pink, yellow, green, lilac, blue and brown on the wall, a white sofa was placed beside the queen size bed, i moved my attention to the plasma tv on the wall which demarcated the kitchen and bathroom door from the door leading outside.
“My love, don’t tell me you want to look all day please come give me a peck” Nicholas said.
I laid beside him on the bed and gave him a peck then starting stroking his bed and giggling.
“Your hands are so soft and tender, why don’t you place it here on my chest and massage it or maybe here” He placed my hand beneath his waist and made me massage a something hard and erect that protruded from his trouser, my palm became sweaty, my throat suddenly went dry, and i had the urge to understand Nicholas body that night.
He giggled and made ectastic sounds making me stop touching his erect organ.
“Why did you stop? It’s beautiful, your hand does magic, it makes me want you my love. Please, continue am enjoying it” he said and brought my hand back to his trouser.
“Baby, am shy” i said and looked at Nicholas face, which had no bandage on it anymore.
“I know you are. Can i ask you for a favour? Promise me, you would love me no matter what and that you would never leave me” Nicholas said.
“Baby i love you and i promise i would never leave you. I would be yours no matter the odds” i said.
“Can you do it to me?” He asked stroking his beard.
“Do what?” i inquired.
“You know na, what we ought to do tonight as newly married couples” he said and drew me close, kissing me passionately and not giving me any chance to struggle with him, he quickly undressed me nd rushed himself inside me, acting like an hungry lion, and i couldn’t struggle knowing i was lost in a painful and sweat pleasure, i kicked the thoughts of Nicholas lies away from my mind for the moment.

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Early the next morning, i felt a gentle touch on my cheek as i woke up yawning, openly my eyes i saw Nicholas lay by my side upon an elbow, watching me with a smile.
“Crazy night huh? You were amaz…ing and i couldn’t help ignoring those softness” he whispered and i wondered at first if am dreaming until he pulled me gently against him until my head rested on his chest.
“You! You lied?” i asked with my head raised so i could see his face.
“I did what i had to do so we could have a future of happiness together, and our future has just begun” He said and tried kissing me.
“You did? I despise you” i hissed vehemently and sprang to my knees, trying to leap from the bed but he caught me by my shoulder and cast me back on the bed gently and crawled ontop of me.
“Where did you think you were going?” he lowered his lips until mine but i bit tight my lips so his tongue could not have access to my mouth.
“Away, from a lying nit wit like you. I do not, want to have anything with you” i retorted and struggled but he refused letting go until his phone started ringing.
“Won’t you pick your call? Or is your conscience pricking you already?” i asked helplessly beneath him.
“Hahaha, look my dear wife, last night was a night to remember, knowing i broke your maiden head. Go on, clean up and get me something to eat” he said as he finally let go of me and walked towards the sofa naked and i just stared, longing for his body.
“Yes, my darling Rita, how are you and why disturb my honeymoon….a bad news?……okay, calm down and tell me what happened……What?? How? Why? When?….you are joking right?………….Okay put Ronke on the line…what do you mean she can’t talk?. Okay, am on my way there.” he ended the call and flung the phone on the bed beside me leaving me with the ‘what is wrong expression’.
“What is happened” i asked instantly.
“Mum and dad has been kidnapped and the kidnapper have called saying they want to speak with me” he said and hurried wore his trouser.
“What?? Mum and dad?” i asked shocked.
“Put on something if you want to go with me and be fast about it.” he said as he wore a grey t-shirt.

I quickly leapt from the bed, ignoring the blood stain on the bed sheet and got dressed. Fifteen minutes later, we were in the Omonaiye’s house, both our heart beat increased at the sudden grave like sound the compound now had.
“Baby, please hold me” i said looking scared.
“Seems, your parents are here already” he said nodding towards the direction of the parked car as he held me tight.
We paused on the main entrance to the house and knocked but there was no response so we barged into the house, but was shocked on getting to the sitting room.
“April fools” They all chorused.
“What, mum, dad so you mean you could let them pull such a stunt? If only you knew how sweet we were enjoying ourselves or how i drove recklessly to get here” Nicholas said with a grin and i had a frown on my face.
“Oh, look who we have here, the greatest fool of the day, you look like you are gonna cry. How did you feel knowing your husband lied to you?” Rita said with an innocent face, and i couldn’t hold back my anger so i landed three hot slap on her face and pounced on her giving her the beating of her miserable life until, i was pulled away from her by Nicholas.
“Let me go, you this slime, you did this to me. All of you knew about his game all along, my parents, your parents, the zombie i call a brother, even my bestie, a backstabbing witch, this s–t and the doctor too” i couldn’t hold my tears and rage anymore.
“Hi, am Anita, Dapo’s doctor and cousin” the doctor said bringing her hand forward for a handshake and i pushed it away.
“Lara, darling please sit down let us explain” my mum said.
“Never, not on this life. I hate all of you, you are all the same” i said and rushed out of the house pushing Nicholas out of my way and not caring when he fell upon a stool.
“D–n it, baby” he said as he got back on his feet and rushed outside after me.
I kept crying as i ran, wondering why they chose to treat me that way, the people i love most i wasn’t sure where i was going that moment, i kept running pay little attention to Nicholas’ voice as he shouted my name from behind.
My vision became blurry and i couldn’t catch my breath for some seconds so i stopped running and tried sitting on the tarred road of the Adekunle’s street but a white hilux vehicle stopped infront of me and i was roughly dragged inside, i struggled but the huge hefty man at the back seat that dragged me inside just gave me a hot slap and i spat out blood on the closed window and watched as Nicholas ran after the vehicle as it sped off.
“Big Joe, give the girl that thing, remember she musn’t know where we are taking her to” a deep harsh masculine voice who sat beside the driver said.
“Sure” The man who sat in the back seat with me said and raised his thigh so he could get a white handkerchief from his pocket and as he brought the soaked hanky towards my nose, i snatched his phone from his pocket without him knowing it, and held my breath as he brought the substance to mz nose. I lowered my head lazily on his lap and quickly inserted the phone inside my bra and cleaned my nose then sneezed on impulse.
“She don doze? Check am well, make you seat belt am” The driver said.
“Nawao i never see any body sneeze before o, after we use badoo for am before, but this babe set die, we suppose chop am before we dispose am” Big Joke said.
“Not in this life, my God won’t allow it” i thought.

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The hilux car, diverted and drove straight to the last house of a street in the outskirt of the town, i was placed on the shoulder of big Joe and taken inside the building, which was owned by Pastor Ekem.
I pretended to be asleep due to the effect of the drug, but took note of the doors and rooms of the bungalow building, the third room was opened and i was tossed on the bed and locked in, i stayed low for a while as the whispers outside the room seemed like one of the kidnappers was on a call maybe with the person who sent them, so i tried listening to their conversation but heard nothing.
“D–n it, i have to leave here, i can’t die here” i thought, and opened my eyes but quickly shut it because of the bright flourescent bulb in the room. I opened it gently seconds later and studied the room for a while.
“What kind of a windowless room is this one? I no fit die like this o” i sobbed and thought for a while, then as if possessed by an evil spirit, put my hand inside my bra and brought out the phone.
“I can’t die here, let me call for help. No, no, no am so confused, who do i call? Who do i call to save me? My family, my husband and his family betrayed me, i can’t and i would never call them. What if, this is part of their plan? No, i rather die than call them, i hate them all, okay but i can’t be like this na, i have to leave here. Okay, okay, think, think of something” i said and closed my eyes for a minute.
“Yes, aunty Agnes, her husband is a DSP in the police force, can’t remember her number o i think it’s 08011223344” i said and brought forth the nokia torchlight but it was completely down.
“Oh no, no battery? God please na, help me, am sorry for my sins. Please help me come out of this alive” i started crying and threw the phone on the other side of the bed close to the door.
Eight minutes later, the door was opened and the huge guy called Big Joe sneaked in licking his lips.
“Shhh, be quiet and i won’t kill you, i would set you free if you let me have you now” he said in a whisper.
“Please, am a married woman, my husband is wealthy. Name your price and he would give you the money, please sir just let me go” i pleaded.
“I have all the money i want in this world, i don’t need a dime from him, just give it to me and i would let you go” he said this time pressing my bossom.
“Never, it’s against my religion i can’t” i shouted and pushed his hand away.
“Oh, tough girl, i see” he said with a grin and stroked his beard.
“Look here, i would it by force then” he said and landed a dirty slap on my cheek and hit my head on the wall and started unbelting his trouser with one hand and using one hand to hold my neck as i struggled, i bit hard against his hand and pushed him away from me as he fell back on the bed but he held my leg and drew me back on the bed as i tried escaping. He hit my head hard against the wall three times then stabbed me with the pen knife he brought from his loosed trouser and i fell helplessly on the bed, bleeding and loosing conscienceness.
“Bi..tch” he finally said as he got up to fasten his belt back then the door opened.
“Chineke, guy wetin you do? You say you wan c-m chop kpomo, wetin come be this one? The driver asked with his hands on his head.
“Wetin happen for here Big Joe?” The third kidnapper asked suprised at the site.
“The girl too stubborn, i lost it man, i lose my temper” Big Joe said.
“Yawa don ghas o, pastor daughter don come” The third kidnapper said running back into the room.
“See as e go be en, we go just tell her say na accident say the girl wan escape before. She don dey knock oya Friday go open the door for her” The third kidnapper said.
“What?? How did this happen? Was this what i paid you for? Do you know an alhaji is suppose to take her tonight to Egypt and make her a slave there? Do you know how much you just made me lose you morons? Believe said angrily throwing her arms in the air.
“Sis, na accident the girl try escape” Big Joe said.
“Oh shut up your big gutter of a mouth, you are a goat, can you see that? It’s called a blood, you stained my life with her blood, look, she’s already dead. You are all local pocket pickers thought you were kidnappers. Get rid of her body and put no trace back to me, clean this room and am not paying you your remaining balance as long as you are still tenants in this house” Believe said and barged out of the room.
“Please don’t let me die Lord” i murmured quietly feeling very weak, shaky and drained as a tear flowed down to my white lips as i closed my eyes.
“Oya, this place is good to dump her, quick, quick” The driver said and i was pushed out of the car down into the gutter of an abandoned street.

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“This world is cruel” a last tear rolled down my cold face and i breathed my last. Then felt my inner being, what is known as my soul leave my already lifeless body. I stood helpless beside my lifeless body crying uncontrollably and wanting to get back to my body but all my efforts were to no avail, then i saw an old man dressed in a white spotless robe with long grey beards, walk on the air from the thick clouds in the sky towards my body and used the staff on his hand to touch my body and the earth shook where i laid, and soon my body fell in the deep dark depths of the earth and that instant i noticed my surrounding changed, and i was on top of a moving cloud with the old man on another.
“Where am i?” i asked startled.
“You are dead and you are already on your way to be judged. I am Elesh a messenger and a transporter, more like a brother to death and it’s my duty to transport you and others to the sacred throne to be judged.” He said using his staff to draw a chain from his cloud to mine, then taking a look at a beeping information on his palm.
“There, goes another soul left with a minute before it becomes a corpse, follow me now, come, let us go pick him up”
“I know am a good person and am not suppose to be dead. Please, let me return back to my body” i pleaded.
“Shhh, be quiet” he said with a palm raised up, making my tongue cling to its palete.
“A war is about to ensue, i feel it. Hahahaha, useless mortals with fetish powers thinking they can go against the great Elesh” he said with a wide grin and pointed his staff to the earth and we decended to the earth, and started walking in the air to a big mansion owned by a wealthy occultic man who had a few seconds to breathe his last.
I saw the man’s four wifes and two children who were heirs to his devilish wealth, seated and crying with relations and friends to console them as he breathed his last.
“Come, come now, you wicked being, you no longer have a place on earth anymore” he said and as he tried touching the wealthy man’s body, a dark force appeared around him and eight men dressed in black appeared trapping the man’s soul.
“What?? This has never happened before, how dare you challenge the great Elesh?” He hit the earth with his staff and a great bolt of thunder hit the men hard and they vanished.
“Hahahaha, hahahahahaha. No one dares go against the great Elesh. Come now, you wicked soul, a place is prepared for you in the sun” he said and hit his staff against the earth and we were back on the clouds.
We journeyed on like that, taking good and bad souls of young and old people along with us.
“See there, is the sacred throne where you would be judged. It is called heaven, and the gate would come free if you are lucky, if you are partially lucky then you would be sent to Neptune known as purgatory to live for a period of time but if you are unlucky then my brother Felvussesh would give you a ride to the sun to dine and wine with the great liar, the devil.”He explained and pointed his staff forward and were soon on a line walking towards the judgement seat. Only few had smiles on their face as the gate of heaven opened for them.
“You see, over there. Those are the lucky ones, the ones being led to that wooden cart are the partially lucky ones while the ones led to that burning iron cart are the unlucky ones.” he explained further.
“The ones you see returning back this way before they get to the judgement throne, have being given a second chance to go back to earth” he said and disappeared back to his cloud waiting for new passengers to take back to earth.
Gradually it drew closer to my turn as the wealthy occultic man who was judged before me was sent to the burning iron cart, a young pregnant woman infront of me was not allowed to the judgement throne, so she was led back to Elesh to return to earth.
“Next! Gloria Omolara Adekunle? Please do come forward and be judged” a gentle voice said and i drifted to the throne with tears flowing down my bowed head.

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“You are lucky to be among the few given a second chance by our great God, for i see nothing on this scroll right in front of me. Live a good life and let the light and peace from God dwell with you.” The gentle voice said and I felt a gentle pull on me.
”Eeh see this fine girl already killed by God knows who, people are wicked. What would she have done to deserve death?” a passerby said as he shook his head among a small crowd forming where I laid helplessly in my own pool of blood.
“Poor girl, such a beauty, life is unfair. Who would have killed her? Even if she wronged anyone is that why they killed her? This kind of death would never knock on our door step, if only she could just wake up now. May the wicked never go unpunished” a woman in her late fifties said wiping her tears with her wrapper.
“Good morning, abi name good afternoon, okay able wetin happen for here?” a young female hawker asked a man near her, as she dropped her tray of oranges down.
“My sister, and one girl wey they kill o, police wey we even call for more than three hours sef, never gree…..” the man didn’t complete his statement as he took to his heels With the rest of the crowd as they saw a sudden Movement where I laid?.
“H……. He…lp me” I said feeling weak and exhausted as I was losing consciousness again, but was suddenly lifted and carried to a call.
“So, doctor that is what happened” I heard a masculine voice as I regained consciousness.
“Goodness, she’s finally awake. Glory, are you alright now? I have called Nicholas already, he would get here soon” a familiar voice said to me.

“Dr Anita, are you out of your mind? Why disturb a sleeping patient?” “Doctor Bayo asked with a Stern expression.
‘”Glory?” Nicholas barged into the room looking like a mad man.
“Who the hell is this one and what is he doing here?” Doctor Bayo questioned.
“My God, baby who did this to you?” Nicholas fell on his knees and started crying.
“Please I need you all to leave. I would like to examine my patient” Doctor Bayo said pushing every one out of the room.
Five years later, I got down from a cab looking exhausted as I knocked on the gate to my house.
“Is oga, at home now?” I asked the gate and as he opened the gate for me.
“Yes ma, he came home early today looking happy” he answered.
” Thanks Tobin, and the kids? Are they home now?” I asked as I strolled into the compound.
“Yes ma, brother Kelvin brought them around two ma.” he said politely.
“Okay, hope you have eaten? Get, Nkechi, to give you something to eat if you haven’t” I said as I opened the door to the living room.
“Mummy, mummy” my three years old twins, Taiye and Tayo greeted me with giggles as they jumped on my body.
“This kids would fall you one day with your overload if not soon” Nicholas said excitedly as he came to give me a hug.
“Welcome sweetness, how did the seminar go?” he asked, as he led me to a couch and pecked me on the head as I sat down.
“It was fine my love, you won’t believe I bumped into Believe today. She went on her knees in front of everyone and apologized. She is now a born again Christian, the three years she spent in jail changed her completely. To God, be the Glory” I said yawning
“She better be. Honey, I missed you, do and put to birth na” Nicholas said kissing my eight months pregnancy.
“Sis, welcome o. I thought you have given birth already since you didn’t come on time, I just uploaded on Facebook that I am preparing pepper soup for my big Sis who just put to birth” Kelvin said and we all laughed.

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