[STORY] KILLED BY LOVE (Episode 1-16)

EPISODE 1. It was a sunny afternoon when max was going home from the campus. He had just finished taking lectures for that day from the university when he saw loveth, when he wanted to pick his handquerchief that fell down. He was amazed at her beauty. she was tall slim and had the front and back. Luckly for him she was heading his way and he stole the opportunity. Em sorry good afternoon am maxwell, u can call me max and you. Good afternoon am loveth. Wow that’s a very beautiful name. *loveth blushes* thanks and she starts leaving. Sorry please can you give me your number. For what i dont give my number to people i dont know. But we are attending the same school. Since i saw you i just fell for you, please, please, please. Okay here *gives max her phone number* thanks. I will Call you later. That afternoon the only thing he could think of was loveth, he couldnt even eat. On the other hand loveth got home and met her room mate sarah to gist about her experience that0 day and her encounter with max…

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EPISODE 2. Welcome loveth how was lectures today. It was fine, so gist me what happened today at campus. Well sarah many things happened but something perculiar happened to me today. just say it out you are keeping me waiting. Okay while i was coming back from campus this guy just stopped me and you know all the othor stuff they usually say and he asked for my number. And did you give him. At first i didnt want to give him but he was begging me in the public so i had to give him. So loveth what is his name. His name is ma…… *phone rings* hello loveth on the line who is this. Dont you know my voice its max how are y0u i told you i would call. Oh max am fine and you. Am cool, how was lecture. LecCture was fine just a little problem in an assignment given to us but it will be taken care of. Em loveth can we meet under the mango tree at the centere of the library. But max i cant. Please cee you thesre. Ma…… *phone cuts* loveth why did you told him you cant come. But sarah i dont know him. But…

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EPISODE 3. But loveth just give him a chance. sarah i can’t i don’t know him. Just give him a try, please please. Okay i have heard you.i would go and meet him tomorrow after lectures.k . *the next day* good afternoon max. Oh good afternoon loveth, i was beginning to think you wouldn’t show up. I had to show. *just then sarah showed up* hmmm. Oh max this is my friend and roomate sarah. Max meet sarah, sarah meet max the guy i told you about. *they shoke hands* nice to meet you max, lt’s a pleasure, wow you guys have a beautiful and angelic name. We are flattered loveth and sarah said in union while they all burst into laughter. Okay max we have a lecture right now, the last lecture for today and the lecturer is just too strict. We would chat later on. Okay don’t let me keep you guys waiting you can go, we would chat k later. Bye max, bye sarah, by loveth. *on their way home after the lecture* wot sarah your boyfriend is so handsome i had already fallen for him. Come on sarah i just got to know him……

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EPISODE 4. Come on loveth, dont tell me you dont like. sarah lets just leave that topic for another time. *later that day, loveth phone rings* hello, hello dear. Ho max good evening how are you, am cool and you. Am okay. So how was lecture today,hope no problem. Em Just a little problem but i will take care of it. Okay and hys sarah, she’s fine. Okay greet her for me. Okay i will. Em loveth please by tomorrow i want us to meet at the usually place or lets meet at mr bigg’s opposite the campus i have something important to tell you. But ma… No but loveth see you dear, sweet dreams. Hmmm i guess your love just called you. Sarah stop teasing me. So what did he say. He said i should meet him at mr bigg’s opposite the campus that he has something important to tell me. Wow the guy just asked you on a date. No he didn’t. He just did but indirectly. Na u sabi lets wait till tomorrow. Wo let me go and cook am hungry or are you not. am famised go and cook let’s eat. or are you not hungry. *they laugh

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EPISODE 5. *the next day after lecture* sarah am off to see max. Should i tag along. I don’t think it would be a good idea. Oh i get it. What? Loveth asked suprised. you don’t want me to spoil your date. Comon loveth me and max haven’t started dating yet, let me go i dont want to keep him waiting. just go and meet your boy friend. Uknown to her sarah secretely follows her and disguise her self and sit in a table close to them, backing them* at mr bigg’s loveth spots max and goes over to him* hi max, hi loveth how are you and how waq lecture today. Am fine and also my lectures today were fine, and your. Well mine was good i mean fine and beautiful, but not as fine, and beautiful as you. * they laugh * you are flattering me max. No am not am only saying the truth, so hys sarah, she’s not with you today hope no problem. No, no problem she just had some things to take care of. *0 sarah smilled at loveth lie* so max you said you had something important to tell me. Yes. What is it. * he holds her hand * loveth

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EPISODE 6. *max folds loveth hands* loveth i..i.. I love you. *loveth was shocked and happy* loveth ever since the day i met you, i have had this feeling for you, i thought it was a mere feeling but i found out it was love. I sincernly love you, i can’t do whithout you,i c aiso hope you love me to. Yes max i love you too,you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, your care is enough for me. I love you too max. Their face came closer and their lips locked together, it was a very passionate kiss. People present couldn’t help but look on, but they didn’t care. likewise sarah. She was happy for loveth but she didnt knew why she was sad and jealous of them, maybe because she haven’t seen her own love. Loveth and max e ate happily, looking at each other and smiling. After they had finished max offered to take loveth to her house which she didn’t decline. he droped her and went home happily not knowing that it was a mistake loving loveth and the beginning of a horrible chapter…………

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EPISODE 7. *loveth and max started dating and their love waxed stronger until tunde came in* loveth i have been proposing my love to you, but you wont heed to me. Loveth i love you, you are the apple of my eyes, whatever i do i always think of you, i can’t do without you. See am the gabon of the most dreadful cult in this campus, tell me what you want, is it gold, money, pass mark in your course, anything i would do for you. Tunde, i have told you i don’t love or have any feelings for you, and besides i have my boyfriend that i love and can’t do without. *meanwhile max was looking for loveth and spots them* loveth what is this, who is this guy. Who are you. I should be asking you that. Guys just stop, max let’s go. Loveth so is it because of this guy you dont want to agree to my proposal, max or what is your name leave my loveth alone or you are dead. How the hell are you for me to leave my girlfriend, do your worst i wont leave her. Max wow Naw you have just drawn the battle lh line. see you, hahahat..

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EPISODE 8. I think you have an explanation to give me loveth, max just forget about it you won’t understand. What? You just want me to X forget about what just happened after that guy threatned me, okay am going. Max please don’t go am very sorry, okay his name is tunde and he has been pestering me to be his girlfriend, but i declined and told him that i already have a boyfriend am okay with. Is that what you can’t tell me. Max is more complicated than that. Loveth, i do understand what you mean. Max He is the gabon of the most dreadfvl cult “devils angels” on dis campus, and you just said what could kill you, he is going to get back at you i have to agree to be his girlfriend now to save you. No loveth i won’t let you do that, i would just take care. But max i don’t want to loose you, i love you. I love you more loveth. * they lock themselves in a warm kiss* after a week of max incident with tunde, he bumped into him while going to the campus. Here comes the hero max, tunde said with a devilish laughk…

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EPISODE 9. Tunde i don’t want any trouble. Wow so you can say that, i told you to leave my loveth for me and you are here telling me you don’t want trouble, i don’t know you are afraid, well this is my last warning leave my loveth alone or else hmm, or else. Or else what tunde, you think i can just leave my loveth for a useless, stinking, bloody animal like you, no, never i can’t and i won’t do that. Gabon make we teach this guy lesson, see as im dey follow you talk, im no even get fear for body. Sam, calm down na me get this parol, max weting you just talk. I think you have ear problem i said i can’t leave my loveth for an animal, a beast like you. Ahh max you don cross your lane enter my lane and you go pay, guys beat this idiot, i wan smell blood. *they beat max black and blue and left him there to die, it was a good samaritan that saw him and took him to the hospital. Meanwhile the hospital phone loveth and she got there in no time* *at the hospital* oh my God max, what happened tou..,……..

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EPISODE 10. I heard you were beaten bad and rushed to the hospital, so i had to come here. Max don’t tell me you went to confront tunde, oh my god max. Calm down dear, i didn’t go to him, i just mistakenely bumped into him on my way to the campus. Okay. Are you okay now, how are you feeling. Am okay, just a little headache but the doctor said i would be discharged in the evening. I told you he would get back at you. Okay but please don’t go to him again, and try as much as you can to avoid him, okay. Okay dear. Please max i don’t want to loose you, i love you max. I love you more. *they kiss*. See you later max, i have to go. Okay dear, take care. *at tunde fratanity* that loveth of a girl don’t want to accept my proposal after everything i promised her, since she dont want to accept me we have to kill her kuz want i cant get i cant let another person have it. But gabon its max that dosent want her to agree to your proposal, if we lure her 4 hito getting max nd kill him. She would agree to your proposal..

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EPISODE 11. Because she loves max, and if max is dead you can have your way, let’s just kidnap her and lure max to the trap and kill him. That is nice sam, we would carry out the plan tomorrow. Yes gabon. *the next day they kidnap loveth on her way to the campus* sarah, hi max. Sarah have you seen loveth today. Yes, no. What’s yes, no. I mean she left home early this morning but i haven’t seen her in camqus nor her department, i was equally searching for her now, don’t worry i would still look for her. *just as loveth leaves max gets a phonecall from an unknown number* hello. Hello max its tunde, am sure you are looking for loveth by now. You bastard what did yov do to her, if you lay a finger on my loveth i would….. What would you do, huh call your mum or what. If you ever want to see loveth s come to the fiveteenth block on your left and wait for instruction. Please give her the phone. Loveth how are 6 you. *loveth crying* am fine. Am coming for you just wait. No, it’s a trap. You got 30 minutes max..

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EPISODE 12. *max was confused and mad at the same time. 20 minutes later ihe got to the place, and it was as if they were watching him. Then his phone rang* hello max you came early. Am here tunde what now. You see that path by your left, follow it and you would see us. Max began regretting not telling anybody about his movement, not even sarah and he couldnt do anything now, it was obvious he was being watched from somewhere and he could get killed, moreover he still wanted to save his loveth even if it would cost him his life. He followed the path and got to a deserted area, cultist sure know how to hide themselves. He met tunde, loveth by his side and 4 other of his cultist members. Hero Max, the man who would do anything to save his girlfriend. Tunde i don’t want any trouble, you said if i come i would have my loveth and here i am, why the delay. cee max, you are a big fool. Do you really think i would just give her to you when you come here, i called you here to witness her death. What. Hahahaha…

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EPISODE 13. Tunde please don’t do this. Look who’s begging, you see max what i can’t have in this campus no one can have it, since she dosen’t want to accept me as her boyfriend i have to kill her so no one can have her, but since you have pleaded with me i would give her to you. *tunde whisper in loveth ear and pushes her, while she was running to max, tunde brought out his gun and c–k it* goodbye loveth, he shoots the gun thrice to his suprise max had took the bullets for loveth. Max noooooooooooo. *loveth crying* No, max, max. Guys lets leave here. *tunde and his guys leaves the scene* max hold on tight i would get you to the hospital, please don’t die *crying*. I love you loveth. I love you too max, please don’t die don’t leave me alone. *in a faint voice* Loveth i would always be with you, now and always *and he died*. Noooooo. *at max residence his mum gets a phone call* hello is this mrs ofoji. Yes. Am detective joe, Your son was murdered a while ago by some cultist, we are very sorry for your

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EPISODE 14. Oh my God why, why would you let them kill my only son. *crying* God why. *at loveth hostel, sarah was trying to console her* loveth its okay, i know how much you love him, but he is gone now crying your eyes out won’t bring him back. sarah *crying* do you know what it is for your love to be taken away from you, its just as if you are beinhg perised in the heart, tunde perised my heart by killing max and i would do so to him,i will f—–g kill that f—–g bastard. LOVeth just know that am always there and would do anything for you. really sarah anything, are you sure. yes loveth anything for you. Okay i want to start a cult, i have to get my revenge. What loveth that is insane it hasen’t come to that now just call the police and let them just do their job. Which police, is it the one’s that use to fear cult members of you don’t know them one 5 cult members would kill 555 #poli6 men. But still you dont… Sarah that is what i want and i will do. just get me some girls and initiate them….

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EPISODE 15. *a week later sarah found many girls and they were lnitiated into the cult group, and loveth was now their gabon* “great fallen angels. *chrous* Great. Great fallen angels. *chrous* Great. Wetin we de do. *chrous* we fall any f—-r way f—–g f–k enter our way. Anybody wey f–k enter our way we go. *chrous* we go f–k the f—–g f—-r comot. * they later dismiss. It been a month since loveth cult group “fallen angels” started and they are now the most dread”ful cult group on the campus, not even the gabon of “devils angels” could stand in their way. Moreover loveth stood still to her plan of creating d cult group. Sarah i think it’s high time i took my revenge on tunde. But loveth i thought you have gotten over it. What *furious* why did i create this cult, you think i did lt out of fun, do you know what tunde did to me by killing max, he made me a killer a bad giri, look at loveth that was gentle before is now a gabon. We will attack tunde tomorrow and end this once and for all. Okay…

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FINAL EPISODE. *the nxt day the attack tunde and his gang* hello tunde, hi loveth it’s been a while. I’ve been busy but that’s not why i am here, am here to settle our score. What score. What? *furious* so you have forgotten so quick what you took away from me. Oh you mean how i killed max, he was so weak and god i know you would come back for me. I hate u tvnde, it would be a pleasure to kill you. then go on, kill me u ar a god f—–g b—h nd i will kill u. *before he could bring out his gun, loveth shot him thrice sending him to the ground dead.t d 2 group attack each other killing themselves remaining only loveth and sarah. Hit it over. Yea loveth. Unknown to them sam came late for their meeting, when he saw what was happening he hid and shot loveth twice sending her to the floor. Loveth, loveth talk to me. Am sorry *in pains* sarah it’s good at least i would be with my love, bxe sarah *loveth dies* the police comes and arrest sarah and max and they are sent to life imprisonment. THE END…