[STORY] Just us(A short story) (episode 1-5)

Episode 1 I watched my lover board the plane that morning to Ukraine,he had just gotten a scholarship to study medicine. I was happy for him but my heart was hurting. ..how was I going to cope without my Dav! have known him all my life,our relationship had developed from best friend’s to lovers.But now he was leaving, many questions I had no answers to ran through my mind. ..what if he forgets me? will our relationship work out? Though he had promised me nothing will change but I just couldn’t help it.Until I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder, I didn’t realise have been crying! the guy was offering me an handkerchief,I just couldn’t think properly. Later at night,my beloved Dav called and informed me he had settled down.we had a lengthy talk while I cried almost all through the call.It took Dav’s soothing voice to calm me down. .. Days turned to weeks,and weeks into month until it happened. I was on my way from the grocery store when I had an accident. The next thing I recalled was finding myself in an hospital bed.Everything changed when I regained consciousness. I had lost my phone and everything detail about Dav was gone. His family had relocated weeks back so there was no one to give me his contact. Everything changed about me,I became reserved and pushed everyone away from my life!

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