[STORY] I LOVE MY LIFE (episode 1-29)

Episode 1
I was locking my door as I tried to hurry up for my
lectures when I met the only nightmare that prowls
at day. I thought I have been smart by dodging for
over 2 weeks now but my cup was filled up. My landlady walked up to me, fuming with anger.
Me: Madam you scared me off my feet o. I don run
finish ooo…
She cut me off b4 I could finish my story.
Landlady: Shut up! Mechie onu gi osiso. Wally or
wetin you de call ursef. E don teh wen I begin to de look 4 u. You think sey yu get brain? Aaah, smart
don jam smarty.
I pretended not to know what she was talking
about. How she go de insult me like dat nii. I
feigned angry.
Me: Madam, excuse me. Don’t you think I have the right to talk? You just came to my door and began
calling me names. Don’t provoke me this early
morning. I will warn you for the last time.
I made to move away, smiling within myself that my
act worked. She changed her mood and smiled a
little. Landlady: E neva reach like dat na. No vex abeg. I
been think say you won dodge ur house rent.
Me: Rubbish talk madam! That’s absolutely rubbish.
I think tis high time I took a legal action against
you. How can I be scared of such a little amount of
money? Have I owned you b4? Trust me na, as a student of English and Literature, I
used all the words I ve learnt over the years.
I was already pitying 4 the poor woman as her
mood changed. She was around 37 years with a
child but no husband. She didn’t play her match
very well and a goal was scored. She was fair and pretty with a big butty and a saucy breast that
poked out 4rm the cloth she wore. If she had
completed her education, she would have been a
hotcake. She owned 4 hostels and a big restaurant
and controlled a lot of money, but she doesn’t live a
big life. Landlady: Tis ok, I have heard you. Pay when you
have the money.
She said and turned to leave.
Me: Bigger mama!No vex o. Na so we dey roll na.
No take am personal
She brightened up a little. Landlady: I think say na only you sabi english na.
Me: How Chi chi na?
Chichi was her 17yrs old daughter.
Landlady: She de shop. I hope say you no dey eye
am? Cause na me go cut ur manhood first
We laughed. Me: No yawa. Make I go lecture first. I go come for
evening make we chop fish nii.
Landlady: I go de wait 4 you
I left for my lecture, wondering how I will pay my
house rent of 75k when I ve already squandered
30k. As I was about crossing the road, a black Range
Rover stopped in front of me and as the glass
wound down, I saw the biggest surprise of the
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.Episode 2
I wiped my face very well to make sure I wasn’t
dreaming. On the driver seat was Eve, my ex
girlfriend. How come? I asked myself. Did her new
boo got a car for her? Na senator? Range Rover ke?
Even if I saved all my money for the next ten years,
I cannot buy a Range Rover and maintain it for a month.
Eve: Wally mon ami…. Longest time
She recalled me back to earth. I looked away for a
while and moved away, pretending to be hailing a
keke. She turned off the ignition and stepped down
from her car.
Eve: You de form ajebo abii?
I looked at her, head to toe. OMG! She was looking
Me: How can I help you?
Eve: Hug me first na. Your babe don port oooo. I
don port oooooo. Me: Pardon?
Eve: You still de vex for me?
Eve was my girl from secondary school before she
got admission in UNIZIK while I was still hustling
my way to write another jamb. By the time I got into
school, she was already in her 2nd year and was now forming Bigger girl for me. After a while, we
had a little issue when I saw her nude photos in
someone else phone. Then I never saw her again in
school. That was about 3yrs ago and I was now in
my final year. Here she was, in a car, not just a car,
but a Range Rover.
Me: I don’t get you
Eve: As you see me so, you no dey surprise? After
all those years we spent together. How you will
f–k me in the school toilet during break period
and how you nearly broke Kcee’s head because he
touched my nyash after Waec and you think I will forget you.
She began crying and I pitied her. I took her hand.
Me: Eve where ve you been?? How could you’ve left
without a message? Is it fair enough?
I drew her close and gave her a bear hug. We stood
that way for 2mins before she took my face and kissed me. I pulled away from her.
Me: I have a lecture this morning
Eve: is that why you couldn’t lemme kiss you?
Me: We ain’t seeing each other again. I love been
sincere and who knows what you’ve been doing
where you were. Eve: Lemme drop you off.
Me: No, thanks. I will stop a cab.
She watched as I stopped a keke and entered. I
waved at her as the keke sped off…….
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Episode 3
I got to the lecture hall just as the lecturer was going in. We settled down and the lecture began. It was one of those boring lectures that makes you nod your head and battle with sleep. The lecturer was an old man with grey hairs and beards and his voice was more of a whisper. But wetin man go do? We endured this suffering for the next three hours, which left most of my course mates dozing on their
seats. If truth be told, no one grabbed something from the old professor who has refused to retire from his teaching job. We inhaled a breath of freedom as the staunch man adjusted his glasses and left the hall saying, “You have my quiz next weekend.”
Their was an air of excitement in the auditorium.
Some were making phone calls, others were playing music; either the latest or trying to show their versatility in the music world while the rest were either hanging out with their friends or in a corner with their bae. I was too tired to do any of
this, so I plugged in my earphone and tuned on “#King_Kunta” by #Kendrick_Lamar, setting it on repeat. Kendrick Lamar be my best for music ooo
but I always respect #2pac_Shakur. As I was still swimming in the ecstasy of the music, I felt someone touch my shoulder. It was Kelly, a friend of mine but not part of my cartel. My cartel were those who were like me. Lemme introduce myself a little…. I was voted the most handsome in my department and am tall and slim too, fair skinned and curly hairs. The best basketball player and a guru in table tennis. I ve won 3 trophies for my department and am athletic too. So I was
actually the ladies guy. So my cartel were made up of two handsome guys and a brainy girl who happened to have a crush on me and we topped the department too.
Me: Eh heh, what is it now? Kelly sat beside me and removed one of the ear piece.
Kelly: my man ke way? This one you siddon like this, person die??
Me: Nothing spoil ooo, I just wan relax.
Kelly: That’s cool. I heard Eve is back
Me: Good for her
He looked at me, astonished.
Kelly: why re you this way? You are supposed to be happy.
Me: Oh! I should start dancing because she’s back. Oya, start going! I mean start going before I get angry. Kelly stood up and stretched his starched shirt with his hand, smiling.
Kelly: My guy whatever that is wrong with you, just know that your girl don hammer…. She don see money… Excess one.
5mins Later
Kosi came to my seat and sat beside me,wrapping her hands around me, her face close to mine. She was the brainy girl in my cartel. She was well endowed with front and back and was extremely beautiful like Rita Dominic. But she wasn’t the runs girl. She was proud of who she was and always stuck to her man but she didn’t have any yet. She was waiting for me to run around and still come to her. On weekends, she will come to my lodge, cook and wash my clothes for me and then spend the rest of the weekend with me but the surprising thing was that we saw ourselves as siblings… We slept together and wake together without any negative feelings. Most we could do was to cuddle ourselves when there is cold.
Kosi: I saw you shouting at Kelly, what’s wrong?
Me: Nothing serious sweetheart. I wasn’t just in the mood.
Kosi: Are you sure? You know I don’t want anything to happen to this your fine face.
Me: I know you care so much. Thanks a lot.I love you
Kosi: I love you too
She rested her head on my shoulder while I inserted one of the earphone in her ear.She smiled when she heard the song__#Locked_Away. After sometime, she turned to me…
Kosi: I want to kiss you………………………
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Episode 4
Me: Kosi, are you silly? You shouldn’t be saying this…
Kosi: I know I shouldn’t but I have feelings… I didn’t say sex, I just said kiss. I know…
Me: Nne, you are getting me tensed up.Does today signify bad luck for me?
Kosi: Wally…..
Me: Yeah!
I paused the music playing on my phone to pay more attention to her. She was looking straight into my eyes.
Kosi: Have I ever asked you to do anything for me?
Me: Nay
Kosi: What have you not known about me?For the past three years, we have been together… People sees us and think we are the luckiest pair but within, we know it is not so… We have slept together, ate together, play together and even pray… We have not been so intimate with ourselves…I have kept myself pure…
Me: Kosi, its ok.
Kosi: Tis just left 2 months and we will part ways… My soul will remember you for everything, but what will my body do?Every night, I think of how our first night will be… How I will feel you deep inside me,but when I think my dream is coming true,it still drift farther into oblivion but I don’t have problem with that.
Me: How long did you practice this?
Kosi: Since I got the script from the theatre club… It hasn’t been easy We laughed.
Me: Shey today is Friday and you know its your turn to cook 2day…
Kosi: I remembered it but I won’t be around today. I wanted to tell you that.That was why I wanted you to kiss me so that I will remember you
Me: where are you going to?
Kosi: My dad came back from London yesterday. So I need to get a cheque from him before he goes back next weekend. So that we won’t die of hunger. Her dad was the Nigeria Ambassador to the United Kingdom.
Me: I was thinking we will be going to eat fish today at that our normal joint. I will miss you ooo
Kosi: Me too. But I will still keep you in touch.
Me: So you will be going to Abuja today?
Kosi: Yes, My flight will leave by 3:30pm. So I need to be in Enugu before 3pm
Me: Come closer. She did and I wrapped my hand around her neck and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed back and we were entangled for over five minutes.
When we disengaged, we found the others looking at us and before we could realize,they began clapping.
. As we headed to Peace park, Awka, I hugged her and stayed with her till her Bus left for Enugu.
As I made to enter a Keke, something happened…
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Episode 5
I wasn’t so sure of what I was seeing but I was sure I actually saw something I was sure I knew. I apologized to the Keke driver and went to the other Keke to confirm my doubt… Guess who??
He was dressed shabbily and looked worn out… As if he has not been feeding. His tricycle too was too rickety for such a personality who had a high air of personality while we were in secondary school, those who claimed their dad dined with the president and governors. That scare was still there… That unforgettable scare that was produced due to lust and angst. I touched his shoulder and he turned back… His eyes were still the same,those eyes that made girls flutter and guys envious was still there but with no glitter of hope in it. He didn’t recognize me at first.
“Wey u dey go?” He asked and then began to start his keke, which came to life instantly. His muscles were well routed but didn’t give sign of healthiness, rather it told a story of someone who has toiled and worked hard without success over the years… I called his name.
Me: Kcee!!! Kcee!!! Longest time my guy… Na here yu come carry yourself keep? He looked at me keenly, trying to remember something. Then he felt the scare at the back of his head.
Kcee: Wally!! Wally!! E don tey ooo. As as yu don fine finish ooo my guy.
He turned off the ignition and came down to give me a proper handshake.
Me: But guy, wetin yu de find here na? You no suppose to de do dis kain tin nii… Abii you u de do work and study??
His mood changed and he became sad. He told me his story… How he has been lying to us while we were in secondary school that he came from a very rich family, how he couldn’t continue with his education because he was from a poor background and how he has been hustling to make ends meet and he equally impregnated a girl and now have a family. I felt sorry for him and took him to an Eatery where I made sure he ate to his satisfaction and bought lots of take away for him to share to his family too. I took him to an ATM counter and withdrew 30k and gave him (Part of my Lodge fee). My parents had taught me while growing up to always help those in need, no matter what and I have lived my life doing so.
After that, he opted to take me home but I objected.
I asked him to go back to his business. I took another keke and went back to my lodge. I went in, re warmed the rice I cooked the previous night and ate. By the time I checked my time, twas past 5pm and I was supposed to call Kosi and when I tried doing so, her number wasn’t reachable. So I gave up after trying for the 10th time and went straight to bed, bearing in mind, I had to go to my Landlady’s restaurant in the evening to eat Fish as we’ve agreed.


Two hours later:
I woke up, took a quick bath and hastened to her restaurant. A lot was happening there Since twas friday. Girls were twerking and niggers were rocking. I got my seat and waved at Chichi who left what she was doing and appeared immediately.
Chichi: Good evening
Me: My wife how far na?
Chichi: Am fine
I surveyed her body. She had a big waist nd a round ass she borrowed from her mother. Her breast was wow!!!
Me: I hope sey dis una secondary school boys neva collect my asset?
I pointed at her body and she smiled shyly.
Me: Hmmmmm. Dis one you did like dis, maybe they have… Just be careful oooo Chichi: Thank you
Her mother saw us discussing and quickly came to meet me. I stood up and gave her a hug before she tore the embrace.
Landlady: E don do abeg… See as you the romance me, say na hug. The thunder wey go faya you de day you go think of am still de do PRESS UP now.
Me: Hehehehehe… You know am not like that ma… She told ChiChi to go and get enough fish for us.
Landlady: That your girlfriend wey you nd am been the disturb my house don come back na
Me: Yes, I know.
Landlady: Shuuu… You no de happy de express am sef. Anyway she paid your rent for you with an extra.
Me: She did what???
Landlady: Ask me again. Yeye boy. As if you didn’t get what I said.
Within me, I was very happy. I was thinking of how I was going to face my parent and request for another.
Me: Wey she dey?
Landlady: She throw party here sef… Free drinks and food for all and she don pay for am sef. Just then, a black Tacoma pulled into the restaurant and Eve stepped down.
As she was doing so, the Television ran an emergency news immediately.
BREAKING NEWS: Arik plane flying from Enugu to Abuja crashes in Lokoja…….
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Episode 6&7
I didn’t put much attention to the plane crash of a thing for a while… We that came from the middle class family could only afford the economy class but why do I have to take a flight when I can go to the park and take a bus to any destination of our choice. But on a second thought, I remembered that Kosi was actually going to Abuja and she was taking a flight from Enugu. Confusion came up instantly and I began sweating profusely. I picked up my phone and dialed Kosi again and her number wasn’t reacheable and after a while in the course of the dialing, the number became switched off. ‘Yawa don gas’ I thought, but what can I do?
I began dialing my cartel one after the other but none of them claimed not to have any news from her.
As I was ending the last call, Eve walked up to me.
She was dressed in a bum shot and a top that revealed her cleavage and she was holding a bottle of St Remy dry gin. What the hell!! I snorted under my breath. Worst of all, she was holding a Shisal in her other hand but that didn’t hide her sexiness rather it made her hotter and sexually gorgeous.
She made to sit on my lap but I pushed her off and she had to pull out a seat and sit by side. My landlady looked at me, inquisitively…
Landlady: Na wetin?
Eve: Darling what is it?
My landlady interrupted
Landlady: I know no wetin enter the kain boy now now now oooo. Me and been the gist here and one kind, one kind, him face come change. Him begin de make phone calls oooo. They ask questions.
Eve touched my shoulder.
Eve: Do you have someone involved in the Arik plane crash??
I didn’t say anything. I shrugged my shoulder instead and moved away from them, my burden on my head. The Dj swapped the music and began playing #Connect by #Phyno. I was moved to pick to my phone cause it was my ringing tone, hoping to see Kosi calling me but it wasn’t. Does it mean that Kosi knew she was going to die? Was that why she asked for a kiss?
I was totally shocked to the marrow. My landlady came to me and tried to convince me to come and eat the fish.
Landlady: Doh… The fish is ready nna m, come let’s eat it before it goes cold. Just the way you like it.
After much pleading and consoling, I finally agreed to go with her and eat.
I ate it without my appetite even though it tasted the way I wanted it. Very pepperish with enough ginger. It reminded me of Kosi who would have asked if I had a cooler in my mouth. Eve equally requested for hers as well. Anytime she tried to feed me, I will reject the offer and wave her hand off me. My landlady was just observing us. I ordered for bottles of Castle lager beer, while Eve ordered for a crate of beer. I was just imagining how she made her money and thinking about Kosi too.
The girls were beginning to hang around me, wanting me to have a dance with them but I bluntly refused. The more they persisted, the more I got angry. They kept on disturbing until Eve ordered them to get out or face being thrown out from the party. That was when they chose to go. I finished my two bottles and requested for another fish.
Someone called my attention and I left and came back later to continue eating. I didn’t realize their was a change of taste in the food until I have gone mid way into it. I began feeling light and high. By the time I realized what it was, I couldn’t control it again. Someone has poured weed in my food. Everything where now swirling and my thoughts vanished. I stood up and began to dance, other girls saw me dancing and rushed towards me, just to dance with me. They were just turning me
around until I began the main centre of attraction. I will dance and dance in their middle and each of them will come to have me rock them. The party was not getting dirty. Eve was just sitting down, watching as the events unfolded. Even Chichi came
to dance with me too. Even her mum didn’t
recognize her, she was just touching my whole body and succeeded in kissing me, doing what the other girls couldn’t do.
Eve felt it was enough and came in, asking the other girls to get off. We danced and danced till their was no other strength to continue. The highness was beginning to depreciate gradually.
After a while, she pulled me close and began kissing me ceaselessly. Twas getting out of hand when I pushed her off.
Me: Stay cool. Thanks for the rent stuff. When I get the money, I will make a refund.
She stared at me, infuriated.
Eve: I don’t need the money, I need you.
Me: But you don’t owe me
Eve: Wally…… I love you and I truly do. I never stopped loving for a minute. I always have you in my mind. I was building our future, so that we can live happily.
All eyes were now on us and as if instructed, the Dj began playing a solo music, I looked at her for a while.
Me: Eve, thanks for everything you ve done. I won’t forget them so soon.
I went to my table, thanked my landlady, picked my lodge key and moved to leave the party. Eve came, running towards me and knelt down on my feet, grabbing my hand.
Eve: Forgive me in whatever I have wronged you, but know that I still and will keep on loving you.
Me: Stand up…
She did so hesitantly.
Me: Thank you…
I left the place and when I got home, I saw a bigger surprise. My door was wide open and music was playing in my room.
Who could it be?????
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Episode 8
God of mercy, I said and searched myself to make sure I was actually with my keys. I never gave anyone my keys, even Kosi too. Who else couldhave broken into my room.
I stood outside at a distance, monitoring my room to know if I will notice any movement but didn’t notice any.
I stood motionless for about 10mins
checking to know if something will happen. No show.
So after like 20mins, I gathered all the moral I have ever mustered and multiplied it by 100 but agreeing to step into the house… My heart wasn’t at ease anyway but what can I do? What if someone had moved in to my lodge? Was my landlady
playing games on me? But I still went in anyway… Lo and behold…..
. .
No one was inside. My bed was well dressed, just the way I left it. Apart from my home theatre playing and my door wide open, there was no other sign of someone’s presence in my room. I ran
to the kitchen and checked, no one. I went to my bathroom, no one. Then were is the intruder then? Could it be a ghost?? I went out and looked around and as I was about to move in, the light went off and sudden silence enshrined the whole place… My head swelled up and became so big that my head felt so heavy. I became hearing strange voices…
1st Voice: You!!!!!
2nd voice: You re so heartless… So disgusting!!!
3rd voice: You will join us now!!! We have come to take you with us!!!
All Voices:hahahahahahahhahhaahahahahahah
If it were possible, I would ve killed myself. I was praying for the earth to open and swallow me. Then the light came again and the voices stopped laughing. I rushed in to get my bible and the light went out again. This time around I was trapped and my phone was too down to power its torch light. I made for the door and it was locked. I was already sweating down to my pants.
Then I heard another voice that resembled Kosi’s own. She was weeping.
Kosi: I never knew you were so heartless!!! You couldn’t even say a prayer for me to rest in peace.
Me: please am very very sorry! Am so sorry.
My voice was shaking and the ghosts were
taunting me with their laughter.
Kosi: You knew I was flying from Enugu to Abuja… Is that the kind of love you have for me??
There was another laughter again and everywhere went silent. Then my name was called with a thunderous voice that shake my room. Then I
heard Kosi’s voice again. It was soft…
Kosi: Wally!!
Me: Yes, please am very sorry.
Kosi: You were just there partying, forgetting that even in death, I will still not forget you… Why did you do this to me? Were you faking your love for me? Wasn’t our friendship worth it?
Me: Am very sorry….
Kosi: Turn around!!!
I did and saw someone on white, sitting on my bed. I didn’t see the person clearly and I heard a shuffle on my door, two other persons on white were standing there too…
I urinated on my pants…
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Episode 9
The two at the door began coming close to me and laughing wickedly too. What should I do now? I asked myself. If I should run to the bed, someone is sitting there. If I were to run to the kitchen, there
was no back door to escape from. I will be trapped. My trouser was wet already and it was so annoying. I have never urinated on myself since I was five.
How could I have embarrassed myself this way? But what will I do now? I was trapped and there weren’t a way out. I couldn’t push through the other two at the door and if I should move forward,
I will be encircled in their midst. I remained still where I stood, beads of sweat forming on my face and dropping on the floor. My palms were already sweaty and shaky. I was just totally useless… Like a bunch of ripe banana waiting to be plucked.
If I had known, I would have spent much time at the party. If I scream who will hear me? All my neighbors were still at the party with no hope of coming back soon. Who no like better thing? When you have seen someone who is ready to pay for everything and all is left for you is to come, eat and drink to stupor. No one cares.
The other two were now closing in on me, with their hands stretched out. I checked my phone and the battery was already drained. What if I throw my Galaxy S6 at them and they disappear? But after a second thought, I realized that throwing my phone at them will be more disadvantageous to me. My phone will spoil and I will still repair it with my money and if they don’t disappear, I will lose myself and my phone. So I steadied myself and moved back a little. I coughed and then readjusted my composure.
Me: Wait!
The other two stopped and looked at themselves and then looked back at me. I looked back and saw the other still sitting on the bed. “If I survive this ordeal, I will never use that bed sheet again,” I said to myself.
Me: Eh heh! Thanks for giving me audience. The last time I checked, I only knew I had issues with Kosi which I know even in death, we can still settle it amicably but who are this other two? Why are you threatening me too? Did I also not pray for you two???
I was hoping to buy enough time so that I can find a way out. They began laughing again, much louder than before.
Ghost 1: So you have the courage to ask us
Me: Yes na. Tis my fundermental right. Buhari hasn’t taken that away from me too.
Ghost 2: That’s the more reason we should make your death faster…
They laughed again as before. I looked back, the other ghost whom I suspect to be Kosi was now on her feet. she moved to the window side and then turned back, looking at me while I melted in fear.
No one with this encounter ever lived to tell the tale.
Me: But why will you kill me? What exactly is my offense?
I was now getting angry and frustrated too. They didn’t answer me, instead they started moving sluggishly again, (like those Ghosts that will appear
in Resident Evil game in PS3, in black attire). Then they began saying in unison…
Ghosts: We need your blood!!!!!!
They encircled me.
Me: Jesussssssssss……….I screamed.
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Episode 10
I thought they will just grab me and you know, that kind of stuffs. I knelt down and shut my eyes tight, wishing for death to just come and take me, instead of them having a feast with my body… How can I
die this way? What wrong have I done to
humanity? Are mine totally different from other? I kept on asking myself this, without giving myself any answer. When I thought they would have grabbed me, they didn’t. I opened my eyes and saw them dancing around me, as if in a procession. They were silent now and I couldn’t see their faces
clearly as they were painted black. As they were doing so, I noticed one of then stepped on what happened to be my urine… As unlucky as the ghost were, he tripped and fell down with a rapt scream. He stood up again and continued his dance.
I began asking myself how possible twas for a ghost to fall down. They don’t walk, instead they sail on air. How come?? How did he fall? Or did he just hanged on air to exhibit some of his acrobatic skills. That still not withstanding, I remain rooted where I was, sweats forming and running down my face and dropping on the floor. My cloth were soaked already with my sweat which would not have been possible unless I was working out in the gym or playing basketball.
At a time, they stopped and looked at me… One of then laughed out loud, but to me, it wasn’t really funny. They came together and faced me, their hands outstretched as if they wanted to pray for me. They began deliberating on what to do with me.
1st ghost: What do we do with him?
Kosi: Let’s kill him
2nd voice: yes, I support you
1st ghost: We can’t kill him
2nd voice: No, we must not let him go. We can’t let Kosi stay alone.
Kosi: Am already feeling lonely here. I want him to come and join me
They laughed loudly to the point that I had to close my ears with my hands. The 1st ghost moved back a little while the 2nd ghost brought out a knife and gave it to Kosi.
2nd ghost: Take this and kill him
Kosi took and laughed loudly. She held it well and approached me. I was sweating profusely
Me: Kosi please na… Don’t do this
Kosi: I can’t stay alone, we need to be together.
Me: Lemme achieve what I came to do na
Kosi: No, we must be together.
She raised it up, the knife hanging over her head.
As she brought it down to stab me, NEPA brought the light and I got the greatest shock…

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Episode 11
Apologies for late posting……
My eyes were still shut tight, waiting for when the sharp blade will pierce into my skin and how loud I will scream, at the same time seeing myself bleed to death. I was just imagining how my spirit will leave
my body, me wey be fine boy… The ladies guy. How I will only be missed by my parents and how those who claim they love will only come to eat rice during my burial and still go clubbing on FRIDAY, forgetting me totally, forgetting how they will wish to dance with me.
I waited for my death and when it didn’t come when it was supposed to, I opened my eyes and saw Kosi bringing the knife down…… The light came up and I saw what I never expected…
Beside Kosi were
. .
Jegede and Williams, the other two guys in my cartel. How could I not have noticed them? How could I not have known they were actually the ones doing this to me but could they be truly dead? When and how?
The three of them were rooted on the ground, they weren’t moving, as if paused. The knife dropped from Kosi’s hand to the floor. I quickly picked it and pointed it on them. Kosi stepped back and joined the Jegede and Williams and they stood in a queue.
I looked at them critically well, Jegede poured powder on his face and I noticed my home theatre remote in his hand. Williams had a pocket mic tugged on his shirt. I believe that was what made their laughter louder and it was connected to a
small wireless amp that was plugged in the wall socket. Why didn’t I notice all these all this while? And I was just fidgeted.
We kept on staring at ourselves. No one wanted to break the silence first. Then Kosi looked down on me and noticed the wet spot on my trouser and nudged both Williams and Jegede who broke into an outburst of laughter, that I almost felt embarrass.
Kosi: See man pikin wey de fear like woman. Chai!!! I beta pass you oooo
Me: Why did you guys do this to me na? Why na?
Jegede: Na normal normal guy. Sometimes, we have got to catch some fun They laughed again and began pulling off their
disguise. Kosi undid hers and came over and gave me a tight hug.
Kosi: I am so sorry!! I know we scared you to the marrow
Me: You can’t imagine how I almost died her. See you people shouldn’t try this again ooo. Oya, start arranging this room now. This will be your punishment. I went to the bathroom, pulled off and took my bath. I quickly washed the messed up cloth and
changed to a jersey before coming out of the bathroom.
The room was already set and arranged. I was so happy to see Kosi after all. Jegede brought out a spiced fish and we ate with a bottle of red wine I brought from my fish. We talked a lot about what happened recently, how it was arranged and planned. I was marveled at their creativity and my own foolishness.
We spent like an hour before Williams said he was leaving.
Jegede: Your sweetheart go dey with you na
Williams: No give am bele o. She also be our own sweetheart We laughed.
Kosi: Twill be beta dat way sef
Jegede: How?
Kosi: He won’t run away from me anymore. Na so I go cage am
Williams: Bad girl
Me: No be small. Her own don get level pass Nicki Minaj.
I saw them out and twas already past 2am. Williams came with his car, so he will drop Jegede off. All these guys with parents that has bastards money.
Jegede was the Cassanova amongst us while Williams was the “You can’t get me” guy. He flirt with those that had levels and he was currently dating a Minister’s daughter.
Kosi and I returned to the room after they were gone. She changed to her night wear while I made sure the door was properly locked. I went to bed while she laid her head on my chest. What an amazing girl. She was pulling the hairs on my chest and giggling too.
Me: Kosi
Kosi: Not like I have forgotten my name
Me: Even though
Kosi: Eh heh! What is it?
Me: Good
Kosi: Bad
Me: Whatever. I thought you were supposed to travel.
Kosi: I changed my mind
Me: Why? What happened?
Kosi: Thank God first for seeing me first.
Me: God thank you oooo. After you na you ooooo
She hit me hard on the chest.
Kosi: E don do
Me: Now tell me….

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Episode 12

Me: Tell me na and stop keeping me in suspense na. I removed my pillow and pushed her off me.
Kosi: You de form Boss na, I go de pose for you…
Me: Abii?
Kosi: You never see anything sef
Me: Sorry ma, can you now tell me?
Kosi: You are not serious yet
Me: How? What do you mean?
Kosi: Jamb question
She turned over and closed her eyes, pretending to be sleeping. What could be wrong with her?
Me: Na wetin?
I stood up and went back to the bed and lay beside her.
Kosi: Eyan mayweather
Me: Abii… Baddo
Kosi: Before nko?
She turned back while I adjusted. She kept her head on my chest, feeling my heartbeat. There was any pressure, my blood rate was normal. She returned her hand to my chest again, pulling my
hairs. At a time, she would slip her hand down to my stomach and pull the hairs their too. I wrapped my left hand around her too.
Me: Nne
Kosi: eh
I touched her face and crossed it down to her mouth, removing a particle from her lips. She grabbed my finger and bit it hard. If not for God, I would have slapped her and she was laughing wickedly.
Me: nka butakwanu gini? (What does dis one mean?)
Kosi: Love… Excess love
Me: Ok, now tell me what happened.
Kosi: Only on a condition
Me: Which is?
Kosi: We will sleep, with our mouth together… I mean kissing
Me: You are not serious yet. Yarn me jare Kosi: Ok. After our bus left, when we got to Old Onitsha road, so that we will go through Oji River, our bus spoiled on the way. Luckily for us, a mechanic was staying around there… So the bus was restored after 30mins. The driver later told us the problem came from the battery. When we got to Enugu, I took a taxi to the airport. That was around after 2. We were suppose to board the plane by 2:30. When it was time for boarding, my dad called me and said he was coming down to Enugu, that
his flight was leaving Lagos by 4Pm…. Wait first, kiss me before I continue…
Me: You and this your kiss kiss kiss… Ahn ahn
Kosi: If you re interested in knowing what
happened, you kiss me.
Me: Ok ooo… Shey na me and you for dis room… No wahala
I took her mouth and kissed her and when I try to let go, she will hold my head tight. She began to rub her hand round my chest and was going down to my waist when I caught it and pulled out my mouth.
Me: Continue from where you stopped.
Kosi: Where did I even stop sef??
Me: Ajuju
Kosi: Well, you are a good kisser anyway
Me: Is that a compliment?
Kosi: No, tis a Mentplicom.
Me: I don hear… Continue abeg
Kosi: So I had to go and hang out somewhere in Enugu while I waited for him since his flight was going to land by 5pm
Me: Where did you go to?
Kosi: I went to Roban stores to get one or two things and then went to Shop rite to eat.
Me: So you would have been dead by now if you had entered that plane
Kosi: Na so oo but God forbid. If I had joined them, I won’t have died
Me: As in Chineke pikin?
Kosi: No, satan first child… Ijiot(Idiot) but ehm no one died sha. Twas discovered the plane that was supposed to leave by 3 had a technical issue and the time of flight was shifted. Since that was the only plane that will go to Abuja again for the day, twas taken by the pilot to have it fixed in Lagos…
That was how it crashed. I believe God wanted everyone alive. Only the pilot and two other crew died.
Me: Chaii! May their soul rest in peace
Kosi: Amen ooo
Me: Sooooooo?
Kosi: So I had to go back to the airport on time to verify if it wasn’t my dad’s own that crashed ooo and as God may have it, it wasn’t. So I stayed back and waited for him to land.
Me: eh heh
Kosi: When he came, he told me he ws hurrying up for a conference and didn’t spend a long time with me before he was taken away in a convoy. He said he had a meeting in Abakaliki by 7:00Pm. So he just
gave me the cheque and left.
Me: that’s cool. How much was it?
Kosi: He actually signed for 600K. He said he had a lot of plans. That I should just manage that one till next week.
Me: Jesus!!!
Kosi: What is it?
Me: Manage ke? 600 thousand… To manage.
Kosi: Tis a small money na… On a normal day, he will pay in 1.5 and. Still gimme cash.
Me: How much do you have in your account? She brought her phone and checked her last bank alert.
Kosi: Approximately 11.5 million
Me: Hmm
I only had 300k in my personal account and 211K in my school account, which will cover everything till I graduate and if I am left with a balance which I know there won’t be, I will take it too. My dad was a Professor of Mathematics in the University of Ibadan while my mum was the Registrar in UNN. So everything about my family, was book.
Kosi: What is it again?
Me: Am wondering why you are not a spoilt child
Kosi: Abii?
Me: Yes na
Kosi: Well, I no too put eyes for money sha. My papa don be ambassador for over six years na and was a senator before that.
Me: No wahala. Na una dey chop Nigeria money na
We laughed.
Me: So how did you get back?
Kosi: Oh! He paid a taxi to bring me back
Me: But your number was switched off. I was afraid.
Kosi: My battery was done.
Me: I see. Well, thank God anyway.
Kosi: Yeah
Me: Let’s sleep o.
Kosi: I will pay in the 600k in your account on monday. I know you need it. I already have enough.
Me: What can I say? Thanks dear. You are a darling.
Kosi: Gimme your account number before monday.
Me: Okay, thanks a lot.
I gave her a peck on the lips. She pulled my head and kissed me before I pulled off to take a glass of water. I got for her too before I finally turned off the light. In the silence that enshrined us, I could still hear the music playing in my landlady’s restaurant. I crept in beside her in the bed and cuddled her. The AC made her skin so cold. She whispered silently
Kosi: Now, ask me what you can do?
Me: What can I do?
She hesitated a while that I had to bite her ear.
Kosi: F–k me!

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Episode 13
I adjusted closer to her and crossed my hand across her, like I’d fallen in.
Me: Say it again
She did. I spanked her hard on the tummy and she was like “What have I done wrong?”
Kosi: If you kill my child I won’t forgive you ooo
Me: No be only child, na children… See you see child
Kosi: Ok ooo. So you are not gonna do what I asked you do?
Me: Yes
Kosi: Why?
Me: I don’t want to. I want to preserve myself for my wife
Kosi: Are you not going to marry me?
Me: Let’s say we are still dreaming
Kosi: Why? As in how? What do you mean?
Me: Something can still happen in the future. Maybe at a time, we go our separate ways. Your dad might send you to London to further your studies and at a time, our contact will become rare.
Kosi: Abii
Me: Yes na… When you are now done, you will be told to marry another politician’s son. Maybe a Governor’s son or so.
Kosi: You amaze me ooo
Me: But the world can’t stop amazing me. Things happen ooo. Maybe at a time, there will be a twist of fate
Kosi: why don’t you just talk about yourself.
Me: What do you mean?
Kosi: I mean putting yourself in my shoes
Me: come again
Kosi: What if at the end of the day, you find love somewhere else while I have given my all to you
Me: Stuffs like that happen anyway but how possible is that gonna be?
Kosi: Like?
Me: We ain’t dating yet. We are just bound by mutual
Kosi: And?
Me: No expression of feelings yet. We are just trying to exhibit our body chemistry. Kosi: but we have stayed too long for us to know that
Me: But you can’t go to Jerusalem without passing Gallilee
Kosi: But water was changed to wine after the original wine was finished in the wedding at Cannan
Me: I never knew you know bible this much
Kosi: leave that one first. Let’s say what’s at hand.
Me: which is?
Kosi: You and I know we feel for each other
Me: But no step have been taken to achieve that.
Kosi: Why don’t you propose to me now?
Me: what if I already have a girl friend?
Kosi: But am yet to spot none… We are free riders.
I re-adjusted my position in the bed and lay flat on my back. She turned to me and place her hand on my chest.
Kosi: Are you angry?
Me: For what? No
Kosi: I heard rumors today in school
Me: About?
Kosi: Someone you know
Me: I don’t gotcha
Kosi: Someone called Eve
Me: What about her?
Kosi: Heard she’s in town and you guys had something in common…
Me: What about it?
Kosi: Do you still love her?
Me: Why do you ask?
Kosi: Just wanna know
Me: You should let it pass by
Kosi: No, not till you tell me if you do
Me: Who knows? I might still nurse feelings for her.
Kosi: For real?
Me: Why not?
Kosi: Then why do you still make me waste my time here?
Me: Don’t take it too personal na… Afterall, I didn’t say anything. Let’s talk in the morning.
I kissed her and slept off. I rose at 6am and took off for my morning jogging.
She was still asleep when I left and I didn’t bother waking her up.

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Episode 14
I locked the door from outside and slipped in the key into the room from an opening under the door and jogged off. I met other guys and we hailed and went our separate ways. There was no brother in the jungle. I did other stretches as I jogged, like stretching my arms and ankles for fitness. I got to the stadium and went round the track 25 times and walked five times. Then I went to another corner and did abdominal, making sure I did all the styles I knew. I did other stretches too, like press up which I did 100 on a go and other ones.
Basketball was a tedious game, so it was worth the risk. I have worked so hard to maintain my permanent 6packs and won’t like to lose it. When I was done, I went out, bought a bottled water and sat in one of the seats, observing the whole scenario. Some boys were playing in the field, a football academy precisely. Other sporting activities were also going on too but the one that marveled me most was that of a group of fat women who were trying to reduce the fat in their body but the funniest aspect was that they were been trained by a fat moderator too. Some where playing tennis, volleyball and handball too. At the back of the stadium was the gym where people go to work on
their body.
I noticed Jegede and Williams as they strolled into the stadium. Williams was carrying a basketball.
They sighted me and walked up to me. We shook hands while I tried to grab the ball from Williams who held it tightly.
Jegede: How far na?
Me: Cool o. Hope say you sleep well?
Jegede: No, I was thinking about you. Yeye boy.
William: Wey Kosi na? She no follow you?
Me: She no tell me say she wan jog na and she been de sleep when I commot.
Jegede: Ok ooo.
Williams: wetin you de do here sef?
Me: I just de relax
Jegede: You no go throw ball?
Me: I no plan for am
William: E be like say you don push
Jegede: No mind am… See am, better boy
Me: I no get una time. Make una go, I dey here de wait for una.
Williams: Are you sure you are not waiting for a girl to deceive?
Jegede: I no trust dis guy oo even though we dey run the same Cartel.
Williams: Better girls no dey here na. Na court dem go full pass
Me: I no need better girl now. Na wowo girl I want so that my children no go over fine. Williams: See wu de talk. I go slap that your mouth.
Jegede: till later na. Make we go do the little talent God give us
Me: E go de be
Williams: No deceive any girl here oo. You know say you be temptation. I watched them as they left, Jegede bouncing the
ball as he walked. Some boys were running round the track as if they were preparing for something. A girl came and sat beside me. She was fair and beautiful, I mean over beautiful. God didn’t cheat here at all. She had a big front and back and her height was okay.
Tricia: Am Patricia, Tricia for short
Me: Wally
Tricia: Your friends are very handsome. You people will be drinking girls like pure water. Especially you
Me: No comment, it is reserved.
Tricia: Am not lying now. You are too fine
Me: Am flattered.
Tricia: You are in Unizik?
Me:Yeah, final year. How ’bout you?
Tricia: Unilag… Final year student too but done with my final exams. Economics
Me: that’s cool. Ours will be commencing soon.
Tricia: But like seriously, you are too fine. Nice pack, muscle…. In fact, your girlfriend must be feeling on top of the world.
Me: You are making me feel shy
Tricia: But that’s the truth na. I wish was the one
Me: But you are not
Tricia: Do you have a girlfriend?
Me: Yeah
Tricia: Am already jealous
Me: Why?
Tricia: You are taken
Me: There are many fish in the river
Tricia: but no one like you. My colleagues over there were already fantasizing about you. They all have crush on you
I looked in the direction and saw the girls. Good, fresh girls. They were looking in our direction.
Me: What can I say?
Tricia: Can I have your number?
Me: You wanna take me out?
Tricia: If your girlfriend allows me to share you with her.
Me: 07081….. She typed it in quickly in her galaxyS6 edge and saved it with “Wally love”. I noticed but didn’t say anything. Just then, a lanky guy walked up to me
Guy: The coach said you should come right now. I mean the athletics coach.
Me: what for?
Guy: The Governor is here and wants to be
Me: Okay, am right behind you.
Williams and Jegede must have sold me to the coach. I have skipped training dor over 3weeks.
Tricia: You can run?
Me: Perfectly. Tis left for me to jam Bolt.
Tricia: wow! Am marveled.
Me: Thanks.
She insisted we took a selfie and we did before going down with our hands locked together. She held me like I was hers and hers alone, making her other friends feel jealous . Just as we came down the track to take a turn, Kosi jogged into the stadium and our eyes met.
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Episode 15
I pretended like I didn’t take notice of her, playing a smile on my lips. I won’t like to get myself embarrassed. So I kept on walking, Tricia holding my hand. Her other friends were following us behind. Kosi jogged and passed me, taking a look in my direction… Some kind of “F–k You” eye contact but I smiled instead. Tricia seemed to notice the reaction.
Tricia: Who is she?
Me: You mean?
Tricia: She… The one that jogged pass
Me: Oh! You mean her? Never mind
Tricia: Is she your girlfriend?
Me: Isn’t she too beautiful?
Tricia: Am already feeling jealous. Isn’t she gonna break up with you?
Me: I won’t have to run to you if she does
Tricia: Why?
Me: because you are the bone of contention and reason for the break up.
Tricia: You are so rude
Me: I don’t compromise issues… I say things the way it is on my mind. Am not here to impress anyone.
I drew my hand off and walked past her. She caught up and grabbed my hand again.
Tricia: Am sorry… I was eh em…
Me: Don’t bother yourself. Moreover, we just met.
Tricia: Hug me
Me: You dream a lot
Tricia: Just do it
Me: You wanna make your friends jealous?
She giggled. I stopped and waited for her friends to catch up with us. I took the hand of the prettiest and kissed it.
Me: You look beautiful
Girl: Am flattered.
Me: Pleasure meeting you
Girl: Me too.
I took off to meet the coach. With directives from the Governor, all the activities going on in the stadium were called off and everybody were asked to seat down. The Governor’s voice blasted from the microphone.
Governor: Good morning all. I will just go straight to the point due to want of time. In honor of my daughter’s birthday today, I have invited contingents from the five states that make up the South Eastern Geo political zone, for a honorary athletic display. This is how the future is built. So, a
group of athletes here are going to perform… I mean a race is going to take place. A 100m. Only the 1st position is needed. So all must strive to win.
The winner will be going home with the sum of 500K and a car and will also have the opportunity to cut the birthday cake with my daughter..
There was a loud ovation in the stadium. I wasn’t much interested in all he was talking about.
Coach: Wally
Me: Coachie
Coach: You know you have to win
Me: Am not fit ooo
Coach: But you are the only better athlete around… You must make me proud and the state too.
Me: I will try my best but don’t blame me for failure.
He tapped me in the back and left. Each States presented 3 contingents each and the 1st-4th were needed from the two categories. I looked around and saw Kosi standing with Jegede and Williams.
They were hailing my name. Even Tricia and her friends too. I was the centre of focus, this is because I was the National champion in the just concluded Nigeria Universities games.
I was going to run first and I was in high spirit. We knelt on our marks as usual, waiting for the whistle to go. I was lost when the whistle blasted. I didn’t pick my pace well and I was rewarded with the 4th
position and I felt my muscles tearing. I felt so bad but determined to win a good position in the final level. My coach was disappointed with my performance. One guy from Ebonyi state was just spearheading the day, he was known as Flash and he actually behaved that way. He was way too fast and was likely to be the champion. We were given time to cool off and relax our muscles in anticipation for the final test of the day… I went to meet my cartel.
Williams: I swear, I go break your head if you lose eh
Me: No wahala… Na me be jet na
Jegede: Go and win this race jaree. You pass that Abakaliki guy. Na our city be dis o
Me: By God’s grace.
I was expecting Kosi to say something but she didn’t and I left. Tricia jammed me on the way.
Tricia: I known you are gonna do this… Just do it
Me: I will try my best
Me: I have to go
Tricia: All the best dear
Me: Thanks I touched her face as I left.
I took my position in the 4th lane while Flash took the 6th lane. He was very much confident about himself. He looked at me and I recognized him. We met in Calabar during the National Sports Festival.
The whistle blasted and we took off…

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Episode 16
Flash was really a lightning bolt, his speed was spectacular and his composure was firm. He swerved his arm tirelessly, throwing his feet upfront. He was actually taking the lead while I was still in the 4th place and 70m to go. My name echoed in my ear as people who knew me couldn’t stop encouraging me. I buckled up, with my head pointing straight. I flexed my arm and stomp my feet hard on the ground, increasing my pace. I outran the 3rd placed and gave the the 2nd person a hot chase. My muscles were beginning to tear and my sole was crying out in pains but I ignored them and fought for the greatest challenge of my life. My name was echoing round the stadium… Stuffs like….. “Wally you can do it,” “Wally faster!” Filled my ear. The 2nd person gave up and I passed him with the speed of a rocket. It was just 20m left and flash was already flying in the air, only. Magic could see me passing him but I didn’t give up. Just few meters to go and something happened. There was a loud shout in the stadium but I didn’t look to see what happened… I only saw myself taking the lead and crossing the finishing line. I looked back and saw Flash on the ground. He didn’t finish the race. What happened, I don’t know but I knew that someone swept me off my feet and threw me up into air while tens of hands caught me mid-air, they were my fellow athletes. They were hoping to get their own share too. I have won the race.
When I was brought down, Williams and Jegede came to see me, we shook hands.
Williams: But that guy run pass o. You see the way he was running like a cheetah
Me: God dey
Someone hauled me a bottle of water. It was Tricia. She hugged me.
Tricia: Congrats! You did well
Me: Thanks
She stood beside me as I gulped down the water at a stretch, feeling tired. She took my hand again, walking around with me. Everyone were hailing as the champion of the state and my head, you know what I mean? Swelling. I didn’t see Flash again,
maybe he was taken to the medics or he was somewhere around. But I didn’t put much interest to it… Maybe God actually wanted me to have a car without working for it.. Na Godwin ooo.
I was invited by the Governor and stood on the podium with him. I was really proud of myself. Tricia stood inches away, waiting to grab my hand at the slightest chance. There was absolute silence as the Governor took the mic to talk. I felt myself in the highest heaven.
Governor: It is done and a winner arose… I congratulate him too for his victory. He did well and utilized his opportunity at once and he is very fine too. I still thank all those who made it to the end just to celebrate with my daughter. I thank you all once again.
There was a loud applause in the stadium and everyone was hailing the Governor. The daughter walked up and stood beside him in the podium, she was beautiful and had a pompous character and her vocal chords were phonetic. I concluded she was studying in one of the universities abroad. Then a brand new black BMW rode to a stop in front of the us. The driver came down and handed over the key to the Governor. He asked me my name and I told him and a cheque book was prepared immediately and it was signed by the Governor with a letter of approval and was sealed in an envelope and handed to the Governor. My eyes grew big in bewilderment.
Governor: With regards to make someone smile in my daughter’s birthday, I have decided to celebrate with you all on this fateful day and I thank you all. With regards to the promise I made, I present this car keys to the merited winner, Mr. Sylva Wally Morrell… And the amount promised.
There was a loud ovation as I took the present. The Governor’s daughter was smiling at me too. I noticed Williams, Jegede and my other colleagues in school generating the loudest noise.
Governor: That’s not all. He will join my daughter to celebrate her birthday too and all who par took in the race will be given the sum of #50,000 for their willingness.
The governor shook my hand again and left. Tricia from nowhere jumped on me and I didn’t notice when she gave me a quick kiss just when Kosi turned to look at me. The Governor’s daughter walked to me and introduced herself.
Celine: Am Celine. Congratulations… I hope I don’t miss you in the party
Wally: My pleasure
Tricia interrupted.
Tricia: I hope my boyfriend haven’t enchanted you yet?
Celine: Excuse me?
Tricia: You heard me
Celine’s mood changed and she folded her fist, ready for a scuffle. Williams noticed what the outcome will be and intervened. He pulled Tricia to himself and kissed her. Holding her tightly on the waist, so that she won’t break lose.
Williams: Am sorry, she talks too much.
He dragged her away, even with all her protest.
Me: Am sorry
Celine: You pay for this nonsense when you come….
She forced an invitation into my palm and left. I turned and saw Eve staring at me…

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Episode 17
Eve: Hi
Me: Hi
She didn’t say any other thing and I turned to walk away. Friends and colleagues were already surrounding my new car in admiration.
Eve: Wait…
Her voice trailed off and she began crying. She covered her face with her palms. I didn’t care… I never cared….. But I was made to care. It was actually my day. A new car, half a million naira, what else? I was already fully made. After graduation, I will worry about the rest and the stress of the outside world when I go into it.
Eve: Am so sorry for everything…
Me: You haven’t done anything wrong.
Eve: I know I have offended you… Just forgive me… I will go back to wherever I am coming from…
Me: Hey! Com’on….
Eve: Wait! Lemme finish. I will leave your life… Go back to wherever am coming from and start up a new life without you. I came to look for you here to tell you this. I know you might be wondering how I made my money… If I was into drugs or prostitution but just wait and see… One day, you will get to see who I have become and where I am heading too. Thanks a lot for the time we spent together. I know it will be hard but I will try my best to let our memory together remain in my heart…
I felt so bad for her and my heart ached. My words stung to my throat and my vocal chord felt tightened. No word came out from my mouth as I remained rooted on the ground. Everywhere felt silent and dry. I finally allowed adrenaline to rush through my body and made the first move. I took her hand and pulled her close, giving her the tightest hug. She was like “Am not interested.”
Eve: Came to tell you that am leaving
Me: To where?
Eve: Where I am treated and taken for who I am… And respected for who I have become and not what they think of me.
Me: I don’t understand
Eve: Someday you will
Me: Tell me
Eve: I don’t want to embarrass you, so lemme go
Me: Excuse me
Eve: You heard me… Am sorry but I don’t want to embarrass you. Just let me go
I gently tore off the hug but still held her hand.
Me: Am sorry but its not the way you see it. Am really sorry
Eve: Sorry too… But am prettier much sorrier. I have to go. Leave your life the way you want it… Somewhere, someday, we shall meet again.
Her two cars pulled to a halt beside my new BMW and she turned to go.
Eve: I forgot tho. Congratulations about your achievement today. Its great. Am happy for you.
She left and entered at the back of the range rover which drove off immediately. My tummy rumbled and I felt so bad. I threw the car key to Williams.
Me: Let’s go home
Williams: Not so soon
Me: Am no longer comfortable
Williams: Because of Eve? Do you love her?
Me: Am not talking about that.
I spotted Jegede and Tricia together and smiled. I called out to Williams and pointed at them.
Me: They will make a nice couple
Williams: Not when am done with her…She’s sweet
Me: Abiii?
Williams: you think say I be you?
Me: Why you go be me kwanu? Na my life na
Williams: I know
Me: Call them let’s go
Williams left to get his ball and call Jegede too. I saw Kosi.
Kosi: Mr. Lover boy
Me: I don’t what to say
Kosi: What does she want?
Me: A long story

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Episode 18
Flash interrupted the discussion.
Flash: Congrats man! God knows why…
I shook him and then gave him a hug.
Me: Some days are like that. Bad things are made to happen in preparations for the good.
Flash: Na so ooo. The first shall be the last nii
Me: Bible quote am sha
Flash: We keep on working hard… We don’t relent
Me: I wish you the best
Flash: Thanks…. Will you be contention for the All African Games coming up next year?
Me: God’s willing, I will appear. But for now, lemme write my finals and graduate.
Flash: Final year?
Me: Yeah
Flash: Ok na.. All the best
Me: Thanks man… I will invite you for my
Flash: No wahala… We shall meet again in a better field and a better place and get to finish what we have started
Me: I will be waiting.
He turned to Kosi,
Flash: Nne, you are beautiful
Kosi: Am shy
Flash: That’s the truth. Good things are hard to come by
Kosi: Na sooo.
Flash: Am Flash, I believe you must have heard it
Kosi: The guy that fell down? So bad. I wish you actually came the first place but sometimes, things don’t happen the way we want… But am Kosi anyway.
Flash: Nice meeting you
Kosi: Same here. We will meet again
Flash: Your boyfriend? He pointed at me
Kosi: Something greater than a boyfriend
Flash: You will make a fine couple
Kosi: By God’s grace
He smiled and shook my hand again and left. I knew Kosi will say something about Eve again, so I left her to see my coach.
Coach: Aaah my boy, you made me proud
Me: Thank you sir
Coach: But you still have to improve
Me: I hope I do. I was just too fortunate to get over him. Another person could have Coach: Yeah… So go and spend wisely. 500k is a small money. Manage it well and you know the rules involved in having a car?
Me: Yes sir… I will try all I can
Coach: Okay, have a nice time
Me: You too
I was expecting him to remind me to get his own share of the money but he didn’t.
We got into the car together and drove off, with Williams driving. The car was solid and fast… And for the first time in my life, I felt satisfied and was like 007 in his BMW (James Bond). On our way home, we got a Dj mix from a vendor and increased
the volume. Tricia opted to follow us and Jegede agreed, together with one of her friends. So we were like 6 in the car but didn’t mind.
God was actually blessing me folds by folds. I lacked my house rent, someone paid it for me… I lacked money, someone was ready to give me 600k, I wanted a ride and someone got me a car.
What a wonderful God I serve. I didn’t remember to go through the invitation the Celine gave me.
It was around 10am when we got home. I made sure the whole street heard about what happened. I threw my fridge open and took out all the wines and we all drank. It was really fun. Tricia and her friend had to go so that they can get prepared for the party which was to start by 3pm.
I felt so weak and tired and didn’t know when I drifted off.

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Episode 19
By the time I got up, it was past 4. An hour late for the party. I didn’t notice Tricia, Jegede, Kosi, Williams and Tricia’s friend outside. I rushed to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, my bath and then rushed out. When I checked my phone, I had like 39 missed calls from an unknown number but I didn’t care to dial back. I rushed over my dressed, putting on a blue tux and white trouser with a matching bow tie and shoe. I knew and looking good overall and assessment on myself was 100% and I couldn’t stop looking at myself on the mirror. I left the room, locked the door behind me and made sure I didn’t forget anything.
Was surprised when I saw Williams and Jegede. The three of us were dressed on the same style. We had sew it when we wanted to travel to Benin for a function but didn’t travel again and it was the first time we were wearing it together. My phone rang again and I answered.
Caller: Are we gonna wait for you all day?
Me: Pardon?
Caller: The celebrant is waiting for you to cut the cake.
Me: Oh! Am so sorry
Caller: Sorry for yourself… Get your ass to this place now
Me: Hey, whosoever you might be, I have dignity and self respect. Don’t get me infuriated
Caller: Excuse me?
Me: Am shutting you down. I don’t take shit from anyone. The party can go to hell
Caller: Till you get yourself here
Me: Get lost!!
I cut the call and joined the rest. We took a lot of pictures with our phones till we felt satisfied. That it was okay and time to go. Williams came with his car, so he was to take Jegede and Tricia along while I carried Kosi and Matilda, Tricia’s friend. While I was
asleep, Williams and the rest fixed a plate number on the car and tore off all the nylons sealed on it. I took the lead while Williams drove behind.
Me: Matilda you look sexy on your gown Matilda: You too. You are looking great
Me: Yours is seductive… I can’t control my urge again
Matilda: I don’t understand
Me: I feel like stripping you off and banging you hard.
Kosi gave me a hateful glare but I pretended like I didn’t notice. She was sat on the front seat.
Matilda: You don’t mean it
Me: You want to feel it?
Matilda: We just met today
Me: What other formal introduction do you want? I have got condoms in my back pocket.
Matilda: Ain’t we making someone jealous?
Me: Freedom of speech dey
I looked at Kosi and knew it was obvious that she was fed up and would burst up any sooner
Matilda: Then we are gonna hit it hard then Me: Sure.
Matilda: Gimme your number
Me: Later
Kosi interrupted.
Kosi: I think its high time you stepped down from this car
Matilda: Am sorry… You took it so personal
Me: Don’t mind her jare…
We didn’t say any other thing and drove on in silence until we got to the place. I was missing my other crew in the other car and was imagining the kind of gist that will be going on.
We pulled up at the venue and we took the ladies one by one. I got hold of Matilda while Tricia and Williams entangled. Jegede was pleased to have Kosi because she was the prettiest. Someone was there to direct us to where the party was taking place.
We got there and got all attentions to ourselves. We were like the “Boys Before Flower” guys and those present were like like… Who are this people?
Someone quickly came and ushered us to the VVIP seat, which was decorated with lots of drinks and wine.
Fifteen minutes after we were seated with all the girls behind lurking for our attentions, the light went off and a background music came up…
USHER: Behold her majesty…. The Queen…. The princess and the Malificient one.
She walked up to the stage gracefully, like the princess she was regarded as. She was looking perfectly beautiful. Infact, she was perfection itself and for the first time… I fell in LOVE
USHER: May we now invite the Celebrant boyfriend to come and sit beside her on stage…
Everywhere went lukewarm and silent as we waited and looked around for the boyfriend to join her on stage

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Episode 20
For over 10mins, no one appeared on stage. We looked around hoping to see a nice gentleman walk into the stage and walk into her embrace.
USHER: She can’t sit down yet without him…
Still no one appeared. Celine was just calm and gentle in her white,silk gown that stopped on the knee with flowery embroidery. Her hair was let lose to fall across her shoulder and her perfume filled
the whole place. She was gorgeous and her beauty was too hard to comprehend. Then my phone beeped and I saw a text message and opened it.
“Do you need a town crier to tell you to walk up to that stage?”
I became nervous… Who could have thought about such a thing? Well I still kept my phone on the table and waited for what will happen next.
Celine wasn’t looking in my direction either and I felt a bit comfortable and the nervousness vanished. Williams and I gist silently about if the boyfriend doesn’t show up at the end and how embarrassed Celine will feel and we were kinda proposing that she will break up the union due to the embarrAssment. Even Tricia joined in the joke
and we were laughing silently.
Then silence descended again as Celine took the microphone from the usher. A smile was playing on her lips and she was as calm as ever as she spoke with her rich, tonic voice that raised whispers from all corners… Her Brit accent was commendable. She mastered a good use of it and exhibited it formidable.
Celine: My boo isn’t a shy guy… He’s cool and well talented. Think about him… Imagine the kinda person that will make me daydream whenever we ain’t together. I respect him a lot and that’s why I will be honored if am opportune to go and get him from his seat.
Everybody supported her to go ahead with a loud echo. She returned the microphone to the usher and proceeded to walk down the step with a glamorous catwalk. Her feminism was appalling and attractive and she smiled seductively as she got down and walk to the end of the hall and proceeded to come back in slow motion. Her beautiful eyes were scanning from one area to another, like a bride who was anxiously searching for the groom on their traditional wedding day. She got to the middle and inhaled a deep breath and stopped to look around. Murmurs were arising from all angles in the hall and the light was yet to come up. The stage light was just following her about… That was why no one noticed when Matilda planted a kiss on my lips.
“Your words made me feel h—y,” she said but I ignored her anyway.
Celine then proceeded to walk back to the front again. She was counting her steps and walked with agility and boldness. She crossed the VIP row and did nothing there. She got to the VVIP, our own row and stopped, but didn’t look in our direction. She was looking at the other side. Then she turned around
. .
And our eyes met. She smiled and walked to where I sat and gave me her hand.
Celine: Don’t embarrass me, the world is watching.
I looked at my pals and Williams and Jegede gave me a go ahead look. The girls were like something was been stolen from them. I took her hand and stood up. She slipped her hand across my waist and we walked together to the stage, the stage light shining on us from above. There was a loud applause and a standing ovation as instructed by the usher. We stopped in the middle for all to see and the applause increased. I stole a look at Kosi and noticed she wasn’t clapping and didn’t stand up also.
We stood that way for a while, smiling. Then, Celine turned around and kissed me… It was embarrassing but I played cool and kissed back.
Celine: Your lips taste good
Me: What do you expect me to say?
Celine: Thank you… Afterall, its a compliment
Me: But I will rather say, you are so fortunate to have fame and got the opportunity to do this. Many only dream about it
Celine: How about the underpant?
Me: If you pull off your panties, I will take the challenge
Celine: Big head… You have guts
Me: I love who I turned out to become after all these years
Celine: We have a lot to talk about
Me: Don’t dream too much… You may not see me again after today
Celine: Let’s go
She took the lead to a cushion that was placed on the stage. It was meant for one person so I was supposed to carry her on my laps. So I sat first and she turned around to sit on me. Her figure was a perfect 8 and her buttock was round. I wanted to touch it badly. So I held her waist and sat her down.
She adjusted and sat on my g—n which I knew will come to life any moment soon. We were that way, observing most of the things that happened.
Humblesmith performed in the birthday and Ycee too. The party was fun with patches of celebrity hub. At a time, she will grind her butt on my g—n with a hidden smile.
After lots of presentation, we cut the cake and did a toast. We danced as couple before the audience joined us on stage. I danced partly with Tricia, Matilda and other ladies that came around. Kosi only danced because Jegede insisted that she won’t go with us if she didn’t.
After much partying and drinking, I need to use the comfort Room. I asked for directions from one of the ushers and I was told.
The place I was told was named the ViP zone, so I didn’t waste time in finding it. I got in, did my business and was washing my hand when someone opened the door.
. .
It was Celine…
Me: Watchu doing here?
She came and locked the door with the key and took it.
Celine: I was getting bored at the party and wanted to freshen up. Then someone told me you were here.
Me: That’s okay
Celine: Nice tux. You are looking cute
Me: You too. Nice dress. You look hot Celine: Thanks
She didn’t say any other thing again and got into the bathroom. I tried to go out and the door was locked, meaning I had to wait for her to round up. She came out after few minutes and asked me to help her zip her up cloth up.
Her butt was a sight to behold and her sassy behind was tempting. As I tried zipping it up, she bumped her ass into my g—n and turned around. She pushed me to the wall and began kissing me hard. Racked with alcohol, I didn’t realize what I
was doing. I turned her around and pushed her to the wall too and kissed her neck. She pulled up her dress, no panties, revealing a shaved p—y.

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Episode 21
I began grinding into her while she kissed my neck and pulled my trouser. I roughly pushed her to the wall and fumbled her breast. I stuck a finger into her p—y and began fingering it so hard. I was so much enthralled and obsessed with the act. The movement of her hip danced in rhythm with my finger. I inserted two and kept on touching her c——s… For over five minutes before she came. She was undoing my belt to bring out my penis when I realized I wasn’t actually doing the right thing. I caught her hand and removed it from my belt. She pressed a kiss on my lips but I pulled off my face.
Me: Am sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this
She didn’t care… She just undid her bra and let her breast fall out and she began struggling with my belt again but I didn’t let her have her way.
Me: Am sorry… But I still have a lot of obligations… We shouldn’t be doing this… Try and understand.
Celine: Understand what? I want you inside me now. Am burning with the desire for you. When I met you in the stadium, I instantly fell in love with you
Me: Whatever that happened moments ago could have been a mistake.
I expertly put her breast back in the bra and hooked it up. I stretched her dress and zipped her up. I touched her face, arranging her scattered hairs. She took my hand and locked it in hers.
Celine: Why are you doing this to me?
Me: Because I love you and you are so precious to me
Celine: Why not do it if you love me?
Me: Because I won’t like to lose you so soon
Celine: Other guys would have taken advantage of my feelings.
Me: Just hear me out… A time will come when we will do it and you will not regret missing it out today.
Celine: I understand. Thank you
Me: Thank you too
She gave me a tight hug and we stood that way for what seemed like eternity. She began crying too and I held her tight.
Celine: I love you
Me: I love too
Celine: Are you serious?
Me: With my heart
I kissed her and then dried her tears with my palms. We held each for a while before I let go.
Me: Freshen up let’s get outta here
She smiled and went back into the bathroom and wore her pant. Then she came back to me again while I washed my hand and she did the same too. She poured powder on her palm from a small bag she had come in with and rubbed on her face and mine too to brighten us up. We looked at each other to spot out anything that might reveal our little secret.
Celine: But something is amiss
Me: What is it?
Celine: I will be going back to Florida next
Me: Oh! Its a pity
Celine: But you are welcome into my life. I will find it difficult to ever forget you
Me: I hope fate brings us together some day
Celine: Me too. Today I learned something. I was really hot for us, I wanted to have you by all means but you calmed me down… Na oga adicha mma. I believe in you. You are a good person.
Me: Thanks… You are a nice girl.
We looked at each other again and hugged ourselves again.
Celine: I have flowers in my pocket. I feel like I am in love for the first time
Me: Let that flower grow… Certainly, someone will pluck it one day
Celine: And that will be you
Me: If God wants it so
We broke the hug with a kiss and left the comfort room with our hands locked together. Celine was Just smiling as if smiling was the only thing she knew in her life. We joined the rest at the party.
Williams: Guy, where have you been?
Me: I went to freshen up
Williams: I hope you didn’t screw her?
Me: I won’t dare such.
Celine excused herself and went to greet other friends that attended the party.
Williams: But she’s fine
Me: Where are the rest?
Williams: Well, Kosi have been drinking and won’t stop. Tricia and her friend went out with Jegede and I am man alone.
I rushed to where Kosi sat… She was sizzled and in a pitiable mood. I sat beside her…..

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Episode 22
She looked and at me and wanted to talk but got choked. She took another bottle and swirled it but taking a long swig that kept me wondering when that one started. She looked away, wishing I will just let her be.
Me: What is it?
Kosi: Gerrahia
Me: What is it this time?
She didn’t talk, she took another swig and emptied the bottle. The scenario was getting hot and stuffy…
The main party have begun. I placed my hand on her shoulder, trying to know if she will face me. But she didn’t. She ordered for another bottles of Heineken and I was like Oh my God! Four empty bottles were standing amicably in her front. The waiter brought another bottles. She took one, opened it and gulped it down in a stretch and belched noisily. She began to open the second one when I try to wrestle it from her. She stood up, took
the bottle and moved to another table. I felt embarrassed but didn’t show it. I left her alone and went to dance with some girls who were willing to dance. Celine came and we danced too, sometimes exchanging with Williams who was dancing with Celine’s friend from America. We were dancing when Jegede came to us and asked us to come and see something. We hesitated for a while and reluctantly agreed to go with him.
It was a dark section of the room with an Air condition giving it a chill sensation. Tables and seats were arranged in rows and columns… The kind of format used in Matrix and determinants… I hope you understand. The room smelled of fresh roses and perfumes and it was calm. Imaginary orange flames turned round the PVC, creating an eccentric passion for romance. It was here that Jegede brought us.
Me: What are we doing here?
Williams: Ahn ahn… Jege, na wetin na? Why you carry us come here nii?
Jegede: Wait first… Does it mean you didn’t notice anything?
We looked around well and spotted what he was talking about. At the far edge of the room, someone was pushed to the wall by another person and they were following a rhythm. The female was moaning loudly as the guy rammed into her roughly. We noticed her breast propped out from her dress. The guy was squeezing it and pulling the nipples like he was actually going to tear it out while the girl held on tight to him. His pants were down to his knee and we could visibly see his meat going in and out with the help of the dim light. The girl was making inaudible sounds as the pleasure crept into her, sending her into oblivion.
Me: So why did you bring us here?
Jegede: So you seem not to have noticed anything?
Williams seemed to have noticed what it was all about and backed off a bit.
Williams: Let’s go… Tis nothing to worry about…
Me: No! Tell us what is it
Jegede: You are shouting. Reduce your voice.
Williams: Tis Kosi.
Jegede: Do you remember that guy he slapped that time at Fayrouz?
Me: The one that drives a Mercedes S-class?
Williams: Exactly
Jegede: That’s him
Me: So she’s found her missing bone
Williams: Hope you are not touched?
Me: Dunno… Let’s get outta here.
We left as the tempo of their sexual exploit
increased in the room.
30 minutes Later Jegede and Williams were dancing, while I sat on a table, eating the 3rd plate of a chicken pepper soup when Kosi came out with the guy holding her at the small of the waist. The danced around for a while before the guy left and took his things and left the party.
Kosi walked up to where I sat and picked an empty bottle
Me: Nne where have you been? She didn’t talk.
So I didn’t pay attention again and kept on eating my chicken. She dropped the bottle and left the table and squatter around before coming back again….
Next thing was that I something broke on my head and I lost consciousness. The last thing I heard was that people screamed and that was all.

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Episode 23
The Story Continues As Told By Williams And Jegede……

We didn’t know what happened but we saw someone lying in a pool of his own blood. We rushed to the scene and saw Wally sprawled on the floor. He wasn’t breathing and his head was shattered. Blood glistened on his face while torrents gushed from the mouth. We were shocked
to the marrow and would have loved to watch from the distance if not that, he was one of us.
“Give him space!!!!!” Someone shouted. His tux was already mated and reddish in color and we shivered because we were afraid he was dead.
We observed Kosi, she was nervous and shaky and lacked composure… Was she the one that did it? But we didn’t wait to get answer. The more we wasted time, the farther he drifts away from earth. Williams pulled off his expensive tux, he didn’t want to lose it. Jegede did the same too and it all
went into Tricia’s arm. She was afraid and tears were falling off her eyelids…
“He’s dead,” someone announced.
. .
The music stopped and everywhere went silent for a while. Wally was dead! Even a pin drop could be heard in the large auditorium. Everyone stood still in shock as if a passage rite was been offered. Then someone wailed loudly and other voices followed. Mostly were girls.
We touched each other and then rushed to where Wally lay. Williams felt his pulse but there was no sign. We observed him for a while before Celine came… She was with a stestocope.
“Am a student of medicine and surgery in the university of Florida.”
She flashed her ID to us and we withdrew. She unbuttoned his tux and we helped her pull it off. She pulled off the shirt too, revealing Wally’s sexy packs. She felt his whole body and checked his heartbeat. She equally checked his pulse and observed every other thing. She checked the bleeding and shook her head.
Celine: He’s lost a lot of blood and he’s got a weak pulse. Can someone help me?
Almost everyone wanted to help. Everyone loves Wally!! He was a cool headed guy, humble and perseverance. Everyone always wanted to associate with him. What else? No one wants Wally dead. We carried him to his car and Williams took over the
wheels. Celine joined in the car and the party was obviously over. Jegede took the keys to Williams car to take Tricia and Kosi home while other cars went along to the hospital.
. .
As Told By Williams
We were met with stiff resistance when we got to the NAUTH. The nurses were so reluctant to hear us out and weren’t paying attention while Wally kept on bleeding. I cuddled him in my arm, never letting go of him. Everyone were fuming with rage at the challant attitude of the medical staffs. What was the hospital meant for?
The delay went on for like an hour before Celine finally had enough and called her dad who asked to speak with the man in charge. After the call ended, Wally was taken to the emergency ward where he was cleaned up and given treatments.
Blood was brought from the university blood bank and administered to him even though everyone wanted their blood to run in Wally’s vein.
After 2hours of treatment, even Celine joined the host of doctors… Wally was moved to the lab were a test was conducted and it was observed he had a
brain defect before he was moved to the VIP ward. .
But he never opened his eyes….. Even as we shouted and cried for him to wake up. His possibility of staying alive will be a miracle, the doctors said as the night faded away for a new dawn.

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Episode 24
. .
I decided to stay over at the hospital, hoping to see Wally wake up and ask me what he was doing in the hospital but he never did. It was around 3am when the rest that were waiting together with me gave up and said they wanted to go home. They all left and I was left alone with Celine who insisted she will stay to know what becomes the outcome.
It was 5am when I woke up after dozing for some minutes and went to the unit were Wally was admitted. Nurses were clustered around him as I viewed through the window, struggling to save his life. I noticed Celine as she was running around,
giving instructions as if she was part of the hospital medical crew. I admired her guts and courage as she went about ensuring that Wally got well.
Jegede came around 6am and we were together until 6:45 when Celine came out. Me: Hey, what’s up?
Celine: We almost lost him.
Jegede: is he okay now?
Celine: Let’s hope he does… He almost suffered a brain tumor. That was what we were battling to prevent.
Me: That’s disastrous
Celine: The hit affected his head seriously. He might lose his memory if he happens to get well…
Me: Hmmm… But will he wake up?
Celine: He’s in coma now but we will keep a watch on him.
Jegede: We hope he gets better.
Me: But who could have done that?
Celine: I wanted to ask you that… That’s
wickedness… The greatest I have ever seen.
Tears were falling down her eyes and I hugged her.
Jegede: We weren’t able to notice who did it and it came with impulse
Celine: You mean no one noticed what happened?
Jegede: I think so
Me: Did you try asking the girls?
Jegede: Kosi won’t say anything and she was tipsy too
Me: Tricia?
Jegede: She couldn’t stop crying
Celine: Then who did?
Jegede: I dunno.
Celine excused us to go and freshen up while Jegede and I walked into the ward to check on Wally.
His handsome face was bright as usual, a smile curved at the end of his lips. He was still the same Wally we knew apart from the bandage that was bound on his head with blood stains on it. Blood was being transfused into him gradually and we felt like hitting him hard and telling him to come let’s go and refresh ourselves. But he wasn’t hearing us, he was faraway in a place where he can’t hear us… No matter how loud we call his name. He body was still and we didn’t know if he was actually breathing or he was dead.
We stood there, transfixed for what seemed like eternity without saying anything. Our eyes were wet as we watched our friend in a critical condition.
Our cartel has been busted.
Jegede: Kosi won’t like to hear about him Me: What happened?
Jegede: I dunno but she wouldn’t come to the hospital with me and she packed her properties from Wally’s room. She left early this morning.
Me: I don’t understand
Jegede: She packed out
Me: Did she give any reason?
Jegede: She didn’t talk to me as she left.
Me: No problem
Celine joined us 20mins later and we left with the cars to a place we will take our breakfast.
Celine ordered for sandwich and coffee while Jegede and I ordered for ukwa and plantain.
Celine: I will be leaving for Florida tomorrow. So I won’t be staying around
Me: So soon?
Celine: What do you mean? I ve been here for over three weeks.
Jegede: So what will be Wally’s fate?
Me: You know you are our only hope now. Your influence have helped us in securing a bit of his life.
Celine: I understand
Me: What do we do now?
Celine: We do what we have to do.
Jegede: Something like?
Celine: you have to wait till he wakes up… If he doesn’t remember any, he will remember you guys
We looked at each other.
Jegede: is it that serious?
Celine: Very serious.
A mercedes S-class pulled up in the car park and Kosi and the guy from the previous night walked into where we were.
Celine: isn’t that Wally’s girlfriend???
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Episode 25

They walked in, the guy holding her waist as he led her to an empty table. She didn’t see us but we saw her. The table the guy picked was far secured and anyone that might walk in later won’t notice them easily without having to look back again and again…
Celine: So what’s she doing her? She’s supposed to be in the hospital with you guys.
Me: I don’t understand her again after yesterday night incident… Jegede just told me she took her few belongings this morning and left.
Celine: You mean she left Wally’s house?
Me: Yes
Celine: That’s ridiculous
Jegede: Yeah… It is
We kept on observing the other duo as they kept fooling around. At a time, the guy will draw close and kiss Kosi for a long time to the point of irritation.
Celine: You know that guy??
Me: To an extent
Celine: But why would she leave the house?
Jegede: She gave no reason even as I pleaded with her to come to the hospital with me.
Celine: Do you think she has connection with what happened to Wally?
Me: Her actions makes her look suspicious… On a normal day, she would have stayed by his side till he wakes up.
Celine: Hmm
We didn’t say any other thing and ate our food silently. I picked my ukwa like I was not interested. Of course, I had lost interest in the meal but I always deemed it necessary to finish my meals since it will be an economic wastage keeping a left over. Celine drilled over sandwich, sipping her rich coffee quietly. She was extremely beautiful and calm. I’d love to go for her but I knew she had fallen for Wally and what’s the point of being a good friend if I betray my own friend just to fulfill my selfish desires. Jegede finished first and opened a bottle of coca cola which ran half at a swig. Coke was his favorite when it comes to soft drinks and he never jokes with it.
Celine: Seems the hunger was really peeling off your skin?
Jegede: Na so na. Yesterday night left me disorganized and I felt its pangs this morning.
I soon finished mine and opened a bottle of sprite. Celine wasn’t able to go through with her sandwich and she left it that way on the plate while she drank her coffee. I was wondering why she had to take something light and was tempted to ask but didn’t anyway.
Me: So when will your flight be leaving?
Celine: Tomorrow but I should be in Lagos tonight since the flight is 4:30am
Jegede: Can’t you extend it for another week?
Celine: I can’t. I have a presentation to make.
Me: I understand
Celine: Tell me about Wally…
At that moment, Kosi turned around and her eyes met ours. She turned around quickly like she actually saw nothing.
Jegede: That was fast
Me: I dunno what she’s gonna be thinking.
Celine: Can we go and talk to her?
I picked my phone and dialed her number but she didn’t pick. I tried over and over again but she didn’t pick up.
Me: Someone needs to go there and invite her.
Jegede: Will you go?
Me: I will have to since you don’t wanna go.
Celine: We are waiting.
I took a deep breath and stood up, making my way to their table. She ordered a sumptuous delicacy that was mouth watering as I approached the table.
Me: Kosi, can I talk to you for a while?
She didn’t talk and pretended to be eating. The guy she was sitting with spoke first.
GUY: What is it?
Me: Excuse me
GUY: Yeah, what is it?
Me: Are you Kosi?
GUY: Does she look like she wanna talk to a
womanizer like you?
Me: Don’t lemme talk please… Today won’t be pleasant for you if I do so and the last time I checked, you weren’t named Kosi unless you christened to be so at this moment.
GUY: See this guy ooo
Me: Excuse me, Kosi please can I talk to you for a while?
She turned around and looked me.
Kosi: About?
Me: Wally
Kosi: What about him?
Me: He’s critically ill in the hospital?
Kosi: So how does it become my affair?
Me: because it concerns our cartel.
Kosi: Willie you don’t have a point… Can you get outta here?
Me: Not until you decide to come with me
Kosi: Mandatory?
Me: Rule number 7 of our cartel makes it simple.
Kosi: And if I decide to pull out of the cartel?
Me: I will assume you are kidding.
Kosi: I love that.
Before I knew it, I got a resounding slap on my left ear. It came as a flash that I never noticed it coming.
The other guy was smiling.
GUY: That’s what befits cheats like you.
Me: Kosi are you kidding me?
She slapped me again and again.
Kosi: Maybe you can understand it much better now.
Celine and Jegede were already in the scene.
Me: Kosi, I hope you don’t regret today someday… I hope you don’t.
I didn’t struggle as Celine and Jegede pulled me out of the restaurant, praying I didn’t have to retaliate.

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Episode 26
Before You read….
I was on creativity lockdown for days, that was why I couldn’t come up with something to enthrall you guys within the weekend. I hope you will understand. But I hope am getting my mantra back….
You Can Now Read
The fast food staffs were already gathering, same with the patrons around. Everyone wanted to know what will happen next. I played cool, with a smile at the end of my lips. We got down the stairs
while Jegede took the car keys from me so that I won’t have to put them in a state of dilemma. He took the road leading to the hospital as the ride went on in silence. I wasn’t angry with myself or with Kosi but I was wondering how she could have changed so drastically. It came so quickly that it took us by surprise. What could have changed her? Was she charmed? Or was she portraying a false color? How could she have hidden her actual character for that long?
We have known ourselves since our first day in the university. She was a shy 17yrs girl then and was always shivering at the back seat. She wasn’t so associative and was always on her own, at weekends, she will travel to Abuja or Ghana sometimes since the mum was a Ghananian. Then
we were supposed to write an unexpected quiz and she wasn’t in class till 30mins later when the quiz was already halfway. She happened to meet Wally at the back seat and it happened Wally was a whiz kid, so he quickly helped her out before twas submitted 10mins later. As appreciation, she promised to sponsor Wally’s feeding for the week. Wally rejected the idea instead and told her to keep to her promise after the test is out.
I met Wally at our departmental office during our clearance in year one. He was a cool, extremely intelligent guy whose parents were professors, the mum at UNN and the dad in UNILAG and he stayed in Lagos with the dad. Jegede was a childhood friend of his from Lagos and went to the same secondary school. So I was the new crew that joined their clique.
After two weeks Wally and Kosi didn’t meet again…
Wally was always the attention of the girls; he was tall, handsome and specially built. What else did the girls want again? Who will win his heart. On weekends, 6 to 10 girls will cook and get it to his lodge… Different faces all the time. Even year 3 students where chasing after him even when he wasn’t up to 19yrs. It was fun, we enjoyed the attention and always joked about it. But he wasn’t taken off his guard, and was only keeping his girlfriend from secondary school, Eve. Twas on a friday when the result of the quiz was released. Almost all knew that Wally will make the
best, so who will be the second? A quiz of 20marks. Wally got it all and didn’t bother checking. I scored 12 while Jegede went away with 15th… The third highest. The whole department were surprised on whom came 2nd highest. A girl named Maduelosi Victoria Kosiso scored 19.5. The question was, who is she?
She met us later in the day at the cafeteria. Wally wasn’t in school but through inquiries, she found out Wally was our closest friend and she promised to come in the weekend after taking his address.
She was already crushing for him already.
To make it short, she came by surprise on a
weekend, bringing along a lot of foodstuffs and pledged allegiance to join our cartel as the only female crew. Wally made 5.0gp at the end of our 100 level and kept it that way till presently while we followed behind, hoping to fall into 1st class while we graduate.
. .
We drove to the hospital and was surprised at what met us. Students were gathered in the hospital mostly female wearing white T-shirts with inscriptions like #Get_Well_Wally, #We_Love_You, #Without_you_we_are_nothing. How the news circulated to that extent was unknown to anyone.
Even the hospital staffs were surprised at the recent outburst and was asking about the kind of person Wally was. We went to his ward, hoping he will be awake but no show. He was still the way he was and beside him were Tricia and her friend. Celine signed out from the hospital after making a long phone call and promised to be back before she finally leaves for Lagos. The students present held a prayer session for Wally and stayed with him till evening.
After Celine had returned in the evening with lots of provisions and toiletries… At the exactly 8pm while some students were outside the hospital gisting, while other were betting on who will first see Wally
wake up and had to stay in the ward with him.
Twas fun seeing everyone around, even our faculty officer was present for 2hours before he left. At that hour when everyone were relaxed and laughing, trying to keep the hospital alive…. Something happened…
. .
Wally stopped breathing.

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Episode 27
Wally: If I die today, what will you do?
We were drinking together in Badoo, somewhere in Lagos during the semester break. It was on a friday evening; Eve, Jegede and I were present with other friends. Kosi called and said she couldn’t make it since she was in Accra with her mum. We took his word as a joke and laughed over it.
Jegede: If its possible, I will take your brain and beauty with me.
Me: I will begin to imagine the quantity of rice I will eat on your burial.
Eve: All of you are funny… You actually want him dead? Well for me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him…Whether dead or alive.
Wally: That’s crazy… So if I die today, you die too?
Eve: Why not? After all we all shall die one day but my love for you won’t die.
Wally: Am blushing already.
Jegede: Why won’t you?
Me: Tis called undying love
Morrell: Abii? Why won’t I jam someone like this?
Morrell was a model and studying in Unilag. He came with his girlfriend, Princess… A part time scriptwriter and studying Theatre arts too in LASU.
Princess: Like you’ve forgotten am here, right?
We all laughed.
Morrell: Don’t you know that joking is my hobby?
Princess: Yeah, I know. Tis ok.
They later break up 2months later after Morrell caught Princess kissing a producer during a film shooting.
Wally: hey waiter! Mix a strong vodka for me.
Jegede: Someone will over scream this night ooo.
He was looking at Eve and she understood.
Eve: He’s still a learner
I was expecting Wally to talk but he didn’t say anything, rather a gentle smile played on his lips.
He will later tell us that he lost his step sister to Leukemia that morning and was only trying to wear off the distress and when we asked why he came to drink, he answered he won’t really like to imagine what it will be like when he die. So he has to drink to keep his head clear. His dad had to keep a mistress after his mother couldn’t conceive again after his birth. She was an assistant professor in the University of Pretoria, South Africa. So his family was that of Academias.
. .
Tricia was the first to break the news and there was a loud uproar. Everyone wanted to go inside the ward but the door was already locked before they could get in while doctors battled to know if they could restore him back. Imagining Wally dead on
the sick bed was heartbreaking and nauseous. We were together just 24 hours ago. Tricia held my hand tight as she wept bitterly and I began to wonder why she had to cry even when she’s been with him for just a day. But there was one thing Wally had that others envied. He wasn’t boring and was very lovable. Everyone always want to be known by Wally and will always like to tell others about him.
Jegede was just there, staring in empty space, expecting someone to tell him that Wally was up and kicking. He didn’t believe it initially and had to rush to the ward to confirm it. He met him cold and still… A fulfilled smile boldly on his face. From a far
distance, no one would have believed he was dead.
I couldn’t hold the pent up emotions any longer as I busted out in tears… He was an only child, a wonderful gift from God to his parents. He was extremely intelligent and didn’t have to read to pass any examination. He was a child prodigy. His father always wanted him to go to Berlin and get a degree and then have his masters in Stockholm with his PHD in London and have the rare opportunity of working where his mates cannot trod. The wealth was there and he was expected to be a professor before he attained the age of 28. Where are all those dreams? Who will fulfill it? How heartbroken his parents will be when they hear the news. It was unfortunate but the will of God could
not be deterred.
There was a loud scream and I went to verify… Six girls collapsed immediately they heard Wally was dead. It was confirmed by the doctors.
For a reason, I didn’t faint too. Because I had to be courageous in the face of death. I had to tell the world about Wally… I had to tell the world the kind of person he was and why he should be remembered.
Jegede walked up to me…
Jegede: He was so brave.
Tricia was among those that fainted too and they were being attended to by the doctors.
Me: How unfortunate
I allowed the tears flow freely. I couldn’t have done it for any other person but I must have to do it for Wally. He deserve gallons of my tears. He taught me to love the world when they were against me.
Jegede: He has 596 missed calls and 179 messages with undefined messages from social networks. His dad just called now.
He was having Wally’s phone.
Me: Am just confused. How do we start explaining to them? Death why are you so cruel?
Jegede: He’s calling again.
Me: Gimme the phone.
He gave me.
Me: Good evening sir! Tis unfortunate am breaking this bad news to you now but your son is dead. His body is still in the Teaching Hospital, Awka.
I didn’t let him talk and allowed to phone to slip from my hand. I crashed on the floor, while Jegede sat beside me. The whole hospital was mourning.

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Episode 28
Wally: Life is like a big merry-go-round,
You’re up and then down,
Going in circles trying to get to where you are.
Everybody’s been counting you out,
But where are they now?
Sitting in the same old place, Just faces in the crowd.
We all make mistakes,
You might fall on your face,
But you gotta get up!
Don’t Ever give up…
Me: I rather stand tall than fall on my knees… Cause am a conqueror and I don’t accept defeat….
Jegede: Haba! Willie are you singing the remix?
Me: What do you mean?
Jegede: You can’t sing as good as Wally
Me: And so?
Wally: Hey c’mon! You shouldn’t scuffle about that. No matter how bad your voice is, within you the
heart sings it well. Jegede play the key again…
Twas in our 300 level when we were doing our IT.
We were on a short vacation and decided to chill
out in Wally’s mini studio. His dad, a professor in
Physics have been away for three weeks for vacation in Amsterdam, leaving the big house alone
for Wally and the servants.
Jegede was handling the piano while I played the
guitar and sang along with Wally too. We were
trying to record a song that will be shared to a
group of students in our IT class who wanted to hear Wally sing.
Wally: Lemme play Handel’s Messiah.
He left his seat and took control of the piano. He
played it perfectly well, using C-minor but he didn’t
play it to the end and stopped.
Wally: I know tis boring we can try some other stuffs
Jegede: Let’s go and have a drink?
Me: Like tis necessary?
Jegede: But we’ve been here all day
Me: Wally, what do you suggest?
Wally: Why not ordering one of the servants to get a wine for us?
Jegede: Nah! Let’s get some fresh air. Haba! You’re
just acting like you don’t know that today is
Saturday and we still have tomorrow to practice the
Wally: Will, did you come with a car?
Me: Yes
Wally: Ok, mine broke down yesterday and the
manager won’t lemme go out with any at the
poach. I asked him to fix mine but I don’t know if
he’s done so.
Jegede: Let’s go na. We dismantled the instruments and switched off
every sockets. On the exit door was a large poster
of Wally and Kenny G when he had come to Lagos.
Another one was that of Femi Kuti while at the
extreme end was that of Yanni… The Jazz master
handling a keyboard expertly.
Me: What’s your main inspiration in music?
Wally: Very simple! It takes me beyond this life, into
the supernatural. The mystery of life is contained in
music. Death too… Everything has a great respect
for music.
Jegede: How? Death? I don’t understand. Wally: Music can defeat death… But I don’t know
how… But I just know so
Me: that’s funny, you know?
Jegede: Guru Sylva Wally Morrell… You can never
stop entertaining us.
Wally: I see!
I ordered for pizzas to be delivered this evening by 8 with Chinese take aways. So I believe
you’re gonna sleep over here cause I can’t spend
the night alone here.
Me: Haba!!! Invite all those girls wey de won scope
you na… “F–k dem all”
Wally: Like tis easier said than done
Me: I know you can do it
Jegede: Willie why don’t you do it? I’ll be on
standby to invite the ambulance.
Me: Am not in the mood na. Trust me na, you gatz to
know what I can do.
Wally: Who doesn’t know William the cassanova for this Lagos?
Jegede: After you na you my man ooo!!!
Me: And who doesn’t know Wally for this town.
There are some things I observe and know that I
still have hope than some people, infact am sure am
a heaven candidate.
Jegede: For your backyard mind na… Yeye boy.
Me: Jege no de yarn rubbish here. Kponkpi!!! Even satan sef de give you rep. You get special place for
hell fire. As in confam duplex and cars.
Wally: Chaiiiiii! your own worse pass o.
Jegede: Lemme reserve my comment. Wally: Ain’t we gonna invite some girls over?
Me: Why?
Wally: we can have a little party. After all, tis
Jegede: Call them, they will listen to you when you
tell them. Me: Yeah… Why not why?
Everyone stood in shock silence and tears as
Wally’s body was wrapped up in a white bedspread
and moved into an ambulance. It was happening
like a dream… Was Wally actually dead? Was it really
Wally? If it were a dream let someone wake me up,
I thought. Hundreds of students were already gathered in the hospital, crying silently as if crying
was going to wake him up. Everyone’s anticipation
was to see Wally jump out from the ambulance and
shout “April fools… So all of you want me dead
baa?” It didn’t happen even as the medical staffs
purposely delayed to know if a sort of miracle would happen.
Jegede couldn’t hold himself together… He was
actually running mad. Everything was just like a
movie to me… I was still to believe the fact that Sylva
Wallace (Wally) M. was gone and gone for ever,
never to be seen again. I won’t see Wally smile again. I won’t see Wally laugh again.
Medical Staff: Excuse me sir, but you have to follow
us to the morgue so that you will represent your
My world was just shattered. I couldn’t think any more.
Me: Is he really dead???
Medical staff: Am sorry, but as much as you can see,
we have to believe so. Tis unfortunate… He must have lived a great life, the way people are mourning. I am touched.
The woman touched my shoulder and left. So Wally is DeaD?
Lagos stood still the day Wally was buried. A night before his burial, a candle vigil was held for him in
his father’s mansion as his body arrived from Awka
that day with a massive convoy. 60% of Unizik students were in attendance. Everyone wanted to
bid his or her last farewell to Wallace aka Wally. The burial was planned and organized by our
faculty and most of the things done were done by
the students and all of them wore black.
All eyes were swollen and red as his body was
brought for interment. His coffin was left open for
all to see him for the last time. His face was still bright as the smile never left his face… He was just
there, smiling and wishing we all could feel what he was feeling.
After the mass and usual prayer, he was taken to a
cemetery in Ikeja where the final prayers were said.
I was yet to believe he was actually dead. Academias from all walk of life were there present,
to witness the burial of the son to one of the greatest physicist in Africa soil. His mother was
inconsolable and the step mum was worst too. She fainted twice but his dad stood his ground, no tears
but he was touched. Before he was finally put in the ground, everyone was allowed to have a final moment with him.
I had to go with Tricia and Jegede, Kosi wasn’t there. Even when Wally died, she wasn’t there.
We stood there looking at his corpse, he tux was
the best ever and he was smiling as usual… even in death.
Tricia: He doesn’t deserve to die… Not so soon.
Me: I still can’t believe it… It still sound like a ‘dream to me
Tricia: God knows the best, may his name be praised.
Jegede was just there, probably thinking of the right word to use… Tears were just flowing freely
from his eyes even as Tricia’s friend help dab it with
her handkerchief.
Jegede: Ogbeni, we spent our lives together. Right
from childhood, we were together and agreed not leave each others side. Wally, why do you have to
break this solemn vow? Mum and dad invested on
you, they wanted you to come someday and take
them on vacation to the Bahamas. Why does it have
to be now? You already on your way to be a
man, to be what the was expecting to be. I believe you are hearing me, aren’t you?
The tempo of his voice was already high to the
point people broke into tears again. He couldn’t
control his emotions and feelings…….
Jegede: If you won’t wake up, lemme join you…..
A miracle happened. .
. .
The weather began cool even when the sun was
very hot. Everyone noticed what happened. A gentle breeze blew around the cemetery for a while
before a small whirlwind formed beside Wally’s
casket. Everyone became anxious and thought he
will wake up but after a while, nothing happened.
Pastor: All glory be to God, his soul has been
received in heaven. .
Wally was buried that day amidst tears… All the
students present poured sand into his grave as
they wished him farewell to untimely eternity.
I couldn’t hold myself but I survived…
I survived so that Wally will live again someday through me.
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Final Episode
10 years after…..
…. There were folks in the past who lived decently
and lived a life worth emulating. He was just there,
loved by the world and cherished by all. He was
there for everyone like he was a satellite up there, keeping us on surveillance. How could he be
forgotten as he danced happily in the marketplace
with coins and accolades coming from everywhere.
He was brilliant, a genius and a genius all over
again. If he were to be here today, he would’ve
been a celebrated celebrity. Dreams…. We dream big hoping to see it come true someday but along the
line there’s a twist of fate. What we hope for isn’t
what we see. We get confused like we’re lost in the
desert with help from nowhere. Could it be true that
am heartbroken? Is it true that I popped a wine
today? What for? Is it because am sad or that am happy? Today am fulfilling dreams of a friend that
wasn’t there to see them come true. If he were here
today, he would have done a lot…..
The tears flowing from my eyes were unexpectedly
exceptional. It was my book launch day. The day I
broke my silence to the world about Wally. SLYVA WAS THERE BUT HE LEFT. That was the title of the
book, Wally’s biography. It was in Washington,
USA. in the midst of professors and learned
gentlemen and ladies. I was a lecturer in Havard
university and I was on a book tour. Jegede came
all the way from Australia where he was working and blogging too. He was the first to create the
Wally awareness to the world. Tricia was there, a
successful actress and a fashionist. She was now
based in Paris. Celine was getting herself after years
of mourning Wally and was now a practicing doctor
in Mumbai. Eve was present too, she was extremely rich and was an unknown Scriptwriter. No one
heard from Kosi again since graduation day till
today. Wally’s parents and stepmother were
present too.
…..we have our dreams too… Wally was just one of
Me: Tis one of the biggest company in the world. It
has branches in 50 countries and its owned by an
African American named Jericho Swahili but he has
never been spotted in public. A young billionaire with net worth of $41bn.
Jegede: So what are we doing here?
Eve: Tis up to him.
We followed Wally’s dad and passed through the
security without interuption. We were led by
another female staff as Wally’s dad had to go back.
We entered a lift and got in to the 34th floor, where we alighted and led to another office…. A spacious
one with lots of accessories and furniture. Someone was sitting and backing us.
Staff: feel free.
She left while the door closed behind her.
The seat turned around and guess who was sitting before us?
. .
Slyva Morrell Wallace alias Wally. On the table was a tag that read Chairman. He was
the owner of the company.