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[STORY] I AM A VIRGIN (Episode 1-15) 18+

Posted by on June 9, 2021 0

Episode 8

I AM A VIRGIN Episode 8 For two days, my boss refuse to pay me with the claim that she is using my pay for the rich woman’s meal. Getting home that evening, I was sad. I knelt down and started crying to God for a better job. I didn’t spend up to five minutes before the Holy Spirit started speaking to me. Holy Spirit: which other job do you still want after rejecting the one I brought across your way?? Me: but Lord, I don’t want anything from any member of Grace Tarbernacle. Holy Spirit: will you lose God’s provision because of flimsy excuse? Me: Lord, I am so sorry for my foolishness. That night, I appreciated God more and asked Him to touch Caleb’s heart so that he would come back to me with the employment letter and the cellphone I was worried when I didn’t see Caleb the next day but I encouraged myself that he would come the following day. Throughout the remaining days of the week, I didn’t see Caleb. I had already lost hope of seeing Caleb when he showed up at the canteen the following week. Being excited was an understatement, I ignore my colleagues who were teasing me that my boyfriend was around, i took an excuse from my boss to go meet him where his car was parked. Me: good afternoon bro Caleb, how are you?? Caleb: Fine, thank you and you?? Me: God has been faithful. As per the job, is it still available?? Caleb: (surprised) hmmm, that is why I am here, my friend called to ask me if the person is still interested before he employ someone else Me: I am interested, I am ready to resume whenever he want me to Caleb: that’s a good one. I will inform him, wait let me get you the employment letter. Caleb went into his car and brought out the employment, he also brought the cell phone with it. I was so excited that I didn’t know when I jumped on him. I kept appreciating and praying for him. I promised him that I would resume the following day. He informed me that it was a position of a secretary, I was meant to be a secretary to his friend. I was satisfied with it as long as it was a white collar job. Getting home that day, I sang praises to God and appreciated Him for wiping my tears away and giving me a song of joy. I settled down and took out the employment of the envelope to go through it again only to see a wedding invitation inside the envelope. I guess Caleb forgot the wedding invitation inside the envelope. A glanced at the wedding invitation revealed to me that it was Moses wedding invitation. Alas, he was getting married to Rosaline, the Pastor’s only daughter. Being surprise was an understatement because I didn’t expect Rosaline to get married to the man I loved. I wiped the tears that dropped from my eyes and assured myself that God will perfect all he has started in my life. I wished them Good luck and kept the wedding invitation on my table with the intention of giving it back to Caleb when next we meet. I took my new cell phone and operated it, I discovered that there was airtime and data on the line. Since Caleb’s contact was saved on it, I decided to call him to appreciate him once again and ask him how his day went. Caleb picked at the second ring and we spent almost a hour talking. I found myself laughing at his words and didn’t want the call to end, I even went as far as asking if he had taken dinner which he affirmed to. I also asked who prepared it and was surprised when he said he did. That night, I didn’t sleep on time as I was fantasizing about Caleb and I becoming a couple but I quickly shake off the thought because I felt a good looking rich man like that will have a woman in his life. After a moment of fantasy, I found time to pray and sleep in order to wake up early to prepare myself for my new job.

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