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[STORY] I AM A VIRGIN (Episode 1-15) 18+

Posted by on June 9, 2021 0

Episode 2

I AM A VIRGIN Episode 2 After work the following day, I went to Moses’ residence. Being the only child, he stays with his parent but we are working on getting our apartment soon. Getting to the Ocha’s apartment, I met his parent and the cold attitude they gave to me made me feel uncomfortable. Like, this was couples that loved me so much and were eager to see me get married to their only child and give them grandchildren. I asked es and I was told to go to his room. Getting to his room, I met him busy with his laptop. Me: good evening sweetheart Moses: yea, good evening Me: Sweetheart, what is wrong? Your cold attitude is scaring me, did I do anything wrong? Moses: (stretch a paper to me) go through this and give me the needed explanation Me: (collected the paper and read through) Wow! Virginity test??? Like, you conducted a virginity test on me without my knowledge? Have I given you reasons to doubt my chaste status?? Moses: well, I had to do because of the news I received. Why not read to the end Me: news?? What news?? Moses: just read through, please I took a deep breath and managed to read to the end. I got to a particular paragraph that says ‘the above patient is no longer a virgin’. Me: and you believed this?? But Moses, you need to believe me, I have not engaged in any sexual activity not even when life challenges wanted to pull me down Moses: and you expect me to believe that crap?? Me: Okay, what do you want me to do for you to believe me? Let’s go to another hospital because I don’t believe this result Moses: well, the only way to make me believe is for me to confirm myself Me: confirm how?? I don’t understand Moses: you are not a kid. Okay, let me enlighten you. For me to believe you, let’s have sex Shared on whatsapp by Martino. Me: Holy Christ! Are you not a child of God?? Don’t you know God’s stand on premarital sex? Yes, we may be in a tight situation now but having sex isn’t the solution. Fine! Why not ask the Holy Spirit Moses: all you are saying is rubbish to me. Mrs. Ocha: (walked in and join the conversation) and what is there if he sleeps with you to confirm if you are a virgin or not? Moses, can you see now, it is obvious she is not a virgin and she is now looking for a good man to get married to. Only God knows the number of abortion she has committed I Me: mummy?? Mrs. Ocha: I am not your mother, I can’t give birth to a wayward girl. You were sent to school to study, instead of facing your studies, you were busy chasing men. The only way to get married to my son is by allowing him to sleep with you if you can’t do that then be ready to walk out of this relationship Me: Moses, is that your conclusion?? Moses: I am sorry but that’s my conclusion Me: (wipe the tears that fell from my eyes and left the room) Alright I was able to hold back the tears till I get to my car. Getting to the car, I let the tears flow. Can’t they just believe that I am a virgin?? After keeping my Virginity for almost twenty-six years, is this what I get?.

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