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[STORY] I AM A VIRGIN (Episode 1-15) 18+

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Episode 14

I AM A VIRGIN Episode 14 After spending three more days at the hospital, I was discharged to go home. On getting home, my husband treated me like an egg but in all the love and care he showed me, I noticed that he was worried about something. When I couldn’t take his worried state again, I had to question him as to what is bothering him. Me: Sweetheart, I have been watching you for days now and I noticed you have not been your usual self though you are trying to cover up with a smile. What is eating you up and please, don’t tell me it’s nothing Caleb: I actually don’t want to bother you but since you insist on knowing what is wrong with me, I will gladly tell you. Is this how we are going to let the matter go? As regards your image being dented in Grace Tabernacle Me: what do you want us to do? Caleb: You see, there is a reason why that young ma said he isn’t interested again because he has started giving me some information and his next plan was to plant a CCTV camera in the pastor’s house. I felt he was caught Me: maybe, why can’t we just pray about this matter? Caleb: Wow! That’s thoughtful of you as in, I never thought in this direction before. We will tell God to expose and disgrace that evil person Me: Perfect dear That was how we started the prayer, we decided to wake up every midnight and cry to God to disgrace and expose that wicked fellow. Caleb added fasting to the prayer but didn’t allow me to even when I suggested breaking the fast by 12am. A month after the inception of the prayer, Caleb received an SMS which says ”Please, ensure you are In church this coming Sunday and try to come with your wife as there is an important information you need get” The message greatly surprised us, we tried calling the line that sent the message but it didn’t go through. Caleb decided to wait for Sunday in order to know what the information was all about. Sunday came and Caleb was surprised when he saw that I wasn’t preparing for Church. He had earlier pleaded with me to follow him to church but I told him I won’t go. This Sunday morning, he started pleading with me again but I stood my ground. When he saw that I wasn’t heeding his plea, he suddenly got angry and threatened to do something nasty if I don’t prepare myself for church. I suddenly became scared because Caleb rarely got angry but if he does, hell will be let lose. I had no choice to grumblingly prepare myself for church. I was purposely slow in preparing for church because I knew he hate going to church late hence, I wanted him to get fed up and go without me. Surprisingly, he waited for me but was giving me an angry stare. After what seems like forever, we finally set out for church. We were already late and that made Caleb very angry but I cared less, I just don’t want to set my foot in that church again, a church were I was disgraced and punished for committing no offence. Getting to the church, Caleb carried my handbag which contained only my Bible and purse because I didn’t plan on listening and jotting down message. With Caleb’s hand in mine, we walked majestically into the auditorium. The usher tried to give us a seat but the angry look I gave him explained better to him. I intentionally went to the first seat with my husband so that the members could see me properly, thank God my baby bump was well revealed. They did and most of the gasped for breath including the pastor and his wife. The Sundays school was already coming to an end when we walked in and as it came to an end, the choir sang some songs then people began to share testimony. It was so surprising that Rosaline, the pastor daughter also came out to share testimony. Rosaline: Good Morning everyone, my name is Jegede Rosaline and this testimony of mine is more like a confession. I am glad to see Mr. Caleb and his wife present as I invited them over just to witness this confession of mine. But before I go on, I would like to apologize to my parent for this confession but I will say that My mom is the architect of this. I was on my own living my life when my mom orchestrated me to take Moses away from Funbi. I refused to go on that path but she threatened to deal with me if I decided to go against her plan. I didn’t know how she got wind that Funbi and Moses were going to the hospital for a checkup then she advised Moses to then conduct a virginity test on Funbi. She connived with the doctor and ensure that the result come out negative. After their break up, She told Moses to replace Funbi with me claiming I am still a virgin. Moses truly replaced me Funbi with me and we began a relationship which was heading towards marriage. Few months into the relationship, Moses started requesting for sex with the claiming that he wants to know if I was a virgin or not. At first I refused but when he vowed to break up with me, I opened up to him that I am no longer a virgin. Immediately he to know that I am no longer a virgin, he started sleeping with me with the threat that he would expose me to the church if I refuse to give in to his request. In order to hide my head, I had no choice but to give in to him. Within four months, I aborted three pregnancies. We got married and started having difficulty in childbearing.

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