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[STORY] I AM A VIRGIN (Episode 1-15) 18+

Posted by on June 9, 2021 0

Episode 12

I AM A VIRGIN Episode 12 The news of Caleb’s discipline made me sad. When he noticed that I became sad, he cheered me up and told me not to take it to heart. We did our best to cheer each other up. We watch movies together before packing our load in preparation for our honeymoon. I kept on asking Caleb the venue of our honeymoon but he refuse to answer till the morning of the day we were to leave. I woke up that Monday morning only to see a cup of tea and a plate of food beside me. I sat up and was about to take a sip from the mug when Caleb walked in shirtless. His bare chest was something I loved staring at. Caleb: will someone stop staring at me and drink her tea? Me: (became shy) hmmm? Good morning dear Caleb: Morning my Queen, trust you had an amazing night Me: Sure and you?? Caleb: why won’t my night be awesome when I had a beautiful woman lying beside me Me: my husband and his sweet mouth Caleb: yes o, drink your tea before it gets cold Me: alright, my cute husband I continued sipping my tea while Caleb was rounding up the packing. I opened the assumed bowl of meal to eat instead, i found some papers in it. I took the papers, read through and was surprised to see that they are tickets to travel to Dubai. The happiness in me made me scream loudly, I stood up from the bed and jumped on my husband where he was sitting. He grabbed me and reciprocated with a kiss. I was so happy as in, I have never imagine myself traveling out. I started worrying about Passport since I didn’t have one, Caleb shocked me one more time by bringing it out for me to see. With happiness written all over me, I ran into the bathroom to freshen up than came back into the room to dress up. In fact, I started urging Caleb to hurry up so that we won’t miss our flight. We left our home and drove to the airport to board a plane to Dubai. Since it was my first time of boarding a plane, I was afraid when the plane was taking off, Caleb had to hold me to himself so that I won’t scream. After some hours, we got to Dubai, you can imagine how excited I was. My husband was so surprised to see how excited I was. Coolval stories Our lodge was another thing that gave me joy, it was a sight to behold. Before we retire to bed that night, I couldn’t stop praying for him. We took time to explore beautiful places in Dubai, we tried their meals, went to movies, tried skating and many more. I had a wonderful time with my husband. We danced together, sang together, bath together, cook together, played together. I did want to come back to Nigeria again. I was so surprised that our two weeks leave had come to an end quickly. I even tried pleading with my husband to extend our stay but he made understand that our job need us. I could remember the kind of look on my face the day we were leaving, Caleb had to give me a promise that we would come back for a vacation before I cheered up. On getting to Nigeria, we resumed work and began to live as couples. My colleagues and even boss couldn’t stop saying i look more beautiful. Two weeks after we returned home, I suddenly realized that Caleb was always receiving calls privately and he even passworded his cell phone which annoy me. This went on for almost a month and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I reacted to the issue. Caleb came home that day worn out, he had earlier called to tell me to prepare food for me but me wanting to revenge didn’t bother to prepare the meal. When he asked for his meal, I simply told him that I didn’t feel like cooking that day and made to leave his presence. In anger, he blocked me and lashed me knowing fully well that I hate people lashing me. I slapped him and he reciprocated with another slap. I was dazed as in, I never imagined that Caleb would ever lay his hands on me. Furiousy, I went into the room, pick two of my clothes and cell phone then left the house. Caleb, realizing what he had done started pleading with me not to leave saying he is sorry that he had a bad day. I was too angry to listen to his plea, I walk out on him and left the house that night as I just wanted to be out of his sight. I was walking on the road in tears that I didn’t know when I walked into the road. Within a twinkle of an eye, I was sent to the floor by a vehicle I never saw coming. As I lay on the floor, all I could say was ‘Caleb, I love you’ before I went into the world of unconsciousness.

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