[STORY] I AM A VIRGIN (Episode 1-15) 18+

I AM A VIRGIN Episode 1 Folake: congratulations sister Funbi Esther: congratulations ma, may God grant you a blissful home Me: Amen, thank you so much ladies, God bless you. My name is Olatunji Funbi and I will be getting married to one of the deacon’s sons in two weeks. You see, I can’t wait to be married to my heart rob. Looking at how far I have come, I can’t stop appreciating God for giving me, Moses. Life dealt with me but God thought it well to reward with a sweet man. I lost my parent in a motor accident at the age of ten leaving me at the mercy of my uncle and his brutal wife. Life took a new course as I was being maltreated by my paternal relatives. Luck smiled on me when the pastor of the church my uncle and his wife attended needed a housemaid. Without thinking twice, I was sent to Pastor Jeffrey’s house to become their housemaid. Pastor Jeffery was the one who saw me through secondary school and also university. Through Pastor Jeffrey’s help, I was able to secure a good job with na ice pay. Some months after I started work, one of the deacons sons asked me out and after some months of praying and thinking, I gave him a yes. Oh! Guess who is calling, My heart rob. Me: hello darling, how are you doing? Moses: good, we need to talk. Come over to the house tomorrow Me: okay, but you are sounding somehow, are you okay?? Moses: you will get to know tomorrow Me: but babe, you are scaring me. Can I come over today? Moses: come over tomorrow With that Moses ended the call, leaving me to battle with what the issue could be.

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