[STORY] HUSTLE, LOVE AND SEX (18+) (Episode 1-28)

Episode (1) Life in this world especially in this our country, Nigeria ?? is hard, People have to struggle to get work or work hard to earn a living, Only the rich and powerful enjoy the fruits of this nation and as for our leaders, they make empty promises and failed, Only a few get the harvest of their hard work in the end, while others have to live with it, My name is Chris Thomas, I live in the village with my mother, Abigail, my father died after I had finished my secondary school with the little money and other things from his will, I did my diploma program in a polytechnic and came out with a good result, I searched for work but nobody would offer me the job, so I started working on my mother’s farm, Life wasn’t easy but it was beater than staying idle, After farming, i take some of the food stuffs to the market and sell them, I even did more work by helping people in their farms for a considerable amount of payment, that’s how me and I my mom survived. Everyone in the village liked me because of the help, I provided them with claiming I was a good boy but in truth I wasn’t, I only help people because I wanted to when I can and if I can, Being too goody goody makes people think you’re a tool for the work so that’s why I don’t do for free, But despite working hard all the time doesn’t mean, I don’t get to enjoy myself, Yes, one has to work but you must also have fun and enjoy urself! The village has lots of beautiful ripe girls, with fresh full plump bodies, These girls are just too lovely, For example, Mr Okene our neighbor has a pretty daughter, Caramel, She just to ripe, her breasts are like the size of a melon and her nyarsh is like mercy Johnson, Shw and i get along so well and we spend some time together when her father is not around, Mr. Okene always keeps an eye on his daughter especially me! Me and the guy don’t see eye to eye, because he always delays my pay whenever I ask for it and to make things worse the Bastard is a womanizer, He’s always trying to hit on my mom, God forbid it that this man should be my step father! I really don’t like him! . So one day, Mr. Okene had to travel to the city to buy some stuff for his farm, he claims the one in the village is not well enough! So his daughter, had to go to the farm alone to work, so we tagged along on the way, As we walked, I could see her breasts jiggling with every steps, she took and her butt juggled as she walked, She saw my reaction and asked what I was doing! . Caramel➡ Chris wetin you dey look? . Chris➡ Sorry oo, no vex ur body, just to hot! . Caramel ➡ See ur face, my bride price has been paid oo, . Chris ➡ So you go marry that old man, Ekafor, wetin him go give you if not money, besides he has plenty of wives, you’re young to be his daughter! . Caramel ➡ Oga, mind ur business, let’s go and work. . We arrived at the farm and started working, the sun was out, and the heat was too much, ploughing the soil, is not easy, I continued working for several minutes, Even Caramel did her part, she wasn’t strong to do all the work alone, so I helped her. As we were working, I saw her ass facing my direction, God! See luscious body such a waste, why should she have to marry that old rat, Mr. Ekafor was one of the most influential people in the village, despite being old, the bastard had eyes to spot sexy girls and women! And to make this worse, He likes producing children alot, I doubt if he knows all their names, I bet not all of them are his kids, besides how can this old man sexually satisfy these women! Caramels butt was swaying as she bent down, clearing the plants, My d–k stood at ease that instant, How I wish I could f–k her p—y? It was as if she heard my thought and turned around, I quickly diverted my face and continued working, She saw my reaction and smiled, She pretended to stand up like she was tire, she stretched herself, to the full, I could see her body properly, her breasts, her waist, her everything, watching her made my d–k even hard, She entered the bushes twerking her ass, D–n! I waited for her to come but she didn’t, it was five minutes already so I decided to go and check, as I arrived I saw her undressing herself, she had already removed her cloths and her breasts were in display, She saw me and didn’t mind, She continued undressing herself till she was completely naked, I couldn’t move, I wanted to f–k her but I was afraid of what she might do, but She made it easy for me! . Caramel➡ Are you going to stand there and watch or are you going to come and f–k me? . Chris➡ I thought you said your bride price was paid? . Caramel ➡ So is that ur problem? . I quickly removed my clothes and joined her, I grabbed her ass and kissed her, her mouth was delicious, I massaged her ass and s—-d her melons, she moaned softly, I laid her down on the grass so we wouldn’t be seen! The best thing about the village is you can do anything you want in the afternoon, cause people are at home, resting for the afternoon and the farm is so big that no one can spot you when you’re doing something except if you shout! I touched her c–t and fingered it, it was wet already, I fingered her c–t, harder and harder it was too tight, She moaned louder screaming with pleasure, soon she came hard on the ground, I stroked my d–k and adjusted her legs, Slowly I entered her p—y, I was really tight, as I went in deep, her c–t squeezed my p—y, Soon I shoved it all in, She let out a scream as I entered all in! I started f—–g her slowing, twining my waist to push my d–k deep into her! She held on to my shoulders as I banged her, she moaned louder with every t—-t, Soon I started going faster and deeper, our flesh made smacking sounds as we f—–g, nobody could hear us so I fired on, She screamed holding on to me, wrapping her legs around me, I hammered her c–t with so much force, pinning my d–k deep into her, As I continued f—–g her, caramel came hard again on my d–k, I pulled my d–k out of her and I saw small bits of blood around my d–k, I had successfully deflowered her, her legs were shaky so I balanced her legs onto my shoulders and plunged deep into her wet p—y, I banged her harder, s—–g on her bouncing breast, She cried as she screamed harder, her c–t was really squeezing my d–k really hard, soon I came deep into her c–t, My head felt light, the sensation was too good, I rested on her body on her body with my d–k inside her! Her p—y was just too good! After a while, I turned her belly to the ground and plunged in slowly into her ass, her ass was too tight so I lubricated her ass with my spit, Slowly I entered her, She screamed harder, squeezing my d–k as I went deep into her ass, As soon as my d–k went all in, I thrusted slowly into her ass, so she could adjust to the size of my d–k, she moaned as I went in slowly, She was biting her lips enjoying it, I grabbed her hairs and fired deep into her ass, going fast, Her ass bounced on my thighs as I drilled my d–k into her, it made sweet smacking sounds, she moaned, digging her hands deep into the soil, I shoved it deep with every I had, her ass was just to hot, It was really squeezing my d–k hard, Soon I felt like I was going to c-m, I turned her around and Came hard on her face and breasts, She s—-d my c-m looking sexily at me. . Later we cleaned ourselves in the stream that water the farm, Time had went by so fast it was already evening, So we walked home, talking as we walked, As we arrived, Mr. Ekafor was waiting in their compound, We went together and greeted him, he didn’t look angry when he saw us, he thought that we were just friends, Foolish old man, As I turned around to go, I saw Mrs Okene’s wife, Annabelle, looking at me with a frown, She had never looked at me like this before so I wondered what the problem was! I went into our compound, I dropped the holes and the axes and went inside, My mom didn’t notice my presence, she was making a phone call, When I realised she was talking to Mr. Okene, I was furious! After she was done with the call, She greeted me but I didn’t reply . Abigail➡ Chris, what’s wrong? . Chris ➡ Mama, why? Of all the people you had to call, it was that pig, Mr. Okene! . Abigail➡ Stop saying that, he’s not ur mate. He’s like a father to you. . Chris➡ God forbid! My father didn’t look like a pig, Mama there are better men than Mr Okene, Why him? And he has a family to cater for and he’s looking for other women! I hate men that are not grateful for what they have. . Abigail➡ Oya keep ur mouth shut, ur food is ready, so how’s work? . Chris➡ It was fine, we thank God! . Abigail➡ Your uncle called, he said he’s coming to take you to Lagos, you’re going to help him in his shop! . Chris➡ Really? When? . Abigail➡ Well, he’ll be coming in a few weeks so don’t worry! . Finally, something good had arrived, Maybe I could even get a work in Lagos, well only time will tell.

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