[STORY] Home alone with my adopted step sister (18+) (episode 1-5)

Episode 1
No no no no I can’t share this house with anyone I said angrily
Come on Alex you need someone to keep you company mom said and look at dad
Yes son you need a sibling dad added
No I don’t need anyone and old enough to take care of myself I scream
OK that enough am tired of your stupidity Alex it is either you like it or not. we are adopting a child to this house mom said and leave
Dad shake his head and go after her.
I will make that child life miserable I said and went to my room
My phone ring and I pick the call
Me: hey Johnny
Johnny: are you ok
Me: yeah

Johnny: the guys wanna hang out later…..
Me : (cut him short) am in
we are picking you up by five he said and hang up
Fast forward<>>><>>>>>>>
Alexander mom called
They are back with the child I thought and rush downstairs
Yes mom I answered
Meet your new sister Amaya Mom said and I look at the girl beside her
She is very beautiful I look at her with my jaw dropped. This girl is supposed to be my girlfriend not sister . she was not looking at me ,maybe she is shy. How can someone be this cute is she really human.
But mom she is almost my age I finally voice out
Yeah I know she is cute and intelligent that why we adopt her mom said and dad nodded
Amaya baby let me show you to your room mom said and she follow her slowly
Gosh her walking steps is wow she has the body of a model. Is this how cute girl in the orphanage are ? I thought as I look at her until she is out of sight .
Fast forward >>>>>>>>>
You mean a girl of your age is bought home as your sister johnny said laughing
Yes and she is d–n beautiful I added
That’s your chance dude James my other friend said
Which chance I asked
To f**k of course Bryan said
You haven’t had a good s3x for good three months James said
And the girl showed up what did you think u will do if I have a beautiful adopted sister johnny said
Have s3x with her James said

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