[STORY] His first love (Mine) (episode 1-30)

I stretched as I woke up, I checked the time, I got enough time to prepare for school.. I headed to the kitchen and mom was already there preparing breakfast… That is mom for you .. “oh, lest I forget , let me introduce myself
I am Efua Daniels, the only child of Mr &Mrs Daniels.. I am 19 years old and being the only child I was pampered.. I am tall and curvy with a crystal blues eyes.. I know I am beautiful…I know
I am a fresh man at Eagles college, a prestigious school known for admitting brilliant students…. well , I won’t say I am brilliant but you know as the saying goes”money solves all things “
I hugged my mom, I took after her in everything
“Good morning mom”.. I greeted her as I disengaged from the hug..
Morning baby, she replied..
She quickly made coffee for me and hushed me to my room to go prepare for school while she and Andy set the table .. Andy is our maid. a dark chubby lady .. a little bit older than I am
I went to my room to prepare

*. *. *. *. *. *

We sat around the dining and enjoyed a delicious meal.. I stood up first and pecked my mum
“Off to school… I said
Be careful princess and concentrate…………
On your studies and avoid bad friends.. I completed and rolled my eyes.. I was used to his never ending advice
“See ya’.. I waved and headed to school in my carMorningI stretched as I woke up, I checked the time, I got enough time to prepare for school.. I headed to the kitchen and mom was already there preparing breakfast… That is mom for you .. “oh, lest I forget , let me introduce myself
I am Efua Daniels, the only child of Mr &Mrs Daniels.. I am 19 years old and being the only child I was pampered.. I am tall and curvy with a crystal blues eyes.. I know I am beautiful…I know
I am a fresh man at Eagles college, a prestigious school known for admitting brilliant students…. well , I won’t say I am brilliant but you know as the saying goes”money solves all things “
I hugged my mom, I took after her in everything
“Good morning mom”.. I greeted her as I disengaged from the hug..
Morning baby, she replied..
She quickly made coffee for me and hushed me to my room to go prepare for school while she and Andy set the table .. Andy is our maid. a dark chubby lady .. a little bit older than I am
I went to my room to prepare

*. *. *. *. *. *

We sat around the dining and enjoyed a delicious meal.. I stood up first and pecked my mum
“Off to school… I said
Be careful princess and concentrate…………
On your studies and avoid bad friends.. I completed and rolled my eyes.. I was used to his never ending advice
“See ya’.. I waved and headed to school in my car
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Episode 2
Efua friends
“ Hey Efua, how are you ?” My best friend greeted me
“ Betty I have been searching around for you”….
“oh, my bad! I am sorry I was making out with mike .. she whispered and giggled.”
Oops! Bad girl.. I muttered

Betty is my best friend and mike is her boyfriend, we attended three classes and soon we were free, we both major in English.. we headed to the cafeteria since it was past lunch hour..
We settled down after ordering lunch..
just then Tony came in, Tony a bad ass guy is my boyfriend.. I can’t say I love him but I guess I dated him to flow with the crowd…
He came to our table and sat down beside me..
“Hey baby, he greeted and kissed me”.ignoring Betty completely …
I smiled still digging my meal..
“Babe I missed you “.he continued..
I smacked my lips as I remembered the last sex we had together.. it was more of a hard core as he was high on drugs.. I scoffed
“ can we not talk about that” I said.
he smirked at me.
”as you wish your lordship”, I smiled and punchedhim playfully..
Just then mike and philo joined us, Betty adjusted and created room for mike while philo rolled her eyes and sit beside me and smiled shyly towards Tony..
“ Have you heard.”. Philo suddenly asked she is a friend of ours
“What”.. we all chorused
“ We have a new lecturer”
“so”.Betty asked rolling her eyes
“ Wait till I am done talking”. Philo said glaring at Betty
“ My bad! I am sorry “ Betty apologised
Fine, philo continued .
Remember Troy Adams the guy who represented our country in the Quiz competitions and won..
“ Yeah, Troy Adams.we all know him Tony chipped in, like who won’t know him he is popular and collected so many awards, he is literally good at everything and loved swimming.. he holds shares in Eagle college and also and ambassador.. he got all these with his brain..
But wait , he is just 22.. I said
Oh yeah, but he is a graduate and a genius.. philo remarked.. my gosh! He is so cute and I can say he is a Demi god
We all looked at her…
Philo the nerd drooling over a guy… oops it is time for general classes I said checking my watch , we all stood up and headed to the class except Tony who is a third year student….

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Episode 3
Meeting Troy Adams
We got to class and wow all the ladies were hovering around Troy.. he was so cute :: I mean I have seen him on television and newspapers but he is way cuter In person.. I felt my heart beating fast .. I looked at philo and Betty .. Betty smiled still clinging to Michael but philo looked dazed..
We sat down and he looked up.. I smacked my lips admiring him.. he was tall with a model body… sea blue eyes with black hair… he looked round the class and started lecturing
He was good in teaching.. he made sure he had attention.. I mean who won’t pay attention to this cutie in front …just then a phone started ringing out… he stopped teaching and looked around
The owner of the phone should either switch it off or silence it.. he said
The phone continued ringing and Betty nudged at me telling me to off my phone.. I was shocked , my god! I was lost staring at mr handsome that I forgot the ring tone was mine.. the whole class was filled with laughter and I was embarrassed…I switched off and when I looked up I met his steady gaze… my cheek turned … then he looked away… he continued teaching and then he rounded up and left the class
Betty came round me and asked me what was wrong
I am okay : I replied her
Hmmmmh, but you were lost in thought.: I checked the Caller and aa expected it was Tony .. what is wrong with that dude? I thought within..
Guys I have to go .. I waved at my friends without even waiting for their reply and headed towards the car park.. I saw Tony gisting with his friends and probably waiting for me.. I dodged him , I really don’t know who I did that .. I entered my car and Troy image flashed in my mind and I smiled
What is wrong with you ..Efua I said to my self ..he is just a lecturer……

What exactly is wrong with Efua ?
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Episode 4
Break up💔💔

I sat down on my bed rounding up my assignment and my mum came In with a tray of cookies and juice..
“Sorry I did not knock, my hands were full”. she said..
“ No problem mom, you are welcome “. I said grinning .
she smiled and patted me.she left and I was soon alone ..
my phone beeped and it was a message from Tony ,I clicked on it and it reads
“ baby, I looked for you , why did you leave early ?when we planned on meeting today, I miss your body princess”….
I signed and drop your phone and for the first time, I felt irritated when thinking about Tony..
it was obvious he was dating me because of sex o I knew he had so many sexual partners.I really need to end things with him ..
I sent a message telling him I am done with the relationship. I waited for a few minutes and as expected his call came in ..I picked it…….
“ Hello Efua, what is wrong? “His voice chimed in
“ Nothing , I said “. I just need space
He wanted to say something but I ended the call .. he kept on calling and sending messages.. I ignored all
“ What is wrong with you Efua?” I whispered to myself.
You changed because of a single stare.. I thought and soon drifted off to sleep…
*. *. *. *. *. *

I got to school the next day and as I parked, philo ran up to me and told me we freshers were been asked to join any sports..
I was excited,I was going to choose swimming because that is what I love doing most. I was a good swimmer and won prices in high school, then Betty joined us
Well I think I am the only one who is going be in the swimming club because philo and Betty loves table tennis, they were very good at it..
but to my surprise only Betty chose table tennis and when I asked philo what she intends doing she grinned and replied
“What” Betty and I screamed
You guys should lower your voices, there is no crime in learning .she said
I stared at her confused because I know she hates swimming.then as if reading my thoughts she said
“ I am just here because of Troy”.she said
I looked at her with surprise and Betty walked away to the tennis side
Troy? What has he got to do with this. she looked at me and scoff you mean you don’t know Troy Adams is the swimming coach…
“oh! I remarked “
I nodded absentmindedly. Now I know where this is all going ..
Troy is a good swimmer, he is good at other sports but better in swimming…
Oh! And we are to submit the form directly to him
Why ? I asked
Because he wants to know if we are are passionate about the sports or we are just bimbos who signed on because of him.she said
Just like you .I replied playfully and she punched me laughing
I have my way with word Efua Daniels and she smirked at me… lest I forget she continued
What happened between you and Tony?.she asked..
Nothing , we broke up . I said..
“We broke up” she micmicked me, you broke up with him Efua so stop this “ we” theory.she said rolling her eyes..
“ Fine! “I replied ,I broke up.
I felt nothing in our relationship, no connection, no love it was as if we were just playing around.I said trying to explain my self……
she smiled and patted my back and said I knew it won’t take long before you figure out ,I mean there was no chemistry between the both of you and Tony is a known flirt she said quickly seeing my surprised look. I support your decision…
I hugged her feeling relieved so let us go eat I am famished .. I said gesturing jokingly..
we both laughed and headed to the cafeteria holding hands
*. *. *. *. * * * *. * * * *
We got to the cafeteria and Betty was already seated eating with her Mike .she smiled and gestured us to come sit down..
we walked towards them and sat down after ordering our lunch. Betty nudged me to look at the entrance and when I did I saw Tony and Tania , a b—h cuddling and kissing.. I looked away and smiled and believe me I felt nothing not even a pin of jealousy
Are you okay ? She asked.
sure why won’t I? I replied..
I never really liked that guy. She continued…
good riddance to bad rubbish.she said and pouted and we all laughed…..
“ I am happy you are fine.”Mike said and also you are pretty and it is a loss to him..
I feel good dumping his ass… I said
“ high five”. Philo said and we all stretched out hands for the handshake giggling.
I felt Tony stares
“Crazy ladies”. Mike muttered
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Episode 5
Efua point
We were soon called individually to Mr Troy office.. philo was just grinning. It was obvious she was excited.. I can’t wait to see my Troy .she beamed happily
“Your Troy “. I muttered.. you sound crazy….
Whatever she smirked rolling her eyes
You could have just gone to the tennis club instead of coming her.. it is ridiculous doing something you don’t like because of Mr handsome..I told her
But I can learn how to swim… she said with an innocent smile …..
I nudged her to go In when her name was being called.: she was deep in thoughts and probably didn’t hear… she stood up and went into the office.
I studied the faces of the girls sitting beside me.. they were all looking and gusting excitedly…just then philo came out beaming happily .. he wrote my name down .. she said
Really ! What did you tell him
She shrugged and said , I just told him that it is what I love doing since my mom taught me, we do swim together before she became so sick .. I swim to be happy….
What! I gasped as the lies flow freely but your mum is not sick ..I said still shocked
She looked at me and said I told you I have a way with words. Just then my name was called..

I looked at philo , shook my head and walked into Mr handsome office, he was jotting down something..
Hello sir, I greeted
Hi he said looking up … I stared lustfully at him….mehn he is so handsome…
He cleared his throat and I stopped staring.. I totally lost it
And you are? He asked
Efua Daniels.. I replied
He stretched out his hands and I handed the form to him.. he studied it and he looked at me.. so why interested in swimming.. he asked
Because I love it . I replied
Just that . He said and scoffed
Yes, just that . I replied.. so you mean you can’t defend who you love swimming.. he said obviously angry’
I smacked my lips and smiled
Why do you love swimming? I threw the question back at him
He was surprised and seem speechless
Hen ehem hen … he stammered.. I love swimming because I love it.. he said
I smiled. You see we saying the same thing sir..we both love it not because we have any reason but because it is our passion .. I said while he just stared on.. That is what I love doing best .. I don’t need to defend myself.. I continued.. I don’t need to lie and look for reasons.. I love it became I love it… I completed and look at him..
He just stared at me… he stared for some time and said
What is your name again?he asked
Efua Daniels . I replied
He smiled and said
Efua welcome to Eagles swimming club..
I smiled happily and stood up walking to the door… I felt his stares and looked back at him.. and like I guessed he was still staring and I couldn’t read his emotions…. I felt my legs shaking and quickly walked out closing the door behind me… what is wrong with you Efua? I asked myself.. That Stare again .. The stare that makes my Heart beat fast..The Stare that makes me shiver… That stare..:
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Episode 6
Feelings ❤️❤️

Troy pov❤️
I stared at the lady and I must admit she is very pretty.. she really got me there.. I was impressed.. I was lost staring till she left the office.. I recognised her as the lady whose phone rang on the first day I lecture.. I stared at her then because she was beautiful but now I am scared of this weird feelings .. she made my heart beat..
I might be handsome but truth be told I have never loved a lady before.. in other words I am a “virgin “…I had a rough upbringing and not that there was no time to love but just that no one made me heart flutter like Efua.. let me do a little introduction
I am Troy racken..an orphan having lost my dad before my birth and my mum the day I came to this world.. I was raised by my grandma ? who later died when I was seven so I grew up in an orphanage.. but I must say I never forgot my grandma teaching.. she taught me about being determined and also being hardworking and see where it has gotten me to.. I was popular and famous because of my brains.. and later became a model .. I am also the front cover of lot magazines.. I can say I am blessed…
I receive signals from ladies but I ignored all.. people tag me as rude or grumpy but I know I am neither.. I might be popular yet I am lonely.. I don’t have anyone to call mine.. no parent , sibling, no love, only just a few friends …. funny isn’t it ?
I rounded up with the interview and I had forty female swimmers out of three hundred and five who registered… I smiled as I arranged my office preparing to go home

Efua pov

I sat down in the sitting room lost in thoughts.. I never knew when dad came in..
Helo baby he called snapping his fingers
Oh! Dad . Hi . I greeted
What if wrong baby? Is there any problem at school? Baby talk to me he said rushing all questions..
Dad it is nothing .. I am cool just stressed up .. he smiled and patted my hair and he was about heading upstairs when I blurted our foolishly
How do you know if you are in love ? I almost regretted asking… he looked at me weirdly and I bowed my head in shame
Then he came sitting down beside me and said sweetheart your heart will tell you ..
Are you in love? He asked.
No , I said stammering . I I em was just asking f for a friend.. I lied
He looked at me and smiled knowingly……….
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.Episode 7
Feelings2 💖💖
I say down close to Betty the next day in class.. we were waiting for the lecturer.. I was nervous . Betty looked at me and smiled
Are you having Mr Troy syndrome ? She asked.
I glared at her and she giggled
I looked around the class and noticed we were double and we were mostly females.. I wondered.. just then philo came joined us and she sat down on the sit we kept for her..
You are late.. I queried her
Yeah. She replied .. the bus broke down
Oh! She was excited and then the whole class became a bit noisy
“Oh he is cute”
“ I wish he can just stare at me”
“If I can just have him for a day, I will be so lucky, I rolled my eyes..
How many girls want him.. I said to myself and my heart is racing .. can he ever like me with so many beauties around who are offering themselves so cheaply…
He walked into the class
Hello class. He greeted
The whole class became silent because obviously most of the girls were drooling and as for the guys. I don’t really know… he started looking around as if searching for something or someone and his gaze with the prettiest sea blues eyes I have never seen landed on me.. he stared for a long time and when the class started murmuring, he looked away..
Betty exchanges looks with me while philo gave me a weird look.. I was already blushing.. I look beside me and a lady gave me a killer look ?.
Why did he stare at me? I kept on asking myself.. I tried listening to his teaching but I could not concentrate.. I forced myself ..
Wow, see his abs… I was drooling.. I hit my head .. Efua what is wrong with you ?.. pls concentrate.. I begged myself.. he continued teaching but glanced towards my direction several times
He rounded up the class and soon left..
My friends came in front of me
Efua what just happened? Philo asked
What? I asked back
Are you too dumb to see he was staring at you .. philo continued
Maybe he is into you .. Betty said smiling
What? No way.. philo said .. she was really angry.. you might be beautiful but he is too cute to date you .. he is your lecturer you know
So? Betty said he is just 22.. he is cute and she is equally cute
Friendship go for it.. I think he is into you .. she said clapping her hands..
Excuse me guys I said I ran off .. I just need to be alone .. I kept on running until I got to the roof top.. And guess who was also on the roof top.. Troy….
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Episode 8
The kiss 💋 and confession 😍

Troy. I whispered in surprise
His eyes also widens in surprise
Hope you ain’t stalking me. He said .. I kept mute and walk towards him… I held his hands.. he just keep on staring at me without saying a thing…
I just wanted to kiss him … I raised my legs since he is taller and place my lips on his.. he didn’t reciprocate.. I felt like and an idiot and comported myself
I em er sorry.. I apologised stuttering and was about to walk away when he pulled me towards him and kissed me. My eyes widen in surprise as I kissed him back
We stayed like that for a long time then he broke the kiss.. I looked down shyly but he raised my head and caress my face then hugged me …what the hell did you do to me? He asked smiling.

Efua. He called
Yes sir. I replied
Troy . Call me Troy he said
Ok Troy I replied
Will you be my girlfriend?he asked
I gasped in shock. I wasn’t expecting this. I was very much excited.
Me? Why me? I asked
I don’t know .. I just want you to be beside me, I just want you .. this feeling I am having Is new and I don’t want it to stop.. I am sorry if I am too forward but I am attracted to you , only you .. I don’t know why but my heart race only for you.. I don’t know how to explain it to you because it is my first time feeling this.. he said panting
His first? New feelings? What is he trying to say .. haven’t he dated before ?i don’t think I understand this
How am I your first? I asked him
He smiled .. your are the first person I am asking out.. the first person I really want to own.. he said
Oh! I thought ,girls would have throw themselves at him ; he does not need to love to have them
I must be very lucky then he have feeling for me.. I thought then I said
Yes? For what he asked
Yes I will be your girlfriend. I responded…
He hugged me tightly and I felt his excitement
He kept on saying mine mine mine mine………

Troy P O V
I knew she was surprise when I told her she is my first.. I really kept thinking about her and was excited coming to class knowing she will be present.. I got to the class and overheard ladies Saying cool things about me but I was only interested in seeing one person . My Efua…. what! I actually called her my Efua… I really want to make her mine but I really don’t think I will fit at all.. she is pretty and am very sure lot of guys will be hovering around her..
I searched throughthe faces of ladies drooling over me for her and I smirked when I saw her drooling also.. I stared at her .. her Long black hair, Her bright crystal blue eyes and only looked away when I heard the murmuring from the students……. I started teaching and occasionally glanced towards her…and I knew she was trying hard to concentrate….. I rounded up the class and headed for the rooftop, I spend most of my free time there.. it is usually quiet .. I stayed there thinking about her , then I heard foot step and when I turned back I saw my charming princess .

She walk towards me, held my hands.. I was surprised and just watched her. Then she raised her legs and planted her lips on mine.. I was speechless and did not reciprocate… she later disengaged herself and apologised and was about going away.. when I caught her arm and kissed her.. I kissed her for longthen I broke the kiss.. she look down shyly.. i caressed her face and hugged her..
Will you be my girlfriend? I asked her
She was shocked
Me? Why me ? She asked
I apologised for being forward and told her I could not hide my feelings.. and she would be my first since I am new to this feelings…I wanted her to be with me always and that was the d–n truth….she became quiet and I knew she was thinking about lot of things …
How am I your first ? She asked
You are the first person I want to own I told her
Yes. She said
Yes? I asked her not understanding
Yes I will be your girlfriend..she replied me.
I could not believe it
I wanted her and she became mine
I hugged her and kept on repeating mine mine mine…….

Aww so cute
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Episode 9
Efua POV

Are you kidding me? You mean hottie is your boyfriend.. Betty asked
Yes, he is .. I replied grinning…
Oh! Holy moly… I am happy for you.. I ain’t even surprised, you are pretty .. she winks at me
I hit her playfully
Let’s go .. I said to her as we walked out of the class.. It was time for sports .. as we walked , all eyes were on me and girls glared at me..I knew the reason.. I nudged Betty to walk faster ..
Efua. She called
Yes. I answered
Be strong, don’t let all these ladies eat you up..:
I glared at her .. go away
She smiled as she headed to the tennis room…

I got to the swimming room and it was the same case .. I ignored everyone and went towards the changing room.. I met philo there
Hey . I greeted
Hi Efua, seems you are popular.. she said
What do you mean ? I asked her
You are Mr handsome girlfriend.. she replied.. how did it happen? Or did you seduce him…
philo. I called ….just stop please
Why ? Are you scared I am saying the truth.. come on Efua.. I know you in love with him , but how did he love you ? I don’t get.. how did he notice you?.. she kept on ranting..
I just stood there surprised.. when she was done ranting.. I excused myself .. philo was jealous.. it was obvious…

Troy was already instructing some students.. he looked cute.. wow.. see his abs .. I can’t believe he is mine.. he looked up and his gaze met mine .. he began walking towards me ..
Hey . He said as he hugged and kissed me lightly
Wow! Oh! They are really dating..
oh! How did it happen?
Some ladies kept on whispering and murmuring…..
I felt elated and was blushing.. he was proud of me, he didn’t hide me.. he hugged me in front of all, he even pecked me..Efua ain’t you lucky .. I whispered to myself giggling…….. just then I looked towards philo and her eyes read no emotion.. she stared on blankly..I shifted my gaze to Troy ..he was instructing some ladies.. he looked towards me and smiled…

Philo pov
I watched in anger as Efua and Troy exchanged smiles.. I was pained .. so this b—h showed her bitchy attitude again.. I wanted Troy , I really wanted him.. why must it have to be her..
First of all I had crush on Tony but he showed interest in Efua.. d–n Efua.. she is pretty , I am also pretty …though she is more prettier that I am ..
I watched jealously in secret when she and Tony were an item , till she dumped him… now Troy….she is so selfish.. always having the guys I want…
After the swimming practice, I went to the changing room. … I met Efua there.. I smiled at her and hit her playfully.. she was stunned
I thought you were mad at me, she asked
Mad? Why? I asked pretending.. I was just in a bad mood .. I assured her
I am glad we are good.. she said
Yeah..I replied .. I had to be friendly with her .. I don’t want people especially Betty to think it is because I am jealous… we moved toward the lecture room
Oh! My bad .. I need to go back to the swimming room.. I forgot a book…
Ok. she said , don’t be long .. I will keep a seat for you ..
I watched her go and turned back heading towards Mr Handsome office……..

What is philo up to?
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Episode 10
Philo P O V continues

I got to his office and knocked…
“Come in”. He said.
“Helo sir”. I greeted when I stepped into his office.. how can I help you . he asked without even taking a simple glance at me. I stood there playing with my fingers
“Em em. I stammered. I just want to let you know I love your teaching, I love everything about you .”em.. i mean the way you teach ….
“ thanks”. He replied staring at me with a puzzled look..
I am philo and it nice having a chat with you .. I said quickly .. he just stared on with the same look…
“ I will get going now .. I said as I turned to leave .
“Wait”. He called . You are Efua friend right , just be a good friend to her and you can take your leave now.. he said as he continued reading ..
“Thank you sir”. I said
What does he mean by that ? Being a good friend ? I knew I sounded foolish back there on his office , I just wanted him to notice me and he was obviously bored with my “ friendly talks”. How the hell did Efua do it ? Just imagine I was with him talking and he still mentioned the b—h name ..
“Oh Efua you cant have it all..

Efua P O V ?
I waved at me friends and headed to the car park and guess who was leaning on my car? Tony…
“ move “. I said
“ why baby?. I just wanted to talk”. He grunted.
“Fine , what is it?”. I asked
Do you think you can just dump me and go like that ? no way. I want you Efua and I always get what I want .. he said and he winked at me before leaving…..
Did he just threaten me?

I got home and met both and met both my dad and mom in the sitting room. I knew I was in for a truckload of questions..
“ hi”. I greeted
“ hey baby , my mum responded. How was school today?”.. before I could answer her my dad asked,
“ what is this that is trending now? You are dating Troy Adams”.
“ yes dad”. I replied shyly
“ hmmmh , he was the reason you asked me that question then right “..
“ oh dad, you have forgotten “. I said as I smiled .. just be careful baby . he said and remember we love you ..
“I love both you and mum also “. I smiled as I hugged them .. They are so understanding..

Do you think Efua should talk Tony threat seriously ?
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Episode 11
He is mine 💖
Efua POV ? continues

I sat on my bed reading for the next day lecture and my phone beeped, I checked it and it was a message from my Troy, yes my Troy “ he is mine “.. I clicked on it and it reads,
“ hey baby, can I call your now”
“Yes”’I replied and sent and immediately my phone started vibrating
I received the call
“ Helo princess “. He said .. I am really missing you ..Can we go on a date? . He asked calmly
“ yes . I replied grinning .. Tomorrow by 6, if it is okay”. I said
“Fine. I will pick you by 6, send your address”. He said
I love you Troy
I love you too princess and the call ended.. I smiled as I continued reading and soon drifted off to sleep….

Betty and I walked towards the library arguing about stuffs from the reading. She loved arguing a lot and a lady bumped into her.. she was pretty and should be in her mid – twenties .
“ oh sorry”,she said ..
“ No we are sorry “. Betty chipped in, we were to engrossed in our argument that we didn’t see you coming.
She smiled and said I am Mira
“ I am Betty and this is my friend Efua”. She looked at me with a surprised look
“You are the Efua “. She said and I bet I saw a glimpse of anger in her eyes which she quickly covered with a fake smile.
You are more beautiful in person she said as she walks away
What the hell just happen? Weird.

We got to the class and the literature lecturer was yet to arrive .. we heard the lecturer was transferred so we will have a new one. just then philo came in and she sat down on the seat we kept for her. She looks gloomy nowadays and she said it was stress.. Betty nudged me to look at the entrance and when I looked it was that Mira of a lady
“ wait”, are you kidding me ?. Is she the new lecturer. She walked into the class and introduced herself and started teaching and she occasionally glanced towards me and I swear I could read those eyes.. it was filled with Jealousy..

Who the hell is Mira?. We shall know in the next episode.. she will explain to us her self
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Episode 12
Meeting Mira
Mira POV

I really can’t believe that Troy will date someone else … I mean we were friends in college.we used to be close friends and I actually confessed my feelings to him,he told me he was not interested in being in a relationship. I smiled and acted like it was no big deal but I was really hurt but still waited for him in secret..
I am also brilliant but not as brilliant as Troy and also a little bit older than him.. I was a lecturer at Donalds university but as soon as I saw the pictures of Troy and his mystery girlfriend online, I had to call my dad to process my transfer to Eagles college immediately.
You might be wondering how I was able to process my transfer ,smile., I will tell you. My dad was once a president. yes , I am the daughter to the ex- president and he has lot of connections that I can use to my advantage..
I got to Eagles college and was soon rushing to my office when I bumped into two girls and later found out one of them is gonna be my rival, i must admit she is really pretty . I was clearly angry but I managed to hide it with a smile.
I stepped into the class and she was already seated with her friends and they whispered as they stared at me. I know they must be surprised . I started lecturing and couldn’t help glancing towards her and I knew I was jealous of this pretty angel Efua.. I rounded up with the class and headed to my office .. I later had a change of mind and headed towards Troy office

Troy POV
I was excited,I can’t wait to go on a date with my princess.. she is mine and I vow never to let her go..
Just then I heard a knock and without waiting for my reply , the person walked in
Mira. I stood up and hugged her,we used to be very close in college . I disengaged from the hug and walked towards my seat and told her to sit down.. she looked pretty as always.
“Troy, she called. You look more handsome”. She said .you look more pretty I replied
“Really “. She said blushing
Yeah and why did you leave Donalds for here. I asked her
“Nothing . She said , just need to change environment and be close to you”. She replied
Close to me. I repeated raising an eyebrow.. I know Mira , she look bothered but I decided to wave it off..
“Any plans today?she asked. We can just hang around to catch on with old times .
That won’t be possible.. I am going on a date with my girlfriend. I said excitedly.
“Efua right ?”she asked
Yeah, how news circulate ..
She looked at me and her look held no emotion……

Oops! Hope Efua is save?
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Episode 13
The Date 💑
Efua POV
I scattered my closet looking for a perfect dress for the date and soon settled for a beautiful short blue gown, It was a gift from my dad.The gown brought out my curves perfectly and I wore a silver heels to match, I packed my hair into a single ponytail and applied little makeup..

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I grabbed my silver purse and headed downstairs..

Troy was already waiting and i assessed him immediately he wore a plain red shirt and a black chinos pants with white sneakers. He looked really hot.

My parents were having a conversation with him, he stood up as soon as he saw me and walked towards me
“Hey, you look beautiful “. He said
“Thanks . I replied blushing . he turned to my parent and said
“ We will be on our way ,thanks for your hospitality.. My dad nodded while my mum smiled, it was obvious he was already loved…
“Be careful baby”. My mum said and I smiled towards her ..
Troy held my hands and we headed out..

We arrived at a First class hotel, it was classy and beautiful..The staffs bowed and welcomed us as we walked in..
I looked on in surprise as a waiter ran towards us taking our orders. Troy ordered for salad and chicken with fruit wine and I did same..
He seem to be familiar with everything and everyone ..
As if reading my thoughts,he said
“ I own this place “
I gasped in awe.. it was so big and I bet it cost a fortune.. I was not only dating Mr hottie or Mr popular, he was also f—–g rich……….

We left the hotel after eating and knowing much more about each other..
“Where else can we go ?“. He asked
“Your house”. I blurted out foolishly.. “I mean I will love to know where you stay”. I said playing with my hands
He chuckled and leaned towards me as if he wanted to kiss me and whispered you are right
He straightened up and went toward the car nudging me to come along but I stood there with a tingling sensation within..
“What the hell am I thinking of?”

What is Efua thinking of oooo?
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Episode 14
He is a virgin
We were quiet all through the drive to Troy’s house and when we got there, I was d–n speechless….
He house was double my house and very beautiful.. The gate was opened by his bodyguards” of course he will have bodyguards since he is rich and popular but choose not to come to class with them “
We drove into the compound and I must confess it was “paradise”.I followed him inside and no one was around..
He explained to me that his cook and maids do come in the morning and leave in the evening and he stays in the house with his bodyguards alone who have their own quarter…
“Feel at home “. He said , what can I offer you ?he asked .
I smiled ,”I am filled, I had a lot to eat at your hotel “. I said rolling my eyes..

I moved closer to him as we talked and gist.
“Oh”, what is this feeling ? I asked myself as I felt the tingling sensation again, I knew I wanted him and I leaned toward him and kissed him..
He looked at me surprised and returned the kiss, we kissed for long and still needing more than the kiss, I took his hands and placed it on my breast..
He became stiff and broke the kiss, I looked at him in surprise, What the hell is wrong with him?
“Why”. I suddenly asked .”am I not attractive to you?”.I asked foolishly.. you know, I continued. I am the lady , you ought to be in charge ……
“ I am sorry “. He replied, I em er just want to know if you are ready, he said stammering.
“Of course I am , I love you and it is not my first time .. “or is it yours? “I asked jokingly
He became quiet and his countenance changed .. I understood immediately, it was his first time
He is a virgin, Troy is a virgin…….

Speechless 😶
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Episode 15
Troy POV
I stared at the beauty in front of me, I can’t believe she is mine , she is so much different..
She was lost in thought and I leaned towards her whispering
“Yes, I am a virgin but I am ready to lose it”.I love you Efua… immediately I kissed her and she responded back hungrily . I chuckled..

I lifted her and we headed upstairs to my room, I dropped her on the bed as soon as we got inside, I laid on top of her kissing her body and made sure I gave her hickeys “her deep moan filled the room “
I removed her gown and she was without bra.”d–n”. I took a n—-e in my mouth and suckled on it, she held me tight as I pinched the second one..
“Off your clothes , I want to see you nude “. She said grunting .
I smiled and did as she said
She gasped in shock when she saw my manhood
“You have something big and you did not use it”. She said as she started stroking it…
I smiled, she was really crazy. I got down on her ( I do watch p–n so I know most moves).
She started moaning loudly and soon had her first o—-m .
“I need you now baby”. She said and came on top of me. She positioned my d–k to meet her P—y and she starting going in and out, She increased the pace and I was in cloud nine..
I rolled her over , came on top her and started thrusting in and out of her, our moans filled the room ..
She soon went on all fours and I banged her from behind..we both climaxed together.. I released In her and held her close to me, we were both exhausted..
“Oh! shit!, it is already late”.She said
“Just call your parent and explain the situation, they will understand “. I said to her assuring
She did and they understood
“ your parents are really understanding. I said to her , how I wish I met mine.
“Don’t worry , I will be there for you “. She said as she patted and kissed me
I felt complete and vow to keep this treasure forever…
She cuddled And we made love throughout the night …………….

I am loving this………:
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Episode 16
Wanting Efua back
Philo POV

I listened to Efua as she excitedly told us about the date she had with troy, I felt jealous, I was not happy , I wanted Troy to myself..
I excused myself and rushed towards the bathroom when I bumped into someone.”Tony “. I apologised and was about leaving when he stopped me
“Wait. Philo”. He called
I turned looking at him
“I need your help “. He said . I looked at him in surprise..
Tony used to be my crush until Efua stole him from me, I will gladly help him with anything .
“What can I help you with?”. I asked
He looked at me and smirked ..
“I want Efua, I still love her . Help me get her back. He said
“Fine”. I readily agreed , if Efua is out of the way, I can get Troy myself.

Troy POV
I sat down in my office arranging some files, I have a photo shoot to do in an hour time..
I also have to pick Efua this evening, she will be spending the night at my place ..Her parent gave me their full support when I made my intentions of marriage known to them..
I really don’t mind marrying her now, but I don’t want to rush her.. I will wait till she is almost done in school or anytime she wants it , she is worth the wait….

I was hungry and decided to get some food from the cafe, I passed through the music class and sighted Efua .she was concentrating and didn’t notice me
“Good girl”. I muttered to myself grinning
I got to the cafe, it was quiet as most students were in class, I got snacks and fruit juice and left with the package heading to my office when I saw that Efua friend ,philo.
“Hi, Mr Troy “. She smiled as she greeted me..
“Hi philo”. I responded
“I am fine, thank you , do have a good day”.She said with a cheerful smile
I looked at her and I felt uneasy.. I don’t know why but I feel something strange about her….

Hmmmh, what is Tony and philo planning?
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Episode 17
Troy POV continues

I got to my office , opened it, walked in and sat down when I noticed an envelope.. I was surprised, I was so sure it wasn’t there before..
I opened it and scoffed when I read it. It reads:
“Mr Tony,I want to tell you something, I am a very shy student, please meet me in the library by 5”.
I scoffed and put the letter aside.
I checked the time, it was 12:00pm.. I ate my lunch and left for my photo shoot where I do model….

Efua POV?
I rounded up with music class and was really hungry.. I signalled to Betty and we headed to the cafe.
Philo and mike were already there eating , we ordered lunch and went over to the table and took out seat..
“Won’t you take food to your boyfriend?”.philo asked me
I grinned as I punched her playfully while Betty and Mike laughed,
“I am sure he could have eaten “, he has a photo shoot today and will be back by 4pm. I said
“Oh! If that is the case, let us meet in the library by 5pm. I bet you won’t be able to do our online group reading “. She said smiling
“What about me?”Betty asked , I won’t be able to come to the library because I am going on a date with Mike .
“Don’t worry then,we can both do the online night reading”. Philo assured her.
“Why can’t we just forget about reading today and do it tomorrow “. Betty suggested
“No, we can’t “. Philo said quickly
We all looked at her in surprise. “I mean just because you guys are fixed does not mean we can’t read “. She said
“Fine ! I will study with philo by 5pm, you guys can do the night reading”. I said and philo beamed happily
We ate and soon left to our various classes…

I waved at Betty as she drove off with Mike .
I headed towards the library “perfect”. It was empty , I sat down waiting for philo so we can start reading..
“You are late “.l said as I heard footsteps
There was no response, I looked up as was surprised to see Tony …
“What are you doing here?”. I asked him in anger
Efua. He called .”I just want to talk”. He said moving closer, I figured out you will be here..
He was soon very close to me, I tried moving back but he held me close by my waist ..
“What are you doing ?”, leave me alone , I said struggling to break free
“Efua, I love you , I miss you , remember the way we do cuddle, remember the last night we spent and he kissed me……
I was surprised and tried pushing him away when I heard a slight noise..
Tony looked towards the entrance and left me immediately and when i turned around , it was my Troy
He stared on without emotions, I ran towards him trying to explain but he did not spare me a glance and left
I fell on the floor crying……

Sad mood ?, will Troy ever believe Efua ?
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Episode 18
Troy POV

I was restless, I walked around my room, I was angry at the same time confused finding it hard to believe Efua cheated on me.
I knew the guy was her ex. Are they still together?
“I remember our last night “. He said and kissed her
“What last night ?,was it before we met or after , and if it were to be in the past , why did they kiss ?”.
I got there because of the letter,”yes”,the letter. I didn’t meet any shy girl or wait, was it a setup?

I picked up my phone and saw 20 missed calls and several messages, all from Efua . I ignored all, I was not in the mood to talk to her ….
I dialled my friend number ,Abel. He is a detective. I explained the situation to him and asked him to track Tony Denmark , I need his house address…
He called back in less that 30 minutes explaining that Tony is the son of the ceo of Denmark architecture , one of the biggest architectural company in the country.. I had no interest in architecture so I know little about the Denmark’s….
He sent me the address and I drove to the place hurriedly, I checked the address and sighted Tony outside the huge gate with a lady..
I took a closer look and it turned out that the lady was philo. They were both laughing ..
I just confirmed my suspicions about this philo of a girl, I knew she was up to no good.

I got down from my car and walk towards them with rage
When they saw me, philo hid behind Tony. I grabbed him by the collar and started punching him, I did not even care if he was bleeding
Philo was begging saying she will confess..
She started telling me how they planned the whole thing ,how they placed the letter on my desk when I went to get lunch,how they deceived Efua and how they al planned it..
I was speechless and at the same time relieved , happy that Efua wasn’t cheating and is really Mine..
I smirked and turn towards Tony
“Please”. He said after seeing my face, he was clearly no match to me…
I punched him hard
“This is for being a d–k” . I said angrily
I gave him another punch
“This is for toying with my girl “ and was about to give him another one when a car pulled up and a man alighted from it..
“What is going on here?”. He asked and gasped when he saw Tony
“Son, why are you like this?”. He asked , then his gaze shifted towards me..
I stood there speechless staring at the man, his face was very familiar. I have seen his face before.”yes, the picture that my grandma showed me …
He was just older but still the same person………..
He looked at me and his gaze rested on my neck ,”my necklace “.. it was special to me.. I was told my dad gave it to my mum…..
He moved towards me as Tony and philo watched in surprise, he touched the necklace and said Lauren
Yes, Lauren is my mum name, his hands were shaking as he said
“Are you Lauren child?”
“Are you Troy ?”.. my son

What the hell just happen?
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Episode 19
Troy father
Mr Denmark POV

I was confused, I knew I failed Troy . He grew up believing I was dead before he was born, I am very sure his grandmother told him that..
I looked at the two boys in front of me,”my two sons”,they were both quiet..
I invited Troy over to my house hoping to explain everything that him

*. *. *. *

I really loved Lauren , she lit up my world, she meant everything to me but my parent never approved our relationship.
I was the heir to Denmark architectural and she was the daughter to a maid….

I was in college when she told me she was pregnant with you, I was very happy and confused at the same time .. I planned eloping with her but my parent later found out
My mother had a weak heart and she begged me not to leave her else she will die. I loved my mother so much and decided to do as she say ..

I was immediately betrothed to Anna , my father’s friend daughter, they were equally rich and my parent believed the marriage will boost our wealth..
I was a coward then,I was not man enough to fight for our love and with my mother constant pleas I travelled out of the country to further my studies..

I gave her the necklace you are wearing before travelling.
It is a rare diamond necklace made specially for you and made her promise to name the baby Troy if it was a boy and Tracy if it were to be a girl..
I promised to come back for her………

After two years of studying,I came back to the country and the first thing I did was to look for your mother because I lost contact with her but the house was already occupied by another persons.

I asked the neighbours around and I was told Lauren died after giving birth to a baby boy who she named Troy ..
I became devastated. She kept her promise and named the baby Troy despite me breaking my promise to her..
I tried searching for you and your grandma but I got no news..
I gave up searching after I married Anna and she gave me a baby boy ,Tony .
I was happy once again but was never complete…….

I looked at Troy and then at Tony after explaining what happened expecting them to say something but they remained quiet..
I studied Troy , he had my stature and my eyes but everything else ,he took after his mother . Lauren was really beautiful..

I moved towards Troy,
“Troy, please forgive me”. I pleaded
He looked at me and I couldn’t read his emotions and then said
“I can’t just believe it, I grew up thinking I had no parent but now I met my father accidentally and a brother who planned to separate me and my girl “.
“Mr Denmark”. He called and continued “ I don’t need you in my life , you will remain dead to me”.
He turned towards Tony and said
“Forget all this brother stuff,if I ever see you near Efua I will kill you”
“Why?”. Tony asked , she was mine and I need her back
“Try me “, he said and left
I just watched my two kids fighting because of a girl..
Tony was my panting in anger
“I can’t take this , I really can’t “. “F–k brother!”. He said and stormed out in anger..
This is not how I want my kids to be.. I just want peace . I said and broke down in tears.
This I have never done in a long time …….:

It has really gotten to this , so Troy and Tony are brothers.. I wonder what will happen now.
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Episode 20
Troy POV

I picked my phone and the only person on my mind was Efua .
I dialled her number and she picked up immediately..
“Helo Troy “. Her voice echoed from the other end. It was obvious she had been crying.
“Helo baby “. I said. I am sorry for everything, I believe you and know you will never cheat on me. I said rushing my words
I promised myself that I will never hurt or make her cry again..
She signed in relief.
“I love you very much Troy”. She said sniffing
“I love you much more angel”. I replied
“Go to bed dear”. I said, I will pick you up tomorrow. You will spend the night ..
“Okay baby”. she said

I laid on my bed thinking about what happened
“My dad is alive” and Tony is my brother
What a life …

My phone rang and I checked the caller. It was an unknown number.. I picked it.
“Hi”. I said
“Hi sir”. This is philo
“Oh philo”,How can I help you ?. I asked harshly
“I want to apologise sir, I am sorry for everything, she pleaded.
“If you want my forgiveness then you will confess to your friends and apologise to Efua”. I said
She remained quiet
“Are you there?”. I asked
“Yes sir”. I will do it .She said but promise to forgive me..
“I will”. I promised and ended the called

What a day! I said as I continued pondering and soon drifted to sleep….

Unknown POV

Aaaargh! I screamed in anger throwing my phone against the wall..
I need to separate those two, I can’t be the loser, I said walking up and down thinking of a plan…..

I smiled when an idea came up.
I smirked
I just have to go about it carefully and pretend to be happy for them and soon everything will fall in places
I grinned wickedly as I dialled a number…..

Philo POV

I sat down in class quietly waiting for Efua and Betty . I need to confess to them, I was really scared but I need to do it to be forgiven .
I know I will loose their trust , but I will do anything to earn it again.

I looked towards the entrance of the class and saw them , they walked towards me whispering an giggling to themselves and I tried comporting myself..
“Hey philo”. They greeted .
“Hi”. I replied forcing a smile. I need to see you guys after class. I said
They exchanged confused look, just them miss Mira walked into the class making everyone to take their seat.
She started lecturing and I noticed she stole glances at Efua several times….

I sat down with my head bent after explaining everything to Efua and Betty , they were both shocked ..
“Philo”, Efua called . What did I do to you ? She asked crying.
I just sat crying
“You deserve a slap philo”. Betty chipped in. What did you gain? She asked , you even sided with Tony . I agree you did it out of jealousy but you went too far..
“Philo”, Efua called .
“What did you say about Tony being Troy brother?”She asked
“He just found out yesterday, both of them just found out. It was the chain on Troy neck that solved the puzzle and the fact that Troy has seen his father pictures”. I answered.

She stood up and walked towards me
“I trusted you , I told you everything, you knew I was happy with Troy but you betrayed me, I have forgiven you but just know it won’t be easy to forget”. She said and walked away .
I sat down and was remorseful
Betty looked at me and said
“ you surprised me, you disappointed me. You look so innocent but you are evil inside”
“If you date hurt Efua again, you will have me to contend with . I promised not to take it likely”. She warned me
She shook her head and left also
I sat silently murmuring to myself
“It wasn’t my fault , it wasn’t. They should blame love……..

ThankGod Efua and Troy are at peace..
Who is planning evil against them again?
And is it really love she should blame
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Episode 21
Love conquers all
Efua POV ?

I was lost in thought, there were so many things running through my mind
“Philo betrayal and most of all Tony and Troy being brothers

I dated both brothers and I am madly in love with one of them
“Will he change towards me knowing I once dated his younger brother”. I asked myself.

I said a silent prayer and prayed for all to be well when I bumped into that woman again.”Mira”.
“Sorry ma, I was lost in thought”, I said pleading.
She smiled
“Stop thinking love, it can’t solve anything. Just face your problem any how it comes and am sure you will overcome it”. She advised
“Thank you ma’am ”. I said gratefully
She patted me and smiled and I swear I saw a different look, I can’t really detect what the look means…

I entered Troy office without knocking, he was on call and smiled immediately his eyes met mine.
“Troy”. I called when he ended the call
“Baby”.he called back standing up, he came towards me and kissed me..
“I heard what happened”. I said , philo told me everything .
He caressed my face and pecked me
“It is alright baby”. He said. Just be careful of the kind of friends you keep and I promise never to distrust you again. He said grinning .
Troy,”Tony”, I also heard about both of you..
“Really”,he cut me short . She told you that

I was planning on telling you myself and please stop all this brother stuff.
I don’t care who he is to me but the moment I see him hurt you or come closer to you again, I will kill him. He said and he was obviously angry

I kissed him to calm him down and it worked
“Will anything change between us”. I asked wanting to be sure his feelings did not change
He looked confused
“Why?”, “What will change?”, I don’t get you. He asked with the same confused tone
“Your feelings toward me”. I said
“And why will my feelings change?”. He asked
“Because I once dated your younger brother”. I blurted out and began to sob

He stared at me for a long time and began laughing
“Baby, don’t tell me that was all what you were thinking”. He said wiping my tears and laughed again.
“Is it funny?”. I asked frowning
“Yes, it is funny”. He said , I can’t believe you will think about something like this ..
“Baby, I really love you . That was all in the past and nothing more”. He said re assuring me..
I can’t trade you for anything and no body can separate us be it brother or anything. I found you first and you are my first family. He said and he hugged me
“I love you too baby”. I said feeling relieved..
I disengaged from the hug and kissed him…
“F–k”. He said gritting his teeth. I am having an erection.
“We can make out here”, I replied grinning
“Crazy girl”. He muttered, we will leave that for the night. You will get enough of that. He chuckled

We hugged and started kissing when the door flung open
We broke the kiss and look towards the door and Mira stood there staring at us

She cleared her throat
“ I em er am sorry”. She stammered. I knocked but there was no response that was why I barged in….
I just came to remind you about the meeting . She said
“Oh!, that is true”, Troy said and went over to his seat to arrange some things,
“I will go to class now”, I said excusing myself .
“Okay love , pick you by 6”. He said blowing me a kiss

I turned ready to take my leave and my gaze landed on Mira. She smiled at me
I looked at her weirdly , the look I saw before she smiled was different..
It was the same look I saw earlier .. it was the look of jealousy, no anger , hatred
Yes ,it was hatred……….

Love conquers all this.
What is wrong with Mira? She seems jealous
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Episode 22
The kidnap
Efua? POV

I woke up to a new day as I stretched. I was alone in the room, I took a glimpse at the wall clock ..
“F–k, I am late to school”. I exclaimed as I got out of bed..
“Why didn’t Troy wake me?”. I thought within.
I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath.

I was dressing up when Troy walked in holding a tray, he was already dressed.
“Breakfast”. He said dropping the tray on the table and walking over to me.
“Good morning”, he greeted and kissed me
“Morning babe”. I greeted also
He nodded as he watched me dress
“Why didn’t you wake me, you knew it is almost time for my class”.i queried
He caressed my cheek and said
“You were sleeping peacefully , how do you expect me to disturb you?”, and I guessed you were tired of all the love making we had last night . He said winking at me.
“Eat your breakfast love , I will be waiting downstairs.
“ okay sir”. I said rolling my eyes
I weaved my hair into ponytail, rushed my breakfast and joined him…….

When I got to school, class was already on..
“Good morning ma”, I greeted the philosophy lecturer as soon as I stepped into the class. I expected her to scold at me for late coming..
“ I am sorry I am late , I ……….:
“Don’t worry Efua , you can go to your seat..
I widened my eyes In surprise as I went to sit down. I knew it was the influence of Troy..
I smiled at Betty as I sat down……..

We walked in the library after class laughing and mimicking the philosophy lecturer..
“That woman is too strict, I said. I was even surprised she allowed me into the class “
“You should know the reason Efua, she dares not walk you out.
I must be really lucky then…

We sat down and picked a book, we were about to read when Philo walked towards us..
“Can I join you”.she asked
“No, go away”. Betty said
“I am deeply sorry, I have realised my mistakes . You know you guys are the only friends I have . She said obviously sad
“ you could have thought about that before you betrayed our friendship “. Betty said angrily

She felt really sad and was about to leave when I called her
She turned to me
“You can come join us, I understand you are sorry. I have forgiven you but can’t trust you for now “. I said to her
“I am okay with that “. She beamed happily .
Betty was clearly not in support with it but she said
“Fine, if Efua wants it that way, then I will take it like that”. Come join us..
Philo sat down happily with us and we all read together….

Everything had been going on well, I was getting along with philo, Troy has been the best boyfriend.
I talked to him about his father, I begged him to settle with him, he was reluctant at first but soon agreed..
Tony was no where to be found, since he left, no one heard a thing about him…..

I was home alone ,Dad was not back from work while mom went for shopping..
I was bored and decided to go to Betty’s since Troy went to see his father..
I changed my dress and was soon on my way when a message popped in from an unknown number, l clicked on it and it reads:
“meet me at Petra gardens… love you, from Troy”..
I read it all over again
“Is he done with his dad?hope there was no problem?”…

I stepped out of the house, got into the car and drove off to Petra gardens.. I soon got to Petra gardens, it was quiet ….

I got down and went over to a swing and sat down on it, a woman walked over to me…
“Waiting for someone”. She asked .
“Yes, I answered smiling “
“Oh!” She said ,the garden is not opened for today and she walked away..
I guessed she was a janitor

I was wondering why Troy will ask me to come here when it is not opened today.. I brought out my phone to call him when a black van pulled in front of me and two men got down from it..
“Hello miss”. one of them said while the other grabbed me
I was alarmed and kicked him hard on his stomach , he grunted in pain and slapped me hard , I winced in pain..
“Please let me go”. I said in pain struggling to free my self when the other man covered my nose with a white handkerchief…..
The smell was unpleasant,I became weak , my vision became blurred and I soon blacked out……….

OMG! Who will save Efua?
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Episode 23
The kidnap 2
Troy POV

I agreed to meet my dad all because Efua persuaded me to. He was very sorry and apologised all over again
We were soon sharing memories together and he expressed his fears over Tony. I assured him that Tony will be fine…

We ate lunch together and after lunch, I brought out my phone to call Efua
“D–n”. I cursed, my battery was flat
“You can plug it here”, my dad offered
“No, I will just be on my way”. I said
He chuckled and said
“You miss your girl right”
I smiled as I stood up
“I will be on my way” .I said
“Ok son, call me anytime “. He said smiling
I nodded
It was actually great being with my dad…..

I was soon on my way to Efua place. It hasn’t been long I left her but I missed her badly. I got to her place and knocked, her mum opened the door..
“Good afternoon ma”. I greeted
“Afternoon Troy “. She greeted inviting me in…:
I walked in and sat down…
“You are here for Efua right?”. She asked
“Yes ma”. I replied
“She is not in”, I thought she was with you. She said , let me call her friend..

She called Betty and from the look on her face , it was obvious she wasn’t there
“Betty said she called she was coming but she hasn’t seen her”. She said visibly shaken.
“Let me call home, if she is there”.I said.
Her mum relaxed a bit
I called one of my bodyguard and was told she didn’t not come there today . I was alarmed..
I dialled philo number and she was not there..
I was seriously worried , her mum was already in tears
Where is Efua? Where the hell Is Efua. I yelled.

Unknown POV

I paced up and down the room waiting for a call, I pray they were able to kidnap her successfully…
Just then a call in , I picked it up immediately..
“Hello boss”, a voice chimed in
“How is it?”. I asked
Successful, what should we do with her?

I thought for a while. Killing her immediately will be no fun..
I will torture her slowly and raise her hope a little.. I grinned wickedly
“Put a call to her parent and demand for a ransom”. I said
“Like how much boss ”
“Any amount, that will be your pay. I said as I ended the call…
I laughed out loud
“Let the game begin”.i said still laughing….

Efua? POV

I woke up feeling nauseous and weak. I looked around.
“Where am I”. I asked myself. I was in small room full of cobwebs..there was nothing In the room except a small bed..

I was scared as I soon remembered what happened..
“Was I kidnapped?,if I am who did it?”. I tried to think if I had any enemy but I couldn’t think of any…
The door opened and a fat man walked in carrying a tray.. I remembered him, he was the one who slapped me..
“Finally the Princess is awake, you have been asleep for two days”.
“Two days”. I said in surprise, no wonder I was weak
I guess Philip doze you with lot of drugs. He said smirking
“Who the hell is Philip?”. I yelled
“Don’t worry princess,you will be fine as long as you cooperate, we just need to collect some money from your parent and boom you will be freed”.he said grinning
Now you are awake I will put a call through your parent….
“Let me go, please let me go”. I pleaded
We will if you cooperate. Take this and eat. He said dropping the tray on the floor and left……

I looked at the food, it was not appetising. I began to cry. I thought about my parent, my friend and my Troy ……..

Troy POV

I got to Efua house early in the morning,I spend most of my time there.
It has been two days since Efua remained missing , I was not myself,I hardly eat, I was really worried about Efua .. I wondered how she was coping…….
I swear if I catch the bastard that did this , I will kill the person…..

The cops were on the case and I personally hired private detectives to work on it .Her car was found at petra gardens and the cleaner testified seeing a lady with Efua’s description waiting for someone . It was obvious she was kidnapped but who the hell did it ?. The cops informed us we might receive a call so we have been waiting….

There were lot of things going on in my mind,
“Is it Tony? Did he take her because he wanted her”. He should better not be the one, if not I will kill him.
My dad had been worried also, he hired a detective to find Tony……

I looked at Efua parent , her mum was in tears,she has been like that from the first day while her dad was trying to hold himself just like me….
Efua dad’s phone rang , he picked it up immediately and put it on speaker…….
“Hello Mr Daniels “. a voice said for the other end..
“Who are you?” Efua dad asked
“If you want to see your daughter again , get $500,000 and meet me at the outskirt of the town by 8pm and if you invite the cops, you will meet her dead body”….

I grabbed the phone from Efua dad..
” we will bring the money but we need proof that she is with you ”
The man laughed and soon Efua voice chimed in
“Please save me, I don’t want to die”. She pleaded
I folded my fist in anger
“Are you alright?”. I asked and before she could answer. The man collected the phone
“8pm on Wednesday”. He repeated and ended the call…

I was lost in thought
“We need the inform the cops to stand by incase things go wrong”. I said
” I will go arrange for the money and will be the one to take it to the kidnappers..
Efua parent looked at me , they were surprised.I knew they were thinking how to gather the money in a short period of time ..
Her dad shot me a grateful look..
I will be back I told them
“I will make sure I bring my love back”. I said to myself
I will do anything to bring her back…….

Hope Efua is save.. I pray she is safe
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Episode 24
Efua PoV

I laid on the bed crying, I was seriously scared……….
I managed to eat little of the food because I was so hungry . I was lost in thought
“Why am I here?” . I looked around the room, there was no window, there was no way for an escape….
I thought about my parent,thought about Troy and deep down I knew he will be doing everything possible to get me out of here……
The door opened and a man in his early twenties came in. I remembered him, he was one of the kidnappers.
He looked at the food and at me
“You did not eat much, why?”.he asked
I remained quiet
He signed as he bent down to gather the plates, he looked calm unlike the fat man..
“Please let me go”. I held his hands pleading
He looked at me calmly and said
“You will be fine dear, after the deal tomorrow you will go home ”
“No, I want to go home now. I pleaded
He held my shoulders
“Look at me”. He said
I looked straight into his eyes
“I will let you out of here once your parent pay the ransom”. He promised
I nodded my head and felt I could trust this man…
He packed the used plates and left….
I felt a little bit relaxed
” I will see my loved ones tomorrow, I will see my Troy…………

Unknown POV

I picked my phone and dialled a number
“Hi”, any update?”. I said immediately he picked the call.
“Yes boss, we will get the money tomorrow, then we will release the girl”.
“No, I screamed”.
I don’t want her to be released,I want her dead….
He paused and I knew he was surprised..
” why?”. He asked, why kill an innocent girl..
“She is not Innocent, she took what is mine”. I fumed, I always get what I want….
“Okay”. He said , we need to find another girl with the same stature as her that we can used as an exchange…
“Brilliant”. I exclaimed. I want it to be a painful death, please don’t leave any trace. I will give you more money if it all goes well…
“Okay boss, you can count on me”. He said and I ended the call…
I smiled to myself…
“Say your last prayers Efua because you will be dead by tomorrow “. I said with a smile…….

Troy POV

I arranged the money in a black bag, I was really scared.
I looked up to heavens and said a silent prayer,
“nothing must happen to Efua “.I muttered to myself as I drove off to Efua’s place..

The house was quiet when I got there, everyone were in deep thoughts.
I nodded toward Betty, philo and Mike..

The cops soon arrived and assured Mr&Mrs Daniels that all will go well..
My phone rang, I checked the caller. It was my Dad
“son”.he called as soon as I picked up the call
“Dad”. I called out for the first time
He paused and I knew he was surprised
“Efua will be alright “. He assured me
“Thanks “. I said gratefully as I ended the call…
My dad has been a source of encouragement, I am glad I forgave him……..

The was a knock on the door and Betty stood up to check the person”
Miss Mira, she called out in surprise opening the door to invite her in..
Mira walked in clearly nervous
“I came by because of Efua, I am a lecturer in her school and I have been worried. She said to Efua’s parent..
“Thanks”. I am really grateful Mr Daniels said..

She walked towards me and sat down
“She will be fine Troy “. She said
“Thanks”. I gave her a grateful look
She took my hands into hers and squeezed it lightly….

Efua POV

I woke up with a headache, I prayed today will be okay…
I was told I will go home today by 8pm
The door opened and the fat man walked in holding a bag. He looked at me and grinned wickedly…
He picked up a rope from the side of the room and walked towards me
“What do you want to?”.I asked with a confused look
He grinned
“Stay still”. He said as he took both of my hands behind me
“Leave me alone “. I screamed struggling but I received a slap…
I winced in pain as he tied my hands behind me
He tied my legs together also
I was scared, I knew something was wrong…
He opened the bag and brought out a bomb. My eyes widened in shock . He placed it at the corner of the room..
He walked towards me and bent down
“I have nothing against you child, I was ordered to kill you … once I get the money, I will detonate the bomb”. He said
“Please, I said . I will pay you double the amount”. My parents are rich , My boyfriend is also rich. I pleaded
He scoffed and he brought out a cloth and stuffed it in my mouth and also blindfolded me..
I was really scared
I sobbed silently waiting for a miracle……..


I waited for the kidnappers, I checked my time, it was two minutes past 8
I looked around, there was no house around. I prayed silently for all to go well…..
Just then,I sighted a car coming towards me. It stopped and a fat man holding Efua came down and another man joined him…
I looked at Efua, she looked dirty, her hands were tied and her face was covered…
She looked alright to me and I signed with relief
“The money”. The fat man demanded
“The girl first”. I said
He chuckled as he brought out a gun and placed it on Efua’s forehead…
“Ok, fine”. I said, don’t shoot.Here is the money. I said giving the bag to him..
He opened the bag and smiled after confirming the money. He gave the money to the second guy . He whispered something to him and the second nodded as he took off..
I followed him with my eyes and I noticed he passed through a cornered road…
“D–n”. I cursed quietly, they are really one step ahead us
“Can I have her now?”. I asked
“Sure”. He said walking toward his car, he entered the car, pushed Efua to me as he closed the door and drove off..
The cops came out of their hiding place and started shooting. They made use of a bullet proof car..
“Whosever was behind this was rich “. I thought to myself…
I hugged Efua and she felt different. I looked at the lady in front of me and studied her. She only has Efua height, stature , hair….
I removed the cover on her face panicking and the lady in front of me was definitely not Efua
“This is not Efua “. I shouted
I faced the girl and asked
“Who are you?” I was burning in anger
She bursted into tears
“I was kidnapped this morning “. She said sobbing..
The kidnappers fooled us. I was really angry….
We got into the car and drove towards the direction the young man with the money went through…..
“How did I get fooled”, they really played a fast one on us
I stared at the girl beside me, she was whimpering..
“There”, she said pointing at a narrow road, I remember this place . There is a house over there. My eyes were not covered when we passed this place , they only covered it when we were in the car…
“Did you see a girl of your age?”. I asked her
“No, I didn’t see her, but I heard the men talking about her, she was in the next room”. She replied
I gritted my teeth in anger
We got down from the car and walked down a little when I sighted an in complete building. I ran towards it
“Bend down”. A cop shouted as he pinned me down..
I gasped in shock as the whole building exploded
“Efuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. I screamed…….

I am speechless, we don’t know if Efua is dead or not. I pray she alive….
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Episode 25
The rescue

I watched in tears as the fire men battled with the fire, I was seriously scared.
“If anything happens to her, I won’t be able to forgive myself.
I could not save the one I love. I felt like a fool..
” don’t loose hope”. A cops said patting me..
The building was seriously burnt, it was already a crime scene…
In less than an hour the fire was put out and several cops trooped in to begin the search.
I went with them and helped in searching..
I was just thinking of one person Efua
“Over here”, an officer called.
We all ran to the scene and there were traces of explosives…
“I think it is a bomb”. The leader of the squad said…
“Let us keep searching , we might get a lead….
We kept on searching, it was quite a big house
“Help me”.
Did you hear that. I shouted
“Help me”,the voice called again. It was so faint..
We followed the voice and it lead to an underground exit..
“Help me”, the voice became clearer..
We walked down a little and saw a man, he was fairly burnt . He was trying to lift his leg but he couldn’t, I guessed the fire damaged his legs so he managed to crawl outside..
We ran towards him and I recognised him as the kidnapper who took off with the ransom money.
He was hiding something under his jacket and when I looked closer I realised it was the money, part of it was burnt…..
I grabbed him by the collar
“Where is Efua”. I asked
He was in pain
“She is fine”. He said
I signed in relief
“Then where is she “. I roared
“There”. He pointed at a trail.. I told her to run towards that direction, I don’t know how far she could have gone…..
I went down the trail with three officers, the trail led down to a forest. We searched the forest …
“Efua”. I shouted, please come out, it is Troy.
We kept on walking when I heard a faint noise..
I looked towards the direction the noise was coming from and i saw someone walking towards me..
“Troy “. She called as she ran towards me
I could not believe my eyes, my Efua is right in front of me . I caught her in a warm embrace..
She kept on crying….
“It is alright “. I kept on saying as the officers watched us
She was very weak so I carried her in a bridal style as we walked towards home……
“I thought I will never see you again”, she said..
“I can’t allow that to happen”. I said as tears flowed down from both our eyes……..

Efua POV

I laid on the hospital bed thinking about all what happened..
I told them I was totally fine but Troy insisted on me staying here until the doctor said I could go.
I really hate hospital
Troy was sleeping on the couch, he was awake all night watching me. I looked towards him and smiled. If he knows I was awake I am sure he won’t be sleeping….. so I decided to remain quiet and let him sleep.
I thought about yesterday, I prayed for a miracle and I got one ..
I was really scared, I was stuck in one place and could not do anything..
Just then the bomb began ticking, I sobbed silently having lost hope, then the door opened…
I wondered who was that when the person Walked towards me and removed my blindfold. It was the slim man who packed my plates..
” I promised you that I will let you go as soon as the deal is done “. He said as he untied my hands and leg. He continued
” I can’t let a young girl die, I am not a murderer”. I agreed to kidnap you because of the money. My sister is dying and she needs money for Surgery, I won’t be at peace if you die. Be careful and don’t ever believe a text from an unknown number .. he said pulling me up…
“Thanks”. I muttered gratefully
” we need to hurry “. He said . We have limited time.
He led me through an underground exit when he suddenly stopped
“D–n the money”. He cursed. I need to get it
I nodded
“Just walk down the trail , it leads to the country side”. He said as he headed back to the building
I followed the trail and kept on running till I heard a loud thud. The bomb exploded…..
I arrived home and my parent threw me a surprise welcome party. My friends were all there . I felt grateful to God
I looked around for Troy, I guessed he was not around.
“He must be really busy”. I thought
“Hey baby”. Betty called. You really scared the hell out of us.
I smiled at her
” I am sorry girl”. I apologised
Philo joined us and hugged me
“I wonder who is behind this “. Betty continued, the person must rot in jail… I heard the man the cops caught is out from hospital..
“Yes”. I smiled thinking about the man.
“He saved me”. I said
“So”. Betty asked. He is a kidnapper and must pay for his crime…
I kept quiet, I kind of pity the man. He did it for his sister, I planned on talking to Troy about the man, I want him to get a light sentence……………….

Unknown POV

This girl must be so lucky, I can’t believe she is alive..
“What?”. Philip was caught
I hit my fist on the table and began scattering things…..
I need to be sure that the idiot won’t implicate me. I can’t go to jail a looser
I dialled a number
“What the hell happened?”. I asked as soon as he picked
” I am sorry boss”, I have no idea that Philip had soft spot for her, I never knew he would go help her…
“So you mean you hired someone you can’t trust?”.I asked disgustedly
” I thought he would do anything for money, his sister needed the money for surgery. I instructed him to take the money and wait for me at the country side so we can flee together “. He explained
I listened to his explanation but I was still worried
” did he know anything about me”. I asked
“Not at all”. He replied. None of my boys knows you are behind all this except me..
“Good”. I exclaimed
I will send you money this evening, you need to lie low for the main time. I will call you when I need you …..
” ok boss”. He said as I ended the call
I paced around the room thinking
“If I can’t have what is mine, then no one else can have it”… I said loudly…………

Troy POV

I stared at the man , I was so angry. I am grateful to him he saved Efua but I can’t help he has no clue who ordered them….
I went to the station immediately I heard he was being interrogated. I had to miss Efua welcome party . I was allowed into the interrogation room because of my fame……
I listened to the man as he told his sorry and I must say I kinda feel sorry for him but justice must prevail….
He gave us his boss name and the police were already looking into it
I walked towards him
” I promise to help with your sister surgery”, I told him..
He looked at me , he was clearly surprised
“Why?”. He asked as I tears
” you saved my girl and I am very grateful”. I replied. I can see you are a victim here also and I promise you when the case is all cleared , I will help you with a lighter sentence”. I completed patting his arm…
” I am sorry I could not be of any help to you”. He said but I am sure if you can catch Alonzo, that is my boss nickname. He will give you a lead…
I nodded and turned to leave when he said
I turned to look at him
” I don’t know who the boss it but I think she is a woman , I over heard her telling my boss that Efua took something which is hers
“What?”. I asked
” that is all I know”. He replied
I left the police station thinking
“Who is this woman? What does she have with Efua “…………..

ThankGod Efua is save
Who the hell is the boss

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Episode 26
Together again
I laid down feeling weak, I have been like this for some days now,
“maybe the stress of what I went through”, I thought
Troy Walked in holding his laptop, he has been working on some stuff for days
” Hey, you finally awake”. He said
I nodded
” I got scared you caught a flu, you know you have been sleeping for a long time”.he said with a concerned look
” yes , I don’t really know what Is wrong, I just feel weak and lazy most of the times”
“It is alright baby, you will be fine”. He assured me..

He continued with his research and I felt bored
“baby”. I called
“Yes”. he answered with looking at me
“Let do something fun”. I suggested
“Like what?”. He asked
“Hmmmmmmh, let go on a date”. I suggested
He remained quiet
“Troy “, I called
“Efua, cant you see I am busy?”. He asked. I have no time for date today maybe next time..

I stared at him, he looked tired. I know he has been trying to look for the kidnappers but I felt he was over stressing his self..
I grab my bag and brought out my books, I need to do some reading also….
I started reading and soon started feeling funny. I felt nauseous …
I ran to the bathroom and puke, this is the third time today
“What is wrong with me”, I muttered to myself.
I guess I am really sick.

I walked to the bedroom and Troy gaze was on me
“What”?I asked him
He said nothing but kept on staring at me
“Since when”. He suddenly asked
“Two days ago”. I replied
“I think I need to go to the hospital”. I said
“Sure”, you really do. He said.

Troy POV

All I wanted is to catch whosever is responsible for Efua kidnap. I had the feelings it was not yet over..
Whosever did it wanted Efua dead, so I decided to keep Efua beside me always ..
I talked to her parent about Efua staying with me until we got a hold of the culprits, they agreed…..

#. #. #

I was happy having her beside me all the time. I noticed she was always feeling lazy and weak and most of all , always sleeping ..
I came to the room trying to round up a research I have been working on and she was already awake..
She was trying to persuade me to go on a date, but I knew it might be dangerous because whoever wanted her dead was still out there. I told her I was busy.
She soon began reading and after sometimes ran to the toilet to puke.. I confirmed my suspicions
“She is pregnant, Efua is pregnant . She is carrying my child….
I just watched her wondering how a girl won’t know her body
“I need to go to a hospital “. She said
“Sure you do”. I replied
Of course she needs to go………

#. #. #. #. #

“Efua”. I called, are you not ready. You will be late for school. I said
It was a Monday morning and as usual she woke up late
“I am ready”. She said coming downstairs
“Fine”. Let’s hurry. I said

I noticed she was quiet on our way to school
“Efua “. I called
“Yes”. She replied
“What are you thinking of”. I asked
” I don’t want to sleep in class”, I don’t know why I am like this nowadays, weak and lazy “. She said
I stared at her and laughed
” baby, it is normal in the early stage”. I said
She looked confused
“Early stage of what”.She asked
We will get to the hospital after school , then you will find out yourself….

Efua POV
I was done with the last class for today and surprisingly I was active …
I waved at Betty and philo and headed to Troy office. He wasn’t there and I guessed he was in a meeting….
I decided to take a stroll
I walked to the front of the school and sat down on a pavement listening to music
“Efua”. a voice called
I turned around and guess who was staring back at me.. Tony..
“Tony, where have you been?”. I asked him
He chuckled and said
” I was in a quiet place thinking about my life “. Can I come sit with you . He asked
“Sure”. I said
“I am sorry for everything, he began. I was a player then and I knew I toyed with your feelings but when you broke up with me, I knew I lost a jewel. I was jealous when you started dating the lecturer, I knew he was better than me in everything.
He was in tears
“No, everyone is unique in their own way. I said
He looked at me and smiled
” I went far away and i come to realise I really did love you and your happiness is what really matters to me”.
I nodded and was really surprised with how much Tony has changed
” I know how much you love Troy and I am ready to let you go “. He continued
I hope I can get a girl who will love me also
“You will be surprised someone already has”. I said smiling
Un hun hmmm”. Someone cleared his throat behind us and when I turned back I met Troy gaze
” when did you get here”. I asked
” not quite long “. He said
” you heard everything right?”. I asked
He nodded and smiled
“Hey”. He greeted Tony
“Hey”. Tony greeted
” I am glad you are alright, dad had been worried”. He said
Make sure you go home now. He continued
Tony nodded his head, turned to give me a small smile and left…
” will you take him as your younger brother?”. I asked
“Time will tell”. He replied
We walked towards his car and were soon on our way to the hospital..

#. #. #. #

“What”, I am pregnant. I exclaimed staring at the result paper
I looked at Troy , he just stared blankly. He was not surprised..
” is he angry?”. I thought to myself
“Troy”. I am pregnant. I repeated
” I heard”. He said
“What will happen now”. I asked
He stared at me and chuckled
“Of course, you will give birth to my princess”. He said and I felt relieved
“Troy”, I called. Is anything the matter?. I asked
He look directly at me
“Check the result, it says you are a month gone. Efua I almost lost you and out child, I almost did”. He said and broke down in tears
“You are the first person I called mine”. He continued. I was just imagining how my life would have been without you”. He continued
“I will find that idiot and makes sure he/ she pays for it, I will protect you and my Princess “. He promised
“Your Princess “. I asked. “How do you know it will be a girl”.
He smiled and said
” because I want a girl just as beautiful as you”.
He kissed me and I felt happy
I am carrying Troy’s child, I will be a mother…………..

Unknown POV

I watched Efua and Troy coming out from the hospital holding hands happily . I was seriously angry
“Why are they laughing?”. I asked myself
I need to find out

I came out and walked towards the hospital..
I headed to the head doctor office without greeting any body
” Good evening”. I greeted
He looked at me in surprise
” what do I owe this visit “. He asked
“Nothing bro”. I replied
You might be surprised I am familiar with the doctor .
He is my brother, yes , my brother…
” I want to do general checkup “. I replied
“Oh!. He said
“Health is wealth, I said. Even Troy Adams believes that, I saw him with his girlfriend leave the hospital happily…
“Yes, they must be happy. His girlfriend is pregnant “. He said smiling
“Pregnant “. I said gasping
“Yes, and about that they want it to be secret for now, you know because he is a popular figure”. I told you because you
are family..
I nodded absentmindedly
“Let me go prepare the room for your checkup”. He said and left
I can’t lose it all, I can’t . I do get what I want, why is it hard to get this one…………
“I have to look for a plan”. I said to myself standing up
I met my brother when I came out of his office
“Where are you going”. He asked
“I need to do somethings”. I replied. I will be back
He nodded
I cant lose, I can’t lose. I kept on muttering to myself………………

Who is this woman?
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Episode 27
Philo’s plan
Efua POV

I was very excited about the pregnancy, I am going to have Troy baby , I am going to be a mother
Troy became more caring and dot on me all the time. He forbade me from doing hard task. I was his baby and he pampered me greatly…
My parents were happy for us, Troy told them he would marry me once the issue on ground got settled , they gave us their blessings.
I can’t wait to be Mrs Adams…

I told Betty and philo the good news when I got to school the next day, they were very happy, they were my friends and were sure to keep it as secret until Troy decide to let the country knows.Betty was against me telling philo but I waved it off saying philo is now a true friend…

I was like the queen of the school, most of the girls wanted to be my friend to get close to Troy and I was highly respected in school. Who won’t want to respect Troy girlfriend…..

#. #. #. #

It was time for literature class and we were all waiting for the lecture teacher. Miss Mira walked into the class, she looked pale….
“Hey class”. She greeted
The class became quiet
” I won’t be able to lecture today, I am ill. She said. Read chapter 4 of His first love ( Mine) we will discuss it in our next class. She said and walked out of the class.
Her gaze met mine and she smiled
“What, she just smiled at me”. I muttered to myself
What a change……….

Philo POV
I was really jealous of Efua, she was really lucky…
Efua is pregnant… I really need to hatch my plan now..
I will make sure Troy Hates Efua completely. I never had change of mind, I just wanted Troy to forgive me and I guess I was good at acting….:

I studied Efua for some time and I noticed she goes to the rooftop alone during the free periods, Betty will be with her Micheal then… it will be perfect…

It was soon time for free period, i watched Efua as she headed to the rooftop alone and Betty was in the cafe with Michael.perfect…
I dialled a number
“Hey”. I said immediately the call was picked. She is on the rooftop now, make sure you do a clean job. I want you to rape her and take a video making it look as if she loves it, make sure you hide your voice. I said rushing my words
Yeah, you can trust us
I will send you the money , make sure you leave the town as soon as you are done, I said as I hanged the call…..
I grinned wickedly as I pray all will go as planned…

Efua POV
It was soon time for free period, I do have a quiet time everyday during the free period. I missed Troy, he stopped coming there because he was always busy nowadays…
I missed both of us being together and seeing things together from a high place , I decided to persuade him coming with me today..
I went to his office
“Hey”. I greeted
“Hey Princess , how are you?”. He greeted
I remained quiet and just pouted
He laughed
“What is it?”. He asked
“our baby needs a favour from you”. I said
“What is that?”. He asked with a concerned look
I almost burst out laughing
“Our baby wants you to come with me to the rooftop”. I said
He looked at me and said
“You know I am very busy”
“It is not my request, it is our baby request”. I said pleadingly
I know once he hears “our baby”, he will listen to me
“Fine”, I will join you there”. He said
I went out of his office laughing

#. #. #

I sat down waiting for Troy when I heard a footstep
“You came quite early “. I said without turning back
There was no response and I noticed the footstep does not belong to a person , but more than one..
I turned around and my eyes widen in surprise. I saw three men staring at me, I have never seen them before
“What do you want?”. I asked
They did not reply , they just smiled wickedly
“You are not a student or staff of the school”. I said, who are you ?
“Baby, we came because of you”. They said
“Because of me”. I muttered and in a flash they walked towards me and pinned me down
“Please, let me go”. I pleaded
“Baby, we won’t hurt you, I just want a taste of you “. He said as he grinned
He started tearing my clothes while the remaining two pinned me down. I tried screaming but one of the men covered my mouth
” I am stuck, I closed my eyes defeated
When I suddenly heard my Troy voice
“What the hell are you doing to my wife”. He said
He walked towards them and I swear I have never seen him this angry..
I never knew Troy could fight, I watched him as he beat those men to a pump. He eyes were cold
“Who sent you “. He asked them
“Please , don’t kill us”
He scoffed
” I will kill you if you don’t tell me”. He roared
“Philo, her name is Philo”. They said
I was shocked , philo . She betrayed me twice…..
He looked at me and his gaze softens
“Are you okay “. He asked
I nodded
He called the securities, and they came bundling the men
One of the security came to me
“Are you okay”,”can you walk”. He asked
I was just whimpering
He wanted to carry me when Troy came towards me
“I will handle her”. He said

He carried me down and the whole school was in uproar.
Philo was handcuffed with the men and they were being led to the station
I was dazed, I could not believe it
“Efua”. Betty called running towards me
“Are you alright?”does it hurt?” She asked rushing the questions
Philo is a monster, I saw her look of jealousy that is why I never trusted her again. Betty said
She patted me, she is my only true friend…………

Troy POV

I watched Efua as she slept , she was sleeping peacefully
“She is getting into too much trouble”. I thought and it is all because of me..
“Is it a crime to love?”. I asked myself, i never knew a girl can go to the extent of doing this
“What could have happen if I did not go there on time”, aargh! Some idiots could have raped her….:
I will make sure those idiot rot in prison and as for Philo, I will make sure she suffers….
I will make sure I deal with all the enemies. ……

#. #. #

I took Efua on a date in one of my hotel, she looked beautiful as usual. She has gotten over philo betrayal ..
After we ate our meal
I knelt down and brought out a ring
She stared in surprise
“Troy”. She called
“Will you marry me Efua?”. I asked
“Yes yes yes”. She replied screaming
She was crying, I stood up and hug her….
People around started taking pictures even the reporters were around
I wanted the whole world to know that I am engaged to my heart throb
I knew there would be up and down but I am ready to tackle it all
I whispered into her ears
“You are my first love, you are mine”…..

Philo has finally being caught
A big congratulations to Efua

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Episode 28
Efua POV
I was in cloud nine, I am engaged to Troy. I was on the roof top with Betty .
She decided to follow me wherever I go because of the rape incident….
“I am happy for you friend”. She said smiling.
I smiled at her and continued staring at my ring..
“What will you do about philo?”. She asked
“I don’t know”. I replied shrugging my shoulder.
I was really hurt by what philo did, she betrayed me twice ..
” I will go see her today “. I said
Betty gazed at me
“Are you kidding me?”. She asked, Efua that girl almost destroyed you and you still care about her…let her serve her punishment…
“I just want to see her, I did not say anything about letting her go free”. I replied her
“Okay then , I will go with you “. She said
I smiled at her , she is my only true friend………..::.:
I went to Troy office, he was arranging his books..
I stood there admiring him,
“He is mine, he is mine”. I thought
“Are you done drooling?”. He asked
I walked towards him and pecked him…
“This is an office miss”.He said
“And since when have you cared”. I asked
He looked up at me and caressed my face..
” I need to get to the station”. He suddenly said
“Why?”. I asked
I need to see Philip, I need to tell him his sister is alright. Her surgery was successful
“Really”. I exclaimed
I want to go with you
“No”, you don’t need to”. He replied. You are not done with you lectures
“I can skip that, I want to go with you please”. I pleaded
“Fine”. He said
“Let us go now”. He said as we headed towards the car park……
We got to the police station and Troy asked to see Philip …
He soon came out accompanied by two police men..
“Hi”. He greeted as soon as he got to us
I smiled
“Thanks so much for Saving me” . I thanked him
He just smiled
“Your sister is alright , her surgery is successful”. Troy said
“Thanks so much”. Troy said with tears flowing down his eyes
I patted him
” you will be fine, as soon as everything is settled”. I promised him
“Thank you “. He said and he was taken back to the cell..
I looked at Troy , he seem to be lost in thought
” Troy”. I called softly
He turned to look at me
“Efua , I need to see philo “. He said. I want to to stay here
I studied him for a while and he looked tensed
“Troy , what is the problem?” . I asked him
“Efua, I am just worried”. He said
“Worried about what?”. I asked
” I think whoever is behind this kidnap is a woman and I think it is connected to us, I mean our relationship. I have tried thinking and I could not really think of any clue”. I know lot of ladies wants me but I have not gotten attached to anyone”.. he Said panting..
“So you suspecting philo”. I asked
“Kind of”. He said. I just want to threaten her a little with the help of the police , we might get a clue from her….
I nodded
” I will come with you “. I said
” will you be alright?”. He asked
I nodded……….

*. *. *. *
I stared at Philo, she bent her head in shame. I could not believe that the same girl who laughed with me is actually my enemy..
“Philo”. Troy called
She looked at me
” I just want the truth from you , who is your accomplice in the kidnap?”. Troy asked…
She stared at him in shock
“I know nothing about that”. She said , believe me I am not that evil
Troy scoffed
” you are not evil right, is that what you think?”. Troy asked
She remained quiet
” you are more than evil”. He said
You planned on ruining your friend because of me.
“Please I don’t have the mind to murder Efua “. She pleaded
“Efua , please forgive me”. She said facing me…..
I looked away
“How would you feel if I arrange three guys to rape you?”. Troy suddenly asked
She was frightened
“Please”. She muttered
” I know nothing about the kidnap” she pleaded….
” it is better you confess now, because if I find out your know something about it, I will destroy you “. Troy said
Philo was clearly scared..
“Take this trash out of here”. Troy roared
And philo was soon taken away….

Philo POV
I saw down in the cell crying, I regretted everything I did… I have come to realise that Troy can never love me….
I betrayed my friends, I disappointed my family and I am stuck in this cell…..
If only I can get out of here, I will take new step…
I wish Efua can forgive me…….

Unknown PoV
Troy and Efua engagement was trending everywhere..
The more they faced obstacle , the more they waxed stronger
I laid on my bed feeling really ill….
“Is it a crime to love?”. I asked myself
Is it a crime to love……..

Is love a crime?
Can you force some one to love ?
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Episode 29

Efua POV
I stared at my self in the mirror and I looked beautiful. Troy dad invited us to a dinner party..
“Efua, we going to be late “. Troy called
” I am coming “. I shouted
I checked myself out again
I was putting on a silver long gown and a silver heels
I grabbed my purse and rush downstairs
” you look beautiful “. Troy said immediately he sighted me
I blushed
“You look handsome”, I told him
” I am always handsome “. He boasted
“Oh yeah “. I replied rolling my eyes
He was really looking hot with his all black outfit
“Come on, let us go “. He said as we headed out..

*. *. *. *

The Denmark’s mansion was really huge but not as huge as Troy’s
There were lot of people and I guessed they were all dignitaries
We walked towards Troy dad
” hi dad”. Troy greeted him and gave him a side hug
His dad looked at me and smiled
“I can see why my son thinks of nothing but you “. He said playfully
“Hi”. I greeted
He drew me to himself and gave me a warm embrace
“Enjoy the party dear”. He said and walked off to greet his guests..

I looked around and my gaze landed on Tony,
I turned to look at Troy but he was not behind me , I glanced around and sighted him with some guys laughing …
I guess they must be his college friends…
I walked towards Tony and he smiled at me when he saw me
“Helo Efua , you are looking beautiful as usual. He said eyeing me
“I can see my brother is really taking care of you”. He said
I smiled happy that he accepted Troy as his brother…
“Sure I am taking care of her”. I heard Troy replied behind me
How did he get here? I wondered
“Hey, he greeted Tony
Hey bro. Tony greeted back
They remained quiet for a while and then Troy chuckled
“Come here bro”. He said
And they hugged
I looked at them happily, glad that they finally got along …..
A beautiful lady walked towards us and Troy eyes widened immediately he saw her
“You are”. He asked
“Roxanne”. She said
“Wow”, Roxanne what are you doing here?”. Troy asked
“I came here with my dad”. She said pointing at a man on white
“Oh, you mean the ceo of Adnard company is your dad”
She nodded
I stared at them confused when Troy turned to me
“This is Roxanne the lady that was used as an exchange doing the kidnap. He said
“Oh, I exclaimed
” I am sorry for what you have to go through “. I said to her
“Oh, it is nothing”. I am glad you are
alive. She said smiling
She turned to Tony who was staring at her all through…..
“And you must be Troy’s brother”. She said. You both look alike
Tony nodded still staring at her
It was obvious he was attracted to her
“We need to go see dad”. Troy said
He used it as an excuse to give them space so they can talk
I laughed at soon we were out of sight
“They are so into each other “. I blurted out
Troy nodded and laughed………

It was really late when we got back home, the party was so much fun and we had a lot to eat..
I came out from the shower and joined Troy who was already on the bed, I laid beside him and he cuddled me
” you make my life complete”. He said
” same here”. I said
I love you Efua
I love you too
We stayed like that till we both fell asleep……..

Troy PoV
I sat down in the office the next day at school doing some research when I heard a knock
“Come in”. I said and smiled when Mira walked in
“Hey”. I greeted
“Hi”. She replied
I studied at her face , she was looking worried
” what is it?”. I asked her
She remained quiet and walked towards me
I stared at her wondering what she was up to
” what if I tell you I am ready to give you all of myself, will you leave your so called girlfriend and come to me”. She asked
I stared at her in shock
“Mira”. I called. What are you saying ”
She started removing her top trying to seduce me
” I am the ex president daughter, I can give you the world “. She said
” what has come over you?”. I asked her
” I know you love me”. She continued but you were probably shy or feeling inferior that is why I let go of my pride and come to you”. She said smacking her lips
” Mira, you are my friend”. I said to her
“F–k friendship”. She yelled like a crazy woman
“I will give you my body. She said and wanted to take her top completely when I caught her hands
” stop this rubbish, I said. You are behaving like a w—e”
” A w—e”. She muttered
“Yes, a w—e”. I repeated
” let me get something straight to you “. I continued. I can never ever love you , I feel nothing for you . How can you say I feel inferior, you are nothing near my taste….. I said to her , I was really angry
” is it because of that s–t Efua “. She said
She released the beast in me without realising . I gritted my teeth in anger
“She is a woman you can never be”. I told her. How can you compare yourself to her?.you are pathetic Mira and that is why no man will ever fight over you ….I said to her
“What?”. She said
“I can never ever love you Mira”. I replied her
She looked at me and I could see hatred In her eyes and stormed out of my office
“God save you I don’t beat women, if not I could have beaten the hell out of you”. I muttered to myself
“What the hell……..

*. *. *

Hmmm this Mira of a lady is something else
One more episode to go
Pls I need your comments. It encourages me
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Episode 30 ( Final)
He is finally Mine
Troy POV
I remained speechless long after Mira left
“What the hell just happened “. I thought
Mira had always been a good friend to me , she encouraged me when Efua was kidnapped but now she seems crazy
She is really crazy
I sat down and continued with my research. I glanced at the wall clock
“D–n”. I cursed, it is past school hour. I have to call Efua
I checked my drawer, the phone was not there , I checked the table and my bag, I could not find it.
“Where the hell is my phone”. I yelled
*. Mira POV
I brought out a phone from my jean pockets, it was Troy’s phone.
I smirked. I picked the phone from his table when I noticed he will never love me without him noticing ..
” I am not his taste, he will never love him “. I thought . I was filled with rage
His phone had no password making it easier for me. I clicked on a Efua number and sent her a message.
I watched her from my car
” fool”. I muttered as she waved her friend and headed to the bus station.
If I can’t have Troy, then no one else will..I said as I dialled Alonzo number……

Efua POV
It was past closing hour, I accompanied Betty and Michael to the car park, when a message from Troy popped up, I clicked on it and read it
” Princess, I had to rush somewhere. Please go wait for me at the bus station, I will send a black car to come pick you. I have a surprise for our little princess”.
I smiled
” he is always full of surprises”. I muttered to myself and headed for the bus station….
It was not long when I got to the bus station that a black car pulled in front of me
” Miss Efua “. He called
I nodded
” I was sent by Troy to pick you”. He said
I smiled as I entered the car,
I brought out my phone and dialled Troy number but he was not picking
” Any problem Miss”, the driver asked
I stared at him through the car rear mirror and his face looked familiar
His gaze met mine and he smirked
He brought out a bottle and sprayed some content in the car and wore a face mask .
What is wrong?”. I asked him
” you don’t remember me miss”. He said grinning
I tried recollecting and trembled in fear when I finally remembered
The fat kidnapper. I wanted to scream when my vision became blurred and everything suddenly became blank……….
Troy POV

I could not find my phone and I was less worried
” it will be somewhere in the office”. I thought . I went outside looking for Efua
But she was no where to be found.
“She might be on the rooftop”. I thought, I was about going to look for her when someone called me
“Sir, Miss Mira said i should give you this letter”.he said as he handed the letter to me
I was surprised, ” what did she have to say”. I thought
I opened the letter and screamed when I read it
” if you want to see Efua , come to the address inscribed below, I will start by killing your unborn child…… from your kidnapper.”
I was burning in rage and was not thinking clearly
“So Mira is the kidnapper”.I thought. I remembered Philip words
“She is a woman, she said Efua stole something from her”, so she was referring to me……
Efua has been going through all this because of me, she almost lost her life because of me
I screamed and the students around looked at me in surprise
I ran to my car and was about entering when Tony stopped me
” what is it bro”?”. He asked
” move”. I said
“Troy , why did you scream?”. He asked, I am your brother, you can share anything with me. He continued
I showed him the letter and he folded his fist rage
“Go to her “. He said, I will go report to the cops, we will join you there ”
I entered the car and was about to drive off when he called
” brother , don’t let your emotions get a hold of you , try and stalk her till we arrive”. He said and ran hurriedly to his car……
*. Efua POV
I woke up and noticed I was tied to a chair ,I was scared.
I looked around the room, it was empty..
I heard footsteps from behind me and my eyes widened in shock as she came toward me
“Miss Mira”. I called , she was with the fat man.
I was speechless, so she was behind the kidnap.
“F–k”. I cursed, why didn’t I think of it? The way she stares at me and all the hate look.
As if reading my mind, she said
” you were lucky to survive the explosion but I bet with you , you won’t survive this
I whimpered in fright…….
I heard the sound of a car , Mira smiled
“Now Troy is here,let the game begin”. She said laughing out loud
I prayed to God for another miracle.
I watched Troy as he walked in
“Efua “. He called and wanted to run towards me, when Mira collected the gun from Alonzo and aimed it at me..
“Don’t come near”. She yelled
Mira, Troy called
“What is it?”. She asked
” This is not you”. Troy continued, you are a beautiful woman and you will find a better man. Just let us go”. He pleaded
Mira laughed out loud
” I don’t want any other man, it is you I want “. She said . If I can’t have you , no one else will
” I am going to let you watch how your Efua and your unborn child dies and finally I will kill you “. She said
I stared at her and it was obvious she was crazy
She faced me and said
” say your last prayers” and was about pulling the trigger when Troy ran towards her..
“get down Efua”. He screamed and I shook the chair till it fell to the ground
I stayed there and prayed as Troy and Mira struggled with the gun.
Alonzo stared watching them in confusion, he ran towards them wanting to pull Troy away when Mira mistakenly pulled the trigger and the bullet hit Troy shoulder..
“Aww!, he screamed bleeding profusely and Alonzo went over to him and held him down
Mira faced me and she cocked the gun smiling
I looked at Troy, he stared at me helplessly. He was already weak , I gave him a weak smile
I closed my eyes praying for a quick death . I heard the shot and surprisedly I was not dead…
I opened my eyes when I heard the police siren and I saw Mira rolling on the floor, she was bleeding . The gunshot hit her on her stomach, she was bleeding but not dead.
I smiled in relief when Tony ran towards me and untied me, Alonzo who was looking for how to escape who surrounded by the cops, He surrendered in defeat
I ran towards Troy and hugged him, he caressed my cheek as Tony tried lifting him up
” it is not yet over”, Mira whispered and we turned back
She was holding a gun, it was obvious she crawled to pick it when no one was looking . She pointed it at me…..
I panicked . The police men faced her and started shooting her……
I stared at her lifeless body, it was a terrible sight .
I watched Alonzo being handcuffed and pushed inside a police van……….
I sat beside the hospital bed watching Troy sleep, his hands were bandaged and he was in good shape.
I turned on the television and all the stations were talking about the shooting..
Mira father expressed his shock and gave an opened apology
Babe”. Troy called
I turned to look at him
“Are you alright?”. He asked
I nodded
” I am sorry for not being able to protect ….
“Hush”. I said holding my lips, you are my hero. I said
He blushed . I leaned towards him and kissed him…
” you are finally mine”. He said
You are finally Mine…………