[STORY] High School Love (Episode 1-3)

High School Love
This story start from a school. The school
name was Pluston school. Something
misterius had just come to Pluston
school. There was a girl walking to the
grade 11 when it was lunch time. And
her name was Sarah. She was a beautiful
girl who move to Australian from
Korean. It’s was so new for her. And it’s
a bit hard for her. Because she’s a loner.
Everyone so scared of her. Because she’s
a little bit strange. And she have no
“Sarah come on sit with us ” said some
girls to Sarah
” it’s okay it’s much better when I’m
alone”said Sarah to the other girls
Many boys said that Sarah was just like
an ice princess.
And because of that many girls don’t like
Sarah.And the next day something happen
when she get in the train he meet Peter
his classmate. Something happen Sarah
smells something Delicious in Peter neck
it just like Delicious blood for Sarah. And
then she lose her control and bite
Peter’s neck. And then she was
surprised when she just know that she
was biting Peter’s neck.
In her mind she said ” what is this
delicious smell.
Sarah just lose her control and bite
Peter’s neck. Peter was surprised to
when he know that Sarah was biting his
” What are you doing !?” Said Peter to
“I’M SORRY” said Sarah to Peter
After Sarah said “sorry” to Peter she go
to the door of the train. And she just run
from the train.
After Sarah get out. Peter was still
confused of why did Sarah bite his neck.

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episode 2
continue from de last episode
And the next day Peter was going to
meet Sarah and talk about yesterday.
And when they meet,
” let’s talk about yesterday!” Said Peter to
But Sarah said “We don’t have any
problems about yesterday! ” to Peter.
In a minute when Sarah want to leave,
Peter grab her hand and yelling with
And Sarah said “I SAID WE DON’T HAVE
And then Peter let go of her hand.and
Sarah just ran of.
Everyone was curious about Sarah
because every lunch time she always go
to the toilet and bring some tomato
juice. Even Peter was suspicious about
And one day Amber ( a student who
likes Peter ) steal Sarah tomato juice
secretly. And than Amber seeing Sarah
tomato juice and than she was shock
because she know if inside the tomato
juice isn’t a tomato juice but it’s a blood.
And then like always when in lunch time
Sarah always takes her tomato juice and
drik it at the toilet.
But after she look in her bag there is no
tomato juice in her min she would said ”
oh no if don’t drink any blood, what
would happened to me! “.
And then someone come to Sarah class,
and it turn out to be Sarah aunt.
And then Sarah whisper to her aunt ear
” auty, please I need blood”
Well since no one was there in the class
room her auty give Sarah a blood in the
platic of tomato juice to.
But it turn out that Amber was there.
And then after Sarah aunty gone, Amber
told the whole class that Sarah was a
vampire. After Sarah heard that Amber
told everyone that Sarah was a vampire,
she was so scared. And she just run of.
Everyone was in shock, except Peter.

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chapter 3
And than Peter said ” so what if Sarah a
vampire, she haven’t hurt anyone! “.
And then everyone was in shock after
heard what Peter said.
” so you know it all along? ” said
everyone to Peter.
“Yeah” said Peter
“Why don’t you tell us” asked everyone
to Peter
” because I like her ” said Peter
And then everyone were in shock, but
then they said
” yeah maybe Sarah is OK ”
And after that Sarah and Peter meet
again. Sarah said ” thanks, I’m sorry for
what did I said before ” to Peter . Peter
said ” it’s okay “to Sarah. And Sarah hug
Peter of all sudden. And they lived
happily ever after. THE END.