How I fucked my primary 4 teacher (+18) – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 8]

Dat one na dose days. Jus last week I de go my guy place naim I see teacher joyce 4road as she de wait 4taxi omo she don old small o but still look sexy and fine, I tell my guy mak she stop d car, I don see my primary 4teacher, as I call am I dey suprise say she jus rememba me imediatly she suppose dey ha early or mid 40’s now I com de wonda if a toto go still dey bushy as e day many years ago, I swear say I must find out. I ask am wia she de go she say she de go bank, as we de tok she com tel me say she don divorce ha husband since 5years ago say she de work 4 ministry of educatn now. We drop am 4bank, like play like play I collect ha numba tel am say I go cal am leta know as she dey….

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