[STORY] Heart Code (episode 1-20)

Heart Code

Heart Code

Episode 1
Olorun is involved
Mr.Ledan was surfing the net with his BlackBerry Bold 5 in the living room when he noticed sounds from the kitchen, knowing his wife was in the kitchen, he went to see what was going on. When he got close to the kitchen, he stopped abruptly and started working slowly so as not to disrupt whatever his wife was doing. He got to the kitchen door and stood to listen to his wife who was backing him while turning tuwo and at the same time singing.
Imabong was singing a particular traditional song, though she changed the contents of the songs by relating it to the currents happenings around her;
“One and one are identical twin babies of Okoye who in later years grew up to legendary fame and prosperity in music”
“Two is like the two major illness, Ebola and AIDS which attacked Nigeria recently”
“Three is like three major ethnic groups dominating Nigeria since independence”
“Four is four months my Igala love used to woo me before I accepted his heart”
“Five is 5am, the time I wake up every morning to prepare my husband’s food before he goes to work”
“Six is like Number 6(brain), which many people have but fail to use most times”
“Seven is like seventh heaven my husband takes me too whenever we sporosporo at night”…
“I.D!”(pet name ledan calls his wife meaning Imabong Dear), Ledan who have been silently observing his wife with great awe and admiration suddenly found his voice, you never seem to amaze me!, Ledan exclaimed, first you still work with this your conditions despite all my plea for you to rest, and now you’re doing your work with more vigor than ever, he uttered happily, most women would have become as lazy as anything from day one of their pregnancy, he concluded.
“My Igala love, you are more amazing!”, she uttered, “it still surprises me how a whole Crown Princess of Nigeria like me fell for a local champion with dozen marks like you”, she said smirking her face. “What?”, Ledan exclaimed feigning anger, “anyway that’s the power of words and my uncommon brain”, he said hands akimbo before pointing to his forehead.
“Haha!, that’s why I love you Ima mi, anyway what were you doing in the living room before I interrupted you?” She added. “I was busy rocking coolval22.com”, he began, “Audrey Timms just posted another update of UNFULFILLED PROMISE”, he continued, “that guy is the bomb! ,he is an encyclopedia of knowledge!” Ledan added. “Guy?”, Imabong asked surprised, “you mean Audrey?”, she asked again to make sure she heard well. “Yes, of course!”, Ledan chorused. “Audrey isnt a guy o, I don’t blame you though because Audrey is unisex”, she explained. “Wow!, so she was a lady all this while?”, he asked rhetorically. “No wonder I’ve been having weird feelings”, he blurted out. “Feelings?, Mr.man what do you mean?”, Imabong asked in a commanding tone. “I mean I’ve been feeling her story”, Ledan weakly defended. “Come to think of it, Vicevames looks so cool”, she paused to see her reaction then continued, I wish I was the Mirabel in his story “PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER”, she concluded with a victorious tone. “Darling I’m sorry, please don’t crush on anyone ooo…..” Before he could finish his speech, Imabong began making whimpering sounds
“Aww! Aww! Ouch!”, She cried out. “I.D, what is it?”, he asked in a shaky voice. “The babies are coming”, she managed to whisper, “Our twins are here”, she said appearing to struggle with pains and excitement. “Hold on dear, I’ll be right back”, he said with a tone of assurance while running to the bedroom to get his car keys.
“Goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Yes! Yes! Yes! They are really the Dream Team IV”, Mr.Akande was celebrating jumping up and down his living room while his pregnant wife watched on in awe. “Oko mi Oooo, take it easy nah, you men and football self.. Are they paying you ni?, I’ve never seen you dance like this in Church before”, Medina commented on her husband’s jubilations. “Aya mi”, Akande called his wife grinning, “you women ain’t patriotic at all!”, he jokingly reprimanded her. Don’t you see how great this lads are playing?”, he asked rhetorically, ” thats why i have to show them some love”, he explained. “Should I give them the love I have for you leaving you with no… Ah! Eh!”, she was stopped abruptly by sudden feelings of pains as she touched her stomach. “Aya mi, kilo sele”, Akande who have have by now suspended his dancing asked his wife with a confused look on his face. “I think it’s here at last, the baby is here at last, out joy is here”, she kept uttering with joy to no one in particular almost in joyful tears. Mr Akande grabbed the car keys from the table and made to leave with his wife, then stooped abruptly and looked up to the ceiling saying, “After 13 years of waiting, Olorun is really involved in our lives”

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Episode 2
Journey to the world

Ledan was driving at an insane speed, he couldn’t just control is excitement of a father to be. Meanwhile, Imabong who was seating on the passengers seat was pleading with Ledan to take it easy. “please my husband oo, sufri sufri nah, you want to kill me and my twins ehn?”, she kept rambling and protesting in obvious pains. “I.D o, you’re pretty funny! You said your twins” he remarked with his face facing front. “Of course yes! Why not?, I carried them in my tummy for nine months”, she tried to explain. “But it was me who sold the seeds into you without which you won’t have them in tummy”, Ledan said in an excited tone smirking his face while still facing front concentrating on his speedy driving. “I concur with you, but your seed have grown without my fertile land”, Imabong countered pointing to her tummy, “and now I’ll have to painfully harvest them”, she added referring to her current labour pains. “But we both complimented each other, while I contributed the seeds, you contributed the land, people always tend to congratulate the women during pregnancy but no one always compliment the Kaya for a good work done”, Ledan said trying to buttress his standpoint. “E don do ooo, I don hear”, she said remembering what a talkative her hubby was. Ledan could argue all day never lacking words to support his view points. That’s one of the reasons she loved him, with the power of his razor tongue, he had defended her times without number.
Gboom! Ledan had just entered into a pothole. “Ewooo, if our daddy doesn’t kill us, who will?” Imabong asked rhetorically while shaking her head in pains.
In no time Ledan and his wife got to the Group Medical Hospital. It took them about 30 minutes, something which usually take them about one hour. The nurses on duty rushed out and took Imabong in to one of the delivery rooms, while Ledan waited just outside the door doing what he knows how to do best; singing…
“Center never busy
Always on the line
You may hear from heaven
Almost every time
It is a Royal Service
Free for one and all
When you get in trouble
Give the Royal Line a call’

He switched to another song…

“Lord I have confidence in you, Jesus
Lord I have confidence in you, anytime any day
Lord I have confidence in you, Chineke mo”

Ledan kept on singing songs after songs most especially worship songs until the doctor came out about 20 minutes later.
He ran to the doctor, though unable to speak gave him a questioning look. “Mr.Ledan, please see me in my office nowt”, the doctor said wearing a tired look while Ledan followed him like someone who is being controlled by a remote into his office.
“Doctor what’s happening with my wife and kids?”, Ledan finally asked weakly as if he just found his lost voice. “There seem to be some complications in your wife’s attempt to give birth”, the doctor began, “as it stands now, cesarean section is the only way out”, the doctor spilled the beans. “What?, why would my wife need a c-section to deliver?”, he asked the doctor almost shouting. “Mr.Ledan, you have to calm down please, a hundred and fifty thousand naira would be needed for this section and it should be provided as soon as possible”, the doctor replied. “Where do you want me to get such a huge amount of money right now, huh?” Ledan asked the doctor appearing angered by his words. “If I knew the answer to your questions, I wouldn’t have asked you here to talk to you”, the doctor answered. “Doctor, can’t you go ahead with it, why I go to find the money?” Ledan asked pleadingly. “Mr.Ledan, most people might think we doctors are wicked, but we ain’t like that, we have dealt with dubious people in the past times without number who made promises like you’re doing now but failed, experience they say teaches even fools, need I remind you, to start looking for the money now because time waits for no one”, the doctor explained before walking out of the office with the excuse of being busy leaving Ledan dumbfounded. “Seems like my babies won’t experience a smooth journey into the world”, Ledan painfully said and left the doctor’s office.
“Doctor!, Doctor!!”, Akande called out as he approached the doctor who had just come out of the delivery room, “how’s my wife?, how’s Medina and my unborn child?”, Akande asked impatiently given the doctor a short dark man with moustache no chance to reply. “Akande my friend, the delivery process is having complications, the child is facing the wrong place, but we’re doing everything in our power to make sure your wife and babies are safe”, Doctor Ebele explained calmly. “Subhanalah!, exclaimed Akande arms akimbo, ” would I still loose my child again after four previous miscarriages and thirteen years of waiting?”, Akande asked rhetorically. “Don’t worry too much Akande my friend, God would hear your prayers, nothing will happen to your wife and your unborn child”, doctor Ebele assured Akande. “There’s no one on earth without problems, Allamdulilah for mine”, Akande chorused with tears in his eyes.

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Episode 3
Desperate times requires desperate actions
Ledan was sweating all over like someone who had just lifted a trailer engine, he couldn’t believe none of his many friends refused to help, he felt so alone on the world. What would he do? How do he get #150000?, he knew his account was empty, he wasn’t close to his family members either who could have helped him. Peem, peem! Ledan was jolted from his reverie by the horns of a trailer that wanted to park where he had been standing. He apologized immediately to the occupants of the trailer who were by now raining causes on him.
Ledan crossed the road to the other side where his car was parked. He had just arrived from his friend Thomas’ house who claimed to be broke. Before coming to Thomas’ house, he had gone to five others of his friends but couldn’t get the financial assistance he needed.
They all gave him different reasons for not being able to help. Salisu had said he didn’t have money because he paid his children’s school fees last week, Onalo couldn’t help because he gave his wife money to go to market yesterday, Onoja said one of his elder sis died and he needed all the money he could get to sponsor her burial, Ajudu couldn’t come out to answer him because he had been sick for three days now. Such were the excuses given by Ledan’s friends. He didn’t want to ask money from his best friend Akande who would surely give him but wasn’t part of their clique, “the seven masters”.
All his life, Ledan had only made friends with friends who are chronic drunker. If you can drink alcohol very well, then you’re Ledan’s friend. As a result, he goes to places like beer parlours, brukutu joints and other places where the misfits of the society hibernate. He failed to save money anytime he got his salary, he would always give his wife Imabong 10000 naira to manage for the month while he will spend the remaining 170000 naira remnants of his salary on buying drinks for people and dashing his so-called friends money. It’s after he spends the money finish that is eyes becomes clear and he goes to stay with Imabong at home, the reason why he was at home when she went into labour.
It now dawned on him he had fairweather friends. He had always avoided Akande who was his true friends because he doesn’t drink alcohol and always advising him to attend church with his wife despite the fact that’s he’s a Muslim. He had also avoided his relatives because they were always advised him to stop living his kind of life. Ledan was confused and dejected. Then a call entered and he soliloquy was cut short. The caller was no other person than his best friend and colleague, Akande.
Ledan:Hello (after picking the call)
Akande: Besty of life, bawoni
Ledan: I’m fine oo, what about you and Mrs Akande..
Akande: sorry i couldn’t call to inform you when my wife went into labour wife has been in labour for about 11 hours now and the doctor said the reason is because the baby is facing the wrong place
Ledan: sorry my friend, five miscarriages is already enough, your wife will give birth to a healthy baby this time by God grace.
Akande: insha Allah she will, what about your wife my friend?
Ledan: she also went into labour, but she’s having complications and would need a caesarean section
Akande: subhanalah!… I’m sorry my friend… Its a….
Ledan: *he cut him off so he would be tempted to reveal his need for money* I have to go now my friend, I’ll talk to you later. *he didn’t wait for him to reply before hanging up the call*
After hanging up the call, he smiled to himself. An idea had just crossed his mind while speaking to his friend. He was sad though because he had to betray his best friend who had done him no harm once again. But he reassured himself that the safety of his unborn kids is more necessary than his best friend. “After all a popular Yoruba adage says ‘money is in the mouth of the lion’, I have to put my mouth in the lions mouth to get money to save my wife and kids even if it means sacrificing my best friend”, he opined, “betrayers have been happening from the genesis of the world, Lucifer, the Morning Star betrayed God, even Jesus was betrayed by Judas, so if saints good betray the Supreme Beings, there’s no reason he shouldn’t betray his friend” he thought justifiably, “desperate times requires desperate actions, even God will understand I’m doing this to save three lives”, he concluded.
Akande was forcing himself not to dose. He hasn’t been able to sleep since he brought in Medinat yesterday night, just then he heard cries from the labour room, and almost immediately he ran into the delivery room like someone who had suddenly gone mad in his curious rush to find out what had happen. Alas! The nurse was holding a baby. His joy knew no bounds, he is a father at last. “Congratulations Mr.Akande, your wife just delivered a bouncing baby girl, she’s so……haaaa!”, the nurse couldn’t complete her sentence because the baby had just pissed on the nurse’s mouth. Everyone laughed and it provided a form of comic relief to everyone on the room.
Just then, Akande received a call. “What?”, Akande screamed, “you mean the patrol money was stolen?”, he asked the caller. The phone dropped from his hands and he fainted.

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Episode 4
Life Expectancy
“What?, my mom is awake? Are you sure of what you’re saying?” ,Ledan who was so surprised at the latest news asked back to back questions. “Yes Sir! , she’s awake and demands for your presence immediately”, the nurse replied. “Let’s go please”, he followed after the nurse unable to hold in his curiosity anymore. In no time, they got to Ledan mother’s ward. Lo and behold, Ledan met one of the strangest miracles of the millennium, his mother who has been diagnosed with stroke and slated to die in a week time is sitting up and looks as healthy as ever.
“Leave us!, I want to be alone with my son”, grandma said in a commanding tone. The two nurses in the room gave Ledan a questioning look and he nodded in approval after which they left. “You shouldn’t have done that!”, grandma said in a high pitch voice after the nurses had left, “don’t you know, pride comes before a fall?, your so-called ego led you to an irrational action which will make your unborn son face serious consequences”, grandma remarked leaving Ledan in the valley of confusion as he wondered how grandma came to know all these. “Perhaps she was possessed, or her ghost might be talking”, he thought. “Get a pen!”, grandma said, “I said get a pen and paper now!”, grandma barked the order with much vigor and power than her old age suggests. Ledan looked around and found a pen and a jotter on the table which he took and came back to where grandma was staying. “March 27, 2020!”, grandma said while Ledan was looking at his seemingly possessed mum with a puzzled look. “What are you waiting for?, write it down”, grandma blurted out leaving Ledan with no other option but to act as told. Grandma appearing satisfied continued, September 5, 2023″, which Ledan wrote down without much ado. “February 14, 2025”, grandma finally said Ledan wrote it down in the small jotter. “Those days I called are three evil days your unborn son’s will experience in his life and he could die on any of the three days but he’s bound to die on the third day”, grandma explained as Ledan attempted to protest but grandma had continued before he could utter a word, ” this is the consequence of your ego and wickedness and your unborn son will have to face the waterloo for your crimes”. “He would be called Gift by every one, he would love music dearly”, grandma added leaving Ele to laugh out loud for the first time. Grandma ignored him and continued as if truly possessed, “only one thing could save him, that’s LOVE”. Almost immediately the tears of a baby was heard, simultaneously grandma ceased to breath.
Ledan was numb! He couldn’t believe what was happening around him, he blamed everything on Akande who he believed has always been cynical and pretending, first of all stole his position in office and now his son’s happiness have been stolen by that same man. He vowed to deliver karma himself to the ever condenscending Akande. “What a life expectancy Fate has given my son”, he thought out loud.
Akande couldn’t believe all that was currently happening around him. His joy of becoming a father has been overclouded by the lost of his job. They had gotten 7.25 million from the patrol money, and had kept it in his office because he was the head of the patrol team as the most senior officer. Only he,Ledan and Officer Sani knew the money was kept in his office. Ledan has been with his pregnant wife who has been in labour for hours, and even though, he could bet his life that his best friend will never bring such harm to him. Officer Sani had gone somewhere with another team for patrol, so who on earth could have taken the money, if he put his mind to it, he could catch the culprit, but God had saved him, because a lot of people in the Force have ended up in jail in this kind of situation, but as the honest officer he his, he was only given a sack letter. At least he is now a father, if he were to choose between keeping his job or getting his daughter, he would choose getting a daughter over and over again. “Life doesn’t give us challenges we can’t handle, there are people who have all the riches of this world, but would easily give them up for good health and a child, both of which he currently has, once there’s life there’s hope”, he thought, “All fingers ain’t equal Allhamdulilah for mine”, he said with a deep sigh.

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Episode 5
They are the lack that take your lack away

In your eyes I can still see the look of the one who really loves me
I can still feel the way that you want me
The one who wouldn’t put anything
else in the world above me I can
still see love for me in your eyes

And there ain’t no way
I’m letting’ you go now
and there ain’t no how
I’ll never see that day….
‘Cause I’m keeping you
forever and for always
We will be together all of our days
Wanna wake up every
morning to your sweet face–always
I’m keeping you forever and for always
I’m in your arms”, Ledan finished singing. “Wow!!!, amazing!, my Igala love is the best, Shania Twain is a learner o”, Imabong said ecstatically clapping and marvelling at the way her husband perfectly executed Shania Twain’s song. “Yes o, my igala love,i will also love you forever and always, I keep wondering why you opted to work as a custom officer when you can easily make waves in music, our son will surely take after you”, Imabong remarked elatedly. The last statement made by Imabong changed Ledan’s mood because he made him remembered what his mother said about his son becoming a great musician if love could save him, he also realised that he hasn’t told his wife anything about what grandma said. “My igala love, why the sudden change of mood?, have I said anything wrong?”, she asked looking confused. “No I.D, you haven’t said anything wrong, instead, it was me who did something wrong to you and our boy”, Ledan answered facing down. “You did something wrong?, honestly I’m lost here, you’re acting so strange all of a sudden”, she said looking at her husband in confusingly. “I’ll explain!”, Ledan weakly said.
“Salamaleikun(peace be onto this house””, Alpha Shina greeted, “Waleikun salam(peace be onto you to)”, Akande replied before leading him in to have a seat. “I’m sincerely sorry for not coming to see you my son since your wife went into labour, I wasn’t in the city then, please forgive me my son”, Alpha Shina requested pleadingly. “Its no problem Alpha Shina, at least you’re here now”, Akande said smiling. “Thanks so much for your forgiveness, it means a lot to me”, Alpha Shina remarked, “by the way, where’s Medina and the baby girl?”, Alpha Shina quickly added. “Let me get them for you Sir”, Akande said quickly going inside the room and returning in no time with his wife and the latest addition to their family. “Good afternoon Sir”, Medina greeted with the baby still in her hands, “afternoon!”, Alpha replied, “congrajubilations!”, he quickly added. “Haha, you’re always funny Alpha, congrajubilations in did! Wole Soyonka who do form new words does not have ten heads, thank you very much Alpha, I’m so grateful”, Medina replied kneeling down respectfully. Alpha then began, “Allah is truly great and merciful, after 13 years, she’s really a miracle child, it pays to be patient!”, Alpha explained. “Yes o, Allhamdulilah for our lives, Allah showed us he has never for once left us”, Akande said smiling. “I heard about your work, so what are you doing now? because it’s like you got a new job”, Alpha asked curiously.
“So we should all imbibe the spirit of given”, Alpha Shina concluded. “Thanks so much Alpha, we have learnt lot from this”, Akande remarked. “You’re welcome my son!, that reminds me, i heard your friend the minister’s wife recently delivered on the same day with your wife,am I correct?”, Alpha asked smiling. “Yawaa! the news have already reached you too, of course is the minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria, yes she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and she was named Khadijah right there at the hospital bed”, Akande explained, “what amazes me the most is how God work because I remembered a year ago the minister’s wife wanted to divorce the him with the reason being the minister is impotent, she confided in me and said she did not want to loose in the financial aspect but I made her understand the fact that Nigeria is not America or some other Occidental countries where the issue of Alimony is strictly adhered to, thus, she will not only lose her hubby but loose her economic status”, Akande concluded. “Allhamdulilah!”, Medina and Alpha Shina chorused. “Before I forget, what name do you plan your give to your daughter?”, Alpha Shina asked. “Alpha, we have been fighting over that o for days”, Medina quickly replied given her husband no space to talk, “I wanted to give our daughter Shewa or Ayomide as first name but he opted for LIA”, Medina quickly added feigning anger at her husband. “Hmm, what’s the meaning of Lia Akande?”, Alpha asked. “Lia means bearer of good news, I really love the name and I have my reasons for given such a name”‘ Akande explained. “I also love that name, hmm, you never seem to amaze me Akande”, Alpha said grinning to the dismay of Medina. “What?, you have agreed with him Alpha?, men will always be men”, Medina blurted out feigning annoyance then stood up to go to the kitchen while the two men were laughing hysterically.
“Ledan, I didn’t expect any less from you because that’s how you’ve been treating me since you got married to me, your mates who aren’t even up to you have built houses and rented big shops for their wife but all what you do is give me a measly ten thousand in this kind of economy for all my needs all month long. You don’t even know whether I wear cloth or not, whether I change my undies or not, I have emaciated since i arrived your house, if not for where I came from, I would have left you for another man a long time ago because when you always abandon me, many responsible men have always come to ask me out promising heaven and earth but I rejected them because of my wedding vow to God and you, because of my love for you but all I get from you is maltreatment and now you passed it to my lovely son, may God forgive you and have mercy on you”, Imabong poured out her heart’s content to the surprise of Ledan. What was more surprising is Imabong calling him by his first name for the first time since they married five years ago. He knew he made a big mistake but he did it for the sake of his son. “If I could say sorry a million times, it won’t be enough to say sorry to you but if I could turn back the ends of time, I’ll do the same thing all over again to save my son”, Ledan blurted out facing Imabong who had nothing to say anymore to her estranged husband but to ask him what he intended to name their son. “I want to name him Ithani because he was born in suffering”, Ledan said. “Never!, I said never will my son bear such a name, even though he was predicted to fae the consequences of your cynical actions, that doesn’t warrant such a name”, she remarked, “what’s God’s Gift in your language Ledan?” , Imabong asked. “God’s Gift in Igala means ELE-OJO, Ele means GIFT, OJO means GOD”, Ledan replied so surprised because he didn’t tell his wife the aspect where grandma mentioned his son would be called Gift since he wanted to prove grandma wrong. “Wonderful name!”, Imabong exclaimed smiling for the first time since she needed the conversation with her husband “that will be my son’s name, Ele will be his name, you got any problem with that Ledan?”, she asked facing her husband. “No ma’am”, Ledan sarcastically replied, “Ele.. Ele…Eleojo.”, Ledan recited.

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Episode 6
The harder you work, the luckier you become

16 years later….

Ele narrates…….

“Wow!, what am I seeing? a man with such a big screwdriver s——g such a tiny hole without his hand?, maybe he’s using WiFi!”, I was thinking. “Oh yeah..oh baby.. dig deep..put in more grease, I’m about to cuum”, the lady was moaning weakly. “I’m in trouble! where’s she coming to? Here?”, I asked myself internally. Then and there, I felt a big hand on my shoulders, the fear that gripped me that moment made me pee on my boxers.

“Yes, who are you? Where do you come from?”, the man who seems to be an Olode asked with an angry voice, “so you’re the thief that has been disturbing our neighbourhood huh?”, he rhetorically asked accusingly. I was so scared to answer any of his questions because I was lost in thoughts since I have heard of how Olodes kill and bury people secretly without a trace, I’ve also heard of how they beat their victims with fetish cutlasses and canes who all ended up dead after days. “So this is how I’ll die?” I had started crying, “if only you can let thus cup pass over me Father”, I prayed internally. Two mighty back to back slap jolted me from my reverie, I began to see triple. “So he has used juju to slap me?, oh heaven, here I come!, it is finished!”, I was thinking when the two students whose bedroom actions I’ve been viewing like a movie earlier came out.

“Ele! , so it’s you?” Aunty Lara who was in a towel asked as she instantly recognised me, “Baba, please leave him to me lemme handle him myself”, Aunty Lara quickly added without waiting for me to reply her question. “My daughter, this boy is the thief that has been troubling our area, if I leave him with you, he might injure you and continue his evil deeds, boys like him are the reason while Nigeria is on disarray”, the Olode replied. “Baba, I know him very well, he’s our neighbour son, let me just handle this myself, Aunty Lara requested pleadingly in such a way one would think she was my mother or my sister. “I’ve heard you my daughter”, he finally obliged, “but the next time I catch you like this at this odd hour, you’re a goner”, he said pointing to me after which he pushed me away and went his way.

My unlikely saviour Aunty Lara told her man for the night to go in while she held my hands taking me to my house. She opened the unlocked front door which I hat earlier open while sneaking out. “Mama Ele… Mama Ele o, come out”, She called out my mum who came out in a wrapper completely flabbergasted at what was happening. “Aunty Lara, what is it?. Why are you with Ele, its everything alright, hope he didn’t commit any crime?”, Mummy asked questions after questions as daddy appeared from the room. “Your Ele has reached puberty and needs you people to watch him closely before a rapes all our chickens in the neighbourhood”, Aunty Lara started, “can you believe Ele was caught this night close to my window by an Olode who took him for a thief, but for my intervention, he would have been silenced by the Olode, who didn’t know he came to spy on my uncladness”, Aunty Lara continued, “this isn’t the first time such a thing is happening, I have been noticing a dark face spying on my whenever I’m bathing, or whenever I’m doing my thing at night but I never thought it could be Ele, because he seems so gentle with an innocent face, but for the fact that you’re my good friend Mama Ele, I would have left him for the Olode, this must not repeat itself again!”, Aunty Lara angrily explained to my mum and left banging the door behind her leaving no room for my mother to say a word.

“Ele.. Ele.. Ele ooo..”, mum called in almost a whisper, “you should have told me you needed a wife, I should have find one for you, supposing that Olode killed you, what would have become of me?, you want all my suffering over your head to be in vain”, my mum threw words angrily at me. Mummy located the charger for the rechargeable lamp in our parlour and attempted to beat me before dad who had been watching all along stopped her and volunteered to talk with me alone. “You know you already caused the boy much troubles before he was born, now you want to spoil him”, my mum blurted out leaving me wondering what they were talking about. My dad gave mum a strong look after which mummy left not before saying “if anything happens to my son, I’ll hold you responsible”. Mum and dad had always been at logger heads when it comes to my matter for reasons best known to them.

“Ele, my beloved son”, my father began. “Yes, daddy”, I replied. “Isn’t your first paper tomorrow?”, daddy asked. “Yes, daddy, its tomorrow”, I replied again. “So what were you doing looking at a prostitute instead of reading your book?”, dad asked again. I couldn’t answer instead stared at the floor. “Ele, have you heard of Bill Gates?” Daddy asked. “Yes daddy, he his the richest man in the world”, I replied smiling. “Very good my son”, dad commended me. “What about Femi Otedola, Nnamdi Kanu Adenuga, Wale Adenuga?”, my daddy questioned me. “Yes dad, I’ve heard of them all, they are very rich men in Nigeria dad”, I answered. “Very good my son, all this men weren’t born with a silver spoon, they all had to go through hard times to get to where they are now, Bill Gates wasn’t the best in school, but through hard work, he became the richest man in the world, Femi Otedola, Wale Adenuga all went through hard times to get to where they were, they faced many difficulties but yet overcame them through perseverance”, my dad explained. “Yes dad, I’ve also heard of Jonathan, how he used to trek without shoes to school, I was also told of how Thomas Edison tried over a thousand times before he was able to create a small light in a bulb, he also gave a famous quote, “if I tried something over ten thousand times without success, I have not failed, because I have learned not to do the same thing the same way”
I also heard General Muhammed Buhari contested for presidential elections of Nigeria for four times before winning”, I explained while my father watched in awe. “My beloved son is a child prodigy, dynamite they say come in small quantities, you have said it all my son, there’s no gain without pain, there’s a popularly saying “the harder you work, the luckier you become”, my son, a man without a mission is a man without a vision, have a grand vision and try to enjoy your life in your mission to accomplish your vision”, my daddy explained. “For your hot brain, I commend you, but for your puerile acts, I condemn you, never repeat such a thing again, do you understand me?”, dad asked in a high pitched voice. “Yes dad”, I said in a frightened voice. “That’s my boy! You will surpass the likes of Bill Gates and Femi Odetola If you believe”, my dad said patting me on my back before leaving the room. I locked the door and collapsed on the bed thinking of my surreal night. I thank God for saving my life from the fun spoiler Olode and saving my bombom from mummy’s koboko. It wouldn’t have been nice to be killed a day to the start of my WAEC, people would have blamed it on the innocent witches in my father’s village. In no time, Brother sleep came to kidnap me.

Lia narrates…..

“Please don’t call this line again if you know what’s good for you”, i screamed at the caller for the umpteenth time that day and hanged up. Then and there I decided to drop my phone aside till I ended my WAEC exam. Boys kept on calling, and I still get surprise at how they got my number. The last caller have been after me for four years and despite the many insults and embarrassment, he wouldn’t give up.I’ve changed my number times without number but they still managed to get it, disturbing me with various text messages and calls. No matter how I try to block their numbers, they called and texted with different numbers. Anytime I asked how they got my number, some will tell me they got it from a fairly used phone they bought, some would say, they saw my number on the ground, some others would say they got it from a friends what’s app among varieties of excuses. Sometimes, it is a big crime to be extraordinarily beautiful and it is a big disadvantage especially to those who without proper set goals. I took my book and revised one last time said my prayers before I retired to bed.

Khadijat Narrates…..

ow I wish I had Lia’s brain, I’ll be all confident for tomorrow having no worries. I still don’t understand Lia, despite the fact she’s a brilliant beauty, she still acts so humble. Her humility is so annoying and gets on my nerves always. At least, she’s the best friend one could have!. “Young Miss, your dad wants to see you!”, our houseboy Itoro called out. “I’ll be there in a jiffy”, I replied him. “Okay, Young Miss”, he said. My dad and his problems self, hope he’s not in for another proposal because I want to do this exam myself, I want to show Lia I can pass without my parent’s connect. She had to make her dad under stand that she is now all grown up and can do things herself, its also dangerous to engage in such malpractices and she would personally love to avoid stories that soften the heart and romances the bumbum. Yes Dija, you can do it, she thought raising her hands before going to see her dad

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Episode 7
Hocus pocus

Ele narrates..

“Ele!, Ele oo”, mummy was calling me as she came into my room only to see me engrossed in singing music with headphones on my ears.

Soon and very soon,
I am going to U.S.A

Soon and very soon,
I am going to U.S.A

No more suffering
No more weeping
I am going to U.S.A

Daddy, take there
I wanna go to Washington
Mummy take me there
I wanna go and make dollars

No more black out o
No more N.T.A
All I see is CNN

Just then I felt a big slap on my back. I quickly removed the headphones only to see mum standing with am angry look of a lioness. “Haven’t I told you that that thing might spoil your hear?, I have warned you times without number not to block your ear with that thing, peradventure something happens to me now and I was falling for help, that’s how you would be singing till your mother die ehnn?, is that how you will behave when you get to school when other students will be running when cult guys attack, you will be busy rocking the story beats of hell”, mummy vented her anger on me with words like she had practised it before she came in. “I’m sorry mum, I was arranging my things to get ready for the exam, but I still had to listen to music to brighten my mood”, I explained. “This boy self, I too know is too much for you, by the way, what’s the author and name of the song you were singing?”, mum asked still putting on a serious look. “The title is MY DREAM and your son Ele is the author”, I answered mother smiling feeling on top of Nigeria. “Wow!, that’s my boy, I know my son is destined to be great”, mum started drawing a wide smile from my face, “just that devil used to push him to commit atrocities at time”, she quickly added making my smoke quickly replaced with a frown. “My son, without God, you’re nothing, try to put God first in all you do and everything you require to acquire your desire will come your way”, my mother advised. “Thanks so much mum, I’ll try to put God first in all I do”, I said smiling. “Don’t try!, its a must God must come first in every area of your life, then all other thing will be added unto you”, my mother cautioned with a wild smile on her face. “Thanks so much mum, you’re the best mum the whole wide world!”. “And my son is the number one son on planet earth”, mum declared given me a tight hug. “You will make it my son, you won’t die”, mum said in a seemingly sad voice before leaving me free. “Your food is ready, come outside before it gets cold”, mum said before shutting the door behind her. I am so lucky to have the best mum in the world. “God bless all mothers in the world!”, i prayed.
I walked into my school Gorimapa Comprehensive College with my best friend Franco by 9:15 am, about 45 minutes to the start of my first external exam. I was kinda scared and tense since I haven’t done any external exam before unlike most of my class mates. I should have done NECO and WAEC GCE in SSS2 but my dad refused to pay for my examination fees telling me to wait for he right class before taking it despite the fact i was a brilliant student.

I went into the hall we were to use and got a sit for my self since the invigilators weren’t yet around to arrange us. I took my phone out to listen to a bit of Westlife music to calm my nerves when I saw two girls pass by. The first girl made my heart beat if someone was pounding fufu inside,the moment I saw her, the world around me stood still for a minute before I could get myself again. The strange girl was a rare beauty, a rarity! She was a light skinned girl of average height, oval face, cute mint eyes, perfect eye lashes, moderate blossoms with a well packaged behind. She was every reasonable guy number one girl. Just like a tourist centre, her beauty was the cynosure of all eyes in the hall.

“I bet she’s a private student from another school”, I told my besty Franco who was also captivated by the Angel of Ibadan who just walked in. “Franco, I think I’ve fallen in love at first sight, I really need to talk to this girl, what do I do?”, I asked Franco. “Why you too dey lie like this Ele?, shebi na you still they siddon for chair? You con dey lie say you fall”, Franco said feigning seriousness. “Franco, I swear on my mother’s grave that I love her, please advise me”, I pleadingly asked Franco who has a penchant for making fun of My kind of situation whatever. “If you love somebody walk up to am and tell am you love am, do you remember that song by African China?”, Franco asked me. “Yes, I do”, I answered getting his point. “That’s my point!, I know you’ve always had his phobia for approaching girls, but if you are really Into this one, you have to defeat that phobia now or else someone brave will snatch her from you before you say Jack”, Franco explained to me. Without waiting for him to continue, I beat my chest three times, breath in and out, got up and ended to the side of my crush and the following conversation ensued..

Me: Hello bae
*no answer*
*I started shaking, blaming Franco for pushing me to the Lion’s den”

Me: Helloooo
*no answer*

Me: Good morning did

My crush:morning
Me: *wow she answered, stage one completed*
By the virtue of nomenclature, my name is Ele, how about you?, I said smiling happily at my grammar.

My crush: do you know me from somewhere?

Me: yes, I do, in this hall, as soon as you entered, I fell in love with you.

My crush: you fell? Oh sorry!, I hope you didn’t break your head?, you look fine to me though.. She said smirking her face

Me: wow!, I never knew my future wife could be so funny

My crush: your future wife?, dude, you’re sick!, imaginations are allowed but delusion is a disease, I guess you’ve over read and its seriously affecting you.

Me: no I’ve not ,*maka drop my lines quickly* roses are red, violent are blue, God sent an Angel to me in flesh and blood, I love you know be lie

My crush: you’re one of the wackiest wooers I’ve seen around, go and upgrade dude!

Me: when I first saw you I was SPEECHLESS
My mind instantly became RESTLESS
Just because when I saw you I saw FRESHNESS
As a result a scared dude like me developed BOLDNESS
Just to have the chance to express my mind to you my PRINCESS
Baba God in heaven is my WITNESS
That I want you all for myself is not GREEDINESS
Its because I’ll take your heart like egg, I won’t be CARELESS
Just because you’re to PRICELESS
Please accept my heart my SWEETNESS
And I promise my love for you will never be RECKLESS
All I ask is for you to be my DATE, YES or YES.?, I rapped one of my songs to my amazement

My crush: oh my God, you’re so funny, character dey oooo, my crush who had be laughing all along said..

Me: *unwilling to give up*
Hey Bae,see as my heart they CRY
My heart too DRY
I swear nah be LIE
Your priceless love, I no fit BUY
Even though I dey SHY
Too get mind woo you I swear i TRY
The love I get for you nah the reason WHY
I too love you WALAI
If you nah accept me I go DIE
Will you be my lover?
*then i noticed the whole hall had been thrown into laughter* though embarrassing, I still continued.

My crush: you will die if I don’t love you? Na by force to love? See me see wahala oo. When you get to heaven, tell Jesus to reserve a room for me so when I come to join you in a 100 years time, I’ll get a place to sleep
*the whole hall was thrown to another set of hysterical laughter*

Me: if you won’t accept me yet at least tell me your name, at least give me your name

My Crush: the thing is most guys of nowadays are Hocus Pocus, they are like politicians, they are full of trickery and lies when campaigning for a girl’s heart but, once they make a girl fall helplessly in love they turn their back on them when they get bored and dump her for no reason

Just then, the invigilator came in
Me: since you won’t tell me your name, I’ll call you Queency. It’s you and I till WAEC do us part. I said running to my seat avoiding the eyes of my annoying colleagues.

‘I had just done what even Casanova would never pull through”, I thought knowing fully well that my first paper will be an F9.
Lia narrates…]/color]

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t able to focus on an exam. Th clown who came to woo me earlier before the exam started had disoriented my brain. I dunno why but i just cant seem to forget him,any guys have been coming in more composed and sweeter ways but this guy seems too different. “Lia, what is wrong with you?, why is a total stranger making your heart waver?, he’s not even handsome!”, I thought beating my head before taking up my Essential Economics textbook to prepare for my next paper.

Khadijat narrates

i couldn’t believe myself, I had look at my mirror over twenty times since I came back. I was wondering what was wrong with me. I was a very beautiful girl, many had compared me to Agbani Darego times without number, I had firm and moderate bosoms, moderate bum, I was of average height, i put on imported dresses, perfumes what over 20000, my whole body jeweleries are made of gold, what’s more?, my dad is the minister of culture and tourism, I have everything, so why do boys only approach Lia who isn’t half my type?, why always her?, I made a full of myself today, I thought the dude was looking at me not knowing it was that b—h, I won’t allow her take anything that belongs to me again, never! If I don’t have Ele, nobody would!

Imabong narrates

i paced up and down my bedroom seeming confused. I couldn’t help but cry. Tears flowed freely from my eyes. I couldn’t my son was slated to die at age 21. He could even die next year when the first bad day is slated to occur. “Never!, gone to soon would never be my son’s passion”, I blurted out. I must call the pastor. I picked up my phone and dialed the pastor’s number, then hesitated to send after remembering how my husband Ledan had warned me about divulging the secret to anyone not even to Ele. I remembered how my husband told me of killing the two nurses who were present at grandma’s prophecy without being sure if they have truly eavesdropped or not. I wasn’t going to let her husband’s mistake affect her son’s life, i thought and dialed the pastor’s number.

Me: hello pastor *in a teary voice

Pastor; yes Mrs Love *imabong was known As Love Ledan in church*

Me; I need to see you tomorrow, I have something of utmost important to tell you pastor.

Pastor: okay, I’ll be in church around 9am, you can.come by then.

Me:thanks so much pastor, may God bless you, I’m so grateful

Pastor; glory be to God

Me: Goodnight pastor

Pastor; goodnight Mrs Love
*hangs up*

Just then, my husband worked in. “What’s of utmost importance you want to tell pastor?”, my hubby asked. “Nothing that concerns you”, I replid harshly. Our relationship has not been the same since he revealed grandma’s prophecy to me. “Remember what we discuss 16 years ago, no one must know of me stealing office funds or grandma’s prophecy, I would so anything to keep the secret even it it means killing the one I love the most”,, my husband said threateningly before going to bed leaving me staring at him in rage. “God, why did you give me a monster as a hubby?”, I cried internally.

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Episode 8
Love rain


I hope Dija have not lied to me, I’ve been in the rain for close to hour now without seeing Queency’s break light, worst is I am hydrophobic. I knew this could never be possible. Though Dija had assured me Queency lived in that street and they will pass there that day on their way to write their exams. Just as I was about leaving, a car which I recognised as Dija,s car was approaching, as planned and flag it down. The car came to a halt and both Queency and Dija came out of the back door, while the driver kept on reigning curses on me.

“Ele, what’s wrong with you?, you still stalked me all the way to my street?, you must be really insane!”, Lia barked angrily. “I’m sorry dear, this is the only way I have to prove my love for you, what else do you want me to do to show I really love you?, I’m dying inside the more you reject me, the passion I have for you is killing me slowly, it’s neither infatuation nor obsession, its pure love! all I need you to do is accept my heart, if you doubt my sincerity, we can start from friends!”, I poured out my heart contents crying in the rain though my years wasn’t noticed. “So its that why you stayed in the rain all day thinking this deceptive act will sway me?”, Lia barked out once more. “Lia!, its too much for him babe, just look at the dude, its clear he truly loves you, if not he wouldn’t be doing this with the many babes around, he looks cool and has all you can ever wish in a guy,
I don’t understand why you’re being so obnoxious to him”, Dija quickly came to me rescue. “To see that which is invincible, to see that which is untouchable, to hear that which is inaudible, that’s love, since you came into my life, I’ve felt different, I’ve changed so much, I really can take it anymore”,,
I declared while Queency kept on looking at me. I began singing Westlife..

There’s something in the silence
I never used to feel
There’s something about knowing
That tells you this is real
When you’re close
all I know I don’t want to let you go

Hello my Queency
Tell me where you’ve been
I missed the sound of your voice
I missed the touch of your skin
It’s no secret
I’m Not who I used to be
Anyone can see
You’re the difference in me
Oh the difference
I’m standing at your doorstep
Let me look into your eyes
We could strip away the secrets
Between you and me tonight….

I looked up and saw Queency subbing, my words have touched her, and she couldn’t hold it anymore. “Stage ten completed”, I thought smiling as my eyes became blurry before I drifted into a state of unconscious.


Khadijah narrates
I took the chips and hollandia yoghurt I bought on my way from the hospital. The day had been quite eventful. Lia had missed her paper for that day so had Ele but i didnt due to Lia’s pleas to go and do my exam so she wont fe guilty of two people missing an exam because of her. I wasn’t happy because I really wanted to be with Ele and see his handsome dark face some more. Whats WAEC, I could miss heaven because of Ele! had orchestrated the plan for Ele on how to win Lia’s heart. I didn’t do it because i wanted both of them together, i did it because that’s the only way I could stay close to Ele till i eliminate my rival and have him to myself. It wouldn’t be easy but I’ll go through hell to get what I want. I hope my Ele is okay o. My Ele! Oh Ele, Oh my Ele! I cried.

Ledan narrates

This was the fifth police station Imabong and i were going to, since yesterday evening when Ele didn’t return home. I’ve never been so worried in my life. I was even thinking grandma missed the so-called bad day by a year. A call jolted me from my reverie. “What?”, I screamed so loud that even the Great Wall of China would fall at my scream. “I’ll be there in a jiffy”, I told the caller. “What’s it my husband”, my wife actually called me husband for the first time in 16 years. “Its our son I.D, he’s in a hospital in Mokola”, I replied with a perfect U-turn before zooming off.


Lia narrates

My parents had just left that morning after they did all to make me go home with them, i refused, i had told them the boy was okay but needed rest and she volunteered to look after him promising my parents I would explain later. Dija had also made things easy as she talked to her to make them see reason why i was doing what she was doing.
Looking at Ele dark face up close. I came to realise how handsome he was, I couldn’t imagine a guy doing all he was doing to get me. First he got embarrassed the first day he came to woo me in the exam hall, I’ve also embarrassed continuously anytime he attempted to talk to me, but like most boys, he didn’t get angry or flair up. I knew withing myself I had feelings for Ele since day one but these dudes ain’t loyal mehnn. Just then Ele sniffed before calling out the nick he gave me, “Queency!”, “yes dearie, please don’t stress yourself by talking too much ehn”, “where am I?”, Ele asked. “You’re in an hospital”, I replied, “Ele please don’t talk again, I have something important to tell you”, i quickly added. “Anything Queency, tell me, what’s it?”, he asked keenly. “I have decided to…..”, i paused observing Ele’s expression, “I have decided to give you a try”, i finally said. “What?, wow!, like seriously?, oh I can’t believe this!”, Ele blurted out. “Oh! You don’t believe this?, oh you’re calling your ready made girlfriend a liar abii? Let me take my words back”, I said playfully smirking my face. “No oo, take it front’, Ele remarked playfully. “Lolz, my boo is always funny, I’m sure there won’t be any dull moment with you, I’ve not given my heart to you fully, but just wanna give you a try until you decipher my heart code”, I explained. “Your heart code, what’s your heart code all about?”, Ele asked looking confused. “Boys are like chameleon, they can go to hell and back to get a girl but when they suddenly get that which they want, they become terrorist, that’s why I encrypted my heart with a code for Mr.Right to decipher”, I explained leaving Ele more confused, “don’t worry bae, it would be alright, I know i chose the right one, a super special somebody!” I said calming my Ele mind down. “So Queency my love, when did you start having feelings for me?”, my Ele asked me. “Since the last word time you spoke to me on the first day you woo me my love, and I accepted to be your Date right after your last word before you fainted in the rain”, I told my Ele. “Wow, so na all those girlish shakara u dey do all this time abi?”, he said winking at me, “so what do we call the rain that did the magic”, my Ele quickly added. “Love Rain!”, I answered as we both laughed hysterically. “My Love, as you know, I already have a nice nick name for you in Queency, have you thought of any for me?”, he asked grinning. “Yes my love, I’ll call you ELE BOJE from now on*, she replied smiling sexily at me. “Jesus, Son Of God, chaiiii, so sexy name don finish for this world abii, na Ele boje remain now baaaa?”, my loved asked unable to control is laughter. “Yes o, Ele Boje, Ele Boje Boje”, I winked at him while touching his lips. “My love i have song for you”, my Ele informed me. “Alright boo, let’s listen to it”, I said knowing fully well i won’t be disappointed since my boyfriend is a wonderful local rapper.[/b]

Now that we have signed a PACT
Since you agreed to accept my HEART
Let’s both do our best to fulfill our CONTRACT
Though there will be obstacles to tear us APART
But our love solidity will make sure we never PART
This is nothing but the FACT
Cheating on you, no I CANT
Flirting with girls, no I SHAN’T
Pretense, I won’t do THAT
We re now ONE, ignore MATH
Our love for each other , a confirmed FACT….

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Episode 9
The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Ledan narrates
We got to the hospital in no time, it was the same Group Medical Hospital where Ele was born. Imabong and i rushed to the counter and made enquiries where we were subsequent my directed to room 27. As we were heading to be the specified room, I heard a familiar voice calling me from behind, I turned to look and saw the devil reincarnate himself, Akande. Akande ran to me and hugged me tightly, it was so disgusting, I felt like slapping him then but I had to compose my self. “Akande, you son of a gun!, where have thou been?”, I asked trying hard to fake a smile. “Ledan Ledan, Ledan my long lost friend, I really missed you so much, where have you been?”, the devil himself asked. “I’ve been around, its you that left us without leaving any messages behind”, I countered, “please I’m a hurry, I have to go see my son”, I told Akande who also told me he came to see his daughter. I exchanged contacts with him and we bid each offer bye and headed our way. Akande followed suit and we both arrived at the door of Room 27. “You mean your daughter is also here”, I asked a surprised Akande. “Yes!, maybe fate used this to bring us together”, Akande said smiling. “May God punish that your mouth ten times daily for saying Fate used an hospital to connect me to a devilish entity”, I cursed inwardly while smiling mischievously at Akande. We went inside and a fair complexioned girl of about Ele’s age shouted “daddy” before running to hug Akande, it was so clear that was his daughter because she wasn’t really different from Medina. “How are you my lovely daughter”, Akande asked grinning. “As you can see dad, I’m okay and I’ve called the boy’s parents , they should be here any moment from now”, Akande’s daughter explained. “Which boy?, were you the girl that called me?”, I asked the young girl back to back questions. “Daddy!”, I turned my face to locate the direction of the voice and saw my son Ele. “What is happening here? My son and Akande’s daughter? Fate is a b—h!”, I thought

Ele narrates

If anyone had told me two weeks ago that i would date one of the most pretty and hottest babe in Ibadan, I would have told that person to go for check up. But its up to me now to start doing those things that will keep her with me for life. And the so-called heart code, I’ll decipher


Khadija narrates

I knocked at the gate of Ele’s house. I was already a familiar visitor as I visited frequently since when I first approached Ele to assist him. The gate man who was fairly old came to open the gate, he smiled on seeing him since he knows very well he will receive cash gifts from me and as usual, I put 500 naira in his hands. He was so grateful. His joy knew know bounds as he thought of the hot drinks he will consume that night. I went straight to the door and knocked without getting replies, I then proceeded to the adjacent part of the house to peep through the window to see if I could site someone. As I got to the window, I heard sounds from the backyard, I went to check who it was maybe Ele was there after all. As I got there, I heard that word “kill”, I stopped abruptly. I wanted to run away but on a second thought stayed behind. I then tiptoed and took cover at the wall before the balcony and peeped. To my shock and chagrin I saw Ele’s father. “Yes, I want you to kill someone for me, I’ll pay you handsomely, yes…no…its just a school girl…I want it done before this week runs out, meet me later at that place for her pics and further details..her name is Lia!”, Ele’s dad was saying on phone.I opened my.eyes wild at the mention of Lia, just then I mistakenly hit a metal, before I could regain myself I had let out a slight scream which made Ele’s dad quickly turn and asked “what are you doing there?”, with such a threatening look I’ve never seen before. “I heard everything you said, I already recorded it and if anything happens to me now, the phone has been automatically programmed to send it to my friends”, I tried to be as confident as possible though deep inner fear had made me pee on my pants. “Are you threatening me?”, Ele’s dad asked. “No, we both want the same thing, I don’t know what Lia took from you but she also stole something from me, so we have a common enemy”, I explained my confidence level increasing. “So what do you intend doing”, he asked me again. “I don’t intend killing her because she’s my best friend, I still got some loyalty you know, give me two weeks and if I don’t separate her from your son which I think you want, I’ll poison her myself”, I said confidently. “Two weeks is too long, make it one week”, he protested. “Alright! One week it is!”, I said like a confident she-devil. “Why should I trust you and know you ain’t setting me up?”, Ele’s dad asked suspiciously. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, I said smirking my face because I knew I had something else in my, I’ll use the father to get the son.


Imabong narrates

“Thank you Jesus
Thank you Father
Thank you my Redeemer
Thank you for answering our prayers
In Jesus wonderful name we have prayed”,
Pastor said.
“Amen”, We both chorused.

“Ima my daughter”, pastor called. “Yes pastor”, your case is critical. “Pastor, that’s why im here, please help me”, I pleaded. “Your husband isn’t at fault at all, there’s a popular saying that “without any enemy from within, no enemy from without can succeed”, pastor said throwing me to a state of confusion. “Pastor, please stop talking in parables and make me understand”, I pleaded again. “Your husband is being monitored by a witch in his father’s family, he’s destined to be a great man but a member of his family doesn’t like it and as a result become monitoring spirit making him have a near success syndrome, that is whenever he wants to do something good, they make him become wayward and lukewarm”, pastor explained. “Oh pastor, so that’s the reason I’ve be suffering all these years of marriage?”. I asks rhetorically. “That’s not the problem madam, your husband is about to harm the only person who could save your son, you have to stop it my daughter”, pastor revealed. “Jesus Christ!, I’m doomed! How do I save my son pastor?”, I asked already crying profusely. “All you have to do is embark on seven days dry fasting and prayer and your prayers will surely be answered, I’ll also join you and please stop crying”, pastor pleaded with me. “Pastor, will my son really be saved through that? Will my Ele be saved?”, I asked what doubting pastor just said. “Why do you doubt God?, you were just instructed to fast for seven days and nothing more, why do you prefer an herbalist who would require to buy things, drop amount of money and maybe walk naked at night, why can’t you put your faith in God, Jesus said “of your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you could move mountain”?, so why worry”, pastor blurted out then continued by singing a popular Christian song

“why can’t you just pray
Why worry
Why can’t you just keep trusting in Jesus
Why worry worry worry
Don’t be a doubting Thomas
Just lean upon his promise
Why worry worry

[bI joined pastor in singing[/b]

Don’t be a doubting Thomas, just lean upon his promise why worry


Medinat Narrates

I was walking with Lia on our street at night chatting and having gists about the day in general when a car suddenly stopped beside us, a man came out and spray some kinda powder and we became unconscious. I woke up a forest in the middle of nowhere, I tried to tap Lia, since our mouth was sealed with a tape, and our legs and hands were incapacitated, Lia woke up with a sneeze, there we saw two people, a girl of about Lia’s age and a middle age man both laughing hysterically. Our eyes begged pleadingly, but they only laughed the more. Suddenly, the girl stood up, and dragged my daughter to a hole, and with a smirked face threw my Lia into the abyss,while she laughed out loud continuously like a possessed demon, why I could only muffle sounds helplessly as years streamed down my eyes. The man came to me and said, blame yourselves for your daughter fate as he burst into a seemingly unending laughter. I woke up with a very loud scream waking Akande up. “What’s wrong dear”, my hubby asked. “I had another nightmare about Lia, this one looks so scary and real, we need to see Alpha Sulu tomorrow”, I said still shivering whole my hubby hugged me to calm my nerves.

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Episode 10
God is not a spare tyre!

Ele narrates

My joy knew know bounds when Lia agreed to follow me to church on Sunday as my birthday gift which was coming up tomorrow. I thought initially that she will act numb but she surprised me with the way she blended so well. One would never think she was a Muslim. It was time for praises before the message and Lia was dancing so well like I’ve never seen. Who wouldn’t be proud of such a girlfriend and may God punish any devil who will even nurse the thoughts of destroying our relationship.

congregation singing
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
When at the cross my Savior made me whole
My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day
Heaven came down and glory filled my soul

Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful day
Day I will never forget
When I was wandering in darkness away
Jesus my Savior I met
When Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
When at the cross my Savior made me whole
My sins were washed away
and my night was turned to day
When Heaven came down and glory filled my soul

Oh, what a tender compassionate Friend
He met the need of my heart
The shadows dispelling, with joy I am telling
He made all the darkness depart

When Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
When at the cross my Savior made me whole
My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day
When the Heaven came down and glory filled my soul

singing stops while the service moderator, Bro Godson came forward..

“Church praise the Lord”, shouted the moderator.

“Hallelujah”, the congregation chorused.

“Let every living soul in the house praise the Lord”, shouted the Brother Godson again.

“Hallelujah”, came more shouts from the congregation.

“Ohhhh.. You’re not impressing me, you’re not doing it for me, Brother Godson, neither are you doing it for our pastor, but for God Most High, now if you know you’re in the sanctuary and not in the mortuary, stand up and shout a thunderous hallelujah”, screamed Brother Godson.

“Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!”, the congregation screamed so loud that the evil forest of Sambisa could crash.

“Yes!, you’re blessed!, the Lord is good.”, Brother Godson recited.

“All the time”, the congregation chorused.

“Who did this?”, shouted Brother Godson pumping his fist to the sky.

“Jesus! Power! Oh mby God! Oshe!”, I said along with the congregation especially the youths exclaimed as there were shouts of joy everywhere. Lia was confused. I didn’t blame her since it was her first time here and the slang was used mostly by us the Redeem Christian Church of God youths. I just held her hand tight nodding my head signalling its okay and we smiled at each other.

“Now we have come to the centre point of our being here today, the time to hear the Lord’s words from His servant, all movement should seize from this point as the Lord is about to speak to us and I pray we won’t be hearers alone but doers of His word in Jesus Name!”, Brother Godson recited.

“Amen”, chorused the crowd.

“The man who the Lord is going to use to speak to our hearts this morning is no other person than this very powerful anointed man of God, our very own Pastor Feranmi”, Brother Godson revealed.

There were claps and shouts from the crowd as Pastor Feranmi walked to the pulpit. I loved Pastor Feranmi preachings so much because he loves telling stories a lot to make his preachings more understandable. He could preach for three straight hours without anyone sleeping or wanting him to stop. He was really a man filled with the auction of the Holy Spirit.

“Let’s pray church”, Pastor Feranmi said.

“Father Lord, I have come this day to give your Word to your children. Father Lord, I’m just a small boy who knows nothing, Lord guide me to say only what you have sent me, and grant your children a open heart to be doers and not hearers alone in Jesus mighty name i have prayed”, Pastor Feranmi prayed.

“Amen”, we chorused.

“A long time ago when I was a cops member”, Pastor Feranmi began while I smiled since i knew I’ll hear many interesting stories today because I love gist, “we always fight a lot and snub each other’s greeting most of the times, but whenever we needed something from each other, that’s when we will know we are brothers, that’s when I’ll remember to ask of my neighbours family”, Pastor Feranmi continued, “In the same way, in the Book of Judges in the Bible, the Israelites turned their backs on God a lot times and only remember God when they are attacked by enemies”, Pastor Feranmi added, “this same thing is applicable to us as a church, most people come to church only when they need help from God, especially our youths, who mostly come on order to charge phone”, explained Pastor Feranmi.

“This brings me to the topic of our sermon today, DON’T MAKE GOD A SPARE TYRE”, declared Pastor Feranmi, “what did I say our today’s sermon is” asked Pastor Feranmi.

“Don’t make God a spare tyre”, we responded.

30 minutes later…

I walked out of the church with Lia and Franco. “How was the service today baby mi?”, I asked Lia smiling from all sides of my face.

“It was stupendous! Ele Boje,Mo gbadun ara mi baje baje(I really really enjoyed myself)”, Lia remarked smiling pleasantly.

“I’m glad you love it baby mi, I told you it would be extraordinary”, I said feeling proud of myself

“Franco baddo baddo, how was it?, I saw the way you were looking at my baby’s bum when she was dancing, better no think am, I nah dey joke with my bae o, next time I’ll pluck out your eyes”, I turned to Franco feigning anger.

“Ele Ele, Ele boje, why you go pluck out my eyes?, fruits don finish for world nii?”, the ever sassy Franco asked smirking his face.

“Franco baddo sneh, you sabi whine person nah be small”, I said laughing

“Why I go whine you?, you be grinding engine or radio?”, Franco said making another funny statements

“You’re so funny Franco, you never seize to make me laugh”, Lia would had been laughing for a while said laughing and holding her stomach.

“I’m more funnier!”, I blurted out frowning my face.

“Jealousy!”, Franco said with his tongue out.

“Werin concern me with jell and lux?, I be girl?”, I asked Franco in sweet revenge who wanted to playfully blow me but Lia intervened.

“If you want to touch my Ele Boje, you have to go through me”,she said hugging me tight.

“When, naso abii?, I’ll go and search for my own Lia.”, Franco said sounding defeated.

“Dont forget to take a map”, I mocked Franco who gave me a deadly look why Lia and I laughed out our ass as we departed for home on foot since Franco and i don’t attend the same church with our parents.

Franco narrates
I was sitting in the varendah of Ele’s house waiting for Ele arrival from DSTV”s office where he went to subscribe. Dija came by and asked after Ele and I made her understand Ele wasn’t around.

“Wow, what a fresh fish”, I remarked as she attempted to leave.

“You say what?”, Dija replied given me a deadly look.

“I wasn’t referring to you”, I replied putting my phone on my hear feigning a call.

“Better!”, Dija remarked

“Fresh bottom shaking by force, no respect, sofri sofri” I couldn’t help it but laugh out so loud to the anger of Dija.

“It seems you’re yet to know me, if not, you would have known the stuff I’m made off by now” , Dija said in a threatening way.

“Aiggoo!, I’m scared oo”, I said mocking Dija who by now I’ve gotten d–n angry.

“I’ve been a fool wasting time with this nincompoop!, go and learn how to talk to a lady”, she screamed out loud.[/b]

“You and I will live as one,
Dija and I will live as one
Dija and i
Dija and I will live as one
Our love will last forever…”

I couldn’t believe I sang for Dija, it was rare for me to have fun time with ladies but she just makes me to extraordinary things. No!, I do know its not love, but I’ll love to make her my.best friend.

“This is the first time you would say sth that makes sense o, thumb’s up”, Dija smirked her face in mocking revenge.

“I’ll just let you to today because you’re a girl but i won’t go easy on you next time baby girl”,,I said given a wicked smile.

“Whatever nitwit!, just inform my Ele when he returns that I asked after him”, Dija said buy quickly covered her mouth like something has slipped out.

“Your Ele?”, I asked Dija smirking my face, “imaginations are allowed, but delusion is a malady, you better wake up!”, I added laughing out loud.

“You’re just impossible!”, she said surprising accepting her defeat for the first time before she left.

Is she having something for Ele?, was my thought bit whether she has something for Ele or not, one thing is definitely sure, my heart beats abnormally whenever I sight her.


Medina narrates
After that scary dream which happened for the umpteenth time, I had no other choice but to pay a visit to Alpha Sule. I was sitting in his living room patiently and nervously waiting for his arrival.

“Salamaleikun” Alpha greeted. “Waleikun Salam”, i responded with a smile.

After we exchanged pleasantries, I proceeded to explain all the contents of the dreams I’ve been having. After patiently listening to the dream, he prayed then asked questions before giving a heavy sigh.

“Your daughter will be shine Insha Allah”, Alpha started assuring me, “but there’s one thing you must do”, he quickly added.
“What must I do Alpha Sulu?”, I quickly added impatiently

“You must imbibe the spirit of giving, give to people when necessary, everyone has one or two needs, even a rich man do borrow pen in the bank, the law of given is just natural, you give then you you’ will surely receive, the most powerful countries in the world gives scholarships and in return receives the best brains from Africa, a student gives hardwork and receives good grades in return, a man gives a woman honesty and gets trust in return”, Alpha Sulu explained.

“Hmm,is that all I need to do Alpha”, I asked really surprised

“Yes Alhaja Medinat, learn to give to the needy for they are the lack that take our lack away, and mind you, always give something could not bad else you will receive something bad in return, give most times when it’s inconvenient for you”, Alpha Sulu elucidated.

“I now understand Alpha, thank you so much, I’m really grateful, I’ll do as Allah desires, Allah bless you for me”, I remarked in notable appreciation before I stood up and left feeling a bit lighter and confident now.

Ledan narrates
I was in my favourite Bar at Mokola rocking my favourite Brukutu waiting for Jango to show up because I was not going to let a little girl of my son’s age to control me, I had plan to eliminate Lia and Dija together on Lia’s birthday. I finally got a call from Jango who’s call I have been expecting for close to an hour now. I picked it up full of excitement, but a more masculine voice was on the line and I quickly checked my phone again to make sure it was Jango, yes it was him. “Yes?, who are you?”, I tried to sound brave as many thoughts crossed my mind.

“Mr.Ledan, you’re wearing a purple shirt and a dark trouser with an Italian shoe, if you know what’s good for you, you better look to your left and join crowd of people you see”, the voice said in a commanding tone.

“How dare you tell me what to do?”, i managed to sound brave.

“I’m not telling you, I’m ordering you, stop looking around and go now before I blow your brains out”, he screamed on the phone.

I didn’t think twice before heading out to the said crowd. There and then to my greatest shock, I saw the great Jango’s severed head. I became instantly scared for my life.

“Why didn’t you trust me to take care of things my own way?”, a female voice spoke softly to me from behind.

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Episode 11
Everyone has a secret

Ledan narratesu
I turned around to see the she-devil herself, Dija! “Follow me”, she said in a commanding tone which I did we without question not without taking one last look at the Jango severed head. We got to a nearby uncompleted building.

She tapped her fingers and two hefty guys came out of nowhere and beat me blue and black. After she must have been satisfied, she tapped her finger and they stopped.

“Forgive my manners, I forgot to introduce this two men to you”, she started, “these one is AUTO”, she said pointing to a fair, tall and hefty handsome guy, “and this other guy is MANUAL”, she said giving me her usual wicked smile.

“I just took it easy on you today because I’ve not probably introduced myself to you”she said. Did she say easy after she almost allowed me to die in the hands of senseless bums, what a b—h, I thought.

“No one messes with me, anyone who dares me dares death, I’m sorry for doing this to a man old enough to be my father but I so much believe in power, in power, you have to be extremely generous and at the same time extremely brutal, you have to hold on to power with the kinda of power a rapist use on a woman, only then will you get whatever you want”, she explained smiling once again. I was astonished at her level of knowledge, she’s an evil genius, I thought.

She came close and put her lips on my hears and said in the most sexy voice, “I told you to give me a week, it remains three days, if I don’t break them apart, you can have my head Sir”. She tapped her fingers signalling to Auto and Manual and no one needed to tell me I’ll wake up in an hospital bed.

The next day, Lia and Ele’s birthday….

Franco narrates
I was late for Ele’s and Lia’s birthday which was taking place in Lia’s house since the both family especially Ele wanted it that way. I waved down an Ajumose’s bus after waiting for close to 30 minutes. I quickly board it though I didn’t like it because it was slow for one reason, and also smelly old women who came from farm. I paid the T.fare and told them where was going but the conductor didn’t give me my ticket. That has been the order of the day, they give ticket at random, they gain up to 10,000 per day from not given all the ticket a month. Though they were frequently caught by their superiors.

As I entered and was walking to take a seat, I cited Dija, and was surprised she could take an Ajumose bus when she has a car she always drives around. There was an empty sit at her back and I sat there and decided to whatsapp her.

Whatsapp chat between Dija and i..

Me: hi
Dija: yes?
Me: Good pm
Dija: what do you want?
Me: to confess to you
Dija: what confession?
Me: *got up to see her so focused on her phone like she was taking jamb CBT exam” Hmmmmm
Dija: better type or forget it!
Me: *I saw she was still wearing a curious look * your bombom is bigger than your future!
*she was laughing so loud in the bus *
Dija: you Perverted creep, I’ll block you now!
Me: *yinmu * Okay just wanna tell you a guy named Franco somewhere in an Ajimobi’s bus his thinking of you.
*she suddenly started looking around *
Me: at your back

She saw the ping and quickly looked back before clenching her fist tight, “you! I’ll so kill you today”, she said before a man wearing an I.D card came by and asked me of my ticket. I told him I wasn’t given. He looked back at the conductor and said, “this makes 1700 naira you wanted to steal, your query is already confirmed’, he said while I cursed him and his generations inwardly from spoiling my fun with my Dija.

Lia narrates
I was in the parlour waiting patiently for my Ele Boje my love to come. I’ve gone out so many times at any slight sound of a car but to check if it was Ele Boje but I’ve always been disappointed. Another car horn made leave my sit for the umpteenth time. I opened the door and to my greatest shock and chagrin, it was someone I never expected to see again.

“Bode, what are you doing here?” I said while i ran to him still cleaning my eyes to make sure I saw well.

“Of course yes!”, he gave me that heavenly smile that made do sweep me off my feet’s then. No wonder he was my first love.

“Is this really you Bode or is it your ghost?”, I asks sarcastically.

“Lili my love, cant you see im on plain clothes, there’s no boutique in heaven sweetie”, Bode said with his heavenly smile again making me forget i was even waiting for someone or having my birthday.

I ran to hug Bode who carried me and held on to me so tight that I could see shivers run down my spine. The world around me stopped that minute.

“Bode, please tell me everything that happened, I thought you were dead, where have you been? What have you been up to?, i really cant wait to know”, I asked back to back question in heightened curiosity.

“Lili love, its a long story, let’s get inside first”, he said once again with his heavenly smile.

“Go where?”, I heard a voice screamed out. It was Ele.

“Ele, its not as you’re thinking, My Bode here…”, I mistakenly had a Freudian slip.

“Oh, its now glaring!, I’m now mere “Ele” to you while he’s your Bode”, Ele screamed again for the the first time since ive known him. He never screams.

“You can enjoy you birthday with your sweet and handsome Bode, I’m off, never cross my presence again in your life you cheat!”, my Ele said angrily in a way that shows true pains and left. I ushered a confused Bode in, ordered our mad to serve him while I proceeded to Ele’s house not before collecting Bode’s number with a promise to explain things to him later. The truth is, I don’t want to loose both Ele and Bode. People may call me selfish, but that’s ladies for you, we are just to complex to understand.


Khadijat narrates
I watched the drama between Bode, Ele and my Besty from afar knew. I knew Bode was the perfect person for my plan. Only I know how and why Bode disappeared and returned only now. I knew such a day will come. Dija brought all this upon herself, she stole everything from me, and I’m going to take everything back including her life. What Ele’s dad doesn’t know is the sweetest revenge is killing your enemy slowly and painfully so she won’t die peacefully. Now I have to carry out the last plan. I picked up the phone to call Ele’s dad while I headed to Ele’s house to carry out the last stage of my plan.

Ele narrates[/colour]
After what happened in Queency’s house, I rushed back home in tears. Since Queency came into my life, I’ve turned to a cry baby. I loved her with all I got, why has she done this to me when I gave my all for our relationship. I couldn’t believe my house. The same girl who talked about heart code, who talked about trust and honesty betrayed me! “Or did I see wrong?”, I asked rhetorically laughing in a sarcastic way. Just then I began singing JOE’S song to calm myself down.

You’re not that girl I used to know
You’re a shadow of yourself.
Like a book has left the shelf
I hear the footsteps down the hall
And I know that someday that will be you
Leaving me for good..

As I was still singing, Dija came in and joined me..
She said she saw all that happened and i can’t really blame anyone yet without hearing her out. “Everyone has a secret, even God didn’t reveal to Jesus when His second coming will be, if God had informed mankind the exact date the world will end, the world will be worst off than this because people will do a lot of evil things but would change on the eve of the slated day the world will end so as to enter heaven, so you shouldn’t blame her for keeping such a secret from you, maybe she knew you would react this way”, Dija explained intelligently. There and then, I discovered I made a mistake, I didn’t even bother to find out what went wrong. The guy could have been a stalker. Worst of all I called her all sought of names. I was shedding tears again when Dija came close to me to hug me while I cried on her shoulders. Just then Dija entered and saw us and called out our names.

“Dija, why are you hugging my Ele,?”, she asked angrily before going out in tears slamming the door behind her. Our birthdays has been ruined for sure.


Lia narrates
I couldn’t believe my besty whom I trust the most could betray me for a man. What on earth have I dome to here to deserve such betrayer. Just then, I heard a phone beep in on the plastic table just outside the varenda, I recognised Ele’s phone at once. I decided to checked it out of curiosity. I unlocked the phone since I knew the password he used. What I saw almost made me run mad.

Tears couldn’t stop flowing from my eyes, I picked up my phone to make a call.

“Bode mi, please let’s meet at that restaurant in Ologuneru we went to on our first date”, I requested.

“Please don’t ask me any questions, do you want to go or not?”, I asked angrily.

“Good!”, I remarked trying my best not to cry.

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Episode 12
Things we do for love

Imabong narrates
My husband had gotten worst over the weeks. I couldn’t fathom what was happening. I had three days to go before I complete my fasting and prayers. But yet no answers. Does God exist at all?, I have asked myself repeatedly, I’ve been praying and fasting for years, yet no answers, in less than one year, th purported bad day will commence. Just then I remembered a status I saw on Facebook, “IF NOTHING IS GOING WELL FOR YOU, JUST REMEMBER THE TEACHER STAYS SILENT DURING A TEST”. Yes! This is a test from God and I’ll scale through. Just then I started praying again….

Lord God of Israel, perform a miracle that will win souls to you my God….. That s ame God of Kumuyi, that same God of Moses, Ancient of Days…….

Lia narrates
I got to Jonic Restaurant where I first met Bode. Bode ran to hug me as soon as he saw me. The warmth of his body just sent shivers down my spine. Some men are just naturally seductive. After spending close to two minutes in the sweet embrace of Bode, we finally sat down.

“What would you love to order for?”, Sweet Bode asked me.

“I’ll take what you take my dear”, I replied trying hard to hide my pains.

“I’m a big fan of Guinness and i ain’t sure you will like such Lilly”, Bode remarked.

“Why won’t i, I love what you love and hate what you hate”, I revealed smiling.

Bode smiled and ordered the waiter to bring Guinness who brought it in no time.

I poured out my heart contents to Bode as I drank got drunk, we both order for more drinks, by the time we were through it was night, I couldn’t move so did Bode. We were both staggering to get to Bode’s car, Bode took me to the back seat and laid me on my back. We were both high and hunny, our eyes had turned red. We wanted each other badly. We began to devouring each others lips along with moaning and grunting for several minutes.

“Baby, I want you inside of me badlyyyyyy, I can’t hold it any pleaseeee”, I pleased crying and holding on to his shirt.

“Are you sure you want this Lilly baby?”, Bode asked in the most sexy manly voice I have ever heard.

“Yes!, take me to seventh heaven, I want to see cloud ten”, i requested his shirt.

“Baby, are you sure about this?” Bode asked gently one more time..

“Yes Bode, pleaseeeee, the pressure is getting too much for me”,I pleaded shamefully knowing fully well that my dignity would be taken by someone who really cares about me.

As if and adrenaline just entered Bode”s head, he tore my top into two removed my bra and fling it aside, he ripped my skirt open while still kissing me, just as he was about to take off the last defender of my dignity, a call came in, I took the phone and wanted to switched off, the name ELE BOJE LOVE calling popped up, I quickly caught the call and decided to hang up the call because the last thing I needed now was someone to get on my nerves, just as I was about switching off the phone, a message came in, with curiosity, I decided to read the message and was shock by what I saw, like someone suddenly possessed by a demon, I pushed Bode away and run out to stop a cab.

Ledan narrates
If someone ever told me i would ever be controlled by a 16 years old b—h who is human, I would have recommended such person to Aaro. She even made me commit a crime against my son.

I then remembered how I took my son’s phone outside after which I waited for the right time to send the message through a sim the little b—h gave me.

I was tolerating all this for the moment till I find a way to eliminate that little wrench. As far as I’m concerned, no one can stop me from killing Lia, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a child for a child.

Khadijat narrates
I got home the night of Ele’s birthday, so tired from the days activities, i entered the house easily since the door wasn’t locked, i heard noise from the the masters bedroom, I went closer to find out what was happening, I got near and saw it was dad and mom involve in their usual war of words as usual.

My dad was the a Minister at the Federal level, something many of my mates envied me for, that’s why I decided to stay low key by attending same school with Lia.

I wasn’t enjoying my parents care. Dad was always travelling and whenever he comes, he does nothing but argue with my mom all day. Mom on the other hand was always busy with her business and when she comes home, she either spend time talking to her friends on the latest gist in town or beefing dad. They never care to hear my greatest worries and needs.

All they give me is money. Money is many things but not everything. It has been Lia’s father, Akande who attended my P.T.A meetings, helped me with my assignments while Lia’s mum taught me all I needed to know as a girl. I so hate my parents.

My parents would have divorced a long time ago but both stand to loose greatly from the divorce, it would ruin my father image politically, and my mother will not gain anything financially since Nigeria isn’t America or some other Occidental countries where the principle of Alimony is strictly adhered to.

I hated Lia for taking away my real parents from me and giving me this fake people I call my parents. She also took my spotlight from me, people tend to notice her first before they notice me, I could have forgiven her for those, buy what I couldn’t forgive her for is having the effrontery to snatch my Ele from me.

I was so happy everything was playing according to plan, I had a trump card to defeat Ele’s dad in case the dumb coward tries to betray me. I never intended to betray my best friend like this, but the things we do for love, are extreme. A text message jolted me from my reverie.

I checked to see two messages, one from Manual who had been following Lia and also Auto who has been following Ele. I smiled as I read the text messages. The Heavens is helping me after they have seen how much I truly love Ele, This is perfect she said as she took her phone to call and deliver instructions to her her boys.

“Lia, I’m sorry a strange guy came from nowhere and turned us to enemies overnight, I’ll condition your pity so people will pity your condition by the time I’m through with you, then you will know your best friend could be your worst enemy when you steal what she treasure most”, I said to no one in particular as I picked up my car key and left the house to my shameless parents.

Ele narrates
Dija had stopped me from going after Queency, she had said Queency needed time to calm down since she wouldn’t be herself that moment. I heeded Dija’s advise since she’s her best friend and would understand her more than I who just started dating her over a week ago.

I was so grateful i had someone like Dija has a best friend. She has been helping me since the first day we met and she hasn’t asked anything in return. Friends like her are hard to find and I keep praying God bless her for all the good things she’s done for me.

I had tried Queency’s number times without digits, but still no response and my battery was low. Dad had refused to on the generator that day claiming I disgraced him in front of people, since my matter was now the talk of the neighbourhood. I had to chat with my Queency that night so i decided to sneak out of the house something i haven’t done for a month since I was caught by an Olode.

I successfully sneaked out of the house and got to a small store where we do buy food stuffs down the street. They on their generator everyday from 7pm to God knows when. I met a lot of people charging over there. I greeted them warmly and begged to charge. They said there was no space, I showed them my extension and I was told to charge. I decided to allow it charge instead of pressing it so I could call or chat with my Queency that night. I was in a very sour mood. Just then, i heard them boys who also came to charge singing M.I song…

When we ask our government
when they go give us light
They say na 2010..

i just smiled for the first time in hours remembering all the unfulfilled promises of our leaders. I wasn’t a fan of politics because I believe politics is a game of death and I’m not ready for such deaths.

From 10pm after the store had closed, the people began to leave one by one till I was the last person by some minutes to 11pm, I checked my phone and it was 98%, I decided to wait till 11pm, just then I heard sounds of a police siren coming towards my direction. I wasn’t worried because I felt safe that police were around to patrol the area, little did I know how far I was from right.

The police vehicle approached me and parked beside me and two officers came out with lightening speed.

“What are you doing there?”, the male officer asked.

“I’m charging my phone”, I replied looking scared.

“Why didn’t you charge in your house?”, the woman police officer who came out with the asked.

“There’s no light in my house Ma”, I replied in a trembling voice now realising why the other guys left earlier than me.

“What are you guys still waiting for, this boy is one of the thieves who have been disturbing this neighbourhood, get him into the car”, a very dark pot bellied officer came out of the car and said.

“Sir, please sir in the name of your God begging you, don’t take me with you, I’ll change”, I started uttering rubbish only to be met by two deafening slap from the pot bellied man which shut me up.

I was thrown into the van where I met other boys who had probably been caught too. I know I was in for it as our Police men were good in changing white to black.

We got to M-Division Police Station in Bodija where we were matched to behind the counter. We were called in one by one to write our statements and I was forced to write I was caught in attempts to steal from a shop. We were then asked to call our loved ones, I couldn’t call my parents, i called Franco several times but his number was switched off. I proceeded to called the only person I had in mind who could help me, Queency. But she didn’t pick up my calls. I decided to send her a text message to reveal the trouble I was involved him with sincere pleas not to inform my parents.

I got a reply from Queency about 20 minutes later which goes thus…


Just then, police officers came to throw the rest of us who didn’t have anyone to bail us out into a cell. It was smelling from all form of unpleasant odour. I couldn’t believe I’ll finish my birthday in a cell.
I was more dumbfounded with Queency’s text message. I knew Queency and i had issues but I couldn’t believe Queency could go to the extent of sending me such a message at such a crucial time as this. Once again, i wept. Love Chapter 1 vs 1; Ele Wept.

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Episode 13
Kiss of paradise

Lia narrates
After getting out of Bode’s car, I went to the road to stop a cab going to M-Division Police Station with next to no concern about my torn dress, since my Ele Boje was the priority. My eyes was cleared now and it was as if i never drunk, that’s the power of love. Bode didn’t attempt to come out of the car. Maybe he was too confused to follow me. Lia! Lia!, there and then, I heard a familiar voice calling me. I turned back to sight Dija walking towards me.

“Why is your cloth so turned? Were you robbed? Your parents have been all about your whereabouts since you left, they were even contemplating on going to report you missing but I assured them you were okay” Dija explained enthusiastically

“I’ll explain later, but most importantly, my Ele Boje is in trouble, he was picked up during a police raid of his area, he sent me an SOS message and I have to go and meet him right away since he couldn’t tell his parents as we all know how strict is dad is”, I explained to Dija impatiently

“Like this?”, Dija asked looking confused

“Yes besty, Ele needs me right now, my dressing can come later”, I try to convince Dija.

“Ele is probably still on the counter since it was only a raid, what do you think Ele will say or think if he sees you like this especially as he met you with Bode this afternoon”, Dija remarked and I saw reason in her words.

“What do you suggest I do besty”, I asked sounding confused.

“First let’s go to your house and get you changed, from then we will proceed to the Police Station. It sounded like a nice idea. We got into Dija’s car and headed straight for my house.
We got to my house in 20 minutes only to meet my parents waiting at the parlour looking very worried.

“Lia, where have you been? and why are your clothes thorned?”, Dad asked as he came closer to me, “you are drunk Lia!”, daddy said furiously. I knew i was in for it but I was more concerned of my Ele Boje in the police net.

“Its not what you think Sir, ill explain everything to you later, for now Lia needs to rest, she has gone through a lot”, Dija explained quickly coming to my rescue. She was really my besty indeed. But I was worried of how I’ll manage to meet up with my Ele Boje.

Dija walked me to my room where I changed and she advised me not to anger my parents more and have enough rest, she promised to handle my Ele Boje’s case. I was so happy with the kind of heavenly went besty I have and prayed God give everyone such a besty. I was so tired that it didn’t take me long to drift into the world of dreams.

Ledan narrates
I waited patiently for the Duno to meet me at the arranged location. I had chose to come out at night to meet Duno since I know one of those Dija’s dogs might be watching. So i escaped through the fence. I’ll teach her experience conquers all. Its just a pity she will have to learn it the hard way from hell.

Oncoming footsteps jolted me from my reverie. I quickly hid behind the wall and peeped out to see Duno approaching. Duno was Jango’s second in command. We have known each other for close to 20 years. He had carried out several dirty jobs together alongside Jango without fail.

“Oga, oga.. You dey there?”, Duno asked in whispers.

“No I dey here, no be there”, I answered sarcastically as we both laughed and hugged each other in warm embrace.

“Duno my boy, you bring that package come?”, I asked Duno quickly rushing to business.

“Haha…oga mi..you nah trust yah boy Dunno again?…shey I don disappoint you before nii”, Duno asked back to back questions feigning annoyance before he handed over to me what I had asked him to bring. I opened the nylon to confirm the substance was intact. I shook my head in satisfaction.

“Duno, thank you so much, I feel so ashamed for doubting you, despite knowing you so well for 20 years, you’re definitely the best in this business”, I showered fake praises on Duno.

“Oga…only me…my head oooo”, Duno remarked putting his face down in childish blushing

“Hope say nobody know about this package oo?”, i asked him with enthusiasm

“Oga… U still never trust me?… Na only u and me and the gods know oo”, he replied humorously

“You’re more than a boy to me, you’re my bro”, I said as I approached him to hug him before i took the knife i was hiding and stabbed him several times with as he held on to me in immense pains.

“Why..why,” he asked moaned weakly as I dropped him on the ground and stabbed him one my time as he became unconscious. I didn’t bother to check if he had died because i know even a person loaded with charm won’t survive such.

I quickly burnt my clothes stained with blood and buried it, before changing to the clothes I brought along then proceeded home. As I got to our street, I saw Olodes manning the roads. I hadn’t thought of olodes when I left home and it made me so angry at myself. I looked at the time and it was 1:32am. Where on earth will I tell them I was coming from by this time of the day?, I thought. I wasn’t going to die in the hands of ordinary olodes. I had to think fast.

Suddenly an idea struck me and I smiled to myself. I remembered a Korean movie had seen QUEEN OF SHILLA, General Kim Yushin had devised a strategy of “causing confusion in the East to strike in the West. I remembered I still had the lighter I used to burn my clothes in my bag and a little bit of petrol I took from our generator.

I tiptoed to the bush a the right side of the road and removed my shirt and the jeans I had changed to and lit fire after pouring petrol. God so bless the leaves were dry the fire quickly spread while I quickly run to the right side of the bush before I could be noticed. Just immediately, I saw the olodes running towards that side why one still waited.

I used my singlet to cover my face to prevent recognition as I launched an attack on the olode who was caught unawares. I used is gun to knock him out as I ran home before the others could notice.

Ele narrates
It was almost 8am the following morning. I was so tired and worried of course. looked around and observed that out of over a dozens of cellmates who were brought in yesterday night, only Bobo and I remain.

Bobo was a short light skinned dude seemingly in his mid twenties. He had entertained us all night with breadth taking stories. Even the great Coolval writer Audrey Timms would duff her heart for him. He was now sleeping and snoring. Bobo had come to report his girlfriend who had raped his 17 years younger bro to the police but the girl had bribed the police who took Bobo the complainant into the cell by manipulating the case. Now Bobo who was working for his upkeep and his bro’s had no one to bail him out. He had vowed he won’t give a dime to the police but maybe he would change his mind after he discovers he was the only one remaining. I still thought of Queency’s text message and felt devastated once more. Because of love, I miswaka enter wahala, chaiiii.

I heard footsteps of an officer approaching. I thought someone had come for Bobo since I know no one was coming for me.

“Who’s Ele Ledan?”, the officer asked in a baritone voice.

“I am her Sir”, I answered with a mixture of surprise and excitement. Queency didn’t mean why she said in the text message after all, I has thought. The officer led me to the counter as I followed beside him. When I got to the counter, I raised up my head to see Dija instead of Queency. My disappointment was clearly visible on my face.

“Heeii Ele.. What did they do to you? Hope they didn’t rough handle you?” Dija asked back to back question as she stretched a nylon over to me which I collected.

When I checked the nylon, I saw two ceramic plates and an hollandia milk. I opened the plates to meet my favourite food Tuwo and Egusi with turkey. I was surprised, even Queency was yet to know my favourite food. I didn’t waste time as I devour the food in record time as everyone watched on in amusement. Who could blame me when i haven’t tasted any food since yesterday noon. I was forced into compulsory fasting. I resisted the urge to lick the plate. God knows I wanted more because the food was so delicious.

“Take your belt and sign here”, and officer ordered me pointing to a book. I remembered when we were brought in yesterday night, the officer on duty had asked one of us to spell belt after several failed attempts to spell it himself. My fellow cellmates and i did well to hold in our laughter.

“You’re now free to go, madam has bailed you”, the officer said pointing to after I finished signing.

I was so speechless. I followed Dija outside. As we approached her car I couldn’t help but kept thanking her while she insisted I was embarrassing her with my over gratefulness.

“So where do we go no?”, I asked Dija my saviour.

“To my house, because I have covered up for you with your parents, and for them to believe what I told them you have to freshen up change and get rid of those clothes, what’s more?, there’s lot of egusi in my pot”, she explained with a charming smile as the worms in my stomach danced Shoki for joy.

“What about your parents?”, I asked still concerned.

“They are not around!, they are never around!”, she replied with a kind of emotion I’ve never seen before. I then realised I didn’t even know anything about Diva, just that she has been my regular helper and Queency’s besty. Yet she hasn’t asked anything from me. She’s really a Diva. Diva Dija really saved my a.ss.

“Let’s go then”, I said as she drove off.


Khadijat narrates
I couldn’t believe my dream would soon become a reality. Hard work and determination really pays, I thought.

I flash back to yesterday remembering how I’ve acted on the messages sent by Manual and Auto. I had asked Auto to track the police to the police station where they carried Ele to while I went to Mokola myself to meet Lia but after she told me about Ele’s message, I had to change plans.

After getting to her house and settling issues with her with her parents, I convinced her to sleep. As soon as she slept off, I took her phone to send a messages but I couldn’t remember her password. I had to change the sim to my phone where I sent the most heart broken message to my Ele. I didn’t want to hurt my Ele but it was a sacrifice I had to make for the greater good.

We got to my house in no time and my Ele couldn’t help but marvel over the novelty of my house. I had to urge him to come in since time wasn’t on our side. As we for in, wonders shown all over my Ele’s face like he’s just seen heaven. I urged him to go and freshen up which he did right away.

I got the new cloths I bought for my Ele which he went to change inside the room. After coming out he looked more handsome than ever in the blue polo and and velvet chino with a timberland to match.

“Wow Ele!, you’re a sight to behold, dark beauty! So handsome”, I said in excitement as I ran to hug him. It felt like I had been electrocuted the moment I hugged him, it was so divine. I proceeded to kiss him and oh the kiss was kiss of Paradise. Ele was too shocked too do anything but later push me off him as i came to my senses.

“What’s wrong with you Dija?, what we re doing is wrong please”, Ele protested.

“Ele, I have something to tell you”, I said face down. As Ele were about to reply, four mask men came in and said nobody should move.

“That’s him, kill him!”, one of them said.

“Please……. wh…..y do you wa….n…..t to kill me?, who sent you please”, Ele asked scared out of his wits.

“Queency said to give you this message, ‘i love with passion and I hate with passion’ “, one of them replied as two of them attempted to stab Ele but I blocked it by lying ontop of Ele as the knives stuck into my back.

As they attempted to stab me again, car horn was heard outside making the mask men withdraw. As soon as they left, Ele came to my aid by trying to stop the blood from flowing but there was little he could do. Just then, dad and mum entered and met Ele hands in blood. Daddy rushed at Ele and landed blows on him before calling the police. My vision became blur as I drifted into the world of unconsciousness.

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Episode 14
Dija D Devil Diva

Lia narrates
I was woken up to the constant ringing of my phone. I had to get up reluctantly to pick it up. I checked to see the caller and was surprised to see MUMMY ELE CALLING , I was so surprised because she has never called since she collected my number, I knew something was definitely amiss. I looked at my wristwatch on the side stool and discovered it was almost 11am. Ooooppsss!, I had overslept. Without much ado, I picked up the call.

Me: Hello ma, good morning ma, greeted respectfully

Mummy Ele: Morning my daughter, how are you?, sounds like you’re just waking up.

Me: I’m fine ma, yes ma, I just woke up guess my voice says it all, I said enthusiastically.
Mummy Ele: Have you seen or heard from my son since yesterday?

Me: No ma

Mummy Ele: he didn’t come home yesterday. Dija said he stayed he stayed over at your place when called her yesterday night but neither her number nor my son’s number has gone through since 5am this morning when I started trying it. I’m deeply worried.

Me: I’m sorry ma, I’ll try to call his number then contact you if I get any from or about him.
Mummy Ele: Thank you so much my daughter, may God bless you.
Me: Amen!, its nothing ma.

Mummy Ele: bye for now my daughter, take care of yourself, maybe I’ll give my son to you, will you marry him despite his big head she said laughing for the first time since the conversation began.
Me: hahahaaa mum…m..y
Mummy Ele: By for now my daughter.

Me: bye ma
And she hung up the call. Almost immediately I heard my mom voice banging on my door, asking me to open. I obliged as mom rushed in to jack my night gown.

“How on earth did you get involved in a murder’s case?, what did you do yesterday night?”, my mom ask shedding tears. Some police men are here to take you away, so change up. I stood still without moving still yet to recover from the shock.
“Be fast”, my mom screamed in tears which I obeyed as I changed from my pyjamas to a short blue gown before following my mum out.

We got to the parlour to see daddy in hot argument with the police men who were waiting outside.

“You still haven’t told us why you’re taking her away, why would you from nowhere to accuse my daughter of an unknown crime?”, my dad was taking to no officer in particular.
They didn’t seem to have time for his nagging as they walked me into their waiting van. My dad and mum insisted to come with me as they both hopped into the van with me as it zoomed off.

Ele narrates
I was thrown into another kind of cell different from the one i slept last night about five hours now. A bigger smaller cell but I was how the only prisoner there and I couldn’t fathom why.

I was so surprised to find out Dija was a minister’s daughter and I entered a minister’s house. Everything felt like a dream, everything that has happened in less than 24 hours, from Queency’s hugging a guy to my birthday party being ruined, to being put in the police net back to back. God if only I could escape this kasala.

My mind flashed back to the kiss and hug Dija gave me, how she took the hit for me, all the other help she has rendered that has gone unnoticed by me. I then realised how much I’ve been treating her like a recluse. Dija definitely had a thing for me or she could be doing it for friendship purpose. Dunno what think. I just pray she survive because that’s the only way I could survive. Its a known fact the dead cannot talk. I began to sing flavor’s song, SPECIAL ONE out loud. Who cares? Since I’m all alone here.

They can say what they wanna say
They can do what they wanna do
What we share is supernatural
And its real

In fact its been written from the start,
That you and I would never part
What we share is supernatural
And its true

When you call my name
Ill be there with you
I’ll be your helping hands
I’ll never let you down

Come rain, come sun
My love will still remain
Because I’ve found the special one
Oh yes I’ve found the special one
Its you

The song made my thought drifted to one of the assassin’s message purportedly from Queency, I LOVE WITH PASSION AND I HATE WITH PASSION. I couldn’t still remember anything I did aside walking out on her and her misconception of th scenario where she saw Dija and I. Oluwa will take control, I prayed hopefully.

Just then, a scream of my name jolted me out of my reverie. I didn’t notice I was being called up by two of officers because I had drifted deep into the world of soliloquies.

“You nah dey hear word again, nah small remain, I for don nack you this condo for head, see him big head , nothing dey there, no wonder dem dey accuse you for murder, you better wise up”, a handsome average height police officer vomited his frustration on me as I kept mute.

“Wetin you still dey do for ground abi you dey enjoy this place?, get up and follow me now”, the handsome police officer ordered as I followed him and his colleague to the counter.

On getting to the counter, I met Queency behind the counter too to my greatest surprise. She wanted to say something but i wouldn’t hear any of it as I boned my face like someone who was high on ROM overdose. I looked up and saw Queency’s parent along with mine. We both bend our head down in shame.

“You’re free to go!, the real murders has been caught!, the D.P.O said while Queency and I looked distraught and confused as to what happened. Queency and I were giving our belongings as we left we our different parents who kept malice with each other as our mother’s wept.

I saw as Queency’s dad tried to start up a conversation but my daddy acted like he was seeing a statue. I wouldn’t blame him, which father would be happy with a culprit who attempted to murder his only begotten son.

Queency and i both signed some unnecessary documents, along with our parents before we left for our different home.
Khadijat narrates
I was laughing out loud with Auto in the ICU ward. Our mission was complete. I couldn’t believe such things could work till I put it to practice. When I first suggested using the blood of a pig, Auto, Manual and the rest of the team laughed at me. We successfully carried out the plan after much practice. All Manual did was stab the place I had the nylon of pig’s blood strapped to my back several times and not only Ele but my parents who came unexpectedly were fooled. We already arranged with the police to take special care of Ele and frame some other hoodlums for the case.

I got the doctor to my side by threatening to reveal some illegal abortion case which he did leading to death of victims of which almost no one was aware of. I had ordered him not to allow anyone see me for at least a week to make our little show more convincing.

“Who am I?” I asked standing up arms akimbo.

“Dija D Devil Diva”, Manual and Auto replied with smiles beaming all over their faces.

“Who am i?”, I asked once again in a high pitched voice.

“Dija D Devil Diva”, they chorused in simultaneously.

Satisfied with my deserved praise, “how’s Ledan”, I proceeded to ask about Ele’s dad.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you but something came up, we found a boy almost half dead, he said his name was Duno, he delivered a poison called Arsenic to Ledan while Ledan attempted to kill him but didn’t succeed because he thought Duno would not survive the stabbing”, Auto explained.

“What the Hades?”, I remarked in immense anger, “you knew of such an important issue all this while but didn’t tell me”, I said looking at both who were both face down.

“We are sorry ma”, they both said simultaneously.

“Sorry won’t solve the issue, must I dictate everything for you?”, you guys should try to use your brains for once”, I remarked angrily while they both stayed silent.

“Lia and her family is in danger!, I won’t kill my besty for a guy, I want her to be alive to see how I’ll take what rightfully belongs to me, that’s true victory”, I said.

“Yes ma’am”, they replied.

“Here’s what you will do!”, I said as they they came closer to take the instruction.

“Wow!, what a stupendous idea ma’am”, you’re so full of surprises, education is not the true test of knowledge, you’re a true novelty, a rarity indeed”, Auto said on reaction to my novel idea.

“Enough of the praises, hurry up and save Lia and her family please”, I ordered as they left in haste.

Ledan narrates
I waited for Akande house girl to meet me at the planned location an uncompleted building close to the place I had met deceased Duno days ago.

She was a brown skinned 19 years old girl who was a beauty to behold. She had come to work for the Akande late last year in order to make enough money to further her education. I had a hard time convincing her so i had to hold her bro hostage who was her only surviving family member before she could succumb to my biddings. I sighted Rhoda from afar, in no time she got to where I was.

“Good evening sir, please is my brother okay?”, she asked in a concerned voice coupled with a worried look.

“He will be alright as long as you do as you’re told, either your bro die or they die”, I replied her threateningly.

“I’ve done what you asked me Sir, I’ve poisoned their food, please don’t hurt my brother, he’s all I got, you can hurt me instead”, she replies pleadingly.

I figured out it was time to carry the next part of my plan, something I had fantasized about for a while.

“Hope no one knows of this thing you’re doing?”, I asked in a commanding tone.

“No sir, I swear to God, only you and i know”, Rhoda replied.

“Come here Rhoda”, I requested as she naively came closer. I dragged her roughly to a corner of the room in the uncompleted building, pushed her to the floor, and had forceful canal knowledge of her as she pleaded and struggled to no avail since she was no match for me in strength. After I had satisfied my lustful pleasure I gave her Rohypnol so she would forget everything that happened.

Lia narrates
Mom served us the food Rhoda had cook in the morning after she had warmed it. We sat down around the dining table staring at our food each of us unable to look at each others eyes.

“Let’s eat!”, dad finally broke the silence for the first time since we left the station this morning.

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Episode 15
Friendship is another word for love!

Lia narrates
We were about to eat when five masked men burst into our dining room aiming guns at us. We parents and I stated at each other in utter confusion and fear.

“Get down”, one of the mask men ordered as we still stood still in confusion.

“Are you deaf?, get down or I’ll blow your brains off!”, the mask man who had earlier spoken barked out again. Without much ado, we dropped to our knees visibly shaken as our eyes pleaded for our lives.

They proceeded to the parlour and carted away our electronics while disorganising the house as I urinated on my panties out of fear. They turned the dining tables and chairs upside down before leaving while pointing guns at us. Everything happened like a dream. That I was alive with my family was a miracle or that I wasn’t raped was something I was grateful to Allah for.

About 20 minutes later the house was full with dozens of neighbours who had heard the gunshots were around along with the police who kept on asking annoying questions. One of the police got me so angry when he asked if I had not purposely brought the robbers in to buttress my innocence in the previous murder case. Another police man asked me if i knew how the thieves passed through the dogs without them barking. He was right in a way because it was surprising our two trained dogs didn’t bark which is quite since they do bark even if a rat pass by talk less of humans. My daddy had got angry and ask him to go back to Police Academy.

7:38 am Akande’s house

“Daddy! mummy! come out and see, the dogs are dead”, I cried out.

“My daughter, kilode phaa?, what is it omo mi?”, mother rushed out together with my dad.

“Ricky and Rocky is dead dad, they are dead”, I disclosed to them sobbing. Their mood also turned sour instantly since Ricky and Rocky were nice dogs and great companions but now they were gone to soon.

“Wait! What’s that?”, dad asked no one in particular as he got closer to Rocky, one of the dogs. “Is this not blood?”, dad asked again.

“Yes, it is dad!”, I replied still sobbing and surprised at the same time since I’ve not seen the blood earlier.

“What did you give them to eat?”, my dad asked.

“The rice we were to eat in the afternoon”, I replied getting scared as I thought we were all having the same thoughts but hid it in our minds.
In less than 30 minutes, a Vet Doctor we had called came to exam the dogs’ corpses.

“The dogs were poisoned”, he said after checking up the dogs.

“Poison?”, my parents and I exclaimed simultaneously as what we all had in mind was now reality.

“Suhanalah!, so you
mean the rice was poisoned?”, my dad asked the Vet Doctor.

“Yes Sir, it was poisoned with one of the most dangerous poison in the world known as Arsenic”, the Vet Doctor explained, “The poison was highly concentrated in the rice”, he added as we all stared onto space overwhelmed by the spur of the moment.

We all went back inside after the Vet Doc and the police men left unable to talk to each other. Though the police left two of their men to guard the house after the Dija’s dad, Minister’s order to do so. We were all hungry but could not eat as per instructions from the police men and Vet Doc not to eat anything at home for now. I couldn’t sleep alone either as I followed my dad and mum to sleep there. Mum and dad were also visibly afraid, even the police men outside couldn’t keep our fears away, but there was nothing we could do but keep on depending on Allah who saved a family of three today.

I thought about all that has happened both yesterday and today, it started from Bode’s mysterious appearance, Ele’s arrest, someone framing me for murder, attempt to poison my family by Rhoda, the armed robbers who attacked us. All this was certainly not a coincidence. For Rhoda to have the effrontery to attempt to poison us despite all we had done for her, it must mean the enemy is close. There’s a popular saying that “without an enemy from within, no enemy from without can succeed”. To me, the enemy has eaten more than he or she can chew. The enemy will meet his or her waterloo soon Insha Allah. In the midst of my distant thoughts, I drifted into a sound sleep lying in the middle of our parents.

Imabong narrates
I was walking to meet my husband in the living room as my thoughts traveled wide, my mind hasn’t been at rest these days. Are this things happening recently the symptoms of the bad days coming or not?. No one seems to care about he answer. My husband has showed a nonchalant attitude towards the issues and he has warned me seriously against telling anyone even our son Ele. Though pastor keeps encouraging me but I’m still scared for my son, only mothers would understand me well enough.

“Good afternoon Sir”, I greeted my husband who was laughing as something he was reading in the news paper was amusing.

“I.D, afternoon, this one you came to see me in the parlour this afternoon, hope there is not problem o or have God gone on strike?”, he asked sarcastically.

“Don’t say that kind of thing against God my dear, in order to avoid God’s wrath”, I cautioned my husband.

“You’re so funny, I’m better that most people who go to church only because its a ritual but do the opposite of what they hear, even pastors now do not practice what they preach, if God wants to punish us on the judgement days, you fake Christians will stay inside the fire while we Tradochristains will stay around the fire because we’re far better than you frauds”, my hubby mockingly disclaim the Christians.

“May God forgive you and have mercy on you”, I prayed as my naive husband laughed hysterically.

“Anyway I came for something very important dear”, I quickly said interrupting his laughter.

“Yes, I guess so, what’s it I.D?”, my husband ask quickly switching to a serious mood to my satisfaction.

“Its about our son Ele”, I revealed a I watched his expression.

“Yes, what about him?”, I asked, me curiously to my satisfaction.

“Today is March 27, 2019”, I replied.

“What’s wrong with it”, he asked to my annoyance.

“How can you forget something so important, in a year’s time, the first bad day grandma predicted will occur”, I reminded him getting angered.

“So what do you want me to do?, why can’t you wait for that day to come huh?”, he asked fuming in anger.

“You mean we should wait for something dangerous to happen to our son before without doing something about it?, I asked in complimentary anger , “what’s the danger in seeking spiritual solutions since the problem itself is spiritual? What’s the big deal in informing Ele after all he isn’t a kid anymore, haven’t you the recent happenings around him?, why are you so nonchalant about this issue?”, I tried to talk sense into my hubby’s head.

“Woman!, are you shouting on me now?,” he asked getting close to me, “are you the only one that cares about Ele?, what’s the problem with you women self?, a possessed woman uttered strange things and you’re taking it far, I just hope you haven’t start meeting people and uttering rubbish or else you will have yourself to blame*, he said vomiting every harsh word he could from his mouth before walking out of the living room as I stared at his retreating figure in extreme despair.[/b]

I flashed back to the time before Ledan married me, he had been posted to serve in my Akwa Ibom, where he lived close to us seen me then. I had ignored him several times but as the desperate and smart young guy my husband was, he became friends with my father by regularly washing his car and cleaning his shoes whole bringing palm wine and collar for my dad at night. My father loved him so dearly that he couldn’t do without having him around when he’s at home. One thing led to another and I had to leave my rich and handsome suitors who came for me for a young cops member with a legion marks. My husband was the perfect gentle man then, he would sweep my compounds, provide for my siblings every needs, and even wash my undies.

Back to the present, by husband has become an Adolf Hitler in every sense of the man. I never knew the manner of man he was then. I’ll do all my possible best to protect my Ele. God so help me.

Khadijat narrates
I was thinking so hard of what to do. Having being released from the hospital about a week ago, I thought everything was almost settled until dad called me one afternoon and told me I was grounded for a month. The reason was because he had found out about all my misdemeanors after ordering a secret investigation, being my daddy, he had silently close the case in order not to affect his bid to become the State’s Governor next year. My phone was seized from me while I was locked in my room with guards all over the house as I was told to reflect on my self.

I hadn’t had contact with Ele nor my boys for a week now. I had to do something fast before Lia gets to meet with Ele. Then I thought of a plan. I waited till the maid came to serve breakfast. I convince her to help me distract the guards as I will pay her triple her salary for the next three months. She reluctantly accepted.

Our maid called the guards together and told them oga had sent them a special meal, they all gathered in the living room to collect their token while I used that opportunity to escape, thankfully the gateman wasn’t at the gate as I opened the gate and walked down the street before stopping a motorcycle on the road.

I arrived Ele’s house but couldn’t go in. I tipped the gateman who was my partner in crime #2000 as he went in to get Ele for me. Ele came out in no time. He appeared relieved to see me as he hugged me so tight.

“Ouch, do you want to kill me?”, I asked feigning pains.

“I’m sorry Dija , I almost forgot you got stabbed dear”, he said with a seemingly pleading face.

“Its alright, we don’t have much time, lets get a cab to Makoni restaurant in Ologuneru”, I said as Ele looked at me in confusion.

“Why?, what for?”, he asked back to back questions in confusion.

“Pleaseeeeeeee nah, let’s get there first”, i pleaded like a desperado.

“Okay, if you say so”, he finally succumbed to my pleas as we stopped a taxi as we zoomed of to our destination.
20 minutes later

We sat down looking at ourselves eating gently and slowly without saying anything to each other.

“Ele!”, I called out finally breaking the silence.

“Yes”, he answered expectantly

“From the first day I saw you in the exam hall, I fell at first sight, that you didn’t have eyes for me hurt so bad, that you went for my friend who was so harsh to you hurt more, that you eventually started dating her hurt the most, but I decided to hold my feelings in in other to prevent many troubles, and I vowed I’ll do everything to make you happy to protect you, but I can no longer hold it in, I love you Ele, I love you with so so so so much with a passion stronger than any feeling ever existed, I love you without reserve, my love for you is beyond even any supernatural imaginations, yea, that’s how much I love you, beyond words expression, and that’s why I want you to be my lover, Ele will you be my lover?”, I said kneeling down in the middle of Makoni restaurant to everyone’s surprise including myself since I haven’t kneeled to anyone before not even my parents.

Ele stood up in extreme shock. I was so sure he was flabbergasted by my action but, I’ve gone so low before now just to get him, so this one was nothing to me.

“Yes.. Yes…yes..yes”, the small crowd in the restaurant chorus for Ele to accept as some others did the Nigerian thing by taken shots like paparazzis.

“Man, I wish I was as lucky as you when I was younger”, a middle aged man told Ele patting him his back.

“Yes.. I’ll be your lover…yes yes”, my new boyfriend said while hugging me simultaneously in an almost teary voice as the small audience around us clapped and took shots.

You’re the treasure that I seek
You were close to and I did not know,
The love that I seek for many years was right beside me but I could not see….

My Ele was singing in his characteristic manner as he walked me out of the restaurant.

“My sunshine”, I called my Ele

“Nkemo”, Ele called me making me blush, “what do we tell Lia?”, Ele asked in a worried tone as I frowned which he understood and quickly dropped the topic. Ele was right though, i haven’t thought of what what tell Lia, but i know ill find something to say. All I needed to do now was enjoy this glorious moment in my life history with my sunshine.
I got home 2 hours later after Ele accepted me. I decided to walk straight into my house because the worst my dad could do was to scold me. I walked into the parlour to see my daddy pacing around why the guards were bent face down.

“where are you coming from? What’s this?, why are you bent on disgracing me?”, my dad asked pointing to his phone showing me a video of me on YouTube asking Ele out.

“I was acting a movie dad”, my chat brain quickly came to the rescue.

“Really?, why didn’t you tell me before?”, my dad asked, “this will be good for my election next year if you become a movie child star”, he quickly added smiling. Of course he would, he always cared about his own self alone. I’ll make sure I do everything in my powers to make sure he loose the election next year, I thought to myself.

“I wanted to tell you but you turned deaf ears to whatever I wanted to say”, I explained.

“You’re now free my dear daughter, you’re no longer grounded, make sure you do well in the movie and make dad proud.


In the evening of that same day, I got a message from Lia asking to meet in a store outside my house. I got prepared and went immediately to the supposed store.

“Good evening besty”, Lia greeted

“Evening dear, how have you been?”. I cordially replied.

“I’ve been good compared to you who got injured while trying to save Ele and was also grounded for two weeks”, Li’s revealed as I gave a fake blush, “Ele told me of you guys this afternoon when he we sent me a break up message”, she quickly added without allowing me reply.

“I’m sorry besty, I has feelings for Ele from day one but I kept it to myself knowing you also liked him him but I couldn’t hold it in any longer”, I tried to explain to Lia sobbing.

“I understand besty but I won’t give up on Ele neither will I give up on you”, she said confidently stunning me with her words. I must confess I was a little shaking.

“But why would you still want to be my best friend after all I’ve done to you?”, I asked her expertly avoiding bringing up Ele again.

“Because friendship is the same as love, in fact friendship is another word for love, just as true love is scarce, true friendship is also scarce, but I have a true friend in you”, Lia explained bringing tears to my eyes as i gave her a sincere hug. She was just too perfect and angelic, the more reason why I loathe her so.

Ele narrates
I was sitting in our parlour watching a Korean movie with Franco when a message came in. It reads;


I wept but it was to late to mend. How I wish I had at least given her a listening ear.

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Episode 16 Make hay why the sun shines

One year later…

Ele narrates[/color
March 20, 2020.
A week to the bad day.

[/b]Me: Yes oooo, greet Sophia my wife for me ooo

Promzy: maka hear, what of Queency?, playboy like you.

Me: Queency won’t know naaa,even your boo get boo……

Promzy: *laughs* na u sabi..bye bye jooor

Me: bye too..abeg greet my second love Debby for me ooo

*Casanova,* i heard Sophia’s voice over the speaker..

Promzy: sey u don hear your sweets so, you be modern day Casanova, bye jaweew
*she hangs up*

Haahahaa…I thought of Promzy, she was such a sweet and sexy girl, but as the Casanova i have become since I entered school, I’m not the right guy for her because I’ll only play with such an innocent girl’s heart. I have called Norah, Damariz, Ronke, Tolu, Dami, yemi and about a dozen other girls.

I was cruising on MTN free call cheat, I lied to most girls that my dad was a business mogul and I didn’t even have to check my account balance since money flow in every week. They had actually believe my lies. Franco was the only guy I had called so far, I didn’t want to call my Diva, Dija now, I had called my room wifey Sophia Chinaza, i had called my Personal Person Sofia Elvis, i thought of who to call between my three cool palz, Besty my best friend in coolval chatroom, Adeshewa my one and only cutie noona, or Shewa herself my female Besty.

Just when I wanted to decide on who to call i heard a knock on the door. I went to get the door as Dija came in.

“Hehe, think of the devil!”, I exclaimed making Dija fake a frown.

“Can I come in now?”, she said smirking her face.

“Yes, who am I to stop Her Grace from coming in” , I said in a flattering manner.

“Haaaaaaaaa… You will never seize to surprise me my sunshine”, she remarked laughing.

“I was born to surprise you and make you happy Nkemo while you were born to be my soul mate”, I explained smiling wildly as she walked in and sat on a chair in my room.

I was living in a one room self contained apartment in Okeodo, Tanke in Ilorin. Dija, Queency and I all got admitted two months ago to the prestigious University of Ilorin. While I was given sociology to study instead of the course I chose, accounting, Dija got her desired course to study Common Law while Queency on the other hand got admitted to study Medicine.

“Sunshine, what have you been up to?”, Dija asked as she got sited on a plastic chair in my room.

“Nothing much Nkemo, just chilling around”, I replied smiling sheepishly.

“But I’ve been trying your number and it was busy all through, hope you’re not dealing with those your call cheats again oo?”, she asked tickling me.

“Nooooooo Nkemo”, i shrugged on the bed because the tickle was quite ticklish. Dija sensed this and came closer tickling under my armpit as I kept laughing and pleasing with her to stop.

“When will you stop acting like JJC my love?, this is what evey young lover is doing nowadays”, she tried to make me reason with her as I put my head down feeling shy and scared.

“Its not my fault Nkemo, I’m just so scared of the later end of our to-be acts”, I tried to make her reason with me.

“Hahahaaahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha”, she laughed out loud, “you’re suffering from atavistic thinking baby boy, things don change, I brought a condom with me even without that, even without condom, there’s the withdrawal method where you withdraw your weapon before you release your white bullets, there’s also emergency pills which I could easily get in any store and take after strafing, what’s more, I could take pills too, so chilax baby and let’s do the needful”, Dija expertly explained making me wonder if she was really a virgin as she claimed.

“I understand you, I’ve even read about the withdrawal method in one of Onihazy’s story and also Snakie’s story, but you know I’m still a wannabe when it comes to strafing, I may be overwhelmed by the excitement of the occasion and shoot my bullets into you, what about the spiritual complications? since two bloods will be joined together”, I countered Dija.

“Hahahahaa…you never seize to make me laugh, see as you dey act like Teletubby and you go dey form Casanova for Coolval Chatroom”, she remarked, “come here joor”, she requested as she drew closer to me putting her hands around my neck saying while she placed her mouth on my ear whispering sweet sounds to my ear which sent sensations all over my body. Before I knew it, I had a bulge and was shaking like someone about to be slaughtered by ritual killers.

Before i knew what was happening, I started kissing Dija, and I must admit, it was out of this world, I took my right hand to unbutton her blouse as her already hard bobby struggled out. Mehnnn , Dija’s bobby was so big ehnnn, I couldn’t help but attack the Bobby with my hand as Dija moaned. My shaking as stopped, my eyes shown with desperation to do what I’ve been fantasising about for years. She looked more beautiful unclad and irresistible. Mehnn, nah only if the world end right now I no go staff this babe.

“Ele mi, I need you inside of me, you’re the right person to take my essence as a lady away, staff me like there’s no tomorrow”, she begged pleadingly.

“Are you sure baby?”, I asked pretending as if I didn’t want it.

“Now please!, I want you inside of me now!”, she said with the sexiest voice I’ve ever had.

Bang! Bang! Bang!, we heard the door sounding just as I was about to lunch my bolt. We refuse to answer and wanted to proceed. Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!, we heard again. O God, dat person whether born of woman or spirit go jam trailer die for destroying the most beautiful moment of my life, I cursed inwardly with anger. Dija and I quickly dressed up as I went to check the door in a Jack Bauer mood ready to beat demons out of that person. I got to the door and was surprised to see Aarti my number one crush in Unilorin who has been forming popularity for me. My Jack Bauer spirit quickly left me as I smiled.

“Good afternoon Sir”, Aarti greeted as I watched in awe as the ever pompous Aarti called me “Sir”.

“Afternoon ma’am”, I replied in accordance, “Bro, sis, ditto”, I greeted the two people she came with as they replied accordingly.

“We are from Salvation Believers Church and we came here to invite you to the Easter programme titled EASTER FIESTA coming up next week, the 27th of March, 2020 at Kano National Park, there will be free transportation to and fro for the first 100 people who put their name down willing to go”, she explained expertly.

“That will be hard o, you know the situation in the Northern Nigeria is so bad”…….”we will go, put our names down now before its too late”, Dija quickly cut me off.

“But Dija?”, I tried to make her reason with me but she was adamant as she put down both our details with Aarti who was quite happy with they development.

“But baby, why did you do that?, you know I hate travelling, and Kano is a scary place to be especially in festive periods like this with the men of Sambisa village roaming around looking for who to devour”, I tried to make Dija understand but she remained adamant. Since we started dating about one year ago, she has emasculated me, everything she says is always right and final, what’s most annoying is she never makes mistakes.

“Okay baby”, I reluctantly accepted.

“That’s my sunshine”, she said smiling sheepishly as she ran to hug me. A hug that immediately formatted all the complains I had about her. Maybe she was really a goddess. But I don’t know why I feel so uncomfortable about this trip.

Ledan narrates
I was watching a movie on Africa Magic when my wife came in.

“My igala love, good evening!”, She greeted to my surprise because that was the first time in 16 years she called me that.

“Yes I.D, good evening, hope no problem because I know you don’t like watching movies”, I said after replying my wife’s greetings.

“Yes, there’s is! today is May 20, 2020”, she replied.

“So?”, I remarked.

“Its exactly one week to the First Bad Day grandma predicted, don’t you think we should tell our son now before its too late, it is better to make hay while the sun shine”, she explained.

“That’s the problem with women, they never listen, I’ve told you times without number to forget what a possessed woman said, let this be the last time I hear of this matter or you will face the broth”, I ordered in a fierce voice throwing Imabong aback.

“Okay, I’ve heard you my husband, but I know my God will fight for me”, she declared and left.

What Imabong didn’t know is I was more scared than her for our son’s life. He was my only pride and Joy. But there’s a popular addict that says “what you don’t know won’t kill you, its what you know that kills you”, I’m sire grandma was possessed when she said those things. That’s why I warned Imabong not to create problems that never existed.

Lia narrates
“EASTER FIESTA”, Lia reads out a post.

After reading the details, I decided I’ll attend at least go over there and jolly away the pains of loosing Ele to my besty for the past one year.

“Kano, here I come”, I let out a slight scream.[/b]

my fellow followers, what do you think will happen on the first bad day?


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Episode 17 Ritualist Den of Congo

March 27, 2020.

Ele narrates
We arrived at Kano National Park Hotel yesterday night and I must confess, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The food, the hospitality, the hotel conditions and what have you were just wow! I was in Paradise on earth. Dija and I had a great time together but we couldn’t do much of our usual smooching because we slept in the same room with the remaining 98 members whom the church paid for an all expense trip to Kano. I was indeed lucky. The journey I had feared about was very smooth with no dull moments as th clowns among us wanted to smash our ribs with of unearthly jokes. Dija made the right choice after all. Since she came into my life, everything as been so perfect that I sometimes wonder if she’s a goddess reincarnate.

Kano National park was anything beyond the most intelligent humans imaginations. If someone had described Kano National Park the way I was seeing it now, I would have told such a person to go for check up ASAP. The wildlife, the archaic rocks, the beautiful landscape, fauna and flora, and the likes were just a cynosure to behold. I bet even Yankari National Park in Bauchi wouldn’t be up to this. Who says Nigeria cannot be a world centre of tourism?. If it is well broadcast to the world, it would become as popular as some of the best National Parks in the world such as Serengeti and Yosemite National Parks. The sounding of my phone message tone jolted me from my reverie. It was a message from my mom which surprised me though because she only called always. I didn’t tell her I came to Kano because she would never have allowed me and I felt so bad about lying to her but I couldn’t disappoint Dija either. I opened the message to read what mum sent. It reads:

Good morning my son,
I saw this message on Facebook and decided to bless you with it
AYO is JOY in Yoruba This prayer of AYO is for you today. Every endeavour of yours will surely DAYO. When you go out you will RAYO. When you come in you will KAYODE. Every place u go u shall BAYO. When people visit you they will MAYOWA. You and your friends in school will continue to SHAYO. Everyday of your life you will LAYO. God will make everything that concerns you to DAYO and its gonna be TITILAYO for you by the grace of God Almighty.
Do a have AYOFUL day and be careful in all you engage in today.
Mum loves Ele.

I was moved to tears, I began to regret not telling her about my trip to Kano, but I was sirei everything would be fine.

“Ele!!!”, I heard a voice screamed my name in front of me. It was no other person than Diva herself, “what are you thinking about?”, I’ve been calling your name for about a minute now but you were so carried away”, she frowned.

“I’m sorry Nkemo, I was so carried away by the resplendent beauty of this tourist centre that I got so engrossed to notice the presence of Her Grace herself”, I replied flattering her as she gave me a soft pat on my chest.

“Sunshine, let’s go over there, there’s a dance competition, I would love to partake in it, come and watch your Nkemo have a flawless victory”, she said smiling confidently while pointing to the place the dance was taking place. Without further ado, I followed my Nkemo to the place as we held hands like the perfect lover we her.
Lia narrates
It was the fifth time I was going to the toilet today and the programme hadn’t started yet. I had taken a lot of sugary substances and the result was toileting at least thrice per hour. Now I know all that glitters is not gold. I quickly entered one of the toilets to ease my self. I tried closing my mouth so as not to cause commotion as the deification process was tough. Then I heard sth strange from the adjoining toilet. A man’s voice. I became scared that a rapist might have infiltrated the females toilet.

“Yes sir… The bomb is set to go off at 10:00 hours when the programme officially commences… Yes sir… everything is ready..”, the strange man who had a polished English accent was supposedly making a call.

I checked my time and it was 09:47 am, just 13 minutes more. I let out a slight scream and suddenly the man in the adjoining toilet became so silent, I knew I was in trouble. I didn’t know what to do since I came alone. Then a thought suddenly came to my mind. I had to try my luck. I unbolted the door, the man came rushing in but I was fast enough to pour the toilet water full oft faeces on him as he struggled, I ran as fast as I could while I checked my time, it was 9:52 am, 8 minutes before the time bomb is detonated. I was confused of who to tell, I just kept on running so hard until I almost fell, but someone caught me before I could fall, I thought my end was here.

I looked up to see Ele looking at me in confusion, so was the entire crowd including Dija my besty who was standing on the podium. I was short of words to find them also in Kano to attend the Easter Fiesta. I then remembered the bomb and knew I had to say something before we all died here.

“I was being chased by a terrorist….. A bomb…..a bomb …. A bomb will explode in five minutes time”, managed to say before looking up only to find out everyone had already started running helter skelter. I didn’t dull o, I tore race at once, I wasn’t ready to die now.

I was running so fast in a way even Usain Bolt won’t catch up with me even if he uses PED. I was getting tired when a Benza suddenly parked in front of me.

“Get in kiddo” a young man in suit said with a serious expression. Without thinking twice, I hopped into the car thanking God for saving my life and using me to save others. Just as the car zoomed off, we heard a loud bang. I looked back and saw flames everywhere. The bomb was not an hoax, it was real, God is really merciful, I appreciated Go inwardly, just then, my vision became blur, as I drifted slowly into a state of unconsciousness.
I woke up in fairly lit room. I looked around and saw some other people I recognised from the Easter Fiesta. I checked my time and it was 1:34 pm that same day. I wondered what had happened, I was about asking a girl sitting next to me when i noticed a familiar figure sleeping on the floor. It was Ele, my Ele Boje.

“Ele, wake up”, i said tapping him. He did wake up as he cleaned his eyes.

“Lia, where are we?”, he asked looking confused.

“Welcome to Congo, the number one Human Part Merchants in Africa”, A middle aged revealed as we all put on a frightened look. It was then I knew what true fear meant as I urinated in my pantss. I looked around and saw skeletons and bones around the floor. I hadn’t seen them before. A huge man came in holding a bloodstained knife. He picked up a boy. He was the first boy who talked to me when I arrived the hotel in Kano. There and then it downed on my we were in a ritualist den. The ritualist den of Congo. I began to cry as Ele was face was also filled with fears and tears hugged me tight.

Ledan narrates
I was sitting down in then living room watching the midday news with my wife. They are reporting about an averted bombing in Kano National Park.

“This is the first time in history a female would become a superhero”, I said playfully prompting Imabong to give me a deadly look.

“Oya nah vex nah, my calabar love, haba sey your husby fit play with you again nii?”, I said feigning rrepentance.

“I know you weren’t joking, you’ve always underestimated women from time immemorial”, Imabong countered.

“When did you become a feminist?”, I asked feigning seriousness.

“Hubby, did you hear that, Ele and Lia’s names were mentioned as missing after the bombing incident.

“Are you alright I.D, Ele is in Ilorin, when did Ilorin become Kano?”, I asked really angered. Just then, my phone rang including my wives phone. The callers confirmed they heard Ele’s name on T.V. Akande also called to confirm he heard both our children’s name on T.V. I was so flabbergasted. Is the First Bad Day really becoming a reality?. Another call jolted me from my reverie. I wanted to ignore it at first but something pushed me to pick it.

Stranger: hello
Me: yes
Stranger: I’m certain I’m speaking with Mr.Ledan?
Me: yes, that’s me.
Stranger: good, your son Ele Ledan is here with us, you have seven days to produce the sum of ten million naira for the release of your boy.
Me: what?, where do you want me to get such a huge amount of money?
Stranger: how dare you ask me such questions, it seems we have been to generous to you, now ill teach you a lesson, for everyday you fail to provide the money starting from today, your son will loose a finger, and if you fail to provide it after seven days, your son’s severed head will be sent to you in a parcel
Me: please sir.. I’m very sorry sir, please don’t hurt my son, I’ll try my best to do as you require..
Stranger: I don’t need you best but you money, remember you have seven days and don’t even risk informing the police because they are one of us.

He hang up the call before in would say another word as my wife was already on the floor crying, she gave me a deadly look of “I warned you”. I was at fault, I didn’t take to my wife’s advise. Grandma’s Prophecy indeed came true. “God of Daniel, please save my son from the lion’s den”, I prayed.[/b]

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Episode 18 Ritualist Reality


Akande’s House.
Ledan narrates
Why is my son always in danger whenever your daughter comes close to him huh?”, I asked my ex best friend Akande, “this is not the first time, a year ago, your daughter tried to kill my son, now she’s connived with Human Part Merchants to Kidnap him”, I quickly added without waiting for Akande to talk.

“Hey! Enough!, I’ll tolerate insults against me but not against my daughter, I thought the case I’ve been close, if you dare link my daughter with those cases again, I’ll have to sue you for defamation of character”, Akande countered throwing me aback because he was the gentle type who stays calm in most situations.

“Are you trying to threaten me?, because I don’t succumb to such empty treats”, I tried to sound brave.

“Its not a threat!, its a promise!, mind how you address my daughter please”, he replied with his eyes burning with anger.

“That’s enough Sirs please, we’re all matured here, this isn’t the time to engage in baseless rigmarole”, the inspector who was with us beseeched us.
Though we have been warned not to involve the cops, we had no choice since we didn’t know what the men of the underworld were up to. Having experienced cases like this in the past. Akande and I knew the kidnappers or ritualists were most times afraid of police men, that’s why they do sound serious warnings. The ringing of Akande’s phone jolted me from my reverie. The of room became instantly silent as Akande picked the call before dropping it almost immediately, the giving a long hiss.

“Who was that?”, we all asked simultaneously.

“It was MTN calling me to register for caller tone service”, Akande replied us in a seemingly angry voice. I understood his plight.

Another call came in, this time on my phone. I picked up the call only to hear a lady singing, before she said “welcome to Etisalat..”, I slammed the phone on the floor with anger as it dismantled into pieces. How wish I could burn up any of their Ill fated office tight now.

“Take is easy Ledan my friend”, Akande said as I looked at him with a “and how does that concern you look”. Just then another call entered. I swear if it was one of this network again, I’ll take their case their case to Aso Rock, I cursed inwardly.

“Hello!”, i whispered as I picked up the call.

“Didn’t I warn you not to involve the police but you took us for granted”, he said angrily.

“What are you talking about?”, I tried to sound brave as my shaky voice betrayed me.

“Don’t play games with me man, why is inspector Lanre currently with you, along with some other police officers?”, he revealed, “to show you how serious we her, I’ll send you a parcel containing the fingers of your kids, and you’re to provide the money for their release in the next ten hours”, he declared then hanged up giving me no chance to reply.

The police men were looking shocked, Medinat and my wife were waking profusely, Akande was looking confused, even myself was disoriented by the call. I wondered where we could get ten million in ten hours.. And even if we had the money, who know maybe they would send me my son’s severe heard. “God forbid”, I blurted out as everyone looked at me.
I kept thinking and thinking as my mind suddenly bounced on a thought. Yea, I think have found a possible Eureka to my problem.

Ele narrates
Ritualist Den of Congo
7:22pm, March 27

“…..and that was how we ended up here”, Queency finished narrating everything that had happened since when I saw Bode in her house up till now. I had earlier narrated my own ordeal and we concluded someone set us up then. The only person the situation could benefit was Dija but we couldn’t put Dija in the suspect category since she was helpful. We decided to let bygone be bygone. I had secretly wish I had Queency all to me again but not in this kind of situation in a certain Congo faraway from our father’s house where there are many room of mansions, I thought.

“So, what about US?”, I asked Queency with a sense of guilt.

“Us? there’s no US!, things don’t happen that way, Ele, I heart you, I so much heart you Ele Boje, baby, forever is temporary, but..”, she suddenly stopped.

“But what?”, i curiously asked.

“If you ever want me back Ele Boje, you will have to decipher my Heart Code”, Queency explained.

“There you go again with the mysterious heart code, don’t worry I’ll no only decipher it but I’ll put my own password there so no guy can break the code”, I said sarcastically as we both laughed to everyone’s amusement forgetting the situation we are.

“You guys would make a perfect couple when you get to heaven”, the guard who had been watching over us since we came spoke for the first time to our surprise.

We were speechless, we didn’t know how to reply a ritual killer who was suppose to be our number one foe in the world right now. But in the three months I started studying sociology, we have been taught the many negative aspects of prejudice and discrimination. So I decided to use my sociological imagination to engage the guard in a conversation.

“Sir guard, I know people do not just wake up one day and decide to engage in killing their fellow humans for money, one or two situations might have led each and every worker in Congo to engage in this trade, I would love to know how you got here”, I explained feeling afraid that I might have kissed the snake’s venom.

“How are you so sure we aren’t do this because we liked the job?”, he surprisingly answered in a calm voice calming my nerves.

“I believe even the most intelligent people social behaviour are shaped by the happenings of our environment, experience shapes our perception of life, an Hausa man by origin born in Yoruba land and raised by Yoruba parents would speak Yoruba, not Hausa I believed something must have led you hear unwillingly”, I explained intelligently surprising everyone including myself and my Queency.

“I’m amazed by your in depth knowledge about life despite your young age, many kids your age only know about staffing styles and latest celebrity gist, you’re truly a rare pearl, you’re the first person to ask about my story, so I’ll tell you my story”, Sir Guard said.

Sir Guard narrates…
“I had just finished my masters degree in Industrial Chemistry in the University of Lagos where i had an “A” something, something rarely done. Coupled with my result as a first class graduate, in fact the beat graduating student of my set, I thought the sky was my limit. Little did I know Nigeria’s labour market had something different in stock for me.

Three months after I finished my masters, I was turned down by avalanche of companies where I put in application letters, I couldn’t believe myself. I gave up on working in a government establishment. So I decided to look for menial jobs to manage myself for the time being because my patient father was still supporting me with finances.

I got a job to work as an houseboy for a lawyer in Lekki, I would call it houseman though. But unfortunately for me, the night of my first day at the job, robbers came Into the house and carted away valuables, while raping the lawyer’s wife and two daughters. I was accused of bringing in thieves and was thrown into a prison as a result.

I was released from prison after two months looking emancipated. Dad had worked out my freedom. I had to do something to make me stop being a burden to him. Once again, my certificate could not get me a descent job. I finally for a job as a laundry man for a wealthy politician. I was to be paid 40000 naira per month for washing his clothes, including accommodating me and providing me food. The politician was very nice but always gave me one stern warning. Nothing must touch is clothes because each of the clothes worth hundred of thousands and his three years salary could not pay for one of his clothes.

I yielded to the politician’s instructions for close to six months until one day, one of the cloths I hanged fell on the ground and got stained. I tried all possible detergents but no one could remove the stains, I knew I was in trouble.

When chief returned, I tried all I could do to explain to chief that the cloth fell down itself and it wasn’t fault but he paid deaf hears. He threw me into prison and i was released after two months. After I came out of prison, I vowed not to do those kinds of job again.

After searching for job for two weeks after my release from prison with no success, I met my wife Annabella who fell in love with me at first sight. We became close friends and didn’t wait long to develop a rapport. To cut the long story short, we for married eight months after meeting me despite her mother’s opposition because of my joblessness. Her father was late, so her mother was the one taking care of her. Her mother was a middle class business woman.

I got married without having a job. Anabella mother sponsored everything about the wedding including paying the bride price, to my greatest shame. After getting married for five months, Annabella became seriously ill. Her mother spent all her fortunes on her but it wasn’t enough. Her mum had lost so much money while sponsoring our wedding, so she didn’t have enough for her only daughter’s treatment.


I cried myself to sleep that night. To make matters worst, my dad was arrested for not returning the money he borrowed. I found out he borrowed 400,000 naira to secure my release and he has only succeeded in paying back 73,000 naira. I was surprised my dad kept it from me all this while. I was so disoriented by my situation. I decided to borrow money from some of my rich friends who were my mates in school, but most gave different reasons why they couldn’t give me, others that give didn’t give much. At the end of the day I had gathered just 7,350 naira. I was so depressed, despite all my extraordinary results,I was not making it while the kids of the high and mighty who many of whom did not possess up to half of my qualifications are enjoying the benefits of their wealthy family.

I had one last hope, that was Dames, my secondary school mate. He was stinkingly rich but the source of his wealth has always been questioned. But I couldn’t help it, because my family members who truly were in danger of going extinct.

Visiting Dames was the beginning of the end. He introduce me into the world of Human Part Merchants without priory Informing me but I couldn’t back out because of my desperate need for money and the painful but realistic insults I got from mother in-law. I drank a strong alcohol before I dismantled my first ever human being. After that experience, I couldn’t sleep well for three months but with time I got used to it and I couldn’t back out because I’ll be dead before I know it. That was how I became stinkingly wealthy as Dames but I have a variety of businesses to cover up my evil deeds.”

So that’s my story. Most of our members here joined this gang out of desperation. There’s a popular saying that “if you don’t taste the apple, you can’t know the taste”. The government and other society elites who took our join from are the same people who patronize us. Karl Marx is right in this sense. That’s the ritualist reality people do not understand”, Sir Guard concluded.

“Hmmmmm”, we all sighed at the just concluded revelation by Sir Guard

“But Sir Guard, what are the methods used in getting your victims”, I asked curiously.

“We take take through bus especially those who shun recognised motor parks for cheap buses without parks, also hawkers and small children roaming around the streets are easy targets, we just call them to come and get something inside a house, then we slit the victim’s throat expertly, we also offer free rides to people who appear stranded and desperate to leave there, and various other means, and when they get here, we waste no time in slaughtering them for our customers”, Sir Guard explained as we all sighed again while some others were crying profusely. Suddenly, a man shown at the entrance and signalled to Sir Guard.

“I think my shift is over now, please when you get to heaven tell God to forgive me for I know not what I’m doing”, he said with a serious expression before leaving.

Queency who was also crying by now had hugged me so tight that I felt my bones will break. At least, I would die with Queency by my side but what about our parents. We both were the only child of our parents. The Psalmist says”even though a thousand surrounds, they would not touch me because my body is the temple of God. Just the Queency whispered something to hear, though i didn’t like the idea bit its better than dying here. We just had to wait for the opportunity.

Khadijat narrates
“Why did you want me to meet you here urgently?” I asked Ele’s dad who had become my close friend since I started dating my Ele.

“It’s about son’s abduction by ritualist, I don’t think our police are capable of doing the job”, he explained.

“So?”, I inquired.

“I need five of your boys to work with me. I’ve found some other means of getting the abductors before they use my son for suya”, he replied.

“You ain’t serious!, my Ele would never be used for suya”, I said with a a serious face, “so what other means?”, I curiously asked.

“We’re going to infiltrate a Comptroller of Custom’s office”, he said surprising me with his words.

“What for?”, I asked with fear written all over my face.

“We need his computer to track down those miscreants”, he replied.

“When will you need the boys?”, I asked finally succumbing since that was the only possible way to save my Ele.

“Tonight!”, he blurted out.

What, our father has gone mad again, I thought.

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Episode 19 Escape From Congo

09:25pm, March 20..

Lia narrates
Being with my Ele Boje again was a dream and wish come true. Though I didn’t expect us to meet in this kind of ugly situation where we are destined to die. But who can blame fate. About a dozen of the kids from the party were also abducted
Most notable was a black beauty of rarity Aarti who my Ele Boje seem to have a rapport with. I’m guessing she is quite popular among the kids because she controls them like remote. I must admit I was jealous of Aarti, but I didn’t show it.

I had devised a clever plan which I made known to my Ele Boje, though he was a bit against it because of the part i had to play in the plan. We had carried out the first stage of the plan which is gathering bones and skeletons with sharp edges to use as weapons when the new guard who replaced Sir Guard went out with two of the kids who never returned. If what Sir Guard said was anything to to buy, were to die tonight. And If we have anyway of saving our as.s we had to do it now and risk getting caught. We would die anyway, so there’s no harm in attempting.

I checked my time and it was 09:30pm. I gave Ele Boje the signal that it was time he hesitated for a moment before nodding his head in approval. I proceeded to remove my clothes till I was unclad, I moved straight to the guard with a seductive look winking at him. I could see he was shaken.

“You, what are yo trying to do?”, he said trying to appear strong, but there are many things a woman being unclad could do.

“Do you know what you will be missing if you keep on pretending”, i said in a super sexy voice still moving towards him, “I would die tonight for sure but I wanna know how strafing feels like and you on the other hand would have a rare opportunity of strafing a virgin”, I said in such a romantic voice.

Just then Aarti struck him with the sharp edge of a skeleton on his back while Ele Boje struck him on his neck as he fell to the ground lifeless. I quickly went back to put on my clothes. We had to leave that place ASAP before the others notice, but in had one more thing to do.

“Ele Boje mi, our chance of making it out is 20%, we don’t even have a map, that’s why I want one last thing from you”, I explained to my Ele Boje.

“What’s that thing you want from me Queency?”, he asked curiously.

“I want a kiss!, not any ordinary kiss but an Agege kiss”, I replied as everyone in the room including my Ele Boje burst into an hysterical laughter.

Before I could say Ele, he pushed me closer to him and gave me a lightening kiss. I used to think no one could kiss as good as Bode. But now I know no one can kiss as best as Ele Boje. I was as if my Ele Boje put sugar in his mouth. His lips tastes like hollandia yoghurt, it was scintillating salubrious and I couldn’t help but devour the only man who have brought out the woman in me.

“We don’t have much time you know”, Aarti interrupted our kiss to my annoyance but she was right though as Ele Boje and I disengaged.

The guard wasn’t with a weapon maybe because he thought we were harmless, a mistake he will regret when he gets to hell. But we found a phone in his pocket. The network was so bad a single call didn’t go through, we decided to send a text message to both parents, but it came back as “message sending failed”. Ele Boje decided we should carry the phone along as he put it in his pocket.

“Even though i walk through the valley of the shadows of death, ill fear no evil for thou, art with me”, Aarti quoted a Bible Verse as we all turned to look at her. It was quite reassuring that we had Providence on our side.

Ele Boje mi opened the door slightly to check the happenings outside before signalling on us to come forward. Our escape from Congo has began!.


Ledan narrates

I had promised the Ele’s abductors to pay the 10 million naira ransom for my son’s release and they should call me by 10pm. I made the call in the presence of Dija and her boys in the absence of the others. I kept thinking how Dija manage to escape from being kidnapped since she was with Ele, but I know too well not to ask such questions.

I got into the comptroller’s office after unbolting the door with my master lock. I had told Dija to pay to girls to cause a scene outside to distract the customs officers on night duty. It was more easy to get in because the comptroller general had gone home and I knew the in and out of the office well enough being a top officer who comes and go in frequently.

I had switched on the desktop computer but had difficulty remembering the password I had seen the comptroller typed in last week. The computer was a high level device that could do things many ordinary computer couldn’t do, that’s because it has so many access to top classified information.

I checked the time and it was 9:58pm, I had two minutes more before the abductors called, also I don’t know how long Dija people would hold the customs officers.

“Yes!”, I exclaimed, I finally got the password. It was CONTRABAND. What a strange password he got there.

After waiting for five minutes without getting a call from my son’s abductors, I was about given up when a message came into my phone. I read to check it and was surprises at the content. I quickly tracked the number through the Comptroller’s computer and discovered it was in a remote area in Sango-Otta. It was shocking. From Kano all the way to Sango-Otta. How the hell do I get to Sango Otta tonight, I thought. Just then I heard footsteps coming. I quickly finished up what I had to do and leave.

Imabong narrates
I was so disheartened that my one and only son was to be by butchered men of the underworld in a matter of hours and there was nothing. I only had one hope and that was Providence. I kept praying for Providence to intervene. I started singing..

God will make a way, when there seems to be no way,
he works in ways
That we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Draw me closely to his side
He will save Ele for me
He will save my son
God will save Ele…

My father and my God
Do not make me a laughing stock Lord to my enemies
Do me a miracle that will win souls for you
God nothing is impossible for you Lord……I kept on praying….

Ele narrates

The kiss I had with Queency was undescribable. It was a rarity. I couldn’t believe all that had happened to me for the past hours. I was reminded of last year again and I had this little faith I’ll scale through.

We had walked pass several doors without seeing a single soul. The doors were made of palm leaves so we had little difficulty opening it. The rooms were very small, the height about high enough to accommodate a 6ft individual. We came to a particular door where I peeped to checked what was going on. I was shocked at what I was seeing and almost screamed. I signalled to Queency and Aarti to come forward, as they joined me in seeing humans being butchered like ram. Queency almost screamed but Aarti was quick to hold Queency’s mouth with her hands. I signalled to the rest to come as we quickly dug a hole in the mud wall which was relatively easy since we couldn’t pass the place people were being butchered.

We passed through the hole one after the other. I was the last to pass through the hole.

We came out of a large space which seems empty. Just then, the phone i took from the guard we killed rang. I quickly checked to see who it was. It was dad. He had gotten the message I thought so happily.

“Who goes there?”, a baritone voice asked as we heard sounds of footsteps. Suddenly two men appeared with cutlasses stained with blood in their hands. One of our fellow friends naively attempted to attack one of the name but his hand was cut off in one swift move as he screamed in excruciating pains. We were shaken with fear. Some of the kids let out loud including Queency and Aarti. I urinated on my body that instance as I was sure of death now.

Aarti seemingly overwhelmed by the grossness of the situation attempted to run away but was pulled back by one of our attackers. As he raised his hands to slash Aarti as she shouted “Jesus!”, I closed my eyes, covered my ears with my hands, as Queency also held me tight. I heard two slash of the sword as splashed on my body but I didn’t hear a sound. I slowly raised my head up and was surprised at who I saw.

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Episode 20 Ladder of Life

Ritualist Den of Congo

Lia narrates

“Sir Guard!!!”, we chorused happily after he had expertly slashed the two men simultaneously with two cutlasses in both hands. Sir Guard really looked like General Jumong in his hey days.

“Shhh…Bring down your voices”, Sir Guard replied, “I knew you guys has a rebellious mind, so i had to wait behind, guess my instinct was right”, he stated.

“What do we do now? we don’t even have a map with us”, I told Sir Guard.

“That’s why I’m here to help you, because you’re currently walking into your death”, Sir Guard revealed as we sighed, “you have to hurry up, before you are caught, this way!”, Sir Guard said as we followed after him.

Sir Guard took us through a tunnel which was big enough to contain a human being standing up. We continued for 20 minutes before we got out. Though we were all looking worn out. No one dared compared of tiredness. Who on earth would want to collect fresh air in a ritualist den, I thought. We finally got to an open space where we saw a ladder.

“Here we are!”, Sir Guard said as we heard footsteps coming our way.

“We don’t have much time, this ladder will lead you to the top of the building”, Sir Guard revealed to us.

“An Underground?”, we all said simultaneously with the exception of Sir Guard.

“Yes, its an underground 50ft below the earth surface”, Sir Guard replied shocking us at this revelation. No one would ever know such a thing exist in this place.

“No time for questions please, you have to start going now, climb this ladder up, it would take you a minimum of thirty minutes and maximum of an hour to reach the earth surface where you will come out in front of a forest, take right and go straight on, you will see a village, you can find your way from here”, Sir Guard explained shocking us the more.

“Thanks much Sir Guard, thank you very very much, may God bless you and have mercy on you”, Aarti said with a glint of hope.

“I’ll distract the men by making a decoy to the other side, but I don’t know how lonh I can hold them so you guys have to be super fast”, I explained without replying Aarti prayers.

“Go now!”, Sir Guard ordered almost screaming when we were still looking like zombie. We started climbing one after the other. We were eight in number. Ele was the last to go on the ladder after I had gone.

“You must not fall, try to endure the pain and stress, if by any means you fall to the ground mistakenly, you’re as good butchered, I think I’ve done my best here, do not fall! Don’t stop halfway! May your God see you through” Sir Guard said his last words to us and left th floor of death and began climbing the ladder of life.

Khadiija narrates
Ele’s dad had received an anonymous tip from a message which told us where Ele and company were. The message had told us we didn’t have much time.

I had managed to get Auto and Manual look out for my dad’s engagement. I later found out dad had orchestrated the abduction of Ele and Lia because he saw them as a threat to his Governorship aspirations with elections coming up in five months time. To be a Governor’s daughter is a lifetime opportunity but for her dad to involve Ele in his dirty game was the biggest mistake he has ever made in life. She promised within herself to make sure her father loses the governorship election.

“Its ready ma”, Auto and Manual said after coming in.

“Very good, i was afraid you wouldn’t pull through, that’s our only hop of getting there in record time before it’s too late”, I exclaimed excitedly.

“You really love him a lot, Manual said, but he’s with Lia right now, don’t you think…”, manual was saying as I cut him short.

“Shut up!, I’m Ele’s number one girl, and yes I heart him more than love himself, I’m obsessed with him, that’s why I went so low to have him all to my self and no one dared come between us, not even my father, and if Ele betray my love for him by breaking my heart, I’ll kill him then kill myself”, I shamefully poured out my heart contents to my boys who knew better than to shut their traps.

Just then, Ele’s dad came into the building all dressed up armed with a gun.

“What took you so long?, its your son’s life in danger”, I said

“It was because I had company”, he smirked his face as Lia’s dad and Franco came in.

I gave Ele’s dad a murderous look. “We volunteered to come, its my daughter life in danger”, Akande said, “and its my best friend life in danger, we need all the help we can get, since we don’t know how much they are”, Franco added.

“Yes, Franco is right, we need all the help we can get, what’s more?, Akande is a veteran in using guns, we both fought side by side against dangerous smugglers with sophisticated guns, we could use some experience”, Ele”s dad said convincingly.

“What are we waiting for?, we don’t have much time, this is Operation Liberation, let’s go!”, i acted like a commander as they all followed after me, ten in number including five of my boys.

Imabong narrates
I Lord come down and manifest your power,
Jesus come down and manifest your power

God of David
God that delivered the Israelites from the red sea
God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
God of Adeboye
Jehovah of Kumuyi
You’re that same God. Yesterday, today and forever.
Jehovah Elohim
Oluwa Adonia
Omnipresent God
I call on your Holy name
Save my son God.
I don’t know any Babalawo I can go to

I was praying fervently when a dog attacked me, it chased me around the empty and dark house, I ran and ran till it caught up with me. It bit me in my arms as I screamed. It wanted to bit me again but I held its mouth and with a strange strength from no where, i tore the mouth into two as blood splashed on my face whole the dog groaned with pains and disappeared. I felt relief and the same time pains in my hands since I held the tooth of the dog.

I suddenly woke up. It was a dream after all. I had slept off while praying. I checked my time and it was 11:27, and yet i was yet to hear any news from my husband, Ele abductors or the the Akande’s. But there’s one thing i was sure of, my son will not die because i had conquered devil in the dream. I began singing in a pre-victory mood..

The wall of Jericho fell down flat
The wall of Jericho fell down flat
As the people of God
Were praising the Lord
The wall of Jericho fell down flat
The wall of Soka den fall down flat
The wall of Soka den fall down flat
As Eleojo is escaping the den
The wall of Soka den fall down flat.

Ele narrates
Two of my fellow hostages had already fallen down the ladder due to tiredness, I mange to escape being dragged down when the second one fell down, that was because the ladder was wide enough and it was strong and stuck to the ground.

We had almost gotten to the top of the ladder but I was so tired I wanted to give up but Sir Guard word still kept ringing in my hear “you fall, you die!”.

“Ele, I’m so tired, I don’t think I can make it anymore, all my strength has been stuffed out”, Aarti cried out weakly.

“Your God will give you the strength of Samson” I mockingly replied her. Suddenly Aarti hand left the ladder as she was about to fall but I caught her left foot with my right, I pleaded with her to hold to the left side of the ladder which she managed to do. Then with the little strength i had i held her on my shoulders while we both held the ladder with one hand as we proceeded upward. Aarti who as been pompous to me was leaning against my chest, how time changes.

We soon got to the top one after the other. As Aarti and I got to the top, she was so happy that she screamed, “the Lord is good!”.

“All the time!” we heard voices said from the top laughing hysterically.

Aarti and I climbed up to the level ground and saw about a dozen heavily-built looking men standing with guns.

Lorile, odi gobe!, I cried out!


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