[STORY] Girls In The Boys Dormitory (Episode 1-13)

Episode 1
Through out the whole week there was a lot of happiness in our home after the release results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) when both of us, me and my twin brother (Jack) came out with flying colours and had admissions to very good schools.

Two weeks later, a night before our departure to our various schools i was in the room when i heard our father (Mr. Kwadwo Awuni) calling.
Father: Jake! Jake!!
Me: yes dad.
Father: Come here with your brother Jack.
Me: ok.
I went outside looking for my twin brother but could not see him and i met our younger sister (Joy) who was yet to turn 15yrs the following month.
Me: Joy
Joy: yes
Me: have you seen Jack?
Joy: yeah, he is in the store room packing some things mummy asked him to.
So i went in there and told him that dad want to see both of us in the hall and we quickly rush in.
Father: why did it take you soo long to come out?
Me: I was looking for Jack.
Father: where were you? Jack.
Jack: I was in the store room
Father: Anyway sit down and let me have a word with you.
We both had our seats and he begun to talk.
Father: I hope you know that tomorrow morning, if God permit you will be departing to your various schools.
**we both chorused** yes dad.
Father: fine, now i want to spend some few minutes to advice you.
**there was total silence**
Father: As you are going to the boarding house, you will surely meet different types of people there, in those people are angels and devils and to know the difference is not easy so i wish you should not be making friends at all but since that is impossible, i advice you should take very good care in choosing friends over there.
Secondly, make the word of God the standard of your life, read your Bible all the time, infact read it as if all your life depends on it and indeed it truely depends on it.
Now, the main reason you are going to the school is to learn so i think you won’t wait for anyone to tell you to read your note all the time. Yes i know both of you are exceptionaly brilliant but remember if you don’t read, you will rust so do not joke with your books and give the school authorities the maximum respect they requires, from the headmaster down to your seniors in the school.
He talked about a whole lot of things including his experience in the boarding house during his time in SHS, how the seniors will be bulleying us and many more.
Finally, he released us after about one hour thirty minute lectures and we thanked him and said goodnight to him.
I quickly rushed inside, jumped on my bed, prayed my normal prayer. ” Heavenly father, i thank you for everything, be our protector as we sleep, draw us closer to you and give us sweet dreams . Amen.

I woke up around 5:20 am and tapped on my brother’s shoulder to wake up and let us prepare since we had few hours to depart.
After 2 hours 30minutes time, we were both set to leave.
Our parents then came out to give us their final word.
Father: Hope you have not forgotten what i told you yesternight.
**chorused** no dad.
Mum: Jake your school is out of the region and is a little bit far so i will be visiting you mostly as you know your father’s job gives him less time.
Me: ok maa
Father: don’t worry i will try my best to visit you atleast twice every term ok.
Me: **smiles** thank you dad.
I was happy to hear that because i will surely get much money when dady visit me than mum.

So after a little gist our father called our Senior brother (Joe) who is in his final year in the University of Ghana and just came home 3 days ago for some holidays.
Father: Joe!
Joe: Daa
Father: Please come here.
He came out from his room and kept smilling at us.
Joe: Now, you are leaving your parents to face real life haha.
Father: erh Joe
Joe: Daa
Father: Please kindly drop your younger brothers in their various schools for me. Actually i wanted to do that myself but am called for a meeting this morining.
Joe: ok.
Father: So as you know Jack’s school is closer so drop him first and move on with Jake to his school.
Joe: ok.
He collected the car keys, open the booth helped us to park our things inside. We said goodbye to all of them and jumped inside the car
From the look on Joy’s eyes i could see she was already missing us.
He spark the car and drove off towards Jack’s school.

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Episode 2
We drove towards my brother’s school. Infact it wasn’t all that long. We reached the entrance within 45 minute drive, there was a huge billboard outside the entrance and the school’s name and some other information was displayed nicely on it.
The security man came out to have a little chat with my brother, though i did not hear what they were talking about but i guess he was trying to know who was coming and the reason behind. Within 2 minutes gist with my brother, he went back and opened the gate wide for us which we entered.

The school was a very nice school, very nice environment, huge and magnificent buildings all over. He asked of the administration block from a passer by which i could tell he was a student in the school because of his dressing code. He was wearing this check check top and khaki down. He thanked him after a little talk and sped off to the administration block.
They alighted from the car, i refused to get out from the car because there was a lot of people infront of the administration block and i did not like the way they were all looking at us.

They greeted the people outside there and went inside. I was in the car alone and was taking proper look at the school, the school was very nice but onething i did not like about the school is that it was a single-sex school.

After 40 minute time i saw them coming out from the administration block with a certain man which i later realised he was the senior house master. We drove back to the dorm side and he later joined us there with another man. He called Jack.
S. H. Master: Jack.
Jack: yes sir.
S. H. Master: this is your house master. His name is Mr. Nti, he will check your items and later take you inside and show you your bed ok.
Jack: yes Sir, thank you sir.
S. H. Master: you are welcome.
He went back to the school and left us with Mr. Nti.
He then asked my brother to open his trunk and chopbox, he checked all the things inside and later said is ok.
He then asked our Senior brother to pay some dues which he did, they exchaged contacts. He later said we can go. Just as we were returning to the car he called Jack and told him that it is classes hourst so after school, he should see him so that he shows him his room and bed and he responded.

We said bye to Jack and entered the car. From the look on Jacks face, you need no soothsayer to tell you that he was confused and worried.

We drove out from the school compound and got into the main street heading towards my school.

We had a lot of chat, my brother talked about life in the boarding house and later talked about life in the University and the difference was clearly wide and that even gingered me and i vowed to also go to univesity too and said that’s why i need not to waste my time on the little freedom in the school, i should be serious with my books and avoid bad friends for there is more freedom and enjoyment in the university.

We drove passed towns to towns which i took a little view of them.

After 5 hours, we reached a certain junction which we saw a huge billboard with my school’s name written boldly on top “GREAT FAMILY SECONDARY/TECHNICAL SCHOOL”
(FASTECH) in short and some other information displayed below it. There was an arrow on the billboad directing us to pass the right way which he did and about 5 minute drive, we reached the entrance.
The security man asked some questions about us and later opened the gate for us to enter. He told us to go straight and we will get to the administration block.

Just us we were about to reach the administration block, i had a call, i brought out my phone from my pocket, looked at the screen it was a friend of mine called Fred and just as i was about to pick the call my brother shouted at me.
Bro. Joe: hey!! Jake. come on, give me the phone.
***I handed it over to him.***
Bro. Joe: didn’t dady told you that phones are unprescribed and for that is not allowed to be used in High schools?
***i was just silent***.
Finally we reached the administration block and there was a lot of people infront of the administration block, even more than that of Jack’s and the worst part of it is that this time it was not only boys and parents but a lot of girls too. Pretty girls ofcourse.

I had no option than to get down and follow my brother. They were all staring at us which i hated so much.

Just as we were about to reach the entrance of the administration block, some girls came out from the block and i could say they are seniors in the school because they were wearing the school uniform and was looking so confident.
They walked passed us and one of the girls said “aba fresh” chai are this girls refering to me?, my brother turned to me, smiled and asked.
Bro Joe: did you hear that?
Me: what?
Bro. Joe: what the girls said.
Me: yeah.

We entered inside and we were directed to a certain office.
My brother knocked on the door and we heard a female voice that asked us to come in. We went inside and my brother shouted on seeing the lady in the office.
Bro. Joe: Eii Ama!!
Lady: Hi Brother Joe.
Bro. Joe: do you work here?
Lady: yes o.
Bro. Joe: for how long now?
Lady: oh more than a year now.
Bro. Joe: ok nice to meet you again
Lady: Nice to meet you too.
I was left alone wondering of my own thought as they continued with their chat. I think they have even forgotten that they met again because of me. After some more chat, the lady turned to me and asked.
Lady: is that your younger brother?
Bro. Joe: yeah and he has gained admission here.
Lady: ok, nice. i will monitor his movement in the school then.
She then asked for my two passport pictures which i handed it over to her, she gave my brother some forms and asked him to help me fill it and we did.
She stamped on them, opened a drawer and added it to some other filled forms already there. They exchanged contacts, the lady then asked me to see her later which i noded.
She came out with us and directed us to another office to go and submit the bankers draft and we did.

After we came out from the office, a man took us to the Senior House father.
He asked of my name and i told him my full name.
He then took me to the dorm site.
S. H. Master: Jake.
Me: yes sir.
S. H. Master: this man you are seeing here is your house father, his name is Mr. Akoto.
Me: ok sir, thank you sir.
S. H. Master: you are welcome. See you later.
Me: ok sir.
***He left.***
Mr. Akoto: How are you Jake?
Me: am fine sir.
Mr. Akoto: thank God.
My brother paid the neceassry dues and he checked my things and everything was intacked, he asked one boy to call him the dorm prefect which he came.
Mr. Akoto asked him to take my things inside and find me a bed. The Dorm Prefect then asked some boys to carry my trunk and chopbox and asked me to follow him.
I said bye to my brother and followed him inside.
We entered the main dorm and there was a lot of beds there.
Many were lying on their bed which i later knew they were having their siesta time. He went around and came back and said the beds are all full so i need to join the seniors in the cubicle. It was my first time of hearing that word. Meaning a small room inside a main dorm is called cubicle? I asked myself.
Just as he said that, i heard some student on top of their bed murmuring, “akoa wei awu”.
Meaning this guy is dead.
Who? Are they referring to me?
He knocked the door and a voice responded ” come in” the voice was so heavy that i begun to ask myself that what kind of food does that man eats that can make his voice so heavy.
The Dorm Prefect entered and asked the boys to bring my things.
Just as i was about to enter i saw a certain inscription on top of the door that shocked me.
Chaii!! Am dead indeed.

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Episode 3
It was written on top of the door boldy
***omooo am dead, am i going to live with lions? i asked myself but i had no option than to enter so i entered and to my suprise, there were these 5 giant men in the room
ME:***no wonder the voice i heard was so deep***
some were lying on their bed which i guess they were sleeping but the remaining two were eating and as soon as they saw me, they shouted at me.
***Hey!!! be on your knees***
i quickly obeyed and knelt down. They begun to asked a lot of questions which i did not even know which answer to give them. The Dorm Prefect finally showed me a bed and asked one of seniors to take care of me but the other one broke in and said they don’t need any junior in their dorm so i should get out but the dorm prefect said “But Zogaroo, you know i have been trying not to bring a junior here but all the beds are occupied and i had no option than to bring him here so please kindly let him remain here and i promise not to bring any Junior here again”

It is there i got to know one of them is called
** Zogaroo** wow it must be his nickname but the name really resembles him because if you take a critical look at him you will say he was left with only 5% to be in the zoo.
Too much hair from his chest down.
Zogaroo still did not understand that i should stay there but the other one said he should understand and let me stay.
All this while i was praying inside that they should not understand because at the first sight i was afraid of them but it seems this time my prayers were not answered.
He agreed and asked of my name.
Zogaroo: What is your name?
Me: Am Jake
Zogaroo: Jake Monkey or Jake gorilla?
Me:***look at him, me and you who resembles gorilla?***am Jake Omar.
Zogaroo: hmmn, what is your mission here?
Me: am here to study.
Zogaroo: which course are you coming to offer?
Me: Visual Arts.
Zogaroo: oh nice, am also a visual art student.
The Dorm prefect left and the three juniors who brought in my things were about to leave too when suddenly the other Senior called them back.
Senior: hey!! what were you waiting for? after bringing in the things.

***One of the juniors smiled***
Senior: ooh so do i look so funny?

They did not give any answer to his question, just then the senior became furious and asked them to hold the bed one by one, he removed a belt from one trousers hanging there and gave them ten lashes each.
By this time i was still kneeling there shivering.

He came to me and asked me to open my trunk and chopbox which i did.
He took a look of my things and smiled.

Senior: I think we have a provision store here, oh that is very nice of you, you are finally welcome.

Me: thank you.
Zogaroo: Jake!
Me: sir
Zogaroo: Am not your sir, just respond “yes” ok.
Me: thank you.
Zogaroo: In here, you are the only junior here and i think it’s going to remain like this till we complete. You will see a lot of things in this room. Just then the other senior broke in** “I think you should wait and let all of us be around so that we tell him the rules of the lions den.

Zogaroo: ok. Then that will be after prep because the syrine will soon cry for dinning time.
The other senior responded: “yea”.

Zogaroo then released me to go and relax on my bed but i should wake up whenever the syrine cries. So i climbed my bed and started thinking of how life in the lions den will be.

By 40 minutes time the syrine cried and i got down from the bed, by this time the other seniors that was asleep has woken up and it was a lot of questions coming up from them demanding instant answers which i tried ny best to answer them in my own way. One of the seniors then said they should allow me to go else i will be late for dinning so i was allowed to go.

I went out from the lions den and in the main dorm, they were all gone remaining few people who were rushing to go too. I followed one of the form one boys who were going to the dinning.

We were a bit late, almost all the students have seated remaining the dinning hall prefects and some other few people roaming about trying to find their seat. I was stranded because i did not know to where to sit and it seem all eyes were on me which i hated so much just then, the DHP called me and took me to a certain table.

I sat down, they were all looking at me, the ladies were 5 in number and the juniors on the table were 3 in number, it wasn’t difficult to detect a junior at all because we the form one students were wearing red check.

By 30 minute time dinning was over and we went to prep. Is in the preping hall i met a guy called Richard who also happens to be in the same house (Okese house) with me but he was in room 1 and i was in room 4 cubicle.

We had a little chat and he told me his experience in the school since came to the school few days ago.
He talked a lot about the school, some were very interesting but the part that made me worried is how the seniors treat them at the dorm side. It is there he told me that he pity me a lot because of the room i was taking to, infact he said a lot about those seniors am in the same room with.

To him, they are the most bad boys and very notorious in the school.

I started thinking of how to behave myself before them so not to put myself into trouble. He gave me one of his books to look in, it was a geography book and as a visual art student i will not be studying geography but in order not to sit there idle, i just opened the book and was flipping from page to page looking at the pictures in.

At exactly 9:00 pm, the syrine cried and prep was over and everybody was moving to the dorm side. We got to the dorm side and a senior stoped all the form one students at the entrance of the dorm and said he is going to give “kenkey” role call, i did not understand and asked.

Me: What is the meaning of what the senior is talking about?
Richard: That is what they have been doing whenever we are served “kenkey” in the dinning hall. You are to bring your “kenkey” from the dinning hall and put it in the bucket there and enter or you give them one Sardin.
Me: But am new here and i did not know.
Richard: That should not be your answer when it reaches your turn because they don’t accept excuses.
Me: So what? if i did not get any of what they want.
Me: My advice to you is simple, obey it or you are doomed. If you don’t have the “kenkey” then borrow a sardine from any of us.
Me: I have sardines but is in my chopbox inside, if only he will allow me go inside, i will get it for him.
Richard: He might consider that excuse.

It reached our turn, Richard gave him his “kenkey” and was allowed to enter, it was now my turn, the senior was shouting at me to hurry up and put in my “kenkey”
Senior: Where is your “kenkey”.
Me: Please, i just came today.
Senior: And so?
Me: I did not know there is something like this.
Senior: ***Very angry *** am going to flog you untill you urinate, fool!.
Me: Please, the sardines are inside if you will only allow me to enter.
Senior: **Very furious this time** foolish boy, turn your back, you will never forget this day, you think i have time for you?
Me: ***sad mood***
Just as i was about to turn, i saw Richard coming out with a sardine.
Richard: Please take this and allow him to go.
Senior: You are lucky.
I was allowed to enter.

Me: Richard, thank you very much, infact you have saved me.
Richard: oh no worries, is my presure.

I entered inside and what i saw shocked me.

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Episode 4*

I entered inside and what I saw shocked me. ***What is this?
One of the seniors was seriously romancing with a very beautiful girl inside the Lions Den.

After shouting “Jesus” I was expecting them to stop or even turn to look at me but it seem they weren’t in this world.
The senior was wearing only boxer shorts and you could see how his front has raised to a horizontal position and he was s—–g the girl protruding boobs crazily as if his life depends on it with his left hand smulching the girls h—y spot and the girl who was left with only panties was moaning ssssssh, mmmnh, oooh,awash etc, she was just making funny sounds.

By this time I was just watching and was totally lost in thought because the girl was fantastically beautiful, looking at her body curves, the smooth skin, her lips, her boobs, etc I was feeling like pushing the senior aside and jumping on her.

As I was standing there watching the scene the girl turned to see me standing and pushed the senior back, the senior then turned to see me standing. Is there that I came to my senses and realise my front too was in a horizontal position forgetting the heaviness of the khaki trousers. The girl looked down my front and smiled.
The senior turned and removed a trousers hanging on the wall.
I was afraid of what is going to happen to me so I tried going out and the senior shouted at me.
Senior: Hey!!! Stupid boy, where do you think you are going? Comeback here before I bounce on you, fool.
I turned around to face him.
Senior: come on be on your knees. *I knelt down*
Senior: so you know how to go out but you chose to stand there and watch us? Ooh! Nice.
Me: *stammering* I’m, I’m sorry sir.
Senior: shut up!!! When did I become your sir? You did not even knock before entering.
Me: *silent*

Just then there was a knock on the door. KoKoko
Senior: Who is that?
Is me Kingso.Responded outside
Senior: Come in.
He entered and asked
Kingso: What’s up Zygote?
*Oh so his name is Zyote?***asking myself inside without expecting an answer from anyone.
Zygote: charle this foolish boy just spoiled my day la.
Kingso: Aww. How?
Zygote: Me and Benita was having a nice time and he banked in without knockin *cuts in***
Kingso: What!!!? Entering the Den without knocking? *Opened his eyes wide**
Is there I realize am in a serious trouble.
Zygote: What baffles me is he got the gut to stand there and watch us when we did not know he is in.
Zygote: What!!!? *Stood up**
Came close to me.
Zygote: Is all that he is saying true? *Asking me**
Me: Yes but I shouted. the name “Jesus” when I entered but I think they did not hear me.

Zygote and Benita started laughing loudly but Kingso refused to laugh.

Kingso: You hypocrite, do you know Jesus? Why then did your d–k become soo hard?
Kingso: Sure!?
Zygote : Ah! Kingso paa how can I lie? Ask Benita.
Kingso: Hahahaa I like this boy. You are too bold.
Me: *smiling* ** just then Kingso gave me a heavy slap.
I shouted ajeei, !!!
Kingso: Whom are you smiling at? Do you think we are jokers here?, if you know what is coming to happen to you, you wouldn’t be fooling yourself.
Me:Please senior i’m sorry
Zygote: shut up!!
Benita: Please take it easy with him.
Just then we heard a knock on the door again.
Kingso: who is that?
Is me Zogaroo* was the response from outside.
Zygote: Enter man.
Zogaroo came in.
Zogaroo: Sup my boy?
Referring to me and i did not know whether to respond or not.
Zogaroo: Why? Are you not responding nigga? Kneeling down is just Normal here o so take it cool ok.
He dropped his small bag on the bed.
Kingso: But there is a problem with this his kneeling.
Zogaroo: soon? You just came today and you are already in trouble? What did he do?
Two other seniors knocked on the door and joined us.
Zygote narrated all that happened again to them.
And they concluded that am going to receive fifty lashes without settlement or twenty- five lashes with a settlement so I should choose one.
I chose twenty-five with a settlement because there is no way I can receive fifty lashes even the twenty- five is just that I have no option.

Kingso then called one of the seniors who just entered by name” Abortion” to give it to me but Zogaroo cut in.
Zogaroo: But before that let him know the rules of the room.
Abortion: Yes, because after am done with him he will not get what it takes to pay attention to listen to the rules.
They then asked me to get myself a book and a pen and write down the rules as they mention them one by one.
I listed them down and it was time to receive the lashes.
I was asked to get hold of a bed and I did.
Abortion gave it to me and I shouted and he said whenever I make a little noise he will start afresh.

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Episode 5*

Abortion turely started afresh when I screamed on the fifth round so I decided not to make any noise again but to close my eyes and face the situation as a man. So he started from one and when he reached fifteen we heard the dorm prefect announcing that the house master Mr. Akoto want to see everybody in room one within two minutes for an important announcement
So I was released to go but he will continue after the announcement.

I thanked God because the remaining ten want be much problem since I have been able to receive fifteen.
I left the *Lions Den* to room one to meet the house master.

Truely within two minutes everyone was there including the *Lions Den* squad and this made me to think the house master will be very strict looking at how everyone was rushing in including the notorious guys.
Before he started he called one of the seniors (Senior Raymond) whom I later realized he is the assistant school chaplain to pray.
After praying, the house master cleared his throat and said.
Mr. Akoto: We are in another academic year and as it always be, newly students are to be admitted, so if you look around or sees any new student in the school ,just know that he/she is one of you. He/she has come to join the Abusuakese (The great family) so as a senior of this new students you have to start putting up good behavior so that they will imitate you.
To you the juniors, the school rules and regulations are attached to your prospectus so I believe you have finished taking note on them but aside those rules, this house ( *The golden house* ) has its own rules but for now I will enlighten a few of the rules to you, as time goes on you will get to know the rest.

Firstly, you are to wake up fast whenever you hear the cry of the school syrine and clean the house and its compound. For now, you will be working together but we will let each of you know his duty in this house later.
Secondly, no one is to be seen eating inside the dormitory because doing so attracts insects,etc to the house.

Mr. Akoto after lecturing for about fifteen minutes finally asked Senior Raymond to commit us to the hands of the Lord as we go to bed.

After the prayers he dismissed us and as I turned and was heading to my room wondering in my own thought how am going to receive the remaining ten lashes, I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned to see Richard my new friend, the boy that rescued me from the “kenkey” role call senior.
Richard: Sup? Jake, you seem to be disturbed about something, hope everything is well in *the lions den* .
Me: Man nothing is well o. I’m really in a big problem.
Richard: Sure? What is wrong? Tell me I might have an alternative.
Me: Yeah but is a long story so let make it tomorrow ok.
Richard: Does it involve beating?
Me: yes. But as I said let’s make it tomorrow because a little delay will add more Sault to soup ok.
Richard: ok. Wish you well.
Me: Thank you.

I left him and went into the den after knocking this time.
Zogaroo rescued me from the remaining ten with the claim that at least I have learnt my lessons by knocking before entering and that was all they wanted to teach me but I will still do the settlement which I nodded to it so fast without asking which kind of settlements he is talking about.

Zygote then asked me to pay 60 Ghana cedis as settlement because they are five seniors in number plus Benita so everyone will be taking 10 cedis each.
I looked down because is too much for me but I was afraid of asking for reduction.
Kingso then asked me whether it is too much and I nodded to it so he asked me how much I could pay and I said 30 cedis.
Abortion: So you want to give us half of what you are to pay?
Me: Please is just that the money on me is too small.
Benita: I have forgiven him mine.
Zygote: So is now left with 50cedis, man pay make we go.
Me: *still silent*
One of the senior of the seniors whom I later knew his name as Adonko intervened that they should accept the 30cedis because no matter what am now one of them so they should just consider me.

So they finally accepted it and I payed them without delay then after that they warned me to never let what I saw in the room to heard by anyone whether in the school or at home, it should remain between me and them and I nodded to it.

The following day which was Friday was another day of revelation of *The Lions Den*

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Episode 6*
I nodded to their warning and quickly jumped into my bed before I get myself into another trouble.

I woke up a few minutes after the syrine cried, it wasn’t easy to wake up by that early morning since am not used to it but as the saying goes, ‘if you go to Rome, do what Romes do” so I had no option than to wake up. I opened the door of *The Lions Den*only to see Richard standing there.

Richard: Oh nice, I wanted to come and call you but as you know, no one will volunteer to go to hell.
Me:*Smiled* Meaning?
Richard: Oh you want me to say you are in hell and get myself into trouble?
Me: Haha, then keep quiet before that trouble get you bro.

We went outside with our bucket with the intention of going to bath and the dorm prefect saw us and questioned us whether we have finished cleaning the compound, so we finally went for our brooms and went to the back yard of the block and started sweeping.

Richard: Brother what was the problem you said you got yourself into?
Me: I wish I could narrate everything to you but please I can’t tell you.
Richard: Why want you tell me? You don’t trust me? I might even help you to get out of it.
Me: Anyway, is over now, I have finished serving for it but that is not the reason why I don’t want to tell you but a secret should remain a secret.
Richard: Ok, just take care in that room.
Me: Thank you.

We finished working in the next ten minutes, we went for our buckets and was surprised to see a lot of people struggling for water at the polytank. There was a long queue and we joined the queue with the expectation that it will reach our turn but the most annoying part of it all is, the seniors will ignore the queue and collect the water from the polytank over us making the queue to delay in movement.
Finally it was left with the last person to reach our turn, is there we realize the flow of the water has reduced drastically, after my bucket was full and Richard placed his bucket to collect, the water stopped coming after dropping small amount into it.
So I asked Richard to join me so that we share mine like that.
On our way to the bathroom, another form one boy pleaded with us to join us share the bucket of water since his was seized by a senior after the water stopped coming, at first we did not agree him to join us after several plead but as he turned to go, I had a thought that “who knows tomorrow? you might be in the same situation” so I called him back and he joined us to share the bucket of water. After bathing I could feel my body is still soapy but no more water to wash it out so I cleaned myself with the towel.

I finished cleaning myself and went inside the *Lions Den*only to see all the seniors applauding me.
I was surprised and remained uprooted until Adonko began to speak.
Adonko: Jake, you have done well, in fact I can see the. *den* blood in you.
Do you know we over heard the conversation between you and your friend at the back of this dorm when you were sweeping?
Me: *shocked*
Abortion: Give thanks to God you did not reveal the secret.
Zogaroo: I like the way you replied him “a secret must remain a secret”
Kingso: How did he even know you were in trouble yesterday?
Me: *oh my God where will this question land me*
I informed him after the meeting yesterday with Mr. Akoto after he asked me why am looking moody.
Zygote: And what was your answer to him?
Me: I only said am in trouble and that was all.
Adonko: Good, may you remain like this.
Kingso: Boy get dressed fast and run into the assembly hall before Ogbodade kills you for been late.
I was like who is Ogbodade?

After dressing I went outside to see Richard waiting for me. We walked fast towards the assembly hall only to see a tic tall dark man in front of the assembly hall calling o-n-e, t-w-o, etc and everyone begun to run inside the hall. Luckily we were able to get inside the hall before he closed the gate and begun to flock anyone coming afterwards.
We moved around looking for a seat and it seems all the girls were already inside, we finally located some empty seats and sat on it.

Me: Who is that man?
Richard: Who?
Me: The one in front of the gate .
Richard: He is the senior house master. I heard he is very stricked.
Me: So he is the Ogbodade?
Richard: Yes, that is how they calls him but I believe is not his real name.
Me. Hmmm.

After the morning devotion, some announcement was made. The seniors was asked to go inside leaving we the form one students.
A teacher came in to take us through orientation.
He asked us to come closer so we all moved forward.
He lectured for about an hour and left.
After he left, I turned to see a beautiful girl seated beside me starring at me.
I also starred at her as if I have seen something strange on her face. I don’t know what kept me starring at her but I just could not remove my eyes from her.
She smiled at me and I smiled back.
Richard caught us and asked whether I know her somewhere and I said no but I just like her at the first side.
Richard then prompted me to ask for her name since I like her so I took the courage to aske her name.
Me: *Drew closer* please may I know your name?
Girl: *surprised look* me?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Am Sandra and you?
Me: Am Jake.
Sandra: ok nice to meet you. Me: thank you.

Just then another teacher came in and we quit our introduction.

We finally closed for the day.
After preps, i entered the *Lions Den* after knocking and was asked to come in and there I saw the shock of my life to see five beautiful girls inside the dormitory.
Me: What!!?
Kingso: Shut up!!!.

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*Episode 7*
Me: What!!!?
Kingso: shut up?
Adonko: *angry look* . Are you now our landlord? You want to get yourself into another trouble?
Zogaroo: Will you jump on your bed before we swallow you?
Zygote: You mean we should let him go freely like that?.
Benita: Oh forgive him, is just that the civilian life Is still in him, i have made plans to take it out from him.
Abortion: How are you going to do that?
First girl : He just need a f–k.
Second: By who?
First girl: Why? Don’t we have school daughters?
Third girl: I think Sweetbells is right because looking at this guy’s life I don’t believe he has ever f—-d before.
Fourth girl: Haha, eei love doctors.How did you know he has never f—-d before.?

All this while I was already on my bed without removing my school khaki trousers or my shirt.
These their arguments led Zogaroo asked me to come down so that they hear from my own mouth.
Zogaroo: Jake, tell me the truth, have you ever made love to a girl before?
Me: *Shy look and smiling* . please am a Christian.
And everyone bust into laughter.” Hahahah”
Kingso: But we are all Christians? Who is not a Christian here?
Girls: *chorused*. Noooo one.
Zygote: So does this truly means you have never f—-d before?
Me: Nodded shyly.
Abortion: Oh my God, we have a virgin pastor here.
Sweetbells: I said it.
Second girl: Fresh boy like you at your age?
Benita: That means we have to first spoil this guy before he changes us.
Third girl: Am going to bring my school daughter here next Friday and whether you like it or not you are going to f–k her till you can’t release anymore. *Referring to me with seriousness*.
On hearing this my manhood started becoming hard and I have to rush to my bed before am caught.
Adonko: Am wondering if only this guy is not an impotent.
Zygote: See him, you lie bad. Ask Benita and she will gist you how this boy d–k became hard yesterday when he broke in at our fun time .
Sweetbells: Sure!?
Benita: As if you haven’t heard this . He is not an impotent, he has that huge thing between his legs but I don’t know why he has chose to play wicked to the pretty girls out there.
Kingso: Hey Jake.
Me: Senior.
Kingso: You are going to f–k ok.
Me: *Silent.*
Kingso: *Raised voice* Ok!!
Me: Yes senior.
Kingso: Better. A virgin is not accepted here.
Zygote: Boy come down and let our babies introduce themselves to you. You need to know your school mothers.
So I jumped down and was asked to sit on a chop box closed there.
Benita first introduced herself.
Benita: Am Benita and a proud girlfriend of King Zygote and I hope you already know.
2nd girl: Jessica but call me Jezy Baby and a proud girlfriend of Doctor Abortion.
3rd girl: Am Tracy and a proud girlfriend of Kingso.
4th girl: Am Agnes, call me Agi and a proud girlfriend of Adonko.
Sweetbells: Am Belinda popularly known as Sweetbells and a proud girlfriend of Zogaroo .

Me: *Smiling face* Ok nice to meet you all. *Stood up and was about to jump on my bed*.
Agi: So want you introduce yourself too?.
Me: *Smiling*. Am Jake Omar also known as Papa Jay.
Girls: eei so you have a nickname?
Me: *Smiling* and jumped on my bed.
They continued with their conversation with their boy friends for about an hour.
I was just lying on my bed having different thought.
*Oh God why did you bring me to this demonic ghetto? How am I going to survive here?, i have promised you that am never going to involve myself into any premarital sex until I get married but how am I going to fulfil this my promise to you here?*. I was asking God all these questions until I started hearing some noises after they have switched off the llight.
I heard some funny, funny sounds, moaning, etc.
I tried closing my eyes so that sleeping will over take me but that wasn’t successful when the moaning started from every corner of the room and finally graduated into screaming, awash, ooach, sssssh, mmmh etc.
My innocent d–k became hard and I could not sleep.

After about one hour time, there was total silence in the room and I thought they were all asleep so I decided to remove my uniform since I was not comfortable in them. As I stood up, removed my shirt and hanged it on the wall then I removed the trousers too leaving my hard d–k raising my boxer shorts into a horizontal position, someone switched on the light.

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Episode 8*
Someone switched on the light and I was shocked because I was not expecting anyone to be awake, I turned fast to see Benita starring at me with a broad smile then I quickly turned fast to face the wall trying hard to prevent her from seeing my erected manhood but she boldly said “don’t worry, I have seen it already” in a low tone. She then switched off the light and went to join her boyfriend (King Zygote) who was asleep after having marathon sex with her.
I stood there for some minutes thinking of the meaning of what she just did.

I met Richard Yeboah infront of the main gate of the dormitory and he said he has finished bathing already since he waited for me for so long but I did not come out but he has fetched water for me already so I should follow him for it. I followed him towards the bathhouse, he showed me the water just close to the entrance of the bathhouse, as I took the water and entered the bathhouse, surprisingly there was plenty girls totally naked already in the bathhouse so I dropped the bucket of water and turned to run out as they approach me but I slipped and fell, I stood up to run but it seem my legs was too weak and I could not run, I tried all I could to escape from these girls who was chasing me but unfortunately for me I was grabbed by Benita and all the girls came around and started kissing every part of my body,I was enjoying every part of their foolish act though but my conscience did not allow me to give up so I continued to struggle to get myself out from them but their romances weakened me the more so I finally gave up, Benita pulled down my boxers leaving my erected d–k to stand at “akimpe” position, she grabbed it and rubbed it to and fro and said to the other girls I could not recognized their faces that she will first take the ride since she made every plan to make it successfull, they pulled me down and I was helpless by this time and every shout I make seem not to be becoming out, just as Benita was about to sit on my erected d–k, I heard a shout “Jake don’t do it” i turned to see Sandra, the girl I met at the assembly hall standing there full of tears then I did not know where I gained that strength from, I pushed Benita and the other girls aside, grabbed my boxer shorts and run to Sandra who was also running towards me so just as we get close to each other and was about to embrace, I woke up only to realize it was a dream.

My heart continued to beat as fast as possible meanwhile my innocent d–k was still hard. I looked down from the top of my bed and it seem everyone was asleep including Benita so I waited a little while for my d–k to calm down then I took a torch under my pillow and read the Bible for about ten minutes then i prayed silently about the nightmare I just had before I slept again.

The school syrine finally cried after a little sleep so I quickly woke up, refusing to switch on the light since I heard some funny sounds down there which indicate there was some sexual intercourse going on there again.
I went out of the *Lions Den* and went to
Richard’s bed to wake him up but he wasn’t there so I turned to go out only to see him approaching.
Richard: Yoo Jake. What’s up?
Me: Cool bro. Hope you slept well too.
Richard: Oh by His grace.
Me: We thank God then.
Richard: yeah.
Me: Want we go and sweep fast so not to be late again?
Richard: What late are you talking about?
Me: Class ofcourse?
Richard: So the heat in the hell is soo hot that it had made you to forget that today is Saturday?
Me: Ah! Waa look. Very funny. So what are we going to do now.?
Richard: you know there is struggling for water in this school so let’s start washing from now and before the seniors will wake up and delay us from getting water, we are done with our washing already.
Me: oh nice idea.

So we did the washing as fast as we could and we were able to finish even before our other colleagues form one students came out to start cleaning the compound which we joined them to clean.

At exactly, five o’clock there was an entertainment and we all headed to the assembly hall, that day, there was a rap and dancing competition.
We entered the assembly hall very early just because we wanted to get the front seat so that we shall not midst anything on the stage and also to run from the seniors at the dorm side.
People kept coming through different gate of the assembly hall as the time approached. I continued to turn around with the intention of seeing Sandra but to no avail. About ten minutes time, Richard tapped me on my lap.
Richard: See, is it not the girl you met here yesterday? I quickly turned to see Sandra approaching us.
Me: Sandra!.

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Episode 9*
Me: Sandra!
She turned to me and smiled then walked straight to us as if she was also looking for US.
Fortunately, I intentionally dropped a handkerchief on an empty seat bedside me and always lied to anyone who tried sitting on it that the seat has been already occupied by a senior so when Sandra arrived her seat was already there despite that the hall was almost full. She first greeted us.
Sandra: Goodevening,
Me and Richard: Fine evening.
Richard: How are you?
Sandra: By His grace and you?
Richard: We are doing well too
Sandra: We thank God
Me: Yeah.
Sandra: Thank you very much for reserving a seat for me.
Me: You are welcome.
Richard: But why are you late?
Sandra: My school mum asked me to help her do something in the dormitory.
Richard: Oh ok.
Me: Please may I asked, which cause you coming to offer?
Sandra: Science.
Me: Future doctor.
Sandra: Hahaha , does offering science mean automatically you have to become a doctor?
Me: But that is what we all believe in?
Sandra: What of you and your friend?
Me: Am here to offer visual arts while Richard is to offer Business.
Sandra: Then you must be good in arts, I will give you my picture so that you draw me.
Me: I don’t even need your picture before I can draw you.
Sandra: Then you are talented.
Me: Yeah, that is what they have been saying.
Sandra: Oh nice, am happy to meet you.
Me: Me too.
Richard: What of me Sandra?
Sandra: Oh am happy to meet you too.
We all bust into laughter.
Finally, the program was about to start and we were about to witness our first entertainment. The MC announced that any form one student who knows how to sing, dance, etc should come forward and some students did not even wait for him to finish the announcement before they were there.
He therefore led them took the stage one by one and of course some were really good at their field.

The program that lasted for about two hours finally came to an end, so from there we are to go to the dormitory and bring our plates, cup and cutlery sets for dining and from there we match straight to preps so
me and Richard has to run fast to the dormitory and bring out the necessary things before any senior could join us inside to disturb us.
I reached the *Lions Den* I knocked on the door and no one responded but it was not locked, I stood there for some minutes and decided to enter.

I entered and to my amazement Benita and co was still inside the dormitory. Immediately I entered Benita stood up from a bed she was sitting on and came to me, she tried hugging me but I swerved her then she dragged me back and Sweetbells came and grabbed my manhood and screamed at a low tone” walaai, Beni you said it, this guy is heavily loaded” by this time I was feeling uncomfortable and was also afraid that the crazy seniors might come in .
Jezzy: Leave the innocent boy alone, he is not happy with this kind of things .
Tracy: The way you are praising this guy will force me to taste his thing o.
Ago: Eei you.
Benita left me then I pulled myself back to free myself from Sweetbells who was still holding my d–k.
I jumped on my bed and they were all starring at me as if they have seen a different creature from another planet.
I gathered all I needed and dropped them inside my small bag then away.

I went out and Richard was already waiting for me.
Richard: You have kept long, why?
Me: Forget, lets go.
I wanted to tell Richard what is going on in the dormitory but something prompted me to wait a little because I don’t know how secretive he is so I decided to study him before I share my secret with him but he could see that am worried about something but whenever he ask, I will say there is nothing wrong with me.

We moved to the front of the dining hall entrance and we were all waiting for the dining bell to ring for us to get inside.
By this time I was looking left and right with the expectation of seeing Sandra but she was no where to be found so i asked Richard.
Me: Rich have you eyed Sandra?
Richard: No o. Jake are you in love with her.
Me: Oh not that ,is just that I just like her.
Richard: See, let me tell you, if you are in love with her make sure you propose to her before tomorrow and stop that joke that I just like her. You have to act fast before someone overtake you, for now you are not in competition with anyone but immediately someone goes before you,she will decide to put both of you on scale and carry you to see who is the best man for her, that is where they normally say give me time to think of it. So my brother Sandra is a beautiful girl and every indication shows that she has not been in a serious relationship before so if you love her just go straight to the point. The way she acts even shows that she is just waiting for you.
Me: I think you are right but how did you know all this relationship matters?
Richard: Is a responsibility of every man to know so if you don’t know start learning from today.
Me: Hmmm is not easy o man. You know my problem, I have never proposed to a lady in my life before.
Richard: And there is nothing I could do to help you. You have to face her yourself to show her how bold you are as a man.
Me: Ok. I will try.
Within minutes of our discussion someone taped on my shoulder, I turned only to see Sandra smiling at me and my heart started to beat as fast as possible. Richard worsened the case when he excused us.
I looked straight into her eyes and started stammering.
Me: Sandra, I, I, I want to tell you something.
Sandra: Ok am listening.
Me: *Silent* for some minutes.
Sandra: Jake what is it that you can’t tell me? Just tell me.
Me: *Took a deep breath* ok let’s make it later.
Sandra: *Frowned face* No is either you tell me now or I will never talk to you again.
Me: Sandra, I ,I love you.

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Episode 10*
Me: Sandra I, I love you.
I looked down with the expectation of hearing a responds from Sandra but I was disappointed after almost a minute that I did not hear anything from her, I looked up and to my surprise Sandra face was full of tears and I felt very sorry for making her shed tears.
Me: Oh, please Sandra I was only joking ok, Please forgive me, I will never repeat it again ok. Please, please Sandra.
She was still silent and gazing at me.
Then to my amazement Sandra embraced me. By this time I too went silent but enjoying her protruding boobs that was pearsing through my chest. If you want to know her boobs were very firm and standing.

As I was enjoying and at the sametime thinking of what the responds could be, my innocent d–k started growing horns so to avoid myself from been embarrassed I adjusted myself from her a little then ask her,
Me: Sandra are you ok.
Sandra: *nodded*
Me: But why are you crying? Is it because of what I said?
Sandra: Yes, no man has ever said this to me, you are the first person and you are the only one I love so is just tears of joy but what made me shed tears is because from the day I met you, you have been on my mind and I can’t even concentrate a minute without thinking of you but I didn’t want to appear cheap before you by approaching you that I love you.
Sandra was talking too much so I have to cut in to stop her.
Me: Is ok Sandra, I too have been thinking of you the same way you have been thinking of me. The truth is am totally in love with you and you are also the first girl I have ever proposed to.
Sandra: Meaning you too is a virgin?
Me: You don’t need to be told.
Sandra: Meaning my dream is true.
As she said this my heart jump because I remembered my nightmare too.
Me: Which dream are you talking about?
Sandra: I had a dream last night and in the dream, I was with you then five girls I could not recognized their faces came from no where then tried to drag you away from me, you were trying hard to free yourself from them but you fell down, you called me to help you out of which I got hold of your hand and started pulling you but what can one man strength do to five men? But as I gave up the fight, an oldman wearing all white who was watching us from a small distance asked me to come and give you a kiss for if they first kiss you , they have taken the man of my life away from me which means I will never enjoy marriage from any man neither will you enjoy marriage from any woman.
Me: So what did you do after hearing this?
Sandra: I quickly ran and gave you the deepest kiss ever.
Me: *smiled, very happy this time* So what happened after the kiss?
Sandra: When I was kissing you, I closed my eyes firmly so I opened my eyes only to see the five girls lying there. Me: What? *with a surprise look* then this kiss should come to pass one-day.
Sandra: Am even thinking , thinking, thinking. *stammering*
Me: Thinking of what? Please.
Sandra: Before that have you ever kissed before?
Me: No o. Whom am I going to kiss?
Sandra: *Smiled* if you truly love me then we have to have our first kiss now.
Me: No but that can’t be possible, see there are many people around, what If they see us in this kind of act? Don’t you think we will be punished? We can even be sacked?
Sandra: Forget sacking, no one can dare sack us. Not even the education minister.
Me: Sandra! Do you know what you are talking about?
Sandra: I bet you. Don’t be afraid, I just don’t want to lose.
I thought of the dream I also had then finally agreed on her request so we went to the back of the assembly hall block then Sandra gave me a very deep kiss.
We were locked up in the kiss until we heard the shout of someone.
My heart jumped then i turned back quickly.

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Episode 11*
We were locked up in the kiss until I heard a shout
My heart jumped and I turned back quickly only to see Richard smiling at us.
Richard: Am sorry for destructing you but I have to do it because the dining hall prefects seem to becoming around here.
Me: Thank you very much.
Richard: Oh no worries but you guys have to be very careful.
Me: ok
All this while Sandra was very quiet and i turned to look at her and you need not to be told how she felt ashamed and the regret in her face.
My heart was still beating and I did not no why, is it because of my first time of kissing? or because Richard came to the scene?
I just had a mix feelings all together.
When we reached where we were standing, Sandra excused us and Richard started his interview ;
Richard: Man, tell me it seem you got her so easily.
Me: *I narrated everything to him*
Richard: But why did she had so much believe in a common dream like that?
Me: I was even surprise but what made me to go for the kiss is, it seem the dream I had last night and that witch Benita and her crew in our dormitory tried raping me was almost the same.
Richard: What?, did I hear you clear? You mean there are girls in your dormitory? *eyes wide open*
Is there I realized I have just slipped my tongue. I wanted to divert it but he was too smart to be influenced with a lie so I just kept quiet and he continued to ask a lot of questions demanding instant answers.
Richard: Jake, talk, I heard it all, tell me what is going on in your dormitory? *raised voice this time*
So in other to stop him from letting those around us to hear our conversation, I calmed him down with a promise to tell him everything after dining and he understood.
The dining bell finally rang and we all went inside the dining hall.
The dining hall master came in to make some announcements and after that the dining hall perfect took over.
The dining hall was too large so in other for everybody to hear any announcement in the dining hall they have connected megaphone at various ends. The dining hall prefect whom his colleagues call him Bullet asked one of the form one boys to come for the Mic. and bless the food for us, he stood up and went for the Mic.
Form one boy: God bless the farmer, the cooker and the eater amen.
And everyone burst into laughter instead of saying amen.
The food was served and the dining hall master came back to announce that we the form one students both boys and girls will be having our preps in the dining hall for the main time as they are making some arrangement for us, so immediately after dining we should all help the bantery boys to pack the sauspans and tidy up the place.
We did as was directed and me and Richard located a table at a corner where I can tell him everything without the hearing of anyone .
Before I even start, Sandra came .
Sandra : I want to share table with you guys, hope you don’t mind. *smiling*
We were silent for sometime because it seem she has spoilt our plans.
Me: Oh no pproblem sharing a table with my sweetheart.
Sandra: Ok, thanks by the way.
Richard: But Jake, if you truly love Sandra, then you don’t have to hide anything from her so am even happy she is here.
Sandra: Hope there is no problem? Jake tell me, what secret is your friend talking about?
Sandra was even too curious than Richard so I decided to let the cat out of the bag.
Me: *cleared my throat* , Before I tell you guys anything I want you to make a firm promise, in fact I wish you make an oath but because we are all Christians, I see it as unpleasant so just make a firm promise to me that you will not let anyone hear what am about to tell you apart from the three of us.
Sandra: *In a hurry* I promise.
Richard : I promise.
Me: ok, before I go to the main issue let me first read the rules of the Lions Den to you.
Sandra: What is the lions den?
Me: My dorm, the room in which am in.
Sandra: oh ok, continue.
Me: Firstly, am not suppose to tell anyone whatever happens in the dormitory,
Secondly: I should respect all their girlfriends whether outside or whenever they come into the dorm.
Sandra: You mean they bring girls into the dorm?
Me: yeah.
Richard: Sandra just let him finish.
Thirdly, Fridays are f—–g days and sometimes Saturdays too.
Fourth, Am to knock everytime I want to enter.
Fifth, I will not move from the dormitory till I finish school since I now know their secret.
I read all the rules and we discussed whatever remaining secrete including the dream and I could see how they felt uncomfortable especially Sandra with my stay in the room.

They promised to help me but Sandra also led me made a promise to her that I will not give in to any of the girls in which I did.

About twenty minutes time preps was over and we went to our various dormitories.

I knocked on the door of the Lions Den and a female voice asked me to come in, I went in and guess what I put myself into.

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Episode 12*
I knocked the door of the lions den and a female voice asked me to come in, I went in and it was only Benita in the den with only a white towel worn to her chest level, I greeted her and she responded fine sweetheart, out of shock I turned to look at her and was asking myself when did I become your sweetheart?
By the way, I by passed her and jumped on my bed to remove my uniform after dropping my bag.
Benita pretended as if she was busy with her phone and shocked me when I did not realise when she got onto my bed after I have removed my trousers and it was left with my boxers.
Benita smiled at me, stood up to face me and said she only need a kiss from me for now.
I remembered Sandra’s dream instantly and vowed to never kiss her in my heart and to my surprise Benita removed the towel she was wearing leaving her with only a pant.
Her well curved boobs was dancing to me and I could not close my eyes.
To be frank with you, Benita was fantastically beautiful and don’t deserve that stupid senior Zygote.
I just starred at her. She drew more closer to me and said.
Benita: I know you first saw my nakedness and am not worried about that, all I need in return is also your nakedness and nothing else.
Benita started rubbing her smooth boobs on my naked body and my innocent d–k started dancing to the music Benita was playing.
I was totally lost and confuse. Benita grabbed my d–k and said;
Benita: wow how hard it is. You are handsome Jake, I will leave Zygote for you. Please just let me see the woman In me. I can’t sleep since the day I first set my eyes on you. Can you imagine when Zygote was making love to me yesterday, I needed to take him as you before I could release?
Me: *Stammering* please, please they might becoming by now.
Benita: Forget them, they have broken bounce to town, I was to go with them but I intentionally stayed behind because of you. They will only come back by an hour time and please come down and let use the down bed for the top beds normally makes a lot of noise.
Me: Please, I can’t do this, you see I have promised God to stay a virgin until I get married and I don’t want to break my promise.
Benita: Jake, but look at how hard your d–k has become? How can you sleep with this pressure if I don’t make you release.
*still holding my d–k and rubbing it to and fro* and my d–k this time was supper fantastically hard.
Me: Please just make it next time because am not ready for it now.
Benita became fed up with me and pulled me to zero gab between me and her body and gave me a very deep long kiss and I started comparing her kiss to that of Sandra. I finally pushed her back a little when I wanted to take a breath.
Benita: Please Jake, feel free to touch my boobs, they are all yours, just rub and squiz them as you want.
I became more confuse.
Benita: Will you give it to me or you want me to shout that you want to rape me?
Me: I want you to shout because you will be asked what at all you want inside the boys dormitory.
Benita : wow, thank you you very much, you are also intelligent. I Will marry you but I will lie against you when your seniors returns that you attempted rapping me and you guess the consequences so just give me a hard f–k with your hard d–k.
I became silent and did not know what to do by now.
Me: No I want do it
Benita pulled down my boxers and knelt down and screamed In a low tone.
Benita: wow, zygote might be bigger done you in size but for d–k he shouldn’t go there. I like this kind of d—s Jake, please just give it to me now and let me be free.
She pulled more closer, opened her mouth to s–k my d–k then we heard a knock on the door.

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Episode 13*
She pulled more closer, opened her mouth to s–k my d–k then we heard a knock on the door.
Benita then jumped down fast dressed up and quickly pretended as if she was sleeping. She opened the door and it was her fellow counterpart Jezy.
Benita: Hey, Jezy where are the others and how did you get your way here without the support of any guy?
Jezy: They are coming, they are still messing themselves up in the night club, they will come sooner or later and I just followed the same root we use to get in here.
Benita: oh ok.
Jezy: Are you alone here?
Benita: No, with that pastor.
Jezy: And you are not satisfying him? Come on Beni lets give it to him.
All this while, I pretended as if am sleeping and Jesica jumped onto my bed and asked me to wake up and I refused to wake up , i still closed my eyes as if the sleep has overtaking me.
She continued to pressure me and before I knew it Benita joined her and they continued to disturb me.
I did not want to open my eyes again because my d–k has calmed down and I did not want to see things that will provoke it to commit sin am not ready for.

The pressure became unbecoming and I got angry and decided to act furiously against them.
I opened my eyes and oh my God (OmG) Jezy too is left with only panties and come and see skin, what a smooth skin with amazing boobs dancing to me. I melted instantly and could not even open my mouth again after the first shout and my ankles started shaking kpa_kpa_kpa_kpa and my d–k started growing inside my boxers again.
Jezy smiled and said I know you arr only joking, no man can deny this, we only want you to be a man enough and satisfy us and that is all.

Then I remembered the promise I made to Sandra and became provoked.
Me: Hey! You girls, listen to me, I said I want do it! Ok, are you witches? You better leave me alone now or everyone will hear of us now. *Angry mood*
They jumped down and begun to plead with me.
Jezy: Is ok, Jake, we are only joking ok.
Benita: Is ok but to me is not yet over.

I returned to my bed and even could not pray before sleeping because of how angry I was.
I pulled the cloth over myself and thought of the meaning of the temptations in which am in until sleep took over.

The next day was Sunday and I woke up at exactly 4:50 am and realize the crazy seniors and all their girlfriend’s have returned from their night club without switching on the light because of how they were all snoring. I went out to Richard and we decided to go to the dining hall to iron our clothes, we got there and there was a lot of girls with a few boys and we have to queue to get a socket and from the look of things nothing showed that we are going to iron our clothes soon.
I got fed up and asked Richard that we should go back to the dormitory and he encouraged me to be patient.
Within five minutes time Sandra entered the dining hall with a large extension board, she spotted us and came straight to us and greeted us.
Sandra: Goodmorning to you all.
We: Fine morning
Richard: How was your night. Sandra?
Sandra: By His grace. I guess you are here to iron.
Me: Yes o.
Sandra: Ok where should I fix it?
Me: Anywhere.
Sandra fixed the extension board and asked us to connect our iron and we did and finished ironing after 30 minutes time.

We got back to the dormitory, I went inside to hang my clothes and there was no girl in the lions den and I was wondering how and where exactly they pass to get inside the dormitory and go back so easily without been caught by any of the security men.
So i vowed inside myself that I will find out their root and alert the house master to stop them from coming inside .

Finally we were all set for Sunday service and I turned around and could see everyone in the Lions Den and I asked myself in my mind” so this guys have been listening to the word of God and yet have chosen the way of the devil?”

After the chaplain asked us to pray and give thanks to God for His protection throughout the week, he called the praises and worship team to come and lead us to give praise and worship God and I had the shock of my life when they came out and Benita was the leader of the praises and worship team with Sweetbells and Agi In the praises and worship team.