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[STORY] Girls In The Boys Dormitory (Episode 1-13)

Posted by on August 12, 2021 0
Episode 1 ======== Through out the whole week there was a lot of happiness in our home after the release results of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) when both of us, me and my twin brother (Jack) came out with flying colours and had admissions to very good schools. Two weeks later, a night before our departure to our various schools i was in the room when i heard our father (Mr. Kwadwo Awuni) calling. Father: Jake! Jake!! Me: yes dad. Father: Come here with your brother Jack. Me: ok. I went outside looking for my twin brother but could not see him and i met our younger sister (Joy) who was yet to turn 15yrs the following month. Me: Joy Joy: yes Me: have you seen Jack? Joy: yeah, he is in the store room packing some things mummy asked him to. So i went in there and told him that dad want to see both of us in the hall and we quickly rush in. Father: why did it take you soo long to come out? Me: I was looking for Jack. Father: where were you? Jack. Jack: I was in the store room Father: Anyway sit down and let me have a word with you. We both had our seats and he begun to talk. Father: I hope you know that tomorrow morning, if God permit you will be departing to your various schools. **we both chorused** yes dad. Father: fine, now i want to spend some few minutes to advice you. **there was total silence** Father: As you are going to the boarding house, you will surely meet different types of people there, in those people are angels and devils and to know the difference is not easy so i wish you should not be making friends at all but since that is impossible, i advice you should take very good care in choosing friends over there. Secondly, make the word of God the standard of your life, read your Bible all the time, infact read it as if all your life depends on it and indeed it truely depends on it. Now, the main reason you are going to the school is to learn so i think you won’t wait for anyone to tell you to read your note all the time. Yes i know both of you are exceptionaly brilliant but remember if you don’t read, you will rust so do not joke with your books and give the school authorities the maximum respect they requires, from the headmaster down to your seniors in the school. He talked about a whole lot of things including his experience in the boarding house during his time in SHS, how the seniors will be bulleying us and many more. Finally, he released us after about one hour thirty minute lectures and we thanked him and said goodnight to him. I quickly rushed inside, jumped on my bed, prayed my normal prayer. ” Heavenly father, i thank you for everything, be our protector as we sleep, draw us closer to you and give us sweet dreams . Amen. I woke up around 5:20 am and tapped on my brother’s shoulder to wake up and let us prepare since we had few hours to depart. After 2 hours 30minutes time, we were both set to leave. Our parents then came out to give us their final word. Father: Hope you have not forgotten what i told you yesternight. **chorused** no dad. Father:nice. Mum: Jake your school is out of the region and is a little bit far so i will be visiting you mostly as you know your father’s job gives him less time. Me: ok maa Father: don’t worry i will try my best to visit you atleast twice every term ok. Me: **smiles** thank you dad. I was happy to hear that because i will surely get much money when dady visit me than mum. So after a little gist our father called our Senior brother (Joe) who is in his final year in the University of Ghana and just came home 3 days ago for some holidays. Father: Joe! Joe: Daa Father: Please come here. He came out from his room and kept smilling at us. Joe: Now, you are leaving your parents to face real life haha. Father: erh Joe Joe: Daa Father: Please kindly drop your younger brothers in their various schools for me. Actually i wanted to do that myself but am called for a meeting this morining. Joe: ok. Father: So as you know Jack’s school is closer so drop him first and move on with Jake to his school. Joe: ok. He collected the car keys, open the booth helped us to park our things inside. We said goodbye to all of them and jumped inside the car From the look on Joy’s eyes i could see she was already missing us. He spark the car and drove off towards Jack’s school.

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