[STORY] GIRL OF MY Dream (episode 1-13)


Episode 1
I was running from no where to some where when I saw Tola being tied to a tree. I stopped to help her untie the rope. as I was to set her free, two hefty men jumped out from nowhere.
both men:: na you be the person abi?
me:: na me be watin? (looking around maybe I can see any body that can help us escape)
**one of them came to me telling me that his boss name is Kunle and there’s nothing I can do**
Kunle:: killer, what are you doing with that thing? come let’s kill them na.
Tola was still crying… they tied me to the same tree with her. as they were about to pull the trigger, I don’t know were the slap came from. the slap landed on my back, I woke up sweating goat..
me:: thank God, na dream.
Godwin:: adeblow, watin dey happen?
**sorry guys, Godwin is my best friend**
me:: the dream carry school bag with books.. you remember that chikala girl when I tell you say I dey like so?
(Godwin nodding his head like agama lizard) I see her for my dream, in fact I hug her self, o boy body do me grigri. but some guys be wan kill us together but I don’t know why.
**Godwin:: **laughing** adeblow, you be fool. girl when you no get the courage to talk to, you come dey happy say hug her for dream.
(sorry guys, Tola is the girl of my dream, the girl I wish to have as my girlfriend but I did not have that courage to woo her and tell her about my feelings)
Godwin:: wait o, they b wan kill you? watin they want?
me:: I don’t know. but one of them tell me say the other guy name na Kunle
Godwin:: you know them
me:: no, satin go make me know them?
Godwin:: this na warning say make you nor go close to that girl.
me:: warning say make I nor love? abeg leave that matter I go summon courage talk to her one day just watch and see..
Godwin:: okay sir, but no talk say I nor warn you…

this part is so boring right? I know but the sweetness will soon come out. all I need now is words of encouragement from you guys.. episode 2 loading.

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Episode 2
sitting on our pavement reading one novel when I noticed a damsel coming towards me. I raised my head up to see the figure eight. lo and behold it was Tola. (for my mind I said God don catch you today, if I nor pour my hear give you make I know watin cause am.
Tola:: good morning **with angelic voice**
me:: good morning how may I help you? ( pretending not to know her)
Tola:: please is this Mrs Fausat’s house?
me:: (see English. me when I nor fit speak fluently, how I take cope with her now? anyway I no go fall my hand) yes anything? **I don’t know the house but have to convince her so I can know what she wants**
Tola:: **smiling** can you show me Kunle’s room please?
me:: **flashed back to my dream** babe, actually this not her house but go that way you will see the house **pointing to the next 7th building..
Tola:: thank you… she
immediately she left, something just just pushed me to follow her. I have no choice than to follow my mind.. I trail her to the house. I saw the Kunle. he came out from the room hugging her forcefully. I wan go meet them but fear grip me instantly. I ran back home feeling dejected.
how can i be running away from a fellow man like me? no, it can not happen.
I was lost in my thought when Godwin barge in.
Godwin:: guy how far na?
me:: I nor dey fine nor.. imaging Tola carry herself by herself come meet me for here, instead make I proceed with my plan, I come dey show her Kunle house.
Godwin:: which Kunle?
me:: na one guy when dey stay near them Lekan na.
Godwin:: that O.P.C. guy?
O.P.C.? the guy na O.P.C. ?
Godwin:: yes na..! wait o, adeblow, you dey think watin I dey think so?
me:: chain..! see kasala.. anyway nothing do am. even Bible talk say the kingdom of God suffer gragra, and the people with gragra later gain am. as for me, I won’t give up on her.. something is wrong with her and I have to help her.
Godwin:: who you dey speak grammer give? speak watin I hear.
me:: nor go improve your English..

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Episode 3
Favour:: bro adeblow, you came to visit us today?
me:: Aburo (junior kid in Yoruba lang) I came see things myself jare, don’t mind me, I’ll make it up for u. is your brother inside?
favour:: you mean bro Lekan?
me:: yes na,p
Favour:: he just see one of his friend off now. he would soon be back..
me:: okay I will wait for him…

fifteen minutes later lekan comes back.
Lekan:: adeblow, adeblow. the only guy when go see girl he heart ho dey beat for him back..
me:: guy stop that talk, I don change now in fact na watin carry me come be that.
Lekan:: now you want say make I give you tips on how to toast girl now abi?
me:; thunder fire you.. I get one problem o
Lekan:: about what?
me:: e get one girl when dey come meet this una neighbor for here. her name na Tola and the maga when she dey see for here na Kunle b he name…
Lekan:: yes, I know them. but the girl b like person when they force enter relationship. how I wish I know her very well I for rescue her.
me:: what do you mean by force?
lekan:: the girl always dey come every weekend. so in the night I go dey hear ”whether you like it or not, you are mine & nothing will change change it.” all these grammer when I no understand go dry follow.
me:: I see..! guy I need your help now, this girl is my world. I want to save her. all I need from you now is to gather some information for me.
Lekan:: you mean am?
me:: yes na
Lekan:: you know say the guy na O.P.C. ?
me:: I know everything already.. just help me, and don’t try anything stupid cos I know what you are capable of..
Lekan:: ever since I meet that my chikala, I don stop to dey cause problem na.. no worry my friend.
me:: thank you… I left for my house.

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Episode 4
Godwin:: adeblow, I hear say your rival dey go parade this night, how far about your plans?
me:: I know. let get going do that everything will b perfect.. (we both left for lekan’s house)
Lekan:: guys, how una take know say the guy nor go dey today?
me:: if you need like seriously, you will even put ur life on the line to get it, so leave matter for who get am. so how far she don show?
Lekan:: No, she go soon come, but na heavy duty you dey put urself so.
me:: *hissed* so guys, if she show now, how I go take approach her?
**both of them started laughing at me**
Lekan:: just tell her how you feel about her, believe me, such girls are ready to follow **Godwin interlude**
Godwin:: here she comes.. guy no fall your hand o, comport your self. adeblow, good luck.

I walk towards direction feeling like % guys you know that kind of mood na, for the first time%
back to the story

me:: hi mhiz Tolani
Tola:: **looking around to be sure if she’s the one am deferring to** me?
me:: *looking around too* as you can see, its only me and you here, so the answer to that is yeah.
Tola:: how do you know my name?
me:: oh..! that’s not the issue here. you see I wonder if you will borrow me five minutes..
Tola:: (smiling now) so Mr Wonderer, what is it that you want from me?
**her question trow me off balance, how am I going to start this now? I don enter am today**
me:: ehmm…… my mummy told me that a girl wiil come to me. I always dey pray so that the day will appear sorry will come. I dey see you for my dream too each time I sleep so I prayed that such day should come to pass..
Tola:: ( laughing out loud before I could finish my sentence) back then in secondary school, what is the name of your English teacher?
me:: **watin concern English teacher now** my teacher you said? I don’t have that’s why I want to make you my teacher, my girlfriend and my everything. (now I was shy now maybe I’ve speak out of proportion)
Tola:: your girlfriend?
me:: **nodding my head in affirmation**
Tola:: Mr man, I’m not interested with you proposal.
me:: okay then (turning to leave her)
Tola:: Adeblow she called.

**I was so surprise, I can’t remembered telling her my name, so I turn to her giving her that “what is it”look**
she continue.. are you surprised how I know your name? I’ve been observing you now for the pasted six months. the way you look at me. I have been waiting for your move but you never did. Adeblow, I have loved you from the first day I set my eyes on you, but am just a lady, I can’t confront you. all these will I have been waiting for you but you never shows up. its to late Adeblow..
(now she was about to cry now, now I know was in pain all this while. as the tear was about to drop, I rushed her hug her so tight) o boy, she respond.
we were like that for about five minutes when she separates herself from me)
Tola:: is too late now, I don’t to endanger you life
me:: how? from who? sorry I don’t understand.

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Episode 5
Lekan and Godwin barge into my room
me:: guyz, una lack home training, una mama no teach una say una suppose knock another person door b4 una enter?
lekan:: ya father.. after u don use us stand yesterday night finish you come dey vomit rubbish here..
me:: guy, the girl hug me that night o…
Godwin:: na watin no make us no wait again b that na.
me:: guy but problem dey oo
Lekan:: where problem dey come from?
me:: na that my babe o, she explain some kind things for me I come dey fear but I promise her say I go save her..
Godwin:: the girl when you just meet so don turn babe over night.. anyway, watin she talk?

***** ******* ********* ********* ********** ********
Tola:: how? from who? what do I mean? which question I go first answer now.. abi you dey fear my explanation?
me:: baby, I have come a long way loving you though I was unable to tell you my feelings, trust me am ready to shear your pain, sorrow & joy with you. just tell me about it.
Tola:: **sigh** its about Kunle my fiancée. the guy that am seeing now, he never want me to go.
me:: Wait, do you love him
Tola:: I never love him
me:: then you like him?
Tola:: hell, no..
me:: am relief now you can proceed
Tola:: yes my lord
me:: we are not in High Court, why yes my lord of a thing?
Tola:: I have never see you talking like this b4. baby am afraid loose you (hugging me again)
** this is problematic, we just met and you’ve love like kilode**
me:: baby, it’s okay,just tell me what the problem is..
Tola:: Kunle happens to be our family friend.. I know not who he was then she my father entrusted me to him b4 he passed out. there is nothing we can do to feed our selves with. One day its just like a dream to me when this evil man assault my kid sister sexually. after everything, my sister pasted out. my mother went and report him to the elders, they all turn deaf ear all bcos this evil man has bribe them all. he brought me to this strange land I know nothing about. he promise to kill me if I try any silly mistake with him. so am looking for the perfect time that I will drain his soul from his body but it seem he is into some Ogboni group, cos I do see him drinking from a skull. when he brought me here *** she stopped and look me in the eyes**
me:: waiting he do you after he bring you come here?

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Episode 6
me:: what happened then after?
Tola:: he said his gods or what ever told him that am his wife, and if I reject him offer then am dead..
( now I was saturated with fear. me Adeblow, rival of a juju man.)
Tola continue** that’s why I don’t want you to involve yourself. he’s a beast, Kunle can kill a fellow man without looking back. I don’t want to loose you plz. just leave me to my fate.. **crying now**
me:: baby, I have love you from the very first day I set my eyes on you, leaving you to your fate is the same thing killing me too. If I die bcos of you, I won’t regret it at all.. (die for girl for this generation? well na story sha) trust me, in all my life I have…. *** b4 I could finish the sentence something like magnet hold my lip to hers. suddenly she broke the kiss looking away. I was now confused, why would she kiss me? or did I start the kiss? No, I was talking when she kissed me. if she start it, why did she stop it. l was confused but I found myself telling her sorry**
me:: am sorry baby, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you
Tola:: no don’t worry, it’s my fault.. can I come to your house?
me:: my house?
Tola:: *nodding her head*
me:: fine, feel free to come
Tola:: am coming this evening. prepare something delicious for me..
me:: don’t worry..
********** ******* ******* ****** ******** ******** *******
me:: guys, she is coming this evening.
Godwin:: you don win jackpot be that oo
me:: wating you mean?
Lekan:: na our mouth you want dey hear say bicycle kill driver for express way?
me:: stop that rubbish, you know say I nor dey do that kind thing na? all she need now is my comfort.
Lekan:: comfort indeed. I be small pinkin abi? Godwin make we dey go make we nor spoil he comfort with Tola this evening.. they both left.

five minute later, I heard a knock on my door. I wen to open it
me:: Tola, it’s you. why didn’t you let the rain to stop before coming?
Tola:: I can’t wait. precise, I don’t know when it will stop. will you let me in now?
me:: oh..! forgive me plz. come in.
Tola:: thank you..
(ever since Lekan & Godwin left, I did not go out so I did know that it was raining already until she arrives)
me:: what can I offer you?
Tola:: something hot that can keep my body warm from this cold.
**me when be say I local, I did not understand what she meant, I went and make her tea… she drank it all once**
Tola:: am still cold.
me:: sorry baby.. cover yourself with thins blanket.. giving her my blanket… (all these while she was just looking at me straight in the eyes.) **I stand up to take my leave when she hold my hand drag me to the bed and **********\*****

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Episode 7
she pull me back and I fell on the bed. b4 I could say jack Robinson we’ve engaged ourselves in kissing.. in between my tight, little Adeblow that know nothing, is telling me to climb mountain Everest.. we were like that when i felt something like current passing from my head going to my toes.. this current was now flowing fast continually.. guy no time time to waste. nobody teach small pinkin how them dey waka so nobody go tell me to touch here don’t touch that place.. the current flow enter my hand carry am go her bre ast. Tola’s n—-e were already strong enough to pierce my skin. initially I was afraid of any activities that could serve as a catalyst relapse.. I heard that first day doing it can result into daddy, mummy did not give me money for sweet. you know what I mean na.. she was on fire but I was so naive to understand her.. (don’t blame me, it’s my first time banging a lady so you know the rest story na)
she was on fire but I couldn’t do much due to my to the tight position. the ecstasy was so high. I thought she will collapse but to my greatest surprise, I heard her calling me in a way that if I were Buhara, I will beg Jonathan to come back to office. but I am me I can’t be who people want me to be.. so Adeblow will always remain Adeblow… back to our story,
Tola:: baby, am boiling, give it to me harder.. Adeblow, blow me up with your strength please. where the strength dey?
**abeg, I no fit go further again.**
after everything, she stood up
Tola:: thank you Adeblow
me:: you’re welcome…
she left for the bathroom to clean herself up. came back.
me:: but babe, you be wan kill me o.
Tola:: don’t tell me you did not enjoyed it….
me:: of cause I enjoyed it.
Tola:: but you’re a learner?
me:: learner? what am I learning? **I never understand what she meant by that**
Tola:: never mind… I have to leave now
me:: but where did you learn all those that you were giving me?
she did not answer me. she just focus on her dress that she was putting on. I just let her be maybe am over stepping my boundary with her.. I saw her off and came back to my room to replay all what that just happen twenty minute ago…

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Episode 8
me, Godwin and lekan were just discussing in my room when unknown man badge into my room
unknown man:: who’s Adeblow here?
Lekan:: I believe say you mama train you well, na you nor take correction.. and you b fool for wating you do now. how you go enter person house dey ask foolish question? you dey craze for liver b4?
*** for my mind, with this bluffing alone, Kunle will never look down on me cos he know not who we are**
unknown man:: am kunle Tola’s husband. I know you’re Adeblow, am warning you to back off cos you don’t know what am capable off.
Godwin:: Mr man, who tell you say people when go school like you dey waist their time dey do O.P.C. work? your mama born you as human, you come here dey warn your fellow man like say you b God.. now carry your black ass leave this place now.
Kunle:: you guys should dare me..
he exit through the door he came in with
**another door dey b4? na kitchen door he for take do exit na.. well na story sha**
Godwin:: this man get liver dey come declare war. Adeblow, nor fear feel free with Bola abi Tola I don’t know.
me:: guys, I don’t know what I would have done without you. am grateful..
Godwin:: you with this your English self e… we don dey go. come excort us.
me:: I b una excourt? makebuna enta road make I push una go front.
Lekan:: we be wheelbarrow?
we laughed over it and I saw them off. as I was coming back, my stomach started crying for food. okay stop crying let me feed you some food.
mallam:: oga watin I wan buy?
me:: na you wan buy am? abeg give me bread and 4 eggs.
mallam:: oga, wait here make I go prepare my order..
me:: mallam, una no go kill person with this una English. just go I dey wait.
immediately the mallam left, I saw people running. i was like, what is after them? I stood up to see if I can see what they are running from.
(I forgot, readers I get mind to face anything, I trust myself in that part I will never run until I see the pursuer. na still English word)
as I stand up to look, I saw Kunle pointing a gun at me. b4 I turn to say let me run GBOAAA…..! everything went blank instantly… I can only hear people shouting but I can’t see them.
me:: what is happening? am I in the other world?
b4 I know it my body started leaving the ground. I wanted to tell them to drop me but I have no strength to do that. I was asking myself, where are they taking me to? but nobody to answer me. I can now hear people calling Doctor…
me:: Doctor in this place? but nobody can hear me. I started praying. Lord father, have mercy upon me. I don’t want to die now. I haven’t complete my task on earth. please lord. unto you I commits my life, my soul. I know there is nothing impossible for you.
I was now feeling a sharp pain in my vain. something like needle Piercing my vain. I was still in my dream when I heard a voice talking to me..

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Episode 9
Adeblow. all the happiness that my parent have ever give me, all the good memories, the best time, moment got lost. ever since i lost my parent to the dead, i have never know what peace is. every seconds, every minutes, every hour and into day is like an horror to me. I do make make wish everyday. do you want to know my wish? (no respond from me) well I will tell you. my wish then was dead should come and take me away. but it seems that dead itself is afraid to take me. but god send an to rescue me. I tell you when the Angel came, I was like a little baby that know nothing and always happy anytime the angel is around me. do you know the Angel? (still no respond from me) well is no other person than you. you the happiness that God sent to me. well I won’t say you should live or die. but am telling that any part you choose am coming with you, cos I can’t live in this wicked world without you. once the doctor declare that you’re read, don’t feel sad cos I will join you.
Adeblow, i love you so much with all my heart.
me:: I love you too
Tola:: can you hear me?
me:: well and clearly..
Tola:: thank you very much for not dying.
me:: where is this?
Tola:: Hospital
me:: for how long?
Tola:: two weeks now..
me:: where is Lekan and Godwin?
Tola:: they left early this morning. stop stressing yourself, let me go an call the doctor.
me:: no, just go and settle the bill. I can’t stay here..
Tola:: alright then..

***********Six Days Latter*******
Godwin:: but that guy get mind o.
me:: imaging Kunle shot me with gun. if this guy make me go back to my past ehh. e go red for am o..
(my past no rugged, when you opponent pissed you off, you know you have to tell you him sumthing that will scare him na. tell him what you are not). I go scatter ground because of kunle. make he no worry
Leakan:: so na watin we go do am now?
me:: make we give am the beating of he life.
Godwin:: okay, we go carry the operation out very soon make he know say we no be weak fellow.
me:: am coming too.
Godwin:: fine come let’s do it together.

**we set Kunle up, give him the beating of his life.** a month later, I receive a call from unknown person….

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Episode 10
caller:: if you know say your name resemble Adeblow, open ur deaf ear and listen, your girlfriend dey here with us, and we need fifty thousand for her exchange.. Mr man, if you play game with us, na her dead body you go meet.
me:: sir how can I find…..
*the caller cut me short*
caller:: shut up fool. let me finish. I will text you the location and don’t bring any fuckin police or esle, you, me ya girl., you know what I mean
he ends the call..

me:: who this caller be? is it kunle? no am not sure. if he’s behind this, would he be asking for money? I tried lekan’s number switched off. okay let me try Godwin
Godwin:: guy how far na? how your chickala?
me:: there is fire on the mountain o. some people just kidnap Tola them dey demand for fifty thousand for her ransom. I don dey try lekan number, but ebdey switch off
Godwin:: where you dey now
me:: I dey road dey go bank go withdraw the money.. (my papa get small change, so me I nor dey lack)
Godwin:: okay wait for there for me, I dey come now
me:: okay.
as I come out of the bank, I saw Godwin coming down from the other side of the road
Godwin:: so na how the thing take happen?
me:: na call I receive. but first we go go check her first b4 we go the location when they text me so..
**as we were about to cross the busy road, a tinted car packed in front of us, before I know what is happening me and Godwin did not see our feet on the ground. but we found our selves inside a moving car. about thirty minutes, the came to a halt. they drag us out of the car like a criminals. they drag us inside a forest. they remove the rags from our face cos they blindfold all these while. the first person that came to my view was Tola.
me:: Tola, what are you doing here? when I heard a familiar voice. will you stop that noise? I turn to see who the person was
me:: Kunle, so you’re the devil behind all these?
Kunle:: behind what? that you and your girlfriend will die in my hand?
me:: alright then I brought the money for the ransom
Kunle:: money you said? I don’t need ya money, that’s the only way to bring you out of you hole that you’re hiding. about the money, you can take it along with you to heaven and spend it there. fools. tie him there with her an for his friend tie him separate.**
Tola:: baby am sorry for everything.
me:: how long have being here?
Tola:: two days now without food. am afraid that my worst nightmare has come to past.
me:: none of us will die. just put your trust on God alone. I know he will do it for us cos he has did it before. let’s just hope that God will intervene..
meanwhile Godwin was just staring at us.

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Episode 11
Tola:: this is all my fault. I should have ignore you a long time ago… is just that I can’t just let it.. am sorry plz forgive me.
me:: baby plz stop crying, let me tell you something. since when my mum gave birth to me, I’ve never woo a lady in my life. you are the first in my life
Tola:: *laughing* you mean you’ve crashed a lady b4?
me:: crash? I b airplane?
Tola:: village boy. must you turn to plan before you crash? what I mean is that am I the first and only that you have made with?
me:: well, that is why am happy anytime am around you.
Tola:: you must be kidding me. what were you waiting for?
me:: waiting for the rightful owner.
Tola:: owner of what?
me:: my heart, soul and body.
Tola:: oh… baby, I love you so much. let’s hope that all these are just a mere dream, when I wake up, I will never hesitate to s–k your lips out of you naught boy.. we both laughing

Kunle:: good morning to you, I can see that you’re happy
me:: fool, I promise you this, am going to kill you with my bare hand.
Kunle:: is that how to greet in you mother’s village or do you fink am jokin? for you to know that am not joking, witness this so that you will know that am serious.
**he command the boys to bring Godwin**
Kunle:: untie him and let him go..
**they lose him and ask him to go. as he was leaving I heard a gun shot and I saw Godwin falling down. all his body is covered with blood.**
me:: Coward, my friend has never wrong you. why did you kill him? I swear if I leave here alive, I will make this world a living hell for you. you should have kill me instead of my friend.
Kunle:: I did not killed him, is your stupidity that killed him. now let me do what I love doing most. bring me that lady (referring to Tola)
me:: if you touch her
Kunle:: woman, don’t mind your boyfriend. all I want to do is just to make you scream..
me:: if you want to kill her, just do it and do the same with me or you will regret leaving me alive. or don’t tell me that you are afraid?
Kunle:: fool, afraid of who? who told you I will leave you to live? I want you to cry b4 you die. ***he command the boys to undress her, when she was trying to refuse they gave her a resounding slap that can resurrect the dead and still send him back at the same time.. she finally comply after the slap. they undressed her leaving her with just pant and her bra alone***
me:: leave her alone you Coward.. I will kill you
** he brought out a dagger from one corner**
Kunle:: when you come back in your next world, come and kill me but for now, am the the one to kill you. you see this dagger, I am going to drive it into her heart. I just want her to scream. (he raised the dagger up wanted to stab her when I hear myself begging)
me:: please don’t kill her, am begging you please.
Kunle:: so you can beg? I taught your car have no brake. at last your car has finally halt. surprise.. but she hasn’t giving me what I want, I want her to scream.
***she was just looking at me like zombie, I know she has gone already***
Kunle stabbed her arm, then she started screaming, I can see Kunle twisting the dagger to go more dipper and blood was just gushing out. then she pasted out.
Kunle:: now is your turn. bring him here..
**the same boys came to untie me. they laid me down. I can see Kunle clearly, raising the dagger up, want to do the something with me. when I started praying. God have your way, I don’t want to die. before I finish my prayer, I heard a gun shot, instantly two of kunle’s men were down with blood gushing out of their body…

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Episode 12
police:: drop your weapon, if you move I blow your your head up.. (but Niger police funny o, if na American, you will hearing freeze, but her if move I blow u up, well na part part of watin them take know us be that) by this time, they have handcuffed Kunle, I sprang up with every force ran to where Tola is
me:: officers please help her, I don’t want her to die. **they rushed her to where only God know but I know she’s in safe hand. I stoop up to go and see Godwin lifeless body when I pump into my dad**
me:: dad….,you lead the squad here yourself?
dad”:: son you’re safe now let me take you to hospital now
**my dad is is a commissioner & am his only son, so he has no other option than to come and save his only son himself**
me:: my friend is dead because of dad, my only friend. dad I want justic .
Dad:: don’t worry, I will make sure take this case to any level. we will take him to the mortuary now.
me:: my friend is really gone? asking nobody in particular.. “” I was just crying like a baby chick, whose mother has been killed”” I remembered the good time we sheared together
Dad:: son stop crying and let’s go..

I followed him straight to the hospital where Tola was admitted.
the next day Lekan came to visit us
me:: guy how far na?
lekan:: is she okay?
me:: the doctor said she will be fine o. I just hope so too. **five minutes silent**
me:: but lekan, how my dad take know say I enter gawhu when he take come rescue me?
lekan:: I went to call him myself.
me:: you called him? how you take know too?
lekan:: that day when they abduct una so, I dey the bank, I see you and Godwin as them dey drag una enter motor, na so I stop cab tell am say make he follow una car. as we see say them dey drag una enter bush and only me nor go fit withstand them. I rush go police station tell them, as they hear me mentioned kidnap, them go turn deaf ear instantly.. na the second day I remember say you talk say your papa na police officer. I I reach there when I mention your papa name, na so they give way. I come latter realize say your dad na commissioner. as I enter dey shake as I dey explain na so he jump go up say my only son. I escort them reach where una motor take stop

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Episode 13
The End
I went back to Tola to see her, she has not opened her eyes yet. inside me, if this girl die I go fit survive this world? I hold her hand
me:: my love, my Angel, I don’t know if you are hearing me, Lekan has explained everything to my dad now, so no more secret again. but I want to tell you one big secret. I want to disclose it to you alone b4 others will know it. when you open your eyes, I want to be the first person that will congratulate cos am going to slip this round object into your hand. am sorry for protecting you well.
*my dad walk in*
me:: welcome dad
dad:: thank you my boy, how are you feeling now?
me:: I dey okay now
dad:: (giving me a heavy knock on my head) what is I dey okay?
me:: but dad…. *grinning*
dad:: correct yourself
me:: am okay
dad:: that’s my boy. well Ade, I came to tell you that kunle case has been adjourn to next week. don’t worry I will surely seek justices for your friend.
(doctor walk in with one nurse)
doctor:: good afternoon sir
dad:: good afternoon doc. thank you so much.
doc:: sir we are only doing our job sir. I came to check on her if she’s awake but it seems like…..**he paused when he heard Tola scream**
Tola:: **talking to her self while still on sick bed** plz don’t push me away am begging you, I can’t leave you here please let me go with you.
(I move close to her hold her hand very tight and I whispered into her ear)
me:: please don’t go am waiting for you here, don’t leave me in this lonely world. I love you so much.
(she opened her eyes with her weak voice she muttered the same word
Tola:: I love you too…**she look around asking** where is Godwin?
me:: he’s dead..(I started crying aging)
Tola:: now I know why he was pushing me away not to follow him. I was going to the same direction with him but he keep on pushing to go back… **she was now crying**
me:: baby please stop crying.. (so you mean say this girl don enter spirit world come back?) baby I want to tell you something
Doc:: let her rest b4 you tell her anything
me:: doctor, it might be too late. let me tell her now then I leave everything to God. **I turn to Tola, I brought one round object that has no end, I went on my knee**
me:: Tola I just want to fulfill my promise to you. I said it already that this the first thing I will do when you open your eyes.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?
Tola:: **open her mouth wide enough that “”zip my mouth””** she look around and turn to me again crying** Adeblow, ever since I met you, you’ve never for once maltreat, you are someone I could always rely on. you gave me hope when I lost it,**she stood up come close to me and kneel with me. looking me straight in the eye** YES I WILL
(I slip the none ending object into her finger. Coolvall, come see as sick person they kiss me like say her life dey inside my lips. and me when be say I dey shy, she dey kiss me for every body present.)
my dad come close to me again give me a knock
dad:: won’t you do the same thing or you want her to do the kissing alone when you know that she not feeling fine.. **everybody burst enter laugh**

we fixed the wedding, everything went successful. two year later I have two team as my children now
question:: how many player make a team? add them together, that’s what God blessed me with..
one afternoon my dad gave me a call.
me:: hello dad
dad:: son how are doing?
me:: fine dad
dad:: son I just want to tell you that Kunle just escape from prison. so we don’t know what he’s up to now, so be vigilant.
me:: okay dad.. he ends the call.


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