Episode 1****

It was a peaceful morning … Great weather ,
cozy atmosphere, superb and suprisingly
noiseless… Even nepa co-operated with
nature to bless with full current light … I
woke up dat faithful morning . . Positive and
vibrant as ever . . Ready for d days activities .
This was the 4 th of april 2016. . The day I
would write my 1st paper of d dreaded SSCE
exam. . Choi… I was anxious . . I checked d
time, it was 6. 45. . I quickly rememberd dat
ours was 15 mins late … Jumpin up from d
couch dat served as my bed I immediately
ran to fetch water to book a amongst
d long queue of people waiting to bath. . In d
2 half hazard bathrooms dat served the
entire compound… I immediately took my
bath, wore my already ironed uniform and
rushed my breakfast . .
My mother even saw my enthusiasm… and
wondered if I was really dat positive…
‘Finish ur food slowly’ ‘ no dey chop like
person wey just come bak from prison ’ she
chided. . I ignored her and finished d food,
took my file containing my documents and
my writing materials and dashed out of d
house before my mother could say jack
wilshere. . I knew she wasn ’ t but hey! I
was 16. . hotblooded and sturborn. . I greeted
mama Nkechi my nextdoor neighbour and d
with d biggest ass God created
ever … she replied flimsily. . I didn ’t care… I
was just cross checking my documents …
Wen I bumped into a young man wearing a
juventus fc jersey with more blood dan I av
eva seen… Soiling my uniform . . And falling
me down in d process . . His last words we ’ re
‘save me ’ then he shut his eyes . . A mob was
getting close… I calculated d repercussions
and looked at my time it was 8: 27 am and
my paper was for 9.
Confused and afraid , I rose to flee leaving
the wounded man to his fate … D more I tried
to get him out of my mind . . D more his face
and plea plagued my thoughts … I left him
der … Lifeless as quick as my legs could
carry me … As soon as i got to d junction of
my street , I saw a mob of angry looking
all around d ages of abt 20 to 40 years of
age. . Wielding weapons like knives , broken
bottles, and cutlasses . . I knew for sure I had
to act . . I ran back to we ’ re he was a
moment ago …
We’ re I left him almost lifeless. . To my utter
dismay, I couldn’ t find him there anymore. .
To make matters more confusing, the trail of
blood had dissappeared!
” Blood of Jesus ”… ” Which kind mumu tin be
dis na ” I hissed annoyed at his
disappearance, shrugged and walked away …
When I got to school I was already 10 mins
late for d paper. . Due to my past good
behaviour and the blood on my uniform
( which I used to claim an accident ) , I was
allowed to write the paper… D paper was
agric science . . One of my favourites den …
but I couldn ’ t concentrate … 2 many thoughts
clouded my brain … ” Where did he go ?” ” How
did he leave dat place in such a little amount
of time?” He fainted na…
“ Did he see my face” surely such a notorious
criminal would remember me . . For leaving
him in such a dilenma … God ! What av I
gotten into ?
“ 15 mins to go” the fat pot bellied invigilator
shouted… I quickly rounded up my papers ,
submitted and left …
As I was going home , seemingly
downcasted , I met my french teacher
ascending d stairs in an opposite direction …
“ Good afternoon ma ” I managed , trying hard
to conceal my . .
“ Good afternoon precious ” she replied …
“ What’ s d matter ?”
“ Nothing ma ”
“ U don ’ t look too well …”
“ And u have blood stains all over your
uniform ”
“ Ma I……”
“ Come with me and tell me exactly what
happened” she said with a tone of
assertion… I merely followed her in humility …
When we got to her office , she sat down and
asked me to sit beside her on a cushion. . As
I sat down, intuitively I took a good look at
her …
Mrs evelyn was everyboy ’s dream . . She was
fair. . Very fair . . She had an average face,
and massive watermelons on her chest . .
Complemented with a flat stomach and a flat
ass to match… All d boys in my class always
loved French . . Even tho it was not a
compulsory course we loved to see her
french boobs . .
“ Talk to me precious ”
“ What happened to you”
The innocence in her voice, coupled with d
closeness and serenity of d environment
made me forget my ordeal of d day… . My
heart beat fast and I didn’ t no wat to say …
“ Talk to me !”
“ Ma I fell from a bike ” I lied through my
teeth . . I was sure she cud read me …
“ Is dat y u had all dese stains on your leg ?”
“ Pele my dear… Dats awful . All dese okada
people sef ”
As she spoke , her watermelons bounced
with her . .
If only I could touch d hem of her boobs I
thought … My Attention was evident … And
large reflecting my thoughts …
As if she knew my mind she stood up and
said . .
“ Take of ur trousers and lemme see your
wounds ”
My mouth dropped wide open . .
“ Take it off !”
“ Ma I… . ”
“ Oh for christ sakes take it off . . What do u
av der dat I avent seen before ?”
She practically took of my belt and my zip
flew down before I could cover or reduce my
Attention, and standing before her was a my
rod . . Erect and curved like 100 naira roasted
plantain( bolli ) . . The silk boxers I was
wearing didn’ t help matters …
I looked at her . .
She looked at me …
Then my d–k …
Then me … .
I cud practically hear her heartbeat rising…
I don ’ t know wat came over me ( konji na
bastard) . .
I practically dived her . . Gulping her entire
mouth in 1 single kiss . . I kissed careleslly ,
like the learner I was … She kissed me back !
As I kissed her , I felt her hand round my
d–k … Touching it lightly at first , den stroking
it. . I felt emboldened . . I reached out of the
twin towers of jericho . . held dem in my hands
like eggs of life . . I pressed and pushed . . She
responded with an “ uugh ” . . I knew I was doin
something nice . . She slowly pushed me on
the cushion and in 1 swoop motion I felt her
lips engulf my d–k …
I couldn ’ t phatom d feeling . . It was sweet
mixed with bliss …
Slurpy sounds mixed wit my moans rent d
air … I begged her , pleaded wit her to stop …
( Even tho I didn ’ t want her to ) . . She kept on
s—–g . . “ Aargh ” yeeeeeeeh ” “ jeeeesus”
Tears were wellin up on d side of my eyes .
She suddenly stopped… I opened my eyes
thinking she was annoyed with me for
moaning too loud . . I opened my eyes to see
her spread her legs without a panty on… She
was fair to d bone … Even In ha Kitty -Cat . . 2
words I heard “ Bleep me ”…
I didn ’ t think twice …
I fumbled all around her Kitty -Cat tryin to
find d hole until I mistakenly found it and
plunged fully…
We both gasped as her Kitty -Cat muscles
enveloped my rooster. . it felt like we ’ re I was
supposed to be… Instinctively I moved out
and went in. . Slowly at first , then picking up
pace. . I looked at her . . Her melons allover d
place and abundant… I was bleeping her and
for real . . I was now a big boy… I looked at
her face. She was looking at me sternly …
pleasure all over her … speaking words I
couldn’ t understand … in and out I went . . In
unision and love . . Then I suddenly felt a
sweet urge to urinate . . I wanted to hold it
but could not . . After about 6 thrusts , I let
out a loud moan and dumped my sperm in
her … She immediately jumped up. .
Shouting . .
“ Jesus dis small boi ””
“ U no use condom Bleep me u still wan pour
inside me ”
“ U dey madt”
As I tried to respond, the vice principal , d
dreaded DR mrs busola emerged . . It was
just den we remembered that we didn’ t lock
the door

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