[STORY] Facebook Sugar Mummy (episode 1-3)

episode 1

Ku ku ku ku ku ku (drum rolls )
Food no dey…. Broda eh water no dey and our country no good oo, everyday for thief, one day for owner oo
rich man wey steal money , omo dem no see their face for crime ……
poor man wey steal maggi. Omo dey go show him face for……..
Mr president……

This African china (where the guy dey naw sef :() song best describe the kind situation wey i find myself for this economy….
This life of garri and rice everyday don tire me… No food, no clothe, no nothing, only me ,dija b0s0m and my vaseline to comfort my in this echoes of hard times and nonsense change
Sometimes i do wake up from sleep that i am sleeping in the middle of the night, Unclad and sob bitterly about my condition as it pain me from the heart and i do reason , hope witches in my village are not fanning themselves with my picture..

Nothing wey i no do to meet up… I play bet , play bet, collect bet numbers from mad man, play aja nsare e no work …. Na one ., one game go dey spoil slip
I try yahoo yahoo, my laptop first spoil, maga no gree pay… Oyinbo go dey post me say next week i will pay… Even indian wey i try scope dey yarn Dont worry mr presidential aide, we would buy yi the oil reserve., u are gotta to be ri very very patienti with us ‘
I do menial works and the rest…. All seem fruitless..

I try music , producer chase me comot studio …. Football nko,
I buy goya oil, do anointing pray , fast , go night vigil. Na so so come and be teaching nursery two pupils job dem day offer me…
So when i saw that facebook post that fateful day, urging young and cute guys who are looking forward to lubricate the engine of sugar mummies with a renumeration of 100k and above, i no need any T b joshua or even bother to give it a second thought before making the move

Ase na move when go turn my life around i go make…
I logged in to my facebook acct, Boo Haryourmidey Osin through 0 facebook .com and free basics that fateful day after a delicious meal of fried egg and palm oil devoured with the day before yesterday EBA.
As i surfed, I tried my best to avoid all this ” like for jesus or die of thunder strike, click share for amen and if you ignore, u are for the devil or such will happen to you posts..:(

I lost hope for humanity when i was scrolling my TL and it was bombarded with thank you for accepting my friend request and lemme take u to shoprite messages from all this stupid guys who went as far as placing the rubbish messages on the intended girl timeline where anyone cn view it :(. What is happening to the world bayi ?

I decided to kukuma log out almost 5 mins after logging in after i saw a disheartening post of a young girl who posted ‘licking icecream’ and she got 300 comments, 101 likes and 56 shares in 30 minutes.:(
just like that ?
Meanwhile my own post about how to make millions from forex trade which i do post like 6 times in a day has gathered only 2 likes,
one like from me and one like from one indian man on my list who just added me from nowhere…
even my pictures that i will tag almost 60 people , na miracle if i get 8 likes ;(

I was logging out in frustration when i scrolled up and noticed a post from one user who called himself kingzlee omo iko..

” sugar mummies looking for young sugar boys and ready to pay them 100k… ”
100k ???
Blood of zechariah
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episode 2
immediately and without further ado, i messaged him, as he was online at the moment…

Please am interested…
Interested in what ? He asked
interested in water yam ni :(… I said in my mind….
Interested in the offer of sugar mummy stuff….
Oh ok, are you a sugarboy ? He asked again…
Oh oh… What is it with all these questions.. Link me if u go link me.,,, abi ? Sugarboy ko, emperor geezfish ni…

Yes…. I sha replied bebe…
Ok…you have to………
Before i could read the remaining message he sent, my battery just died gbim….. The tecno battery i do use for my battery is not strong and the rubber band i do use to tie the phone at times slip off..

And there is no light now … Till midnight wen the masses go don sleep..
The constant source of light arnd the hood was the church and thank God, evening service sef dey today….
I rushed my charger and phone and zoomed off to the church premises ..

I walked 23 kilometers to the Church and was welcomed by the sisters who regarded me as a lost sheep who has traced his steps….
Brother boo, thank the heavens,where av you been ?
I sha find one excuse give am and she sha smile one kind smile…. Na she know if she like make she think say i day lie
Service has not started ni sister blessing ?…. I asked the service leader..

Yes brother boo, brother theophilus just took bro matthew and bro barthelomew with bro nicodemus car to go and buy fuel at bro nebudcanezzar ‘s station… Lets be patient… In the book of….
Eh hu… I just asked wen service will start na him dem carry sermon give me… Cant wait to get out of this place…

Immediately dem come back, on gen, na him i find better spot charge my tecno N1 ….All through out the service when people dey sing, some dey dance enter trance and some dey fall down , me i just dey back dey observe if the phone dey charge…

At one point, pastor edward be dey look me one kind and threw various subliminal jabs at me , through the message he gave, me i no send him papa potbelly…:(
immediately my phone full like this … Wen i see say e enter 100 percent even though my service no finish.., na him i comot…

As i was going on the way , na him so people distribute crusade stuff give me…. Theme : Forget the shortcut…

As i see say dem don go, na him i tear the thing… Forget the shortcut kor, forget the desktop folder ni….
I trekked back to my house only to meet light :(… I con dey question myself why i carry body go church….

Me i no know say e get something wey God wan make i grab from the message and crusade card i collected that day ;( :-/..
Dog wey go lost., go kuku deaf to hunter whistle…

I got home to check the chat, only to see like 10 messages from this dude
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episode 3
I had to apologize and narrate the reason for the delay in reply…
Ok, so as i was saying i asked you to send a pics but you didnt respond well ,,,,,i have checked your profile pics and you are not bad ‘ …

Thanks… I replied..
So is it only sugar mummies you do or sugar daddy ….
God !
Even if na MD dangote company i dey apply for, questions no suppose reach this one
am a male bros…
I know,u know some men too….
Am not interested in men :(…..

We discussed the main thing which is the money and he confirmed its nothing less than 100k and no commission to be collected by him…
Seems like a good deal ?
He further added that it was for kwara based guys alone and i accepted reminding him i had earlier seen it in his post…
He told me he will get back to me if the woman chooses me out of the over 60 boys that applied and advised me to go and start praying.

60 boys :o… Me wey i just be average guy…:( … With all this pictures wey i snap with my 1mp camera ?… I believe in a miracle working God sha….

I went to sleep and included finding favour in the eyes of the sugar mummy as my key prayer..
God, please dont let this one flop again jah…baba , please pick up my call…
I messaged the guy, the next day no reply, 2 days, no reply..
I already lost hope that better guys have gotten the job not untill the third day he messaged me…
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episode 4

He messaged after three days and told me i am the chosen one….he also stated how he was shocked to see the woman had picked me and even tried to suggest someone better, but the woman said its sha me she went…

‘ omo u get luck oo, u sabi wetin some people do to get this slot ? Some pay me money, some even send J0yst!ck pics say he go ginger the woman but e no work’ the guy narrated to me..
“guy, u get luck oo, na one of the biggest fish for town you carry oo… Better hook am well make you chop her money…

I thanked the middle man and promised to give him a tip which he rejected with the excuse that he had been paid…..
I asked if i could introduce my friends to him and he warned seriously that i should not and those interested would av seen the post and contacted…

All this while, we never talked on phone and i didnt see any of his picture as his fb dp was a rolls royce car which i he claims belongs to him…..
He told me the hotel address and told me my service is going to be for two days,…

I demanded to see the pics of the woman am going to lubricate but he refused, saying when i get there, i would see for myself…
Infact make she wowo, be 99 yrs old with no teeth or even slim with no endownments, with this level wey i dey, he no consign me…
My only fear na make she no fat or be ritualist ….

With mr omo iko out of the way, in 2 days time, i will be meeting with my first ever sugar mummy….:(
i surrender all to you oh God….
i engaged in a series of activities to keep my body fit in order to satisfy the woman… I started eating unripe plaintain and managed to get teroboye, ponkriyon and sobotone into my system….

I made use of my vaseline well to ensure proper and efficient usage of the tool and also jogged around a couple of times not forgetting that i read how to satisfy older women articles too as if say na jamb i wan write..

the secretary of the church, bro teniolasmart kept sending me messages that pastor edward wanted to specially see me but “aint nobody get time for that ‘
Before i look left, look right , the D Day don knack…..I got the best dress i had and borrowed shoes from falconey and a gold chain from vizkiz….
A good wristwatch from fynestboi and dark shades from ryabcool completed my fatality combo… Ise yen !
We were to meet in one of the biggest and most expensive hotel in town…. This woman must be stinking rich oo..

I was quite scared to be sincere…na book my parents send me com here com read oo God…

For fear of the woman being a ritualist, i slipped a small table knife in my back pocket in case she starts acting funny and making crazy chants…

My other fear is obesity :(…
I just pray i met the bone of my bone kinda of sugar mummy oo…so help me God..

In no time i landed at the hotel and straight to the reception..
Its about to go down……
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episode 5
i got to the hotel and met with the receptionist….i told her i was looking for mrs ichinbong, the name mr iko gave me …
The receptionist smiled and welcomed me warmly , then directed me to the bar side where she was sitting down…

Omo, na so my heart just dey beat fast… Make person to go jam iya ofiligaga or iya rainbow…:(
Ngozi ezeonu or eucharia anuobi kinda of sugar mommy wont be bad oo Christ..
And finally ,i saw her and my expectations failed… Even before i near her na him i don dey smell taka corabani for her body…
Her long curly hair must be surely brazilian and by the time i got to see her face, omo i fo oh….
She was so sparling, beautiful and pimples free and most important of all, Light skin (no offeinse :()..
Hi… I said ,stammering as i noticed the firm yellow twin tower she carried and exposed to fresh air…

Hi…..she said calmly as she sipped her drink.
Sit down now….she said smiling…..
I sat down…
Wow , am impressed…….
Thank you ma…..
Please dont call me ma…. Call me angelina…
Yes m……. Angelina…
Mnnn…. She took time to examine me from head to toe as she licked her lips and smiled..
I guessed she would be impressed…
Do u know what you are here for ?
Yes ma…sorry angelina….
Are you up to the task’ she said as she winked to me…..
God will help us ma….
He better do dear…. She said as she rubbed my hands…
Av been waiting since., Lets go upstairs to my room….

And with that, she led me to her room as i made sure my hand never left my back pocket….
The introduction and all was quite easy and we impressed each other……time for action..

I was sha thanking God for giving me this kind of sugar mummy for the first time….
I entered the room and met two canned origins and tramadol on the table ……

Take it … She said to me….
Chai this woman was ready for action oo…. I drank the origin and took the tablet as i made attempt to unzip my trousers and get to action…..

The woman put her s*xy** body on display when she removed her skirt and blouse leaving me to stare at her robust bust and big back side…..

Egbelebe ooo…
Am coming….she said as she licked her lips and excused herself….
I was already lying down in my briefs on the bed when she returned and before God and man, the smile on my face dissappeared.
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episode 6

By the time she came back, she was smiling…
And holding candles, ropes and whips ,that kind aboki two mouth koboko…:(

Wetin be this ? I didnt know when i voice out in pidgin as i jumped up from the bed…. Hope one of my fears that she is a ritualist is not coming to pass…i quickly made way to my trousers to get the knife to defend myself…
Are u not aware ? She asked unbothered.
Aware of what

So lee didnt tell you……
I was just there looking confused…:(….he didnt tell me abt candles and kobokos oo
but i told him now, i said i was looking for guys interested in B S D M….
Bsdm….what is that…..
I could see the look of despair on her face as she la!d her instruments to the ground….

That means the 100k i was planning to give the person is not ready to leave my drawer…. She said as she moved to the drawer, brought out the bundle and dropped it back…
My mind stopped for a minute as i saw the neatly bundled 1000 naira notes..
Is that actually 100k . I asked on sighting the raw cash..
Yes it is ….. She stated….

I thought about it again when i saw the money…..haa., is this thing worth the risk ? 100k na him we dey talk oo…. In just an hour or so ?
Ma.,,, sorry angelina, this BSD something, does it still even us still you know…….

:…hahhahah… No , There will be no penetration boy… If i wanted s*x, i know where to get it ….. I just want to explore this fantasy,. That is why i hire willing guys…. So u were thinking u will put ur thing in me ???
Haa, no penetration…… Haa iru ki le le yi..

The images of that 100k kept flashing through my memory…..
Gbeun… A man dies only once and there is always a first time for everything.. Pata pata i get small injury and use part of the money treat myself…
‘ok am ready angelina..
Are you serious….
Oh, thats my boy… I could feel the excitement in her voice….

And that was how i la!d down voluntarily with my face up and my briefs on, and i was tied down by the sugar mommy nd a candle placed on the edge of the bed…
We are doing it fifty shades of grey style baby…………

Fifty shades of grey kor, thirty pieces of silver ni ., better do this rubbish make i comot….
Do u know how to talk dirty….she asked as she lit the candle…
Four years on 2go and i know go know how to talk dirty :(….
Yes … I do…
Yea baby, u av to tlk dirty to me baby, ok.
Yes, i said almost crying… I hope i am not being initiated soo……. But since she no allow penetration., i think am safe
And oh, did i tell u we will also be doing garionokolophilobia….
What is that ?…

Hehehe,. That is the act of peeing on someone to derive S#xual satisfaction….
Are you going to pee on me ?? ! I screamed out…

Calm down baby, i am going to do that and worst…. She said smiling as she sat on my belly nd straighten her whips
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episode 7
After enduring over an hour and 30 mins of candle wax pain, blindfolded eyes, tied hands and legs and over 100 lashes of koboko , she finally stood up from my belly..

It was as if my tears and sweats gingered her the more as she was just giggling and m0an!ng as i cried and increased the force she used in whipping me fai fai…
By the time, she stood up…. I just felt rush of urine poured down by face and mouth to my chest…
What the F**K, you actually Bleeping did it,,,, you actually Bleeping did it… Untie me ..,.,., untie me …,.. I screamed and yelled as she continued giggling and laughing while i struggled with the urine which smelled like an excavated soak away :(…
I couldnt believe i actually allowed a woman pee on me ….if not for change ?

Untie me pls… I was almost shedding tears knowing i was vulnerable and if she wanted, she could cut off my J0yst!ck and actually use me for ritual naw..
She untied me and i hurriedly rushed to the bathroom where i used one hour to scrub off the candle wax,koboko lashes and most importantly,. The stinking urine
immediately i came out, i met her all dressed up still smiling and sipping henessy….
U care to join ? She asked offering me a drink….
I refused and nodded me head sideways…

I then gesticulated to her to give me my money…..
Cnt you talk again ? She said smiling as she took another sip again…

This woman dey madBleeping give me my money make i dey go, if this woman do anyhow today, two dead body go meet God for heaven oo
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episode 8

When she saw i was not responding, she lit her cigar, took a puff and puffed into my face , then went to the drawer…
She picked up the 100k bundle and counted 15 k extra… She threw it to me and went back to seat….
I hope its complete ? The 100k….
You cn check…..she said taking another puff…

I just randomly checked and nodded in affirmation….
The extra 15k is for being exceptionally strong…
You are like the first guy i would handle that didnt attempt at all to break the chain…….
I faked a smile and headed towards the door..
When do we meet again ? She asked
excuse me ?
U heard me, i need your services again ?
Get another person, am not doing this shii again ?
I took a step forward when she spoke again….
Am going to pay your 250 thousand naira ?
As i heard the money , i paused… But because of the suffering and pain i endured, my mind no boot to the money…
Even if you pay me 1 million , am not interested…
You are not interested…… 250k ? Even if you are going to be doing the acts to me this time…
I looked back and gave her that questioning face..
Yes, it will be my turn to experience the fantasy and your turn to beat, spank me, and tie me down….
And u are going to still give me the 250k ?
Yes am going to… Experiencing it myself is my greatest wish.and you be the first to do it to me…and guess what….
What ?

She moved closer to me and suddenly grabbed my shirt, dragging my body to hers and gave me a delicious kiss…
‘ if u whip me well and tiggle me, i could add more cash and maybe….
She grabbed my J0yst!ck and fondled it…..

… Maybe you could just get to penetrate
i was almost lost in the s£nsat!on but i managed to push her off and made for the door….
‘ i have your contact… I contact u soon when am through with my business meeting and oh….
Fill your bowels too cos when you come back, i will like you to Sh*t on me…
Jesus is lord….
immediately i heard that, i wanted to hear no more… I left and rushed down to the reception where i ignored the greetings of the female receptionist who probably wanted me to give her tip…
Goofbye sir, goodbye sir…
I no even answer am as i raced outside the hotel and quickly placed the money in my small hand bag…

I called an okada and home straight…
Eni ori yo, o di le
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episode 9
oga , pikin piss for your body ni ‘? The okada man asked me…
No oo,
the man was sha sniffing his nose somehow throughout the journey… Your father :(….Me i don make my 100k already..

I got home., took a fresh bath and settled down with my money…. I hid it in a wardrobe in my room and stay indoors throughout…to avoid stories that touch…
My next plan was to collect the remaining 200k and travel over to southafrica to start business..
Chai, but this woman dey craze oo… Paying such huge cash for such nasty acts… Choi..

For the next three days, i was expecting her call… Since i did not have her number, my only hope was that she calls so i can get my revenge on her….
The way wey i go dey whip am eh… And probably also enjoy her punani and get away with some of her properties if possible….
And as expected, she finally called , tho with a private number and told me to come over..
Eh eh eh ::)
madam sugar mummy., u go learn today….

I kept my 100k at home in case she wanted me to come so she could send guys to boycott..
I bought my four mouth koboko, ropes and big candle with me as i stepped into the hotel that day….. She fit go dey give person soft koboko so i carry my own come…
I greeted the lady receptionist who hissed and ignored me… Shior.. Who send monkey yansh…
And that was how i headed to her room…
Ase, i was about to fall for the biggest scam of my life
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episode 10

Pastor edward was just disturbing me with over 69 missed calls… Wen the man turn jahbless ?
he sent messages that he needed to see me urgently and bla bla bla..
Eleribu ….. Na him devil send to block me from 200k , free puna and a chance to revenge on iya angelina abi…

See me nko., adekunle gold ni
e no go work… Shior
i got to the hotel room and i met her in a transparent night gown.waiting for the cane.. Her huge b0s0m glowing in the darkness and her ample b0s0m., a relief to the soul..

On the table was origin and trams again…. She welcomed me in and asked if i was ready,. To which i responded with a wide smile

I brought out my bag and out came my instrument… I intentionally poured it out in her front so as to scare her but she was just smiling..

I removed the koboko and
phew, phew ,phew.. I whipped it around a few times to taunt her but no an iota of fear na him i see for her face.
Haa, while i was still trying to set the big candles, she came to me., kissed me and grabbed this thing as me sef grab her twin towers gently merry go rounding my fingers around the tip..

The kiss got intense and she kept fondling and i kept stretching for about 5 mins untill she attempted to unhook my belt….
Werey.. I con come F**K am forget the b s d wey i suppose do am… The woman wan dey form tortoise… First tins first…

I overcame the urge to proceeds to s*x and pushed her to the bed… s*x can come later but the whipping and urine comes first
na pap i kuku drink before i come here and my bladder sef don full…na river of urine go flood her face today…
She managed to get to the player placed beside the bed as Psquare Danger wahala dey blasted from there …

Me wey na flogging dey my mind. I no quick grab the msg….
As i was tying her to the bed, she was just smiling… She was just smiling… She was just smiling….
Her face smiling to me was the last thing i remembered before i woke up the next morning to meet the greatest shock and news of my life..
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episode 11
i woke up the next day with a strong headache…. I was still confused about what really happened yesternight.

I looked to my left, the sugar mommy was gone…..:(..,.,,na only the candles and koboko remain for ground
haa, as a typical african man, the first thing wey i check na my J0yst!ck…. I feel the thing see say e still day intact…… Tor… Glory be to God..
I checked all my body for an mark or occult tatoos, check my nails and everything. I see say everything intact…

Where angelina come go ? Shey i later see am flog like this ?
I searched the bathroom,under the bed and the wardrobe, i no see am….. …..

Perphaps i flogged her too much yesterday that i passed out and she went out to rest :D…abi we do the main the main ni :)…
I check table i no see any note or paper to suggest she might av left…the only thing was the bottle of origin i drank yesterday night….
She must be at the bar chilling or resting…make i go collect my 200k jare…
But wait her bags and the rest no dey here
e no mean…e go dey downstairs.. At least i know she no be ritualist….
I put shirt oo, and trouser and headed downstairs to collect my 200k when i saw two male staffs of the hotel walking towards me
is that him… The first one asked the second one…
Yes sir… Thats him.
Well done sir….they greeted me…
I responded..
We were just coming to your room sir…..
Ok…i asked still confused about the whole ish….
Madam has directed us to you…. Your bill is 650 thousand naira sir…..
Hahahaha;D… I bursted into a serious laughter..
I dont think its me sir…. Maybe u shld check the other room…
Are u not boo osin, ..
Yes i am…

You and your wife lodged here naw and she just left this morning telling us you guys had a scuffle so she is leaving earlier but you will offset the bill…
No its not me se…… Where is angelina…. Oga, do i look like someone that can marry that woman…
My voice be don dey shake….
Does iara resemble someone that can marry oshiomole… The first one said…

Or does stella resemble someone that would marry obj….. She told us you are her husband and there is evidence….
I rushed down to the bar escorted by the hotel officials, looked everywhere around the hotel, angelina was nowhere to be found….
It was then everything became clear to me…
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episode 12

Angelina 1 , boo osin 0…
I asked for the evidence only to discover that angelina had used my picture and details to book the hotel right after she contacted me with that kingzlee account…
She was the one that created the account and there was no middle man…. Immediately, i showed interest in the sugar mommy stuff, she used my name to book the hotel she will be stayin…

I was also presented with a paper which stated that i will be responsible for her hotel bills which i signed.,, it was during that period when she was whipping me, i sha remember she brought one paper and told me to sign that she would reduce my beatings..
Me wey candle wax and lashes don destroy him back, i no even reason wetin day the paper when she untie two of my fingers wey i use sign am… The beating be don distort my brain :(…

I checked the omo iko acct only to see it had been deactivated……checking my screenshots later on, i discovered the acct was just created a day before she made the post..
Probably she was just in town for a meeting or something., and needed one mugu to pay her bills and feeding, which she saw in me …
Fb acct deactivated, no contact, no number, not even her name as am sure that angelina name is fake..
just her face….. And nigeria never advance reach fingerprint ID and shii… Even if we get, no be money i go use do that one …
What of the 100k she give me ? Na God no allow me spend that one faa…e go don be anoda offence …. Fake notes…..

So after beating,whipping and candle waxing me., denied me access to K!ttyC@t,gave me fake 100k, made me look like her husband and set me up..
She incurred a bill of 650k taking henessy,cigar, the mosy expensive meals, massage,spa and laundry and me, that i was peed on , flogged and didnt even taste the K!ttyC@t will be made to pay for it….
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episode 13
all my attempts to inform the hotel sey dem don scam me ., proved abortive as they said its non of their business…..
And that was how i signed a two year contract with the hotel as their official gardener in order to pay back my debts…..
I reported the matter to efcc and wen they learnt that i thought she was a sugar mommy., they smiled and said they are working on it….maybe they would catch her tomorrow i dont know….
The only thing i know they did was they arrested the man in charge of the security camera…. From the time she entered till she left, all the scenes where her face appeared suddenly went missing…
After a long brawl., the man was sha sacked and left to go free with the excuse that it was a mechanical fault but me i know it either she paid the man or whipped him too
i messaged mark zuberkerg or something to help me activate omo iko acct back,, e no gree..i msg am over 200 times , e no reply,.,, after i try block am see say u no fit block the guy, i deactivated my facebook acct…
I wrote a referral letter in school for a year so as to focus on raising the money to pay my debt and had an extra year because of angelina :(…
I was just praying for a chance to revenge and teach her a lesson….
So you can imagine my joy., when 2 years later., a friend of mine,Kisschris , who knew about my ordeal messaged me and told me he saw a similar message about sugar mommy from a facebook acct….
The username was Tolu omo iko… I checked the post and evrything…it was exactly the same style and way of angelina…and from there, i decided it was time to have my own pound of flesh…

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