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Episode 2

I was sitting on the sofa at one end of my
room looking worried, my phone by my side.
I picked it up, tried calling Basheer again
after so many abortive tries, it still wasn’t
“Oh Allah”, I said under my breath and
wished everything was alright with my dear
It was unlike him to swicth off his phone
and very unlike him to come into town
without informing me.
But what was wrong? I thought
An idea strucked me as I picked up my
phone again, dailled a number and put the
phone to my ear as it connected.
“Salamu alaikum”, he greeted me in the
usual islamic way, I could feel he was
smiling as he picked the call
“Walaika salam”, I answered
“Ah, the friend(trying to mimic the way
Basheer calls me), what a pleasant suprise.
To what do I have dis honour of you calling
me today”, Adam teased
I laughed then replied, ” You know I always
call you whenever I miss you, so it occured
to me that I was missing you today”
“How I wished that was true, I told Basheer
to extend my love to you this morning
before he left”, he replied
He gave me the answer to my question even
before I asked, so Basheer really left for
Kano this morning, I was lost in thoughts.
So where is he? I asked myself.
“Hello…”? Adam’s voice broke my thoughts.
“You seem to be quiet, is anything the
matter”? He asked
“Yeah, its just that I haven’t heard from
Basheer since he informed me he’s leaving
Sokoto and I am a bit worried”, I answered,
really sounding worried.
“That’s strange, but don’t worry, everything
will be fine”, he assured me.
Adam was Basheer’s close friend and
roommate, we were very familiar with each
other and I usually contacted him whenever
I couldn’t reach Basheer. He had promised
to let me know if anything arise and after
talking to him on the phone, I felt relaxed
although I still haven’t heard from Basheer.
Two hours later, I was sitting alone in my
room as I preferred being alone whenever I
am worried over something. I was going
through the pages of the latest Dijah
magazine but my mind was not with the
beautiful pictures I was staring at, I was
about dropping the magazine when my
phone rang. I said a silent prayer to Allah;
to let the caller be my dear friend.
How wrong was I!
I kept looking at the phone as if it would
answer the call itself, saw an unknown
number, hesitated a bit before picking up
the phone.
“Salamu alaikum”, I greeted as I answered
the call
“Wa alaiki salam”, a strange male voice
“Can I speak to Miss Na’imah please?” he
“Yeah, it’s me on the line. What can I do for
you?” I replied, feeling nervous
“I am sure you are a close relative of
Basheer M. Bello, right?” he said more of a
statement rather than a question
“Yes”, I replied then added;
“What about him?”, I sounded worried
The strange caller was silent for a few
seconds before he added;
“He was involved in a tragic car accident”,
he said slowly…

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Episode 3
“Why are you crying?”, my mum’s voice
interrupted my thoughts
“Am not crying”, I replied coming back to
my senses
It was just then I noticed the tears trickling
down my cheeks.
She sat down on the sofa as I sat up on the
bed supporting myself with my pillow.
“You still haven’t heard any news about
Basheer?”, she asked
As I have complained to her how I haven’t
heard from him since morning. I kept silent
for a while before adding;
“No, I just got a call from a doctor. He was
involved in a car accident on his way”, I
said with tears in my eyes
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un”, she
“How bad is it”?, she continued
“I don’t know, but the doctor said he
needed my help and I have to go to the
hospital as soon as possible”, I answered
amidst tears.
“Everithing will be fine, I am sure its not
that bad”, she said hugging me,trying to
console me.
“Its already late now, why don’t you go to
sleep so that you can wake up early to go
to the hospital”, she added.
I managed to take my shower and slipped
into my nightie after my mum left. I felt
better as I la!d down to sleep.
How bad is it? Would he be alright soon?
How much pain is he in now? Those were
the thoughts that came running in my mind
as I tried to sleep
But sleep was nowhere to be found………
The Pinnacle Hospital is a private hospital
situated at No. 18 Masallacin Murtala Road
off Zoo road in the heart of Kano city. It
was a bright morning and I noticed there
was traffic as I drove along BUK road as
workers were trying to get to their
workplaces while parents were trying to get
their kids to School, Commercial drivers
were already at work.

The hustle and bustle along the way with
impatient drivers honking their horns didn’t
take my mind off thinking about the
previous day.
I couldn’t sleep well last night and my eyes
were red as a result of crying. I was deep in
thoughts as I recalled my conversation with
Dr. Imran Shuraim.
“Why did he say Basheer needed my help”, I
asked myself.
“You will find out soon”, a voice inside me
“Hey…..move”, shouted an impatient driver
bringing me back to my senses.
I noticed the light has turned to green and I
was the only one yet to move. I wiped away
tears from my eyes as I changed the gear
to drive, released the handbrakes and drove
It was 8:45am when I parked my Honda
Civic (Thank you daddy) in one of the
empty parking spaces at The Pinnacle
Hospital. I was nervous or rather tense as I
walked up to the main building of the
The only building in the hospital served for
offices, wards and laboratories. It was a
two-storey building painted beautifully and
decorated with flowers of different species.
It was indeed a beautiful sight.
I walked through the main door and over to
the receptionist.

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Episode 4

“Good morning”, I greeted her with a smile
“Good morning”, the female receptionist
behind the desk answered looking up at me.
“You are welcome, and what can I do for
you, ma’am?”, she continued
“Am here to see Dr. Imran Shuraim”
“Okay, are you a patient?”
“No, just tell him Miss Na’imah is here”, I
“Wait while I inform him”, she said picking
up the intercom on her desk pressing a
I stood while she spoke on the phone with
the Doctor as I assumed.
“He said you should wait for a few minutes,
you can sit on one of those while you wait”,
she said, pointing to a set of seats behind
I looked around as I sat, the hospital was a
bit busy with patients trying to book for
appointments and others waiting to be
attended to by their consultants.
There were about two others seated with me
on neighbouring seats. Everyone was silent.
Busy with our thoughts, I guessed.
A few minutes later, Dr. Imran called for me,
she directed me to his office and off I went.
The office was upstairs.
I knocked on the door and walked into an
air-conditioned room with a large desk
behind which a heavily-built man was
seated, two chairs facing each other, a sink
at one end and an area secluded with a
curtain which I guessed was used to attend
to patients who needed privacy.
Dr. Imran was fair, heavily-built and good-
looking. He looked up as I entered smiling
“Good morning and please sit”, he greeted
“Good morning”, I replied as I sat on one of
the chairs
facing him.

He stared at his desk which contained some
well-arranged files and other medical
instruments before looking up at me.
“Miss Na’imah, I think we should see your
patient first”, he said
“Yes”, I replied, nodding in agreement.
He stood up, led the way and we went out
of the office.
I was eager and at the same time nervous.
I couldn’t imagine how I would see my
dearest friend, this will be the first time am
I am seeing him in so much pains. Actually
all I could say was God please let me be
able to bear this. We walked down the
stairs and through a long corrider before
stopping at a door. This was it!!!
My heart was beating very much faster than
Dr. Imran pushed through the door and
entered, I followed suit.
Basheer was lying unconscious on the bed,
his head was bandaged and so was his
right leg.
There was also a drip attached to his right
hand. He looked terrible.
“I checked on him this morning and he is
yet to regain consciousness”, Dr. Imran
said, feeling Basheer’s pulse
I couldn’t say a word, I just stood there
staring at Basheer like a zombie. I moved to
him and sat by his side, held his hands in
mine and kept staring.
“Oh Allah, please spare his life for me, let
him be okay”, I prayed silently in my mind
“He will be alright by Allah’s grace, but
before then why don’t we go back to my
office, there are things we need to sort out”,
Dr. Imran said looking at me.
I didn’t reply but rather stood up, he
undertsood my gesture as he led the way
and we went out of the ward.

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Episode 5
Back at his office, he must have noticed
how worried I looked when he said;
“You don’t have to worry too much about
him, he will be fine by Allah’s grace”
“Why isn’t he awake after so many hours”, I
had to ask
“His injuries are complicated and mostly on
the head”, he explained and went on, “We
have given him all necassary medications
and hope he’ll regain consciousness within
the next 24 hours”.
The temperature in the room was beginning
to get cold for me, I felt feverish.
“I happened to be on the spot of the
accident which occured not far away from
the city outskirts”, he said narrating how he
found Basheer
“It was a tragic accident because the car is
now a wreck, he continued, there was
Nobody to tell how it all happened as there
were no eyewitnessess but am sure he must
have been speeding”, he concluded.
I knew Basheer was not a careless driver
but he sometimes speed especially on less
busy highways. I kept mute so he went on;
“With the help of some good samaritans, I
managed to get him here before contacting
any of his relatives or reporting the
accident to the Police. I tried contacting
few numbers which I assumed belonged to
his family by the way he saved them on his
phone but none went through…”,
“His family are out of the country, they stay
abroad”, I interuppted with a voice not
sounding like mine.
“I see, that explains it”, Dr. Imran said
“But then I found your number in his recent
calls, so I called you and then finally
reported the case to the Police”, he
“Thank you, I really appreciate your
kindness”, I finally found my voice

“I’ll make sure I get in touch with his family
but with his family so faraway, am the
closest person to him and I can take care of
things, the ones I can’t, my Dad will”, I said
“Okay, now we have to run down to the
police station to clear things off and collect
his valuables”, he said looking at me
“Yes, but I think my Dad is in the best
position to do that”, I suggested
“That will be alright”, he answered, nodding
in agreement.
I brought out my phone from my handbag
and called my Dad, explained to him the
situation as he was already aware of the
accident, he said it was alright and he’ll
come down to the hospital immediately. I
then sent a text message to Adam
informing him about what happened. He
called immediately, I could feel the pain in
his voice as he spoke, he said he will be on
his way as soon as possible. I made a few
more calls to my friends telling them I will
not make it to school and they should take
care of anything that comes up, they said
they will.
I went back to Basheer leaving Dr. Imran, as
there were patients waiting for him. I looked
around the ward, which contained a sofa, a
television set with a fridge serving as a
stand at one corner of the room and also
the bed on which my dearest friend lay
There was also a door which led to the
bathroom and the whole floor was tiled.
By the bedside was a locker probably for
keeping drugs and other necassary
I went to his side and held his hand in
I felt his body was warm and he was
breathing normally. Sitting there by his
side, so many thoughts came running back
to my mind, I remembered how Basheer has
always been by my side throughout my life,
I knew I had to be here for him no matter
what happens. I was right! With his family
so faraway from him, I was in the best
position to take care of him.
“You are a part of me, friend”, I recalled him
I knew Basheer was a part of me as I am a
part of him, he was the brother I never had.
I kept thinking.
My mind flashed back to a few years ago
when I happened to dislocate my right knee
joint. It was a bright morning and we were
both in JSS 3 then. Basheer has seized my
phone as I was trying to hide a text
message from him (The message was sent
from a secret admirer…lol).
He ran down the stairs and as I ran after
him to get hold of him, I slipped. The sharp
cry I let out brought Basheer running back
to me as he held me while calling for help.
That was how I ended up on the hospital
bed with Basheer my side all through my

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Episode 6

“Salamu Alaikum”, My dad’s voice interuppted
my thoughts.
“Wa alaika salam”, I answered, standing
“Na’imah”, he called
“Na’am Baba (hausa meaning of Yes, father)”,
I answered trying hard to smile.
“How is he?”, he asked
“He is still unconscious but the Doctor said
they hope he regains consciousness within the
next 24 hours”, I answered looking at Basheer.
“Yes, I have met him, he is also on his way”,
he explained.
There was a moment of silence as Dr. Imran
came in, greeted me and checked on Basheer.
“I think we should run down to the station,
it’s not faraway from here”, he said turning to
my Dad and reached for the door.
“That’ll be alright”, he answered and then
turning back to me he said,” We won’t take
long and what would you like for breakfast as
your Mum is coming over too?”
“I don’t have appetite for anything and I am
not even hungry”, I answered.
“You have to eat something”, he said looking
at me while reaching for the door.
“How on earth can I eat with Basheer lying
unconscious?” I asked myself
About an hour later, my parents came in, I
was now sitting on the sofa. My mum looked
worried as she dropped a basket on the locker
by the bedside. She looked at Basheer and
shook her head.
“I wish him a very quick recovery”, she said
sitting by my side.
We went over to the police station and
collected the remaining of his valuables”, My
Dad said
“I know you could make use of this to contact
his family”, he added handing Basheer’s
phone to me.

I took the phone, switched it on and waited
while it rebooted. Messages from BBM,
Watsapp, Facebook came tropping the
moment the service came up. I knew Basheer
to be a social networker. I didn’t bothered
going through the messages but rather went
through his contacts, found his Mum’s
number and dialed.
“Hello”, she answered at first ring. She
sounded anxious.
“Salamu Alaikum”, I greeted her.
“Wa alaiki salam, Na’imah is that you?”, she
“Yes mum”, I confirmed
“Where is Basheer? We have been trying to
reach him since yesterday but all efforts
proved abortive, is he alright?” she sounded
really worried.
I couldn’t answer any of her questions. How
can I tell her Basheer is lying unconscious on
a hospital bed? Tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Na’imah, speak to me, where is Basheer?”,
she asked once more.
I couldn’t bear it anymore, I handed the phone
to my Mum as I burst into tears.
I could hear my Mum telling her Basheer is
not well but it’s nothing serious. She wanted
to talk to him but my Mum told her he was
She ended the call after saying she would call
later when he is awake.
My Mum consoled me assuring that everything
will be alright soon. But how soon? I asked
myself. Basheer was still unconscious and the
Doctors can’t do anything to regain him, we
just have to wait, But for how long? I asked
myself once more
“That only Allah knows”, a small voice inside
me said.
I managed to eat little of the food my Mum
had brought because I was now starving.
It was past noon when my parents got up
ready to leave as they had to go back to work.
My Mum promised to come back later in the
evening. They were about to leave when Dr.
Imran came in.
“Are you leaving already?”, he asked
“Yes”, my Dad answered smiling
He checked on Basheer once more, nodded his
head as he felt his pulse.
“His breathing is still normal” he explained
“Alhamdulillah”, my dad exclaimed, smiling
(Alhamdulillah=Thanks be to Allah).
“We should be on our way now”, he continued
Dr. Imran looked towards me for the first time
since he came in.
“Aren’t you going with them” he asked
“No”, I answered resting my head on the sofa.
“Why not?, He’ll be fine. You can go home and
relax a bit then come back later. Lets hope he
is awake before then”, he said.
“I want to be here when he gets back”, I
“But…..”, he started
“Let her be”, my Dad interrupted. He knew too
well how stubborn I could be.
“Okay, Dr. Imran said smiling and continued, I
hope Basheer Loves you as much as you do”.
“He does”, I said to myself as they all went
out of the room.
I went over to Basheer, said a silent prayer
over him and sq££zed his hand. There was no
response. I went back to the sofa and few
minutes later I was fast asleep.

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Episode 7

I woke up with a start, I opened my eyes to
a strange room. It took me a few seconds
to recall where I was. I looked over to where
Basheer was lying. He was still there
unconscious. I went over to him and felt his
pulse. He was still breathing normally. I
heaved a sigh of relief.
I went over to where I kept both my phone
and Basheer’s on the fridge top. I took
mine, glanced through it. The time was
4:25pm, I had slept for over 2 hours. I had
3 missed calls and some messages, I didn’t
bother going through them. I dropped the
phone as I picked Basheer’s, to my
uttermost suprise, he had 13 missed calls.
3 were from his Mum while the rest were
from his friends, they probably wanted to
know his whereabouts. I dropped the phone
as I went to the bathroom.
I refreshed up, perfomed my ablution and
returned to the room to perform my Asr
(Evening) prayers.
A few minutes later, Dr. Imran came in.
He smiled as he looked at me.
“So u are awake, I came in while you were
fast asleep”, he said as he moved over to
“Yes, I needed it”, I replied sitting up.
He smiled then added,” I gave him a few
injections earlier in the day, am suprised
he’s not awake by now. But I think he’ll get
back soon”.
“Why don’t you go home now, there are
nurses here to take care of him” he said
adjusting Basheer’s arm.
“I told you I want to be here when he wakes
up”, I answered looking away from him.
He kept mute as he wrote down a few
things on Basheer’s file which he took from
the locker by the bedside.
“Okay then, see you later”, he finally replied,
putting the file back from where he took it.
I felt lonely when Dr. Imran left.
Basheer’s phone startled me as it rang
bringing me back from my world of
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The Office Called Sodom (+18)
I managed to reach for it while sitting,
glanced at the screen and saw the caller
was his Mum. My heart missed a beat!!!
“Assalamu Alaikum”, I greeted her as I
picked the call.
“Wa alaiki salam”, she answered then
continued, “Na’imah, how is Basheer
“He is better now”, I lied
“Can I speak to him now?”, she asked
I kept silent for a few seconds before
“No, he is still asleep but I will call you as
soon as he wakes up”, I said sounding
“What is wrong with him exactly, you sound
really worried and I am worried too?”, She
I wasn’t sure how to answer this question,
but I knew I have to tell her the truth
because sooner or later she’ll find out.
“He had an accident”, I finally built up the
courage to break the news to her.
“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un (from
Allah we are and to Him we shall return)!!!”,
she exclaimed
“When? How? Where?”, those were the only
words she managed to say as she burst into
tears. I heard someone, probably his Dad
asking what was wrong before the call
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sat on the
sofa and held my head with my hands.
“Oh Allah!!!” I said within me.
I maintained that position for a few minutes
with Noone to console me, then I heard a
slight noise………
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Episode 8

I wasn’t sure of my sight.
I quickly wipe my tears and went over to
I looked at him and ofcourse he was moving
as he tried to raise his arm and opened his
He is back!!!
I ran to the door as I called for the nurse,
she too came running. I told her to proceed
to the ward as I ran off to get Dr. Imran.
The few people I met along the corridor and
down the stairs kept staring at me but I
didn’t care.
The way I b@nged into Dr. Imran’s office
told him what was amidst as he quickly
dropped the file he was going through and
followed me. We both ran back to
Basheer’s ward.
What I saw as we entered the ward was
something I would never forget.
Basheer was still lying on the bed finding it
very difficult to breath, the nurse tried to
hold him back as his chest raised up to an
altitude higher than the rest of his body. Dr.
Imran ran to him and with the help of two
other nurses that came into the room as
they heard noises, they were able to control
his breath back to normal after giving him
so many medical aids.
I stood still as my excitement turned to
shock as I watched my dearest friend
struggling for his life, I was already crying
like there would be no tommorrow. One of
the nurses took me to the sofa and sat me
down trying to console me but I went on
A few minutes later, my parents came in
while Dr. Imran was still in the ward. He
told them what happened and said he
needed to see my Dad in his office right
away. My Mum sat by my side hugging me
as they both left.

About 30 minutes later, my Dad came back.
He looked very worried as he sat down
beside my Mum.
“He has slipped into a coma”, he told us.
“Is he dying?”I asked not sure what slipping
into a coma meant.
“No, he is not dying. Slipping into a coma
is just a state of deep unconsciousness for
a prolonged period. It’s just seem like the
person is in a deep sleep, he tried to explain
“He’ll be fine”, my mum assured me.
“Why does one slip into a coma?”, I directed
the question to my dad
He stared at me not knowing how to answer
the question.
“I am not sure of that, it could be due to
shock, serious injuries or illness, and as you
can see Basheer had sustained serious
injuries from the accident, the doctor said
we are lucky he doesn’t bleed too much”, he
“I think we should inform his parents about
the situation at hand”, he said trying to
change the topic.
“Yes, I think they should even come over”,
my mum advised.
I told them I had already told his Mum
about the accident but it will be better if
one of them talks to them and explained
everything in details. My Dad said he
He called Basheer’s dad as they were very
familiar with each other, I heard him telling
him about everything. His dad said they
would catch the first available flight back
“They will be coming soon”, he said as soon
as he ended the call.
“That will be better”, my mum said.
A few minutes later, Dr. Imran came in, he
said we should all go home as there was no
use waiting up for Basheer.
“We have to move him to the Intensive Care
Unit (ICU) immediately because his
breathing and brain activities have to be
monitored through CT scans, he had said
then continued, His respiration and
circulation has to be maintained by
intubation and ventilation and once we are
sure he is no more in danger, we have to
concentrate on maintaining his physical
state, preventing other infections and
providing balanced nutrition”, he concluded.
I understood some of what he said as I
listened with keen interest.
“You have nothing to worry about, he’ll be
fine by Allah’s grace”, he assured
We left the ward as some nurses moved
Basheer to the ICU.
We kept silent along the way as I drove with
my Mum by my side while my Dad drove
back home alone.
Once at home, I went to my room and
locked myself as I wanted to be alone. I
took my bath and I was sitting by the
mirror combing my hair when I heard a
knock on my door. I stood up, went to the
door and unlocked it. It was my mum.
She stared at me and was suprised at how
much I have changed within one day.
“Basheer’s illness really have an effect on
you, but don’t let it frustrate you so much”,
she advised
I kept silent as I went to my wadrobe
looking for what is best for me to wear.
“You have to remember everything that
happens comes from Allah, we just have to
pray over it”, she added sitting on the sofa.
“Yes, Mum. I will try my best with the
prayers”, I told her.

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Episode 9
“Let me go and freshen up, I hope you will
come out for dinner”, she said standing.
“Yes, see you at dinner”, I answered as she
left the room.
My Mum was right, as a muslim I have to
accept the good and the bad, and I have
learnt never to question my Allah, I thought
as I slipped into my clothes.
I retired to my room as soon as dinner was
over after saying goodnight to my parents.
I had a long day and I needed to rest.
The time was 12:45am, I have been lying
for more than 3 hours but I still couldn’t
Had it been Basheer was well, we would
have been chatting by now, I thought.
I felt better when I woke up the next
I couldn’t go back to sleep after saying my
fajr (dawn) prayers. It was 7:45am when I
got up from my bed, took my bath and got
ready to go out, I had decided to go for my
lectures then go and see Basheer later in
the day.
I met my Dad on my way out in the sitting
He dropped the newspaper he was reading
as soon as he saw me.
“Good morning, Baba”, I greeted kneeling
“Good morning, Na’imah”, he answered
“Am off to school”, I told him as I stood up.
“Basheer’s parents are on their way, they
boarded a flight just a few hours ago.
They’ll be here early tomorrow morning”, he
“Okay, Allah ya kawo su lafiya (I wish them
Allah’s safety throughout their trip)”, I
“Take care of yourself”, he advised going
back to his reading.
I looked in my mum’s room and found her
still asleep so I headed out.
I went straight to my class as soon as I
parked my car in the parking space meant
for students.

“It is suprising how life can change for
someone within a short period of time”, I
said to myself.
The lecture started as soon as I settled
down giving my friends no chance of asking
me what was wrong with me as I looked a
little bad and the ever-lively Na’imah was
silent that morning.
The lecture was boring as I kept glancing at
my wristwatch every minute. My mind was
not with the lecturer as I was faraway
thinking of how Basheer was coping. The
voice of the lecturer brought me back to life
as he called it a day. Finally it has ended. I
was ready to leave when Azizah caught up
with me.
“Hey, what’s up with you?” she asked
“I am fine, why?” I replied
“You didn’t attend any of your lectures
yesterday and you didn’t give me any
explanation for that. And here you are
telling me you are fine”, She complained
“I am fine”, I repeated
She knew how much I hated questioning but
I could see it in her eyes that she didn’t
believe me. But she let it go
“Well, our Industrial training request forms
are ready, the co-ordinator started giving
them out yesterday and there’ll be a lecture
to guide us on how to go about everything”,
she explained as I stared at her.
“Okay, I will make sure I get mine. What
time is the lecture?”, I asked
“I think by 4-6pm in the Yar’adua Hall 1,
She answered giving me the details.
“Okay, I will come but am not promising
you I’ll be here”, I said standing
“No Problem, are you going somewhere
now?” she asked following me out of the
lecture hall.
“Yes, I am going to check on our co-
ordinator to get my IT request form”, I
“We don’t have any other lecture, do we?” I
“No, we don’t, just the IT guidance lecture
by 4″, She reminded me.
“Yeah, I will see you then”, I said going past
our department block to where I parked my
Azizah was my friend and coursemate.
She was a friendly-looking girl but could be
annoying sometimes. She was very
hardworking and never missed any lecture
or information, that was why I relied on her
always. I checked on our co-ordinator to
collect a copy of my form but his office was
locked, I glanced at my wristwatch, it was
after 12, Maybe he went for a lecture or
meeting, I thought. So I left and headed for
the hospital.
I walked up to Dr. Imran’s office as soon as
I arrived at the hospital. I had to wait for a
few minutes as he was seeing some other
I went in as he finished with them.
“Good afternoon Doctor”, I greeted him as I
sat down smiling
“Good afternoon Na’imah”, he smiled back
looking at me.
“How are you today?” he asked
“Am fine, thank you”, I answered.
“How is Basheer?”, I asked
“He is doing fine”, he answered then added,
“I checked on him this morning, he’s in no
danger, lets just hope he wakes up as soon
as possible”.
“For how long does a coma normally last?”,
I asked him
“It may last for days, weeks or even years”,
he said
My heart was beating fast now!!!

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Episode 10

Did he really meant it could last for years.
Well, not for Basheer, I hoped.
He took me to the ICU to see Basheer after
spending a little time talking to him. He
said it’ll do me no good seeing Basheer in
this state as it could affect me seriously.
“I learnt you guys were very close”, he had
“From what I heard from your father, seeing
him in this state could really affect you
negatively, So I suggest you stay at home
while he is still here”, he advised
He was right because seeing Basheer in
that state makes me feel as if am losing it.
But I can’t stay away from him, I thought.
I drove back to school, it was already after
2 when I got there so I went to the mosque,
said my Zuhr (afternoon) prayers before
checking on our co-ordinator again. He was
in this time around, so I collected my form
and left.
I was starving by now so I went in search of
something to eat.
I went to my favourite restuarant on
campus, It was Mama’s kitchen, ordered for
my food and waited while the waitress
brought it. I was eating when Azizah called,
she said she was already in the lecture
venue, so I told her I’ll meet her there in
some minutes. I finished up and paid my
bills then drove back to Yaradua hall 1.
I found Azizah seated in the front row, there
was an empty seat by her side and I knew it
was mine. I walked up to where she was,
told her I was going to pray as it was only
3:30pm, I had close to 30 minutes before
the lecture started.
The lecture which lasted for about 2 hours
was quite interesting, we learnt so many
things concerning our industrial training
and various questions were asked.

“The lecture was really helpful”, I said to
Azizah as we walked out of the hall.
“Am glad I didn’t missed it”, I confessed.
” Yeah, it was and am glad too”, she
answered smiling.
“I’ll see you tomorrow”, I said as she walked
towards her car.
“Okay, take care, bye”, she replied as I
walked down to where I parked my car.
“Where have you been?”, my mum asked as
I entered into the sitting room. She knew
my lectures never get that late, maybe she
was worried thinking I have been in the
hospital all this while.
“We had a lecture concerning our industrial
training”, I told her.
“How was your day”, I asked
“It was fine, did you go the hospital
today?”, she asked as I sat down
“Yes”, I replied, keeping what Dr. Imran said
a secret.
“Your father and I will be going there later”
“Okay, let me freshen up, I had a long day”,
I said as I headed to my room.
I had taken my bath and said my magrib
(late evening) prayers when my mum came
into the room asking me if I would go with
them the hospital, I answered in the
I still remembered my conversation with Dr.
Imran. She told me they would be leaving
soon and they may be late so I shouldn’t
wait up for them. I settled down after she
left to read through a copy of the notes I
got from Azizah, it was for the lecture I
missed yesterday.
I found it to be very boring and I wasn’t
concentrating, so I dropped the notes and
la!d down on my bed. I was trying to sleep
when my phone rang. It was Adam.
“Assalamu alaikum”, I greeted him as I
accepted the call.
“Wa alaiki salam”, he answered.
“The friend ( still trying to micmic Basheer),
I just called to inform you I just arrived
Kano, how is Basheer feeling”, he asked.
I sighed then replied;
“It’s getting worse”.
For once, I had to admit Basheer was not
getting any better. I told him the situation
at hand and he promised to go and see him
“I don’t think they will let you in if you go
alone, why don’t you wait till morning then
we shall all go together”, I advised
“His parents are coming too, their flight
would land early tomorrow morning”, I told
“Okay, no problem. Thank you”, he said
We said our goodbyes and ended the call.
I heard the Azaan for Isha (Night) prayers
so I went to the bathroom, performed
ablution and said my prayers. I kept
praying for Basheer in every prostration I
The time was 9:45 pm and my parents were
not back yet. I wasn’t worried as my mum
had told me they might be late.
I went to the kitchen to get something light
for dinner.
I retired to my room afterwards, changed to
my nightie and lied down to sleep. I was so
tired that I slept off almost immediately.
I woke up late the next morning. I had slept
off after saying my fajr (dawn) prayers only
to wake up at 10:15 am. My heart was still
heavy and breaking as I went to take my
“These two days has been the most
dreadful of my life”, I thought as I looked at
myself in the mirror. My eyes were abit
swollen and my head ached.
I was dressed in my casual wears as I came
out to the sitting room as I had no lectures
until later in the day. Both my parents had
gone to work as the house was silent. I ate
my breakfast and returned back to my
My phone was ringing as I entered and it
was my dad. He called to tell me Basheer’s
parents have arrived and they are all on
their way to the hospital. I called Adam
after ending my dad’s call to inform him to
get ready so we can go to the hospital. He
said he was ready and would pick me up in
a few minutes.
I changed and waited for Adam, he came in
less than half an hour.
Unlike Basheer, Adam was short, chubby
and he wasn’t that good-looking.
They were as different as a Mango and a
Adam kept asking me about things as we
drove, and just like Basheer, he sure knows
how to cheer up a girl.
“You really know your ways with a girl”, I
had told him on our way.
“I learnt it from Basheer”, He said smiling
I laughed as I knew he was joking.
“Basheer don’t like girls that much, I
wonder how you guys get along with each
other” he continued and I laughed again.
“That’s because I am different from the
rest”, I teased him.

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Ofcourse you are, to him you are the only girl
that could live peacefully with him without
judgement.”, He said sounding serious.
He was right, I knew Basheer too well to
predict what was going in his mind even
before he said it out, I could say what mood
he was from the look in his eyes. Afterall we
were like two faces of a coin. Basheer had
once jokingly told me he would be glad if we
married each other when the time comes. I
laughed at this whenever it crossed my mind.
I loved Basheer too much that I wouldn’t care
spending the rest of my life with him but I
never thought of him as a husband.
We arrived the hospital at exactly 12:15 pm,
we walked down the building and up the stairs
to Dr. Imran’s office. We met both my parents
and Basheer’s with him. They were in the
midst of conversation. We greeted them all
and I introduced Adam to them. They all
looked very worried.
“Had he followed us down to The States, none
of these would have been”, Basheer’s dad said
“I always knew he would put himself in trouble
because of this girl but he never listened, now
look what he has done to himself”, he added
looking at me. It was obvious he was really
angry and the way he was looking at me, one
would think I was the one who caused the
“You have to calm down, Alhaji”, his wife said.
“This girl has nothing to do with Basheer’s
sickness, can’t you see how worried she look.
It is affecting her also”, she added.
My parents kept mute but I couldn’t take it
anymore so I went out the office, Adam
followed me.
We went ahead to the ICU , but the nurses
there said we can’t see him as that was the
doctor’s orders. I felt as if am breaking and
my legs could not carry my body any longer
but I managed to sit down on one of the seats
along the corridor. Adam was confused, he
has never seen me in that state so he was not
sure what to do next. Few minutes later, I
composed myself and told him I want to go
We were silent as he drove. I remembered
what has just happened back at the hospital.
Basheer’s dad was right, had he followed
them down to The States, none of these would
have happened. I remembered how a year ago
Basheer had dismissed the idea of going
abroad to his parents. I was in class when he
came, I saw him through the window as he
tried to distract my attention from the lecture,
I gestured to him to go away but from the look
on his face I knew something was wrong. I left
the class immediately and went to him.
“Friend, are you alright?”,I asked him as we
sat on one of the seats inside our
department’s garden.
“No, my dad wants me to join them in The
States”, he said looking at me.
“So, what’s not alright about that”, I asked
“Oh, you don’t see anything not alright in
that?” he asked looking suprised.
“Yes, why don’t you accept his offer? It’s just
for a couple of months”, I said smiling
He laughed
“Couple of years not couple of months my
darling”, he said resting his back on the seat.
“I am not going anywhere, I know how living
with my dad is. It is like hell”, he said still
I kept staring at him, I knew why he didn’t
want to go. It was because of me. We have
never been apart of each other for more than 3
weeks in our lives. That was how Basheer
stayed back and now his dad is blaming it all
on me.
“I wished he knew how I feel, Basheer’s illness
affects me as much as it does to him”, I broke
the silence.
Adam glanced at me.
“Basheer is his only child, you know how hard
it will be for him”, he said
“Yes, he had every right to be angry but not
blaming it all on me”, I added.
“You just have to be patient and keep
praying”, he consoled me.
There was more silence and we arrived at my
home a few minutes later. We said our
goodbyes and he drove off.

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Episode 12

I moved on with my life after the incidence
with Basheer’s dad, I avoided going to the
hospital but I call Dr. Imran from time to time
to know how he was coping. I went for my
lectures and retired to my room immediately. I
preferred to be alone always. I avoided having
a long conversation with anyone including my
mum. I told Azizah all that had happened and
she tried to console anytime I needed it.
My life had taken a U-turn within a short
period of time. I hardly smiled and had no
appetite for anything. My mind was always
with Basheer, everything I did he was on my
mind. I also cried alot until my eyes became
sore and my head ached alot.
3 days later, it was a sunday and I woke up
after having a very bad dream,I was not
worried about it as it has became my habit
lately. I decided to call Dr. Imran as I haven’t
spoken to him since saturday morning.
“Assalamu alaikum” he greeted as he picked
up the call at first ring
“Wa alaiki salam”, I answered
He hesitated for a few seconds before adding
“Na’imah how have you been coping? Am very
sorry about Basheer”, he said
“Wha….what do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”, I stammered
He kept silent so I asked again
” What do you mean you are sorry about
Basheer?”. I was shouting now admist tears
He still wasn’t speaking so I dropped the
phone and ran out of my room. I met my
parents in the sitting room.
“What happened to Basheer?”, I asked Noone
in particular.
They looked at each other.
“Nothing happened to him”, it was my dad
My mum walked to me and held my hand.
“Relax Na’imah, he is alright. Basheer is
alright”, she said wiping my tears.
I released my hand from her grip and said
“No, he is not. Dr. Imran told me”, I was now
crying profusely
“Just tell me what happened to him”!!! I was
now shouting
“Is he dead?”
.”Yes, we lost him last night”, my dad said
looking at me.
I heard him right as I felt the sharp pain that
went through my head as I collapsed.

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Day by day I think of you,
How can all of this be true?
Even after so long,
Just the thought of you makes me cry,
I never even got the chance to say goodbye,
I don’t know if it will ever get better,
I always smell your familiar scent,
It makes me think of all of the times we’ve
So many things I never got to say,
I never imagined you’d ever be so faraway,
You were my brother,
And I loved you like no other,
In my heart you’ll always be,
Until I breathe my last,
I will never forget your soothing voice,
I would take your place if I had a choice,
But now I have to let you rest,
Because I know you are in a better place,
Although without you, my world’s a mess,
I miss you with all my heart,
I wish we never had to part,
But I know you are always by my side,
So now, I guess this is my goodbye.
Rest in peace Basheer M Bello.
It was 20th November, 2012, exactly a year
after Basheer had left us. His memories would
forever remain evergreen in my heart……….until
I breath my last. I thought as I dropped the
pen and closed my diary wiping tears away
from my eyes.