[STORY] Esther (18+) (episode 1-19)

Episode 1

When I asked her her name, her reply was
simple – “Esther”. I didn’t remember to ask
for her last name and she never told me. So
I just knew her as Esther. From that
moment when she walked into my living
room for the very first time ever, I never
stopped feeling that there was something
rather awkward about her. She just did not
add up for me at all; for reasons I just
couldn’t place a finger on. It wasn’t
because of her appearance – she was
unimaginably decorous and well-mannered.
It wasn’t about how she spoke too, for she
was eloquently tailored. It wasn’t even
about her poise, because she looked
generally compact, and easily beamed in
smiles if there was any reason to. So it
wasn’t any of those at all, and I was very
sure it wasn’t. But what it was, I still
couldn’t tell. All I could tell was that Esther
was different. Of all the housegirls I had
ever kept in my home, she was totally
distinctive. And apart from the seeming
mystery that surrounded her person, she
was also different in so many other ways.
I was expecting a girl quite alright. A
housegirl. Of which, I had told my mum who
was at the village, to help me find someone.
The last two girls I had stayed with, were all
from her, and they were really really good
girls. They only had to leave and return
back to their parents just because their
people wanted them back and not because I
wanted them to leave. So, I’d be right if I
say that I have had a bit of luck with
housegirls and was yet to experience all the
bad things a lot of fellow mothers keep
telling me about staying with house-helps.
Moreover, my mom is a generally shrewd
person, and has never been one to work by
assumptions. She always says she’s never
failed to visit the girl’s home as well as
speak with people who know her before
deciding on bringing her to stay with her
daughter. And it has always paid off
I was on my first issue, after two
pregnancies (lost my first child just after
birth), and having these girls at the time
made things much simpler for me. So,
barely days after the last one left my house,
I began pestering my mum – who was also
staying with me as at that time – to help
me get another girl. She agreed.
It was just a day after she had left for the
village, that Esther knocked on my door.
While it felt strange, given mum could have
barely been able to find a girl in just 24
hours, I eventually relaxed when she
explained that it was my mother that
directed her to my place. Moreover, mum
had no cell phone, as I hadn’t bought her
one yet – bearing in mind how expensive it
was back then in 1999 – so it was just
difficult to confirm what the young lady
before me was saying.

But considering how desperate I was for a
housegirl, I knew I needed to accept her in;
even with the apparent oddities surrounding
her person. She indeed looked very different
from the other girls that had stayed with
me; even in looks too. She was distinctly
good-looking, sharply contrasting what I
had ever had in my house; with very thick
eye brows that beautifully curled in at every
facial expression she made.
Her skin was peculiar too; caramel brown in
precise; as against that of the previous girls
who were very fair. She appeared older as
well, and did confirm she was 22, when I
asked; and with an SSCE certificate (the
previous girls were only 17 and 19
respectively, and hadn’t even seen the walls
of a school before coming to stay with me).
So for Esther, her desire was to be put
through the higher institution and not to
learn a trade like the other girls. And
equally unlike these ones who were Ibo, she
was Efik!
Anyways, Esther’s sojourn in my house
would begin with a beautiful reward – her
exceptional diligence at carrying out chores
around the house! She was simply good!
From doing dishes, up to more tasking
chores like washing my husband’s car; she
always carried them out without complain.

This was what began endearing me to her.
And by the time I did realize she was also
very trustworthy, and truthful, I quite knew I
had not just a housegirl, but a companion!
I began to make her feel more comfortable
around me, bringing her into my bedroom
for long chitchats after dinner, just before
bedtime. That still didn’t make her any less
respectful, and she carried out every single
instruction I left her with, without any
complains or excuses. Our relationship grew
so much, that even my own little kid, began
preferring her over me! As little as he was,
he would cry so much anytime Esther tried
handing him over to me in order to carry
out one task or the other. While it
sometimes looked embarrassing, it also felt
really good knowing that your housegirl
was indeed one your kid felt very
comfortable around.
This certainty, cemented my rapport with
her. And it only got better the day I heard
her singing in the bathroom, while taking
her bath! It turned out to be beautiful
coincidence given she was actually singing
Shania Twain’s ‘Wild And Wicked’; a song I
had loved from the first day I heard it!
Moreover, it wasn’t just about hearing the
song, but the striking similarity between her
voice and that of the actual lady who did
the song! Being someone who isn’t exactly
blessed with a wonderful voice, I have
grown to cherish a beautiful one whenever I
find it! Esther’s voice was simply
immaculate, and I didn’t hesitate to heap
praises on her as she stepped into the
living room after bathing and changing
“Thank you ma.” she said, smiling and
revealing her ever radiant set of teeth.
I expected her to go on and explain from
which of her parents she got the gift of
singing from, but she didn’t. Esther never
talked about her parents, and I was even
scared to ask her, lest it all went south.

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Episode 2

Expectedly still, I wasn’t the only one who
found Esther’s case rather curious.
My husband Fredrick also did. Fredrick
wasn’t home when Esther joined us, as he
was on one of his many field assignments –
he works with a telecoms company as a
fiber optic technician.
But when he returned home, he was quick to
observe that she was indeed strange! He
first noted that it was incredibly hard to get
her annoyed or even worked-up, as she
literally spends her entire day spotting a
graceful smile or two! And on a second
note, that she had a rather queer level of
innocence about her! This particular second
point was something I couldn’t understand
at first, until the day she unintentionally
barged into our bedroom on a certain
afternoon, while we were having s*x! Oh
dear! It had to count as the most
embarrassing moment of my life as I had
never been ‘crossed’ while having s*x, ever
She actually came in to pick up a feeding
bottle for our little boy. And funny enough,
she still went ahead to search and locate
the bottle, after saying a simple sorry,
before eventually leaving with it! While I
didn’t know how to feel afterwards as I was
quite caught between laughing and getting
pissed, Fredrick did feel a little upset about
it, and further asked me to warn her about
intruding into our privacy!
Esther didn’t look like she knew she had
done anything wrong. She even explained
that she had knocked on the door before
coming in and thought she heard someone
say she was free to step in! Gracious
I had to wonder if it were my m0ans that
sent her that rather stupid message! But
then, if the s*x incident was a bit of a
misunderstanding, how was she going to
explain all the other unexpected visits to my
own room that followed? – mostly when I
was either changing clothes, or dressing up
to leave!
And on each occasion, all she would say
was sorry, while still going on to do
whatever it was that had brought her in
there! In fact, I did catch her throwing
glances at a semi-Unclad me once, and it
wasn’t until I openly told her that I was still
waiting for her to leave the room so that I
could resume dressing, that she then
bothered employing any kind of haste.
All the same, I didn’t exactly find these
things a big deal like Fredrick was already
Guess I was being softened by how
generally good she was to the family. After
all, it wasn’t like I was a man to which it
could have been suggested that she was
trying to ‘s£duce’ me into sleeping with
her. I was a woman like her, and if there
was to be any worries, it had to be with the
man of the house, Fredrick. Or so I thought!
Surely, Fredrick as the case may be, wasn’t
just aware of how much of a companion
Esther had become to me since she arrived.

She had made his usually lengthy absence
less of a negative impact. Gone now were
the days where I just had to go to bed very
early solely because I felt terribly lonely and
bored! Even trying to engage him on long
calls on such nights, usually turned out
impossible as most areas he was usually
posted to were often yet to get connected
to the GSM network! So with Esther, I had
several other reasons to stay up.
We would talk about a lot of things and
laugh to every silly pass I made. It was also
during this period that we formed the very
addictive habit of seeing movies every
single day!
Something we both kept telling ourselves
we only did just to fight boredom. But then,
it soon became an obsession, and there
was no day that passed without me sending
her to a ‘Movie Club’ to hire one or two
VCR tapes we were going to watch later
that night! The usual schedule would then
be, bathe my baby; breastfeed him for the
night; have my own bath; see the hired
movie while taking dinner; then go to bed!
Talk of a really strait-jacket approach to
Esther did have a little bit of difference to
hers as she would usually be making dinner
while I bathed my kid – Kennedy. She would
also begin serving the food just after I had
begun breastfeeding him, and would wait
for me to finish and bathe, so that we both
could eat and see the movie together.
However, this was also when I noticed that
she probably couldn’t wait enough to be a
mother too someday, given how often I
would find her looking at my lactating
breasts while breastfeeding Kennedy!
She would keenly watch as my son sU-
Ckled away, but instantly turn the other way
whenever I purposely try catching her doing
so. But then, within me, it made me really
happy, as I only could wish she got married
someday and to a very good man. I had
never heard her say anything about boys
though, but I did conclude as at then, that
she was probably only being modest. After
all, from the much I had seen her body;
especially on those early mornings when I
usually went into her room to wake her up
for the day, thus meeting her either semi-
Unclad or very scantily clad; she was just
too blessed to go without finding a man!
Her body looks incredibly firm and shapely;
with her breasts so round and unyielding;
defying all the laws of gravity!
Seeing her those early mornings always
reminded me of all the lovely things that
come with being young and beautiful. Just
the perky nature of her cones alone, and the
ever erect status of her Tips, were usually
enough to bring all the memories of being a
youth, rushing back into my head!

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Episode 3

However though, I do recall that it was on
one of Fredrick’s many trips away from
home, that my curiosity with regards to
Esther’s private life, suddenly began taking
a more prominent position on my list of
interests! She was 22, so very much an
adult. But yet, I wasn’t seeing any signs to
actually suggest so. She was obviously
through puberty and had quite developed
finely as a young woman, but then, hardly
were there any ‘girly’ moments! No requests
for sanitary pads; no menstrual cramps;
not even the customary mood swings! Just
nothing! I couldn’t tell when she was on her
period or out of it, despite being a mother
and close to her! Simply because there were
no clues to knowing so!
And my concerns only tripled the day I
subsequently witnessed her encounter with
a neighbour’s son who had been away for a
very longtime. He was back and was
probably trying to reacquaint himself with
the neighbourhood, when he came across
Ordinarily, one would expect the undeniably
handsome lad to want to strike up
conversation, and then the girl likely
responding and flirting with him then and
again. But nah, Esther didn’t do the later.
I was outside spreading Kennedy’s napkins
as this went on, and I was rather very
disappointed to see her totally turn around
while smiling, but abandoning the boy right
on the spot. I was further hurt when I
equally eventually realized, that she didn’t
even know I was outside, thus she didn’t
actually treat the boy that way out of fear
of me reprimanding her! Instead, she did it
all for a lack of interest!
Then followed the movies. As we began
seeing more and more movies, I began
noticing how blank she usually went
whenever there was a s*x scene playing out
on the screen. Not like I was hoping for a
very particular reaction, but then I was
going to think that a girl her age would
usually want to either discuss what she was
seeing, or do everything to conceal her
inevitable arousal. Just like I did when I
was her age. But no, Esther wasn’t the kind.
She would basically sit there and stare into
the screen with the least possible sign of
interest as whatever guy it was in the
movie, smooched away with his female
counterpart. Her next glow would only come
on, just after such scene was done and
passed on. And this made me begin to
suspect that she was probably sexually
frigid, as unfortunate as that may seem!
How so painful it felt that a girl as beautiful
as herself was likely facing a situation like

And for several weeks, if not months, Esther
kept on with the ‘blankness’ as we
continued with the daily movie watching! It
wasn’t until about Fredrick’s fourth trip
since after her coming, that I picked up the
courage to ask her specifically, if she had
ever had a boy in her life.
“No ma.” she replied grinning.
“You mean no boy ever tickle you for belle
before?” I re-twisted, trying to get her to
open up.

She broke into a long laughter, before still
giving the same answer – no boy!
I gave up. She was certainly telling the
truth – no boy. But I totally lacked the
balls to push further. I still didn’t know if
she was indeed frigid or just didn’t really
have interest in a relationship as at yet. I
wished I could know these things, but I just
didn’t know how to ask her without looking
like I was forcing her development. I also
didn’t want to look like the mistress who
‘pushed’ her maid into the mucky waters of
boys and players! She was still very young,
so definitely had a lot of time ahead of her
for whatever decision she had to take.
Moreover, there was still the tertiary
entrance exam before her, which she still
needed to pass. So, when I couldn’t get any
real facts to conclude my hypothesis, I gave
Yet, that same day I had asked her if she’s
ever had a boyfriend, did mark the
beginning of a sudden but obvious change
in Esther’s choice of movies! Given I usually
left the choice of what movie to bring home
on hire to her, she had always brought
home movies of any genre she liked; albeit
all of them.

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Episode 4

Yet, that same day I had asked her if she’s
ever had a boyfriend, did mark the
beginning of a sudden but obvious change
in Esther’s choice of movies! Given I usually
left the choice of what movie to bring home
on hire to her, she had always brought
home movies of any genre she liked; albeit
all of them constantly coming out very
good and entertaining! So once there was a
change, I instantly noticed! For, on that very
night, I initially observed how she avoided
bringing the movie to me before hand to
tell me all she was told about it at the
‘club’, and instead kept hiding it from me
until we were set to watch it together.
And when she eventually slotted it into the
VCR Player, I was a bit taken aback as the
movie played on. It was indeed a romance
movie – ‘Show Me Love’ by Lukas
Moodyson! But it wasn’t just your everyday
romance; it was heavily l£sb!an themed!
At first, I didn’t notice this, until I began
observing how the two main female
characters gradually got closer and closer
in the plot! What did strike me most
though, was how rather engrossed Esther
looked as the movie rolled on from one l
£sb!an s*x scene to another! She giggled
occasionally to what was being said, and
even tried explaining some scenes I did find
a bit hard to follow.
While I sporadically commented, I was
largely quiet throughout, as I remained
stretched between accepting the reality
unfolding before me, and turning another
blind eye to it!
Be that as it may, as though this very night
was only the first minute of a very long
troubling party, Esther returned home the
following day with yet another l£sb!an
romance movie – ‘Bound’, by Andy and
Lana Wachowski! Not only did she do so,
she equally even brought it to me to see! I
had never seen her this bold before! And the
thrill in her voice was just unbeatable!
Oddly enough, I still found myself not
saying enough! I still caught myself finding
it incredibly difficult to use the right words
for this unfolding troubling state of affairs!
So when Esther brought her current find to
me, all I could do was smile and watch as
she explained all she had heard about the
movie! And my, if I thought ‘Show Me Love’
was hot, then ‘Bound’ was pure flames,
despite being 2 years older! Gina Gershon
was adorable in her l£sb!an role and what
could be sexier than a Jennifer Tilly?! They
both made me wish it was indeed a boy-
girl movie as they made love ruthlessly like
forever! Esther on her part was lost for
words as she uncharacteristically watched
2-3rd of the movie in grave silence! It
wasn’t until the screen before us began
showing the names of cast, that we did
realize that we still had our dinner in our
hands; and largely unfinished!

The real jump though, came the next day!
Already, at this point, I was expectedly
feeling the crushing pressure to act quickly
before this new trend went out of hand! I
needed nobody to tell me now that I had to
stop Esther from continuing with this as it
simply meant one thing – we were both
obviously enjoying something which was
largely forbidden! Girl-girl relationship was
sinister, as far as I knew!
And watching them on movies wasn’t
making them any less so. Moreover, seeing
‘Bound’ the previous night, brought me a
rather surprising level of S#xual
heightening, as the characters involved
really played their roles rather well. But
being women, this was something I didn’t
need to see again! However though, the
more I thought about this, the more
powerless I only became!
In fact, when Esther came to me that
afternoon to ask for money to go hire a new
movie, I found myself locating my little
purse without hesitation, from where I
pulled out a note and handed her without
even saying a word! It was only after she
had left, that the burden of guilt fell on me
once again, even though another side of me
kept feeling a tinge of excitement at what
new movie (obviously l£sb!an themed) she
was likely going to bring home! And it only
got more unbearable as several minutes
passed without Esther returning! I soon
couldn’t even tell if my being tensed had to
do with my excitement about the movie I
was about to watch, or the fact that I was
getting worried about her staying too long!
Both looked like genuine answers. However,
she still finally returned! And when she
asked me if I wished to bathe first before
seeing the movie, my answer was a fraught
“after the movie!”, as I was already too
desperate to face the TV! Anyways, when we
eventually did, I realized the movie before
me would only make ‘Bound’, look like
child’s play!
I didn’t even know how to react this time!
We both just sat there motionless as the
movie titled ‘The Ages Of Lulu’ began
playing right before us! From the onset, I
could tell it was likely R-rated considering
the role of nudity right from the early
scenes! And while the movie wasn’t exactly
pornography in the strict sense of the word,
it was highly erotic, and showed a lot of
flesh! This was very different to the two
movies Esther had brought home the
previous days. Those ones where more
about the romantic storylines and less
about the eroticism. This one was still
romantic, but intense on nudity and l£sb!an
oral s*x!
Sure she had taken a very high jump this
time around! And I did know I was quite in
trouble when barely a full 20 minutes in,
and I began feeling myself moistening up
terribly between the legs! It did indeed
bewilder me, since I never ever thought I
would likely get to a point like this one! And
I mysteriously never quite went dry again,
until the movie was completely over!
However, it did turn out that I wasn’t the
only one feeling this aroused at the end of
the day. Because by merely looking at
Esther, I instantly sensed she was likely
feeling same too. Moreover, we were yet to
speak to each other since right from the
start of the movie.

And it wasn’t until she eventually stood
from her seat – after a rather long awkward
stillness between us – that she finally
The standing anyway, did bring with it
further confirmation to my earlier suspicion,
because just as soon as she stood up, I
instantly found a little wet patch just
behind her shinny nightie towards her lower
bum! Esther was indeed, creaming herself
all along!
“Do you still want to bathe, Aunty?” she
then suddenly asked me, catching my eyes
as they returned from staring at the wet
patch on her bum!
“I’m not sure…any…more,” I managed to
answer, looking away from her gaze! I was
frankly too exhausted to use the shower
now, and if there was anything my body
needed at that moment, it had to be a really
good round of s*x with my husband,
Fredrick! Too bad he wasn’t home on a
night I was just made to feel really h—y.
“In fact I don’t think so.” I finally
She didn’t say another word, but turned and
walked away; while trying to hide the wet
spot with a piece of cloth she had now worn
around her hips.
It now seemed I would be going straight to
bed, and in seconds I stood from the sofa I
had been sitting on and began walking out
of the living room. But then, I had only just
managed to get into my bedroom, when
Esther reappeared again, rather
“I’ve made you bathe water ma.” she
declared from nowhere! “I also put a seat
for you to sit since you said you are tired.”
It instantly looked like I was missing
something. “I thought I just said I wasn’t
interested in bathing anymore?” I asked her
with a confused face.

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Episode 5

She didn’t reply me, but just remained
where she was, leaning into my doorpost.
I hissed in fatigue, wondering how she has
now managed to become too good to her
own fault too. “Ok. I will be coming.” I told
her, while checking up my kid who was still
She left, after saying okay. And I began
I still wasn’t fine with the moment, but after
hissing several more times at the prospect
of dragging myself down to that bathroom
with all the exhaustion, I decided to go on
with the bathing after all. But then, when I
got in there, I found two plastic seats
instead of an expected one! And just as I
was about turning around so as to call out
on Esther to ask her why she had two seats
instead of one, I met her standing right
behind me! I jolted!
“I want to help you ma.” was the next thing
I heard her say as soon as I faced her! Now,
this was getting rather awkward!
“Helllp…mmmee out, how?” I stammered
She brought her hand to the knot on my
wrapper just then, and began to untie it! I
wanted to speak but nothing came out of
my mouth after opening it! And in merely
seconds, the piece of cloth I had been
wrapping around myself, dropped in a heap!
I was instantly Unclad before my
housemaid, Esther!
“Get in, Aunty.” she then directed, giving me
room to climb into the bathtub before us.
Like some zombie, I did! And as I crossed
her, I instantly caught a whiff of the girl’s
carnal scent, just before she climbed in after
She was obviously still terribly wet! – the
effect of the movie we had seen together!
And it wasn’t only just about the scent, but
her breasts too! They looked heavier in the
eye than normal, and with her Tips furiously
shooting into the frail nightdress she was
I tried picking courage again to really
question what she thought she was doing,
but just then her right arm accidentally
brushed against my left Tip, stopping my
already open mouth from speaking, and
sending real tingles up my trembling spine!
Who said I wasn’t get aroused too?
“Just relax, Aunty. I’ll do all the work for
you.” was her next declaration as she began
getting behind me! Of course, she barely
reacted like she had observed what
But I agreed. And as soon as she made it to
back, I shut my eyes tightly!
Thoughts flew by, as well as questions!
What in the world were we doing? How has
my housegirl managed to be in the same
bathroom with a Unclad me?! What was
going on? Was I still even remembering that
I was TOTALLY Unclad?! My head kept
But the more it did, the more it looked like
it was losing the war! Esther’s bathwater
soon splashed on my body as she began
the process of bathing me! And as she did, I
found my own arousal growing inch by
inch! She lathered the bathing foam and
began scrubbing my body with it! She
didn’t show any restraint and boldly
allowed her hand swirl and circle around
my breasts, taking time to scrub both
swells rather intently!
She even shocked me further when she
gently lifted them one after the other so as
to scour the undersides as she had done to
the other sides! And when she was done,
she used her bare hands to wipe out some
of the residual lather, causing me to jolt
repeatedly as her palm inevitably rubbed
against my now overly-sensitive Tips!
She must have noticed this very reaction to
her touch, because she paused a little, and
after getting further closer to me, resumed
She now had her body touching mine! In
fact, I began feeling her right knee just
around the cleft where my butt0ckz meets
my thighs!
And as she continued with her scrubbing, I
unmistakably observed how the said knee
kept creeping closer and closer towards my
crack, until it was soon got just barely an
inch away from my v—a! When she
attempted feeling my K!ttyC@t slit with it, I
nearly jumped off from the tub as though I
had just come in contact with bare
electricity! She audibly took a deep breath
that instant, picking up the toilet soap
behind her and applying more lather to the
foam in her hand! I guessed this was her
way of suppressing the impact of what just
happened, and it kind of worked! I still had
my eyes shut, and very tightly too! I
couldn’t see her, but I could sense all she
was doing! However, she did quite begin
looking like she was determined to get
somewhere that very night, because I
suddenly found her hand on my navel! She
certainly was about to begin washing my
Obviously, my K!ttyC@t, was likely coming
Rightly so, it was! For just after she circled
around my tummy a bit, she then began
descending to my private part! My body
was almost shivering at this point, with my
thighs struggling to remain standing like
they were before! There was no denying
what was happening, and every additional
second kept pointing to what I did know
could follow! It wasn’t coincidence that
Esther would choose to have interest in
assisting my bath on a night we had just
seen a very erotic l£sb!an romance movie
together! It wasn’t also coincidence that it
was a bath she had practically forced on
me, despite my earlier refusal! I already
knew she was very h—y, and that this was
likely a pre-planned s£duct!on game for
her! However, the question remained if I
was interested in seeing it get concluded. I
was calm and quiet, quite alright. But
greatly troubled and afraid within me! She
might be a l£sb!an as I was already being
made to understand, but I wasn’t interested
in women myself!
Anyways, just after she had sprinkled fresh
water on me once more, she briefly paused,
all of a sudden.
I didn’t know for what reason, but she spent
a few seconds before resuming again! I did
suspect it had something to do with her
dress though, because I did feel it moving
along the small of my back at some point.
When she returned to bathing me, she
began by sprinkling water all over my pubic
That tickled! And frankly speaking, I indeed
struggled to decide on a reaction! My body
shook like that of a baby, as tingly sparks
endlessly ran through me!
I was literally drenched between my legs
and began fearing Esther might smell me at
some point, in the mix of the bathing
soap’s thick beautiful fragrance! But I still
wasn’t sure I was going to let the moment
get beyond this very boundary! She soon
stopped with the sprinkling anyway, and
then returned the bath foam on my crotch!
In seconds, she was already scrubbing my
privates! But this got me even more alert
and attentive, as I waited for her to make
the expected move! And for every swipe her
scrubbing hand made, my body and breasts
heaved up and down along with it!
Evidently, I did instantly know the moment
was here, when she suddenly took the foam
aside and attempted replacing it, with her
bare fingers instead! Like some lightning
strike, I instantly grabbed her hand in
perfect reflex!

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Episode 6

I equally quickly shut my thighs in a thud,
and turned around swiftly! Only to find her
staring into my face, when I opened my eyes
But then, I was additionally staggered when
I equally saw that she had gone totally
Unclad from head to waist – with her bare
breasts wet and glowing in the shining
electric light above us! Even her dress was
drenched too – obviously by my bathwater.
And for a long time we just stood there
staring at each other without saying a
After what seemed like ages, I began
releasing her caught hand as I simply
didn’t know how to take up the moment
from this point! And as soon as I did,
Esther quickly pulled her dress over her
Unclad breasts, and with some scrambling,
managed to make her way out of the
flooded bathtub! I watched her walk away
from me! And watched her nightdress look
grossly drenched, as it clung onto her tiny
young frame! Things are likely going to look
different now, it appears!
But the real question now though was,
“what in the world, have I just done?”

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Episode 7

I practically almost stayed up the whole
night and when I did sleep at all, it was
likely towards the final 20 or so minutes to
the breaking of day! The night looked so
unreal as I kept trying to understand how
the last few hours even got to happen in
the first instance! Meanwhile, Esther went
straight to her bedroom as soon as she left
the bathroom, and I assumed she slept off
immediately too. As for me, I didn’t even
bother completing the bath, instead went
for the towel with which I cleaned myself
Until I got into my bedroom, it kept looking
as though I was floating. And even after
getting into bed, I still found it difficult to
believe I was still in the real world! After all,
if I was ever told that the girl I had just
brought into my household was in fact of a
queer S#xual disposition, I was likely never
going to believe it. But everything was
currently pointing to that at this moment.
The indifference in matters that concern
boys; her rather skewed interest in me
instead; and all other things, were supposed
to give me the clue, but I just couldn’t see
them like they were.
Now I was faced with a very difficult
decision to make. What do I do with her?
Shouldn’t I be sending her packing the next
day? Should I call Fredrick to tell him?
Should I send a messenger to mum and
explain that the girl she had sent to me was
indeed queer?!! These were countless
questions I just struggled to answer, and I
was still trying to do so, when I eventually
dozed off to sleep! But untypical of her,
Esther was the one who woke me up at
exactly sharp 6am the next morning, and
she was carrying Kennedy who was
probably the reason why she woke before
me! My eyes fluttered as I struggled to
break away from my dizziness, and as soon
as I saw her face, I was reminded why she
was the best housegirl I’ve ever had! And
would likely ever do. Her dutifulness was
And while I found it really surprising that
she could even have the guts to face me
again that very morning after what
transpired between us the previous night, I
still managed a grin as I collected my baby
from her.

Of course, it soon became clear though,
that a lot have shifted ground between us.
Within that very morning alone, I easily
noticed the obvious effort the both of us
made to avoid too much of each other. She
was the less restrained of the two of us
though, and did come to me for instructions
when she wanted to embark on a chore or
task. She even comfortably maintained eye
contact while she spoke to me, which I on
the other hand, found it painfully difficult to
do! Instead, I was always avoiding her eyes
and generally steering clear of moments of
likely embarrassment. Nobody said a word
about the previous night, nonetheless. In
fact, we both behaved like it never existed
as we in no way really held any casual
conversations as such. But that didn’t stop
my mind from occasionally straying to the
incident and of course facing the same
question that had bugged me all night –
‘what now?!’ What was to be the next step?
I couldn’t be sure the previous night would
never happen again. Who even entertains a
S#xual relationship with her housegirl?
Who survives such? The lack of respect that
will follow; the lack of regard and all. Just
a few of the things that would surely fade
away now!
Esther had been a good girl but who
Who knows if all these things could just
change in an instant with what had just
happened? Any sane person would happily
pile the entire blame on her at this stage
and then use it as a reason for sending her
back to her people.
Because you never can tell who she’s going
to tell tomorrow. Nothing damaging really
happened basically; after all I stopped her
when it looked like she was going beyond
her boundaries. But that is something just
the both of us know. I had a bath, and both
of us where in that bathroom together! And
I was Unclad; something that can’t be
easily explained!
These very three are real facts, the fourth
fact about her actually bathing me, was
indeed the more dangerous of all! If anyone
were to hear that then there was going to
be real trouble!
And I haven’t even mentioned Fredrick! I
knew it was unlikely, but what if he finds
enough evidence to learn about this very
incident? What if he gets to know that his
wife came close to cheating on him; and
with a fellow woman?! Needless explaining
what end that would bring!
So the concerns remained. And very plenty,
were they! Esther on her part looked barely
perturbed. And as she went about her
chores with an impeccable level of dexterity,
I just couldn’t help but pity my position
even more!

Wouldn’t it be sheer wickedness if I sent her
packing despite all the good and usefulness
she had contributed since she entered my
home? Wouldn’t I be paying good with evil
if I were to terminate this great chance I
had provided her to go back into school?
Yes, she was queer. And yes, she did what
few or no housemaid would ever dare. But
wouldn’t it be at least right to reward her
for the good before sending her home if I
must? I was hooked! The more I looked at
her, the more I got ever troubled. It wasn’t
until I managed a nap – after finally doing
some baby stuff that ended with Kennedy
going to sleep – that a bit of sanity
eventually returned to my head! By the time
I would wake up, Esther had made us lunch
and was already feeding the baby with
cereal! I was left speechless, and just had to
say thank you as I walked past her to the
dinning to eat lunch! With that, there was
definitely no way she wasn’t staying!
She was simply too handy to go! I guess
that about settled the matter. And I also
began suspecting that she did gradually
begin learning her lessons too. Because I
did watch earnestly as the day quietly ran
out, without either of us bringing up the
topic of hiring a movie for the coming
night! Guess we both now felt we had seen
enough, and it did particularly feel like a
real lesson learnt on the part of Esther! In
fact, not long after we got done with lunch,
we had a first real reason to hold an actual
chat. She had gone into the kitchen to do
the dishes and while doing so, began
humming one of the many Shania Twain
songs she usually sings at home. It felt so
refreshing and brought instant colours to a
house that was already looking grim and
grey! So much so that I had to begin trying
to join her from the living room where I was
seated. Of course being not so wonderful
myself, I only ended up messing her song
up a bit! Thus bringing both of us a very
long laughter as we giggled at my terrible
voice! And it wasn’t even ending here,
because Esther still began making a bigger
deal out of the little moment and soon
started trying to teach me how to use my
voice in order to get the best out of it!

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Episode 8

So for nearly half an hour we both kept
rehearsing various voice levels and types as
she illustrated how best to combine and
train one’s voice to a particular style!
Kennedy was awake and in his pram, so our
loud voices weren’t exactly hurting
anything. In fact, little Kennedy equally
giggled any time he found us laughing on
top of our own voices, thus adding to the
whole fun! It was all turning into one big
surge of happiness and the fun didn’t stop
with the voice thingy really. For even after
getting tired of the obviously unnecessary
rehearsals, we switched to other topics of
discussion. We talked about Fredrick and
what we missed about him most.
And then talked about Esther’s schooling
plans and why it was very important for her
to pass the entrance exam that was up-
We also talked about my own plans to go
back to my business which had suffered so
much since the birth of Kennedy. But in all
of these, I observed how we cleverly avoided
mentioning movies or worse still, the
bathroom incident from the previous night!
We both totally talked on as though it never
happened! And how relaxed did that initially
make me feel!
However, the earliest indication of a return
to type did prop its head when my baby
began crying unexpectedly, mid-way into
our chitchat.
It was easily obvious what the problem was
– hunger. After all, since we both woke up,
he was yet to have b0s0m milk and I was
equally suffering from the discomforting
weight of very full jugs! They had become
so full now that they hurt and both didn’t
fail to endlessly leak b0s0m milk onto my

But as soon as I mentioned that I wanted to
breastfeed the baby to Esther, her
countenance unexpectedly changed kind of!
Not only did she make this weird but
equally funny face, she also basically went
soft! She picked up Kennedy from the pram
though, and began bringing him to me while
I unbuttoned my blouse to free my milk-
swollen right b0s0m! My blouse and body
was a mess, and I could imagine I smelt like
a lactating cow most likely. When Esther
handed me Kennedy, she began walking
away from the living room!
“Are you leaving me alone here?” I
immediately asked her, a bit surprised she
was walking away. “Or are you going to
come back?”

She paused and turned, but noticeably
avoided looking at me in the face. “Ehm…I
just want to give you room to breastfeed the
baby, ma.”
“Room?” I then asked again teasingly,
watching her eyes move to my exposed
right b0s0m, “I don’t need any room young
She grinned, and began walking back to the
sofa where she had been sitting. She gave
my b0s0m one more glance, then looked
While I saw that, I pretended like I didn’t
I was kinda assuming she was likely being
fascinated by the idea of being a mother,
although I wasn’t sure how she hopes to do
that if she kept on preferring women over
I wasn’t trying to judge her based on the
‘ugly’ experience from the previous night,
but the truth remains that she would need
a J0yst!ck to have her baby. In 1999 at
least. Wasn’t sure if that could change in
10 to 15 years time though.

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Episode 9

Anyways, this supposed fascination kept
leading Esther to throw continuous glances
at my b0s0m as Kennedy continued sU-
Ckling on my Tips!
Being very sensitive around my areolas has
always meant that breastfeeding for me
would never happen without a tinge of
arousal to it.
Kennedy being a heavy ‘milker’ too, always
meant that there is hardly any difference
between how he sU-Cks on my Tips and
how his father does! Of course no mother
admits getting turned on by how her sU-
Ckling baby sU-Cks her Tips, but I’ve
always ended up literally moist between the
legs, on most occasions! The good thing
being that no one except yourself usually
knows this, since the only actual evidence,
is in your K!ttyC@t! But if your husband
were to initiate s*x just after such an
activity, he was likely going to be pleased at
how much lubrication was on offer!
Crazy thoughts! But they never stop coming
on such a moment. Something Esther was
likely going to experience too when she
becomes a mother. Meanwhile, we had
begun another string of conversations after
she picked a seat, although I did see how
significantly uneasy she was feeling this
time around. She barely spoke freely, and it
kept looking like she was particularly very
keen for me not to catch her staring at my
Unclad b0s0m; despite repeatedly stealing
glances at it! However, I was pretty moved
when she shot me a question, after what
looked like a long pause!
“How do…you breastfeed, ma?” was the
rather weird question from her! When I
looked up at her, she was staring at my
face, and our eyes met for the very first time
in a while!
I dropped back my eyes on Kennedy, before
speaking. “The baby makes it possible.”

She didn’t say anything just after.
“When you have a lot of milk, your Tips
begin to leak,” I chose to continue, after
feeling like I didn’t answer her enough, “But
with the baby sU-Ckling, and with the little
pressure you apply on the areola, the milk
jets into his mouth.” There was a rather dry
smile on my lips by now. It was quite
strange how our conversation – which had
bubbled a lot earlier- had gone obviously
cold within the last few minutes.
Weirdly enough, she still didn’t speak again
just after. I threw her a glance, and found
her now blankly gazing rather helplessly, at
my inflated b0s0m! The look in her eyes
was quite very interesting.
I turned away though, wondering why she
was so fascinated with breastfeeding. Or
was it even breasts? Well, I couldn’t just
tell at that point. Moreover, Kennedy began
showing signs of dozing off; something I
was hoping he wouldn’t do just yet until I
had switched him to my left b0s0m which
still had an awful amount of milk in it, that
it literally ached! But then, that’s part of
the travails of motherhood. There was
always going to be another breastfeeding,

so I would have to bear until then. However,
I had just risen and carried Kennedy to a
sofa to lay, and was beginning to return my
right b0s0m back into my blouse when
Esther spoke again! And my, she shocked
me this time!
“Can…yooou, ma?” she first asked from
nowhere! “Can you…shooow me?” she then
I didn’t seem to understand the request.
“Show you?” I then asked, looking at her
and meeting her eyes.
“Can youuu show me how to
breastfeeeeed?” she repeated, with a drag.
Her eye balls literally shook!
My mouth opened to speak, but no words
were there to be spoken! I didn’t exactly
know why, but I did instantly feel funny that
moment! I slowly walked back to my seat
and sat, still without talking. She still had
her eyes on me, and watched me as I got
caught between completely returning my
Unclad b0s0m back into my dress, and
pulling it out again fully.
However, the later prevailed, all the same.
And with almost shaky hands I re-
unbuttoned my blouse, and hauled the
b0s0m out. I didn’t want to think we were
going back to a route I thought we had left,
but it was looking very much like it again!
After all, the feeling was surely back again!
That same feeling from yesterday. That
feeling that made the unfolding scenes
before me seem so powerless to resist!
I knew I wasn’t expected to respond to this
very request she has made, but yet I simply
couldn’t muster enough to stop myself from
proceeding. Even speaking looked like a
tedious labour! Opening my mouth, came
with no words! Even when I turned to
presumably tell her that I was ready to
illustrate what she had asked for, I still
painfully struggled to speak up!
But she understood! Esther understood
what was happening, and began shifting
towards me! The next time my eyes met
hers, we both looked away that same
instant! We knew this was it again, didn’t
we?! We certainly both knew we hadn’t
completely conquered this lust! We both
knew it was only a matter of finding
ourselves in this kind of situation, and we
would inevitably fail again! Alas here we
were once more, and obviously about to be
consumed by it! When she sat just right
next to me, she spoke up suddenly.
Knocking me off my melancholy!
“Where do you…hold it?” she enquired,
lifting her hands already.
I swallowed hard! Then with a very fidgety
hand, picked her arm up, and began
directing it to my b0s0m! I quite couldn’t
explain what on earth was happening, but
yet, I wasn’t even mustering any form of
effort to stop it!
As soon as her fingers felt up the apparent
cold skin of my right jug, I jerked
inadvertently! I wasn’t sure how I was going
to do this!

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Episode 10

She moved her hand to circle my areola and
applied instant pressure! I gasped slightly,
having been taken unawares by the weight
of her pressing.
I wanted to tell her that this was where she
was expected to hold onto, while the baby
sU-Ckled on the Tip. But after opening my
mouth again, words still couldn’t flow out! I
was nearly crying within me!
“Do…you feel…funny when Kennedy sU-Cks
out milk from your b0s0m, Aunty?” she
then surprisingly questioned, rather
I nodded my head, hoping she wasn’t trying
to go where I feared she was going to go!
“Around where?” she then did!
Around where was the question, and I just
wished I could say ‘why do you want to
know?’ But I couldn’t! “My nip…ples.”
was the next thing I heard my mouth
mutter, barely hearing my own self even! So,
I haven’t been able to talk all the while, and
when I finally managed to, all I could say
was ‘Tips’?! I was obviously under some
form of voodoo!
“Ok.” she then blurted!
I thought she was probably going to ask me
to also show her how funny it felt, but
thankfully she didn’t. But then, there was
suddenly, another twist to it all!
“I….’ve been wondering how…b0s0m milk…
feels in the mouth…ma” she unexpectedly
began revealing in addition, pausing a bit
as though to read my reaction.
I remained stiff as a tree! Who said we
weren’t going back to that road again?
She continued still. “How it tastes in the
mouth…and all. I’ve just been wondering.”
I looked at her with the corner of my eye
and as soon as I met her eyes staring at my
face already, I looked away again! I didn’t
just know what else. I couldn’t even open
my mouth, let alone give a response. So,
inevitably, a long pause followed! And

Esther bent in and took my Tip in her
mouth, forcing a very audible gasp from my
lips! I never expected this, but gawwwd, it
felt incredibly soothing as the black knob
disappeared between her slightly moist lips!
I lifted a hand to presumably stop her, but
the hand ended up resting on her hair and
even went further to gently caress it as she
began sU-Cking on me! I was dining with
the devil now, wasn’t I? I needed to stop,
but still couldn’t find a way of not wanting
it to continue!
Moreover, she was already practically sU-
Cking the entire air out of my b0s0m like
some vacuum cleaner! And this has always
been part of my Achilles Feet considering
that the erogenous zones around my
areolas never fail to betray me! So before I
could even muster any form of mental
resistance at best, I was already feeling the
flames rising! I shut my eyes tightly as my
ears got filled with slurpy wet sounds
coming from Esther’s lips! I could feel
b0s0m milk jetting into her mouth and
filling it! And it was only a matter of time
before my buried Tip began swimming in
the slightly viscous liquid! However, our
dance did take another twist to it, when I
felt her lift her free hand, and without
warning, began undoing my other b0s0m!
She must have heard my many hisses, and
felt I was rightly succumbing. But, I
instantly tried stopping her!
Yet, I couldn’t! Instead, I only forced her
hand into massaging said b0s0m through
my blouse, bringing me a series of tingly s
£nsat!ons between my legs as I literally
collapsed at her touch! I sighed, in seeming
helplessness as my head kept wanting to
break free from this, but still saw a side of
me yearning for more as I gradually
uncoiled from my shell! The more she
massaged my distended b0s0m, the more I
saw my body yield! The squeezing and
squashing was already causing an
incredible amount of milk to Pour from my
left Tip, drenching my blouse in seconds!
When I couldn’t just hold out anymore, I
promptly dropped my hand from where I
had kept it in resistance to her earlier
attempt to pull out the b0s0m! And as
soon as she saw this, she gently proceeded
to bring it out! Her clutching on my puffy
bulbous areola, caused another jet of sweet
milk to land on her face as soon as the
b0s0m became visible! And she quickly
enveloped the spewing Tip with her lips,
sU-Cking up as much milk as she could!
The s£nsat!on was inexplicable and I was
already terribly wet downstairs! If I were
wearing p@nties under my skirt, I was so
sure it would have gotten totally sullied by
now! But given I wasn’t, it was only a
matter of time, before my thighs faced
similar circumstances!
She had now begun swapping between both
breasts as she literally drained them of
every drop of milk they contained within!
She took mouthfuls after mouthfuls and
equally kneaded both lumps of flesh as she
I still had my eyes shut for several minutes,
and one of hands literally caressing
Esther’s back! I wasn’t just sighing and
hissing anymore; I had begun m0an!ng
really loudly now as she sU-Cked on my
hyper-sensitive Tips!
My legs remained restless, swinging and
stretching as the fire in my K!ttyC@t
became practically unbearable! It might be
inappropriate to say, but I was indeed dying
to be penetrated! It shouldn’t be my fault
that such state of arousal did come when it
was a woman in charge of affairs. After all,
she was fully responsible for it! And if I
were to be frank with myself, anytime I get
this turned on, it would have to take a
J0yst!ck, to get it quenched

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Episode 11

But that was going to be the problem!
Fredrick wasn’t home, and wasn’t getting
back home soon, either. And here I was
dying for a J0yst!ck! Meanwhile, the speed
of my s£nsu@l heightening still wasn’t
getting any slower! Esther was now equally
caressing my entire chest and neck as she
sU-Ckled away!
However, just as soon as I spread my legs
a bit more so as to give her more room to
lean into me, she abruptly pulled away from
me, without warning! Predictably, I quickly
opened my eyes, after regaining my breathe!
I was practically p@nting, as my chest and
breasts heaved at a very rapid rate! There
was b0s0m milk everywhere and of course,
the air around us smelt heavily of it! I
couldn’t even make out Esther’s face, until
she was already almost only half an inch
away from mine! And alas, I had barely
seen her when she suddenly crushed her
milk-coated lips against mine!
Time stopped!
It then felt like a movie! Like it was a
dream! I was being kissed, so passionately…
by my housegirl, Esther! She sU-Cked and
slurped on my lips, pulling my lower lip far
into her mouth!
I was losing breath as the pace of what has
now turned out to be an obvious girl-girl
love-making, practically took me by storm!
My entire body burned in ecstasy as sparks
of passion kept ticking off everywhere she
touched! She hadn’t even kissed me for
long, when I felt one of her hands on the
inside of my thighs!
I yielded; without resistance! My K!ttyC@t
was unbelievably soggy by now; with drools
after drools of my fluid, leaking into my
inner thighs!
I helplessly responded by finding her arm,
and rubbing it up and down; over and over!
While the whole romp was undeniably
turning me so on, I still just didn’t know
how to actually do this with a fellow
woman! Nevertheless, I began instantly
thinking otherwise when I suddenly felt her
hand on the tip of my skirt;
and it only took a number of seconds,
before I was seated on the bare rug in my
living room, with my skirt gone; and with
my legs spread so wide apart, revealing my
glistening K!ttyC@t!
Esther once again, returned her lips to
I was taken!
As she kissed me this time, she caressed
my inner thighs! I jilted and jolted at every
touch; as I kept anticipating an inevitable
move for my private part! She also began
undressing herself fully with her other hand,
as our tongues flicked and speared each
other! She had just finished doing this, when
she then returned to my left Tip, which was
still leaking milk! She didn’t choose to pick
it up this time, instead she positioned her
mouth under the stiff knob after squeezing
my areola, and then watched as raw milk
dribbled its way down into the cusp of her
tongue! It was certainly the most erotic
thing I had ever seen, and my, I got triple
turned on!
So much so, that I had to literally nudge
myself closer as soon as Esther’s hand
came just within touching distance of my
burning K!ttyC@t!
And as soon as I did, she grabbed my moist
v—a in her bare palm! I felt like exploding!
I just couldn’t wait for her to do whatever it
was she was going to do, and my p@nting
and m0an!ng had gone way louder now!
And my, I literally screamed when she
slightly parted my seeping slit, and in one
dive, slid her finger into me! This wasn’t
I bit my lower lip, and then clutched on her
hair soooo tightly! She pushed further,
forcing her finger deeper into my sodden
hole! I shut my eyes and purred at the
smoldering ecstasy I was being bound in!
My body yearned for more and my K!ttyC@t
looked set to swallow another digit! But
Esther had only begun going in and out of
me, when we suddenly heard Kennedy’s wail
break out from the sofa where he lay! He’d
just woken up!
I opened my teary eyes, just as Esther
began withdrawing her drenched finger!
“Ken is crying, Aunty…” she then said in
shocking guts, as she began gathering her
littered clothes! Before I could finish
retrieving my abandoned skirt, she was
gone from the room!
I sighed!

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Episode 12

The clock on the wall said 10:24pm as I
bent over to pick up my crying baby. I
didn’t even know I had spent nearly 10
hours already since I had my lunch! My
body felt predictably tacky and sticky; and I
knew I just had to bathe before I could sleep
that night. I took Kennedy on my thighs as
I tried stopping him from crying. He
obviously needed solid food now so I began
setting out to make him cereal. I knew I was
supposed to instruct Esther to do this, but I
just wasn’t going to dare that now. In fact, I
was already hoping we wouldn’t see again
until at least the next morning! She was
still inside; probably in her bedroom. So it
was looking like an opportunity for me to
make the meal for my baby very quickly. If I
could also get him to sleep again after
eating, then I would be having some time to
have a thoroughly needed bath! That is,
provided Esther didn’t surface again and
begin saying she wished to bathe as well!
She’s been very much a revelation these
past two days! I can certainly say now that
I have obviously had no idea who’s been
staying under my roof with me, albeit also
totally underestimating her S#xual
tendencies as well! Who would have
thought, that after all my seeming
reservations for what she had done the
previous night, I would eventually still get
this turned on by her again?! I mean, she
even got the opportunity to finger my K!
ttyC@t too!! That was certainly very fast!
And trust me, I still felt h—y even as I
made what was certainly dinner for
Kennedy. My mind barely focused on the
cereal food I was making for him, and even
ended up using a bit of extra water than
required out of a lack of concentration! My
body reeked of raw milk, and the smell only
got me even hornier considering it kept
reminding me of Esther’s hands and lips
which had just turned on real flames in me!
I had to wonder how I would ever get to
breastfeed my baby without getting real
soaked this time around! It will always be
odd to think that breastfeeding your son
constantly reminds you of some very close l
£sb!an encounter! And what did quite
boggle me mostly was the fact that I
couldn’t even exactly place a finger on the
real reason behind the attraction I was
certainly having for the whole thing! I still
was sure I wasn’t exactly in any way going
to be attracted to girls still. I was also sure
I wasn’t doing this for s*x starvation. Or
was it Esther? A girl who I couldn’t deny
liking very much after her stay began
turning out to be one of the best things that
happened to the family lately! Of course,
there was never any S#xual attraction
between us. In fact, I never exactly saw her
at any point as a s*x object of any kind.
She was just a very nice and loyal girl who
was only unfortunate to be a housegirl. So,
this entire l£sb!an experience so far, was
still something I couldn’t exactly find an
origin to.
Going forward, I was just getting set for my
proposed bath – after I had succeeded in
feeding Kennedy and returning him back to
sleep – when my husband, Fredrick called

It was a bit unexpected even though I was
quite puzzled by how I had totally forgotten
that he hadn’t called for the day yet – he
called every single day. When I picked, he
sounded tired. He was probably just getting
“How’s Ken?” he asked after asking about
me and Esther.
“He’s fine. He just went to sleep moments
ago.” I wanted to tell him I was about
bathing, but I stopped just in time.
Anything that could give him a clue of my
current situation with Esther, had to remain
“Okay. So you are going to bed now?” he
wondered still.
“I guess.” I answered vaguely, equally
quickly diverting his attention, “You are
calling late today?”
“Oh…yea. I was trying to confirm the
rumours the boys were getting…”
“Rumours? What rumours” I got a bit
“Well, it turned out to be true. Our project
just got suspended temporarily so we’ve
been discharged on site until further
notice.” he was doing his best to hide his
excitement, but I could still tell he couldn’t
wait to be home!
I gave off a weak smile. “That’s so nice to
hear. So you are returning tomorrow?” I was
indeed finding it difficult to reach a definite
reaction, personally.
“Yea. Hope there isn’t any problem?” he
was probably already suspecting I wasn’t
exactly being myself. His wife wasn’t being
excited enough, it looked.
“Of course dear. All is fine. We will be
expecting you tomorrow. With a very
delicious meal.”
“Owwwww. Sounds exciting.” I could
imagine he had smiled now. “Okay dear. It
appears you are sleepy already. I will call
you before departure tomorrow. Take good
care, darling.”
“You too.” I replied and he hung up.
I proceeded with my bath after this, and
after changing into a free flowing nightie, I
went to bed. Esther though, was yet to
reappear from her bedroom

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Episode 13

I woke before Esther the following morning.
In fact, Kennedy made it so. He began
crying just before dawn, forcing me up from
bed and seeing to his comfort. He had
soiled his napkins yet again and needed to
come off them; so I began the process of
switching, right away.
The morning was generally cold, causing
me to find something thicker for myself. I
also began wondering why Esther wasn’t
out of her bedroom yet. Of course, I wasn’t
going to go wake her; especially with the
current situation between us. Constantly
remembering that I was going to face her
again that morning was even enough
burden to carry on my shoulders.
I was still her mistress after all, so I would
always be regarded as the one to lead. But
it hasn’t exactly looked that way for two
days now; thus raising worries about how
our relationship which was supposed to be
of a mistress/maid category, would last
with the present occurrences. In fact, things
were already looking so t–s-up right now
that I had to imagine it would be so difficult
to expect even a pinch of regard from her
anymore! As I have even failed to muster
enough courage to go wake her up that
morning, surely, there wouldn’t be enough
to send her on errands either!
However, Esther did a bit surprise me when
she finally reappeared from her bedroom
later that morning! Because, while I had
been obviously thinking that we’ve crossed
a line that was surely going to make
communication between us very very
stagnant if not difficult, she did blow me
away when she entered the kitchen to
actually say good morning to me, with
relative ease! I was making breakfast by
then, and my, Esther gestured that I let her
take it up from there! And trust me, she did;
and while still not showing even a bit of
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Now, I found that rather creepy really,
considering I personally continued
struggling to even lift my head to look at
her face for any length of time at all! How
sooooo humiliating!
In fact, I even equally found it hard to
audibly return her greeting, and barely
muttered anything of meaning when she
said ‘good morning’! That said, she didn’t
exactly have it all easy herself as I noticed
how she soon began trying to initiate better
communication between us, but with little
success. She started with asking me how I
wanted our breakfast of oats to be
prepared! And then if there were any clothes
I would want her to wash, after we’d had
our food. She was desperate!
And on all cases, I chose the easiest answer
to give. I was struggling badly! But still, she
kept on with it all! She surely was observing
my seeming reluctance to get engaged, and
was probably hoping to get me off it!
However, what she probably wasn’t aware
of as well, was how much trouble her being
around me was equally causing me! Merely
seeing her now, was beginning to get me
really tense!
And with a s£nsu@l side to it all! In fact,
when she sat by me to ask me if there was
any clothes I wanted to wash, I swear I felt
my K!ttyC@t begin to moisten up all of a
sudden! It was just unbelievable what she
was doing to me! And if she was being
observant enough, she would have equally
noticed how my body practically shivered
as she spoke! And as though to compound
the whole mystery thing that hasn’t just
stopped surrounding her personality since
she arrived my home, I was frankly stunned,
when she suddenly mentioned that since
“Fredrick was going to return that very day”,
that she needed to equally keep the Master
Bedroom in order! I literally froze!
How on earth did she hear that?! I hadn’t
mentioned it to her yet, and I was sure
there was no way Fredrick would have done
so either given she doesn’t even own a
I was instantly forced to look up at her,
even though I couldn’t manage to retain
eye contact past 2 seconds! But then, she
didn’t even look flustered by what she had
just said, instead she made a face that
suggested she still expected me to give her
the go ahead to tidy up our bedroom! And
guess what? I agreed! I asked her to go on
by just nodding my head! My mouth was
full of words; but yet couldn’t speak them
out! My head wished I could ask her how
she got to know about Fredrick’s impending
return, but yet I couldn’t get words out of
my mouth! I remained there, watching, until
she stood and began leaving for our
bedroom! It was after she had disappeared
from the living room, that I realized that not
only have I been made totally speechless, I
was also comfortably nursing quite the
flood of fluids, in-between my closed legs!
As she went about her chores I tried
concentrating on others things though.
Kennedy was sleeping so it gave me room
to attend to some personal matters. But
then, my mind never stopped straying each
time I recalled that there was someone else
in the house with me! Esther had now
become so much of a presence in my
thoughts that I could barely spend any
considerable time without having something
bringing my mind to her!
Even when I was taking my bath later that
mid-morning, I was constantly being taken
through an endless cycle of wetness and
dryness, kind of!
As I have never been one to m——–e, I
definitely had no answer to this! I watched
my Tips grow so stiff, and my areolas so
tender and distended at every thought of
what her hands did to me the previous day!
I creamed as images of her lips sU-Cking
on my Tips played out in a reel in my mind!
But I just still couldn’t do anything. My K!
ttyC@t was already inexplicably soggy, with
my cl!t hard and throbbing! Honestly, there
was just no freaking way I wasn’t getting la!
d by Fredrick that night! It just had to
happen! Even thinking of his usually tough
J0yst!ck, was enough to get even more
sticky fluids, rushing out of my already
glistening slit!
Anyways, I did return to my battle of moods
with Esther after I had bathed and changed
into new clothes. She had just finished with
the chores she was at and I heard her trying
to get herself some bathwater too. Kennedy
was still asleep and I was thinking of
making him Tea which I’d feed him as soon
as he woke.
I needed not to be told he would want
something to eat as soon as he was done
sleeping. Poor Kennedy. Too bad he is
having to spend more time with the girls
than with the only other guy in the house. It
was something we hoped would change
soon. Fredrick had talked about getting a
likely promotion before the end of the year,
which should stop him from regularly being
on all sites across the country. That way,
he would be closer to his family, and his
son. I had to doubt my experience with
Esther would have ever been something
possible if he was home with us.
There was always going to be someone
extra to share all the attention with.

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Episode 14..

Esther anyways, was soon done and out of
the bathroom. She was on a fresh dress
when she entered the living room again and
instantly began talking to me! It was of
course expectedly unsettling and for a long
while I battled with my concentration. It
was after I had regained some sort of focus
that I understood that she was in fact
talking about the bathroom tap running out
of water while she was bathing. Apparently,
water must have been cut off at the supply
point and that should mean she may have
to look for a compound she would fetch
from, for cooking in the evening. As she
said these things, she kept coming close to
me, until she eventually sat beside me,
bringing me fresh levels of unease!
When I wanted to say yes to what she
narrated, I began finding it very hard saying
something audible once more! Moreover, for
every movement of her hand as she tried
tying up her hair behind, I kept being
injected a load or two of extra nerves! I was
collapsing within me, and the re-awakened
state of my rapidly moistening K!ttyC@t
was more than enough evidence to it! But
frankly, I wasn’t wanting this to happen
again. At least for Fredrick! It was only
appropriate to keep myself and wait until he
was home before unleashing this new beast
Esther had created in me! Unfortunately,
just when I thought I was probably going to
win this very phase of the battle – as Esther
suddenly stood to leave for the bedroom –
we both heard Kennedy begin to cry, all of
Instanthalt followed!
And it suddenly looked like we both
immediately understood what that cry
I may have told myself I was going to make
him Tea for his next meal, but the last time
Kennedy woke up around this time after a
nap, we do know how our day ended! So for
quite some seconds, the two of us just
remained motionless, while the wail of my
baby kept rupturing through the roof of the
entire house!
And even when we did move, it was Esther
who still made the move. She suddenly
broke away from the rather weird halt and
began rushing into the bedrooms. I waited;
unsure of what was likely coming. I began
picking up the baby flask containing the
tea, which wasn’t very far from me. And I
had barely pulled off the cover when Esther
re-entered with Kennedy in her hands. He
had already stopped crying rather
thankfully! But then…

“I think…he needs b0s0m milk, Aunty.” she
unexpectedly declared from nowhere!
I looked up at her, meeting her gaze but
still proceeded to pick up the baby from her
as she stretched her hands to hand him
“Letttt…me get his bib” she added again,
turning to head back to the bedrooms.
Obviously, she was hoping that I’d do as
she said!
As for me, I wasn’t exactly myself. For a
few seconds, I aimlessly switched from
adjusting my baby’s dress and lifting the
flask of tea only to drop it back down
again! I just couldn’t believe what was
happening to me!
“Here is it, Aunty.” I then suddenly heard
Esther say again. I obviously did not know
when she returned. And she didn’t just try
giving it to me, instead, she went on to
wear it over Kennedy’s chest!
I wanted to tell her I had made tea for him,
so wouldn’t bother about b0s0m milk yet.
But after opening my mouth severally, no
words could just come out! By the way,
simply having her by my side, and with the
thought of b0s0m milk already crossing my
mind; were just enough to return me to a
new level of horniness!
I still marauded aimlessly for a while more,
with no clear intentions in my mind! Esther
was now seated to my left watching on as
my hands moved from pillar to post with no
clear aims!
My heart was beating at triple the rate! My
fingers openly shook in nerves as my body
practically crushed under the incredible
weight of my tormenting desires!I could
barely deny it anymore – I wanted this as
much as she did and it’s been mere
anticipation that has kept bringing me this
incredible level of unease!
Even when she suddenly lifted one of her
hands just to simply adjust one of
Kennedy’s folded legs, my heart quickly
raced away like a dart, with my K!ttyC@t
equally getting an abrupt rush of fresh
warm fluids! I had totally thought, she was
trying to touch me! Oh dear!
How would I get through all these? I wasn’t
just seeing the possibility! Fredrick actually
deserved more, but who could have resisted
such tormenting desires! After what seemed
like ages, I yielded to lust, and right before
Esther’s eyes, I pulled out my left b0s0m!
Goodness me, my areola (which were so
swollen) were almost purple in thickening
arousal, when I saw them!
And Esther gasped! Just then! What could
be more self-revealing? Moreover, the sight
before us was already telling us how
desperately turned on my body was! My
b0s0m was so large and full of milk, with
my stiff long Tip leaking the viscous liquid
in dribbles already!
She may not have seen my K!ttyC@t to
know I was equally leaking down there, but I
was going to assume that the much she
was seeing would be enough to explain it!
When my hand touched the tip of my
b0s0m, I jerked a little as I was predictably
already hyper-sensitive around there! I
brought my equally sensitive Tip to
Kennedy’s mouth and he quickly picked it
up between his lips; bringing instant gasp
to my own mouth too! There was barely
anything to hide anymore and while I was
still avoiding Esther’s eyes, I didn’t fail to
notice how she constantly kept shifting in
towards me, gradually! We both understood
what was likely going to follow! We both
were seeing it and probably have also
embraced it now! After all, it was just only
a few moments into Kennedy’s sU-Ckling,
when I suddenly heard her speak…
“Leeee…..tt me help you…” she requested,
lifting her hand already as she spoke, and
placing her fingers over mine on my
exposed b0s0m!
My heart skipped again! And this time, for
the real reason!
I swallowed hard, stifling up for a while!
I wanted to look at her face but refused
doing so! I couldn’t even verbally respond
to her offer! There was graveyard silence as
just the sU-Ckling sound of my baby filled
the room afterwards! I could equally hear
my heart thumping at a very fast rate in
short intervals as my nerves approached
explosion point!
We remained that way for quite a while as
Kennedy continued sU-Cking on my Tip!
And it wasn’t until she suddenly decided to
apply pressure on my areola through my
own fingers, that I was compelled to jerk
slightly as the spasm of sheer pleasure it
brought, rapidly travelled up my spine! I
shifted my legs a bit, working so hard to
hide the fact that my body was seriously
betraying me! But she did seem like she
knew, because she repeated the sq££ze yet
again, this time, making it last a little
longer! I groaned in my breathe, as both
breasts heaved repeatedly! I had to bite
down my tongue momentarily to stop any
sounds from coming out of my slightly
parted lips!
The flame was rising for sure, and my
thighs were already receiving a fair share of
the impact – I was dead-drenched!
However, the true temptation did come,
when we both began noticing that Kennedy
was likely going back to sleep again!
Because just then, I felt Esther’s other hand
on my left lap! And once it did, I saw my
thigh give in!

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Episode 15

Absolute calm followed again! My thighs
openly trembled, and I was sure she could
see and feel it! The height of my S#xual
tension at this point was immeasurable and
I could feel myself soaking my skirt
underneath, rather helplessly! I was
smoldering! No doubt! When she moved
again, it was to sq££ze my large areola
once more! And this time, she kept on with
it, bringing me countless tingles as I my
body visibly jolted at every sq££ze! My
mouth had gone slightly open, and my
breathing much more heavier! When she
made a rather forward attempt at going for
my inner thighs, I widened out that very
thigh without hesitation to give her more
room to do so! Her palm felt so cold as it
came in contact with my horribly wet skin!
And she smeared my fluids all over me as
she glided her hand towards my K!ttyC@t!
The suspense was maddening and I
couldn’t just wait for her hand to get there!
My left leg had so widened out now, that if
anyone were sitting in front of us, he would
have seen my privates so clearly, despite
still carrying Kennedy! Kennedy was almost
asleep now by the way, with Esther’s gentle
sq££zes the only action happening around
the tip of my excited b0s0m!
Besides, it was around this time that she
suddenly decided to gently pull out my Tip
from my sleeping baby’s mouth,
And as soon as she went on to touch up
the very slippery milk-oozing tip, I had no
option but to slightly turn and drop
Kennedy on the sofa beside me! I had
surely had enough!
As soon as I returned back, I shut my eyes
so tightly! ‘Do to me anything you wish’,
was the obvious message now as I brought
both palms over the lower part of my face
in trembling wait! Both palms shook almost
violently, and so was my entire body too!
My K!ttyC@t, was soaked beyond words and
my breasts couldn’t stop heaving up and
down in maddening arousal!
Esther whose hands had momentarily
withdrawn from me, was the first to move
again! She first shifted closer towards me,
bringing her body to make contact with
I had barely recovered from this when she
suddenly grabbed my free b0s0m rather
aggressively and began to sU-Ckle and sq
££ze on it! I jumped like I had been thrown
some firework while m0an!ng so loudly! The
feeling was just immense and she barely let
me land before dropping her other hand in-
between my thighs and reaching for my
sodden K!ttyC@t too!

She must have met a water dam down
there, because she seamlessly began to
equally rub my v—a right away; with my
fluids clearly creating amply lubrication! I
was tense, and my breathing had become
even more laboured; pausing repeatedly at
every anticipation of what her hands were
about to do! She was still eating on my Tip,
sU-Cking and lapping on the b0s0m milk
that inevitably spewed into her mouth! It
felt so d–n fantastic!
And it even got better when Esther went on
to find my cl!t! It had noticeably crept out
of its hood, and as soon as her finger slid
across the stiff slippery knob, I saw myself
jump yet again, while grabbing her arm so
She played around more with it; massaging
and rubbing her fingers across it! Endless
gasps and hisses left my mouth as I melted
in her hands! I had spread my legs as wide
as I could now with my skirt almost
bundled up my hips!
And this was when she began undressing
herself! She was on a gown so it was easy
for her to get out of it! Once she had done
so, she brought her hand on the band of my
own skirt, and began pulling it off too!
Soon, I was left with just my top, and that
was when she pulled me up to my feet in
one single lug! I concurred, standing as
swiftly as she pulled! And I had barely done
so, when she returned back to my b0s0m!
She sU-Cked and licked on my Tip, giving it
no respite!
All I could do was watch and m0an in sheer
pleasure as she virtually sU-Cked my areola
Moreover, her other hand had also returned
to the triangle between my legs! And as
soon as I felt her fingers there, I parted my
standing legs to give her enough room! She
ran a finger along my slit, intentionally
allowing the tip of said finger to gently
trigger the hard end of my cl!t! Each flick
made my legs shudder; causing me to go
weak in the knees! When she tried
introducing the finger into my soaked
opening, I gave out a loud yell! She smiled!
She also didn’t proceed – she was
obviously teasing me now! Instead, she
motioned me to pull off my blouse, which I
quickly did without hesitation! And both
breasts dangled inevitably as they returned
back to position!
“Ohh gaaawwd…” I then heard her mutter
almost inaudibly! She must have been
knocked off by both the swaying, and the
undeniably tempting deep valley of cleavage
I have between both jugs!
And she didn’t wait for me to drop the
blouse, before burying her face in-between
both breasts in sheer animal lust! She
m0aned into my chest, as she licked and
kissed my cleavage and the insides of my
She also repeatedly rubbed both breasts
vigorously, all over her face, further proving
that she had desired these mammaries for
so long! It took quite some time before she
would eventually pull her face out! And as
soon as she did, our eyes met! Even though
I couldn’t exactly retain any lengthy eye
contact, I still saw the sheer desire and lust
in them! And she proceeded to act on that,
when she began lifting her face towards
mine! In barely half a moment, we were
engaged in a very passionate kiss!

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Episode 16

We kissed and sU-Cked our lips like women
on fire! I didn’t withhold anything as I’d
been totally stripped of every form of
restraint I still had! Esther was an
incredible kisser and she virtually ate my
mouth off as she moved from both lips to
my tongue at timely intervals!
After what seemed like ages, she pulled
away, regaining her breathe, and then
began dropping back down to my breasts
once more!
She was apparently being blown away by
them! And she quickly snatched one up,
violently grabbing it and munching up as
much of it as she could! Raw b0s0m milk
graced her mouth in reward; filling her
orifices, and leaking away from the sides of
her slightly open lips! I watched on,
pressing the other of my Tip in search of
balance, and getting even more milk to
spray sporadically into the air, catching her
She was nonetheless busy; sU-Cking and
nibbling on my other engorged Tip! She
however soon switched to the other b0s0m
where I had my finger, and took both my
fingers and spraying Tip, in her mouth! I
She wasn’t stopping there still! She was
going to begin alternating between the two
very rapidly, and she did! She switched from
one milk factory to another, bringing me to
another level of S#xual heightening! Of
course my swollen areolas and Tips
couldn’t handle the increased pressure and
thus began jetting even more milk at the
slightest of touches!
Esther’s face and body were soon covered
in milk as projectiles after projectiles shot
into her full mouth, causing the overflow to
inevitably come pouring down onto her own
She seemed to want it that way and thus
continued sU-Cking on both Tips avidly! It
wasn’t until she looked full, that she began
making it up to my face once again! And as
soon as our faces were in touching
distance, we resumed our kiss like before!
She was even more aggressive this time,
intently pulling on my lower lip so hard with
her mouth, that it almost hurt! Our tongues
also flicked and speared each other! And
every long sU-Ck was followed by tender
m0ans which filled the room with kiss-
sounds! It was just hard not to see my little
baby dreaming about kisses and probably
angels, with such sounds filling his ears
while asleep!

Esther on her part soon began to get her
own breasts involved too! We were still
kissing when she began rubbing her very
hard Tips over mine! She would rub them
up and down, and then side to side, making
invincible circles with them over my swollen
melons! I m0aned into her mouth at every
contact our Tips made!
It was just too d–n erotic!
Her hardness, against my slippery wet point,
made it just the perfect match! And she was
still at it when I felt her hand return in-
between my legs, scooping my entire v—a
in her palm at first, before running her
fingers along my dripping slit! It just felt
too good! I kept m0an!ng! I kept jolting,
with my legs almost rising and hanging
onto her butt0ckz! Her touch down there,
had just reminded me by how much I
needed something inside my glutinous hole!
But she wasn’t going to do that just yet as
she seemed to be more interested in teasing
me, and maybe getting me to beg for it!
She kept circling the area, massaging my
v—a and at other times, my cl!t! I was still
being killed softly in anticipation, when she
suddenly began gesturing me to move
down, and as soon as I reached her chest,
she quickly got me to take one of her
breasts in my mouth!
I concurred, swallowing her Tip in one
single plunge, and forcing the thing even
deeper into my mouth! She sighed heavily

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Episode 17

She had no mercy and quite covered all the
hills and valleys that make up my K!ttyC@t
with her mouth! She sU-Cked, licked, probed
and even lapped up my fluids which kept
flowing as she went! The feeling was drop-
dead s£nsat!onal and just indescribable!
At one point, I felt like I was flying, and
another I felt like I was going to pass out! It
was by far the best S#xual experience I had
never encountered in my life! When she
switched focus to my cl!t, I thought that
was probably the end of the world, because
she had barely even sU-Cked it past three
seconds, when I felt another swipe of
rampaging o—-m sweep through me as I
inevitably bowed myself on the floor,
screaming on the top of my voice as my
pelvis brushed up and down her mouth! I
simply didn’t freaking care now if my son
was asleep!
And how he hadn’t woken up yet in the
midst of all the scattering m0ans, was just
beyond me! Esther on her part wasn’t done
with me, because she swiftly turned me
around just then, and as I attempted getting
on all fours, she held me down, leaving just
my bum pointing up into the air! And before
I could spell jack, she had buried her face
between my cheeks, running her lips along
the crack of my butt0ckz! I began sobbing!
I was just beyond all emotions! Esther
simply had to be some goddess of some
sort! She was performing pure magic on my
body and I just couldn’t contain the
exploding pleasure it brought me! She
didn’t delay at all around my bum because
she flicked me around again and began
mounting me just as soon! I didn’t know
what she was up to until she glided her
body up my face! And just a second or so
after, she lowered her K!ttyC@t onto my
mouth – she wanted me to sU-Ck her too!
Of course this was something I had never
done before! But I was pleasantly surprised
when my tongue began to lap up her nether
lips! Because, she tasted real wonderful! A
musky but somewhat salty feel! I didn’t just
feel like stopping soon, so I kept sU-Cking
and eating out her private part! It did seem
to excite her so much because she began
riding my lips rather gradually, m0an!ng
openly as she did! Her bristle short pubic
hair repeatedly brushed against my lips as
she went up and down on me. And her pace
only increased at each passing second! In
fact, it didn’t take too long before the whole
ride became some mad frenzy with her
m0an growing even larger! She had both
hands held onto my hair so tightly while
she basically rocked her hips away!

Her entire crotch area was already smeared
in a mad mix of female s*x fluids, b0s0m
milk and saliva! And it even served as extra
lubrication as she constantly grazed her cl!t
against my clenched teeth! It was the
grazing that would drive her to cloud 9
because barely 6 humps in, I felt her lower-
half lose it and just then, strong violent
waves of o—-m swept through her,
causing her thighs to gyrate ever so madly!
Of course, she wailed so much that I
thought she was probably going crazy!
But she wasn’t! Instead, she was releasing!
She raised herself a bit from my face with
her body still shaking, and like some sweet
syrup, her s*x fluids drooled freely into my
open yearning mouth!
I sU-Cked it up
I sU-Cked it up, savouring the undeniably
delicious taste of her womanhood! No
wonder people in pornography call it juice
or sweet nectar! It just had to be, given the
addictive nature of its taste! There just
wasn’t any doubt that I would want to try it
Anyways, if I thought this was going to
mark the end of something, then I sure was
in for a real surprise! Esther had hardly
settled from her o—-m when she began
rotating herself on me until both our
breasts were now literally placed on our
mouths! She was the first to begin sU-Cking
mine, and it felt as though she was just
doing it for the first time ever! She had
brought me two o—-m already and I had
brought her one! But yet it clearly looked
like we haven’t had enough of ourselves yet.
When I brought my own mouth to one of her
breasts, she m0aned lightly, before
proceeding to quickly flick her tongue over
my Tip repeatedly! So as I sU-Cked and
tugged on her Tip with my mouth, she
flicked and played with mine equally! We
did this for quite some time, punctuating it
with our undying groans and sobs!

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Episode 18

Her next action, after quite some time was
to slide down my body straight to my K!
This brought her own v—a to my face yet
again, and I didn’t wait to be invited before
bringing my mouth to it once more!
The remnants of her last c—-x could still
be tasted on her, and she was still crazily
drenched! Coincidentally, we both brought
our mouths to each other’s crotches
simultaneously and as I ate her out, she ate
me out too
! But it did look like that wasn’t her primary
aim because she soon began attempting to
move further down my legs. However, I did
seem to be enjoying eating her too much to
let her do so. Hence, I held onto her sweaty
things while I munched away! She kept
trying to break away, but yet couldn’t! And
over time, it did begin looking like she was
being torn between remaining seated on my
face and crawling away as the pleasure my
mouth generated kept getting only better!
Nonetheless, it was her desire to slide down
my legs that did prevail, but before she did,
I succeeded in introducing a finger into her
K!ttyC@t! She wailed like she was being
Gawwwd, she was still freaking wet!
She slid away from me and my buried
finger; forcing me to bring said finger to my
mouth as I watched her turn around on my
sweaty body! I didn’t understand what she
was up to, until she began adjusting herself
so that both her legs would lock into both
of mine! We now looked like two scissors
trying to cut into each other, and as soon
as her K!ttyC@t touched mine, she began
rubbing hers against it in quick succession!
Of course, it did amaze me how she had
learnt all these things as they appeared
totally strange to me! But my, who said I
wasn’t loving every bit of it?! I began
reciprocating just as soon; letting my own
K!ttyC@t roll over hers as well! So we were
basically crushing our slippery vulvas
against each other; and how wonderful that
felt! We groaned and whined, as our bodies
rocked back and forth! She had her hand on
my lap where she was grabbing me so

And I had mine or her toes with which I
pulled her even closer to me as I craved to
have all of her! We twisted and bowed
ourselves as the overwhelming pleasure we
were both getting kept driving us to cloud
9! And it wasn’t long before I began
noticing another wave of c—-x
approaching! This time, for the two of us!
She was the first to get there and she
instantly attempted to jump off my body,
but ultimately failed as her body slid her
back down in violent quiver! Her K!ttyC@t
drooled an endless string of sweet nectar
onto my crotch which were still all smeared
back into the skin of my pelvis ultimately;
as her butt0ckz rubbed back and forth in
her staggering attempt to regain control!
Mine was equally, already at the tip and I
had to grab her to keep myself from going
nuts! This kept our vaginas together as we
both poured our fluids onto ourselves,
screaming and m0an!ng loudly! It took
quite a moment before I could get done,
and it left the area under us, in a very
sticky mess! Our bodies did finally calm
down again, and as soon as we unlocked
ourselves, we both simultaneously
collapsed into the floors behind us! I was a
mess and was mighty exhausted, to say the

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Episode 19

When I checked on my phone much later, as
I changed into a towel for a needed bath, I
was stunned to find 21 missed calls!
Fredrick had been calling me all the while;
certainly to tell me he was about to take
off. Too bad I was busy having s*x with my
housegirl! Of course, I called back and he
was rightly mad, asking me how I could
have totally forgotten entirely that he was
returning home that day.
The explanations had to begin and I
pleaded for his understanding using our son
as an excuse.
I was going to be stupid to tell him I was
having s*x with our housegirl, of course!
And thankfully he soon mellowed down,
going on to tell me that he was in town
already and was going to be at home in a
few minutes time!
I tried being excited enough as that was the
expected thing to do. But as soon as I
dropped the call I ran out to the living room
and began putting things in order! It
seemed like Esther already suspected this
because I met her there already trying to
clean things up! I mean, my b0s0m milk
was everywhere as well as our sweats! And
we even had to involve detergent for some
areas to become clean!
Anyways, everything looked in perfect place
by the time Fredrick would get home. Both
myself and Esther were also changed into
new clothes after having separate bathes. It
was hard for me, but I tried really well to
act as though nothing had ever happened
between the two of us! Fredrick also didn’t
seem to notice anything as he looked very
very happy to see me and the baby. He
asked about us and how we had been
pulling through. I wanted to make her a
quick meal but he asked me not to do so
yet as he had eaten before taking off. So we
spent our time talking about a lot of other
things that had happened at their station
and why they were temporarily discharged.
All the while, Esther stayed in her room
rather mysteriously, and I had to check her
up on one of the times I walked past there
to pick up something for the baby in our
bedroom. However, real pandemonium broke
out, when Esther came out to tell us that
she wanted to fetch a bucket of water
behind the house since none of the taps
within the house was running anymore; to
which we said okay. But for over an hour
and half, she was yet to return!…….
Of course, real worry set in, and we began
calling her from inside the house, to which
there was no response! We had to go
outside ourselves – me first, before Fredrick
– and yet no answer! And as though to
make the situation even creepier, we met
the bucket she had left the house with,
sitting right under the pump at the
backyard, but with no water inside it! Had
she gone somewhere to buy something?
But what? We both hadn’t sent her on an
errand except for the water she was to
Was she kidnapped? How could she have
disappeared just like that? That became our
biggest fear as we began asking neighbours
if they had seen her; after over 5 hours of
sending her to fetch a bucket of water and
yet without any signs of her! We had just
returned from doing this though, when we
heard the door, and on opening up, saw my
What a surprise! And just like most times,
there was no way she could tell us she was
coming over! That also wasn’t just the only
Because, right behind her, was a girl who
she later introduced as Ogechi – a
housegirl she had just found me, after three
months of searching for one!! Of course, I
nearly went berserk hearing her say that! So
who sent Esther?
“Who’s Esther?” was the reply I got from
I almost passed out!
So for that night and many many nights to
come, myself and my family never ever
stopped talking about this very girl Esther
who had stayed and made herself part of us
for quite a long time! They never stopped
postulating what she may have come for
and who she likely was! Mum even claimed
there was no single girl called Esther within
our community, making it even more eerie!
So who was Esther? Who was the girl that
had begun with being too good and useful
to be real, before ending with being so
‘sweet’ and ‘s£nsu@l’ to be human! She
spent exactly 3 months and some weeks
with us, and those days would never stop
counting as the best days of my life! We
shared her story with friends and extended
family, and their suggestions kept looking
ever frightening! But who wouldn’t be, after
such an experience?!
Anyways, while the Story of Esther has
continually stricken fear in me; sending
brutal cold shivers down my spine, I still
manage a grin or two anytime I remember
her. Today, the sight of milk, and of course
the smell too, hardly ever fail to get me
thinking about our little secret. But then, if I
was ever thinking that Esther was just your
average young girl, then I must have been
so wrong. Because, just about 3 months
later, a good friend called and asked if I
had directed any housegirl to her house!
When I said no, she then said a girl of
about 23 visited her that morning, and had
told her I had sent her.
“And what did she say her name was?” I
quickly asked.
“Esther. She said her name was Esther.”

***T he End***