[STORY] destiny to Love (episode 1-14)

Chapter one

Emma’s POV.
I woke up with the annoying sound of my alarm.
“Uuuh… What the hell…!” I said in my half sleep and took a look at my alarm clock. My eyes bulge out of my sockets as I looked at the time, not believing that I just overslept.
“WHAT! It’s almost 8:00 am. I am late for work!” I wriggle out off my bed sheet and as I was going to step on the floor, my foot got stuck in my d–n bed sheet making me fall on the tiled floor.
Ouch! My hips hurt!
D–n you! What the hell!
Definitely! Not a lucky day!
I groaned and look at the clock now showing 8:15 am.
D–n! Where the hell fifteen minutes just go?
Can’t time run a bit slow?
NO! Not again. Please no! Not this
time too… Miss Johns is gonna roast
me alive.
I rushed to the washroom, brush my teeth and take the quickest shower. I took a look at my wardrobe and picked out a floral brown top and denim pants. Putting on my long brown boots and putting my brownish-black hair in a ponytail, I grabbed my purse and rushed to the nearest bus stop. My face was simple as I don’t do make-up. I don’t like having a ton of make-up on my face.
The bus was just pulling away. With heavily breathing I shouted. “STOP!”
The driver heard it and stopped.
Thank god!
I paid my bus fare and sat on the first empty seat I saw. I placed my hand on my chest, trying to catch my lost breaths due to running so fast.
After twenty minutes of drive, I reached my destination. I ran into the cafe. The aroma of coffee filling the air.
“MISS EMMA JAMES…!” I turned around and meet the glaring eyes of my employer.
Uh-Oh! I am dead!
“I am so sorry-” I started but she cut me off.
“Don’t say anything. You are late again, it’s the sixth time you are late in the past two months. You know I hate tardiness,” Miss John said furiously and I hung my head low in embarrassment.
“Miss John. I really-”
“What? You again forgot to set your alarm? I am tired of your lame excuses…” She said, her voice holding a warning tune.
Yeah…That’s the excuse I made last time.
“No, I actually…I missed the bus this time.” I lied and bit my tongue hoping she would let me go.
“It will not happen again. I promise.”
I hope so… And I’ll try.
“Keep your promise next time young miss, or you will be in a deep trouble. This is the last time I am letting you go. Don’t do it again.”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
Thank God!
“Now go change into your waitress attire,” She said.
More like a uniform, I would say. I went to the washroom and changed into my dress. It’s a knee-length black dress with a white apron in front and full sleeves with a cut on both shoulders. I took my notepad and pen and went to table 2.
“Hello, sir. Are you ready to order?” I asked politely to two young men sitting at the table. One of them had blonde hair, his skin tan, and the other had brown hair with fair skin.
They look at me. “Yeah, I think we are ready.”
I gave them my usual waitress smile and took out the pen ready to write their order.
“So what will you like, sir?”
“How about…. you?” The one with the blonde hair said with a smirk. And there goes my temper. I had enough.
I hate them .
“Hey, Mister…! I am already in a foul mood. If you don’t want to order, you can take your pretty ass out of this cafe!” I said with anger.
No miss goody now!
“Woah…! Miss, sorry for that. Actually, we will take 2 cups of espresso and a doughnut” The other man said and I nodded.
I noted their order and went to Kate. She is the barista of this cafe and everyone loves her coffee, even me, too.
“Hi there…”
“Oh hi. I saw that you were late again,” She said while giving me a hug.
“Yeah,” I chuckled.
“Hey, this is the order for table 2,” I gave the paper to her and grabbed a chocolate doughnut from the fridge.
“So, what’s up?” I said to her while she was making a cup of espresso. She looked at me for a moment and then her eyes shifted to the coffee machine.
“Oh, nothing.” She replied and I knew something was wrong.
There is definitely not an oh nothing. She is usually not like that. She is a jolly person making jokes and smiling all the time.
“Hey, Kai! Is something wrong?” I said with concern.
“You look a little worried. You can tell me,” I said to her, assuring her.
“No, It’s nothing,” She gave the same brief answer.
No there is something!
“Kai! I know something is not right. It’s written all over your face,” I said while pointing at her face and she sighed.
“Actually… I have no place to stay. The apartment in which I was staying is to be renovated. The landlords have given me two days to find a new place,” She said worriedly.
“How in the world would I do that…?” Her voice becoming low, and I could tell she was on the verge of crying.
“I can help you with that.” I smiled as she looked at me with her blank eyes.
“Really?” She asked with hope, her eyes lit up.
“Of course. Why not? You are my best friend after all. You can live with me,” I told her.
Her face lit up with joy, but then something hit her making her frown.
“B-But what about Alice? Your roommate?”
“Oh..She! She is planning to join an international university. So, she’s leaving tomorrow for Britain. I will be all alone in my apartment,” I explained her.
“Oh, so it means I could live with you then!” She said happily to which I nodded.
“Of course. You can bring your things tomorrow, say 6 pm? Alice is leaving in the morning at 10’o’clock,” I told her and her lips broke into a huge smile.
“It will be great. Thank you, Em. You’re the best,” She jumped with joy and hugged me. I’m glad that I was able to help her.
“By the way the order is ready,” She said while pulling away.
“Oh, I literally forgot about it,” I said while biting my tongue.
I pick the tray in my hands and head towards the table. I put the tray on the table, not even glancing at them.
“Sorry to be late,” I said trying my best to be polite.
“It’s okay.” They said and headed towards the next table.
The rest of my shift was spent normally. I work seven days a week here, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. I had just finished high school, and now I am planning to get an admission to the university and saving for my college fee. My father supports me, but I like to be independent since I was 17. My parents live at a drive of one hour from my apartment. I love my family though.
I changed into my clothes and took the cup of Americano that I had requested Kate to make for me. I was just leaving the cafe when Kate called me, “Thanks Emma for everything.”
I turned my head, “No need to-” I was cut mid-sentence and next thing I noticed, I was on the floor with an empty cup of Americano on my head and hot Americano on my top.
Gosh! It’s hot!
I’ll kill this person!
I looked up and saw a guy around the age of 25 was standing there, one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone. He was looking at me with a cold expression.
“WHAT THE HELL…!” I yelled at him.
“Look what you have done Mister!” I shouted at him while pointing at my Americano-covered clothes.

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Chapter Two

Emma’s POV.
I looked at him, expecting an apology from him for bumping into me and spoiling my outfit. Kate rushed towards me on seeing the scene.
“Oh my God! Emma! Are you alright?” She said with concern and I nodded.
“Yeah, I think so,” I said while standing up and glaring at his blue eyes.
“Well? Aren’t you going to say sorry?” He said to me and my blood boiled.
Sorry? To him?
“WHAT?!” I’ve had enough of this arrogant man.
The nerve of this man…
He bumped into me, spilled my coffee on me, and now he has the nerve to say those words.
What a jerk!
“Hey! Look, idiot. It’s not my fault. It’s yours. You should be watching where you’re going. Are these your eyes or buttons?” I said while glaring at him and pointing at his eyes.
“You are the one who bumped into me and because of you, my clothes are all dirty now! You should be the one apologizing me!” I yelled at him and he looked at me surprised.
“Why would I apologize?” He said with a cold expression but a slight smirk on his thin lips.
“I’ve already told you if you’ve noticed.” I shot back at him and gave him a death glare.
I hate such arrogant, proud men!
Who they think they are? Gods of the
“You’re asking me for an apology?” He stared at me shocked like if he had heard the word sorry for the first time.
“Bingo…! Yes, mister. Am I talking to anyone else here?” I said while indicating to the area around him giving him a good hint who I was referring to.
“Emma, calm down.” Kate tried to calm me down but it was of no use.
“Kate, could you please leave us alone for a minute? I am going to teach him some manners,” I said through gritted teeth.
“Emma, please. Don’t pick a fight here,” She said to me and I forced a smile.
“Oh no. Not at all… just go now.” I said to her with a half lie. Apparently, she was convinced and went inside.
Now! Back to that jerk!
“So, you’re going to teach me some manners?” He said to me with a bigger smirk this time, as soon as Kate left us.
“Oh… You don’t know any?” I mocked.
“So that’s why you didn’t apologize. Hmmm.” I said sarcastically whilst rolling my eyes as he chuckled making my anger rise up even more.
Is he making fun of me?
Definitely in a need of learning some
“Let me teach you some, you jerk,” I said while fisting my hand ready to hit him. I was going to throw a punch at him when he caught my hand in a swift movement.
What the f–k!
“Hey, Miss furious! Do you know who I am? If I were you, I wouldn’t be doing that to someone as handsome as me,” He smirked.
Hah! Handsome? Wow!
Handsome my foot!
“I don’t know, and I don’t care to know, and secondly, I am not you. So, let go of my hand so that I could punch your pretty face!” I said my voice laced with anger.
“Mm… Are you saying I’m handsome? Why, thank you,” He said while smirking making my blood boil at 200°C.
I will kill this man!
“Youuu-” I was cut off by a car’s honk from behind him. He and I looked at the same time. The honk came from a black colored Audi. A driver came rushing out to escort him.
“Looks like my ride is here,” He let go of my hand and went towards the car leaving me in between with my anger. The driver pulled open the door for him. Before sitting in, he looked at me one last time.
“Till later…Emma,” He winked at me making my eyes widen.
What the?!
I stood there shocked at what just happened. How did he know my name? And his cocky behavior. I am so gonna kill him the next time I see him. I hate him so much.
I went into the cafe and asked Kate to make another cup of Americano for me. I need something to cool my self down.
“So, what happened after I left?” Kate asked with interest.
“Nah… Nothing. I am so gonna kill him. I hate him.” I said through gritted teeth.
“Well. He was quite handsome and sexy and-”
“Woah. Hold your horses. You should be on my side, not his.” I retorted as she looked at me like a 5-year-old kid.
“Uh, sorry… Here you go.” She handed me my cup and I took it.
“Thank you. Bye, see you tomorrow.”
“Bye. See ya.”
I carried my cup and went to the bus station. My top was brown so the coffee wasn’t very visible on it. I sat in the first seat of the bus and drank my coffee. After twenty minutes, I reached my apartment. I went to my room, changed my clothes, and laid on my bed.
What a day….
Definitely! 100% sure. One heck of a bad day!
That jerk completely ruined my mood and energy… I hate him from the bottom of my heart.
I heard the front door open, thinking it must be Alice. She’s loves shopping. She loves it so much, that she spends most of her time shopping.
“Emma! Are you home?” She shouted from the living room.
“Yeah!” I replied from my room.
“Hey, where were you? Why didn’t you wake me up today? I was late again.”
“Sorry. I was in a hurry today. I got a message from my employer that I would be paid for the few days I have worked there, so I went there. Sorry.” She apologized.
Alice was a girl with a body of that of a model, had curves on the right places and with a height of 5 foot 7 inches. She had curly blonde hairs and always had a big cheer up smile on her face. Positivity radiate from her entire excistence and that’s the best thing I love about her.
“Fine.” I accepted her apology.
“So, are you free? Can we go shopping or something?” She asked me.
“Alice, you just came home. Aren’t you tired? And the last time I went shopping with you, you spent 2 hours in one shop, and in the end, you bought only two dresses.” I reminded her.
“That wasn’t my fault, they were all so pretty. It was hard to choose…” She pouted like a child.
“Please, Emma. Oh please… I am leaving tomorrow. So please come with me I wanna hang out.” She said with puppy eyes.
“How could I say no to that?” I told her.
“Thanks, Emma.” She hugged me. I hugged her back.
“No thanks needed. Let’s go.”
“Uuuh… Emma?”
“What?” I looked at her.
“Aren’t you going to change?”
She said and I looked at my clothes. I was in my PJs.
“Oh..! Yeah, give me a sec.” I said while laughing.
Maybe by going out, I might forget about him. Maybe…

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Chapter Three

Edan’s POV.
I was sitting in my office trying to do work, but I just can’t seem to get her off my mind. My mind was constantly drifting to my encounter with that feisty girl. I had never been to that area of the city. It was by chance.
I was just returning from an important meeting when suddenly the car came to stop.
“What happened?” I asked my driver.
“Sir, the car tyre just punctured,” He said worriedly as I groaned.
“How much time it will take to be changed?” I asked him with a cold expression.
“S-S-Sir It may take t-thirty minutes,” He stuttered and I nodded.
That’s when I saw a coffee shop
Café Latté. I had never been to that shop. I took out my iPhone 6 and was busy writing a message about my tardiness to an important meeting due to that stupid tyre. I was busy on my phone when I bumped into her . She fell on the floor with the cup on her head and the coffee on her clothes.
Her expression was hilarious! And I could just laugh at her but I kept my stance high and authoritative. She yelled at me, but I couldn’t seem to concentrate on what she was yelling. I was observing her face, her expressions. She was beautiful and not a bit of makeup on her face.
A girl with blonde hair rush towards her worriedly.
“Oh my God! Emma, are you alright?” She asked her with concern as she nodded.
So her name is Emma.
She was talking to that girl and I could tell from her face that she was fuming with anger.
“I am going to teach him some manners…” was all I heard her say as I smile inwardly at her behavior.
What a woman!
“So you’re going to teach me some manners?” I said to her with a smirk as soon as she made that blonde girl go in.
I remembered how I caught and held her hand when she was going to punch me. She was strong. She tried to set her hand free, but my grip was stronger.
She wanted me to say sorry.
Doesn’t she know who I am?
Every woman falls for me. They drool at the sight of me. My one look at them, and they’re in front of me on their knees. They worship me. My one snap of finger makes them get crazy for me and for my body.
I’ve never said sorry or please to anyone. Well, besides my mom and dad. ‘Cause sometimes my mom could scare the hell out of me. I love them.
My papers were scattered on the desk in front of me and I couldn’t seem to do any work because I just can’t get her off my mind.
Darn it!
I thought of her expression when I winked at her and called her by her name as a sudden smile plastered on my face. She was furious at first and then shocked. She was probably wondering how I knew her name but she didn’t know I was eavesdropping on her little conversation.
I was thinking about our little accident when something hit me.
“Miss Seville?” I said through the intercom.
“Yes, sir,” she said.
She was a one night stand too. What can I say! No one can resist me. They all yearn for me. She was indeed good in bed, but now, I don’t want anything from her. She’s here only to do her work.
“Send Mr. Daniel in my office,” I said firmly.
“OK, sir.”
I waited for him as I continued to fidget my pen in my fingers. He is the most trust-worthy employee in my company, and I can trust him in any case. He is working here for 40 years now and he has my greatest trust.
“Mr. Wilton, you asked for my presence?” He said from the other side of the door.
“Yes. Come in.”
He came in and stood in front of my desk. Her hair was already halfway to grey and he was in his 70s but still, his dedication to his work make him our best employee.
“Yes, sir. How can I help you?” He said in his manly voice.
“Mr. Daniel. I want you to investigate a girl named Emma. I don’t know her full name, but you can find out about it at a shop called Café Latté. I want every detail. Got it?” I said while looking straight into his eyes as he nodded.
“Sure, sir. I will get to it right now,” He said.
“Okay. You’re dismissed now,” I said to him and he turned around ready to leave. “Mr. Daniel?”
“Yes, sir?” He said while turning his head towards me.
“This conversation should remain between the two of us. No third person. Okay?” I said with a stern look.
“Yes, sir.” He said and then left.
I smirked at the thought of it.
It’s gonna be hell fun.

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Chapter Four

Emma’s POV.
I was so regretting on agreeing to Alice about shopping. We have been here for at least four hours. My feet and legs are hurting like hell and I could just literally fall on the tiled floor.
“Alice! Just choose it…” I said while groaning and shifting from one foot to another.
I am tired as hell!
D–n! Why can’t she choose one?
“But which one?” She pouted.
She was holding two dresses. One was a red lace dress with a neckline and the other a knee-length black dress.
“Just choose any…” I groaned.
“Emma, you are supposed to help me, which you are not…” She retorted.
“Aaah… just take the red one,” I said her trying to end this wait and to rush back to home.
“Are you sure?” She said whilst taking a look at the red dress.
“Hmm…. idea! I will try both, then you can tell me which suits me the best,” She rushed into the dressing room leaving me again, hanging on to my poor tiny legs.
There was no use of me protesting. So, I waited for her until she came out with the red dress on.
“So, how do I look?”
“You look great. Now, can we go?” I said trying my best to leave.
“Emma!” She lightly yelled at me.
“Aaah, fine… It looks great. But it’s a bit loose. Don’t you think.?” I stated the truth as she takes a look in the mirror.
“Yeah. You’re right, let’s try black now.” She said while controlling her joy.
She just goes mad while shopping .
After 5 minutes of waiting, she came out.
And Wow…!
She looks breathtaking. The black dress hugging her body showed her perfect curves. It was strapless and had a black sparkling net at the bottom of it. The color bringing out her fair complexion making her look even prettier.
“So…?” She said raising her eyebrows.
“WOW! You look hot Alice. It looks awesome. I think it’s only meant for you.” I told her the truth and she grinned.
“Really!” She said with joy and rushed towards me pulling me into a hug.
“I am gonna buy it.”
She changed into her clothes, went to the cashier and paid for it.
“Now where to? Hmm…” She said while thinking as we were heading out of the shop.
What? Did I heard her right..!
“Oh, Miss! We are going home. No other stops,” I glared at her.
“What…? But I bought only 4 dresses, 2 purses, and 3 pairs of heels. That’s not enough.”
“That’s quite enough. Now let’s go,” I said while walking towards the exit.
“But we’ve been to only a few shops.”
She smiled and I just stared at her dumbfounded.
Few… She calls them few?
I swear… We have gone at least to 30
shops. And she calls it few.
What is this girl? A robot?
“Emma, look, there are plenty of other shops left which we haven’t been to,” She said while grabbing my arm trying to stop me from exiting.
“We have only been to few… say 22 shops.” She said with a sly smile.
“Oh no, miss! 30 shops! We have visited 30 shops Alice! 30! I am so tired. I don’t know if I will be able to go to work tomorrow or not. My feet are killing me and I could just die right now.” I said while stopping.
“Then let’s take some rest first. I saw a cafe on the second floor. Let’s go,” She said while dragging me.
“Okay okay!” I said while freeing my arm from her grip and straightening myself.
“You know? You are very stubborn,” I said to her.
Seriously, if there was a boy with me right now instead of her, I would have beat the shit out of him. But I control my temper in case of my friends. I love them all.
“I know… and thanks to it, I was able to make you stay,” She replied to me by sticking out her tongue like a 5-year-old girl making me smile and shook my head at her childish behavior.
We went into the cafe and sat at a table. We ordered our favorite coffee and some cake. After a few minutes, the waitress came with our order as we dug in.
After taking a break, talking, and eating for half an hour, we continued our journey to the remaining shops. Like Alice said, she visited every shop in this mall, and I was following her like a lost torn up puppy.
By the end the of day or should I say at 11:30, she finally decided to go home and I was d–n tired. My whole body was aching and my muscles were all cramped. It was a hectic day for me.
We were already full because of eating the junk food on our way, so there was no need for dinner. We reached our apartment at midnight. I was holding at least 20 bags full of clothes, while Alice was holding 25 bags full of makeup, shoes, purses, etc.
Of those, only two bags were mine. I bought 2 dresses, a pair of black heels, and a purse only because Alice forced me too. I don’t spend much money on shopping because I want to save some for my college. The pay at the cafe is not bad, just enough to fill my needs but not enough to save some money. I put all the bags in the living room and went straight to my bedroom.
“Goodnight, Emma.”
“You too…” I murmured as I walked sleepily to my haven.
I went straight to my bed as I didn’t have the strength to change my clothes.
I was so tired! The purpose of going out wasn’t fulfilled at all. That jerk hasn’t gotten out of my mind for a single d–n minute. His piercing blue eyes never left my mind.
I could not get him out.
Who was he? And he knew my name? I don’t even remember telling him. I had never seen him before. Was he really that sexy and handsome? I didn’t pay much attention to him as I was too aggressive at that time. But I remember his blue eyes.
Hey, Emma! Snap out of it. What has gotten into you?! What are you thinking? You hate him! Just don’t forget that. It’s not like you’ll see him again. Ha…
Right. It’s not like I’ll meet him again.
I fell into a tiresome sleep. I am thinking about him never…ever…again.

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Chapter Five

Emma’s POV.
I spent yesterday in my bed as I was exhausted from all that shopping yesterday. I could feel a slight fever as well, so I texted Miss Johns telling her I wasn’t feeling well and won’t be coming. Thankfully she understood and let me stay. For that, I’m very grateful to her.
Alice left for Britain yesterday. After she was gone, the whole apartment looked empty. We even cried while hugging each other. I will surely miss her. We have been together under one roof for more than a year and now we were like sisters. I know that moment was sad, leaving your friend like a sister but we will remain in contact for sure.
Last night at 6:30, Kate came with her luggage to stay with me. I helped her in settling into her room. Around 10, we were done. After that, we ordered some light food and after eating it, I went to the bed because we both had work in the morning.
I was now at the cafe serving the costumers.
“Emma dear!” I turned to see Miss Johns.
“Yes, Miss Johns?” I said politely.
“While you were on a leave yesterday, there was a stranger who asked about you.”
“What about me?” I inquired.
“About your full name, how much time you had worked here, and one or two other things as well. I thought he was a relative or a friend of yours.” She told me.
“Did he tell his name?”
“No. When I asked him, he didn’t reply. But he looked as if he was in his 70s. I thought maybe he was some old relative of yours.” She explained and I thought about it for a while.
“Ooh..! It’s probably nothing,” I said assuring her.
“Maybe some old friend of my father or maybe some old lost relative of mine,” I told her giving her a smile. She nodded and went back.
I don’t want to worry Miss Johns about it. But my mind was trying to figure it out who was he? And what did he want from me?
Edan’s POV.
“So, have you collected the information about her?” I asked Mr. Daniel as It was already been almost two days since I told him to inquire.
“Yes, sir. I went to that cafe yesterday and collected some information. Here’s the file containing all the information about her,” He said while giving me the file.
“Did you give anyone your name or anything else?” I inquired and he shook his head.
“No, sir. Not at all.”
“Good. Now read it,” I ordered, resting my head on the back of my seat. My eyes on the ceiling.
“Okay, sir.” he began.
“Emma James. Age: 19. Just finished high school. Very hardworking. Had excellent grades in high school. She’s planning to continue her studies and wants to get admission to a university. She started working at Café Latté last month, owned by Miss Mia Johns. Miss James works as a waitress there. She-”
“What are her main subjects?” I asked while cutting him.
“Sir. Business and Accounting.”
“Okay.” A smile made its way to my lips.
Excellent… Exactly what I needed.
“That’s enough. You can go,” I said motioning him to leave. Then something clicked.
“Mr. Daniel! wait.” I stopped him as he was going to leave my office.
“Has she applied for a job or an internship in any companies?” I said raising my eyebrows.
“Well, sir, actually, she tried. She submitted her CV to many companies, even here too. She applied for the position of secretary, but as she was an undergraduate and had just finished high school, it was given to Miss Seville.”
I see!
“Okay, you can go now.” I dismissed him.
Why did I hire Miss Seville?
Probably due to her sexiness and she was more graduated.
Well, she isn’t that bad after all. I don’t regret my decision. And we did need someone more responsible and graduated for our company.
So, Emma James.
Well, looks like it’s time for a new job for Miss Emma James. It’s going to be very… Interesting. I thought with a smirk.
“Miss Seville?” I asked through the intercom.
“Yes, sir?”
“Come in my office now.”
“Yes, sir.”
She replied and came into my office right away. She was standing in front of my desk, and I could see she was nervous by my presence. I love the impact I had on women.
“So, Miss Seville, there’s some work for you,” She looked up.
“Bring me the files of the people who applied for the job here about two months ago,” I said coldly.
“I’ll bring it right away,” She said and hurriedly left the office.
I waited for 25 minutes when there was a knock at the door.
“Come in.” She came in and put the files on my table.
“Sir. These are the files you-”
“Go now,” I ordered her.
She left immediately. I turned my attention to the files. There were at least 39 of them. But who cares, I am only looking for one.
I look through the files.
“Aah… Finally!” I said with joy as if I have won a prize.
Seriously Edan…
Why I’m behaving like this?
I looked through the file. Her grades were great. No doubt she is very smart, but her qualification wasn’t enough to be hired as a secretary. It was bad luck for her that she didn’t find a job but good luck for me, I thought with a smile
I know what I am going to do now.

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Chapter Six

Edan’s POV.
“Miss Seville?” She was standing in front of me as my cold intense stare was looking directly into her eyes.
“Yes, sir?”
“Call Miss James and tell her that she’s hired,” She looked at me wide eyes as her lips parted.
“B-B-But, sir, there a-aren’t any vacant s-seats,” She stuttered.
“There is actually,” I said coldly as she became pale.
“S-Sir please don’t fire me,” She started pleading making me confuse.
What? Fire her?
Of course not. She is talented, graduated although a little under confident but she’s also sexy.
“I am not firing anyone. Call E- I mean Miss James and tell her she had been hired as my personal assistant,” I ordered her as she slightly nodded.
Although she just passed high school and isn’t eligible for the job.
I want her.
I smirked.
“Now leave,” I dismissed her and she left my office without a word.
I continued my work, trying my best to forget her, to forget her red face fuming with anger, the expression on her face. The burning rage in her silver eyes.
D–n it! I need to forget her … Not to
remember her even more.
D–n it!
Emma’s POV.
I was so busy right now. Today, the cafe was extra crowded and I haven’t rested a bit since 8:00 am. I was constantly working, taking orders, serving and was now tired of all the work. My shift was going to end after just another half an hour and then I’ll be able to catch my breath.
At 3:00 pm my shift was finally over. I dressed in my casual dress and as I was leaving the cafe, my phone started ringing.
I took out my phone.
Unknown caller identity.
I decided to leave it not knowing who it was. The phone rang again and I ignored it. It rang for the third time and then finally, I decided to pick it up.
Maybe it’s something important.
“Hello?” I said politely.
“Miss Emma James?” The voice inquired and I can tell she was a young woman.
“Yes, that’s me,” I said.
“Congratulations. You are now hired as a personal assistant of Mr. Edan Wilton,” She informed me and for a moment my mind was shut down.
“What?? I-I….” I don’t know what to say. I was speechless. After almost two months, I finally got it.
Strange! But who cares!
“Oh… Thank you… Thank you… ” I started rambling as she cut me off.
“You should be here at exactly 9:00 am. I will give you the rest of the instructions tomorrow. See you tomorrow at work,” She said ending the talk.
“Bye… Thanks again.” I was going crazy with joy.
I was so overjoyed!
Emma! You need to control yourself…
I was getting crazy with madness, giggling and jumping up and down. By that time, two or three people gathered around me and the others while walking, stared at me. They were surprised by my sudden behavior and were looking like they had seen a joker.
Who would not? When you suddenly start jumping up and down after just receiving a call in the middle of the path, everyone will surely look at you like you have gone mad.
“Sorry, guys. Just got a good news. Sorry…” I said while joining my hands bowing in front of them like an idiot.
I went to my apartment, all the way grinning like a kid who had just gotten a candy.
“Kate..! Guess what happened?” I said grinning showing my set of 32 white teeth.
“You got a boyfriend?” She said with sparkling eyes making my eyes going wide.
“What?? NO! You’re terrible at guessing,” I said scrunching my nose up at what she just said.
What the heck!
“You told me to guess,” She shrugged playing innocent as I rolled my eyes.
Wow! What a guess…
“So? Tell me what’s the news. You’re killing me right here,” She pointed to her self-acting like a drama queen.
“I got a job!” I squeal as I jumped up and down, screaming.
“B-But you already had a job,” She said with confusion, seeing me getting out of my control.
“Not that job. I am going to work as the personal assistant of CEO of Wilton Co.” I screamed as her eyes widen and then she enveloped me in a hug.
“Wow! That’s great,” She said excitedly letting me out of the hug.
I was indeed happy right now. To me, it meant more than just winning the lottery of the life. I would finally be able to stand up on my own feet. I just hope it pays well.
“Let’s celebrate. We should go to a club and have a party and-” She started going extra hyper as I chuckled at her.
“Woah…! Calm down,” I said, stopping her from her rambling.
“Hold your horses!”
“Let’s go to a club…” She said while moving towards her room to get ready. I immediately stopped her.
“Oh no. I am not going anywhere. I have to prepare myself for tomorrow,” I told her and started to move towards my room.
“Then at least we could have a little teeny tiny celebration…” She said like a 3-year-old girl and with pleading eyes.
“Fine… A teeny tiny celebration is all right,” I said copying her actions and laughing.
“Yeah…” She cheered and rushed to get her phone and I went to my room.
Finally, I had the job I had dreamt about. I don’t know why they didn’t call me earlier, maybe I wasn’t selected then and maybe they had got someone more qualified.
Yup! Of course, they would have.
But I guess my luck isn’t that bad after all and I am just so glad right now. I didn’t spend four years of hard work for nothing. Although I do admit I am just an undergraduate, but what could go wrong in trying. And now I really got the job!….

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Chapter Seven

Emma’s POV.
The lift door opened on the 24th floor. I stepped outside of it and saw a double wooden door in the front. It was painted black with white borders.
I felt a bit nervous as I walked towards the door. Just before knocking I took a glance at my attire and It was looking great. I was looking a professional.
Good! I am ready!
I knocked at the door.
“Come in” I heard a voice.
That voice kinda sounds familiar.
Nah! Must be my imagination.
I opened the door slowly and my eyes widen as I looked at the office.
“WOW!” I gasped lightly.
It was simple black and white theme but yet so beautiful. There was a white couch in the corner with a black table in the front, a mini fridge was by its side. A bookshelf with office files was placed in the other corner.
I took a look at the main table. It was black with a white design made on it. A huge window was showing the beautiful scene of the busy city as some sun rays had made there way in.
I saw a figure standing in front of the window. His back was towards me. His stature strong, his shoulders broad and his all presence screams of power.
I shuddered a bit thinking about the person holding this firm, strong posture.
“Take a seat.” His voice came.
That voice again sounds a little
familiar… I think I have heard it
before. Or not. I am not quite sure.
I took a seat in front of his desk. I was biting my bottom lip and playing with my fingers. A habit of mine when I am nervous. I am not a nervous kind of girl. I am usually so confident. But there is something in this room making me nervous.
But what is it.?
“So Miss Emma James. Nice to meet you again.”
What? Again?
Did I hear him right? Oh no, he must be mistaking.
“Sorry, Sir. We haven’t met before. You must be mistaken.” I told him the truth.
“Are you Sure?” I could see a playful smile from the side of his face as my brows furrow in confusion.
“Yes. Sir. I am absolutely su-” I was cut off when he turned, looking straight into my eyes.
Those blue eyes.
How could I forget them? I was shocked and I had no idea about what should I do. I was frozen on my seat. My tongue-tied up and I open my mouth but no words came out.
D–n it!
After a moment I found the courage to speak.”You-You…You JERK….!” I said standing from my seat.
Edan POV.
I had seen her entered the building through the camera and she looked like a professional. I got very excited and grinned like a child.
What’s happening? I not like that…
What the heck!
I waited for her for almost one hour. She was probably signing that contract I made for her especiall y. Because I knew that once she sees me who I am, she would quit straight away. So I made that contract. Just for her.
A knock came from the door.
She’s here.
“Come in,” I said calmly as I stood up from my seat and stand in front of the huge window facing outside seeing the outside view.
The door slightly opened as I heard her gasped lightly.
“Take a seat,” I said calmly.
I heard the seat being pulled.
“So Miss Emma James. Nice to meet you again…” I smirked.
“Sorry, Sir. We haven’t met before. You must be mistaken.” She said.
So she didn’t recognize me. I smiled playfully.
Poor girl!
“Are you Sure?”
“Yes. Sir. I am absolutely su-” I didn’t let her finish her sentence and turned to face her looking straight into her eyes.
She was shocked, her eyes wide open. She opens her mouth then shut it again. She was surprised. After a moment, her eyes burned up with rage as she yelled “You-You… You JERK….!” She stood up from her seat, glaring at me.
She was standing in front of my desk. I looked at her, as she was looking amazing. Her 5’3 inches figure a little taller with the heels she was wearing. Her clothes not that tight, her face with light makeup but she looked pretty. Not sexy but still pretty.
“This Jerk is your new boss Miss James. You should respect me.” I smirked, making my eyes meet hers.
“Oh, No. That’s not true. This is a dream. A terrible dream.” She said while pinching herself on the arm as I saw her amused.
Naive girl!
“Oowch..!” She cried slightly, rubbing her arm where she just pinched.
“So Miss James! Are you awake now?” I smirked and grinned.
“Why? Why you? Out of all companies. Out of all people. Why you?” She sighed.
“I don’t know? Maybe you’re lucky. Working for this sexy, handsome boss of yours.”
‘Yeah dream on… Haven’t you seen yourself in a mirror?” She rolled her eyes.
“I hate u and I am not gonna work for you.” She said a little furious.
Woah! That hurts.
“Looks like you’re stuck with me then.” The same smirk on my face.
“Oh no. I better quit than working for you.” She turned and started walking towards the door.
Wow! Attitude! I like it!
“Oh, No. You can not Miss!” I said while moving towards her.
“Oh Yes I can. And I will.” She said stopping midway and turning towards me.
“No, you can’t.” I gave her my stern look.
I won’t let her…
I was a few inches away from her. Our eyes as if playing a staring contest, seeing who will win.
“Watch me then.” She glared, challenging me.
“I quit.” She said through gritted teeth and spun around in a flash, starting to walk towards the door to leave my office.
I won’t let you, Emma James!
I instantly hold her arm and pulled her to face me. I may have applied a little much force because she stumbled on her heels. She gasped, her eyes widen as she fell into my arms.
I was shocked too. I was holding her in my arms. My hands on her waist and her hands grasping my shoulders to steady herself.
Our face a few inches away. I stared into her grey eyes. They were beautiful. She was staring me back with the same shocked expression.
She smelled so nice. Her scent was like that of jasmine. Her hair brownish black, silky as I slightly touch her hair. A beautiful scent of her hairs. I looked at her lips. They were red, cherry-like.
And I just want to bite that lips. I want to nuzzle into her neck. Want to smell her scent. I want to take her right now.
D–n! What’s going on!
She just turned me on!…

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Chapter Eight

Emma’s POV.
I was just going to leave after yelling at him when I felt a strong grip on my arm pulling me backward. I stumbled on my heels as I gasped and fell into his arms.
D–n that heels…
My eyes wide open and I was staring into his blue eyes. Our faces few inches apart. He looked more handsome from this close.
Dammit! What did I just say?
His eyes staring into mine and I could see his face moving towards me.
What he’s tryin’ to do?
I instantly turned my face to the side.
Was he going to kiss me?
Oh no! I would never let that happen.
He took my chin in his hands. His touch sending shivers down my spine. He turned my face to his side so that I was seeing him straight in his eyes.
What the hell!
My heart was beating as hell and I was sure he could hear it.
He inched closer as I held my breath and closed my eyes as if I was scared.
D–n! Why am I scared? I should
punch his d–n handsome face!
I tried to free myself from his grip. I was strong but not as strong as him. I struggled but it was of no use.
I could smell his cologne. He inched closer and I could feel his warm breath against my skin.
“Miss James. Congratulations. You’re my new PA.” He whispered in my ear, his voice tickling my ear.
“And you’re going to start from today.” He said while drawing back slightly kissing my earlobe.
F–k! What is this jerk doing!
I pushed him away with all my will. He released me and started walking out of his office. A d–n smirk on his d–n face.
I was left speechless and shocked. I couldn’t seem to breathe as I couldn’t even think about what could have happened. For once I really thought he was going to kiss me.
D–n him!
What is happening to me? This is so unlike me. Normally I would have beat the shit out of a man. But when I was in his arms I felt numb. I couldn’t seem to function.
“Are you coming, Miss James?” His voice brought me back to reality.
What should I do? Should I follow him?
“I am not going to wait forever.” He again said and huffing, I finally decided to follow him.
He led me to a small office.
There was a black table not as big as his and a black seat. On the table, a laptop was placed. Beside it was some files. A black sofa was placed beside the door with a water dispenser at its side.
There were two doors one lead the corridor and the other I really don’t know.
“This is your office, Miss James.”
Was I just going to thank him? HIM! That jerk. Why would I even thank him? For making me trapped or for sexually harassing me?
“Wait a sec. I didn’t say I would work for you?” I glared.
“I don’t think you had any other choices. You are stuck with me.” He said cooly, his hand in his pocket and was standing in the door.
“Everyone has choices and I believe that I also have one.” I retorted.
“No, you don’t.” He replied.
“Remember that little contract you sign. You could not quit. It’s in m-”
“I know that. you don’t need to remind me!” I was getting irritated with this conversation. Why can’t he let me go? There are probably other people more qualified than me. Then why me?
“Then this pretty smart brains of yours also know that by violating that contract you will be in grave danger.” He smirked and I gritted my teeth.
Yeah, I know that I could lose everything. He could make a case on me. He is far more powerful than me.
Curse him!
“And Miss James if you’re thinking to break that contract. I could make your life hell within the snap of my fingers. And believe me, you don’t want that.” He threatened with his d–n smirk.
What is wrong with him! This bipolar attitude. I hate him even more. One moment he is acting like a big jerk and in the next moment he is threatening me.
I hate this man!
“I will not…” There was nothing I could do.
“Good.” A smile crept across his lips.
D–n it!
“And about your pay. You will get 800$ per week. There will be an added bonus for overwork and I can make you stay after office hours in case of unfinished work. The weekends will be off. Your salary will be increased by noticing your work and responsibility. You will pass me important calls, reply my emails, set my schedule, and will accompany me to the meetings. Is that clear?” He asked me firmly after explaining me.
800$? Wow!
“Yes.” I gritted my teeth.
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, Sir. ”
I wanted to kill him right now. Can I
just kill him?
“Good. Now be a good girl and start your work” he smirked.
“And by the way Miss James you should never interrupt your Boss when he’s talking or else your boss will punish you.” He smirked and then left.
I let out a low groan. For once when I start thinking that everything is going to be fine, someone has to completely ruin it.
I took a look at my office it was great. I still couldn’t believe that my salary is going to be 800$ per week. With this much amount, I will be able to take admission in university and also save some money for shopping and rent. Maybe by saving I would be able to buy a car. Because I am sick of that d–n bus drives.
I sure have a lot of plans…
I went to that small door which I am not quite sure where it leads to? Maybe washroom. I turned the knob and opened it.
I took a look and saw that it was Edan’s office. He was reading some files.
Oh! Its a connecting door between
his and my office!
I was just going to back away when he looked at me. Shit. ..
“Miss me already.?” I rolled my eyes at his question.
Miss him? Never!
“Don’t you dare roll your eyes on me.”
Huh..! Like I am gonna listen to that jerk. He could force me to work for him but couldn’t force me to change my actions.
I instantly close the door before he could make another remark on my actions and went to my desk. I sat on the leather seat it was so comfortable
I was enjoying my moment when the intercom beeped.
“Miss James take a look at those files and bring them here.” His voice came.
I didn’t say anything and started doing my work. After an hour I was done. I took the files in my hand and went to his office.
I knocked at the door.
“Come in.”
I put the files on his table. I didn’t want to talk to him and turned to leave.
“Take your lunch break. After that set my schedule and also bring me a cup of black coffee.”
I nodded and left his office…..

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Chapter Nine

Emma’s POV.
I took my purse from my office and went to the cafeteria. It was on 5th floor. Yup! A long way down! Thank god! The building has the elevator. Or else I would have been dead in the middle of the stairs.
I went to the counter and order a sandwich and a bottle of water.
After giving my order I went to sit at an empty table. I was waiting for my order when a girl around the age of 22 came. Her hair ginger color and eyes green.
“Excuse me. Can I sit here? There aren’t any vacant seats.”
“Yeah. Sure.” I gave her a smile.
“Thank you very much.” She sat right in front of me.
“So a new employee?” She asked with raised eyebrows.
“Yeah! It’s my first day today.”
“In which department?”
“Actually I am Mr. Wilton’s new PA.”
“Ooh…! So you’re the girl. Good luck with your new job.” She smiled and I nodded.
“For how long you’re working here?” I decided to continue the conversation.
“Ah… For almost a month.” She answered. By that time my order was there.
I took a bite of my sandwich and a sip of water.
“So how’s Mr. Wilton?” I said while munching my food
“What do you mean?” She said confused.
“I mean his behavior with the employees.”
“Oh…he is super rude, the most arrogant boss one could have. He could just fire anyone by the snap of his fingers. But he is sexy too. The sexiest, handsome charming billionaire. Every woman in this world falls for him.” She told me all about him.
Not every woman I would say .
“Oh!” I wasn’t sure what to answer.
“You know his secretary Taylor Seville?” She whispered.
“Uhm…” I said still eating my sandwich.
“She is the one who gave me all the information. She is not so nice. She was seeing me like she’s going to kill me.” I told her.
“Ooh..! I see.” She said with a smirked.
“What?” Now I was getting confused seeing her smirk face.
“It’s clear. She’s jealous…” She grinned making my brows furrow.
“Jealous of what? Me? No way.” I huffed.
“Why not? You know I have heard that she was only a one night stand of Mr. Wilton but she is trying to become Mrs. Wilton.” She told me as I cringed at the thought.
Who wants to get married to the jerk? She must truly be an idiot!
But why jealous? It’s not like I want to take her place. She can have that jerk and I hate him for the record.
She has a curvy body, is sexy and hot. I would say any man could fall for her. She has beautiful green eyes, blonde hair. And me? I am nothing compared to her. I have brownish black hair, grey eyes. I am not so curvy also. Why would anyone be jealous of me? It’s strange…
“Hey, you still there?” Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
“You completely zoned out.”
“I am sorry. So… what’s your name?” I asked trying to change the topic
“My name’s Violet. But people call me Ginger, you know my hair.” She pointed towards her ginger color hair.
“So what’s yours?”
“Mine’s Emma,” I replied.
“Nice to meet you.” She grinned.
“You too.” I smiled.
“Hey, Violet. I have been looking all over for you.” I turned my head to see a guy. He seems to be in his mid-twenties. Her hair blonde and eyes brown. He was handsome but not as
handsome as Edan. What…? What did I just said? Oh, it’s not good.
“Hey, Kev…!” Violet hugged him.
“So sorry.” She said while pulling back.
“So who’s this beautiful lady there.” He said while pointing at me.
I rolled my eyes at his comment.
Boys and their rubbish comments.
Why do they call all beautiful?
To make a good impression on
“She’s Emma. Mr. Wilton’s PA. Emma this is Kevin. He works with me.”
“Nice to meet you, my lady.” He bowed in front of me.
“Yeah, you too.” I forced a smile.
“Kev stop it. What you think we’re doing? Shooting a movie or something? Huh?” Violet said while cocking her eyebrows.
I let out a small chuckle.
“Hey. You know me.” Kevin said to Violet and sat in front of me with Violet.
“So Emma! First day at work?” He asked me.
“Yeah,” I answered him briefly. I don’t know what else to say? I don’t do much talking with men. I hate them. I think that all men are alike. Playing with girl’s feeling, f–k them and then leave them like garbage, leaving girls shattered into pieces.
“So how’s your so far experience?” he asked another question.
“It’s fine. I guess.”
“Good luck with it. Mr. Wilton could be sometimes a pain in the ass.” He gave out a small chuckle.
“No worry. I can handle that.”
Yes, I surely will!
As the time passes I got a bit comfortable around them. Violet is so cheery and so jolly, one could forget all worries around her. And Kevin he wasn’t that bad. He cracked a few jokes which were quite funny. I had never enjoyed some guy company before.
There was a time once when I had a guy as my best friend. I was in my 1st year of high school. I had a little crush on him. I confessed my feelings to him and he accepted them. He told me he liked me too and asked me to be her girlfriend. I was so happy that time. It was my first love but then after a few weeks, he ditched me. Since then I hate guys.
But by seeing Kevin I could start to think that maybe all guys aren’t alike
or are they?
I took a look at them as they were joking, laughing. I really enjoyed their company.
I looked at the time to see I had been here for 60 minutes.
Oh no! I didn’t notice I have been sitting here for almost one hour.
I hurriedly stood up.
“Thanks to both of you I really enjoyed your company I’ll see you tomorrow.” I bid them goodbyes and went to the lift. As the door closed I remembered.
Darn it! I forgot his coffee!
I instantly pressed the 5th-floor button and went to the counter. I ordered a black coffee, took the cup and went to his office.
“You’re 40 minutes late Miss James.” He said coldly while looking at me.
“I forgot. Well here’s your coffee.” I put the coffee on his table and as I was going to withdraw my hand, he instantly grabbed it.
A cold shiver ran down through my spine by his mere touch.
“Don’t ever get late. I hate tardiness.” He told me and let go of me.
“Okay.” I grit my teeth and my jaw clenched.
I hurriedly left his office and went to my office. I set his schedule and by 3:00 I was done. It was so difficult to arrange all the meetings, his business tour, and other things.
After taking a look at some other files I took a glance at my watch it was 5:00 and that means I was free to go now.
I took my purse and entered the lift. I went to the bus station and took a bus straight to my apartment. I was so tired.
Gosh! What a day!….

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Chapter Ten

Emma’s POV
I opened the door of my apartment and walked into the living room. I put my bag on the couch and headed towards the kitchen. Kate was making food and by the aroma of it, I could tell it’s gonna be delicious.
“Hey, Kate! I’m back.”
“Hey, Emma! Welcome home.” She hugged me.
“So how was your day?” She asked as I let out a low groan.
A heck shitty day! I would say.
“I’ll tell you later on. Right now, I am starving. So what you makin’….” I looked at the pans.
“I am making some Chinese food.” She said while cutting some onions.
“You know how to cook Chinese food?” I was shocked a little. It will be the first time I am gonna taste some Chinese food made by her.
“Yeah. My mom used to love Chinese. She taught me.” She answered, her eyes getting watery on the mention of her mom. Her mom died in an accident, Kate was only 16 then.
“Oh! I bet it’s going to be delicious” I cheered her up.
“Wait until you taste it. I assure you, you hadn’t eaten anything as delicious as this.” She bragged and I chuckle.
“I believe in you,” I told her smiling and gave her a hug.
“How much time it will take?”
“Not more than half an hour.” She smiled.
“Great, then I’m going to take a shower and change my clothes.”
I went to my room, put my bag on the bed, remove my clothes and hop into the shower.
After taking a shower I changed into a loose shirt and shorts. There ware still 15 minutes left for dinner. I took out my phone and called my mom.
“Hey, Emma…! How’s my baby?”
“Hey, Mom!” I greeted her.
“So, how come you called me. You don’t have much time for me.” My mom laughed a little.
I rolled my eyes.” Mom you know I love you and I call you on every weekend and whenever I got time.”I retorted.
“I know dear I am just teasing you.” She laughed making me smile.
“Mom! I want to tell you something important.”I said.
“Wait! You got a boyfriend. Right? Oh, I’m so happy for you. Finally, you moved on. I can’t wait to meet h-”
“Mom WAIT…!”
Aahhh! my mom could get so out of control sometimes. She wants me to get a boyfriend and move on but I couldn’t afford another heartbreak.
“Then what dear? This isn’t the news?” My mother said, her voice a little heartbroken.
“No mom. There is something more important than that.”
“Oh no. Miss James don’t tell me you’re pregnant. I’m too young for a grandmother.” She said angrily.
What? Gosh! Mum!
“MOM…! Stop your guessing. Just listen to me.” I slightly yelled.
What the heck! Mom and her
“Okay then tell me.”
“I got a job as PA of CEO of Wilton’s co.” I finally told her.
“What you said is true right it isn’t a joke or something?” She said confirming.
“Mom its the truth.”
“Ohhhh! I am so happy for you… I already knew that you would succeed. I am really proud to be your mother.” I heard her cry a little.
“Mom don’t start crying.”
“These are tears of joy, my baby.” She told me.
“So how are you thinking to celebrate it?”
“Mom! I seriously don’t know about that.” I replied honestly.
“Then join us for dinner, say tomorrow, moreover its almost a month since we last met.”
I really want to meet them all. I miss my family.
“That’s great, Mom! I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, goodbye dear. Love you.” She gave me her kisses and said.
“Love you, mom. Tell dad too.”
“No. I won’t tell him, just give them a surprise. ”
“OK… Bye, mom.” I was just going to hang up when she said.
“Oh, Emma! Be there at 6:30 pm.”
She said while cutting the line.
“6:30 isn’t a bad time I would be free from work at 5 and then there be 1 and a half hour for me to reach to my parent’s house.” I talked to myself.
“Emma dinner’s ready,” Kate shouted from the kitchen
“Comin’, ” I told her.
I went to the small dining table in the kitchen. The food smelled delicious. And the presentation could just arouse anyone’s hunger.
“Wow… Kate, it sure smells delicious.” I took my seat and started eating.
“Mmm…” I moaned.
“It’s fantastic. You’re great kai…” I took another bite.
“I told you so!!!” She grinned and I moaned taking another bite.
D–n delicious!
“So Emma how was your day?” She asked.
“Not so good,” I said munching.
“You wouldn’t believe my bad luck. The jerk who bumped into me and didn’t apologize, you remember him?”
“Oh that Mr sexy pants?”
“Yay, yay, that…” I rolled my eyes at the name she gave to Edan.
“He again bumped into you?” She said with raised eyebrows.
“No, it’s worse than that.”
“Oh wait. Don’t tell me he works with you. Right?”
Why everyone just keeps on
guessing! Can’t they just let me finish? Impatient people!
“Then tell me!” She said taking a bite of her food.
“Hey! I am trying to tell you but you couldn’t just stop with your talking” I retorted.
“OK. Sorry. Now tell.”
“That jerk is my b-boss.” I gritted my teeth.
“OMG…! T-That sexy handsome guy is-is y-your boss.? I can’t believe that.” She was shocked looking me with wide open eyes.
I told her the whole story how I signed a contract and now I couldn’t quit for 3 years and how I met Violet and Kevin. However, I didn’t tell her about our little accident though.
After explaining everything to her. She finally believed me and chuckled.
“That’s why I thought that I had seen him before.”
“At the day of your first encounter. I thought I had seen him before but I thought it’s my imagination.”
“He’s really famous. I also heard some rumors about him dating a woman.” I rolled my eyes.
Like I care…
“Kate! You should have told me before.”
If Kate had told me before, maybe I could have given a little attention to that and surf the internet. I wouldn’t be stuck with this dumb ass of a boss.
“Sorry.” She pouted.
“Never mind. Let’s get some sleep.” I tried to cheer up a little.
What’s done is now done. Time had
passed. Now there’s nothing in
“Okay.” She smiled.
Before going to sleep I set my schedule for tomorrow in my mobile.
I hope everything goes fine.
I woke up at 7 on hearing my alarm. I brush my teeth, did my business and stood in front of my wardrobe to decide a dress. I decided to dress formally because in order of getting late I could go to my parent’s house straight ahead.
After looking at my wardrobe. I decided to wear the dress, I bought whilst shopping with Alice.
I changed into my dress. It was black with a neckline and it reached just above my knees. It was a bit tight, hugging my body showing my slight curves. I am not usually used to this tight clothes but Alice insisted me to buy it.
My back was half bare. I took my black clutch having a small silver strap. I put on some liner, a little mascara and my strawberry lip gloss. I put on my black pencil heel, let my brownish black hair fall on my shoulders. They were a little wavy but I love them the way they are.
“Woah! Emma, you look gorgeous.” I jolted at a sudden voice.
“Kate! you frightened me. I didn’t know you were awake?” Kate looked at me, mouth open. Her hair a mess as she was still in her pajamas.
“I am now. So a date?” she smirked.
“No. A family dinner.” I said while taking my denim black jacket in case if it gets cold.
“OK. Have a nice time.” Kate said to me and then went back to her room. She had a day off from her job today.
I put my jacket on the couch in living room and went to the kitchen for a quick breakfast. I ate a toast and drink some coffee. I looked at the time as it was 8:30.
“Oh no. I’m going to be late.” I hurriedly took my clutch and went to the bus stop. As I reach in front of the office I remembered.
“Shi… I forgot to bring my jacket.” I muttered under my breath.
I don’t have enough time to go back it’s already 9:10 so I decided to give it up.
I went to the 24th floor. I am late today. Will he scold me? Or punish me? No, he can’t do that. Or can he? He’s my boss though. But I’m too Emma James! I won’t let him get me.
I open his office door and went inside. He was reading some files and by the look on his face, I could tell he was in a bad mood.
Good! Just great!……

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Chapter Eleven

Edan’s POV.
I was in a d–n bad mood right now. It’s all mom’s fault. She just wants me to settle down and have a real girlfriend. I had refused her thousand times, for god sakes I’m only 23. I want to enjoy my bachelor life. I’m a player! I don’t do dating and other shits.
But unexpectedly my mom arranged a blind date for me. A girl named…
What was her name?
Aahh… Yes! Sara Lill! That was her name. She was fine. Yeah! A bit sexy too but I hate her. She was d–n so clingy and won’t just keep her shit mouth off. I rejected her on the spot. A one night stand would be fine but whole life with her.
I would rather die.
She started cried as she was a mommy-daddy girl, but do I give a f–k?
My mom was a bit angry but she knows well that I couldn’t like her, that snotty big mouth. She cried but who cares well I don’t. I don’t give a f–k about her.
I looked at the time it was 9:10.
Where the hell is Emma!
Did she quit or something? She can’t do that but what if she ran away? She is so darn stubborn and she can do anything. I have never met anyone like her. She is somehow… interesting.
I heard the door opened and as I looked up, I couldn’t seem to breathe. No one had ever made me feel like this… Usually its the opposite of this situation.
What is this d–n thing?
Why couldn’t I get her out of my mind? Why couldn’t I seem to function when she’s around? Maybe the answer is simple she isn’t attracted towards me. I am sure once I will get in her pants I will forget her and I’ll be back to my normal player self.
Hopefully yes…
“Miss James you’re late,” I said coldly whilst making my mind clear.
“Yeah. I know that. You don’t need to tell me that.” She replied sharply.
So I’m not forgiven yet.
“Miss James no apology?” I said, a playful tone in my voice.
“Look who’s talking? The jerk boss! Let me remind you, my so forgetful boss. You didn’t apologize me in the first place and secondly, you made my life as hell. So we’re Even Steven.” She said, her hands on her hips.
“So Miss James! I guess I have to punish you then.” I said with a smirk as I stood up from my chair.
“Well, I like your dress. I might say you look beautiful today.” I said while getting closer to her.
“I can see you had done a great effort to impress me,” I smirked as she rolled her eyes.
“What? To impress? Who? You Jerk?” She scoffed.
“Why would I impress you? You jerk. I had dressed like this for someone special not for someone jerk bastard..!” She yelled at me.
Someone special? Who is this
someone special?
I tensed.
“Who is this someone?” I hovered over her, my eyes intense dark. The thought of someone with her boils my blood.
D–n! Its just been a day and I am
acting like a possessive boyfriend!
Darn it!
“I don’t think so there is any need for me to tell you that..!” She snapped.
“Well Miss James let me remind you, I am your-”
“What? Boss? I already know that. Tell me something I don’t know.” She said interrupting me.
She is so stubborn and challenging, she isn’t a bit afraid or intimidated by me.
So different!
“Then I will tell you something you don’t know Emma,” I said getting closer to her and as I get closer, she stepped back, her eyes wide open as she stared at me bewildered. I took another step forward and she did backward. We were taking our steps when her back hit the wall.
I put my arms on the wall, blocking her. Now she could not escape. I lean in, our body and faces a few inches apart. She was wide shocked. I noticed her cheeks which became a bit red and I smile inwardly proud of me in control. I lean closer so that my mouth was near her ear.
“You…” I said while licking her ear as she flinched.
“Are…” This time I nibble her ear.
“Mine…” And this time I kissed her sensitive spot behind the ear.
She trembled a bit but hold on to herself. Her face red tomato and I chuckled a little as I looked at her face.
After a moment she glared at me, her eyes blazing hot.
“YOU!” She yelled at me and started hitting me on my chest with her hands balled into fists.
Her eyes getting teary, her voice getting lower.
What the hell?
“You bastard! Y-You jerk!” She said while sobbing.
“I hate you…hate you.” She said hitting me, her hit wasn’t painful, they were so light.
But… They did hurt!
I can’t seem to get what had I done?
She spun around in a flash still sobbing and I just stayed there confused. I had never seen that reaction before, usually, women will grin and beg me to take them right there but Emma! She’s so d–n different.
Emma’s POV.
That jerk! Why he had to come near me? Why he had to touch me? This kissing, touching bring horrible memories to me. It brings back the memories of my boyfriend, my first love and it’s not easy to forget your first love.
He was my prince charming, my knight in a shining armor, my savior… And in the end… He ruined me. He took my trust and broke it. He ditched me and left me all shattered into pieces. My heart was broken, I was torn into tiny pieces. I spent a month in crying and to gather up my broken pieces and to arrange them.
From that day I made a promise to myself. To never trust a guy again and to never let any guy come near to me, but that idiot had to ruin it…ruin it…
I sobbed.
Emma snap out of it! You’re not that
Emma. That broken Emma died three
years ago. This is new Emma, brave
Emma, fearless Emma… And you will
show him, who that bastard is
dealing with… I reminded myself, staring myself in the mirror.
I wiped my tears and get a hold of myself. After half an hour I decided to just forget it. I looked at the files on my table and started reading them, indulging myself in work. It was lunch time but I wasn’t in a mood to go to the cafeteria. So, I decided to leave the lunch and stayed in my office.
My intercom beeped and with that… my breath hinged.
Should I pick it?
Yes, I will! I won’t show him that he had gotten me. I am brave Emma.
“Yes?” I said politely.
“Miss James, have you eaten anything?” He said, his voice laced with concern.
But why?
I had never heard his this tone before.
“Y-Yes.” I lied.
“Come to my office now.” He ordered me.
“OK.” I decided to follow his order. I’ll show him I’m not a cry girl or some vulnerable, pity girl. I am a strong person!
I picked up my bag and went through the small connected door to his office.

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Chapter Twelve

Edan’s POV.
I know she’s lying. She didn’t go for lunch at all. I hadn’t seen her left her office for once. I still didn’t get it. Why did she start crying when I touched her? Did she cry because she thought she is cheating her boyfriend?
Such a naive girl she is!
But I’m not going to accept defeat! I will get her if I have to take it slowly. I always get what I want.
And I will get her too!
I heard the door opened as she walked slowly towards my desk. I could see she was avoiding me. Her head down as she was looking at her hands, her fingers intertwined.
“Emma,” I said slowly.
She didn’t answer
“Emma look I’m-”
“Only my friends and family are allowed to call me by my first name which you’re not. So with due respect, Mr. Wilton call me Miss James.” She said in one breath still looking down.
I stood up from my seat and walked towards her and she started to back away. As she did, I quickly grab her hand and she sucks in a deep breath. I know she was troubled right now and I want to be the one to comfort her. I hold her chin gently and turned her face so that she looks straight into my eyes. Her eyes were red and puffy and I could tell she had cried. My heart clenched.
But why?
“Look I’m s-sorry.” I stuttered a bit as I had never said that to anyone before.
But why did I said to her? Why did I feel her pain?
I could see her eyes softened a bit as she tried to talk but no word came out of her mouth.
“I know you haven’t eaten anything.” I changed the subject, but she didn’t respond and I was sure now that she hasn’t eaten anything.
“Come eat with me,” I said while taking her hand moving towards the couch.
“I’m not h-hungry.” She finally spoke.
“Okay then just sit with me.” I took a seat on the couch.
“Please.” I cut her stammering.
F–k! What’s going on with me? First
sorry now, please?
D–n it! My tongue isn’t in my
control right now.
She nodded and sat beside me I didn’t let go her hand as I was a bit I don’t know afraid? I think…I thought… If I let go her hand she’ll run away. I don’t want that. I’m going to gain her trust if I have to take it step by step.
The door opened and a tray full of food was brought in. I had already ordered some food beforehand.
The food was placed on the table in front of us and I ordered the lad to go. He went out with the tray and I started to put a piece of fried chicken along with macaroni and cheese on the plate and offered that plate to Emma, but she shook a no. However, her stomach had decided something else. As I was drawing the plate her stomach growled a bit.
“Looks like Miss James, your stomach is thinking opposite of it.” I chuckled as she got a bit embarrassed, her face slightly red.
“Are you going to eat? Or should I feed you?” I smirked.
Her eyes shot up and she hurriedly took the plate from my hand.
“Good girl.” I patted her head lightly, a smile on my face. She was surprised but didn’t say anything.
After 40 min. We were done.
“Thank you, sir.” She muttered.
“No need to. I thought it’s a good way to apologize for my behavior. I am sorry Miss James.” I said politely.
“I’m-I’m s-sorry too.” She whispered. “I should go now I-I have some w-work to do.” With that, she turned around.
“By the way, Miss James call me Edan.”
“That’s an order Miss, or else I’ll call you whatever I like.”
She gave a slight nod and went to her office. I smiled.
Well, I think I can do this slowly…
Not need to make a rush, in the end,
she’s going to be mine…
I smirked.
And I’m gonna prove it.
Emma’s POV.
I wasn’t going to say yes to his offer but when he apologized my heart softened. I wasn’t expecting that from him. I was expecting some rude remark from him, knowing the arrogant jerk he is. However, when he gave me the plate and how my stomach growled.
D–n! I was beyond embarrassed!
But one can do nothing when the food is delicious.
My mood was better now. Thanks to Edan I would say.
I looked at the time to see it’s almost 5 so I packed my things. I took my clutch and went to the lift. As I reached the ground floor, I heard a loud thunder.
“Oh no…! That’s not good!” I muttered to myself.
I walked to the front door. I looked out and to my dismay, there was a storm out there, it was raining heavily.
“Shoot… Now how I’m going to reach the bus station.” I whispered.
I’m going to be late for dinner. Uuh! this d–n rain, just stop!
I was waiting for the rain to stop. I have been standing here for 15 minutes. Urgh!!! My mom’s gonna kill me.
“Waiting for someone?” I turned my head to see Edan.
“Mr. Wilton…” I started.
“Care to come with me, cupcake?” He smirked.
“What? I told you not to call-”
“I told you to call me Edan or else I’ll call you whatever I like.” He reminded me.
“Oh..!” I couldn’t say anything else.
But what kind of thing is that?
Come on! Who says that?
Call me by my name or I’ll call you
whatever I like.

“So are you going to stay here? Because this rain isn’t going to stop sooner.” He stood next to me. By this time almost the whole office was empty. All other employees have there owned car and some had taken rides from others.
“I can drop you.” He offered.
“Thanks for your offer but I’m not going home, I have an important thing to attempt,” I replied politely.
I don’t know why. But it seems like his jaw just hardened.
“Then I can drop you there.”
“It’s a little far from this place,” I replied looking towards the rain.
“Where?” He asked me.
I gave him the destination which I don’t know why I did. I guess I don’t have any other thing to do.
“Hey, I’m going there too. I have an important meeting there.” He replied showing his thousand dollar smile. He looks even younger when he smiles. I have noticed him smile for the first time. And there…
My heart made a slip.
D–n! What just happened?
“I-I-“I don’t know what to say. I don’t have any other choice though.
“I’m not hearing any other excuses. Let’s go, my car is just at a walking distance.” He said and took my hand.
He took out an umbrella and opened it. I went in it with him. As we reached the door, I shivered a bit.
D–n! It’s cold out there. Why did I forget to bring my jacket?
As I was just going to step out the door Edan stopped me. I took a look at him as he removed his coat and put it around my shoulders.
I looked into his eyes, surprised.
“Don’t want you to get a cold.” He chuckled while holding the coat on my shoulders.
I could smell his cologne.
Good gracious!
I felt my cheeks warm up.
“Let’s go I think you don’t want to get late for your date.” His voice became a bit cold the other instant.
Date? What kind of date.?
I don’t know what he was talking about and what kind of date he was referring to. I was in this confusion when he grabbed my hand and led me to the street.
I heard a loud thunder as I stepped out. I hate thunders and storms. These are one of the things I’m afraid of. Inside the building, the sound of the thunder wasn’t that audible. I tried to keep my fear to myself as I don’t want to show it to him.
We were walking in the rain under the umbrella. There came another sound of thundering flash and I shrieked grabbing Edan’s hand a bit tightly. He stopped for a minute and looked at me. He could tell very clearly that I was scared as hell.
“You’re afraid of lightning?” He questioned me calmly.
As I was gonna say no, there came another rumbling thunder. The sky looked as if been divided into two halves by this horrifying bolt.
“Aahhh..!” I let out another shriek and I was pretty sure he had gotten his answer now.
D–n me!
I was so scared that I don’t want to even move. I felt an arm around my shoulder and in a swift motion, I was in Edan’s arm. With one hand he was holding the umbrella and other was on my arm.
I was just going to protest when there came another thunder, I shrieked again and hide my face in his chest.
Crap! D–n this storm! D–n! My
I don’t care what he thinks, I’m dying here.
I felt his hand on my back as he held me close and I could felt myself a little calm now. But deep inside…
My heart was beating faster and my breath fastened. My whole body tingling from his electrifying touch.
We walked slowly towards the car. He started the car and turn on the heater as I removed his coat and gave it to him.
“Thanks,” I muttered.
“No need to.” His voice was calm.
We drove on the road and my eyes fixed on my lap.
I didn’t know he had a meeting there. I had arranged his schedule and there wasn’t any meeting in that area.
“You don’t have a meeting there,” I speak up after a minute.
“Hmm?” His eyes on the road.
“I am your PA Mr. Wilton and I know there wasn’t any meeting of yours in that town.”
“There is. ”
“No! There isn’t! I know your schedule better.” I retorted.
He didn’t reply.
“Mr. Wilton tell me the truth.” I fold my arms and stared at him.
“Okay! I’ll tell you for one reason.” He said as he turned the car to left.
“Fine,” I said to him.
I want to know why is he going there. If it’s special for me, then I don’t want his mercy or something.
Why is he even doing this?
“I’ll tell you if you start calling me by my first name.” He said with a calm posture but a smile playing on his lips.
“B-But it’s highly inappropriate. You’re my boss and I’m your PA. And although you’re a jerk and a bastard still I can’t just call you by your name.” I said not a bit ashamed of my words.
“You can call me a jerk or a bastard but can’t call me by my first name? What kind of thing is that?” He chuckled.
“Oh just shut up!” I remarked and as soon as I did, I know I had done wrong.
I shouldn’t have said that… He helped me though.
“Hey there! I’m your boss. And if you’re not calling me by my first name then I’m calling you by yours.” He smirked.
“Who are you? Mr. Bipolar.? Why are you like this?” I rolled my eyes.
“Who are you, Emma? Why are you not attracted to me? Why you hate when I talk to you?Why are you scared of me? Why you hate guys or it’s just me?” He retorted.
I got shocked at his questions and my tongue tied up. I don’t know the answers to them.
I kept silent as I don’t want to discuss with him about my past. I don’t want to get involved with him. I will remain, Emma who hate guys; although he helped me today but still I can’t just tell him all about me. I had just known him for two days and I can’t just trust him. I just can’t

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Chapter Thirteen

Emma’s POV
After a drive of one hour, we reached my parent’s house. It was not a huge mansion but it was quite big. It was enough for our family.
“This is your boyfriend’s house?” I turned my head to see Edan, his jaw tightened and gaze intense.
“Excuse me? What are you saying?” I asked him confused.
“Your date Emma! Look I’m not dumb! I know you had worn that dress for a reason and I know clearly that you’re here for your date.” He said coldly and I cringed at his d–n thought.
“What is wrong with you idiot? I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t do dating shits and for your kind information. I hate guys and this is my parent’s house. They have invited me to a dinner idiot …!” I shouted at him.
That idiot! He really thought that I was going on a date.
“Oh. My bad.” He started laughing.
I smiled a bit.
He really thought I was going on a date? But why he cares?
I looked at him.
His laughter died down and he was seeing me as he has seen a ghost.
“What happened?” I raised my eyebrows.
“You just smiled,” he said looking at me.
“So??” I asked confused.
“It’s the first time I had seen you smile. You look even gorgeous with your smile.” My cheeks heat up.
D–n! Why he has to keep making
my heart flip!
“Aah… By the way thanks.” With that, I left the car to avoid further conversation and confusion. By now, the rain had stopped. I reached the door and I looked back to see the car was still there.
Why hasn’t he gone yet?
I was going to knock the door when it wide opened. My 6-year-old brother standing there.
“Sis…!” He said jumping up and down.
I picked him up and cuddle him. I kissed his cheek.
“How’s my little prince?” I said laughing.
By then my 15-year-old sister came. “Sis… You made it.” She hugged me.
By then my mom and dad came too.
Can’t they wait for me to just come in? They both pulled me into a hug and now we all were having a family hug.
“How did you get here? There was a terrible storm out there.”
My dad asked me pulling away from the hug.
“Actually I got a-”
“And whose in that car?” My father asked me as I looked back to see his car still there. Why is he still here?
“Dad he gave me the ride to here,” I told him as I heard the engine of the car starting.
“Then we should thank him.” With that, he headed towards the car.
“Wait, dad..!” I shouted but he didn’t listen. Before I could stop him, he was already talking to him.
Edan’s POV.
I have been looking at Emma. She was laughing, although it wasn’t clear from here, I could tell she was enjoying herself.
She really loves her family.
I saw her cuddling her brother as he was giggling. I had never seen her like this before. This relaxed, this much joyful.
But still, I have only known her for two days.
A smile crept across my lips when I remembered her smile. She looked so cute and even cuter when she blushes.
I saw a man and a woman came out. I think they were around 45 or 50. I looked at them.
That man! I think I had seen him before.
I smiled how they went into a family hug. I decided to go as I had to still found a hotel to stay in. I also have work tomorrow. It’s not a weekend after all!
I started my car and as I was pulling away from the driveway. I saw the same man, I assume he was Emma’s father. He gestured me to stop and I turned off my car and came out.
I took a closer look at him.
“Mr. James?” I said looking at him.
“Oh. Edan! It’s you! it’s been a while since we last met!” He greeted me and pulled me into a hug.
“So how’s your father and how’s your business so far?” he asked me.
“They both are great,” I replied smiling.
“And thanks for dropping Emma here. It meant a lot to me.”
“No need to…”
“Of course there is. Come join us for dinner.” He offered me.
I was going to say no but a thought came to my mind. It will be fun to see Emma in this house where she grew and spent her life and by this, maybe I could gain her trust too.
“It’ll be great,” I replied.
“Then come join us,” he said.
I locked my car and followed him. I looked at Emma who had a confused expression on her face. The rest of the family had gone inside.
“D-Dad what the-” she said as we approached her.
“I thought it’s the best way to thank him. After all, he brought you all the way from there.” His dad replied.
She let out a groan of frustration and went inside.
“Sorry for my daughter’s behavior. She just hates guys and could not stand them.” He apologized me.
Well, I know very well that.. .I would say.
“Never mind.” We went inside the house. He led me to a living room and we sat on the couch.
We talked about some business and then it was time for dinner. I hadn’t seen Emma and was wondering where could she be?
“Excuse me, Mr. James! Can you tell me where’s the washroom? I need to wash my hands.” I asked politely.
“Oh! Why not? Just a right from here and then there are stairs, climb up and a left from there.” He replied and I nodded. He went to the dining room and me towards the stairs.
I climbed the stairs and went to left. I saw almost 4 doors there and then opened the first one, it was a store. I opened the second one and it looks like a room, I decided to check in. I looked at the pictures hanging on the walls.
There was a cute girl having a white bear in her hands, her eyes grey and hair blackish brown as she was smiling. I focused on the picture and wondered who was she? I would bet she had grown into one heck beautiful woman by now. I looked around and saw a dairy.
I opened its first page. Emma’s
personal diary. My best friend . I immediately closed it.
I should not read it. It’s personal!
So, the girl in that picture is Emma. I looked around the room and saw a picture on her bed stand. It was of her family. They all were smiling. Emma was kissing her mom’s cheek.
I could smell her scent here. I was planning to head back when I heard her yell.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I turned around to see her glaring at me.
“Looking for the washroom,” I replied innocently.
“Get out of my room.” She gritted her teeth and moved towards me.
“Oh! Is it your room? I didn’t know that.” I planned to play innocent. She grit her teeth.
“No wonder you look cute in that pic.” I pointed at the pic in which little Emma was in a bathtub.
“How dare you!” She said while coming closer and It looked like she was gonna attack.
She moved towards me and I stepped aside as she fell on the bed. I let out a chuckle and this made her more aggressive.
She again tried to attack and this time I caught her hands. She struggled to free her hands but my grip was stronger.
“You had a cute diary there,” I said while looking into her eyes and arousing her anger.
I don’t know why but I am just loving
teasing her.
Her eyes got wide and then she tried even harder to hit me. But I didn’t let go of her hands, she pushed me and I lost my balance. I tried to regain it but failed to do so. We both fell on the bed as Emma’s back on the bed and I was on top of her.
Her furious eyes were replaced by startled ones. She was staring into my eyes and me in her grey eyes. We both had forgotten our little fight and now we were staring into each other eyes. My eyes shifted to her lips.
Those cherry red lips.
She was biting her lower lip and now I wanna bite it.
I lean in and she didn’t protest. I took this as my chance and lean closer. She was staring into my eyes, a mysterious expression in them. I leaned more. Our lips a millimeter apart.

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Chapter Fourteen

Emma’s POV.
Right now Edan was on top of me and he was leaning closer. I don’t know why I was not pushing him away. I had become numb… I wanted to push him away but my body wasn’t agreeing with my mind.
What is wrong with me?
I was angry as hell when I found him in my room. Who knows what he was doing here? He may have read my diary and if he had.
I’m gonna kill him. I had written everything in it; my first crush, my first boyfriend, my first heart broke… Everything! And if he had read it, I will be ruined. He could use it in any way…
But right now I don’t know. I seem to not care… Right now, my mind was drifted to somewhere else. I was looking into those blue eyes. By looking at them I became calm.
They are like a peaceful ocean. By looking at them my all furry seems to fade away.
I saw Edan getting closer, our lips a few millimeters apart. We both were now breathing one air. I don’t want to do this but why my body wants this? Why I want that lips on mine? Why? What are these electric sparks I’m feeling? What is happening?
“Emma..!” I came back to reality by the voice of my mom. I pushed back Edan and he fell down on the floor. I quickly get up.
“Emma dear… Dinner’s ready.” My mom shouted from downstairs.
“Coming mum,” I replied back.
“Okay dear.”
I turned my attention to Edan, a smirk planted on his lips. I don’t know what to say. There was an awkward silence between us. After a moment, I decided to break that silence.
“The guest room is the last room,” I said while pointing in the direction.
“What?” he said calmly.
“You said you’re looking for the washroom.” I reminded him as our eyes locked.
“Oh… that.” He said still not leaving my eyes.
I averted my eyes to avoid his hypnotizing gaze. He stood up, left my room and went to the guest room as I went downstairs but before I went down, I put my diary in a drawer and locked it.
I went to the dining room and sat on the chair. My father was sitting in front of me and my mom by his side, beside her my brother was sitting. My sister was sitting beside me.
“Where’s Edan?” My father asked.
“I don’t know.” I lied.
“I’m sorry for being late.” He said with a smile and sat right beside me. I could feel like someone has connected me with a battery or something. I could feel electric sparks. I looked at him to see he was looking at me.
“So this is the gentleman who brought you here?” My mother started as we started our dinner.
“Yes. He is the one.” My father replied.
“And moreover, He’s one of my best clients.” My father told us.
“What?” I said completely confused.
Did I heard him right.?
“Yes, Emma. I had designed that entire building. His father and I are really good friends.” My father explained.
I don’t know what to say. I was completely shocked, my dad is an engineer and he had designed many famous buildings, hotels, offices. He had many people working underneath him, so there isn’t anything not to believe but still, I couldn’t believe my ears.
My appetite just vanished.
“So do you have a girlfriend?” My sister joined the conversation.
Just Great!
I was just going to choke on my bite. I was praying that he would say no but why do I care?
“No, I don’t have one.” Relief floods through me.
Why I’m acting this way?
The next what my sister said made my bite stuck in my throat.
“Oh, Emma is single too. You can take her on a date.”
I quickly grab my glass of water and gulp it. This helped me to get rid of my burning sensation.
“Sofia…!” I whispered yelled at her.
“What?” She said innocently.
“Don’t play innocent with me.” I glared at her. I could tell that Edan was smirking right now.
God! Can I die for a little time?
My dad finally changed the topic but it wasn’t that good either.
“So how you both met?” My father asked me as I heaved a long breath.
“She is…”. “I am…” We both said in unison after a moment.
We looked at each other staring into each other eyes. We stared for I dunno 2 minutes when my mother spoke up.
“Oh dear. Emma has something important to tell.” My mother broke our staring competition.
“Oh, what is it?” My father looked at me and I just stared back blankly.
I don’t know how to tell him when my jerk boss is sitting beside me.
Now what?
“Tell them.” My mother mouthed to me.
I gather my confidence and replied. “I got a job as a PA.”
Silent fell on the table but after a moment my whole family get off their seats except my mother and pulled me into a hug. My father kissed my forehead. “My baby girl… You finally got your dream job. I’m very happy for you. You had made us all proud.” My father kissed my forehead again.
“Thanks, dad,” I replied, smiling.
“So who’s your boss? I bet he’s handsome, sexy and charming.” Sofia said cheerfully, getting all dreamy.
My eyes got wide and I do not know what should I do now. I saw Edan grinning at me and I knew he had heard what Sofia just said.
Crap! What a dinner!
“No, he’s not… He’s a complete jerk.” I said looking at Edan and this time I was the one grinning.
My mom cleared her throat. “Just sit down all of you. Finish the dinner.”
They all sat down.
“So sis… How long you’ve been working for him?” Sofia asked me.
“Two days.” By force , I would add.
“Two days? No offense that’s why you’re calling him a jerk. You should give him some time, I bet she’s gonna change your mind about guys and you may find your love.” Sofia said dreamily as I just chocked on my own breath.
What the heck!
She should definitely stop reading
too many romantic novels.
“Yes dear! We want the best for you.” My mother said while holding my dad’s hand.
Not them too…
“We want you to be happy with your love and forget about Den.” My father said. I tried to swallow my anger and stood up.
I had enough of this conversation.
“I’m done.” With that, I left the table.
How could they talk about this? And in front of Edan? He’s gonna think of me like an idiot. My whole reputation, gratitude is finished, ruined.
I went into the balcony and I didn’t stop my tears this time. I cried and cried, I want to get this out.
I was crying my pain out and I didn’t know someone was standing beside me or when did that person come.
“Are you okay?” I turned around to see Edan.
“Why you care?” I said trying my hard to stop my tears but couldn’t help it. The whole past playing before my eyes like a movie.
Please! Just stop!
“Go on! Laugh at me. Make fun of me. But I’m not in a mood to argue with you.” I said sobbing.
“I’m not here to make fun of you. I’m just here to see if you’re okay.” I looked at him, my eyes red and puffy from crying.
“Why?” I whispered.
“I don’t know… Look everyone has something in the past that they don’t want to remind but you can’t just cut it out of your life. It’s a part of your life, it helps you to become brave… just like you Emma.” Edan replied seeing in my eyes. I looked at him blank. I was surprised by those words and especially from Edan’s mouth. He just sounded like the total opposite of a jerk…
He wiped my tears with his thumb and my stomach turned upside down.
“I don’t want to see you cry again. You are brave. You are a fighter, you don’t easily give up. So wipe down those tears and don’t you ever cry again.” His words gave me confidence. I don’t know how to thank him. His mere touch had made me calm.
I came close as I hold his shirt with my hands and hid my face in his muscular chest. He didn’t respond so I thought he didn’t like this.
My mistake!
I drew back a little, embarrassed at my actions. I turned around to leave but was stopped by a hand, he held my arm and in a swift motion, I was back in his arms.
He held me tighter as I hid my face in his chest.
“You can let it out.” He said softly caressing my back.
And this was enough, I couldn’t stop my tears more. I cried and cried remembering Den. Whenever someone mentions his name, all bad memories came alive as if it all just happened yesterday and I couldn’t just control it then.
Edan kissed on my head. After 10 minutes I came to ease, his shirt was soaked in my tears. But he didn’t let me go. He held me closer and I also didn’t want him to let me go. I could feel like I’m safe now.
“We should go now. It’s late and we have work tomorrow.” He said after some time.
“Yeah! you’re right.” I said while letting him go.
He held my hand and we went downstairs.
“Look Emma! I’m sorry.” My father said as we reached the living room, by then Edan had left my hand.
I nodded.
“We should leave now, it’s getting late,” Edan said.
“Oh… Well, do come again. We wish you both could stay a little more.” My mother said.
“Sis…” I turned my head to see Sofia.
“Sorry for what I said at the table.”
“Its fine now,” I replied while hugging her.
We went to the door. Edan beside me.
“We will come meet you.” My parents hugged me.
“Sure.” I hugged them back.
“Hey…you didn’t tell us how you both met..!” Sofia asked giving the life to
that topic.
“Oh yes.” My mother said looking at me and I bit my tongue.
“Miss James is my PA,” Edan told them to cut off my confusion.
There eyes wide open as if they had just received a great shock. All the things they said about my boss in front of my boss. Well! That was quite embarrassing. But no! They weren’t embarrassed at all. Instead, my father said.
“Edan! I’m so glad that my daughter is in good hands. I trust you more than anything…Take care of my daughter.”
Seriously… Why even he had to say that. It’s like I’m getting married or something.
My parents can be so out of control sometimes but you can’t blame them when you’re their eldest kid. They want the best for you and they are extra cautious.
“I surely will…” Edan smirked at me.
Such an idiot…! But this idiot comfort
you….! My conscience reminded me.
After bidding goodbye, we went to the car and drove back. I was so tired that I went to sleep. I felt a warm coat over me as I smiled and mumbled a thank you to Edan.

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