[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 9

Episode 9 . . . Bimpe was working in her office when her phone rang. Steve was the caller. Before picking the call, Bimpe locked her office door. She would not want someone else to hear her. “Hello Steve. What happened?” “Where are you?” “In my office.” “I think someone knows the truth now. Lizzy has been abducted. I don’t know where they took her to.” “Oh my God! Are you sure of what you are saying?” “I am certain of it. Someone sent me a nude picture of Lizzy and after that she was abducted. I am worried to death.” “I hope you know you can’t go to the police. Have you spoken to our henchmen?” “No, I can’t talk to them. They have been compromised. I am hoping that whoever kidnapped Lizzy will call me for ransom or for vendetta. I need to know she is still alive… I just returned to the country. I had to take my children to some safe place.” “That is a smart move. Where are they?” “I can’t tell you bimpe. It is better you don’t know.” “It’s okay, I understand. Do whatever you can to find Lizzy, I will do my best from here… have you heard?” “What?” “Eve and Stanley are still alive.” There was silence for a moment after Bimpe informed him that Eve and Stanley were still alive. “Steve, are you still there?” “Yes… Bimpe, I hope you know we are in a deep mess?” “Yeah, I know. Find your wife as quickly as you can. I have the feeling things won’t work out well between Emilia and Mayo. We should try and take advantage of that.” “I didn’t understand what you mean.” “Mayo does not know who made the videos, Emilia won’t tell him. I will try and point fingers at Emilia; that should break them up.” “No, Bimpe! You should not do that. Emilia is a monster; you don’t want to mess with her. Please don’t do it. You absolutely do not have what it takes to handle her. I would suggest we disappear.” “Okay, I will try not to point fingers at Emilia. Steve, I have got to go. I have so much work to do. Call me when you find your wife. I’ll get my men to look underground for her.” “Thank you, Bimpe.” “You are welcome.” As soon as Bimpe was done talking to Steve, she sent a text to Mayo, using an unknown number. The text message read, “Hello Mayo, Emilia paid someone to make the videos. Check the house you use for your abominable sexual orgies and you will see lots of hidden cameras. Are you hidden cameras. Are you aware that she worked as a hooker for seven years in Atlanta before she returned to Nigeria? Don’t believe what she tells you. She doesn’t want the videos found. If you don’t believe me, you know where to look.” As quickly as Bimpe sent the text message, she turned off her phone and removed the sim card with which she sent the message. Steve had warned her not to point fingers at Emilia, but she would not listen. She had her reasons for attacking Emilia. On the other side Mayo was trying hard without success to call the number which sent him the message. Determined to find out who was behind the text message, he called a friend of his in the mobile carrier which owned the number that sent him the message and asked his friend to get him the identity of the person who sent him the message. In Apple Bar, Steve sat alone at a table, working out how to get back his wife. He was lost in thought when his phone rang. To his surprise, the caller was Lizzy. Steve was happy that finally, those who abducted his wife were getting in touch with him. With a cold voice he said, “Hello…” “Baby! Baby! Where are you? Where are our children? I have been calling you since yesterday!” “Where are you Lizzy?” “I am home. They have let me go! Come home please! Come home!” “No! I am not coming home. They are trying to use you to get me. Who is there with you? They have not let you go right?” Steve could not believe his wife would be sent home that easily. Lizzy broke down and began to cry. “I am alone in the house. No one is here with me. I was released yesterday after those who kidnaped me made me do some things…” Steve was alarmed; his heart began to beat very fast. “Lizzy, what did they make you do?” “They stripped me nude and forced me to pose nude with three nude men. They beat me up…” Steve went numb with fear. Bimpe was right, someone must know the truth now and was working secretly to get him and his accomplices. “I want you to come to Apple Bar. Walk in and take a seat. I will meet you there in minutes.” “Okay, I’ll leave right away.” Lizzy dropped the call and ran down stairs. She had thought her husband and children had been killed by the men who kidnapped her. Steve was not sure his wife was telling him the truth, so he left the bar, went across the street and paid a taxi driver to let him sit in his taxi for some time. While he waited, Lizzy drove into Apple Bar in her Range Rover HSE. In a jiffy she made it out of her car and headed into the bar. 10:45 am, Emilia’s Residence “Who else amongst these people do you think is closest to finding the videos,” Emilia asked her guards. On her dining table was spread a wide sheet containing the names of the people looking for the people looking for the videos and those in the videos. “I think Maxwell has the best chance of finding the videos. He knows where Eve and Stanley are,” one of Emilia’s guards said. “Maxwell is chasing shadows. He is doing exactly what I want him doing at the moment,” Emilia replied sarcastically. Just then her phone rang. It was the policeman who called some days earlier from Briggs Clinic to inform her that Eve and Stanley might still be alive. She had to take his call, “Hey, man. What have you got?” Emilia asked. “Leroy survived the shooting at Briggs Clinic. He will be transferred to a military hospital by 11: am tomorrow. Do you still have need for him?” “I do. Thanks for letting me know. Can you help him disappear?” “Maybe, but I am not yet sure.” “If you can make it happen; make sure he never gets taken to the military hospital.” “I will try, Emilia.” “Thanks man. I will remember this.” “You are welcome.” 11:55 am, A Mansion outside the City “Whoever it is you are working for is looking for videos. The videos contain the worst form of deviant sexual acts you can imagine. You need to understand the caliber of people in those videos. There are four currently serving governors, six ministers, seven celebrities of immense wealth, an ex-president and his daughter, and also one of the richest men in Africa and his daughter. Actually this man and his daughter had sex together with their eyes blindfolded. It was a set up and I don’t know who planned it all. The people in the videos have the means to kill whoever will try to keep them from finding the videos…” Stanley paused. Eve had Stanley paused. Eve had heard those from him and so was not surprised. “I don’t know what you were told, but the truth is I did not make those videos and you cannot find me in any of them. Some amongst my friends or in connection with my friends did, but I don’t know who they are,” he continued. “Where are the original copies of the videos now,” Dr. Larry asked. Stanley knew that admitting he did not know where the videos where would take his bargaining power away; so he made up a story, “I don’t know where they are, but I might know who does. I understand there is a sixteen- digit code with which the videos were locked away in a safe somewhere in this city. I and Eve were made to memorize three digits each. If anything happens to us, you will never find the videos. According to what I was told, the numbers are also coordinates to the location of the original copies of the videos.” Eve was shocked to hear Stanley say they were made to memorize numbers. That was a lie. They simply did not know much about the videos except those who were in them. The fact that Stanley was leading their captors on made her much more afraid. If they found out, they would not hesitate to shoot them. “You said you know who might know where the videos are, who is that?” Dr. Larry asked. “I want to know that I and my wife are safe before I give you a name.” “Stanley, you don’t understand what mess you are in right now. Give us a name and we will convince our boss to let you go,” Dr. Lami persuaded him. “How do I know they won’t shoot us the moment I give them a name?” “This is messier than we thought, Stanley. Just drop a name and we will leave this place with you right now,” Dr. Lami pleaded with a fear riddled voice. They were all startled when one of the armed men watching from a room upstairs barged into the room, wielding a gun. “Stanley, I doubt very much you understand what is going on here. If you don’t give us a name I am going to shoot you and your wife right here!” the man shouted. “I understand you want to protect your friends but you need to see this!” He handed Stanley a tablet and urged him, “Play the video.” Stanley was not sure what was in the video. He was clearly afraid. Eve came over and sat beside him. Stanley braved up for the worst and taped the play button and the video began to play. Seconds into the video, the mouths of Stanley and Eve hung open in shock. In the video were Bimpe, Steve and Clara, in a bar, telling an unidentified man that the sex videos may have been made by Stanley and Eve. At the end of the video, the unidentified man left a briefcase on the table and left. Turning to them, the armed man said, “The video you just watched was recorded six months ago. Your friends believe you made the videos. They were paid ten million Naira for that information.”

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