[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 6

Episode 6 . . . Lizzy got in her car and drove off. About fifteen minutes away from her house she noticed that a black Mercedes SUV was following her. To be sure she was actually being followed, she turned off into another street and sped off. About ten minutes later the black Mercedes SUV showed up behind her. She could tell whoever was in the SUV was following her. She panicked and dialed her husband, “Baby I am being followed by a black Mercedes SUV. Did you send anyone to look after me?” “No I did not. Are you sure you are being followed?” Steve asked. “Since I drove out of the house the black Mercedes SUV has been following me. I have taken several turns to lose it, yet it keeps popping up behind me. I don’t know what the driver’s game plan is. It is looking like he wants me to lead them to someone. Who did you say sent you the picture?” “A stranger… this is what I want you to do. Find the nearest police station around and drive into it. Do you have the Sony camera?” “Yes.” “Make sure no one takes it from you.” “Okay, I will do that.” A Day Later Steve was in a car driving his four children out of the city, since the last time he spoke with his wife and asked her to drive into a police station, he had not heard from her. He was sure that whoever was following his wife must have abducted her. He had so much dirt to hide and for that could not go to the police. His best option was to get his children out of the city before coming back for his wife. The stranger who sent him the nude picture of his wife had not responded to the several messages he sent to him. Three Days Earlier Clara was still in the bathroom letting a cold shower run through her body. She was expecting that after Steve must have finished with whoever called him, he would return to join her in the bath. He had mistaken Steve’s entry into the bathroom for an intent to have sex with her in the bathroom. She had no clue he actually came to kill her for what he feared she knew. Clara had spent about thirty minutes in the bath when she began to wonder what was keeping Steve. She called his name, “Steve!” There was no response and so he called him again, “Steve!” When Steve did not answer her second call, she came out of the bathroom to know what was wrong with him. There was no Steve in the bedroom, his clothes and laptop were gone. She had heard his voice talking to someone over the phone, but could not tell when he left the bedroom. Shockingly there was a jackknife on the bed, the very one with which Steve was going to kill her. Clara could tell something was wrong. She ran back into the bathroom, dried her body, came out and quickly dressed up. Taking her bag, she took the jackknife she saw on the bed and she sneaked out of Steve’s bedroom. In the living room there was still no sign of Steve. She dialed his number and it was switched off. She was almost going to have a panic attack at this point. She remembered that there was a back door Steve gave her key to. She only made use of it whenever Steve’s wife came home suddenly and was going to catch the two of them in bed. She searched her bag and found it. She had to head back toward the bedroom so to use the door. When she glanced at her watched it was 1:55 am. She had never been alone on the street by that time of the night. Steve had invited her over because his wife and children had gone to see their relatives who had returned from Germany. Quietly she inserted the key on the door and opened it. When she stepped out of the building, she turned and locked the door. She measured the distance between the building and the wall. She must get to the small gate on the wall to use it to exit the compound. In the past, she had covered the distance in a flash, but that night she was afraid. She did not know who or what might be lurking in Steve’s compound. She waited for some minutes and listened for any sound around, sure there was none, she bolted toward the small gate. When she opened it, she disappeared into the street. Steve was the one who usually came to lock the gate from inside. A Mansion in the City “This man is as good as dead! If we don’t get him to a hospital, I doubt we will be able to revive him!” One of the three doctors said. The man holding an AK 47 rifle, cocked it and pointed it to the doctor’s face and yelled, “Revive him here or I blow your brains out!” “I am sorry, there is nothing I can do for this man without any medical equipment. If you want to shoot me go ahead and do it,” the doctor said digging his feet in. The man holding an AK 47 rifle stared at the doctor angrily and looked at his colleagues who were also armed with assault rifles. One of them called him aside, after a momentary chat, the man came back to the doctor and said, “I will let you and your colleague take him to a hospital, but I will be keeping the woman right here. She won’t be going anywhere.” “Look at her, she is already bleeding to death. She re-opened her wounds trying to save her husband. I doubt the man you are working for will be happy when he finds out that you let the two people who could have helped get what it is he is looking for die under your watch,” the doctor goaded him psychologically, hopping he would fall for it and let them leave also for the hospital with Eve. The doctor signaled to his two colleagues and they lifted Stanley, put him on a stretcher and hurried to the door. “Wait! You can take her along, but if they escape or anyone of them dies, I will hunt you down and force you to kill your wife and children to amuse me!” The AK 47 flinger warned the doctor. Eve was unshackled from the bed and was asked to follow the doctors. Four armed men accompanied them to a van and drove them to a hospital. The doctors were careful to take Stanley and Eve to the hospital which the men who called them while they were still at Briggs Clinic wanted them taken to. About an hour later the doctors revived Stanley. Eve’s wounds were also attended to. Two of the four armed men were close to keep an eye on the doctors to make sure they did not invite the police or called for any sort of help. While Eve and Stanley were allowed to get some rest before being taken back to their holding, one of the doctors went into the restroom and removed a phone from his underwear. When he had switched it on, he dialed a particular number and said the man on the other end of the phone, “Eve and Stanley are in the hospital now. You were very right. What they want from Eve and Stanley is a video. I understand someone important is in the video, and from the look of things there might be more than one.” “Doc, have you heard the name Mayo from any of the men or from Stanley and Eve?” “No, I haven’t. Who is that?” “Don’t worry about it. The less you know the better. We will storm the hospital in the next Seven minutes. Make sure you keep Eve and Stanley from harm’s way, we will come in hot. There is a change of plan, once we rescue Eve and Stanley we will leave them in your care. You must make them trust you and tell you all they know about the videos.” “How about my family, are they safe now?” “Yes, they are in Ghana now.” “How about the families of my colleagues, are they safe?” “Yes, they are.” The doctor was forced to turn off his phone as a result of a loud banging on the door. “Doctor! What are you doing in there?! Did I hear you talking to someone?!” One of the AK 47 flingers demanded. “No! I wasn’t talking to anyone one! I am having a runny stomach!” “Open the door!” The man outside demanded. The doctor panicked, threw his phone into the toilet and flushed it down. He stood up from the toilet and went to open the door. As soon as he opened the door, one of the men holding them hostage pushed him back into the toilet and asked him to strip down. The doctor hesitated and he smacked his gun butt across his face and demanded, “Remove your clothes!” Bleeding from the face, the doctor began to undress. The man was careful to search each piece of wear the doctor removed from his body. He was sure he heard the doctor talking to someone, he wanted to find his phone. When he had searched all the clothes the doctor removed from his body and did not find any phone, he asked him to dress up and began to look around the restroom for any phone. When the two of them stepped out of the restroom. He found his colleague lying dead on the floor with a gaping hole in his head. Before he could raise his gun, a bullet went through his head, leaving a hole the size of a baby’s hand in it. The doctor behind him was stunned as a splash blood covered his face. A man wielding an assault gun menacingly stepped into view and asked the doctor, “Are you doctor Larry?” The doctor nodded shaking terribly. An hour later, Eve, Stanley and the three doctors were driven into a mansion at the outskirts of the city. 12: 22 pm, Chucks’ Apartment Bimpe, Chucks, Clara and Stella were in a meeting. Clara was narrating her experience of what happened in Steve’s house. “When I came out of the bathroom, I could not find Steve. He simply disappeared. I only found this jackknife on his bed. I haven’t been able to reach him on the phone. His wife and children are gone too. Do you think Mayo took them?” “Clara, nobody knows what is happening. But clearly we are all in a mess. The so called video must have all of us in it. And so far none of us has accepted he or she made the video,” Bimpe replied. “The video doesn’t just have all of us in it. There are many more people in it, important people and relatives of important people…” Chucks explained. “But how did those important people get into the video with us? Haven’t we always had our orgies by ourselves?” Bimpe asked. “The guy who turned you inside out and had you screaming for hours some months ago was he one of us?” Stella asked, looking like she was going to start a fight. “Oh! I forgot,” Bimpe said and covered her face as though she had just realized how much a sex maniac she was. “Chucks, you sound like you know more about the video, can you fill us in?” Clara asked. “After Eve and Stanley were shot, I became very troubled. Stanley is one of us and whoever killed him in that manner must have an axe to grind, I figured. So I hired a detective to work on the case and find out why our friends were shot. A few days later he came back with a video clip, it had most of us in it and some of the people we often bring in from outside to sex with us. You know what we do, so don’t be ashamed. There were some faces in the video I still don’t remember when they joined us. I have been told there are many more videos. It is not just one. There are perhaps two groups out there, they are looking for the videos. One wants the videos and those in them destroyed; while another wants the videos as a weapon against some people in it. If we don’t make a move out of the city in the next few days, we are sitting ducks. They are going to come for us.” “I don’t understand, why didn’t they come for us in the first place. Why shoot Stanley and Eve. They are innocent! Stanley hasn’t been part of what we do for a long time now. So why shoot him and his new wife?!” Clara asked looking bemused. “My private detective thinks they may be the ones in possession of all the videos. In fact, they believe they have the videos,” Chucks said. His friends were astonished to hear Stanley and Eve had the videos. “Now that they are dead, what are we going to do,” Stella asked. “You are wrong, Stanley and Eve are still alive. My source said they are still living. Somehow they survived the shooting,” Chucks explained further. The others were further shocked by that revelation. Immediately Bimpe stood up and went to use the restroom. In the restroom, she quickly typed the following message in her phone, “Chucks knows too much already. A detective is working for him. Stanley and Eve are still alive.” She sent the message and rejoined the group.

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