[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 4

Episode 4 . . . Leroy was quick and methodical in his search for Eve and Stanley. He was determined to find them no matter where they were in the hospital. Thankfully the hospital management had tucked Eve and Stanley away in some room the emergency ward, it will take Leroy some searching to find them. While Leroy looked around from ward to ward, he glanced regularly at his watch; the hospital was waking up for the day’s work. He knew it won’t be long before someone would find the policeman whose body he dumped in the restroom, unknown to him, the body had already been found. Far behind him policemen searched frantically through the hospital, hoping to find him before he would take out Eve and Stanley. Inside a room in the emergency ward, the three doctors taking care of Eve and Stanley had woken up. Around the couple they stood, observing them with happy faces. They were glad to see the improvement they had made. “They are going to live through this, thank God,” said one of the doctors. “We are on the brink of stardom in this city for saving this couple. The news out there is that they are dead, imagine what would happen when people get know we managed to bring them back to life,” the most senior of the three doctors said with a grin on his face. “Perhaps we should release the video of how we worked for hours to save them to a major broadcasting organization and have them make a reality show out of it. The public are already in love with the couple. At Queen’s square, they are dropping flowers in respect to them,” the youngest of the doctors said. The three doctors exchanged looks, seeming to like the idea of making a reality show out of how they saved Eve and Stanley. By now Leroy had made it into the emergency ward. Under his breath, he cursed himself for not to have concentrated his search on finding the emergency ward, he should have known that Eve and Stanley would be there. When people ran into him, they looked at him curiously. No one could remember the last time they saw a policeman as well dressed as he was. Taking his time, Leroy looked from patient to patient, searching the faces of those in the ward. When he drew closer to a young female patient, whom he thought looked like Eve; he pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. That was his mistake. The sight of a police officer pointing his gun at a patient on a hospital bed, threw the patients into panic. Their shouts drew the attention of nurses and non-medical staff to the ward. When people ran into the large hospital room where the patients were, they saw Leroy holding a gun at a patient. Sadly none of them knew what was going on in the hospital, the police officers at duty had chosen to keep what was happening to themselves so not to cause stampede. The sight of a policeman holding his gun at a patient was unsettling for the nurses and staff of the hospital, they joined the hysterical shouts. Leroy could see he had made a mistake, the lady wasn’t Eve. He had to lower his gun and try to calm the crowd in the room. Inside the small room where the three doctors where with Eve and Stanley, they heard the frantic shouts. The youngest doctor yanked the door open to see what was happening; the oldest of them pulled him back, but by then he had already opened the door. Leroy turned and saw him before he shut the door again. In a quick move, Leroy fired two shots in the direction of the young doctor; the bullets went through the door and ricocheted off an infusion stand before lodging into the wall. The three doctors panicked; they could tell someone had been sent to finish off Eve and Stanley. They rushed forward, locked the door and piled sofas on it to stop the assassin from gaining entry into the room. Leroy tried to open the door, but could not, so he fired more shots at it, kicked hard at it and it still would not open. He had to shatter the glass windows by the door and fired in shot into the room randomly. Thankfully the doctors had moved Eve and Stanley away from their beds and lay them on the floor in a corner of the room. All of them lay on the floor and prayed for help. Leroy was beside himself, he was angry he could not gain access into the room. The patients and staff of the hospital behind him had fled from the room. Those who could not because they were too ill to move cried in fear. He had to point his gun at them to shut up, and then tried once again to force the door open. This time the door creaked a little open, he stepped back to lunge a heavy kick on the door and suddenly went down to the floor as the sound of gunshots filled the air. Seconds later, there was eerie silence in the room as Leroy lay down on the floor bleeding. From the door a squad of policemen moved in with their guns pointing at Leroy. 12: 15 pm, Ocean Grey Oil & Gas Company – Steve’s Office Steve, one of the six friends of Stanley is typing a message on his laptop computer. A stranger had sent him a nude picture of him and some unidentified lady. He was scared stiff, he was randy just like his other friends, but he could not tell who the woman next to him in the picture was. In frenzy he typed, “Who are you? How did you get that picture? That cannot be me! I don’t know the lady in the picture!” The person on the other end typed, “That is certainly you. The lady in the picture is my wife and I am going to return the favour.” Steve was scared. He typed, “What are you going to do? Believe me I don’t know the lady! There might be a mix up somewhere.” “Hahaha! You sound scared. I was only joking. The picture was mocked up with Photoshop,” the stranger replied. “But how did you get a nude picture of me in bed?” Steve asked anxiously. “How would you like this?” was the stranger’s reply. Steve asked, “How would I like what?” A nude picture of Steve’s wife, lying on a bed with a smile on her face, was the stranger’s last message before he went offline. Steve’s mouth hung wide open. The beat of his heart was so loud it drummed out every other sound in his office. Feverishly he picked his phone and dialed his wife’s number. “Hello honey, where are you?” “I am in my office. Is anything wrong?” Lizzy, Steve’s wife asked. “Where are the kids?” “What is wrong with you? Where would the kids be by this time of the day? Tell me what is going on?” Stanley pondered how to explain what was going on to his wife. “Are you there Steve?” Lizzy asked. “Yes…I am here. Baby, someone just sent me a nude picture of you in a bed; and the bed is not ours.” Lizzy went cold with fear. “Baby, did you hear me?” “I…I did. But how did this person get a nude picture of me in a bed?” “Calm down, I am not trying to accuse of infidelity. You like to strip down when you are at home, especially when the kids are not around; tell me when you attended a business conference in Sun City, did you strip down in your hotel room?” “Oh my God!! I don’t remember having clothes on when I was in my hotel room!” “Did you take any pictures in your hotel room?” Lizzy went silent momentarily and began to sob. “Hey! Hey! Baby, stop crying! I am not accusing you of any wrong. From the picture I have here, I can tell you did not take it yourself, so in Sun City, did anyone help you take pictures of yourself?” Lizzy went silent once more. “I haven’t got much time to work on this case! Tell me, who took the pictures for you?!!” Steve yelled. “A maid… a maid in the hotel I lodged in. She saw me naked and commented about how great my body was, and so I asked her to help me take some photos of me. I swear by God, I did it for you.” “Where are the photos you took right now?” “They are still my Sony camera at home.” “Go get them for me now! Make some excuses and leave your office. I am waiting for you in my office.” Lizzy didn’t have the time to find an excuse for leaving her work place. She ran out of her office and went straight into the elevator. Minutes later she was on the road speeding home in her car. A few blocks away from her house, two shooters with automatic rifles waited in a black Mercedes SUV. 2:25 pm, Chucks’ house Chucks one of Stanley’s six friends was at home. The shooting of Eve and Stanley had left him jaded. He had become wary of leaving his house. He could not wait to get some information about the shooting. Already without telling his other friends, he had hired a private detective to look into the shooting. He and his friends had done lots of bad stuffs together; he wanted to know who might be after them. The idea of waiting till someone comes and blows his brains off did not appeal to him. A knock on his door had him flying into the air in shock. He dashed to his bar and removed a loaded automatic handgun from behind a collection of drinks. Meanwhile the knock continued. Picking his steps like a cat, he drew closer to the door and asked, “Who is that?” “Chucks, it is me.” The voice was that of Bimpe one of the six friends. Chucks had hardly opened the door, when she leapt in, kicked the door shut and grabbing Chucks by the waist, she wrestled him to the floor. She was strong like an ox, Chucks tried hard to keep his clothes on, but she ripped them off and hurriedly undressed herself. The sight of her naked body left chucks weak. Lamely he tried to give the reason they should not have sex that moment. “Bimpe, my wife is returning to the city today. Please go meet your husband.” “My husband is worse than a dead man. He doesn’t know what to do with me!” Like a ravenous wolf, she overcame him and began to satisfy her depravity. 4: 16 pm, Harding Street Mayo had left a bank and was walking to his car when his phone rang; the call was from an unknown number. He picked it anyway, “Hello who is this?” “Mayo, the bitches are dead. Emilia wants you to come in for a celebration.” “Who are you? Who are the bitches? Who is Emilia?” “The bitches are Eve and Stanley. Aren’t you happy for that?” Mayo could not stir a limb. He went numb for moments before his hands and feet began to shake. Like a man suffering Parkinson disease, he shook toward his car. 5:30 pm, Briggs hospital The hospital was slowly recovering from the shooting which had taken place in it earlier in the day. Eve and Stanley were grateful they had survived the ordeal. They had not begun to speak freely, but every now and again, Eve would raise two fingers to say she was fine. Stanley on his part would move his eyes about and manage a smile. Their beds had to be brought closer to each other to help them connect physically. They would stretch their hands and hold each other’s fingers for some moments. That evening, while the patients and staff in the hospital were happy that the sad events which happened in the morning were over, for no reason at all, the policemen in the hospital began to leave in groups. The hospital management didn’t like that and so began to make calls to have the policemen redeployed to their hospital. While they were at it, am armed group of sixteen men broke into the hospital and took Eve, Stanley and the three doctors who were responsible for their treatment away.

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