[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 3

Episode 3 . . . Leroy was skimming through the list of staff at hotel de la crème, where he had shot Eve and Stanley, hoping to find the boy who had seen him in the hallway when the mystery lady called him to inform him that Eve and Stanley might still be alive. He had to call off his search for the concierge. He was happy he won’t be focusing on the boy. Somehow he felt strongly it was wrong to shoot the boy, he was just doing his job. Leroy had done worse though, but somehow he felt the boy should live. Shooting a couple on their wedding day was not a problem for him, and going back to a hospital to finish them off, if they were alive as was rumoured, did not bug his conscience a bit. He stood up from his reading table to garb himself in a fake police uniform; with the uniform gaining entry into Briggs Clinic won’t be a problem. His sense of dressing was top class, he had paid an Indonesian trained tailor in Aba to make the police uniform for him. The outfit had a fitting look on him, giving him a seductive appeal. His well toned chest and biceps were well emphasized in the clothe. He stood before the mirror and admired himself as his adrenalin shot high. He had a queer mannerism; he was in love with his fine looks and sometimes would get sexually turned on just by looking at himself in the mirror. Pointing two fingers to the right side of his head like a gun, he pretended to shoot himself, making a gunshot sound with his mouth. With his mind having momentarily shifted to sex, he picked his phone and called one of the ladies whom he regularly paid well to have that need of his taken care of. The lady did not pick up his call. He got angry; acting like his feet were unsteady on the floor, showing the paranoid side of him. Breathing like his chest was going to burst out of him, he yelled, “Who the hell is with my b—h by this time of the night! I pay her well to keep booty for me!” He had to dial her number again. This time the lady picked up, “Hello Leroy…” “Don’t you hello me s–t! Who the hell are you giving your booty right now?!” “What did you just call me Leroy?” “You are a bitchy s–t!! Who is f***ing you right now?!” The lady who had just woken up from sleep was shocked and angry at the words Leroy shot at her. “You know what Leroy, I am done with you! There are men who can pay better than what you give me. I don’t deserve this insult!” She dropped the call. Leroy quickly called back, vibrating in anger from head to toes. While he waited for her to pick up, he pulled out his gun, kept it on the table and began to caress it amorously, hoping she was close enough for him to blow her brains out. The lady didn’t pick up. In anger he lifted one of the sofas next to him and broke it on the floor. Still shaking in anger, he went into his wardrobe and removed a medium- sized briefcase. He opened it, took a deep breath to calm himself and studied its contents. The briefcase contained his work tools. In it were handguns, a poison case, silver-coated military grade knife, bullet cases and hand gloves. Swiftly he closed the briefcase, took it and went back to look at himself before the mirror before leaving for Briggs Clinic. 5: 15 am, Briggs Clinic In front of the clinic, a brand new, yellow Nissan car pulled up – a taxi. With affecting panache, Leroy stepped out of the taxi holding his briefcase and looking every inch the nicest police officer in the city. When he got to the gate he flashed his fake police ID card and the security men allowed him in. When he moved into the hospital premises, the squad of policemen inside stopped him and asked who he was. Calm like an angel on duty, he gave them his ID card and dropped the name of one of the city’s top police chiefs. “Two hours ago, we intercepted a call which we believe to have originated from this hospital. Someone in here is working with whoever shot the couple who are being treated in this hospital,” Leroy said presenting his lies impeccably. “Why were we not told about this and why are you here alone?” the officer in charge of the squad at the hospital asked him. “You were not told because everyone in this hospital is a suspect, including you and your men. I am alone because we don’t want to spook out whoever made that call. I have to ask some of the doctors a few questions. Don’t worry I won’t get in your way, my job here is investigative.” The officer looked at him curiously and asked, “What do you have in that briefcase?” Leroy opened it before answering him, “My work tools.” The guns, bullets and knife were gone. There was only a stack of papers and biros. However, under the stack of papers in briefcase were his real work tools. “I don’t trust you and for that I am going to let you go in with one of my men,” said the officer. “That is fine by me. If you didn’t say that I would have thought you don’t know your job,” Leroy said with a tinge of humour and the two of them laughed. The officer sent one of his men to accompany Leroy into the hospital. In the emergency ward unit, Eve and Stanley were under the watchful eyes of three doctors. They had begun to twitch their hands and legs and breathe fine. Long hours of harrowing medical surgeries had snatched their lives from the jaws of death. When Leroy and the police officer asked to accompany him entered the hospital reception, Leroy stealthily loosened his gun holster. In the holster was the same gun with which he shot Eve and Stanley earlier at hotel de la crème. At the desk in the reception were two nurses. When they saw Leroy and the other police officer enter the reception, their eyes instinctively fell on Leroy’s chest and biceps and somehow stayed glued on them. Leroy smiled at them and they moved uncertainly as if unsure of themselves. “I am with the police homicide unit, I would like to have a word with any of the doctors present concerning a case we are working on,” Leroy said, still smiling at the nurses. One of the nurses hopped off the stool she was sitting on and said, “Okay sir; let me go get a doctor for you.” “What are you doing? We don’t have any doctors around at the moment,” the other nurse countered. The nurse who was already on her way to call a doctor swung around, put her two hands on her head and exclaimed, “Oh my God! I actually forgot!” “Sir I guess you have to leave your message with us or come back later,” said the nurse who sat still on her stool. Leroy smiled and thought about his next move. He did not believe the nurses that the doctors were not around in the hospital. The nurses had been instructed to keep the presence of the three doctors looking after Eve and Stanley secret. “I guess I have to come back later then,” Leroy said. He had worked out a new strategy to get past the nurses and shake off the police officer sent to keep an eye on him. “Where is your restroom, I am hard pressed?” Leroy asked pretending he had need to use the restroom. “It is that way; I can walk you to it,” said the nurse who had jumped off her seat to for fetch one of the doctors. “That will be nice,” said Leroy. “Don’t worry nurse; I will walk him to the restroom. I know where it is,” volunteered the police officer asked keep an eye on Leroy. At the restroom, the police officer stood outside while Leroy went inside to ease himself. Inside the restroom, Leroy quickly attached a silencer device on the barrel of his gun. The officer was lost in thought when Leroy jumped out of the restroom and pumped a bullet into his skull, a blood splash staining the wall next to him. Due to the silencer device, no gunshot was heard as the police officer went down in a heap. Leroy quickly dragged him into the restroom and shut him in. Removing his handkerchief he hurriedly tried to wipe the blood stain on the wall. There were many doors close to the restroom; Leroy had to try if any of them led to the medical wards. He knew it won’t be hard to find the wards pretending as a police officer. He pushed one of the doors open and found the room led to nowhere. Moving farther away from the restrooms, he tried another door, there were two nurses in the room sleeping. This time, there was another door in the room leading to some place. He quietly walked through the room and went out through the other door. On the other side, he met a hallway and there was no one in it. He kept walking with his eyes fixed on the doors both sides of the hallway. Back at the reception, the nurses were beginning to wonder what was keeping the police officers. The nurse who had offered to walk Leroy to the restroom decided to go find out what was keeping them. A few steps away from her colleague, she turned and said, “I hope the officers are not doing themselves when we are here burning for a man.” “You are too spoilt, I don’t remember telling you I am burning for a man,” her colleague replied smiling guiltily. “Well since you are not burning, I guess I will have to seduce the two of them and have them alone,” said the nurse as she quickened her pace toward the restrooms. Far toward the end of the hallway, Leroy found a sign pointing to the wards. He smiled and rested his hand on his gun while clutching his briefcase firmly. Back at the restroom, the nurse had seen blood on the wall and a bloody trail on the floor. Her heart was frozen with fear as she took steps closer to the male rest room. When she tried the door, it won’t open. So she moved back a bit and kicked the door. When it swung wide open, it revealed a police officer in a pool of blood. Shrieking as loud as a terrified woman could, she sped off; at the reception she did not stop to tell her friend what she had seen. She went straight outside and told the police officers, amid broken cries, what she had seen at the restroom. The policemen surged into the hospital, fanning out in groups into every part of the hospital.

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