[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 10

Episode 10 . . . 11:01 am, Apple Bar Steve sat quietly in the taxi and watched every person and car which went into Apple Bar. He was expecting to see the people who abducted his wife arrive minutes after his wife. Patiently he waited. Inside the bar, Lizzy grew impatient and dialed Steve’s number severally without his picking up. She did not know what to make of his failure to show up at the bar nor of his failure to take her calls. Without her meaning to, tears welled up in her eyes, a young man who took interest in her sublime physique and scantily covered boobs walked over to her table and asked, “Excuse me madam, what is the problem?” and sat down without Lizzy’s permission. Lizzy could tell the young man had his eyes fixed on her boobs. She tried to tuck her boobs behind her bra which served more to expose them than cover them. The young man smiled impudently and asked her, “How much is your fee? I am will double them to spend just a minute with you.” Lizzy looked at her watch and asked the young man, “Idiot, is your mother a w—e or did you just wake from a whorehouse this morning? It is only 11:00 am and you are looking for a woman to jump on.” The surprised young man stood to his feet and snapped, “If you don’t want us asking, keep them covered.” Just as the young man made his way toward another table, Lizzy’s phone rang and she picked it hurriedly, “Baby, where are you? I have been waiting for long.” “Get up and leave the bar. When you step outside, leisurely walk across the street as though you wanted to buy some things. I will pick you up from there.” Lizzy bolted out of the restaurant. Outside, she struggled to walk across the street calmly. She just could not wait to see her husband. Steve didn’t like the way she was walking; she was drawing attention to herself. He was going to call her when Lizzy suddenly stopped and walked back to her car, opened it and sat in it for a moment before dialing Steve, “Hello baby, I think I just saw a man I recognized from the house I was kept when I was abduction. Wherever you are please don’t make a move, someone is watching us.” “Thank you baby… now I want you to drive to a market place, when you get there, abandon your car and disappear into the market. From the market, try to call me from a public phone, I will tell you where I will be by then.” Lizzy started her car and drove off. 10:15 PM, Radisson Blue “I hope what I am afraid of is not what you have called me out to tell me,” Stella said as she sat on the edge of her seat, waiting to find out the result of the paternity test she had hired the doctor to conducted on her last son. The look on the doctor’s face wasn’t appealing, Stella could tell he had bad news for her. To put her out of her misery, he handed her a brown envelope. Stella refused to take it and said, “Tell me what’s in it first!” “Your husband is not the father of your last child… he belongs to Mayo.” Stella had feared the result the doctor just gave her. Though she had thought about it for days, it still hit her with a numbing force. “Are you certain of the result, doctor?” “Yes, I am hundred percent sure.” “Did you check over and again to be sure?” “I did. You know how thorough I am. I can’t make mistakes with such important tests.” “Thank you,” Stella said and collected the envelope from the doctor. The doctor stood to his feet and left the bar. After staring long at the envelope, Stella opened it and poured over the result line after line. She glanced at her watch, picked up her phone and placed a call to Mayo, “Hello Mayo. How are you doing?” “I am good.” “What’s happening to the group?” “What do you mean?” “Don’t play that game with me Mayo! You know what I mean! Why were Eve and Stanley shot?” Mayo stalled for a moment, he didn’t know how to answer Stella. He was still having a struggle with guilt. He knew he could have stopped the attack on Eve and Stella and yet he did nothing. “I don’t know why they were shot. I am still working on it,” he lied. “You know I know when you are lying. There is so much you are not saying at the moment. I am going to forward a text message to you, when you are done reading it, call me back.” Stella worked through her messages and forwarded to Mayo the message which read, “Mayo is going to kill you all. He has just found out from Emilia that there is a tape about the sexual orgies you all often have together. He knows why Eve and Stanley were shot.” After sending out the message Stella waited. She had all the night to wait. She had fooled her husband with a fictitious job she had to do that night to leave the house. She wasn’t much of a drinker, but to keep herself wide awake, she ordered for a bottle of Chelsea Dry Gin along with a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. She had them mixed in a glass with a few cubes of ice and began to sip the drink slowly. 10:35 pm, Mayo’s Home Mayo was sitting at a table in his study staring at the message Stella forwarded to him in disbelief. No doubt someone somewhere was turning them against each other. First whoever he or she was made it look like Eve and Stanley were responsible for the videos and had them shot. The same person was also after him, sending pernicious messages to his friends to make them think he was behind all that was happening. However, there was something worrisome about the text message Stella forwarded to him, it had Emilia’s name in it; that had Mayo alarmed. How many of us know Emilia by her real name? he thought as he stood to his feet and paced around his study. In a quick move he picked his phone and read the message which a stranger sent to him about Emilia, “Hello Mayo, Emilia paid someone to make the videos. Check the house you use for your abominable sexual orgies and you will see lots of hidden cameras. Are you hidden cameras. Are you aware that she worked as a hooker for seven years in Atlanta before she returned to Nigeria? Don’t believe what she tells you. She doesn’t want the videos found. If you don’t believe me, you know where to look.” By now Mayo could tell he was in a deep shit. Outside, three armed men scaled the wall into his compound and slit the throats of his two military guards and made their way to his door. Upstairs two University girls he had brought in for the night lay naked and unconscious on the floor. The aphrodisiac he gave them was too strong for the girls’ hearts to handle. Mayo studied the two text messages to spot a pattern. The first thing he noticed was that the sender of those messages was knowledgeable about her group. He forwarded the second message to Stella second message to Stella and gave her a few minutes to read it. While he waited to call her, he heard a glass shatter in his kitchen. His thought was that the girls must have recover from the effect of the drug he gave them. Clutching his phone, he headed toward the kitchen. Just when he was to step into his living room, he heard a male voice whispering, “The house is big, where do we go next?” Mayo was struck with fear. Quickly he retraced his steps back to his room. He pulled out an automatic handgun from under his pillow and cocked it. Shoving it into his hip, he pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. His heart beat so fast that he tasted blood in his mouth. Leaning on the door of his room, he listened for sounds. Convinced there was none, he opened the door of his room and stepped out. Immediately his phone rang, Stella was the one calling. The sound of his ringing phone sent the assassins in his direction. At first he heard footsteps running toward him, and then gunshots. He went to the floor and without thinking pointed his gun in the direction of the footsteps and squeezed the trigger. Two men in face masks let out screams and went to the floor as flesh and blood splattered in all directions. Mayo sprang to his feet and ran toward an exit door at the back of his house, with a few gunshots missing him by the whiskers. When he reached the door, he opened it and hid beside the wall. He was expecting gunshots to follow his opening the door. When no one shot at the door, he jumped out into the night and made his way out of his compound. His hunch had served him well; two weeks earlier he had sent his wife and children to the Gambia to stay with his friend, Isa Farouk. Outside his compound his feet pounded the ground as he ran in the night. About an hour later he called Stella, “Stella! Where are you?” “I am at Radisson Blue, but please I don’t need you tonight, I am trying to make my ways right again with God. Please keep your ass where your wife is, I am done f***ing you.” “Shot up and listen! Some people broke into my house about an hour ago and tried to kill me! Call your husband and get out of the city now!” 12:40 am, A Mansion outside the City The three doctors were by now scheming very hard to get Eve and Stanley out of the house after what they had heard about the videos. “The man we are working for, his name is Maxwell, do you know him?” Dr. Larry asked. Stanley was shocked, he could not even bat an eyelid. “What is wrong Stanley. What do you know about him? Please talk to us,” Dr. Larry pleaded. Eve looked at Stanley and then at the three doctors. Drawing closer to them she said, “Maxwell is the person in the video who had sex with his daughter Anabel…” There was a pin-drop silence in the room. The three doctors seemed like they were going to choke to death with shock. Anabel was perhaps the nation’s biggest female celebrity. She had endorsement contracts with Coca Cola, Samsung, P&G, Nestle and some other blue chip corporations. Dr. Lami was the first to recover from the shock; blinking his eyes like he had a pack of sand in it he asked, “But why did Maxwell have sex with Anabel? It is an abomination!” “It happened in a blindfold, nude party, hosted by Mayo. He regularly hosted such parties for the crème de la crème of our society along with some of my friends…” Stanley explained. “Jesus! This is not happening! How did I get involved in this? Maxwell has our families, Stanley! He took them in the name of protecting them while we work for him,” Dr. Frank, the second in rank amongst the three doctors, exclaimed. “Calm down Frank, nothing is going to happen to your families. You are doing fine with your job,” Stanley assureStanley assured him. “But, why would Maxwell had sex with his daughter,” Lami prodded. “I don’t have the whole details, I leant the much I know from Mayo; and that was only a few days to my wedding. I was told someone drugged Maxwell and Anabel with an aphrodisiac called Pendulum. The drug makes people do things they would never do even with a gun to their heads. Maxwell had sex with his daughter and did not even remember it until he saw the video. He must be really mad. It was all a set up to destroy his political and business empire,” Stanley explained further. “Anabel is supposed to marry Mustapha, the third son of Al Sherriff, brother to the president. I have been thinking about it, it seems like someone doesn’t want Maxwell to have such a powerful allegiance through his daughter’s marriage to the Sherriffs,” Eve suggested. Not completed

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