[STORY] DEEP SECRETS (Episode 1-10)

Episode 1
“You are the best friends I have had in my
twenty seven years of life. The day Stanley
introduced me to you all; I had no clue as
to how much blessing friendships with
you all would become to me. I want to say
once again, thank you.” Eve began to sob;
Stanley and all his friends applauded her
and stood to their feet to give her a hug.
When the hugging was over, Stanley took
her into his hands and kissed away the
tears on her face. The next day was her
wedding with Stanley, a guy she had dated
four years. The meeting was a private one.
Stanley’s six friends had hosted the two of
them to bid them farewell into blissful
marital union. It was their tradition to do
so each time one of them was to tie the
nuptial cord. Stanley and his six friends
had known each other for years before Eve
got know Stanley, and subsequently his
group of friends. Stanley had made it clear
to all of the guys in the group that Eve was
not to be touched. His intentions were
clear from the first day; he was going to
marry her. The group of friends was made
of Mayo, Chucks, Clara, Stanley, Bimpe, Steve
and Stella – four guys and three girls in all.
Bimpe and Stella were married while Clara
was still single. Amongst the guys, the last
single guy was Stanley who was getting
married the next day. The group of friends
was so knit together that they made
shocking sacrifices for each other and
would go to war for one another.
The first day Eve hung out with them, she
was put off by some of their crass and
vulgar jokes. From the impression they
made on her, she concluded they were not
the likes of people she would like to mingle
with. She loved Stanley and could tell he
was a good guy, but what she could not
figure out was what he was doing with
the farouche group he called friends. They
were not orderly, gentlemanly and ladylike.
They talked rough and swore a lot. From
her upbringing she learnt people should
not behave that way. However as Stanley
kept spending time with his friends and
Eve sometimes tagged along, she began to
see Stanley’s friends differently. They were
selfless; the sort of group who put their
friends first in all they did. With time Eve
came to realize she had judged them
rather too quickly. As years rolled by, the
respect Eve had for Stanley and his friends
grew. However there were things she
didn’t know about them. Had she
uncovered the litany of secrets which lay
amongst them, perhaps that would have
changed the sad events which unfolded
Eve was a deftly shaped pretty lady with a
piquant mind. For Stanley Eve was his
world. He often boasted that God looked
upon his soul, found his peculiar needs
and then went to work to produce Eve for
him. Those who knew Eve could not agree
more. She was a bundle of beauty sealed in
a package of gentle and quiet spirit. She
was graceful and had a natural charm
which made her easily calm even the most
stubborn men. In trying moments, she
would cut the figure of a lily pushing
through a storm, surprising her friends
with her veiled staying power. “I have
always had a dream about what my
wedding will look like. It is going to turn
out just the way I have dreamt it,” she said
to Stanley who was standing by the
kitchen door watching her ravishingly. “I
don’t care how the wedding turns out; all I
want is to get married to you Eve.” Stanley
stepped away from the door and put his
hands around her lithe, seductively
sculptured body. “I don’t mind getting
wedded to you right here,” Stanley
continued. “You have held on for about
four years, there is no need to rush in now
baby. Our wedding is a week away, after
which you will know much a bad girl I
have prepared myself to be to you.” She
winked at him, held him tightly and
continued, “We will have the whole of our
lives to love each other, and we will never
stop loving each other. I have a vow with
God to keep. The moment I say ‘I do’ on
the altar, that vow will be broken and I will
be yours forever.” Eve said, her voice
sounding like a songbird.
Their church service was straight to the
point; there was not much tales told by the
preacher. Eve had a word with the
preacher earlier and asked he save his
sermon for Sunday and wed them without
too much homily about failed marriages
and how to save theirs from crashing. The
preacher had laughed hard when Eve said
to him, “If you decide to preach long and
delay us, the truth is you will have wasted
your time because I won’t remember a
word from whatever you preach. On that
day my mind will be on stripping down
after my wedding, and letting Stanley have
his way with my body. I have waited four
years for it. I hope you won’t delay me any
further.” “If you have kept yourself and
waited that much, which is pleasing in the
Lord’s sight, then I won’t delay you a
second on that day,” the preacher had
assured. After the exchange of vows and
rings, the newly wedded couple had
sessions of photo shots with relatives and
friends; during which their friends gave all
present a taste of the part which awaited
them at the reception. While Eve was
taking shots with several guests, she had
spotted two men in a car some distance
from their photo stand pointing at her and
saying stuff she could not make out. When
her eyes met with theirs, they turned their
faces away and drove away fast.
When Eve and Stanley left the reception,
their destination was hotel de la crème, an
upscale hotel in the city famous for its
international services. “We have dreamt
this day for long and now it is here,” Eve
said as she held Stanley closer to her body.
Stanley took her cue for what it was and
kissed her passionately. Eve relished every
bit of his invading kiss. She moaned,
twisted herself and sat on his laps. Their
driver had to wind up the glass between
him and the couple he was taking to hotel
de la crème. Eve giggled and said to the
driver, “Thanks for your understanding,”
even though she knew he wasn’t going to
hear her. He had wound up the glass
because the steamy passionate session
between the couple at the back seat was
getting in the way of his driving. With the
momentary privacy they had, Eve asked
Stanley, “Baby should I undress now?” She
had the look on her face which gave
Stanley the impression she wasn’t joking.
“You can’t be serious. How can you
undress in a car taking us to the hotel?
What has come over you? This is unlike
you.” “Didn’t I tell you I am a naughty girl
in a good way? I have kept my vow with
God, now that I am married, please don’t
deny me.”
Stanley looked at her curiously and began
to laugh. Eve made a face, pretending she
had some super power; she tried to pull
off Stanley’s head from his neck. Stanley fell
back on the seat, tilted his head and played
dead. Eve put her hand under his armpit
and tickled him. He laughed hard, sprang
up and raising his hands high like a bear
about to claw its prey to death, he came
after her. Eve raised her hands in similar
fashion and growling like a bear, she
attacked him. Both of them held each other
in their hands and kissed until their car
pulled up in hotel de la crème. Normally Eve
should have waited for Stanley to get
down first and open the door for her, but
she sprang out of the car first. Holding her
wedding gown with one arm she ran to
the other side of the car and grabbed
Stanley who had just stepped out of the
car and led him into the hotel lobby,
hurrying to their room.
In the room, both of them peeled their
clothes off in a hurry. Just then there was a
knock on the door. “Oh God, who is that?
Babe, ignore the knock,” Eve said with
desperation. When the knock persisted
Stanley slipped away from Eve, got in his
clothe and went to check who was at the
door. Eve took the moment to use the
restroom. While she was in the restroom,
she heard a husky male voice ask Stanley,
“Where is she?” The question was
followed by a scream from Stanley. The
man had hurt him. Eve flew out of the
restroom and met Stanley in a pool of
blood on the floor. She was terrified and
screamed, “Help! Help! Somebody Help!”
The man raised his hand, revealing a pistol
with a silencer device on it barrel. Eve
raised her hands in the air and pleaded,
“Please don’t shoot me! Don’t please!” The
man fired shots at her, dropping her to the
floor. In seconds the spot where she lay
was stained with blood. Certain he had
done his job, the man quietly closed the
door and left.

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Episode 2
A concierge had heard a female voice
shout for help and dashed toward the
direction of her voice; on his way he met a
man calmly leaving a hotel room. The
concierge studied the man momentarily as
he passed him before continuing his run.
There were lots of doors to knock on to
find the woman who had cried for help.
While he knocked on a door, it occurred to
him to go check the room he saw the
stranger leaving moments earlier. A gentle
push on the door swung it open;
cautiously he stepped into the room but
was stopped in his track when he saw
Stanley lying in a pool of blood. His eyes
darted about the room and he saw Eve on
the floor, lying silently amid fresh blood.
There was an alarm bell on the wall, he
sprang toward it and held it down for
about a minute and then dashed into the
hallway and began to call for help, “Help!!
Help!! A man and his wife have been
murdered in their room! Help!!!” In just
seconds the hallway was swarmed with
the hotel security and guests. While some
petrified guests packed their luggage and
bolted out of the hotel, the hotel security
and medical team checked Stanley and Eve
to see if they could get any pulse. There
was a little confusion; some thought they
got pulse while others were not sure they
did. They had to however haul the
newlywed couple into an ambulance and
sped off to the nearest hospital.
8:30 pm, Hotel Copacabana
A lady in her forties lay naked in her bed
with a young man in his early thirties by
her side. For hours the young man had
been working himself sore in bed to meet
his end of a bargain. She shoved the
drained young man aside and reached for
her phone; punching a few keys on her
phone she placed a call to some guy, “Hello
Leroy. Have the lovebirds been sent home
early?” “As I speak to you, they at before
the pearly gates of heaven waiting to
know if they would be let in. Sadly the lady
had no clothes on when I put her on a
sudden flight out of our world.” “I am glad
they are home now. Don’t worry about the
girl; the angels of God will clothe her if she
makes it past the pearly gates.” “Good to
hear that, it is very comforting.” “You were
a ghost out there, were you not?” “A boy
saw me, but I doubt he can pin the hit on
me. I was just another guest in their
hotel.” “I don’t like the sound of that Leroy.
Go back, find the boy and put him to rest.”
“Is that necessary?” “It is my wish and I
want it done.” “Okay Mam, your wish is my
Four Hours Later, Eden Crest Suits
Mayo, one of Stanley’s friends is on the
floor of his hotel room. Stark naked and
sitting on Mayo is Stella. Stella is also
another of Stanley’s friends. After the
wedding reception, she had made an
excuse to her husband and two children
and sneaked into Eden Crest for a raunchy
sexual marathon with Mayo who was also
married and had children. “We all are
going to miss Stanley, especially we ladies.
He certainly knew how to make a woman
happy. I hate that b—h he married. She
came along with her holier-than-thou
attitude and took him away from us,” Stella
said with a wry look on her face. “They are
not going to last long together. In fact they
are going to make a big sad story
together.” Stella dropped the back of her
hand on Mayo’s forehead and felt it for a
moment. “Are you okay? You don’t see
well, do you?” she asked Mayo. “I can’t get
your meaning Stella.” “As much as I have
grouse with Eve for taking my best sexual
partner away from me, I believe they are
made for each other. I know it; they will
make the best couple in the whole wide
world. I am surprised you can’t see that
“Don’t worry, you can’t get my meaning.”
“Whatever… I am going to miss Stanley you
know.” “You sound like you had him many
times. I heard you didn’t.” “I had him only
a few times. He said he had found the
truth, whatever that was, and stopped
bedding me. But I think he saw how spoilt
I am and that he had no future with me.
Look at me, I am a married woman who
has two children, yet I am here naked with
you and have been making love to you for
the past two hours. Right now I am sure
my husband is busy at home making
dinner for my children. The sad part is that
when I get home he is going to look me
straight in the eye and thank God for a
wonderful woman I am to him before
taking me to his bed to spend the night
with me. I think hell is made for people like
me.” “You are right; hell is for you and you
are going to have a front row in it.” “How
about you piggy? You are going to be an
usher in it. Of the four children Bimpe has
for her husband, how many are your?”
Mayo pumped three fingers in the air
signaling to her three were his.” “Oh
Christ! You are the son of Lucifer. Thank
God I have had no child for you. All my
children will turn out like my husband.”
“You can’t be that sure, your last child
might be mine.” Stella slapped him across
the face and yelled, “Son of Lucifer, you
have no child with me!” Mayo sprang from
under Stella, tumbling her to the floor;
sitting on top of her he began to mock her,
“You don’t know me, but there is one
thing about me which you are right about,
I am indeed and usher for hell, and right
now I am ushering you to hell.” The look
on Mayo’s face was beastly; Stella had not
seen him that way before. Even though she
knew he was playing, she was however
becoming afraid of him. “Get off me; I
want to go back to my husband!” Mayo
didn’t listen; He lowered himself on her
and maneuvered her into another round
of lasciviousness.
10:40 pm, Clara’s Apartment
Clara is lying on a couch in her living room,
half asleep. On the table opposite her, was
her Samsung Galaxy phone. The phone
vibrated loudly as a call came in; Clara
startled out of sleep, sighed and then lazily
picked her call, “Hello Steve, what is it? You
just woke me up from sleep.” “Clara,
Stanley and Eve have been shot dead!”
“What!!! It’s a joke right?!” “Some shooter
broke into their hotel room and shot the
two of them. I have been running around
the city trying to find the hospital where
their bodies are. About thirty minute ago I
found the hospital but the police won’t let
me see their bodies!” On the other end of
the phone Clara began to sob terribly.
“Clara! Clara!! Stop!! Listen to me, whoever
did this might be after the rest of us. We
have to meet now! I just can’t reach Mayo
and Stella, Chucks and Bimpe are on their
way to your house now. Please see if you
can get a hold of either Mayo or Stella. I am
scared to death; their phones are off.”
Clara stood to her feet, her eyes darting
about her apartment while waves of fear
shot through her. The rustling of the
curtains by night breeze made her dash
into her bedroom and shut the door.
In that circumstance her bedroom
suddenly looked too big for her, so she ran
into her bathroom. She had to run back
into her bedroom when she thought she
heard footsteps by her bathroom window.
To her, the safest place to hide was under
her bed and so she squeezed herself
under it. At her door outside were Bimpe
and Chucks, banging loudly on the door for
her to let them in. Under the bed, Clara
prayed fervently for help and forgiveness
for her sins. When her phone rang, she
almost threw it away, thinking it was
going to give her position away. The call
was from Chucks, she had to pick it when
she saw it was him, “Chucks where you
are?” she cried desperately. “I am at your
door with Bimpe, where are you?” “Thank
God! I am coming to get the door.” Hastily
she pushed her way out from under the
bed. By 11:15 pm all of them, Chucks, Clara,
Bimpe Mayo, Stella and Steve were in Clara’s
apartment mourning their dead friends
and wondering who might have shot them
and the reasons for that. They all had
secrets, the sort they would not like to talk
about. They sat, looking helplessly at each
4:30 am, St. Briggs Clinic
Since early night when Eve and Stanley
were brought to the hospital, teams of
doctors had worked their fingers sore to
revive and save their lives. About 3:00 am,
the doctors broke up and left with sad
faces. No one was told if Eve and Stanley
were saved or not; but about 4:30 am, a
nurse was heard telling someone outside
the hospital that the couple was alive. The
police man sitting next to her was not sure
who she meant. As if to move away from
his colleagues and smoke, the police
officer placed a call to a certain lady, “Hello,
you asked me to let you know if the couple
makes it or not, I think they are alive. The
doctors in Briggs Clinic may have save their
lives. Whoever you send here to finish
them off must be very professional. There
is a squad of well trained policemen here;
they will shoot everything which is
considered a threat over here.” “Why do
you think they are alive? Leroy told me they
are dead. I spoke with him again about ten
minutes ago.” “I don’t care what Leroy told
you, I have been here for hours, I have not
seen the couple moved to the morgue. Just
now I overheard a nurse telling someone
over the phone that the couple is alive. I
am just doing my job, you do yours.” The
police officer hung up.
“Hello Leroy, Eve and Stanley might still be
alive. I just spoke with Adams; he is at
Briggs Clinic. He thinks doctors may have
somehow saved their lives. Go find out if
he wants free cash or is telling the truth. If
by chance he is telling the truth, you know
what to do. Good night Leroy.” “Good
night miss!” “Hold on Leroy… he also
mentioned that there are some well
trained policemen at the hospital. Be
careful please.” “I will.”

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Episode 3
Leroy was skimming through the list of
staff at hotel de la crème, where he had
shot Eve and Stanley, hoping to find the
boy who had seen him in the hallway
when the mystery lady called him to inform
him that Eve and Stanley might still be alive.
He had to call off his search for the
concierge. He was happy he won’t be
focusing on the boy. Somehow he felt
strongly it was wrong to shoot the boy, he
was just doing his job. Leroy had done
worse though, but somehow he felt the
boy should live. Shooting a couple on their
wedding day was not a problem for him,
and going back to a hospital to finish them
off, if they were alive as was rumoured,
did not bug his conscience a bit. He stood
up from his reading table to garb himself
in a fake police uniform; with the uniform
gaining entry into Briggs Clinic won’t be a
problem. His sense of dressing was top
class, he had paid an Indonesian trained
tailor in Aba to make the police uniform for
him. The outfit had a fitting look on him,
giving him a seductive appeal. His well
toned chest and biceps were well
emphasized in the clothe. He stood before
the mirror and admired himself as his
adrenalin shot high. He had a queer
mannerism; he was in love with his fine
looks and sometimes would get sexually
turned on just by looking at himself in the
Pointing two fingers to the right side of
his head like a gun, he pretended to shoot
himself, making a gunshot sound with his
mouth. With his mind having momentarily
shifted to sex, he picked his phone and
called one of the ladies whom he regularly
paid well to have that need of his taken
care of. The lady did not pick up his call. He
got angry; acting like his feet were
unsteady on the floor, showing the
paranoid side of him. Breathing like his
chest was going to burst out of him, he
yelled, “Who the hell is with my b—h by
this time of the night! I pay her well to
keep booty for me!” He had to dial her
number again. This time the lady picked
up, “Hello Leroy…” “Don’t you hello me s–t!
Who the hell are you giving your booty
right now?!” “What did you just call me
Leroy?” “You are a bitchy s–t!! Who is
f***ing you right now?!” The lady who
had just woken up from sleep was
shocked and angry at the words Leroy
shot at her. “You know what Leroy, I am
done with you! There are men who can
pay better than what you give me. I don’t
deserve this insult!” She dropped the call.
Leroy quickly called back, vibrating in
anger from head to toes. While he waited
for her to pick up, he pulled out his gun,
kept it on the table and began to caress it
amorously, hoping she was close enough
for him to blow her brains out.
The lady didn’t pick up. In anger he lifted
one of the sofas next to him and broke it
on the floor. Still shaking in anger, he went
into his wardrobe and removed a medium-
sized briefcase. He opened it, took a deep
breath to calm himself and studied its
contents. The briefcase contained his work
tools. In it were handguns, a poison case,
silver-coated military grade knife, bullet
cases and hand gloves. Swiftly he closed
the briefcase, took it and went back to
look at himself before the mirror before
leaving for Briggs Clinic.
5: 15 am, Briggs Clinic
In front of the clinic, a brand new, yellow
Nissan car pulled up – a taxi. With affecting
panache, Leroy stepped out of the taxi
holding his briefcase and looking every
inch the nicest police officer in the city.
When he got to the gate he flashed his
fake police ID card and the security men
allowed him in. When he moved into the
hospital premises, the squad of policemen
inside stopped him and asked who he
was. Calm like an angel on duty, he gave
them his ID card and dropped the name of
one of the city’s top police chiefs. “Two
hours ago, we intercepted a call which we
believe to have originated from this
hospital. Someone in here is working with
whoever shot the couple who are being
treated in this hospital,” Leroy said
presenting his lies impeccably. “Why were
we not told about this and why are you
here alone?” the officer in charge of the
squad at the hospital asked him. “You
were not told because everyone in this
hospital is a suspect, including you and
your men. I am alone because we don’t
want to spook out whoever made that call.
I have to ask some of the doctors a few
questions. Don’t worry I won’t get in your
way, my job here is investigative.” The
officer looked at him curiously and asked,
“What do you have in that briefcase?”
Leroy opened it before answering him, “My
work tools.” The guns, bullets and knife
were gone. There was only a stack of
papers and biros. However, under the
stack of papers in briefcase were his real
work tools.
“I don’t trust you and for that I am going
to let you go in with one of my men,” said
the officer. “That is fine by me. If you didn’t
say that I would have thought you don’t
know your job,” Leroy said with a tinge of
humour and the two of them laughed. The
officer sent one of his men to accompany
Leroy into the hospital. In the emergency
ward unit, Eve and Stanley were under the
watchful eyes of three doctors. They had
begun to twitch their hands and legs and
breathe fine. Long hours of harrowing
medical surgeries had snatched their lives
from the jaws of death. When Leroy and
the police officer asked to accompany him
entered the hospital reception, Leroy
stealthily loosened his gun holster. In the
holster was the same gun with which he
shot Eve and Stanley earlier at hotel de la
At the desk in the reception were two
nurses. When they saw Leroy and the
other police officer enter the reception,
their eyes instinctively fell on Leroy’s chest
and biceps and somehow stayed glued on
them. Leroy smiled at them and they
moved uncertainly as if unsure of
themselves. “I am with the police homicide
unit, I would like to have a word with any
of the doctors present concerning a case
we are working on,” Leroy said, still
smiling at the nurses. One of the nurses
hopped off the stool she was sitting on
and said, “Okay sir; let me go get a doctor
for you.” “What are you doing? We don’t
have any doctors around at the moment,”
the other nurse countered. The nurse who
was already on her way to call a doctor
swung around, put her two hands on her
head and exclaimed, “Oh my God! I actually
forgot!” “Sir I guess you have to leave your
message with us or come back later,” said
the nurse who sat still on her stool. Leroy
smiled and thought about his next move.
He did not believe the nurses that the
doctors were not around in the hospital.
The nurses had been instructed to keep
the presence of the three doctors looking
after Eve and Stanley secret.
“I guess I have to come back later then,”
Leroy said. He had worked out a new
strategy to get past the nurses and shake
off the police officer sent to keep an eye
on him. “Where is your restroom, I am
hard pressed?” Leroy asked pretending he
had need to use the restroom. “It is that
way; I can walk you to it,” said the nurse
who had jumped off her seat to for fetch
one of the doctors. “That will be nice,” said
Leroy. “Don’t worry nurse; I will walk him
to the restroom. I know where it is,”
volunteered the police officer asked keep
an eye on Leroy. At the restroom, the police
officer stood outside while Leroy went
inside to ease himself. Inside the restroom,
Leroy quickly attached a silencer device on
the barrel of his gun. The officer was lost
in thought when Leroy jumped out of the
restroom and pumped a bullet into his
skull, a blood splash staining the wall next
to him. Due to the silencer device, no
gunshot was heard as the police officer
went down in a heap. Leroy quickly
dragged him into the restroom and shut
him in. Removing his handkerchief he
hurriedly tried to wipe the blood stain on
the wall.
There were many doors close to the
restroom; Leroy had to try if any of them
led to the medical wards. He knew it won’t
be hard to find the wards pretending as a
police officer. He pushed one of the doors
open and found the room led to nowhere.
Moving farther away from the restrooms,
he tried another door, there were two
nurses in the room sleeping. This time,
there was another door in the room
leading to some place. He quietly walked
through the room and went out through
the other door. On the other side, he met a
hallway and there was no one in it. He kept
walking with his eyes fixed on the doors
both sides of the hallway. Back at the
reception, the nurses were beginning to
wonder what was keeping the police
officers. The nurse who had offered to
walk Leroy to the restroom decided to go
find out what was keeping them. A few
steps away from her colleague, she turned
and said, “I hope the officers are not doing
themselves when we are here burning for
a man.” “You are too spoilt, I don’t
remember telling you I am burning for a
man,” her colleague replied smiling guiltily.
“Well since you are not burning, I guess I
will have to seduce the two of them and
have them alone,” said the nurse as she
quickened her pace toward the restrooms.
Far toward the end of the hallway, Leroy
found a sign pointing to the wards. He
smiled and rested his hand on his gun
while clutching his briefcase firmly. Back at
the restroom, the nurse had seen blood on
the wall and a bloody trail on the floor. Her
heart was frozen with fear as she took
steps closer to the male rest room. When
she tried the door, it won’t open. So she
moved back a bit and kicked the door.
When it swung wide open, it revealed a
police officer in a pool of blood. Shrieking
as loud as a terrified woman could, she
sped off; at the reception she did not stop
to tell her friend what she had seen. She
went straight outside and told the police
officers, amid broken cries, what she had
seen at the restroom. The policemen
surged into the hospital, fanning out in
groups into every part of the hospital.

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Episode 4
Leroy was quick and methodical in his
search for Eve and Stanley. He was
determined to find them no matter where
they were in the hospital. Thankfully the
hospital management had tucked Eve and
Stanley away in some room the emergency
ward, it will take Leroy some searching to
find them. While Leroy looked around from
ward to ward, he glanced regularly at his
watch; the hospital was waking up for the
day’s work. He knew it won’t be long
before someone would find the policeman
whose body he dumped in the restroom,
unknown to him, the body had already
been found. Far behind him policemen
searched frantically through the hospital,
hoping to find him before he would take
out Eve and Stanley. Inside a room in the
emergency ward, the three doctors taking
care of Eve and Stanley had woken up.
Around the couple they stood, observing
them with happy faces. They were glad to
see the improvement they had made.
“They are going to live through this, thank
God,” said one of the doctors. “We are on
the brink of stardom in this city for saving
this couple. The news out there is that they
are dead, imagine what would happen
when people get know we managed to
bring them back to life,” the most senior of
the three doctors said with a grin on his
face. “Perhaps we should release the video
of how we worked for hours to save them
to a major broadcasting organization and
have them make a reality show out of it.
The public are already in love with the
couple. At Queen’s square, they are
dropping flowers in respect to them,” the
youngest of the doctors said.
The three doctors exchanged looks,
seeming to like the idea of making a reality
show out of how they saved Eve and
Stanley. By now Leroy had made it into the
emergency ward. Under his breath, he
cursed himself for not to have
concentrated his search on finding the
emergency ward, he should have known
that Eve and Stanley would be there. When
people ran into him, they looked at him
curiously. No one could remember the last
time they saw a policeman as well dressed
as he was. Taking his time, Leroy looked
from patient to patient, searching the faces
of those in the ward. When he drew closer
to a young female patient, whom he
thought looked like Eve; he pulled out his
gun and pointed it at her. That was his
mistake. The sight of a police officer
pointing his gun at a patient on a hospital
bed, threw the patients into panic. Their
shouts drew the attention of nurses and
non-medical staff to the ward. When
people ran into the large hospital room
where the patients were, they saw Leroy
holding a gun at a patient. Sadly none of
them knew what was going on in the
hospital, the police officers at duty had
chosen to keep what was happening to
themselves so not to cause stampede.
The sight of a policeman holding his gun
at a patient was unsettling for the nurses
and staff of the hospital, they joined the
hysterical shouts. Leroy could see he had
made a mistake, the lady wasn’t Eve. He
had to lower his gun and try to calm the
crowd in the room. Inside the small room
where the three doctors where with Eve
and Stanley, they heard the frantic shouts.
The youngest doctor yanked the door
open to see what was happening; the
oldest of them pulled him back, but by then
he had already opened the door. Leroy
turned and saw him before he shut the
door again. In a quick move, Leroy fired
two shots in the direction of the young
doctor; the bullets went through the door
and ricocheted off an infusion stand
before lodging into the wall. The three
doctors panicked; they could tell someone
had been sent to finish off Eve and Stanley.
They rushed forward, locked the door and
piled sofas on it to stop the assassin from
gaining entry into the room. Leroy tried to
open the door, but could not, so he fired
more shots at it, kicked hard at it and it still
would not open. He had to shatter the
glass windows by the door and fired in
shot into the room randomly.
Thankfully the doctors had moved Eve and
Stanley away from their beds and lay them
on the floor in a corner of the room. All of
them lay on the floor and prayed for help.
Leroy was beside himself, he was angry he
could not gain access into the room. The
patients and staff of the hospital behind
him had fled from the room. Those who
could not because they were too ill to
move cried in fear. He had to point his gun
at them to shut up, and then tried once
again to force the door open. This time the
door creaked a little open, he stepped back
to lunge a heavy kick on the door and
suddenly went down to the floor as the
sound of gunshots filled the air. Seconds
later, there was eerie silence in the room
as Leroy lay down on the floor bleeding.
From the door a squad of policemen
moved in with their guns pointing at
12: 15 pm, Ocean Grey Oil & Gas
Company – Steve’s Office
Steve, one of the six friends of Stanley is
typing a message on his laptop computer.
A stranger had sent him a nude picture of
him and some unidentified lady. He was
scared stiff, he was randy just like his
other friends, but he could not tell who the
woman next to him in the picture was. In
frenzy he typed, “Who are you? How did
you get that picture? That cannot be me! I
don’t know the lady in the picture!” The
person on the other end typed, “That is
certainly you. The lady in the picture is my
wife and I am going to return the favour.”
Steve was scared. He typed, “What are you
going to do? Believe me I don’t know the
lady! There might be a mix up
somewhere.” “Hahaha! You sound scared.
I was only joking. The picture was mocked
up with Photoshop,” the stranger replied.
“But how did you get a nude picture of me
in bed?” Steve asked anxiously. “How
would you like this?” was the stranger’s
reply. Steve asked, “How would I like
what?” A nude picture of Steve’s wife, lying
on a bed with a smile on her face, was the
stranger’s last message before he went
Steve’s mouth hung wide open. The beat
of his heart was so loud it drummed out
every other sound in his office. Feverishly
he picked his phone and dialed his wife’s
number. “Hello honey, where are you?” “I
am in my office. Is anything wrong?” Lizzy,
Steve’s wife asked. “Where are the kids?”
“What is wrong with you? Where would
the kids be by this time of the day? Tell me
what is going on?” Stanley pondered how
to explain what was going on to his wife.
“Are you there Steve?” Lizzy asked. “Yes…I
am here. Baby, someone just sent me a
nude picture of you in a bed; and the bed
is not ours.” Lizzy went cold with fear.
“Baby, did you hear me?” “I…I did. But
how did this person get a nude picture of
me in a bed?” “Calm down, I am not trying
to accuse of infidelity. You like to strip
down when you are at home, especially
when the kids are not around; tell me
when you attended a business conference
in Sun City, did you strip down in your
hotel room?” “Oh my God!! I don’t
remember having clothes on when I was
in my hotel room!”
“Did you take any pictures in your hotel
room?” Lizzy went silent momentarily and
began to sob. “Hey! Hey! Baby, stop crying!
I am not accusing you of any wrong. From
the picture I have here, I can tell you did
not take it yourself, so in Sun City, did
anyone help you take pictures of yourself?”
Lizzy went silent once more. “I haven’t got
much time to work on this case! Tell me,
who took the pictures for you?!!” Steve
yelled. “A maid… a maid in the hotel I
lodged in. She saw me naked and
commented about how great my body
was, and so I asked her to help me take
some photos of me. I swear by God, I did it
for you.” “Where are the photos you took
right now?” “They are still my Sony camera
at home.” “Go get them for me now! Make
some excuses and leave your office. I am
waiting for you in my office.” Lizzy didn’t
have the time to find an excuse for leaving
her work place. She ran out of her office
and went straight into the elevator.
Minutes later she was on the road
speeding home in her car. A few blocks
away from her house, two shooters with
automatic rifles waited in a black Mercedes
2:25 pm, Chucks’ house
Chucks one of Stanley’s six friends was at
home. The shooting of Eve and Stanley had
left him jaded. He had become wary of
leaving his house. He could not wait to get
some information about the shooting.
Already without telling his other friends, he
had hired a private detective to look into
the shooting. He and his friends had done
lots of bad stuffs together; he wanted to
know who might be after them. The idea
of waiting till someone comes and blows
his brains off did not appeal to him. A
knock on his door had him flying into the
air in shock. He dashed to his bar and
removed a loaded automatic handgun
from behind a collection of drinks.
Meanwhile the knock continued. Picking
his steps like a cat, he drew closer to the
door and asked, “Who is that?” “Chucks, it
is me.” The voice was that of Bimpe one of
the six friends. Chucks had hardly opened
the door, when she leapt in, kicked the
door shut and grabbing Chucks by the
waist, she wrestled him to the floor. She
was strong like an ox, Chucks tried hard to
keep his clothes on, but she ripped them
off and hurriedly undressed herself. The
sight of her naked body left chucks weak.
Lamely he tried to give the reason they
should not have sex that moment. “Bimpe,
my wife is returning to the city today.
Please go meet your husband.” “My
husband is worse than a dead man. He
doesn’t know what to do with me!” Like a
ravenous wolf, she overcame him and
began to satisfy her depravity.
4: 16 pm, Harding Street
Mayo had left a bank and was walking to
his car when his phone rang; the call was
from an unknown number. He picked it
anyway, “Hello who is this?” “Mayo, the
bitches are dead. Emilia wants you to come
in for a celebration.” “Who are you? Who
are the bitches? Who is Emilia?” “The
bitches are Eve and Stanley. Aren’t you
happy for that?” Mayo could not stir a limb.
He went numb for moments before his
hands and feet began to shake. Like a man
suffering Parkinson disease, he shook
toward his car.
5:30 pm, Briggs hospital
The hospital was slowly recovering from
the shooting which had taken place in it
earlier in the day. Eve and Stanley were
grateful they had survived the ordeal. They
had not begun to speak freely, but every
now and again, Eve would raise two
fingers to say she was fine. Stanley on his
part would move his eyes about and
manage a smile. Their beds had to be
brought closer to each other to help them
connect physically. They would stretch
their hands and hold each other’s fingers
for some moments. That evening, while the
patients and staff in the hospital were
happy that the sad events which happened
in the morning were over, for no reason at
all, the policemen in the hospital began to
leave in groups. The hospital management
didn’t like that and so began to make calls
to have the policemen redeployed to their
hospital. While they were at it, am armed
group of sixteen men broke into the
hospital and took Eve, Stanley and the
three doctors who were responsible for
their treatment away.

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Episode 5
Lizzy honked her car repeatedly as she
pulled up in front of her house and waited
for her gateman to open the gate for her.
The two shooters with automatic rifles in a
black Mercedes SUV, slowly began to drive
toward Lizzy, the gate to her house swung
open and she drove in hurriedly. Jumping
out of her car, she ran into her house and
scaled the staircase in a flight. Outside, the
gateman curiously watched the two men
in a black Mercedes SUV as he closed the
gate. The shooters had their gaze fixed in
his direction, they didn’t look like those he
had seen before. Lizzy rummaged through
her wardrobe and found the Sony camera.
She sat on the bed and went through the
pictures she took in that hotel room in Sun
City, there were some she would not like
her husband to see. She had snapped a
few pictures with some nudist men and
women. There was nothing more to it, but
if Steve were to see her nude with those
nudists, he would think there was more
that happened in Sun City than Lizzy was
willing to let out. Finding the pictures, she
erased them and bolted out of her
bedroom. Lizzy had developed her bent for
nudity back in her university days, when all
her friends, both male and female, raved
about how curvy her body was. Now
which seemed harmless might ruin her
Harding Street
Mayo was still in his car shaking. What the
mystery caller said about Eve and Stanley
had left him stunned. He had recalled who
Emilia was, about a year earlier, they had
spent a few weeks together in Accra. Mayo
had for long forgotten the things he said
in anger during the weeks they spent
together. Now he must find Emilia and
convince her that he did not mean them. If
Emilia would not listen to him, then he will
have to kill her to stop what had begun.
Mayo pulled himself together and drove
7:28 pm, Stella’s House
Stella was in the kitchen cooking up a
storm for her husband and children, the
words of Mayo the last time she spent time
with him at Eden Crest Suit had left an
impression on her. She had grown up
dreaming a perfect marriage, but all she
had done since she got married was to
jump from man to man, doing things she
had thought she was incapable of. Mayo
had told her she was going to have a front
row in hell; that was too unnerving for her.
She loved her husband and children, but
somehow she could not stop her
unbridled desire for sex outside of
marriage. She had tried a few times but
failed woefully. While she cooked, there
was sadness all over her face. Her husband
who stood and watched her from the door
could tell something was wrong. He came
from behind and put his hands around her
waist and slowly worked them up her
chest and fondled her amorously. “What is
wrong, you don’t look happy? Have I done
something to offend you?” he asked. With
his hands still running amok all over her
body, Stella quivered and whispered for
him to stop. She felt guilty for being loved
by an honest and committed man as her
husband was. Her husband would not
stop, unlike her usual self who would have
locked the kitchen door and pulled off her
clothes, rather she peeled away from him
and left the kitchen.
Her husband was surprised; Stella was a
d–n sex maniac. He knew that and
somehow like her for it. For her to reject
him meant something was wrong. Eager
to find out what was wrong, he followed
her into the children’s room. Stella was
standing before the pictures of their two
children, she seemed to have her interest
in their last child, a three-year-old boy.
Mayo had claimed he might be his father.
She didn’t like that. Mayo was only good
for sex; he cannot be the father of her son.
Right there she decided to do something
about it. She removed her phone from her
hip pocket to make a call and just then a
message flew into her phone. While she
read it, her husband who stood by the
door watched her closely. Stella’s face was
so much riddled with fear that one would
have thought she had seen a ghost. The
message read, “Mayo is going to kill you all.
He has just found out from Emilia that
there is a tape about the sexual orgies you
all often have together. He knows why Eve
and Stanley were shot.” Stella did not know
who Emilia was and had not heard of her.
Concerning the tape, she had no clue
about it. Without her consent, hot tears ran
down her face. Stella’s husband drew
closer and asked, “What is it baby? Is
someone blackmailing you?” Stella was
shaken down to her bones by her
husband’s use of the word blackmail.
11:00 pm, A Mansion in the City
Eve and Stanley were on hospital beds in a
room which had just a ceiling fan and a
light bulb on the wall and had no
windows. The two of them were
deliberately knocked out with drugs
administered to them when they were
taken from Briggs Clinic. Eve looked around
the room and felt something was odd
about it. She turned and looked at Stanley,
he wasn’t moving. She looked hard at him
to observe if he was breathing. She wasn’t
sure he was. Her heart began to beat fast.
She tried to get up from the bed and then
found her feet were chained to the bed.
She almost fainted with fear. Raising her
voice just a little she called at Stanley,
“Baby! Baby! Get up baby!” Stanley did not
move or answer her. At this point she was
getting beside herself; she whispered to
herself, “This is not the way it should end.
Please baby don’t die on me. Please.” Tears
welled up in her eyes. Determined to get to
Stanley, she dragged her bed closer to
Stanley, using her legs which were
shackled to the bed.
12:34 am, Steve’s Bedroom
Clara and Steve and sitting on the bed
naked. They had just been rattled by the
message Stella forwarded to them. As
though their phones could explain the
message, they stared at them in shock.
Over and over again, they read the
message Stella had sent, “Mayo is going to
kill you all. He has just found out from
Emilia that there is a tape about the sexual
orgies you all often have together. He
knows why Eve and Stanley were shot.”
Turning to Steve, Clara asked, “Steve, do
you know who Emilia is?” “No, I don’t.”
“How about the tape, do you know
anything about it?” “I don’t,” he lied. “We
often made videos of ourselves together
making love, but they never make it out of
the room. If someone outside the seven of
us knows about the videos. Then one of us
is responsible for that… Christ! This is not
happening,” Clara said as she got out of
the bed and went into the bathroom to
clean herself up. While she was in the
bathroom, Steve placed a call to a friend of
his, a retired military officer, “Someone else
knows about the videos, who did you talk
to about it.” “I didn’t talk to anyone about
it,” replied military officer. “Why do I feel
like you are lying?” “Because you don’t
know who to trust now. Believe me man, I
did not tell anyone about the videos.”
“Well, whether you did or not, some
woman called Emilia knows about the
video and she has told Mayo about it. Get
out of the city now. I will go under by
morning.” “Steve, how about your f**k
mate, did she make it?” “She is here. I will
fix her before I leave the city. She knows
the buyer; it won’t be long before she
figures out what this is all about.”
Steve got out of the bed, stark nude and
went over to his wardrobe and removed a
jackknife. Hiding it behind his back, he
went toward the bathroom. Clara was in
the shower with her hands around her
neck, thinking about what was happening
to them. Steve opened the door and
entered the bathroom. Clara saw him
coming, but had no reason to be afraid of
him. He stretched his left hand toward her
and she yielded her body to him thinking
he wanted them to have a round in the
shower. Just then, Steve’s phone rang in
the bedroom. He knew the ring tone was
assigned to a particular caller, he retreated
from the bathroom still hiding the
jackknife behind his back.
01:40 am, A Mansion in the City
Eve held Stanley’s body firmly in her hands,
hoping her touch would wake him from
death. While she cried over his body, the
door to their room creaked and opened
slowly. One of the doctors who treated
them at Briggs Clinic came into the room.
Another man with an AK 47 slung across
his shoulder followed behind him. Seeing
she had dragged her bed closer to
Stanley’s bed, the man with AK 47 yanked
her off Stanley’s bed and pushed her bed
back to its position. Eve fixed her gaze at
the doctor, to make out what he was
saying with his eyes. He was saying
something to Eve by winking his eyes
repeatedly, but she wasn’t getting it.
Seeing Eve wasn’t getting his message, the
doctor gave up and turned to the man
with AK 47 and said, “If you want to find
whatever it is you want this man to give
you, you have to help me get him to a
proper hospital.” Eve looked from the
doctor to the gunslinger and yelled, “He is
dead! He is not breathing!” The man
holding the AK 47 rang an alarm on the
wall before bolting out of the room. Seeing
the man had left the room, the doctor
whispered to Eve, “Stanley is not dead, we
knocked him out with a drug. The people
holding you here are looking for
something, but someone else doesn’t want
whatever it is found. Whoever that is, is the
person who tried to kill you two. Keeping
acting like Stanley was dead. We will get
you out of here.” “Who are the we?”
“Those who want you and Stanley alive.
They called us while you were still in Briggs
Clinic.” The door jangled and some men
came into the room with the other two

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Episode 6
Lizzy got in her car and drove off. About
fifteen minutes away from her house she
noticed that a black Mercedes SUV was
following her. To be sure she was actually
being followed, she turned off into
another street and sped off. About ten
minutes later the black Mercedes SUV
showed up behind her. She could tell
whoever was in the SUV was following
her. She panicked and dialed her husband,
“Baby I am being followed by a black
Mercedes SUV. Did you send anyone to look
after me?” “No I did not. Are you sure you
are being followed?” Steve asked. “Since I
drove out of the house the black Mercedes
SUV has been following me. I have taken
several turns to lose it, yet it keeps
popping up behind me. I don’t know what
the driver’s game plan is. It is looking like
he wants me to lead them to someone.
Who did you say sent you the picture?” “A
stranger… this is what I want you to do.
Find the nearest police station around and
drive into it. Do you have the Sony
camera?” “Yes.” “Make sure no one takes it
from you.” “Okay, I will do that.”
A Day Later
Steve was in a car driving his four children
out of the city, since the last time he spoke
with his wife and asked her to drive into a
police station, he had not heard from her.
He was sure that whoever was following
his wife must have abducted her. He had
so much dirt to hide and for that could not
go to the police. His best option was to get
his children out of the city before coming
back for his wife. The stranger who sent
him the nude picture of his wife had not
responded to the several messages he sent
to him.
Three Days Earlier
Clara was still in the bathroom letting a
cold shower run through her body. She
was expecting that after Steve must have
finished with whoever called him, he
would return to join her in the bath. He
had mistaken Steve’s entry into the
bathroom for an intent to have sex with
her in the bathroom. She had no clue he
actually came to kill her for what he feared
she knew. Clara had spent about thirty
minutes in the bath when she began to
wonder what was keeping Steve. She
called his name, “Steve!” There was no
response and so he called him again,
“Steve!” When Steve did not answer her
second call, she came out of the bathroom
to know what was wrong with him. There
was no Steve in the bedroom, his clothes
and laptop were gone. She had heard his
voice talking to someone over the phone,
but could not tell when he left the
bedroom. Shockingly there was a jackknife
on the bed, the very one with which Steve
was going to kill her. Clara could tell
something was wrong. She ran back into
the bathroom, dried her body, came out
and quickly dressed up. Taking her bag,
she took the jackknife she saw on the bed
and she sneaked out of Steve’s bedroom.
In the living room there was still no sign of
Steve. She dialed his number and it was
switched off.
She was almost going to have a panic
attack at this point. She remembered that
there was a back door Steve gave her key
to. She only made use of it whenever
Steve’s wife came home suddenly and was
going to catch the two of them in bed. She
searched her bag and found it. She had to
head back toward the bedroom so to use
the door. When she glanced at her
watched it was 1:55 am. She had never
been alone on the street by that time of
the night. Steve had invited her over
because his wife and children had gone to
see their relatives who had returned from
Germany. Quietly she inserted the key on
the door and opened it. When she stepped
out of the building, she turned and locked
the door. She measured the distance
between the building and the wall. She
must get to the small gate on the wall to
use it to exit the compound. In the past,
she had covered the distance in a flash, but
that night she was afraid. She did not
know who or what might be lurking in
Steve’s compound. She waited for some
minutes and listened for any sound
around, sure there was none, she bolted
toward the small gate. When she opened it,
she disappeared into the street. Steve was
the one who usually came to lock the gate
from inside.
A Mansion in the City
“This man is as good as dead! If we don’t
get him to a hospital, I doubt we will be
able to revive him!” One of the three
doctors said. The man holding an AK 47
rifle, cocked it and pointed it to the
doctor’s face and yelled, “Revive him here
or I blow your brains out!” “I am sorry,
there is nothing I can do for this man
without any medical equipment. If you
want to shoot me go ahead and do it,” the
doctor said digging his feet in. The man
holding an AK 47 rifle stared at the doctor
angrily and looked at his colleagues who
were also armed with assault rifles. One of
them called him aside, after a momentary
chat, the man came back to the doctor and
said, “I will let you and your colleague take
him to a hospital, but I will be keeping the
woman right here. She won’t be going
anywhere.” “Look at her, she is already
bleeding to death. She re-opened her
wounds trying to save her husband. I
doubt the man you are working for will be
happy when he finds out that you let the
two people who could have helped get
what it is he is looking for die under your
watch,” the doctor goaded him
psychologically, hopping he would fall for it
and let them leave also for the hospital
with Eve.
The doctor signaled to his two colleagues
and they lifted Stanley, put him on a
stretcher and hurried to the door. “Wait!
You can take her along, but if they escape
or anyone of them dies, I will hunt you
down and force you to kill your wife and
children to amuse me!” The AK 47 flinger
warned the doctor. Eve was unshackled
from the bed and was asked to follow the
doctors. Four armed men accompanied
them to a van and drove them to a
hospital. The doctors were careful to take
Stanley and Eve to the hospital which the
men who called them while they were still
at Briggs Clinic wanted them taken to.
About an hour later the doctors revived
Stanley. Eve’s wounds were also attended
to. Two of the four armed men were close
to keep an eye on the doctors to make
sure they did not invite the police or called
for any sort of help. While Eve and Stanley
were allowed to get some rest before
being taken back to their holding, one of
the doctors went into the restroom and
removed a phone from his underwear.
When he had switched it on, he dialed a
particular number and said the man on the
other end of the phone, “Eve and Stanley
are in the hospital now. You were very
right. What they want from Eve and Stanley
is a video. I understand someone
important is in the video, and from the
look of things there might be more than
“Doc, have you heard the name Mayo from
any of the men or from Stanley and Eve?”
“No, I haven’t. Who is that?” “Don’t worry
about it. The less you know the better. We
will storm the hospital in the next Seven
minutes. Make sure you keep Eve and
Stanley from harm’s way, we will come in
hot. There is a change of plan, once we
rescue Eve and Stanley we will leave them
in your care. You must make them trust
you and tell you all they know about the
videos.” “How about my family, are they
safe now?” “Yes, they are in Ghana now.”
“How about the families of my colleagues,
are they safe?” “Yes, they are.” The doctor
was forced to turn off his phone as a
result of a loud banging on the door.
“Doctor! What are you doing in there?! Did
I hear you talking to someone?!” One of
the AK 47 flingers demanded. “No! I wasn’t
talking to anyone one! I am having a runny
stomach!” “Open the door!” The man
outside demanded. The doctor panicked,
threw his phone into the toilet and flushed
it down. He stood up from the toilet and
went to open the door.
As soon as he opened the door, one of the
men holding them hostage pushed him
back into the toilet and asked him to strip
down. The doctor hesitated and he
smacked his gun butt across his face and
demanded, “Remove your clothes!”
Bleeding from the face, the doctor began
to undress. The man was careful to search
each piece of wear the doctor removed
from his body. He was sure he heard the
doctor talking to someone, he wanted to
find his phone. When he had searched all
the clothes the doctor removed from his
body and did not find any phone, he asked
him to dress up and began to look around
the restroom for any phone. When the two
of them stepped out of the restroom. He
found his colleague lying dead on the floor
with a gaping hole in his head. Before he
could raise his gun, a bullet went through
his head, leaving a hole the size of a baby’s
hand in it. The doctor behind him was
stunned as a splash blood covered his face.
A man wielding an assault gun menacingly
stepped into view and asked the doctor,
“Are you doctor Larry?” The doctor
nodded shaking terribly. An hour later, Eve,
Stanley and the three doctors were driven
into a mansion at the outskirts of the city.
12: 22 pm, Chucks’ Apartment
Bimpe, Chucks, Clara and Stella were in a
meeting. Clara was narrating her
experience of what happened in Steve’s
house. “When I came out of the bathroom,
I could not find Steve. He simply
disappeared. I only found this jackknife on
his bed. I haven’t been able to reach him
on the phone. His wife and children are
gone too. Do you think Mayo took them?”
“Clara, nobody knows what is happening.
But clearly we are all in a mess. The so
called video must have all of us in it. And so
far none of us has accepted he or she
made the video,” Bimpe replied. “The video
doesn’t just have all of us in it. There are
many more people in it, important people
and relatives of important people…”
Chucks explained. “But how did those
important people get into the video with
us? Haven’t we always had our orgies by
ourselves?” Bimpe asked. “The guy who
turned you inside out and had you
screaming for hours some months ago
was he one of us?” Stella asked, looking
like she was going to start a fight. “Oh! I
forgot,” Bimpe said and covered her face
as though she had just realized how much
a sex maniac she was.
“Chucks, you sound like you know more
about the video, can you fill us in?” Clara
asked. “After Eve and Stanley were shot, I
became very troubled. Stanley is one of us
and whoever killed him in that manner
must have an axe to grind, I figured. So I
hired a detective to work on the case and
find out why our friends were shot. A few
days later he came back with a video clip, it
had most of us in it and some of the
people we often bring in from outside to
sex with us. You know what we do, so
don’t be ashamed. There were some faces
in the video I still don’t remember when
they joined us. I have been told there are
many more videos. It is not just one. There
are perhaps two groups out there, they
are looking for the videos. One wants the
videos and those in them destroyed; while
another wants the videos as a weapon
against some people in it. If we don’t make
a move out of the city in the next few days,
we are sitting ducks. They are going to
come for us.”
“I don’t understand, why didn’t they come
for us in the first place. Why shoot Stanley
and Eve. They are innocent! Stanley hasn’t
been part of what we do for a long time
now. So why shoot him and his new
wife?!” Clara asked looking bemused. “My
private detective thinks they may be the
ones in possession of all the videos. In fact,
they believe they have the videos,” Chucks
said. His friends were astonished to hear
Stanley and Eve had the videos. “Now that
they are dead, what are we going to do,”
Stella asked. “You are wrong, Stanley and
Eve are still alive. My source said they are
still living. Somehow they survived the
shooting,” Chucks explained further. The
others were further shocked by that
revelation. Immediately Bimpe stood up
and went to use the restroom. In the
restroom, she quickly typed the following
message in her phone, “Chucks knows too
much already. A detective is working for
him. Stanley and Eve are still alive.” She sent
the message and rejoined the group.

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Episode 7
01:55 pm, Arcot Restaurant
Stella is sitting by herself at a table, a cup of
ice cream is on the table and her phone in
hand. She fiddles with the phone for a
moment and then places a call to a doctor,
“Hello Doc, I am at Arcot, I have all the
samples you asked for. I need you to come
over quickly.” “Give me fifteen minutes to
get there,” said the doctor. “Can you make
ten, I have got so much on my hands right
now; I need every minute I can get.” “Okay,
I will try.”
01:59 pm, Emilia’s House
Emilia descends from the staircase, bare
breasted and wearing only a G-string. Two
armed guards are in the living room. Mayo
is sitting on one of the white sofas in the
sitting room with his eyes glued to the
television set until Emilia descended from
the staircase. Emilia waved her hands at
the two guards and they left quickly. She
walked over to where Mayo was sitting
and asked, “How are my new pair of
boobs?” touching them as she spoke.
Mayo had a disinterested look on his face.
Tacitly he said, “They look good… I want to
know who amongst my friends made the
videos. I think you have hit the wrong
persons…” “Not so fast boy!” Emilia
shunned him. Sitting on his lap she took
his right hand and brushed it over her
breasts. “The American doctor who did the
breast enhancement surgery said they are
the best I can get anywhere in the world at
the moment.” Still running his hand over
her breasts, she continued, “Do they feel
any differently compared to the last time
you touched them?” “I think you should
put some clothes on Emilia. The things I
told you in Ghana were said in anger. You
should never have come after my friends
without letting me know.” Emilia stood up
and gave him a hot slap across the face.
While Mayo wondered what he did to get a
slap like that, Emilia pointed her right hand
at him and yelled, “You are not in the
position to tell me what to do Mayo!! No,
you are not! Don’t make that mistake!!”
“You don’t want to pick a fight with me
Emilia!” Mayo shouted back at her and
immediately to armed guards ran into the
living room. As quickly as they came in,
Emilia waved them off. “Mayo, you are still
alive because you accepted my offer from
the beginning. Besides that, you are my
best man in bed. I am not quite ready to
lose you yet. If you know the truck loads of
lies I have had to tell to save your ass, you
would be doing your job right on top of
me by now.” “Eve and Stanley did not make
the videos, someone else did and you
should be looking for that person.” “Don’t
give me that bull shit Mayo! If you cared
this much about Eve and Stanley, why
didn’t you warn them when I told you they
were going to get assassinated. Why did
you do nothing?!” Mayo lowered his head
into his palms and groaned in pain. Emilia
drew closer and squatted next to him and
whispered, “It’s okay baby, I didn’t know
you cared this much about them.”
Mayo raised his head with his eyes moist,
“I was going to tell Stanley that a hit had
been sanctioned on him. I was waiting to
tell him after his wedding. I had no clue
you would come for them on their
wedding day. Eve was innocent. That girl
died for nothing. I know I had issues with
Stanley for letting no one touch her, but I
wished her no ill.” “I have a little surprise
for you. Eve and Stanley may still be alive…”
Mayo got excited. “…I am not going to tell
you where they are until you have done
your job.” Emilia stooped a bit, removed
her G-string, threw it on a sofa and sat on
Mayo’s laps. Mayo had been caught in a
web bigger than his weight could handle.
Emilia was not after recovering the videos,
she actually wanted to keep them from
being found. Mayo was her pun. She had
been paid thirty million US dollars to make
sure the videos circulated very well
amongst the people even though she was
in the videos as well. She would kill
everyone who knew where the original
copies of the videos where. From the
beginning she had it all planned out. Some
big wigs in politics and the corporate
world would be brought down by those
02:15 pm, Arcot Restaurant
“You took longer than you said you would,
what happened?” Stella asked looking
angry. “I am sorry; it wasn’t my fault. I was
held up in traffic.” As soon as the doctor
sat down, Stella removed a pack from her
handbag and began to explain its contents
to the doctor, “This sample is from my
husband. This one is from Mayo, that one
belongs to my son. Here is mine. Please do
a thorough job. I want to know who his
father is.” The doctor took the samples and
sunk them into a black leather bag. Stella
rummaged in her handbag and removed a
brown envelope containing wads of
dollars and handed them to the doctor. He
took the envelope from Stella and shoved it
into his hip pocket. Stella could see Chucks
and Clara walking into the restaurant. She
leaned toward the doctor and said, “Get
out now!” The doctor sprang to his feet
and walked toward some cakes on display
as if he wanted to buy them. Stella kept her
gaze on Chucks and Clara to know if they
saw the doctor standing up from her table.
She could tell they did not and so she
relaxed and waved at them.
When Chucks and Clara had sat down, they
asked, “You said you have something to
tell us, what is it?” Stella looked around,
leaned toward her friends and said, “Mayo
knows more than any of us thinks. Before
any of us found out that Eve and Stanley
had been shot, he said something to me
while we were together at Eden Crest Suit.”
“What did he tell you?” Clara asked. “He
said Eve and Stanley are not going to last
long together. He added that they would
make a big sad story together. I have the
feeling when he said they would make a
big sad story together, her meant their
sudden death. I don’t want to be paranoid,
but the way his face looked when he said
that was scary. For a moment he looked
like something which crawled out of
hades. We need to work together and find
out what Mayo knows.” “I don’t like the
sound of this. We should never have let
this happen to us,” Chucks said. “That is
what happens when you break natural
laws and give your whole self to
lasciviousness. We have slept with
ourselves and have been most unfaithful to
our marriage partners. Some can count
how many men they have slept with; as for
me, I have lost count. I have even slept
with my husband’s…” Stella had to stop
herself, she almost told her friends a bit
more than she would want them to know.
“You should keep your confession to
yourself Stella or go find a pastor and
confess all you have done. And while you
are at it, don’t forget to leave the city with
your family members or at least get
yourself some good security personnel,”
Chucks suggested.
“Speaking of confession, I have need for it
also. I can’t go on like this anymore,” Clara
said with a broken voice. “Let us not forget
the reason we are here. Are we going to
work together and crack this case? Who is
Mayo working with? What does he know?
Who is Emilia? How can we find a picture
of her? Are you guys with me on this?”
Clara and Chucks nodded vigorously. “But
how about Steve and Bimpe, should they
know what we are doing?” Clara asked.
“No, we should keep it amongst ourselves;
the smaller the better. Look, there are
videos of us and some important people
out there and we don’t know who
amongst us made it. Let us keep this
simple, if it leaks I can tell who amongst us
is responsible for that,” Stella said.
4: 40 pm, A Mansion outside the City
Since Eve and Stanley were rescued from
the hospital by some gun men, the three
doctors taking care of them had done their
best to nurse them back to health. Since
they were shot on the night of their
wedding day, they had been tethering on
the edge of death. However, with the
treatment they had received in the
mansion for some days, things were
beginning to look good again for them.
“Hey! I think the evening breeze will be
good for the two of you. Why don’t you let
us take you two outside?” Doctor Larry
asked Eve and Stanley. They looked at each
other and smiled. “We will like to give it a
trial, so long as we won’t get shot,” Eve
said with her killer smile on her face. The
doctors gently put them in wheelchairs
and wheeled them to the garden in the
mansion. The flowers in the garden were
well cut and the lush green grass on the
ground looked awesome. Brightly coloured
butterflies s—–g nectar, flew around the
garden, seeming to have no care in the
world. While Stanley studied the Garden
and the imposing building from which
they were wheeled out, Eve plucked some
flowers and smelt them happily. Under her
breath she said to herself, “It is good to be
alive after all I have been through.”
Looking up at the doctor who pushed her
wheelchair she said, “Can you get me
closer to Stan?” “Of course mam,” replied
the doctor. Eve was glad to take Stanley’s
hand in hers. She squeezed it as hard as
she could and then brought it to her lips
and kissed it passionately. “I am glad you
are still here baby,” she said to Stanley.
Stanley smiled mechanically and returned
his gaze on the compound in which they
were. “Since you two haven’t had a real
time alone since your wedding day, we will
leave you alone for some time. When
darkness begins to settle, we will come
back to wheel you back into the house.
Please try not to get up from your wheel
chairs; you are not yet strong enough to
handle the exaction of walking around on
your feet. If you need anything just call any
of us and we would bring them to you.”
When the doctors left them, Eve was eager
to get as much kiss from Stanley as she
could, but Stanley seemed uninterested.
“What is it baby? Since our wedding night,
you haven’t touched. The least you can do
now is kiss me.” “Babe, we are still not
safe,” Stanley replied. Eve felt her heart sink
into her stomach. “Why did you say that?”
“Look around, this place is a luxurious
prison.” “But the doctors are in charge
here.” “That is my point Eve. We have been
here for three days and a few hours and
yet we have not seen a single policeman.”
Eve looked around as if a light bulb just
turned on in her head. “Who then are
these doctors?” she asked. “The way I see
it, they are working for whoever is
keeping us here.” From a room in the
building the doctors watched Eve and
Stanley on a monitor, listening to their
conversation. They were hoping that the
two of them would talk about what they
knew about the videos. In the garden, Eve
finally got the chance to ask the questions
which had been bothering her all along,
“Baby, do you have any ideas why we
were shot? Who are the persons after us?”
Stanley looked hard and long at her and
said nothing. Eve did not understand his
meaning, but she could tell he was saying
something to her. Changing the topic,
Stanley asked, “Baby, why don’t you let me
see what you are wearing under?” Eve
wasn’t sure what he was doing, but she
trusted him. She reached under her clothe
and pulled off her underwear and threw it
at him. Stanley caught it mid-air and
wheeled closer to Eve. Pretending he
wanted to kiss her he whispered, “There
are cameras in the flowers, don’t ask me
about why we were shot. I can’t tell you
here. Something is wrong about this
place.” “Doctor Larry told me that some
people were going to help us. Maybe they
are the ones keeping us here,” Eve recalled.

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Episode 8
6:45 am, Accra Ghana
“My wife is missing. Someone
abducted her after a nude
picture of her was sent to me…”
said Steve. “What!! A nude
what?! Lizzy is a good woman.
What got her into such a
habit?!” Emmalyn wondered
aloud. “She is innocent. I have
an idea of what is happening. I
want to leave my children with
you and go back to Nigeria to
look for her. Please watch my
children with your life.” “But
Steve, I don’t want to get into
trouble by your leaving your
children here. I have lost
enough relatives over the years;
I don’t want to lose more.” “No
one knows where I am right
now, Emmalyn. Please help me.
There are not many people I can
trust right now.” “I love your
children, Steve, and will gladly
watch over them; but make
sure I don’t get into trouble
doing that. “Thank you Ema; I
am sure you won’t get into
trouble helping me with trouble helping me with my
7: 18 am, Marlow Street, Lagos
Lizzy was in a dark small room
and tied to a chair. Since She
was abducted by the men in
black Mercedes SUV, no one had
spoken to her as to the reason
she was abducted. Of course
the Sony camera containing her
nude pictures taken in a hotel
room in Sun City had been taken
from her. Whoever abducted
her knew about the pictures
and had taken her primarily for
those pictures. For three days
she had not eaten a thing and
had not had a bath. She could
smell her own pong. She could
not tell what hour of the day it
was outside. The room she was
in had been dark from the
moment she was taken into it.
She was happy when the door
to the small dark room jangled
and flew wide open. A gust of
fresh air rushed into the room
and caressed her skin. The door
remained open for a while
without anyone coming in. She
had to assume that perhaps her
captors must have remembered
her and decided to let her have
some fresh air. Just when she
thought no one was going to
talk to her, two hefty men
barged into the room and lifted
her along with the chair to
which she was tied.
She had no clue what would
happen next, but she was
afraid. She struggled to break
loose but the ropes on her were
firm and the men carrying her
were too strong for her. When
she was brought outside the
house, her eyes began to burn
for not having seen daylight for
days. The two men took her
toward a swimming pool at the
back of the grand building and
set her down. There were three
men sitting at a table, staring at
her like mongrels. She was
certain she had not seen any of
them before. One of them
barked at the two men who
carried her out, “Untie her!” The
men hurriedly untied her. “Lizzy,
we are sorry about what you
have been through in the last
few days. Please don’t take it
personal, we are just doing our
job. Anyway your husband
brought it on himself when he
overstepped his bounds. You
must be hungry, get her
something to eat!” the man
barked again. Lizzy stretched
her arms and legs, while she
studied the three men. Though
her heart was pounding against
her ribs as a result of fear, she
was grateful that the ropes had
been untied from her.
In a jiffy, a man, looking like a
chef brought food for her. The
sight of grilled chicken served
with rice and a glass of Piña
Colada made her stomach to
growl loudly. She felt
embarrassed at the sound her
stomach made. She was
ravenously hungry; dragging
her chair closer to the table on
which the food sat, she dug her
fingers into the chicken and
shoved chunks of it into her
mouth. Turning to one of the
guards who stood nearby, she
said with a mouth full of
chicken, “Water, I need water.”
As though on cue the chef who
had served her food appeared
with a glass bowl and a can of
bottled water. He was surprised
to see that Lizzy had begun to
eat without washing her hands.
Smiling, he set down the glass
bowl and can of water and filled
the glass bowl with water for
Lizzy to wash her hands.
When Lizzy had eaten to her fill,
she was dragged into a
bathroom and was ordered to
have her bath. She was scared,
and didn’t know what would
come next. All the people she
had seen in the house were
men. However, she had to take
her bath, for days she had gone
without one. As soon as she
was done having her bath, the
door of the bathroom flew
open and two men dragged her
out of it and led her stark nude
toward the swimming pool. She
was overcome with shame and
cried like a child, pleading for
them to allow her put on her
clothes. When the three men
who had watched her eat,
stood up from their table, Lizzy
took note of what she did not
see earlier – her Sony camera.
Then it dawned on her that the
men were going to take more
nude pictures of her or
probably force her to have sex
with one of them and then
make a video of it.
She had not been that afraid
before. Without thinking about
it, she bolted toward the house,
knocking one of the guards to
the ground. Just before she
made it to the door, she heard a
gunshot and the glass door
next to her shattered. Thinking
she had been shot, she sunk to
the ground. The guards came
and picked her from the ground
and put guns to her head and
asked her to do as she was told.
Shaking like a weather beaten
bird, she nodded. The three
men who had watched her eat,
undressed quickly and asked
Lizzy to pose nude with them.
While she posed with them,
crying profusely, a man came
out with a video camera, set it
on a tripod and began to film
Lizzy and the men taking
different nude poses. Whenever
Lizzy failed to pose as she was
asked to, the men slapped her
across the face. When they were
done, Lizzy was given her
clothes, car key and her Sony
camera. She dressed hurriedly,
crying her bruised eyes sore.
She had expected worse; her
thoughts were that the men
would force her to have sex
with them, she was thankful
that her ordeal did not reach
that point. Clearly the men were
building a case against her
husband. Much to her surprise
she was led out of the
compound and was asked to go
home. When she stepped out of
the house and saw her car
outside; like a child whose
mother had been away for days,
she ran toward it car, got into
and drove away.
10:30 am, A Mansion outside
the City
Eve was sitting beside Stanley
on a bed, eager to find out
what was going on in his head,
and frustrated that he could not
tell her much because they were
being watched. Upstairs the
three doctors and some armed
men sat before a monitor
hoping that the couple would
volunteer some information
about the videos; especially
about who had the videos.
Doctor Larry picked up his
phone and dialed a certain man,
“Hello sir, it doesn’t look like this
couple know anything about
the videos. They have not said a
word about them for days. It is
likely they don’t even know why
they were shot. I want to ask,
should we let them go?” “If this
current plan does not work, tell
my boys to use force to find out
from them everything they
know. If force fails to yield any
good result, shoot them on the
head and dump their bodies in
a ditch somewhere!” an angry
voice on the other end of the
phone said. “But sir, this was
not what you told us earlier!
You said you wanted to help…”
“Doctor Larry, I am a
businessman and a politician
whose life is on the verge of
being destroyed. Eve and
Stanley have videos that can
destroy my life and that of my
daughter. I want the videos
found and destroyed! If the
couple cannot tell you anything
useful about the videos, kill
them and dump their bodies in
the bush. That should not be
difficult, you are at the outskirt
of the city. Doctor Larry, please
don’t call me until you have
some good news to give me. I
have just sent a message to my
boys to kill Eve and Stanley it
your method fails.” The phone
line went dead.
Doctor Larry was shocked. He
stood up and asked his other
two colleagues to follow him
down stairs. He could tell that
the message the leader of the
armed group read was from
their boss asking him and his
boys to kill Eve and Stanley if
they fail to give them the
information they sought for. On
the staircase, Dr. Larry told his
colleagues what the man they
were working for said. The two
doctors were horrified to hear
what their employer said. “We
have to let Eve and Stanley know
what is going on. If they know
anything, it is about time to let
us know,” Dr. Lami, the
youngest of the three doctors
said as he descended the
staircase in a flight. Eve and
Stanley were locked in each
other’s hands, kissing when the
three doctors barged into their
room. Eve was sure she locked
the door, how the doctors
opened it was a surprise to her.
She broke from the kiss, looking
at the doctors in disbelieve. “I
thought I had that door locked,
how did you get in?” she asked.
Ignoring her, Dr. Larry said to
the two of them, “Your lives are
right now more in danger than
they had ever been. I need you
to give me some information
about something.” Eve was
surprised, but Stanley looked
like he had been waiting for
that moment. “What is it you
want, Dr. Larry?” Stanley asked.
“The man who is keeping our
families from harm, the man
who saved your lives, he wants
a favour from the two of you.
He is looking for…” “Some
videos,” Stanley cut in. Dr. Larry
and the other two doctors
looked at each other, happy that
finally they were getting some
information from the couple.
Upstairs one of the armed men
called their boss and told him
that Stanley had begun to tell
the doctors what he knew
about the videos. Down in the
room where Stanley and the
doctors were, Stanley began a
mind game he had been
rehearsing for hours. “Doctors, I
am not sure you want to know
what is in those videos. Believe
me, you don’t want to know.”
“Stanley, please don’t bother
about us. We have no interest in
the videos. The man we work
for is the one who wants to get
his hands on the videos.” “Okay,
but you will need to write down
the things I am about to tell
you.” “Don’t worry about that
Stanley. Go ahead tell us what
you know.”
Stanley leaned forward and
whispered, “Doctors, you don’t
know what you are doing. Once
I tell you three the contents of
those videos, your lives will be
in grave danger. I know this
whole house is wired with
video cameras. You have been
watching us every minute. I
know this conversation is being
recorded, but you need your
own record of the things I am
about to tell you…” Stanley
lowered his voice further and
continued, “Doctors, you need
your own bargaining chips.
Your lives and those of your
family members will be in
danger the moment you hear
the contents of those videos.
You need something to bargain
your way out of the coming
storm.” The doctors were
scared. Stanley could see sweat
break on their foreheads. He
had got them hooked. His
scheme was working. Lami, the
youngest of the doctors, backed
the camera on the wall and
removed his Samsung phone
and turned on the recorder.
Blinking his eyes repeatedly at
Stanley, he pointed his index
finger at his phone and urged
him to continue.

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Episode 9
Bimpe was working in her
office when her phone rang.
Steve was the caller. Before
picking the call, Bimpe locked
her office door. She would not
want someone else to hear her.
“Hello Steve. What happened?”
“Where are you?” “In my
office.” “I think someone knows
the truth now. Lizzy has been
abducted. I don’t know where
they took her to.” “Oh my God!
Are you sure of what you are
saying?” “I am certain of it.
Someone sent me a nude
picture of Lizzy and after that
she was abducted. I am worried
to death.” “I hope you know
you can’t go to the police. Have
you spoken to our henchmen?”
“No, I can’t talk to them. They
have been compromised. I am
hoping that whoever
kidnapped Lizzy will call me for
ransom or for vendetta. I need
to know she is still alive… I just
returned to the country. I had to
take my children to some safe
place.” “That is a smart move.
Where are they?” “I can’t tell
you bimpe. It is better you don’t
know.” “It’s okay, I understand.
Do whatever you can to find
Lizzy, I will do my best from
here… have you heard?”
“What?” “Eve and Stanley are
still alive.” There was silence for
a moment after Bimpe informed
him that Eve and Stanley were
still alive.
“Steve, are you still there?”
“Yes… Bimpe, I hope you know
we are in a deep mess?” “Yeah,
I know. Find your wife as
quickly as you can. I have the
feeling things won’t work out
well between Emilia and Mayo.
We should try and take
advantage of that.” “I didn’t
understand what you mean.”
“Mayo does not know who
made the videos, Emilia won’t
tell him. I will try and point
fingers at Emilia; that should
break them up.” “No, Bimpe!
You should not do that. Emilia is
a monster; you don’t want to
mess with her. Please don’t do
it. You absolutely do not have
what it takes to handle her. I
would suggest we disappear.”
“Okay, I will try not to point
fingers at Emilia. Steve, I have
got to go. I have so much work
to do. Call me when you find
your wife. I’ll get my men to
look underground for her.”
“Thank you, Bimpe.” “You are
welcome.” As soon as Bimpe
was done talking to Steve, she
sent a text to Mayo, using an
unknown number. The text
message read, “Hello Mayo,
Emilia paid someone to make
the videos. Check the house you
use for your abominable sexual
orgies and you will see lots of
hidden cameras. Are you hidden cameras. Are you aware
that she worked as a hooker for
seven years in Atlanta before
she returned to Nigeria? Don’t
believe what she tells you. She
doesn’t want the videos found.
If you don’t believe me, you
know where to look.”
As quickly as Bimpe sent the
text message, she turned off
her phone and removed the sim
card with which she sent the
message. Steve had warned her
not to point fingers at Emilia,
but she would not listen. She
had her reasons for attacking
Emilia. On the other side Mayo
was trying hard without
success to call the number
which sent him the message.
Determined to find out who
was behind the text message,
he called a friend of his in the
mobile carrier which owned the
number that sent him the
message and asked his friend
to get him the identity of the
person who sent him the
message. In Apple Bar, Steve sat
alone at a table, working out
how to get back his wife. He
was lost in thought when his
phone rang. To his surprise, the
caller was Lizzy. Steve was
happy that finally, those who
abducted his wife were getting
in touch with him. With a cold
voice he said, “Hello…” “Baby!
Baby! Where are you? Where
are our children? I have been
calling you since yesterday!”
“Where are you Lizzy?” “I am
home. They have let me go!
Come home please! Come
home!” “No! I am not coming
home. They are trying to use
you to get me. Who is there
with you? They have not let you
go right?”
Steve could not believe his wife
would be sent home that easily.
Lizzy broke down and began to
cry. “I am alone in the house. No
one is here with me. I was
released yesterday after those
who kidnaped me made me do
some things…” Steve was
alarmed; his heart began to
beat very fast. “Lizzy, what did
they make you do?” “They
stripped me nude and forced
me to pose nude with three
nude men. They beat me up…”
Steve went numb with fear.
Bimpe was right, someone must
know the truth now and was
working secretly to get him and
his accomplices. “I want you to
come to Apple Bar. Walk in and
take a seat. I will meet you there
in minutes.” “Okay, I’ll leave
right away.” Lizzy dropped the
call and ran down stairs. She
had thought her husband and
children had been killed by the
men who kidnapped her. Steve
was not sure his wife was
telling him the truth, so he left
the bar, went across the street
and paid a taxi driver to let him
sit in his taxi for some time.
While he waited, Lizzy drove
into Apple Bar in her Range
Rover HSE. In a jiffy she made it
out of her car and headed into
the bar.
10:45 am, Emilia’s Residence
“Who else amongst these
people do you think is closest to
finding the videos,” Emilia asked
her guards. On her dining table
was spread a wide sheet
containing the names of the
people looking for the people looking for the videos
and those in the videos. “I think
Maxwell has the best chance of
finding the videos. He knows
where Eve and Stanley are,” one
of Emilia’s guards said. “Maxwell
is chasing shadows. He is doing
exactly what I want him doing
at the moment,” Emilia replied
sarcastically. Just then her
phone rang. It was the
policeman who called some
days earlier from Briggs Clinic to
inform her that Eve and Stanley
might still be alive. She had to
take his call, “Hey, man. What
have you got?” Emilia asked.
“Leroy survived the shooting at
Briggs Clinic. He will be
transferred to a military hospital
by 11: am tomorrow. Do you
still have need for him?” “I do.
Thanks for letting me know. Can
you help him disappear?”
“Maybe, but I am not yet sure.”
“If you can make it happen;
make sure he never gets taken
to the military hospital.” “I will
try, Emilia.” “Thanks man. I will
remember this.” “You are
11:55 am, A Mansion outside
the City
“Whoever it is you are working
for is looking for videos. The
videos contain the worst form
of deviant sexual acts you can
imagine. You need to
understand the caliber of
people in those videos. There
are four currently serving
governors, six ministers, seven
celebrities of immense wealth,
an ex-president and his
daughter, and also one of the
richest men in Africa and his
daughter. Actually this man and
his daughter had sex together
with their eyes blindfolded. It
was a set up and I don’t know
who planned it all. The people in
the videos have the means to
kill whoever will try to keep
them from finding the videos…”
Stanley paused. Eve had Stanley paused. Eve had heard
those from him and so was not
surprised. “I don’t know what
you were told, but the truth is I
did not make those videos and
you cannot find me in any of
them. Some amongst my friends
or in connection with my
friends did, but I don’t know
who they are,” he continued.
“Where are the original copies
of the videos now,” Dr. Larry
asked. Stanley knew that
admitting he did not know
where the videos where would
take his bargaining power
away; so he made up a story, “I
don’t know where they are, but
I might know who does. I
understand there is a sixteen-
digit code with which the
videos were locked away in a
safe somewhere in this city. I
and Eve were made to
memorize three digits each. If
anything happens to us, you will
never find the videos. According
to what I was told, the numbers
are also coordinates to the
location of the original copies of
the videos.” Eve was shocked to
hear Stanley say they were
made to memorize numbers.
That was a lie. They simply did
not know much about the
videos except those who were
in them. The fact that Stanley
was leading their captors on
made her much more afraid. If
they found out, they would not
hesitate to shoot them.
“You said you know who might
know where the videos are,
who is that?” Dr. Larry asked. “I
want to know that I and my
wife are safe before I give you a
name.” “Stanley, you don’t
understand what mess you are
in right now. Give us a name
and we will convince our boss
to let you go,” Dr. Lami
persuaded him. “How do I
know they won’t shoot us the
moment I give them a name?”
“This is messier than we
thought, Stanley. Just drop a
name and we will leave this
place with you right now,” Dr.
Lami pleaded with a fear riddled
voice. They were all startled
when one of the armed men
watching from a room upstairs
barged into the room, wielding
a gun. “Stanley, I doubt very
much you understand what is
going on here. If you don’t give
us a name I am going to shoot
you and your wife right here!”
the man shouted. “I understand
you want to protect your
friends but you need to see
this!” He handed Stanley a tablet
and urged him, “Play the video.”
Stanley was not sure what was
in the video. He was clearly
afraid. Eve came over and sat
beside him.
Stanley braved up for the worst
and taped the play button and
the video began to play.
Seconds into the video, the
mouths of Stanley and Eve hung
open in shock. In the video
were Bimpe, Steve and Clara, in
a bar, telling an unidentified
man that the sex videos may
have been made by Stanley and
Eve. At the end of the video, the
unidentified man left a briefcase
on the table and left. Turning to
them, the armed man said, “The
video you just watched was
recorded six months ago. Your
friends believe you made the
videos. They were paid ten
million Naira for that

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Episode 10
11:01 am, Apple Bar
Steve sat quietly in the taxi and
watched every person and car
which went into Apple Bar. He
was expecting to see the people
who abducted his wife arrive
minutes after his wife. Patiently
he waited. Inside the bar, Lizzy
grew impatient and dialed
Steve’s number severally
without his picking up. She did
not know what to make of his
failure to show up at the bar
nor of his failure to take her
calls. Without her meaning to,
tears welled up in her eyes, a
young man who took interest in
her sublime physique and
scantily covered boobs walked
over to her table and asked,
“Excuse me madam, what is the
problem?” and sat down
without Lizzy’s permission. Lizzy
could tell the young man had
his eyes fixed on her boobs. She
tried to tuck her boobs behind
her bra which served more to
expose them than cover them.
The young man smiled
impudently and asked her,
“How much is your fee? I am
will double them to spend just a
minute with you.” Lizzy looked
at her watch and asked the
young man, “Idiot, is your
mother a w—e or did you just
wake from a whorehouse this
morning? It is only 11:00 am
and you are looking for a
woman to jump on.” The
surprised young man stood to
his feet and snapped, “If you
don’t want us asking, keep
them covered.”
Just as the young man made his
way toward another table,
Lizzy’s phone rang and she
picked it hurriedly, “Baby,
where are you? I have been
waiting for long.” “Get up and
leave the bar. When you step
outside, leisurely walk across
the street as though you
wanted to buy some things. I
will pick you up from there.”
Lizzy bolted out of the
restaurant. Outside, she
struggled to walk across the
street calmly. She just could not
wait to see her husband. Steve
didn’t like the way she was
walking; she was drawing
attention to herself. He was
going to call her when Lizzy
suddenly stopped and walked
back to her car, opened it and
sat in it for a moment before
dialing Steve, “Hello baby, I think
I just saw a man I recognized
from the house I was kept
when I was abduction.
Wherever you are please don’t
make a move, someone is
watching us.” “Thank you
baby… now I want you to drive
to a market place, when you get
there, abandon your car and
disappear into the market. From
the market, try to call me from a
public phone, I will tell you
where I will be by then.” Lizzy
started her car and drove off.
10:15 PM, Radisson Blue
“I hope what I am afraid of is
not what you have called me
out to tell me,” Stella said as she
sat on the edge of her seat,
waiting to find out the result of
the paternity test she had hired
the doctor to conducted on her
last son. The look on the
doctor’s face wasn’t appealing,
Stella could tell he had bad news
for her. To put her out of her
misery, he handed her a brown
envelope. Stella refused to take
it and said, “Tell me what’s in it
first!” “Your husband is not the
father of your last child… he
belongs to Mayo.” Stella had
feared the result the doctor just
gave her. Though she had
thought about it for days, it still
hit her with a numbing force.
“Are you certain of the result,
doctor?” “Yes, I am hundred
percent sure.” “Did you check
over and again to be sure?” “I
did. You know how thorough I
am. I can’t make mistakes with
such important tests.” “Thank
you,” Stella said and collected
the envelope from the doctor.
The doctor stood to his feet and
left the bar. After staring long at
the envelope, Stella opened it
and poured over the result line
after line. She glanced at her
watch, picked up her phone
and placed a call to Mayo, “Hello
Mayo. How are you doing?” “I
am good.” “What’s happening
to the group?” “What do you
mean?” “Don’t play that game
with me Mayo! You know what
I mean! Why were Eve and
Stanley shot?”
Mayo stalled for a moment, he
didn’t know how to answer
Stella. He was still having a
struggle with guilt. He knew he
could have stopped the attack
on Eve and Stella and yet he did
nothing. “I don’t know why
they were shot. I am still
working on it,” he lied. “You
know I know when you are
lying. There is so much you are
not saying at the moment. I am
going to forward a text
message to you, when you are
done reading it, call me back.”
Stella worked through her
messages and forwarded to
Mayo the message which read,
“Mayo is going to kill you all. He
has just found out from Emilia
that there is a tape about the
sexual orgies you all often have
together. He knows why Eve
and Stanley were shot.” After
sending out the message Stella
waited. She had all the night to
wait. She had fooled her
husband with a fictitious job
she had to do that night to
leave the house. She wasn’t
much of a drinker, but to keep
herself wide awake, she
ordered for a bottle of Chelsea
Dry Gin along with a bottle of
Smirnoff Ice. She had them
mixed in a glass with a few
cubes of ice and began to sip
the drink slowly.
10:35 pm, Mayo’s Home
Mayo was sitting at a table in
his study staring at the message
Stella forwarded to him in
disbelief. No doubt someone
somewhere was turning them
against each other. First
whoever he or she was made it
look like Eve and Stanley were
responsible for the videos and
had them shot. The same
person was also after him,
sending pernicious messages to
his friends to make them think
he was behind all that was
happening. However, there was
something worrisome about
the text message Stella
forwarded to him, it had Emilia’s
name in it; that had Mayo
alarmed. How many of us know
Emilia by her real name? he
thought as he stood to his feet
and paced around his study. In
a quick move he picked his
phone and read the message
which a stranger sent to him
about Emilia, “Hello Mayo, Emilia
paid someone to make the
videos. Check the house you use
for your abominable sexual
orgies and you will see lots of
hidden cameras. Are you hidden cameras. Are you aware
that she worked as a hooker for
seven years in Atlanta before
she returned to Nigeria? Don’t
believe what she tells you. She
doesn’t want the videos found.
If you don’t believe me, you
know where to look.” By now
Mayo could tell he was in a deep
shit. Outside, three armed men
scaled the wall into his
compound and slit the throats
of his two military guards and
made their way to his door.
Upstairs two University girls he
had brought in for the night lay
naked and unconscious on the
floor. The aphrodisiac he gave
them was too strong for the
girls’ hearts to handle.
Mayo studied the two text
messages to spot a pattern. The
first thing he noticed was that
the sender of those messages
was knowledgeable about her
group. He forwarded the
second message to Stella second message to Stella and
gave her a few minutes to read
it. While he waited to call her, he
heard a glass shatter in his
kitchen. His thought was that
the girls must have recover
from the effect of the drug he
gave them. Clutching his phone,
he headed toward the kitchen.
Just when he was to step into
his living room, he heard a male
voice whispering, “The house is
big, where do we go next?”
Mayo was struck with fear.
Quickly he retraced his steps
back to his room. He pulled out
an automatic handgun from
under his pillow and cocked it.
Shoving it into his hip, he pulled
on a t-shirt and a pair of
sneakers. His heart beat so fast
that he tasted blood in his
mouth. Leaning on the door of
his room, he listened for
sounds. Convinced there was
none, he opened the door of his
room and stepped out.
Immediately his phone rang,
Stella was the one calling.
The sound of his ringing phone
sent the assassins in his
direction. At first he heard
footsteps running toward him,
and then gunshots. He went to
the floor and without thinking
pointed his gun in the direction
of the footsteps and squeezed
the trigger. Two men in face
masks let out screams and went
to the floor as flesh and blood
splattered in all directions. Mayo
sprang to his feet and ran
toward an exit door at the back
of his house, with a few
gunshots missing him by the
whiskers. When he reached the
door, he opened it and hid
beside the wall. He was
expecting gunshots to follow
his opening the door. When no
one shot at the door, he jumped
out into the night and made his
way out of his compound. His
hunch had served him well; two
weeks earlier he had sent his
wife and children to the Gambia
to stay with his friend, Isa
Farouk. Outside his compound
his feet pounded the ground as
he ran in the night. About an
hour later he called Stella,
“Stella! Where are you?” “I am
at Radisson Blue, but please I
don’t need you tonight, I am
trying to make my ways right
again with God. Please keep
your ass where your wife is, I
am done f***ing you.” “Shot up
and listen! Some people broke
into my house about an hour
ago and tried to kill me! Call
your husband and get out of
the city now!”
12:40 am, A Mansion outside
the City
The three doctors were by now
scheming very hard to get Eve
and Stanley out of the house
after what they had heard
about the videos. “The man we
are working for, his name is
Maxwell, do you know him?” Dr.
Larry asked. Stanley was
shocked, he could not even bat
an eyelid. “What is wrong
Stanley. What do you know
about him? Please talk to us,”
Dr. Larry pleaded. Eve looked at
Stanley and then at the three
doctors. Drawing closer to them
she said, “Maxwell is the person
in the video who had sex with
his daughter Anabel…” There
was a pin-drop silence in the
room. The three doctors
seemed like they were going to
choke to death with shock.
Anabel was perhaps the
nation’s biggest female
celebrity. She had endorsement
contracts with Coca Cola,
Samsung, P&G, Nestle and some
other blue chip corporations. Dr.
Lami was the first to recover
from the shock; blinking his
eyes like he had a pack of sand
in it he asked, “But why did
Maxwell have sex with Anabel?
It is an abomination!” “It
happened in a blindfold, nude
party, hosted by Mayo. He
regularly hosted such parties
for the crème de la crème of our
society along with some of my
friends…” Stanley explained.
“Jesus! This is not happening!
How did I get involved in this?
Maxwell has our families,
Stanley! He took them in the
name of protecting them while
we work for him,” Dr. Frank, the
second in rank amongst the
three doctors, exclaimed. “Calm
down Frank, nothing is going to
happen to your families. You are
doing fine with your job,”
Stanley assureStanley assured him.
“But, why would Maxwell had
sex with his daughter,” Lami
prodded. “I don’t have the
whole details, I leant the much I
know from Mayo; and that was
only a few days to my wedding.
I was told someone drugged
Maxwell and Anabel with an
aphrodisiac called Pendulum.
The drug makes people do
things they would never do
even with a gun to their heads.
Maxwell had sex with his
daughter and did not even
remember it until he saw the
video. He must be really mad. It
was all a set up to destroy his
political and business empire,”
Stanley explained further.
“Anabel is supposed to marry
Mustapha, the third son of Al
Sherriff, brother to the
president. I have been thinking
about it, it seems like someone
doesn’t want Maxwell to have
such a powerful allegiance
through his daughter’s
marriage to the Sherriffs,” Eve
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