[STORY] DEACONESS GRACE – Season 1 (Episode 1 – 10)


written by Nnenne uju izuanagbara.

Rakakaka, rebobobo, makakaka, oh Lord, I need your anointing. Oh Lord, make me fire, pour out your fire, oh Lord, oh Lord, I hunger and thirst oh God, for your firrrrrrreee, I want to burrrrrrrrrn, ooooooh Godddd!!! Deaconess grace prayed. Suddenly her husband’s phone rang. He picked.

– hello, oh dear, how are you? I’m fine, just waking up. Alright, I will be with you shortly.

Deaconess grace who was speaking in tongues came close to her husband.

– rakakaka, who was that on the phone? she asked her husband as she prayed.

her husband starred at her like, is she alright?

– robobobo, oh Lord pour out your fire. (To her husband) who called you? Rabababa, ahhhhhh holy ghost!!! Jesus,

Her husband was still looking at her

– oh Lord, she continued. Rikete, bababa, ribaba, (she forcefully took her husband’s phone and started scrolling. Still in the of prayer o) who is ?

– honey calm down. She’s my Collogue in the office. We are suppose to…….(he didn’t even finish explaining when she landed him a dirty slap) Jesus!!!

(she started beating him) useless man, cheap cheat, I swear to God, you will not make heaven. Agent of darkness. Holy ghost fire must destroy you. ( she threw her bible at him. He ran out of their bedroom. She chased after him. He ran into the visitor’s toilet and shut the door. Deaconess grace ran to the door and locked it. Few minutes after, her husband sneaked out of the toilet and ran towards the the door, it was looked. She came out)

– oya run na. (She moved towards him and hit their fry.pan on his head. ) idiot. Fool, ingrate, animal. I pray my ass out for you to be successful, all you do is cheat? Oh OK, because you are handsome and still good looking? I will scatter your face.

The person she was talking to is bleeding heavily and unconscious too.

Someone was at the door, HER SISTER IN-LAW.

Grace peeped through the door and saw it was her husband’s elder sister. She tip-toed back upstairs to the room and started shouting YESSSSS, I’M COMING O. When she got to the door she shouted.

-Jesus ooooooo. Honey, what is this? Who did this to you? Oh my God!!! (She opened the door. Aunty Margaret came in. She too shouted seeing her brother looking lifeless)

-grace, what happened here?

-Aunty, i don’t know o. I came to answer the door when i met him here o. Maybe he slipped and fell oooo.

-argh! The devil is a liar. Lift him. Let’s take him to the . We are going in my .

Deaconess grace was just concerned about handling her husband’s phone. At the hospital, he regained consciousness. His wound was treated. Aunty Margaret was with his phone all through.

-Aburo mi, she called. What happened to you?

-hmmm, Aunty mi, i don’t know o. I think i slipped and fell.

-Oluwagbenga Jacobs, please next time be very careful. You want to put your wife in trouble? Ha!!! Ejor o. Don’t send your mother to early grave o.

-motigbo aunty mi. Kai, my head aches badly.

-ehen, gbenga, a lady called you o. She said you were to meet with the white investors from Ukraine. And you are in possession of the presentation.

– argh yes sister mi. I guess the investors left angrily.

-nooo,.she said they came 30mins late. She had to tell them you went for another meeting with cilents. They should keep to time next time. It has been rescheduled for 4pm on friday.

-ha! She had to lie? That’s not godly o.

Grace who was just there starring at her husband and sister in-law speechlessly decided to break the silence.

-honey, thank God you’re fine.

-yeah thank God.

——————AT HOME————-

Deaconess grace went on her knees.

-Honey please I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m so jealous. I have been praying and asking God to deliver me. Please I’m sorry.

-hmmm, honey you raised your hands and hit fry-pan on my head? Even speaking in tongues could not hold you back? Praying could not stop you? Seriously, i still can’t believe that you can act this way even at your level of spirituality. You need deliverance.

– what? I need what? Because I’m pleading with you? Gbenga, a born-again spirit filled christain like me? Are you saying i have demon inside me? i reject it in Jesus name. Gbenga, you are the one that has demon. You saved another woman’s name as Angel.

– honey that’s her name and she is married with four .

– oh ok, you are reminding me i don’t have kids? You are indirectly saying i’m barren. (Crying) gbenga, you called me barren. Oh Lord fight for me. Oh, my God. Jesus!!! Open my womb. Another woman is now Angel because i have no child. God of hannah, God of Elizabeth, remember me.

Gbenga burst into terrible laughter.

-oh Lord, they are laughing at me. Lord put them to shame. Fight for me. Holyghost!!! Fight for me. Close up all the mouth laughing at me.

Gbenga laughed harder. He grabed her from behind.

-calm down honey. Haba!! Ok I’m sorry.

-get your hands off me.

-no i won’t

– gbenga, leave me alone. Gbenga leave me o.(she forcefully pushed him. He landed on the bed. The injury on the head started bleeding. She rushed to him)honey, are you ok? Please I’m sorry. What do i do to stop the pleading?

Gbenga got up and walked out of the house.

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