[STORY] DEACONESS GRACE – Season 1 (Episode 1 – 10)


written by Nnenne uju izuanagbara.

Rakakaka, rebobobo, makakaka, oh Lord, I need your anointing. Oh Lord, make me fire, pour out your fire, oh Lord, oh Lord, I hunger and thirst oh God, for your firrrrrrreee, I want to burrrrrrrrrn, ooooooh Godddd!!! Deaconess grace prayed. Suddenly her husband’s phone rang. He picked.

– hello, oh dear, how are you? I’m fine, just waking up. Alright, I will be with you shortly.

Deaconess grace who was speaking in tongues came close to her husband.

– rakakaka, who was that on the phone? she asked her husband as she prayed.

her husband starred at her like, is she alright?

– robobobo, oh Lord pour out your fire. (To her husband) who called you? Rabababa, ahhhhhh holy ghost!!! Jesus,

Her husband was still looking at her

– oh Lord, she continued. Rikete, bababa, ribaba, (she forcefully took her husband’s phone and started scrolling. Still in the mood of prayer o) who is Angel?

– honey calm down. She’s my Collogue in the office. We are suppose to…….(he didn’t even finish explaining when she landed him a dirty slap) Jesus!!!

(she started beating him) useless man, cheap cheat, I swear to God, you will not make heaven. Agent of darkness. Holy ghost fire must destroy you. ( she threw her bible at him. He ran out of their bedroom. She chased after him. He ran into the visitor’s toilet and shut the door. Deaconess grace ran to the door and locked it. Few minutes after, her husband sneaked out of the toilet and ran towards the the door, it was looked. She came out)

– oya run na. (She moved towards him and hit their fry.pan on his head. ) idiot. Fool, ingrate, animal. I pray my ass out for you to be successful, all you do is cheat? Oh OK, because you are handsome and still good looking? I will scatter your face.

The person she was talking to is bleeding heavily and unconscious too.

Someone was at the door, HER SISTER IN-LAW.

Grace peeped through the door and saw it was her husband’s elder sister. She tip-toed back upstairs to the room and started shouting YESSSSS, I’M COMING O. When she got to the door she shouted.

-Jesus ooooooo. Honey, what is this? Who did this to you? Oh my God!!! (She opened the door. Aunty Margaret came in. She too shouted seeing her brother looking lifeless)

-grace, what happened here?

-Aunty, i don’t know o. I came to answer the door when i met him here o. Maybe he slipped and fell oooo.

-argh! The devil is a liar. Lift him. Let’s take him to the hospital. We are going in my car.

Deaconess grace was just concerned about handling her husband’s phone. At the hospital, he regained consciousness. His wound was treated. Aunty Margaret was with his phone all through.

-Aburo mi, she called. What happened to you?

-hmmm, Aunty mi, i don’t know o. I think i slipped and fell.

-Oluwagbenga Jacobs, please next time be very careful. You want to put your wife in trouble? Ha!!! Ejor o. Don’t send your mother to early grave o.

-motigbo aunty mi. Kai, my head aches badly.

-ehen, gbenga, a lady called you o. She said you were to meet with the white investors from Ukraine. And you are in possession of the presentation.

– argh yes sister mi. I guess the investors left angrily.

-nooo,.she said they came 30mins late. She had to tell them you went for another meeting with cilents. They should keep to time next time. It has been rescheduled for 4pm on friday.

-ha! She had to lie? That’s not godly o.

Grace who was just there starring at her husband and sister in-law speechlessly decided to break the silence.

-honey, thank God you’re fine.

-yeah thank God.

——————AT HOME————-

Deaconess grace went on her knees.

-Honey please I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m so jealous. I have been praying and asking God to deliver me. Please I’m sorry.

-hmmm, honey you raised your hands and hit fry-pan on my head? Even speaking in tongues could not hold you back? Praying could not stop you? Seriously, i still can’t believe that you can act this way even at your level of spirituality. You need deliverance.

– what? I need what? Because I’m pleading with you? Gbenga, a born-again spirit filled christain like me? Are you saying i have demon inside me? i reject it in Jesus name. Gbenga, you are the one that has demon. You saved another woman’s name as Angel.

– honey that’s her name and she is married with four kids.

– oh ok, you are reminding me i don’t have kids? You are indirectly saying i’m barren. (Crying) gbenga, you called me barren. Oh Lord fight for me. Oh, my God. Jesus!!! Open my womb. Another woman is now Angel because i have no child. God of hannah, God of Elizabeth, remember me.

Gbenga burst into terrible laughter.

-oh Lord, they are laughing at me. Lord put them to shame. Fight for me. Holyghost!!! Fight for me. Close up all the mouth laughing at me.

Gbenga laughed harder. He grabed her from behind.

-calm down honey. Haba!! Ok I’m sorry.

-get your hands off me.

-no i won’t

– gbenga, leave me alone. Gbenga leave me o.(she forcefully pushed him. He landed on the bed. The injury on the head started bleeding. She rushed to him)honey, are you ok? Please I’m sorry. What do i do to stop the pleading?

Gbenga got up and walked out of the house.
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Gbenga left the house. Deaconess grace was begging.

-honey please. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Don’t go out of this house o. If you do, don’t bother coming back. Gbenga, i mean it o.

Gbenga slammed the door and drove off.

SIx hours later, Gbenga is not home. Deaconess grace started calling, was saying switched off.

-ah, gbenga, i cover my heart with the blood of jesus. Oni kpa mi. And my heart have started pounding fast . Ah! Jesu, won guyan lokan mi.

She started praying.

My father,.my father, i come before you in Jesus name. Any woman, holding my husband from coming home, i destroy, i destroy , oh Lord , rabababa, rekerebo, yayayaya, makata, ribabobobo oh Lord (clapping her hands) fight for me. Baba fight for me. Argh! Angel, ewo, i bind you, i bind you angel, holyghost fire destroy that your face. Oh God of Elijah (jumping.up) rain down.fire. Oh God. (She picked up her phone and tried her husband’s number again, switched off) yeeeeeh!!! (Crying) oh Lord help me. Arrgh,jesu!!! Bami so okomi lowo awon gboko gboko. Oh God, i don’t know what to pray again. (She dialed the number again, still switched off. She removed her scarf and sat on the floor. Got her bible. Lo and behold, the passage she opened was proverbs 31. (She closed) Lord i am a virtuous praying wife. I am trying to protect my home na. Argh! Gbenga.

Her phone rang, was her sister in-law.

-argh!! Mogbe ooooo. Kini ma so now. Jesus have mercy. Gbenga, oko jati jati. Ah no!!! not oko jati jati. Father forgive me and bring my husband home please.

The call kept coming.

Argh!!! If i dont answer this call, aunty will fly to this place. (She picked the call) hello aunty mi. Ekale ma.

– Ekale, iyawo mi. Aburo mi nko?

-ma, hello. Aunty mi, hello, (she purposely dropped the call and switched off her phone. She started crying) mi o mo ti mofe so. Kini ma so?. I have to leave the house. I need to go for evangelism. Aunty must not meet me here.

She left.


Jesus the way,the truth and the life, whosoever cometh to him shall never die. Deaconess grace started. Good evening people of God in this area. I bring us the good news of Jesus. He gave his life for us to be free from sin and death.
What sin easily besets you? Lying, stealing, fighting, gossiping, Amebo, talku talku, repent. you slander your neighbour with your mouth, causing confusion in people’s family. Repent or you face the judgement of God.
You Husband snatcher,hearing the sound of my voice,leave people’s husband alone. Flee God’s judgement. what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Armrobber, repent! Christ died for you. Are you sick? He is the greatest healer. Forsake your sins and come to God. He will have mercy and wash you.


-Excuse me ma.

-yes, good evening sister, how may i help you?

-ma, your message was wonderful.

-(smiling)oh thank you sister. It is the Lord’s doing.

-while i stood over there to listen to you, the Lord spoke to me concerning you.

-ehen? The Lord spoke to you.(looking at her from head to toe) concerning me, with weavon on your head and dead person blood on your lips. Is it God or mamiwater? Hmmm, anyway, what did GOD tell you?

-ma, the Lord said to tell you to PUT YOURSELF IN ORDER SO THAT YOUR HOME CAN BE IN ORDER. He said, You are serving him in deceit. The message is wonderful but the preacher is awful. God is asking you to retrace your steps.

-Are you done? Do you know whom your talking to? I AM DEACONESS GRACE, properly and honourablly ordained. The youngest Deaconess in my denomination.Who are you? With your red mouth and demonic hair. Don’t you see how sanctified and purified i look? Do you know how many young ladies i have led to christ? Transformed from this immoral look you are wearing into a glorious one?
Aunty, tell mamiwater she is a liar and i will not serve her. You cannot pull me down o.

– madam,you are the one possessed with marine demon. If you do not seek God and be delivered, your pride will destroy you and your title will not save you.God bless you.

– back to sender. Holyghost fire. Oru wahala wo le leyi. (What kind of problem is this?) how can satan be calling me satan. (She picked sand and poured at the woman) holyghost sand blind your evil eyes there. Witch. A whole deaconess like me.(People gathered and was watching)Ewo, this woman is lucky i am with megaphone and bible. I will keep holyspirit aside and beat that demon out of her. Nonsense.

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Grace came home and saw AUNTY MAG. She tried to dodge but Aunty mag has already seen her.

-iyawo mi, ekabo(you’re welcome my wife)

-Aunty mi. Ekale ma. (Aunty Good evening ma)

-i have been here o. What happened ? I have been calling your husband, his number has been switched off. Is he ok?

– yes o, he is ma.(opening the door) he went for a business meeting since morning. Most times when they have that meeting, it takes long ehee, and he will always switch off his phone.

-(they enter the house) ehen? Ah!!! Because I’m begining to be worried o. It seems i will be passing the night here o. I will call home to imform them now. I really need to see him. There is business opportunity that came o. I need him to submit his own quotation.

Deaconess Grace prayed that the ground will open and swallow her because she lied about her husband’s whereabout, now Aunty wants to pass the night. She always have a lie to cover another lie.

-Ah! Aunty, i’m going for vigil o and he knows I’m going for vigil. He might decide not to come back here tonight. This one he hasn’t called to say what he would like to eat.

– Argh! Ok. In that case , i will be going home then. Tomorrow morning i will be here. Ehen, (opens her bag and brought cloth and gele) this is for wale and eni’s marriage o. I collected yours.

-Argh! Aunty mi, eshe ma.(My aunty, thank you ma) eleyi to fine kan. Elo ni ma? (This one is so beautiful. How much is it?)

–Argh! E ma worry. Bills on me. Just look take away for me that day. Iyawo aburomi (laughter)

-Argh! Aunty mi. Eshe gan ma. (On her knees) God bless you.

– dont worry dear. Oya, come and see me off. It’s already late.


-kai, Gbenga Heaven will hold you responsible for all these lies I’m telling. God knows I’m not a liar. But, where could he be now? Is like he went to that angel again o.

Hmm, (she picked the clothes Aunty mag brought for her) imagine the OSHODI -OKE BEND DOWN PICK this woman bought for me. Why didn’t she buy the lace own. A child of God like me can’t wear this nonsense Abeg. Pretending to be kind. I know all of you. I am covered by the blood of Jesus,you cannot pull me down.


-AH, iya Ifeoma. What brings you to my house this night? Amebo sekese woman.

-hahahahahahahaha. Ore mi.

-see, iya, you know my husband does not like you coming around this late.

– see this one hahahahaha, he is not around na.

– what? You say? Amebo lesekese, who told you he is not around? Have you been gossiping about me?

-abegi, see ore, (friend)i know where your husband is. Shey he has wound on his head.

-yeeeeh!!! Jesu!! Wa gbami ooooo. Where is he? In a woman’s house abi?

-yes o. An elderly woman for that matter. I heard she is a widow.

-arrrrrrrrrg!!! Lobatan o, oremi,There shall be war in egypt. E wo, power will jam power this evening o.

Oya, jekalo.

– you say?

-let’s go there na.

-haaa ore, take it easy na

– eee, iro ni o, from the time of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence. I am going to take back my husband by force.


Iya ifeoma took her friend to the place she saw her husband.

– just go inside there you will see him, she said pointing from a distance.

– Argh argh, won’t you follow me inside? Deaconess grace asked.

– follow you inside bawo? Iya, na your fight o. I did my part by telling you where you can find your lost husband. Following you inside is not part of my job .

– ore jatijati.

– hahahaha. The same to you o. (She left)

– where do I start searching now?.
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A lady walked out of one of the flats. She walked up to her.

– hello, young lady. Good afternoon.

– Good afternoon ma ( the lady was chewing gum)

– Please I’m looking for somebody.

– OK, who? the lady asked chewing the gum and her face glued to her phone.

Deaconess grace paused and was just looking at the girl’s mouth. The girl didn’t even notice because she was pressing her phone. The sudden quietness made her look up only to find hot tempered look on Deaconess grace’s face. The lady surprisingly asked.

– what ma? (Chewing the gum) why are you looking at me like that?

– you say? Argh! This girl you will not make heaven. I swear. What kind of character is this one. Eating chewing gum like a goat. Your mother did not train you at all, mannerless human being.

– eh eh madam. Just hold it there o. I chop am with your mouth? See this yeye woman.

– your mother is the yeye woman. I pity your life . you have chewed your destiny. Foolish girl. Satanic agent.

The girl hissed and left. Deaconess grace ran after her and started beating her.

– Who are you hissing at? Who are you hissing at? She was beating her when a solider came into the compound.

The lady started shouting.

– brother help me.

The solider rushed to his sister and saved her from DEACONESS GRACE.

– who are you? Why are you beating my sister?

– Oga solider , this your sister lacks home training. She was insulting me.

– Brother, that’s not true o. She said she wanted to asked me something , I stopped. She started calling me nAmes because I was chewing gum.

– madam, who are you? Who have you come to see in this compound? Who gave you the right to beat somebody’s child like this. Go on your knees.

– for what? Who are you? Because you are a solider? I am DEACONESS GRACE servant of the most high God.

– DEACONESS INDEED. and you are fighting. ( he brought out his koboko) my friend kneel down. (She became afraid and knelt down. People gathered)

– who are you looking for in this compound? Do you live here?

– Nooo please, I’m sorry o

-So what are you doing here?

– I came to look for my husband. My friend said she saw him here in an elderly woman’s house. My husband has been missing.

– how is that your husband?

– he has a wound on his head.

There was a heavy shout. An elderly woman came out of the crowd.

– so are you the wicked woman. You hit fry-pan on your husband’s head. That man almost died bleeding. I was the one who brought him here. He fainted in front of our gate there. He is no more here. A woman came and picked him yesterday.

– woman again???? Please where did she take him to?

– shutup, wicked woman. Shouted the solider , you still have mouth to talk?

Suddenly,her church member came out

-Deaconess Deaconess. Sunday school teacher, robobobo, yayaya. Madam holiness. Hahahaha, how far now? Shaaaaaame
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Deaconess Grace fired back at sister blessing her church member.

-sister blessing hold it there o. Hold it there. I am a child of God. I don’t pretend, I am always myself. I know you are Jealous of my post as Deaconess. You are Jealous that I can speak in tongues. Rabababab, rebobobo, masekribaba, you are Jealous. I can preach very well, you can’t even hold microphone. Jealousyyyyy .

– I prefer to be like this, replied sis blessing and make heaven. Than to have all the titles without one single good character. What a disgrace you are. May God help you.

– and help you too. Jealousy spirit filled somebody. I am greater than you o. Your jealousy can not pull me down.

People where just laughing. They were wondering what kind of a woman she was. Unknowingly to her, someone was recording with his phone.

– Madam, the solider called. Shut-up. Now listen, do not ever cross this area in your life again. If you do, I will deal with you. Now get up and get out of this place.

She got up and was cat-walking. She started singing.



Demonic solider and his marine sister. NONSENSE. OMO Jesu ni mi o.

She got home and was very angry. She was talking to herself.

– Argh! Iya ifeoma, you will not make heaven. Heaven’s door and windows shall be closed against you. Olorun. Argh!! Ore 419.
Argh! Gbenga, you too will not make heaven. Oko jedijedi. Are you the only man his wife hit frying pan on his head? Is marriage not for better for worse? Even the bible says if we endure to the end we will be saved.
Be a Child of God for real, Gbenga refused. See how the devil is using him to tarnish my reputation as DEACONESS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.
Imagine those people especially that girl with marine spirit. How can a normal human being be chewing gum like herbivores animal. Kai, even blessing, that has spiritual low percent was talking to me. Argh!! Oh Lord, I will not agree. (She started singing) Anywhere demons may gather holy ghost fire burn them.

Argh!!! Rekababa, sekeke, oluwa o!!!(singing again) Holy ghost fire pursue them, holy ghost fire scatter them, anywhere enemies may gather, holy ghost fire burn them. Anywhere solider may gather holy ghost fire burn them. Ni oruko Jesu, that koboko that solider brought out to flog me, A child of God like me, An anointed of God, I command the koboko to flog you now, by fire, by thunder, rebeseke, marikabobo. That girl, chewing gum that insulted me, I gum your blessings. Gum will continue to follow you. My bible says, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.

Oh Lord, Gbenga caused it o. I don’t even know what to pray again. But father, that house where Gbenga is hiding with his mistress should catch gas fire. Let the mistress burn to ashes. Let her roast. Oh Lord let her scatter. (As she was praying, somebody was knocking at the door. She fired back) please go back to your house whoever you are i am praying) bababababa, rebobokaka mistress scatter, pieces, (the knock kept coming. She shouted back again) ha!! If I meet you there you will die o. (The person fired back)

– olorun maje gracey. Will you open this door? You are the one that die. My friend open this door.

Grace knew that voice. Aunty tolani. Her husband’s elder sister. All the way from Abijan.

-Yeeh!!! she muttered. Aye mi. Aunty tolani. What do I tell her about Gbenga’s whereabout?

-GRACEY Aunty tolani called. Open this door.

Deaconess Grace was just pacing around till she summoned courage and opened the door.

She almost fainted when she saw her husband’s 5 sisters including Aunty mag.

Grace didn’t know what to greet. She was shivering and confused.

-ekaro sorry ekale, ekabo. She bowed as she greeted.

-eka gbogbo , Eka gbogbo . Prayer warrior oleoshe. Shouted aunty tolani. Argh, Gracy, ok. E ma worry.

(They take their seats)

-sister mi, please take it easy. Hot soup, na small small we suppose lick am. Aunty mag replied.Just cool down. Mgbo, grace, where is our brother?

– emmm, he traveled.

-to where? Aunty muyi asked. See, Grace, if im asking you questions please open your mouth and not your eyes. And answer me quick o.

-he traveled for a business trip answered Grace.

-Did she say trip? Trip of sand abi which one? Aunty nike asked

-Travel, Traveling trip, grace Answered.

They were all sighing in pain. Aunty Rebecca just stood up and gave Grace one resounding dirty slap.

-Jesu grace shouted.

-trip kill you there. Argh!! Grace, my mother’s only consolation ? The only brother we have. Grace, argh, it will never be well with you o.

-I reject it in Jesus name. It is well with me o. Gbenga traveled. How is that my fault? Is it bad for someone to travel? Is that why you slapped me. Hmmm, no hand has slapped me and stayed Alive o. I know my right.

She hasn’t finished her statement when the five sisters bounced on her. Aunty tolani told her sisters to hold her, she only needed her mouth. Come and see wining of mouth.

-shey this mouth, oya talk again. I say talk again. Idiot.

-We are giving you 3 days to produce our brother. Liar from the pit of hell. Deaconess manamana. You said he went for trip, when last did he call you? The last time i came here, you said meeting Aunty meg shouted. Provide our brother if you dont want trouble oo

-Yeeeeh, my mouth. My mouth ooooooo. Oh Lord fight for me ooooo. Holyghost come down oooo,

-Jesus, aunty muyi shouted, this woman is crazy. How did we not notice this on time ooooo.

Aunty tolani started beating her the more. Her sisters begged her to stop before someone dies on their hands.

-in three days, we are coming back. Child you did not give us. For how many years. All you are good at is giving trouble. Don’t worry, expect it full dose if you don’t produce our brother.

-oya, give me the car keys now. Aunty nike ordered.

grace ran upstairs to get her car keys. Aunty tolani and aunty mag went upstairs to Gbenga’s room and collected all the coolval stories valid documents.

-we have not started yet o. These will be in our possesion till you tell us where our brother is.

They left.

Yeeeeh, aye mi ti baje ooooooo. I’m finished. Gbenga has finished me. Holyghost fight for me. My whole body is paining me oooo.

She picked her phone and started calling Gbenga. The phone was ringing. Then a female picked it.

-hello the female voice answered

-argh!! Who are you? What are you doing with a married man’s phone. You will die o. Argh!! Gbenga it will never be well with you. GOD PUNISH YOU. You will……yeeeeeh!!! Holyghost fire on your manhood there. And your sisters beat me up for nothing. Gbenga come back to your house ooooo, no stay there and call your sisters o. Hello, hello, argh, so they have dropped this call, so i have been talking to myself. Argh!! What do i do now? I need to see my pastor no no no, i can’t.


-ORE, she called out.

-iya Ifeoma get out of my compound. Now

-ore, i will go o. I just came to tell you say your fight don enter Facebook o.

Deaconess grace ran out.

-i’m going.

-ore wait na. What did you say entered Facebook ?

-your fight na. See na. DEACONESS JOHN CENA. HAHAHAHAHA. people are wicked o


-I AM FINISHED OOOO. MY REPUTATION AS DEACONESS IS FINISHED.(she laid hold on iya Ifeoma ) you caused it. (She started beating her) iya ifeoma’s phone fell, she matched on it and pieced it. Iya Ifeoma was shouting.

-somebody help o. Deaconess want to kill me o.

(people gathered. Out of anger, Deaconess grace pushed iya ifeoma to the ground. See blood)

ay mind ur business so that u can live long
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Iya ifeoma was bleeding.

-my friend stand up from there, Deaconess Grace shouted. Is it this small push you are lying down like dead cow. Orobo. C’mon stand up from there.

A neighbour shouted.

-Deaconess, you no dey see blood?

– which blood, replied deaconess grace. Wey the blood?.

– Madam, another person shouted, you don kill person o.

– My friend shut up, Shouted deaconess Grace, who is madam? I am deaconess. And please, I did not kill anybody o. She is not dead na ( shaking iya ifeoma) ore, ore, ha!! Yeeee, jesu, ore, iya ifeoma, (no answer. she moved her to the side and saw blood gushing from her head) Yeeeeeeee!!! She screamed. Eje le eleyi, (this is blood) Eje le eleyi ooo oooo( this is blood ooooo) abi shey menses? ( or is it mensuration?) Brother, may be it is mensuration.

– Shut up, one of the people there shouted. Who dey see menses with head? You don burst person head o.

People where shouting, commotion everywhere. People where videoing and snapping. Iya ifeoma’s husband came to the scene. He rushed to his wife and found out she was still breathing.

– She is breathing. Somebody help me. Hospital, Hospital. Chinyere you will not kill me in this Lagos. Chinyere stay away from this woman you refused. God please save me. ( Deaconess grace interrupted)

– baba ifeoma, I can pray for her o. If she is dead, I have the anointing to pray for the dead.

(Heeeeeeeeey, people shouted)

-Is you that will die. That prayer should be for yourself o. Just pray nothing happens to my wife. Agwam GI nam wu nwafo Igbo( I will tell you I’m an Igbo man) Deaconess aruruala (wicked Deaconess) I am coming back for you.

– back to sender. When she was running that her Emo (guinea pig) mouth she did not remember she will break her head? I did not fall her o. I just push her o.

She was still running her mouth when, IFEOMA AND HER BROTHER EDDY came to the scene. Ifeoma bounced on DEACONESS.

– what have you done to my mother?

-look at the girl o! If you touch me again, I will use my anointed hand on you. Was it not your mother’s fault. Small push she fly to sabongari. Her mouth will kill o. Calling me DEACONESS JOHN CENA. ORE LATI DUSTBIN. (ifeoma slapped her, she slapped back. Eddy rushed out and rushed in with a bowl in his hands. People where trying to separate them when Eddy poured the substance on DEACONESS grace face and took off)

– yeeeeeeee!!! ,oju mi oooo ooooo, Jesu, oju mi, yeeeeeeeee!!! Ata apaadi INA to win oju mi. (Hell fire pepper has entered my eyes) .father, I can never be blind.


– Officers, she is the one arrest her.

– eh? Arrest who? olopa,ema she bayi o ( police don’t try it o) Deaconess in mi. (I am deaconess) yeeeeeee, jowo ran oju mi (please help my eyes)

– woman, the policemen shouted, you are under arrest for attempted killing of one Mrs chinyere. you have the right to be silent or what ever you say will be used against you in the court of law.

-Argh!! Iro ni. Rababaka, oshirabababa, if I be a deaconess, let fire come down. All of you go blind.(nothing happened. The policemen dragged her out) argh, brother olopa, ejo, (please) saanu fun mi (have mercy on me)

Deaconess grace was kept in police custody. Her pastor, REVEREND WILSON TOLANI was shocked when he watched it on social media with tags DEACONESS JOHN CENA SEASON 1&2. He and his wife watched with their mouths wide open.

– What? God I can’t believe this Reverend tolani said. How can Deaconess Grace do this? No, this is so not true. This is so not possible, I can’t believe this.

– Kai, ife mi, his wife called. Can somebody like deaconess grace act like this?

– Beats my imaginations. Argh!!! Hmmm, now I fear the scripture which says, He that thinketh he standeth, should take heed, lest he falls. Hmm, deaconess Grace single handedly won 50 souls to our church. I have the record. I can never forget how zealous and serious she was in evangelism, What beauty she added in the singles fellowship then. Which group in church did not feel her impact? She is the youngest deaconess in church. The title was merited. Everyone in church loves her. Some even pray to be like her. What is this? What kind of disgrace is this?

– hmmmm, ife mi, Pastor Mrs Rachel tolani called her husband, perhaps, all we saw was the icing on the cake. The cake was coated so well we were carried away by it’s beauty.

– Argh,hmmmm, all the coating can do is just beautify the outer leaving the inner just as it is. How would we know the cake is burnt. Kai, icing covers it all. Ha!! It is dangerous to be a pretender in God’s house. When he cuts you in two, just like the cake, the world will see your real content. Hmmmm, but why do I feel there is more to her behaviour than what we think?

– Really? Asked his wife. What could that be?

– that, I must definitely find out. I will be visiting her at the station tomorrow. You are coming with me. We will take food to her. Brother Gbenga and his travel I don’t understand. And his line is not connecting.

– ife mi. Do you think it is right you visit her at the station? Your person will be at stake here. Attempted murder is what we are talking about here. Social media will carry it with a very negative caption. PASTOR DEFENDS FIGHTER HIS MEMBER. please reconsider and send someone else on your behalf.

He looked at his wife with so much surprise.

– ife, how could you even say something like this. This woman worked so hard for the church as a single sister even after marriage. Yes, she is caught up in a mess, that doesn’t mean we should abandon her now. Jesus did not abandon the thief on the cross, he took him with him to paradise. She needs us now. I feel there is a part of her that was wounded. I need to hear from her.

GBENGA HAS BEEN WITH ANGEL after leaving the elderly woman’s house. Angel stays with her children and Her elder brother who is single. Her husband is outside the country. Gbenga’s case was beginning to be critical that Angel was forced to collect aunty Mag’s number from Gbenga’s phone and told her all that happened. She came and took him to her house. After eni’s wedding, Gbenga’s sisters decided that he would go with Aunty muyi to Abuja. They were to leave the next day when Gbenga heard about his wife. He cancelled the trip. When he told his sisters………

-Eheeeeee, Aunty muyi shouted. Argh! Emmmm, aunty mi tolani Ejo, bámi nú eti mi(please help me clean my ears) . heeeey!!! Aunty mi Mag, shey e gbó è? ( did you hear him?) shey è gbó egbòn è? (did you hear your brother)

-ehee? Gbò è bawo? shèy o so nkán nkàn ? (Hear him how? Did he say anything?)

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Gbenga tried explaining to his sisters.

– My sisters, I am grateful you for sticking out your heads for me but grace is still my wife. I need to be there for her. Please allow me see her.

Aunty mag shouted back

-shut up my friend. Argh!!,Kilode to n ba nkan omo kunrin e soro(Why is he reasoning with his manhood?)

Aunty tolani fired back

– manhood how? It would have been better if he was reasoning from his manhood. This brother of yours is reasoning from skirthood. Listen to me Gbenga, you are going to Abuja tomorrow to start a new life.

– shout it sister mi, Aunty Rebecca replied. What if you had died? What if the surgery you had wasn’t successful, what if you were six feet? Will you remember that mad woman? Serves her right.

– you people are talking too much, Aunty mag replied oya GBENGA get inside, now.

– Sister, what is that suppose to mean? I’m I a baby?

– if I slap you, you get inside. Will you get inside that room. (His sisters carried him. His resistance could not stop them. When they succeeded in locking him up, they gave a loud shout)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh. Laughter all over the place. Aunty muyi raised a song.

– children of God

– oh yes

– beautiful sisters

– oh yes

– will you shout hallelujah

-yes ooooooo

– shout hallelujah to the Lord any how, oya

– hallelujah llelujah, llelujah.

Aunty tolani raised another song

– kabeyesi ooooo

– ESE ooo ooooo

Argh, aunty tolani continued what a victory. Tomorrow, He leaves for Abuja. Kai, that woman is very lucky. What we planned for her didn’t work out. Omo iya were. Shioooo

Hmmm, but she wasn’t like this before o Aunty Rebecca replied. What happened to her?

– hmm, that pretender, I know her na replied Aunty tolani. Gbenga sef is a big fool. Covering up all her nonsense. Kai, what I planned for her ehee. Useless somebody. The one that annoys me is that her useless prayer and her speaking in tongues .

– argh, it can pain me for Africa. Replied Aunty mag. Aladura gbomo gbomo. How I so loved that girl? Kai.

– woli agba husband beater. She will rot in jail o. Aunty muyi said. See, (she brought out her phone) I snapped Gbenga when he was in the hospital. I am going to that police station. I need to pump in more evidence. Argh!!! My mother’s only son. That girl want to kill. She will die first.

He was just hearing noise.

– oh Lord God, get me out of here o. I am a Deaconess. Deaconess should not stay inside cell. I am suppose to be in Church this evening o. Baba saanu fun mi.

Immediately she changed it

– inshort God, I’m not begging again. I am a deaconess, I have won many souls to the church, how can I pray for fire to come down and you refuse to pour fire. If you had poured fire, I won’t have been here. Iya ifeoma, kai, Gbenga, Gbenga, you see what you have turned my life into?

– Madam shut up shouted one of the inmates. Ah go piss inside your mouth o.

– piss inside who mouth? (Slap) I slap you by fire. Is like you don’t know me. We are not the same o. I am a Deaconess, I carry too much fire.

– wait o, the inmates said, na me, area capon you slap? (She just shouted ARRANGE . The other inmates held her both hands and made her lie down. The capon crossed and took a squatting position. They tried to open her mouth so that capon will pee in it. Deaconess grace started shouting.

– yeeeeee, Ejo ooooo, Jesu ejo ooo saanu fun mi oooooooooooo won . Won fé da omi mami sinu enú mi( they want to pour marine urine into my mouth) olopa ooo oooo, wa gbami mi ooooo.

The police came to her rescue and brought her out to see her PASTOR. WHEN she saw her pastor and his wife, she tried to run back to the cell.

-come back daughter. I thought they Said you were blind? Oh your eyes are so red. Was it pepper that was poured into your eyes?

Deaconess grace could not lift up her head. She was filled with shame.

– Daughter, what happened to you? Is this how you are? Why this? What happened to the glory you once carried?


DEACONESS GRACE tried running away when she saw her sister in-laws. They knew Rev Tolani coolval stories so they exchanged pleasantries.

-Argh! Daddy, ekaso sir, ekujo meta sir, they greeted ,bowing.

-ah, ah. daughter of zion. Ekaso o. Margaret, such a long time. And this is muyi abi?

-Tolani sir replied Aunty tolani.

-ah, ah, Aunty tolani , the one in Abidjan ?

-beni sir, replied Aunty tolani.

– E ti di eni ibukun (you are blessed)

-Amii, Ese sir.

-oko e nko, rev asked.

-fine sir.

-Thank God. How about the kids?

-All fine sir.

-mag, how’s your family?

-daddy fine sir.

-Good, you know, i was meaning to call you . Gbenga’s travel is begining to worry me o. His phones are switched off. What is going on?.

-hmmm, daddy, who told you Gbenga traveled? Gbenga did not travel o, replied Aunty mag. Gbenga that almost died. He ran for his dear life o.

-Ran for his dear life bawo? Who was after his life?

-argh, daddy, iyawo buruku o (wicked wife) replied Aunty tolani. Iyawo esu arakunrin mi se igbeyawo. Argh!!! Eniyan olorun, ele yi apaniyan, agba nisise o. Iyawo hired killer, i swear to the Almighty God.(Devlish wife that my brother went to marry.) she replied CRYING.

-please, I’m yet to understand who you are talking about. Which wife? The one i know? DEACONESS GRACE ? MY DEACONESS ?

-De kini? Daddy, please, with due respect sir, do not address that witch as Deaconess o. Aunty mag replied. A woman who locks up her husband in the toilet? Seizes his phone nd deletes all female contacts, pours soup on his face because he was answering call and smiling, how many will i mention? The straw that broke the camel’s neck was hitting frying pan on his head almost causing him brain damage. We spent almost 800 thousand to save his life. This DEACONESS JOHN CENA almost killed my brother. The one that tore my heart was her lies. Argh!!! Grace has multiple grace for lies. That day she broke his head, i came to their house o, she pretended like she never knew what happened. She even said maybe he slipped and fell. Gbenga has been covering up.

-daddy, Aunty tolani cut in, take a look at my brother(she brought out her phone and showed rev wilson pictures) thanks to grace. I am here to show police evidence number 2. She must go to jail.

Pastor Wilson tolani was dump founded. He turned to Deaconess Grace with tears in his eyes.

-Daughter, you grew under my grace. You were not like this. Where is the standard that made you stand out. What ruptured the anointing in you? Oh God(he cried)

-daddy, Deaconess grace broke down, it all started when i found out Gbenga, our youth and choir cordinator was GAY. And he has been giving me contraceptives in place of smooth skin medicine.

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Aunty tolani and Aunty mag rushed Deaconess grace to beat her up but was stopped by the police and Rev.Wilson.

-yeeeeh aunty tolani shouted. Eti mi ooooo.(my ear oooo) Arrrgh!!! Ajonirun lati enu re ti tu eti mi ka(the bomb from your mouth has scattered my ears)

–kini? Aunty mag shouted. Argh!! Grace, opuro lati inu ino apaadi.(liar from the pit of hell)

-please daughters calm down. (The police started disturbing because Deaconess Grace time is up.) please policeman give me little time please. Grace, Rev tolani called. You stand before me and lie against your husband? What you just said is nothing but a lie. Gbenga cannot be GAY. He cannot give you contraceptives, for what? I can’t believe this.
Ok, how did you find out? Did you catch him red-handed?


-my friend answer the question, iyawo esu.(devilish wife) Aunty tolani shouted.


-Agrh!!! Eledami oooo (my God oooo) shouted aunty mag

-yeeeeeh, shouted aunty mag. Kini eleyi oooooo(what is this?)

-so, how did you know?

Again she kept quiet.

-wo, (see) aunty tolani called, emi yoo se oju re pelu ina ti o gbona fun ni bayi ti o ko ba sii enure.(see, i will design your face with hot slap, if you don’t open your mouth)

-my friend, la enu re na(open your mouth na) abi enu e o nlo si travel? (Or has your mouth traveled) shouted aunty mag.

-we are waiting. Replied Rev. Wilson.

-iya aladura. My friend introduced me to iya aladura. It was iya aladura that told me he is Gay and he has been contraceptives. There is medicine my husband said it is for good health and skin. Iya aladura said i should forget what is written in the body that the medicine inside is for me not to give birth. She said Gbenga is the reason for my childlessness because he also has numerous women including spirit wife.

-Ha!!!! God help me. What is all this? Lamented Rev Wilson. Who is this friend?

-iya Ifeoma.
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Yeeeeeeeeh, arrrrgggggh, mo gbe ooooo. Kini a ti gba ara wa sinu (what have gotten ourselves into) aunty tolani cried.

-hmmm, now i know. Replied Rev. Wilson. You started going after familiar spirits. First you joined yourself to bad friend. A Deaconess like you? Or don’t you know the devil is not happy that you are happily married ? Infact, you have been a pretender all these while. Oh my God.

As they discussed, another policeman on uniform came to the counter from the inside. The way, the policemen of the counter greeted him showed he was their oga. He saw DEACONESS GRACE AND SHOUTED.

-ARGH!!! LABAKE!!!. are my eyes deceiving me? Labake. (Deaconess grace tried running out of the station entirely but was caught and put back in her cell)

-what did you call her? Asked Rev Wilson. Why did you call her that? Do you know her? Her name is grace.

-Grace bawo? Her name is labake. She is from my village o. Why is she in the cell? What did she do? Iyawo emi igi o. (Wife of wood spirit o) but she ran away with church people before the initiation day.

Rev Wilson tolani was shocked to his bones.

Aunty tolani and Aunty mag place their hands on their head and started crying.

-yeeeeeeh!!!, igbesi aye arakunrin mi ti pari o
(my brother’s life is finished o) aunty mag shouted.

-arrrrrgh!! Iya mi ooooo, Aunty tolani screamed. Iya mi yoo ku ti o ba gbo eyi pe iyawo omo re kansoso ni iyawo si EMI IGI. ( My mother will die if she hears this that her only son’s wife is wife to wood spirit)

-Argh, hmmmm, Rev Wilson sighed. I looked upon her zealousness, dedication and hardwork in church. She won over 50 souls in church. The youth fellowship took a new look as she joined. Fire brand evangelist. Very active in evangelism. I wasn’t spiritually alert. Oh Lord have mercy. (To the sisters) daughters calm down. There is nothing God can not do. She will be delivered.

-Argh! Daddy, replied Aunty tolani, LABAKE EMI IGI, will never step foot into my brother’s house again o. Marriage is over. Sister mi, let’s go. Yeeeeh.

-let her remain here o. Arrrrgh. Jesu.

When they got home, they broke the news. Aunty muyi went mad. Aunty Rebecca started crying.

-yeeeeeh, shouted Aunty muyi, ebi wa ti baje. A ti ni iyawo emi emi oooooo.(our family is ruined. We have married evil spirit)

-Arggggh, ti nosoro ni awon ede deaconess ti yipada si LABAKE EMI IGI. oluwa gba wa. (Speaking in tongues Deaconess has turned to LABAKE WOOD SPIRIT)


-Who is LABAKE EMI IGI? What kind of name is that?

-ok na. Replied aunty tolani. It’s your wife o arrrrrgh,

She narrated all that happened.

-Stop that Nonsence you hear me? My wife is not married to any EMI IGI. Her name is GRACE. What kind sisters are you? I am going out there to look for my wife and take her home. EMI IGI my foot.

At the hearing of “i am going out there to look for my wife and take her home” the sisters shouted.

-yeeeeeeeh!!! Gbenga oooooo

-se asiwere ni tabi o n gbiyanju lati yawin? (Is he mad or trying to be crazy) aunty tolani asked.

-Argh!!, Gbenga , Replied Aunty muyi EMI IGI ti wo inu amala ati ewedu ti o ti jeun lati odo re pe o ko ni imoran daradara o. ( Wood spirit has entered the amala and ewedu you have been eating from her that you no longer reason well o)

-Gbenga, you almost died. That emi igi labake almost sent you to early grave. Argh, Gbenga, you have been living with a supposed wife of a diety. Today, we were told her mother gave her to emi igi as wife in exchange for wealth. Her real mother is not the one we know o. Her real mother is a rich cocoa dealer o. EMI IGI will come back for what is his. Especially now that someone from there has seen her, Gbenga run for your dear life. Infact, you are going with MUYI first flight tomorrow to Abuja and that’s final. Aunty mag said.

-oya, te yara mi. Mase wo iru iyenti o saaju ki o to lu o. Oko si iyawo emi. Je ki n wo bi iwo yoo se nsise. Omugo omokunrin. Aunty Rebecca scolded. (Oya enter my room now. Don’t look at me like that o before i slap you. Husband to wood spirit wife. Let me see how you will run. Stupid boy.)

THE NEXT MORNING, GBENGA WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.ay mind ur business so that u can live long
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Baba ifeoma heard a knock on his door. He answered, lo and behold Gbenga was standing before him.

-hmmm, Gbenga. Welcome. Please come inside.

-Good morning sir.

-Good morning. Please sit down

-thank you sir. Sir, i came in respect of what my wife did to your wife. I’m so sorry. Please how is she now?

-hmmm, Gbenga, it’s because of the kind of person you are ,i am granting you this quiet audience o. You are such a quite, humble, gentleman. How you got yourself entangled to such a woman, i don’t know. My wife is responding to treatments. I thank God. The money i have spent ehee, hmmmm but i just thank God she is alive.

-i thank God too. Sir , i will like to see her please.

-ok, i was preparing to go there before you came. Let’s go. Bia ifeoma, (he called his daughter ) bia gbachie uzo a (come and lock the door)


-NNE, ke ka imere? (Dear how are you?) her husband asked.

-Adim mma. (I’m fine) good morning sir.

-Gbenga is here to see you.

-Good morning ma. Gbenga greeted.

-good morning Gbenga. How are you?

-fine ma. Ma I’m so sorry about what my wife did to you. Please forgive her. I’m sorry.

-it’s ok. I’m getting better. Thank God I’m alive.

-Nne, kam bia. Kam fu doctor her husband cut in.(dear, I’m coming, want to see the doctor )

-ok. (She turned to Gbenga ) this is the moment to say what i have to say. Gbenga, i have really wronged you. I’m sorry please forgive me. (Crying)

-ma, please don’t be hard on yourself Gbenga replied. Get well first.

-No, i have to say it now. I have always admired you before you married grace. I wanted you to marry my daughter Ifeoma. I kept pushing her to you. When it was about clicking, you said your sisters rejected her because she is igbo. I got angry. I tried posioning you but you didn’t eat the food. The food didn’t even get to you. Preye was the one i sent with the food. He came back to say dog chased him on his way, as he ran, the nylon fell from his hands and the food poured.
I did not rest. When your wife finally came, i made friends with her. My intention is to destroy her and make her see nothing good in you. I told her i will take her to babalawo, he will do charm for her so that you will do what ever she says. She refused. Then one day, she came to me that you refused to give her money for a certain aso-ebi and the wedding was very important because it’s her family. That was where i convinced her and took her to iyaaladura. I told iyaaladura to tell her that you are gay. She once told me of the supplement you bought for her. I told iyaladura to tell her that medicine was for her not to be pregnant. I paid her 150 thousand. I saw the day you were leaving and i saw when you fainted and when the elderly woman took care of you. I saw when a lady came and took you in her car. That was when i decided to tell her. Please forgive me.(her husband walked in)

-Nne, afugom doctor, osi n’iga naa next week. (Dear, I’ve seen the doctor he said you will be discharged next week)

-ok. Thank God.

-Gbenga, doctor said she will be discharged next week.

-oh Praise God!!! Emm, sir, please the bills should be on me. Please. That’s the only thing i know i can do. Please.

-don’t worry Gbenga. I can take care of my wife. Thank you.

-ok sir. But i insist. Please which police station is having my wife?

-do you want to go there? Thought you broke up.

-(laughing) no we didn’t. I need to see my wife please.

-ok, i will take you there.


-DId he not sleep in your room? Aunty tolani asked Aunty Rebecca. How can you be sleeping wih your ears closed, eheee Rebecca.

-Aunty mi, I’m sorry ooooo. (Her hands on her head) yeeeeeeh olorun wa gba mi oooooo.

-this is not time for sorry o. Aunty muyi shouted. Go and look for him o and bring him here o. What kind of Nonsence is this. What kind of Gbenga is this?


-My love, he called out. (He tried to embrace her)

-oko jati jati. Fi mi le jare. (Nonsence husband, please leave me alone)

-i won’t. I’m sorry for everything.

-please leave me in my cell and go back to that your elderly woman and angel o.

-it’s ok. You are coming home today. You need help. I will help you pull through this. I promise you.

Deaconess grace started crying.

-i am labake, i am supposed to be wife to the wood spirit im my village.

-no, replied her husband, you are grace, Gbenga’s wife. We will fight and rescue you. You are mine. Jesus will deliver you.


One of the policemen reliably informed them that the oga traveled home to inform labake’s mum that LABAKE has been found.

A huge amount is to be rewarded to anyone who brings useful information about her. He can’t release her because his job will be at stake.

-Jesus, Gbenga shouted. How can a policeman do such. This is conspiracy.

-please sir, the policeman continued. She has to go back to the cell. I don’t want complications. I have told you what’s on ground. If you have #500,000, i can help.

-500, what ? Shouted baba Ifeoma. Is that the dream you had last night? You have seen naijabet na.

-oya na, replied the policeman, she will be bundled back to her village very soon.

-she is not going anywhere. She is my wife .

-hmmm, oga, i advice you shouldn’t be here when they arrive o. They hold very heavy case against you. If you say she’s your wife, did you pay bride price to them? Her mother is very much alive. Her father’s people too. They do not know you as their inlaw o. That girl brought them so much wealth by being the wife of EMI IGI O. Only the priest of EMI IGI is permitted to sleep with her and it is once every year o. Hmmm, i don’t even know how youre still alive o. You will just see woman and be marrying. You don’t know her background.

At this point, Gbenga was speechless. Baba Ifeoma too didnt know what to say.

-Gbenga, you didn’t marry her legally ? Baba Ifeoma asked.

-i did (tears ran down his eyes) she was leaving with evangelist kayode and wife in our church. They were the ones i paid dowry to. Non of these was explained to me. They need alot of explaining to do.

-Nawa o. That’s unfair na. How could they hide such from you. What is church turning into biko nu? Replied baba Ifeoma.

-i think i will pay the 500k to this policeman so he can release her .

-Hmmm, you have money o. Replied baba Ifeoma. But that’s the safest option o. If these people come here, they have upper hand over her o. Pay him half first, then when she is out, you pay the remaining. Don’t trust these people o.

-hmmm, thats true. (To the police) officer please come. (He came closer) I’m willing to pay but i will give you half, when she is out, i will pay up.

-Argh!! Nooo, full payment or no deal.

-which kain full payment be dah wan, if you no con bring am out nko? Besides that 500k is too much. Collect 150k na and we pay you full. Wetin dey there, no be to open cell?.

-oga shut-up o. Wetin dey worry you? Na your wife? Which one be 150k? You know how many people wey ah go settle? Which kain Nonsence be this one? Na because ah no call 1million?

-hahahahahahahaha, you sabi spell one million ? If you see one million,you no go faint. See as your mouth wan tear because you call one million.

-oya make una comot. (The policeman got angry) even with 5million, ah no do again. Comot.

-Argh nooo, officer, please naw, it hasn’t gotten to that, please forgive him. Forgive us. Give me your account number.please i beg you. I will transfer to you at once. Please.

Baba Ifeoma left angrily and was waiting outside. Transaction was successful. The policeman told Gbenga to be around the station by 11pm that night to pick her. As they deliberated on how to go about it, Baba Ifeoma ran into the station.

-Gbenga run, i said run o. Danger, are you looking at me,? Run o. They are here o. One full loaded bus.

-what !!! I have already paid the money.

-Gbenga run ooooo

Soon the bus approached, and everbody in it came down. Some with leaves, some with cutless.

Gbenga took off.

The men went into the cell, took DEACONESS GRACE. There was shout of victory. They drove off.
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Gbenga stood with his hands on his waist thinking of what to do. He can’t go back to his sisters, his own house is not an option either.

-hmmm, i need to confront Evangelist kayode. He needs to explain this deceit. I also need to confront Daddy (rev wilson ) i believe he knows about this. (He took bike to Evangelist kayode’s house. He was about going out.)

-my son, he called. Oh my God, where have you being? I have been trying to get to my daughter, no way. Some days back your sisters were here threatening fire and brim stone. And the video about my daughter going viral. Where is she ? What is going on?

-baba, (sounding very angry) is Grace your biological daughter? Who is labake?

-laba what? Jesus, where did you get that name from? How did you find out that name?

-ANSWER ME (he yelled) what have you not told me? What are you hiding from me for 6 years now? (Crying)

-my son please calm down. I’m so sorry. I was acting on grace’s wish. We met her when my wife and i went for our rural outreach program. She gave her life to christ. On the day we were about leaving, she came to our lodge with her bag. She said her mother married her off to a deity against her wish. She wants to leave the village. That was how she followed us. When you came for her hand, we told her it was high time she reveals who is really is. She refused. She said she can’t go back to her village. She said we are the parents she now knows. She pleaded with us not to tell anyone about her past. I’m sorry son.

-This is what your deceit has done to me. They have finally come for their daughter. They have taken her away. I have also lost money. (Crying ) i lost my wife and i always lost my money. (Gbenga sat on the ground with his hand on his head crying ) God, but i love my wife. I still love her. What do i do? Where do i go?

-calm down my son. Replied Evangelist kayode. ( Gbenga stood up and was running out of kayode’s compound ) son come back, where are you running to? (He tried running after him but couldn’t catch up with him)


-Baba olorun baba (crying) baba olorun baba. Bamishe te mi o, baba, bamishe temi o baba.

Argh, (he continued singing ) ni nu gbo gbo
alagbara laye ta lon dabire oluwa.

Alagbara, you are the mighty God, eyin la tobi ju, you are the glorious God.

———-He started praying——–
Olorun orun. olorun gbogbo awon olorun.olorun agbaye, olorun ti o joko nibiti eniyan ko jo ko,olorun eniti oro re so gbogbo agbaye.(God of heaven. God of all gods, God of the universe, God who sits where no man sits, The God whose spoken words made the whole world.)
Baba, ohun ti o ko le se, ko see se. Ohun ti o ko so, ko le so. Oluwa olorun aanu, saanu fun mi. Dariji ibanuje mi. Mo ti gbiyanju ja ni ara mi ati pe o kuna. Aanu oluwa. (Father, what you cannot do, cannot be done. What you have not said, cannot be said. Oh God of mercy, have mercy on me. Forgive my desperation. I have tried fighting on my own and i failed. Mercy oh Lord)
Gba aya mi la nipa ara re. Dariji re ki o fipamo fum mi. Ki iporuru ba wa ni ibudo awon ota mi. Saanu fum mi oluwa. Ni oruko jesu.(save my wife by yourself. Forgive her and save her for me. Let there be confusion in the camp of my enemies. Have mercy on me Lord. In jesus name. Amen. He slept off

Labake Aka Deaconess Grace was forced by her villagers, to take them to Evangelist kayode.

-for what? She Shouted. I won’t. I rather die. Die ke? I will never die o. I don’t belong to EMI IGI, I WILL NOT, SHALL NOT, AND CANNOT SERVE EMI IGI O. You people are wasting your time o. I am Deaconess Grace o. Labake No longer exists o. You people should leave me.

-Argh! One of the men exclaimed, omo obinrin yi nkigbe bi obinrin asiwere o. Igbe ta le gba wa sinu wahala o. (This girl is shouting like a mad woman o. This her shout can get us into trouble. )

Ok, replied another man, kini a se? ( what do we do.)

-owa pelu lulu? (Are you with the powder ?)

-Beeni (yes)

-oya,lo o (oya use it)

-Argh! Ko le lo lulu lori re o. Iyabirin EMI IGI NI.(the powder cannot work on her o. She is the wood spirit’s wife.)

-rara, replied the other man. Oun yoo se oorun re nikan . Lo sare. Igba re yoo se ifamora olopa. (No, it will only make her sleep. Use it fast. Her shout will attract police)

The man blew the powderish substance into the air. It saturated the whole bus. Soon they all begin to fall asleep. Including the driver. He almost hit an on coming vehicle. He parked and dozed off too.

Grace opened the bus and came down. Looked around and found no one watching. She took to her heels.


Deaconess grace stopped running when she noticed she was far from them. Good a thing, They haven’t left the city

-Argh, thank you Jesus. Where do i go now? I think i should go to the church. I will take bike. God please keep somebody there that will help me pay. I am so tired.

She took a bike. When she got to the church, she saw her husband and pastor wilson. They came outside on hearing the sound of the bike.

-Jesus, Gbenga shouted. Honey is that you? Daddy, is that my wife?

Deaconess grace stood and was just crying. Gbenga ran towards her and embraced her.

-oya oooo, who dey pay me o, shouted the bike man.

-oh sorry, pastor wilson replied. (He paid the bike man and he zoomed off)

-What happened ? Gbenga asked ,taking her into the church hall.

-i don’t know. But all of a sudden, they started falling asleep including the driver. That was how i escaped.

-Argh!!! Great God i worship you. Are you serious ? Gbenga replied.

-What a great God!!! Replied Rev wilson. Let’s begin to worship him. (He started singing )

Only you can do, what no man can do Jehovah.

You are wonderful, you are worthy oh Lord
You are wonderful, you are worthy oh Lord.

Ese baba
Ese baba
Ese baba
Ese baba
Agbani nla Gbatan o
Ese baba.

God’s presense filled the hall as they worshipped.

After the worship, Gbenga said he will like to take his wife to camp and seek the face of God for deliverance.

-There’s no need prolonging it. Let’s start now. Grace, go on your knees please. Rev wilson said. (He started singing)

Agbara mbe
Ni nu eje jesu
Agbara mbe
Ni nu eje re
Agbara mbe
Ninu eje jesu
Agbara mbe
Ni nu eje re.

Alagbara bi ara o
Eya Judah
Ki ni un de
Eya judah.

Grace, you are going to renounce that spirit with your own mouth, for with our mouth, confession is made to salvation. Please by faith, pray after me. But first let me ask, DO YOU STILL WANT TO GO WITH EMI IGI?

-DADDY NOOOOO. (Crying) i can’t go
With Emi igi anymore.

-good. We shall be praying in yoruba. Now say after me.

Jesu oluwa
(Lord jesus)
o seun fun fifipamo mi.
(thank you for saving me)
Modupe lowo iku re lori igi agbelebu
(Thank you for your death on the cross)
Mo wa si iwaju yin bi elese
(i come before you as a sinner)
Saanu fun mi oluwa.
(have mercy on me Lord)
Dari gbogbo ese mi ji mi
(forgive me all my sins)
Mo gba o bi olorun ati olugbala mi
(i accept you as my God and saviour )

Oluwa mi olorun
(my Lord God)

jade ti o ba je aimokan
(out of ignorance )

Mo ti ni iyawo si iwa-bi-ola ni pase iya mi
(i was married off to a diety by my mother)

Sugbon loni oluwa, mo se majemu ti mo ti ba EMI IGI je ni oruko jesu.
(but today Lord, i break the covenant i have with EMI IGI, in the name of Jesus)

Mo ko o, mo ko o
(i reject you, i denounce you)
Mo je ti jesu
(i belong to Jesus)
Lo, lo, fi igbese aye mi sile
(go, go, leave my life)
Kuro ni igbesi aye mi, ni bayi, ni oruko jesu
(out of my life,now, in jesus name)

Suddenly, Deaconess grace’s countenance changed, she started acting weird all her bones and muscles stood erect, her voice changed. She began to roar like a lion.

(out of my life,now, in jesus name)

Suddenly, Deaconess grace’s countenance changed, she started acting weird all her bones and muscles stood erect, her voice changed. She began to roar like a lion.
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-Emi ni igi igi
(i am Emi IGi)

-Olorun awo igi igbe
(god of the woods)

-Awon igi teriba fun mi
(the forests trembles at my presense)

-igboo maa wariri niwaju ase mi.
(the forest trembles at my presense)

-mo pase fun afefe ati pase awon ho so na won(i command the wind and instruct their direction )

-iwo ko le mu mi kuro lodo mi
(you can’t take her away from me)

-she is mine.
(temi ni temi)

-emi yoo ja ogun
(i will cause war)

-emi yoo se wahala
(i will make trouble)

-Emi o se ironu
(i will do the unimaginable )

-mo ni awon agbara.
(i own powers)

-Emi ko ni aanu
(i have no mercy)

-ko si enikan ti o gba ohun ti emi ati kuro.
(no one takes what’s mine and gets away with it)

-temi ni temi (yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrh. She roared)
She is mine.

There was heavy wind. It lifted everything made of wood in the church hall. The wind shut the door. No one outside knew what was going on. The wind lifted the offering box and threw it at Gbenga. He saw it coming and managed to dodge. Rev wilson went on his knees and started singing.

Alagbara ni yi
Ologo ju lo le je

Agbara esu da
Ni bi ti jesu gbe joba
Agbara esu da,
Ko si o, oti wo

Alagbara bi ara oOooooo
(speaking in tongues )
Alagbara bi ara oooooo
Eya judah
Ki ni un de, eya Judah

Rev wilson burst into holyghost tongue. Deaconess grace kept roaring. He started praying.

-eni ti o soro ki o se, nigbati oluwa ko ba soro ?
(who speaks and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken?)

-Tani o le de eniti oluwa ti se laaye?
(who can bound whom the Lord has set free?)

-tani oke yen saaju zerubabel ?
(who is that mountain before zerubabel ?

-ti o le ba kininu judah ja,?
(Who can contend with the lion of judah)

-eniti o le koju ti ida re ti nfo?
(Who can withstand his flaming sword?)

-tani iwo o di eniti o gbe agbara ga li ogo pelu ogun?(who are you to engage his majesty in a battle ?)

-iwo ni olorun igi, sugbon olorun mi ni o da igi.
(you are god of the wood, but my God created the wood.)

-opuro lati inu iho apaadi.
(liar from the pit of hell)

-nje o ko ti gbo?
(Have you not heard?)

-eni ti omo ti da sile lominira ninu ise.
(He whom the son of God has set free is free in deed)

-o ko ni tire, se o mo kini?
(You do not own her, do you know why?)

-a sa da re ni aworan olorun orun.
(She was created in the image of the God of heaven)

-o ti ra irapada nipase eje ti kristi omo olorun alaaye,ti o ku fu ominina re.(she has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus christ, the son of the living God who died for her freedom.)

-ni oruko jesu kristi ti Nasareti,
(in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth )

-mo pase pe ki o jade kuro ninu ara yii ni bayi
(i command you get out of this body now)

-mo gba ina jade lati orun wa sori re ,
(i release fire from heaven upon you)

-Jade nisinsinyi si lle gbigbe ni oruka jesu
(out, now, to the dry land, in Jesus name.)

Deaconess grace gave a loud shout and fell to the ground lying lifeless. She urinated immediately.

-Thank you Jesus!!! Shouted Rev Wilson. She is delivered.


Gbenga ran towards his wife. He held her hands and wept.

-daddy he called Rev nelson, Are you sure she is fine? Do we take her to the hospital ?

-no, she is fine. She will regain herself gradually.

-daddy, thank you sir. Thank God i didn’t go with her alone. How would i have managed this?

-no oo, don’t thank me. Thank this great God. I was almost overpowered if not his mercies. Hmmm, that demon is very violent. I couldn’t believe what was going on here. Everything wood Even the drum sticks were all blown up. This can only be done by the hand of God.

-i need to go home and get my car. So i can take her home.

-no don’t. I will drop you both at your house.
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-I’m not with the keys. My sisters are. I don’t even know how to face my sisters. We were supposed to be living for ABUJA. They want me to relocate.

-Don’t worry, i will go with you.

-Thank you sir.

As they spoke, Grace opened her eyes but couldn’t speak.

-honey, Gbenga called, can you see and hear me?

Tears rolled her face.

-don’t worry my love, you will be fine. God has delivered you.

Rev wilson went out to get his car ready only to met EVANGELIST KAYODE running towards him.

-Kay, how are you ? Why are running? Who is after you?

-sir, GBENGA’S SISTERS . They came with the policemen, family members, i escaped through the back gate. I don’t know what to do.

Gbenga rushed out.

-Baba,welcome. What did you say about my sisters?.

-Argh!! Thank God. Gbenga, you are here, where is my daughter ? (Gbenga pointed to the direction where grace laid )

-Jesus Christ, What happened here? What happened to her?

-deliverance was conducted on her. It was terrible. Hmmm, there are powers o. No one should go into covenant with the devil. The repercussion is deadly. We just give God praise. It was terrible.

-oh, thank you Jesus!!!

-let’s go to your house at once.

They helped Deaconess Grace into the car. When they got to EVANGELIST KAYODE’S HOUSE, there was noise and commotion. REV WILSON CAME OUT OF THE CAR AND MOVED TOWARDS THEIR DIRECTION.

AUNTY MUYI walked up to him.

Daddy, welcome sir. Please go in there and tell that man to produce my brother. How can people be wicked, mean.and callous. How can that man give us the wife of a diety as wife? My people has gone to enquire and we found out that it is true. ARGH!!!, EMI IGI is evil o, merciless, wicked . Killer diety o.
Daddy, ebi was ti baje(our family is ruined ) igbesi aye arakunrin mi ti pari o. (My brother’s life is finished )
My mother is lying ill because of this. That man has to produce my brother.

Other sisters were shouting and complaining.

-calm down my daughters. Please. Gbenga is fine. Infact he is in the car.

Eheee, which car o asked one of his sisters. They ran towards the car. Gbenga came out when he sighted they were running towards the car.

Arrrgh it’s true oooo they shouted. Gbenga!!!! they all ran towards him. They got angry when they saw Deaconess grace in the car with EVANGELIST KAYODE .

They tried dragging them out for terrible beating but was stopped by REV NELSON.

Will you people please control yourselves ? If only you all were at the church today to see what took place.
The grace you all see now, is different from the grace we all use to know.

Hmmm, he sighed, demons are wicked, satan has no friend. It is dreadful to be covenanted with the devil. He shows no mercy.

Today by God’s mercy and grace, she has been delivered and the yoke has been broken. She is no longer entangled to that diety. As you can see, she can barely speak. It wasn’t an easy battle.

I’m so proud of GBENGA . In marriage, the first weapon that can be used to fight against the invasion of the devil is FORGIVENESS and LOVE.

Grace wouldn’t have been delivered if GBENGA notwithstanding what grace did, stood out for her and prayed her out of the claws of the enemy.

People should not hide delicate information about themselves like this. It was the mistake the church made. We thought because she has given her life to Christ, it is all settled. But God is a respecter of covenant. If the covenant isn’t broken, it will always interfere in every thing we do.

We must search ourselves and pray ourselves out of any known or unknown covenant. Please, allow grace and Gbenga enjoy the fruit of this deliverance. IT IS OVER. IT IS WELL.

-Aunty mi, Gbenga called. Please, can i have the keys to my house. I need to take my wife home.

Aunty muyi deeped her hand into her hand bag and gave him the keys.

-hmm, Gbenga are you sure about this?

-yes Aunty mi.

-ok, i wish you well.

-same here, replied Aunty mag. I wish you both well.

-thanks so much.

He collected the keys, they zoom off.

Back in the village, it was reported that ,that same day, the diety killed Grace’s biological mother and set ablaze her coco farm.

Grace was set free.