[STORY] Dark angle (episode 1-7)

Chapter 1 I look up at the sky and watch it get darker from the temple roof I am crouching on. Im here for one reason and one reason only, to kill the demons that are about to ascend from the pits of hell. I take my focus off the darkened sky and watch for the demons who are coming to cause chaos. I can feel the sizzle of my blood as it runs through my veins, warning me they are close. I can feel my mark burn on my wrists and the back of my neck. The marks show what I am destined for. I am a guardian angel, not the white fethered and golden eyed ones everyone thinks of. A guardian angel is a warrior from gods army who are born to live here and protect humans and supernaturals. The supernatural world knows of guardian angels and some have fought beside the council. But in a world of angels and supernaturals, they still fear what they dont understand, when something isn’t one way or another, when something is different. They fear me because of that, I am different, im stronger than all of them, I am the best weapon they have, but fear keeps them from seeing this. Me, I dont give a f–k, I have grown up with been looked at differently. They call me the dark angel, I’m not like the other angels they are used to seeing, the blonde to white hair, golden eyes and white feathers. I’m different, I’m not a pure angel, I am a new breeds of angel altogether. I have dark black hair, dark blue eyes and black wings. I am half angel from my mothers side and half vampire from my fathers side. I have all their strengths and none of their weaknesses. That is why I’m feared, I’m stronger than the strongest commanding angel and royal vampire. The only difference I have in power from the angels is that they have the white flames to kill demons and send them back to the pits of hell, so they can never be free again, mine is black flames but stronger than the white flames. I can hide my wings like them, become invisible when I need it. My symbol showing I’m a guardian can emit the black flames when I built up enough power. I am faster and stronger because of my vampire blood, I heal quicker and all my sense are more enhanced. I am pulled from my thoughts by my marks burning, this means their close. I scan the graveyard to find where they are using the portal. I finally spot the area with that has a change of energy. I move from my sitting position and move so I am half kneeling. I dont want them to spot me yet. I watch as they step through the portal at the edge of the graveyard. I see two come through as the energy shifts again closing their entrance. To the human eye and most supernaturals they look completely human, attractive even. But to an angel, we can see what lies inside the human exterior, monsters, with hundreds of razor sharp teeth, empty sockets filled with the blackness of hell, that draw you to them, as they take your soul. I release my wings from my body as I stretch them out. I spreaded my wings and let them rise me into the night sky and circle over them making as little noise as possible. I landed behind them without making a sound and let my wing fold back and disappear. They are so distracted they haven’t even noticed I’m behind them. I move behind them, grabbing the first one by the head and twisted its head til I heard a crack at either side, temporarily paralyze its body as I let him drop to the ground. I looked at the other demon and smirked. He hissed at me showing all his sharp teeth, as he makes the mistake of attacking me. I move with inhuman speed and use my hand and grab his neck lifting his up and then sending him slamming into the concrete with so much force it cracks under him. He gets up but he is still dazed. I put all my strength into giving him a round house kick to its chest sending him crashing into the statue in the middle of the graveyard, going through it as he landed with a satisfying thump. I turned around to the demon that I paralyzed to see he is getting control of his body back. Before he could fully move I pulled my sword handle from my belt and watch the blade form made by my black flames. I twisted it in my hand as the black flames grew. I swiftly move my hand with the sword and aimed for his neck. I took his head completely off and touched my sword to his head and body sending out the black flames to burn him and return him to his world, I pulled back the blade and placed the handle back into my belt. One down, one to go. I rolled my shoulder and made my way over to where the other demon landed. I watched as he got up with a severely pissed off expression. He hissed “B—h”, “I can’t deny that” I said. He smirked as he shook the dust off his clothes, stretched his body and came at me. He aimed punch after punch as I easily moved around them. He aimed another hit but I was able to get close enough to hit my elbow hard into his temple and kick the side of his knee knocking it out of place and into a painful looking position. I grabbed his arm, tilting myself forward as I brought my leg up behind me hitting him hard into the face. I moved quickly so I was behind me, I pulled my swords handle from my belt, as the black flames formed into a blade once again as I sent it flying into his neck. I watched as his head fell to the ground as his body collapsed on it. I let the flames lick up his body destroying him. I put the handle back into my belt, released my wing as they lifted me into the sky as I headed for home. I landed on the roof of a local bar unseen, I pulled my wings back and stepped off the roof and landed on my feet on the ground. I walked across the road to my apartment building. I punched in my code to open the door and stepped inside and walked towards the elevator as it opened. As usual I had everyones eyes on me as they left the elevator. I stepped inside and pressed the number of my floor and watched the door close. I stepped out on my floor and walked down to the left, I took out my key as I got to my door. I walked inside and closed it, making sure all the bolts are in place. I kicked my boots off and walked toward my room. I got a shorts and tank top out to sleep in and underwear aswell before I walked into my bathroom. I looked at my reflection, its amazing how humans are drawn to me because of my looks but the supernaturals are scared of me for the way I look. I took in my appearance, my jet black hair fell down in waves below my ribs. My eyes are the deepest colour of blue I have ever seen. I have a small straight more, high cheekbone and full pouty lips. I am about six ft one inches, I have a petite but strong frame, I have full breasts that aren’t to big, a toned flat stomach, a firm ass and strong toned legs. Like every other Angel, I am beautiful to humans and supernaturals, but once the supernaturals find out who I am, their looks turn to disguist and fear. It use to hurt years ago when I was sixteen, all I wanted was to be accepted into the role I was born for, but that never happened, fear of the unknown was to strong for them to look past. I decided then I would no longer look for their acceptance, I am stronger than any of them so why should I beg. That was five years ago and I have never looked for anyone’s acceptance since and I will never again. I hunt and fight by myself. Sometimes I run into the other guardians and supernaturals, let just say its never pleasant. I dont take shit off them anymore, I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I am. I might not look like every other angel, but they can’t deny the truth, I would be the strongest guardian they could have against the rise in demons but their too blind to see past the black wings. 

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