[STORY] Daniella. (sacrifice for love ) (Episode 1 – 12)

Daniella. (sacrifice for love )

Episode 1.
You better come back here you good for nothing brat!.
She covered her ears with her palms. That was her step mother calling her.
Her voice sounds murderous daniella didn’t want to face her today. She has slapped and hit her too much already. She couldn’t take it anymore so she hid in her closet.
She peeped through the crack in her closet and saw her step mother with a very murderous look on her face. She was holding the torture stick she was afraid of . Just the thought of it made her wince.

She was just 17 . Her mum died before she was 10. Before her mum died she told her that daniella was the most beautifull girl in the world and was proud to be her mum. And will always remain with her even when she dies.
Tears rolled down her eyes. That was how her father married alice odum. She was a cold hearted woman who tortured her day and night . Daniella lived a night mare.
her closet door suddenly opened.
“the you are you wicked girl!
Her step mum started cursing her as she pulled her out and threw her on the floor. Daniella began to tremble she knew what was coming next
daniella cried out in pain but knew that no one is going to hear her cries. She desperately began to gasp for air. Her heart was aching she couldn’t breathe.

“not again!don’t you see how much you’re costing your father and k with your heart problems? If it wasn’t for all these medical bills we wouldn’t be so poor now!”
daniella had this heart condition where air would suddenly shut off and she wouldn’t be able to breath. The doctors are trying to save her by giving her respirator and pills but they are not sure how much longer she’ll be able to live.
Her dad (whe was a pathetic excuse of a man)came in.
He looked down at her with sorrowful eyes. He held her step mum arm lightly and said, “i think she had enough. You don’t want her to have another attack calm down and lets have dinner ”
that’s why i’m hitting her she yelled. She closed after school and left for her numerous boyfriends place. She was supposed to be home to go and buy food for dinner. Your daughter is evil she want me to starve and die.
I didn’t get go anywhere the teacher wanted…..
She was cut off by a hot slap from her step mum. She cried silently in pain and turned away.
Her dad said daniella say sorry to your mom .
Despite the pain she managed to say mom sorry forgive me.
Her dad handed her some money to go get things for dinner.
Her father gently lead alice out of the room.

she picked the money and headed for the store. Mr charlse ,owner of charly food market. Shook his head as she walked in. He knew the hell she was going through he pitied her.
As she paid for her items charly gave her a sad smile. He gave her some money but daniella tried to reject it.
I don’t want it sir.
No keep it. I know that step mum of your’s dont give you any money.
Daniella look up at mr charly with teary eyes. Here he was , just a friend reaching out to her. She said thanks and headed home.

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Episode 2.
Daniella decided to take a shortcut home but as she passed the alley, a hand pulled her in. She was knocked to the ground and a shadow hovered over her. She began to scream but the same hand covered her mouth.

“shut up or i’ll kill you!
She shut her mouth instantly.
She didn’t want to die yet. In the moon’s reflection she got a good look of her attacker. It was a boy who looked a little bit older than her. His face and cloth were dirty but he had good features . He was extremely good looking but this wasn’t the time for her to think of such things .

He held a table knife and said .
“give of all your money or i’ll kill you.
She panicked but knew what to do. She used the move she wanted to use on her step mum anytime she pinned her down to hit her. She kicked him hard right into his family jewel. He gasped and fell to the floor, dropping the knife . She picked up her groceries and ran.

You can call her the dumbest girl alive. She was afraid she kicked him to hard. So she turned back and went in to the alley.
The boy was stilling lying on the alley he was moaning softly. She lifted him softly.
Are you okay ? She asked.
He shook his head no.
I’m sorry she said . She reached in to her pocket and gave him the money mr charly gave to her. Here this is all i have.
She placed the money on his hand and walked away. Without turning back. But she could tell he was watching her.

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Episode 3.
Eric stared at the girl who had just walked away. .
She must be the nicest or dumbest person in the world, he thought.
He began to stand up but had to use the wall for balance. Daniella kicked him a litte too hard.
Eric had just ran away from home again.
He had run away so many times that the alley was now his second home.
When he ran away he always stole his parents money.
They were the richest people in all of nigeria but they were the most messed up family. His dad would have a lot of women with him and would betray a friend if it will bring him money.
His mom, on the other hand, was an exact duplicate of his dad. She always had young men around her and spent money like crazy. His parents were divorced and lived on the opposite end of abuja.
“b—h and bastard, though eric.
When he ran away this time he didn’t have the chance to steal from his dad. So he had no choice but to rob somebody. When he saw the young girl walking out of the store. She seemed to be the perfect target. But things didnt turn out as planned.
Eric kept wondering why the girl gave him tim money even though he could kill her.
Eric knew he couldn’t take the money because she was the first person in his messed up life that was nice to him because she wanted to be, not because she wanted something from him. He wanted to give the money back.
Whe he gained some of his strength back he began to trace her….

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Episode” 4.
When she got home, she was greeted by the usual words. Ugly wretch, wicked girl, free loader, but luckily she made it through dinner fine. When dinner ended, her parents went to sleep leaving her with the dishes.
She cleaned the table and washed the dishes.
She also took out the trash and then suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind. Her attacker turned her around to face him. It was the same boy she met in the alley. She began to panic.
“i gave you all my money already! What more do you want from me.
He raised a finger to his lips and tried to shush her. She felt one of her attacks coming on. She started to hyperventilate and couldn’t breath. She was beginning to black out.
Eric looked at the girl who looked like she was going to die.
“oh my God are you okay?
This time it was the girl’s turn to shake her head no.
Then she collapsed in his arms. Eric didn’t know what to do but he had to save her life. He began to give her mouth to mouth.
“come on. He whispered to her.
“breathe: don’t die on me.
After a while she began to cough and opened her eyes.
she opened her eyes and saw a blurry object heading towards her.
Then she felt something soft pressing agaiinst her lips and she felt a gust of air. Then she realised the boy was giving her air. She couldn’t believe what was happening . She blushed and gently pushed him away.
Thank you for saving me . I’m okay now .
The boy turned slightly red. “uhh… You’re welcome. You kinda sacred me there.
“sorry about that. Well what is it you want from me?.
Here he handed her back the same money she had given him. She looked up at him.
“no it’s okay. Keep it. I think you need it.
He shook his head. “no i just wanted to borrow it only. I don’t take charity. Well, goodbye.
Just as he walked away. He heard his stomach grumble.
Daniella bit her tongue so she wouldn’t laugh. Since he didn’t take charity she said.
Um hey i just made some food i don’t know if it’s good or not. I need a guinea pig because i don’t want to serve it to my parent’s you saved my life.
Eric looked at her.
Why is she being so nice to me ? He thought.. Eric stomach was growling like crazy he hasn’t eaten for 2 far already and the mention me food was killing him.
Uhh i guess i’ll be your guinea pig since i have nothing to do.
He studied her face as she smiled at him. She’s pretty he thought.

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Episode 5.
She let eric stay outside as she got the left over for him.
Eric finished it in less than a minute. The he leaned back and sighed . Out of nowhere, he let out a burp. Daniella giggled he looked at her and smile.
“sorry about that.
It’s okay.
Daniella hesitated before she asked him the next question.
Umm.. So what’s your name. He glanced at her and stared at the ground. She could tell he was debating to tell her his real name or not. She didn’t want him to feel obligated to telling her his name.
It’s okay . You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. ”
eric looked at her surprised. “no! It isn’t that! He yelled. She stared back at him surprised too. Then he lowered his voice.
“i’m sorry. Please don’t misunderstand.
She nodded her head slowly and eric can tell she was confused. Eric fellt he could trust her and he wanted her to be his friend.

my name is eric smith and you are
my name is daniella steven. She gave him a sweet smile. He felt his heart beat a little faster when she smiled at him. He blushed and look away.
So . How old are you.
“17 and you eric ?
19 he said looking at her.
Where are your parent you look too young to be living in the streets.
He shrugged i can take care of my self. ” she gave him a doubting look. Because he was trying to pull that tough guy act on her. It’s okay though.
I have a family. But things are bad at home so i’m just getting away from it for a while. ”
she could tell eric was a good person.
“do you have a place to stay tonight ? She asked.
He shook his head. How about staying in my room then. She offered.
Eric couldn’t believe his ears. He stared at daniella. Did she just offerered him a place to stay?
eric? Daniella asked as she waved a hand in front of his face. Are you okay?
Eric shook his head and snapped out of it.
Eric was so touched that he felt his heartache. No one had ever cared for him so much. But he didn’t want to feel like he owned her.
Daniella looked at him with big sad eyes.
Please friend? I’m afraid of the dark. Eric smilled he knew she was lien so he would say yes. For the first time in his life. Eric felt warm inside because now he is wanted.
okay. You talked me into it but just for tonight. Though.
She giggled and nodded.

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Episode 6.
Silently, she let eric into her room. Her room was small and luckily, it was far away from her parents . She let him have the bed while she took the floor.
Eric stared down at daniella who was trying to sleep on the cold hard floor. He picked her up easily and lifted her into the bed.
Friend? What are you doing? She whispered her eyes grew wide.
Do you trust me? He asked.
She nodded her head slowly.
“good he said.”this bed is small but it’ll fit both of us.
Her eyes grew wider at what eric just said. But she had just told him she trusted him. She couldn’t take her words back, so she had no choice but to sleep with him.
They both got into her bed and slept side by side. She was so nervous, she couldn’t sleep. On the other had eric had no problem. He fell asleep instantly.
She turned her head over to look at him. His face was so innocent like an angel while he slept.
Who would have thought he was such a devil when he’s awake and moving?
hours has passed and it was 3′ in the morning. She still couldnt sleep. Suddenly something weird happen. Eric turned his entire body around and did a 360, kicking her.
“ow! She cried out but covered her mouth so her parents wouldn’t hear her. When he was done, he had this happy look on his face.
At first she thought he was just playing with her but he really did a 360 when ever he sleep.
Suddenly he reached over and held her tight.
Her entire body went tense and rigid. She could feel eric light breathing on her neck.
She didn’t know why but now eric was this close (practically laying on top of her ) made her feel better. It’s probably cause she’s never been so close to a person in a long time. So she began to fall asleep too.

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Episode 7.
Eric opened his eyes and found himself laying partially on daniella’s body.
He blushed and slowly moved away from her. He just lay near her watching her sleep.
Suddenly it caught his eyes. The sleeves and pant legs of her pajamas were lifted up and he got a good look at her arms and legs. . Dark purple bruises cover her entire body. There were several scars on her legs and arms too.
Red lines run across her legs and it made eric wince because they looked painfull.

He didn’t want to disturb ella but he was really curious. She turned over and eric lifted the back of her shirt. It was even worse than her legs . Eric opened his mouth slightly in shock and touched her bare back delicately. Feeling that he might hurt her. Ella began to stir.
she rubbed her eyes and sat up. She saw eric looking at her with sad expression on his face.
“what’s wrong ? She asked.
Who did this to you? He asked lifting the sleeve of her shirt. She opened her mouth in shock. She tried to hide it she couldn’t believe he saw her bruises.
As she tried to answer him. She heard her stepmum’s footstep heading towards her room. Eric she yelled turning back to eric who was rubbing her bruises. “you have to get out of here? My mum is coming!
Eric looked at her surprised but she opened her window for him to climb out.
“climb down this tree. Goodbye ricky she said to him with tears in her eyes.
eric remained silent the whole time as he left her room. He didn’t leave though. He sat on the branch of her tree and looked through her window. He couldn’t hear what ella and her mum were talking about but he saw it.
He saw ella’s mum bring out a small wooden stick and whack ella with it several times. Eric couldn’t take it anymore:)
he busted back into ella’s room.

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Episode 8.
She looked up at her step mum in pain. “i’m sorry mum. I didn’t know were supposed to have a guest today.
She glared at her with cold hatred in her eyes. Mr smith of smith hotels empire all over nigeria. Is coming to see us today. Your father might get a promotion if we make a good impression! You’re supposed to be awake half an hour ago to prepare breakfast! Now mr smith is down waiting for breakfast. What i’m i supposed to do now huh!
her step mum began to breath rapidly as her anger increased. She saw her raise the stick of torture. She curled up herself hoping the pain would lessen but she knew it wouldn’t so she prepared herself for the strike.
eric caught the stick before it would hit ella. Ella’s mother stared at eric in suprise. Ella opened her eyes and stared at eric in shock he looked down at her.
“are you okay?
Eric she screamed. What are you doing here.
Eric looked down at her “i came to save you from this evil ugly looking b—h.
He step mum twisted her face in hate.
I knew you were trouble all this time ella. How dare you bring this boy home. Wait until i tell you father about this!
Eric grabbed her stepmom arm to stop her.
“you do that and i’ll have you fired!. She stared at eric dumbfounded. What is he talking about.
What are you talking about you juvenile delinquent? Snapped her stepmom.
“i mean said eric glaring at her. ” that you’re having breakfast with my father right now and i’ll get you and your husband fired if you hit ella one more time.
Ella looked at him suprised.
Eric is the heir of the smith hotel empire? His family is the richest in all of nigeria .
her step mom looked at eric doubtfully. “if you’re his son. How come you are so filthy?
Eric gave her a smirk . I know you want proof.
How about all of us go down there to talk to my dad?
Her stepmom looked at him and thought. This is the only way for real evidence. He might get us a promotion. Then she said . “come on then. Boy. Let’s go.

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Episode 9.
All three of them
went downstairs together. Eric had to help her down because her legs were to weak to support her.
Eric helped her sit on the couch and he faced the strange man.
Mr smith glared at eric.
“hi dad, said eric.
Where the hell have you been ? Shouted mr smith.
Daniella family just watch the yell at each other.
Eric shrugged his shoulders. ” around. It made mr smith very mad but he never hit’s eric. He continued yelling. Eric didn’t really listen after a while he cut his dad off.
“look dad, shut up about it already we’ll talk about it at home.

Dang ella thought . She can never talk to her parent like that.
Mr smith shuts up. Okay son, we’ll talk about it at home.
Then eric gestured his hand at ella entire family.
The stevens family were nice enough to let me stay in thier house. You owe them.
Mr smith nodded. Fine mr stephen you and your wife just got promoted.
her step mum got so excited. “thank you mr smith.
Come on eric mr smith said. Let’s go home and have that talk.
Eric brushed his dad hands off his shoulder.
Later dad. I’ll be home in an hour. ” his father glared at him. Eric glared back.
Mr smith knew eric was stubborn so he agreed.
after mr smith left eric talked to her parents.
“listen here. ” he said as he sat down next to her. ” i can get you hired and fired just like that. And he snapped his fingers.
We know , we know her stepmum said sweetly. Pouring eric a glass of juice.
Eric didnt drink it. All i want is for you two not to touch ella again. If i see another bruise on her you both know the consequence. . Eric held her hands the entire time he spoke to her parents. She felt a strange warmth pass through her. She knew then she was falling in love with him.
her dad kept quiet while her stepmother took charge of the talking
eric rolled his eyes.
“okay. And i’ll make sure you keep your promise. ” then eric turned to face her.
Come on. Let’s go.
What? Ella asked confused.
“go to my house with me.
“go go! Said her stepmom pushing her towards eric.
Have fun and stay out as long as you like.
Ella knew her stepmom was afraid but just putting up a face.

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Episode 10.
Eric continued holding her hand and never for once did he let it go.
The walk to his house took them fifteen minutes and he enjoyed every bit of it. When they got to his house eric let out a sigh.
They entered his house. His house was huge!
Ella felt like she was peasant walking through a castle. He even had maids and butlers that attended to her.
eric led her into his room there was lot of holes on the wall but it was nice and clean. She sat on his bed while he went into his bathroom to take a quick shower. . When he was done he sat close to her and held her hands.
Eric why are there holes in your wall she asked.
When i fight with my parents i take it out on the walls .
They talked for sometime. He carried her on his back and gave her a piggy back ride downstairs .
His dad was waiting for him in his study. Ella waited for him in the living room.
eric went in , unintrested in what his dad had to sayi
what is it dad ?
Eric this is becoming tiring, every week you run away. Leaving me and your mum worrying about you. .
Eric smirked. “sure you’re worried. That why you’re out with those hoes and mum’s out with those moron’s. It’s because i’m your only son. You’re just scared that when grand pa passes away he won’t put our family on the will.
His father got angry. “well do you want it to end up on your uncle’s side? Eric gave his dad a look that showed he didn’t care. His dad continued talking.
Since i managed to have a son and my brother have no kids, i have the advantage. Son, listen to me. You are my heir. All my wealth will be passed down to you.

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Episode 11.
Ella was confused and didn’t know what happened
eric held his hand and took her to the beach near his house. On the sand there were there two huge rocks . Eric led her over there. He lifted her up and they sat side by side.
They remained silent untill eric took a deep breath of the ocean air.
“i love this place, don’t you ? He said to her smilling .
She returned his smile and held onto his hand tighter.
Eric what’s wrong?”eric avoided her eyes
“nothing. ”
she turned his chin to face him. “come on. You know you can tell me. ”
he nodded.
“it’s my dad and this stupid feud he has with my uncle. They’re fighting over who will get the larger part in my grandpa’s will. ”
“oh…. She said softly.
” isn’t it stupid ? ” he asked laughing. “my grandpa’s not even dead yet!”
she understood him. So she didn’t say anything because she know she doesn’t want him to worry about it. He threw a rock into the ocean and it skipped three times.
“perfect. He said.
“why is it perfect?” she asked.
Age is nothing but a number right? He asked her, changing the subjecti she thought about it for a while and nodded.
since i’m older than you by two years that make me your protector i love you….
She felt her heart bubble with excitment but eric continued talking… As my best friend.
Her bubble bursted. This was not what she expected him to say. She looked at him with wide eyes and asked why your best friend ?
Eric just looked at her and smile. Has she been reading the wrong signs? she thought .
so what do you say?” he asked. ” want to be my best friend. ? Even though it was breaking her heart. She had no choice but to agree. She nodded.
“yes, i want to be your best friend.
“good, he said.
Eric nodded and reached into his pocketand brought out a knife. She stared at him with wide eyes.
Eric what are you going to do with that knife?.
He asked do you trust me?
She nodded without hesitation. She trusted him with her whole heart. He smiled at her. He pulled the back of her shirt down he use the knife and carved a small “E” on her shoulder blade. She bled and he bandaged it for her.
then he gave her the knife to engrave the initial of her name “D” on his back which she did.
He held her close he smiled . He felt sad he wanted to say i love you ella as my girlfriend so she would be his forever but he couldn’t. But he wasn’t the type to admit his feelings .
But he knew engraving thier names on thier back was not just a symbol as a brotherly love. But his promised symbol as a soulmate to her forever.

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Episode 12
years has passed and she’s still with eric. She didn’t think it was possible but she grew more and more inlove with eric everyday .
They do a lot of stuff together and they never had any fights. They argue but it never got to the point where they would get really mad at each other and he usually let her have her way.
Kennethi was eric other friend and he hangs out with them alot. He is a little older than her. Very nice with a cute smile. His family life also isn’t good. His dad is a drunk and his mum had passed away when he was young. So usually it was the three me them together.
her home life is a lot better thanks to eric. Her stepmom didn’t dare touch her anymore and it’s still the same between with her and her dad. They don’t talk much.
Eric’s parents like her a lot too. It’s because when they tell him to do something and he refuse they’ll come to her. She was like their pawn.
Life was heaven for her untill it completely shattered on a day.
It started out with good news but who would have known it would end up in tragedy .
her step mum and dad came back one day from visiting the smiths.
Guess what ? Her stepmom told her excitedly.
“what ? She asked calmly .
The smith’s are planning a wedding for you and eric !
She sat down cause her knees gave out. This news hit her with total surprise but she was so happy to hear it. Because she’s so inlove with eric. Really? She asked excitedly. “how did this happened?
“mr smith wanted eric to get married and he figured you’re the girl he should marry.
“what did eric say? She had to ask. She didn’t want him to be forced into this.
“of course he agree, her stepmom answered.
Her breathing increased so she took out her respiratori after she calmed down, her stepmum took her into her room and told her all about the arrangements.
Meanwhile back at the smith’s mansion.
“just because you’re making this wedding for me dosn’t mean i owe you anything ! Eric yelled angrilly at his dad.
Mr smith’s grabbed eric by the collar of his shirt.
“eric! You listen to me. Once you and ella get married , your grandpa will give you all of his business. Sharing part of it with your dad isn’t asking for too much is it ?
Eric pushed his dad away. He began to laugh.
“the only two people grandpa will give the businesses to is me or uncle. He won’t give it to you because you spend it all on those whores! I bet all your own money is gone now.
it was true or smith was in serious debt and needed eric to get married because. Eric grandpa was going to give eric his inheritance once he get’s married. Eric was 22 and his dad had planned the marriage .
His dad got on his knees.
Please son. Do it for me.
Eric rolled his eyes.
“you’re so pathetic dad. He sighed. Living with ella taught him compassion and sympathy for people.
“i’ll see what i can do dad.
he went to his room just then his cell phone rang . He picked it up thinking it was ella. Using his sexy voice he whispered. “hi ella.
A weird high pitched giggle came from the other end of the line.
“ooh …. Said the voice. Hi to you too sexy.
Eric rolled his eyes.
Oh shut up kenneth eric said seriously . Is everything set and ready to go?
Yeah kenny said.
“good, said eric smiling. “meet me at the field tonight from there we’ll take a sail and go to another country and start a new life.
Yeah. Ken said. But did you tell ella about it ?
No, answered eric sighing. I’m afraid she won’t leave her family i’m planning to kidnap her and talke her into coming with me.
Right ken said. At least the three of us will be together.
Yeah eric said meet by 8 i’ve got everything ready. And i got our money too.
Okay. Ken replied.
Bye.eric dropped his phone. Eric dad didn’t know his grandpa has already transfred all the money to eric . Along with hotel ownership in london korea and hawaii as his wedding gift . He planned to give his dad 10 million and live off the rest with ella and ken.
He smilled at how he’ll be getting away from everything with the one he loved the most, DANIELLA.

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