[STORY] Daniella Chucks ( +18) (Episode 1-18)

Daniella Chucks ( +18)

Daniella Chucks ( +18)

Episode 1

Yep. So you see that killer of a
woman up there? That’s me!
Daniela Chucks. I am not going to
be surprised if you have ended up
taking more time to really look at
the pic – analyzing every bit of me
in the process and even casting
repetitive glances at it without
end after now. I wouldn’t be. After
all that is what all of them always
do. I mean the guys. They just get
absolutely blown away whenever I
get into their paths. Like some
brazen show-stopper, I am usually
quick to disconnect their heads
from their bodies with that ass of
mine! This can be in spite of their
girlfriends or wives being with
them as both are always helpless
to the charms of my enchanting
seduction. Some say I am overly
pompous, others say that I am
simply the most arrogant they
have known, well, while that isn’t
my problem, I seem to be more
interested in the other thing they
equally always have to admit, and
that is, I am an absolute stunner!
Anyways, you will be more
surprised when I tell you more
about myself.
Like I said earlier, my name is
Daniela Chucks. I am from the
South-south region of Nigeria. I
wouldn’t be willing to mention my
precise state of origin here on this
story for privacy reasons but I can
only add that I am fluent in
English, Efik and a bit of Ibo. I am
actually married and have been so
for exactly 20 years by next
month. Given that I am 36 now
(did you think I was that old when
you saw my pic?), you should
easily tell that I had my first kid at
16 (what?!!!). Yea. I was that
sexually active as at that time.
Being very beautiful right from
birth, I easily became a victim of
endless sexual abuse. It began
with an uncle who actually popped
my cherry, and that was when I
was only 9 and half. Since I was
staying with a single mother, it
was difficult for her to really be
the mom (who watches over) while
still hustling for our feeding. I was
often left in the hands of relatives,
friends, neighbors and even plain
strangers on certain occasions.
Growing up was a stark challenge
and before I could get to 12, I had
already had sex with several men.
While I don’t dance over it now, I
wouldn’t deny that I enjoyed every
bit of it back then and can still
remember when it got to the stage
when I began to long after the
men myself. It always paid off too,
since I was very attractive. At 12, I
already had a sex partner who was
over 8 years older than myself. I
also knew homes of so many men,
and on challenging nights, I slept
over at their homes. Mum would
only come looking for me in the
morning – no beating up, not even
a rebuke. And it seemed very

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Episode 2

Mum herself was just an older
version of myself. She was the s–t
every rich trader in our trading
neighborhood knew. I had learnt
about sex long before I got the
first taste, simply because I
watched her have it countless
times in front of me. She had no
shame and even usually asked me
to go buy her tissue for cleaning
up, right after a f–k session –
herself and the pleased man stark
naked and beaming with smiles. It
was that bad. So when I eventually
got pregnant (at a tender age of
16), she didn’t do exactly like most
moms. She didn’t ask about who
was responsible; even though I
couldn’t have had anyone I could
have picked as responsible despite
the zillion men I f—-d. She only
brought me back home after a
nurse-friend of hers had confirmed
it, and served me dinner. But later
that night she wept bitterly.
Leaning into my shoulder and
shedding a lot of tears. She
lamented so much that night that
I thought she was going to go
mad. She cried and asked for
forgiveness. Blaming herself for
my state and promising to do
better as a mother from that
moment. But that didn’t exactly
happen as she handed me over to
a close friend of hers in a far away
state just as my belly began to
grow. I never met mom again and
she never called or wrote. It was a
bitter end to an already rotten
relationship. Having known no dad
(my dad left mom before I was
born), I suddenly knew nothing
about the love a man can have for
a lady and the much I thought my
mom had for me, fizzled away with
Chike came into my life just after I
had arrived my new abode. He was
a reckless 20 year old cousin to the
lady (Mama Jonah) who was now
taking care of me. He started
frequenting Mama Jonah’s place
and just like every other guy, his
aim was just my body. He kept
telling me about how beautiful I
was even in pregnancy and how he
has never stopped imagining me
naked. This continued and soon I
found myself longing for him too.
Having been without sex for over
6months, my p—y was the first
to yell out for the dude’s touch
each time he arrived and before
we could put our names on a line,
we had already started f—–g our
brains out!! In pregnancy, and at
just 16, I was having sex with
Chike every day until my delivery
was close. Being inexperienced, I
was initially scared of what could
happen, but later learnt from
some of the street girls that
eventually became my friends that
it was just fine to go on.
My delivery gave me a girl. And
she looked so so much like mom! It
was painfully pleasant as I always
cried each time I found myself
likening her face to her grandma.
We grew together and soon began
looking like sisters. Mama Jonah
had suggested that I leave the girl
with her while I pursued a life in
Lagos. Her plan was to make sure
the girl does not get to know that I
was her mother but I refused. I
wanted to remain with her as she
was the only thing I had. Mama
Jonah accepted this and in no
time, I was schooling with her. But
before this, Mama Jonah married
me to Chike who equally had no
parents. This was a secret
agreement as she never wanted
anybody to know about it. It
became a serious marriage once
Chika began making money on his
own. He was always following
drivers for daily jobs and was
always lucky to make little money
to bring home. He began getting
responsible and soon started
buying things for me. I knew at
that stage that I was actually in
love with him and on my 21st
birthday, I moved out with him as
well as my daughter from Mama
Jonah’s place. We moved to Lagos
where he was offered a driving job
for a bottling firm despite his
young age of 25. I was now exactly
married in spite of being of
different tribal backgrounds (he is
Ibo). The most important things to
me was that he cared for me and
then that he was also the best
f–k I had ever known! We f—-d
everyday! And I mean everyday!
He had a pretty big d–k. A d–k
which wasn’t exactly long but very
fat and thick! He would f–k me
with that thing until I began
screaming for help (not help really
but…I was always going to feel
like I’d tear apart), scratching his
back and clawing his buttocks! I
was absolutely loving Chike and he
loved me too.

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Episode 3

The real gist begins when I had my
third child – a boy. The second was
also a girl but she came after I had
turned 24 as I began finding it
difficult to conceive. But just after
her, the boy came, in exactly 3
years. They were all beautiful kids
and I always remain grateful for
them. However, it appeared as
though the coming of the third
would bring a lot of difficulty for
us. Chika was still working then
and was even doing some minnow
jobs during the weekends to see
that ends met. I too had to raise a
little stall just in front of our
shanty house where I sold locally-
made soaps I had produced
myself. When it began looking like
hawking the soaps was more
effective, I began doing so. But
this exposed me to a life I had
forgotten for a while. I began
mingling with men again and just
like before, I ended up putting up
little or no resistance and started
f—–g like some wild chicken all a
new. I was usually heavily filled
with c-m each time I returned
home since I would have bagged 2
or 3 mean d—s during the day
and even though Chika never
seemed to suspect anything, I was
soon attracting the suspicions of
neighbours. The only edge I had
was that these men usually
bought a great chunk of the trade
I visited them with, so was being
financially rewarded each time.
But this began gradually turning
ineffective immediately Darlington
our son was born. In fact, I soon
found myself visiting these men
without any reason other than to
f–k and even when I never got
money in return, I was still very
fine and satisfied. This was so bad
that when Chika announced to me
that we were going to move from
Lagos, I felt like a broken woman! I
was now a s–t! Simple!
We moved from Lagos to Abeokuta
in the coming months. Chike was
transferred to his office’s new
branch at the Ogun and given that
we never had much, it was always
going to be impossible for us to
stay apart. So we moved with him,
forcing the kids to change schools.
And this was where I met the
Johnsons. I hadn’t thought it was
going to be possible getting to
know people like that, but it
happened. It was just like every
other night. I had returned from
marketing some of my soaps (I
began the trade again) and met
Chike home quite early. After
serving him dinner and f—–g
ourselves silly, he told me he got
an offer from a friend. At first I
thought he was referring to a new
job offer which should of course be
superior to his, so began to adjust
to hear him out. But he didn’t say
so. He said instead a friend of his
in the office told him that their
Deputy Branch Manager, was in
need of a housekeeper. I didn’t get
the thing initially so I asked him if
he was interested, to which he
laughed and said yes but for me. I
got confused and asked him to
explain. So he explained that he
would want me to pick up the job
while he continued with his
driving role at his office. I wasn’t
exactly pleased as I felt the job
was the most demeaning I should
ever think of doing. But after he
narrated how good the potential
employer was, I decided to give it
a try. We were going to be given
an apartment within the Deputy
Branch Manager’s residency. And
all I was required to do was to
keep his home tidy while they paid
me. His wife was a nice woman so
was always available to cook for
the home.

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Episode 4

I started work in a few weeks and
for the first time in my life, I had a
decent house for a home. It was
the bungalow behind the main
apartment and it was well
furnished. It was a pleasant
environment for the kids even
though the Deputy Branch
Manager who is actually Mr.
Johnson, did not have kids of their
age (his kids were grown and out
of home) thus keeping them
mostly indoors. It was a new
beginning for the family even
though Chike did not eventually
enjoy it as much as the rest of us,
given that he was soon transferred
back to Lagos, forcing him to now
spend the weekdays away but
usually return on weekends. The
Johnsons on their part were nice
people. In fact, I immediately
found out that they were very
religious. I was once told by a
friend who knew them well that
Mr. Johnson himself was a Deacon
while the wife headed a religious
group in their community. This
was further proven when I began
finding lots of religious books,
tracts and leaflets around the
house. They were absolutely the
calmest you could find.
The real looser was me. Chike was
now a predictable presence and
how much hurt that did to my
libido and sexual urge! I have
come to be a highly sexual woman.
And even at this point, I still do
unbelievable thing s to have sex! I
still read dirty books and watch
loads of p–n! I involve in sex chats
every night and would grab a f–k
anywhere I can find a good one.
And all these began becoming
even more evident while I was at
the Johnsons. In fact, despite how
much respect and adoration I had
for Mr. Johnson, I still occasionally
fantasized about him. While this
could be called wicked given that
his wife was also in the same
compound with us, it was just only
worse because of the absence of
my ever-able Chike. Mr. Johnson
was good to me generally. He
accepted the wage I requested for
with no argument. He also offered
to fund the schooling of my young
son all through to college and did
the most by getting me to finish
schooling myself. In few weeks
after my arrival I began a part-
time program that would last for 3
years and he was funding it right
from his purse. He was an
extremely good man and given
that he was just over 50 and of
good manners, he easily appeared
like a father to my family.
But….that was never going to
hide one fact. He was a very very
handsome man! Well built and tall.
His very light-skin was a fair
contrast to mine and that of Chike.
His baritone voice was an ice-
breaker and his ever intimidating
aura of confidence was always
enough to melt any heart. My
getting to know him was what
began bringing out my old pride
and arrogance. Suffering and
poverty had suppressed this part
of me causing me to ignore how
wonderfully beautiful I was made.
But after a few months with the
Johnsons, I found myself getting
as haughty as ever! I would
address people anyway I liked and
never batted a lid. But despite all
these, I still felt my legs weaken
whenever, I was in contact with
Mr. Johnson. What I dreaded most
was looking like it was going to
happen, deacon or not.

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Episode 5

My mind was made up on the 13th
month of my stay at the Johnsons.
It was quick and unlabored. It was
a result of a most unfortunate
accident if you were to look at it
from ‘a Mr. Johnson probable point
of view’. However, I am extremely
delighted that it happened. It was
on a Friday morning after
everyone had left home except for
myself, the driver and Mr.
Johnson. He usually left work late
those days as I heard he was being
considered for the role of the
Branch Manager. This meant more
out-of-office meetings. So on that
very day, he was home as usual.
Meanwhile I had set things up at
my apartment for the day and
reported back to the main house
to clean up things for the
morning. I had finished putting
the bedrooms and the main
lounge in order when I decided to
sweep the terraces. It was while I
was doing this that I saw what I
probably shouldn’t. It was right at
the bathroom window. As I
climbed the toilet chamber right
at the foot of the window, in order
to clear up cobwebs that had
gathered over the roof eave, my
eyes suddenly looked into the
bathroom through the open
window. At first, I quickly looked
away. But then, I saw myself calm
down, making less noise in the
cause. Then gradually stretched
my neck to peep into the window
again to confirm what I had seen
at first and woooow!!!……..was
that for real?! Mr. Johnson’s c–k
was right in his hand as he shaved
the hair all around it! I couldn’t
believe myself. Well, I also didn’t
believe the size of the d–k! No one
would have ever felt that a deacon
would have a d–k that should be
over 8 or 9inches long! I never was
going to believe so before then
but there he was d–k in hand! It
was simply a monster and even
without realizing it, c–t juice
began running down my thigh! I
was already wet for Mr. Johnson!
The way he turned the stout tool
side to side in a bid to shave off
hidden hair, wasn’t helping any
matters. Despite being pretty
limp, his d–k looked set to
measure a whooping 6 or 7inches!!
That was how terrific it looked! I
was already salivating! And when
he raised the staff up to shave the
underside, my left hand found my
fanny and in one plunge, dipped
two fingers into my burning p—y
and began fingering away!! I was
dying on my knees! It was
unthinkable!! When I had reached
cloud 9 and then opened my eyes,
I realized that he wasn’t there
anymore. He was gone out of the
bathroom. How I kept fingering
until he completely shaved and
took his bath was a mystery. All I
knew was that I climbed down
from the Chamber, sat on it and
with my face in my lap, I dozed off
and was only awaken by my kids,
when they returned from school!!
That was the moment. That was
the deciding moment. I told myself
that I was going to f–k Mr.
Johnson, no matter what! My
arguments had always been that
he had been fair to my family and
all what not. And those had been a
weak but rather effective
constrain for me so far. But not
after I had seen his d–k! Oh-My-
Gosh!! You should have seen that!
There isn’t any way I wouldn’t
want that beast in my p—y! It
was going to be an absolute gift!
Chike’s d–k always appeared to be
my biggest d–k in the entire
world, but how Mr. Johnson’s
dwarfed it terribly! The middle-
aged man’s own was both thick
and long! I couldn’t just stop
thinking about it.

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Episode 6

I was determined to s–k and ride it and
even though I already knew it was
going to be one of the most
difficult tasks in the world, I was
more than pleased to execute it. In
fact, I started frequenting his
bathroom window each time I
knew he was in there. Just to see
his d–k again and again and how I
poured c-m from my p—y for
mere ogling him. I wasn’t going to
let him go. I still believed in my
body. Even though I had just
turned 32, I still had an amazing
figure. My ass was still very round
and my curvy hips made it even
more obvious! I was going to use
this body to get the handsome
man! I felt bad for Chike but I just
couldn’t help it. Even if Chike were
around, it wouldn’t have changed
a thing. So one can imagine the
feeling now he isn’t. I was going to
f–k Mr. Johnson and that was just
My plan? Simple. My plan was to
seduce him into accepting me.
While I know it may sound wicked,
I just needed to take advantage of
his softness. He has always
appeared calm and soft-spoken to
me and shouldn’t easily cry
danger if I began to eat into his
manly-urges. I never cared if his
wife always satisfied him or not. I
never did. I was more concerned
about how my body would
definitely appeal to him more. My
large boobs with puffy areolas. My
wide hips and my always
deafening ass! They were the
weapons and I was going to strike
with them. So without wasting any
further time, I set out a period to
pick up new but old cloths I will
begin wearing around the main
house in those odd hours when he
was usually left at home alone. I
amended some while reducing
some to show more body parts. In
less than two days I was set to
give my body to Mr. Johnson and if
not for Chike’s return the following
day which was a Friday, I had
already wanted to get going that
very day. Chike was still my
sweetheart and the air that I was
breathing but even as we f—-d
that night, all I imagined was Mr.
Johnson’s fat big d–k buried
inside of me. I wish you had seen
the magnitude of o—-m that
rocked me that night. Chike
himself was completely stunned!
Daniela the snobbish arrogant lady was now
next to being on her knees, just to be f—-d!
It is still something I never thought was
possible some years ago. Back then, despite
my obvious extreme libido, I was always very
happy to see guys beg to even have a chat
with me. I would ‘post and post’ them
endlessly but yet refuse to grant them an ear!
The ones who ever did f–k me, were the ones
I chose to give my body to – maybe because
of their size or how good they were with their
tool. While they were really many, they didn’t
even make up a one-third of the number that
couldn’t get a chance with me! I was that hot
and I am still hot!
If you are just getting to read my story then,
you should start from part 1. I am Daniela
Chucks and I’ve been telling a tale on my
mingling with the Johnsons. They offered me
a job of a Housekeeper in their residence and
even provided my family an apartment within
the same compound. While you might be
disappointed at the role, just try
understanding that it was only back then.
Some 5 years ago. I am no more a
housekeeper and I cannot be one anymore. On
the general, Mr. Johnson who was a very
handsome but devout Christian and a deacon
was nice to us and soon we forgot we were
once strangers to each other. However, an
(un)fortunate incident happened, and I got to
see his d–k. A probable 9inch mallet which I
never stopped pouring c–t juice for! I still
went ahead to voyeur on him a lot more
times after that, but soon decided that it
wasn’t enough and that the solution was
simply to get to f–k him, come what may! It
was just too bad he had a wife who also
stayed in the same house with him, but that
wasn’t going to stop me! I had already
concluded my plans, and was now set to
On the morning of Chike’s return to Lagos, we
both walked the kids to school before
returning back to pack up his bags. A part of
me felt sad that he was leaving but I still felt
what seemed a greater part, jumping in
gleeful happiness! Chike was still my
heartthrob but it was just unfortunate that he
couldn’t offer me anything close to what Mr.
Johnson could potentially do! Mr. Johnson’s
d–k was just putting my world on a halt! I
needed to have a taste of him, 50 year old or
not! I was desperate for sure! So when we
were done packing and set, I put on one of
my casual tops and a denim pant and walked
him to the garage which wasn’t very far from
our place. All the time we walked, I did the
usual things. I held his hands, hugged him
countless times and gave him a peck here
and there. I was going to miss Chika after all.

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Episode 7

However, once the bus he boarded drove
away, I found myself rushing back home.
From a quiet casual stroll to a sudden
hastened waddle. In fact, I even started
running at some point, smiling in my head as
I did! I was going to have a chance with Mr.
Johnson and how that elated me! He was at
the main house alone as always and I was
going to be reporting for morning duties once
I got home. So when I crashed into my house
like some flaming rocket, I quickly made for
my wardrobe where I had hung the skimpy
cloth I intended to wear that morning. It was
an old frail white sleeveless gown which I had
never worn without any cloths underneath
given it was rather very see-through.
However, on this occasion, I slipped myself
into it without hesitation and with no other
thing underneath except for my red g-string
panties! I was initially interested in dumping
the panties all the same but I wasn’t certain
he wouldn’t feel insecure so soon, if I did. So
I pulled one on. A red one which was so
conspicuously elaborate through the sheer
transparency of the gown. My aim was to
gradually lure him into me sensually. And
anything contrary to that was going to be
undermining! I was to erotically trap him into
having the heavy urge to touch me. If he
could be so aroused by me to come on to me,
then I was through with my plan. This kept
ringing inside my head as I found a red
matching slip-on to wear heading to the
main house in the course.
After a second thought, I decided to change
my manner of encounter. I had initially felt I
could just walk into his bedroom and find a
reason to remain there with him longer than
normal, but quickly thought otherwise. Doing
that will only make him easily suspect I had
come in to seduce him. If I would succeed in
luring him to me, then I needed to approach it
as though that wasn’t my aim. I was barely
into the thought when a fresh one struck me,
and that was exactly what I chose to do. So I
hastened up my steps. I could feel the cold
morning breeze sweep through my nakedness
underneath. My heaving boobs were
obviously aroused already causing my nipples
to stand out through the sheer material of the
gown. I could feel the weight of my wide ass
as it flapped from side to side as I took my
quicker steps! I could feel the moment. My
body was yearning for this!
When I eventually got in, I went straight for
his door. Going by my plan, I needed to ask
him if I should get his bathwater ready given
what time it was. I found his door shut which
meant he was having his routine ‘Quiet-time’
but given that the plan had to be executed
precisely, I screamed the question to him from
outside, ignoring the obvious ill-timing. And
quite surprisingly, he replied and asked me to
go ahead. So I went into the bathroom to mix
his water. I was fortunate it was the old
system where bathrooms were not attached to
the bedrooms. If it were now, I still wonder
how I would have pulled this off. However,
after working on his heater and getting his
water set for use, I didn’t come out of the
bathroom. I remained there. There was a
‘dresser’ corner of the bathroom which
contained a credenza and some sanitary
objects and were generally curtained away
from the rest of the bathing area. That was
where I remained. The little AC hanging on
the wall, just above the window I usually
peeped from, kept me cold. My large boobs
were now pushing out into my gown.
Everything that made me a woman were now
so elaborately visible through the transparent
material! You could even tell the number of
dots I had on each of my areolas – that was
how bad it was!
“Madam Daniela, you don finish?”, he called
out after several minutes of wait. “Abeg, do
dish my breakfast for me. Mommy prepared
fried eggs and yam.”
I remained silent. I could feel he was very
close to the bathroom door so I needed not to
let him know I was in there.
He started whistling a song as he walked into
the bathroom. I could tell out his dark
silhouette through the curtain but was sure
he couldn’t see me, given where I was
standing. His shirt was first to go and then
his shorts as his fat tool quickly sprang into
full silhouetted-view from his shorts! I felt my
knees begin to go weak as my p—y began to
let out the juice. After what seemed like a
year, I decided to come out from my hiding.
So I picked up some of the used towels
dumped in a bowl by my side and with my
bum, slid my way through the curtain out into
the open, delivering a very tempting view of
my ass.

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Episode 8

“MY LORD!!!”, screamed a very baffled Mr.
Johnson!! His hands found his heavy d–k but
did little to cover it as it still poked out from
several openings. That thing was huge!
In response I reacted by quickly dropping the
towels to the floor and screaming at the top
of my voice! Doing my best to feign that I was
equally shocked by the seeming disaster! But
then, unlike what most people in such
dilemma would do, I wasn’t in a haste to find
a way out of the bathroom immediately!
“I am very sorry sir!!”, I began instead,
panting in the process but still casting many
glances at his enormous d–k which was
almost out in the open again! “I will leave
now sir! I am sorry! I didn’t know you were
already in here!”
“But I called you just as I got to the
bathroom door”, he was really finding it
difficult to get hold of the situation
“I didn’t hear it sir! I am sorry sir! I will be
leaving right away”, I still wasn’t even moving
an inch. I was wishing so much that he would
just climb out of the bathtub and grab me! I
was longing so much for his d–k again!
However he didn’t! And once I began seeing
that my plan was failing, I bent down and
began packing the towels. I was still hoping
“Maybe I should begin asking if anyone is in
here anytime I wish to bath”, he started
again. He was really a good man. He was
already thinking he was at fault.
I didn’t reply him, I only remained bent over,
with my fat ass stuck in the air!! I swayed it
from side to side as I purposely spent a lot
more time picking the towels. I could imagine
what view he was getting! Since the gown hug
my ass so tightly and my panties weren’t
visible- being a g-string, I could imagine he
was seeing my ass as naked as it could be!
But despite that, he didn’t move, he remained
patient and waited for me to pick them all up.
And even when I delayed the more while
trying to unlock the bathroom door, he didn’t
say a thing or make a move. I stole glances
at his d–k but couldn’t really say he was
aroused any bit! If not for the fact that while I
was just walking out of the door, I caught his
eyes staring at my bum, I would have said
that I was of no interest to him. A big shame!
When I got back to my house, I felt like
crying. I felt so so worthless! Wasn’t I
beautiful anymore? Isn’t my body what it
used to be anymore? Wasn’t I as elegant as
his wife? I heard myself asking a lot of
questions without an answer. I was
disappointed and deeply discouraged! It
suddenly looked like it was never going to
happen. Mr. Johnson was never going to f–k
me! He was a devoted church person and
that was going to hurt my plans. But then,
how would I just for-go this?! I still wouldn’t
see the possibility of not touching Mr.
Johnson’s d–k! Oh my! That d–k meant a lot
to me! Even the little of it I saw that very
morning, spelt a new chapter for me! I started
telling myself that since I had gotten that
close to the d–k for the first time, I was
certainly bound to get even closer! So I was
suddenly in again! I was going to tempt Mr.
Johnson a second time! I was bound to make
it work this time, no matter what! Given that
he would be leaving for wherever soon, it was
certain it had to be the next day. I was only
expected to work in the morning hours so the
following day was just the next ideal time!
However, Mr. Johnson’s next action was what
really got me thinking. Later that night, he
walked into my bedroom. The nature of my
own apartment meant that we had three
rooms and external kitchen and bathrooms.
We used one of the room as a living room
while the other two were bedrooms – a master
and that for the kids. So I was in the masters
bedroom that night seeing a soapie on TV
when he walked through my open door. I was
barely decent given that the kids had gone to
bed, so my boobs were all exposed while the
little sheet of cloth I had across me, just did
enough to cover just my crotch. My left thigh
and the side of my left buttocks were all open
to the eye. I had turned off the light though
so was just using the dim TV glow to lit up
the room.

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“Madam Daniela, you still dey awake”, he
suddenly burst in saying.
I was quickly taken a back and had to lean a
bit to know who it was only to see his face.
He had just seen my nakedness too but was
too embarrassed to react. Eventually, we both
pretended we didn’t know I was half-nude as
we tried continuing with the conversation.
“Sorry o! I didn’t know you were set for bed
“No problem Oga”, I said, raising myself to sit
on my mattress, doing little to cover my
exposed fat boobs though. “You want me to
do something for house?”
He chuckled a little and said no. “I just wan
apologize for this morning. It was a mistake
and I will be more careful next time”
I was confounded! I didn’t know what to say
at first given that I was the one who should
be apologizing. I managed to speak
eventually though. “Haba oga! It is not a
problem o! I should be saying sorry sef! I
should have known you had entered and
informed you I was in there”
He hissed. But unlike what you would expect
from him at that point, I found his eyes
looking directly at my exposed boobs! How I
had wished for this all along!!
“It is not a problem sir”, I tried continuing,
with an aim to keep his eyes there
“Ok oo. I will be going back up”, he was
already leaving. How I died just then! I wished
I could just hold unto his hand and ask him
to stay over the night! How I wished I could
just tell him that I wanted him to f–k me
right then! That my boobs which he had been
looking at, longed for him too! How I wished!
But I couldn’t.
“Oya goodnight na. I will see you tomorrow”.
He was gone but left me thinking. If he
wasn’t really interested in me, he wouldn’t
have ogled my boobs the much he did. All he
needed was another chance. All I needed was
to give it to him again! I was full of hope.
My boobs heaved and danced as I dished out
breakfast for Mr. Johnson, the next morning. I
waited until everyone had left before I went in
to do so. I was dressed to kill as expected! I
had a very short black combat skirt and a red
camisole top with very tiny hands. The neck
line was so deep that I always had to return
my nipples back into the dress each time I
bent over for anything! I was seduction in
motion! When he first met me, he tried acting
like nothing happened yesterday but yet, I
could tell how uncomfortable he felt,
stemming from what I was wearing. He kept
stealing glances at my spilling boobs and
generally stuttered with his words. I was
winning this battle suddenly and how
reassuring it felt.
I was meant to serve him breakfast at the
dining table, but I didn’t do that. Rather, I
carried his dish of custard and fried plantain
in a tray into his bedroom. He was reading
one of his Christian books when I walked in.
He was actually still in bed but was seating
and leaning onto his bed-headboard.
“Oga, here’s your food”, I was hurriedly
bringing the food to him to reduce the time
he might have to want to ask me to take it to
the dining room. In fact, before he could pull
away his spectacles from his eyes, I had
already dropped the food on his night-stand
and pulled it closer to him. However, I didn’t
exactly hurry over this part, as it was a major
point in my plan. Leaning over to pull the
stool got my boobs into attempting to spill
as expected. And before I could entirely, get
the stool to his end, my entire breasts as well
as my two nipples were out in the open –
hanging and swaying from end to end!! Mr.
Johnson had earlier attempted saying
something but was abruptly stopped in his
track by the lewd sinful view before him!

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Episode 10

“Ehhh…you could hav….” he still tried saying
but in a stutter!
From the reflections from the ceramic plates I
was serving him food with, I could see his
completely lost-self attentively staring and
following the many sways of my sprawling
melons! His head and eyes moved from side
to side as my boobs did. I still remained
silent and perfectly pretended as though I
hadn’t noticed that my breasts were out on
my chest and unconcealed!
After what seemed like several hours, I finally
stood back up and that was when I acted like
I was only realizing that my boobs were out
and everywhere. With a brief utter of the word
‘oops!’ I grabbed the shooters and shoved
them back into my camisole top. Mr.
Johnson only got to realize himself at that
very point too and in apparent
embarrassment, tried returning to his books
again, without saying a word. I waited for a
while for the word or any move that could be
interpreted as a sign to pull off my cloths.
But both never came and instead we were
quickly enveloped by a very loud but awful
silence! He wasn’t going to make a move,
“Oga, you no go chop now?”, I began
erratically, determined to push further.
He didn’t speak but only nodded his head.
Eyes still fixed to the book.
I was of course expected to leave now, but
yet, I couldn’t just come to accept that so I
remained where I was. I didn’t add another
word to my last. I just remained rooted to
where I was while he continued starring into
his book even though I did doubt seriously,
he was actually still reading anything from it.
After about 15 mins, he dropped his book and
closed his eyes. I still didn’t talk. Instead I
sat on his reading chair, just across where
his food was sitting. He suddenly opened his
eyes again, put aside his book and the
blanket he had over himself and began
climbing down from his bed. Still without a
word. I then got to see that he was wearing a
pajama-trouser. When he got to the edge,
just exactly behind the stool that had his
food, he stopped and began getting set to
eat. For me, I needed to justify my reason for
remaining in his bedroom with him. Even
though his refusal to enquire a reason from
me was a clear sign that he wanted me there,
I needed to play better into the game by
putting up any reason I wished. But before I
could say a word, he started to talk.
“Hope you didn’t face any challenges cleaning
the house this morning madam Daniela?”, he
had never asked me such a question before,
and he was looking at his food while doing
so. I could still feel the ice!
“Yes sir”, I replied. Glad he was being a bit
timid. A result of the edge I was driving him
He continued with his questions which did
appear very irrelevant and pointless. But I
tried answering them all. I did later add a
twist to my seduction when I dropped my legs
which I had kept crossed all this while, and
then slowly spread them apart! He stopped
right in his track when he saw it!
“You had…a…you had a need…so..in..of….”,
he was lost as his eyes couldn’t leave my
exposed crotch.
I had white dotted panty on so I was sure he
must have seen it because he became very
slow in eating his food. But unfortunately,
this was all he did all the while we stayed. I
moved my legs and hip into various angles to
aid his view, hoping to get a reaction from
him, but nothing happened. And after several
minutes that seemed like an hour, he dropped
the shell! He needed to get set for a meeting!
That meant I was being asked to leave!

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Episode 11&12

At first I felt like saying no and resisting, but I
remembered all I could stand to lose. I was
almost going to conclude that the middle-
aged man was never going to succumb until I
saw him stand up from his bed. I was packing
up his plates when he did, and in the closest
it has ever come, I saw his d–k dangerously
poking through the light fabric of his pajama
trousers! It was just a few inches away from
my face and despite being in his trousers, it
still looked very huge and defined! I felt like
stretching a hand and grabbing it or at least
picking it up with my mouth, but I couldn’t! I
was suddenly too scared to but even at that, I
was very pleased to see his d–k erect! He
was really being pleased by the show I was
putting up! As I walked out of his room with
the dirty plates, I amply swirled and tweaked
my ass, obviously certain he was watching.
And I was very happy to give him a third
Mr. Johnson was soon going to be mine!
That hard-on! That monstrous-looking stick
of an erection, was an obvious statement! He
may be hiding his feeling, emotions and
desires. And you wouldn’t expect any less
given that he was a deacon in his church. It
was always going to be difficult to get into
his mind, but my determination was
eventually paying off! And in a very pleasing
way. His recent erection, which he did little to
conceal, was a very encouraging sight and it
explained how much he enjoyed my last
showing. I was to give him another chance. In
fact, I was set to given him chances after
chances until he finally accepts the
inevitable! I was desperate, yes I knew that,
but no woman wouldn’t be, after seeing Mr.
Johnson’s terrific d–k! It was a d–k too
enormous to imagine!
My next encounter with Mr. Johnson came as
soon as the following day. However, it wasn’t
exactly pre-planned like the previous ones.
This was so because his wife told me a day
before that her husband would be leaving very
early for an appointment on that very day, so
wouldn’t be around. Therefore, I didn’t exactly
prepare to do anything with him. But as it
has become usual with me at those times, I
was still dressed to kill! I wasn’t doing it to
impress him at that moment since he was not
at home, but I had decided to be on
something very skimpy each time I was in the
main house. Exactly for him, anyway. So just
as expected, I was in a rather seductive outfit.
A white sleeveless polo of very sheer material
but with no bra underneath and then a dark
cannery swed skirt that barely got to my
thighs but managed to conceal my blue lacey
panties! As expected, he wasn’t home when I
reported for work that very morning, as he
had already left for the appointment in
question. Nonetheless, I began my house-
cleaning duties as required. I tidied up the
living room, kitchen and bedrooms but felt a
peculiar urge to scrub the bathroom and
toilet floors. So I got my mob ready and
began scrubbing and soon, got out of both
and then into the lobby. Discouraging
enough, there seemed to be some stubborn
stains on the lobby floor which I found
difficult dealing with by just the mob stick I
had. So I decided to handle them with a
brush which should be more effective when
used with even more detergent. I got on all
fours and began scrubbing. As I did, my shirt
picked up dampness here and there. My
heavy boobs stretched it further down
causing it to dip into water occasionally. My
very short tight skirt, pulled further down too,
exposing my blue panties and the start of the
crack of my plum buttocks! I couldn’t really
help this as trying to adjust it up would
always result to wetting the skirt too. So I left
it that way.

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Episode 12

Funny enough, it wasn’t long before I heard
footsteps in the hallway. At first I ignored it
since it was quite feint and unconvincing but
soon I confirmed that someone had entered
the house when I noticed the reflections of the
person on the marble floor I was scrubbing as
the person got close to the lobby. It was at
this time that I realized the person was
actually Mr. Johnson! He instantly halted
once he got into the lobby. I remember
wanting to sit up at first, to welcome him but
for some reasons, I did not do that at all.
Instead, I pretended I never knew he was
there. Of course, I was seeing him clearly
from his many reflections on the marble tiles
and could candidly observe that he was
starring at my ass! Oh! That same ass of
mine! The reflections I was getting from the
ceramic tiled walls, showed that my skirt was
almost half-way down my buttocks! Leaving
just the panties which was also a great deal
down, leaving the man with a sinful view of
my naked ass cheeks and the start of the
crack of my butt! How I enjoyed what I was
doing! I had him transfixed and he was yet to
make a sound! My p—y responded by
sipping thin strands of c–t juice at once. I
was already roused! So I began to play into
the experience. As I kept scrubbing, I bent my
back in, creating a curve in the course but it
devilishly caused my already wide hips and
buttocks to stick out even more into the air!
This exerted more pressure on the panty and
skirt and in gradual movements, they began
sliding down the more! Each quick glance at
the walls, explained to me how far they had
rode down and by how much I should attempt
going further! This continued until I began
fearing that the two pieces of cloth would end
up collapsing into a heap on my calf. While
that might seem to be a good thing to my
greater aim, I was quick to remember that I
never intended to make him feel insecure. So
once I realized how risky it was going to be
going any further down, I stopped exerting
pressure! But when I looked at the mirror
again, I realized that my p—y was just a
whisker away from coming into view!
Goodness gracious!!
Mr. Johnson hadn’t said a word yet but his
d–k had. Before my panties could get half-
way down my ass cheeks, his d–k
conspicuously rose across the length of his
trouser!! It cut a profound bulge across his
right leg and it kept pulsating in an attempt
to break free!! He didn’t make a move but his
d–k kept doing so! As I caught glimpses of
this through the reflections on the wall, my
burning p—y poured more juice into my
panties. But I wasn’t satisfied. If he wasn’t
going to grab me and f–k the living daylight
out of me, I wasn’t set to stop! I was going to
keep doing this until he reacted!! So without
any warning, I began to take gradual turning
circles on the floor as I scrubbed on. In no
time, I had turned to where he was standing.
He remained there nonetheless and I felt his
peering eyes were now greeted with another
erotic view. He was now seeing my plump fat
ass cheeks straight from the curve of my
back! I could imagine how tempting it
appeared. But that wasn’t my major concern.
I was more interested in the next thing I was
set to do! So without getting to delay him
much longer, I spontaneously rose from my
crawl and subsequently knelt. Sitting into my
calves in the course. As I did, I could feel my
bare ass cheeks on my legs. This then
brought my extremely damp shirt to full view.
And given how sheer and thin the shirt
material was as well as my aroused engorged
boobs with their poking nipples, he met a wet
shirt clung onto a heavy set of swollen heavy
melons! My nipples were piercing through as
though they would poke out of the fabric!
When he saw this, he hissed! He was certainly
enchanted by what he had seen, but I now
needed him to do something! So I remained
the way I knelt, only pretending I was
wriggling away water from the sheet of cloth I
had been drying up the floor with.

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But it suddenly seemed like, the more I
waited, the more he would only stand and
stare, so I chose to give him the eye. I hoped
it would make him see the desire in my eyes
and then want to respond. However, the
opposite became the case! And instead of
doing that, immediately I lifted up my eyes,
his met mine and in a convulsive jolt, he
shuddered and in quick pacey steps, briskly
walked away from the lobby, down the
corridor and into his bedroom. I had lost
One thing was certain, a strategy that
involved having a chance with Mr. Johnson
just once a day was not working and
probably would never work. I was quick to
suspect that for the rest of each day, getting
to see his wife was enough to discourage him
from wanting to act on his desires. Our last
two encounters were enough to explain to me
that he was already trapped. He wouldn’t
have an erection if he was not aroused by
what he saw, talk more of his choice to stand
and stare for several minutes! My real enemy
wasn’t Mr. Johnson’s resistance, rather, his
wife and I needed to place myself in a
position where I could challenge the woman
for the man’s attention. This gave me an
entirely new idea. I was going to find a way of
moving into the main house. And it didn’t
take long, before I achieved that.
I first told them that I wished to be given little
space in the house where I could be sleeping
over at night. And on the day I did, the
answer I got from Mrs. Johnson, was why?
Mr. Johnson was there with us, but didn’t say
a word at that point. But I told the wife that
the area of the roof above our master
bedroom was leaking and that the other room
for the kids was seriously overcrowded and
that it was going to be difficult sharing that
very room with them. Of course I was telling a
big lie! After all the roof of my apartment was
only installed 7months before we packed in.
But what wouldn’t I do at that point to f–k
Mr. Johnson?!! Unfortunately though, Mrs.
Johnson did not seem to buy that so cheaply!
“Madam D, you can manage the living room
for now”, she insisted. “We will see that the
roof is fixed in just 2 days so that you
wouldn’t feel the stress.”
“Mosquitoes bite a lot at the living room,
mother” I was quick to say, Not giving up
easily. Pleasing enough for me, Mr. Johnson
intervened at this point unexpectedly,
although rather suspiciously.
“Don’t worry honey, let’s just give her the
guest room for some nights. Once we’ve fixed
the roof, she can move back into her
apartment. After all, she is just the one
affected. The kids aren’t coming with her”
I was all smiles so I thanked them both and
was about leaving when Mrs. Johnson
suddenly began talking about the matter
“I will get a carpenter tomorrow while
returning from the office” she said. “If he fixes
it tomorrow, then you are lucky. you wouldn’t
have the need to spend your night out of
But Mr. Johnson interrupted again. And just
like last time, in a manner that looked very
ulterior. “Don’t worry about that honey. I will
get a carpenter myself. You shouldn’t bother”
I didn’t say a word, rather thanked them
again and left. My wish was obviously
granted but the contact told me more than
just that. It seemed Mr. Johnson had been
longing to have me in the main house and
wasn’t going to undermine this latest
opportunity I had just brought to him. And to
confirm that, he never contacted a carpenter,
neither did he even come over to check for a
leaking roof which was of course, nonexistent.
I was very pleased at how my plan was being
executed and I was set to cross to the next
stage. With little effort…

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Episode 14

The guest house was where they asked me to
stay, but that was never going to be if, I was
to f–k Mr. Johnson on one of those agreed
nights. Knowing his kind of person, it was
always going to be impossible for him to
approach the guestroom on any of those
nights I would be sleeping there. Never!
Rather, I would still have to hunt for him
myself but I wasn’t going to consider going
into their own bedroom while the wife was
there, though. No I wouldn’t. I had an entirely
different plan.
On that same night I was to sleep at the main
house for the first time, I made sure I
attended to my kids before leaving my
apartment. I gave out some instructions to
my daughter who was of course now very
much of age. I asked her to keep an eye on
her siblings while I was away and that I was
still within the compound after all. After
seeing them, I went into my bedroom to dress
up for the night. I picked up a pink night robe
I had prepared for that moment. It was
alarmingly short as expected and if not for a
pink cotton panty I had underneath, my
nakedness would have been bare for all to
see. I tied the belt of the robe around my
upper-riff and left for the main house. It was
already 10pm so I quite suspected that they
had gone to bed. So when I got in, I didn’t
bother to inform them that I was about using
the guest room, rather I went straight to the
room in question. However, unlike agreed,
instead of getting myself into bed, I just
picked up the pillows and the duvet on the
bed and began heading to the living room. On
getting there, I made myself a very cozy
sleeping place on the rug at the center of the
room. I undid my robe but didn’t let it drop
completely. It remained on my body but my
boobs were exposed as well as my pink
panties. I also made sure my legs pointed
towards the hallway, meaning no one would
actually walk through without noticing that
someone was at the living room. I was a
living desperate trap for Mr. Johnson. And if
Mrs. Johnson happened to be the game
instead, then the answer would always be
that I was asleep and never knew my clothes
were undone!
However, just like every effective trap, the
right game soon began being lured. Barely
few minutes after I seemed to have fallen
asleep, I was woken by movements in the
hallway. I heard a seat slightly screech on the
floor, causing me to open my eyes, although I
didn’t exactly begin looking to see who it
was. I remained calm and in a question of
minutes, Mr. Johnson came into view. He had
a glass of water in his hand and appeared to
be heading back to his bedroom. However, he
abruptly stopped on sighting my stretched
legs. My eyes were shut but I made sure they
were not shut in a manner that stopped me
from seeing. As Mr. Johnson began climbing
down the few stairs into the living room,
definitely in a bid to know who was lying
there, I observed him descend but of course, I
wasn’t just going to remain inactive, so I
gradually began spreading my lying legs
apart, such that I had my entire panties and
boobs come into full view as soon as he got
into the living room. Once again, he suddenly
halted. He was initially bringing the glass of
water he had in his hand to his mouth but
stopped doing so. I watched his face to see if
I could tell any emotions and yes, it was
there again that night. Just like the previous
day. I saw that unmistaken desire and also a
slight sign of panic. I was to feel that he was
scared at what could happen next. He
probably wished he could do more, but he
remained standing and had his entire gaze
placed on my panty-covered crotch.

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When I noticed that he probably wouldn’t do
more, I made the first move by lifting my
knees so that he could have a better view. I
silently cursed my decision to wear panties! I
just could only imagine what I would have
presented him at that moment if I had no
panties. When I raised my knee, he jolted and
began attempting to walk away, probably
because he felt I was going to wake up. But
he relaxed once he realized that I was still
calm with eyes still closed. He walked back
and even knelt on the floor, obviously in an
attempt to get a closer view. He leaned into
me until his face was just a few inches from
p—y. He came so close to my crotch that I
soon began to feel his breathing on my
p—y, even though I had panties on. My
p—y then began seeping p—y juice and
that looked set to wet my panties in few
After several moments of kneeling and
staring, Mr. Johnson picked the sofa directly
opposite me and sat down. He was still very
close to me and that equally offered me an
opportunity to see his own crotch. And of
course, his d–k was already on alert! You
could see it poking right through the pajamas
he was wearing, forming a terrible bulge in
the course. It was driving me really crazy!
And I begged he could for once act on his
desires. My slightly opened eyes kept tracking
the rod as it kept stretching its way into his
left thigh. It kept doing so until its head
almost touched his left knee! Even though I
could only see the bulge it formed, I simply
couldn’t hold the building c—-x anymore so
in a quick sharp mini-o—-m, my juices
broke free and quietly sprayed my panties.
Mr. Johnson who was still savoring the view
must have seen the way my panties
spontaneously began growing wet because he
grimaced and in what looked like a probable
reaction to the tempting way my panties now
clung unto the folds of my v—a, he plunged
his hand into his pajamas, pulled out his
giant d–k and began wanking it!!! I
spontaneously yanked my eyes wide open,
startled by what I had seen!! Our eyes met
but he didn’t say a word, rather continued
wanking his d–k which was so turgid that I
could literally count the numerous veins that
were formed on it!! I licked my upper lip. We
were apparently going mad and I was more
than willing to take even more risks! So I
quickly found the waist band of my panties in
a bid to pull the moist thing off!! But just as I
began pulling my panties down, the most
dreaded of all happened. We heard Mrs.
Johnson’s voice. She was calling after her
husband from right inside the lobby! I felt like
grabbing Mr. Johnson’s hand and begging
him to at least insert a finger into me, but
before I could sit up on the rug, he had stood
and began walking right back to his bedroom
without saying a word to me. His d–k,
perfectly returned into his pajamas. The world
had just collapsed on me, for the 100th time!!
I woke up by exactly 4:15am. And like you
would expect, getting back to sleep was
almost impossible. After rolling around on my
make-shift bed, I decided it was better to
return to my apartment. I had a heavy heart
and I remember contemplating resigning and
packing out from my apartment that same
day. My entire plans had come crashing down
and the ugly part of the entire thing was the
fact that Mr. Johnson had gone as far as
revealing his d–k to me by himself! Anybody
who had been following the story must
understand quite easily, what that means for
a man of Mr. Johnson’s mild-manner.
Coming face to face with me anytime from
that point should be the most difficult thing
on earth for him! As well as myself, the
fortitude to bear the embarrassment of what
may eventually unfold from any such contacts
was definitely not there. I was already making
some calculations in my head and since Chike
would be returning a day or two from then, it
was the only reason I felt I could stay in the
compound any much longer. Morning duties
were definitely going to wait until the boss
had left the main house. It was a
circumstance I was very worried about.

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Episode 16

It was a little past 11am when I finally heard
Mr. Johnson’s car drive out of the compound.
Some hours after I had left the main house,
one of their sons visited home. I had heard
before that he stayed in Abuja and was an
officer in the Navy. Since I had decided that I
wouldn’t be going into the main house until
much later, I couldn’t get to meet him in
person but I managed to catch a glimpse of
him when I saw him washing his car with the
gateman few hours after he had arrived. He
looked more like his mom than Mr. Johnson.
Anyways, when I heard Mr. Johnson’s car
drive out, I was of the conclusion that I was
only going to find his son at home and how
much of a relief that felt like. So, I changed
my cloths and got into a checkered red gown.
It was sleeveless and stopped just an inch or
two below my knees. The design was rather
strange though as it had its button-down
flight, right behind. In other words, you would
need someone to button you up since you
cannot get your hands behind your back
unless, you had any unusual way of doing so.
I somehow left without panties too. It wasn’t
intentional though. The one I wore the
previous night was already drenched in p—y
juice and needed a wash. So my thought was
that once I was done with chores, I would
return, have a shower and then change into
proper cloths for the day. When I got
everything fixed, I picked up my cleaning
equipment and left for the main house.
When I got in there, it didn’t feel like anybody
was home at all. In fact, by the time I had
done two bedrooms and the living room and
yet heard or saw nobody, I began suspecting
the son drove out with his dad in his car. So I
was rightly shocked when I found Mr.
Johnson on his bed reading a book as soon
as I walked into his bedroom to clean it up!!
His son was actually the person who left with
his dad’s car, after all! I nearly jumped out of
my skin on seeing him! And the initial feeling
was to stop right there and turn back!
Stopping, I did but I could only shut my eyes
for a while and then open them again. When I
looked up, he was looking at me too but he
quickly looked away when our eyes met!
“Good….morning sir”, I forcefully stuttered!
“Good morning Daniel”, was his reply. He
spoke quite in a whisper with his eyes still
fixed on his book. The book’s title said
‘Fighting Temptations’ by Nicholas
I quietly strolled across his bed and found a
comer just by his wardrobe to drop my mob
stick, broom stick and bucket. Unexpectedly,
my eyes were caught by the mirror hanging
from one of the doors of the wardrobe and
was able to see that he had no plans of going
out, given that no tuxedos were hanging at
the usual place he normally kept them which
was right behind me at that point. I made a
frown and set down to work.
My first intention was to sweep the room
clean first before doing a little scrubbing. I
was going to be very fast about it as I was so
so nervy in there. Mr. Johnson who I had
longed so much for, had suddenly become
some form of plague to my eyes! He still had
his eyes on the book even as I began
sweeping – still backing him though. I was so
concentrated in what I was doing that my
eyes finding the mirror suddenly, for the
second time, was a first distraction in several
minutes. However, when i looked at the mirror
this time, it wasn’t the non-existent tuxedo of
Mr. Johnson that caught my attention, but
rather Mr. Johnson himself. He was explicitly
staring at my ass with reckless abandon! He
was so focused on it that each time I moved
from one spot to another as a result of my
chore, his eyes would follow me all the way!
At first, I chose to totally ignore him despite
the prominent tingle in my p—y, but as it
continued for far much longer than I thought
it would, I saw myself, unconsciously putting
in effort to present him with more enticing
unobstructed views of my wide shapely ass! I
would make it stick out, sway, tweak and
even bounce, as I outrageously circled several
areas of the room in the course of my chores.
I kept tracking our performance and
responses using the mirror over the wardrobe
and my heart felt so delighted when I saw him
drop his book on ‘fighting temptations’, just
to have an even increased attention on my
seductive ass! Too bad the heralded book
couldn’t deliver the man from the grips of
Daniela’s adulterous body!
A button popped! And another followed! My
ass was exerting so much pressure on the
fabric, causing the buttons behind to go off at
speed! But I didn’t seem to mind and Mr.
Johnson didn’t exactly show any notice
either. In fact, more buttons kept popping off
until the entire buttons from below my bum
were completely blown off! My entire thighs
were now in the open and any further bend
forward was going to reveal the start of my
bare ass, if not my p—y. Mr. Johnson
suddenly sat up on his bed, and to my
greatest surprise, still kept his eyes on my
ass and even had this expectation,
bewildering interest and lust written all over
his face!! This encouraged me so much that I
found myself doing more filthy things to
please him. I kept watching him from the
same mirror, monitoring his response and
knew what next to do at each reaction. As
our corporeal game continued, he began
adjusting to the edge of his bed. It kept
looking like he wanted to walk up to me, but
didn’t know how to do so. He got so close to
the edge that his hard d–k easily came into

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It was stretching his pajamas so much and
formed this massive tent there. My seeing
this, got my p—y dripping at once! Desire
and lust found their place again in me and I
began toddling my way towards him. Bent
and sweeping, and still backing him. He was
having an unrestricted view of my luscious
ass as well as my thick naked thighs.
However, as though that wasn’t enough, I felt
my left hand go round to my back and in one
single snap, undid the only button which has
hindered my p—y from being seen all this
while and just like a new movie, my glistening
moist juicy p—y came into full inspection!
“Oh….”, he sighed, in response. Quite
inaudibly, though.
I pretended as though I never heard it and
continued to totter my way in backward
movements towards him. He began stretching
his neck even further, adjusting his hands as
though in preparation to grab my hip! I could
feel several drops of p—y juice dribbling
their way down my legs as the smell of p—y
filled the air.
As soon as I was just an inch or so away
from his face, he grabbed my hip and in one
quick dash, buried his entire face into my ass
and p—y!! My broom stick fell off my hand.
“My gwaad!!”, I moaned!! Grabbing his heavy
d–k in the course, through the fabric of his
pajamas. It felt so full and thick!
“Sluch!! Sluch!! Sluch!!…” went his lips and
wandering tongue as they licked, s—-d and
stabbed their way through my p—y and ass
My crotch instantly became a flood of saliva
and p—y juice! I for my part remained busy
pulling and tugging unto his d–k! Doing my
best to rub its swollen head as much as I
could. I was yet to uncover it, since I wasn’t
reaching behind as well as I would have liked!
However, just when the passion seemed to
have built up so high, I was baffled to see Mr.
Johnson lift me up and in a single swing,
perfectly place my juicy round ass on his
face! Giving me access to unlock his hidden
d–k! A thrilling 69 was around the corner!
And I didn’t waste any further time either,
because as soon as he got me positioned, I
undid the knot of his trouser, dipped my hand
in and pulled out the monstrous 9inch rod!
Its bubbly head was glistening with pre-c-m
and in a single swipe, I wiped it off his hole
with my tongue! His pre-c-m tasted so good!
And was a quick invite to get down to work! I
therefore buried the turgid thing inside my
mouth and despite the challenging size,
managed to s–k the rod with my stretched
lips! Since I could only get about one-third of
the entire length into my longing mouth, I
tried concentrating on the head precisely! I
swirled my tongue around it and tried
penetrating the pee-hole with the tip a couple
of times! He responded to this by pushing his
d–k more into my mouth, causing me to gag
on the large meat!
He was equally doing a great job with my
p—y! He had spread the outer lips with his
fingers, giving him better room to bury his
entire tongue into my c–t hole! He was
driving me crazy! I was left wondering how a
devout church-person like him could be this
good with p—y-munching! Maybe he eats
his wife’s too, was the only reasonable
explanation I could give. He was so good that
I began riding his mouth like some d–k,
pouring loads and loads of juice into his face
as a result! He was simply an expert! And
when we both felt we had had enough of the
69, we easily changed position with little
explanations. I went on all fours, right on the
bed, and he got onto his knees.

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Episode 18

Then in one single blow, his big d–k found its
way into my dripping p—y, stretching my
walls to the extreme! My mouth were forced
open, but no words came out! He began
banging me with no forgiveness!
“Please tell me!!”, I heard myself scream out
to him!
“You will never attempt seducing a married
man again after today!!” he yelled in
response, driving his pulsating c–k balls-
deep into my soaking p—y!!
“Oh!…please discipline me daddy!”, I said.
Loving the way he sounded
“You had wanted my d–k all this while, I will
show you the harm it can cause you!”, he was
massaging one of boobs as he said so! He
was surprising me with his profanity but how
I longed for that harm he talked about. My
p—y was on fire and my juices were flowing
freely down my thick thighs!
“Don’t stop daddy, f–k me harder!”
He was banging me with all his strength and
might and even before I knew what was
happening, he had flipped me over, and got
on top, penetrating me with such speed that I
saw stars with my bare eyes! His rapidity,
was shocking for his age! And the attention
he was giving to details was non I had seen
before. His strokes were purposeful, triggering
the right areas of my p—y. The way he
s—-d and played with my gyrating boobs,
were especially thrilling! I only had to simply
place both my legs on his hard buttocks as
he drilled home his long strokes!
After what seemed like ages, he began pulling
out his glistening wet d–k and with a pop, it
found its way out of my drenched p—y! He
dropped down low, and engaged his mouth
again. S—–g on my c–t with renewed
vigour. He inserted a finger as he did,
causing my body to respond with timely
humps of my hip on his finger and face. He
was really a great lover and that ‘churchous’
side of him was never going to let you
suspect it. In fact, he further astounded me
with this newly unveiled ‘dirtiness’, when his
right thumb found my a—–e. Before I could
completely process in my head if it was
intentional or not, he had inserted the thumb
and began f—–g my a—–e with it! I was
soon begging for his big d–k in there!
“Are you sure?”, he asked, grinning
I was too carried away to speak, so I simply
gave a nod.
He smiled again. And then bent back down
again and began eating my a—–e, probably
in a bid to prepare it for what was about to
come. Having received Chike’s similarly thick
d–k in there, I wasn’t that worried if I could
take Mr. Johnson’s. I was only bothered
about his length and that was that. Luckily
enough, my fears were made of little value
because, he eventually lubricated my a—–e
with adequate saliva and then gradually
poked the thing into it! The pain was there as
it moved in, put abruptly stopped once it slid
in. I felt this expansion and then we were
settled. He grinned into my ears again and
told me my ass tasted nice, to which I said a
big thanks. Then he began f—–g me again.
Initially in gradual strokes but soon,
graduating into very quick long strokes! I
moaned like I had never done before, clawing
his back and kissing him with so much
intensity. Our sweats kept rubbing into both
our skins and his scent was all over the
place, dominant and extremely arousing. He
s—-d my tongue and rubbed my rubbery
nipples as his d–k slid in and out of my ass
at will. My p—y was pouring juice in loads
and the sheets were being covered in a
mixture of sweet smelling bodily fluids.
He was first to announce to me that he was
about to c-m as I had c-m over 4 times
before! He was still f—–g my ass in brazen
rapidity while I whimpered and whined! I did
feel his over-sized d–k swell, stretching my
rectum further apart. And just after he told
me he was going to c-m, to which I told him
to c-m into my mouth, he pulled his meat
out of my gapping a—–e and brought it to
my mouth. The smell of my rectum covered
my nose and an instant urge to shove the
black member into my waiting yearning
mouth, overwhelmed me! However, Mr.
Johnson placed its tip on my lower lip and in
quick snappy shots, poured his milky sticky
c-m into my throat! It rushed in, spouts after
spouts! Rope after rope and in an instant,
filled my mouth and began dripping down my
face and neck. Yet he wasn’t done! He kept
shooting, kneading the head as he did while I
squeezed his balls! I began swallowing as
they poured in, gagging in his c-m! He
seemed to love this because he began
beaming and just as the final drips of his
seed sipped out, he dropped his heavy staff
on my mouth. It was an amazing experience!
When I had done swallowing, he bent and
kissed me in the mouth, mixing his saliva
with his c-m. This drove me so crazy, that
when he tried turning back to leave, I pulled
his hand again. And then grabbed his
partially erect d–k! Despite looking very
surprised, he obliged and began coming
close. So I stood and then pushed him into
the bed. I bent low, and began blowing his
d–k again! The remains of his c-m which was
in my mouth, were smeared on the entire
length of his d–k as I s—-d him frantically!
He held my hair together while the other hand
pulled my nipples. He was aroused in
seconds and ready to go again. I was so
pleased as that isn’t common for men of his
age! So without wasting further time, I
mounted him and in calculated movements,
inserted his boner into my p—y. We began
our music all over again, but now in cowgirl
position. I rode him with passion and purpose
and he encouraged me by fondling my
breasts! He seemed to be prepared to allow
me be in control, so I did my best to satisfy
him the much I could. I tweaked and swirled
on his d–k which still remained stiff for the
full course of our romp!
After about 10 minutes, I sensed my o—-m
build again. The fifth of that morning! It
began deep down below but gradually rose to
the outside. Luckily, he too was at the eve of
blowing his a second time so, in one eruptive
blast, we both exploded into each other! He
still had a lot of c-m to spray and I felt it
travel up into my womb! How joyful that
made me! Myself, on the other hand, poured
mine on all over his loin and entire laps. It
was really a spectacle and the sensation I got
as the thick load sipped out of my p—y was
“We are going another round oga!” I heard
myself declare suddenly
“Huh?…” he questioned in utter wonder and
I nodded my head severally, bringing one of
my fingers to my lip in apparent shyness
“Not now honey. Much later. We will have
another tonight”
I feigned a frown and tried protesting but he
smiled and hugged me for a kiss.
“My son will soon be back. Let us leave the
rest for tonight, okay?”
I nodded again and began packing up my
littered cloths and cleaning brooms.
He fulfilled his promise exactly as he made it
though and did come unto me later that same
night. We actually f—-d in the bathroom
and spent over half an hour before he
returned to his wife in bed. This soon became
a routine and we would f–k anytime we
found ourselves alone at home! He was
equally some kind of freak too, just like
myself and it balanced out real good! I would
have loved to share several other f–k
episodes I had with Mr. Johnson with you,
but for the space and time! I promise to tell
you more some other day as there are so
many things that come out of the Johnson
household, you know. After all, even as I
write, Mr. Johnson’s third son’s c-m from our
last f–k has only just begun drying on my
lap. You never know who’s next with the
***The End***