[STORY] dangerous sex (Episode 1-22)

I stare at the wall happily. Laying on a king-sized bed and grinning from ear to ear, I was enjoying the cool freezing breeze that was coming out of the air condition and also the ticking sound of the clock. .
Tomorrow’s my wedding day, I sang in my head and squeaked when the word wedding echoed in my head, I was nervous, yet excited.. I’m gonna get married to Richard and we’ll live in holy matrimony.. I’m going to get my married to Richard, Richard Wayne, the love of my life.
How we met wasn’t actually romantic but the past four years has been the romantic moments of my life.. He’s just so kind, handsome, caring and loving and I’m just so lucky. He’s 6’4ft inches tall, blonde hair chestnut eyes, body built and has an awesome personality..
Thinking about him is making me drool, he’s just so perfect, and I can’t wait for tomorrow I’m not allowed to see him even though we’re both at the same hotel, cause it’s kind of bad luck if you get to see your bride the night before your wedding, but his room is just two doors away and anything could happen like me sneaking up to meet him.
Just as I was thinking about sneaking up on my soon to be husband, the door of my room clicked opened and someone walked in.. “Richard?” my eyes widen at him and he quietly close the door.
“what the hell are you doing here? It’s bad luck for us to see each other tonight” I said even though I don’t kind of believe In all those stuff.
“you believe that?” he scoffed and I falsely nod
“well I do not, and I just can’t help it, I want to see you” he stated while I rolled my eyes.
“I’m missing you already Pen” he said and I smiled a bit, while he moved closer to me and started to kiss me, I was about to reciprocate but I stopped my self and slowly push him away.
“stop Richard we can’t,” I said and he sighed.
“C’mon Penelope” he groaned.
“what If someone catches us, you know how your mom reacts when a rule is broken” I said and he huffed .. “everyone who came here with us is asleep, the only one awake is Kirana and she might be busy or feeling sleepy” Richard stated and I paused and I stared at him for a minute before saying.
“Kirana’s awake and you’re still here” I said dryly and he laughed.
“C’mon Pen, okay just one kiss and I’ll be gone” he begged and I rolled my he before agreeing..
He kissed me, which I reciprocated and after that he kissed my cheeks and said “goodnight”.
“goodnight” I replied with a smile.
He walked out of the door smirking at me whine I just gave him a hard stare.. He finally closed the door and I walked to the bed, isn’t he sweet,.. He misses me so much, and so do I. I’m missing him already.
The door clicked open again and I huffed and turned.
“Richard what are yo– oh it’s you” I said as Kirana closed the door and walked in looking at me suspiciously… “was Richard in here just now?” she asked.
“no” I lied.
“yes” I said when she gave me one of her hard glare.
“seriously, you know it’s bad luck, for you guys to see each other the night before your wedding” she said and I fold my arms and breathe heavily.
“there is no such thing as bad luck and Richard and I love each other so much and he just came here because he misses me.” I explained and she rolled her eyes.
“whatever” she scoffed .

“I just came here to talk cause I can’t seem to fall asleep, you’re the one getting married and I’m the one getting the butterflies” she said and we both laughed,
Kirana is my best friend, she’s like my other half, my partner is crime, I can’t go a day without her, we grew up together. So we’re like twin sisters.
That night we talked about this and that, about our first crush.. Mine was Richard it was five years ago he was an assistant manger in the same company where I worked as a waitress.
He accidentally splashed pea soup on me.. Or should I say he did it on purpose cause he asked for napkin so he could be able to put his phone on it on the table, I disagreed and he got kind of angry and “accidentally” splashed pea soup on me, I gave him a slap and well we both created a big commotion in the cafeteria and I got fired. I hated him after that day, I got another job at a super mart as the cashier and it turns out his best friend dad owns the place and after work he comes there to hang out with his friend Mason, everyday, he comes there receiving numerous glares from me.. But he just smiled in return. That how it kept going until he finally apologize and said he kind of did it on purpose, splashing that soup on me. I accepted his apology and we kind of became friends, and then I started having this huge monster crush on him. But kept it a secret, except from Mason and Kirana cause me and Mason were like friends before Richard came in but he later found out cause I told Mason and Mason told him.. Well that’s just how it all started and now I’m getting married to him.
That’s what kept playing in my head until I felt sleepy and turned off the light before getting into the bed with Kirana and then I slept off waiting for the big day tomorrow..
Finally tomorrow was here, and nobody had to wake me cause I immediately sprung out of the bed like a sprouted flower, and I couldn’t move cause the butterflies in my stomach was too much, I’m just so excited..

Finally I was dressed in my beautiful wedding dress, my red hair was tied up in a beautiful bun and my Veil was placed at the bun, I was given a makeover and after putting on my shoes, I was done.
Kirana was dressed too, as my brides maid ‘of honor’.. And Kirana, my mom, Richard’s mom and I want to the huge church with a limousine, yeah. Richard’s parent are stinkin’ rich. I think he named after wealth, Rich-ard. Maybe his real name is just ard.
Finally we got to the church and I was told to wait in a room behind the church until I hear the bridal chorus playing.. My dad would come pick me up so we could walk down the isle together.
Kirana and I waited in the room together, and I couldn’t count how many times she complimented me of how I look.
We both waited for minutes till we heard the bridal chorus and I smiled and held my flower tightly waiting for my dad to walk in.. But unfortunately Mason, Richard best friend and best man, walked in looking smoking hot in a tuxedo. His golden brown hair was pushed back with jell and his grey-blue eyes gave his broad face a perfect highlight that went with his manly chin and pointed nose.

“Mason what are you doing here, aren’t you like supposed to be in front of the church standing behind Richard.” Kirana asked and Mason wore a frown and sighed.
“what’s wrong” I asked.
“it’s Richard, we can’t find him anywhere” Mason said and my heart skipped.
“what? What do you mean you can’t find him anywhere, I saw him this morning” Kirana said moving towards him.
“he came to the church with us but after everyone walked into the church he was nowhere to be found” Mason explained and I just stood still not knowing what to do.
“have you called him?” I suddenly asked.
“I called him nine times but he didn’t pick up” Mason said showing me his phone.
Richard where are you?!? I’m starting to panic..
“everyone’s busy looking for him and the guests are getting worried” Mason said
“that son of a b—h” Kirana seethe and walked out..

I started to breathe in and out heavily, Richard is going to show up.. I tell myself but myself still fails to believe..
“hey, hey.. Pen… Penelope.. It’s okay..” Mason said coming closer to me..
But I was still in my panic state, I started to look around quickly not looking what to do.. I could swear I almost passed, if Mason hadn’t come to me and place his hands on my cheeks.
“Penelope.. Stay with me. He’s going to be here, I know Richard, he’s going to be here” he said and I nod.. I might look tough and all with my stern looks and all but I’m actually pretty fragile..
Yes he’s going to be here, I tell my self, and nod again and Mason let’s go of my cheeks and smiled.. “it’s okay” he said and I nod.
We both stayed like that for a few minutes not saying anything, waiting for any body to barge in the door and tell us Richard is here..

Seconds later Mason’s phone beeped and he brought it out from his pocket and peeked at it.
“it’s Richard” he said and I breathed a sigh of relief. Mason passed the phone to me with a strange look he wore on his face and I took the phone from him and peeked at the message slowly.

**Pen. It’s me Richard, I know you must be worried sick knowing I’m not at the church, but I am, and I’m okay, but can you please See Me at the church’s fountain, alone?**
I read the message and dropped my flower. Richard. I hope you’re not up to something stupid.
“do you want me to come with you?” Mason asked when I start to walk away.
“no it’s okay, it’s just Richard right?” I said dryly, not looking back at him and I held on to my dress and walked out.. I made my way to the church’s fountain without anyone seeing me and there I saw Richard, dressed in casual clothes, and I frowned, he’s not in his suit.

“wow you look beautiful” he said but I didn’t react to his compliment I just gave him a stern look.
“why aren’t you in a tuxedo, and where were you” I asked my voice low and shaky.
“look Pen. There’s something I need to tell you” he said and I bit my lips and gave him a “go-on” look and he sighed and started.
“I don’t think we’re doing the right thing, I mean are we even ready for marriage..”
I moved back a bit and huffed.
“what the hell are you saying” I said my hand shaking… Which I have no idea why it was shaking.
“look I love you, you love me but I don’t think we’re ready for marriage yet, I wanted a marriage with you but I’ve put a lot of thinking in it and I don’t think we’re ready for marriage” he said and a tear pricked my eyes.
“so you’re calling off the wedding?” I said and he sighed and moved closer to me.
“I’m sorry Penny,” he said.
“we’ve been dating for four years Richard, how far do you want us to go before getting married, you love me, and I do too, isn’t marriage the next thing” I said, tears had already start to pour down my eyes..
“I know, and I’m scared, we can’t get married now, I don’t think we are ready, I mean look us” he said gesturing his hand back and forth between us and I gave him a slap.
“you are not doing this Richard, you will not do this to me” I yelled, but he just stared at him holding mixed expression.
“you are going to inside, put on your suit and we’re going to get married,” I said threateningly
“marriage is a big deal Pen, and I can’t deal with that right now, let’s just wait and be pati–
A flying shoe came from no where and stumbled on Richard’s face and I turned to see Kirana walking towards us angrily..
“YOU BASTARD!!” Kirana yelled at Richard who seemed a little bit frightened by her.
“how could you say those junk to Pen, she’s been a lot because of today, everyone’s been waiting for this day and here you are saying non-sense, you son of a b—h” Kirana yelled and Richard sighed.
“look Kira, you don’t yell at me, I love Penelope but I’m just saying now’s not the right time to get married” Richard said again and I lost it, full tears burst out of my eyes and I grabbed my dress, took my heels and walked away crying.
He just broke us.
Today is the worst day of my life.

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With my wedding dress I wonder down the street looking for a taxi, with tears rushing down from both my eyes and nose.
Richard Is such an a—–e.. A bastardized fool.. I don’t even know what to call him. I hate him so much.. Who am I kidding I love him.. So much,
But what he just did was unforgivable and unfair, he knew how this day meant to me.. Loosing patient I bent down on a particular spot in the street and cried on my knees. I heard a familiar voice calling my name from afar but I didn’t bother to stand up or turn.
I just cried cause I feel like this ground should just open and swallow me, cause this is a total embarrassment, what would the guest say, what would my friends say.. Richard didn’t just only ruin our wedding, he ruined my life. I stood up slowly and angrily dragged my Veil from my hair ripping it apart, I didn’t stop I let my anger rip the stupid Veil into pieces..

“Penny, stop” Mason said out of nowhere and held my hand, avoiding me from ruining the Veil completely.. “let me go” I cried, struggling to get out of his grip and tear the Veil and then after that I’m going to rip my dress till I appear naked, what else can I do. My life is ruined.
“no I’m not going to let you go, if you continue like this you’re going to hurt yourself” he said but I didn’t care.
“I don’t care, I have a big injury in my heart already, what difference does it make if I have another one physically.. Just leave me alone” I yelled-cried. That some of the few people passing by were throwing glances at us but I didn’t care.
“Penny..” Mason breathed out and pulled me into a hug while I cried even more.. “really, I don’t know what to do or say, I don’t know what’s wrong with Richard, this isn’t him, he’s my best friend I know him more than his parent do” Mason said and I pulled myself from the hug and slowly cleaned my tears.
“well I know what to do. I’m getting out of here” I said sternly and was about to walk away but he caught my hand. “where do you want to go, I’ll take you, my car is around the back” he said but I shook my head negatively.
“it’s okay, I can manage and get a cab” I tell him.
“but you might hurt yourself, and I don’t want that, no one wants that, okay I know Richard f—-d up just now, but he still loves you and he wouldn’t want you to get hurt” he tells me and I fumed
“don’t mention his name in front of me” I warned.
“sorry, I won’t but just lemme drive you instead of you taking a cab” he offered and my fragile self nods and he gave me a small smile and slowly walked me to his car which wasn’t far from where we stood.
“where do you want me to take you?” he asked.
“anywhere but here” I mumbled and glance at myself in a small mirror laying in front of the car, and saw that my Makeup was ruined, my mascara was all over my face and I look like a cast from the Walking Dead.
Mason started to drive and I just kept quiet and stared out the window and burst out crying again.
“Penny.. C’mon don’t cry” Mason said and sighed.
“I’m sorry I just can’t help it, I t-thought t-t-that i-i…
I cried even more I couldn’t even speak, my word fumble cause it was like my throat was clogged.
“look it’s gonna be okay. Okay?” he said soothingly
“how” I shrugged my shoulders at him.
“I don’t know how, but I know it’s going to be okay” he said and glance at me but I just bit my bottom lip to stop my self from crying,..
“do you want me to take you to your house?” he asked after a brief silence.. My house? I don’t want to face my mom or dad.. Cause that would be one embarrassing moment.. I don’t think I can face anyone right now. I didn’t even think I would be able to face Mason since he’s kind of like Richard entourage, but after his soothing and caring attitude, I’m in his car.. The only person I think I’ll be able to face is Kirana.
Mason said suddenly breaking me out of my thoughts
“what?” I sniffed
“so you want me to take you to your par–
“no.. No please no.” I said and breathe in and out slowly.
“then where do you want me to take you, wanna go back to the hotel..?” he asked.
“No. God. No” I said remembering Richard and his sweet words last night. “then where do you–
“just take me to your place.. I don’t know” I cut him off and he nods and returned his gaze back to the road. I use to hate going to mason’s house, because of his love of video games and chocolate, and I hate chocolate, and his house smells like chocolate I’ve gone there once, when Richard insisted we both meet there, .. And now it seems like its the only place I can go.
It’s a good thing Mason and I had known each for a long time cause, assuming I just met him I wouldn’t have agreed for him to take me to his house, he would have been a complete stranger to me.
Finally he parked at his driveway and opened the car door for me and I walked out with my stupid wedding dress stained with mascara and lipstick. And thank goodness the two other boys Mason lives with her out of the country. Unless I wouldn’t have come, but where would I have gone to, I’m sure Kirana is still at the church, cause I left her with ‘Richard’. Oh now I don’t like hearing his name cause it stings..
“C’mon be careful” Mason said as we climbed the four short stairs before going to his porch. He opened the door and I walked in, it’s been months since I came and the house has changed a lot, the TV’s not on the floor again but on the wall, the video games which he had has been replaced with the latest DVD player, and the butt cracking couches, has been replaced with comfortable couches, the wall has been repainted and it doesn’t smell like chocolate or any other junk food. It’s looks like a real home now not an arcade.
I sat down lazily on one of the couch and took off my shoes.
“what would you like?” Mason asked.
“a wedding” I said not realising I said that until he coughed.
“I’m sorry.. I mean I don’t want anything I just want to take a shower and lay low in a coffin” I said Depressingly and Mason sighed and knelt in front of me..
“look just because Richard said some pretty, naïve and sophisticated things doesn’t mean your life’s over, you still have a life okay, just think of it as, the four friends, Penelope, Kirana, mason and Ric.. Well and then the last one went away and never came back, your life won’t be over just because one person in your life say something stupid, I don’t know why he said such things but that’s dumb of him but don’t worry I’ll talk to him.” Mason blasted and I rolled my heavy eyes at him
“do you think I’ll ever go back to having a relationship with him after what just happened, even though you talk to him do you think I’d ever go back?” I asked angrily standing up. He stood up too and shook his head negatively
“no I don’t, but please don’t get angry and why you look like a zombie” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“thanks for the compliment” I said and he nods.
“what I mean is you need to take a shower, and get out of this dress okay?” he said and I nod and started to walk to his bathroom.
“and Penny,” he called and I turned.
“don’t kill yourself in the bathroom” he said and I sighed before saying,
“I’ll try not to”.
I got to his bathroom which looks like a normal bathroom instead of boys jungle zone.. I slipped out of my wedding dress and shoved it in the bathroom’s waste bin.. I also slipped out of my under garments and slide into the bathtub.. I turned on the hot water and let it beat my sore and tired..
I stayed in the bathtub for almost an hour, crying here and there, I just hate today, I just feel so stupid right now.. My fingers were already getting wrinkled and the hot water was finished transforming into cold one. I stood up from the bathtub and grabbed the huge towel from a pole above the bathtub.
I tied it around my chest and loose the stupid bun I had packed for my wedding and let my red hair fall down to my back..
Suddenly I heard a knock outside the bathroom door.
“Pen?” Mason called.
“yes” I replied forcing my voice to sound normal cause it’s shaky from my cries.
“oh thank goodness you’re not dead” Mason said and I smiled a bit at his little joke, but frowned as I got close to the door and opened it to meet him face to face. “oh you’re done, you can go to my room and change into any of my clothes” he said and I gave him a thank you look.
“wait.” he stopped me and I turned.
“you’ve been crying haven’t you?” Mason asked and I nod.
“well it’s okay to cry, but crying won’t change anything Pen” he lectured and I nod and walked to his room,. I don’t think I can cry anymore cause my eyes are feeling heavy and dry and so is my throat. I think I cried too much that I ran out of tears.
I wore one of his baggy sweatpants and shirt before coming out of his room and met him by the door, “great, now you’re wearing one of my good shirt” he said gesturing his dramatically on the air,
“I am?” I said lowly
“you’re not I was just kidding, so lemonade or coffee?” he asked
“coffee please” I said and he nods and walked to his kitchen while I walked to his living room and sat on one of the couch staring at the floor, I tilt my head and found a huge picture of me, Kirana, mason Richard and his two other friends Jacob and Liam.
Richard and I look so happy and so close in the picture, I started to tear up again, and I thought I was out of tears. The memory of that happy day of me and Richard flooded my mental screen and I angrily grabbed one of the pillows beside me and threw it angrily on the floor, I was about to throw a remote next to me when Mason came and held my hand stopping me from ruining the remote.
“Penny. I just bought that, look you need to stop crying sometimes okay?” he said and handed me the coffee.
“I’m so sorry” I sobbed. I looked up to the picture and Mason realised my sudden break down came from there , “I’ll take it down if you want” he said referring to the picture but I shook my head.
“it’s okay.. I’m fine” I said staring down at my coffee taking a big sip, the coffee was burning hot and perfect that i wished it burned my throat so I’ll never speak or cry again.

Mason sat down at the other couch opposite me and watched me drink the coffee slowly…
“look..” I said slowly and his head tilts for me to continue.
“don’t tell anyone I’m here okay?” I said and he smiled.
“what do you think am I a dummy?” he said playfully but I didn’t laugh, I don’t think I can ever laugh again, and now I feel so dry and weak.
“but I can tell Kira right?” he asked and I nod. Of course Kirana is my best friend.
“thanks..” I said after a long silence..
“for what?” he asked
“letting me stay here” I said lowly and he flashed a smile.
“what are friends for” he said and I nod and dropped the coffee mug on the table, “oh you’re done. Do you want anything else” he asked but I declined my shaking my head.
“I just want to rest” I said lying down on the cough.
“you can go sleep on my bed in–
“it’s okay I’m fine here” I said and he nods, and slowly I laid on the couch and before I knew it, I drifted to a deep slumber.
Two familiar voices woke me up and, slowly I sat down properly and as my blurry vision brightened, I saw Kirana and Mason eating and at the same time talking.
“Kira.” I called and rushed to give her a hug, boy was I glad to see her..
“easy there chipmunk” she said with a smile and I let go of her.
“are you okay?” she asked calmly as I sat down back on the couch I was stood up.
“I wish I am” I mumbled lowly and she sighed and gave me a sympathetic look.
“here.. Have some” she said handing me a slice of pizza.. I took it from her and start to eat. She kept quiet and didn’t talk about Richard, and I was glad
She knows me to well.
“how’s my mom?” I asked
“she’s fine but worried about you, but I told her you’ll be fine, and when I found out you didn’t go to my apartment I noticed you’d be here and it hasn’t been to long since I came here” she said and I just nod and continued enjoying the pizza.
“so… Mace we’re both staying overnight cause she’s not going home tonight” Kirana said to Mason referring to me. “sure, the last thing I thought would ever happen to me is two girls sleeping overnight in my house” he said and Kirana rolled her eyes.
“I know that’s a dream come true for you so quit being whiny” Kirana said and Mason laughed, and I smiled a bit.
“what? Dream come true? I should be scared of you girls, so you don’t rape me while I’m asleep.” he said and Kira burst into laughter and so did I..
He made me laugh, it’s a relief I can laugh again.

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That night Mason, Kirana and I talked about a lot of things, or should I say Kirana and Mason talked about a lot of things before we all went to sleep.
Kirana and I slept on Mason’s bed while he slept in one of the bed of his other roommates.
The next day I woke by my self without anyone waking me up and I couldn’t find Kirana by my side, I got out from the bed and sighed slowly, I looked out of the window and the cool morning breeze blew my hair back, and that moment it seems like all my problems and worries had vanished, but when I sighed again, I realised I’m still in this cruel world. Today I’m supposed to be a married woman who can brag to the whole world that she has a perfect husband.
But here I am being single as always… but what can I do.. This is life. Different things happen everyday.
I stood up and lazily walked out of the room only to bump into Mason, “hey Penny,” he said with a smile.
“I was just about to come check up on you”
“where’s Kirana?” I asked
“oh she… She’s making breakfast for you” he said and I sighed and nod. “thanks again.. For letting me stay here” I said he smiled.
“it’s fine, anything mine is yours” he said and I gave him a look.
“that came out wrong I meant to say, if you need any help, I’ll always be here for you” he said and I gave a small smile and walked away.
“morning sugar.. I made you breakfast” Kirana said coming out of the kitchen with a tray of half burnt bread and tea.
“I think I over toasted the bread” she said and handed me the tray.
“no doubt in that one” I said and she laughed..
I ate silently while she turned on the TV and kept changing channels until she got tired and turned it off.
“okay so I’m not going to pretend like it didn’t happen, I’m going to talk about it” Kirana suddenly said making me look up.
“talk about what?” I asked lowly.
“about Richard,” she said and I faced my food.
“don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to get back together with him, I’m just going to tell you to get over him. Cause yesterday when I gave him a piece of my angry mind, he said you guys are still kids and too young to get married, I mean hello! You’re twenty four, you are a complete lady, and he called you both a kid. Richard is nothing but an oversized dickhead… And what he did is pretty unforgiveable.. So my advice for you is to stay the hell away from him.. Cause c-cause ..ugh I don’t even know what to say cause I’m pretty mad righ–
She stopped talking when she saw me sniffing, tears had started to crawl out of my eyes and I hate that I’m weak when I hear his name.
“look I’m sorry to upset you but I’m just saying, you need to get over him even though it happened hours ago, he’s not a real man, the Richard I know is tough and acts like a real man, and I don’t know where That other douchebag Richard came from yesterday.” Kirana said angrily and I sighed and cleaned my tears, she’s right I can get over him but it’s going to be hard.
~¤~R.i.c.h.a.r.d p.o.v~¤~
I woke up the next morning and found out I was sleeping outside in front of my parents house. I remembered the argument we had last night concerning my “eerie” behaviour and words towards Penelope yesterday morning, according to them. I don’t regret saying those things to pen. Cause I am actually afraid to get married.
I love Penelope.. So much but it looks like marriage actually made me chickened out of our relationship.. My mom and dad are married but they fight all the time and they’re close to divorcing. My uncle and aunt are married but few months ago I found out they got divorced. And that’s not what I want with Penelope. I don’t want marriage to break that special thing we had. But it looks like I just broke the “thing” we just had. I know I did the right thing by calling of our marriage, even though I received different swears and curses from different people especially my parent and especially Kirana, who even tear up calling me names. But I don’t care I just don’t want the divorcing Curse to land on me and pen. I know she’s never going to forgive me again but well she will.. I know pen.
I stood up from where I was sitting and yawned before sliding my phone out of my pocket and tapping on my call history to call the first person I see. Cause now I don’t know where to go or what to do, my parents won’t let me inside, saying I need to beg and apologize to Penelope. And my apartment is locked and the keys are inside my car which I left in the church. “my heart” was what I saw in the first line of my call history and that was Penelope. I sighed and scrolled down a bit and found Mason’s name laying on the screen. I tapped it and he picked up at the first ring.
“hey Mason” I said into the phone tiredly.
“I can’t believe I’m hearing your voice.” Mason said and I didn’t know if he meant it the good way or the bad way.
“okay I don’t know if you’re mad at me like everyone el–
“of course I’m mad at you, dude she loves you and you just said those stuff to her like she meant nothing to you” Mason lashed from the other side of the line and I sighed.
“I know.. I know and I’m sorry” I said
“sorry? You’re apologizing to me?.. Dude I’m not Pen” Mason said and I sighed, again, “Mace, you’re my best friend you’re supposed to be on my side” I said and I hear him sigh.
“on your side?.. Look Rich, I don’t hate you, I won’t.. Ever… It’s just that what you did was pretty stupid and unreasonable.. I mean why? Why the hell did you do that” Mason asked loudly from the phone and I breathed in and out slowly before answering.
“okay look I was just scared”
“scared to get married?”
“yes.. There I said it”
“Richard you’re way dumber than I thought, marriage is what makes your relationship stronger, but you just have to foolishly end it”
“look let’s talk more face to face.. I’m coming over to your place” I announced.
“don’t.” he said
“just don’t come over”
“but why? I have no where to g–
“pen’s here” he cut me off.
“well I can still come over” I said
“do you even regret what you did” he asked calmly.
Do I?
“no.. I saved us from tearing apart” I said and he scoffed.
“saved my butt, Richard, Penelope’s a disaster, she’s been crying since yesterday.. And I don’t think she’d ever forgive you, I wonder how crazy she would have gone if Kirana hadn’t come to her rescue..” Mason said and I bit my tongue.. Kirana. I’m not so sure if I like that girl, ever since I found out she’s Penelope’s friend, I’ve never liked her, I just have to pretend I do because of Penelope. She talks too much and like putting people in their places with her blabber mouth. I don’t like people like that.
“okay now I don’t know what to say” I said with a sigh.
“neither do I, but I have to say this.. Stay still and keep thinking of what you did cause you just lost your girl..and that’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your life.. I love you man, but you just f—-d yourself up.. I’ll catch up with you later.” Mason said but I just stayed silent before hanging up.
D–n it.
Now I don’t understand how I’m feeling. *
•¦¦¦¦ Penelope’s Pov ¦¦¦¦•
After having burnt bread and tea Kirana made, I decided to leave Mason’s house cause I can’t run from my parent forever.
“thanks for the food” I said at Kirana and she smiled
“I know you hate it, you just pretended to love it” she said referring to her food, but I just ignored her words and stood up, I seriously hate it but I’m not in the mood to be selective of food right now.
Kirana took the empty dishes to the kitchen while I stood up and turned to see Mason, gazing at his phone.
“Mace..” I called and he looked at me.
“thanks… But I have to leave now” I said and he nods.
“I understand, do you want me to drive you back home?” he asked and I nod.
“okay, I’ll get my car ready, come meet me outside when you’re ready” he said and walked away. I looked side-ways and scratched my itchy hair.. Kirana walked out of the kitchen and I turned.
“Mason’s getting his car ready and I’m going home.” I said and she walked closet to me.
“are you sure you want to go home yet?” she asked calmly and I nod.. “okay then I’ll come with you” she said.
“it’s okay you can go home I’ll be fine” I said and she smirked and nod..

I was ready and went to meet Mason outside, and I met him focused on his phone, he noticed me and flashed a small smile.
“you ready?” he asked and I nod. I went to his car barefooted and his mouth dropped. And He took a good look at me.. I was still in his sweatpants and shirt, my hair was rough like I just escaped from a war and I was was barefooted, which made me look like a homeless begger.
“are you going to go home looking like that?” he asked and I nod.
“I’ve got nothing to loose” I mumbled before entering his car.
I sat down at the back seat while he took the driver’s seat and a few minute later Kirana joined us and sat down at the passenger’s seat.

“I thought you were going home?” I said lowly to Kirana as Mason starts driving to my house.
“I am but I’m going to stop at your house first cause I can’t stay alone by myself in Mace’s house” she replied and Mason glanced at her.
“you could have waited patiently at my house till I take Penny home and then come back to take you home, but no. You just have to be an escort, you just act way ahead of yourself sometimes” Mason said and Kirana smacked his arm.
“or you could stay a little bit longer with Mason in his house” I said lowly and Kira glared at me before saying.
“me? Mason? Together? I just came over to watch over you, me and this dude and I can never stay under the same roof” Kirana snarled and I smiled a bit.. “yeah right when we first met you had a crush on me” Mason said and Kirana gasped making me giggle a bit, when you have friends who makes you smile.
“crush on you, oh you wish” Kirana rolled her eyes
“Penny.. I’m right aren’t I.. Kira totally had a crush on me” Mason said and I nod and Kirana gave me a hard glare.
“you two are crazy people” Kirana said and Mason smiled at her.
“yeah you’re crazily in love with me” Mason joked and Kirana rolled her eyes and fold her arm angrily.
Finally I was home and after giving Mason and Kirana a hug, they both left And I walked inside, my mom gave me a hug after seeing me..
She asked me a lot of questions and I just lazily answered them, mostly about if Richard and I had any argument before the wedding, which made him call it off. But I told her we didn’t which made me tear up and start to cry again.
After receiving sweet and soothing words from my mom I finally fell sleep, with tears till the next day. .
The next day I woke up with my face so dry but I feel a little energy, likewise yesterday .
My mom came in, serving breakfast in bed, she hasn’t done this since my sixteenth birthday, I know she’s just doing this out of sympathy because of Richard..
After eating I took a shower and slipped my legs in a pair of Jean before putting on a yellow shirt and a pair black snickers. I am actually preparing for my job. My mom didn’t want me to go to work today but I will cause I just can’t stay home and do nothing because of “one” person.

I got to work and sighed as I stepped in cause it reminds me of Richard, cause he was the one who got me this job.. I work as a cook..
I got in and met my partner Randee who greeted me with a smile and I had to fake a smile too so she won’t question my dull mood. We both started working and I worked harder than before cause I need every distraction I can get to forget about Richard..
During our break I decided to eat with Randee for the first time cause normally I eat alone or Richard would stop by and we’ll both eat together. But today I ate with Randee and I was glad cause she kept my thoughts occupied with her outrageous stories.
We both went back to work and continued working till it was time to go home.
After cleaning the kitchen, Randee said goodbye to me and grabbed her bag before going home, while I turned to the trash bag and carried it cause it was my turn to take out the trash.
I went to the back of the huge restaurant holding the heavy trash bag careful not to fall or step on something cause it was getting dark and everywhere was deadly quiet.
Just as I threw the trash bag in the garbage can, a big strong arm flung round my neck almost choking me and a deep husky voice said in my ear.
“don’t scream or I’ll shoot” I didn’t scream, I just kept quiet and slowly I felt something lay on my temple and I glanced at it to see a gun in front of my ear and I shivered in fear.
“okay now, you will do as I say or I’ll shoot” the voice said and I nod slowly. And he let’s go of my neck and placed his arm around my waist, still pointing the gun at my waist and I breathe in and out heavily.. “breathe fine” the huge man beside me said and I nod not daring to look at him.. Suddenly two police officer.. I think. Came to us and they both took a good look at me and the man beside me.
“what do you guys want? Can’t I spend some quality time with my Fianceé” the man beside me said and I turned to look at the police men but due to fear, I couldn’t.
“I’m sorry but you look like someone we’re looking f–
“you dare interrupt my wife and i” the man beisde me said angrily and the policemen apologized and walked away and the man who held me let’s go of me.
“I’m sorry I had to do that.” he said and I slowly, look up to see his face, his hair was jet black, long and was packed behind his head.. He had midnight eyes and dark rims under it, I couldn’t see the rest of his features cause it was dark already, but he looked scary.
“it’s pretty dangerous in this time of night so you should watch out for bad guys” the huge dude said to me but I just watch him with a befuddled look.
“this is a fake gun by the way don’t get to scared” he said in a whisper showing me the gun
Okay what the hell.. Who the hell is this guy, he just kind of hijacked me and now he’s telling me to stay away from dangerous guys.
“I’m sorry if I scared the shits out of you, I just had to do that in order not to get caught,” he said but I just stared at him, my mouth opened I can pass out any minute from now
“hello” he waved his hand in front of my face. “great. Now she’s frozen” he mumbled to himself and took a step towards me. I moved back a bit and he smiled.
“thank goodness, I thought you’re lost in shock.. Well my job here is done, sorry for using you.. I’m Leonard by the way, if you get in touch with any police officers, FBI or detective.. You never knew me.. Or met me” he said, smiled and walked away..
Who the hell is that guy.. Leonard.. What the hell..

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After getting a hold of my self, I cleaned my eyes and started to walk inside the restaurant..
I got back into the restaurant and grabbed my purse, before turning off the lights and after that, I locked the kitchen before, .. I waved goodbye to Jimmy, the guy who works late in the restaurant and who locks it and comes early the next day to open it. He’s kind of the hardworking guy around here.
I took the night bus and found my self lost in thought as the bus started to drive.
First Richard call off our wedding.. Now I got hijacked or attacked or whatever I’ll call that, by a criminal
What’s next, I’ll be pushed off a mountain. My Life’s Just too rigid, and complicated.. Seriously I wish for nothing but death..
I got to the second bus stop and came down and found my hair roaring in the wind, the wind should just take my body too. I walked down the not to crowded road, different convenience store had lights from many Angle making the road not so lonely.. And I walked slowly not having the strength to walk faster.. My hand was pushed in my sweater pockets and I stare at the floor not watching where I was going until I bumped into someone. I quickie apologize not wanting to look up.
“Pen” Mason’s voice said and I look up.
What a coincidence..
“hey..” I said moving my hair back.
“what are you doing here?” I asked looking around cause by this time of the day, mason is usually home or helping his dad at work.
“I came here to meet Richa.. He stopped talking and I sighed and looked away. “just because he did a pretty stupid thing to me doesn’t mean you guys can’t still be friends” I said and he smiled.
“sorry I’m just being too careful” he explained and I nod.

“you’re going home right?” he asked, “where else can I go?” I returned the question.
“classic Pen” he said and placed his arm around my shoulder, “come-on I’ll be your escortee” he said.
“but you’re going to get home late” I warned.
“it doesn’t matter, I can’t just ditch my lonely bored friend and go home, that would made me a bad friend” he said and I smiled a bit
“thanks” I mumbled.
“anytime chipmunk” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“don’t call me that” I said, Kirana and Mason are always fond of calling me chipmunk cause they say I have a gummy bear smile and my cheeks are full when I smile..
“okay.. What about chipy?” he asked.. “don’t call me any names” I said and he nods with a smile .. We both walked home together, talking about this and that and I’m so glad I ran into him cause his company was forgiving, I told him about that stupid Leopard guy who whatever his name was. And he was shocked too asking me if I’m okay or if he injured me but I just assured him that I was fine.
Finally I got home and I breathed a sigh of relief.
“thanks” I tell him as he let his arm slide away from my shoulder.
“anytime, sleep tight and dream about fairies, cause they’re pretty good in making your day better” he said and I smiled and nod.
“night.” I said before walking to the front porch, I turned and saw him still standing and staring at me.

“won’t you start going?” I yelled a bit so he could hear me from where I stood.
“I will, I’m just acting as a bodyguard in case anyone’s trying to attack you again” he said and I chuckled before going inside.
I got inside and met my mom savoring on a mug of hot chocolate, and suddenly I wanted some.
“Honey how was work?” she asked and dropped the mug of hot chocolate on the table,
“the same” I replied and took the mug of chocolate and gulped down the whole thing.
“awwn honey I’m sorry” my mom said and I looked at her
“I said work was the same, I didn’t say it was bad” I said and she stood up.
“I know but how you said it, make it sound like it was bad” my mom said and I rolled my eyes and sighed, dropping down the mug.
“look honey.. It’s like he took you away” my mom said and I narrowed my eyes at her.
“what are you talking about” I asked and she sighed.
“you used to be this girl.. This girl with so much energy, you’re filled with fun and smiles, I remember you coming back home everyday with a smile talking about this or that, but suddenly after the incident with Richard, you suddenly became this quiet spooky girl,–
“what do you think I’m supposed to do mom, Richard was my life, he was smile, he was my everything, and yes he did take all of it away from me.. I can never be happy again” I said and now I’m starting to tear up.
“No honey don’t say that” my stated and walked up to me.
“I will.. He ruined me mom, cause he was my first everything, how do you expect me to be myself again, I’m trying to get over him but I can’t. I can’t” I said, actually cried.
“honey look at me.” my mom said and I did.
“you will get over him okay?” she said and pulled me in a hug while I cried, In her arms. I will. I must. Get over him, cause if I don’t I’ll just only kill myself inside.
I had my dinner alone in my room, while watching some comedy show, it was funny but somehow I didn’t laugh and I suddenly realised he broke me. And I don’t think I could ever be fixed. That night I fell asleep peacefully but without happy thoughts..
The next day I woke up after my morning alarm has stop ringing and I stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After that I pushed my body in a black jean trouser, and a Blue shirt before wearing a yellow sweater. I grabbed my bag and put on my shoes, and finally after packing my hair in ponytail, I was good to go, I pecked my mom goodbye and left for work.
I got to the bus station and Kirana called, we talked over a few things over the phone as I got in the bus.
I got to work a little bit late, but no one Complained cause our boss isn’t the type that stays around, he’s a very busy man. I put on my apron and started to cook with Randee.. We chopped this, slice that, boiled this and fried that.. We were both so busy with cooking until, our boss assistant Maxwell came into the kitchen. Looking stern.. We greeted him politely and he nods in return..
“so Penny” he called and I slowly turned to him.
“yes” I replied,
“Janet didn’t come today cause she is sick and I’ll like you to fill in for her” Maxwell said and I gently dropped the knife I was holding.. “but who’s going to fill in for me if I fill in for Janet?” I asked. Sensitively
“don’t worry Jimmy will fill in for you, he’s a great cook and you, you’re pretty good in waiting tables, I’ve seen you do it before and I want you to do that today again, for Janet’s sake” he said and I nod, not arguing any further, that great news I’ll be a waitress for today instead of a chef. That isn’t too much of a hardwork.
I removed the apron from my body as Jimmy walked in and I took the “waiting” apron and tied it around my waist.
“great, there’s a order at table six and Seven” Maxwell said before he walked outside.
I attended table six and seven and got them what they wanted.. And after that I got orders from different tables and got them what they wanted.. I got an order from table three, and after getting their food, I grabbed the pen and small notebook I was holding ready to take order from the next table and with a fake smile I said.
“welcome to Eatees… Shall I take y-your orde—
I stopped talking and suddenly froze.. The long dark hair, the midnight eyes, the voice.. It’s that leopard guy, I can’t believe he’s here with two other scary looking men I think they’re his friends.

“yeah I don’t want anything just get me a glass of water” the leopard guy said and I nod lightly and quickly turned thank goodness he didn’t recognise me..
I was about going when one of his friends called me back “hey” he called and I sighed and turned.. Making sure I don’t make eye contact with Leopard.. And thank goodness he was looking outside
“yes what would you like to order?” i asked..
“I’ll just get a small plate of French fries and a pineapple juice” he said and I nod and wrote it down.
I turned to the other one and gave a fake smile. “what would you like?” I asked and I somehow felt Leopard was staring at me.
“just a glass of water like him” the dude said and I nod, and was about to go but the Leopard guy suddenly stood
“hey” he said calling for my attention and I sighed and slowly turn to him.
“y-yes” I answerd, he’s not going to point a gun at me in front of everyone in this place, so there’s actually nothing to be scared about. He tilts his head sideways before smiling and a small dimple appeared on on of his cheeks.
“you’re t-that girl, that trash girl from yesterday right?” he asked inquisitively,
Trash girl?!!!
“y-y-yeah” I stutter.
“great, I didn’t get to apologize profusely yesterday for startling you so I’ll do it better.” he said
“no… It’s okay, p-please just sit, I need to take orders from other tables” I said and he nods and sits down.. I took my heels and went to the kitchen, getting two glass of water and a plate of French fries with pineapple juice. I went back to the leopard guy table and slowly drop their orders on the top of their tables and the Two friends grimaced at me and I force myself to smile back at them. I was about going but his voice stopped me again.
“trash g-girl.. He called and I huffed and turned.
“sorry what’s your name?” he asked
“I’m sorry I don’t give my name to strangers” I said boldly and he laughed and so did his friends, what’s so funny.
“okay well I’ll just keep calling you trash girl” he said and I forced a smile. “enjoy your meal” I said ignoring his statement.
“Penny.. There’s a order at table nine..” Maxwell suddenly yelled from the kitchen.
“coming” I yelled and start to walk away.
“bye Penny!!” I heard leopard said and I walked faster than ever. I did the waiting job perfectly, I served here and there making sure I avoid eye contact with Leopard who keeps staring at me with every move I make..
I served here and there till the day started getting dark, and later Maxwell joined Leopard and his friends and they all talked and laughed about things I don’t care about.. And for some time they all paused and watched me go here and there and I knew they were talking about me. But ignorance was what I served them. And I don’t get why they haven’t leave yet.
Finally the day was over and the restaurant was empty and slowly I took off my apron and handed it to Maxwell who walked up to me.
“nice job today Penny, you really nailed it” he said and I shrugged.
“so those guys over there, aren’t they leaving?” I asked referring to Mr badboy.
“they will pretty soon, they’re just hanging around” Maxwell replied and I nod.
“okay then I’ll get going” I said and went to the kitchen to grab my purse and I was about walking out when I bumped into Leopard.
“hey Penelope” he said with a smile
“hi…. I was about leaving” I said and was about to walk away but he blocked my part and I froze .
“I have this feeling you’re scared of me” he said, hell yeah I am.
“and why would I be?” I asked avoiding eye contact with him.
“because you stutter around me and you don’t look directly at my face” he said and I try to look at his face to prove him wrong but I was wrong, he is so scary. I quickly look away and he sighed.
“just know I’m completely harmles, oh and Max told me your full name’s Penelope. Cute name, you know mine right” he said and I nod slowly
“yeah, you’re Leopard” I said, I think I’m running out of breath
“Leopard?, it’s Leonard, but just call me Leo for short” he said and I just nod
Please leave me alone.
“s-sure” I said.
“so about yesterday I’m sorry for using you to co—
Mason suddenly walked in the restaurant and I was so glad to see him.
“Mason” I called happily and he turned to me.
“oh your boyfriend’s here, I better walk away” Leo said and stepped back finally.
“hey pen.. I came to pick you up?” Mason said with a smile and I smiled back.. I wanted to ask why he came to pick me up cause he never picks me up from work but I just kept quiet followed him outside. Saved from Leo.

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I followed Mason outside and I didn’t wait for him to open his car door for me, I opened it myself and got in..
Made got in the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition before driving.
We were like five blocks away from the restaurant when I asked.
“since when did you start picking me up?” I said and he smiled.
“well today?” he grinned.
“anyway who was the dude you were talking to.. Your new boyfriend??” Mason said and I gave him a look.
“do you really think I’m that kind of girl?” I said and he laughed.
“no. I was just teasing you” he added and I folded my arms and rested my back properly on the car seat.
“looks like work was real tough today Huh?” Mason said
“nah.. Work was fine I did waiting today, which is more better than cooking” I said and he nods and we both kept quiet till he got to my ‘home sweet home’..

“thanks..” I said as he parked in front of the yard
“no biggie” he replied

“I don’t know where this sweet, caring and awesome Mason came from, but it’s really nice to have you come pick me up from work, but don’t I know you have better things you than come pick your bestfriend ex from work” I said and he chuckled..
“don’t say that, it will be my pleasure seeing you happy” he said and I nod, but suddenly paused and turned to him.
“are you doing all this for me out of sympathy.. Because Richard broke me?” I asked and he kept quiet.
“thought so” I muttered and was about to come out of the car when he pulled me back.
“the reason I’m doing all this is because of Richard.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“not because you broke you or anything, it’s because he personally asked me to take care of you, to be caring towed you, cause he knows he’s out of the picture” Mason exclaimed and I scoffed.
“so now he’s regretting what he he did?.. He should die filled with regrets” I said and walked out of the car and Mason came out to.
“look Pen. You don’t need to get angry okay? I’m just doing a favor for my best friend and maybe some part of my kind gestures can be part of my doing too you know” he half yelled and I turned.
“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at him for still thinking of me when he ruined my life” I said and Mason nods.
“I understand,” he said and I smiled a bit.
“thanks for understanding, but please don’t do anything Richard tells you to do for me, we’re clearly over and he should know that.” I said.
“got it” mason said boldly making me smile.
“good… I’ll get inside then. Good night” I said and he nods slowly
“goodnight.” he said before entering to his car and driving away. I sighed and got onside my house too.
I got home that night and as I expected, I got a visitor.. Richard.
“thanks for letting me crash here tonight man, you’re the only one I can rely on when everyone’s turned their backs on me” he said and threw his jacket on the couch and I gave him a look.
“don’t get to comfy” I tell him.
“so how did it go?” he asked.
“how did what go?” I returned the question.
“you… And pen..” he said lowly and I rolled my eyes..
“look Rich, I told her you’re the one who’s making me do all the nice acting and stuff for her cause she knows I can never get that nice with her, so I told her” I said and he suddenly remained calm before saying.
“but still can’t you just go–
“look Richard, I’m not doing any favors for you, and Also Pen wants to let you know that you guys are clearly over and doesn’t want you to interfere in her life again.” I said and he sighed and ruffled his hair.
“just admit you regret what you did” I said.
“I don’t” he replied. Sternly.

“I saw her with a guy today at the place she works” I said and Richard’s head suddenly snapped at him.
“a guy?. What was he like?” Richard asked and I smirked
“I don’t know but I know he was handsome” I said, I didn’t even see the guy’s face.
“oh” Richard breathed out and a frown took over his face.. Mighty jealousy written over it..

“but seriously man, I don’t get you, you really love pen, why would you do such a thing.. Cause now you’re clearly regretting it I can see you clearly in your eyes” I said and he laid and on the couch and use his jacket to cover his face.
“let’s not talk about that now, I’m getting sleepy” he said.
“whatever” I said and walked to my room.
I removed my jacket and shirt before sliding my shoes out of legs, and I got into the bed and pulled the blanket to cover my cold body..
I grabbed my phone and started to check some stuff on Google but I got bored and got to my gallery, I started with some old pictures, which is just filled with, me, Richard Kirana and Penelope and my other two roommates..
We were all just so happy together, but it’s like Richard broke something from us.
I totally love Penelope and Richard together, they look so happy, so alive with each other and they’re publicly romantic.. Which makes Kirana say things like she gets irritated when they start their lovey dovey stuff but she’s just kidding, she’s totally rooting for them together too.
Penelope is just going through a lot and needs ‘friends attention’ now, but I’m just helping her out cause of Richard and a little bit of sympathy I have for her.
I could still remember the first time I met her, she was standing at the bus first stop, looking all pale worried and looks like she was about to cry, I couldn’t look away cause somehow she wanted to cry and I wanted to see that happen. She sighted me and quickly rushed to me making me scared a bit cause she held my hand firmly.. “please I got to breek college near by and I lost my wallet or forgot it at home I don’t know, but can you p-please lend me some m-m-money?” she said but I just silently stared at her..
“here you can take my accessories, just think of it as trading” she said taking off her wrist watch, earrings and necklace and stuffing it in my breast pocket.. “please I need your help” she said..
“I go to break college too I can just drive you there, my car is parked of that coffee shop please keep your things” I said and gave her the accessories she gave me..
And I drove her to Breek university and after that day we became friends and then I got to meet Kirana, it was just the three of us, I knew Richard then but he didn’t attend the same school with us so we didn’t hang out much . But one day when he met me in a coffee shop with Kirana and Penelope, I introduced the girls to him and after that day he started having thing for Penelope. And well look at where we are now.. He just ruined his future.
I turned on the air condition and turned off the night light before pilling my blanket over my head and finally I fell asleep.
It was the next day, which was Wednesday.. I hate Wednesday’s it’s just not my day, somethuhg usual always happens.. Like last two weeks Wednesday before this me and Richard’s stuff I accidentally burned two of his shirt by ironing but we both just laughed it off. And then last week Wednesday at the restaurant while cooking, I accidentally spilled ice blocks inside a hot boiling vegetable oil while passing it to Randee and it caused a little bit of fire around the pot.. I’ve recently been having bad Wednesday’s, it so not my day.
I moved my blanket away from my body and got out of the bed and head straight to my bathroom, I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste, and I walked up to the sink and my sender figure appeared in the mirror.
I started brushing my teeth and I looked at reflection irritatingly, I’m normally a skinny person but Richard’s callousness actually made it worse. My collarbone are now exposed and my waist is more tinier than ever. And my wrist looks like if I wore a watch, it wouldn’t fit, it would be to big for me..
After brushing I took a bath, grabbed breakfast with my parent, and my dad suddenly noticed skinniness.. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn shorts and a tank top.. But whateves I just go with what I’m comfortable with.
I grabbed my bag and took a bus, getting to the restaurant I remembered Leo and sighed, I prayed so hard for him not to be here and when I got inside the restaurant, thankfully he wasn’t there.. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked in boldly..
“morning Penny” Maxwell greeted and I smiled in return and walked in the kitchen.
Randee and were chopping some vegetables when she cleared her throat and I know she water to speak.
“so.. Pen..
She called and I turned.
“what?” I asked.
“you invited me to your wedding though, but I couldn’t go cause I was crazily busy.. But since after the wedding you haven’t said anything about it” she said and I sighed.
“like when are you guys going your honeymoon” she asked with a smile but I just looked away.
God this is embarrassing
“i-i.. I’m not in the mood for talks right now Randee, we need to get this vegetables chopped as fast as possible” I said, we can cut the vegetables as slow as we want but, I just can’t tell her what happened.
“so.. Gina went to your wedding..
Gina is a girl who attended the same High school with me, and Randee knows her and I don’t know how she did but the three of us get along just fine.. Sometimes.
“and she told me the wedding didn’t happen” Randee said and I suddenly chopped something that wasn’t lettuce but my hand.. Dang it I cut myself.
“she said Richard blew you off and didn’t want to have wedding you” Randee said and I dropped the knife. I slowly turned to her with tears in my eyes but she wasn’t looking at me, she was happily cutting carrots.
“you knew he blew off the wedding then why did you ask me how it went” I asked lowly and she turned her face to look at me.
“cause I wasn’t sure, Gina Can cook up lies sometimes” she replied and I cleaned my tears.
“or you just wanted to rub it on my face, that he didn’t get married to me” I said angrily but lowly and she remained quiet.
“I can’t believe you’ can be this low Randee” I said and stormed out of the kitchen, tears filled my eyes and I walked out of the restaurant angrily.
“hey Penny, where the hell are you going?” I heard Maxwell’s voice yell behind me but I didn’t bother to turn back..
I went back of the restaurant and sat down on a small stood crying my eyes out. I suddenly became a laughing stock just because of Richard. God
Life is so unfair for me… If only he could have warned me sooner that he didn’t want to be with me anymore then I wouldn’t be this way. Scratch that even if he did tell he didn’t want to be with me sooner I would have still be broken cause I love him to the core.. God I hate myself.

“penny?.. What are you doing here?” I heard Leo’s thick voice called and I looked up to see him staring down at me
F—–g great.
“why are you crying?” he asked and I cleaned my tears and sniffed ignoring his question..
He’s asking like we’re friends and we know each other. I stood up and was about to walk away but he stopped me and grabbed my hand.. Making me flinch and turn back to him.
“I just asked a question, why are you crying” he asked again.
“I wasn’t crying” I said and he gave me a look and I looked away, okay I hate this dude like so much .. What does he have with me, I don’t like his presence and I don’t understand why he’s always disturbing me. He just met me two days ago by the trash.
“you were literally crying.. I saw you storm out of the restaurant angrily and you started crying” he said seriously and I bit my lip not to react in any dangerous way Cause now I’m getting pretty mad.
“look I’ve got to say this, I don’t know who you are or where you came from.. But we are not friends and we will never be so don’t act like you know me cause I hate your f—–g guts.. I don’t know what you and your homeless friends are doing in this restaurant anyway, and I don’t know if you’re one of those stupid homeless Criminals cause I’ll rat you out to the police so if you don’t want to get on my bad side stay away from me.. I’m not your friend or someone you know..” I said looking at him in the eye and I yanked my hand angrily from his grip but he just stared at me with a straight face and I glared at him one last time and walked away angrily, I am so mad right now but I don’t have a bad side.. But I just want him to leave me the f–k alone!.
I bumped into Maxwell while trying to get back into the restaurant…
“sorry..” I apologized tiredly.
“you know you should be nice sometimes.” he said and I looked at him in a way he understands that I don’t understand what he meant.
“I mean Leo, what you just said was pretty rude, you should apologize” he said and I rolled my eyes
“apologize my butt, I don’t even get why he’s always here with his stupid friends, I get that he’s homeless but he shouldn’t hang around here rub off his nuisance attitude on me. He should go some place else” I said angrily.
“wow. Pen I don’t know you could get this angry, and homeless, Leo isn’t homeless, he owns three Manson here in Break, seven huge oil refinery company and also this restaurant which he handed out to Boris our boss.. Homeless?” Maxwell said and laughed.
“Whatever I don’t care” I said.
“he might fire you, you know” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t care he should fire me.. It can’t make any difference in the kind of life I’m living now” I said and suddenly remembered Randee and her big mouth.
I walked away angrily, my breathing became thick and my forehead was covered in sweat.
“I don’t know who made you mad pen.. But SORRY!!” Maxwell yelled as I walked away.

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I walked back into the restaurant and into the kitchen, like I said is Wednesday’s are just not my days.
“look Pen” Randee called and I quickly turned and gave her a glare
“what?” I said aggressively..
“look no need to get mad” she said calmly
“i’m already mad” I said and he cleared her throat and looked away.
“I’m sorry for saying that earlier. I mean it’s just so surprising, you and Richard are just so close and perfect everyone was rooting for you two but I can’t believe he blew it off.. I just wanted to hear it from you, I’m sorry” she said and I felt something drop from my eyes .
Gosh I hate tears.
“it’s okay.. It’s not what you see you get” I said my voice shaking and suddenly burst out crying, Randee suddenly pulled out her cooking gloves from my hand and pulled me in a hug.

“why don’t you just take a day off today Penny” Maxwell’s voice said from the door and I walked out of Randee’s hug and turned to him..
“it’s okay” I tell him.
“no it’s not, I don’t want you to cut yourself or get something’s burnt while cooking, you can work tomorrow when your anger is lessened” he blurted and I sighed,
“look Max, I’m okay I can’t go home because of some anger issues” I said and did air quote around “anger” ..
“okay then don’t go home, just stay somewhere in the restaurant until your anger lessened” he said and I agreed by nothing slightly,
I do really need some time alone and less work for me. I walked out of the kitchen and went to the huge store room behind the restaurant that has a door that can lead you both outside the restaurant and inside the restaurant and kitchen. But I made sure I closed both of the doors, cause I need to be alone..
I sat down near the store window and sat down on a very tall stood. I brought out my phone from my pocket cause I suddenly red a text message and it was from Kirana..
*hey gurl..* I read her message.
*hey* I replied Her back.
*are you doing okay?* she sends again and I sighed and typed
*why do you ask*
*cause Wednesday’s are not your days I always tell you it’s just coincidental accident but I just want to know how you’re doing* she sends and I read it and looked away before sending back .
*wed.. Is so not my day*
*what happened.. Full Details*
*i can’t write them all how about we meet on Saturday*
*but you have work*
*yeah, but you don’t, meet me at the restaurant*
*ugh I hate coming to that your stupid restaurant you work*
I laughed at her message and typed. *why*
*i think that Maxwell guy still has a crush on me*
*seriously Kira, you think all the dude in this world has a crush on you* I texted.. Another message beeped in my phone but I didn’t look at it cause I was paying attention to the voices I was hearing outside.

“seriously dude, that girl is kind of a b—h, I mean just imagine the way she spoke to you, she even called you homeless” I heard the first voice said from outside the window and I recognised it immediately knowing it was one of Leo’s friend,
“I thought she was nice, nacelle said she was but wow she is a rude one, and I don’t understand why you talk to her anyway” his other friend said and I peeped out of the window to see the three of them seated on a plain old barrel each.
“I don’t know why I talk to her too, maybe I just wanted to be friends with her” Leo said and suddenly a slight guilt passed through me buy I washed it off.
“friends? Dude you have us.” one of his friends said and he looked at them and laughed. “Pete, you guys aren’t my friends, you’re just my partners” Leo said, so the bad mouthed one is Pete..
“we hang out with you everyday, talk to you, we literally do everything together and we’re not friends?” Pete said and Leo suddenly looked confused.
“are you?” Leo asked and Pete and the other dude rolled their eyes.
“you’ve gone soft man, and I don’t know why you want to make friends with that little miss goody two shoes, when you have a lot of bad ass bitches waiting for you every where” Pete said and Leo glared at me.
“anyway I’m sleepy..” the other guy said and Leo said slipped his hand in his jacket pocket and brought out a key handing it to him.
“you can go sleep at my house” Leo said
“okay, but seriously, why have a mansion when you don’t even stay there” the dude said and Leo glared at him.
“don’t question me man a just get outta here”
“whatever” the guy said and walked away leaving Pete and Leo.
“so should I apologize to her?” Leo asked Pete
“who?” Pete asked.
“Penelope” Leo said and I bit my lips out of guilt .
“dude, you are crazy, don’t apologise cause you did nothing wrong.. And don’t even talk to her.. Again.” Pete warned and Leo nodded his head.
“you’re right.. These days, I don’t know what’s wrong with me” Leo said and stood up from where he was sitting.. “you’re suddenly like this because of Harmony” Pete stated and he glared at Pete.
“me being like this has nothing to do with harmony, she’s on her own and I’m on my own okay” Leo said and walked away and Pete later trailed behind him.
I sat down back on the stool and noticed I’ve received tons of message from Kirana, I forgot I was having a text conversation with her.

*what the hell I don’t think like that I just know Maxwell as a thing for me*
*he’s charming though, but he’s so not my type*
*you still there*
*pen? Are you okay?* I sighed as I read all the messages.
*I’m fine, I gotta go anyway* I typed one last time before slipping my phone back in my pocket.
I stayed there silently and slowly I start to doze off.. One bad habit of mine is that I sleep anyway and both my parents and Kirana hates it cause apparently it can be “dangerous”.. But who cares, my eye lids are too heavy to even think about anything right now. I sighed one last time before going into dream land .
I woke up hours later with my neck hurting like crazy, my skin’s so dry and I’m thirsty and hungry .
I got down from the stool and my phone slipped out from my pocket and fell to the ground, I gasped and immediately picked it up to see that the front was cracked, broken. I rolled my eyes and slipped it back in my pocket
F—–g great.

I went back inside the restaurant and noticed it was evening, and the sun would set any minute now. With few people in the restaurant, I made my way to the kitchen, there I met Randee and Jimmy talking.
“hey where have you been” Randee suddenly asked immediately she noticed me.
“in the storage room” I said and she nods and continued to talk to Jimmy. Why did she even ask me.
“so it’s looks like we’re almost done for the day” I said and Randee looks at me and nodded
“and Maxwell said, not to touch anything, that you just have to rest” Randee said and I nod and walked out of the kitchen, oh Maxwell,
I went to sit on a table at the corner of the restaurant staring out side the window, when Maxwell suddenly sat down opposite me.
“gee.. Where have you been?” he asks
“I was asleep.. In the storage room” I said honestly and he nods and looks away slowly before turning back at me.
“so I heard about you and Richard” he said and I sighed and laid my head on the table.. Not again.
“hey look don’t be offended by me bringing it up but I heard from Randee” he added and I just stare at him plainly.
“don’t take it out on Randee, I was the one who actually forced her to tell me.. But as a concerned assistant manager, I say you take a day off tomorrow” Maxwell said and I smiled a bit.
“for a manger, you sure stink. Boris wouldn’t even give me a second of work and yet you’re giving me another day off because of Richard.” I seethed.
“that’s because I’m not Boris, he’s one serious boss, and I care about every single employee working here, especially Jimmy, that kid is going through a lot” Maxwell stated.
“look I’m trying to get over Richard, no I’m not trying, I’m getting over Richard and I don’t need a day off because of him” I deadpanned and Maxwell smiled.
“I never knew you were so brave” Maxwell said dramatically and ruffled my hair making me smile a bit.. “I wasn’t until ‘he’ happened” I tell Maxwell and he sighed.
“well keep being strong and don’t get angry, cause your angry side is so out of your innocent and nice league” Max said and stood up, before walking away.
Everyone is telling me to cheer up and forget about Richard, but somehow I don’t want to forget about him cause he was actually the best thing that happened to me. I feel so lost. I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore . I sighed and turned to see Leo sitting in front of me. How the hell did he sit here that I didn’t notice.
He tapped the table with his fingers and pursed his lips together making it protrude, I looked away and stayed silent like no one’s in front of me. And he stayed quiet too.
My phone vibrated and I brought it out from my pocket and grunt when I saw the broken screen. It was a text message from Kirana but I couldn’t see it clearly because of the cracks and I called her.
“hey?” she suddenly said when she picked up
“hey Kira” I said lowly and my voice surprisingly came out low and shaky making me sound awful.
“are you Okay?” Kirana asked
“yeah, I’m fine.. What is it. I um saw your text message but I actually couldn’t read it, my phone..the screen got broken” I said slowly cause I know Leo was looking at me again and I just don’t want to turn that way.
“your phone got broken? Too bad, anyway I said I’m free tomorrow, work is cancelled for some reason which I’m going to tell you tomorrow when I come meet him at work” Kirana said and I smiled
“you’re coming here?” I asked again to be sure
“yeah duh, I just said that.” Kirana breathed from the other side of the line making me giggle a little.
“but I thought you’re on the lookout for Maxwell” I said
“oh shut up” Kira tells me making me smile. Leo suddenly cleared his throat making me glance at him.. Kirana heard it and asked.
“who was that?” she asked
“no-one” I lied .. “look I gotta go, see you tomorrow” I quickly said and hung up. I was putting my phone back in my pocket when it slipped from my hand and fell to the ground, AGAIN!!
“d–n it!!” I yelled and picked it up, angrily I placed it on the table and huffed heavily. I breathed in and out slowly making my anger lessened. Leo stared at me and I stared back at him. Looking at him now, he doesn’t scare me again like before..
“do you want to say something?” I asked
“like what?” he returned the question and I kept quiet and looked away, few hours ago I was feeling guilty for yelling at him when he just wants to be “friends” with me.. But now he just sounded like a jerk ..
I stared at my phone wishing it would just magically turn back to the new phone I bought, I mean Richard bought three months ago. I don’t think I’m ready to save up to buy another one.

“you know, the reason why I suddenly approached you was because I wanted to apologize for what I did when I first met you, and you talk and act like someone I know.. I’m sorry if I annoyed you or something” Leo said making me look at him.
Great. He apologized now I’m feeling bad about myself.
“n-no actually.. It’s okay… I’m the one who’s supposed to apologize to you.. I got mad about something else and let it out all you… So I’m sorry” I said honestly and he smiled. Okay admits. He looks cute with his dimpled smile.
“so friends?” he asked.
This guy is unbelievable, I can’t believe he still wants to be friends with me, even when his friends said not to.
“I’m sorry… no,” I said gently and looked away, “why?” he asked..
I sighed still facing the exit of the restaurant,
“i-i don’t m——
I stopped talking when Richard walked in the restaurant and his eyes slowly landed on me making my breathing rapid.

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I quickly broke the sudden eye contact between Richard and I and turned to my front, I can’t believe he’s here, what the hell is he doing here… Suddenly I could hear my heart beat so fast.. I could see Maxwell staring at me from the counter far away, I didn’t know what to do..
Suddenly I felt his presence beside me, his scent his warmth and Leo suddenly looked up at him wondering who he was. But I didn’t dare to look up at him .
“Pen.” his familiar voice called me and my breathing hitched, this is so not happening no matter how hard I think I’m trying to get over him, I was wrong. With him standing right here beside me, and the way he called my name brought memories of us together. And as always I couldn’t help the tears, I bent my face towards my fingers which was ontop my thigh making my hair cover the sides of my face and I let my tears drop freely into my fingers.
“pen? Can we talk” he said again and this time I sniffed, not saying anything.
“please?” he added but still I didn’t make any attempt to raise my head up.

“Richard I think I’m gonna ask you to leave.” Maxwell’s voice said from nowhere..
“leave? Max I just got here” Richard replied.
“yeah I can see that but can’t you at least just realise whatever you came here to do isn’t working” Maxwell said and Richard sighed.
“pen.. Whenever you’re ready to talk, I’m always around” Richard said and I heard as his boots made a turn and walked away..
“he’s gone now, you can stop crying” Maxwell said and I slowly lift my head, my face, nose eyes, everywhere was covered in tears and I know I’m looking terrible.
Leo stare gave made me chilly, but I looked at Maxwell who held a sympathetic look on his face..
“it’s okay” Maxwell Said and pat my shoulder, I cleaned my tears and nodded.. While he forced a smile… “stay here I’ll get you a glass of water” he said and I nod, not objecting..
I tucked my hair behind my ear and sniffed, I know my nose would have turn red my now.. I glance at Leo who was still staring at me not saying a word, but I ignored his stare and waited patiently for Maxwell, seconds later he appeared beside me with a glass of water and I genuinely took it and chug down the whole thing and gave him back the cup.
“I think you should go home now, it would be closing hours soon, but just go home” Maxwell said and I nod and stood up.
“thank you” I said lowly.
“no problem.. ” he replied and I walked away and went to grab my purse, I removed my apron and walked out of the restaurant. The cool fresh air blew my face hair and body making the huge lump in my throat vanish.. But I still didn’t feel okay.
I walked to the bus-stop slowly and luckily I caught the bus, just as I was paying, I realised I had forgotten my phone back in the restaurant but i didn’t care, maybe Maxwell is going to see it and help me keep it.
I got home but didn’t meet neither of parent at home and somehow it sucks being an only child cause I can’t seem to share my day with anyone, and that’s why Kirana is my best friend but she’s not here all the time she works too.
I went to my room and pull all of my clothes off my body, and before I knew it, I found my self crying under the warm shower inside the bathtub.
I am a stupid weakling..
I’m so fragile, friable and soft and I hate myself for being that way.
I got out of the shower and slipped in my pajamas, I got into the bed and covered myself with my blanket and stare at the TV till I fell asleep..
The next day I woke up by the sound of my morning alarm and I did my morning routine and went to work sadly.. I grabbed my apron from the kitchen and tied it around my body, ready to start today’s work when Maxwell walked in.
“good morning” Randee greeted and so did I.
“morning, so Pen how are you feeling.” he asked
“the same.” I replied
“I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or being genuine, but I’ll take it that you’re okay” he said and I smiled at him, he was about leaving but I called him back and he turned.
“did you happen to see my phone, I left it at the table I sat down yesterday” I said.
“oh yeah I did… But I’m not with it.. Leo took it” he said and I groaned.
“don’t worry he’ll give it to you, he promised me he’d give it to you” Max said and I nodded and turned to the knife in front of me while he walked out.
“have you been noticing that within this few days a guy and his friends are always hanging out here” Randee said and I nod
“yeah I know, apparently he’s the owner of this place” I said sarcastically.. “oh my God! Really? He owns this place and he’s handsome.. D–n it he’s my dream guy” Randee said placing her hand on her chest dramatically, making me laugh a bit.
The littlest thing gets me laughing, and also makes me cry too.
After chopping this, frying that, boiling this , steaming and roasting that… We finally took a break from cooking the whole menu while Janet who’s now okay did her waiting job and started serving the foods we just cooked.
During our break Randee was busy with her phone in the kitchen while I just stared at my purse, I finally stood up to take the trash out and just like I expected, I met Maxwell and Leonard talking.
I looked away and walked passed them and getting to the trash cans I gently place the trash bag beside them and made a turn to get inside, passing Maxwell and Leo’s front my name was called and it was Leo.. And I slowly turned it’s kind of hard facing him cause I seriously embarrassed myself in front of him because of Richard yesterday.. Well whatever it’s not like I’m trying to impress him or something.
“yes?.. I said in a gently mannered way.. Just then Maxwell heard his name and he grunt angrily and stood up to go inside. Being an assistant manager Is not his job.

“I um. I took your phone yesterday” Leo suddenly said and my attention immediately went back to him.
“oh yeah, Maxwell told me, do you have it with you?” I asked nicely, I’m being nice to him cause he’s been nice to me and I don’t see any reason that would make me get angry, so I should just flow with the niceness.
“yeah..” he replied and shoved his hand in his pants pocket and brought out an iPhone and placing it on my hand.. I scanned the shinny new expensive phone on me hand and then looked at Leo.
“I use vojio xx4 not an iPhone.. Where’s my phone?” I asked.
“well your phone is broken, and also I figured out its going to expire soon cause xx4 is really an old version of vojio lines of phone, so I bought you a new one” he said..
“but this costs like a billion dollars and I can’t pay you all that” I pondered staring at the phone.
“don’t worry the phone’s not up to a billion dollar and you don’t have to pay me” he stated and I slowly look up at him. “but my contacts, apps, pictures m—
“don’t worry I had everything moved from your old phone to the new one” he immediately caught me off and I sighed.. This is so nice of him..
“why are you being so nice to me? When all I do is loathe and ignore you” I asked.. “because I am nice and like being nice” he replied and I suddenly blinked rapidly.. He doesn’t look like someone who’s nice.. Like all the way nice..
“okay I have a reason, but let’s just say I just did it cause I wanted to and your phone was badly ruined” he added and I nodded understandingly
“thank you” I says softly..
“you’re welcome.. So friends?” he asked and brought out his hand for a shake. So this is the reason he bought this phone or what.
But anyway there’s no harm in making new friends, who can be somehow dangerous – by being extremely handsome, scary and huge, who knows he might be a thief, a big time criminal or worse a serial killer??!! But what am I even thinking I think way ahead of myself sometimes..i shook his hand and smiled after him.
Oh Penelope Loretta Vandale, what are you getting yourself into.
I got back into the restaurant and walked back to the kitchen, and met Jimmy cooking with Randee.
“where the hell were you” Randee asked.
“I went to take out the trash” I replied.. “well there’s no need for me to say anything now cause Jimmy’s taking your spot already” Randee said and continued with whatever she was boiling..
“so what should I do now?” I asked placing my hands on my hips.. “well we’re not doing much anyway, so you don’t have to do anything” Jimmy said and I nod with a smile.
“Jim shut up, to make everything easier, just slice this green peppers” Randee said and sighed and took it from her before grabbing a knife..
With the three of us working, the three of us wasted no time and it was ready in to time.. Just as I was washing my hand Kirana walked in the kitchen looking stunning as ever, she was in a red mini dress that fits her perfect chubby body and also she ends it with a two inches heel.
“Kira!” I said happily.. And quickly whined the faucet to turn off the running water from the sink.. “pen” Kira said with a smile and pulled me in a hug.
“it’s so good to see you” I said
“I told you I’d come today didn’t I? I also called you yesterday but I couldn’t reach you” she said and I remembered I wasn’t with my phone.
“well something happened to my phone actually” I said and she shrugged, we suddenly we heard grumbling… From the sky. .
“today’s sunny, is it going to rain?” Kirana asked me..
“you’re asking me? Do I look like a weather reader.” I said sarcastically and she gave me a look.
“you’re done working for now right?” she asked and I nodded. “great let’s get a table” she said and we both happily walked out of the kitchen and took a table at the window side and while sitting down I carefully brought out my phone of my back pocket, so not to sit on it and ruin it, I place it on the table and Kirana suddenly gasped and yanked it away from the table
“since when did you become an iPhone user” she asked making me smile a bit
“since today” I replied and she looked at me weirdly..
“wait. Have you been saving to buy this, cause this cost like a billion dollars here” she said and I smiled cause I made the same statement as her.
“I know but it’s not up to a billion dollar” I tell her repeating Leo’s word and she looked at me with a funny face..
“look at my bestie being all cool. So tell me how do you buy this” she asked .
“someone actually bought it for me..” I replied and she scoffed.
“I don’t think I can think of anyone who’d buy this for you” she said and I sighed
“it’s actually a long story..” I said, and as she wanted to reply Maxwell came from nowhere
“Ira!” he exclaimed happily seeing Kirana, and Kirana hates being called Ira,
“what? Maxsweat!” she rolled her eyes at him. “great you still remember my name” Maxwell said, okay I don’t know if Maxwell has a crush on Kirana but.. Well I don’t know cause Kirana actually thinks every guy who talks to her likes her.
“so you’re looking beautiful as ever, what are you doing here?” Maxwell asked. “why would I be here if it’s not for Pen” Kirana replied savagely and Maxwell smiled. “oh I get it, bestication..” he said and I smiled, we heard grumbling sounds again and when I look out I noticed the day was getting dark.. Gee.. It is going to rain.
“what the hell, I had no idea it’s going to rain, I’ll be right back” Maxwell said and walked away, “please don’t come back” Kirana yelled after.
“you’re so rude to him” I said
“I know right, maybe I should be even worse than rude” she said with an evil smile.
“hey Pen” I heard my name and looked up to see Leo smiling at me.. “h-hey..” I replied lowly and looked away, Kirana looked up to see who I was talking to and she suddenly gasped.
“Leo!” she exclaimed happily. Hi santus on+2348091756761 to join story group.
“Katherine?” he called unsure of her name.. “it’s Kirana” she corrected and they both shared a brief hug.
Well they know each other, that’s surprising.

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“what are you doing here?” Kirana asked Leo..
I own this place’ that’s what I expected to hear from him but instead he said.
“I hang around here often”
“what are you doing here?” Leo asked Kirana, “oh I came here to visit my friend.” Kirana replied referring to me.
“oh you and Pen know each other?” Leo asked.
“childhood friends” Kirana replied and Leo smiled, “how do you know Pen?” Kirana asked sitting down.
“well I–
“LEO!!” Maxwell yelled from outside and Leo sighed. “I have to go, see you later Kirana” Leo said and smiled before glancing at me and walking away..

“you know that guy?” I asked when I know the coast was clear..
“yeah.. You do too?” Kirana asked
“yeah like four days ago and he’s been forcing me to be his friend” I replied and Kirana blinked rapidly.
“really? The Leo I know isn’t like that, he doesn’t force people to be his friend neither does he talk to people.. I’m surprised he’s even talking to people like Maxwell” Kirana said and I shrugged..
“well I don’t know the old Leo you seem to be talking about but the one I know, he’s nice, he makes friends and he is the one who bought this” I said pushed my phone forward.
“wow. I didn’t know he could be this nice.. The only person who would ever do and buy stuffs for is harmony” Kirana tells me and I gave her a lost face.
“Harmony who?” I asked.
“oh his girlfriend” she replied and I understood and nod. “well he bought it for me and somehow we’re friends” I said and she looks at me confusingly, tilting her head.
“nothing” she quickly said
“so how did you know Leo” I asked and she started.
“well the company where I work now, he owns it, well it was two years ago then and I didn’t know he was the owner of the company, I was working as an intern there, at that time remember? as an intern I run all the errands and then one day accidentally I bumped into him, he was pretty mad, he yelled about this and that and how stupid I am, I insulted him back cause I didn’t know he was my boss yet.. He was so rude I hated him to the core after giving him a huge insult I walked away cause I know that would piss him off. Well to cut things short, the next day I Bumped into his girlfriend harmony, I didnt know how I became a bumping machine then, but harmony was so nice to me she apologized to me when I was supposed to apologize to her.. Well I later met her with Leo and she tried to introduce me to him but he told her we knew each other as enemies but aside that the three of us kind of became friends and then I learned that he’s the owner of the company and that’s he’s stinking rich and it’s almost a year since I saw him and Harmony.. And now he’s gotten a lot prettier but he’s kind of different”
A huge lightened flashed across the sky and a huge thunder sound grumbled after it, making everyone in the restaurant flinch and starts to murmur.. “this rain is going to be a blast” Kirana said and I nodded agreeing with her.
“but wait, if Leo’s so rich why does he hang around here all the time, he should be at home or at work doing some business stuff or something” I asked
“I don’t know, we used to be friends but not the buddy-buddy kind of friend, and it’s been a year since I heard from him so I don’t know what’s going on in his life” Kirana replied and I nod. Suddenly the rain starts to pour heavily and before we knew it, the customers in the restaurant starts to leave, remaining two couples who later left when the rain got heavier, it wasn’t just a rain it was like a tornado rain .. Heavy wind blew and threw things around recklessly..
Maxwell and Leo walked back into the hotel looking a bit wet, but I immediately Turned to Kirana who was talking to me.
“we better get away from this table before the wind carries something heavy and hit the window, killi—-
Kirana hasn’t completed her words when something hit the window smashing the glass real hard and the two of us screamed and left the table with speed. We both burst out laughing cause that was funny but also dangerous..
I snatched my phone from the table and Kirana and backed away slowly, “looks we’re both gonna be here all night if the rain doesn’t stop” Kira said..
“none of us are going to be here if the rain doesn’t stop. So we better get comfy” Maxwell said behind us and we both turned to see him and Leo.
“I wanted to come see my bestie and this happened. D–n it” Kira said and I giggled.

“god I hate being wet” Leo said taking off his jacket and leaving his dry black shirt on.. He pushed his long wet hair back and I quickly looked away cause that was kind of breathtaking and weird.. For me.
“well good thing I’m used to bringing extra clothes I’m taking off all my shirts, Ira care to join me?” Maxwell said playfully with a smile.
“You’ll regret having me join you when something gets missing from your body” Kirana replied and looked down. In between his legs.
“yeah I’m good” he quickly said and walked away.
“that’s what I thought” Kirana breathed out while I giggled, we both sat down at a table not close to any windows or doors, it was the centre of the restaurant and it was way better.
“so… What do you think about Leo?” Kirana asked suddenly and I gave her a look.
“what do you mean by what do I think about Leo?” I re-asked the question and she quickly cleared her throat and said “nothing”
“hey.. Hey… You there..” Kirana said wanting Jimmy’s attention.
“his name is Jimmy” I tell her and she yelled.
“Jimmy!” he flinched turned to us
“get me a glass of orange juice” she said and he nods and walked away,
“orange juice huh?” we heard Leo’s voice said and we looked at him as he slowly sat down
“yep, suddenly I started craving for that” Kirana replied and Leo smiled.
“so how’s Harmony?” Kirana asked.
“harmony’s fine” he replied.
“cool. But pen said you’ve been hanging out here a lot and I don’t think you’ve ever brought her here” Kirana stated, which made Leo narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips together..
“well You See Harmony and I, we’re not together anymore” Leo muttered out lazily.
“oh my gosh. What happened why did you guys break up?” Kirana asked curiously, her lips slightly open.
“well apparently I wasn’t good enough for her.. It was two weeks ago on Saturday actually she just didn’t want me anymore, she told me I wasn’t good enough for her and till today I didn’t know what I did wrong, I gave her all the love and care in this world” Leo said with this sad eyes and for the first time I felt sympathy for him..
“OMG I’m so sorry” Kirana said pitifully
“it’s okay. I’m getting over the loneliness I feel without her..” Leo breathed out and sighed.

“uh– I’ll be right back” Kirana said, stood up and walked away cause she saw Jimmy talking to someone, I know she’s going to yell his head off cause he forgot her orange juice.
Thunder suddenly grumbled as I realise it was Leo and I at the table alone.
“so you and Kirana are pretty close” Leo said looking at me.
“yeah, she’s like an instant sister” I replied and looked away.
“you know, you and I are pretty similar” he started and I looked at him.
“Huh?” I said bewilderingly..
Similar? how?
“Maxwell told me.. The dude who came here and made you cry the other day is your ex Fiancee but he bailed off your wedding, on the wedding day, that’s the same day my harmony broke up with me” Leo explained and sighed.
I didn’t know Maxwell was a blabber mouth..
“and I don’t see how that makes us similar” I said seriously.
“we are, we’re both humans who got heart broken on the same day” he replied and I blinked rapidly and looked away, he’s kind of right but I don’t see how that’s helping any of us.
We both remained quiet and I just looked at my phone while enjoying the sound of the heavy rain, we heard a hard object which hit the window forcefully and I flinched..
“wow. This rain is pretty stormy and dangerous, my mom told me, a tornado rain storm took place when I was born” Leo said and bit my lips, worrying that I’ll yell out of anger and boredom..
Why is he telling me things about him that I don’t want to know, we’re not that kind of “friends” we’re just two people who happens to know each other, weirdly..
“good for you” I muttered very low.. Gritting my teeth.
“are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m just bored” I said and he nods, I looked back but I couldn’t see Kirana anywhere, where the hell is she!!!
“am I boring you?” he asked nicely and I sincerely nod.. “I’m sorry..” I said lowly and he smiled.
“it’s okay, lately I get that a lot, Pete and Liam, my two partners, said I’ve gone soft and boring and I can see it now” he said and I still have an “am-sorry” look..
Kirana suddenly walked up to us looking all red, puffy and happy.
“what happened where’s your orange juice?” I asked her
“what orange juice?” she quickly said and I gave her a weird look.
“the one you asked Jimmy” I help her recalled it and she breathed out an “oh.. Well let’s just forget about that.”..
Something fishy, I know my best friend to well and I know something happened
“okay what happened?” I let it out, observing her very carefully.
“well.. She squeaked and looked back and forth between Leo and I..
“I’ll tell you later” she breathed out
“what? You can’t say it front of me?” Leo added and Kirana nodded.
“I can’t, not even a single alphabet” Kirana said looking at him sternly
“nope, you didn’t change a bit. You’re still the rude Kirana Pattie, I know” Leo sang and I chucked a bit.. Which made Kirana rolled her eyes..
The three of us talked a lot, well I didn’t talk like that Kirana and Leo did a lot of talking, it’s nice to see that she has other friends aside from Mason and I. Cause I don’t, I’ve only got her,and Mason and maybe.. Leo.. nah I don’t think so.. As they both talked, laughed and played , I looked at them and envied them a little bit, they’re so happy and look at Leo, he doesn’t look like someone who got heart broken, I guess girls are really the week ones. Suddenly I started hearing the song mirror by Justin Timberlake over the rain and I looked around to know where it was coming from..
“that’s your phone ringing” Leo said immediately and my head snapped down to my ‘new phone’
“Oh!” I exclaimed, Mason was the caller and I gently carried the phone from the table standing up
“why did you make that song the ringing tone, she told me you bought the phone for her” Kirana said to Leo who was standing up and ignoring her words, and she got mad and slapped his butt and pushed him towards me, making me pick the call and also bumping into me and accidentally and coincidentally, his lips almost touched mine.. it just touched the side of my lips, And I pushed him aside cause he was interrupting my call.
“what did you do that for” I heard Leo said behind me.
“hello” I said into the phone.
“it was a mistake I didn’t know you’d kiss Penelope” I heard Kirana’s voice behind me..
Ugh they’re so loud . “hello!” I said into the phone again
“we didn’t kiss” I heard Richard’s voice from behind and I angrily walked away..

“hello! Mason?” I said slowly now cause I’m away from those two noise makers.
“hey Pen” I heard Mason’s voice and I smiled, I missed him. It’s nice hearing his voice.

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“how are you?” Mason said into the phone .
“I’m fine, everything’s fine.” I said and he breathed out an “okay” from the other side of the line.
“so why are you calling?” I asked
“really? I can’t call my friend and asked how she’s doing.” he replied and I imagined he rolled his eyes.
“you’re not that kind of person, it’s either you want something from me or you want me to do something for you, that’s the Mason I know” I said and hear him laugh.
“well In that case you do not know your best friend at all, I just called to ask if you’re okay cause, well Richard told me he came to see you” Mason blurted out and I sighed.
For once in my life can’t I just live without hearing his stupid name. ???
“yeah he came here, apparently to visit me. He just said he needed to talk and I foolishly cried seeing him” I said angrily like I tasted bitter. I hate myself for crying that day.
“one thing about you is that you cry a lot” he said and I scoffed.
“you’re suppose to be on my side Mr. Not oppose me!” I reprimanded
“I am on your side I’m just telling you things you shouldn’t do, Pen you cried on my birthday last year just because I was cutting the cake.. I mean hello! Who does that?, look some things In life are bound to be forgotten, like what Richard did and also forget about him too cause you’ll only be hurting yourself, he’s my best friend and I’m supposed to be on his side but he did wrong and it’s not fair to support him.. So stop acting like an old lady snail and forget about him okay? Move on Pen” Mason yelled and a hell of a thunder strike causing me to jump, but I cooled down and sighed.
“you’re right… But it’s going to be kind of hard, I’m still trying though.. Cause I love him too much” I said and regretted I said that.
“he loves you too but I think his dumb self is working” Mason said me making smile a bit, but my heart tightened.. He loves me too, then why did he do that.?
I remained quiet for a while holding my tears… No f—–g way. I’m not gonna cry.. It’s getting way out of hand
“hello.. Pen? Are you still there? You’re not crying are you?” Mason suddenly said breaking me out of silence..
“no.. I’m not crying” I replied and he breathed a sigh of relief.
“thank God, just be strong for me, for Kirana, your parents they will love to see you move on” he calmly said and I nod “okay thanks,”
“anytime” he said cheerfully

“but seriously I didn’t know you could be such a great advisor” I said after a brief silence.
“I had no idea until my best friend broke my best friend heart” he said and I smiled.
“well it’s still raining, do you want me to pick you up after work? Or should I come over there?” he asked
“well the rain’s pretty tough and dangerous, I don’t want you to die while cooking to me” I said with seriousness and he laughed.
“like you wouldn’t be happy?” he said, making me gasp playfully.
“you are such a goofball.. I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you..” I tell him and I could feel his smile from the phone.
“yeah, I know.. I love you too But guess what?” he suddenly asked.
“what?” I asked inquisitively.
“are you close to the restaurant door?” he asked
“no but I can see it from here” I replied. “great cause..
The door to the restaurant suddenly opened and Mason walked in making me gasp. His hair was a bit wet but aside that he was perfectly dry , thanks to his leather jacket, I guess.
From the table Kirana sat down she saw Leo from the door and watching stood up making Leo flinch a little. “what are you doing here?” Kirana yelled.
“don’t worry I didn’t come here for you” Mason said to her walking up to me, I slowly pulled down my phone from my ear and cut the phone call.
Mason spread out his arm coming towards me, and with a smile and an eye roll, I hugged him… “you didn’t tell me little Mrs tigress was” Mason whispered in my ear reffering to Kirana and I giggled and pulled away from the hug. “C’mon” I tell him and went back to the table I was sitting before with Leo and Kirana.
“hey! I told you I didn’t come here because of you” Mason said to Kirana who was looking at him awkwardly and settling down beside me. “I don’t care about that? Why did you come in this rain, it’s dangerous out there” Kirana said and Mason smiled at her. “what? You Care about me?” Mason playfully said and smiled
“shut up” Kirana tell him and sat down..
Mason glanced at Leo who was staring at the table and being quiet. “who’s this” Mason leaned closer to me and asked.
“he’s Leo” I replied, trying to whisper but in a way my voice came out loud. And Leo turned and figured out I was introduced him to Mason.
“hi.. I’m Leo Penelope’s friend” Leo said and Mason smiled..
“Friend?” he said and glance at me smiling making me nudge him.
“I’m Mason.. Also Her friend.. But closer. .. We’re close friends like best friend a—
“you know what? Why don’t you two get to know each other, Pen? Can I talk to you?” Kirana cut Mason off and I nodded and stood up..
“get to know each other and we’ll be back” Kirana said one last time before dragging me away from the table and taking me to the one we both ran away from.
“why are we here, do you want us dead another deadly object can strike through the window and kill us” I said
“I don’t care” she quickly said and I gave her a look.
“sorry.. I just need to tell you this and since we’re here the rain can cover our voices..” she said apologetically and I sighed and before saying.
“go on.”
“okay so when I got to meet that Jimmy guy for my orange juice, I walked up to him and started yelling at him for forgetting to bri– to just cut things short, I kissed Maxwell, I mean he kissed me, we both kissed” she said in a panic voice and I gasped.
“so you do like him?” I said almost happily and she rolled her eyes.
“shut up would you?” she said angrily and I bit my lips and bat my lashes at her.. “you don’t have to pretend you don’t I’m your bestfriend, you can share anything with me. ” I primped and she sighed.
“well, we’re just arguing about the orange juice and then I said something which made him dared me to do something and not wanting to be a chicken in front of him, I did and then he dared me to kiss him and I did. And then he reciprocated which Led to a hot and never ending kiss, that’s why my face was all red and puffy, I could feel it..and now I am so freaking out.. But in a good way actually” my best friend panicked and I laughed.. I use to believe Kirana’s a tough girl, who doesn’t let things get to her skin easily, but look at her being all afraid because she kissed a man, she may or may not have a crush on.
I guess when it comes to love. We all become weak.. It’s just to powerful and gets us easily.
“look Kira, you don’t need to panic, just follow your heart” I tell her.
“eww following my heart is the worst.. I followed my heart once and what happened. I dated a stupid Germany guy who tried to sell my cat.. So me and heart we don’t work together” Kirana said and I smiled softly.
“just trust me on this one and follow your heart” I blurted and she sighed.
“okay I’ll try, but don’t you dare tell Mason about this cause seems like we’re not best friends anymore and more like you two, so don’t tell him anything” she warned and I rolled my eyes.
“do I look like that kind of girl to you” I asked, half way angry.
“you don’t look like that kind of girl you are that kind of girl” Kirana said and I scoffed with a smirk
“well I’m not gonna tell him” I said
“whatever” she primped and walked back to the table where the boys are and I trailed behind her.
Getting to the table, the boys were already talking and laughing, wow guys get along real fast.
Leo and I had known each other for almost a week and we didn’t laugh like this. But he just met Mason today and they’re already talking and laughing their lungs out like they’ve known each other for years.
“what are you silly boys talking about?” Kirana said taking a sit beside Leo while I took mine beside Mason.
“I was just talking about my birthday party last year where Kirana entertained us while I was cutting my cake” Mason said and my head snapped at him and I gave him an angry look.
“oh yeah that was hilarious” Kirana said and starts to laugh.
“pen.. I can’t believe you cried” Leo laughed making his dimple holes so wide and deep.
“nice story goofball” I said and angrily to Mason and he grinned. “sorry I couldn’t help it when the story came out of my mouth” he said and I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.
Randee came out of the kitchen with her attention all to her phone
“Randee!”Mason called and her head turned to our table.
“hey Mace..” she said walking up to us
“it’s nice to see you?” she added grinning from ear to ear.
“well it’s nice seeing you too can you get me a plate of yam fries.. I love eating that when it rains” he said and she nods.
“would you like anything?” she asked Leo nicely “I’ll get the same” Leo muttered and she nods
“just get me a glass of orange juice” Kirana replied and Randee nodded and walked away.. “why didn’t you order anything?” Mason asked me when Kirana left.
“I’m not hungry” I replied and he nods.

Randee came back and placed a huge bowl of yam fries in the middle of the table and Mason looked up at her.
“who’s gonna eat this? It’s too much And I don’t have enough money to pay for this, I thought you were going to give us differently?” Mason whined and Randee eyed him.
“shut up and eat, you don’t have to pay, you’re eating with the owner of the restaurant” Randee said and flashed Leo one of her flirty smile. She dropped Kirana’s orange juice and walked away.
“you’re the owner of this place” Mason asked Leo..
“yeah, kinda, sorta.. Maybe? Let’s eat” he said and quickly shoved one of the yam fries in his mouth.
Mason starts to eat while I just stared at Kirana’s juice. And suddenly I wanted it.
“can I have some?” I said to Kirana
“no” she answered dryly and I grunt.
“here” Mason said bringing a fry to my mouth. “I don’t want that” I said.
“just open up and you’ll like it” he said pushing the fry to my closed mouth. I sighed and opened my mouth while he shoved it inside my mouth, smiling, I chewed the little yam in my mouth and gosh it was delicious..
“I want more” I quickly said, my hand almost reaching for the bowl but Mason slapped my hand away.
“you didn’t want it before so you’re not going to get it now” he said playfully making me scoff.
“you are such a child” I blurted out loudly and he laughed.
“still the best word you’ve said to me all year”.
“come-on Mason.. Don’t be a child and just let me have some” I whined like a child. “whose the child now?” he scoffed.
“you can get yours you know” Leo who was watching us said. “I know I’m just too tired to stand up” I replied not looking at him, sometimes it’s just so hard to look him in the eye. And I don’t know why.
“okay fine here” Mason said and brought another yam fry to mouth.
“what? you’re gonna feed me now” I said sarcastically..
“sweetie.. Half Is better than none you gonna argue with that one or stick with me feeding you” he said and I sighed and opened my mouth for him to put it in..
“that’s my girl.” he said and I rolled my eyes
“you guys are such dorks” Kirana said and Mason playfully glared at her..
Mason fed me for a while, whilst Leo watched us with this kind of amusement in his eyes.. Like he wanted to try it out too..
Mason continued feeding me and I couldn’t take it anymore, at the tenth feed.. I bit his finger making him yelp and flinch . And I packed all the fries could my palm could take
“Penny!!” he yelled while I laughed and so did Kirana and Leo.
“sorry but I couldn’t take anymore” I said and place three yam fries in my mouth.
“if you hadn’t been so nice I would have drag out those vampires teeth from your gums” he said and I laughed even more
He sat down and continued eating and kept looking at his fingers..
“I’m sorry” I said..
“it’s okay but it still kind of hurt” he replied and I pulled his finger towards me.. “lemme see”
“there’s not even a single scratch here and you’re being all whiny about my teeth” I said and threw his finger to himself..
“yeah but it still hurts” he said and I rolled my eyes at him. I looked up and notice Leo staring at me but he quickly looked away when I caught him I just ignored that and enjoyed the yam fries..

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So after our big bowl of yam fries which Kirana later joined in and I also had her orange juice, I was the one who took the bowl and cup away cause I work here.
Well aside that we just talked a little before the rain stopped, but the day was still dark and it was only four in the afternoon. Maxwell came out later and said Randee, Jimmy and I could go home early cause the rain kind of ruined business today and he’s going out also to do some important stuff..
Randee and Jimmy left while I stayed and cleaned the kitchen cause I did less work today, and cleaning the kitchen, just covered It all up. After that I took off my apron and packed my hair in ponytail, I don’t want it roaring in the cold wind outside.. I grabbed my purse and walked out of the kitchen and I saw Maxwell and Kirana talking at a corner and saw Leo and mason talking not knowing who to go to I just stood still and watch myself tap my feet lightly on the concrete floor..
I admit I am a boring person..
“hey! Pen. You done?” Mason yelled and I looked up at him and nodded immediately. “okay. Well I can drive you home” Mason said walking up to me.
Home. I don’t feel like going to my old boring house with just me and my parents, who would probably be at work right now. I cant stay alone in that house, I’ll die of boredom and I don’t think Kirana would want to come with me cause there’s an old lady she’s scared of in my neighborhood.
“home? I don’t think I want to go home.” I tell Mason. “why?” he asked making Leo suddenly pay attention to us.
“cause if I go home now I’ll die of boredom, you know how my house is, and these days being alone isn’t the best thing for me.” I said and he straightened his slopped shoulders..
“I understand, where do you want to go I’ll be your driver for today.” he said with a smile.
“your place?” I said remembering how I felt a little bit comfortable on my supposed-to-be-wedding day
“why Mason’s place?” Kirana suddenly chipped in from no where and I turned to see she was no longer talking to Maxwell.
“cause it’s nice now and feel somewhat like a home” I said and Kirana rolled her eyes.
“look you can’t come to my place” Mason said with a sigh.
“why?” I asked
“Richard’s there” he said and I breathed out an “oh!”..
“we can go over to Kirana’s place” Mason said and Kirana looked at him weirdly.
“I’m sorry, we? Who said you could come to my place, the only person allowed in my apartment is Kirana, I don’t want your weird presence in my sweet home” Kirana blurted..
“have any one ever told you how annoying you are” Mason deadpanned
“no one has and anyone who does is probably a fool, and wait you just said that which makes you a lifetime idiot” Kirana said cheerfully.. “you are the mo–
“okay can you guys just quit fighting, you both fight all the time, let’s just go someplace else and hang out” I interrupted Mason and he apologized for the small fight but Kirana didn’t.
“so should we go to the arcade or something?” Mason asked with s grin.
“an arcade, do we look like boys to you” Kirana asked and I know it’s going to start another childish fight between them.
“or you guys can over to my place” we heard someone said and looked around for the person who said that. And it was Leo..
“sweet.. I’ll drive” Mason said with a smirk.
“dude, you just met this, guy he’s kind of like a stranger to you and you’re taking the chances of going to his house!” I said to Mason in almost a whisper but Leo and Kirana heard it.
“like the old saying, strangers make the best of friends” Mason stated and Kirana laughed.
“you blockhead that’s not an old saying you just made that up. And pen he’s not a stranger to either you or more.. So Leo let’s go” Kirana said and walked towards Leo who started walking outside..
I know nothing about this guy..
All I know that he owns this restaurant and that his girlfriend broke up with him. That’s all I know about thing, and one thing I hate is going to stranger’s house.. It hasn’t been too long since I adapted with Mason’s..
“come-on let’s go” Mason said and pulled my hands dragging me to come with him, Leo and Kirana.
I stayed quiet in the back sit of Mason’s car, with Leo beside me.. Kirana took the driver’s seat and Mason the driver.
“I should have gone home” I muttered to myself and Leo glanced at me. O
“are we there yet?” Mason asked.
“just take two right turns and one left and we’re there” Leo replied.. The car became silent, and I sighed and rested my back on the car seat.
Kirana muttered something to herself and turned on the radio, “power of love” by Celine Dion was playing and God I hate that song..
“please turn off that music” Leo and I said together and we turned to look at each other before turning back to Kirana.
“gee.. I was just trying to make the car lively.. Birds of the same feather.” Kirana rolled her eyes and turned off the radio. “much better” I breathed out and she glared at me. But then turned to leo, “so Leonard, why didn’t you bring your car my claustrophobia is acting up in this car” Kirana said and Mason glance-glared at her. Kirana and her abusive words.
“I don’t ride that anymore, I don’t go places that’s why I don’t ride any of my cars” he said and I breathe in heavily.
Wow he doesn’t just have one he has “other” cars
“wow you’ve changed so much” Kirana said looking back at Leo. “how do you mean?” Leo asked.
“you used to be this arrogant p—k. Who’s annoying and Hates other people’s gut.. But look at you now making a bunch of friends like this stupid one driving the car, i’m not saying it’s a bad thing though.. But it’s just not you, it’s like I’m talking to a whole new different Leonard” Kirana explained, while Leo smiled before giving her a reply.
“I guess my break up with Harmony did change me a lot”
Looks I’m not the only who’s still having a huge monster emotional breakdown after my stupid fiance.. I mean Richard broke me.. But his is kind of funny, it made him turn nice..
“I’ve made two right turns and a left one and I don’t know, is your house getting more far” Maxwell suddenly said and Leo’s head tilt up. “just drive a little and we’ll be there” he assured Mason
“are you sure you’re not trying to sell us” Mason said and Leo laughed. he’s cute when he laughs..

“there. We’re here” Leo said and Mason stopped the car.
“finally” I breathed out within myself and.. Opened the car door and walked outside. Finally fresh air..
“finally fresh air” Kirana breathed out my thought and I laughed lightly.. “that car was suffocating me” Kirana added making me Laugh even more. “where’s Leo” Mason asked coming out of the car.
We all turned and saw him walking towards a gigantic marbles painted house.. “sweet cheese is that your house?” Mason yelled.
“don’t embarrass us and keep your voice down” Kirana said and used her elbow to hit his stomach.
Kirana and Mason walked up to Mason, while I tried to trail behind them I hit my toe nail on a small rock and dang it, it hurt so much.
So much for wearing sandals, I should have worn one of my canvas or sneakers. I ignored the pain which was still hurting and followed them. The day was getting brighter little and by little and the sun has start to come out… Thank goodness.
We all got in Leo’s house and. Wow was just all I could think about or say.. He lives alone in this kind of Mansion and yet he doesn’t stay here.. What’s up what this dude.. “help yourself with anything” he said as we got in the living after crossing a small pool that has a small decoratively bridge that led to the living room. This house must be way too expensive..
“pen, you’re bleeding” mason said as he sat down on of the super shiny expensive couch. I looked down at my toe cause that’s where mason was looking at I gasped. “Must be a small wound from the rock I hit my toe earlier outside” I said feeling uncomfortable as my blood sprout out of my big-toe nail and stained, Leo’s clean tiled floor..
“well you better cover that up” Kirana said and I nod.. “Leo you’ve got any first aid kit” Kirana asked and he nods and walked away coming back with a small first aid kit..
“give it to me.. I’ll give her the treatment” mason said and Leo passed the first aid kit to him
“don’t worry I’ll do it myself” I said sitting down and taking off my sandals.. “it’s okay.. I’m here I’ll do it” Mason said and knelt in front of me opening the first aid kit.
And started to treat my wound. “lately you’re just being all nice to pen and you’re not like that before, are you sure you’re not having a crush on her?” Kirana said teasingly and Mason sighed and looked at her.
“sometimes, you have to shut up” he said angrily “I was just joking you birdbrain” Kirana snarled and threw him one of the couch pillow. Which he bravely dodge with a smile.
“there..” mason said and I glance at my feet to see that my leg has gotten treated and was wrapped up with a clean small, tiny bandage.
“thanks mace” I said and he shrugged.
“what would you do without me” Mason said smiling at me
“everything! She can do anything without you” Kirana chipped in and Mason huffed and sat down ..
I later cleaned my blood which spilled on the floor and joined the others who seemed like they wanted to watch a movie..
“OMG it’s a picture of you and harmony” Kirana said bringing out a picture from a box filled with different kind of DVD cassette player ..
“lemme see” mason said and snatched it from her hand. Which made Kirana sighed angrily and continued looking at the box for a good movie to watch.
“she’s cute.. Looks a little bit like Pen to me” Mason said and I gave him a look. “see for yourself she looked a little bit like you..” he said and handed me the picture… “I look nothing like her, we just have similar red hair that’s all” I stated.
“you both kind of have the same smile” Leo suddenly said and I looked at him and shook my head negatively. I handed Mason back the pictures and he gave it to Leo shoved it back in the film box.
“why are you putting in there, aren’t you going to hang it up or put it in a place where you or anyone can see it” mason asked Leo.
“I love harmony and I will love to put that picture up in the wall but she can come here any day and she’ll see it and think I’m not over her” Leo replied
“but are you over her?” mason asked.
“no! But she has to believe I am” Leo said and Mason laughed.
“you are smart.. And also nice” mason said.. “oh I’m far from being nice” I heard Leo said lowly but I don’t think mason heard it cause I was like in between them but there’s a space between Leo and I but no space between mason and i..
“got it.. The perfect movie!! We’re watching princess switch tonight.” Kirana said standing up from the floor.
“ugh.. I think Pete’s sister bought that movie and left it here” Leo said. “well have you seen it” Kirana asked
“no but I think it will be boring, do you even hear the name princess switch” Leo said in his deep voice and Kirana rolled her eyes.
“don’t judge a movie by its cover”
“I thought it was don’t judge a book by its cover since when did it change” mason said playfully to Kirana but only received a glare.
These two are kind of funny.
“okay keep quiet everyone, the movie’s starting” Kirana said happily
“no one was talking” mason deadpanned and Kirana angrily stoned him the remote she was holding. “shut up” she yelled and came to join us on the couch but quickly stood up after realising she’s sitting down beside Mason who rolled his eyes immediately she left and took a single chair.
The movie started and we all remained quiet and payed attention to the movie, Even Leo the Opposer of the movie payed real attention.
The movie had already gone half way when Leo starts to dose off.. “hey don’t fall asleep here” I warned him lowly.. “me? Fall asleep.. I can’t” he said and few minutes later his head was lying on my shoulder..
“you said, you wouldn’t sleep” I said and smacked his forehead making him jerk up.
“you said you wouldn’t sleep.” I tell him. “sorry I couldn’t help it, it’s just so boring” he said and I rolled my eyes and pushed to the TV. And before I knew it he placed his head on my shoulder again and this time I just let him be. The movie became was becoming more interesting and I know it was about to end and at the ending.. I couldn’t help it, I cried.. It just ended so happily and I just wished my life could be like that.
“I thought you’re over crying in movies” mason said as I sniffed lowly not letting anyone know I was crying. I quickly sit properly and used my shoulder to hit his head.
“I thought you were asleep” I said pretending I never cried.
“I was never asleep, I was watching from your shoulders” he said with a smile. “now my shoulders hurt” I said and he laughed..
“well that was one heck of a movie” Leo breathed and laid his head on his couch. “then if you were not crying, why are your eyes red” Mason suddenly said making my head turn to him
“something got in my eyes.” I lied.
“oh really, lemme see” he said and placed his index finger under my chin and lifting my face up. He moved his face closer to mine and looked inside my eyes.
“I don’t see anything..” he said suspiciously and brought his face even more closer to mine, making only an inch to prevent our face from touching.. And him looking in my eyes was awkward, he was looking for anything in my eyes.. He had this look in his eyes that I couldn’t explain actually.. And my breathing suddenly hitched.
“get away from my face” I said looking at him in the eyes.
“your breath smells like orange” he said.
“are you two gonna kiss or what is happening” Kirana said and I angrily moved my head back making it hit Leo’s head.
“ouch” I said and glared at mason.
“sorry..” he laughed.
Leo sighed heavily and stood up.
“sorry I didn’t mean to bump into y—
“it’s okay.. Ice-cream sundae anyone?” Leo interrupted me.
“count me in” Kirana said with happiness.
“we all get it you like ice-cream, so just shut up” Mason said..
He’s trying to get into Kirana’s skin again. Kirana ignored him and said. “C’mon Leo I’ll help you carry the ice-cream”
“don’t eat it on your way back” mason teased and Kirana showed him her middle finger before walking away with Leo.
Mason and I remained quiet being the only one in the living room and I turned to him.
“don’t so that again” I said to him
“do what?” he asked. “what you did earlier, bringing your face to mine” I said and he laughed.
“what? were you scared we were gonna kiss”
“no!.. Yes” I said honestly and he laughed again. “don’t worry we didn’t and we’re not gonna do it” he said and I sighed..
Leo and Kirana came back with two bowls of ice-cream, one for Mason and I and the other one for Leo and Kirana, but Kirana loves ice-cream so much she took the others to herself that Leo had to get another one.
And we all sat down on the cool neat tiled floor and enjoyed our ice-cream. Hi santus on+2348091756761 to join story group.
“oh my gosh.. This is so good. Don’t worry pen I’m gonna make you get married to Leo, so we can get free food” Kirana said and Leo laughed while I glared at her.
“that wasn’t funny” mason said, I didn’t know if he was teasing Kirana or it wasn’t really funny to him
“no it wasn’t” I added.
“chill girl it was just a joke” Kirana said and rolled her eyes.

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After a little bit of chit chat and playing of different games in Leo’s house we decided to leave.. Cause it was getting late..
I put on my sandals, careful not to touch my injury and after that, I grabbed my bag and stood up. “I’m good to go” I said and smiled at Kirana who didn’t make any attempt to stand up cause she seriously loves this place.
“yes we do!” mason said and pulled her up from the couch..
“let go of me streetwall” Kirana insulted and I sighed.
“Kira, just let the boy drag out of here we need to leave and it’s getting late” I said and she huffed and stood properly.. “fine let’s go” she said and pulled her hand from Mason’s grip..
“Leo don’t worry, we’ll be back again soon” Kirana said and Leo laughed “sure”
We all start to head out and Kirana kept sighing.. “bye Leo” she said to him with a smile.
“bye” Mason just said and they both nodded at each other. Boys..
I waved to him and he smiles in return.. “bye” he breathed out and we all walked out of his beautiful.. So beautiful house.
After, Kirana, mason and pen left, I sighed very loudly and sat down on my couch and stared at the TV, I hate being alone. .. Harmony kind of ruined me.. Before I was a this lonely and always angry boy who hates other people presence.. But all that changed when I met harmony.. I met her three years ago in a subway where I accidently bumped into her. She forced me to apologize which I didn’t want to and she started throwing curses at me and dragging other people’s attention in the subway, embarrassing me like crazy.. But I later apologized angrily after hearing rude comments from the people around us. After that day coincidentally we met again and well.. Let me just say, that’s all we both started and I really love her.. But one day she just decided she didn’t want me anymore and I didn’t know what I did wrong..
Was it me? Or her?.. I asked myself everyday and I couldn’t believe myself, that one day I actually almost cried… Almost but me being the strong leo I am.. I didn’t but I guess no matter how strong we think we all are when it comes to love.. We’re just right under it, it’s makes us weak. And in life after every sweet hi.. There’s still a bitter sweet bye…
After ending things with harmony I decided to make new friends cause being alone would just make me sick, ’cause she’s not here with me and all I can just do it miss her which the most hurtful aspect of love.. Missing someone you know you can’t ever get back..
I kind of ran away from home cause it’s reminds me of harmony everyday and hang out in the restaurant I handed to one of my business partner, Boris and through Boris I get to know Maxwell, I hang out with them everyday until Boris went out of the country until it was just me, Maxwell and my other friends Pete and Liam or would I call them business partner cause all we do is talk about business when we’re together..
And well why hanging out in the restaurant everyday, I get to meet Penelope, while she was throwing out trash bags in the night and I had to use her to lie to a cop cause Liam stupidly Broke into an old lady’s car just because he thought he saw a snake and he wanted to help .. But sadly two cops who were standing there thought we were robbing the car and we suddenly had a run for it, Liam and Pete hid somewhere while I used Penelope as my alibi.
That night was crazy we talked and talked about it over and over the next day in the restaurant. And then I found Penelope okay, she looked pretty in daylight cause well, I didn’t get a god look at her last night. She suddenly reminds me of harmony, her everything, the same hair the same height, the same body features but different attitudes. Harmony Is more like a savage b—h who is so rude and don’t care what people thinks about her and that’s why I love her.. while Penelope is more like this nice girl, who loves everyone around her, who doesn’t seem to care about the present or future but the past and who gets intimidated easily.. She’s got a cute fierce face but she’s so fragile.. Me making friend with her is just that she’ reminds me of harmony but nothing else, but it seems like she doesn’t like being around me.. But she acted really okay today cause Kirana and Mason were here with her,
Well I guess making friends isn’t that bad cause I sure had a lot of fun today with Kirana, pen and Mason and now that they’re gone I don’t think I want to stay here anymore. Cause the sound of loneliness is calling.. I breathed in heavily and stood up.. I walked to my room upstairs, and seriously it’s been ages since I slept in my room. Cause you know it had always been harmony and I,
God I miss her so much, like Ariana’ said, ‘who ever said money can’t solve your problems, must not have had enough money to solve ’em.. But she’s wrong, I have like enough money… I don’t have any problem cause money solved them all But still I’m not happy, cause I don’t have harmony and money can’t solve that .
I got on my bed and sighed heavily and before I knew it, I fell asleep…

It was Friday, I woke up and looked at my alarm, surprised that it didn’t wake me up, I sighed and got out of bed and did my morning routine.
Yesterday was fun, I guess.. Hanging out in Leo’s house with Kirana and Mason wasn’t so bad as I expected.
I put a pair of Blue Jeans covered in white dots and a white T-shirt, before putting on a while sneaker. I am so not wearing sandals today.. I rushed breakfast which I made by myself and the bread I toasted tasted like burnt trees but I didn’t care..i ate it anyways..
I got to work and as usual met Maxwell by the counter and greeted him with a smile, suddenly remembering he kissed my best friend yesterday, I flushed that out of my head cause it’s none of my business..
I got into the kitchen and met Jimmy and Randee cooking already, actually Jimmy was the one cooking while Randee was busy with her phone.
Janet, the waiter who has suddenly recovered from her illness walked in the kitchen.. “guys a whole table just ordered for macaroni and meatballs, and you guys still haven’t prepare that” Janet complained.
“just give us five more minutes and we’ll be the done in no time” Jimmy said calmly to her.
“we? Seems like you’re the only one working.. Pen just got here and Randee who’s been here since is busy with her phone” Janet said angrily.
“who said I haven’t done anything!” Randee said angrily.
“I did, I don’t know who the hell you’re chatting with but the customers are starving and you need to drop that goddamned phone sometimes” Janet yelled and it’s not good to get on her bad side.. She’s a hot tempered girl.
“look blondie, why don’t just shut up and get out of here, waiting tables, is your job not yelling at me.. You got that barbie?” Randee reprimanded and Janet gave her one last glare before walking out of the kitchen.
“whoa” Jimmy breathed out,
“that was little harsh, you know she hated being called Barbie” I tell Randee.. “that’s why I called her that, she’s just so bossy and I hate her for that”.
“but seriously you spend too much time with your phone” I beckoned.
“oh so you’re going to be Janet the second now” Randee said angrily and I rolled my eyes and looked away.

The three of us started working, and still Randee looks boil this and turned to her phone, chopped this and turned to her phone and it was just getting out of hand.
“Randee, have you put the vegetable oil on fire” Jimmy asked.
“yeah” she said her attention turned to her phone.
Jimmy and I shared a worried look before turning to what we were preparing..

“pass me the ice-blocks” Jimmy said to Randee, who completed didn’t hear what he was saying or who chose to ignore..
“Randee?!!” I called this time louder than Jimmy’s so she can hear me..
“what?” she turned to us.
“you’re not paying attention to anything but your phone and that’s pretty dangerous, when cooking you have to be focused or else something might go wrong” I said strictly and she rolled her eyes.
“don’t lecture me I know what am doing” she stated and I sighed.
“Janet was right, you don’t do anything in here, all you do is play with your phone” I yelled
“look pen, don’t yell at me cause you ain’t my mom..”
“I’m just saying you just focus more on what you’re doing here than your phone”
“what I do is non of you business, like I said, I know what am doing, so back off pencil” Randee said abusively and grabbed the bowl of ice block Jimmy told her to bring.
“here.. Isn’t this what you asked for?” she said shaking it dramatically and unfortunately it slipped from her hand and the ice blocks fell into the boiling oil. Making fire flames come out of the pot and the three of us moved back immediately cause it was bringing out so much smoke.
“quick go get the fire extinguisher” I tell Randee.
“don’t boss me Around” she yells back at me.
“I am not bossing you around, just go get the fire extinguisher, look have what you’ve caused” I yelled
“whatever” she said and walked out immediately.
“what is going on here” Maxwell walked in. “no time to explain we have to get turn off the fire before it could get worse” Jimmy said coughing real hard and so am I cause the smoke was getting to much and we couldn’t see clearly, and sadly a rag beside the pot caught on fire, and spreading a little.
“I’ll go get the fire extinguisher” Maxwell yelled.
“Randee Left al—-
I suddenly passed out.

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I woke up with my visions all blurry but suddenly it was clear.. I turned to my side to see Mason beside me.. I realised I was lying on what seems like an hospital bed and an intravenous drip was connected to my hand.
No doubt I’m in a hospital..
“what happened?” I asked slowly, pushing myself up to sit.
“careful” mason said and I wiped his hand away as he tried to hold me and help me up.
“I don’t need to be careful, I’m fine, what going on, why am I here?” I asked lowly but very fast.
“you’re here because of the fire that happened in the restaurant where you work and too much smoke got in your lungs you passed out.” he replied and I sighed.
Right the fire, Randee is just so.. Ugh I don’t even know what to say about her.
“so what happened?” I asked mason.
“what?” he asked back.
“aside from me did anyone else got hurt” I say it properly and he understood and shook his head negatively.
“well actually I don’t know, cause I only came here when one of the nurses called saying I’m the last person you called and she told me how you ended up in the hospital making come here as fast as possible” mason explained and I nod.
“well I need to get out of here, I want to know if everyone’s okay” I said trying to get down from the bed but he pushed both of my shoulders back and Gave me a look
“you seem fine, you look fine and you are fine, but you need to let the doctors come discharge you before you leave” he beckoned and I huffed and laid back on the bed.
“when are they going to discharge me?” I asked lowly.
“next month” he replied and my eyes widen at him.
“next month!!” I yelled and he laughed a bit. “no I was just kidding.. That was a joke you were suppose to laugh” mason comprehended but I just rolled my eyes at him.
“your jokes don’t get me laughing” I said and he shrugged.

We both stayed quiet without saying anything and that got me worried and really stressed out, is everyone okay?.. I asked my self and breathe in and out slowly until a nurse walked up to my bed and I quickly got up and sat down properly.
The nurse removed the drip connected to my hand and I couldn’t be more glad.
“miss Penelope vandale, you are lucky this wasn’t serious, don’t worry you didn’t take much smoke in your body.. And we’re not prescribing medicines for you anymore so you’re good to go” the nurse said and I smiled.
“okay thanks”.
After clearing everything with the hospital, I got into Mason’s car with him and told him to take me back to the restaurant so I could see how everyone is.. He refused but I kept pleading and he agreed, and drove me there..
We went back to the restaurant and I almost cried when I saw half of the restaurant burnt, there was a group of firemen still walking around with hoses when the fire’s already quenched. The place was filled with people and it was hard finding the people I know..
Luckily I saw Maxwell being treated by two nurses without their uniform in front of him.
“Maxwell.” I called as I got close to him and gasped heavily when I saw his wrist got a little burnt
“oh pen, you’re here! And you’re okay.. That’s nice” he said almost happily.
“and you’re hurt” I said sympathetically
“don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it seems” he said and I know he’s lying he’s trying to endure the pain when he can’t. “but how did you get burnt” I asked with my voice shaking real bad.
“you need to give him some breathing space please, let him get treated first” one of the nurses said and I nod slowly and backed away. “maybe I’ll tell you’ everything later” Maxwell said and I nod before walking away with Mason, I tried to get into the restaurant but three huge police wouldn’t let me in so I just back off and when I turned to my side, I saw Randee sitting down on what seemed like a rock but wasn’t and I didn’t what it was. I was about to walk up to her and give her a piece of my mind when Janet suddenly did that.
“look at the mess you made” Janet said to Randee gesturing her hand in the dramatically.
Randee ignored her like she wasn’t there but Janet continued anyway.
“you made the restaurant got burnt, Maxwell hurt and you made all of us loose our job and you also made Penelope passed out”
Randee rolled her eyes and stood up, but Janet stepped in her way as she tried to walk away.
“I am talking to you Randee and you’re going to listen to me.. People like you don’t learn from their mistakes and that’s pretty stupid.. That’s dumb and that’s self foolishness, you always think you’re right when you’re hundred percent wrong, you think everyone’s bossing you around when everyone’s actually telling you the right thing, you’re afraid to let people control you when you’re not in control of yourself, and I’ve had with you seriously, you make me sick.” Janet yelled bitterly and Randee turned to her.
“look don’t go all Judge Judy on me.. Like I caused the accident alone. Some part of it were Penelope’s fault too” Randee lied, she’s seriously accusing me behind my back, not knowing I’m listening to their conversation.
“no f—–g way, even though I wasn’t in there when it happened, I know Penelope can never be careless.. Ever if millions of people hand me billions of cash for to admit Penelope did it.. I wouldn’t take that money cause I know Penelope can never be careless like you” Janet stated and all I could think of was wow.
I never knew she could stand up to me like that. Randee didn’t know what to say or do anymore so she angrily walked away.
Janet pushed her blonde hair back, sighed and turned to See Me staring at her.
“pen!” she exclaimed happily walking up to me.
“you’re okay” she said and I gave her a smile and nods.
“that Randee is just so annoying I was talking to her seconds ago and she wouldn’t even look at me or even listen” Janet said angrily.
“Jennie just let her be, we don’t need to ruin our voices just because of girls like that” I said and Janet smiled and nod.
“you’re right.” she said with a sigh of relief. “anyway I have to go check on Maxwell, everything just happens so fast and I didn’t know where I was..” Janet complained
“and we didn’t just loose the restaurant, we lost our jobs too” Janet added before walking away making me sigh bitterly.
I turned to my sides but I couldn’t find Mason, and suddenly I saw Leo coning out from the restaurant which I couldn’t get in minutes ago.
“Leo!” I called and his head turned to my direction immediately.. Okay this is the first time I’ll be calling him. His name actually. For him to hear,
“Pen.. What are you doing here?” he asked as he walked up to me
“I thought you were at a hospital,” he added. “I was but not anymore, I’ve been discharged and I came here to see if everything’s okay with everyone” I said and he nods.
“well.. It’s a good thing nobody got hurt, well.. aside from you and Maxwell.” he said and I nod agreeing with him.. “what about the restaurant” I asked lowly.
“half of it got burnt” he replied.
“well is it fixable” I asked like I’m gonna fix it myself, I just wish Randee had listened then all this wouldn’t have happened.. This restaurant can take months to be completely fixed and aside from being with Richard and my parents, this restaurant has been part of my life too.
“of course it can be fixed, but it’s up to Boris if he wants it fixed or not I called him minutes ago and told his about the incident” Leo replied and I nod and sighed sadly. Suddenly I was zoned out, thinking of the time I’ve spend in the restaurant and how much Iove it.
“Pen?.. Why are you crying” Leo suddenly asked.
“I don’t know it just seemed like some part of me were burned to, I mean I kind of grew up in this place, I spent three years here and now it’s all gone. And I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you by crying but I’m sorry I just can’t help it.” I cried covering my face with my palm.
“you’re not embarrassing me, I know how you feel, even though it hasn’t been too long since I started hanging out here, I did have fun while being here and seeing it burnt now feels like something in me got burnt too, so I understand how you totally feel and sometimes you just have to let your tears out than for it to be build an ocean inside of you and make you go crazy, so it’s totally okay for you to cry” Leo advice and I cleaned my tears. “thanks” I breathed out and sniffed.
“I didn’t know you give pretty good advice” I said and mean it, still cleaning my tears properly
“I’m bad at advice, but I actually learned that from my ex” he said and I know he’s talking about his Harmony. and suddenly I feel bad for him
“sorry… You must have loved her a lot” I said sympathetically..
“yeah I did.. But the past is in the past, even though I can’t get over her.. I still have to move on cause she’s not here anymore” he breathed out.
“and you have to too” he added which made me glance at him. He’s talking about Richard, and he’s right.
“I know” I breathed old, doubting he heard me..
Look at me talking about ex’s and stuff with the least person I’ll ever think of, Leo.. But he’s not so bad.. He’s actually a great listener and his communicating skills isn’t so bad either. Maybe I’ve judged him to much.
“we’re both similar.. Like I said before, so people like us needs to take a step forward but not too quickly.” Leo adviced and I nodded again agreeing with him. He is so right.
“you know I’ve always judged you the wrong way because of the way, you look , your dressing, I assumed you for a serial killer and/or a high criminal.. And I’m sorry” I said truthfully and he nods with a small laugh.
“okay sometimes, don’t be too honest and it’s okay.. I do look like serial killer” he said still smiling. “thanks..” I muttered.
“for what?” he asked.
“you actually kind of made me felt a little bit okay with what’s happening” I replied not looking at him. And he smiled
“yeah, what are friends for?” he said..
Yeah, friends.
I think we are friends now..
Maxwell came up to us, his hand wrapped up with a clean bandage.. And he started.
“hey Leo… Boris just called me and he said he’ll talk about the restaurant when he comes back”
“okay.. So it’ll be on lockdown foe now” Leo said and Maxwell nodded. I don’t know why Leo handed his restaurant to Boris, and now he can’t fix it cause he has to get Boris approval..
“and Pen, I think you all should go home, I’m going to send you all the payment you’ve worked half of the month.. And Randee is so going to regret her mistakes cause the restaurant holds a lot of good memories” Maxwell said making me sigh.
“so I guess this is goodbye.. No more coming to work and hearing your horrible jokes” I teased..but in sad way and he laughed as we shared a brief hug again.
“don’t worry Breek is a small town pen, we’ll totally each other again and you know my address, you can come visit me if you miss me” he said and I rolled my yes with a smile.
“no thanks.”
“anyway bye” I said and turned to Leo and waved a little bit before walking away, trying not to cry, If there’s no Eatees restaurant or Richard what am I going to do with my life. I looked at the restaurant one more time before walking up to mason, who didn’t hesitate to walk back to his car with me and drive me home.

We both remained quiet as he drove me home and I was glad he didn’t say a word cause I wasn’t in the mood for talking.
Finally he got to my house, and suddenly someone stood in front of the car and when looked properly, it was Richard. And he was staring at me.
Kill me.
“so should I keep driving or..
“no.” I interrupted Mason.
“he wants us to talk. And I’ll give it to him” I said, opened the car door and walked out of the car.. Today isn’t so great for me but there’s one thing I’ve learned from a friend today, and that ‘thing’ Is moving on and putting the past behind me. And that friend is Leo, and Richard it’s time to have a taste of your own coffee.

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I walked up to Richard and he wore a stern face.. His chestnut eyes were piercing right through mine but I didn’t have the time to drool over them.
“what do you want?” I asked with a serious face.
“I want to talk with you” he replied and I sighed and folded my arms.
“okay then. Start talking”
“okay.. I know this sound cliche but I’m sorry” he said and I sighed and folded my arm
“okay…” I said and he paused.
“okay? That’s it.. I said am sorry and you just replied me with an ‘okay” he said with a befuddled look.
“what else do you want me to say, what else do you want from me…” I asked
“I don’t know yell at me.. Curse me.
“I don’t yell Richard, not today or tomorrow or anyday, look, if sorry is what you say then I forgive you” I said and he paused.
“you do?” he asked lowly..
“yes, I forgive you” I replied lowly and calmly and he remained quiet.
“so is there anything else you’d like say, the sun’s burning me” I said and he nods..
“okay spit it out.”
“let’s get back toget–
“oh my goodness.” I interrupted him and laughed.
I totally expect that.
“you’re joking right?” I said still smiling but with a confused look he shook his head negatively.
“no Richard, you are joking cause I can never have a relationship with you again. How can you think I will when you ruined me.. Don’t get me started on telling you what you did.” I said pointing out my index finger at him.
“please Penelope I love you, you do too” he said with a shaky voice. I do love him.
“no way, my love for you was gone, crumbled, smashed when you told me that non-sense words on our wedding day” I yelled and he flinched. I don’t yell too much but he got me yelling and this is not going to end well.
“but It was wrong of me to do that and I was scared of getting married, cause I was afraid to loose you.”
“loose me? You can’t loose me I loved you,”
“everyone around me who was getting married, were getting divorced and I was scared that would happen to us too but I couldn’t tell you because you were so Happy about the wedding” Richard explained and I breathe in heavily so I wouldn’t cry and it worked.
“you could have told me before our wedding day, you had your chance but you let it go, and we could have talked things out Richard, why are you so stupid” I said, my body boiling and it feels like I’m gonna explode
“I know and I’m sorry..but please pen.. I’m asking for a second chance..” he said pitifully and I rolled my eyes
“you should hear your self Richard, you sound pathetic. In this life there are no second chances,” I stated clearly.. “there are no second chances for others, but it’s your choice to make for us we, you can make that happen” Richard blurted and I sighed angrily
“us? Richard Wayne, there might have been an ‘us’ two or three weeks ago but now there is no us. There will never be an us..” I seethe, I seriously fought with my tears and had to end this before I cry. I can’t accept Richard again.. I can’t.. I love him but what he did was beyond repair.
His eyes suddenly became glossy and I smirked. He thinks I’m gonna get back to him when he cries?.
“l-i-.. Pen.. Are you saying the four years we’ve spent together will just go in vain?” he asked his voice becoming very low..
“don’t you dare say that, like it was my fault.. And yes it will all go in vain cause you choose to have it that way.” I tell him and he bent his head down before slowly raising them up.
“I’m sorry pen” he breathed out.
“you don’t have to apologize anymore, I already forgave you, and that’s enough for me to give to you, if you’re asking for more I’m afraid you won’t get it, so just accept me forgiving you than forcing some things that can never happen and let’s just be two people who happened to know each other somehow” I said calmly and a tear dropped from his making me look away..
“I wish could get back again Richard, but we can’t, not in this century or the next one.. I cannot be broken twice” I said, turned and started to walk away but his voice stopped me.

“Pen. Do you still love me?”
I paused hearing that and I sighed taking all the air I could get and I slowly Turned
“no.” I lied. plainly and he nods and sniffed.
“okay.. Just so you know I don’t regret the four years we’ve both spent together, it was the best time of my life” he tells and my started to get clogged from holding up my tears.
“well you shouldn’t regret it cause you’re not going to witness anything like that again.” I said and finally walked into my house, my legs became weak when I got in and immediately I fell to the ground and tears poured out like never before.
I still love Richard, and I don’t regret the four years we spent together but something’s are not meant to stay the way they are..
The door suddenly opened and Mason walked in.
I looked at him and looked away crying every more.
He gently closed the door and walked up to me…
“you left your purse in my car” he said and dropped my purse gently beside me on the concrete floor.
He sat down on the floor with me and I turned to him.
“what are you doing” I asked in my shaky crying voice.
“I don’t know.. Keeping you company?, cause I’ll actually be a jerk if I happen to leave.” he replied .. I became quiet and let my tears flow like never before, I at least I’m crying in front of Mason, not in front of Richard, I stood my ground so he wouldn’t think I’m still the soft Penelope he knows. And I am still the soft Penelope he knows but I can’t let him see that.
“I heard the whole conversation you and Richard had” Mason said through my silent cries.
“please you can talk about it anyday but not today” I cried and he nods… I cleaned my tears and sniffed.. “uhhhh… This is so uncomfortable” I blurted loudly so my cracking crying voice would clear from my throat.
“what is? Me sitting here and watch you cry or–
“I’m not uncomfortable around you” I interrupted Mason.
“and you’ve seen me cry a lot, so it’s not something that makes me uncomfortable.. Sitting here on the floor with this tight jeans on is making me uncomfortable” I said and he laughed. “so stand up” he said and stood up before helping me get up.
“thanks” I said and breathed out a sigh of relief.. “so I should get going, now that it seems that you’re okay”
“oh.. Yeah.. Okay, thanks anyway” I smiled at him. And I pulled him in a hug, he smiled at me before walking out making me sigh.. Again.

I went upstairs to my room and stripped my clothes off my body before walking into my bathroom.. I walked into the bathtub and turned the faucet beside me, making the shower above me pour out warm water,
I stayed like that for an hour, my hair to my face, my hands hugging my knees and my face buried inbetween my hands. I was lost in thought and didn’t make a move until the warm water turned cold. I let the cold water beat my body and making me shiver but I still didn’t make a move to get up and if I should here like this with the cold water hiting me, I could catch a cold.
And I did stayed like that, till I hear the door downstairs open and I know it was my mom, I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my body and on my hair, I change into my pajamas and dried my hair before going downstairs.
My mom and I ordered deep fried turkey and ham because non of us had the straight to cook, and I told my mom about the fire today in the restaurant.. After dinner I kissed my mom goodbye before going up to my room and there I drifted to sleep.
The next day, I woke with the sun shining on my face and it wasn’t a good thing cause your eyes will feel like exploding.. I heard a familiar voice and I cleaned my eyes to see Kirana sitting beside me. And I sat up
“finally princess Penelope has finally woken up” she said and rolled her eyes
“do you know what time is it? It’s two in the afternoon” she said making my head turn to my wall clock.
Great. I slept too much.. But it’s not a bad thing though since I don’t have any place of work to go I might as well have another round.
“what are you doing here?” I asked, my voice was horsey so I coughed to let it get cleared up.
“I heard about the restaurant and came here to check if you’re okay?” she said and I sighed.
“don’t remind me..” I groaned and fell back on the bed causing my body to bounce and I liked that.
“I heard everything from Mason and also about –Richard..” she said the last part hesitantly but I just sighed.
“look I don’t want to talk about that”
“who said I was going to talk about old news like Richard, I’m here to cheer you up and I have the perfect thing for that”
“if it’s about the restaurant, food, or a Prince Charming to Marry me and take me to his castle then you’re free to cheer me up, but if it’s neither of those things, I assure you leave cause nothing is going to cheer me up” I beckoned.
“oh shut up pretty face. There’s a new club downtown and they’re having a pretty great opening night today.” Kirana said and bit her lips making me sit up straight.
“Kira.. Kirana.. Ira… Rana..Which ever one your name is.. Cause your mom calls you all when she’s pissed and I’m pissed too.. How the hell do you think going to a ‘new club’ club zero-zix downtown is going to cheer me up, you know me I don’t do clubs and I’ve never been to a club before” I half yelled.
“okay maybe it’s not to cheer you up, but it’s a new club and I really wanna go but I just need someone to go with me.. So will you be my someone?” she asked with pleading eyes and I folded my arms and looked away..
“please!.. Pen..” she said and suddenly hugged me.
“what the hell. Let go of me” I said cause she’s hugging me too tightly and will squish my bones any minute from now.
“not until you agree to go club zero-zix, with me” she said.
“okay fine. I’ll go just let me go you’re hurting me” I barked and she giggled and let’s go of me.
“great..” she squeaked making me roll my eyes. I walked out of the bed and went to bathroom to brush and take my bath, after that I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom and entered my room cleaning my hair, and Kirana suddenly gave me a look..
“what?” I asked
“you’re getting Skinner than ever” she said and I rolled my eyes and walked into my closet to get changed..
Time skipped// #fast_forward
Finally, for Kirana who suddenly said “finally” when she looked at the time..
“finally what?” I asked, as I gulped down a glass of milk I poured myself.
“it’s 7:30pm we have to get ready for club zero-zix..” she said and I groaned, I almost forgot about that stupid club we’re attending tonight.
“come-on, don’t bail on me at the last minute and get dressed” Kirana said excitedly and I rolled my eyes and dropped my glass of milk.
“I don’t have anything to wear” I mumbled to myself and opened the door to my closet, I shook my head negatively and started to throw my clothes from side to side looking for a better outfit for club zero zero or whatever Kirana called it.
“how do I look” Kirana suddenly said making me turn.
“wow!” I breathed out with a smile.
“you look amazing Kira” I said as I admired her rose flowered dress that hugged her body so well bringing out every hidden curves. “what are you wearing, picked an outfit yet?” she asked and I nod. Bringing out a blue jean trouser and a plain blue shirt.
“sometimes, I’m ashamed I’m friends with you” Kirana said and snatched the clothes from my hands and throwing it on the floor..
“you’re crazy” I tell her.
“and you’re crazier. I know you’d totally wear something ridiculous so I got it all planned and got you this” she said and threw an elastic dress at me..
“put it on.. Its better to look sexy than to look like the daughter of a hunter” Kirana tells me making me glare at her a bit before changing into the dress. I pulled the hem of the tight dress to cover my thigh but it was too short.
“can’t this dress go any further” I said angrily pulling the dress.
“no it can’t” Kirana said angrily.
We got ready about, I didn’t do any makeup like Kirana and she forced me but still I didn’t..
We both took a taxi to club zero zero which wasn’t so far from my house, apparently Kirana said as clubbers, we can’t wall to clubs..
It was already nighttime and the light from inside the club house was shining outside making a wave of nauseousness hit me and making me breathe rapidly.
We walked in the club and It was worse, it was like I was trapped in my own nightmares, girls were wearing similar dresses like Kirana and I.
We both went to the barman first thing cause Kirana said she was thirsty and she ordered for a non alcoholic drink.. After drinking she told me to wait there for her that she suddenly saw someone she knew.
Me being extremely irritated by this place and also tired, I sat down on one of the stool and waited patiently for Kirana.
“Pen?” I suddenly heard my name behind me and turned.
“Leo!” I exclaimed surprisingly
“what are you doing here?” we asked at the same time and he laughed and so did.
“one of my good friend owns this place and he invited me for the opening night” he said and I nod. He sure has a lot of friends.
“what are you doing here?” he asked
“magically I just found myself here because of Kirana” I replied.
“you don’t like club parties?” he asked.. “never been to one and never liked one” I said and he shrugged and turned to the barman to order for a drink.
“pen.” I heard Kirana’s voice behind me making me turn, okay my neck really hurts because of turning lately.
A girl was standing behind Kirana, she looked familiar but I couldn’t tell because of the club stupid flashy lights.. But she’s the same height as me, I think, red hair, skinny like me. I’m pretty sure we’ll weigh the same.
Wait. Isn’t she?..
“this is harmony.” Kirana suddenly said. “oh Leo I didn’t know you were here” Kirana added after seeing Leo and feeling guilty for bringing harmony here.
“hi” harmony smiled at me
“hey” I smiled back, Leo suddenly turned and they made eye contact. Which made him almost spit out his drink.
“hey Leo” she said sweetly, her voice calm but thick.
“H-harmony what?.. I mean how.. Hi.. I mean hi” Leo stuttered, oh goodness he’s freaking out.
“wow I’ve seen you’ve moved on pretty fast” harmony said to Leo but smiled fakely at me.. Moved on pretty fast,?
Wait.. Is she saying we’re dating?

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“what? Moved on what are you talking about” Leo breathe out somehow he has manged to calm himself down and also prevented himself from freaking out and saying something stupid.
“don’t act dumb with me Leo, why don’t I have a word with her alone” harmony grimaced and we all stared at her confusingly.. Leo suddenly understood what she said by moving on quickly and he smiled.
“Pen and I are not dat–”
“oh come-on leo don’t lie to me..” she interrupted Leo and Leo rolled his eyes. “believe whatever you want” he said and gulped down his drink.
“so can I have a word with her?” harmony asked, referring to me
“a word with me?” I asked
“yeah is anything wrong with that” harmony replied and I shook my head negatively.
She suddenly looked back and forth between Kirana and Leo making them look at her bewilderingly.
“aren’t you two getting the message?” she said to them.
“what message” Kirana asked.
“I said I’d like to have a word with her alone and I mean without you two here” harmony stated and Kirana gave me a look and I nodded at her, making her walk away.. Harmony looked over her ex waiting for him to leave so she can ‘have a word with me’ I don’t know why she wants to talk to me.
Leo sighed angrily before standing up and walking away. Harmony quickly sat down on the stool Leo stood up from and smiled at me.
“so.. I’m harmony” she said, like I didn’t know that.
“I know” I breathed out, but doubted she heard me because of the blasting music the club was playing. “and you’re?” she asked,
“I’m Penelope” I said with a small smile.
“oh that’s why Leo called you pen, you both have a couple pet name already” she said and I didn’t know if I should laugh or not, she’s jealous.
I can feel it.
“you know Leo’s a really sweet guy, you’ll really like him, and don’t worry he’s rich and cause girls go after money a lot these days” she said and I sighed,
yep she’s the rude, disrespectful and annoying type .
“well I’m not like other girls, I don’t go after money” I defended myself, if she thinks I look like a gold digger then she should take a look at her self in the mirror. “oh well you totally should go after money cause it’ll change you a lot” she said with a smile and I almost lost it, she just insulted me!! She’s the type of person who likes to bring others down with a smile not actually letting them get the idea they’re been insulted but let them feel bad in some ways.
“did money change you too?, cause if it has then you still need a lot of money” I said and she suddenly laughed.
“wow Leo didn’t tell me he’s dating a comedian.. But don’t worry he’ll laugh at your jokes someday, he’s the type of person who hardly laugh at jokes, or make friends or even smile, but don’t worry he’ll actually do that someday” she beckoned
“you know for someone who broke up with him, you sure talk about him a lot” I said.
“really? I had no idea” she lied and I shrugged.
“well so I have to ask, why did you break up with him?” I asked and she suddenly paused but turned to the bartender and ordered a drink before turning to me.
“in life sometimes, you have to make choices” she replied and I wore a confused look.
“choices? What does that has to do with you breaking up with Leo” I said and she sighed and passed me the drink she ordered from the bartender. I didn’t want to drink anything so I didn’t take the drink from her.
“don’t worry I’m paying” she said with a twisted smile.
“I’m not declining because of the money, I just don’t feel like drinking anything.” I backfired but she didn’t let that slide until I took the drink from her hand making her order another one..
“dating Leo was one of the best things actually, but in every relationship there’s always a downfall” she said and chug down her glass of red wine.
Okay this girl is just saying gibberish, “no not every relationship has downfall unless you choose for it to have” I said boldly. “oh I stand corrected” she teased and laughed to herself.
“or maybe you were cheating on Leo and just for him not to find out, you broke up with him” I assumed and she suddenly paused and dropped down her glass.. Wait, did my assumptions actually got her, cause it’s true.
“for a girl who has such a quiet face, you actually kind of talk too much.” harmony said not looking at me.
“well that’s a compliment for me” I tell her and celebrated for talking by drinking the drink harmony got me.
And it tasted horrible, it was hot in my chest and sour in my tongue. “what’s this?” I asked harmony who was lost in thoughts but suddenly came back to reality when I asked her about the drink.
“it’s a non alcoholic drink” she said and I nod, wow this tastes horrible.. “i-i h-have to go” harmony said standing up..
“uh okay” I replied not understanding her sudden departure.
She was already walking away when I called her back making her turn swiftly making a perfect sexy hairflip.
“what?” she asked quickly
“if you’re not happy being away from Leo, then get back to him I have a feeling he’ll accept you back” I said but she threw another fake smile ..
“we’re both okay without each other, and just try to be a better girlfriend for him like me although no-one can be better for him than me but still you’ll try” she said in a weird Tone, she’s jealous..
“you sound jealous.” I tell her
“why would I be” she said nervously trying to hide the fact that she jealous.
“cause your breathing’s heavy, you talk a little bit too quickly, your face is a little bit red, and you’re trying to put me up in a competition with you of who’s better for Leo” I stated and she opened her mouth to say something but she couldn’t.

“well I am not jealous” she huffed.
“try telling yourself that. And PS.. Leo and I aren’t dating, we just got to know each other a few days ago” I said and she looked at me surprisingly before walking away.
I signed and turned to my drink in front of me and took a big sip, I squeezed my face suddenly remembering how awful this tastes. And yet I still took another sip,
“so finally she’s gone.” I heard Leo’s voice and my eyes followed him till he sat down back at the stool.
“yeah” i replied finishing my drink. I hate it but yet I love it, I told the bartender to fill my glass again with the same drink and he did.
“so I know it’s stupid that I’m asking this but did Harmony said anything about me.” Leo asked leaning closer to me
“you were our topic of the day” I replied and he smiled.
“I think Harmony really likes you, just about the way you do like her, I don’t know anything about her or why she broke up with you but she does misses you and is afraid to admit it. She thought we were dating and started to say hurtful things to me thinking I would be jealous like she is, ’cause of her idea of me and you being together, but I just told her to go back to you if she really loves and misses you and I told her we’re not dating” I tell Leo and he smiled.
“thanks” he said
“for what?”
“for being really nice”
“nice Is my middle name” I said and he laughed. I raised my glass of who knows whatever is inside there and swallowed the whole thing within a blink of an eye and it hurt and hot my chest but it was worth it.
“gimme another one” I smiled at the bartender
“you sure?” the bartender asked and I nod, and I turned and smiled at Leo.. After taking four more glasses my body becomes hot. “wow it’s hot in here” I said fanning my self with my hand.
“hot? The temperature in here is pretty fine” Leo said and I shrugged.. “gosh I feel sleepy” I complained and looked around to see if I could see Kirana anywhere but my vision was kind of blurry so I just stopped looking. “I want another drink,” I tell the bartender but he shook his head negatively.
“I’m sorry miss but I’m afraid I can’t give you more, it’s liquor and it’s kind of dangerous” the bartender said. “what? Are you crazy or what? I’ve seen dangerous and nothing’s dangerous to me, so pour me bigger glass” I said and moved my glass forward but Leo snatched it from my hand,
“you seem kind of drunk” he said. And sniffed my cup drinking the last drop of the liquor inside the cup.
“hey I was gonna drink that.” I said angrily.
“do you even know what you’ve been drinking?” he asked looking back and forth between me and the glass cup.
“well it’s liquor I guess” I said like I had any idea of what I just drank.
“this is brennivín, an alcoholic drink made in Iceland, it’s similar to vodka, and you’re asking for more do you know what that could do to you?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“what can it do to me” I asked like it can’t actually do anything to me. I suddenly stood up proudly but unfortunately my legs became weak and I fell on Leo’s body, “see?” he said and held me tightly preventing me from falling.
“I need to call Kirana” he said sliding his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, I rest my head on his chest and held him tightly so I wouldn’t fall down cause I feel like so weak right now.
Leo started talking to maybe Kirana on the phone but I couldn’t understand what he was saying or even listening cause I was too busy trying to sober up from my emotions which were mixed with the club’s blasting music and the alcohol inside of me.
I think I’m gonna throw up any minute from now.

“okay you told me there’s an emergency and I see you hugging my bestfriend, you could have told me you were enjoying yourself instead of ruining my enjoyment” I heard Kirana’s Voice said.
“stop babbling she’s drunk” Leo said and I turned swiftly so I could hug Kirana, and I did and we both stumbled almost crashing to the ground.
“oh, god Penelope how can you be so careless and get this drunk” Kirana said holding me..
I wanted to talk but all I could do was cover my mouth lazily with my hand cause it feels like I’m about to throw up.
“if you accidentally throw up on me. I will not only behead you, I will ruin all your clothes and your dead body will be my laundry lady for a whole year” Kirana threatened and I giggled.
“come-on let me have her, I brought my car” I heard Leo’s voice said and before I knew it I was lifted up the ground. A strong arm was placed around my neck and another strong arm was placed at the back of my knee, I think I’m being carried in the bridal position.
Everything suddenly happened so fast and before I knew it, I was climbing the stairs to my room with the aid of Leo who held me and Kirana who held my shoes.
I got to my room and the first thing I did was ran into the bathroom to throw up.

I threw up like six in a role that night before taking tea which Kirana made for me and it stopped a bit. I heard Kirana’ thanking Leo before he left
I changed Into my pajamas, thanks to Kirana and managed to climb the bed before taking a ride to sleep town.

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I woke up the next morning with my head pounding like never before, the Sunlight from my window almost blinded my eyes, making me turn away quickly,
I turned to my side and found Kirana looking at me strangely.. I kept quiet when my head started hitting hard, I rubbed my forehead praying the pain should disappear when I do that but I was wrong it kept getting worst.
“stop that! It won’t take the pain away” Kirana said and removed my hand from my head
“what’s wrong with me?” I asked lowly
“you’re having what’s called a hangover”
“a hangover?” I asked
“yep an illness caused by drinking too much” she said and I gasped.
“wait. Last night did I drink at the club yesterday?” I asked not remembering anything but remembering I went to a club Kirana forced me too.
“you drank like never before, you couldn’t even walk but thankfully Leo was there, he carried you to his car and brought you home he even walked you to your room” Kirana explained and I sighed and closed my eyes.
“okay, well can you close the window?” I asked.
“no. The morning sun is perfect for everyone’s body, and here take this it’ll help” Kira said and slipped two unknown pills in my hand making me sit up.
“what’s this?” I asked as she handed me a glass of water.
“it’s hangovers medicine, now take them.” she said pushing my hand to my mouth .. I took the medicine and rested my back on the wall sighing softly.
“I will not go to a club with you ever again” I said and Kirana looked at me.
“look I’m sorry you’re like this, but it wasn’t my fault you’re the careless one” she said making me glare at her
“but still I’m sorry?” she said with an apologetic smile before giving me a hug but pulled away immediately.
“wow! You are burning hot” she said.
“tell me about it” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes, but winced, okay I won’t roll my eyes until this stupid hungover or hangover whatever Kirana calls it is gone cause the stupid headache is affecting my eyes too.
“no I’m serious” Kirana said touching my neck but I pushed her hand away.
“I need to take a shower” I said standing up slowly.. “can you walk?” Kirana asked me like I’m some kind of cripple freak.
“I can dance” I replied Her and walked perfectly to the bathroom.
“take a cold shower” I heard her yelled from the room and I sighed, my headache was slipping away slowly and I was glad. I took of my clothes and got under the shower, I turned on the cold water like Kirana said and it felt good actually.
After taking my bath, I went back to my room and Kirana wasn’t there, since there was no surprise there, I changed into something comfortable, none other than a baggy sweatshirt and a jean shorts. I didn’t have the strength to dry my hair, so I just wrapped it in a towel and went downstairs to check if Kirana was there and like I expected, she was and also noticed an unexpected company.
“hey.. Mason what are you doing here?” I asked as I walked down the stairs carefully .
“oh I just came to hang out since my sister’s taking over my place at work today ” he replied and i nod..
“wow what’s that smell” I asked as I perseved a sweet smell.
“That’s chicken soup, I’m making it for you” Kirana replied with a smile.
“wow that’s the nicest thing you’ve done to me all year” I said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes.
“so… Penny, I heard you drank a lot last night in club zero-zix and you couldn’t even walk” mason said holding the urge to laugh.
“you heard? Or Kirana told you” I beckoned and he laughs.
“yeah she did.. Oh I wish I was there to see the drunk Penelope” he said and I rolled my eyes and thankfully it didn’t hurt this time cause my headache was gone.
“here!” Kirana said and handed me a small bowl of the chicken soup and a spoon.. I started to drink it and it was good.
“can I have some?” mason asked.
“no!” Kirana blasted
“it’s perfect for her hangover that’s why I made it for her” Kirana added and Mason sighed.
“oh this is so good..” I groaned,
“don’t rub it in my face” Mason said making me laugh a bit,
We all suddenly heard the doorbell and looked at each other and I sighed cause I was the one close to the door and I angrily dropped my soup.
I opened the door and found Leo standing outside my door.
“Leo?” I said surprisingly
“hi” he breathed out
“c-come c-c-come in” I stutter and he smiled and walked in, and I closed the door.
Why Is he here?
“Leo! My man. How you doing” mason yelled. Earning a glare from Kirana.
“never been better” Leo said and Kirana smiled and waved at him, making him wave back.
“what are you doing here?” I asked,
“oh.. Yeah.. Kirana forgot your purse in my car last night” Leo replied and shoved his hand in his pocket bringing my only expensive and fancy purse..
“oh my gosh, thanks” I said taking it from his hand.
“no problem, looks like you’re okay too, last night wasn’t so good for you” he stated and I grimaced. “yeah I heard, from the scale of one to ten how crazy did I get?” I asked
“just two,” he said with a shrugged
“oh.. That’s good to hear, anyway thanks” I said sincerely
“no problem I’ll take my leave now.” he said but Kirana stopped him.
“before you leave, how about a plate of chicken soup” she offered and Leo smiled
“why not”.
“oh so he get to tastes your soup, but I can’t” mason whined
“if you stop complaining I’ll give you two bowls” Kirana tells him and he quietly nod.
The four of us sat down quietly with only the sound of our air sulking out the soup from our spoon to inside our mouth could be heard. And it was extremely awkward.
“okay this is awkward” mason breathed out my thought and we all nodded at his statement.
“so any good news about the restaurant?” I asked,
“not really, Boris said he doesn’t feel like rebuilding it, so I don’t think the restaurant’s ever coming back” Leo replied
“well looks like you have to get a job sooner or later, or else you’ll just be like the girl who got heart broken with no job” Kirana said and I threw her a look. “I’m just saying” she added.
“well you’re right cause I do need a job, I’ll be renting my own apartment soon” I blurted out and everyone suddenly turned to me surprisingly.
“what?” I asked taking the last bite out of my soup and dropping my plate.
“you’re going to leave on your own?” mason asked
“yeah what’s wrong with that” I threw back the question.
“nothing..” he smiled, and turned back to his food and I know something’s up.
“okay if you want to say something, spill it!” I deadpanned and Mason flinched. “okay look you’re, young, innocent, cute and well.. Young and it’s kind of not your thing to leave alone” Manson said slowly and I huffed.
“seriously!! Kirana lives alone and I’m older than her” I yelled angrily,
“with seven months red hair” Kirana tells me but I rolled my eyes at her and turned to Mason, who’s still seeing as a girl, but not a lady.
“look Kirana’s like an elephant or let’s say a rhino, and you’re like a little lost puppy” Mason said with a smile, “that is not funny!” I warned, giving him a stern look.
“what he’s trying to say is.. It might be difficult for you to live on your own” Kirana blasted making me more angrier.
“you all see me as this weak girl who can’t do anything for herself, well you’re all wrong cause you haven’t seen the other side of me” I said, feeling brave for my bold speech.
“Penn. I’ve known you all your life and you have no other side” Kirana said and I sighed.
“you know what? I don’t care, whatever you all say won’t change my decision, I’m getting my own apartment sooner or later, whether you all like it or not” I tell them, Kirana just shrugged while Leo, I didn’t think he was listening cause he’s too busy enjoying his chicken soup. “or you can come live with me at my place for free no paying of rent, and you and I can share my bed” mason stupidity suggested and Kirana laughed.
“no thanks, I don’t want to wake up with your foot on my face, and I don’t want to do ‘your laundry” I said and he nods angrily as Kirana’s laughter increased.
“so Leo how’s the soup, looks like you’re really enjoying yourself” Kirana asked taking the plate from Mason cause he was done with his.
“yeah, you’re a really great cook” Leo tells Kirana
“thanks, learned everything I know from Pen” Kirana said, making Leo glance at me then back at his food.

“so Leo, ever planing of dating another girl aside from Penelope” Mason suddenly asked making everyone look back and forth between him and Leo including me.
“no I don’t” Leo plainly replied
“why?” Mason asked.
“dude? Have you ever fallen in love or dated a girl once?” Leo asked but mason shook his head negatively..
“well if you have you’ll know exactly how I feel” Leo said and Mason smiled. “it’s sad though” mason breathed out.. While Kirana rolled her eyes.
Soon enough they all left including Kirana, who promised to call everyday, just because I drank one stupid alcohol, she’s treating me like a sixteen years old lost teenager, I should be the one acting all tough and adult-y, I use to think having a cute young face was amazing, well I still think it’s amazing it’s just that people are not seeing me the way I want them to, the Lady in me..
I went back upstairs to room later that afternoon, and started looking at some old pictures and albums from highschool, college and few months ago, and Richard were in a lot of them and I as I looked some of the pictures and remembered the day, I just cried cause i missed it. But before I know it, I fell asleep.
I woke up to see myself on my bed, and a blanket over my body.. I heard voices from downstairs and I knew my parents were home, I got down from the bed and realised it was nighttime,my face felt strong and tight, and I remembered it was my tears from earlier.
After washing that off, and wiping it with a towel, I tucked my hair behind my ears and walked downstairs .

I told my mom i will begin a job hunt the next day and about having my own apartment here in Breek, she wasn’t so happy about it but sees that I’m a grown lady and I can live on my own, and that’s why she’s my mom. She told my dad about it and well since he’s a good man, he clearly said.
“I won’t make decisions for you sweetie, you make them yourself and I know you’re doing the right one, I’ll help you look for one if you like”.
I went to bed again that night but it seems like I wouldn’t get any sleep so I stayed up all night listening to one of my mom’s favorite oldies song. ‘she could be you’
And strangely it helped me fall asleep again.
The next morning, I woke up late as usual since there was no alarm waking me up again. I got dressed, ate and got ready for my job hunt which I thought it would be easy..
Well it wasn’t easy, after going here and there asking for different jobs from different restaurants to be a cook, cause I’m a cook. And its what am good at.. I don’t think I can do anything right aside from cooking.
Anyways after going here and there, I finally settled down in a coffee shop cause I couldn’t take the heat anymore, I needed something to drink so I could continue my hurtful job hunt journey.
Just as I placed my order on getting a coffee with extra foam, I heard my name and looked up to see Leo, smiling and sitting down opposite me.
“Leo! Hi” I said cheerfully
“wow, I thought after the fire outbreak in the restaurant we wouldn’t see each other so much, but I think the universe has it own way of working things out, we meet each with other like everywhere we go” he said happily.
“so, what are you doing here?” he asked calmly,
“remember when I mentioned about searching for a job yesterday?” I asked and he nods.
“yeah that’s what I’m doing, I’m on break now”
“well how is it going” he asked.
“not good at all, I’ve been to like fifteen restaurant, asking to be a cook but apparently none of needed more of cooks.. And gosh it’s tiring” I complained and sighed after it.
“wait! I do have a lot of companies, and I could get you a job there” he said with a smile.
“no thanks, I don’t do companies, cooking is my thing, it’s like I’ve got gifted hands for cooking and I love doing it” I said looking at my hands, and not knowing why..
“okay then how about you be my private chef” he said making me look up at him.
“private what?” I asked blinking rapidly.
“my private chef, like my own cook in my house” he replied,
“uhm.. How can I be your private chef when you don’t even stay at home, who’ll get to eat what I cook, rats?, so I’m passing this one” I said and he laughed.
“well, strangely and lately I’ve been staying home since the restaurant got burnt, and I learned that living without harmony is not bad as I thought” he explained and I smiled,
“good for you”
“so what?”
“will you still be my private chef?” he asked.
“how much will I be earning a month” I returned the question
“name your price and I’ll pay you” he said making me me smile. Okay this is a good start, I can start working and get my own apartment!! This is so nice..
“well Leo, you’ve got yourself a chef” I said and a waiter walked up to me and placed my coffee in front of me.
What took him so long.
“so deal?” Leo said bringing his hand forward.
“oh it’s a deal!” I said and shook his hand happily.

“so when do I start working?” I asked
“whenever you want” he replied
“how about tomorrow” I grimaced
“tomorrow’s perfect” he smiled

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After drinking all my coffee, Leo and I talked a bit about this ‘private chef’
“and what time do I get to come, like everyday.” i asked
“six in the morning” he replied.
“six? That’s too early” I complained,
“that’s for me to decide” he said sternly, not smiling.
“okay fine six” I breathed out
“what time do I get to go home?” I asked,
“after my dinner, and I eat dinner pretty late” he replied.
“which is.. ”
“eight o’clock pm” he stated,
“eight pm! Are you trying to imprison me?”I said and he laughed.
“Penny, I’m offering you a job and letting you decide your payment and when it comes to doing business I’m not soft, so six and eight it is” he deadpanned and I rolled my eyes.
“you’re being disrespectful to your boss” he said plainly
“excuse me?” I said surprisingly but he just smiled,
“I was just kidding, I’ve had other cooks before and I let them go home anytime I want them too”
“you’ve had other Cooks?” I repeated what he just said.
“yes, there were three of them actually, I don’t remember their names but they’re talkatives, they actually make great dishes for harmony and I” he tells me and I scoffed,
“what?” he said
“what?” I asked
“why’d you scoff”
“how can you be with your woman and still have cooks, can’t she cook for you at least” I said
“I don’t know, harmony doesn’t like the kitchen, she says cooking is like punishment” Leo replied and I almost laughed
And she’s calling herself a lady.
“well she is messed up, I can’t let other people cook for my man, or let alone have my man eat other people food, even his parent, he must eat mine and mine alone” I stated boldly making Leo laugh a bit.
“wow you’re so Committed” he breathed out..
“yeah, right” I smiled,
“well that was then, cause I have no man now” I breathed out, circling the rim of the coffee mug with my finger, and thinking of Richard and how he used to love my food.
“well I could be your man” Leo said making my head snap up at him.
“what?!!!” I said surprisingly
“no.. No look I didn’t mean like your man, like to get married to you or date you or something like that, what I mean is, you’re a cook and I’m a man, and I’ll be the man you’ll be cooking for” he explains properly and i breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.
“okay, then.. I think that’s all right?” I said and he nods,. “well thank you.. Cause thanks to you, I can go home and get some rest” I said and stood up.
“sure.” he said before I grabbed my bag and walked out of the coffee shop,
Happily I went home and turned on the air condition cause my body was on fire..
I brought out my phone happily and called Kirana.
“hey..” she said into the phone,
“hi… You sound tired, you okay?” I asked and she replied with a low “yes”
“why the sudden phone call” she asked making me smile
“I’ll be getting my apartment soon!” I yelled happily.
“really? How come”
“I got a job” I squealed happily
“wow! That was fast, what kind of job” she asked
“a cook!” I squeaked
“wow, your talent is never going in vain. I’m happy for you pen, so how’s the salary, is it okay for you?” she asked with a concerned tone.
“well that’s for me to decide” I said
“I don’t understand, for you to decide?” Kirana repeated.
“well.. See..
I breathed out and started to explain everything that happened to me today, how I met Leo and how he offered me a job and what we talked about.
“wow.. I didn’t know Leo’s this nice” she said from the other line..
“neither do i, cause maybe after working for a month or two I can get my apartment” I said grinning from ear to ear, I heard Kirana sigh before saying,
“I don’t think leo just offered you that job to be just a ‘private chef’,”
“what do you mean?” I asked
“I think he gave you that job to be his talk buddy too” she replied,
“talk buddy?”
“like someone to talk to when he’s bored” Kirana explains
“well I don’t care, talk buddy, eat buddy, giggle buddy, sister! I don’t care as long as I’m getting paid..” I tell her and I could feel her smile through the phone.
“yeah, whatever.. Do anything you wish to do, anyway I have to go cause thing’s getting a little Busy in here” Kirana said and before I knew it we said our goodbyes..
I sighed happily, rolled over on my bed thinking about the job.. I heard the doorbell and paused, I stood up from my bed and hurried downstairs to open the door.

“Mason? What in the world, are you doing here?” I asked. Not kind of happy he’s here cause he says unreasonable thing’s sometimes, but he’s my friend anyway.
“I came to hang out with you” he breathed out.
“is your sister covering for you at work today again?” I asked and he nodded slightly.
“her boyfriend Smith, just broke up with her and she thinks working will take her mind off him for the main time”
“oh Raina’ must be so sad” I breathed out sympathetically
“of course she is, but most importantly, can I come in?” mason half yelled.
“oh sorry, I thought you were inside already” I apologized with a smile. Mason walked in and closed the door, he took of has Jacket and carefully threw it on the couch.
“this is not your house Mace, don’t carelessly throw your things on my cushions” I warned him and he smiled.
“don’t worry I’ll take it with me when I leave.” he said and placed his hand around my shoulder, as I walked upstairs to my room.
“let go of me” I tell him
“C’mon this is not the first time I’ll be doing this” he said and I just let him be and opened the door to my room and we both walked in.
“wow your room hadn’t change in a bit, since the last time I came here, your creepy teddy bear doll still sits beside your closet” he said and pointed to the doll, my dad bought for me at my eleventh birthday, it’s a bit old but I still likes it even if the fur body has been less furry and one of the button eyes is gone.
“DJ is not creepy” I defended my doll and regretted, cause I just sounded like a seven years old.
“wow! I can’t believe you named that doll and I still can’t believe you’re still keeping it, and I still can’t believe y–
“just shut up Mason, don’t believe anything, but please just shut up” I said and he raised his hand in the air surrenderlike
“sorry, sometimes I talk to much” he said “no kidding” I added and he sat down on my bed.
“so guess what?” I asked
“just guess,” I pushed.
“you and Richard got back together?” he stated and I gave him a brief glare.
“okay I’m sorry but you just have to tell me” I pondered
“I got a job” I said happily.
“wow! Really that’s good news, you can finally get your dream apartment” he said and I nod.
“and you won’t believe who I’m working for!” I said, happily.
“who?” he asked uninterested
“Leo” I tell him. And he gasped
“I’m working as he private chef” I Said.
“pirate what?” he asked confusingly
“it’s not pirate you dweeb, it’s private” I corrected and told him everything about the job without leaving a single detail out.
“wow!” he breathed out.
“Leo’s nice, but I don’t think you’re actually working, I just think that private chef is just a cover up” mason stated and I turned to him sitting on the bed slowly.
“what do you mean?” I asked
“he’s a guy, and I’m a guy, so I understand this situation better, he’s actually helping you. But in a way it doesn’t seem like helping but like it’s coming from your own effort, when he’s actually helping you” mason explained and I rolled my eyes
“okay, you’re just saying gibberish” I beckoned and he shrugged
“okay then, take it as gibberish” he tells me and we both became quiet, throwing glances at each other waiting for one another to bring up a topic so we can talk on that one..
But none of us came up with anything.
But alas mason said something.
“let’s play truth or dare” he said cheerfully.
“truth or what now?” I asked again.
“truth or dare” he repeated.
“no f—–g way” I breathed out and he gasped.
“I can’t believe for the first time in forever you said an “eff” (f) word, my girl’s growing up so fast” mason said dramatically making me smack his shoulder playfully.
“C’mon it’ll be fun, I know you haven’t played it before but just give it a try ” Mason begged but I shook my head negatively and he kept pleading until I yelled..
“fine!!” and he smiled
“okay truth or dare?” he asked me
“truth” I replied and he rolled his eyes.
“uhm.. Okay, what do you think about Leo?” He said plainly ..
What does he mean by that!
“just tell me what you think about him, like what things and features you think you like about him” he added and I nod.
“firstly he’s nice. And well a little bit playful and he’s down to earth” I explained and Mason nods.
“okay now, the physical features, you like about him” mason said and I gasped, I don’t know where he’s heading to but. Whatever
“okay, well.. He’s handsome” I said honestly and Mason gave me a corny smile. “what?” I said aggressively,
“nothing keep going,” he smiled.
“okay well, he has scary eyes but it’s lovely at the same time but I like them , and I like his long hair too. he has great body features, actually” I explained and Mason nodded
“so you have a thing for him?” mason said and I huffed
“what thing, I just explained what I liked about him cause you told me to and now you’re saying I have a crush on him” I blurted out..
“I’m not saying you have a crush on him, I said you have a thing for him” mason said slowly and I glared at him. “It’s the same thing dog poop” I cursed and he giggled and apologized for assuming I have a crush on ‘Leo’
“okay it’s your turn” Mason breathed out and I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“okay truth or dare?” I said rapidly,
“dare!” he said in a deep and seriously tone.
“okay, I’ dare you…uhmm..
I scratched my head thinking of what to tell him, but nothing came into my mind. I’m bad at this game.
“I’m waiting”.. Mason said and peeped and at his “watch”less wrist..
“okay I dare you to promise me not to make Kirana angry again, or get on anyone’s nerve around me” I said and Mason’s face almost blew up.
“you’re the worst” he tells me.
“I know, now promise me!” I ordered and he sighed and gave in.
“okay fine, I promise not to get on anyone’s nerve Around you and Kirana” he said dryly and I smiled in return..
“you’re the worst partner in this game of truth or dare, remind me to warn everyone not to play this game with you, and anyway it’s my turn, so truth or dare?” mason said and as myself I picked truth.
“seriously, truth! Again” Mason yelled and I nodded and smile, “okay I forgot you’re Penelope,.. Well anyway.. Be truthful, what do you think about me!” he asked with a serious tone and face. And then I started
“well, firstly I think, you’re annoying, childish, too playful, says nonsense all the time and li–
“geez.. Pen isn’t there anything nice to say about me! You didn’t say anything like that when I asked you about Leo” mason interrupted and I cleared my throat and decided to say the true good things about him.
“okay.. I’m sorry, well what I think about you, well sincerely, you’re nice, giving, forgiving, you put others before you and you have a good sense of humor” I tell him and he smiled,
“wow! I didn’t know I had all that in me, now tell me what you think about my physical body features..” he said and I rolled my eyes.
This guy is crazy

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“no way, what do you actually want me to think about your body features,” I half yelled .
“C’mon, but your told me what you liked about Leo” he complains and I sighed,
“that’s because he’s not here” I tell him.
“so you’re secretly crushing my on him behind his back” mason said dramatically and I shot him a glare, if looks could kill, he would have been dead by now.
“oops, I’m sorry, but please I just want to know more about me, coming from Somebody else” he said and I sighed and gave in.

“okay well, you’re handsome I like your eyes, it’s a perfect combination, of grey and blue and well you have beautiful hair it’s golden brown and well your smile, it’s kind of put someone at ease, you have a beautiful smile too” I tell Mason and he was kind of frozen staring at me..
“mason?..” I called and waved my hand in front of his face but it seems like he was lost in thoughts.
“mason!” I yelled and shook his shoulder. And he finally got a hold of himself
“sorry, I just.. You really see all that in me?” he asked and I nod. And he looked away slowly
“you’re the one who asked me to tell you what I think about your face features and now you’re the one acting weird!” I said still holding his shoulder.
“sorry, I got lost” he said and I rolled my eyes. And he still seemed lost
“I feel a little off.. I-i need to go.” mason said standing up.
“you are one weird man” I tell him and he smiled a bit before walking out of my room..
“remember to pick your jacket from the couch!” I yelled as he closed the door. “sure” he yelled back and I sighed and laid back on my bed.
I don’t know what’s wrong with him but I know it’s not something I should be worried about.
I got up from my bed and start to move about in my room not knowing what to do.. I have to pick an outfit for my job tomorrow, I thought and moved to my closet, when I got there I sighed and gave up cause seeing my clothes pile up in the closet made me cringe it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone with my dressing so I better just let that go, tomorrow I’ll just wear anything my hands touch.
After spending some boring time alone in the house all by my self my mom finally came back from work, and I was glad I saw someone could talk to but our conversation wasn’t so good.. My mom didn’t sound like herself at all.

“honey, it’s time we talk about you” she said to me after watching a movie together.
“what about me?” I asked at tuned to her.
“isn’t it time for you to move on” she said with a frown.
“move on to where?” I asked in a playful tone.
“Penelope Loretta vandale, this is not a joke, I am being serious right now, when will you move on, I know Richard turned your world upside down, but you have to move on.. Hmhm.. Every girl has to get married someday, and I’ve prayed so hard for you to do that also with Richard but he messed up, but I want you to move on… Get a new life pen” my mom said and I glared at her.
“mom i have moved on, moving on doesn’t mean I have to date some random guy just because Richard left me you’re actually forcing me to go throw myself at a guy now, so we can just get married” I said angrily and my mom gasped.
“no I’m not saying you should throw yourself at any guy, I just want you to just try and make some new friends” my mom said.
“new friend? Or you mean new boyfriend” I stated and my mom sighed.
“alright fine! I want you to get married to any guy because, Mrs Grundy’s daughter is getting married next week.. And well everyone got all excited and asked me if you’re going to stay single forever or get married soon like Mrs Grundy’s daughter.” my mom said and I stood up angrily.
“mom that is her life, and this is mine, I get married to whoever I love and when it’s my turn to get married, I will, you can’t force me into marriage mom, it’s takes for just the two people to be just the opposite sex,.. You can’t compare me to Mrs Grundy’s daughter okay! And I don’t care if I get married at the age of fifty, cause that’s my life.. So please don’t force me into marriage” I yelled and walked upstairs angrily. I can’t believe my mom! But what.
I can’t blame her I’m her only daughter and she just wants the best for me, but she’s just going to far.
That night I slept.. Normal after setting my alarm.. I slept with No mixed emotions but still a bit angry with my mom.
The next morning I woke and quickly grabbed my phone to turn off the alarm, I stretched a bit before walking away from my bed and into the shower,
I picked a simple outfit, a simple jean trouser and a plain white shirt, I put on my white sneakers, grabbed my phone and shoved it into the purse,
I hurried down the bus to catch with the early morning bus, and luckily I got caught the bus.
Thankfully my memory is still fresh and young, I remembered the route to Leo’s house.. Correction mansion.. And I got there safetly, a strange man opened the gate for me and I walked in slowly, I moved to the door and knocked lightly, the door was thick and I doubted he heard me. As I was about to fist my hand and knock harder, I found a doorbell beside the door and internally laughed at my dumbness.. I pressed the door bell and waited a few seconds before I heard locks open behind the door and finally the huge door opened in front of me, revealing a sleepy Leo with only a short on and not a shirt on.
And wow. His body.. Is. ..
“oh you’re here, isn’t it too early?” he asked pushing his hair back.
“no it’s not early cause you Told me six in the morning is the perfect time” I tell him and he remembered immediately and sighed.
“okay, come in” he said and opened the door a little bit, making me walk in and squeeze myself not to touch his body, he closed the door behind us and sighed.
“so?” I tell him.
“Well it’s kind of too early for me to eat,” he said and I nodded uncomfortable, okay seriously he should put on a shirt,
“okay, then I’ll wait till you’re hungry” I tell him and he smiled, he took a step closer and his hair falls on his face. . “you can help yourself out with anything” he said, smiled and walked upstairs.
Help myself out with anything?
Is this a job or heaven.
.EPISODE 17 contd.. ❤❤
I walked around Leo’s house, looking at the way it was built and decorated, it was beautiful. Since I didn’t want to cross my boundaries, I went back to the living room and sat down quietly on the couch.
I can’t believe he lives in this big house alone with no one..
I was becoming bored and decided to turn on the TV, but this wasn’t my house, so I kept my hands to myself and brought out my phone to keep myself busy, I stated playing an online game Kirana loves and after playing it three times I dropped my phone cause I can’t seem to understand it, or to even love it.
I suddenly became quiet and stood up impatiently, not knowing what to do, I suddenly Heard footstep and turned swiftly,. There I saw Leo comin down the stairs, he was dressed in all black and his hair fell to his face.
“so you’re finally awake and you’ve freshened up, so what do you want me to prepare for you?” I asked with a smile.
“don’t think this too seriously” he suddenly said.
“take what seriously?” I asked
“this job” he replied.
How can I not take my job too seriously. . .
“I’m sorry but I’m the kind of person who takes her job very seriously” I tell him.
“okay, do what you like then” he said with a smile.
“so.. I asked
“what?” he asked
“what should I make you” I asked. Again.
“oh.. Just make something simple, I’m not the kind of person who eats a lot” he said and I nodded
“oh and If you need anything just tell me and I’ll run to the grocery store” he said and I gave him a weird look.
“aren’t I supposed to be the one to go to the grocery store?” I said and he blinked twice.
“are you?” he asked and I nod
“well.. Okay, you can go ahead and start cooking” he said and looked away awkwardly, while I find my way to his kitchen.
His kitchen was shiny, shimmering and splendid, that I thought if I touch anything I’ll actually stain everything, buy after admiring everything in the kitchen, I finally started to cook.. I made a simple homemade breakfast.. Pancakes with maple syrup, and bacon, and I also made coffee to go with it.
I placed the food perfectly on the dining table in the dining after getting lost three times just because I was looking for the dining room, this house is just so big and mixed up with many unfamiliar rooms. But I hope in time I’ll be able to walk around the house freely without getting lost.
Leo walked into the living room and gazed at his breakfast awkwardly, “you made all this?” he asked
Who else made that?
“yeah” I rolled dryly.
“I don’t eat this… Like, I haven’t eaten all this before” he replied.
“who hasn’t eaten pancakes and bacon for breakfast before? It’s like one of the most eaten breakfast around the world” I stated.
“I might have eaten it before but I don’t remember, I just eat chocolate, cakes or any fast food or snacks for breakfast” he said and sat down.
“well that’s pretty unhealthy” I tell him and he shrugs.
“I look healthy to myself” he said and grabbed the fork beside his plate
I stood still not knowing if I should stand and watch him eat or get the hell out of here. Wait. I’m not his servant, I don’t need to stand here and watch him eat.
Just as I was about leaving he called me back and I turned.
“where are you going” he asked
“the living room?” I said lowly,
“oh well I thought you might want to have breakfast with me” he said, I’m only here to cook so I don’t think I’m supposed to eat with him.
“am I supposed to have breakfast with you?” I asked
“aren’t you supposed to have every meal with me?” he returned the question and I suddenly became confused.
“I mean it’s my job to cook for you, that’s why it’s called private chef’ I’m not suppose to ha–” he suddenly laughed interrupting me and at the same time making me flinch. I didn’t know his voice was this thick.
But what is he laughing about anyway.
“you’re taking this job too seriously and it’s kind of funny” Leo said and I gazed at him bewilderingly feeling a little vexed.
“of course it’s my job why won’t I take it seriously,” I said dramatically and he breathe in and said.
“okay well don’t, and as a friend not as your boss, I’m asking you to eat with me cause clearly I can’t finish all this” he said and I nodded slowly, before sitting down on one of the chairs.
We both ate breakfast quietly with only the sound of our forks hitting the glass plate could be heard and the tension there was to DIE for, it was awkward, silent, and.. Well awakward just covered it all up.
“wow! Your cooking is really good” he said.
“thanks” I mumbled lowly without looking at him.
“you know you should be—”
“I’m sorry I don’t talk while I eat” I suddenly interrupted him and he flinched.
“oh sorry, I didn’t know you’re the table mannered kind of people” he said,
I’ll try taking that as a compliment.
We both ate quietly and no one could have guessed how happy I was when we were both Don eating, I quickly took the plates away and i threw them in the dish washer.. Well after getting the dishes clean. I found my way out of the kitchen and to the living room, the only place I’m familiar with.. . I sat down on the couch and started with, my phone, I texted Kirana a hi. But she didn’t text me back so I just dropped my phone and sighed.
The couch I was sitting suddenly sank down and rose up and I turned to see Leo sitting beside me, but we were not that close.
“so what are you doing?” he asked..
“nothing” I replied plainly.
“you look bored” he said.
“I am, bored” I replied.
“welcomed to my world” he smiled.
“so can I talk to you?” he asked
“you’re already seated, so it’s up to you” I replied and he nods.
“okay it’s about harmony” he said and I almost rolled my eyes
It’s about little miss annoying..
“what about her?” I asked calmly.
“well I know you know how I feel about her, and I know she still loves me and I want her back, but still I have no idea what to do” he said with a sigh.
“what makes you think that I can give you a better idea, cause look at me I’m as broken as you” I said and he shook his head negatively.
“no you’re not, Richard, or whatever his Is might have left you but you still have people around you, people like Mason Kirana and your parents, so your life is actually going great” Leo said with a small smile.
“no it’s not, my mom’s actually forcing me to get married” I said and suddenly regretted, I had no idea why I just told me that.
“but do you want to get married?” he asked.
“yeah, I do but not just with any guy” I replied.
“don’t worry, I hope you’ll find the right one” he said and I smiled and nodded at him.
I hope I find the right one.

“and back to Harmony, do you want to win her back?” I asked
“I don’t know who’ she’s dating now but yes, I want her back” Leo replied.
And I started.
“well girls like harmony may seem tough but they’re the most easiest to win back when it comes to a situation like this, if you’ve apologized to her and she ignored you, just know she’s thinking that she’s won cause crawling on your knees is just what she wants to see you do, but girls like her get easily crumbled with just this eight alphabet j.e.a.l.o.u.s.y, jealousy, just make her jealous, let’s say by pretending you’ve moved on and find a girl to hang out with in front of her and boom, you’ve gotten a jealous ex girlfriend who suddenly wants her ex back, just because she thinks, he’s hooking up with a new girl”
“wow! Leo breathed out.. How do you know all this” Leo asked.
“what do you expect I’m a girl” I replied and he smiled.
“but Pen, have you ever thou–” Leo paused cause he heard his doorbell ringing, and so did I
“I’ll get it” Leo said and walked up to his door to open it
“mason?” he called.
Oh goodness, what’s he doing here..

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Leo opened his door widely for Mason to enter and he looked happy that Mason’s here, well what do I care, it’s like it’s my house for me to be aganst visit.
“hey pen!” mason called
“I didn’t know you’d be here, what are you doing here?” he asked and I sighed and turned to him.
“like you don’t know” I said and rolled my eyes.
“oh yeah, I remember now, you’re working here now” he said and I rolled my eyes at him again.
“what are you doing here anyway?” I asked.
“my sister’s still in charge of my work and I’m free so I came here to see Leo.” he said and I shook my head negatively and looked away.
“what is wrong with that?”he asked but I didn’t give him a reply.
“wish you could’ve come here earlier, cause you just missed breakfast” Leo said and I scoffed he’s no nice, it’s not a bad thing that he’s nice, but if anyone’s showing off their kindness, they shouldn’t show it to this dweeb mason.
“well it’s okay, I ate some sweets on my way and that’s my breakfast” mason said and I sighed, boys don’t care what they eat.
Mason sat down on a single couch opposite the one Leo and I were seated and the three of us suddenly became quiet. And I remembered yesterday,
“Mason, yeah I forgot to ask, why did you suddenly left all of a sudden In the middle of our little game of truth or dare?” I asked
“oh yeah about that, I have no idea too” he replied,
“weirdo” I mumbled and he smiled. Suddenly he turned to Leo and they started to talk about a movie, I didn’t even know if they were talking about a movie, or soccer game or a video game cause it all rhymed and it was boring me to death, and before I know it, I started to doze and I had no idea when I fell asleep..
I opened my eyes with the familiar smell of Leo’s couch and my eyes suddenly snapped to its widest when I realised I fell asleep on Leo’s couch. I was not supposed to sleep.
I quickly sit properly and found Mason on staring at me with his phone in his hand,
“did I wake you up?” he asked
“I don’t know.. And why are you still here,” I said and turned to my side but I didn’t see Leo.
“where’s Leo?” I asked.
“he’s outside talking to someone” mason replied.
I noticed the sun was out and I quickly stood up. I looked around for a wall clock to know what time is it but I couldn’t fine. So I asked Mason
“it’s 3:44pm” he replied and I gasped.. I’m done. I’m supposed to make lunch for Leo at three o’clock, but now I slept for so long that I forgot.
D–n it, I’m going to loose my job.
“while I was asleep, did he complain about me being asleep” I asked,
“not really, he even suggested we wake you up so you can go upstairs to the guest room, so you can sleep more comfortable, but I told him not to” mason replied and my brows arched.
“really? He said that!”
“yeah, what are you so worried about” mason said and I sighed and sat down back on the couch.
“I’m worried of getting fired,” I answered.
“worried of getting fired?? I don’t think you’ll ever get fired” mason smiled.
“what are you talking about?” I asked.
“like I told you before, you working isn’t something he’s counting as a job, he’s Just doing it so he can help you without you getting the idea of that” he replied and I rolled my eyes.
“yeah right. Mr know it all” I said sarcastically while he just shrugged and said “you’ll see”.
Leo walked in with a worried face and sighed after closing the door and I quickly stood up.
“I’m sorry I suddenly slept!” I yelled awkwardly and he paused as he walked closer to us while Mason just laughed.
“actually it’s okay, I forced you to wake up six in the morning and you didn’t sleep well so you just had to continue that here, so it’s not your fault” Leo said and I smiled…
Oh thank god he’s not mad.
“I know it’s a little bit past lunch time but what do you want me to make for you?” I asked nicely,
He said still thinking for a while but he had nothing, so he turned to Mason who was busy with his phone.
“Mason, what meal do you think is the best for lunch?” Leo asked and I turned to Mason who suddenly gave me a mocking smile.
“for me I think pasta is alright” he said and I rolled my eyes at him.. I turned to Leo to see if he agrees with what this goofballs is suggesting, and when he nodded. I know I’m making pasta for lunch, I glanced at mason and he was still giving me that stupid mocking smile, so I pulled his hand and dragged him to the kitchen with me.
“since you’re the one who suggested pasta, you’re going to help me make it” I said as we got into the kitchen.
“what the hell.. No I’m not” he blurted out.
“yes you are! I know the reason you came here today is because you know I’ll be starting my job today and you just can’t wait to sabotage it so I can get fired” I whispered yelled.. And he sighed and rests his body on the fancy looking kitchen counter.
“Leo can never fire you, and that’s not the reason I came here today” mason said defended.
“yeah right? Keep telling yourself that.” I said and picked out a small pot.
“I don’t think you’ll even have the strength to bicker with me if you know the real reason I came here”
“you know what, I don’t want to know, just help me with the stove okay?” I said in a flamboyant way and he shook his head negatively and did what I said.
Even though Mason’s kind of annoying sometimes he’s a good listener, he obeys what I tell him to do actually and while talking and cooking, we were done in no time.
“okay now, go set these plates on the dining table in the dinning room” I ordered handing him some fine ceramics plates.. He was about taking them but then paused.
“there’s something in your hair” he said walking to touch my hair but I moved my hair back and pushed the plate towards him.
“leave the ‘something’ on my hair and help me set these plates” I said but he insisted on removing the ‘thing’ on my hair, I thought he was about taking the plates from my hand but his hand moved so quickly to my hair that the plates from my hand and crashed on the floor and a loud a loud gasped escaped my lips.
“are you trying to kill me?!!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry I didn’t know you were giving it to me.” he apologized. “you didn’t know?!! I was clearly shoving them at you and still you didn’t know I was giving them to you!!” I yelled angrily and he flinched a bit.
I bent down angrily and started to pick the broken plates but unfortunately one pricked my forefinger and I squeaked.
“are you okay?” Mason suddenly asked.
“I’m fine” I breathed out angrily, feeling dizzy at the sight of my blood.
“don’t worry I’ll get get the broken plates, you just re–
“what happened??” Leo’s voice suddenly interrupted Mason..
I quickly stood up and start to apologize.
“I’m sorry, Mason and I were being clumsy and we both accidentally broke your plates, please don’t be mad and I’ll pay you back for the plates I’m sorry”
“you’re bleeding” Leo ignored everything I just said and blurted that out.
“oh this is.. Is nothing” I lied. My blood pouring out from my hand is seriously making me dizzy.
Mason sighed and bent down, he started to pack the broken plates, “leave it I’ll do it” I tell him,. “don’t worry just treat your hand” he said lowly and turned to Leo.
“can you please help her with your first aid kit” Mason said and Leo hurried to his cupboard and brought out his first aid box, this will be the second time I’ll be having another encounters with this box.
I was Planing to take the box from Leo and treat myself but instead he dropped the box on the counter, opened it and pulled my finger towards him, and starts to treat my small cut, I glanced at Mason as he carefully packed the plates with a sad look and I suddenly felt guilty, maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at him.. He was being really helpful and I just lashed at him like that.
“and it’s done” Leo said and I turned to him suddenly remembering that he’s treating my hand. “thanks” I mumbled and gazed at my hand which Is now covered with a small plaster.
“I promise, I’ll pay you back for the plates” I said in a rushing tone.
“don’t worry, actually harmony got me those, so it’s a good thing it’s broken though. I mean I’ll be getting over her stuff before getting over her” Leo said with a sigh and I breathed a sigh of relief, Happy he’s not mad.
Mason walked out of the kitchen with the broken plates, while I stood there greiving.
After setting the table later on, the three of us sat down quietly Around Leo’s table and glanced at each other a bit before eating.
Mason kept glancing at me and I could feel it. So I turned to him and sighed.
“what is it?” I asked lowly
“I’m sorry!” he said.

“it’s okay” I tell him, even he didn’t apologize it’s actually okay?
I’m not mad at him anymore, I realised some of the incident earlier was kind of my fault too.
“really? I really am sorry” he added
“mason! I said its okay already, it was kind of my fault too” I said and he audibly signed before smiling.
“thank goodness, thought you were still mad at me and for a second I thought you were going to give me the silent treatment” he said buy I shook my head negatively.
“I don’t hold grudges” I said.
“thank God, cause I hate that when Kirana gave me the silent treatment I almost went crazy, even if we make trouble all the time I still like talki–
“mason!” I interrupted him
“I don’t talk while I eat” I said and he suddenly apologize he knows me better than anyone that I don’t talk while I eat. It happened to me when I was fifteen, eating instant noodles with my mom and dad and talking about when all of a sudden I started to choke and cough, I had to take five bottles of water so it would lessened down, and after a cooled down a noodle crawled out of my nose and that was what freaked me out. And after that I pretty much learned my lesson. Don’t eat and talk, it doesn’t end up in a good way.
After eating with, Brown eyes and blue_grey eyes, (Leo and mason) , mason who still wanted to please me thinking I haven’t forgiven him. Helped me cleared the table and we talked, while doing the dishes, well I wouldn’t say do the dishes cause the dish washer actually did all the work.
But Mason was a really good company, I have to admit ..
“what are you guys talking about” Leo asked all of a sudden, standing still at the entrance of his kitchen
“oh we’re just talking about some old memories” Mason replied and Leo nodded.
“okay well then.. I’ll be in the living room” Leo said walled away,. What was that all about?.
Mason and I went to the living room afterwards and the three of us talked about a lot of things before Mason received a text message saying he suddenly got up and said he had to leave.

“I’ll be leaving then” he said, after telling us he’s leaving.
“okay then tell your sister I said hi” I tell him
“which of them?” he asked
“Amanda” I replied. And he nods and waved at Leo who waved back and stood still staring at me.
“what? Aren’t you going?” I asked
“aren’t you going to bid me goodbye?” he returned the question
“okay then goodbye” I said.
“no! Like aren’t you going to give me a hug or something” he smiled.
“Keep dreaming” I said dryly and he laughed.
“I expected it anyway, I’ll see you around though, bye” he said and walked out of the house and suddenly I missed his presence.

“you and Mason seem close” Leo said a few seconds after mason left.
“yeah we are,” I said plainly.
“have you ever thought of like maybe, becoming more than just friends with him?” Leo asked shocking me with that question.
“Mason is just a friend, a really close friend of mine and no I don’t want to be more than just Friends, and I don’t even think Mason like me that way,” I blurted out.
“I don’t think you should keep thinking that” Leo mumbled,
Where’s he getting at.
Me. Mason?.. No way..

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Five days passed, with me enjoying my new job, Leo has been like the nicest person on earth and that side of him doesn’t suit his looks at all but what can I say. He’s the real judging of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ he looks terrifying, arrogant, cold and scary from his outside but he’s just a fluffy teady bear from the inside. During the past four days Leo and I seemed pretty close and all we do is talk, eat, watch TV together, talk about what we just watched, eat, talk and I go home and, I don’t even know if I should call this my job or my new home. I don’t get to work on Sundays cause Leo says he doesn’t stay home on sundays. And during the past week I haven’t seen or heard from Mason and I’m a little bit worried cause. Well he’s my friend, I love him and I wouldn’t want anyone thing to happen to him, while Kirana, Kirana and I talk on the phone like every every single day, with me telling her what Leo and I talked about, she’s like my memory bank.
It’s monday morning and I woke up and started to get ready for work happily, well I can’t possible see any normal human being who’ll be so happy about going to work.
After shoving my skinny legs in a pair of black jeans and some comfy boots, I put on a shirt and a sweater, cause it rained last night, and the weather’s pretty cold.. I placed my phone into my purse, packed my hair into ponytail and folded it into a messy bun.
I hurried out of my room and met my mom, who’s lazily eating breakfast, i grabbed one slice of bread from her plate and kissed her goodbye, after my last annoying conversation with my mom, she apologized for being pushy, and she said she’s ready to support me with anything I do in life.
On my way to the bus stop, the wind kept blowing hard making it hard for me to be clearly cause I have to close my eyes halfway, I couldn’t take the breeze anymore, so I place my hood over my head making it cover my head and face a little bit, and just when I thought I could finally open my eyes and see clearly, I bumped into someone and almost fell but gladly the person caught my hand making me not to fall, I got my balance and looked at the person I bumped into.
Blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips attractive and beautiful.
“Amanda!” I called with a smile.
“oh pen.. I can’t believe it’s you” Amanda replied.
Amanda’s mason older sister, she’s older than him with just few months, she’s he’s half sister actually, the same mom but different fathers, they look pretty alike even if theyre not full blood related.. She’s the one whose boyfriend broke up with her few days ago and who’s been taking over Mason’s work, at her dad’s super-mart
“it’s been ages.. How are you pen” she asked after discussion the hug she just pulled me in.
“I’m fine.. How are you?” I returned the question.
“not so good.” she tells me.
“Eliot broke up with you?” I asked and she gasped.
“Mason told you didn’t he.” she said in an angry but playful tone.
“yeah, he just kept coming over to my place so he had to tell me the reason for his sudden freedom” I explained and she sighed with a smile.
“that guy tells you everything, I’m afraid I can’t tell him a secret cause he’ll probably tell you that too. Well I can’t blame him if I was a guy and had a pretty girl like you for a friend, I’ll actually tell you everything I know too” Amanda stated making my cheek a little bit red, from being flushed, cause Amanda just called me pretty.
“where is Mason anyway? I haven’t heard from him for week now” I said with a serious tone.
“oh you didn’t know? He went to Texas, he went there to stay with my aunt, who just gave birth to her sixth child, since no-one in the family didn’t want to go there, mason went and Mason’s kind of like her favourite person In the family, but I haven’t got to talk to him too for the past week, I don’t know if everyone’s okay over there, but I don’t need to worry much cause he’s Mason. No matter how playful he is, he doesn’t let people he cares about worry”.
“okay, if you manage to get a hold of him before me tell him I said hi” I said and Amanda nodded.
“oh and I heard about you and Richard from Mason few weeks ago, I’m sorry” she said lowly and I smiled.. “it’s okay Richard’s old news.”
“old news?? Is there anyone you’re dating now?” she asked surprisingly.
“what No. I just mean that I’ve moved on” I said and she nodded understandably..
“that’s very brave of you, so where you heading too?” she asked.
“to my new job” I replied.
“oh yeah, I heard Eatees got burnt, okay well take care, I don’t want to make you late..” she said and tucked her hair behind her ear..
“okie.. Then bye..” I said and walked away, after waving my hand out..
I almost missed the bus, but thank God I didn’t and also Leo changed my time on coming to work.. He said instead from six in the morning it should be eight Am instead.
I got to his mansion and typed in his code and the door opened like always, he gave me his code to his house the third day of job here and since that day instead of me ringing the doorbell and waking him up, I’ll just type in his house code and get in.
I got in his house and removed my boots beside the door, I walked up to the couch and threw my purse there.
“hey.. good morning” I heard Leo’s voice behind me and I turned swiftly, I saw him coming down the stairs, his hand dipped in his pockets, him looking good ‘as always’ and a suspicious smile today.
“someone’s feeling Happy today, what’s with the smile?” I asked sweetly..
“oh just letting yesterday’s memory replay over and over again” he replied..
“really? What happened” I asked inquisitively.
His yesterday was good. I really do want to know what happened, I remembered mine, I was on my bed all day stuffing my face with peach pie my mom made and watching TV as the rain fell heavily…
“I was about going out as usual since it was Sunday, when I got an unexpected visitor,.. Harmony.” Leo said and I gasped.
“no way”
“oh yes way,.. She walked in furiously without me telling her to come in, she firstly looked around the house before turning back to me, and breaking out a simple hi, I returned her greetings and she remained quiet, I didn’t know why she came here but I was ready for whatever she has to say, but luckily to my surprise she didn’t say anything, she just looked around my house one more time and I just let her do so, and then she found your scarf, lying on the couch, the one you accidentally left here on Saturday–”
“and I almost broke my house down looking for it, well anyway continue..” I tell him, I want to know where this story unfolds. Harmony may seem tough and all, but I know she’s never tough.
“well seeing your scarf, she picked it up and asked for the owner but I didn’t tell her, and the next thing she said was “seems like you’ve moved on faster than I can ever imagine”
“well so you want me to still crawl in your shadows, wash your feet and beg you to come back to me.” I tell her but she didn’t say or do anything, but just let out a tired sigh.
“look Leo just because we’ve broken up doesn’t mean we’re enemies, how about we grab lunch together sometimes..” she said nicely to me and I didn’t know how to hold in my smile anymore so I just nodded swiftly, “and since this scarf doesn’t have an owner, I’ll hold onto it for a while” she said and was about walking away but I had to stop her and tell her it belongs to you..
“Oh Leo don’t lie to me., you and Penelope doesn’t rhyme and I know you’re just saying she’s the owner of this scarf just because you want to make me jealous, but what do I care, ..anyway I’ll see you another time.” she said, pecked me and walked out. And seriously I couldn’t believe all that happened.” Leo explained and I laughed a bit
“she totally wants you back.” I breathed out.
“you think so?” Leo asked and I rolled my eyes.
“seriously Leo, don’t tell me you’re that dumb, she clearly said ‘how about we grab lunch sometime, and us breaking up doesn’t mean we’re enemies.. Doesn’t that give you any clue that she wants you back and she’s currently begging,” I explained and Leo smiled.
“wow.” he breathed out.
“but if she do ever comes back, are you going to accept her back into your life” I asked lowly and he nods with small smile. “you really love Harmony, don’t you?” I asked teasingly.
“I really do” he said.
“but if Richard wants to ever come back to you, will you sleepy him” he asked and I sighed and looked away.. “he does want to come back to my life” I said.
“well. Will you accept him?” Leo asked cautiously.
“I want to accept him but I’m afraid, I don’t want what happened last time happen again, if not for Mason, I would have committed suicide on my wedding day, cause that day I just felt like a fool when he said he doesn’t want to get married to me” I said lowly staring at the floor.
“sorry.. Leo mumbled but I quickly brightened up so I wouldn’t cry.. “so. What do you want me to make for you this morning” he asked.. “whatever you think is good” Leo added and I nod and walked to the kitchen.
Leo and I sat down quietly at the dining table eating breakfast. The tension between us before would be awkward but now it’s seems normal. Cause I’m so used to it.
“I know you don’t like it when someone talks and eat, but I have to ask this… I know you’re looking for an apartment here in Breek, have you seen one?.” he asked.
“no” I breathed out
“Do you want me to help you look for one?” he asked,
“no it’s okay” I tell him
“oh okay!” he said with a frown.
I was doing the dishes when I got a call from Kirana and picked up at the second ring cause I had to clean my wet hands.
“hey!” I breathed out.
“hi.. How’s your day going?” she asked from the other line.
“good. Yours?” I asked
“not so good I’ve got loads of work waiting at my desk and I’m afraid to step into my office, I called you so you can cheer me up before working, you know like giving me a little morale” Kirana said and I chuckled.
“what? So I’m like your work cheerleader?” I said sarcastically.
“yeah.. You should be proud” Kirana said and I sighed.
“crazy girl” I breathed out.
“you can never find someone crazier than me.. Oh so have you heard from Mason since he went to Texas?” Kirana asked.
“you knew he went to Texas?” I asked surprisingly.
“yeah he told me the day he left, you didn’t know?”
“I didn’t I had to find out from Amanda this morning”
“I thought you’re like his buddy-girl cause he tells you everything, I thought you’d be the first person to know”
“well maybe he forgot, and lost his phone cause Amanda hasn’t heard from him too” I said.
“well maybe, and even though he’s kind of stupid and annoying sometimes I still kind of miss him” Kirana said and I smiled.
“yeah me too” I admitted.
“anyway, I’m stepping into my office wish me luck.” Kirana said.
“good luck” I said nicely.
“your good luck just made it more impossible cause I think more papers are being put on my desk, anyway I got to go, tell Leo I said hi” Kirana said and hung up.
I carefully dropped my phone and continued with the dishes and I finished in no time. I grabbed my phone and was about to walk out of the kitchen but bumped my head into Leo’s chest at the entrance of the kitchen.
“sorry.” we both apologized at the same time and laughed a bit.
“how long you been standing here?” I asked, placing my into my pocket cause it almost fell when I bumped into him.
“since you came in” he said honestly, I can’t believe he’s been standing here watching me and listening to Kirana and I conversation.
“why?” I asked, it’s like he’s following me around.
“I guess I just don’t like being alone” he smiled.

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The day ran faster than ever and before I knew it, Leo and I were having dinner. Our conversation through out the day was just about harmony and Leo told me a lot of things about her which was quite amusing, he said she’s from a wealthy family, she likes cat, dogs and rabbits but pretends not to like them, he also said she rather like people to fear and respect her than make friends with her or even be nice to her.. He said she might seem, High and mighty, scary and savage, bitchy and annoying, on the outside, but in the inside she’s actually this cute happy girl who loves so many things, and whose heart flutter at every little things and that’s what he loves about her. He really Harmony and that’s all that matters in love, for the guy to be so committed to love than the girl.
After dinner and everything, I got ready to leave and grabbed my sweater and purse.
“okay Leo I’ll see you tomorrow” I smiled walking to the door.
“do you want me to drive you home?” he asked
Since when? I wanted to say but instead I said this. “no it’s okay, I always take the bus”.
“okay well I could always walk you to the gate” he offered and I turned to him.
“okay, Leo you’re kind of acting weird, you never walk me to the gate, you never asked to drive me home before.. It’s not a bad thing though, but it’s kind of weird coming from you” I explained and he smiled making his dimple appear.
“okay so.. A friend asking to help a friend is weird?.” he asked
“it’s not weird, I mean, it’s just..ugh.. I can’t explain, even if I do we can never be on the same page here, so just forget about it, and thanks for your offer but maybe another time” I said, flashed him a smile and walked out of his house.
The cold wind suddenly pinched my skin making me put on my sweater. I walked down the bus stop faster than ever cause I just can’t wait to go home and enjoy some warmth.
I got to the bus stop and wanted for like fifteen minutes before the bus stopped in front of me and some couple of other people waiting too.
People started to walk in including me and while we all paid as we got in, a girl with black short hair paused and started to search for something in her jacket pocket. “d–n it, I forgot my purse” she said angrily.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but you have to walk out of this bus, if you’re not paying.” the driver said and she glared at him for a minute.
“my house isn’t far from here, it’s exactly at the next stop, maybe if you drive me there I can go in—
“lady, please just leave!” the drive yelled making her flinch.
She was about to walk out of the bus. But I yelled “wait!” and all eyes went on me. I ignored the looking eyes and walked up to the lady and the driver.
“I’ll… I-I’ll pay for her” I said to the driver and did so and the girl gasped.
I walked back to my seat and she walked up to me. “hi.. Thanks..” she said quickly.
“No problem.. It was nothing” I mumbled,
“no it was something, I know no one in this bus was ready to do what you just did for me.. You’re too kind and I promise to pay you back.” she said with a smile.
“no it’s okay, no need to pay me back” I said and she grinned happily.
“Olivia.” she said and moved her hand forward.
“Pen. Penelope” I continued and shook her hand.
“gosh Penelope, thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough ..you’re an angel sent to earth, if it wasn’t for you that stupid driver could have embarrassed my life.. But because of your kind heart, he didn’t, thank you so much, if not for you I would have slept in the bus stop cause I left my purse at my friend’s place and my phone’s in there too, so thank you so very much” she breathed out and I smiled.
“no problem”
Finally the bus stopped at the second bus stop, which was my stop, and surprisingly Olivia’s too.
“Oh you live in this neighborhood too?” she asked happily as we both walked out of the bus.
“yeah” I replied.
“yay! looks that we’re going to be seeing each other more often” she said happily before we walked our separate ways.
I walked in my house and sighed joyfully, it felt warm and cozy. I removed my sweater and boots and climbed up the stairs to my room. I dropped my sweater and purse on my bed and threw my boots carelessly on the floor,
I stripped my clothes off my body and sped up to the shower.. After taking a warm bathe, I changed into my pajamas and was about to climbed on my bed but tripped on my boots.. Dang it. I carefully place my shoes well and jumped on my bed. I remove my phone out of my purse and dropped it beside me, these days I’ve been sleeping early, cause I end up eating dinner with Leo which makes me full and sleepy and when I get home I just jump on my bed and boom, I’m asleep.
I grabbed my phone and checked the time, 8:00pm. I was about to drop it when it buzzed and I looked it and noticed I’ve gotten a text message…
From Mason!!
I opened the message and read it.
MASON: hey..
I sighed and shook my head negatively he’s so crazy and so dead, I quickly replied him without wasting time.
ME: hey? That’s all you’re going to say??
I sent that and he replied immediately and that’s how we started texting till night fell.
MASON: why do I feel like you’re mad at me.
ME: because I am mad!
MASON: why?
ME: why?? You were Leaving Breek and you told everyone except me, I thought you were dead, did you know how worried I was..
MASON: oh my god , I’m really sorry, I texted everyone of my sudden leave and just as I was about to text you my phone got drained and didn’t know what to do, so I planned to tell you when I got to Texas but there was just so much going on that I forgot. I’m sorry. :-((
ME: oh well I forgive you I can’t stay mad at you for being so forgetful, but what happened no one could get a hold of you for a week, is everything alright there?
MASON: everything’s fine actually but not so fine, I had to go buy a new phone this morning cause my aunt’s kids placed my other phone in the dish washer, and then in the washing machine before ending it’s life after placing it in the micro wave and I didn’t even know they did all that, it was my aunt who showed me the phone and apologized for her kids outrageous behaviour who found what they did funny.
ME: how sad.
MASON: but luckily I got a new one and you’re actually the first person I’m calling with it. So how’s Breek though?
ME: Breek’s okay and it’s been getting cold here lately, but it’s still fine. And everyone’s fine too.
MASON: dang it, they’re here.
ME: who’s there?
MASON: my aunt’s kid, they’re here for me to read them bed time stories. I promised them, these days I’ve been loosing sleep cause of them, they’re all pains in my neck, while my aunt and uncle are busy taking care of the new born child I’m now the father of the remaining five kids.. You’ll think five and four years old boys are stubborn and playful but teenage girls are the worst.
ME: your aunt has girls?? I thought she’s a boys lady only
MASON: oh she has girls, two actually, well three now, one’s seventeen, she’s the eldest one’s fifteen, and the other one is the new born child while the rest are boys. And the seventeen years old is trying to flirt with me, she even tried to kiss me yesterday. If you don’t hear from me soon, know that I’m dead.
ME: LOL can’t stop laughing, wow you’ve become a daddy overnight, hope you don’t die soon cause we miss you.
MASON: I miss you oidydhididmvs
ME: what?
MASON: sorry, my aunt’s little boys are trying to kill me.. They made me type that by mistake
ME: they must be real headaches
MASON: oh they really are.
MASON: *sent a photo*
A photo of Mason appeared with him shirtless and three adorable little boys around him, one was currently pulling his hair as he took the picture, his brown hair was scattered and his eyes were puffy, he look tired but still held his mason smile.
ME: those boys looks so adorable.
MASON: those adorable boys are actually devils.. They think they’re playing with me but they’re just menaces,
ME: don’t worry you’ll fit in with them soon. be a good father and stop hating your kids.
MASON: actually even when you put it as a joke it’s not funny cause they’re actually killing me right now, maybe they’re stop hurting their dad if they see their mom. Why don’t you teleport yourself here so you can read them the bed time stories instead
ME: tell them they’re mom has to rest cause she’s tired of working today
MASON: I’ll do just that, anyway I have to go cause it seems like Jenna, the fifteen years old, just had a bad dream cause she just screamed and I have to go check what happened.
ME: me too, I’m as sleepy as a koala.
MASON: okay then goodnight.
ME: goodnight.
I turned my phone off before finally going to sleep…
I woke up the next morning, with a sigh I grabbed my phone and switched off the alarm, I remembered my conversation with Mason last night and I smiled.
He’s funny.
I took my shower, got dressed and for some reason, I decided to curl my hair, which I’ve done once but Richard said he didn’t like it so I stopped it, but today I just felt like doing it cause I still have a lot of time and I did and it kind of really suit me. The weather was normal today, so I put on a yellow short and a black top. I grabbed my purse and hurried out of my room and to the living room. I walked out of my house and hurried down the bus stop.
I caught the bus and immediately received a call from my dad.
“hey dad!” I said cheerfully into the phone.
“hey dear, how are you? I haven’t gotten to see your face more often because of my job and yours” he said
“yeah” I breathed out.
“anyway, about the apartment you were talking about that day wit–
“you found one?” I quickly interrupted him getting a few stares from the bus
“yeah, and I thought maybe you’ll want to check it out today, I found out about it yesterday but forgot to tell you and when I came home last night you were asleep.” my dad explained.
“okay, well I don’t think today’s going to work, how about tomorrow?” I said lowly.
“okay. I’ll create a chance, but if I can’t, it’s at bayn street, 52, you can go ahead and check it without me” my dad said.
“okay dad, thanks” I mumbled
“bye dear”
“bye dad” I breathed out and hung up.
Finally the bus got to my stop and I got down and walked my way to Leo’s house.
I typed in his house code and walked In, I saw him sitting quietly on his couch, his attention on the floor and he didn’t notice me.. “hey good morning” I said as I closed the door.
“oh hey.. You’re here” he said with a smile.
“yeah” I breathed out.
He kept looking at me so I had to ask.
“what?” I finally asked
“your hair.” he said lowly.
“oh yeah, I just decided to curl it today for no reason.” I said nervously.
“well it really suits you” he said with a small smile.
“thanks” I smiled back.

“so what do you suggest for today menu” I said and walked up to the couch, where he was and dropped my purse.
“I don’t know, you’re always the food ideal lady” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“quit whining” I said and walked passed him to the kitchen and he trailed behind me.
“so I’ll just make blue berry muffins and hot chocolate today, simple and healthy what do you think?” I asked and turned to him but he was concentrated on his phone. He quickly looked up and said “yeah well, whatever you make I’ll eat it” he said and walked closer to the counter, where I stood, “I need a glass of water” he mumbled and grabbed one of his glass cup with the same hand he’s holding his phone, and his phone slipped from his hand almost crashing to the ground, but luckily I caught.
“wow.. You need to be careful” I said breathlessly handing him his phone.
“th-thanks” he said taking it from my hand and leaning down to me, surprisingly giving me a peck on my cheeks which made me gasp a little which heard.
“i-i -i-i.. I’m so so-sorry I didn’t know why i-i did that” he stutter,
It’s not a big deal no need to get worked up. I tell myself and breathe in and out slowly before saying.
“it’s no biggie, it’s just your way of showing appreciation”. He didn’t say anything he just stood still staring at the floor before sighing and walking out of the kitchen, I place my hand on my forehead and sighed.
Maybe it was I who needed that glass of water

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I made breakfast that morning, trying to forget why Leo did that, why did he peck me??. I just used my own excuse for him saying, it’s his way of showing appreciation but, he apologized for what he did cause he knew he was wrong and it wasn’t his way of showing appreciation. The first set of the blueberry muffins I made was a little burnt since I wasn’t my self but the rest was okay.
Leo and I sat down at the table quietly and for the first time in forever the tension between us became awkward.
After eating and doing the dishes, I walked to the living room where I met Leo sitting quietly on the couch.
“hey…” I said and sat down on the same couch, he was sitting but not to close to him.
“look I’m really sorry about earlier” he said and I smiled and rolled my eyes.
“you’re still apologizing for what’s in the past already” I said cheerfully so he’ll snap out of his boring and quiet self and be the more energetic Leo.
“you’re not angry?” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“why would I be… Also I want to ask for a small permission tomorrow to leave” I said immediately changing the subject.
“a permission to leave?” he repeated.
“well you know I’ve been looking for an apartment, and thankfully my dad, found one I have to check it out with him, before it’s taken and I don’t know if you’re willing to grant that” I said in a calm and pleading tone.
“actually, you can take anyday off, I don’t mind…” he said and I gasped.
“yeah, I don’t mind, and if you don’t mind yourself, I can come with you and check it out too.. I have good eyes for things people and places” be said and I smiled.
“it’s okay, my dad and I are already going, so there’s no need too, thanks though” I assured him and he nods.
We both remained quiet, staring at the floor and I suddenly sighed, naming him sigh too and few minutes later we both sigh at the same time which made us both laughed..
“that was funny” I laughed.
“that shows how bored we are” Leo said.
“do you want to play a game?” I asked cheerfully.
“a game?” he asked again and I nod.
“er.. I don’t have the strength for playing some TV games” he said and rested his head on the couch making his hair fall backward and for the first time I noticed he’s wearing an earring a black one.
“I’m not talking about TV games I’m talking real life games, like scrabble, solitaire, and maybe noughts and crosses(X and O)” I said but he just shook his head negatively.
“those games make me sick” he said with a smile.
“C’mon it’ll be fun.” I squeaked and he sighed. “okay I’ve agreed to, but I don’t have the scrabble board or the entire game equipment here, or even the solitaire cards” he said, and he’s somehow got a point.
“okay then let’s play noughts and crosses, it’s actually called Xs and Os” I said. “you don’t need any equipments in this one, just a pen and a sheet of paper, and I just happened to have a pen” I added and dipped my hand into my purse bringing out a black ball pen.
Leo sighed heavily and gave up,
After getting a small jotter, Leo asked how the came was placed and I explained.
“Xs and Os is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.”
We both ended up playing noughts and crosses, with me waning, three times in a roll which just pisses him off.
“dang it., I’m playing no more” he said drooping the pen.
“C’mon we just started.” I said
“yeah, I know but how am I going to enjoy the game if you keep winning” he asked dryly.
“I dont know.. But in order to be the best, you have to beat the best” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“so you’re saying you’re the best?” he asked and I nodded.
“okay then, i don’t like when people brag about themselves, so just wait and see as I crush that best. I’m going to win this time,” he said and grabbed the pen back.
We started to play again, and now it was hard for me to win cause instead of him trying to win, he was just blocking my chances of wining,.. And it was kind of annoying. After playing and playing, we both became tired and bored cause no one was wining and which made us both quit.
“that was the most boring game I’ve ever played.” Leo breathed out.
“how could it be fun when you didn’t want to win, and didn’t want to make me win too” I tell him but he just laughed.
“what’s so funny?” I asked ..
“you.. Me.. The idea of paying this game with you.. It’s just something I won’t do before” he said still smiling ..”well that was before, and now is now, people change every single day, so it’s not new” I explained.
“well you’re right, people do change and I’m not Just talking about myself, I’m talking about you too” he said.
“me?” I laughed. And rested my head and back on the couch like he did. Making us stare at the ceiling
“yeah, when I first got to know you, you seemed pretty kind of mean and ignorant” he tells me and I scoffed.
“I was never mean or ignorant, you could have said, I was mean and ignorant to you, and that was because I didn’t know you so well then,”
“well you have a point, maybe you never changed, but I know I did” he said.. And I sighed I’m starting to feel sleepy and it’s not nice for me to, but I couldn’t help it,
Leo was talking to me but everything sounded so far away I didn’t hear what he was saying, and through the sound of his voice, slowly my eyes start to close, and little by little his voice start to fade away, I was falling asleep…
“Penn..” I heard my voice.
“Penn!!” I heard my voice again, which suddenly made my eyes open immediately, and I quickly turn to my right side where leo was seated and he was looking at me strangely..
“do you feel sleepy?” he asked.
“a little bit, I’m sorry for falling asleep” I apologized lowly.
“oh no, it’s okay, you can always sleep in the guest room upstairs, if you’re tired” he said but I quickly shook my head negatively.
“no.. Thanks, but it’s okay I’m not tired”
“okay whatever you say!” he said, stood up and walked away.. I rested my elbow on the arm of the chair and rested my chin on my palm, Sleeping will just make me look lazy and weak and he’ll think I’m lazy and weak and I’m not. I’m just bored and maybe doing something interesting will just take that boredom away. Just as I thought of something interesting to do, my phone started to ring, I quickly grabbed it which was beside my purse and turned it to look at the screen.
And it was a video call from Mason. Prefect timing.
I answered the call and after waiting for like a second a two , it got connected and I saw Mason smiling happily on my screen and he was shirtless..
No kidding.
“hi.” I said and waved a bit.
“hi” he replied and immediately three little heads popped out from nowhere and covered mason face,
“hi!!!” the three little boys shouted from the other line and I remembered them from last night when Mason sent me a picture of him, they were the ones around him.
“okay get away from here!” mason yelled at the boys making them, all move out of the way, and I could see Mason, but the three boys were still behind him and they were so cute, their eyes looking at me curiously wondering who I was.
“so how’s things over there” he asked.
“things are fine actually.” I replied,
“is everything still the same as usual” he asked.
“yeah nothing changed and no-one changed, if that’s what you’re expecting, oh and why are you always shirtless over there, are you in Texas to be a body model or a second parent to your aunt’s children” I said and he laughed.
“actually it hasn’t been too long since we ate and one of this nugget brains, poured hot tea on me,” he said angrily and glared at one of the boys at his left side, Who quickly gave him an innocent look. Mason rolled his eyes and turned back to me.
“anyway I’ll be coming back home next week..i don’t know the particular day but I know I’ll be coming back home next week” he said.
“okay well we’ll be expecting you then, so why didn’t you put on another shirt when hot tea was spilled on your clothes” I said seriously.
“cause I’m out of shirts, but thankfully, their sister’s actually helping me do my laundry” Mason replied.
“which of them, the one having crush on you?” I asked.
“yeah, how did you know”
“cause she has a crush on you and will probably do anything for you” I pondered.
“wow.. Girls do understand girls, when I start dating I’ll remember to come take advice from you everyday” he said and I smiled.
“she’s pretty” one of the boys said and I smiled at him… “awwn thanks” I breathed out..
“what is your name?” I asked the boy and he seemed like he’s the littlest one.. “I’m Michael” he said happily. “well Michael, I think you’re pretty too” I said and his eyes lit up in excitement.
“and I’m Jaden” one of the boys said quickly.
“and I’m Landon” who I think is the eldest said,
“okay well, Jaden, Landon, I think you guys are pretty too” I complimented them since it seems like what they wanted and they all looked at each other with a smile.
“who’re you guys talking too” a voice said behind Mason and the three boys,..
“we’re taking to Mason’s girlfriend” Michael, the one who complimented me said and Michael laughed while I rolled my eyes, a teenage, blonde mean looking girl suddenly walked up to Mason and looked into the phone, she saw me and gave me an angry look while I just smiled and waved at her,
Teenage girls..
“Pen, this is Mavis, my cousin she’s the eldest, the one I keep telling you about” Mason said and gave me a knowing look.
“hey Mavis, Mason’s told me a lot about you” I said with a smile but she just rolled her eyes and walked away.
I totally expected that, since she’s crushing on mason, seeing him talk to other girls will just piss her off but girls like her are easy to read, soon enough she’ll drop the cursing of a thing and finally see him as a cousin.
After talking for a while, we finally ended the call and I smoked and dropped my phone, that was one heck of a video call, I really miss him though..
Well the day went by pretty fast, and before I knew it, I was putting on my shoes was easy to leave Leo’s house.
“remember if you don’t have anyone to go with you tomorrow to check out the new apartment, you can always call me,” he said before I left and I just nodded and walked out.
I got home feeling a little but exhausted, I crashed on my bed and didn’t even remember to take a bath, but I was too tired to stand up so I just let myself fall asleep without taking my shoes or clothes off..
The next day, I woke up feeling strong, likewise yesterday, I jolted up from my bed and pulled my shoes off my legs before doing the same to my clothes, I took a bath and brushed my teeth before putting on something plain and casual.
I’m just so glad Leo gave me a day off, he’s too nice .
I walked downstairs and noticed neither of my parents are around so I called my dad, cause it was supposed to be me and him checking out the apartment. My dad picked up at the first ring and immediately he apologized.
“I’m sorry”.
“seriously dad, it was supposed to be me and you today” I said sadly into the phone.
“I know Penny and I’m sorry. I thought we could both go there together, today, but I couldn’t fit it in my schedule, I’m sorry dear, I think you’ll go alone, I’ll text you the address I’m sorry” my dad said and I sighed.
“oh well, it’s okay, I guess I’ll just go alone then” I said and hang up, my dad sent me the address and I sighed sadly and did the last thing I thought I’d do.
I called Leo.
“pen?” he said surprisingly.
“hi.. Leo I know you must be wondering why I called” I said lowly,
“yeah..” he breathed out
“well about the apartment, you said you’d go with me if my da–
“you want me to go with you?” he suddenly interrupted me.
“y-yeah, well my dad kind of bail out on me at the last minute, and instead of going alone, I thought maybe we could go together.” I said slowly, cause calling him was awakward for me
“okay, no to explain, I’ll be there in a jiffy” Leo said and hanged up. I slowly shove my phone inside the pocket of the jacket I wore.. I straighten my dress and tuck my hair behind my ears, apart from the dress I wore to club zero-zix a month ago, it’s the first I’m actually wearing a dress of my own.. I walked to the kitchen to brew green tea, for myself, and after preparing it, just as I was about to take a sip, I heard the doorbell ring…. I held my tea in my hand and walked to the door. I opened it and found Leo standing there, he looked the same. In a good way actually. His hair was packed up, his eyes had dark circle lines around it, and he wore his black earring in both ears which made him get his scary looks and he was dressed in all black.. I have this strange feeling that if we’re walking together, people would think he kidnapped me.
“wow that was fast” I said as I opened the door wider for him to come in,
“I wasn’t doing anything so I came as fast as I could cause I was bored.” he said and I finally took a sip out of my tea. And goodness! it was hot.
“don’t you go to work or something, Maxwell said you have so many companies, but yet I don’t see you working or directing in anyone, you’re a rich guy but you don’t seem like one” I said sensitively while he smiled.
“I do have a lot of firm and companies but I have people working under it, and yes I don’t look like a rich guy, I kind of look like a criminal cause people say that to me all the time, but actually money isn’t everything, I just don’t know what to do with my life, I guess I was just lucky with money, I do have a lot but I just don’t need it” he said freely and I shook my head negatively. This guy is unbelievable, it’s true some people are lucky with money, and neither me nor my parents are one of the lucky people.
“anyway, I’m done with my tea, let’s get going instead of talking” I said and dropped the cup I used on the living room table beside me are grabbed my purse.
“my dad sent me the address it’s not that far, well maybe a little but far but we can take a cab—no cab is to expensive— or we’ll just take the bus” I said walking briskly to the door.
“don’t worry, about a cab or bus, we’ll just use my car instead” he said and my eyes lit up in excitement.
He brought his car.
“well then let’s go” I said cheerfully. Leo and I walked out of my house and I locked the door.. And turned to see him beside his car, he opened the car door for me.
“lady’s first” he said.
“thanks” I tell him and got in and suddenly remembered my first date with Richard, he did and said exactly the same thing, I shook that out of my memory, I don’t need every little detail to make me remember him. .
Leo started to drive, while I just sat down quietly and directed him of where to go..
Finally we got to Bayn street, and I had to go over the message my dad sent for me to know the number of the building..
After calling my dad and asking for the house number and what the building looked like even though I’ve seen the house address I just don’t want to be mistaken,.

Leo and I got there and we both went to check out the apartment, the building was a six storey and the rented apartment was at the last floor,…
“the apartment’s nice though” Leo said as we both walked around the empty room, and it looks Like it hasn’t been long since the other tenant left this place cause it was still neat and the furnitures were still new and neat. “what do you think?” Leo asked me.
“I think it’s nice, it has a great view from the small balcony, and since it’s at the top of the building it absorbs lot of cool breeze, and it’s got a perfect space for Just a single person, I like it.” I breathed out.
“so you’re getting it?” leo asked.
“yeah!.. I just need to call the landlord and ask about the payment” I said and moved to where a flyer was pasted on the wall and brought out my phone cause the landlord’s phone number was written there. I called the ‘landlord’ which happens to be a lady and we talked about me getting an apartment in her building and she said she’ll be over here in a few minutes to talk about the price and all that..
I placed my phone back into my purse and turned to find Leo at the open balcony.
“Leo.” I called and he turned.
“nice view right?” I said and he nods.
“so what did the landlord say” he asked.
“it’s actually a lady, and she said she’ll be here soon, in the mean time, let’s check around the building.” I said and he nods, and we both walked out of the apartment,.. We got in the elevator and started to go down, the two of us were quiet and I just kept sighing.
“what are you going to do if the price of the apartment happens to be higher than what you have” Leo asked as we got the third floor.
“well I’ll just keep looking till I see the one that won’t cut off my budgets” I replied and he nods and looked away,
We got to the first floor and the elevator door opened and I quickly walked out bumping into someone.
“oh my goodness, Penelope!” I heard a somewhat familiar voice said.
I looked up and saw a girl, and I tried to remember where I met or saw her…
I quickly remembered her, the girl from the bus, the other day who I helped payed for the bus, who kept thanking me.
“Olivia.” I smiled
“Penelope, I can’t believe you’re here what are you doing here! I talk about you all the time, what you did that day was grateful, I won’t stop thanking you, I talk about you to my Richy all the time” she said happily and looked behind me to see Leo..
“hi I’m olivia a friend of Penelope” she said shook Leo’s hand.
“olivia..!” I heard a very familiar voice call Olivia’s voice and I looked behind Olivia to see the person only for my jaw to drop.
Olivia quickly smiled and ran to him.
“oh Richie, it’s her Penelope, the girl I talk about like everyday” Olivia said happily clinging to Richard who just kept staring at me.

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“Pen..” Richard called me lowly while I just stood still and stared back at him.
Olivia looked back and forth between the two of us before saying.
“do you guys happen to know each other before?”
“uhm.. Wh-what are you doing here” Richard asked slowly and I snapped out of my blank reverie.
“i-i’m here to check out the apartment for rent.” I replied, like we knew each other and nothing ever happened to us.
“what about you what are you doing here?” I asked and tilt my head suspiciously.
“I’m he–
“he’s here to see me” Olivia interrupted him, and he glanced at her before turning back to me,
Leo walked closer to me and whispers in my ear.
“i didn’t know your boyfriend has gotten another girlfriend’s so fast”
I turned to Leo and glared at him, but he just smiled and looked away.
I turned back to Richard who was currently glaring at Leo, but Leo just kept smiling at him. “so, you said you’re here to check out the apartment for rent right?” Olivia asked and I faked smile and nodded at her.
I’m not in the mood for smiling right now cause I feel like my ex Fiance has either be cheating on me before we got married with this girl or has easily moved on after breaking the marriage with this girl, but either way I’m jealous. Because my heart still loves him. And I hate that, but I can’t let him see that, if he’s moved on, then I’ve moved on too.
“well what do you think, do you like the apartment?” Olivia asked.
“yeah” I breathed out.
“Yay! I hope you get it, cause we’re gonna be neighbors” Olivia said happily, she’s jovial and free spirited, so this is the kind of girl Richard went for.
“yeah I hope so too” I seethe.
The huge front door of the building suddenly opened and a middle aged woman walked in dressed in all red. “Mrs. Aleksey,” Olivia grinned at the woman and waved her hand happily at her. The woman rolled her eyes and turned to talk to a man who suddenly called her.
“that’s Mrs Aleksey, the owner of this place” Olivia whisperered to me.
Oh she’s the landlady.
And Aleksey, Is she Russian or something.
“well I better go talk with her, cause she’s actually here for me” I tell Leo and Olivia and ignored Richard’s Stare towards me, his girlfriend is right beside him, he should stop looking at me that way before she gets suspicious.
Just as I was about to walk away Richard called me. Making me turn back to him.
“yes” I said boldly and sternly.
“can we talk?” he said lowly.
Talk!??.. Talk about what???
“yeah, sure” I said calmly not wanting to cause a commotion or let his new ‘girlfriend’ get suspicious. I turned to walk to Mrs Aleksey but Richard called me back.
“Pen, can we talk like right now.?”
“I have to meet Mrs Aleksey first” I tell him.
“please.” he said with pleading eyes.
“okay, but you better make it quick cause I’m not loosing this place” I said and he nods. I sighed and turn back to glance at Mrs Aleksey, I hope she won’t be mad if I run a little late. Leo suddenly place his hand on my shoulder and I looked at him. “don’t worry I’ll help you meet with Mrs Aleksey” he said and I smiled a little
“really?” I asked.
“yeah,” he nods.
“thanks, and please while talking to her, If the apartment price is bigger than what I can afford please just cancel it” I said and he nods.
“got it.” he said and walked away, bless him for he is so nice. I turned to Richard who watched as Leo walked away, and sighed.
Richard snapped out of his glaring state and turned to Olivia .
“Olivia, can you please give us some privacy” Richard said sweetly to her
“sure thing Richie” she said happily and walked to me. Richard sighed and took a step closer to me but not too close.
“hi” he said breathlessly
“hi?” I repeated. Is this guy okay or what ..
“okay spill whatever you want to say to me, Leo can’t really tell Mrs Aleksey what’s in my mind you know” I said and fold my hands.
“Leo? Oh that’s his name” Richard breathed out.
“yeah, seriously are you going to talk or waste my time” I asked and tucked my hair behind my ear,.. “okay fine, I’ve seen you moved on” he started. So he doesn’t want me to move on ?
“what are you talking about, you’ve moved on too, Olivia’s a sweet person” I said calmly and he looked at me awkwardly.
“Olivia?” he said,
“yeah, aren’t you two dating” I asked.
“no.. No Olivia and I are just friends”. He breathed out.
“yeah right.” I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.
“no I’m serious, I met her like a week ago and she’s been clinging to me since then,” Richard tells me and I sighed.
“look Richard, you don’t have to explain what she is to me okay! Nothing is going on between us” I said and gesture my hand back and forth between us.
“I’m sorry..” he apologized.
What is he apologizing for??
“Rich. I don’t know what you’re apologizing for, but please for once can I not get the word ‘I’m sorry’ from you anymore, let’s just be Normal people from Breek who happens to know each other so well,.
now if you excuse I’ll be going to Leo now” I said calmly and turned.
He called and I paused and turned with a sigh,. “Leo. Is he your boyfriend” Richard breathlessly asked,.
“what do you think?” I shrugged and walked away. Just as I was getting close to Leo and Mrs Aleksey, Mrs Aleksey smiled at Leo before walking out of the building,.. Why is she living, what did Leo said to her?, did she know that I’m the one who wants to rent out the apartment!!
I quickly walked briskly to Leo who smiled seeing me.
“oh finally you’re here” he said.
“yeah. Why Is Mrs Aleksey leaving I didn’t have the chance to talk to her,” I said breathing heavily.
“calm down, I talked to her” he said..
“yeah I know I told you to do so, what did she say?, how much is the place?” I asked inquisitively.
Leo sighed and brought a paper out of his pocket and placed it in front of my eyes, “this is the price of the apartment” he said and my eyes almost burst out when I saw the price. “th-this is bigger than me I can’t afford this” I said still looking at the paper he placed in my hand.
“and this is your receipt” Leo said and brought another paper out of his pocket placing it in my hands.
“a receipt for the apartment??” I blurted out.
“but I…
“don’t worry the apartment’s under your name I just helped with the money” Leo interrupted me and I gasped softly,
Don’t tell me he payed for my apartment.
“y-you payed??” I asked to be sure.
“yeah” he replied sternly,
“but I can’t afford this, and how can I pay you back?” I said lowly,
What if he deducts it from my salary, then that’s two months pay, I’m doomed.
“you don’t have to pay me back” he said with a serious face.
“why?” I asked, even though it’s cliche to ask why, I just can’t help but know why.
“because I don’t want you to, don’t friends help each other everyday?” he said with an arched eyebrow.
“they do.. But Leo, this is two much, with this kind of amount you payed for four years?” I said calmly cause this is crazy.
“Pen, this is no big deal, I’ve bought houses and cars for some of my friends so this is no big deal” he said and I suddenly remained quiet.. This is not only crazy, but awkward, he’s way too nice and helpful and that just makes me feel.., Ugh.. I don’t even know how it makes me feel but I know somehow I should be described as, lost, confused, pleased, and awkward right now.
“a thank you would be fine.” he said suddenly breaking me and my inner thought’s conversation..
“oh sorry,.. Thank you” I breathed out and he smiled. “that’s more like it”
“Penelope!!” Olivia’s voice called happily behind me and I turned swiftly,
“did you get it, did you get the apartment?” she asked.
“yeah” I smiled.
“we’re gonna be neighbors” she squeaked happily and pulled me into a hug. She let’s go of me and turned to Richard,
“heard that Richie?, she got the apartment” Olivia said happily.
“I have to go” Richard said to Olivia and walled away..
“Richie, come back! You haven’t tried the cookies I made for you” Olivia yelled and trailed behind him.
“is it time to leave or are you waiting for Richard to come back and kiss you or what?” Leo asked and sighed.
“let’s leave, I’ve seen and heard enough today,” I breathed out Leo and I walked out of the building..
We got back into his car and he turned on the ignition and start to drive,
“so.. When are you going to start moving in?” he asked.
“I don’t know, maybe tomorrow or the day after, but Leo thank you.
..so much” I said lowly.
“don’t mention” he smiled,
I received a text from Mason and I talked a while with him about getting the apartment with the help of Leo and what he said left me thinking.
*are you sure he’s not doing all this for another reason* Mason texted.
*what reason?* I texted back.
*never mind* he sent back to me and that’s how our conversation ended.
What reason? I asked myself but shook that outta my head.
After being quiet with Leo in the car for a while we finally got to my house and I couldn’t wait to get inside and throw myself on the bed, cause I’m so exhausted. And maybe a little heavy at the heart for seeing Richard.
I got down from Leo’s car and thanked him several times ..
“okay, I’ll see you at work tomorrow” he smiled.
“okay” I smiled back and waved a little before he drove away.. And making me turn and walk inside.
I drove my car back to my car and just kept sighing cause everything suddenly feels empty and black as Penelope left, even if she was just focused on her phone, I still felt the company she occupied. During this past few days, she’s been the only one I’ve been with and talk with and I’ve become really fond of her, sometimes when she’s at work it feel like she should just stay at the mansion with me and not go home. Not that I want or need her romantically in my life, I just need someone, anyone with me cause loneliness is a disease.. And getting her this apartment with my own money, is really nothing cause I can do more for he than she can expect.
I got back to my mansion and before entering inside I sighed like a zillion times cause it seems like I’m about living my disease..
I packed my car and got inside the mansion, I was about typing my house password, but it seems like my door was a little bit open already. I opened the door slowly and walked in, I think someone broke into my house.. I walked close to the couch hearing light sobs coming from there. And when I found a red hair stiletto heels and over glossed lips on my couch I called.
She quickly turned to me and I was shocked to see tears crawl out of her eyes and her mascara was already scattered by the tears which made some of her face black,,
“Leo.” she cried and flew into my body and gave me a hug I stood still surprised by her act, but slowly hugged her back, Incase she’s looking for comfort.
“Leo. I’m sorry, I really am, please I want us together again, I missed you” she cried on my shoulder..

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