EPISODE 1 (the introduction)

She is always not around this girl will kill me in this house, she always play the role of a good girl but she is nothing compared to that…

Vero vero…..
This I’d what goes on every morning in vero’s house, she will be called to work in the house instead of going to school.
Vero is in her 2year in shs and had to stop schooling 2months after the tragic death of her parents. It was believe that her parents died in a accident but vero knows deeply that her parents death was a planned death…….
But since she had no prove she kept quite and faced shame..
Vero cleans, wash and prepare 3 square meals a day in other to prevent beatings and starving the hole day as her punishment for
not doing her house chores…
….you don’t mean it, are u kidding or something … I can’t believe u are in Ghana son wow this is really a surprise.. Juliet said on phone.

Honey honey !!!

Yes dear.. Mr Ben replied
JULIET: our son Evans is in Ghana and he will be here in 5hours

How is it possible but I talked to him 2days ago and he said nothing about his home coming to me… and we have not make any preparations to welcome him… Mr Ben said

You are right Darling i am also surprised about his arrival but u don’t worry about the preparations I will take care of that
… Juliet replied
Juliet shout Vero Vero ooooh my this girl is really on my shol….
Before she could complete vero cut in
Yes Ma..
See her face, where were u when I called for the first time… My son is arriving anytime from now and I want u to clean the guest room. And cook some jollof rice with salad cus that is his favorite .. Juliet requested
Ma, vero said and turn to walk away…
No wait, Juliet stops here are u walking out on me
No Ma i thought u…
The double slap that Juliet gave to vero at that instance made her words checked…
Come on leave and go make sure u complete what u have been ask To do in 3 hours….
Vero left to the kitchen to start the cooking…
A thought flash in vero’s mind…. Wow bro Evans is coming back see how time flies my late dad took him to abroad to further his education.. He must be a grown up now cus I was 14 when he left…. The smell of the burning stew brought vero back from her thought..

….3 hours later….

Evans arrived in his parents mansion…. Vero rushed out to pick his bags inside…. Vero sliped and fall into Evans arms …. Juliet quickly pushed her away and gave her a slap… How dare u a servant to even touch my son are u crazy, stupid girl come on leave from here…
…. Vero quickly get the bag from the car booth then rushed back into the house.


Mr rushed into vero In the corridor,
hey girl make sure u clean MY room before i return from work
OK sir, but sir I want to ask u a question why do u treat me this way in my own house.. Vero asked…
…Mr Ben… No wait who told u this house is yours oh please save me from your stupid voice by leaving my site now before I loose my patients…
Vero left to get some work than in the living room and to her surprised she saw Evans sitting in the couch…
Morning sir… Vero greet…
…Evans.. Morning sis how are u
Am fine sir… Please sir my name is Veronica I prefer u call me vero and not sister
…Evans… Oh sorry I called u sis because I don’t know your name by the way am also Evans and don’t call me sir….
Evans quickly cut in before vero could complete her statement.. But call me Evans…
…vero.. OK sir Evans will be perfect I think
Juliet entered the hall she asked, and what is going on here..?
Morning mom we are just doing introduction since we are going to live together now of days… Evans answered

—–introducing your self to this servant… Juliet asked Evens
Point of correction mom she is not a servant but a house help and about tbe introduction is based on humanity not by status sorry for talking to you this way mom but I think is need since we are coming to stay as one family under the same roof we have to be socialize … Evans replied
Oh so u have charm my son too in just a day ..Juliet said and walk near and gave her a double slap… Evans couldn’t just stand and watch so she left….
Juliet got more angry on Veronica….
The has just began

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