[STORY] Corper John (Episode 1-11)

It was around 6 am when John woke up, he tried to get up and
say his morning prayers when he noticed that TJ, his childhood
friend had slept with his leg over his chest, he pushed his leg
aside and cursed TJ ” when you go dey drink too much “,
Adebayo John was a 23 year old corper who hailed from Ogun
state , he and his friend Timmy Johnson 23 whom also hailed
from Ogun state have been together since childhood, they both
attended the same primary school, secondary school and
university, and surprisingly they were both posted to Enugu state
for their NYSC. They had finished their NYSC and were going
back home that morning, John was not really excited that
morning because he was returning home to his busy father who
never had time for him and his mean step mother who hated him
because he was the only male child in the family, John’s mother
had left him with his father because he was a drunkard and beat
her up every time he drank, he had met John’s step mother at a
club where he usually drank. John quickly said his prayers and
went to have his bath, when he came back TJ was still sleeping,
John kicked him and said mumu you no go go bath, TJ then said
‘weray’ and went out to have his bath. John had finished
dressing up when TJ came in, John was dressed in his Corper
outfit, while waiting for TJ to finish dressing up he took his time
to cross check his luggage, he then remembered that he had not
picked up his novel, at least that would entertain him throughout
the long journey to Lagos. John and TJ went to have their
breakfast of moin – moin and pap at mama Nkechi’s buka, they
then set out to the main road to look for a taxi to take them to the
motor park, they waited for about 7 minutes before they saw a
taxi, after a minute of negotiating the taxi driver then agreed to
take them there for 200 naira, they then set off on the 15 minutes
journey to the motor park, John looked sideways at TJ, TJ was
the last born of a rich family of 3 girls and he was the only male
child, his 3 sisters were based in the U.S with their mother, while
his father was a busy business man who rarely spent a week
without traveling, TJ was handsome, he was the ladies guy but
he was not brilliant in terms of academics, he graduated with a
second class lower, TJ also had a knack for getting into trouble..
They got to the park and alighted then settled their taxi driver, it
was then TJ tried hiding his face when he sighted somebody in
the garage , John noticed TJ’s action and asked oh boy wetin
happen? TJ said padi mi na one of those girls I see o, make we
do quick go enter bus, they hurriedly entered a bus with a Lagos
sign on it, while in the bus TJ put his head on the seat to hide his

John, still a little bit surprised asked, which girl be that? TJ with
his head still on the chair, it’s one of those girls who claimed I
impregnated them, Job burst into an uncontrolled laughter which
attracted some passangers in the bus, so you dey run from your
responsibility abi? Which kind responsibility? Na only me they
dey follow sleep? If she see me for here she go hook me down
come embarass me for this park. Luckily for TJ the last
passanger entered and they set off, but TJ still had his head on
the chair, John with a smile on his face tapped TJ on his head
and said Baba Junior carry your head up, TJ grinned and said
you don dey craze. John checked his wrist watch, they had set
off around 8 am, John then took a moment to survey the faces of
those in the bus, they were six corpers in the bus including them,
4 guys and 2 girls, one of the girls of which he knew, her name
was Joy and she was one the few girls he admired. Joy Parker
was epitome of beauty, she was an half-caste, her father was
from England and her mother was from Nigeria, John had seen a
lot of girls in his lifetime but he could swear she was the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen, after a while John picked up his
novel and got busy, he was reading the broker by John Grisham,
he was in the 5th chapter when something happened.

Suddenly the woman beside him had an asthma attack, as she
tried to use her inhaler it fell outside the bus through the
window, John immediately shouted at the driver to stop, when
the bus finally came to a halt, John got down and sprinted back
in search of the inhaler, he ran for about 50 metres before
sighting the inhaler, when he picked it up he ran back to the bus
like a mad man and handed the inhaler back to the woman, she
then used it and it stopped the attack in a matter of seconds,
John looked sideways only for him to see that Joy was staring at
him, John was immediately taken aback by her captivating
beauty, she had a light skin and beautiful brown eyes, they had
eye contact for about 5 seconds before Joy finally looked away
smiling , after the woman had calmed down she thanked John for
his help and prayed for him. Joy knew a trustworthy guy when
she saw one and to her John would be trustworthy, she had only
seen him a few times around camp but there was something
about him that interested her, after being cheated on by her ex
boyfriend, Joy decided that she was done with Nigerian men but
maybe John was an exception. TJ was glad he was returning
home, home for him meant he could go out with his father’s cars,
go clubbing, bring home girls and move at his own free will, he
remembered his ordeal with different girls with different sizes,
shapes and skin colour, he was a player unlike his friend John,
he felt sorry for John who didn’t really know what fun was like,
his attention was drawn back by the screams of the people in the
bus, when he looked to see what was happening TJ said “oh
d–n ” because trouble was ahead of them
Right in front of them stood six men armed men, the driver
thought about making a run for it but thought again when he saw
a plank full of nails right In front of him, he had no option but to
stop the bus, the armed men ordered them all out of the bus, and
asked them to drop all their valuables and money, the
passengers immediately began to comply, the only thing John
could think of at that moment was the safety of Joy, he hoped the
men would do nothing more than collect their money and leave
them alone but he was wrong, the woman who had an asthma
attack earlier suddenly fainted, no one dared go to her aid, the
leader of the armed men ordered the corpers and four other
passengers into the bus where they were blindfolded, the next
thing John heard was gunshots as the remaining passengers
were killed in cold blood, the driver of the bus tried to escape but
got six bullets into his back as a result of his action, the men
then got into the bus and drove off, John’s heart started to beat
fast he was half glad that Joy and TJ were in the bus with him,
though he didn’t know this men but he knew one thing about
them “don’t mess with them “, TJ had his heart in his mouth, he
had never had a gun pointed at him before, he didn’t know where
these men were taking them to but he knew it could not be

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episode 2
Joy was so scared that her heart pumped like a pumping
machine, she had different questions racing through her mind
like Who were these people? Where are they being taken to?
What do they want from them? Why were they the chosen ones?
John noticed that the bus suddenly slowed down and took a turn,
now there were off the tarred road, he knew because he could tell
from the buses sound and movement, he heard one of the armed
men talking about how much they will be paid for bringing ten
people, one of the men said If na 100,000 naira per person then e
mean say na one million naira we dey collect, now John knew
where they were being taken to, they were going to be sold by the
armed men to ritualists who would pay them 100,000 naira for
each of them, TJ’s worst fears were confirmed as he also heard
their conversation, is this how his life is going to end? He
thought, the bus had continued along the rough road for 30
minutes where it had taken different turns than they could count,
they drove for another 20 minutes before the bus finally came to
a stop. They were there, John thought, they were at the place
where their lives might end, their blindfolds were removed and
they were ordered to get down from the bus, as they got down lo
and behold they were in the middle of nowhere inside a very thick
forest, right in front of them stood an uncompleted building with
hefty and heavily armed men, they were about 7 in number, one of
the guards said they don come o, the leader of the armed men
then ordered them to line up in a straight line and move into the
building, John wondered how any human being in their right
senses would think of building a house in such a thick forest in
the first place, as they were moving into the building, John
noticed that a car was parked beside it, it was a Range Rover
SUV, John quickly crammed the number of the vehicle AA 885
AKD as they were about to enter into the building John thought,
was that the last car he was going to see? Well if it was, it was a
nice one .

They entered the building which was dark and damp and smelled
of death, escaping was not an option as they were surrounded by
hard looking, heartless and hefty armed men, they were lead to a
dark room they called the dungeon, where they were chained. TJ
said to John ‘on the bright side we’ll pray to God for forgiveness
and end up in heaven ‘ prayers! John hadn’t thought of that, he
began to pray to God for forgiveness, he asked God to find them a
way out of this smelly, dark dungeon, he had not finished praying
when one man walked in carrying injections all filled with a
substance that neither of them knew about, the man began to
inject each of them with the substance, as he was injected, John
began to recite psalm 23, he had not reach ‘thou anoint my head
with oil ‘ when he suddenly felt dizzy, as his eyes were about to
close the last thing he saw was Joy who was already
…………………………………………………………… It was almost
evening when they woke up, they must have slept for about 5
hours, it was then John noticed that he was Unclad and all his
hair was shaven, not only him but all the guys who were in the
dungeon, he looked towards Joy’s direction, she was untouched
and so were the remaining women in the dungeon, he and Joy’s
eyes met, he was a little shy, he liked the idea of being Unclad in
front of her but not under such circumstances, their clothes were
in the center of the room, John felt uneasy, he was not used to
being Unclad in front of women, but he knew TJ was, he had to
find a way to free himself and get out of this mess along with Joy
and TJ at least, he looked at the far end of the room and noticed
that some of them were weeping, John studied the room for
escape points, the window was not an option as it was high, very
small and had a hard burglary barricade in front of it, he looked
up at the ceiling, the door was not an option either as two armed
men were outside guarding it, he looked at Joy then he had an
idea …

John looked at Joy’s hair and noticed that she had a hair pin, can
you throw me your hair pin? John asked politely, okay Joy
replied as she removed her hair pin and tossed it at John, with
his shackle bound hands he pick up the pin, as he tried to use
the pin to pick the lock of his chains, the door opened and 3 men
came in and took the four other people who were not corpers,
John heard one of them say something about beheading them
and using their organs for money rituals, John silently prayed to
God for a miracle, as the last armed man was about to close the
door he mistakenly shut the door on the bunch of keys attached
to his belt hole, the keys fell inside the room as the man shut the
door, that was the fastest prayer that God had ever answered
him, now he had to act fast, heaven had helped him now he had
to help himself, he got back to picking the lock as he was
sweating as if he was inside an oven, he was relieved when he
picked the first lock, he had never done such before but he had
now put the movies he watched into good use, as his left hand
was free he used it to pick the second lock,it took about 3 minutes for him to pick the lock until it opened, with both his
hands free he stretched to where the key was but he was just a
few inches short, he looked around and remembered their clothes
which was in the middle of the room, he stretched to where the
clothes were and took his boxers and used often it to try to get
the key, He threw his boxers over the bunch of keys and pulled it
nearer, now he had the keys, he had tried 3 keys before the fourth
one opened the shackles on his feet, now free, he out on his
boxers and went to release Joy first, he tried the keys that
released him first and it opened all her shackles, he tried it for TJ
too and It worked, when TJ was free John have him the keys to
release the other 3 people while he dressed up, when they were
all released and dressed up, John had a plan to get them out of
there .. ………………………

Bison was in the slaughter room when he
noticed that his keys were not with him, he quickly retraced his
steps in search of the keys, he searched everywhere but could
not find his keys, he then remembered that he had not searched
the dungeon, with his pistol in his hand he ran to the dungeon, he
then ordered the two guards to open the door, when the door was
opened, Bison could not believe his eyes
The room was empty as all the prisoners had escaped through
the ceiling, he raised an alarm and informed all the men that the
prisoners had escaped and he needed to have them back, all the
men ran out in search of John and his mates because prisoners
meant money, John and his friends ran through the back of the
building into the forest as fast as they could because sooner or
later their captors would find out that they had escaped, before
they could say Nelson Mandela 6 armed men were after them, it
was now a race of life and death called stop and you are dead,
TJ had been in a similar situation before when he was being
chased by cultists in his university for dating the girlfriend of one
of them, that time he ran through the school premises to the
nearest police station or else he would have surely been beaten
to coma, he had then called his father who had then called the
commissioner of police to get the cultists arrested, they ran
through the forest without knowing where exactly they were
heading to, luckily for John the men had not collected his wrist
watch, he checked the time as he was running, it was 4:20 pm,
as they continued running one of the male corpers whose name
was Chidi fell and twisted his ankle, they had already ran far
ahead before TJ looked back and noticed what had happened,
none of them dared go back to rescue him, John felt sorry for
Chidi as the men pounced on him and dragged him back, one
man dragged him as the remaining 5 continued the pursuit, as
John and his friends ran on they jumped over a pit which was full
of bones and skulls and produced a bad odor, John concluded
that that was probably where the men dumped the remains of
their victims, they ran and turned left but the men kept pursuing
them, they arrived at a cliff which had a river at It’s bottom, John
and his friends looked back, there was only one thing to do
John looked down at that river, it was flowing fast, he looked at
TJ who nodded at him he looked back and saw that the armed
men were closing in on them, he held Joy’s hand and said we all
jump at the count of 3 okay, by then the men were 50 feet apart
from them shouting stop! stop there! With Joy’s hand in his John
counted 1, 2 , and at the count of three the youth corpers Jumped
down the cliff, by the time the men got there, John and his friends
were half way down the cliff, the men turned back disappointed,
Bison was going to be mad at them……….. Splash! John and his
friends landed into the river, they tried to swim as the strong
river current carried them along, he held on tight to Joy’s hand,
no matter what happens he’s not going to let go, he didn’t bother
much about TJ, he knows he’ll be fine, he looked back and saw
that the other male and female corper were doing well, they
journeyed along the river as the current continued to push them
down the river, John’s heart raced as he sighted something that
looked like a crocodile ahead of them, his heart pounded even
faster as they got near it, it was then he realised that it was just a
log of wood, he felt relieved as his heart beat reduced, he and Joy
held on to the log of wood as their Journey continued, TJ looked
to his side as he saw monkeys on the trees beside the river
chattering and jumping happily, for one second he wished he
could take their place, he had had enough worries for that day, he
looked at John and Joy floating away with the log, he smiled a
bit, he knew John liked Joy a lot because he had told him about
her before, he had never seen John go crazy about a girl before,
at least he was happy for John whose dreams were coming true
but maybe not the way he had wanted or imagined it, the river
slowed down as it brought them into a larger river, this was
probably the end of the river , he thought, he was right, it was the
end of the river but the beginning of a new journey as they felt
something like ropes pulling them into the river, they tried to
scream for help but their words became bubbles as they were
dragged underwater
The corpers struggled for air as they were drawn down deeper
into the river, suddenly a bright light shone and they all became

Joy was the first to wake up in the unusual environment, as she
opened her eyes a tilapia fish passed in front of her, she was
shocked as she noticed they were underwater and she could
breathe, John and the rest too woke up and were shocked but
amazed that they could breathe underwater, as they tried to
move they realised that they had been tied down by some
mysterious sea plant, as they tried struggling to free themselves
a voice echoed ‘what are you looking for in my kingdom you
worthless and wicked human beings ‘? They looked around but
could not find anybody, you fish eaters disgust me and do not
deserve to be alive, I don’t know why my daughter rescued you
people from the drowners but you are going to face the panel
tonight, it was then that the merman showed his self to the
corpers, he was very handsome and had a the trunk of a human
being and the rest of his body from his waist was like a fish,
John had heard of mammy water, he had even seen them in
movies like H2O but he never imagined it was anything as
beautiful as that, the merman swam towards them and looked at
their faces before swimming away, then another figure
approached them, it was a mermaid, the most beautiful thing TJ
had ever seen in his life, she came towards them and told them
how she had rescued them from the drowners, she also told them
that her father, the king hated human beings and was going to put
them on trial, if they were found guilty they would be eaten by
fish, she also told them that they had to pick one of them to be
their lawyer and that they had an hour before trial, she then
swam away, they spent the next 45 minutes debating who would
be their lawyer as John and TJ both studied law, they finally
agreed that John should be their lawyer as he had taken good
decisions for them, they had not waited too long when some
huge mermen came to lead them to trial…

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episode 3
They were led to another part of the river where a lot of mermen
and mermaids were, it looked like a place where they had their
events , then the trial began, the opposition lawyer started by
accusing humans of murder and pollution of their water world, he
pleaded with the court to give the humans the justice they
deserve which was death, then John was called to defend his
friends, he first started by greeting that judge and the entire
members of the underwater world, he then asked the opposing
lawyer what his best food was, the opposing lawyer replied and
said he eats underwater plants, John then said he was also guilty
of murder because the plants also had life, he said that if the
plants could move and talk they would also put the merman and
mermaids on trial, he explained that fish was one of man’s best
food and that man even reared them for food, he went ahead to
say that they were some humans who kept fish as pet, he
narrated their ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers and begged
the court to have mercy on them as they all had families to return
to, when John had finished speaking, the court jury then swarm
away to decide on the outcome of the trial, TJ chuckled as the
jury swarm away, he could not believe his eyes, they were being
tried by fish, he was guilty of eating fish ranging from cat fish
pepper soup, tilapia, Titus, sardine and many more than he could
count, in fact fish was in the moin – moin they hand for breakfast
that morning, the jury were back and they were not smiling, they
told the judge their decision and went back to their position, the
judge cleared his throat and said here is our decision, after
hearing from both lawyers, this underwater court finds the
Not Guilty! You are therefore discharged and acquitted, John and
his friends heaved a sigh of relief as the judgement was passed,
John was the happiest amongst them because he had won his
first major case, it was a special and unique one, it was
underwater against the mer world, he knew he was destined for
great things, he went to give the opposing lawyer a hand shake,
the opposing lawyers hand was the softest and smoothest hand
he had ever touched, he was full of Joy, he was the man of the
moment, Joy stepped forward and gave him a hug, yes! he
deserved it, the rest of his friends stepped forward and hugged
him too, TJ gave him a pat on his cleanly shaved head and said
that’s my boy, the princess of the underwater world came forward
gave John something that looked like a Pearl and whispered
something in his ear, John looked at the pearl and nodded his
head in understanding ………………………………
It was time for them to leave the underwater world, they were
lead upwards by hefty mermen who helped them swim to the
river bank and quickly swarm back to their underwater world,
finally they were free from the water world, TJ had seen the
mermaid tell John something in his ear, he wondered what she
might have told him, maybe, she was asking for his bb pin or his
twitter handle, TJ chuckled as he thought, John looked at Joy,
she was dripping with water as her Corper vest stuck to her skin,
he could now see her Sekxy and lovely body, she saw him looking
and smiled at him, John looked back at the river which was now
calm, if there was a world record for longest time spent by a
human being underwater without air, they had now broken it, he
looked at his watch which he could not see clearly, whatever the
time was, the day was far spent as it was already evening, they
continued their journey with great precaution as they could not
afford another negative surprise that day, they found an orange
tree in their path and plucked some oranges to cure their hunger,
John watched as TJ devoured an orange, he just hoped there
was no orange kingdom to arrest them again, they finally decided
to spend their night under the orange tree, they would wake up in
turns to keep watch of the others, as John lay down to sleep he
looked at the bright side of their Journey, he had gotten a clean
hair cut and shave from his kidnappers and he had received a
very valuable jewel from the mermaid, he had also won his first
major case in court, he was also closer to that girl he loved, a
cool breeze blew as John fell into a deep sleep. Shh! no noise
They awoke to the sound of birds chirping in the forest, the sun
was about setting, Tomiwa, the other male Corper had slept off
while keeping watch over them, he forgot to wake John up to
keep watch, John stood up and looked around, his back ached
from sleeping on the ground, he looked at Joy, he was glad she
had survived all what they had gone through, he somehow felt
responsible for her safety, Becky the other female Corper was
crying and lamenting that they would not get out of the forest,
Joy moved closer to her and comforted her telling her all was
going to be all right, John knew she was right, they didn’t know
which direction they were going, but he knew that once there is
life, there is hope, they went in search of what to eat, luckily for
them they found a pawpaw tree with ripe fruits, they shook the
tree until two pawpaws fell, that was their breakfast, they needed
water so they set back to the river they had just come from, but
they were careful not to go to close to it, as they drank and
washed their hands, legs and face, it was the first time any of the
had voluntarily drank water from a river , did they have a choice?
Now which way will they head? John called their attention so
that they can decide, Tomiwa studied geography, so using the
position of the sun he got their bearing and suggested they head
west, what did they know? They rarely knew anything about
geography, they set off on their journey, John was the one Who
was in front, they had walked for two hours when they got to a
wider road that was not tarred, they were glad because it meant
they were closer to civilization, they navigated the road for 10
minutes when they suddenly heard a voice saying stop there

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episode 4
Their hearts saddened as he stepped out of the bush pointing his
gun at them, they recognized him instantly, he was one of Bison’s
men, he made a whistling sound and two other men came out
holding swords, make una no even try run or else I go shoot una
leg comot for una body, the man said in a deadly serious tone, na
una go dey allow make Bison para for us abi? una own don finish
today, he continued, oya in a straight line the second man
ordered harshly, they dared not disobey men with swords and
guns, ironically the lined up according to their height with Becky
in front followed by Joy then John was behind her after him was
Tomiwa then TJ was the last on the queue being the tallest, two
men stood behind them while the other one who was holding the
gun lead the way……………………….. Thousands of kilometers
away, Mr Adeboye was in his sitting room sipping his red wine
from his glass cup, he was a little worried because his only son,
John was expected from Enugu the previous day, he had read in
the morning paper how 9 people were found shot dead in Enugu
state, he had dialled John’s number several times the previous
day and even that morning, it was time to take action, he could
not just sit there and do nothing, just then Kemi his wife came to
the sitting room and greeted him, she seemed less concerned
about John’s whereabouts, he knew she disliked John but he
didn’t know it was up to that extent, he hissed as she walked
away, he stood up, picked his car keys and set out
………………………………………………… John and his friends had walked for
about 15 minutes with their abductors, he had never killed
anybody in his life before but he could swear he was going to kill
these men with the slightest chance he had, they had threatened
their lives enough, he remembered the fighting skills he had been
taught when he was at the NYSC camp ………….. The DPO sat in
his office in deep thought, that morning was not a good one for
him because he just got a call from the commissioner of police
who threatened to sack him if the criminals who killed those 9
people which the TV news and newspaper broadcasted were not
arrested, he had been receiving reports of kidnapping in the
community and now was the time to
act ………………………………. The man who held the gun
suddenly stopped and said ‘my guys wait I wan piss’ , John was
alert, now was his chance, he looked back at TJ who understood
him, using his hand to signal to TJ he counted down with his
fingers 5,4,3 he was ready to die trying 2,1
The birds in the forest flew away at the sound of the gunshot, the
first one was followed by two quick ones, John and his friends
la!d motionless on the ground, John looked up and saw a gun
pointing at his face, he raised his head more to study the person
who had a gun to his face, no shoes, Dane gun and the man had
a sack around his neck, John concluded that he was definitely a
hunter, but at that period his name had been changed from
hunter to hero as he was their saviour, the hunter had shot their
abductors within the blink of an eye, they stood up slowly, John
looked around to check if any of them were hurt, he didn’t know
whether to hug the hunter or prostrate for him, he had rescued
them from the hands of death, they all thanked the hunter for his
help as if he had given them 20 million naira each, the hunter
replied them and said no worry my children, he went on to
narrate how his one of his daughters had been kidnapped by
those wicked men, TJ looked back and saw one of the men
struggling to reach for his gun, with an anger that he had not
shown for a long time, he stamped his foot into the man’s neck,
killing him instantly, they all stared at TJ in awe, except John, he
had seen TJ portray that kind of anger before, the last time he
saw such anger was when TJ was sent out of the examination
hall by one of his lecturers, that time TJ had reacted by breaking
both side mirrors of the lecturer’s car, he knew TJ too well, for
someone who joked most of the time, TJ had a horrible anger no
one would wish to witness, my children where una dey come
from and where una dey go? the hunter asked them, Tomiwa then
narrated their ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers and their
underwater adventure to the hunter who didn’t seem surprised
but just nodded his head slowly and said okay make una follow
me, the didn’t hesitate much, he had just saved their lives and
earned a little trust from them, at least he had just saved their
lives, he lead them through a different path, they walked for 10
minutes and began to wonder where he was taking them to, as if
he was reading their minds, he told them that he was taking them
to his house, from there he would take them to town the
following morning, he introduced himself as Okeke, he was a
hunter as they would have noticed, they walked for another 10
minutes before arriving at the hunter’s house, the house was
made from mud, Tomiwa couldn’t have expected better, as they
approached the house, a young boy ran out and said papa
welcome, he introduced them to his son Obinna, where is ya
mother? he asked the little boy, she has gone to the farm, the boy
replied, just then a beautiful girl who was around 17 years old
came out from the backyard, welcome papa she said softly, the
hunter replied her and introduced them to his first daughter
Chinelo, John saw TJ focusing on the girl like a lion focusing on
its prey, TJ looked at John who gave him a stern look, he knew
John meant hands off, the hunter ordered his daughter to prepare
food for their guest, he then lead them into the house and asked
them to sit down, 20 minutes later Chinelo walked in with their
food, it was Akpu and ogbonna soup with antelope meat, they
started devouring their food immediately it was dropped in front
of them, nothing like forming, even Joy who had never eaten any
Nigerian staple food before eat her akpu like a pro, Tomiwa was
the first to finish his food, they washed their hands and drank
water from a bowl made from calabash, they thanked the hunter
or his hospitality and then they relaxed, they all slept and woke
up 3 hours later, by then the hunter’s wife had returned, she
greeted them and offered them oranges, after they had eaten the
oranges they went out to join the hunter who was by the fireside,
they began to tell tales by the fireside as the moon smiled on
them, they later went inside to sleep, the hunter’s wife offered
them 4 wrappers for them to cover themselves, she apologized
for the shortage as that was all she had, Tomiwa, TJ and Becky
grabbed theirs quickly and went to sleep, leaving one wrapper for
John and Joy, John told Joy to use the wrapper as he could cope
without a wrapper, Joy smiled and suggested they share the
wrapper together, she winked at him and he got the memo, they
la!d side by side under the last wrapper and John put his hand
over her and smiled in his sleep, the girl he loved was in his

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episode 5
John woke up still smiling, it was the best night sleep he’s had
for a long time, he was sleeping in the comfort of a girl he loved,
no TJ had his leg over his body when he slept and he was not
sleeping under any orange tree where ants crawled on his when
he slept, he stood up and went outside, leaving his friends who
were still asleep, he went to ease himself under a tree and went
back to inside to lay beside Joy, he was not the only one who
had a good night sleep, Joy woke up full of Joy, it had been
almost a year since she had slept beside a man whom she liked
and who also liked her too, she knew John was in love with her,
she loved his warmth and manly presence as they
lay……………………. Thousands of miles away from them
somebody didn’t have a good night sleep, Mr Adeboye had
traveled to Enugu in search of his son, he arrived Enugu around
9pm and decided to lodge in an hotel so that he could start
searching for his son this morning, he rarely slept for 1 hour the
previous night as thoughts began to occupy his mind, he hoped
John was safe and sound, maybe he had an emergency and could
not come home then his phone got spoilt or stolen, even if his
phone got spoilt or stolen at least he knows his phone number,
why didn’t he call, he knew John to be a responsible man, unlike
him, he had failed as a husband to John’s mother and he was a
bad father to John, John’s mother had left him when he had
beaten her for the umpteenth time after he came home drunk
from the club, she packed her bags and left his house that very
night never to return again, that time John was just a year and
seven months old, he felt sorry for the boy, he never had a real
mother to care for him, he went into the bathroom to have his
bath ……………………………………………… The DPO was not in a good
mood either, he called his men out, they all stood at ease before
him as he addressed them, he challenged them to show why the
police should be trusted, while the people of the community
should feel safe and to show that they were more powerful than
the trouble makers, with that he dismissed them…………….
Bison had a good night sleep, despite the events of the last two
days, he had earned about 15 million naira that week, he had
given his men 100,000 naira for each man or woman they
brought, now he could buy that range rover suv like the type that
Chief Dotmann brought two days ago, business was going on
well, all he had to do was keep on kidnapping
people …………………. The corpers had taken their bath at a
stream not far away from the hunter’s house, they then had their
breakfast of eba and ogbonna soup with antelope meat, John and
Joy kept making eye contact with each other, they wanted each
other badly, the hunter came out of his house carrying his dane
gun, but he was not dressed in his hunter’s outfit, he told them he
was ready, they were also ready, they were ready to take the long
walk to freedom
And they started their journey, the hunter’s daughter was going
with them too as she was going to carry some of the foodstuff
that her father was going to buy from town, the corpers were all
happy, finally all their troubles were going to come to an end, if
they could reach town they were all going to call their parents, TJ
smiled at his thoughts, if he called his father, he could go to
extent of sending an helicopter, he father might not even know
that he’s not in Lagos yet, he was always busy with his business,
Lagos today and London tomorrow, next week Johannesburg,
next month Liverpool, well he was already used to his father not
being around, John too thought about his father’s reaction, his
father would run to Enugu immediately, he knew his father would
be worried about him, if his phone had not been collected by the
kidnappers he would have had over 300 missed calls, his father
does not joke with his only son, Joy didn’t have any parent or
relative to call, her father and mother both died in a car accident
in Manchester, that was about 5 years ago, it was her father’s life
insurance money that was given to her that she had been using
for her upkeep, she couldn’t inherit her father’s property yet
because he had instructed in his will that his lawyer should not
hand any property over to her until she had finished her NYSC,
now she was going to Lagos to inherit her father’s property, they
walked through the bush path until they finally got to the wide
road where Bison’s men had harassed them, but no one was in
sight today, they continued walking along the dusty road, John
and Joy held hands and she put her head on his shoulder, see
gbeke o,TJ thought in his mind, these people love don reach level
2, love ke? He had never really loved any girl, all he had for girls
was lust, for him girls come and go, he used them like recharge
cards, they walked for 15 minutes when they began to see more
mud houses, they were closer to town, they passed through the
small community and alas! They were finally at the tarred road,
their Joy knew no bounds as the spotted a call center, they all
ran with their full speed towards the yellow umbrella leaving the
hunter behind, Chinelo too followed them, they heard drumming
and cheering not far away from them, as they approached the
call center, the man that was there was surprised to see them, he
was trying to tell them something, he could not speak because he
was dumb, he quickly wrote something on a paper and gave it to
them, the drumming and cheering became louder as they saw a
croud approaching them, they were probably celebrating
something, John read the paper, “take the women away, no
woman is allowed to be outside today “, before they say Phillipe
Coutinho, four men grabbed Joy, Becky and Chinelo , it turned
into a tussle between them as more men came to drag the ladies
away, the hunter had just caught up with them, he had forgotten
that it was the nwayi festival which no woman was allowed to
come out for that day, any woman who was caught outside
would become either the king’s wife or slave, John took a deep
breathe, he could not let Joy or Chinelo go like that, their walk to
freedom had just become longer..

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episode 6
They followed the mad crowd around the town till they finally
arrived at the “so called” king’s palace, the king came out and
the crowd chorused “Igwe” the king in response raised his hands
and waved at them to acknowledge their greetings, then the three
girls were presented to him, John stretched to get a sight of the
king as his temper had reached boiling point, he hissed, the king
looked like Mr Ibu, an Igbo film actor, this took his temper to the
melting point of iron, this ugly man was going to take his one and
only Joy forcefully as a wife and maybe Chinelo and Becky too,
he knew the king would choose Joy to be his wife because no
man could resist such beauty, his head was steaming like a
steam train, no one and no one messes with his Joy, the three
girls were forced into the palace as the king dismissed the crowd,
John looked at TJ and the hunter, he had a plan
……………………………………………… Mr Adeboye checked out of his hotel
room, he met the receptionist and dropped his room key, he then
walked out of the hotel, since the hotel’s parking lot was full he
had parked his car along the street, he passed through the
hotel’s gate and walked towards his car, he was shocked by
what he saw, the bumper and two side mirrors of his car had
been removed, he stood for almost a minute, staring in disbelief,
when will Nigeria become better? He thought, he finally opened
the door of his BMW 5 series, he wondered how they did it
without the car’s alarm going off, this was the work of an expert,
he thought, he dialled Nelson’s number, Nelson was one of his
friends, they had both attended the same secondary school,
Nelson was a police officer in Lagos before he got transferred to
Enugu where he became a DPO, Nelson had helped him recover
this his same BMW car when it got stolen, he had then helped
him to install a GPS tracking system into it, he had called Nelson
before hand that he was coming to Enugu because of his son,
Nelson picked the phone after three tries, he then asked for the
description of his police station which he gave to him, Mr
Adeboye started his car and headed for the police station
……………………………………… DPO Nelson had another worry apart from
being sacked, his friend’s son was missing, he had gone to
check John’s apartment but he found out that it was empty, he
had also gone to the motor park where someone confirmed that
about six corpers were on the missing bus, he knew but he didn’t
want to tell his friend on the phone, he had told Peter Adeboye to
meet him in his office within the next 1 hour as he had
somewhere to go to …………………………… Mr Adeboye was driving
along the express road, he was deep in thought only for him to
look foward and see a plank full of nails right ahead of him, he
immediately slammed on his brake, suddenly two hefty armed
men came out of nowhere, one man opened his door and
knocked him out cold with the bottom of his gun
……………………………………… Some men were carrying fire wood to the
king’s palace, John had caught a toad, he planned on putting it
inside the king’s soup which was going to be cooked with the
firewood, he only had to get closer to the pot, he had killed the
toad and cut It’s legs, it now looked like a piece of meat, if the
king wanted to have his Joy he could have her in hell, they
dressed like palace errand boys, they had gotten the clothes from
where they were spread, John and Tomiwa carried firewood to
the palace kitchen, as he dropped the firewood, he quickly tossed
the toad delicacy into the boiling pot of soup ,.they walked away
slowly not to arouse any suspicion, the king was in the palace
with all his chiefs, he has chosen Joy and Chinelo to be his new
wives while Becky would be his new wives servant, he dismissed
his chiefs and went to have his supper, he ate his akpu like a
glutton and then devoured his meat he saw one strange piece of
meat and tasted it, it tasted delicious, he then tossed the rest
into his mouth, little did he know that he was eating his last
supper ..
King Emeka drank almost a two liters of palm wine, now it was
time for him to go and sleep with one of his new wives, he tried to
stand up but he fell back to his chair immediately, he was a little
bit drunk, he then used the table in front of him to support
himself, he staggered towards Chinelo’s room ……………………………….
Chinelo was not in the least bothered, she had just become the
wife of a king, she was a Queen now, ‘Queen Chinelo’ she said to
herself, she had left the bush home where she was with her
parents, at least life in the palace won’t be as boring and
stressful as life in her parents home, she admired the new
wrapper she was wearing, it was given to her by one of the
palace maids, she could now do as she wishes, she would
convince the king to build a new house for her parents, suddenly
someone had entered her room, it was the king, she stood up and
said Igwe good evening, the king didn’t even say much, he pulled
the wrapper she was wearing off her body, she now stood unclad
before him, he pushed her and she fell on the bed, he pulled his
trousers down and lay on her with his heavy weight, Chinelo did
not even try to resist, she knew the king would love her more if
she bore him a child, she knew the result of S£x and she was
ready to bear the consequences, King Emeka entered her and he
knew pleasure ………………………………………………………… Nelson had
waited for two hours and his friend had not showed up, he dialed
his phone number but it was switched off, he wondered what
must have gone wrong, maybe he had missed his way and his
phone’s battery was flat, he left the police station as he had more
important issues to attend to, he instructed the constable to bring
Mr Adeboye to his residence when he comes to the station, he
entered his SUV and told his driver where they were going to,
they set out and a patrol van followed
them ……………………………………………………….. Mr Adeboye woke up in a
small dark room, he was unclad, in chains and all his hair had
been shaved off, he was terrified, he was alone in a strange
place, he thought about his son, maybe the same thing he was
experiencing had happened to his son, he knew Nelson would
find him, but it was a matter of when ………………………………………………..
The wore his trousers, he was fully satisfied, his new wife had
given him pleasure that he had not experienced for a long time,
he wondered what his other new wife had in store for him, as he
turned to go out of Chinelo’s room, he suddenly felt a sharp pain
in his stomach, before he knew it, a seizure took over him and he
fell to the ground, Chinelo saw what was happening and she
shouted for help, immediately two guards came in and saw their
king vomiting foam, suddenly he stopped moving, one of them
placed his chest on their king’s heart and didn’t detect any heart
beat, hell was about to break loose, their king was

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episode 7
John, TJ and Tomiwa sat under a tree not far from the palace, the
only news john wanted to hear was that the king was dead so
that he could carry out his plan to perfection, the hunter had left
them and gone back to his home, he seemed less bothered than
they were, maybe he wanted something like that, his daughter
getting married to a king, TJ looked at John in surprise, he had
never seen him act with so much determination, Joy had surely
had a lot of impact on him, Tomiwa mind had wandered away, he
was thinking of his father, his mother and his little sisters,
though he had not informed them of his decision to come to
Lagos two days ago, he just hoped they have not tried dialing his
handset yet, his mind was brought back to reality when he saw a
guard running towards their direction, John was battle ready, if
the guard was coming for him, he was going to use his combat
moves now, the guard ignored them and branched to the house
behind them, the guard seemed worried as he knocked on the
chiefs door, the chief came out almost immediately as if he had
been expecting him, John looked back to see what was going on
between them, he heard the guard say something like ‘the Igwe
is dead’ then the chief reacting to what he had said as if he was
in trouble, John’s greatest news had been confirmed, his plot had
succeeded, the Igwe was dead, he signaled to TJ and Tomiwa
who also knew what was going on, they had to execute their plan
now ……………………………………………. The hunter entered his house
singing a joyful song, when his wife saw him alone she asked of
their daughter Chinelo, he then went on to explain what
happened to his wife, as soon as he finished narrating the story
she started dancing and singing, they both sang and danced
together, their dream had come true, they were now officially In-
Laws with the most influential man in town, they were now In-
Laws with the king ……………………………………. It was 9 pm, Nelson
was in his sitting room with his wife, he was worried, his friend
had not come to his house and his phone number still switched
off, he had to act fast, he feared the worst, something might had
happened to his friend, maybe he was not lost but had fallen
victim to the ruthless kidnappers, he stood up and left his wife in
the sitting room, he had to go to bed because he had the feeling
that tomorrow was going to be a long
day …………………………………………………………….. Kemi was having the
time of her life, she was in another man’s bed, her husband had
travelled to Eungu in search of her stepson, she hissed at the
thought of it, she couldn’t care less if John was Dead but she
was glad her husband was gone because now she would have
the chance to sleep about with other men, she smiled as her
concubine came out of the bathroom and smiled at her, she knew
what the smile meant, he was ready for round
two ……………………………………………….. Chinelo was in tears as she
realized that she had made a mistake, her husband was dead
and for all she cared she could be pregnant for him, her dreams
only lasted for a few hours as it had vanished from her face like a
smoke, she had different thoughts, what would she tell her
parents, what if the new king would not want her, suddenly a
guard grabbed her arm, she looked up at his face and recognized
him instantly, it was one of those corpers, we have to leave here
now TJ said to Chinelo, instead of following him, she placed her
head on the late King’s chest and wept, TJ had to leave, he had
tried his best ………………………………………………………… Joy was sitting on
her bed when a guard barged into her room, she recognized him
instantly, it was John, the love of her life, she almost wept as
they kissed each other, John said they had to leave quick,
Tomiwa had rescued Becky, TJ had gone to rescue Chinelo, they
had to meet them at the rendez vous point, they ran through the
palace which was now in disorder as everybody was weeping for
the king, they ran through the back door and towards a tree, John
could see Tomiwa, Becky and TJ but Chinelo was not with them,
he asked TJ what went wrong, TJ replied and said she does not
want to leave her new husband, they ran to the main road, they
didn’t know where they were heading to, but they kept running,
suddenly John remembered the place, it was the road to his
dad’s friends house, Mr Nelson, he had visited there twice, Mr
Nelson though always came to check up on him at least once
every month, this way everybody John said to them, they didn’t
know where they were going but they had all learned to trust
John’s decision, he ran towards the black gate and knocked it
furiously, a gate man opened the gate, he recognized John, Oga
mi wetin happen now? He asked John they pushed him out of the
way, entered the compound and locked the gate behind them,
Nelson ran out of his house wearing pyjamas, he thought it was
his friend Mr Adeboye, but it was someone he was even more
glad to see, he was so happy, John was
John was so happy to see his father’s friend, he ran towards him
and hugged him, the rest of them were relieved to be behind the
safety of a gate, TJ knew Mr Nelson, he always came around to
check on them and give them money and foodstuff, TJ went
closer to him and greeted him, Mr Nelson hugged TJ and John
together, he looked over their shoulder and noticed two girls and
a guy came with John and TJ, he wondered why John and TJ
were dressed in the palace guards clothes, as if John was
reading his mind, he introduced his friends to Uncle Nelson, as
he usually calls him , Nelson asked them into his house, only a
mad man would say no, Becky and Tomiwa wondered where
John knew this man from, John had been a blessing to their
journey, they didn’t hesitate to move towards the house, at least
this man seemed nice enough to be a kidnapper or a wife
snatching king, they all followed him into the house, Nelson
immediately ordered his house help to prepare food for 5 people,
John greeted Nelson’s wife who was surprised to see strange
faces in their house, she saw John and immediately went to hug
him, she thought he was dead, John was no visitor, he went into
the kitchen and brought out 5 bottles of water from the fridge, and
took 5 cups from the dining table, he handed his friends four
bottled water and four cups and he poured himself some water,
and gulped other down, it was as if the water had come from
God’s personal pool, they sat down in the sitting room and
watched TV, they thought they would never watch TV again, John
looked at Joy, he hoped that king had not touched her, cause if he
did? he wouldn’t mind killing him the second time, his mind came
back to life when a plate of rice and turkey was placed before
him, he began to dig in without hesitation, within seven minutes
the mount Everest placed before him had become Jos plateau,
after resting for five minutes he went to Mr Nelson and explained
their adventure to him, but he didn’t mention what the mermaid
gave him or that he poisoned the king in his story, Nelson was
astonished by his story, even people stronger than them did not
escape alive, Nelson showed them to the two guest rooms, they
could choose whichever room they wanted, they all moved up to
the rooms, TJ and Tomiwa stayed in one while the girls went to
the other One, as John wanted to go to the room, Nelson called
him back, he had something to tell him

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episode 8
John was troubled by what Nelson just told him, he went back to
the sitting room and sat on the couch, could his father had been
kidnapped by those wicked men? He asked himself, he went to
the fridge to get a bottle of water, but this time he sipped it slowly
instead of gulping it like a dragon that wants to put out It’s fire,
countless thoughts occupied his mind, Joy sat beside him and
held his hands, she had listened to their conversation, she felt
sorry for John, she had lost both her parents a few years ago in a
car crash, but she had gotten over it, she wouldn’t want him to
lose his father, she looked at his face and tried to console him,
he looked into her eyes and his heart melted, he almost smiled,
he then held her head and placed it on his chest, 10 minutes
later, John looked at Joy any saw that she had slept off, he stood
up and carried her to the room where Becky was, he placed her
on the bed gently and kissed her, he went to the room where the
guys were and he lied down on the spare bed, he was deep in
thought until 1 pm when nature came and closed his eyes
………………………………………………………… Kemi woke up with a smile on
her face, her concubine had satisfied her more than her husband
ever did, she even wondered maybe that was the reason why
John’s mother left, maybe he could not satisfy her in bed and she
left for that reason, wise woman, Kemi thought to herself, she
had made the right choice, but she herself won’t leave the house
for her husband, when he comes back with John, that is even if
the useless boy was found alive, she would send an assassin to
take care of them, her concubine was still sleeping, she didn’t
blame him, he had worked like a bull, she stood up and wore her
cloth, she carried her hand bag and left his house, she drove
back to her husband’s house as she had to go to work that
morning …………………………………………………… The corpers woke up
early except John, he had woken up around 8:30 am, he stood up
and walked towards the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and had
his bath, he saw a new T-shirt and a pair of jeans on the bed, he
didn’t need to ask Google before he knew it was for him, he was
happy he was not going to wear the smelly palace guard clothes
again, he went out of the room and walked towards the dining
room, there they were eating breakfast, he greeted them before
sitting down with them at the dining table, the house help
brought his own breakfast of moin – moin and pap and placed it
before him, he ate silently without saying a word, when they had
finished eating, Nelson announced to them that a police pickup
was waiting outside to take four of them home as John would go
later because he had some important issues to attend to, John
then interfered, he told them what happened to his father, they all
felt sorry for him and hoped that his father was not in the hands
of the kidnappers, Tomiwa and Becky were inside the police
pickup, Joy and TJ had refused to go, Joy said she was going to
Nelson’s place with him until he was ready to go, he was the only
person she trusted, TJ was not going to leave his friend in this
state of mind, he called his father using Nelson’s phone, it was
his father’s assistant that picked the phone, his father was out of
the country, he told the assistant to tell him that he would be
spending a few more days in Enugu, the police pickup left on the
journey to Lagos carrying only Tomiwa and Becky, John wished
them safe journey ………………………………………………… The hunter and
his wife wore their best clothes and began their journey to the
palace, they were going to meet their new son-in-law.
Nelson received an expected call, one of the chiefs called to inform
him that the king was dead and the police was needed to make an
investigation and state the cause of death, he knew the king was
dead already because John had told him so, he was dressed in his
police uniform already, he asked John and his friends to excuse
him, he had to get to the king’s palace, he went out of the house
and he and his driver set out in his Toyota Prado SUV, John was a
little bit scared, it just occured to him that if he was identified as
the one who poisoned the king he might be charged to court for
murder, it would be a case that he could not win, it would be John
vs the entire community, ……………… The hunter and his wife
were close to the palace, they had almost gotten there when they
heard people wailing, the hunter feared that the king was dead,
and his fear was confirmed when a girl told him that the king had
died the previous night, after hearing this, his wife Chinyere
immediately sat on the ground and stared wailing, their son in law
was dead, that hunter shouted on his wife to get up from the
ground immediately, they stormed towards the palace and were
about to enter the palace when two men who looked like balotelli
stood in their in their way one of them asked where they were
heading and told them to state their business, the hunter narrated
their reason for being there, the guard told him that the king was
dead, but he still allowed them to enter, the hunter and his wife
were inside the palace, they were lucky to find Chinelo easily,
Chinelo was wailing and her mother quickly went to console her,
Chinelo told them Of she and the late king’s love affair, they
exclaimed after hearing what their daughter Said, they would be in
big trouble if their daughter ever got pregnant, the hunter asked
about John and the female corpers from Chinelo, she told him that
she had not seen John or any of the female corpers but TJ had
tried to come and rescue her, the hunter shook his head in self
pity, the situation had turned around
Nelson arrived at the palace with his officers who were specialized
in such matters, they ordered that no member of the palace should
leave, the specialist examined the king’s corpse, they came up
with a result within 30 minutes , they didn’t need to ask ifa before
they knew he was poisoned, they told Nelson their findings, he
announced to the palace that their king was poisoned, the people
in the palace shouted ahh! Nelson’s men began their work, they
started first by interrogating the palace cooks, they separated the
people who prepared and served his food, Nelson personally went
to interrogate Chinelo, he was told the king had died in her room,
he saw that she was in a sober mood, he told her to calm down, all
he was going to do was to ask her some questions, she nodded
her head in approval, he started by asking her what the king was
doing before he died, she answered shyly and told him that they
had just finished making love, when he suddenly fell down and
died, he asked her if the king had forced her to have S£x, no she
replied, she had done it willingly, he asked her if she was happy to
have been in the palace before the king died, she said yes, Nelson
examined her carefully, with his psychological instinct, he knew
she was not lying, she looked young and harmless but then he
reminded himself that looks could be deceiving, he asked her how
old she was, she said she was 16 years old, Jesus! Nelson said
within his mind, she was underage, the king had definitely
committed child abuse, but he couldn’t do anything about it even if
the king was alive, the king had authority over such matters, he
stood up and went out of her room, he placed her under the low
priority suspect level, Sir, one of Nelson’s men called him, he told
him his attention was needed in the kitchen, when he got there
another officer told him that they had tested the food that the king
had eaten the previous night, it contained some toxic substances
which they believed to be poison, Nelson told the chiefs about their
discovery, he noticed that one of the chiefs, chief Doherty aka chief
Dotmann was not present, he asked about him and he was told that
chief Dotmann had travelled to Lagos two days ago, Nelson
ordered that his men should round up all the cooks and take them
to the police station for serious questioning, Nelson left the palace
and went to town to buy some more clothes for John and his
friends, as his driver was about to drive his car into his compound,
he received a call from one of his men, his man informed him that
after torturing the cooks, one of them confessed to have poisoned
the king’s food, Nelson went into his house and told John that they
had found the person who poisoned the king, John was relieved
when he heard what Nelson said, maybe he was not the one who
was responsible for the king’s death, he was glad someone else
had also wanted the king dead, but one thing he didn’t know was

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episode 9
Chief Dotmann woke up around 10 am, he felt satisfied, the lady
who he slept with had left him in bed, he had met her in a night
club, from there they drove to his apartment in Lagos, he
remembered the instructions given to him by the native doctor, he
had chewed the green kolanut before sleeping with the woman,
now it was time for him to chew the red one, he pulled the drawer
beside his bed and brought out the red kolanut, he chewed it
immediately, now the process was complete, the woman’s spirit
would bring him more money, but she would die any moment after
24 hours, now he could do away with his range rover and buy
something better, he picked his phone to call Ijeoma, he hoped she
had completed the job, Ijeoma’s phone rang several times but no
one picked It, he prayed all was well, Ijeoma never wasted time
picking his calls, he stood up and went into the bathroom
………………………………………………… Nelson picked his phone up and tried
dialling Peter Adeboye’s number again, still it was switched off he
sat down on the couch and looked at John, suddenly an idea came
to his mind, why hadn’t he thought of it? He suddenly remembered
that he had helped Peter install a police tracker inside his car, he
still had the details of the tracker inside his laptop, he picked up
his phone and called the specialist who helps him install trackers
into police vehicles, within 15 minutes the man got to his house,
Nelson gave him the details and he didn’t use up to 5 minutes
before he located the car, it was about 12,000 metres away from
their current location, Nelson picked up his phone and called all
his men, they were going for a serious mission, John and his
friends offered to come, Nelson didn’t like the idea but he said they
could follow him under the condition that they were going to
remain in the car, they all agreed, Nelson’s men didn’t take long to
arrive, John and his friends entered the DPO’s car, they then set
out on their mission, Nelson’s phone rang and he picked it, one of
his men called to inform him that after further torture the suspect
had confessed that she was sent by chief Dotmann, Nelson
thanked his man for the good job and ended the call, he put two
and two together, now he knew why Chief Dotmann was absent,
that was a business for another day, right now they had to find his
friend ………………………………………………… Peter Adeboye was no more
lonely in the dungeon, his captives had brought in more people,
five more people to be precise, four men and one woman, the men
were also unclad and had their hair shaved, he was shy being
Unclad in front of strangers but he knew he would have to get used
to it ………………………………………… The tracking specialist whose name
was Promise was the one directing the police convoy, he was also
in Nelson’s car which was the car that led the way, he told the
driver to stop the car, he looked at his laptop and told the driver to
take the next turn on the right which he did, soon they were off the
tarred road, following the map on his laptop, he directed them
through different turns, John thought the road felt familiar, it felt
just like the road the kidnappers took them through, Joy and TJ
also said the same thing, they made this known to Nelson, Nelson
knew it had to be the kidnappers, Promise informed them that they
were 1500 metres away from the cars location, Nelson ordered his
driver to stop, now they had to continue on foot, Nelson went to
the back of his car and picked a bullet proof vest from the trunk, he
ordered his men to remember to wear their vest and make no
noise as they moved, he told John and his friends to remain in his
car no matter what happens, so Nelson and his 24 man squad
walked for about 1400 metres when Nelson spotted Peter’s car
parked in front of an uncompleted building, Bison’s building, he
split his men into three and ordered them to surround the building,
Nelson took one last look at his AK 47, they were going in hot
Kemi had finished preparing for work, her daughter Lisa was still
sleeping, Lisa had just come home from a party that she went to
the previous night, Kemi didn’t bother to disturb her, she picked
up her car key and went outside to her car, she started the
engine and set off for work, she remembered her husband, she
picked up her phone and dialled his number, it was switched off,
she hissed, why was she even bothering herself, she got to the
traffic light, it was already on red so she stopped, she
remembered her sweet experience in the hands of chief, she
smiled to herself, soon all chief’s wealth would be hers, all she
needed was 24 hours, before the balm that baba gave her would
take effect, she had rubbed the balm on her laps before going to
the club, baba had instructed her that any man she slept with
after she had rubbed the balm on her laps would be under her
control, the traffic light went from red to yellow and finally green,
she drove off and continued her journey to the office
……………………………… John, Joy, TJ and Promise sat in the car,
alongside Nelson’s driver, John was deep in thought, he hoped
his father would be found, alive, and with all his body parts
complete, Joy kissed him on the cheeks and told him all would
be fine, John looked at Joy, if he was in the mood he would have
kissed her small inviting pink lips, but he was not in the mood, all
he could think of now was how his father was going to be
rescued ………………………… Peter was half asleep when the dungeon
door was opened, two men came inside and released him from
his chains, they then pulled him up and dragged him out of the
dungeon, they then locked the dungeon door back, they forced
him through a long dark corridor and they turned left, Peter knew
there was trouble immediately, a left turn was not a good sign,
was this how his life was going to end? Bison stood in the
slaughter room waiting impatiently, they should have brought the
man here already, he didn’t know what was taking them long
………… Nelson took a deep breath, it had been quite a while that
he had been on a mission, in fact he shouldn’t be here, but he
was here because his friends life was in danger and whoever was
responsible was going to pay dearly, on a normal mission, his
men would have handled it alone, but this was no ordinary
mission, these kidnappers had threatened his Job and his
friend’s life, using his radio he told the other two groups to
attack on his count, 3, 2, 1 the three groups attacked at once
…………………………………… Bison took a machete from a corner, he
was going to behead this one himself, two men held Peter’s
hands and legs and placed his head on a flat rock, Peter tried to
struggle but he could not free himself, he said his last prayers,
Bison raised his machete ready to behead the man before him
…………………… the people in the dungeon heard a cry of pain from
an area of the building, they now knew why they were kidnapped..

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episode 10
Blood splashed on Bison’s hand, he could not believe what he
just saw, he looked through the tiny window of the slaughter
room and saw about 8 police men advancing towards the
building, they were armed with guns, and one of them who had
probably seen his man holding a gun had shot him in the arm,
Bison looked at the machete in his hand, he looked at Peter,
Bison knew he had to escape, that was the most important thing
now, he raised an alarm to inform his men that they were under
attack, Bison’s men went to the arsenal and carried guns and
hand thrown grenades, they then went to confront the police, they
marched out of the building and planned to surround the building
and defend themselves, but as they were marching out those that
were in front faced the wrath of the AK 47 as the police shot at
their direction mercilessly, they all managed to get out of the
building as some of them passed through the window, they
formed a circle around the building and shot at the police, one of
the kidnappers carried a grenade and removed It’s cork, he then
threw it at the first group of police, as the police saw it coming,
they didn’t need to ask Google what it was or what to do before
they split for their dear lives, the grenade exploded within four
seconds as It’s sound echoed through the forest ………………… John
felt uncomfortable as he heard the loud noise, he tried to figure
out what it was, it was either a grenade or a car had just
exploded, but he had not seen the police carry grenades, he
relaxed and assured himself that the police would triumph, 15
seconds later they heard another explosion, John could not take
it anymore, he got down from the car and went to the trunk, what
are you trying to do? Joy asked him, what does it look like? He
replied, I can’t just sit here while my dad’s life is in danger, I’m
with you bro, TJ said as he also got down from the car and went
to the trunk, Promise offered to help to as he got down from the
car, Promise was an ex-soldier, he was dismissed from the army
when he was caught hacking into one of their computers, it had
been long, he thought to himself, now he needed to feel the
moment again, John handed TJ and Promise a vest each and
gave them guns, AK 47 to be precise, Promise taught them how
to reload the guns as they were probably novices, they looked at
the way Promise talked and knew he had experience, they
nodded their heads in understanding when he had finished
talking, John went to the window side and kissed Joy
passionately, they might he seeing each other for the last time,
John wore his bullet proof vest, and he, TJ and Promise left Joy
and the driver alone in the car, Promise me you’ll be back Joy
shouted to John, John didn’t reply, he wasn’t ready to make any
Promise he couldn’t keep ……………………………………… Nelson and his
men were still at battle, he had lost 2 men from his group but he
didn’t know about the others, he cocked him gun and shot at
three kidnappers killing them instantly as he still lay on the floor
with his men, the battle continued ……………………The people in the
dungeon were happy and scared, at last the police had come to
their rescue …………………… a few metres away Peter la!d low on the
floor as he heard gunshots, his heart was Still beating because
few minutes ago he was about to be beheaded like a bull in the
abattoir, he slowly crawled away from the slaughter room and
back to the corridor, he saw a pair of trousers hanged on a
window, he didn’t need to write a letter of permission before he
took it and wore it while sitting ………………………… Bison went to his
room in the building, he brought a box from under the bed and
opened it, it contained a pair of police uniform, he had always
prepared for this day, he put on the uniform and carried a gun, he
then sneaked out through the back door ……………………………………
John and Co had jogged through the distance, they were now at
the battle scene, John looked to his right and saw a police officer
coming out through the back door of the building, the police
officer was making suspicious movements, John looked at his
face and recognized him instantly, it was one of the kidnappers,
the one who dropped the key, the one who ordered men around,
the police officer now increased his pace, John told Promise and
TJ to carry on as he went after Bison ……………………… All the men in
Nelson’s group were nowhere to be found, he raised his head to
get a proper view when a bullet hit him in the chest, he la!d down
in pain, the bullet had hit his chest but he still felt the pain,
suddenly a kidnapper stood before him and aimed his gun at him,
the kidnapper pulled the trigger but the gun clicked empty, he
was out of ammo, the kidnapper quickly reloaded his gun and
aimed it at Nelson again, Nelson swallowed his spit, he was face
to face with death …
Suddenly three bullets pierced the kidnapper’s chest before he
could pull the trigger, Nelson managed to look back and saw
Promise with a gun, Nelson felt relieved, Promise had just saved
his life, Promise advanced to where Nelson was and dragged him
to safety with one hand like soldiers do while he held the gun in
his other hand, when they reached a safe place, Nelson tried to
stand up, he looked into Promise’s eyes and said thank you, I
hope John didn’t come with you? Nelson asked, the poor boy
couldn’t just sit and watch Promise answered him, Promise was
right but Nelson didn’t want John getting into
trouble……………………………………………………. TJ was not used to
handling guns but he knew that once he pulled the trigger bullets
would come out of the gun, he remembered how he used to play
COD (Call Of Duty), an action video game, he lay on the floor and
aimed, he took his first shot at a kidnapper and missed, then he
took two more and he got a kidnapper in the arm, suddenly a
soldier jumped over him followed by more soldiers, soon up to 20
soldiers arrived at the scene and took control of the situation,
Nelson was impressed from where he stood, he had told one of
his men to go back and tell the soldiers that they had an
emergency before they even started the attack on the kidnappers,
and within 30 minutes the soldiers had arrived, the soldiers came
with more sophisticated weapons, the enemy were falling like
bowling pins, Nelson looked on in amazement, the soldiers had
better strategies than the police, within 10 minutes they had
already got very close to the building, they rounded up 5
kidnappers and marched them out, the soldiers also came out
with the hostages, one of them wore only boxers, they still had
chains dangling from their hands and feet, the soldiers had used
their guns to break the chains, Nelson counted five people but he
could not see Peter among them, he waited in anticipation for
Peter to come out from the building, suddenly he saw a man
wearing only trousers jumping through the window, the man
stood up and ran with his hands up towards where the soldiers
were, Nelson did not need to ask Google who it was, still feeling
pains in his chest, Nelson ran towards Peter as if Peter was a
goal keeper who had saved the last penalty in a penalty shoot-
out, Peter was scared at first when he saw a police officer
running towards him, he raised up his hands the more and said
please o! please! I’m not among them o! He took a closer look at
the person running towards him, Nelsonnnnnnnnn! Peter shouted
he ran towards Nelson, the two friends hugged themselves as
everybody looked on……………………………………………….. John had been
running after Bison for 7 minutes, Bison had no idea anyone was
after him, John started getting tired, he went down on his knees
and aimed, boom! The first shot got Bison in his left butt0ckz,
Bison fell to the ground and tried to stand up again, as he stood
up John gave it another shot, this time he got Bison’s right lap,
Nelson walked tiredly to where bison was and knocked him out
with the end of his gun, John didn’t know where the strength
came from, he pulled Bison by the leg back the way they
came………………………………………… Nelson and Peter were under a
tree, Nelson told Peter that John was alive, but he doesn’t know
his whereabout, Nelson feared that John had been shot among
the police officers, they started searching among the dead police
and kidnappers on the ground, Peter’s heart was heavy, TJ knew
John was not among the dead people on the floor because he
saw him go after a man dressed in police uniform, as TJ opened
his mouth to speak, he sighted John coming out of the woods
with a man on his shoulder, there TJ said as Nelson and Peter
looked in the direction where TJ pointed, they all ran towards
John as he dropped they man he was carrying on the floor, John
ran and hugged his father, Nelson inspected the man John
dropped, it was Chike Uche also known as Bison, he was wanted
for the murder of his wife………………………………………. 15 police
officers and 17 kidnappers were killed, 5 police officers were
injured and 3 kidnappers were injured, a police officer read out
the stats for Nelson as they were going back to where their cars
were parked, they walked for 1500 metres before they finally
reached where their cars were parked, John could not wait to see
Joy, he walked elegantly like a soldier who had come back from
war triumphant, Nelson looked forward, he could not believe his
eyes, his car windshield was broken and blood had splattered on
the front seat, the driver, lifeless, had his head on the horn as the
horn sounded continuously, John immediately ran to check on
Joy, nooooo! He shouted, Joy had been shot in the chest, he
looked at her face and said don’t leave me, It’s gonna be alright,
Nelson looked away, one of the kidnappers who probably
escaped had shot Joy and his driver, Joy managed to look at
John, I love you, she said slowly and she died, John cried like he
had never cried before, TJ came to console him, it was then John
remembered, he immediately reached into his empty wallet and
brought the Pearl out, it was around the size of his thumb, and
transparent, he looked at it desperately, he remembered the
instruction the mermaid gave him, it was his only hope..

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episode 11
John held the pearl in his hands, he remembered the words the
mermaid told him to say, Pearl of the river bring Joy back to life,
John said slowly, as he said so, the pearl began to glow like a
bulb, when he saw this, his hopes were raised, the Police men
and soldiers watched in anticipation as they saw all that was
going on, he looked at Joy, her cloth was stained with blood, God
please let this work! John prayed in his mind, he opened Joy’s
mouth which was already becoming stiff and put the pearl in her
mouth and made sure it went down her throat, before John could
say Luis Suarez, Joy woke up and coughed, she vomited
something identical to the pearl in size and shape, but this one
was made of pure gold, John was the happiest man on earth, he
hugged the still coughing Joy, Joy looked at him in surprise, she
looked at her chest and the bullet wound was gone, ‘the bullet
wound, it’s gone’ Joy said laughing, she looked at John’s teary
eyes, don’t tell me I died and came back to life, Joy asked John,
shh say no more, John said while putting his hands on her lips,
the both of them kissed passionately as the police men and
soldiers clapped and cheered, Peter didn’t understand what just
happened or who the girl was, but he felt happy for his son, he
liked what he just saw………………………………….
Kemi sat in her office happily when an Idea suddenly occurred to
her, she could use the balm on her boss who had been troubling
her for S£x ever since she started working there, she would just
control him and ask him for a promotion and a salary of one
million per month, she stood up and made way to her bosses
office, she knocked the door of her bosses office, a man voice
said come in, Kemi entered the office and shut the door behind
her, her boss was happy to see her, so Kemi what brings you to
my office? Her boss asked, Kemi didn’t say a word, she moved to
her where her boss was and sat on his laps, her boss could not
believe it, she had finally agreed to his advances, he began to
handle her b0s0ms, Kemi was not concerned about romance
today, if not for the balm that she wanted to use on him she
wouldn’t even think of having S£x with him, she stood up and
pulled his trousers down, she pulled down her
p@anties and rode
him on the chair for 5 minutes, she reached c—-x point and
stood up from her boss, it was quick and precise, she didn’t do it
for pleasure but for power, she put her p@anties back on and went
out of her bosses office, her boss just sat on the chair looking
surprised, he was not even satisfied, and when he thought he had
had his way with this woman she had walked out on him half
satisfied…………………………………………… Nelson went to the soldiers
and thanked them for coming to their rescue, they might not have
been alive if the soldiers had not come to their rescue, the
drivers corpse was removed from the front seat Nelson’s car and
placed at the back of one of the police pickup’s, Nelson took a
towel from the trunk of his car, he cleaned the blood from the
front seat and dashboard, Peter, John, Joy, TJ and Promise
entered the car, Peter sat in the front seat with his friend, John
sat at the backseat beside Joy, he put his arms around her neck
and she put her head on his chest, John was still in shock,
minutes ago he thought he had lost her, Nelson reversed the
windshieldless car and drove after his men who led the way,
Peter had tried to start his car but the petrol had been drained
from it, maybe Nelson’s men would bring it for him later, as for
him, he would never step foot in that place again, he might never
even come to Enugu state again…………………………………………. Chief
Dotmann sat the sitting room of his Lagos apartment sipping on
his red wine, all he could think of was how to spend his money
that would come a few hours soon, after two hour passed he
went into his room and brought out a calabash from his
wardrobe, he went to the drawer beside his bed and brought out
the half eaten green and red kolanut and put it inside the
calabash, he covered the calabash and opened it after a minute,
behold! Different bonds of Pounds were inside the calabash, he
smiled, it worked, but the lady he slept with would die soon, he
heard a knock on his door, he wasn’t expecting anybody, he
quickly put the calabash full of money inside his wardrobe and
locked it, he went to the sitting room and opened the door, he
was shocked as if he had just seen a ghost, it was the woman
who he slept with yesterday, Kemi spoke up, go and will your
properties to me Kemi Adeboye of 11, Henderson street, Agege
Lagos and after that go and hang yourself, Dotmann stood
transfixed like a dummy, yes mistress, he
Nelson made a call to the palace, he told them that the culprit
had been apprehended and that they were free to go where they
want to, Chinelo, still weeping, went with her parents back to
their home, the only thing she had gained was a new wrapper
and some of the royal beeds, she was back to square one, right
from where she started………………………………… John and Joy sat in
the sitting room of Nelson’s house, playing with each other, John
looked at his father who was now dressed in a decent cloth, John
sensing what his father was thinking said Dad this is Joy, my
fiancée, Joy’s and Peter’s eyebrows were raised, Joy was
surprised, they had never talked about getting engaged, talk less
of marriage, and there he was introducing her as his fiancée, he
didn’t even say girlfriend, Peter was also surprised, his son had
just finished his youth service, he hasn’t even gotten a job and he
already has a fiancée?! Well, what could he do about it? John
was already an adult, at his age he was already engaged with
John’s mum, he wondered why John decided to study law like
his mother, Peter felt bad at the thought of John’s mum, he knew
he had treated her badly and he wish he knew where she was so
that he could just apologize to her, he was fed up with Kemi, she
is rude, saucy and to worsen her case she is a bad cook, John
stood up and pulled Joy with him, he took her to the balcony of
Nelson’s house, he knelt down in front of Joy and brought out
the golden pearl, Joy parker, will you marry me? John asked, Joy
didn’t know what to say, the man she loved proposed to her with
a pearl instead of a ring, it was awkward, when she made up her
mind she said yes John, yes!
Kemi was driving, her daughter Lisa was with her, she was
taking her to LC’s, one of the best night clubs in Lagos, Kemi
looked at Lisa who was excited, she sighed, if Peter finds out
that Lisa is not his daughter he would kill her, but she will kill
him first, she looked at her watch, it was 9pm, Lisa looked at her
mum, right now her mum was the best mum in the world, none of
her friends mum ever take them clubbing, instead they tell them
not to ever go out at night, suddenly her mother lost control of
the steering and their car smashed into pole and tumbled, Lisa
struggled to get out of the car after it came to a stop, the car was
upside down, she pushed the car’s door open and crawled out to
the other side where her mum was, Mum! Mum! Are you alright?
Lisa asked but she got no reply, she managed to pull the door
open, lo and behold, a splinter of glass had cut her mother’s
throat, blood was gushing from her throat like a tap, noooo! Lisa
shouted, she quickly stood up and ran to get help, she continued
running in exactly no direction, she saw a group of men standing
and ran towards them, when she got to their place, it smelled of
cigarette smoke, please help me, my mother is bleeding to death,
the men, seven in number, who didn’t even understand what she
said were excited to see such a beautiful girl dressed in skimpy
clothes in their zone at that time of the night, you no dey fear?
one of then asked, Sniper, JJ carry this girl go base, their boss
said, they didn’t even say a word, they carried her like a cotton
wool and took her into an uncompleted building, she tried to
scream but they held her mouth, they entered the building, pulled
off her skimpy cloth and tied her to a table, Lisa was scared,
were they going To Molest her? She asked herself, please don’t
molest me, she pleaded, but her pleas fell on deaf ears as the
master of the hoodlums took her virginity, she felt a pain she had
never experienced as her Molested her, when he was done, a
second person took her, when he was also done, another man
came, no not another one she said, the hard looking man gave
her a back hand slap across her cheek, you dey craze, he said,
na me you dey call ‘another one’? I be your papa mate? He asked
with authority, he entered her and Molested her mercilessly, the
last thing Lisa saw before she fainted was another man trying to
get between her legs……………………………………………………………..
Nelson was in his office in the morning, Peter, John and Joy were
on their way to Lagos in the police van, he took the news paper
on his table and read it, he was shocked when he saw one of the
headlines, one man identified as Doherty Anthony Lemeta was
found hanged in his residence in Lagos, Nelson sighed, Chief
Dotmann had committed suicide, well it made his Job easier, no
need for them chasing a dead man, the lady who was responsible
for the King’s death would be charged to court immediately, he
sipped his coffee, he was having his best morning of the year, he
had caught the kidnappers who were threatening his job, his
friend and his son were safe and on his way to Lagos, what else
could he ask for?……………………………..
The police van carrying Peter, John and Joy came to stop in
front of a big mansion where Joy resides, Joy had called her
lawyer to meet her in the house, she had to sign the papers to
inherit her parents property, her lawyer sat in front of the house
wearing a white shirt and black skirt, John down from the back
of the van and walked with Joy into her compound, now he knew
where she lived, he saw a woman waiting in front of Joy’s
mansion, they reached where the woman was, meet my lawyer
Mrs Adebayo, Joy said, John looked at the woman, he had seen
her before in the photo’s at home, Mum?! John said, she
recognized him even though it had been 22 years, John?! The
woman said, John went to hug his mother, he had hoped to see
her, Joy immediately got the memo, her lawyer was John’s Mum,
John had told her about his mother, Peter got down from the car
to see what was going on, he saw his wife Mary, his heart sank
and he was ashamed, he slowly walked towards where Mary was
with his head hung in shame, he looked at Mary and started to
talk Mary said shh! And she went to hug her
Peter and John reached home, as they entered their home phone
rang Peter went to pick it, the expression on his face was sad
when he dropped the phone, he told John that Kemi had died in a
car accident the previous night, John felt sorry for her even
though she was always mean to him, the phone rang again, Peter
picked it up and showed a sad worried face again he dropped the
phone, Lisa was found beside the road yesterday, she is in the
hospital now, Peter said, Peter took the car keys to his Toyota
Corolla and went outside, he entered the car and John joined him,
they drove to the hospital, on getting to the hospital the doctor
told Peter that Lisa had lost a lot of blood and needed blood,
Peter offered to donate blood as he and Kemi were in the same
blood group so Lisa should also be, the doctor suggested they do
a test before anything else, when the results came out Lisa’s
blood group was different from Peter’s, he wondered how that
was possible, John immediately interfered, he offered to donate
blood as he belonged to blood group ‘O’ , which he definitely
inherited from his mother, they tested him and he was in O group,
they collected blood from him and transferred it to Lisa, Peter
was still surprised, how was it possible? He asked the doctor to
do a DNA test on Lisa, the test was carried out and they
discovered that his DNA and Lisa’s did not match, Peter felt
betrayed, he didn’t even feel pity for Kemi again, she had done a
really bad thing…………………..
Few days later John went to Joy’s house, he knelt in front of her
and said ‘for the second time, Joy parker, would you marry me?’
he brought out a gold ring from his pocket, for the second time,
yes! Joy answered, they kissed each other as John inserted the
ring which was molded from the gold pearl into Joy’s finger, he
carried her into a bedroom in her mansion, he kissed her on the
neck, and he entered her and they made love for an hour, they
had finally made love after all these while of wanting themselves,
it was the first of many to come……………………………………………………….
John went home and saw his mother seated in the sitting room,
he greeted her, so you are coming back to us? He asked, yes, she
said, John went into Lisa’s room, she was asleep, her father had
decided to still take her as his daughter, she had nowhere to go,
he closed the door and went to meet his father in the balcony,
Nelson told me you had quite an adventure in Enugu, can you
gist me? Peter asked, you wont believe if I told you John
answered, John brought out his phone to browse and check
where he posted to study law in a law school, not again, he said
when he saw where he was posted to, he was posted to
******** THE END********