[STORY] Calabar Adventure (+18) (episode 1-13)

episode 1

Life as a struggling actor can be frustrating
which clearly explains the meaning of
Those days you go hungry just so you get
transport fare for auditions, those demeaning
things one had to do to make career ends
meet, no cash was coming in but the joy of
doing what you love maximized the utility I
craved for.
I studied Theater Arts in the prestigious
university of Ibadan, took numerous courses
in the field of film and Cinematography and
also acquired some skill in practical by
joining various drama groups. knowledge
wise, I am rich, and I’ve been told countless
times that I am the future of moving pictures
and it is better in my hands than anyone.
Despite my formidable CV in the theater
world, I still haven’t gotten my big break, the
industry does not know me, I have been in
front of cameras but not with ace directors or
the big cakes in the industry, so many free
jobs I did to just send my name out there to
someone who will love me enough to believe
in me.
This wait of mine is five years and it has
start to mess with my being, I kept on going
but instead of getting what I want, i got the
flip side of the coin, offers were coming but
as a lecturer!
This was good news to people around me
but It wasn’t to me, it made me feel like I
never will live that life I dream of daily, my
mother managed to convince me, saying it
could be a blessing in disguise and I should
see it more as an encouragement and not a
My mom is a pastor and she knows how to
use to scripture to pass her message across,
I was pinned to the edge of my thoughts until
I start to reconsider being a lecturer in the
theater arts, over time; I started to convince
myself saying it is better than nothing.
I went through my emails on the eve of my
birthday; I went through the mails sent to me
by various institution, i weighed them and I
considered the University of Calabar and the
University of Abuja, both attractive and the
pay was reasonable, first; I called the
University of Abuja and they told me the offer
was closed, the job have been given out. It
didn’t get me sad, instead I was irritated at
myself for thinking a job offered to me nine
months ago could still be available, I got
discouraged and didn’t call my second
option, until I was persuaded again by my
I called UNICAL and they confirmed to me
that the job was still very much available and
they have been praying I call. Reluctantly, I
told them I will join them as soon as I can. A
month later, after dangerous thoughts and
further persuasions from folks and friends, I
decided to go to Calabar, it seem to be where
God is for me.

I am here packing up my bags to journey
back to Nigeria, my country but I am not sure
I can call it home. I have stayed here in the
United kingdom for twenty years, going back
is both exciting and depressing
I thought of going there to learn in detail
about the culture and norms so as to project
it in moving pictures, it is my way of standing
distinct amidst the very competitive
environment I am in; theater arts is a big deal
here in the UK, so one need a strong and
formidable symbol that will single you out as
Unique. An excellent edge is needed.
After much deliberations, I was able to figure
that I have all I need within me, I just have to
harness the most potent factors to command
the results I seek. Nigeria my country have
over 200 ethnic groups with dynamic
cultures, distinctly different from each other,
the theater have not seen this and they have;
they have not seen it from my perspective.
I made a lot of findings, I picked my nativity
{Efik} as my focal point, It is going to be my
project. I have to show to the British filming
academy why they should love not just my
tribe but the other hundreds in the country.
This entails I will be transferring to the
university of Calabar for the next 18 months
to make my dreams come through.
I am excited about that, but the fact that I am
leaving my friends and folks here in London
to stay with an Aunt I last saw when I was
three was worrisome. I packed anyways and
in company of my folks, I made my way to
the airport. 13hrs flight journey was also
making me loose my cool but Its going to
worth the stress is the sentence I take solace
After bidding farewell and little outside
cuddles, I moved towards the exit terminal to
join the plane, it was then the most
anticipated moment came to life, I wept for
no definitive reason. Board the plane with
feigned courage and strapped the fuvk up so
as to journey to Nigeria and also journey in
my thoughts for the next 13hrs.

After getting all the necessaries from the
school such as my plane ticket, I packed up
immediately. It is unprofessional to stall the
school and since I am now a staff, there is a
status-quo I must abide by..
I was given 72hrs to reach my place of work
as the Vice Chancellor wanted to see me. I
got the most available flight ticket to Calabar
which was the following day by 7pm. I got all
I thought I will need, and also went through
the contact proposed to me by the school
with my lawyer friend Ndifreke who also is a
native of Calabar. We perused rigorously the
60 pages contract and he affirmed it was
satisfactory and secure. I was gradually
getting comfortable with the lecturing job,
though it is mediocre but it is that half bread
our people say is better than nothing.

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episode 2
Jeez! Finally in the very popular Muritala
Mohammed Airport in Lagos; Thirteen hours
felt like 13years on the very miserable flight; I
sat next to a coughing patient and it was just
too horrible an experience. I couldn’t
complain because then; I will be the
sociopath and anti-humanity brute, I had to
take it all.
I dashed for the door as soon as I heard we
have landed. I got out to get fresh air, I
moved to the exit and I was hit with an awful
din by the hundreds of taxi drivers, all
advertising their charter service.
It was at night, so without wasting time, I got
one and requested he take me to any nearby
hotel to pass the night. I insisted it should be
somewhere close to the airport because of
my flight to Calabar this next day.
After struggling to understand my accent, the
bald short man obliged and took me to a
very exquisite hotel, some place that felt and
looked like London. I got comfortable
immediately, had my bath, rubbed my very
toned body with my night lotion, and deep
down, I wished the taxi man hit on me; truly
hoped that the he would pass the night.
I was h—y for reasons i cannot explain.
I connected to the hotel’s password, skyped
my folks, and watched some hot Adult movie
that turned me the Fork on and i fingered
myself to pulp. My cl!toris was fire red and
rivulets of juices dripped in appreciation of
my good finger work.
After my self service, I slept off immediately
unclad and without washing up. The stink of
K!ttyC@t lulling me to a deep and yearning
sleep. I dreamt of raging c—s and insane S

Up early and out in my friend’s car to the
airport, my flight is 10am but because of the
tireless traffic in Lagos, I want to be in the
airport’s vicinity early enough so nothing will
stall me. My good friend is my driver and his
joy in doing this for me was very palpable,
countless times, he professed how much he
is happy for me. He was sure this has in it,
more blessing than I envisaged.
It was seeming like my mom hired him to do
this because he really sounds like her. My
over caring mother on the other hand kept
calling and texting, torrents of prayers was
unleashed on me and my lips is getting tired
of saying amen, her co-pastors also saw it
good to call me and release yet another
tsunami of prayers on me. Their prayers had
something in common, they all included in it
that i get also a good girl in Calabar like I
have gotten a good job there, the same thing
Ndifreke was telling me as he drove.
He advertised how beautiful, girls from his
state are, and how well they cook and
effusively, he told me about their
performance in bed, how firm their asses and
b0s0m were, and he practically sold me up
on them.
This was my morning in a nutshell, and he
went as far as to save some numbers on my
phone, and even encouraged me to call them
and linkup with them. I was just looking;
totally overwhelmed from both ends.

OMG! This is not happening right now! I got
up late, maybe from overdose of ecstasy I
got from the finger job I gave my self. it is
7:30am and I have a 8:20am flight to catch!
I rushed through bathing and got prepared.
This is the fastest I have done in my entire
I got out and its now 8:00am, the notorious
Lagos traffic stared right at my face and I
know for sure that I am in trouble! Fork!
My cab man worsened my dilemma by
saying he cannot come because of traffic
impendimments. I have just 15mins to reach
the d–n airport. Im in a crazy fix!
I use to think I have this innate way to find
solutions and make swift decisions to
situations, but it dawned on me that I am just
a beneficiary of enabling environment like
London. Lagos is different and D–n it is
hostile too! These were my thoughts in
complacency, I even thought that God was
trying to punish me for my misguided act
In the middle of my forlorn, I waved a car and
driver parked beside me, with my eyes full
with tears; I walked to the window, now my
eyes couldn’t hold back the tears, “please, I
am late and I have a plane to catch, please;
help me get out of this place, I beg you” I
said this praying fervently in my heart that
they are not illiterates. The gentleman on the
driver’s side wind down and declared the best
news in the world to me, “we are headed to
the airport, come in,” My heart thudded in
great joy.

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episode 3
He helped with my luggage and my day in
got saved a bit; my mien expressed tacitly
that I was in no mood for discussing and I
was glad the two men in the car was able to
read and understand that, the journey
therefore was quiet. We Got to the airport at
exactly 8:30am, I am late I know, but I am
still of high hopes that the flight maybe would
be delayed.
Without dallying, I picked my bags from the
car trunk, left in a frantic race without even
closing the door. On getting to the ticket
endorsement counter, I was told my flight left
10mins ago.
Unlike what I hear, the Nigerian air transports
are as strugent as that in the UK! I was
perplexed because I have to wait for the next
flight which is 10am; and I have got an
appointment by 12 noon. I dropped my bag
in a secure spot and it occurred to me that I
was famished and the brunt was that my
Bleeping period came. How worse will today

I got to the airport eventually, not early
enough but right on time to avoid any
brouhaha for the non-refundable I have with
me; activities are going on intensely but with
an overwhelming silence, just machine
beeping, keyboard chattering and teller prints
disturbing the silence therein, I got my ticket
endorsed, “seat number 34” the dark slim
lady at the counter told me.
I found my way to the awaiting passenger
seats, sat and reminsced on the brat Ndifreke
gave a ride, she was annoying. No greeting
nor warmth from her at all, No good byes, No
thanks. She just left! She sat in the car like it
belonged to her father.
I dislike people without simple and very
common ettiquette, I can’t believe she didn’t
even thank us for the ride, leaving the trunk
and door open was the worst part of
everything. Spoilt brat. I hate the fact that I
was the one who convinced my friend to give
her a ride; I was misled by her appearance. I
thought she was relatable not knowing she is
some choleric butt0ckz! Why do people with
the most beautiful self have to be so cocky?
A Sekxy girl with a well engineered, tall,
hourglass figure like that be so annoying?
I was angry at her but that did not stop me
from admiring her, I stared at her throughout
the journey.. I was totally smitten. Using the
mirror, she was spotlessly fair, brown eyes,
her hair was long and brown; she was
restless and constantly she gave me a
glimpse of her nice set of racks. She wore a
shirt that showed me glimpes of her cleavage
whenever she moved.
Fair skinned girls aren’t my spec but this
particular one is making me reconsider!
I wished to tell her she was beautiful, but the
stupid smug she had on her face turned me
I kept quiet all through the journey, so did
Ndifreke. It was no need breaking my mind
over some annoying 30mins crush.
I looked for the restroom to ease and my
interesting nightmare came to me again. I
saw this annoying crush of mine walking out
from the restrooms’ main door, in a new
dress; red skimpy and flare gown, her
averagely long and bald legs were in full
display, shinning gold anklet framed her
ankles beautifully, and a small handbag
round well placed on her.
She had bonded her hair this time and was
smiling at the security officer who probably
told her how beautiful she was, “thank you”
she said with a british accent, does she work
Is she advertising something? – these are
few among the millions of question running
through my mind as I walked right passed
her, I was too egoistic to say anything or
maybe scared.

Finally! its 10am, the said time for the d–n
flight. Everyone just like me is tired of
waiting, swiftly; we picked our bags and
joined the boarding terminal, “passengers for
Arik flight 2340 to Calabar, please make your
way to the boarding terminal.” This
announcement made my heart leap for joy.
I Boarded the plane and found my seat,
exactly where I didn’t want it, near the
seat number 33! I sat on the seat next to it
and was praying fervently that the real owner
of the seat is levelheaded. Pretty happy now
that not even the wack traffic in Lagos,
menstruation cramps or flight delay is ruining
my day!
There’s is a God somewhere, the joy isn’t
making me feel too much the pain I was
getting from my flow, the dumbfu-Ck came
too early, I mourn a little at the cloth I had to
abandon in the airport’s toiler because of the
stain, It is designer and it cost about $350! I
am fine anyway; amidst the introspection I
was having; I remembered i didn’t even thank
those guys that gave me a ride, totally
skipped my mind, God bless them for me, I
feel bad for that, they will have a wrong
impression about me but again it is all good.

Somebody have got to be messing with me,
is this one of Ndifreke’s trick? My annoying
crush is right on my seat?! This is beginning
to spite me! But then, it is the best time to
admire closely, not through any car mirror,
but right next to me. “you are on my seat” I
said trying to be a savage, “Oh! I am very
sorry, I get nausea from seating near the
window, I was hoping we could change seats,
it will mean the world to me” – Something is
wrong with me, nothing! I mean not even my
angry nerves said no to her! – “No problem” I
said to her even as I smiled, I actually smiled
genuinely, where the hell is the rage I was
having three minutes ago?!

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episode 4
I sat next to her after she said thank you, I
was glad to hear that too, the plane seat
made our hands contact and I was able to
feel her opulent skin. It was easy to tell that
this lady hadn’t stayed in Nigeria for a
I got a glimpse of her heavenly smile again
as she was smiling as she scrolled her
phone, typing on it simultaneously. The plane
was helping me with my viewing tour, it was
time to strap our seat belts and the belt
rested right between her breasts.
The little force from the tightened belt pulled
her soft cotton gown down a bit, Dear God!
I saw the upper part of the bra supported
b0s0m and I was forced to sing a worship
song in my heart, succulent looking, relatively
fair and full, this is definitely what I will love
for dessert every night of my life.
While I enjoyed this body inspection; I did not
strap my seat belts well, and as the plane
was gaining balance in the air, there was a
jerk and I fell out of my seat, hitting my head
against the fore seat. Oh Fork! it was painful
as hell, “OMG! Are you okay?” my annoying
crush asked in her very smooth British
accent, almost immediately; I said yes, and
readjusted my position on my seat, and she
leaned over to help me strap my seat belt.
The mood I was in is too compromising to
explain, I tell you!!
After the plane leveled properly in the air, she
asked one of the air hostess for ice-pack and
helped me place it on the affected area of my
head, and as she did all these, she had her
b0s0m swaying all over my face, that is the
most struggling situation of my life!
I struggled a lot with myself not to just grab
the too attractive b0s0m, “Why is it so full?” I
asked loudly, she stared at me and said “it
has to be, so it works well!” The answer suits
my question but she was actually talking of
the icepack! The pain relieved, it had no
choice, the care was too deluxe!
She requested for my earpiece which was
around my neck, I gave it to her staring at
her, I gathered all the nerves to say “you are
beautiful and thank you,” she smiled and
inserted the earpiece in her Ipod and leaned
back to enjoy her flight, I did the same but I
cannot deny the thoughts of her kept me
stealing looks of her at too often intervals, I
fell asleep after a while and dreamt of being
buried in those succulent looking globes of
I woke up when one of the hostess tapped
me, my crush was gone again and now with
my earpiece, the funny thing is I wasn’t even

Finally in Calabar! alas! Home is definitely a
feeling, the very oxygenated breeze that hit
me.. Wow.. it was great to feel this way. I
made my way with my bulky bags in search
of my aunt who I want to believe is waiting
for me.
I didn’t search long before I saw my name in
a placard by a tall man in a suit. I was in an
illusion to believe that my aunt the multi-
millionaire film maker will actually wait for
me on a very busy morning like this.
I approached the man, and my K!ttyC@t
ached a little as I got a closer to him.. He is
the popular description of the Calabar men I
have read and heard about; tall, glowing
melanin skin, good smile, I just wish he can
pick me up right now, lean against a wall and
devour my K!ttyC@t..
Deepen my dam with his sure to be long
J0yst!ck, t—-t into me with undiluted
African strength!
The imagination disturbed my walking steps
and I slipped, the d–n man I was
daydreaming about grabbed me up in the
face of the too curious Calabar audience. My
knees totally turned into gel at his touch.
It felt like the closing scene of a fairy
Shakespeare story.. he placed me carefully
on one of the arranged chairs in the foyer. He
just smiled at me gently and confiremed that
im uduak.
He did all the load packing, helped me to the
car.. Is this my aunt’s driver? He’s a hot drink
of pure S£x. this man ought to be working
with some modeling company, I am melting
in his hands.. He got sweaty and I was
wishing the sweat could be from banging me.
The ride home was all about this dude
Bleeping me even if it is just once, “he can’t
go without Bleeping me” I concluded. My
drive was filled with fantasies of him filling
my K!ttyC@t with no holds barred!

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episode 5
It is obvious the lady from the plane was sent
to torment me, she can’t in anyway be my
crush, I came out barely 15mins after the
caring rendezvous in the air and there she
was all wrapped up in the hands of another
man, all in complicit positions!
She was so carried away that she forgot my
earpiece on one of the foyer seats! it is crazy
how this girl is getting to me, I decided to
think strictly about my reason for coming to
Calabar and blot out of the fantasy of getting
a good girl from here, Calabar girls are no
good as they say so what the hell was I
thinking? This was my consoling thoughts as
I lividly left the airport!! By the way, she didn’t
even know I was in the car with her! Bytch!

I got a call from my aunt and she gave
reasons as to why she couldn’t be around in
person to pick me. She advised that I feel at
home, she already had pizza ordered for me,
all of these is tandem to the fact that she
won’t be coming home till the following day.
The best part of the call was when she
declared that she has told the driver to stay
with me through the night for precautionary
reasons; it is my first night in Calabar, her
cook/maid is not around and it will be wrong
that I spend the night alone in the very big
She suggested I lodge in an hotel but I
hurriedly refused and reassured her that i will
be fine!
I think even God wants this to happen!
Hearing that I will be alone with Duke tonight
made my K!ttyC@t wet to c—-x.. I took my
bath sedulously in the bathroom, and paid
meticulous attention to everything. I took
time to finger myself.. My fingers swiped the
entire lenght of me and went in as deep as it
could go.. I caressed my cl!t madly.. I ran a
professional touch through myself.. I give
good fingering!
I was m0an!ng seriously, the pitch of my
voice was sturdy enough to overshadow the
sound of the running water..my eyes were
close tightly, and i was in mastubatory
I was standing while one of my leg was on
the bathtub, this gave my fingers the luxury
to touch it all..I went in myself and the blood
from menstruation just couldn’t find its way
out! I blamed myself for not bringing my
d—o, I really wish I took it along despite the
persuasion from Damola my perv friend!
“Can’t this driver be bold enough to just
barge in?” I thought within me! I imagined
him slamming the door open and forcing his
way into me. Fork.. My fingers flew faster on
my K!ttyC@t. The thought of him Bleeping
me and doing those crazy shii to me pushed
me over the edge.
The tears of Pour rolled down my thighs and
the s£nsat!onal storm calmed. Still.. I didnt
feel satisfied. I got out, applied my to-bed
cosmetics and joined Duke the driver
downstairs with high hopes that something
will happen!
He really helped reduce boredom for me, first;
because he is learned and very sociable and
second; I could not help but still stare
lustfully at him. D–n! the boy was fine, he
wore a tank top and shorts, that showed the
definitions of his Sekxy body. I stared hard at
his zipper to get the exact size of his J0yst!
ck but all to no avail..

Tonight is one of those nights when you just
want to hit the bed and sleep off. I got into
the compound of the great University of
Calabar, it is indeed big in size and
population. I was too moody to admire the
environment, and how a girl managed to
emasculate me three times in one day is a
puzzle I cannot figure out.
Aside the calls from the HOD of the arts
department, my mother and Ndifreke my
friend, nothing makes any sense for the
In this anger tho, I still appreciate the little
moment when my biggest lovely enemy
touched my skin, it felt like an achievement in
some kind of way. The same person that
tormented me all day is the same person that
gave me an highlight for the day; weird right?
I thought so too!

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episode 6
I cannot help myself. The night is getting
quiet and the only noise disturbing is our
very audible murmur.. we are lying down on
the very broad and furry center rug, he was
lying horizontally at my feet. Consistently, my
legs felt his laps, athletic and hairy..
His voice has gotten deeper than earlier and
it sounds more cozy, making the atmosphere
more inviting. I was rubbing my laps against
each other in no precise model, running
through my minds are thoughts that’s
making this K!ttyC@t scream- a big duplex
with just two souls in it, nothing interrupting,
not even the silence!
Everything was sending messages to me.. it
began to rain and I was convinced that this
has to happen. i could hardly hear Duke’s
voice as the voices in my head are louder, my
mind at the moment is blowing its self up,
the aura was just too blue..
I got up and sat on him, I stared deep into
his eyes and I got the reciprocation I wanted;
he was not surprised; I only did what he’s
been waiting for. I leaned in to kiss him, and
my gown went up simultaneous and my
butt0ckz was out, he returned my kiss very
carefully, he was trying to be a gentleman
which I don’t appreciate at this junction, I
want it raw and hard.

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episode 7

I kissed him more deeply and roughly and he
caught my drift and switched to my pace.
He grabbed my butt0ckz, and the feeling of
his relatively firm hands made cold run
through my spine..
I was bra-less which made his access to my
firm and now hard Tips easy. He held it with
very hard masculinity, and grabbed tight.
I felt a sharp pain but also I felt joy..
He kneaded my Tips; I was quietly m0an!ng
loud, that won’t make much sense to you
unless you are in that position.. I was riding
his J0yst!ck in fantasy, and though I am still
clad, I was moving in the J0yst!ck riding
rhythm, and trying to feel his agressively
hard J0yst!ck,with my K!ttyC@t; through our
clothes. I wanted his J0yst!ck to punch me

I gauged the length of it and I was
He rolled me over, with my back leaning on
the rug. He stripped me off my clothes and I
tore his tank top in return. The moment I’ve
been anticipating.
I ran my fingers through his abs, d–n! he is
fit! All musclar and his veins at this point
have got hot blood running through it. He
kissed me healthily, I melted to pulp and was
compelled to ask for it, “please, Fork me!” I
said in a somewhat pleading tone.. And he
unleashed his dragon, yes! those stories you
hear about the Calabar men are true!
I was scared for a minute because I have
never in my Forked up life seen a J0yst!ck
this long..

with sturdy looking veins decorating it,
poised like a snake ready to strike.
He la!d hot and heavy and he was rubbing
the tip to get to work.. He oozed a bit of pr
The pearly drop made my mouth water..

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episode 8
My K!ttyC@t was not scared I must say, my
cl!toris flowered opened to him in gratitude.
At last! A Fork.. And not just any.. A ride on
the thickest pole I’d ever seen. I sq££zed my
c–t muscles in anticipation.
I dove in head first; literally. I went ahead to
give him a Mouthaction.. I choked at my first
shot, it is a J0yst!ck to kill for.. My mouth
was crammed full of man meat.
I was hearing audibly his husky m0an!ng
voice and also his testimony of how well I
was doing it. I’m a certified deep throat.
He couldn’t help it as some point, I snapped
his control. He pulled out of my mouth with a
wet pop and bent me over in a doggy
He slid in sharply in one move and I
practically yelled. He filled me all at once. His
J0yst!ck head hit the head of my womb and I
He started thrusting slowly. I was m0an!ng
hard, but i hated the slow movement; my K!
ttyC@t is adapted to his J0yst!ck and it
wants some fervent pounding. He fastened
the tempo on my request; he is good and he
went in and out of my lush and warm K!
ttyC@t very professionally. His eyes were
closed tight and his hands were placed
carefully on my butt0ckz, of which he tapped
in intervals.
He suddenly changed the position, and
pinned me to the chair, raising my right leg to
his shoulders. He slid in again without the
help of his hands, and he began again to
work on me.
My radical sq££ze of the throw pillow will
describe the fantasy I was getting; i battered
I’m getting thoroughly Forked.
He pulled out with a pop and requested I sU-
Ck him again. I was glad to. I sU-Cked him
clean, tasting my juices on his J0yst!ck and I
could feel his legs shaking immensely. Now,
he slid into me and went in at an almost
angry mode, he b@nged me seriously like he
was going to wreck my K!ttyC@t. It was so
fast that I began to cough, I was m0an!ng so
loud now that I am not sure neighboring
houses are not hearing.
I could hear my palpitations loud and clear, I
could hear the dogs barking, he joined me in
the m0an!ng racket! he began to t—-t into
me very and I wonder where I got the
strength to withstand that pressure as he’s
nailing himself into me.
I was busy slamming my c–t back at him
and enjoying the ride when he became
uncontrolable, and slammed so deep i
screamed! I think he dislodged my womb. He
then sq££zed all into me and nutted! “d–n!
Inside of me?” I asked with in a very worried
tone!! Fork it.. The haze of arousal faded
fast. Shtt.
I stood immediately, ran to my room, got into
the shower and washed my K!ttyC@t like I
was going to dig out the Pour! I have never
had Pour in me before!! I was angry-satisfied-
happy at the same time! so cliche!!

Three days after my arrival in Calabar, It is
still nothing to write home about, I just hope
my first day as a lecturer will makeup for
whole annoying charade! Dressed in my
sharp and sedulously ironed green suit, I
walked briskly into the already settled class.
I smiled at them, I greeted and they
responded in enthusiasm, a good way to
start the day, I was almost identifying proper
with the class when I heard a noise from the
A well dressed female student was trying to
pack her books from the floor. Her gown
hugged her curves perfectly.
I was angry at the distraction, and it made
me feel like I was not in charge- a feeling I
hate! The struggling student stood up finally
and behold! it was the girl from the plane! My
very very annoying crush, I was standing in
bewilderment when innocently she said
“Please sir, may I come in?”

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episode 9
D–n, I never thought I will see that face
again, and also in the most compromising
position there is. I struggled really hard to get
through the class, how much damage will
this girl cause me?
both on land and in the air.. she was all up in
my face in the class, asking very technical
and sensitive questions. I wish those were
coming from anybody except her. She
displayed intelligence in the class and I must
confess that she is good. with the british
accent in the air, everyone had a good day
except me!
I left the class with mixed feelings and this
Bytch won’t just leave me alone, she came to
me to ask for my number and office number.
Wait!! she asked for my number and office
number, is it that the “we might linkup” sign?

Nursing the rage from the incident three
years ago have been frustrating, I like the S£x
but don’t want to drop my guard! I don’t like
Duke enough to want to be his baby’s mom.
what was I thinking? I have been horribly
angry at him and I hate it; I want more litany
of S£x like that but he ruined my urge, I just
hope I am not pregnant.
Well, the first day in class was superb, it was
heaven on earth, more beautiful that I
Top of the list of superb is the lecturer;
Fredrick Alade Williams, in his green fitted
suit, rayban sassy glasses and a smile to die
I got late to his class, expected him to be a
p—k but he allowed me in and even advised I
sit right in front.. I never knew Nigeria
Universities now have and Sekxy lecturers. I
fantasized about a whole lot of things but his
grounded lecture rendition and very smooth
voice help me get back to track from time to
I asked a lot of questions just because i
wanted him to talk more, he is a tall glass of
everything sweet! In the field of Art, he is
what I need, a minion, he understands, loves
and really wants to do art! I cannot wait for
the next class!
Call me a Bytch, but this dude is who I want
in my career, house and bed for the rest of
my life! Is it too much to ask?

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episode 10
I decided to chill out today to at least mark
my arrival in Calabar, already mingled a little
with some of the staff in my department..
Made friend with Etido, he seem to be cooler
than others, he have hinted me on the best
and most popular spot to go.
I want to flex my muscles and just make my
nerves happy. We entered and decided to
chill at the pool. The architectural work in the
blue colored hotel is first class, the buildings
are strategically errected, flowers of different
types smiling all over in admirable sequence
and color mixture, music playing loud and I
was forced to take pictures and record videos
to put on my social media.
As we made our way to the pool; a
segregated part with fences around it, I
understood immediately why it has such high
Other parts had flowers decorating it; the
pool side had ladies, sophisticated and sleek
ladies littered all over, different sizes and
shapes, all to die for, I guess this is the
calabar I have read and heard about!
Etido left me with the speed of light. I made
myself comfortable, I was sure I was not
going to enter the pool. I requested for my
favorite whiskey and impressively; Calabar
have got it.
I began to feel the groove until the pool
surprised me, out of it – Uduak Celestine
Ottong came out, immediately; I choked on
my drink.
I didn’t doubt her gut, she walked up to me.
I blessed God in my heart for the job well
done, in her bikini, her gait was majestic; I
was sitting on her towel to add salt upon
injury, she stood with her K!ttyC@t staring
right at my face, maybe not intentionally but
all I was seeing was the fleshy V shape, she
asked for her towel, tied it around her, sat
close to me with a smile that got me in the
cloud, “I guess you are trying to enjoy
Calabar?” – she asked.
I answered with a smile correcting her
pronunciation of Calabar with British accent.
we blended well in talking and I tried as much
as I can not to bring the Lecturer to student
vibe into the very smooth conversation,
She relayed to me more about herself, I got
to know she came all the way to Calabar for
the sake of Cinematography and filming, this
fact further soften the spot I have for the
vibrant lady, just like me; she knows what
she wants, she also has an enabling
I told her little about myself too, till night, we
were together and not once did I feel like I
was franchising with my student, we had
much to talk about, we couldn’t finish that
day and we decided we were going to
continue online. “God is at work!” I said to

I am craving more for this new found lecturer
of mine, we get along very well in almost
everything, since our acquaintance by the
pool side, we have grown in a special kind of
way, his friendship have made my studying
pretty easy. we now chill more often and I
have seen sides of him that not just anybody
will see even in years.. Plus, we have a very
aggressive chemistry. I am not falling for him
in a Duke way but I am actually falling in love
genuinely and it is kind of scary.
I will be having a tutorial session this evening
with him, in my house, this is the first time
we are meeting in a house, it has been
hangouts and office appointments.. I am
excited, so excited that I am cooking for him,
with the help of my aunt of course! It is the
popular afang soup and well prepared Eba

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episode 11
Maybe this is out of place to do as Etido my
friend is telling me, but I am craving to visit
my student crush. it is long overdue, we are
now too intertwined, I saw it inappropriate to
invite her to my place which is a staff
quarters, but she asked for it as a reward of
acing one of her very core courses.
I obliged with feigned reluctance, it is an
opportunity I have been waiting for. Out to
the GRA in a cab, dressed casually in a blue
short and white top, got to the very beautiful
house, a duplex, very serene and displays
obviously what wealth is!
The door was swung open for me by the
gorgeous looking woman, in a well coutured
gown, low cut hair dyed in gold; she smiled
at me and ushered me in. I greeted and
walked in, I was still amazed when I saw
Uduak coming down from the staircase;
“meet my aunt – Emem Ottong!” – standing
in front of me is one of the biggest names in
the industry, the Emem Ottong with over 30
awards that I know of. I am actually standing
in front of the kind of person I need for my
big break in the industry, and adrenaline
burst through me!
she is the warmest person I have ever met
aside from my mom, she sat with us
throughout the lesson and study time, in the
course to impress her; I took the lesson very
seriously, paid extra attention to everything, It
is almost like a project interview, pure display
of erudition.
I got her attention of course as she began to
ask questions, it was a very good moment,
everyone was happy! I got the treat of my life
afterward, ate a native soup with Eba, a good
wine afterward and also a oral waiver from
Emem; she said she will love to see me on
her screens.
I was happy than happiness; that through the
lady that tormented my journey to Calabar is
where I will get a feat I have craving for five
years is the true definition of IRONY! – We (I
and Uduak) had alone time outside the house
while I waited for my cab; it was a moment I
was to seize but I did nothing.
The cab man gave me a whole 40mins to
kiss the goddess in my reach before his
arrival but I kept my cool for reasons I do not
know, the smile of Uduak proved that the kiss
is suppose to happen but my nerves failed
me! I know what you are thinking and you are
right to call me stupid.

The biggest thing is about to happen, a call
came through from my aunt while I was in
my crush’s class, she called me to check my
mail soon and reply accordingly as soon as I
she said also that I should inform Fred who I
am with in one of the school’s restaurant. we
opened our mails respectively and it was a
request from her company for a movie
the happiness on Fred’s face was priceless,
he literally froze in amazement and I could
see his eye bags filled with water but he
managed to control the eyes situation! I was
glad to share and be part of the moment with
him, it seems to be something he longed for.
He took me out of the restaurant to another
in the most sophisticated part of Calabar and
gave me a very wonderful treat! I felt very
much like a queen, if he manage to ask me to
pull my p@anties or ask that I should marry
him; both request will get the best “YES” in
the world.
we were out till lste in the night, and he made
me understand that the treat is his way of
saying “thank you” – This made my heart
light for love, I began to get desperate to be
Forked by this very charming man; not even
the coolest London guy ever gave me this
treat, all is happening in one night and in my
home town, I think I am loving Calabar!

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episode 12
Past month have been the juciest part of my
diary, memoirs upon memoirs are in litany on
different dates, the day on the plane have
indeed turned a blessing. I and Uduak are
having something that you can from a
distance call a honeymoon, her company is
bright, informative and progressive. We got
through the audtion her aunt offered, I will be
taking a role! who would have ever thought
about it? that my first shot at movie making
will be on the Emem Ottong’s set?! My mom
is right again, of course, I am loving Calabar!
We are on the set now, and I am seeing a
whole different side of Emem; she is raging
seriously, she is pissed at her lead role
players, they are both late, three hours kind
of late!
she have used the F word about 100 times,
yelling at everyone, the woman is a beast at
work, the fissure between she and late
comers Pour this brouhaha!
After a while on phone, she turned back
staring at me, “can you take a romantic
role?” she asked with the most fierce face I
have seen in my life; I answered saying “I will
try” – showing her chauvanism to work
intergrity, she called a supposed client that
they should not bother, she was going to
cast me and Uduak; this made me fearfully

The movie started and I was impressing
Emem from the look of things, it was a
wonderful story line. I was enjoying both
myself and the work, this is my dream
coming through in the most unbelievable
way, Uduak and I was simply displaying the
already acquired chemistry, she was good on
set and I was enjoying her accent, it was
simply our real life on camera.
The kiss scene came on, Emem took the pain
to extensively explain how she wants it to be,
she emphasized strongly on passion been the
cogent part model of the scene, my hearbeat
began to race, everything around me
especially the career that I swore to love.
“Action!” I heard, and the kiss started from
the entrance.. We were wrapped in each
others arms and barged the door open, the
pace was ligtening fast..I tasted her lips and I
forgot totally I was in front of the camera!
with the supervision of Emem, we had a great
kiss, my hands ran through her body, i felt
the very smooth and soft skin, body to body
we were stuck on the lamp table, still as
Emem wants it. I roamed my hand’s through
her b0s0m, the expression on Uduak’s face
confirmed to me that we are not kissing
because job required so, we reveled in the
We finished few scenes from the movie and
as I hoped for, Emem was satisfied. she gave
that smile in fair supply after a long day of
face squeezing, and she commended my
good job. the path on my bag made me feel
fulfilled than lecturing will ever make me, we
sat behind the cameras to review our work
for the day.. the romantic scene made Uduak
give a sweet smile; she texted that she really
would love to be with me later in the night
and I obliged.

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episode 13
She suggested her aunt’s place and for some
reason, I saw it as perfect. Her aunt stayed
back to continue with work, she gave us her
car keys and implored us to go and rest
because we will be going to another location
the following day. I drove and Uduak sat
beside me, quiet like the ride to the airport
but with no drama, I stole a look at her
glowing face and she smiled calmly in return.
We got to the door of the house, and just like
that on the camera set, we started our kiss
from the door, it was just us in the house
and my soul was bouncing with joy. we
kissed and placed each other on the very
soft and furry broad center rug in the sitting
room, we were too engulfed to even think of
going to the room, she was m0an!ng softly
and tender voice was demanding for me with
the accent tho!
I lost sense of all reason. I tore off her shirt
and groped the full breasts I’ve been eyeing
all this while. They were Bleeping soft and
succulent like i expected. I flipped her skirts
up and sank into her. She screamed and the
echoes rang through my brains. I Forked her
like I’d never do it again.. She begged me to
slow down..and give it to her alternatively.
We were sweating despite the AC and i
flicked my hands in her cl!t. I could feel
myself lose control and I want her to Pour
before i do.
I held back with enormous self control- fuxk,
it was not easy. Her c–t is so warm and
Not too tight, not loose. Just perfect for my

I felt the walls choke on my J0yst!ck and
pulsed while she sq££zed her inner walls on
I groaned in delight and kissed her neck..
Fork.. ”work that c–t on me..” Fork.. I lost
control i slammed into her deeply.
Deep into her warmth… She screamed and
came apart in my arms.. ”oooooh..” She
m0aned.. I came at that sound. Spewed all
my bottled up Pour in her.. I could feel her
womb clench it.. Trying to swallow it all up.
Fork I spurted deep in her..
I pulled off her and crashed on the rug..
We breathed heavily and smiled at each
I leaned on my arm and kissed her fore head.
Then i looked down and saw the most
delicious view; the perfect creampie. We fell
asleep in each other’s arms.

I can’t believe calabar will bring this much
blessings.. the woman who use to be my
annoying crush is here on my chest, enjoying
the warmth of legit love. This is beyond a
fling and our love making proved that.
Got my acting career kicked off, a good job
and the girl I really want, and all the actions
happened here in CALABAR.

He came in me and I’m not even bothered,
our relationship is not well defined and I don’t
even want to ask. More of these I will
definitely love to have with him.. The security
I feel here is genuine; nothing is better than
coming here, I will be a forever friend of


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