[STORY] Business And Love (episode 1-10)

EPISODE 1✔️✔️ BY : itz keni boy *Bell rings*,”hmm maybe his not at home” keni said with disappointed look on his face . “Oh well I’ll just go in and wait for him then” keni said as he walked into Max’s apartment,with a box of pizza and drinks in his hand. . “Well let me start watching the match without him”,he makes himself comfortable. . *hmm,hmmm,hmm* noises came from upstairs,”what the f–k is going on there”keni said to himself wondering. . Out of curiosity he walks upstairs to see what was happening and what he saw made him drop his drink. . “Max how could you,how Could you two” He said getting enraged,and thinking about all that had happened and for him to come and see his best friend with the woman he planned to marry. ⚪TWO(2) YEARS AGO⚪ . Keni the General manager of Mega products co,walks into the reception of the company’s office building . “Rejoice how are you today” he said with a light smirk, . “I’m fine thank you sir”, rejoice one of the company’s receptionist replied with a huge smile on her face. . “But you don’t have to be so for formal, you can at least call me Mr keni instead of sir ” . “Alright Mr keni” she said shyly stroking her hair back trying to act pretty and such. . “Umm so where is blessing?” keni asked looking around. . With an annoyed look Rejoice replied “well I think she’s on her lunch break”. . “Oh ok” he said looking disappointed. . “But I’m here for whatever you need sir,umm i mean Mr keni” she said smiling. . “No don’t worry I’ve even forgotten what I wanted” keni said them walked back into his office disappointed. . “What does that scummy girl have that I don’t,I have a big ass,wide hips,nice set of boobs and everything” she said enviously. . Just then Blessing walks into the reception looking radiant and beautiful with a moderate dress not exposing to much of her body. . “Oh you’re back dear” Rejoice said with a fake smile. . “Yah but wasn’t that Mr keni who just passed” Blessing said curiously. . “Yah so?” Rejoice said harshly . “Ok babe it’s just a question” blessing replied innocently. . “But seriously that guy makes me so h—y and very wet” Rejoice said with a dirty smile as she bites her lips and squeezes her thighs together. . “Ok oo whatever you say” Blessing said trying to mind her business. . “Yuck you don’t have to be so goodie goodie all the time” . “Sure but you know I’m a Christian” Blessing said pointing to the Bible on the desk”and as a Christian I’m not allowed to engage in such things” she said shyly. . “Whatever, that’s your problem not mine,what I know is that,that guy makes me so wet” she said moving her hands closer to her private parts,with her nipples erected as she wore no bra. . {Warning : Strong language will be used for the next scene}. . Meanwhile at a night club,KB who was the marketing director of the same company keni, blessing and Rejoiced worked at had just managed to convince a girl to book a room with him . “So now remove your close and let’s do this,cause as he can see I’m already very h—y” he said agitated. . “You didn’t even ask of my name” the girl who seemed as teenager said innocently. . “Who gives a d–n about your name?,girl I’m not sure I can hold this in for much longer,now spread your legs and stop talking now!” . “Well my name is Clara and this is actually my first time” . “I don’t care I we doing this or not?” . “Ok let’s do it” she said after hesitating for a while. . She pulls down her miniskirt and takes of her panties,she removes her t shirt and also take of Bra, leaving her body completely open. . With a smile KB pounces on her like a leopard, wasting no time he immediately inserted his d–k into her anal region taking her upward and grinding on her,he did not take up to 3 minutes before he released forgetting that he was not putting on any protection,he removes and catches his breath for few minutes before he pounces on the girl’s breast s—–g it so hard the girl moaned in pains,he continued with his bleeping but this time in the girl’s v—-a, changing positions,every now and then he took another twenty minutes before he released again,he did this for another 2 hours,with thirteen nine times in total until he got tired and had to rest up. . “Wow you were so good” he said breathing heavily . “Yes you to,so what now?” the girl asked innocently. . “What do you mean?” . “I mean what are we now?” . “We are nothing” . “How?” . “This is what they call a one night stand niggar” . “You bastard you just took my Virginity and f—-d my nine times,and you call it a one night stand” she said in anger . “Whatever here’s some money go buy your self some lokozed boost or something” he said trowing two thousand naira at her . “So you just uses me from my money?” She asked . “No oo,idiot I used you for your father’s Benz common leave me be” he said angrily . “Take your dirty money I’m not a prostitute!” She said in tears . “That one concern you,me I don do wetin I wan do so go hug transformer” he said put on his cloths and leaves the girl on the bed in her tears. . . Next on Business and love “You idiot never come home by that time again,look at yeh kids”. . “Leave me alone woman!” Berry screams are his wife . “I know you were with another woman you idiot!” . “I said leave me be” berry said giving his wife a dirty slap on her face,takes her to the room and beats her more out of his drunkness,rips her cloths of and forces her into sex with him.

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