[STORY] BLACK Monday (episode 1-9)

[STORY] BLACK Monday (episode 1-9)

Episode 1*

Time was tickling very fast, emotions were becommingmore heated. Seconds turned into minutes, and themoment was approaching gradually. Information hadreached the Gang members that a particular Bullion Vanwould be conveying Millions of Naira to a New-generation Bank at about 8:00a.m, and their plan wasto attack the Bullion Van at Gun point and cart awaywith the money, despite being held under tight securityby the special anti-robbery squad.
For about a period two-year, the city of Warri had beenplagued with several crisis emanating from a particularGang of Robbers specialized in the act of Robberyactivities of various kinds ranging from ‘Invading ofresidential buildings, to Car hijacking, Kidnapping, Mallattack, Breaking of shops and stealing of its goodsduring the Night and so on. The most striking thingabout this Group was that nobody knew who they were,or where they came from, but then, they somehowmanages to carry out their criminal activitiessuccessfully without any trace for the agents of socialcontrol to keep the hoodlums perpetuating the crimesbehind bars.
Today, this same Gang of Robbers were about to carryout yet another most tasky attack which proved to betheir hardest operation so far; especially as it was to bedone during the daytime, and not business as usual.Whether they would succeed or not was yet to beknown, but one thing was for sure, their lives were atstake as some members of the Gang had already beenfortified spiritually with protective charms by asupposed powerful herbalist, and anyone that tried toget in their way would surely be going down, just likethe Naira; and that included the Police.Jude kept checking his wrist-watch by every flyingmoment, but the Road situation was yet to make anygreat improvement as vehicles were only able to moveat a slow pace. Upon seeing that the traffic situationremained stagnant, Jude promptly excused himself outof the tricycle, popularly called “Keke-Napep” which hehad boarded about thirty-minutes earlier, forgetting thathe had not paid the Keke Rider his transportation fee,and just about then, his attention was called back bythe Rider who quickly made out and demanded his feewhile giving Jude an inquisitive stare of “You nor go payme my money?!” look.
Not having time for any drama,Jude then thrust his hand into the right pocket of hisPens trouser, and handed the Rider a neat two-hundredNaira note supposedly for a distance which he didn’treach and bothered not to demand for his change, butnot after he had given the Rider a deadly and scornfullook that could pass for a thousand words beforeleaving the scenery and continued his journey on foot.Only but if – the Rider knew that Jude had with him aPistol Gun, definitely, he would rather not havedemanded for his money while pulling such an attitude.Surprisingly, Jude was well- responsibly dressed, clad ina long-sleeve top and a Plain Black pens trouser, havingtouched the shirt into his pants, and wearing a Black-coloured designer shoe to match with. His appearancecould pass him for the Manager of a reputable coy,unknown to many that he was the second-in-commandof the most Dreaded Gang terrorizing the whole ofWarri.
All of these were an attempt to conceal his trueidentity, as he had always proved not just to be aRobber, but a highly intelligent one at that. indeed, hewas a baggage too much to be predicted.Despite coming from the creeks, Jude was formally a decent individual having bagged a degree in Psychologyat the renowned ‘Delta State University, Abraka.’ at theage of twenty-two, until he later furthered his educationat the Prestigious ‘University of Ibadan’ where heobtained a Master’s degree in Criminology at the age ofthirty. Thereafter, he was thrown into the labour marketwithout any good job to his intelligence and degrees puttogether, except for some few working places where hewas offered peanut as salary. Hence, he decided toapply his knowledge into something more productive bybecoming a professional thief.
After trekking for approximately five minutes, Judefinally made it out from the traffic congestion and into anearby area which was a semi-dilapidated slum.Although, he had a personal car to himself, butregarding the plan for this operation, he had to arrivethe scene in person, and alone from other Gangmembers.Shortly afterwards, Jude received a phone call from oneof the Gang members whose name was ‘Preacher.’ Hebecame Jude’s closest rival among the circle – after helost out in the bid to become the second-in-commandof the Robbery squad – of which Jude won by populardemand. Ever since then, their friendship became heldbound with a pinch of salt, as they categorically becamesworn enemies but only cooperated with each otherduring an operation; while in reality, they both wish eachone of the other was dead.
In the phone call, Preacher made it known to Jude thatevery other member of the Gang had converged at aspot and set to carry out the attack as soon as theBullion Van arrives. Whereas Jude, the supposed leaderof the Gang, in absence of the overall General, was nowhere to be found, and that he would now take over themantle of leadership with or without the arrival of Jude;But Preacher didn’t just end there, he wanted morestressing that Jude should be ready to be overthrownby him, claiming that Jude wasn’t fit for the position heoccupied, as he had failed to perform his rolejudiciously.Jude then ended the call with disgust, without himuttering a single word to his partner in crime – who forsome reasons had just changed his mood. He wasinstantly reeled with anger and contempt which wasquickly evident from his facial countenance.
The battle line had been drawn. It was only a matter oftime before the battle of superiority would soon clashwith one of the hardest Robbery attack ever.
Indeed, This meant war!!!

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Episode 2*

The sounding alarm of Police siren soon overshadowedthe atmosphere in a rather sophisticated manner. Twoblack Police hilux convoy had just accompanied aBullion Van carrying bundles of money amounting toMillions of Naira into the premises of a new generationbank located around a suburb area of Warri, Delta state.The sudden presence of these highly sophisticated menin uniform already sent panic into the air due to theapproach in which they mounted the bank environment.Some persons at the ATM stand who wanted to makewithdrawals were immediately shocked as cold shiverswere sent travelling through their spines in a splitsecond, while some other persons could be seenvehemently shaking, and this was not an exaggeration.
The Bullion Van, together with the Police escort vehiclessuddenly drove into the bank premises immediately thegate was let opened by the security guard, and justwhen everyone thought everything was back to normal,they were taken aback by surprise, seeing another set oftwo White Hilux SUV arriving the scene almostimmediately. The first Hilux then quickly followed thePolice escort that was already inside the bank premises.As soon as the Bank security guard on duty realizedthat these new set of Hiluxs’ were not assigned to theBullion Van, he attempted to swiftly lock the gate, inorder to prevent them from gaining full entrance into thebank, and just then, a bullet was shot directly trailinghis head; he was hit instantly and died on the spot. Itwas until then that it dawned on the bank customersthat they were trapped in the middle of a robberyoperation. The panic attack which the ATM users feltearlier tripled rapidly, and they were now scared to thebone due to fear of the unknown.
The first Hilux vehicle from the robbery squad wasinside the bank compound, while the second one wasparked outside. The robbers alighted immediately incommando style and surrounded the whole place in thespeed of light. They were fully armed with assortedrifles as they had disguised themselves wearing facialmask and Army complete uniform. The Gang had tenmembers on arrival, but twelve members in total;excluding Jude who was yet to show up, and the overallGeneral, the main leader and First-in-command of theGang. More so, they christened themselves “The twelvedisciples” as part of their ritual and gang orientation.These men from the underworld had aligned for thisoperation by moving underwater having utilized a boatfrom a nearby riverbank. Although, referred to as “Menfrom the underworld” two female also belonged to thisgang of robbers, but during their ritual and initiationprocess, their thinking faculty had thoroughly beenchanged, so that they could begin to think and act liketheir male counterpart.
They no longer had a softconscience anymore, and showed no mercy beforepulling a trigger.There was pandemonium everywhere, the bankcustomers that earlier stood at the ATM stand werenow all heads flat, lying on the ground with fear writtenall over their faces. Also, there were five members of theGang of Robbers that entered the bank with the firstHilux, while the remaining five remained outside toensure that nobody tried to leave the scene until theywere gone, and also to exterminate any intruder thatwanted to infringe on their way to finishing theoperation successfully. Amongst them was ‘Preacher,’the self-acclaimed new second-in-command of theGang.Sooner than later, the five gang members inside thebank premises stood strategically at different positionsand began shooting sporadically at the police men -who in turn fired back, but were eventually overwhelmedby the robbers as their bullets practically had no effecton them.
Put differently, the bullets didn’t penetrate intotheir bodies which was a crystal clear sign that theyhad been thoroughly cooked by the witch doctor thatprepared their protective charms. The entire police menwere dropped dead in the blink of an eye and this pavedway for the robbery operation to progress into thesecond phase; except for the Bullion Van driver whoselife was spared.The coast was more clearer now that the police menwere erased from the picture; Preacher then walkedinside the Bank gallantly, and came back minutes laterwith the Bank manager who was physically shaking likesomeone strucked with lightening. He was holding a keyon his hand, as he was made to open the Bullion Van tobehold a truck-load of money wrapped in bundles. Theirexcitement knew no bound as they started packing themoney into the ‘GHANA-MUST-GO’ bags that becamefive bags filled.Upon realizing the purpose of their assignment, theybegan carrying the bags to the Hilux vehicles that theycame with; But then, they couldn’t hide their joy, hence,they began spraying bullets into the air, unknown tothem that the bank customers outside who were lyingon the ground would become more petrified whilsthearing different sounds of gunshot ringing inside theirhead, as though they were knockout. Extreme fearinstantly gripped about three of the bank customerswho came for withdrawals, as they swiftly stood uprunning for their lives.Preacher was vexed seeing that they tried to play asmart game upon his leadership manner, which didn’tquite go down well with him. Hence, he shot three ofthem at intervals while they fell to the ground gaspingfor breath. Preacher then walked closer towards them,and again shot them several times to ensure that theydied a pitiable death.
“Send my regards to the devil when you get to Hell..”He said aloud and made a sinister smirk.Other members of the Gang were stunned as theywatched with rapt attention how their new so-calledleader had just pulled a stunt that people only get tosee in movies. They had never seen Jude pull such astunt before. Indeed, Preacher was trying so hard tooutdo his closest rival, as he wanted his fellow robbersto acknowledge his Ruggedity.Unsatisfied with the killings so far, Preacher walkedcloser to the ATM stand and started shooting everyother persons lying on the ground, thereby killing themwith a feeling of impunity. His intention was to ensurethat anyone who witnessed the robbery do not surviveto tell the story. He had succeeded in killing everyone ofthem but the last person who was a very pretty fair-in-completion lady; Just then, he halted for a second,while she was glued to the ground wailing and beggingfor mercy. For a moment, it appeared as thoughPreacher still had an ounce of conscience left in him ashe kept scrutinizing the lady from her head down to hertoe.
Then he turned around and slowly began walkingaway as if he wanted to spare her life, but turned backalmost immediately and aimed the gun at her head,while about to pull the trigger, and just then, somethingunexpected happened.

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Episode 3*

A screeching sound emanating from the tyres of anothertroops of security vehicles and sirens wereheardindistinctly approaching toward the scene of therobbery. This new development took the gang unawaresas they thought their mission was alreadyaccomplished, hence, they failed to envision thepossibility of more police personnel, men of the specialanti-robbery squad (SARS), and Mopol arriving thescenario in unison. The robbers became alert as theybegan disembarking while carrying the bags of moneyas they made away.
Preacher knew immediately thattheir cover had been blown, that way he decided totransfer his aggression on the innocent lady lying flatbefore him, as he wanted blowing off her head, then astray bullet came from afar and hit him on his left chest,exactly on the spot where the heart is located. Then, hefell to the ground bleeding profusely and died a slowdeath.Not long afterwards, Jude came out from hiding andbegan leading the Gang to their escape, but then, heforgot to mask his face, but when he remembered to doso, it was too late as the security camera situated atthe bank had already captured his face.
Apparently,Jude had been on top the branch of a huge mango treefrom the outskirts of the bank area, thereby, observingeverything happening with his ‘Sniper-Lens’ gun fromthe very beginning. He was responsible for the death ofhis partner-in-crime, Preacher, who was eventuallykilled by the one person he hated the most, and themost pathetic thing about him dying was that he diednot knowing the cause of his death. Perhaps, now, hecould greet the Devil himself.The Bank Manager had earlier put a distress phone callto secret agents who later informed the police and otheragents of social control just before Preacher had goneinside the Manager’s office. These security operativeswere shooting the Gang members back to back as theyfled the environ, but before they could get to them, theyhad technically mounted the two white Hilux vehiclesthat they came with and started zooming off; This time,a bullet was shot at one of the Gang members who fellout of the SUV, and was apprehended before he couldescape.
Although, he wasn’t dead but was badlyinjured.The robbers drove as fast as they could but the securitymen gave them a hot chase. Seeing that they could getcaught by these security officials, they reached a marketarea and began spraying bundles of Naira notes on thefloor, in thousands, and in order to escape being caught.Their plan magically worked as Market women, Childrenand also buyers rushed in their numbers and startedpicking the Nigerian currency on the floor, while somefell inside the gutter filled with mud and dirty water.This eventually made it possible for the robbers toevade arrest as the security operatives were blockedfrom performing their duty.The Gang of robbers finally escaped through water bycrossing the local river, but not after setting the twoHilux SUV’s on fire in a bid to destroy any evidence ortrace.
Alas! After the whole drama had unfolded. Over fiftypersons were killed on that Monday morning in anattack that lasted about half an hour. The only victimsurvivor from the Bank was the fair-in-completion ladywho also barely escaped death.*******************************3:00p.m.Silence had suddenly taken over the auditorium. Theremaining nine members of the gang were strategicallyseated while waiting on the arrival of the overall general.The five bags of money stolen were kept at the alter,and just about then, the General stepped out from hisoffice while walking majestically to the bags of moneywith his footsteps echoing loudly. He walked toward thefilled bags of money, opened it and then heaved a smile.”Glory be to God Almighty!” He muttered and clapped.”Welldone my Sons and Daughters. Today, you’ve onceagain proven yourself to be the true children of yourfather.” The General added.The General was the overall leader of the Gang. He wasa fairly aged man who was in his early 60s, A priest andthe founder (General Overseer) of a mega Pentecostalchurch named St. Clement Believers’ Church in Warri,Delta State.
He was also the spiritual father who alwayspray and blesses them before they embark on anyrobbery operation.”My Children, why are you people not saying anything?,What is the problem?” He enquired asking nobody inparticular; yet, silence replied.”J3, I command you to speak now!” He shouted slightlyraising his voice, while referring to Jude, the second-in-command whose nickname was J3.”Father, it is with a heavy heart that I’m sad toannounce to you that though, we succeeded in thisoperation, but we lost our brother Preacher, who waskilled today, and Stone who’s currently in Policecustody.” Jude slowly raised his head up and said.”Hmmm… Is that all?” The General asked, but beforeJude could respond, Small cuts in.”Preacher would’ve been alive now if it wasn’t for you.You didn’t show up when the team needed you themost.
” Small fired.”Will you shut up your mouth! Was I not also there tolead you guys to safety at last.” Jude retorted trying todefend himself.Truth is, they probably wouldn’t have lost any lifesupposing Preacher wasn’t hell-bent on spillingunnecessary blood when they were supposed to escape.”Enough! This is not the time to put the blame onanyone. The deed had already been done.” The Generalresolved and went further to speak. “And what aboutStone, what happened to him?” He asked.”He was shot and then fell out from the vehicle whenwe were escaping.” Jude replied, albeit, with a fainttone.”I’m glad that the rest of you are alive, hale and hearty.Now that two of our men are dead, be prepared for theinitiation rites of two new members. As you alreadyknow, it is our tradition that once a brethren transit,another is installed in order to balance the lineage ofthis brotherhood. We are, The Twelve Disciples!” TheGeneral blurted amid evil laughter.”Yes, Your Lordship!” The Gang members replied intogetherness, and bowed their head before General, theHigh Priest.
“But Father, we’re not certain yet whether Stone is deador not” Margaret said.”Well, consider him dead tonight!” The General said andthen Margaret stared at her boyfriend Jude withdisbelief but ‘J3’ pretended not to notice her.Margaret, also dubbed ‘Maggi’ was the first out of thetwo female to be initiated into the Gang. She was theofficial girlfriend of Jude, the second-in-command, butalso the ceremonial Booty-call to every other male inthe Gang.Their tradition also demanded that they do not keep aclose relationship with anybody other than themselves,so that their secret doesn’t get revealed to an outsider,hence, they were forbidden to have girlfriends/boyfriendsexcept making out with persons without any feelingsattached.After all was said and done, the General announced tothe Gang that they would be hosted to a wonderful treatin celebration of their success and bravery towards theoperation, he also assured them that the money realizedwould be shared judiciously according to their rank andadvised them to start thinking of what to do with theirvarious share of the money, because they may not needto go back to robbery anytime soon, as the moneyrealized was enough to cater for their needs for the timebeing. They were instantly reeled with joy whilstchanting various jubilation songs of victory.
It was only a matter of time before reality would beginto pass its judgement on them. Karma they say is aB..I.T.C..H; It spares no one caught in the act of evil,and the evil that men do, lives after them…

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Episode 4*

It had been two months since one of the worst robbery attack ever recorded in the history of Mother crime hit the commercial capital city of Warri, South-South,Nigeria. The attack which recorded the killing of Fifty-Four people including Security operatives and Bank customers was described as the most unfortunate event that shook not only the people of that region, but the entire nation as a whole. The tragic event left the various families of the deceased individuals grieving for the death of their loved ones; while pleading to the government that the perpetrators of the act be brought to book.
The Governor of the state headed to the pleafrom these pained families, thereby conducting a Massburial for the dead, and assured the families that thegovernment would definitely fish out the culprits statingthat anyone of them caught would be tied to a stakeand sent to the great beyond.Although, a member of the Gang was caught on thatday of the operation whose identity couldn’t even beidentified as he suddenly lost his ability to speak. Thiswas the handiwork of General who made sure thatStone do not say anything to the police torture unit thatinstitutionalized him in a solitary confinement. He waslater beaten severely until he passed away and his bodythrown into an inferno.The Bank attacked was almost in the blink of liquidationuntil the federal government intervened and offeredthem a loan from the federation account, so that theycould proceed with business. The money stolen wasreported to be over 7 Billion Naira, but it wasn’t certainwhether the figure was altered to suit personal favours.Coincidentally, the lady who was the only victimsurvivor from the attack was a Reporter working withthe State owned television station, and she was nowsecretly working with the FBI/POLICE in order to nabthe criminals who nearly took her life.*******************************Jude had just had another heated argument with hisON/OFF girlfriend Margaret.
The cause of their crisisalways revolved around her sleeping with othermembers of the Gang. He had warned her several timesto desist from such act – of which she promised tochange, yet was still being intimate with General. On thisday, he became vexed and decided to cool his head offat a cinema by seeing a movie. Jude then made out ofhis apartment shortly and went directly to his garagewhere his fleet of cars were parked. Regardless of thebig brand of cars which he had in his garage, hedecided to step out with his Toyota Camry vehicle. Ongetting to the cinema, he was walking towards theTheatre after purchasing the ticket, just then he receiveda text message from his estranged girlfriend, Margaret.In the message, Margaret had informed him that shewas leaving his house and travelling to Abuja to returnback to Warri in due time and wished that he shouldhave gone back to his senses before she would return.
Jude was reading the message with excitement whilstpaying attention to his phone, just then, he mistakenlybumped into a lady and she immediately fell to the flooryipping in pain. Jude was then instantly full of apologyas he helped raised her back to her feet. Their eyessoon became interlocked, and then they froze admiringeach other as though their lives depended on it. Thelady was a full-blown beautifully created specie ofhuman. Her eyes were as white as the cloud, and herfair-in-completion sleek skin was glowing like the sun.Jude was immediately lost in riveria as he could barelyphantom when he broke the silence and striked a convowith her.”Permit me the honour of knowing your name ma’am..”Jude muttered confidently still gazing into her eyes.Evidently, he was oblivious that the lady before him wasthe same person whose life he helped saved at the Bankwhen Preacher almost sniffed breath out of her.
“Uh! My name is Elo.” She managed to utter whilecurling her weavon backwards. Elohor Emmanuel wasone of the most sought after News Reporter acrossNiger-Delta. Her findings had greatly influenced thesuccess of the Nigerian Army toward curbing themenace of militants activities terrorizing that region. Itbecame of – greater interest upon her now that she wasinvestigating another act of terrorism while working as asecret intelligent undercover together with the police,and especially as she was affected by their attack. Herrole was to act as a research observer; while her motivewas to expose the criminals with the aim of reportingtheir story, and also helping security operatives toreduce crime to the bearest minimum.”I’m Jude, you can call me Jude. Please forgive me, butI’m triggered to know, why is a pretty lady like yourselfwould be walking all alone in a cinema, or – perhaps,are you here with someone?” He enquired slightly raisinghis eyebrows upward in a bid to appear morehandsome.
Jude was instantly flirting with her.However, he wasn’t bad looking either and he also hadthe structure of a body-builder.Jude had built virtually every part of his body as he wasMuscular, had his chest pushed-up and a very attractivecollection of biceps to match with. He was alsoHeighten, Dark-in-completion and had full facial beard.His appearance could best be linked to that of theVeteran Noolywood actor, Desmond Elliot.”Actually, I’m waiting for someone, my Elder brother. Wewere supposed to see the movie together.” She lied.”Hmmm… Lemme even put a call through to him now!”She said and quickly brought out her phone from herhandbag, and pretended to be calling her imaginaryBrother. It was – all an attempt to perfect her plan inorder to avoid any suspicious antiques.
After a while, she made a grimace look and theninformed Jude that her brother was caught up in ameeting at his work-place and would not be able toshow up anymore. She looked disappointed and slowlystarted walking away in a dejected manner, not untilJude interrupted her and said that they could watch themovie together; she succumbed immediately and theystarted walking together into the theatre.The dance movie started in due time and everythingwas going smoothly until Elo started pulling someattitude. All of a sudden, she pretended to be dozing offwhile resting her head on his bosom. Jude was quiteuncomfortable with such attitude of hers owning to thefact that he barely knew her, but still, he let it slide andfeigned ignorance.After the movie had ended, they were dispatching fromthe hall, and suddenly Elo developed cold feet. She wasshivering and could barely stand upright. Jude hadsupported her to walk properly as she felt it wasconvenient to rest a huge part of her body on him. Asthough that wasn’t enough, she lamented that shecould not board a cab to her area alone at that profanehour of the night due to high rate of crime presentthere. Her excuse being that the situation would havebeen better supposing her Brother came along.Jude thought about her ordeal for a while and offeredthat she pass the night at his place.
She gleefullyhugged him and showed appreciation for his kindgesture. Not long afterwards, they made for Jude’sparked Toyota Camry vehicle, but not after Jude hadushered her inside using Chivalry. About then, he ignitedthe car and zoomed off almost immediately.Finally, they reached Jude’s multi-million Naira Duplexapartment which he had all to himself, and thereafter,things started going against plans….

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Episode 5*

The Night was fast approaching and the atmosphericcondition was relatively cold prior to little drizzle ofrainfall that reflected on the moment. Thecozy breathof nature emitted fresh breeze that circulated aroundevery nook and crany of the house which eventuallymade it unnecessary to power the air-conditionerregardless of stable electricity from the generator powerplant mounted in the house. Jude was living the life of aking and could afford almost anything he needed as aman, yet was unmarried as a result of his occupation,even though he wasn’t getting any younger.
Often times, he wished he could wake up every morningas a responsible individual and not someone who wouldhave to steal or kill to survive. He had thought ofchanging that status several times but could seldomphantom the feasibility of that ever happening.The door to the parlour was soon opened and they bothstepped into the sitting-room which was practically amini-heaven. Elo could hardly believe her eyes as shehad entered the most expensive house in her entire life.Jude positioned her comfortably on the sofa located atthe southern flank of the room, and proceeded to hishome-theatre system that instantly began playing slowRnB rhythm which was dimly volumed.
He then startedpulling off his shirt while Elo surprisingly watched andstarted imagining how she was about to be molested bya criminal. Although, she would have freely given-in tosex because her assignment as an undercover wasmore important than being f***ed once by someone shebarely had feelings for. Everything seemed set for aperfect romantic night of intimacy which would havebeen one of a kind should Jude had capitalized on theopportunity. Instead, Jude walked back to the couchwhere she was seated and sat beside her beforeenacting a conversation”You’re welcome to my crib ma’am, please do nothesitate to feel at home.” He said and then curved hislips into a cute smile. Elo replied in appreciation andagain, she stared directly into his eyes but what shesaw was a loving man with a good heart, who wasunfortunately wanted for robbery.
“So Elohor, tell me more about yourself. I meaneverything.” Jude said and leaned his back closertoward a small pillow near him, and raised his eyebrowsup whilst looking interested.Elo was instantly reeled with goose bumps as thoughshe was about to be interviewed by the devil himself,but then, she managed to coordinated herself togetheras she started telling about herself.After she was done telling about herself, she purposelytold the truth about some things, and lied about someother things; but above all, she omitted the part whereshe was a television reporter. It became Jude’s turn togive a hint into his person and he equally did the samething, telling the truth and also lying about himself,especially on what he does for a living.In his story, he started by narrating from the early daysof his youth while he was struggling as a young adultfrom a poor hardworking background.
He was the onlychild his parents had and they virtually gave and soldall they had ensuring that he was able to acquire formaleducation. He was the only hope his pauper parents hadto enjoy the little benefits that life had to offer beforethey would eventually migrate to meet with theircreator. His mother, though, wretched, yet sold herclothes and other belongings to send him throughschool. His late father also took loans to pay for histuition fees, accommodation, feeding and social well-being while he was still an undergraduate. At a point,his father was unable to remit the loans he hadborrowed, then the monetary institution that granted theloans teamed up to take possession of their onlyfarmland which was initially used as collateral and leftthem with nothing.
It wasn’t until then that he wasoffered a scholarship to study abroad after he finishedas the best graduating student in his department whilein the university; but his mother had no money to payfor his travelling ticket, hence, he rejected the offer. Fewyears later, he was able to have his Master’s done inNigeria, at the University of Ibadan but was leftstranded in the labour market with no profiting job tohis degree. Then, his mother was struck with a severeillness. They couldn’t afford to take her to the hospital,that way, they began treating her traditionally, usingmedicinal herbs. To make matters worse, his motherlater passed away while he was holding her helplessly,he clearly asserted that watching his ailing mother dieslowly and unable to do anything to help was the mosttraumatic event that had ever happened to him.
As though that was not enough, he started losing thepeople he called his friends, his longtime lover alsoabandoned him, and then it seemed as if society hadrejected him. Jude stressed that he contemplatedcommitting suicide many times, perhaps, heaven wouldaccept his soul. He then accepted the fact that his storywas undoubtedly touching, but failed to acknowledge toElohor that his life eventually turned around when hemet a man called “GENERAL.”By this time, Elo was already covered with genuine tearsand didn’t know when she started narrating her worstordeal ever experienced. She reflected on a particularrobbery which took place in the city two months earlier,it was one of the worst act of terrorism everexperienced in the land, and even had international newsdesk ‘CNN’ reporting it to the world. Elo revealed toJude that she was the only survivor in that attack whichalmost terminated her life until she was saved by anunknown person who shot dead her supposed killer.
Jude was immediately shocked after a mystery wasunraveled; he had to find out that he was a hero to astrange lady he barely know, and whom he recently metat a function. He was uncomfortable still, butnonetheless, he had no worries having a closeinteraction and friendship with someone like herregardless of the secret they shared among each other.Although, it was against their code of ethics to keepclose relationships with the opposite sex, let alonehaving a conversation with someone involved in one ofthe attack they carried out. Perhaps, he thought it wasonly an instance of coincidence, only if he knew that thelady beside him was working in cooperation with theFBI/POLICE in order to have him and his team arrested.”You’re a good man…
” Elo slowly uttered whilestressing the ‘Good’ part. “…and you should be thankfulto God that your story has changed today.” She added.Elo immediately started having a strong emotionalfeeling toward him, unknown to her that she was takingthe worst decision ever…

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Episode 6*

It had since passed bed time, and was no longer a timeto reflect on sad memories or long talks. Jude thensuggested to Elohor that they should sign-off for theday as they both started walking beside each otherthrough the staircase while Jude positioned his hand onher waistline and they finally made into his bedroom.The Masterpiece bedroom was dimly lit which had aQueen-sized bed at the Northern corner of the room.Despite having a large space which could occupy aboutfive persons if the need was necessary, Jude insistedthat Elohor sleep alone as he opted to spend the nightat his Visitor’s room.Moments later, Elo switched back her cell phone fromAirplane mode to behold tons of Missed calls and Textmessages from the collaborative unitof the ‘FBI’ in conjunction with the Nigerian police.
Theyhad sent heron this undercover mission and weredesperate to know whether she wassafe and to also ascertain what she was able to garnerfrom her investigation.The Bank had provided the Policewith footage of Jude which was captured by theSurveillance camerasituated at the Bank Premises on theday of the Robbery operation. For about two months,they had beentrying to unravel his identity withoutdisclosing this information to the public. Theinvestigative unit furtherwent to secretly mount his fingerbiometrics to every Supermarket, Event outlet, Bank, andother Business centres that had ‘CCTV’ enabled facilitymounted in its organisation. Eventually, they found outhis complete details and were able to put a tracker onhim which later led them to his house. But trying toplay smart, they decided not to act swiftly and resolvedto set him up using a woman in order not to hinder theireffort to apprehend other members of the Gang.
Elo then shortly put a call through tothe investigative unit and spoke withthe leader of the team. She spoke slightly below hervoice, and madeknown to the leader that she was doing all right butcurrently had noknowledge of the suspect’s whereabout. While sheclaimed tohave spoken with him and eventuallyseeing the movie with him, she liedthat he failed to succumb to her tactics, hence, she wasunable to find out further details about him. She liedagain that he left the scene without her and shestruggled out in the dark to get a cab back to herhouse, but promised to improve her game next time. Itwas evident enough that Elo was already becoming headover heels toward jude; She wasn’t sure whether shewas making the right decision but then, from thereligious angle, she saw a God in Jude, and hoped thathe could one day see the light and become a betterman. Perhaps, God was using her to touch his life forgood, or so she thought.Betterstill, the Devil was once anAngel, same way an Angel could turnto become the Devil, but either way;she wanted to have a perfect blendbetween Good and Evil as a way ofreporting the story in the most exceptional way. Moreso, when youdecide to Dine and Wine with the Devil, you shouldalways expect theunexpected.ONE WEEK AFTERJude and Elo had been able to develop a greater bondbetween each other their rapport grew rapidly as thoughthey had known each other for ages. After Elo left hishouse the following day, they kept communicating morefrequently, met on several occasions and soon startedbehaving like lovers.
Their friendship had suddenlytransformed into an unofficial relationship, except ofcourse – should Jude take a bold step in asking her tobe his girlfriend.However, Jude had planned to profess his love to her,and make his intention known toward her as he hadfixed a date for the both of themat a Classy Restaurant. The Night forthe date finally came and they met ata Rendezvous. The tryst was beautifully decorated withgood music, flashy lights and candle themed dinner.May Also Like :Silent Seduction By FiyahThey made their orders to the server and the foods wereshortly served. They discussed about different things,especially about themselves and it gets to a point whenJude magically unveiled a Black-box with a diamondring placed inside, and then popped the big question.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Jude romantically enquiredwith a racing heart while squatting one of his knees onthe tiled floor.Elo was then shocked by his proposal; Even though sheloved him, she didn’t expected him to propose soquickly. But after remaining silent for a while, she brokethe silence still.”Can you die for love?” Elo asked while staring at himwith a straight face. Jude became stunned by herquestion. He had not expected her to be sarcastic withsuch a serious matter.”Pardon! Is that your own way of evaluating my love foryou?” He retorted by answering her question withanother question”C’mon babe, don’t be mad at the question. I don’tmean to trample on your feelings. I just had a dreamthat…” She was saying.”Ain’t nobody talking about no dream here. This isreality girl.
Be real with me. Is it a ‘Yay’ or a ‘Nay’?”Jude interrupted and dropped the tongue waggingbombshell while switching to the African-Americandiction which had a huge influence in his originalaccent.”A’ight! I’m sorry Babe.. Didn’t mean to offend you. I’llgladly be your woman anyday, Yay!” She accepted hisrequest and smiled while they lovingly stood up to hugone another. Just then, Elo saw two detectives from thepolice station whom she could clearly identify wanderingabout at an extreme in the restaurant, then her moodsuddenly changed.”You know what Babe, as a matter of urgency, I thinkwe should start leaving!” She Lamented.”Start leaving?! We had barely finished our meal. Whythe sudden rush?” Jude asked a thousand questions atonce.”It’s nothing. I just have a bad sensation thatsomething uncool may happen here tonight, and we mayas well be doomed if we don’t leave here right now.
“She asserted and held his hand firmly while they beganleaving the venue following another exit route.In the end, Jude kind of suspected that something fishywent on, but decided to allow the thought slide notwanting to start up an argument.They eventually reached Jude’s apartment withouthaving much to say to each other before arriving home.Somehow, Jude was able to weather the storm as thedate practically continued at his sitting-room. He hadreached for a bottle of wine from his shelf filled withcollection of assorted wines and alcoholic beverages.
They made a toast, drank and danced to the fullest, themood was becoming heated and before you could say’Jack Bauer’ they started stripping themselves unclad,and Jude proceeded to give her a hot blown sex of herlife. After the deed was done, they both instantaneouslyforgot themselves and slept off half-unclad in thesitting-room, but in the dawn of the following morning,an uninvited guest crashed into the house and therewas trouble…

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Episode 7*

A heavy dose of sex is best enjoyed withoutprotection, but not until you’re bursted by the mostunwanted person to spoil the day.Margaret ignited the door opened and slowly steppedinto the sitting-room unnoticed to behold her ‘TrafficLight’ Boyfriend and a strange lady lying half uncladon the floor with a completely emptied bottle ofchampaign and wine positioned at one corner. Sheowned a spare key to the mansion, hence, had theability to intrude which she had just done.
“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!” Maggi started clapping herhands in a scornful way while pacing around a circlewhich had them covered.Jude and Elo surprisingly woke up staring with disdainand proceeded to wearing back their clothes beforefacing a show of shame. Margaret didn’t looked toobothered that her estranged boyfriend had the guts tobring a strange lady into the house during herabsence, as she had equally been on a romanticvacation with a man-friend of hers. But what struckher attention was the fact that she could easilyidentify Elo not only as a Television Reporter, but alsoas one of the Victims involved in the Bank Robberywhich they carried out.
Perhaps, she wasn’t sostrange anymore, after she was broadcasted ontelevision as the only victim survivor that survivedthat attack. Margaret instantly knew that somethingfishy was cooking in the kitchen, but then, there wasbarely time for mind games, then she dashed out ofthe house almost immediately and into thin air shewent; without saying a single word.Jude then turned to Elo and gave her a look of “Yeah!I know I have some explanations to make” about thelady that just left the room.One hour later, Jude received an invitation from’General’ while he was still discussing with Elohor, andhe knew instantly that he was already fu**ed up. Thesituation was becomming more messy and itappeared that he had a lot more explanations to offer.However, he decided to man up and dance to the tuneof the music as he excused himself telling Elo that hewanted to attend a function but she insisted onfollowing him which he refused. Jude left the housealmost immediately and drove his Range Rover Sportwhile heading to the venue of St.
Clement Believers’Church where a meeting between “The TwelveDisciples” was scheduled to hold.On getting to the place, Jude walked into the Churchauditorium with boldness and met a full houseinvolving members of the Gang he belonged to.Among them was his estranged girlfriend, Margaretwho held an Ak-47 rifle staring at him frantically froma distance with a sudden feeling of disgust. Othermembers of the Gang were also furiously present inthe meeting awaiting his arrival.
They includedUfuoma, the second female in the building; Small,Spaco, Croucher, Lucious, Zoe, Bishop, and mostimportantly, The General himself.”John 10:10 ; The Devil cometh not but to steal, tokill and to destroy. It is not surprising to say that wehave the Devil in our midst, and here he comes.”General said and ignited the burning hatred that therest members of the Gang had suddenly developedtoward Jude who stood a little farther observingeveryone of them. “When Babashanga revealed to methat Preacher was killed by a member of his ownfamily, I immediately knew it had to be my second-in-command. But Son, after all I’ve done for you, whyhave you chosen to betray this family?” General saidwhile holding a Bible he had collected from the alter.”I’m sorry for what happened to Preacher, hispunishment was well deserved!” Jude answered. “Butheaven knows that I did not betray this family.
I onlyfound love. That’s what happened. He added andcaught a glimpse of Margaret’s countenance whichproved deadly.”Love? Did I just hear you mention love? Can lovegive you all the wealth that you’ve acquired throughthis ministry? You amongst all people should knowbetter that being a disciple, you don’t love, especiallynot with an enemy!” General blasted.”Listen to yourself. Yes, you gave me wealth butdestroyed my life instead. Aren’t you the biggesthypocrite ever. You claim to be a prophet, yet, don’tpractice what you preach. What is the essence ofacquiring all the Wealth, Power, and Prestige in theworld if you don’t show love? In the same Bible whichyou’re holding, The ten commandments all revolvedaround Love, and that’s our primary purpose of living.Do you even study your Bible Mr. M.O.G?” Jude askeda Rhetorical question that sent the Pastor off Balance.”I’ll not have you come here to insult my personality.
You have until Mid-night to get rid of that so-callednew lover of yours before she drag us into the mud.”General asserted.”I’d rather die than do such a thing!” Jude confidentlyblurted which got everyone shocked.”Then, be ready to die! Kill him and make it quick!!”General commanded.The Gang members gallantly stood up ready toadminister revenge on him for going against their codeof ethics and also killing one of their own.Margaret then cocked the Ak-47 rifle and aimed topull the trigger pointing toward Jude…

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Episode 8*

Margaret attempted to shoot her supposed boyfriendwho suddenly turned an enemy, butinstead, she gotshot and died on the spot.The tension had drastically risen and the battle linewas drawn. The rest of the Gang immediately pulledout their guns and began firing shots toward Judewho took to his heels after killing his estrangedgirlfriend. Eventually, Jude cheated death afterescaping out from the church auditorium but notwithout the support of the church wooden bencheswhich he had used as cover in order to shield himselffrom bullets penetrating his body.
The General was very mad upon experiencing thedrama that had just played before his very eyes; ashe then gazed toward lifeless Margaret on the floor,and furiously ordered the Gang members to chaseafter Jude and bring back his body to him, either deador alive.The squad were spontaneously gingered with a feelingof adrenaline as they made for the kill by trouping outof the auditorium simultaneously. They rushed tooccupy two of their parked ‘BMW’ vehicles positionedat the church compound and began following Judewho had long zoomed off with his Range Rover Sport.Though, Jude was driving at top speed, but his Gangmembers were able to catch up with him as the CarStering was handled by Spaco and Croucher who weretheir Baddest and Roughest drivers in the game.
Assoon as they were driving past an Estate area, Bishop,Small, and Zoe thrust out their heads from the carwindows and continued shooting the Range Roverfrom a close range while Lucious and Ufuomagingered them with praise until their guns werecompletely emptied with bullets.”Poo!!” Spaco muttered loudly with frustration andthen hit his hand on the stering upon realizing thatthey were out of bullets.”What do we do now?” Ufuoma asked puzzled whilesounding slightly above her voice.
“Don’t worry! I know exactly what to do.” Spacoassured. He then sped rapidly and bumped into theRange Rover from behind, thereby, distracting Judefrom maintaining a particular lane. His plan was toensure that Jude loses control of the stering andprobably somersault.However, Spaco had his plans poorly calculated asJude, once again drove faster above limit while theyfollowed suit; But then, he halted shortly, and Spacowho was accelerating at top speed could no longercontrol the motion and came crashing into the RangeRover Sport with full force.
Spaco immediately passed away from the suddenaccident that practically damaged the car beyondrepair and later caught up in flames, burning thembeyond recognition. He died alongside Small, Luciousand Ufuoma who were his occupants.Croucher soon drove toward the scene of the accidentand met his Gang mates dead. His thinking facultycould barely reason the next course of action tofollow, then he caught a glimpse of Jude sticking outhis middle finger in a bid to mock him and then spedoff again.The chase continued and Jude practically led them tohis house whilst having a sinister plan up his sleeve.
As soon as Jude reached his mansion house, he camedown from his Range Rover vehicle which was alsobadly damaged and remotely opened his gate withoutclosing it. Sooner had he entered his apartment thanthe Gang arrived; the trio stepped out of their own carand made for the boot of the vehicle where severalsophisticated guns were kept. Croucher, Bishop andZoe gallantly entered into the compound carryingassorted guns of different kind and were fully preparedto unleash their rage at any living creature thatcrosses their path.
Meanwhile, Jude diplomatically barged into hissitting-room as though nothing had happened andmet Elohor sprawled on the couch watching aNoolywood drama on Africa Magic.”Honey! Since you left the house, I’ve been veryuncomfortable. There’s something I’ve been meaningto tell you.” Elo stood up quickly and said; while Judeacted indifferent but picked the remote instead andswitched off the television.”I forbid you to speak! I know you’re working with thepolice. Let’s leave this place now, our lives areendangered.
” Jude blurted and started dragging Elo uptoward the staircase and into his inner chamber.”Did you just say endangered?” Elo asked as fear hadsuddenly developed within her.”C’mon… Let’s go. There’s no time to waste!” Judereiterated while raising his voice.They finally reached his inner room but the wholeplace was dark. Jude reached for the switch, andsuddenly the room became illuminated. The room wasalmost empty, but had a nice furniture, together witha computer system and different monitor mounted ona desk. Jude then pressed a key on the computer andthe whole monitor became live.
It appeared that hehad security cameras stationed at every corner of thehouse which reflected on the computer screen.Jude proceeded to press another key on the computerand his sitting room was immediately shown.Croucher, Bishop and Zoe were captured in the parlourcarrying their guns and gazing around wonderingwhere Jude had entered. On seeing them, Eloimmediately covered her mouth in shock and prayedinwardly that the ground could just open and swallowher.”Do not panic! I have the situation under control.”Jude assured her and then walked away to anextreme corner of the room where a big red buttonwas inside an emergency glass.
He impatiently brokethe glass open with a pistol gun and pressed thebutton. Just then, a chemical induced gas starteddiffusing into his sitting-room from a connectedchannel, and – in no time, Croucher, Bishop and Zoestarted gasping for breath. Their predicament lingeredlong enough until they couldn’t battle to surviveanymore and finally passed out dead.Moments later, Jude and Elo came out of the housecovering a chemical protective mask, but not afterJude had chopped off Croucher’s head and carried oneof their gun, as himself and Elo entered his ToyotaCamry car and headed back to St. Clement Believers’Church to pay ‘General’ a courtesy visit…

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Last Episode*

Earlier, when Jude and Elo were still locked-up insidehis inner chamber, he came clean and opened-upcompletely telling her exactly what he does for a livingand how he was able to acquire his wealth. He alsolet her know the relationship he shared among thethree armed men inside his sitting-room who were atthe verge of haunting the both of them, and why theyneeded to act quickly, otherwise, be doomed.Although, Elo was a secret undercover agent until hercover was recently blown, but somehow, her feelingswere telling on her, as she had technically fallen inlove with her subject which was against the rules ofthe game. On the other hand, despite being among thecriminals, Jude was now playing the role of thesecurity agents by eliminating his partners-in-crimeone after the other, hence, she had less worries toponder over
However, Jude soon noticed the fear in her eyes; hethen drew her closer to himself, held her firmly andslowly planted a soft and succulent kiss on herforehead, before assuring her not to be afraid, andthat everything would be all right. It wasn’t longthereafter before they exited the room, but not untilJude had excused himself toward a table where hepicked up a pen and piece of paper, and then scriptedsome wordings on it.******************************While driving back to the church, the road becameboisterous and rough; police checkpoint were nowsuddenly mounted in several areas observingmotorists passing by, and this wasn’t unconnected tothe fact that an accident occured earlier and a carinvolved caught up in flames while shootings wereheared around the area.
On seeing them, Jude became alarmed and quicklymade a U-Turn to evade police search.Jude and Elo finally arrived the church premises butbefore they stepped down from the car, he positionedher to stay close to him, and then gave her his pistolgun, just incase, while he held the assault rifle whichhe had collected from Bishop and carried along thelifeless head of Croucher which was spilling blood onthe floor as they walked into the church auditoriumthat was as silent as a graveyard.”General! Where art thou?!!” Jude shouted with angerbut silence answered back.
“Guess what, I’ve got asurprise for you!” He added and then threw Croucher’shead rolling on the floor like a ball.Elohor then covered her face in disgust while seeingnot only the head of a human, being hurled to thefloor like nothing, but also the body of Margaret thatlaid lifeless too; as they walked closer to the alter.
So you’re scared now? Why are you hiding? Showyourself and face me like a man!!” Jude continuedbragging, raising his gun and his other hand upwardwhile turning his back around observing where’General’ would come out from, which became a pointof distraction to him.As you would know, General responded to the call andslowly sneaked out from his hiding place pointing agun at Elohor from the back with whom he had adirect contact.
The supposed pastor mercilessly aimedfor the kill, but before he could pull the trigger, Judesaw his shadow and swiftly turned around forcefullypushing Elo out of reach, and suddenly, the bulletcame trailing his chest, he was hit at once and felldown to the floor bleeding profusely but did not die.Elohor painfully screamed immediately she saw whathad happened, and about then, a reflex action tookover her, as she shot back at the pastor, but thebullet penetrated him not.General then irked a loud evil laughter and attemptedto shoot her, just then, a badge of numerous armedpolice officers bursted the church whilst shooting thepastor endlessly.
“Babashanga, Ayama’tanga!!” General repeated theincantation, continuously wailing and consulting thepowers of the Voodoo priest to protect him fromdying, but the shooting spree ended not, until the evilpastor finally dropped dead after the witch-doctor alsodied at his shrine.The leader of the police team rushed toward rescuingElohor who was their undercover agent, as she hadearlier sent them a text message without theknowledge of Jude to send a patrol team to meetthem at St. Clement Believers’ Church. However, shepaid little attention to the police officer as shecrippled rapidly toward Jude who was dying slowly onthe floor. Elo held his blood-stained hand firmly andbursted into uncontrolled tears as she saw hiscondition.
Jude was bleeding through his mouth andchest where he was shot and showed little signs ofsurviving.With the last strength that he had, Jude reached forhis pocket and handed Elohor a piece of paper, hethen smiled before giving up the ghost. Jude diedprotecting the one and only person he had left onearth, and whom he truly loved.
In the note given to Elohor, it reads: “I love my mothertill death, and I would have taken a bullet for her tostill be alive today. This is my response to thequestion you once asked me, on whether I could diefor love.”Truth is, Jude already knew that he would either diethat day, or become arrested and still get killed.

*The End*

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