[STORY] Big & Bold (episode 1-8)

Episode 1

On that sunny afternoon tunde was at a nearby super market to get fresh eggs for the house, funke was smiling at him from the counter, one of the other customers at the shop had to look back at him to see who she was smiling at, when it was his turn to pay he slipped a thousand naira on the table for her and whispered “ see you at 7” then she replied “ I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world” then he left the shop, on walking down the street back to the house, suddenly he heard car tires screeching!!!!! behind him, he looked back but couldn’t fully get a full view of the car before being KNOCKED INTO THE NEARBY GUTTER, that was the last thing he remembered.


After the presentation to their clients that afternoon his boss said to him “Nice job u did there Tunde , I knew you gave it your best shot“ I looked at him with a sad face and nodded then he said “ don’t feel bad about It, you are still the best 3D designer we have got around here, such thing happen when you work too hard, you know what I have discovered from my experience in this job? it is that you need time to get away , that way you get new ideas, new inspiration, so if I were you I wouldn’t waste time on this issue , tomorrow morning I will be on the plane jetting out to somewhere nice” he said with a smile and left his office, he learned back in he’s chair turned around and stare at the busy road from the glass wall of my office, then he thought “ I think Mr. smith is right, I need some rest ,I need some new ideas, I need to go somewhere inspiring, but were will I even go? ,France?, Italy?, Holland? ” the ring tone of his cell phone brought him back to reality, he looked at the screen and it was his cousin Dayo from Nigeria,

” hey badoo!, how you dey ” he said “ omo I just dey low-key o, how is work? “ he said, ‘ Men work is ok jare , just a little stressed out noni ” he replied, “ men you need to dey rest o” I was just thinking of where to spend two weeks out of my leave self, wait how is your schedule for the next two weeks “ he said , “ next two weeks? Nothing much, just work, do you want to come to naija?” he said “ yeah ,abi what do you think? ” he replied “it’s cool , but hope you will be able to cope when am at work sha” I go manage jare he said ” ok no problem make the arrangements and let me know your schedule for arrival ok” he said, “no problem bro will do that” have got to go bro will talk to you later.

he got to Nigeria less than a week later and it was fun, his cousin showed him around his home and introduced him to a couple of friends, his first weekend was fun, they went out to public viewing center to watch football then ended up at the club at night.

On Monday morning his cousin left home very early for work but left a note for him on the kitchen table and it reads “morning bro am off to work, make you self comfortable ok, be back by 6pm” he looked at the time ,it was 9am” wow if I had woken up by this time in new York ,I would have been running down the street so I could get to work early I thought” he looked around the house and found out there wasn’t light” oh shit, this Nigerian government as not fixed the power problem yet” . Later that morning he fixed himself something to eat slept a lot more, when it was afternoon he got tired of the light issue and decided he was going out to have some fun,he was about living the house when he noticed that nepa had brought the light ,he was tempted to stay back in the house so he did, he spent the rest of the day downloading some latest movies and music from my cousins laptop that he left for me.

Days went by and he became more bored ,his cousin had thought me how to on the generator but he hated the noise so he preferred to wait for nepa , he wasn’t really enjoying his holiday and no ispiration was coming to him.he was hungry one afternoon so he decided to fry some eggs ,on getting to the fridge he found out there were no eggs so he thought of buying eggs for the house, he left the house and went down the street where a small super market was located ,on entering the super market he met a woman at the counter , dark skinned , average looking , guessing her age she should be few years younger than me but the most noticeable feature she has is that she is fat, not the shapeless kind of fat though ,she is well endowed but one couldn’t but notice that she is fat.

she smiled at him as he entered the shop, he greeted her and she said “ what do you want sir” he replied “ do you have eggs madam” forming American ascent, she looked at me and said “ sorry can you repeat that sir” then he smiled while feeling himself before repeating himself “ I mean do you sell eggs” she smiled and said “yes of course u can go to the shelf by your right sir” he walked to the shelf grabbed a couple of small crates of eggs then moved to the counter ,” you are new in this area? “She asked , then he replied “ sure I am anything madam?” he asked jokingly ” nothing o just noticed that it’s a new face, did you just moved in? “ she said, not knowing the answer to give her then he said “ well I just came to spend some weeks with my cousin , he lives down the street “ he said, he noticed she was looking at him with so much attention that he was starting to feel uncomfortable .

she packed his eggs then he payed, he was about exiting the shop when he sliped and fell to the ground!!,all the eggs he bought got broken !!, he kept hearing sorry o!, sorry o !, from the fat woman and other customers that was about to enter into the shop, he got up , cleaned his clothes , she helped him get the broken eggs and to his surprise she went to the shelf and got new packs then gave then to me. he stood there looking at her then she turned and said “ you can leave the money sir’ sorry about everything “ he said “thank you but i have money for them,”and she said “dont worry about it just go,please take care of yourself ” he was surprised because its been long since someone last gave him something for free,he said thank you again then left the shop.

Over the next 2 days he couldn’t count the number of times he visited the store to get something even the smallest of things, he was beginning to get used to her , he was enjoying the little chats between them and he can bet that she was enjoying it to from the expression on her face. they got along very well that later they exchanged numbers, he added her on whatsapp and they chat all day .
Occasionally he visit the shop just to pick up a few things and also to get a glimpse of her beautiful face.

It was Sunday morning , he was still on bed when he got a message from her that says “hello dear” then he replied “ my sweetheart , how was your night” she puts a smilly face and wrote “ it was great dear, I slept like a baby” then he replied by saying “ wow that’s cool dear, so whats your plan for the day” she waiting for a while before replying by saying” I just got dressed for church, will soon be leaving” then he said” ok no problem make sure you pray for me too sha” then she asked “ instead of you to get up and come with me “ he gave a smilly face and said” because of you I would have come but to be honest am not really the religious type, I believe in God but I don’t believe in going to church” then she replied with “ ok o, have got to go now” immediately and idea came to hes head” what will you be doing after church” “ nothing will just be home “ she replied, “ ok why don’t you come over to my place” he said “ hmmm , your place?, ok where do you stay” she said “ the blue roof house down the street I said” I said “ wait is that not where Mr Dayo stays “she said then he replied “ yes , Dayo is my cousin” she went silent at the other end of the phone until I shouted hello, then she replied “am sorry tunde, I cant come”I sent a message saying “ why don’t you want to come” it shows that she as read it but she never replied then later she was offline
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Episode 2

he became worried, thinking of why she refused his invitation “why did she refuse to come when she found out dayo was his cousin ? what could have happened between them” a knock on his room door brought him back to reality “ come in he said , dayo walks in smiling and shouting “badoo, how your night?” it was cool jare he replied ,he sat on the bed and they chatted for a while ,then an idea came to him, then I said” I don’t think there are any more drinks in the fridge, do you have idea if funke’ s store will be opened today “ dayo he looked at him with what seemed to be a calm reaction but tunde could see the curiousness in he’s eyes, then he said “ who is funke ? “ wait you mean you have stayed in this neighborhood for years and you don’t know who is funke, ok she owns the store down the street “ he gave a cruel smile while nodding his head simultaneously and said “oh mercy, that’s what we call her around here, i never knew she bears funke , seems you guys are getting along pretty well for her to tell you her other name, so tell me, what else did she tell you ” tunde looked at him and said “ nothing else we are just friends “ he smiled and said “ ok sha, I don’t think she will ,don’t worry we will go some other places” he started thinking there was actually nothing between them because dayo didn’t give much reactions to be worried about until he said “ you seems to be having fun around the neighborhood and am really happy about that but please don’t get yourself involved in any sh.it around here “ he stood up and left the room.

The next day he went to funke’s store as usual but to his surprise she as not opened her store,he tried her number but it was not available so he waited for about 2 hours but yet she didn’t come ,so he went back to the house. Later that evening he tried her number again and he was filled with so much joy as he head the first tone signaling that its ringing, “ hello!” she said “ na wa o what happened since morning have been trying to reach you” then she said “ am really sorry dear, I had to take my younger sister back to school this morning” wait you still have a younger sister ? he asked “ sure I do naw , she’s the baby of the house , almost through with secondary school though ,she’s in her final year “ wow that’s interesting , any ways when are you going to open the store ? ,then she said “ am at the store already” surprised he said “really? I didnt know that , see you in a minute”, he hanged up the phone and rushed to her shop.

On getting to her shop she welcomed him with a smile and said “ am sorry “ no problem dear” then she said “ so how has been your day?” not fine jare have been worried , but it’s still better than yesterday sha “ what happened yesterday?” she replied , “ have you forgotten that you refused my invite” he asked jokingly ,then she said with a changed face and now frowning” tunde please I don’t want to talk about that, I wouldn’t appreciate you bringing up that matter again please!” he observed her for a minute then said “ am sorry , but don’t you think I deserve to know why” now looking at him with a little anger on her face she said “tunde I said stop it!” now smiling he said “ am sorry , can’t you see that I was joking with you “ still looking angry she said “ I don’t like it!!” he kept smiling just to indicate that he was joking , she later smiled when he cracked some jokes and from there they talked about other things for a while even agued with some customers on some relationship issues that was been discussed on the radio.he was about going when he said to her “funke will you go on a date with me? “ she smiled and looked at him then said “hmmm, I would have loved to but there is no one to leave my shop with” he looked at her still smiling then said, ok what about after you closed the shop , she laughed and said “ hun hun hun , am sorry dear but I don’t keep late night” the smile on his face disappeared and he was now looking serious then said “ ok no problem if you don’t want to go out with me “ she looked at him with a serious face too and said “ no its not what you think , I honestly don’t keep late nights “ he drew in a deep breath and said ok , but to his surprise she said with a teasing eyes “ will you like to come over to my place” with excitement all written on his face he said “ are you serious , I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world” she laughed and said “ ok then I will give you a call when I closed the shop, “ ok dear I will be expecting” he left the shop smiling.

he got a call from her that night telling him how to get to her house on the street, It was a bit farther than the shop so he trekked down, he didn’t even call his cousin to let him know he was going out because he fear he might discourage me, so I left for her house.

on getting there he was invited inside a well furnished house with not too big space just moderate. “ you are welcome to my place she said “ he laughed and said “you are funny , abeg leave all the formality jare” in order not to make the whole thing boring he asked her” so what did you cook?” she smiled at him and said “ hope you don’t mind rice and plantain” he looking at her and said “ hmmm!!!, have I ever told you that’s my favorite but ” she rolled her eyes and said “ok let me tell you the truth , you did tell me” they both laughed and moved to the kitchen to eat on the dining table .

After eating they both talked for a while about religion, music and movies , although he did most of the listening while he allowed her to talk ,he kept nodding his head in response but deep down in his heart he wanted to kiss her badly ,wanted to touch her, he never used to love fat women but this one got him turned on, he kept his eyes on her lips and the more he steer at her the more he wanted her so badly so he learned forward and kissed her on the lips ,she just paused while he kissed her, she kissed him back taken his lips in her mouth then he withdrew from her and smiled, then I said “ hmm you were saying something “ she looked at him and try to talk but she couldn’t , she tried again but the words would not just come out ,then he learned forward to kiss her again, this time she was ready for him because he felt the passion with which she kissed him, later on they were both out of their cloths and making love in the bedroom he didn’t even remember how they got there ,but what he noticed was that he has never used so much energy while making love to a woman ,he was exhausted but really it was the best sex he ever had.

It was around 11pm when his phone rang, he looked at the screen and it was his cousin dayo he picked it and said “ hello bro” he could sense that he was troubled while he said” o boy were you dey na!” he laughed and said “ calm down I they my babe house “ still troubled he said “your babe?! , you no tell me say you done get babe na!!” him still laughing when I said “ no worry jare, me wan crash here tonight , I go come back tomorrow “ then he said “ wait hope say no be funke house you they sha !!“ then he replied “ who else naw ?na she” with a low voice he said “ ok o ,sha be careful, I don’t want her to involve you in all this” tunde changed his position on the bed so that he could be backing her then said “ what do you mean ?” then he said with a warning tone “ sha be careful! , i don’t want you to get hurt, please be back early tomorrow “ he said then dropped the call.

he switched off his phone and turned back but funke was already sleeping so he slept beside her. the next morning he was still sleeping when he felt someone’s hand touching me, he woke up to see funke’s head on his chest while she uses her hand to rub his stomach, she was heavy but he didn’t mind , then he said with a sleeping voice “ good morning honey” she smiled and said “good morning dear, hope you had a nice night” he smiled back and said “sure I did, you were fast asleep yesterday “ without looking at him she said “ yes now!,who wouldn’t after you handled me like that” she taped his stomach, “so you enjoyed it?” he asked, she chuckled and gave him a soft kiss on the lip then she withdrew back to her former position. While steering at her a thought came to my head then he said “I want to ask you a question and I don’t want you to cut me off” she adjusted but didn’t say a word then he continued” I demand to know what is between you and dayo” yet she didn’t say a word, “ funke !“ he called her name , she just adjusted but didn’t say anything ,then I was about to say something when she said “ its better you don’t know about it, I don’t want to get you involved” he leaned up, now looking serious, “ I can take it, funke, I can take anything, was he your ex boyfriend or something? “ now she lifted herself up and moved to her own side of the bed, then she said “ no he wasn’t my ex boyfriend, he was my brothers friend” she paused and he said “ok am listening” she continued “ dayo was a friend to my elder brother kunle , when dayo moved to this neighborhood he became friends with my brother, kunle was a decent guy but dayo influenced him, he thought him all kind of things, he changed my brother, thought him how to take all kind of hard drugs ,cocaine, Indian hemp and all likes, my brother started misbehaving when he became an addict, dayo was a bad influence on him ,he knew how take control his urge when he needed to take those things but he didn’t teach kunle that” now crying, he moved closer to her so she could rest her head on my chest again while she continued” the other time I came late to work , after dropping my sister at school, I went over to see him” now sobbing seriously , he put his hand on her back to calm her down then he said “ were is your brother now?” she wiped her eyes and said the psychiatric hospital” he allowed her to take her time before she continued, “after dad died kunle was our hope of survival, he was our everything ,very hard working and religious until he met your cousin” me still rubbing her back then she said “ after he was admitted to the hospital ,mum and I made the police arrest dayo and the supplier of those drugs after which we got death threats from the group, mum died in the process too, I tried to fight on but the threats were too much for me to handle so I dropped the case” .
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Episode 3

he got back to the house that morning seriously confused,” is dayo such a bad person?, can he do all this things she said? ,what if he actually did it” he thought to himself, he went to dayo’s room, the door was open so he entered, he went straight to his wardrobe but couldn’t find anything, then went to his drawer but yet everything was clean , it was then that he decided to confront him since he didn’t have any evidence to hook him, he was seriously boiling with hanger at this point.

when he saw that he couldn’t wait any longer for him to get back from work he dialed his number. dayo picked on the second ring and said “ hello bro!” with a hard voice I replied “ good morning” then he said “ how your night? hope say you enjoy yourself “ he cut in “ abeg leave that one jare , how close were you to kunle?” he stammered then said “which kunle ?, wait I hope that girl has not been feeding you with lies” then tunde said “ if she has been feeding me lies then you tell me the truth !“ he breathed hard into the phone and said “ I swear i wasn’t the course of kunle’s problems” still angry tunde said “ then prove it !“ he could feel that dayo was getting angry too when he said “ yes I can!, I can prove it!, she knows the truth that’s why she is acting like that towards me” then tunde said “ ok can you say all this in front of her if you get a chance to meet her? “ with a hurried voice he said “ sure !why not , I will be happy to clear my name” feeling a little better now tunde said “ try and get back from work early , at least before 8pm, don’t worry I will figure out a way to get you into her house” .

Dayo got back around 7:30pm,he jumped up immediately he head the car horn , got his phone and went outside, on entering the car he said “ oya lets go” then he said “ wait are you not going to call her first “ he looked at him with a don’t worry look and said “ I already did ,have informed her that am on my way, the plan is you will enter with me but you must not say anything ,let me do all the talking” they drove down the street were her house was and parked in front of it, they walked to the front door then tunde knocked , luckily for them she said from inside, “who is there” then he replied “ its tunde” he heard her unbolt the door and said “ come in” then walks away, he was very happy , saying to himself , this is even easier than he thought, dayo and tunde entered the house and walked carefully to the sitting room, he noticed the sound of plates from the kitchen then said“ sweetheart am in” she replied “ I will be with you shortly” few minutes later she was coming from the kitchen while saying “sweetheart did you?” she froze as she saw dayo in her living room.

Walking into the sitting room with her gaze locked with dayo’s she said “what are you doing here!?” tunde quickly stood up from the chair and moved toward her, “leave my house now!!” he held her hand although her weight was too much for him so he had to use more power to stop her, “tell him to leave my house “she said again, he held her tight and said “I brought him hear , he didn’t want to come but I forced him here” so you brought your devilish cousin into my house tunde, what exactly for ? hun , i said what for?, dayo now angry , he stood up hissed and said “ if not for tunde , you think I will be here so you could insult me!? ,am not here to beg you ok am only here to clear my name ,I never did anything wrong” tunde cut in “ what the hell is wrong with you , I said you should let me do the talking dayo ignored and said” do you actually think I will stay here and watch her insult me! ? , then he walked towards the door,” dayo wait for me in the car, make sure you don’t leave me here!”.

Funke now a bit relaxed “tunde you really disappointed me, I can’t still believe that you brought him into this house, “ its not what you think funke , he has told me his own side of the story although I don’t believe him yet , that’s why I brought him here so you can tell me if his telling the truth or not? “ funke said “I still don’t see the reason why he needs to be here”tunde still pleading replied her ” from what he told me he said he knows nothing about what happened so why don’t you give him a chance to explain” she nodded her head then said “ but he must insult me” tunde smiled a bit then said”don’t worry am sure he wouldn’t”.

tunde went out to meet dayo in the car, it took him about 10minutes to persuade his cousin to come inside with me. they got inside the house to meet funke sitting on the biggest chair so they had to take the other smaller chairs, he looked at funke and said “I know he might say something’s that may get you angry, things that are contrary to what you believed was the truth but I will appreciate if you allow him to explain everything before you say yours “ she didn’t respond ,so he let her be then signaled to dayo to start talking “ I don’t have much to explain, just that I wasn’t responsible for what happened to kunle , truly we were close friends but I wasn’t the one that gave him drugs , I wasn’t the one that gave him all those things he was taking to be high, yes I know I drink a lot and I like to party but I don’t smoke you know that well don’t you tunde? “ tunde nodded his head then dayo continued “ kunle was not all that gentle as people thought and she knows that, he was a smoker even before we met , each time I talk to him about it he claims he needed it for work, that he has been using weed to study right from university days and it worked so he needs it now to keep up with his ever demanding job, I couldn’t stop him because I knew how much he needed it, kunle was the one that introduced me to capon” tunde was looking at funke all through but immediately he heard that he looked at him and said “ sorry to cut you in who is capon? “ dayo continued “ capon is the guy that supply kunle with most of the drugs he took , he is the leader of one of the notorious cult groups( the scorpions) in the neighborhood ,when kunle fell ill she and her late mum got me arrested along with the gang ,I was just lucky to have been freed when the police found out that I had no idea of what happened, the gang members had connections so they were released on time, after the death of her mother she still sent some members of Bulls to come and beat me up” wait another cult group? “Yes, they are rivals with the scorpions” tunde turned to funke and said “so you left that part out!?” funke now looking away, he then signaled to dayo to continue” she sent those guys to the scorpions too and that brought up a big fight between the two groups, leading to the death of capons younger brother, since then capon as been after anyone trying to help her “ he looked at funke who was now facing down and I said “ why did you leave all that part out?”

tunde was very angry as he left her house, she couldn’t give him a good reason for leaving such an important part of the story. As they entered the car dayo said to him “ I tried to warn you, have told you she’s not the kind of woman you should be hanging around” tunde looked at him and just hissed ,then dayo said again “I just hope those guys have not noticed the movement between you and her because they will come after you “ that statement struck him like a blow , he turned to dayo and asked “ what the hell for?!” with anger in his voice he said “didn’t you hear all I said in there? , the scorpions are after anyone who is close to her, they believe the person is a member of the bulls , recently the struggle between the two groups as reduced but the scorpions are still hurting and are ready to take advantage of any situation to start another fight” tunde raised his hand ,put it on his head and said “ what have I gotten myself into like this!” .

tunde was still sleeping the next morning when he heard the sound of the bell downstairs, it continuously rang for like 10 minute but he ignored praying that the person will just go away, but after a while he saw that the person was not ready to go, so he got out of bed and went to the door, on opening the door who he saw surprised him.

“I thought you said you can’t come over here?” he asked her, “well it doesn’t seem like I have a choice now “ she said , he didn’t even bother to look her way “ i just want to say am sorry for everything tunde , I was scared that you might never want to get involve with me again, that was why I had to lie” tunde now looking at her “ so now that you have lied , you think I might still want to get involve with you?” he saw tears running down her cheeks as she says “you don’t know what you have done in my life tunde!, no one has ever made me happy as much as you do tunde, the last few days as been the best time of my life!, have never felt that secured” if there is something he can’t stand in his life , it’s the tears of a woman ,he hates seeing a woman cry , so he moved closer to her grabbed her by the shoulder and said “ don’t worry ,everything is fine ,” she threw herself at him almost knocking him down but he was able to regain his steps, he held her in that position as she cried for about 15min.

After she has stopped crying, he cracked some jokes that made her laugh then they talked about her brothers health for almost two hours later before she told him she was going to the store to open it, before she left she asked “ are you coming to see me at my place tonight? “ he thought for a while not knowing the answer he was going to give her, he knew it will be risky if he tell her that he is no longer interested and of course It’s time for him to go back to the U.S , so he lied by saying “sure I will see you at 7, she kissed him goodbye and left.


The noise from the room woke him up, he could hear a woman shouting “ get the doctor!! , doctor please!! come over!! he just moved his hands!!” at that point he opened his eyes to see who was shouting , when she looked back and saw that his eyes were open she screamed again” doctor!!! , he as opened his eyes !!,his eyes! , his eyes!, his eyes! ” tunde looked at her but he couldn’t understand if she was crying or laughing because her face was shaped in the form of a smile and at the same time tears was dropping from her eyes
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Episode 4

“thank God funke is here, he doesn’t want her in his life anymore but he does not mind having her around at this crucial time “he thought ,as he lie on the hospital bed with plasters on his lips ,pop on his neck and also a broken leg ,he watched as she sits there all day doing nothing but read novel and occasionally asking him if he is alright or if he needs something, also she does assist the nurse when she comes to give him injections .he stayed like that for complete two days before the doctor came on the 3rd day to observe his condition then told the nurse to remove the plaster on his lips that the injuries on his lips as healed , the first thing he said after the nurse that removed the plaster left was “ funke how long have I been here?”,she dropped the novel to move closer to the bed side, then said” I can hardly hear you ,can you say that again” then he repeated himself but to his surprise she said “ tomorrow will make it a week since you got here” he tried to turn his neck to look at her but it was stiff and the pop wasn’t helping matters too so he decided to just say it without looking “what happened? i thought i have spent just two days ?” she smiled and said “ you only woke up two days ago, you have been in coma for 4 days” he was surprised , he that has never fainted before in his life was in coma ,he was about to ask another question when she said” please you need to rest now, the doctor said you shouldn’t talk much” he nodded my head in response then relaxed before sleeping off again.

It’s now 4 days at the hospital, funke told him that dayo was around the previous day but he was sleeping so he left because he had some things to do but he promised to be back that night. Funke hardly goes home, so he was a bit concerned, he asked her” who did you leave the store with?” Without looking at him she said “I left it with a neighbors daughter, she usually assist me at the shop before she went for her exams, but lucky for me she’s back now “ just then they heard a knock on the door and tunde saw his cousin dayo walk in ” tunde you done wake?” a little smile came to his mouth “ yes now, na now you remember say you get cousin abi?” he laughed but said “ o boy you no go understand, that my oga wan finish me with work, na like say na only me they work there, no vex abeg, so wetin they how you they feel now?” tunde gave him a tap in the hand signaling that he is getting stronger, he nodded back and said “correct guy” .

The two of them continued talking forgetting that funke was on sit, when tunde remembered he stopped talking looked her way and said “ why are you quiet? funke, what do you have to say about what we are discussing?” she just gave a sharp reply by saying” nothing! “ he smiled at her and said “ come on jare, are you guys still angry at each other?” dayo interrupted him by saying” I don’t even want her here self, she is not suppose to be here after all she as achieved her aim“ tunde raised his head bit from the bed and said “ what do you mean?” he nodded his head and said “ see let’s forget it abeg , all I know is if not for the doctor that insisted on having her around I would have preferred that she goes home” tunde was angry now , he said “ why are you being ungrateful dayo, she has been here for more than a week now looking after me and all you could say his she shouldn’t be here? “ he hissed and said ” why wouldn’t she be here? , shes just trying to be nice after all she as caused , she’ s the reason why you are here, the car that ran you over was not an accident , it was the scorpions that wanted you dead!”.

“Is that true funke ?” she didn’t reply then he continued “oh my God!! , have been such a big fool, how I wish “ then he stopped himself before saying it , dayo tapped him on the shoulder and said “ say it bro, say it, how you wish you never met her , am happy you now realized everything , this is not the type of woman to fall in love with she’s just too evil!” at this point dayo was looking at tunde while talking , the next thing he saw was a hot slap on dayo’s face “taaaawwwaaayyyiii” funke was standing over him , ready to beat the hell out of dayo , she was over weighing him with her big stature ,very angry now as she kept saying “ don’t you ever talk about me like that again!!! , in your life!! , don’t you ever!!, I mean ever say those things to me again!,” dayo was so frightened, tunde as never seen him like that before , to be honest he almost burst into laughter but he held himself, she later left him and went back to where she was sitting to pick up are things ,at this point two nurses rushed in to ask what was happening, one of them looking very worried asked “ we heard noises from here what is going on ?” funke tried to make everything seem normal by saying “ it was nothing serious madam ,please don’t mind us ,we wear just having a little talk” the nurse didn’t look convinced though but she finally said “ please keep the noise down next time ,we have got a lot of patients here that needs enough rest to recover please” funke nodded as the nurses tuned and left the room.

Immediately the nurses were out tunde asked funke “ were are you going with those bags?” she looked at him with a surprised face and said “ where else will I be going, I thought you don’t need me here anymore, your dumb cousin can take care of you himself !” tunde forcing himself up a little from the bed then asked” but you know I didn’t say that?” , “ yes but you didn’t stop him from saying it either!, which means you support him!” she replied pointing to dayo ,dayo murmured something from where he was, am sure she heard it but he didn’t , she dropped her bags and pounce on him the second time , this time around covering his mouth so he couldn’t shout, he felt pity for his cousin , “see as woman they beat am like small pikin” he thought to himself.

tunde got tired of the drama later and shouted at her saying “ will you stop that nonsense funke !“ she stood up and gave him a warning sign with her right hand, feeling irritated he said ” you are just proving him right with all this nonsense you are doing, I thought you were a cool woman , matured and well mannered but I can see that you are just as he described you” she still looking angry she came closer to the bed and said “ go to hell!! , I thought you were different too ,I thought you were different from all this stupid men that tries to run me over, stupid people that think they can insult me and my family, you are just one of them, if your cousin does not have manners I will teach him! , I will show him how to respect a woman!” the nurses came back this time around with security men and ordered both of them out of the room, at the end of the whole drama he was left with lots of thoughts.

tunde got out of the hospital a few days later but he was lonely, his boss had already called to inform him that he could take his time to recover well before returning, but he knows that there was no way he would go back to the u.s without having the urge to go back to work, he loved his job , so the only option was for him to stay back and fully recover before going back, but most importantly he was reluctant to leave funke, he was more in love with her than ever but at the same time his life is in danger.

“What are these people showing for Gods sake!” angrily he switched off the television, brought out his cousins laptop to browse but yet he couldn’t find anything interesting to do there so he shut it down too. now lying down on the chair he thought ” its not as if everything is boring , funke was the reason why everything was, everything i watched , everything i read seems to remind me of her and this tends to make me miss her more ” he got up from the chair ,looked for something to put on before heading out to her shop.

tunde came outside the gate wondering if he should walk or take a bike, the memeory of how he got hit was still fresh in his head so i dreaded walking on that street, he looked around and saw a bike coming, he allowed it to get really close to him while he observe the face of the rider very well before signaling for him to stop. he stopped and got on it, less than five minutes later they got to her shop ,he paid the bike man and walked in, funke was picking something’s from the shelf for a customer when he got in, and went straight to one of the other shelf’s to pick some snacks, he watched as she moves back to the counter to calculate how much the money was, after the customer left he took the snacks and moved to the counter, on getting there, he could see that she wasn’t surprised to see him , she looked up from the table and said ” well when did you get out?” he smiled and said ” or when did i get in here? ” still not smiling she said ” I saw you when you came in” tunde laughing now he said ” wait, so you saw me and you pretended like you didn’t ” he could see that she was trying so hard not to smile as she said ” well I see everything that goes on around here” ” wow that’s cool “was his reply, ” so will you answer my question now or you are still wandering how I saw you?” she asked ,” you self , ok I got out on Tuesday, I wanted to call you but I already know what your answer would be” she folding are hands around her chest now she said “and what is that? ‘ he smiled and said “well maybe you have not heard of the saying that, never take for granted the feelings of a good woman,am really sorry funke, I didn’t mean to behave like that towards you” she smile a little , he looked her in the face and said” come on lets see it, I can see that you have been forcing back the smile for a while now ,just let it out” she smiled more revealing most of her teeth, covering it now she said” you are funny ” he winked at her and said ” well that’s what God created me for , specially to make you smile” she laughed a lot more then when she later caught her breath she said ” wait wait, am the ones that is suppose to apologize for the way I acted that day, am really sorry ,those insults from dayo really got to me ” tunde forming a cool guy now he said ” it’s ok dear, let’s just forget it, but really you be strong woman o” she smiled and said ” strong indeed!, if you see me when I got home that day ehn, I cried all night ” . they talked a little longer then he said , I need to go home now am starting to feel weak,the doctor said I shouldn’t stress myself much ” she quickely took some provisions off the shelf bagged them then ,using her hand to indicate that she seeing him off, as they walked to the entrance of the shop what he saw shocked him.
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episode 5

[] As they walked out to the entrance, Two young guys with very rugged looks were standing in front of a car outside the shop. one of them was heavily built while the other was slim, they were both wearing red bandanas on their heads, as they moved closer and one of them said to the other one pointing to tunde “ you know see say the guy na cat, him get nine lives?” he was shocked and didn’t know what to do ,he looked at funke and she was steering at the guys with anger fully written on her face, he held her hand but she jacked it off him and went back into the shop ,like the guys knew what was about to happen , they quickly rushed tunde ,the slimmer guy slapped his face so hard that he fell to the ground ,the other one put some sharp blows to his waist making him scream for help but no one could come near, they handcuffed him, Then quickly lifted him from the ground , opened the car door and pushed him inside , one of them stayed with him at the back sit while the other ran to the front sit to start the car.

As he was about to start the car they heard a very loud noise “Boooooooooom!!!” the side window of the car immediately became shattered, they all covered their heads so as to avoid being injured then the guy sitting beside him shouted “ go!!,go!! ,go!!,go!!” as the guy started the car and moved ,they heard another gunshot but this time no glass was broken but they still bowed their heard so as to avoid being hit.

After Driving for like 10min the guy driving said ”I tell you say she get gun, that woman na craze woman o!!!” then the other guy still breathing hard said “ I swear!na craze woman she be,she nearly get me sha, that bullet pass my front ni o!!” tunde was still in shock from everything that happened but he was hearing what they were discussing , with fear in his voice he asked the guy sited beside him“ was it funke that shot at the car?” but to his surprise ,the guy hissed and gave him a hot slap in the face, tunde covered his face almost crying then the guy said “ who ask you make you talk ehn?, who ask you? , look up my friend!” he looked up at him , he could see that he was almost crying then he laughed and said “ o boy see person o, I think say them talk say you be American detective? , detective na him come they cry like this?” tunde blinking seriously now he wanted to say “ I no be detective” but he didn’t finish the word detective before feeling another hot slap on his face taaawayyyi!!!!” this time around he couldn’t help but just burst into tears , the pain was too much for him to handle. at this point the two guys busted into laugh ,then the one driving said “omo so all this things wey this oyinbo people they do for film no real, see as their detective they cry like baby, them no tell you say naija na rugged country? By the time we finish you ehn your country people no go sabi you again!!” at that point tunde knew that his suffering in the hands of this people just began.

[]they drove for about 10 minutes more before arriving at a house with a red gate, the guy that was driving hit the car horn and few minutes later someone opened the gate from inside, as the car drove in he observed the house from the broken car window and saw that its wasn’t a very big house, just moderate, it shouldn’t be more than a 3 bedroom apartment.

As the car came to a halt, he saw a young guy around his early 20s or barely 20 years of age closed the gate behind them, he then came to the car window and said “ o boy? ,who bust this window na?” the guy sitting beside tunde got out of the car but pulled him along with the neck of his shirt, “na that craze woman wey I tell you” he replied him, pulling tunde out of the car with his collar then dragged him into the house .

Funke broke down in tears after watching the car speed off, she would have followed it but there was no car or bike around at that moment, everyone had ran for their life after hearing gun shots, she was about going back into her shop when she noticed that tunde’s phone had dropped on the floor while they were beating him, she picked it up and entered into her shop. Funke picked up her phone and dialed osama’s number, osama is the leader of the rival cult group that has been protecting her, his phone rang a couple of times but he didn’t pick so she sent him a text message explaining what happened and requesting to see him,she was confused and didn’t know what to do so she packed her things and locked up the shop for the day.

She got home later that evening crying , she regret ever getting him involved in all her messed up life, then the thought of letting dayo know what happened to his cousin came to her mind so she checked for his number on the tunde’s phone then dialed it, “ brotherly! how things” dayo said into the phone, she didn’t know what to say at first but later she found her voice “ no its not tunde, its me funke” she said , “ funke?, what is it this time around?” she was a bit nervous to tell him but she finally said “ tunde has been kidnapped by the scorpions” dayo with his usual inpatient attitude shouted “ I knew it !, yes I knew something as happened! , when you said its you that’s calling I know you have succeeded in getting him into another trouble, and he is so dumb and stupid ,he would listen to me!” she cuts in and said “ will you please leave all this sermon and lets figure out how to get him out of this problem?” dayo hissed and said” oh now you need my help!, you need us abi? Us?, I thought I was useless and all I do say is rubbish and now you need my help” she cuts in again”dayo what is the problem with you ,cant you just act like a man for once and stop talking much , honestly this your talkative attitude is even worse than your bad temper” those words touched him, he somehow realized that he as been talking too much indeed ,so he said “ you need my help and you are still insulting me?, honestly if not because he is my cousin I wouldn’t move and inch !“ she hissed and then said “ I don’t think you have anything good to offer self” then dropped the call , some seconds later the phone rang and she picked it “ i will stop by at your place when am coming back from work” then he dropped the call. Immediately he dropped he dropped the call , a call from osama came through to her phone , she picked and he said “ mama , i saw your message “ she relaxed and said “ how we go come take do am now osama“ he gave a long “hmmmm”sound then he said “ I go show for your house this night
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episode 6

Dayo sat in his car outside funke’s house thinking of how he could save his cousin “why can’t I just go to capon and beg for the release of tunde? ,why do I have to team up with this girl? ,what if they involve me in the whole matter again” he later made up his mind to team up with her after weighing his chances, he got out of the car and went to the door.

Dayo was sited across the room from funke where she was narrating the incident to him when they heard a horn from a car outside ,she excused herself then went to the window to check the car before going outside, dayo was wandering who its was but did not ask.few minutes later funke came in with osama and dayo couldn’t believe his eyes.

Tunde was sitting on a iron chair with both his hands tied to the back of the chair,he was a little weak from the beaten he has received from the guys, moments later the young man that was at the gate while they were coming in walked into the room, he was holding a bottle of water in his hands when he said “ you care for some? “ holding the water up, tunde looked up at him then said “ yes! , thank you , God bless you “ but to his surprise the young man said “ amen “then tunde thought to himself “I don’t think this guy is like the others?, why did he say amen” then the young man helped him put the water to his mouth ,after drinking the water , he said thank you again and the young man started leaving,before the guy could leave the room tunde quickly asked him” can I ask you some questions? please?” but the guy looked back at him and said “ am sorry am not allowed to talk to you “ then he left.

About forty minutes later the young man came back with another man to the room, they raised him to his feet by dragging him by the hands then walked him out of the room. As they walked along the other rooms in the house tunde kept peeping inside each room ,the first room they passed by was filled with about 8 guys some smoking while some were sleeping, about two other guys were gambling in one corner of the room, the second room was occupied by three young girls , that were dressed in skimpy cloths while they all sleep, the last room as its door closed, they could hear sounds of music from inside the room and also the smell of weed , tunde could surely differentiate between the smell of a cigarette and the smell of a weed because he clubs very well so he had knowledge of everything .As the young man opened the door ,what he saw shocked him. A light in complexion man with tattoo on his back and neck was having sex with a girl right there on the bed that was put on the floor, the girls moan was covered by the sound of the music so no one could hear her, tunde couldn’t watch so he focused his eyes on the radio in the room, the other guy that took him in with the young man looked at him and gave him a slap on the face , then point to the bed and said “ look there!” .

About ten minutes later, the man stood up and put on his trouser ,he looked at the raps of weed beside the bed then took one and gave it to her, she smiled, smelled it and walked out of the room , then he lighted one of the other weed and started smoking it, the man sat on a chair close to the bed but facing tunde and the other guys then said “ so na you be detective? “

Tunde was standing with fear in his mind when capon said “ how much were you paid ?, I believe you must have been paid a lot of money to come here to hunt me down” in a pleading manner tunde said “ please! am not a detective am only here on holidays from the u.s ,I don’t know anything about what you are saying I swear “ capon laughed and said “ tell me something else please because you s–k at lying, you know what I don’t really have time for all this shit ,I just need one thing from you! but it’s not like am giving you a choice though you must do it except you want to die! and if you run away mercy will die!” tunde’s suddenly remembered that funke was mercy so he said “ ok sir! ,I will do anything !,any amount you want sir !“ capon frowned and said “ who is talking about money , well let’s leave that money part we will come back to it , but the major thing I want you to do for me is that , you will work with me on how to set trap for osama!” .

Funke with the help of osama and dayo had come up with plans on how to attack the base of the scorpions ,osama and is men just acquired some new guns and cutlasses so they are more confident and ready to fight, so the plan was to go there very early the next morning to attack the scopion’s home, although funke and dayo are not going to take part in the fight, they are to park their car at a distance and get ready to escape with tunde when he has been freed, Luckily for dayo ,the day was a public holiday so he doesn’t have to worry about work.

Funke woke up very early the following day to get ready, she cleaned one of her small guns and kept it in a bag, it wasn’t long after that, she heard horns of cars outside her house, she peeped and saw that it was dayo’s car along with a bus and 2 other cars which she recognized as osama and his gang, she immediately left the cloth she was folding and joined the guys in the car.

Tunde was still sleeping when a loud gun sound woke him, he could hear sound of movements outside the room, suddenly there were shouts of “ haaaaaa!!!, yeeeeeeeee!!!, eying!! , emaku leni ni!!” the door to the room flung open and capon rushed in , he dragged tunde by the collar and said “ so una done plan am abi ? he slapped him a couple of times before pushing him out of the room using tunde to shield himself.As they got to the sitting room of the house ,tunde could not believe his eyes , he saw some of the guys with injuries , most of the wounds were not gun wounds it looks like knife or machete wounds , he looked at the door and saw that about 3 guys were there with a big cupboard behind the door, then suddenly he heard another shot” booooom!!” and everyone in the room quickly went to the ground,he heard capon shouting “ where my men they, you done alert them? “ looking at the direction of one of the guys ,then the guy replied “ they are coming boss!!, they are on their way!!! “.

The struggle went on for another fifteen minutes before noises started coming from outside, capon ordered those inside to go fight outside and help those members that just came while he will be at the back, they opened the door and tunde saw guys that are covered in blood, some holding cutlasses and the others were holding knifes ,capon pushed him forward so he could hide at his back. On stepping outside ,tunde saw how a guys throat was slashed , he tried to run but capon dragged him back putting a knife to his throat, a guy was trying to run when someone threw a knife at him ,the knife hit him on the head and blood started rushing out,the person that threw the knife came closer to him took the knife from the floor and inserted it smoothly into his stomach, he made it look so easy, he acted like he has done that a million times. tunde didn’t realize that someone was coming to attack them suddenly he felt something moved passed his face ,he quickly looked and saw that It was a knife, the guy lunched at him again the second time but before he could touch him capon had sliced a knife through his throat, but the guys knife still touched him slicing the side of his ear.
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episode 7

Tunde was very scared, he doesn’t know what to do because capon was still holding on to him, using him as shield for himself. As the fight between the two cult groups continued capon kept shifting towards the main gate of the building, tunde felt the fear in his voice too as he ordered his boys to keep fighting , he kept moving towards the gate while he used tunde as shield.

Suddenly tunde heard a sharp cry from capon who was holding him tight on the neck, as capon continued whining, he felt a slight loose in his grip so he decided to take the chance to free himself , on turning back to get a view of what was happening , he saw capon trying to remove a knife that was cut into his collar bone, tunde was confused at the same time irritated by the site of the blood gushing out of the knife wound , he didn’t know if he should help him remove the knife or just leave him and run away.

As he was still contemplating what to do , he saw a fiercely looking man he believe should be a member of the scorpions , the man looked at capon as he tried to remove the knife ,he went on his knees and helped him get the knife out of his collar bone, then he looked up at tunde and made a run towards him with a knife, tunde began to run, the man didn’t stop as he continued chasing him down , at first tunde contemplated waiting for the man , he knew he couldn’t run too far before the man catch up with him but he still tries to run , after few steps , the man stroke him with the knife. Before tunde could look at where the knife had cut him ,the fiercely looking man punched a blow to his face and before he knew what was happening , he was on the floor crying in pain, the man mounted him ,pulled out the knife again, and tried to stab him in the chest , but to his surprise the he suddenly stopped as he was about to bring down the knife on him, few seconds later he saw drops of blood from the man’s head ,someone had struck him from behind but he didn’t know who it was, the man fell heavily on him ,hitting tunde’s head hard on the floor, tunde cried in pain and tried pushing the body away from him but he was weak because of the blood he has wasted, as he struggles to get the man off him, he noticed that someone was helping him as well, as the person lifted the dead body from his head, the person he saw surprised him.

Standing over the dead body was the young man that gave him water during his lock up, tunde was confused, “is he trying to help him? or he is taking orders from capon or anyone in control at that time?” , the young man stretched his hand to him , tunde grabbed it and whine as he tries to get up, he wasn’t fully on his feet when he noticed the sudden stiffness of the young man’s hand , his hand was cold and it wasn’t moving anymore, he wasn’t trying to pull him up anymore, tunde fell back on his back and then he looked up and realized what has happened ,the young man had been struck in the head by another man, he watched in horror as the young man fell to the ground with his face, tunde was scared he has never held the hand of a dyeing person before, but his problem continued when he realized that the man who struck the young man was about to strike him to death too, he tried moving but his body was heavy due to weakness, the man raised his cutlass but to his surprise again someone had come to his rescue .

As the man was about to bring down his cutlass on him, tunde heard a gun short “Booooom!” first he was scared that the man was trying to hack him to death, but on hearing the sound of the gun he became more scared because he didn’t know the direction it was coming from, he then let out a scream while he closed his eyes not wanting to look at the man.

He opened his eyes some minutes later and saw that the man that was trying to kill him was on his knees, the cutlass had fell from his hand, he was moving slowly till he fell on his back, tunde looked at the direction of the main gate and who he saw surprised him.

Funke was standing at the gate with a gun in her hand pointing towards his direction,it was obvious that she short the man, moments later she lowered the gun and rushed towards him, looking around to see if anyone was coming to attack them ,she helped him to get on his feet then hurriedly walk towards the gate. Dayo was sitting in the car looking back at interval to see if anyone was coming from behind him, he was scared.

Moments later he saw funke emerged from the gate with tunde’s right hand wrapped around her neck while her left hand was on his waist to support him as he walked. Dayo rushed towards them, grabbed tunde’s left hand then placed it on his neck also while they rush him towards the car.

They were almost at the car now when they notice a police van coming in their direction, funke tried to move faster so she could get tunde in the car before the police could get to them, but the van was on full speed. As the van was few meters from them, the driver stepped on break and the car tires screeches before it stopped , six police men got out hurriedly and pointed their guns to them , just as they were shouting and giving them orders to get down on their feet, tunde looked at funke to see if she was still holding her gun but he realized that she wasn’t holding it so he was relieved, the three of them went on their knees , two of the police men stepped forward with handcuffs but just then they heard car noises ,looking up they saw three more police vans loaded with officers, a man came down from the second van and surprisingly he said “ Dayo is this your cousin?” dayo looking up with a little smile now said “yes! This is my cousin and his girlfriend” the man looked in the way of the house and said, “ that is where we are operating! , let these people go! “ the officers quickly saluted the man then matched towards the gate of the house leaving the three of them.

They got tunde into the car some minutes later then dayo took the wheel as he then hurriedly drive to the hospital .has he was driving funke was at the back seat with tunde parting his head making sure that he’s eyes were still open and screaming at Dayo to drive faster, she tore a small part of his cloth, and used it to cover the spot where he was wounded, tunde cried as she touched the surface of the wound with the cloth but she covered his mouth and ask him to calm down ,she told him that he has lost enough blood and she needs to stop the bleeding before he faints, she applied more pressure to the wound making sure the blood was getting little or no chance of flowing any longer .

Dayo was driving with fear , praying and hoping that nothing happens to his cousin, he drove as fast as he could, overtaking cars he met on the driveway .About ten minutes later he got to the hospital, but as he parked the car so he could assist funke in getting tunde into the hospital, he noticed tears flowing from funke’s, eyes with the greatest fear he could ever feel he asked “what happened!!!!!? “
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episode 8

[]Tunde opened his eyes and he saw himself in a familiar room, the settings of the room was like that of the one he was admitted to when he got hit by car, the only difference here was just that the chair in the room was placed in a different position, and this time around funke wasn’t there to look after him , someone else was.

A young lady which shouldn’t be more than 19 years of age was sitting on the chair, she was light skinned and beautiful. Tunde wanted to get the attention of the young lady so he coughed , the young lady looked up at him with wide smile on her face as she said, “ oh ! Thank God you! Let me quickly get the nurse”, she ran out of the room while tunde wondered who she was.

Moments later, she came back with a nurse who greeted him with a smile on her face and asked him some questions , before checking his wounds , she was happy to inform him that the he should be out of the hospital in few days . tunde gave a quick smile, then turn to the young lady to ask who she was, “ and who are you please! “ asking in a bit rude manner, but before she could answer him , he heard funke’s voice from the direction of entrance to the room, the nurse was blocking his view because she was changing the bandage on his wound , so he couldn’t get a clear view of her, minutes later, the nurse finished , moved away from the bed side, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Tunde with his mouth wide open saw funke with an unknown man in the room, the man was looks older than him, he had a close facial look as funke ,but he wasn’t still sure who he was , with his eyes glued to the man he said “ yes ! who are you?!” there were traces of fear and anger in his voice, but he kept his gaze locked with that of the man, funke didn’t allow the man to answer, she gestured to him to let her do the talking, she then turned to tunde , gave him a calm down look then said “ am sure you are surprised by seeing this new faces around here?” pointing to the man behind her she said “ here is my brother kunle , the one that ……”, tunde interrupted her by saying “ wait! The one that got admitted to a psychiatric home?” She nodded her head while she answered “ yes, same one “ tunde couldn’t believe it, he then asked, “ but how? Or when did…” she cuts in and said “ yeah, same way I was surprised yesterday night when I got a call from the home that my brother as regained his senses “she said, looking at her brother with a smile, kunle smiled back and said “ all she said is true , God just did a miracle for me, and am very grateful” he paused then continued”

I heard about all you went through because of me, am very sorry for everything” tunde looking calm now said “ wow, am really surprised , I don’t even know what to say right now ,but we just thank God sha” he smiled then looked the way of the young woman then said “ and who is this ?” asking in a more friendly tone now

“oh! This is lola, my neighbors daughter that I usually leave at that the store when am not around, I asked her to come and stay here while I clean up my brother” tunde acknowledged her then thanked her for coming, he looked back at funke then asked “ so what happened to capon and his gang?” funke ,feeling a bit sad ,said” well capon and some of his key guys were killed in the fight “ tunde nodded his head, feeling happy , but then she said “ but osama got killed too” tunde felt a bit pity for him, he was trying to save him ,although they already had their beef, he thought to himself,

then he continued talking after a while” I noticed you didn’t have your gun with you when the police men stopped us?” funke smiled and said “ you no trust me?, I threw it in the gutter immediately I saw the police van coming ,but we still have to thank dayo sha, he saved us, thank God he knew that officer” tunde then asked “ so dayo called the police? What if he had not known any of them ?” he said, then funke sat by the bed side then said “ according to what he told me sha ,he said the man was the boss and he knew him from way back, so he had informed him about the kidnap and that a fight was going on , although he didn’t get us involved sha” , they all laughed and talked for the rest of the day .

Tunde arrived at the international airport that Saturday morning with his cousin, he was going back to the U.S , he wasn’t ready to die for a woman and her family, he as his life to live ,his cousin dayo had bought the flight ticket, even went as far as helping him to pack his bags, tunde was reluctant initially, he didn’t like the idea but dayo convinced him that it was the best thing to do, he needs to leave the country without letting her know.

Tunde was still feeling reluctant, he wanted to let her know he was leaving, but his cousin wouldn’t let him, it’s been 30min since they arrived at the airport, and checking in was to commence soon, both he and his cousin were busy talking about the weather when he suddenly stopped and said,“ I need to let her know am leaving” dayo looked at him with an angry face then said “ why you no dey hear word self?! , wetin dey worry you?!, you wan kill yourself?!” tunde looking, unhappy, he decided to beg his cousin” abeg even if na just text message I fit send , at least before she reach here I for don move naw” dayo nodded murmuring some words .


tunde was still typing, he didn’t even hear the announcer when they asked passengers of flight 566 to move to the departure area , dayo dragged the phone from him, looked at the long epistle he has written and decided to delete some , he deleted all other messages but only left out some part ,then sent it, he removed the Nigerian sim card in the phone and then handed it back to tunde.

Funke was calculating the total money for the goods a customer bought when she heard a message tone from her phone , she initially ignored it thinking it’s a text message from the network operators , but minutes later she couldn’t explain why she could not take her eyes off the phone, maybe because she was expecting a call from tunde ,so she feels he might send a text message instead of a call, she greeted the customer that was just about leaving then quickly rushed to her phone, she unlocked it and there it was , a message from tunde, she was really happy, she quickly opened the message but she was surprised to see a message that reads that says “ I LOVE YOU FUNKE, BUT I HAVE TO LEAVE”.

Funke cried all morning, she kept trying the number but it was not available, she knew he must have switched off the phone, she cried a lot more for the rest of the day, wondering if he will ever come back for her, even if he is not, would she ever get a man she could love and who will love her that much again?, she later locked the shop for the day and went home. After much consoling from her brother, funke felt a little bit better , she was happy now” even though tunde has left her, she still has her brother, he was her first love, her blood, someone she could talk to”she thought, she later went to bed feeling better that night.

The next morning was Sunday, so they both prepared for church, she felt comfortable , and happy in the arms of her brother,” person wey go marry this guy go first take permission from me” she thought , smiling to herself.

They were inside the church later that morning as the pastor preached, his message that morning was about accepting what God has destined for you, accepting destiny and believing that God has greater plans for you, she was enjoying the sermon, relating everything the pastor said to tunde leaving her, she believes he left for greater things to happen in her life.

After the church service that day, she put her hand under her brothers arm as they walk out of the church , they soon got into their car as he took the steering, after driving for about ten minutes from the church venue, they came across the traffic light that indicated red, meaning they should stop, as they both laughed and talk about childhood experiences, she saw a car stopped beside the driver’s side of the car, the guys in the car where on red bandanas , suddenly the guy sitting at the passenger side of the car pulled out an ak47 gun and sprayed the whole car, funke was not able to alert her brother before the shooting as she also went down to dodge the bullets, after like 3 minutes later ,she raised her head and realized what has happened , her brother was dead!. THE END!

Special thanks to everyone that followed this story from the beginning to the end, thank you for your constructive criticisms,God bless you all.