[STORY] Big & Bold (episode 1-8)

Episode 1 On that sunny afternoon tunde was at a nearby super market to get fresh eggs for the house, funke was smiling at him from the counter, one of the other customers at the shop had to look back at him to see who she was smiling at, when it was his turn to pay he slipped a thousand naira on the table for her and whispered “ see you at 7” then she replied “ I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world” then he left the shop, on walking down the street back to the house, suddenly he heard car tires screeching!!!!! behind him, he looked back but couldn’t fully get a full view of the car before being KNOCKED INTO THE NEARBY GUTTER, that was the last thing he remembered. RECAP After the presentation to their clients that afternoon his boss said to him “Nice job u did there Tunde , I knew you gave it your best shot“ I looked at him with a sad face and nodded then he said “ don’t feel bad about It, you are still the best 3D designer we have got around here, such thing happen when you work too hard, you know what I have discovered from my experience in this job? it is that you need time to get away , that way you get new ideas, new inspiration, so if I were you I wouldn’t waste time on this issue , tomorrow morning I will be on the plane jetting out to somewhere nice” he said with a smile and left his office, he learned back in he’s chair turned around and stare at the busy road from the glass wall of my office, then he thought “ I think Mr. smith is right, I need some rest ,I need some new ideas, I need to go somewhere inspiring, but were will I even go? ,France?, Italy?, Holland? ” the ring tone of his cell phone brought him back to reality, he looked at the screen and it was his cousin Dayo from Nigeria, ” hey badoo!, how you dey ” he said “ omo I just dey low-key o, how is work? “ he said, ‘ Men work is ok jare , just a little stressed out noni ” he replied, “ men you need to dey rest o” I was just thinking of where to spend two weeks out of my leave self, wait how is your schedule for the next two weeks “ he said , “ next two weeks? Nothing much, just work, do you want to come to naija?” he said “ yeah ,abi what do you think? ” he replied “it’s cool , but hope you will be able to cope when am at work sha” I go manage jare he said ” ok no problem make the arrangements and let me know your schedule for arrival ok” he said, “no problem bro will do that” have got to go bro will talk to you later. he got to Nigeria less than a week later and it was fun, his cousin showed him around his home and introduced him to a couple of friends, his first weekend was fun, they went out to public viewing center to watch football then ended up at the club at night. On Monday morning his cousin left home very early for work but left a note for him on the kitchen table and it reads “morning bro am off to work, make you self comfortable ok, be back by 6pm” he looked at the time ,it was 9am” wow if I had woken up by this time in new York ,I would have been running down the street so I could get to work early I thought” he looked around the house and found out there wasn’t light” oh shit, this Nigerian government as not fixed the power problem yet” . Later that morning he fixed himself something to eat slept a lot more, when it was afternoon he got tired of the light issue and decided he was going out to have some fun,he was about living the house when he noticed that nepa had brought the light ,he was tempted to stay back in the house so he did, he spent the rest of the day downloading some latest movies and music from my cousins laptop that he left for me. Days went by and he became more bored ,his cousin had thought me how to on the generator but he hated the noise so he preferred to wait for nepa , he wasn’t really enjoying his holiday and no ispiration was coming to him.he was hungry one afternoon so he decided to fry some eggs ,on getting to the fridge he found out there were no eggs so he thought of buying eggs for the house, he left the house and went down the street where a small super market was located ,on entering the super market he met a woman at the counter , dark skinned , average looking , guessing her age she should be few years younger than me but the most noticeable feature she has is that she is fat, not the shapeless kind of fat though ,she is well endowed but one couldn’t but notice that she is fat. she smiled at him as he entered the shop, he greeted her and she said “ what do you want sir” he replied “ do you have eggs madam” forming American ascent, she looked at me and said “ sorry can you repeat that sir” then he smiled while feeling himself before repeating himself “ I mean do you sell eggs” she smiled and said “yes of course u can go to the shelf by your right sir” he walked to the shelf grabbed a couple of small crates of eggs then moved to the counter ,” you are new in this area? “She asked , then he replied “ sure I am anything madam?” he asked jokingly ” nothing o just noticed that it’s a new face, did you just moved in? “ she said, not knowing the answer to give her then he said “ well I just came to spend some weeks with my cousin , he lives down the street “ he said, he noticed she was looking at him with so much attention that he was starting to feel uncomfortable . she packed his eggs then he payed, he was about exiting the shop when he sliped and fell to the ground!!,all the eggs he bought got broken !!, he kept hearing sorry o!, sorry o !, from the fat woman and other customers that was about to enter into the shop, he got up , cleaned his clothes , she helped him get the broken eggs and to his surprise she went to the shelf and got new packs then gave then to me. he stood there looking at her then she turned and said “ you can leave the money sir’ sorry about everything “ he said “thank you but i have money for them,”and she said “dont worry about it just go,please take care of yourself ” he was surprised because its been long since someone last gave him something for free,he said thank you again then left the shop. Over the next 2 days he couldn’t count the number of times he visited the store to get something even the smallest of things, he was beginning to get used to her , he was enjoying the little chats between them and he can bet that she was enjoying it to from the expression on her face. they got along very well that later they exchanged numbers, he added her on whatsapp and they chat all day . Occasionally he visit the shop just to pick up a few things and also to get a glimpse of her beautiful face. It was Sunday morning , he was still on bed when he got a message from her that says “hello dear” then he replied “ my sweetheart , how was your night” she puts a smilly face and wrote “ it was great dear, I slept like a baby” then he replied by saying “ wow that’s cool dear, so whats your plan for the day” she waiting for a while before replying by saying” I just got dressed for church, will soon be leaving” then he said” ok no problem make sure you pray for me too sha” then she asked “ instead of you to get up and come with me “ he gave a smilly face and said” because of you I would have come but to be honest am not really the religious type, I believe in God but I don’t believe in going to church” then she replied with “ ok o, have got to go now” immediately and idea came to hes head” what will you be doing after church” “ nothing will just be home “ she replied, “ ok why don’t you come over to my place” he said “ hmmm , your place?, ok where do you stay” she said “ the blue roof house down the street I said” I said “ wait is that not where Mr Dayo stays “she said then he replied “ yes , Dayo is my cousin” she went silent at the other end of the phone until I shouted hello, then she replied “am sorry tunde, I cant come”I sent a message saying “ why don’t you want to come” it shows that she as read it but she never replied then later she was offline

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