[STORY] BEYOND THE Stars (episode 1-10)

Episode 1 ??

? Adelaide ?

” Mam Ade,, it’s time for your sword fighting practice ” My personal maid said waking me up

” Oh yeah, thanks Lilah ” I said yawning

” And after that, you need to go to the Third master’s house with Young master Logan ” she said

” Gosh, for what? ” I asked with my eyes wide opened

” I think it’s urgent ” She replied

” Is father aware of this? ” I asked

” He asked me to give you this information ” she said and I sigh

” Okay,, sword fighting first ” I said getting up and took my sword.

I walked into my practice room and started my job ?

Okay a little introduction will do

I am Adelaide Taylor,, the only daughter of the Fifth Master here in our Asia Melons gate

The Masters consists of 10 brave Soldiers who have win different wars back in their days

So they were named according to how powerful they are,, and fortunately for me, my father is the Fifth master.

These 10 masters have young soldiers under them,, mainly for wars. So as the only daughter,, I am also strong. I have gone on so many wars also,, am glad my father has so much confident in me. Forgetting the fact that I’m a girl.

And besides,, many people believe am a boy, due to the way I dress always in my sword art clothes.

So he have just four masters powerful than him,,,, it’s cool anyway.

I really don’t know the reason why we need to go to the third master’s house anyway,,

” Hey Ade ” Someone called and I stopped my practice

” Hey Logan ” I said

Logan as being my best friend from when we were young,,, his father ( The sixth Master ) died when he was two years old

Since he was my father’s best friend,, my father took Logan into his house and we’ve always train together.
” You need to stop,, we are gonna be late ” he said

” Okay,,, I should take my bath now ” I said and rushed into my room

I took a quick bath and dressed up,, I weaved my hair in my normal style,, no body ever find out I have a long hair,, funny though.

I took my sword,, yeah I take my sword with me any where I go. I walked out of the room and went to father’s room.

” Father, how are you doing? ” I asked

” Am good,, are you ready for the visit already? ” he asked

” Yes father ” I said with a bow

” Good,, you can leave now before you get there late ” he said and I rushed out forgetting that I wanted to ask him what the visit is all about.

” Hey Logan, let’s leave ” I said and we started walking to the third master’s house ( This story is an old Asian story,,, no car in this village,,, and they dress in the old Asian culture. Happy reading ?)

” What do you think the visit is about? ” I asked Logan

” I don’t know,, Master never told me ” he replied

” Gosh, father is unbelievable. How can we just go to,,,,, ” suddenly I saw a large view of people in front of us, they seem different, are they aliens?

I blinked and I couldn’t find them again

” Logan,, did you see what happened just now? ” I asked in shock

” What happened? ” he asked

” I saw crowds just now ” I said and he laughed

” Did you use your medications? I didn’t see anything ” he said

” Oh,, maybe I was just day dreaming ” I said

” Yeah ” he replied

But,,, I really saw crowds

Shut up Ade,,,, it’s not real. You are just weak

” The young masters are here ” one of the soldiers announced immediately we got there

” Gosh, when will they get the fact that I am a girl? ” I asked Logan

” Maybe when you stop beating up boys ” he said and I scoff

We walked into the Guest sitting room and sat down waiting for the master to come out


” Wow,, I can’t believe the Arching festival is coming so soon ” I blurted as we walk back to our dorm

( Arching Festival is the popular festival in which young trainee Soldiers come to fight against each other to know those who are capable of going to the next war.)

” Will you fight this year? ” Logan asked

” Of course,, I love fighting remember? ” I said showing off my skills

Actually, I don’t know the best between Logan and I.

” Ade,, you are a girl “..

” You don’t have to remind me,, I know ” I said knowing where exactly the topic is leading to

I promised to make my father proud no matter what, I don’t want him to feel like he doesn’t have a son .

” I have to take a nap right now,, tell Lilah that I don’t want any disturbance ” I said as we got home

” Okay ” he replied

I entered my room and locked the door,,,, I turned toward my room and suddenly Saw the crowd again,,, yeah I knew it. But what is this?

I moved closer and touched what seems like an entrance to them,,, wow I can touch it.

And I walked in,, I looked back and I couldn’t find my room again,, oh no how do I go back?

I saw people starring at me and saying things

? Oh my God!!

? Who is he?

? Why is he dressed like that?

? Oh no, he’s holding a sword ?

? Is he an alien?

? See what he’s wearing, what’s that?

? So strange, where is he from?

Am so lost right now,,, these people are weird. I should be asking those Questions

Where is this? Why are they dressed like this? Are they aliens? And what are those things moving around? ( Cars And Bikes ) they are so strange

I started walking and walking checking everything out while people run from me when I get close to them

Weird,, they are scared of sword? I wanted to laugh but I could not coz,, I don’t know what’s going on right now.

” Hey dude,,, ” somebody tapped me and I turned back only to find the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen

His hair look so long and black, the hair covered half part of his eyes

But what cloth is he putting on? So strange

” What are you doing! You are scaring the people with this ” he said pointing at my sword

I brought out the sword and he moved backward,,, what? He’s scared too?

” You are not gonna hurt me with that right? ” he asked and I shook my head sideways

” Where are you from? ” he asked and I kept quiet

” You can’t talk?”

” Dude? ” he called again

” Follow me ” he said and started walking while I followed him..

He entered something ( Car )

” Come in” he said and I entered looking at it strangely

” You’ve never seen a car? ” he asked

” You are so weird dude ” he said and laughed

Finally he drove into a compound with a gigantic building,,, the house is so huge compared to the one I live.

We came out of the car and started walking into the house

” Welcome sir ” Different maids bow their heads

Who is he anyway?

” Have a seat ” He said and I sat down

” President Charles we have some,,,,, ” She stopped immediately she saw me

So this guy is a president? He doesn’t look like one, he’s so young

” Who is this? ” she asked pointing at me

” An illegal citizen I guess ” Charles said.

” He’s so scary ” she said dropping a file on the table.

” You can leave,, I will call you later ” he said and she walked out immediately

” so dude,,,, ”

” I’m a girl ” I cut in

” Excuse me? ”

” I am a girl ” I repeated

” Okay cool,, where are you from? ” he asked

” Asia Melons gate ” I said

” Are you crazy? This is Asia Melons gate ” he said and I sigh

I hate explaining myself,,,

” I am from another world called Asia Melons,,, I am only stuck here and I need to go back to where I belong ” I said

” gosh,, why can’t I understand a thing? ” he said and rough his hair

The truth is,, I don’t understand either

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Episode 2

? Charles ?
” What do you mean by she’s staying here tonight? She’s nothing but a stranger,, and besides she’s weird ” Vera said almost sounding angrily

” Vera, this is my house and I take in whoever I want. You are just my PA and nothing else, stop telling me what to do ” I said calmly even though I wanted to yell at her

” I am sorry sir, but,,, ”

” No buts,, take her to the guestroom and make sure she lacks nothing ” I said and walked out of the house.

I have an important place to go right now,, ten guards followed me immediately

One opened the car and I entered,,, two followed me in the same car while the others got into another car.

” What time is the meeting starting? ” I asked Vera on phone

” 4:00pm sir ” she replied. I checked the time and it’s 3:50 already

” Okay ” I said and hang up

” Can you increase the speed? ” I asked politely

” Yes sir ” the driver replied and I rested my head on the seat cooling down my tension.

A part of me wanted to believe her,, but it’s odd.

” We are here Mr President ” The driver announced the guards behind me

? The president is here!
? Looking so cute
? Clear the way

I smiled and waved at the people, they gasped at my action.

I got into the meeting hall and everyone stood up,, I sat down and gave them order to sit.

” You are welcome ” The VP ( Vice President.) Said since she’s sitting next to me

” Thanks ” I smiled

And then the meeting started

? Adelaide ?
I keep on pacing around the room,, what the f–k is happening? Why can’t I go back home?

Father will be searching for me already,, what do I do?

I checked the window and four cars drove in, I guess the guy is back or should I say president?

A guard opened the car for him and he came in, he walked in with his hands in his pocket.

I rushed and sat down on the bed immediately, I am sure he’s gonna come here.

Someone knocked the door and I went to open the door

” Hey, how are you doing? ” he asked and came in

” I am not doing fine,, I need to go back ” I said with my finger in my mouth

” Then you can leave, am not asking you to stay ” he said

” That’s the problem,,, I don’t know how to go back ” I replied

” Wait,, I don’t understand you. Where are you from? Korea? China? India? Where? ” he asked

” I already told you where am from ” I replied

” I am totally confused,,, there is no other Asia melons than the one we are right now, how do I believe you? ” He said and I held his hand

” You don’t have to believe me ” I said and he seem surprised

” Gosh,, but you really need to change your cloth right now. You can’t dress like this here,, you are scary ” He said and I nodded

” I will be back ” he said and walked out

Gosh, I really don’t know what to do right now.

? Charles ?

” Get her some clothes from the mall ” I said to Vera

” This is unbelievable ” she said

” Vera,, just do what I said. Stop murmuring ” I said

” Can you go now? ” I asked raising an eyebrow

” Okay sir ” she grumped and walked out

I shook my head sideways,, she’s something else

A call came on my phone,, I checked the caller and it’s Ellis

? Hey Ellis
I smiled,, he’s my most closed friend

? my president
He teased

? I thought you’ve changed,, I told you not to address me as that

? But you are,,,,

? Oh please,,, why are you calling anyway?

? I’m back,, expect me in your house in 1 hour

? That’s cool, can’t wait to see you

? Then fly to me
He said

? Idiot

I end the call immediately

I walked to the strange girl’s room,,,

” Hey ” I said and she nodded, am sure she’s thinking about going home

” What’s your name? ” I asked

” Adelaide ” she replied, wow cool

” So Ade,, I ordered Vera to get some clothes for you. Am sure she will be back in a,,,,, ” I was interrupted by a knock

” It’s Vera ” the voice said

” She’s back ” I said and opened the door

Vera stare at me before dropping the bags and walked out,,,

” You should take your bath and put one on ” I said and she nodded

I went out of the room,,,

” Hey ” I called one of the maids

” Yes sir? ”

” I want you to go to the guestroom,, help me take care of her. She’s an important guest ” I said

” Okay sir ” She said and went away

I went back to my home office,, I really have more works to do than I thought.

” Hey Charles ” Ellis came in with a grin

” Hey ” I said and we sidehug

” Have your seat ” I said
” You don’t have to tell me that ” he said and I scoff

He’s still crazy like our secondary school days, such an a—–e

? Adelaide ?

” What is that? ” I asked pointing at something

” Its called a shower ” The maid replied and I nodded

” And the one you are in is called a bathtub ” she said and I nodded

” Cool ” I said

I moan in sweetness as she rub my body with the liquid she called cream,, after that she help me put on something on my body

” This is called a top ” she said ” And this is a trouser ” she added and I nodded

” Top and trousers ” I said and she smiled

” Now let’s do your hair ” she said trying to touch my hair

” Wait,,, I’ve never removed the band from my hair in from of anyone ” I said holding her hand

” Just trust me ” she said

I released her hand and she removed the band while the long hair loosed,,,

” Wow,,, your hair is so long ” she said with a smile

” Thanks ” I replied

She used a brush on them,,,

” Just leave it this way ” she said

” What? I can’t ” I said

” Mr president love long hairs ” she winked

” What? Why do I need to impress him? ” I pouted

” Just trust me ” she winked

” You don’t need make up, you are pretty this way ”

” What’s your name? ” I asked

” Leia ” she said

” Am Adelaide ” I said

She wear a shoe on my foot and we both walked out of the room

? Charles ?

” So sad you are leaving already ” I said seeing Ellis off

” I need to do something right now ” he said

” Okay good ” he entered the car and drove off

I walked back into the house,,,,

” Hey, ” Someone called and I looked up only to find a stranger

” Who are you? ” I asked

” what do you mean? Its Adelaide ” she said and I was shocked

” Ade? ” I asked in disbelief

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Episode 3 ?

? Charles ?

” Ade? ” I asked in disbelief
” Yeah, it’s me ” she replied

No,,, the lady standing before me right now is like a god,, how can someone be as beautiful as this?

Long hair, pink lips, straight legs,,, oh my God

” Is there anything wrong with the dress? ” she asked checking herself
” No,, no,,, you are so good looking in that ” I said stopping her from checking herself out
” Okay, thanks ” She said pulling her hair from her face

I couldn’t help but to continue starring at her

” Sir,,, you’ve got an important meeting with the Vice president ” Vera said giving me a file
” When? ” I asked
” In thirty minutes sir ” She replied
” Oh,,, okay. You can leave ” I said and she left.

” I will be back,,, make sure you wait for me hun? ” I said tapping her shoulder
” Remember I have nowhere to go ” she said
” That’s better for now,,, ” I said and went in

But why will Ana call me for an important meeting? Gosh,,,,

I put on a trouser and a round neck shirt,,, I went out of the house.

” No,, I’m going alone ” I said as the guards rushed toward me
” Okay sir ” they replied

I entered the car and drove off to her house


I got to the house and entered,,,, she’s in the sitting room

” Hey Charles ” she said and walked to me,,, and peck my cheek
” Hi Ana ” I said pulling her away softly from myself

I walked to the couch and seat

” You called,, why? ” I asked
” Charles,,,,, don’t you think it’s time to make everything work? ”

” What do you mean,,? ” I asked

She walked to me and sat down on my laps,,, I looked up at her shockingly, what the hell is she doing?

” We love each other Charles,,,, I know that. And besides people believe we are actually dating,,,, ”
” Stop Ana ” I stood up immediately
” I never told you I love you ” I said
” But Charles, I love you alot ” She said and held my hand

” I don’t love you Ana ” I said and walked out of her house

I shouldn’t have come here in the first place,,,,

? Adelaide ?
Why is he taking so long? I’m really hungry right now,, I don’t even know the way to the kitchen. This house is just too big for my liking.

I opened my window and I saw his car coming in,,, a slight smile appeared on my lips, thank God he’s back.

I waited patiently for him, I know he’s gonna come here first

A knock came on my door, I rushed to open up immediately

” I guess you’ve been waiting for me ” he said coming in and I nodded
” You must be hungry ” he said and I replied with another nod
“Come with me ” he said dragging my hand after him

” Where are we going? ” I asked
” Just follow me, i’m not gonna sell you ” he said
” Of course you can’t,, you know I can break bones right? ” I smirk
” Oh shit, I forgot you are a warrior ” he said

” Not yet,, but very soon ” I said and he stopped
” You are gonna become a warrior? ” he asked turning to me
” Of course ” I said with a smile

He sigh and continue walking until we got to the car.

” Just the driver ” he said as almost all the guards rushed to us
They left immediately leaving the driver who quickly got into the car.

After what seem like forever,The car finally stopped and we both got out.

He took my hand again dragging me along with her inside a building,,,

” What is this place? ” I asked looking round
” Restaurant ” he replied, I saw people taking pictures of their president,, that’s cool anyway

But what type of president will never allow bodyguards follow him around?

We both sat down and a girl in something like uniform came to us

” Hello ” she said with a bow
” Hi ” Charles replied
” What do I offer you Mr president and girlfriend? ” she asked

” Fried Rice And chicken will do ” he said and the girl went away
” What’s fried rice? ” I asked
” You will see ” he said
” And what’s girlfriend? ”

” Gosh, you really have a lot to learn ” he said itching his neck
” Do I need to learn them,, next time I leave this place, am not coming again ” I said

” That’s better warrior ” he said and I rolled my eyes

? Ana ?

” What? ” I shouted as I read the heading of the news,,


What the f–k is happening right now? Who the hell is the girl? No one messes with me Ana.

I took my phone immediately and dialed Vera’s Number

She picked the call

? I just read the news right now, who is the girl with Charles?
I asked angrily

? She’s a stranger, I don’t know anything about her ”
She replied

? What do you mean by she’s a stranger? The news said it’s his girlfriend ”

? That’s rumor

? Are you sure of that?

? Yes mam, very sure

? Okay good, I want you to keep an eye on that girl

? Consider it done ma, I don’t like the girl rugger

I ended the call

I can’t believe Charles rejected me because of that Thing? I will get you soon

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Episode 4??

? Adelaide ?

We walked out of the restaurant after eating,, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the meal

” Do you like the food? ” he asked and I nodded
” Yeah, it’s nice ” I replied and smiled
” Good ” he said and pat my back

We entered the car and the driver started driving home,, my mind went to Father and Logan. I’m sure they will be waiting for me right now,,

And I am stuck here, how do I get back home?


We finally got home,,, I went to my room and laid my head on the bed. I took my sword like I have a mission to do with it.

Maybe I really missed fighting already,,, I closed my eyes and sleep took over almost immediately.

? Charles ?

” What do you mean by she’s not in her room? Then where is she? ” I asked almost yelling

” Sir, I have no idea ” Vera said
” Move ” I said and walked upstairs

I entered the room and could not find her,, I checked the table

” What? Her sword is gone too,,, has she return to where she came from? But how? ” different questions rushed through my brain

I roughed my hair and walked out of the room,,, she’s gone and will never come back here.

I sat down in my office thinking about her,,, how can she just leave like that?

? Adelaide?

I opened my eyes slowly,, I hurried out of bed at what I see.

I am back,,, but how did I get here?

I ran out of my room immediately,,,

” Mam? ” Alia called looking at me with a surprise face
” What happened? ” I asked

” Your dress? ” She said
That was when I remember that,, oh God.

” Where have you gone to? We have been searching for you all over the places ” she said and hugged me
” I will explain everything to you later,, but I need to see father right now ” I said

” Definitely not in this ” she point to my cloth again
” Oh yeah ” I said and went back to my room

I changed into my normal outfit,, and went to father

” Father ” I called, he turned to me.

I can see he’s worried

” Adelaide? ” he called and I ran to him and hugged him with tears
” I’m sorry father ” I said weeping
” Where have you gone to? Everyone has been worried about you, I thought something bad happened to you ” he said holding me more tightly

” Am sorry father, but I have no idea ” I said unlocking from the hug
” What do you mean by you have no idea? ” he asked

” Before I can tell you anything,, I need to find out somethings coz I am also confused right now ” I said and bite my bottom lips.

” Okay,, I trust you ” he said

” Thank you father ” I said with a smile
” Go on and tell the soldiers that you are back ” he said and I went out.

” It’s Young Master!!! ” they chorused as I walked to them
” I am sorry for the problem I’ve caused,, am really sorry ” I said with my head bowed

” De!!!!! ( Okay.)

They all left while Logan stayed starring at me suspiciously

” Where were you? ” he asked

” I don’t know ” I replied
” What do you mean by you dont know!! ”
” You are shouting Logan ” I said

” Am shouting? Do you know what I passed through,, thinking about you?? Now I’m shouting? ”

” Am,,,, am,, sorry. I don’t know if you will believe me ” I said
” Tell me, I will believe you ” he said

” Actually,,,,,,,, I went to,,,, ”

” Mam Ade,,,, Master called for you ”
” Okay ” I said and left

Gosh,, how do I explain?

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Episode 5 ?

? Adelaide ?

” Father,, you called? ” I asked as I entered his room
” Yeah,, I want us to have lunch together ” he said walking out of the room

” Really? ” I smiled and followed him
” Yes,, I guess since you’ve matured, the distance is much. You always do one thing or the other ” he said and sat down as we got to the dinning table

” Not really father, I’m fine. I just want to make you proud of me ” I replied sitting down

” I am proud of you Ade,,,, but still I want you to remember that you are a girl ” he said with his mouth filled
” Father? You don’t have to remind me about that, I know ” I said chewing on my food

” Don’t worry,, I will make arrangements on your wedding soon with Aaron ( Third Master’s Son.) ” he said and I laughed

” No Father, am not getting married now ” I said
” You have serve me all your life,, you need to bring out the woman in you right now ” he said and I dropped my spoon

” But,,, father,, I’m fine ”
” No Ade,,,,, Get ready. Your marriage preparation will be starting soon,, from now. You won’t be wearing these ” he pointed at my clothes,, ” You should learn how to behave as a girl ” he said

” Yes,,,,,, father ” I said sadly


” You are getting married? To who? ” Logan asked wiping my tears

I sniff in

” Aaron ” I replied and burst into tears
” What? Aaron? What about me!! ” He half yelled and his eyes turned red
” What do you mean? ” I asked

” I love you Ade,, you should have noticed this for a long time ” ” So,, why don’t you tell me? ” I asked
” I couldn’t ” He replied

” It’s too late right now ” I said

I stood up and went into my room in tears,, I can’t believe am getting married. And my best friend is in love with me?

” Mam,,, It’s Alia ”
” Come in ” I said

She came in with a strange woman, in her early fifties

” Who is she? ” I asked.”
” Your trainer ” Alia replied and went out

” Hi,,, Am Nora ” smiled
” Yeah ” I said

” Firstly,, wear this ” she threw a dress to me
” What is wrong with what I’m wearing? ” I asked

” You should dress like a lady from now ” she said and I scoff
” I’m doing this because of my father ” I said and took the cloth, and my sword

” Where are you taking that sword to? ” she asked and I smirk
” Trust me,, she’s my best friend ” I said and winked

” You will stop that very soon ” she said
” Tell I will feed your bones to the gods ” I winked

I went to the bathroom to change,,,,

? Charles ?

” Who is she? ” I asked Ellis who continue to grin
” I don’t know,,, but I’m gonna find out ” he said

” Is she pretty? ” I asked
” Of course,,, long hair, and all that ” he smirk and my mind went to Adelaide

Where is she right now? Is she okay? When will I see her again?

” You are lost ” Ellis said snapping his finger
” Oh,, yeah. I really need to go home right now ” I said standing up

” Okay,, see you later ” he said and we shook hands

My guards opened the car and I went in,, the driver started driving home but all I was thinking about is Ade.

Stop thinking about her,, you won’t see her again,, yeah I should stop thinking about her. She’s not coming back.

I got home and come out of the car

I entered my room and rested my head on the bed

? Adelaide ?

I put on the dress and smirk,, do I even look good in this? It’s uncomfortable on me.

I took my sword and opened the door

” How do I look? ” I asked but kept quiet almost immediately

What the f–k!!! This is not my room,,,

I turned around,,, oh no it’s Charles House.

What???? Again!!!

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Episode 6 ??

? Charles ?

I walked out of my office and went to the room where Ade stayed,, I was tempted to open the door.

I was shocked to find Ade standing right before me looking confused,,, I checked her out. She’s putting on another type of clothe.

Her sword is still with her anyway,,

” Charles,,,, ” she called softly

I rushed to her almost immediately and hugged her tightly,, why do I miss her so much?

” You are back ” I said and smiled

” No,,, I don’t know how it happened again ” she said and I release from the hug

” I think it’s good anyway,, I really miss you alot ” I said

She ruffled her hair,, I touched the hair and loosed the band in it

” What are you doing? ”

” I love it this way ” I smiled

” I will be in trouble if I stay a night here ” she said with her finger in her mouth

” But,, why? ” I asked

” I’m getting married!! ” she yelled angrily as tears rushed down her eyes

” What,,, what do you mean? ” I asked

” See this? ” she said pointing at her dress

” I will be putting on this from now,,, I am starting my training on how to be a bride,, I went into the bathroom to change, I took my sword and opened the door,, I suddenly found myself here. Right now,, I am confused ” she said and sat down on the bed

” I don’t understand a thing ” I muttered

” You are really getting married? ” I asked again and she nodded

I faked a smile, ” That’s good ” I said

” You are happy for me? ” she asked without smiling

” of course,, why not ”

” But I don’t want to get married ” she blink out tears

” Why? ”

” I don’t know ” she replied and looked down

My eye went to her sword,, it’s shining ?. Like some sort of gold,, is it?

I was about touching it but she suddenly disappeared

Whaaaaaat,,,, she disappeared?

? Adelaide ?

” oh my God oh my God, how did you get here? ” Nora asked with her hands on her chest

I ignored her and looked round the room,, I am back again

Right now, I think I am out of my mind.

Am confused ?,, really confused!!!!

” I’m sorry,,, you wasn’t looking when I sat ” I lied

” It’s okay ” she said,,,, I’m glad she buy my lie

” Firstly, you are learning this ” she brought out a bead and some rope

” What is this? ” I asked

” Right now, we are making a waist bead ” she said and I scoff

” For who? ” I asked.

” You can also use it, you are a girl ” she said causing me to laugh

” What’s funny? ”

” How can I use this? Fighters don’t use waist beads ” I said

” You are not a fighter anymore, get that into your small brain ” she said using her finger to touch my head

I brought out my sword angrily and point it at her,, she gasped and moved back

” Try that again and I will behead you ” I said and keep the sword

” Let’s continue ” I said since she’s not ready to move

A guard came in almost immediately

” What’s happening my lady? I heard a sword,,,, ” he said breathing hard

” Its nothing,, ” I said and grin at Nora

” We are good ” I said

He bow and left ( ???)

” Let’s continue!! ” I yelled

” Yea ” she said and moved closer making sure there is space between us

I don’t care right now, but I’m confused about what is happening to me

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Episode 7 ??

? Ade’s Father ?
Some weeks later ??

” Why are we here? ” I asked as the third master and the fifth master stare at me

” It’s time ”

” For what? ” I asked looking confused
” We have to get ride of Ade’s Sword before things get out of hand ” One of them said and I sigh

” I am trying my best,, right now she’s getting married and she’s gonna stop all those things. Then,, I will be able to take that sword from her ” I said.
” It’s not that easy,, I know her, she’s a very determined person. She’s a fighter, a good one at that ” he said

” I will try my best ” I said ” And besides, she’s getting married in two days ”

How will I tell Adelaide that I have to take the sword from her? I’m sure she’s gonna refuse.

That sword was given to me to present it for her because she was destined to be a warrior,, but now the sword was discovered to be magical and not safe to be with her.

I really need to tell her something that will change her mind,, but how?

I got back to my house and went straight to my room,,

” Master, do you need anything? ” My personal guard asked
” Call Ade for me ” I said resting my head on the pillow
” Okay master ” he replied and rushed out of my room
” I wish you listen to me Adelaide ” I said to myself

Few minutes later he came in, alone.

” Where is she? ” I asked
” Sir, my lady,, is missing again ” he said and I stood up immediately
” What? ”
” Yes master ”

Gosh,, where is she again!!!

I roughed my hair angrily,,

” Get the guards right now,, search everywhere in the village!! ” I yelled
” Okay master!! ” he said and ran out

Where are you? Why do you always disappear when I need to see you?

? Adelaide’s Pov ?

I keep on thinking about him,, it’s like am charmed already. He really is my dream right now.
And here I am, getting married to someone I don’t even love?

I don’t know why!! Why can’t I come to you again!! Why!!!

Why can’t I come to your world again? Please,, let me come into your world,, and your heart too

” Charles!! I miss you so much!! ” I yelled angrily with tears rushing down my eyes

Suddenly I heard some sound,, I blocked my ear instantly. My eye caught with my sword that is on the bed

It’s shining and making some noise,, the light coming out from it almost blocked my sight.

I Bend down and took the sword,,,, what is happening right now?

And then I met myself in Charles’s room,,, what the f–k just happened?

I took my sword up,, the light is out already.
Oh my God,,, my sword!! My sword is,,,,,,

Suddenly the door opened, I turned and it’s Charles

” Charles!!! ” I shouted running to him in tears

Why are you crying? My inner mind asked
” I don’t know ” I said as I finally hugged Charles

? Charles’s Pov ?

I entered my room weakly and met someone whose back is like Ade, wait is she the one?

She turned,, a tear dropped from her eye

She ran to me and hugged me tightly,,,,,

” Did you miss me that much? ” I asked

” Am I not allowed to miss you? ” she asked in tears
” Of course,,, you can ” I said and hugged her back.

We finally unlock from the hug,,, she smiled and blink out tears

” Why are you so hurt? ” I asked wiping her tears with my palm
” I’m getting married in two days,, to someone I don’t love ” she broke down
” Then call off the wedding ” I said

” I can’t,,, but there is only one way to call it off “. She said

” What is it? ” I asked

she put her sword on the table and moved closer to me,,,

” Take my dignity ” she said


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Episode 8 ??

? Adelaide’s Pov ?

” Take my dignity ” I said

” What? I can’t do that ” he replied moving away from me

” Charles,, this is the only way you can help me. I don’t want to get married to that man. Please ” I said

” Still I can’t do that,, just find another way. Not this, am not that type of guy ” he said and a smile escape my lips.

He’s so different

” What are you smiling at? ” he asked snapping his finger

” Nothing, ” I replied and sat down on the bed ” I think my sword is the key to come into this world ” I said and he sat down beside me

” Wow ”

” And,, we may not be able to see each other again “I added

” why? ”

” Because,, after this wedding. The sword will be taken away from me ” I said and fake a smile

” What??!! ” he jerked up

” That’s the truth ” I said and wipe my tears

” I will loose you forever? ”

” Yeah,,, so. I am going right now,,,, thank you for the time we spent with each other, you are really one of a kind. ” I said and took my sword

” Wait!!! ” he shouted and hugged me tightly to himself

” I,,,, I love you ” he said and I unlock from the hug

” What did you say? ”

” I love you ” he repeated and a tear dropped from my eyes

” More than you do ” I said and kissed him

” I think this is our last meeting ” I said trying to prevent the tears forming in my eyes

” Will you forget me? ” he asked

” I can’t ” I shook my head negatively

I unlock from the hug and took my sword,,,

” Bye Charles ”

” Wait ” but I’m gone

I returned to my room and dropped the sword angrily,, things are just complicated right now. I can’t believe Adelaide is getting married,,,, hmm

” My lady,, you are back .you need to see master right now ” two guards said as they came into my room

I nodded and they left

I sigh before finally walking out of my room,,, I bump into Lucas and the starring began. He have been avoiding since I told him about the wedding

” Lucas,,, ” I called

” What ”

” We are still friends right? ” I asked

” Not until you tell me where you always run to,, ” he said

” So,, if I tell you. You will stop avoiding me? ”

” Sure ” he replied and I smiled a little

” What if I tell you there is another world different from ours? ” I asked and he laughed

” Are you crazy? How can something like that happen ”

” See? You don’t even believe me, ” I said and walked away

I know it’s impossible for someone to believe this,, it’s confusing and hard to believe.

” Father am here ” I said

” Where are coming from? ” he asked sounding somehow angry

” Am,,, ”

” Talk to me!!!! ” he yelled and I moved back fearfully, why is he so angry right now?

” Father am sorry,, it won’t happen again ” I said

” Get Ready,, the wedding is tomorrow ” he said

What??!? How can it be tomorrow? I’ve not even met with the guy, and am getting married to him??

” But father,!! ”

” Get ready,, that’s my word ” he said and I walked toward the door

” Give me your sword ” he said and I almost stumbled

” Father please,,, you can’t take this from me ” I cried

This is the only way I can see Charles,

” You don’t have to fight again Ade,, I will get you guards to do that when needed ” he said

I hand over the sword to him and ran out of the room in tears,,,

I ran into my room and cried bitterly,, I can’t believe I will never know happiness in my life again!!


I wish all these never happened in the first place,, am really hurt right now. Really hurt,,,

? Charles POV ?

Why did you come to me when you know you won’t stay? Why did you have to leave me when am finally falling in love again after so many years?

I wish I can come to that world of yours, to stay with you forever

” You need to stop thinking about her,, if she’s yours then she will definitely come back ” Ellis said taking the wine from me

” Mine? Do I have to prove that she’s mine? I’ve never feel this way for the past few years, what else do I need? ” I asked

” Dude,, its okay ” he said patting my back

Will you ever come back? How are you doing right now? Are you okay?

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Episode 9 ??

Semi Finale

? Adelaide ?

” My lady, you should come out now. Everyone is waiting ”

” Five more minutes ” I said and wipe my tears away

I wish I can just disappear right now,, but it’s like my hope is lost already. Should I accept my fate?

I don’t even love Aaron one bit,, he’s just like a friend to me. Now am getting married to him?

” My lady ” she called one last time and I got up

I checked myself out,,, I scoff at the bride wear am putting on. It doesn’t suit me, am not even happy about it.

” you look so beautiful ”

” Thanks ” I said and walked out of the room,, two bride maids followed me as we walk into the temple

Dressed so beautifully,, I wish am getting married to Charles, it will be my happiest day.

Right now I don’t even know how he’s doing,,,

” Do you take him Charles Chaplin as your wedded husband? ” I imagined the priest saying

” Do you take Aaron Delos as your wedded husband? ” The priest asked for real and I sigh

I don’t have a choice right?

” Yes, I,, do ” I replied

I saw him grinning,, is he happy to be my husband?

” You may now,, kiss the bride ”

What!!!!! Kiss who!!!! Me??!!!

He lean closer! Closer!! Closer!!! Stop!!!!!!

His lips landed on mine,, I wish I could push him away,, but hell no!! I can’t.

I closed my eyes,, I didn’t kiss him back though.

? Charles ?

My heart is hurting right now,, why do I have a feeling that she’s gonna leave me? What if she forget about me?

Will I be able to hold it in.

Ade,,, you are my love, you are the one I want. You came into my life so suddenly and you Stole My Heart,, you make me fall in love again.

How do I forget about you? How!!

” Charles!!! ” Ana shouted running to me and collected the bottle from me

” Why are you here?! ” I asked

” One of the bodyguard called me!! You will hurt yourself if you continue doing this!! ” she yelled

” What’s your business with that,, it’s my life ” I said

” I know,,,, but it’s hurting me to see you this way ” she said

” Why? ”

” Because I love you ” She said

Is this Ade?

” Are you Ade? ” I asked

” What?? Yeah, it’s me ” she said and I pulled her closer to me

” No,,, Charles. Its Ana!! Just get her out of your mind, she’s not coming back ” she said and wrap my arms around her neck

” Where are we going? ” I asked

” Am taking you to your room,, you look horrible ” she said

? Adelaide ?

Now it’s time to do what married couples do,,, I cried as the water splashes all over my body.

I entered into the room and he walked to me with happiness shown all over his face

” I know you are not happy about this,,, but Ade I really love you a lot. And I will do anything to make you accept me,,, you won’t regret this ” he said and kissed me

Should I believe him?

I closed my eyes and let him do his thing with me,,, what do I do? I already made my oath,, he broke my Virginity,,, he’s the one for me.

Maybe Charles is only a character,,, not for me

A tear dropped from my eyes,, what I want is different from what I got

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Episode 10

Finale ??

? Adelaide Pov ?

Three years have passed and many things has changed,, I wish I could bring back time and live my life the way I wanted.

If wishes were horses,, I faced my three years old girl smiling at me like an angel she is.

I still think about Charles everytime,,, but I really want to see him and tell him everything that happened. I want to ask him how he have been,,

But I can’t,, because we are not fated to be with each other. A smile escape my lips,, I am happy with Aaron, he loves me alot and will do anything to make me happy.

But you know what first love means right? I once heard someone saying first love doesn’t last,, I knew it’s a lie.

But right now,,, I am trying to fight my mind telling me it’s true that first love doesn’t last.

” Hey baby ” Aaron entered and pecked my lips

” Hey,, how was your day? ” I asked

” Great,, was thinking about you all day ” he said and I blushed

” You should do something else now adays ” I said

” What is more important than you? ” He asked and kissed me

” Dadaaa ” our daughter called

” Oh no,, am so sorry baby ” Aaron said lifting Angel up

” Am so sorry Angel ” he said and kissed her hair

Awwwn, so cute

Am trying my best to stay focus with Aaron,, I wish Charles is doing the same. I always wish for this every night I stare out of my window,, seeing many stars.

” I wish you are happy like I am ” That’s all
I can wish for.

If I am chanced to come back in my next life , am gonna love you and I will never leave you.

That’s my wish,,,,, dear Charles,, my first love ❤️

? Charles ?

Now,, I’ve waited for you this three years. Seems nothing is gonna change, maybe I lost you forever.

Or maybe we are not fated to be with each other right? But right now will never stop loving you,, you are not my first love.

You are my lost love,, gone for good and forever. A hurtful smile escape my lips when I think about her,, my first encounter with her.

How she dressed with sword in her hand,, how I kissed her. How her lips tastes like,, how we talked.

I can’t get her off my mind,, I love you so much Adelaide.

And here I am getting married to Eva,,, I wish you are also happy right now

” You may kiss the bride ” the pastor said

I smiled and kissed her with passion,,,

” I will always love you Charles ” she said

What else can i just wish for? I wish you find your true love in any world you are right now, I don’t know maybe i still exist in your dream right now.

But I still love you, and my love for you is,, Beyond The Stars ?