[STORY] Aunty Tope (+18) (episode 1-8)

Episode 1

I asked Aunty Tope again, to be sure
about what I
heard her say at first. And yes, she
repeated it. She
meant what I heard. She was even
motioning with
her protruded meat-filled mouth for me
to go ahead
fast! The itching seemed to be unusually
severe and
discomforting. She tried saying
something but the
meat in her mouth stifled her voice. She
could only
mutter some inaudible meaningless
sounds to which
I paid little attention.
“Get closer ma,” I managed to require,
doing my best
to keep my composure. If someone had
told me a
minute ago, that I would soon be in
such an awkward
position, I would have flatly argued the
“Uhhmmmm….uhm…uhmmmm” she
growled again.
It was hard to get a word from her but
I seemed to
understand her to mean I should hurry.
So I began
dipping my hand into her denim
As I did, the same scary question that
had being in
my head all along popped up one more
time “what if
mom comes into the kitchen?”. That
was a big
question I wasn’t sure what answer it
could get. Mum
should be tremendously happy to link
this rather
curious situation of ours to all her long
suspicions. The earlier I went about
this, the better, it
Initially, it kept proving too tight to
maneuver but
when I remembered that the hook was
still intact, I
was quick to go for it.
Aunty Tope as we called her was (in
explanation) mum’s closest friend. She
attended the
Teacher’s Training College with mom
back in the days
and both graduated to become basic
school teachers.
Although mom progressed further and
have grown
to become a lecturer in the University.
Tope didn’t
have exactly the same story. She joined
the business
society and soon became far richer
than mum. She
was never married though and thus
always had all
the time in the world to make long
visits to our home.
She usually stayed several weeks before
leaving and
we all grew up knowing her to be some
kind of
inexplicably ‘unrelated’ relative.
Unfortunately, as I got older I began to
notice her a
bit more. And this time, not just as
Aunty Tope but as
a very pretty woman who I was going
to be more
than glad to F**K. She was in her early
forties and
more than 18years older than me but I
never cared! I
always had long-lasting erections
thinking about her!
Many times I had poured my Pour just
at the thought
of holding her breasts which were
actually the most
beautiful things in her body! Even
though I have
caught her starring at me a lot of times,
I still haven’t
really felt she was interested in going in
with me.
Probably because of the age difference
but I was
dying within me to see her change her
mind. Mum
noticed the crush and had to call me on
a certain
occasion for explanations during which
I starkly
denied ever having any interest.
Needless to say, her
monitoring increased and she rarely
ever allowed the
two of us in the same rooms for too
long. Her
constant reference to Aunty Tope as a
loose woman
was enough to drive home why she
would think
Aunty Tope could F**K me. I wasn’t
seeing the
likelihood myself. At least until this
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Episode 2

“Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope
griped again into
my hearing. She could talk a little bit
more now and
her desperation was much more
I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees
and carefully
unzipped her fly a bit – revealing part
of her yellow
cotton panty. My Joystick twitched that
It was just incomprehensible how I had
auntie Tope’s
panty right under my nose. I also kept
how she could be feeling such itching in
her left thigh
all of a sudden, as it were!
My Joystick twitched that instant!
We had been seating and chatting right
inside the
kitchen while downing a bowl of fried
meat mom had
prepared, when she suddenly jumped
down from the
countertop and frantically began to
gesture that she
needed me to scratch her thigh so bad!
Her hands
were oily and had meat in them while I
had been
eating with a fork – meaning she was
likely not going
to be able to do it herself. But even
when I attempted
to scratch her thigh through the denim
she was
putting on, she refused and instead
insisted that I
must have to deep my hand into her
jean trousers to
get it done. Anyways, I went ahead as
instructed, but
after dropping the denim’s zipper a bit
and attempted
dipping my hand again, it got stuck just
Incidentally, it was also curiously
cramped into the
area above her crotch! I froze! She was
really not
smooth shaven and the back of my
palm was
pleasantly basking in the cushion
created by the
stubs on her pubics!
“Come on Danny…!! “, she suddenly
burst out saying,
spraying chewed meat all over the
place! “this is
hurting me! It appears to be an ant
biting me! Please
stop this thing!” she had deposited her
right on the counter, the floor and of
course my head
and was now only able to talk audibly
Considering that I had earlier thought
she was
suddenly yelling because of where my
hand was, I
was quickly relieved to see that she was
requiring me to intensify my efforts. So
I only just
cleared my head of the many crumbs of
meat and continued.
I tried forcing my hand further down
still even
without opening up the zipper really
much but kept
pushing and grazing my rear palm
against her
covered pubic hair instead! She
remained calm while
I did so although she did stamp her left
foot now and
again on the floor – probably because
of the agony
from her itchy thigh. When it appeared
I wouldn’t be
able to reach as deep as her thigh, I
brought my
other hand forward and simply
unzipped her fly all
the way down! Her panty covered
Kittycat and crotch
where now right before my eyes! I
could tell out the
many short turfs of pubic hair
concealed by the
cotton material as they imprinted
visible stubs on the
fabric. The manner with which the
bands of the panty
strapped onto the flesh of her
uppermost thighs as
well as her wide hips, were an erotic
beauty to
behold! Not to talk of the visible outline
of her
Kittycat lips as they gradually
disappeared into the
foot of the denim’s fly!
My Joystick wasn’t bearing it like the
rest of my body
anymore – it was already up and had
across the length of my thigh, seeking
to pop out of
the leg of my shorts as soon as it could!
“Just move your hands towards the
right…”, she
suddenly broke in, bringing me out of
my unexpected
I instantly looked up to her face,
meeting her
desperate yet embarrassed eyes in the
course. But
then found my way back down;
although I didn’t fail
to observe how both her taut Tips
wickedly poked
through the material of her top! Her
Bosom were just
alluringly heavy and they sat on her
chest like
oversized citruses!
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Episode 3

Anyways, I returned to her trousers
again, and began
to gently shove my right palm across
her panty and
towards the left side of her pelvis after
pulling it
down a bit – all in a bid to ascertain if
the whole
drama is really been caused by an ant
as she
As I did, my palm caressed her Unclad
lower belly
and even went as far as amply
massaging the area I
felt was the start of her Kittycat! She
fidgeted just
about then, lifting her left knee
slightly! I paused, but
after a few moments of non-motion, I
resumed. It
was rather paradoxical how my rather
slow approach
was now suddenly looking to be the
abrupt cure to
the burning itch.
Auntie Tope had become a little less
restless and she
appeared patient now as I eventually
had my palm
completely dipped, and rested onto her
lift thigh. The
tightness of the denim, meant I would
barely have
the room to clench the palm for a
scratch as it
remained buried inside the trouser.
“You are almost there, she started
abruptly…”motioning her oily left hand
towards her
g—n as though to signal that I was still
expected to
come up a little more. I went on to do
as she
expected. “Yes…just there baby! Wait…
wait..come right a little again”
I came right and was feeling the leg-
band of her
panty as it strapped into the skin of her
thigh! I could
also feel several strands of stubby hair
there as they
loosely brushed against my stretched
palm just as I
finally squared into the itchy spot. It
was more than
clear now that it wasn’t an ant or
anything of that
nature since I was barely feeling any
“Yea baby…” she instantly reaffirmed
“scratch that
spot please! It hurts really bad”
I then began to gradually scratch the
spot as she
requested, even though her taut denim
wouldn’t let
me curl my palm comfortably.
However, while still
doing so, my thumb incidentally kept
pressing into
the left fold of her peculiarly puffy
Kittycat lips! On
the 8th or so scratch, the thumb went
even further
accidently and grabbed an outer
Kittycat lip through
the fabric of the panty! Chilling halt
followed! I waited
to hear her shout or rebuke my
seeming naughtiness
but she didn’t do a thing. She didn’t
even speak, to my
utter surprise though. It was totally a
mistake and I
was looking to be careful to avoid it
repeating itself.
However though, my Joystick wasn’t
thinking so too
as I was epically having a hard time
containing the
huge phallus which was almost now
popping out
from the underside of my shorts! It had
grown so big
and was eager for attention! It was
more than
apparent that a popular side of me was
immense fun and gladness from the
scratch-task I
had in hand! Quite fortunately or
unfortunately, just
about when I thought I was through
with the
scratching, auntie Tope immediately
requested that I
moved up again!!
“Please Danny…just a little towards my
hip”, she said.
“It is a mild one” she was signaling
with her hand
again, directing me to her g—n.
“Okay ma”, was my reply. There was
joy in my heart…
and probably on my Joystick too!
Anyways, I began to lift my palm from
within her
denim but then, for a second time, I
had my finger
push into her Kittycat again! This time
around, it
wasn’t exactly my thumb, but my little
finger which
had taken a reflex bend as I slid my
hand out. And
then in the course got itself exactly on
the underside
of auntie Tope’s v—a! It was going to
probably slide
in if not for the panty! She instantly
jumped on
contact! But never spoke! She only
appeared to bend
herself to the back a bit, as though she
was running
away from a further probe! As she did,
my finger did
graze the crotch of her panty, where it
covered her
v—a and I effortlessly identified the
many folds that
formed her womanliness as they
maneuvered their
way to form what was definitely a
meaty Kittycat! I
could also swear to have noticed a tad
of dampness
about a certain spot on the panty’s
crotch! I couldn’t
really believe though, that I was
making auntie Tope
wet as she was making me hard! I still
only wanted to
leave it as mere suspicion anyways!
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Episode 4

I eventually began scratching the new
spot I was
referred to as soon as I got there, and
was looking
with it before feeling it was courteously
time to pull
my hand away.
“Are you alright now ma?”, I finally
asked her, with
my hand half-way out. I completely
avoided her eyes,
even though I was earnestly wishing
she would
request me to continue with the
scratching anywhere
“Uhmmmm…..no!” she did exactly as I
prayed! She
was dragging her speech though. A sign
that she was
equally caught in the same web as
I looked up towards her face finally and
met a face that had this strike of lustful
desire and yet
evident embarrassment! She was
wishing in her
heart but couldn’t know how to pass
along these
wishes to me. I could also sense and
even see that
there was really no itching anymore
but she wasn’t
sure she wanted me stop soon!
“Can you come down a little please? I
mean to your
left.” she suddenly managed to say
while barely
maintaining eye contact.
I dropped my eyes and began looking to
move my
palm to the point she referred to. My
palm openly
rubbed her crotch now and again as it
glided across
to the other side of her thigh. She was
trembling and I could feel her lower
half quivering so
slightly. My Joystick on its part was
now in a state of
near-burst! As it endlessly throbbed,
it’s bubbly head
kept grazing the fabric of my short,
thus causing
spasms of electric sensation to travel up
my spine! In
fact, I had to occasionally get hold of it
to give it a
grab so as to douse the overwhelming
from it!
Anyways, I eventually went ahead and
got to the part
of auntie Tope’s left thigh just under
her love-triangle
when she suddenly asked me to stop!
Merely rubbing
my palm on that area of her leg got the
back of my
fingers heavily grazing the mouth of
her concealed
Kittycat! With little doubt, I could now
feel the
suspected moisture a lot more now! She
had gotten a
damp patch under her panty. Auntie
Tope was
seeping c–t juice for me!
“You are better now ma?”, I asked
again after rubbing
the area now and again
“Ehmmm….yes…”, she was struggling to
speak. I
could even hear her heart beat
irrationally faster
“So I can let go now?” I was innocently
looking up at
her rather tense face, trying my best to
remain the
good boy.
“No Danny…please move further to the
right” she
closed her eyes momentarily and then
brought out
her tongue slightly to lick her lower lip.
I could feel
the tension in the room double
“Right? Right still?”
“Ehmmm…ughhh…yea…right please
“Okay ma…I replied” while moving my
fingers right-
wards until they were just cupping her
Kittycat! I
could unarguably smell her. She was
“Yea! Just there Danny!”, she
spontaneously said
loudly as soon as my fingers touched
her covered
Kittycat! “Just there! Scratch me there
baby!” Both her
oily hands were now at the edge of the
counter and
they grabbed it with so much grit!
I felt my throat swallow hard! Mom
was going to cut
off my head and serve it to me in a
plate if she ever
stepped into the kitchen now! She was
likely still at
the back garden burning some of the
refuse I had
grazed out earlier. But she was
definitely going to get
done anytime! And if she was to come
into the
kitchen only to find me on my knees
and directly
facing Auntie Tope’s panty-covered
Kittycat, I would
need the entire world to convince her
“Scratch my vagi…I mean scratch me
Danny!” Auntie
Tope resumed with her plea. While i
calmly went
about her latest wish, I still obviously
heard her
rather sullied choice of words
I stretched out my palm anyways and at
a go,
collected her entire meaty Kittycat in
my hand! That
instant, I saw her lick her lips in
pleasure as she
stretched out her entire self, as though
she was
pulling her upper body upwards! I was
beginning though for I went ahead to
rub, caress,
scratch and massage the increasingly
m—d! It wasn’t just a whiff I was
anymore – her c–t scent was more
than filling the
air at this stage!
I was barely started when I then felt
her right hand
on my head! She was brazenly
encouraging me to go
ahead now as I shamelessly rubbed her
Kittycat! I had rubbed it so hard
already that her
panty was now a mess of wet musky
cotton with
strands of hair sticking out at a couple
places! When
a finger incidentally went around her
band and into
her panty, she practically skipped!!
“Oh father lawwd!!” she was shivering!
The hand on
my head clung onto my hair so tightly!
I tore away the hand on my Joystick
and grabbed her
right thigh, thus steadying her but she
swung the left one up, bringing it onto
the top of the
counter! As she did, she pulled her
denim down both
thighs! I was openly presented with her
entire pelvis!
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Episode 5

“Are you better now Auntie? Should I
stop?” I heard
myself suddenly ask, rather dumbly and
“Noooo!!….nooo Danny baby! go on!”
she had her
head thrown back with her eyes shut
tightly. “Keep
scratching please. Keep scratching until
the itching is
gone baby!
I was trying to make up my mind as to
how to
proceed from that moment. I wouldn’t
know if to pull
her panty to the side or to leave it
strapped to her
Kittycat! Sincerely speaking I was
desperate to see
her Unclad Kittycat and the musky
scent reaching my
nose was one of the most intoxicating
thing I had
sniffed in a long time! But it wasn’t
going to be easy
for me going on to undress her
completely even
though that might be what she wished,
at least
without her inducing that herself. I had
my hand back
on my Joystick again and was gently
wanking it
through the fabric of the shorts.
I was still doing so, when auntie Tope
by herself, got
the hand on my head over to her panty
and right
before me, pulled the panty to the side,
revealing one
of the most alluring pussies I had ever
seen! The
Kittycat was so pretty and equally
drenched, with
white Kittycat cream graciously sipping
out of its
opening! As predicted, there were stubs
of hair and
you could tell she hadn’t shaved for
quite some time
but it never made the Kittycat look any
less attractive!
When auntie Tope’s hand returned to
my head and
slightly pulled my head a little towards
her, I instantly
registered what she wished I could do to
her! My
right hand that was initially on her
panty, was now on
her thigh, but just after nudging my
head forward a
little, she grabbed my hand and
brought it to her
“Scratch me here honey…” her eyes
were closed
again as she made my hand come in
contact with her
immensely soaked c–t! As soon as I
found her hole,
I let two fingers slide into her! She
uncoiled that
As soon as I found her hole, I let two
fingers slide
into her!
I responded by pulling down the front
side of my
shorts and freeing my member! I was
now too
aroused to care how brazen what we
were doing was!
I was soon w anking my meat as I kept
gliding my
soaked fingers in and out of auntie
Tope’s drenched
Kittycat! She never stopped pouring
still and soon I
had quite a pool in the cusp of my bare
I wasn’t thinking of any itching or
scratching at that
point anymore even though auntie Tope
was still
clearly playing that script! It has
obviously graduated
to something much more sensual and
none of us
would deny not expecting it to turn so
even before
we began. When a third finger entered
the gooey love
pot, mom’s friend curled herself and in
a jerk,
clamped her thighs into me, thus
trapping my hand
in her well poked Kittycat!
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Episode 6

I pulled the legs apart again, and after
setting her up
properly, brought my mouth to her
musky Kittycat!
She screamed! Then she brought a hand
over her
mouth at once, but that didn’t stop her
body from
convulsing strongly as warm clear fluid
began to sip
into my mouth from her drenched
Kittycat! – her first
I held onto her thighs tightly as she
kept pouring into
my mouth amid stifled shriek! When
she was done,
she leaned back into the kitchen wall
behind her,
pulled off her trousers completely, and
spread her
legs even wider – an invite to eat her
out as much as I
As I began chewing away her c–t, v—a
and hole, she
pulled out one of her large Bosom and
began to give
it a squeeze! I stretched one of my
hands upwards
and joined her! I caught her right Tip in
my fingers
and thoroughly kneaded it!
Nevertheless, I never
stopped wanking my pulsating Joystick
as we went,
even as my precum covered my fingers
in sticky goo!
As I began chewing away her c–t, v—a
and hole, she
pulled out one of her large Bosom and
began to give
it a squeeze!
When auntie Tope’s eyes accidentally
found my
Joystick for the first time they instantly
widened out!
She was probably surprised at the sheer
size of the
thing! Before I could even switch my
hand to her
other boob, she had dropped a hand
requesting for
my Joystick! I had to pull away from
her c–t so as to
rise to my feet. My entire mouth and
face smelt of
Kittycat and never stopped glistening of
c–t juice! It
didn’t stop her from kissing me though
as soon as
she got me to stand. We flicked our
tongues and
s—-d on our lips! Then she got hold of
my big
“Uhmmm…” she moaned in glee. She
was apparently
pleased by what she was seeing.
I grabbed her Buttocks and began to
massage her left
cheek! She responded by spreading her
standing legs
before eventually bending forward to
take my
Joystick in her mouth! I never knew
auntie Tope was
this skillful in ‘bedmatics’ and she was
very much
being the challenge!
She played with the knob on my
Joystick and then
gradually swallowed the s—t all
through to the
middle! It predictably gagged her but I
was forced to
come very close to cumming as a result
of the
sensation, so I had to quickly pull out
of her mouth!
She grinned on knowing what happened
as several
ropes of her saliva tracked my Joystick
from her
She took hold of my slippery Joystick
again but only
kept it going in and out of her mouth!
She let her
tongue play with the underside of the
s—t as it went
in and would swirl the tip with the
same tongue as it
went out! I was simply in the temple of
When she had gone the rounds, she
lifted the pole
and picked my balls with her mouth!
She alternated
the attention she was giving either of
them even as
her sticky saliva drooled from my
stretched sack!
When I felt I couldn’t handle her
anymore, I turned
her around and got her bent over the
counter! Her
Kittycat looked ever so inviting at that
point and I was
quick to align my Joystick just at the
Her Kittycat looked ever so inviting at
that point
After pulling down the hindering panty,
I got my
Joystick to slide into auntie Tope’s wet
Kittycat! She
curved her back as soon as she received
my Joystick,
grabbing the counter edge even tighter!
From gentle
slow strokes, I gradually graduated to
quick firm
She had part of her top stuffed in her
mouth to keep
her from yelling loudly thus causing
her large
beautiful Bosom to hang out from the
top! As I
F***ed her with all my strength, they
both swirled
and dangled to and fro!
I was barely close to a break when
auntie Tope had
her second o—-m of the day! She
actually had a
Pour and before I could get my Joystick
partially out,
she was already spraying my waist and
thigh with her
clear fluid!
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Episode 7

However, I instantly returned my
Joystick right inside
of her as soon as she shot the last drop,
leaving her
convulsing at the resumed impact! I
started banging
her again with renewed vigour, taking
the time to
smack her jiggly Buttocks as it gyrated
persistently at
every t—-t of my hip!
When she told me she was about to
Pour again,
rather surprisingly, I still went ahead
to grab her hip
and then plunged my Joystick as deep
as I could
remaining that way for as long as I
could! She went
nuts and the manner of her c—-x
ended up pushing
my Joystick out of her Kittycat with a
pop! Her Kittycat
generously poured her juices and our
bodies were
instantly made a mess of s*x fluids and
sweat by the
time she had calmed down.
Remarkably, she was
finding it hard to stand anymore, so I
had to help her
to get on top of the counter again. I had
F***ed her
until her legs went wobbly!
After giving her Kittycat a few wet
strokes with my
tongue, to which she jerked
uncontrollably, I gently
penetrated her again, ramming my
Joystick all the
way to my balls! Our eyes met and
unlike before, I
now unmistakably found passion in
hers. She
however swung both her hands and
hung them
across my neck as I began ‘rammering’
her burning
c–t with my engorged Joystick!
I F***ed her until my strokes became a
blur of quick
moving objects! She hadn’t stopped
pouring her
juices still and it was so much a
lubrication as I kept
pounding the stars out of her!
I F***ed her until my strokes became a
blur of quick
moving objects!
Each stroke soon began making squashy
sounds as
my tool drove in and out of her
drenched whole! As
soon as my Joystick slid out in the
furry, her c–t
juice followed too! She was
unbelievably sweet to
It was not until I resumed Bleeping her
again, that I
began feeling my own o—-m build up.
I was
pounding her Kittycat while our
mouths were
engaged in a french kiss! Then she
withdrew her
mouth and told me that she wanted me
to Pour
inside of her. This really surprised me
while also
bringing me to the edge, so I increased
my tempo
and began to bang away with much
more intensity!
It was not until I resumed Bleeping her
again, that I
began feeling my own o—-m build up
She was soon yelling even though she
returned her
hand to her mouth to stop herself. I
grabbed one of
her heaving bobs and began massaging
occasionally bending low to s–k on the
Anyways, I gave in to pleasure when
her other hand
came around my bare Buttocks,
grabbing it and
pushing me further into her Kittycat! I
was barely 4
strokes in when I began shooting my
seeds into her! I
groaned heavily while she quickly got
her legs to
clamp just behind my buttocks! I never
seemed to
stop cumming though as loads of Pour
kept pouring
out while we resumed our deep kissing!
This was the
exact point, pandemonium broke out!
“Tope baby?…” That was mom’s voice!
She was
definitely heading to the kitchen out of
the blues!
“Where una dey?!” hell had just broken
loose, I
I hurriedly pulled out of auntie Tope
leaving a thick
trail of Pour sipping out of her Kittycat
as I bent for
my shorts; thus causing my still stiff
Joystick to spray
additional ropes of my spunk across the
floor and the
counter top as it dangled about
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I was suddenly pitying auntie Tope who
had totally
gone Unclad below even though I was
sure I wouldn’t
be spared if mom ever caught her
causing my still stiff Joystick to spray
additional ropes
of my spunk across the floor and the
counter top as it
dangled about ridiculously!
“Oh…you guys are still here! And yet to
finish the
meat?!” she was looking at the meat I
had in my hand
which I had miraculously picked off
the bowl just as
she entered! I was spectacularly
sweating “You guys
are funny o!”
“Is power back?”, auntie Tope cut in,
attempting to detract attention from us.
She was
profusely sweating too but was
suddenly looking fully
dressed, with her Bosom already stuffed
back into
her blouse! How she had managed to
dress up within
split seconds was inexplicably
“Not yet baby”, answered a non-
suspecting mom. “I
wanted to ask you where you kept that
pink shower
cap. I want to have a quick bath. My
body sucks right
“Check the bathroom. I left it there this
auntie tope had already picked up her
own chunk of
meat and was chewing away. How mom
hasn’t been
able to link both our sweating bodies to
sinister was very unusual of her!
In a moment, mum was already
walking away! I
couldn’t believe how lucky we had
been! Although, I
kept thinking I knew exactly how lucky,
until I
eventually turned around to wash my
hands after
returning the meat I was initially
Astonishingly, auntie Tope had actually
been far from
anything dressed all this while! In fact,
she was still
entirely Unclad with her trousers and
panty on the
floor! She was only fortunate to have
been hidden by
the height of the kitchen counter!
When my eyes met
hers, she had this naughty smirk on her
face and as
soon as I traced her left hand to where
it was, I was
amazed to find it pulling her moist
Kittycat lips apart;
suggestively displaying the love-hole
once more to
me! Auntie Tope wanted me to scratch
her thigh
again; just like we did before…or so it
After waving my head and smiling to
myself, I turned
off the water faucet and began walking
over to her
with my Joystick in my hand!
I turned off the water faucet and began
walking over
to her with my Joystick in my hand!
***THE END***