[STORY] An evening with Eva (Episode 1-53)

Episode 1

It was a beautiful Friday evening.
Time: 7pm. The streets of
Ikorodu were busy as usual,
different kinds of people. The
conductors were shouting at the
top of their voices trying to
outdo each other in the clamor
for passengers. People hurrying
in opposite directions. Many
were corporately dressed trying
to catch the next available bus to
their final destinations, after a
hard day’s job. Agric Bus Stop
arguably boasted of one of the
highest number of people that
lived in Ikorodu.

A market
woman screamed at a man who
was half running to catch a bus
that had just one more seat left,
and in the process, scattered
some of her fresh peppers on
the ground.

she screamed obscenities at the
man at the top of her lungs. The
culprit was already in the bus. If
he heard the curses rained on
him, he didn’t show it. I smiled
wryly, bent and began helping
the woman pick the pepper
scattered on the floor. I washed
my hands with the water she
provided and continued on my
way home. I was feeling
particularly happy though. I had
just experienced a wonderful
time in the arms of my
heartthrob. I called in sick from
work and had spent the past
5hours with her. She was going
to be away for quite a while,
studying for her Masters in
Canada. I had a quick flash back
in my subconscious. The smile
grew wider.
I crossed to the other side of the
road. I needed to take a “keke
napep” to the entrance of my
street. I still had a little bit of
distance to cover so I increased
my pace. I wondered why there
were so much people in this part
of Lagos. It is the outskirts of the
commercial center of the city and
yet it was a host to a lot of new
tenants every day. I dreamt of
one day owning plots of land in
Banana Island, having properties
on Queens Drive Ikoyi or even a
big Hotel in Lekki. Not this
dumpster I had to hide in
because of my past.
“Owa o.” I said to the driver as I
got to my bus stop. I paid him,
collected my change and
watched as he zoomed off. I
waited patiently at the bus stop
for the road to clear so I could
cross and enter my street. I was
still waiting there when all of a
sudden, a black tinted Toyota
camry screeched to a stop in
front of me. The back door
yanked open and a huge man,
dark glasses, wearing a mafia
suit came out of the car, gave me
a blinding slap and then bundled
me inside the car. The car sped
off. All happened in seconds.
My head was ringing; I felt blood
on my lips. I touched my lower
lip. There was a little cut and it
was a bit swollen. It took a while
for my eyes to readjust to the
darkness inside the car. I was
sandwiched between two huge
men. The one who hit me was on
my right. I could tell because he
still had his glasses on. I studied
my environment trying to make
out any detail that would help
me. The dimly lit car did not help
matters. Two guys. I guessed
they were thugs. The other guy
wore a body hugging t-shirt,
silver necklace and had a huge
mustache. He was smoking and
did not seem to care about me.
The driver wore a face cap. Met
his eyes about once or twice
from the rear view mirror. There
was no other passenger in front.
I could feel the eyes of my captor
on me. I wanted to speak but
was afraid to. I opened my
mouth. Nothing came out. I was
still in a state of shock. I quickly
said a prayer for God to forgive
me of my sins. I was too young
too die. Different thought
crossed my mind. These guys
looked a little bit sophisticated. I
did not owe any one money. I
did not do any bad deals. Had my
old life finally caught up with me?
I managed to catch a glimpse of
the macho’s wristwatch. It was
pure gold. Welders. Were they
ritual killers? I shuddered at the
thought. So this was how I was
going to die?
We were driving at high speeds,
avoiding the small roads and
sticking to the freeway. My eyes
were accustomed to the dimly lit
vehicle. I decided if I was going
to die, I should at least know
what was happening. As I made
to open my mouth, Macho man’s
phone rang.
“Hello ma. Yes ma’am, we got the
package. Okay ma.”
The other guy finished his
cigarette and lit another one.

Package? Am I the package? A
woman was calling the shots?
I decided to be brave.
“Good evening sir. Please sir
what I have I done? Where are
you taking me? I beg you in the
name…” I began to say, facing
Macho man.
The smoking thug gave me a
powerful back hand slap to the
side of my face.
I passed out.

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Episode 2

The room was spacious and
wide. Exotic furniture neatly
arranged at the corners of the
huge sitting room. The blinds
were slightly drawn allowing a
trickle of early morning sun into
the room. There was a huge
plasma on the wall and a bar to
its left. The walls were painted
white with an accent of blood
red here and there in the room.
The blinds were red, the couch,
the reclining chair, the little table
and even the bar was painted
red. Every other thing was in
pure white including the ceiling.
Sophia paced uneasily to and fro.
She had a bottle of Baileys on
one hand and a wine cup in the
other. She was restless. She was
worried. Bruno and Marshal
were yet to get back to her. This
was a simple mission. Get the
boy, and bring him to the safe
house. She did not trust those
fools but they had been highly
recommended by Gambo. Now
they were nowhere to be found.
Her phone rang again, it was the
General. She had this strong
desire not to answer the phone.
But the General always knew. She
answered it on the first ring.
“What is the situation on ground,
S?” The General asked. She could
see the wrinkles on his forehead.
The General always knew. She
was sure he already knew what
the situation was. He had spies
everywhere. That was why he
was called the General. Everyone
feared him. No one dared him.
Very few people have met him.
And the General hardly calls.
When he did, there was trouble.
“The situation is under control
sir.” Sophia answered.
“I did not ask if the situation was
under control. I asked WHAT the
situation is. I am going to call you
pretty soon. You had better have
an answer for me.” He said and
hung up.
Typical General. Always the last to
speak and never failing to seize
an opportunity to keep you edgy.
She knew that he knew that the
fools she had sent to bring in the
boy were MIA. This was her first
major assignment. She really did
not want to flop. She originally
wanted to take a subtle measure.
Lure him in with some girl. But
that would take time and there
was a chance he would not fall
for the bait. Force was the only
They had been watching Sean for
three months now, twenty four
hours round the clock. They had
a different agent on him every
six hours. He had been chosen as
the ideal candidate. Perfect
height. Perfect age. Perfect face,
countenance, education and
work orientation. All that
remained was to determine his
lifestyle and how a typical day for
Sean looked like. Sophia spent
hours going over each agent’s
report about Sean. She was
always with her radio; the agents
would phone in to say that Sean
had changed routine or gone
somewhere away from their
jurisdiction. This was where her
leadership came in. She would
order them to follow or let him
be. She had pulled her strings
twice. Sean had made plans to
travel out of the city. He had
bought a ticket to fly to Abuja.
This was going to put a huge
hole in their plans. He had to be
kept in the city at all costs. A call
was made to the General. Sean
was held back at work and
denied leave to travel. Another
time, his office had made plans
for his department to travel for a
refresher course in Kenya. Sophia
was informed. The trip was
terminated. They had contacts
everywhere including the
government. When they wanted
something, they always got it.
They had considered kidnapping
his girlfriend. The General did not
want the silly police force
involved. They would just be
crawling everywhere, impeding
progress. This was going to be a
snatch and grab operation. Very
few witnesses, if any. Sean lived a
reckless life. His mother hardly
monitored him. She believed he
was capable of handling himself.
They sometimes went three
weeks without communicating.
He had no close friends. His
girlfriend was travelling out of
the country. She was the only
worry. A slight worry that could
be easily fixed.
So they had decided to ‘grab’
Sean. They waited patiently for
the opportunity. A black Toyota
Prado was parked across the
street opposite New Inn, the
hotel that Sean and his girlfriend
were in. They waited for five
hours, listening in on their
conversation and their sex. Sean
had been bugged. As usual.
There was a different agent
every day and a different agent
for this purpose. A handshake, a
hug, a collision, whatever
brought physical contact. And
they were good. The microchip
was planted on him. The
transmitter was live. Sean never
suspected anything. They most
times knew of his plans for the
next day. So they had planned
the smash and grab to
perfection. They knew he was
going home to see his mother
that evening. They knew his
girlfriend was going out of the
country. They knew he would
always wait to cross the road
when he got down from the
“keke napep”. That was when
they would strike. They only
hoped that he would not cross
the road too soon or decide not
to go home. If that happened
they would have to hatch
another plan.
A Toyota Camry was at Agric bus
stop waiting for the signal to
know when they would move.
The Toyota Prado trailed the bus
Sean was in. It was easy. Sophia
was listening in the whole time
via radio communication. She
chipped in orders here and there
and monitored the whole
operation. The Toyota Camry
traced the “keke-napep”,
increased speed when Sean got
off and picked him up at the bus
stop. It was done. Mission
accomplished. She called Marshal
to confirm if he had the package.
He was positive. The journey
would take approximately 8
hours. They knew that. All
contingency measures had been
put in place. All possible
loopholes were closed and taken
care of. And if anything else came
up unexpectedly out of the blues,
there was Bruno. He was the
brain. He had the ability of split
second thinking. He was able to
come up with ideas to go past
seemingly impassable hurdles.
But Sophia did not envision any
problems. She had spoken to
Marshal again at 2am when they
were leaving Benin City, Edo
State. All was going smoothly. She
had decided to take a much
needed nap.
She woke at 5am and found 7
missed calls and a message on
her phone. All were from Bruno.
She checked the time of the calls.
3:19 am. She checked the
“Mission in jeopardy. Bees on tail.
Taking precaution.”
She panicked. She called the
number. Switched off. poo! Why
wasn’t she awake? She was
angry with herself. She did not
panic. The ability to keep cool
under life threatening pressure
was one of the abilities required
of the agents at her level of
clearance. She took a bottle of
Baileys from the bar and calmed
her nerves with the creamy
alcohol. She was pacing and
thinking. Then the General called
and almost made her lose her
wits. She was not called The Iron
Lady for nothing. She thought for
a while.
She called Gbenga.
“Gbenga. Yes. Take an SUV.
Government plates. Take the
mission route to Benin, Edo state.
Sniff out Marshal and Bruno.
Keep your eyes open and you
head low. This is a Code Yellow.
And take Mark with you.”
She hung up.
She sat down and crossed her
legs, the bottle in one hand and
the wine glass in the other. She
tried to think of possible
occurences that may have made
Bruno call her. Bruno was
capable. He was one of the
candidates in line to succeed her.
She shrugged. She decided to
ease off. She took the home
theater remote and pressed play.
Yanni’s attraction played from
the speakers. Soulful jazz. It
helped her relax.
Just then the door opened.
Bruno entered, covered in mud
and dirt.

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Episode 3

I woke up with a banging
headache. My stomach churned
and my throat was dry. I was
very thirsty. I squinted, trying to
adjust to the brightness of the
room. I was sitting on a wooden
chair, my hands tied at my back.
It was a tiny room. The only piece
of furniture was the one I was
seated on. My shoes had been
removed. I raised my head and
looked around. There was a pile
of plywood to my left. A water
dispenser was by the iron door.
There was a tiny bed to my far
right which could only take one
person comfortably. D–n, I was
hungry. I tried to recollect what
happened and how I got here. It
was all fuzzy. I tasted the dry
blood on the cut on my swollen
lower lip. I silently cursed the
Macho man who hit me.
I had to get out of here. With the
tip of my fingers, I felt the tape
used to tie my hands. Masking
tape. I looked around for any
shred of metal I could use to
loosen myself. None. I tried to
force the masking tape off me by
pulling my hands apart. I
groaned and struggled. It did not
come off. The 100 watt bulb was
blinding my eyes. There were no
windows and the fan was
blowing at a very irritating low
rate, making funny noises. Tiny
drops of sweat formed on my
What time was it? Where was I?
Was this where I was going to
die? Is this the slaughter house?
All these questions ran through
my head in milliseconds. I started
crying. I was weak, hungry and
afraid. I was not going to die
here I told myself. I looked round
the tiny room again. This time I
looked very slowly and very
carefully. As I looked past the
door, something shiny caught my
eyes. There was a part of the
door which had a little
protrusion. It looked sharp. It
was very small, like a design of
some sort. This could work I told
myself. I had watched The
Avengers where Black Widow
was held captive in a similar
situation when a call came
through to her. Her deft mastery
of martial arts helped her escape
and defeat her captors. I wished
I knew martial arts. I prayed
quickly and silently. And I lifted
myself up with the chair. The
wooden chair was not heavy
after all! I hopped and hopped
and hopped. Finally, I got to the
position of the shrapnel looking
protrusion on the door and
turned my back against it. I tried
to locate the shrapnel by trying
to feel the door, my hands still
tied behind the chair.
“Fvck!” I cursed. The shrapnel cut
my finger. I felt the warm fluid
trickle out. I wanted to s–k it to
stop the bleeding. I could not. I
continued, trying to trace the
shrapnel and get it to where I
could successfully pierce the
tape. I found it. I tried to pierce
the masking tape with the
“Ahhhh..Fvck! God!” I cried as the
shrapnel cut my palm. I could feel
blood oozing out. I smiled. The
masking tape was loose. I quickly
freed my hands from the chair
and got up. My palm was hurting.
I cut some foam from the bed on
the floor and tried to clean the
blood. I cut more foam and
cleaned the drops of blood on
the floor too. I scrutinized the
area to see if any changes could
be easily noticed. It was not.
I bent my neck at the dispenser
and opened the tap. The taste of
cold water was soothing. I had
my fill and let out a loud belch. I
saw the bed and a huge desire
to just lie down on it came over
me. But a lot of work was yet to
be done. And if I was found
unbound and on the bed, the
next restraint they would put on
me would not be a masking tape.
I carried the wooden chair back
to the exact spot it was kept
initially and sat on in. I paced the
room, deep in thought and trying
to work out a plan. I can’t die
now, I told myself, shaking my
head. I was just 27. In my prime.
I meant so much to my mum. My
girlfriend would break down if
anything happened to me. The
office would freeze for at least a
week before they could get
themselves back up. I had to do
somwthing. But what? I put my
head on the dispenser bottle and
tears trickled down my eyes. I
prayed to God to forgive me my
sins and that I would dedicate
my life to him if I ever got out of
this alive. My nose ran. I dragged
it in.
Just then I heard footsteps. And
then the footsteps got closer.
Designer shoes. Maybe cowboy
boots. It could also be a woman
in high heels. But from the
sounds I heard, I knew that there
was a corridor of some sort
outside this door, which was
either tiled or very smooth. I
made to resume my prayers on
the dispenser when I heard the
jangle of a bunch of keys and a
key go into the lock. I
immediately rushed to the chair,
sat down and put my hands
behind the chair, in the position I
was left making sure I didn’t
make a sound. The Iron door
opened and someone stepped in,
closing it behind him. The door
made a soft thud when it closed.
I kept my head low, my heart
was pounding so hard in my
chest I was afraid he would hear
it. There was a moment of
silence. I could feel his eyes all
over me, trying to survey me. He
kicked my legs gently. He kicked
again. Then he came closer.
“Hey” He said tapping my chin. I
kept mute.
“Hey! Boy!” He said louder, this
time tapping my chin a bit harder
twice and lifting my face up.
I pretended to be waking from
sleep. I opened my eyes slowly. It
was Macho man. My heart beat
faster. This brute of a man was
so merciless. I still remembered
the ringing slap he gave me
hours ago. I groaned.
“We are leaving” He said.
I dropped my head again as if I
was fainting. He stooped to look
at me, a certain worry in his eyes.
That was his mistake.
I don’t know where I got the
courage or the idea. I felt this
sudden rush of adrenaline and I
was not even thinking about my
actions. Even I could not believe
it. As he stooped to look at me, I
freed my hands from the back of
the chair and gave him two
heavy slaps on each eye. I put all
the power and force I could get
into the slaps. I was afraid I had
blinded him. He screamed and
held his face. I pushed the chair
back and landed a huge kick to
his ball5. He fell on the ground
gasping for air. I made for the
door but he held my leg. I turned
and kicked his hand with all the
might I could muster. He was still
gasping for air. I got to the door,
turned the handle and bolted.
The corridor was long, with
doors left and right. The floor
was tiled and clean. It looked like
an apartment in progress that
was nearing completion. I got to
the end of the corridor and
opened the door. The Toyota
Camry that picked me was
parked neatly inside the
compound. It was not a very
huge compound. The floor was
interlocked with bricks. I dashed
to the gate, got out and
continued to run. I had no idea
where I was going.
I was on a small pathway that
could barely take two cars. There
were bushed all around. No trace
of civilization. I looked farther
ahead. Nothing. Just a lonely
pathway with bushes
everywhere. I was getting tired. I
had been running for a while. I
had no phone. My wallet was still
with me, but it was of no use. I
looked behind me a few times,
trying to see if Macho man was
coming after me. No sound of a
car or anything of the sort. I
stopped to catch my breath. After
a while I began walking slowly,
tired and hungry. I was fatigued.
I sat down on the floor beside
the road, praying to get help. I
began to cry again.
I hear d the sound of a car
coming from the direction I was
heading. I quickly stood up and
listened. It was approaching me
now. Any help would do at this
point. I flagged down the car but
it ewent past me. It got a few
meters away from me, then
reversed. I thanked God.
It stopped beside me and the
driver’s window wound down. It
was a woman. Thank heavens.
“Please ma’am. I would be
extremely indebted to you if you
could please give me a ride
anywhere out of here. If I can get
a bus anywhere, I would be very
grateful.” I begged.
She looked at me as if assessing
me and deciding whether to give
me a lift or not. When it seemed
like she was going to zoom off, I
begged her with tears falling
from my eyes.
“Please ma. I mean you no harm.
Please” I begged.
“What happened to you? What
are you doing here? And why are
you looking so tattered?” she
“It’s quite a story ma.” I replied,
my tears refusing to stop.
My tears seemed to give her a
change of heart. She nodded her
head to the side of the
passenger seat.
“Come in.” she said.
She opened the door and I got
in. The refreshing AC, the comfort
of the leather seat and the safety
in the hands of a good Samaritan
were all welcome developments.
We drove at some speed and
when we passed the house I
was held captive in, I glanced
and looked inside. The Camry
was still there. I was relieved. I
“So what is your name?” the
good Samaritan asked me after
an eternity of silence. She spoke
very good English. Gold earrings,
gold bracelets and a gold
necklace. She smelled of class.
What did I expect? She was
driving a Honda Civic 2012.
“My name is Sean ma.” I replied.
“Nice. I am Sophia.”

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Episode 4

She felt good to be at the CEOs’
Awards dinner. Her boyfriend
was Regional Manager at one of
the top banks in the country and
she felt so happy to be privileged
to be a part of the event. There
were a lot of distinguished
personalities from 12 different
countries around the world. It
was a dinner that admitted
people strictly by invitation. She
knew she looked stunning. Why
wouldn’t she be? She had been
preparing for weeks. Kunle had
told her a month ago about the
very huge dinner and award
night and that she would be
going as his partner. She had
carefully searched the internet
and viewed catalogue after
catalogue of dinner gowns. She
saw a design she liked on a
show on Dstv and had her
designer make something
gorgeous for her. From the
moment she walked into the hall
in Oriental Hotels Lekki, she felt all
eyes on her. Kunle beamed a
wide smile. He looked handsome
in his Tuxedo as he strolled to his
designated seat, hand in hand
with his adorable girlfriend. He
knew she was stunning. This
could get him a raise, a
recommendation or best of all a
She was dark skinned and very
beautiful. She measured 5ft.
7inches without the heels. Now
donning a 3-inch heeled shoe,
she was almost the same height
as Kunle. They had been dating
for almost 7 months and already
looked the couple. She was busty
and a little chubby with an as5
that made heads turn, both male
and female alike. Kunle was in his
mid30’s. Already climbing the
ladder of successful banking
business, he had very little
worries. He saw this as an
opportunity to invest, market,
show his class and get to meet
his superiors whose only contact
with him had been via emails. He
also hoped he would have the
courage to proceed with his
plan. He wanted to propose. For
her it was a night of pictures for
updates on instagram and bbm.
It was a night to flaunt her
beauty and her body. It was a
night to make her boyfriend very
proud. She knew it was a long
shot, but she did not mind being
whisked away by one of the
money bags present. She was
amazed at the caliber of people
she saw. She knew it was a big
night. She did not envisage that it
would be this big. He followed
her to her seat, pushed back her
chair, waited for her to settle in
and helped her tuck in before
going to his seat opposite her.
The table already decorated with
assorted wines and drinks had
his name and designation
already written boldly on a fancy
looking cardboard: MR KUNLE
seated in the middle of the hall,
close enough to see the activities
happening on stage. She smiled
at him. He smiled back and held
her hand across the table. She
was so happy to mean this much
to him to be brought here. He
wanted so much to pop the
question to her right there and
then. He felt the ring casing in his
pant pocket.
“Soon,” he said to himself
tapping the pocket with his free
Outside Oriental Hotel, the venue
of the party was a parked dark
Nissan Armanda jeep. Shina was
in front in the passenger seat.
There was a white earphone in
his left ear which he held in place
with his left hand. Iyke and
Francis were at the back
smoking white London. Francis
wound down his side of the
glass and threw away the butt of
his finished cigarette. He wound
up and closed his eyes. Iyke hit
him playfully with his elbow. He
dipped his hand into the insides
of his faded brown leather jacket
and brought out a silenced .45
revolver. He smiled wickedly as
he brandished it before Francis.
“Baba, relax. As long as this baby
dey here, no shaking.” Iyke
“Shhhh!!!!” Shina said from the
front suddenly looking sharp and
continued. “Brenda is going in.”
he finished.
All three men were suddenly very
sharp and alert. The two at the
back were looking at Shina and
watching his facial reaction. If he
felt or heard anything he did not
show it. He was the best at
masking how he felt, no matter
how good or bad. That was why
The Ghosts hired him.
Inside, an announcement was
made for everyone to order
appetizers. Kunle and his
girlfriend picked up the menu in
front of them and chose their
appetizers. There was an
attendant for every table. When
they had made their decision,
Kunle signaled the waitress.
When she was close to them, he
looked at her name tag. BRENDA
“Brenda, could you please get
item 17 for my beautiful princess
and item 3 for me?” Kunle asked
“Fantastic choice sir” she said
scribbling on her pad. “I’ll be just
a minute please.” She finished
and left.
She got into the kitchen area and
presented the piece of paper
where she had written the
couple’s order to the chef. She
quickly went to the side of the
room and whispered into the
collar of her suit.
“I’m going in.”
Three minutes later Brenda came
back with a tray containing the
ordered meal. She placed Kunle’s
in front of him and then the
girl’s. She opened the red wine
and poured two wine glasses
half full. She straightened up.
“Is there anything else you may
need sir?” she asked smiling at
both Kunle and his girlfriend.
“No, thank you Brenda.” Kunle
“Your fiancée is really beautiful
sir. Lovely gown too.” Brenda
said smiling wider.
“Oh yes she is. Eva is the queen
of my heart.” Kunle said.
“Have a good evening sir and
ma’am. And please feel free to call
me if there is anything I can get
you.” Brenda finished.
“Thank you Brenda.” Eva said.
As Brenda made to turn around,
she deliberately used the tray to
hit the wine bottle such that it
spilled on Eva’s dress. She made it
look like an accident. She had
rehearsed this move for days.
She was a pro. A few eyes turned
to look at their direction. But the
gazes did not last for long.
“Oh my God! I am so sorry. Please
forgive me. Please, let me get u a
napkin.” Brenda said begging
and apologizing as the liquid
made a little stain on her dress.
Eva looked horrified. Kunle was
worried but calm. She quickly
composed herself and accessed
the damage. It was not much.
Nothing a little dab could not
clean up. She asked for the rest
room. Brenda pointed at the
ladies, apologizing as she
directed. As Eva got up, Kunle
tried to get up too but she gave
him the “I’ll be fine my love” look.
“Please excuse me baby, I will be
right back.” She said to Kunle
Brenda led the way as they took
a door to their left, went behind
the hall and entered a corridor to
the rest room. Just about the
same time, a fair skinned lady
with glasses got up from her
chair in the hall, kissed her
boyfriend lightly on the cheeks
and headed in the same
direction as Eva. As she stepped
out of the hall, she tapped her
collar and spoke softly into the
“I’m making my move.” She
walked towards the ladies.
Brenda was still begging Eva. Eva
was getting irritated and asked
her to leave, saying that it was
okay. She could handle herself,
she told Brenda. Brenda
apologized again and left the
bathroom. As she left she passed
by the fair skinned lady in glasses
and winked at her. The lady in
glasses just nodded. She did not
smile back.
The bathroom was deserted, just
The lady in glasses took out a
glass container and sprayed the
contents on her handkerchief.
She opened the bathroom door
and went in.

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episode 5

“Start the ignition!” Shina barked
at the man at the wheels. He
obeyed immediately. The engine
roared to life, making a very
silent and barely audible
humming sound. Iyke and
Francis watched Shina closely,
desperately trying to know what
stage of the plan they were at.
Shina was not scared of the two
criminals despite their menacing
look, especially Iyke. Iyke had a
deep scar that ran from his
forehead through the middle of
his eyes and stopped just by his
left nostril. A scar he had gotten
while in a brawl with a ‘friend’
who owed him money. His friend
had come at him with a matchet.
He had just his hands. That was
how he got the scar. He served
four years in jail because of that
incident. He was lucky. His friend
wasn’t. His friend currently lived
in a permanent wing in a federal
hospital popularly called Igbobi.
He was paralyzed from the neck
down. Iyke was a brute. He did
not fear anything or anyone.
People shook and trembled at
the sight of him. Even Francis
secretly feared him. And when he
got angry every one took to their
heels. But not Shina. Shina
detested him. Shina could finish
him with just a phone call. In a
way, Iyke knew he did not
intimidate Shina. He did not
know what kind of strings Shina
pulled. He was always keeping
his distance from him. Somehow,
THE GHOSTS had a way of putting
up the perfect team for an
operation. Shina was the head
for this mission. A smooth,
calculating man, never under
pressure and always with back
up plans A – Z, no matter the
situation. Francis was the very
handsome and sexy serial killer.
He loved to kill pretty women for
fun. He was never caught. When
he was accosted by The Ghosts
he had no choice. They could
give him away. They offered him
good money, a good home and a
family. And they were letting him
kill once in a while. He was
satisfied. Iyke the brute. The kind
of thug you need when the
situation gets tough and needs a
deal of rough handling. No one
does it better than Iyke.
Iyke was getting irritated at
Shina’s silence.
“Oga, wetin dey happen na? You
just keep us for silent since.
Which ones na? Abeg wetin be
scores? How e dey go? Time don
reach to arrange the baggas?”
He barked.
Shina just smiled. A kind of smile
that could annoy the meekest of
“Move to the pick-up point.
Now!” he said to the driver
raising his voice with his left
hand still pressed to his ear.
He looked at the two men at the
back, then said,
“Beauty has got the girl. We are
moving in to pick them up. We
expect no incidence. This should
be as easy as dipping a hot knife
through butter. But if anything
comes up you know what to do.
Iyke, stay alert. Francis, you have
your orders.”
Francis was relaxing with his
hands across his chest and his
eyes closed. His back was resting
firmly on d seat and when Shina
spoke he just nodded, his eyes
were still closed. Iyke was almost
falling off the edge of his seat in
his eagerness to pick up every
word Shina spoke. The jeep
moved slowly and turned right
towards the waterside. It turned
again, reversed and re-parked
facing the traffic light. They were
looking directly at FourPoints by
Sheraton with the back door exit
of Oriental Hotels to their left.
They waited.
Beauty, the pretty woman in
glasses opened the bathroom
door and entered. She moved to
the last cubicle, entered and
gently folded the handkerchief
into place. She listened carefully
as Eva stepped out of her own
cubicle and approached the
central mirror, admiring herself
and adjudging the extent of
cleanup she had done. She felt
contented. She looked into her
Beauty stepped out quietly and
approached Eva from behind. She
took four quick steps. Eva
brought her head up from the
bag and noticed someone in the
mirror coming at her. She saw
her too late. Beauty placed the
handkerchief on Eva’s nose,
making her inhale every bit of
the handkerchief. There was very
little struggle. Beauty dragged
her into the cubicle she was in.
She felt Eva’s pulse. Normal.
Things were going according to
plan. She brought out a tiny
whitish substance and put it into
Eva’s nostrils. She jerked as
though she had just come out of
a nightmare. Eva regained
consciousness. She was weak.
“Who…who…who are you? What
do you want?” Eva said, looking
at Beauty. She was very afraid.
“Do you want to die, dearie?”
Beauty asked rhetorically, her
face totally hard.
“No ma. Please I don’t.” Eva
“Then listen to me very carefully.
Do you inderstand me?” She
Eva nodded.
“Do exactly as I say and no harm
will come to you or your uncle in
Gbagda. We also know your
mother lives in Ajegunle and
goes to church by 6pm on
Fridays. Your younger brother
attends the University of Lagos.
He stays in Jaja Hall, Room B212.
We know everything about you
Eva Makinde. We just need you to
help us with some information.
Thereafter you would be free to
go. If you make any funny moves,
we will poison Kunle. We have
people everywhere and we are
invisible. You would be released
in the morning. Try any funny
moves and the death of every
person you love and cherish
would be on your head. Can you
live with that? Do you want
that?” Beauty asked
Eva shook her head again.
Beauty had made her point.
She continued, “Now you will
follow me and make a very sickly
face. I will do all the talking. Don’t
say a word. Where is your
“It’s here ma.” Eva said very
“When I tell you, you will call
Kunle and tell him you had to go.
Your mum called and she is very
sick. He won’t be too bothered.
We have handled everything.”
Beauty finished.
“Okay ma.”
“Good.” “I have got the package.
Meet me at the pickup spot in
five.” Beauty said to her collar.
“Let’s go.” She commanded.
They went through the back,
passed a corridor and took a left.
She held Eva’s hand as they
moved through a maze of
corridors and doors. Finally they
got to the emergency exit. There
was a Mopol with a rifle. Shiiitt!!!
This was not planned. Beauty
wanted to turn back but there
was no time to. The man had
already seen them and she could
not risk raising an alarm. She
decided to risk it. She
approached the police officer.
“Please Oga, my sister is
pregnant. And she is feeling
dizzy. She needs fresh air. She
might faint any moment from
now. We were in the bathroom
and we lost our way trying to get
outside to get fresh air. That is
the only way she would be
better.” Beauty begged.
The police officer scrutinized
them. They looked exceptionally
dressed. He looked at Eva’s
stomach. There was no bulge.
Eva was supporting herself on
Beauty’s arm participating in the
“Wia una dey come from!” The
Mopol said eyeing both of them.
“We are from the CEO’s party in
the hall. Please sir, help us.”
Beauty begged.
Just then Eva contorted her face
and vomited on the floor close to
the man’s feet. Beauty patted her
and looked at the man. The man
dropped his rifle and began to
open the very difficult emergency
exit. Beauty took the gun and hit
him on the head with the butt.
He passed out falling on the
ground. Eva was shocked. Beauty
smiled at her.
Beauty spoke to her collar again.
“I encountered some hindrance.
He won’t be out for long. I need
evacuation now! I’m at the
Shina signaled Iyke and he was
out in a flash. Iyke jogged to the
door and inserted a duplicate key
into the lock. He opened the door
from outside and the two
women stepped out. As Iyke was
shutting the door the Mopol
groaned. He was regaining
consciousness. Iyke dragged him
out and locked the door. He
collected the handkerchief from
beauty and emptied the contents
of her bottle onto the
handkerchief. He gagged the
mopol who was writhing and
shaking his legs. Iyke’s arm was
around his throat while his othe
palm forcefully pressed the cloth
on the mopol’s nose. After a
while, all became still. Iyke locked
the door and threw the mopol’s
body into the water.
They moved to the car and all
three got inside.
“Drive.” Shina directed.
They drove in silence. As they
approached Civic Center, Shina
nodded at Beauty. Beauty got out
Eva’s phone and told her to call
Kunle as planned. It took a while
for him to pick. He explained that
he was talking with his superiors
and asked where she was. She
explained that she was currently
in a cab going to see her mother
at Eko Hospital. She had suffered
another attack. He felt bad. His
proposal had to wait. He did not
pressure her to coming back. His
superiors were looking at him.
He asked her to be safe and that
he would be with her soon. He
did not plan to be.
They got to the traffic light at law
school and took their right into a
rough road where fish mongers
sold during the day. They parked
by the lagoon and every one
came down except the driver.
“The car was becoming too
heavy. We need one less
passenger. Francis, you know
what to do.” Shina said. He
nodded to Francis.
Francis smiled. He brought out
his .23 automatic. It was a
silenced pistol. He aimed at
Beauty and took her with one
clean shot. He got her in the
chest. She fell to the ground
lifeless. Eva was shocked. Iyke
had a grin. Iyke made to took her
jewelry. Shina stopped him.
“She was an undercover spy. A
double agent. What a waste.” He
spat on her body. Iyke deposited
her body in the water and
watched it float.
He came back to join Shina and
the rest in the car. Francis was
caressing his pistol that had just
carried out the hit and smiling to
himself. He would jerk off
tonight, thinking about the dead
body of beauty. He was happy.
Shina removed the earphone
from his left ear and said to no
one in particular
“Let’s go home” .

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Episode 6

Sophia was shocked. Bruno was
covered in dirt and mud. He had
a small cut on his cheek. There
was dried blood on his forehead.
His shirt was bloody and messy.
He staggered into the room and
sat on the long couch. He looked
really bad.
“What in hell happened to you?”
Sophia asked.
“We got attacked. Some heavily
armed men ambushed us as we
entered Lokoja. I had to create a
diversion. I made myself the bait
while I asked Marshal to proceed
as planned.” Bruno replied.
Sophia picked her phone and
made a call. She called Gbenga to
call off the search party. She had
found Bruno. She also asked her
personal assistant to get her
private doctor to come to the
mansion. She hung up. Bruno
looked a mess. She asked him to
go clean up. She called the
General and informed him of the
recent development.
“I want to know exactly what
happened. Have you asked about
the boy? Where is Marshal?” the
General queried.
“Bruno was badly wounded. He
was almost passing out. My
doctor is currently seeing to him.
I will get him around and have
him tell me everything.” She
“S, you are really beginning to irk
me! Don’t contact me unless you
have something tangible to tell
me. I gave you a mission. You
had your orders. You have made
a mess of it. I do not need
crumbs. I need results. You have
24 hours.” The General said and
finished. The line went dead.
Marshal drove like a mad man.
Their driver had just been shot
and he had taken hold of the
wheels. He looked in the rear
view mirror. The boy was scared
as hell. The green Kia Optima was
still in pursuit. D–n it! He took a
sharp left. The tires screeched. He
was driving at 100km/hr. He was
not scared. His adrenaline was
pumping. He needed to shake off
these guys. He took another right
and got on to a lonely path. His
attackers were nowhere in sight
but he knew they were not far
behind. He stopped the car in the
middle of the road, opened the
door and got out. He pulled Sean
out from the back and walked
with him into the bush. He
pushed Sean ahead of him as
they walked through shrubs and
bushes. Marshal heard a car stop
in the distance behind. His
pursuers had found the car.
There was a chance they would
find them if they were smart
enough. Sean was slowing them
down. He brought out a syringe.
Sean was walking ahead, trying
to find his way through the
covered bush path. He was tired.
Marshal quickly got close to him,
injecting the contents of the
syringe into Sean’s neck. Sean fell
in a heap.
Marshal heard voices. His
assailants were getting closer
and he had Sean to deal with. He
slung Sean on his shoulders and
walked faster, making sure he hit
his legs firmly on the floor with
each step. He had walked for a
while when he felt himself step
on a metal.
“Thank you Bruno.” He said to
He put Sean down carefully and
opened the metal lid. It opened
into a small hollow tunnel that
led to a secret outlet across
town. He descended the ladder
into the tunnel, carrying Sean
with him on his shoulders. He
closed the lid shut. He locked it
with a huge padlock that had
been there and continued away
from the place. He did not expect
to be followed. It was the perfect
detour. There was a car waiting
for him when he got out of the
15minute walk out of the tunnel.
He was exhausted. He had been
through a burdened night and
early morning. He dumped Sean
at the back of the car and got
into the passenger seat. He
pulled the lever by his seat and
the chair moved backwards. He
relaxed on it and heaved a heavy
sigh. He tried to call Bruno.
Switched off. He sent a text.
“Package secure. Took the
detour. Heading towards safe
He closed his eyes and drifted
into a much needed sleep.
Bruno woke up to find Sophia
staring at her. He got up painfully
and sat up, caressing his head.
He felt much better now and
hungry. He looked at Sophia.
“How long was I out?” He asked.
“Six hours. How do you feel?”
Sophia asked, getting up and
pouring herself some wine.
“I feel better. Can I have some of
that?” He asked pointing at the
bottle Sophia was holding.
Sophia poured another glass and
handed it to him.
“I need to know what happened.
Everything.” Sophia said. She
settled down in a chair opposite
Bruno and crossed her legs.
Bruno cleared his throat.
They were driving in cruise
control when they saw a car
parked in the middle of the road.
It was a blood red Toyota Quest.
As they slowed down, a bullet
pierced the windscreen and hit
the driver on the forehead.
Perfect hit. The windscreen
cracked. Blood splattered
“Duck!” Bruno whispered as the
three of them huddled beside
each other at the back. They
heard footsteps approaching. A
gun was cocked in the distance.
Bruno signaled to Marshal that
he was going out of the car to
meet the three men who were
almost at the car. Marshal was to
get the wheel, start the ignition
and drive away with the package
as fast as he could. Marshal
nodded. Sean was about to
throw up. Marshal looked at him
with a cold stare. Sean
swallowed the phlegm that was
in his throat. Bruno opened the
door and came out of the car, his
hands stretched out.
“I’m unarmed.” He said, crawling
out of the car and assessing the
From the corner of his eyes he
could see Marshal moving
stealthily to the driver’s seat. The
three men approached. Heavily
“Where is the package?” One of
them asked. He was almost near
the car now. A few yards away
from the driver’s side of the car.
In one swift move, Bruno put his
hand at his back and pulled out a
pistol. He shot the approaching
man on the leg as he ducked and
rolled on the ground into the
bushes. At exactly the same time,
Marshal started the engine,
shoved the dead driver out and
drove wildly at the other two
assailants. They did not expect
this sudden surge and left the
road in time. Marshal drove into
the push, passed the car that
was parked in the middle of the
narrow road and back onto the
road. He was pursued by the
other assailants who entered
their car and followed him. The
man Bruno shot was cursing and
looking for him in the bushes.
Bruno was at a vantage point. He
could see the man approaching.
He quickly sent Marshal a text on
the location of a secret hide-out.
He also sent another text to the
driver who would pick Marshal
up. The driver replied his text.
Marshal hadn’t. The man was
getting closer, cursing as his left
thigh oozed blood. He said a
quick prayer and hoped Bruno
would read his message. His
phone rang. It was Bruno. The
id1ot had given away his
location. He cut the call, put off
his phone and slipped it into his
socks. The man looked in his
direction and moved faster
towards him. The man saw the
weeds move. He shot rapidly in
the direction of the movements
where Bruno was trying to
escape. The bullet got him in the
arm. He groaned.
The man stumbled forwards.
Bruno saw him just in time. He
aimed carefully and shot the man
in the head. His brains splattered
as he slumped on the ground.
Bruno was in pains. He took of
his jacket and tied it around the
wound. He tried to crawl out of
the bush until he got tired and
decided to rest. He slept off till
the very early hours of the
morning and found his way to
the mansion.
Sophia sighed.
“Where is your phone?” She
He brought it out and put it on.
He saw Marshal’s message. He
showed it to her.
She smiled.
She called Shina.
“Shina. Beauty has spilled as we
suspected. She is the mole. She
took the bait. Take care of her
after the operation.” She hung
Just then she felt relieved. As she
got up to refill her glass, Bruno’s
phone rang. It was Marshal.
“I am down. Package jumped me.
He is on the loose. I am at the
safe house.” Marshal said.
Bruno got up to leave.
“Where are you going?” Sophia
“I have got to take care of
business.” He said, relating
Bruno’s message to her.
“The boy knows you. He might
jump you too. I guess this is
where I step in. I’ll handle this.”
Sophia said and smiled.
She grabbed her car keys and
headed towards the safe house.

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Episode 7

Detective Ahmed Haruna woke
up startled. His phone had been
ringing nonstop. He felt his head
banging. He picked the call.
“Hello. What? When? How?” he
asked with a very croaky voice.
He listened for about two
minutes then replied,
“Oh my God!” He said sitting up
and continued, “Keep a
perimeter around the crime
scene. No one takes or touches
anything till I get there. You
understand? I will be there in
twenty minutes.” He hung up.
He took his wristwatch from the
bedside table and checked the
time. 6:37 am. He looked behind
him. Rita was fast asleep, covered
up under the duvet. They had
had a wild night, getting high on
weed and alomo bitters before
engaging in different s3x
positions. She came twice riding
him while he later turned her
and came into her from behind.
They slept off thereafter. She was
his tonic after a very hard day’s
job. They always met in her
house every Saturday night. She
looked so angelic. He did not
want to wake her but he had no
choice. He tapped her gently. She
stirred but did not wake. He
tapped her again, adding a little
more force this time around. She
turned, opening her eyes slowly.
“Hmmm…what is it honey?” Rita
“Do you have some aspirins in
the house?”
“Yes I do. In the Kitchen.”
Ahmed got up Unclad and went
into the kitchen to get the
aspirins. Rita began to get h0rny
under the sheets. The sight of
Ahmed’s perfect round as5 and
great body always drove her
crazy. He returned with the
aspirin and a glass of water. She
licked her lips at the sight of his
huge d1ck and his perfect abs.
Ahmed took the drugs and
accompanied it with water. He
sat on the edge of the bed, his
back to her, his muscles ripping.
She touched his skin. He did not
move. She continued, tracing her
hands to the side of his chest
and caressing his nippl3. He
turned to face her. Then he
kissed her on the lips. She
responded, moving close to him
and wrapping her arms around
his neck. He disengaged the kiss
and pecked her on the forehead.
He moved away from the bead
and got his briefs from the floor.
He wore them.
“What are you doing? Where are
you going?” Rita asked, a frown
appearing on her very pretty
“Duty calls honey. I have to go.”
Ahmed replied. He was wearing
his jeans now.
“Should I make breakfast for
you?” She asked.
“I can’t tell. Looks like a serious
case. I will call you baby.”
He finished wearing his clothes
and gave Rita a light kiss on the
lips. He got his car keys and left
Rita’s house.
He got to Law School Bus Stop to
meet a small crowd of people
already at the scene. He made his
way through the curious crowd
shoving his ID card in their faces
as he screamed “Make way.
Excuse me, leave the road
please.” Even if he did not have
his ID card on him, his
intimidating stature and his
rough face was enough for any
sane person to leave the way. His
face was harsh and strong with
his forehead having permanent
wrinkles. His voice was throaty
and hoarse, his lips black from
marijuana smoking. He had very
broad shoulders with rippling
biceps. He stood at 6ft. 5inches
and always wore very tight black
He bent and got into the yellow
tape area. The medics where
talking to a few pressmen and
some other officers where
huddling around the crime scene
looking for more evidence. There
was a body by the lagoon in
white cloth. He moved close to
the body and bent down. He
pulled away the white cloth. The
white, lifeless and decaying body
of Agent Mercy stared him in the
face. He removed his dark shades
and looked at the body closely.
He saw the gunshot wound. He
looked at her hair, her face. He
was looking at her arms when
he noticed something. All her
jewelry was not touched. All
except her wristwatch. He called
for a forensic agent.
“Get me a UV torch and some
gloves.” He commanded.
He took out two white gloves
from the pack handed to him
and collected the UV torch. He
put it on and scanned her wrists.
There were distinct finger prints
on her wrist where her wrist
watch has been.
“Where is Tunde!!!?” He
screamed at no one in particular.
Tunde came out of the police van
parked beside the ambulance
inside the crime scene. He had
been making a phone call.
“Let me call you back please.” He
hurriedly hung up.
“Good Morning sir. Seen anything
spooky?” Tunde said bending
beside Ahmed.
He ignored the greeting.
“Do you notice anything?”
Ahmed asked pointing the torch
at her wrist and using his finger
to show him what he meant.
“No sir.” Tunde said.
“Look harder, dumb head.”
Ahmed said angrily.
“Oh, I see them now. Finger
prints.” Tunde said animatedly.
“I want you to do this yourself.
Get me those prints by 12 noon.
Do not give this to your boys to
handle. This is a sensitive case. If
you do, I will find out and I will
have you controlling traffic by
Monday. Am I clear?” Ahmed
“Crystral clear sir.”
Tunde waved at one of his boys
and they brought him a small
white plastic bag. He handed it to
“This was found while the boys
were looking for evidence at the
bank of the lagoon. Seems like
the bullet that did the job.”
Tunde said.
Ahmed took the plastic bag,
opened it and put the bullet in
his palm, rolling it over.
“This bullet was fired from a .23
automatic pistol. Out of
circulation. Silenced. You can tell
from the charred edges. I will
keep this.” He said to Tunde,
putting the bullet back in the bag
and into his pocket and
continued, “Comb the entire
perimeter. Let me know when
you find anything.” He finished,
getting up and pulling off the
He walked away from the scene,
got into his car and dialed a
number adding *4567# behind
it. It was a secure line. Only he
and 3 other agents could call the
line. It was the direct line for the
Head of Intelligence Operations.
“Ma, it was Agent Mercy. She had
been compromised. I have some
leads. Give me 8 hours ma. Thank
He hung up.

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Episode 8

We drove in silence for a while,
navigating bends and going
through bushes. I felt Sophia’s
eyes on me as I looked far ahead
in the distance, eagerly hoping
that we burst into a busy major
road. We turned left for the
umpteenth time and I began to
feel nervous. Where was this
woman taking me? I was sure
that we were going in circles
now. We should have gotten to a
major road by no because we
had been driving close to twenty
minutes. I wanted to question
her but I thought twice about it.
After all if not for her help, the
Macho Man may have caught up
to me and who knows what may
have happened.
“Can I make a phone call on your
phone ma?” I asked
“Sure. Why not?” She replied and
handed me her Samsung S4. I
tried to make a call on the phone
and for some reason the call was
not going through. I complained
to her and she said that it was
because of the environment we
were in, assuring me that once
we got out of the bushes, I
would get better reception. She
asked who I wanted to call. I told
her I wanted to call the police. I
noticed a very brief flicker of fear
in her countenance, but she
quickly hid it. I may have seen
wrong though.
A few minutes later we hit the
freeway. I relaxed a bit. I was
glad that we were on a busy
road and we were at least seeing
other cars. I asked her where we
were. She said we were in
Kubwa, Abuja. She offered to
drop me at a park where I could
board a bus back to Lagos. I
could not thank her enough. We
slowed down suddenly and
parked the car away from traffic.
She turned off the ignition. We
were in the middle of nowhere.
Cars were zooming past us at
light speed. I became
apprehensive. She looked
worried. I was scared. She pulled
a lever beside the steering wheel
and got out of the car. I followed.
She opened the bonnet and
hooked it with the metal to
support it. Everything was
sparkling new. No dirt, dust or
oil. I wondered what could be
wrong. Her arms were akimbo as
she scanned the cars that
zoomed past us. She did not
make any move to stop anyone.
My hands were on the edge of
the bonnet trying to look for a
fault that was invisible.
She walked up to me.
“Did you find anything?” she
asked me.
“Still looking ma’am” I replied,
trying to find the solution. I knew
absolutely nothing about fixing
I was still looking for the fault
when I heard her say,
“This would only hurt just a
I tried to turn but it was too late.
She tweaked an artery around
my neck with her thumb and
forefinger in one deft perfect
That was all I could remember.
Detective Ahmed sat in his large,
heavily furnished office, the
blinds drawn. He put the fan at
the highest and made sure the
air condition was blowing at the
lowest temperature. This was the
only way he could think. He was
still shaken at the death of his
most trusted colleague and
friend. He was disturbed. Agent
Mercy was the best undercover
agent the academy had ever
produced. She was recruited into
the Intelligence Operations at 19
and had successfully carried out
4 undercover jobs. Even in the
last one where they thought her
cover would be blown, she had
successfully maneuvered her way
and got out unscathed. She was
under cover as one of the
strippers in the joint owned by a
Mafia Boss. He was wanted for
drug trafficking and child abus3.
There was no single evidence
against him, but the Agency was
sure he was not innocent. So
they sent in Mercy and she did a
wonderful job.
The Ghosts had been a mystery
for many years, even before
Ahmed and Mercy came into the
Agency. However, three years
ago, James an alleged member of
The Ghosts was said to have
come out publicly to say that he
wanted to confess his crimes
and demanded 24-hour police
protection. That was his mistake.
He should have confessed when
he had the chance. He was
murdered in his sleep, in a house
protected by four trained agents
at his bedroom door, other
agents on the roof, in the
opposite holuses and scattered
everywhere around his house,
protecting him. Yet they still got
to him. He was found dead the
next morning.
Mercy’s death meant only one
thing: This was not a matter to
be handled lightly. He logged
onto his computer and entered
the encrypted password. He
clicked on the Mercy file. Her
picture popped up, alongside her
personal details and
achievements. He was not ready
for this. He closed the file and
logged off, shutting down his
He locked his office door and
pressed the conmbination codes
to permanently lock it. It was
8pm. Rita had called him a
hundred times but he had not
picked. He dialed her number.
“I am coming home. Okay. I am
fine. See you soon.” He finished
He got on his power bike and
sped off towards Ajah. He loved
speed. It helped him clear his
head. He did not notice the blue
truck speeding towards him in
the opposite direction. But he
always had very sharp instincts.
He was a second quicker. He
quickly slowed and jumped off
the bike into the nearby shrubs
before the truck made impact.
The noise was deafening.
Ahmed rolled far away from the
collision into the shrubs. He could
not feel his left leg. He pulled out
his phone and dialed a speed
code. It sent a signal to
headquarters, informing them
that he was in trouble and they
could track his location. A team
was sent to his location
immediately. His eyes were
closing; he barely heard what
was going on around him.
The last thing he heard from the
crowd confirmed his fears, the
driver of the truck was nowhere
to be found.
Sophia’s phone rang. The General
was calling.
“This is code Amber. Gather all
Super Agents and the Tactics
team at the Watch Tower. We
meet at 21:00 hours.”
She panicked. There was trouble.

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Episode 9

Sophia dropped the call and
looked beside her. Sean was
lying down on the couch,
breathing steadily. He had been
injected with valium and should
be asleep for 12 more hours.
Everything was finally back on
track. She had Sean. Eva was
secure in the Charge Room. All
logistics were finally getting back
into play. She was behind
schedule by 20 hours. Timing
meant everything to The Ghosts
Corporation. The General was
definitely going to chew her raw.
In their code of law, it was better
to excommunicate yourself, go
off the radar and hope you are
not remembered, than fail an
operation you were supposed to
deliver. The General gave Sophia
a 24 hour window and she got
the job done. She smiled to
herself, and then frowned. She
had worked with incompetent
fools and had trusted them to
come through. She would deal
with them later when she got off
the General’s whipping. She
knew the other attendees of the
General’s summon were already
aware of the proposed meeting.
But orders are orders.
She composed a text and sent it
to the Super Agents. Shina,
Ambrose and Tawo. Together
they were called The Deadly
Quartet. The four of them were
in line to succeed the General.
Ambrose was the Tactical Genius.
His specialty was planning
operations, attacks and
infiltrating impossible fortresses
with a very short deadline. If
there was a place that could
never be breached and you
wanted someone to go in and
come out unseen, give the job to
Ambrose. He never failed an
operation. He always worked
alone. He loved men and was
known to be in love with any guy
whose as5 could take his huge
d1ck. He was the highest paid
member of the four.
Tawo was the super spy. He was
the king of multiple personalities,
and the master of deception and
disguise. He had eight different
names, 5 different passports, and
was a citizen in 3 continents. He
spoke English, French, German,
Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa,
Swahili and Italian. He was the
youngest of the Deadly Quartet
and also the coolest. He was also
responsible for bugging phones,
cars and people. He designed a
special application which could
make him connect with any
satellite he chose and track
anyone, anywhere in the world.
He was the General’s only son. He
was not close to his father and
secretly wished him dead. The
General knew this but could not
afford to have him silenced. He
was his only surviving blood.
Besides, Tawo was hard to
extinguish. He was the most
difficult member to find or reach.
You don’t find him. He finds you.
The Deadly Quartet was hard to
kill. Only the General knew all
their weaknesses.
Time was 9pm. Along with the
Deadly Quartet, the Tactics team
consisting of Bruno, Marshal,
Gbenga, Mark, Iyke, Francis and
Brenda was also invited to the
meeting at the Watch Tower.
They gathered in the large Oval
Office. Bruno, Marshal, Gbenga
and Mark sat on one side of the
room in a semi-circle, talking in
whispers. Iyke and Francis sat
together but were farther away
from the group. They were not
talking. Brenda was busy with
her blackberry phone. Sophia
was sitting at the top of the
conference table, cleaning her
nails. She looked so beautiful.
Ambrose was sitting 4 feet from
her, his legs crossed. He was not
Tawo breezed in at 9:13pm. As
he sat down, a voice came in
from the speakers above. It was
the General.
“Thank you for coming late,
Tawo nodded and waved to the
“Welcome agents. I can see that
we have all been familiarizing
ourselves. There is cause for
worry. Our organization has
been infiltrated. This has never
happened before. Good job by
Sophia and Shina. The threat has
been nullified. However, this is to
warn you that you should be on
the alert now than ever before.
There could be others like her as
there is also a more desperate
detective who wants to get
behind the situation. Temporary
steps have been taken. Good job
by Tawo and Ambrose. Be on the
lookout. As from now, you will
resume normal jobs at various
offices assigned to you. You will
find a file under your pillows
when you get home. Show up at
your respective offices and live as
normal a life as possible. You
would be contacted if we need
you. That will be all.” The voice
went dead.
As the agents got up to leave the
room, the voice came back on
“Super Agents wait behind.”
10 minutes later, each Super-
Agent had been assigned an
order. They also had identical
files under their pillows, but they
were instructions not job
descriptions. Operation
Subterfuge was activated.
Detective Ahmed woke up to find
himself in a very strange place.
White tiled walls, strange smell
and a very small and
uncomfortable bed. He tried to
move but he felt a sharp pain on
his left wrist. There was a drip on
his wrist and a small amount of
blood had formed at the tip of
the needed. How did he find
himself at the hospital? Which
hospital was he? He remembered
just a little part of the earlier
events. He was riding his Power
Bike. He had a collision. That was
all he could remember. He
pressed the emergency button.
“Nurse!!!” He called out. No
“Nurse!!!” He called again
screaming as loud as his
strength could carry and
pressing the emergency bell a
million times.
Seconds later, a young man in a
long white apparel came in to his
room. He was all smiles as he
approached his bed.
“How may I help you Mr.
Ahmed?” the doctor asked with a
smile on his face.
“It’s Detective Ahmed. Please
doctor where am I? Where are
my phones? How long have I
been here?” Ahmed said, trying
to sit upright.
“No no no pls Detective. You
need to relax.” He said pushing
him gently back on the bed and
continued, “You lost quite some
amount of blood and we have
been monitoring your condition
for a while. When you wake up
you will get all the answers you
seek. Please just relax.” He
He took out a syringe and drew
some liquid from a finger size
plastic container. He tapped
Ahmed’s free hand and found a
vein. He injected the contents of
the syringe inside Ahmed and
removed it from his body.
“That would help you relax” the
doctor told Ahmed.
“Thank you” Ahmed replied.
The doctor smiled, took his tray
and walked towards the door.
Ahmed’s eyes had begun to
close. He opened the door and
turned to Ahmed. He walked
back to him and spoke very
“By the way I am not a doctor. My
name is Tawo. You have been
poking your nose into business
that is bigger than you. The crash
should have killed you. You are
lucky to be alive. Ï just injected
you with a form of Amnesia
virus. When you wake up you will
lose all memory of the past five
weeks. I was never here. Good
day Ahmed.”
Tawo shut the door behind him
and left the hospital. He got to
the car park drove out and
headed towards Apapa Oshodi
He sent an encrypted text to
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”

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Episode 10

Sophia got out of the shower
dripping wet, with a towel tied
around her br3asts. She had
another towel on her head as
she walked into her huge
bedroom and sat on a stool,
facing a large mirror. There were
different kinds of tubes, creams
and plastics around the table on
which the mirror stood. She
picked a small plastic tube and
pressed the content into her
palm. She rubbed it gently on her
face, concentrating more on her
cheeks. She stood up and
loosened the towel around her
br3asts. She admired herself in
the mirror, smiling as she
caressed her flat stomach and
cupped her firm and DD br3asts.
She left the mirror and walked
towards a door, opening it.
Different dresses and shoes
stared her in the face. Thw walk-
in closet had different sections.
Shoes, jewelry, gowns, Shirts, and
suits. At another part of the
closet were stacks of folded
jeans. She picked one pair of
jeans and chose a long necked
As she got out of the closet, her
phone beeped twice. There was
a message from Tawo. The
General had told her that she
would be the next to move and
that she should not check the
contents of the file under her
pillow until she had heard from
Tawo. She clicked the message. A
box popped up asking for a
password to decode it. She
smiled. Typical Tawo. He liked too
much ‘effizy’. She typed her
secret code and the message
“I’m done. Your turn to move.”
She sighed and exited the
message. Her phone suddenly
went blank then came on with a
new message.
“Self-destruct sequence
complete. Press ok to begin
factory reset.”
She did not panic. She had
expected that. She went under
her pillow and got out the file. It
seemed very light. She put her
hand inside it and got out a very
tiny piece of paper. Neatly typed
on it were the words:
“Initiate Operation Eva”
She did not know what that
meant. She was confused. What
was Operation Eva? She already
had Eva in her custody. So what
was this about? Her phone rang.
It was the General. She picked.
“Evening General.” Sophia
“I can see the perplexed look on
your face. I’m sure you have
heard from the Chameleon.
Haven’t you?” the General asked.
Sophia looked round. How in the
world was he able to see her?
She scanned the walls and
corners of the house. She did not
notice anything unusual.
“I got his message. But I do not
think I have any information on
the file I got sir.” Sophia replied.
“You don’t need to scan the walls
for any device. You are wearing a
jean and a round necked top. I
am the General. You are my
Lieutenants. I keep watch over
you. It is for your safety, and for
the safety of the corporation.
Someone will deliver a file to you
in a few minutes. It is all
paperwork. Take your time to
study every detail. Your move is
next. Do not disappoint me
Sophia Dirisu. Any questions?”
Sophia was surprised. The
General never called her by her
full name before. This must mean
a lot to him.
“Could I get the file electronically
sir? It would make it very easy
and convenient to work with.”
Sophia requested.
“I do not completely trust anyone
in this Corporation. No one. Not
even you. But there are some
levels of trust I can vest in certain
people. This is a very sensitive
case. I am not convinced we have
flushed out all the spies that have
infiltrated us. Electronic
messages can be traced. I cannot
risk that. The package being
delivered to you has been sent to
six different addresses before
getting to your house. There’s a
finger print and pupil scanner
attached to the package which
gives ONLY YOU the clearance to
access it. Any other form of
intrusion will trigger the
automatic self-destruct option.
These are hard times my dear.
Let’s work with it. Good night”
Sophia heard her door bell ring.
Always on time. She opened the
door, signed the delivery form
and got the package from the
dispatch rider.
She went to the backyard and
opened the door to a thatched
hut. She usually came in here
when she needed to think. She
was sure no wires were run
She opened the package.
I woke up startled. I did not
know how long I had been out. I
surveyed my environment. I was
in a very large room. It was
spacious and beautifully
decorated. I wondered how I got
there. I got up from the bed and
my feet fell into very comfortable
loafers. I walked to the door and
opened it. There was a small
passage in front of me after
which was a spiral stairwell. I
looked down at the sitting room.
Luxurious chairs of exquisite
taste. There was a huge plasma
television on the wall. The walls
were decorated by beautiful
paintings and work of art. A
transparent chandelier hung
from the ceiling. I walked down
the steps slowly taking in the
sights. My stomach rumbled. I
was very hungry. I took the
remote control and put on the
television. A documentary
channel was showing.
Just then the door opened and
Sophia entered. She smiled at me.
I was in shock. I remembered
that she was the last person I
was with before I found myself
“Sean, we need to have a small
talk.” She said.
I knew there was no point
arguing with her or making any
form of trouble.
I sat down and listened to
everything she had to say.
Bruno drove into a heavily
guarded compound. He wound
down the window at the gate
and showed his ID to the military
officer. They nodded to each
other, the barricade was cleared
and he was allowed entry into
the Fortress. He took the elevator
to the third floor. He got out and
took the corridor to his right.
There were doors left and right.
He got to room 125 and
surveyed the door. He brought
out a special UV torch and
scanned the door knob. He was
looking for finger prints. They
were none. He removed a card
from his wallet and slipped it into
a slot in the key hole. The light
changed from red to green and
the door clicked. He got a
handkerchief from his pocket
and turned the door knob. He
stepped inside.
All of a sudden, he felt he was
not alone. His instincts were
never wrong. He brought out his
pistol and became very alert. He
walked slowly to the center of
the room. He did not see the
movement on time. There was a
gunshot. He fell on the floor in a
loud thud. His head banged and
he felt himself drowsing away. A
tall figure stood in front of him.
He pointed a gun at Bruno and
removed his mask.
“Where is the girl?” the man
asked softly.
Bruno winced. He tried to get up
but the man put his feet on his
chest and corked his gun. He
wore a very angry smile.
“I am going to ask only one more
time. Where is Eva?”
Without warning, Bruno kicked
the other leg of his attacker
while bending to his right just in
time to avoid the bullet from him.
The man fell, hitting his head on
the only couch in the room and
his gun falling out of his hand to
the further side of the room. He
got up and ran towards Bruno,
trying to head butt him on the
stomach. He caught Bruno on the
rib with his forehead, sending
them both spiraling into the
center table. Bruno was on the
ground writhing in pain. The tall
attacker got up and headed for
the gun. He picked it and turned
to face Bruno.
Bruno was no longer on the
ground. He turned to look for
Bruno but he seemed to have
disappeared into thin air. He
moved towards the door. He was
alert, holding the gun by his face
and watching for any sign of
Bruno. He heard a sound from
the other side of the room. He
walked slowly to the place the
sound came from. He found
nothing. He heard a gun cork. He
turned. That was his last moment
alive. Bruno shot him from close
range, the bullet piercing his
forehead. He fell down. Dead.
Bruno pushed a shelf of books
away from the way and tapped
the wall twice. A secret,
transparent keypad materialized.
He pressed some numbers and
the stone wall opened inwards.
Eva was in a chair, drugged. She
was in deep sleep.
His orders were simple. Get her
to the mansion.
He got her on his shoulders and
left the fortress.

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Episode 11

Detective Ahmed opened his
small gate and entered his house.
He was wearing a Manchester
United Jersey and joggers. He
was sweating lightly as he had
just finished a 40minute jog. This
had been the psychologist’s
prescription as a way to get
some of his memories back. It
had been four days since he was
discharged from the hospital. He
was angry for his inability to
recall events from the past five
weeks. He had a terrible feeling
that it was not as a result of the
accident as the doctors were
trying to make him believe. They
told him he was suffering from
partial amnesia. What bugged
him most was the fact that it was
only five weeks of memory loss
he suffered. Why not more? Why
not total amnesia? He was not
satisfied with the mere fact that
his past five weeks were blank.
No matter how hard he tried to
recollect, he simply did not find
any headway. This to him was
more annoying than being alive.
The jogging cleared his head.
Made him think.
He sat down on his long couch
and closed his eyes. He felt good.
He was getting back in shape
and he was feeling alive again.
He was almost drifting into sleep
when his phone beeped. It was a
text message. He did not know
the number.
“We want to thank everyone
who was present at the burial of
our beloved sister, friend, aunty
and daughter Miss Mercy Etiebet.
May God continue to guide and
protect you and your family.
Thank you. Felix Etiebet for the
He could not believe his eyes. He
read the message again. His own
Agent Mercy? She was in an
undercover assignment. He
spoke to her a few days ago.
What was happening? He called
his Boss. She did not pick. He was
very distressed. What was the
cause of death? What other thing
happened in his absence? He had
to find out. He had a quick
shower and change of clothes.
He got his keys and got into his
black Toyota Corolla. He was
going to the office. He needed
answers and he had to find out.
His instincts were never wrong
and he had a very strong feeling
that something was just not
A ‘red cab’ taxi was parked two
houses away from Ahmed’s
residence. Brenda and Iyke were
on duty this time. They had
watched him every day since his
discharge from the hospital. They
always came in different cars to
avoid suspicion and never
parked at the same spot twice.
Ahmed’s whole house had been
bugged. Every sound coming
from his house could be heard.
His phones were bugged too.
They listened in on every
conversation and saw every text
message and email. They knew
when he got the condolence text
message. They were supposed to
keep an eye on him and report
anything unusual to Shina. They
were aware that he tried to
reach his Boss but was not
successful. So when he got in his
car and drove off, they followed
him making sure they were far
behind not to be noticed and
close enough to monitor him.
When Ahmed slowed down and
turned to enter his office at
Osborne Foreshore Ikoyi, the red
cab sped off, the two agents
inside acting out a heated
discussion at the back while the
driver acted uninterested. Ahmed
did not suspect a thing.
When they got on Third Mainland
Bridge, Iyke called Shina and
informed him about all the things
that happened that evening.
Ahmed was at his office on a
Sunday and was acting weird. He
was also freaked out by the
news of his ward’s death.
Shina called Ambrose. Ambrose
did not pick.
He sent an encrypted text:
“The mouse is in the hole. Your
Ahmed put on his computer. He
entered his password and
another window opened. He
typed his special code and was
granted access. He clicked on
Agent Mercy’s profile. A red
branded mark appeared on her
profile “DEACTIVATED”. He could
not believe his eyes. He clicked on
the cause of death. He saw his
own report on the page. The
picture of the bullet and the
finger print reports submitted by
Tunde. All that information was
too much for him to handle. He
quickly shut down his computer
and rested his head on the table.
He was not emotionally and
mentally ready for this. He got his
keys and left the building. He
promised himself he was going
to get to the b0ttom of this early
Monday morning. He got in his
car and headed home.
Ambrose was at a bar drinking
when Shina was calling. He was
not in the mood for any work. He
just wanted to drink, and drink
and get a babe and go home. So
he ignored the calls. He was
already on his third bottle of beer
and already eyeing a dark
skinned plump girl when the text
got in. He opened the message, it
was encrypted. He decoded it
and read the content. He was
fuming. His fun had been cut
short. He exited the message and
his phone reset itself to factory
settings. He was prepared for
this. He had his plans already
mapped out. The file under his
pillow had given him just one
simple message:
“Be prepared to wipe out the
Intelligence Operation”. Since
then he had always carried his
kit in the trunk of his car. And
now, the time had come. It was
his time to move.
He left the bar and got to his car.
He drove to Bar Beach and
parked. The ‘rude boys’charged
him 200naira as parking fee. He
paid 500. He changed into his full
black ninja costume and wore a
hat. He reversed and faced the
freeway heading towards The
Intelligence Operations Head
Quarters in Osbourne. He parked
five minutes away from the
entrance of the office. He got out
his briefcase and crossed the
road. He walked to a restaurant
that stood directly opposite the
Intelligence headquarters. There
was a building undergoing
construction. He took the steps
to the 6th floor of the unfinished
building and placed his briefcase
on the floor beside him. He got
out his binoculars and scanned
the Intelligence Premises. There
was a guard just outside the
gate. He was not armed and was
half asleep. Easy to take out.
There was an armed guard
parading the open space just
inside the premises. He would be
the tricky one. He noticed that
the armed guard went out of
sight for 15seconds before
appearing again. He was
probably on patrol, checking out
the other parts of the open
space. The guard spent another
50 seconds before he was out of
sight again. He turned on the
thermal view of the binoculars.
He scanned the whole three
floors of the building. Not a
single soul was in. It was going
to be an easy job.
He took off his black ninja
costume and wore a tight black
shirt, black jeans and black
gloves. His army boots were still
on. He reset his stop watch. He
calculated his movements
carefully. Once the guard went
out of sight he initiated his stop
watch. He got off the 6th floor of
the uncompleted building and
walked quickly down the steps.
He crossed the road. 15 seconds
gone. The guard was now in the
compound. He waited and
watched his stop watch. After 50
seconds, he moved fast. He
walked in the shadows till he got
to the sleeping guard outside. He
put his hands around the guard’s
head and snapped. There wasn’t
a sound. The guard was dead.
10seconds. He carefully dragged
the guard’s body to the side of
the building and put him in a
sitting position. 55 seconds. He
made it back to the gate in time
to see the armed guard moving
to the other part of the
compound. He opened the gate
silently and stepped in. He hid in
the shadows, following the route
he had already memorized from
the plan of the building he
already had.
He got to the server room and
entered inside. He inserted a USB
drive and copied all the
information according to Tawo’s
instruction. He removed it and
put another USB drive. He left
that USB inside the main server.
It contained a deadly virus.
He left the server room and went
upstairs to Ahmed’s office. He
opened his computer and
yanked out the hard drive. He put
it in his sling bag. It was time to
evacuate. His stopwatch read 20
seconds. The guard was still in
the open space. He had to wait
10 more seconds. He was relaxed
and calm. 10, 9, 8…
He was counting. Suddenly an
alarm went off in the server
room. And there was only one
entrance! He had no weapons!
He heard footsteps. He backed
himself up on the wall. There was
nothing he could do. Once the
guard turned he would see him.
The armed guard saw him and
corked his rifle.
“Put your hands up. Who are
you?” He said looking at
Ambrose suspiciously, especially
his black gloves.
“I am the new IT person. I was
just leaving.” Ambrose said.
“Show me your ID card!” the
guard yelled.
“It’s in my bag. Can I get it?”
Ambrose asked
“Okay. But don’t try anything
funny.” He said pointing the gun
threateningly at Ambrose.
Ambrose took off the sling bag
and pretended to search for his
ID. Suddenly he threw the bag at
the guard’s face, at the same
time moving very quickly to the
side. The bag hit the guard’s face
as he screamed and shot at
Ambrose. Ambrose moved away
just in time to avoid the shot. The
gunshot pierced the night air.
Ambrose was fast. He moved very
fast behind the guard and kicked
his ball5 from behind. The guard
dropped his gun as the pain tore
through his whole body.
Ambrose kicked the gun away
from him and twisted the
guard’s neck.
He dragged the guard behind to
the back and left him there, his
gun on his body. He picked up
his sling bag, confirmed the
contents and hung it on his neck.
He got out of the compound,
shut the gate behind him and
walked to the other side of the
He got to his car and called Tawo.
He picked at the first ring.
“I’m done. Pick the exhibits at the
He pulled off his gloves and
started the ignition. As he got
onto the expressway he began
to whistle
“Oh happy day…”.

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Episode 12

He gave his opponent a ‘close line’ and his
opponent fell down, knocked out. He looked at
the crowd and waved his hand before his
eyes. The fans shouted, “You can’t see me!!!”
He picked up his opponent and launched his
trade mark finishing move. His opponent lay
on the floor of ring, dazed. Not moving. No
one was yet to survive this deadly finishing
move. The champion went on top of his
opponent and raised the left leg. The referee
rushed to their side, and began hitting the
ring floor:
“One. Two. Three!!!” and the bell rang.
John Cena had just defeated The Undertaker
to retain his crown as the WWE Champion. He
crawled away from the body of his opponent,
stood by the ring side and posed for his fans.
They were chanting his name and raising
placards which had boldly inscribed on them,
delighted. He had been counting with the
referee and jumped when John Cena won. He
loved wrestling. John Cena was his Idol. What
made it more special for him was that The
Undertaker had previously defeated John Cena
during Royal Rumble when they were the last
two people in the ring. There had been a cheat
when John Cena’s rivals came into the ring
and hit him with an iron chair. This gave the
Undertaker an advantage which gave him the
victory. It was payback time.
He was still basking in the euphoria of this
victory when there was a knock on his door.
He turned down the volume of the plasma
television on the wall and listened again. The
knock came again.
“The door is open.” Sean said as he half
guessed who it was.
“I need some help with the door please.” A
female voice replied.
It was Sophia as he suspected. He got up and
opened the door allowing her to come in with
the tray she had in hand. She dropped the tray
on the small bedside table and opened the
contents of the covered china glass plates. He
closed the door and joined her on the bed
keeping considerable distance.
“I brought dinner Sean. Let’s eat.” Sophia
said. It was more of a command than a
They dug into the Amala and Efo riro eating
the Amala from one huge plate and also the
Efo riro from another huge bowl. After the
meal, they took turns washing hands in the
sink in Sean’s bathroom. Sophia went first.
While Sean was washing, she called someone
to bring them refreshments.
Sean broke the silence.
“How did you know that I like efo riro and
amala?” He asked smiling.
“We know everything about you. We have been
watching you for quite a while. Have you read
the files I gave to you?” She asked.
“Yes I finished reading last night.” He
“So you know what you are in for?” She
“Do I have a choice?” He replied.
“There is actually a choice. You can walk out
that door and call the police. You will not be
alive to finish and drop the call. And they will
never find your body” Sophia said with a
deadly smile.
Sean was scared but did not show it. He had
somehow gotten tougher by all the events that
had happened to him and eventually landed
him here. His next statement was a mistake.
“I know I am supposed to be scared right now.
But the funny thing is, I am not.” Sean
Sophia shined her pretty teeth.
“No one is asking you to be afraid boy. You
see in …” Sophia began but was interrupted by
a knock on the door.
A young man came in with a bucket
containing a bottle of McDowells, two bottles
of Vodka and many cans of Power Horse. He
had ice in a smaller bucket. He served the
contents and took away the tray with the
plates of food. He was leaving and almost at
the door when, Sophia called him back.
“Yes ma’am” He replied.
In one very quick motion, she pulled her pants
(Trousers) up at the ankles and brought out a
small gold embroidered pistol. From her
sitting position, five meters from where he
stood she pointed the gun at him and pulled
the trigger. Blood splattered on the wall
behind him as he fell down in one heap, the
tray falling from his hands. He was breathing
softly and was in pains. He groaned. Sophia
got up, walked to the body and stood in front
of Thomas, looking at him. She aimed at his
heart and shot him again. He was dead.
Sean was shocked. He had already peed on
himself. He was scared and afraid. He was
shaking visibly. Sophia slowly put her gun
back in the holster strapped to her ankle and
covered it up with her pants. She smiled very
warmly at Sean.
“Lesson number one: Be Ruthless. Be very very
ruthless. Be as gentle as a dove and as
dangerous as a shark. Stop shaking and clean
up this mess. You have two hours to scrub
this room clean and get rid of the body. Chop
it into pieces and feed it to the dogs in the
fortress. Bring the head to me. See you at
11pm.” Sophia finished and walked out of the
Sean was speechless.
Eva woke up in a very strange room. She got
up slowly from the bed as she squinted at the
lights that were almost blinding her. Tzhe
room was painted in white. Everything was
white and clean. The sheets, the bed, the
curtains, and the walls were all white. Was she
dead and in heaven? She thought to herself.
There was a man sitting a few meters away
from her, legs crossed, and watching her. He
was dressed in a black suit, white shirt and a
black tie. He had slippers on. What kind of a
bush man is this one? She thought. The man
was incredibly handsome though. She sat
upright on the bed. She yawned.
“Hello Eva.” Shina greeted
“Where am I? Who are you?” What’s
happening?” Eva asked.
“You have been here for two days. My name is
Shina. You are at The Mansion.” Shina replied.
“A lady took me from the Dinner and Award
party. I want to speak with her. Please.” Eva
“She’s dead.” Shina replied and got up.
Eva moved into her bed, folded her arms
around her legs and looked scared. What was
happening? She thought to herself. She was
promised a safe return by the woman who
took her away. Now she is dead? He must be
bluffing. As she thought about all these, she
began to recall the events of that evening. She
remembered the woman in the bathroom at
the Hall and how she got out. She
remembered stopping at Law School by the
Lagoon. Then she gasped. Everything was
coming back to her now. She remembered how
Shina had ordered everyone to come down and
how the agent was killed. She remembered
how her body was dumped in the lagoon.
These people were not jokers. Her heart began
to beat fast. Shina walked towards her and sat
at the edge of the bed. He was calm. He
“Beauty was a double agent. She was a spy. I
had to take her out. And just so you know, I
was glad to. This is a huge corporation and
we will not allow anyone to foil its operations.
If I got an order to kill you Eva, you would be
dead. I do not know what The General has
planned for you, but I am sure you mean a lot
to him for him to use his Lieutenants in
missions as these. Everything you need has
been provided for. You have everything you
might need in the wardrobe. We got you new
clothes, shoes and underwear from your
favorite store, Kinky Women. We also got you
a pack of Tampon because we know your
period is starting tomorrow. Your special
cream, soap and shaver have also been
provided for. If there’s anything else you need,
just dial *345# for the list agents at your
command and their designations.” Shina said.
“How do you know all these things?” Eva
asked. She was shocked and inwardly
“We know everything about you Eva. We do
our homework well.” Shina replied.
“But I have to be at work. My mother would be
worried sick because I see her every day. I
have a fiancé. He would have started a search
party by now.” Eva said.
“Your Boss received your letter of resignation
last night. Your fiancé is out of the country for
4 months. He got a promotion at the Dinner
Ceremony and resumed immediately. Your
mother is safe and taken care of. She has been
getting text messages from you and your
fiancé telling her not to worry and that both of
you are together. We have your phone. We
hacked into Kunle’s phone. Not a big deal. We
have made him so busy; he doesn’t even have
time to suspect a thing. Your mother’s phone
is controlled too. We interrupt her outgoing
and incoming calls to any suspected number.
We are everywhere.”Shina replied.
Eva was shocked. She wanted to speak but
Shina asked her to be quiet. He brought out
his phone and dialed a number. It rang once
and the line clicked. Someone was on the
other line. Shina put the phone on speaker.
“Francis, what’s the target’s status?” Shina
“She’s preparing Aditan soup in the kitchen.
Wearing a long blue dress over an Ankara
wrapper. She just finished her daily
devotional. She is singing and cooking in the
kitchen.” Francis replied.
“I need visual confirmation. Initiate video.”
Shina commanded.
Shina placed his phone on the bed in front of
Eva as she watched the camera zoom in on
her mother. She was convinced beyond doubt.
She was looking happy and was dancing at
intervals while slicing the Aditan leaves. Tears
welled in her eyes. Shina grabbed the phone
and spoke to Francis.
“Stay alert, Francis. Good job.”
“Oga mi, I want some real action. This woman
is boring. Can I go in and kill her? I really…”
Francis was still speaking when Shina cut him
He smiled at Eva.
“Please I would do anything you want. He
should not harm my mother.” Eva sobbed.
“He won’t touch your mother. No one will. As
long as you behave yourself, everything will be
fine.” Shina assured her. He held her right
shoulder and shook her a little.
“Can I speak with her? Please?” Eva begged.
“We have arranged for you to visit her tonight
and spend the night with her. You can
convince her you are travelling or anything.
Just let her know you won’t be seeing her in a
long while. Don’t try anything funny sweety.
We will take you out. Trust me. We have back
up plans just in case you try anything funny. I
won’t think twice about killing your mother
and leaving you in the hands of Francis. He
loves dead pretty women.” Shina said, getting
up from the bed.
“Thank you so much.” Eva replied. Shina
ignored her.
He looked around the room, wore his slippers
and grabbed his ‘panama ‘cap from the chair
he was sitting on.
He faced her. She was still sobbing. She will
get over it, he told himself.
“If you need me for anything, just press and
hold 0. It’s my speed dial number.”
Eva nodded.
He was halfway across the room when he
“One more thing. Breakfast is at 8am.
Someone would like to meet you.” He looked
at his wrist watch and continued, “You have
less than two hours. She hates to be kept
He walked out and shut the door.
Detective Ahmed was woken up by a very loud
bang in his compound. It sounded like a
gunshot. His dogs were barking frantically
and all of a sudden went quiet. He was
automatically alert and reached under the bed
to get his pistol. At the same time, his right
hand traced the wall above him and found the
light switch. He turned it on. There was a
huge white paper on his door with a message
written in red ink:
He got up and inspected the ink. It was blood.
He checked the door. It was not forced. It had
been opened from the outside. He got out of
his room and went to the sitting room. He
turned on the lights. The same message was
on the left wall of his sitting room. He smiled.
He went outside and found his two dogs dead.
He was angry. He knelt beside his best friend,
Jimmy. The dog had been with him for 5
years. It was his best friend. He got up. His
eyes were red.
These guys had just messed with the wrong
He paced for a while, circling his dead dogs.
He moved them beside each other, sat down
on the floor beside his them in a yoga
position and closed his eyes. He put his
hands on his laps and said to himself.

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Episode 13

Ahmed stayed up in his yoga posture for
about 50 minutes. He sat deep in thought and
seriously meditating. He thought about the
trend of events that had happened to him
lately. He had been hospitalized, there was the
death of his protégé Agent Mercy, there was
the attack and theft at the office, and now his
dogs had been killed. The first conclusion that
came to him was that the incidences were
related, most probably carried out by the same
group of people. He marveled at the organized
way in which the actions were perpetrated.
What did his dogs do to deserve their fate? He
decided it was time for action. No more lying
down and taking hits. He needed to be a step
closer. He opened his eyes. His usually white
clear eyes were now red and blood shot. He
was angry. Very angry. He got up and went
into his room. He searched his drawer and got
out a torch and a plier. He took them with
him to the front of his compound where his
electricity meter was connected. He pulled
down the lever on the meter to shut out the
current. All electricity in his compound went
off. With his torch, he carefully traced the
cables that supplied current from the meter
into the main house. He found them and cut
them with the plier. He turned the lever on the
meter back on. The security lights around his
compound came on. His house was dark. He
had a feeling that whoever had been causing
him all this trouble somehow had access to
his home.
With his torch switched on, he found his way
to his bed, sitting at the edge. He looked
round his room, pointing his torch at every
corner, and studying every nook and cranny
for anything suspicious. When he was
satisfied, he picked his phone and dialed the
number of the only person he trusted; his
uncle, Retired Colonel Giwa Haruna.
Colonel Giwa Haruna was the younger brother
to Ahmed’s father. He took care of Ahmed
when he lost his father at age 4. He took care
of Ahmed up until military school. They had
only seen each other twice in the past three
years. The Colonel was the complete detective
during his active days. Complete in every
sense of the word. He was physically well
built. He was 6ft.5inches tall, had broad
shoulders, bulging muscles, and a handsome
face. He was vast in English, Igbo and Yoruba.
He also spoke French and German at an above
average level. He was the smartest man on
the force. His ability to decipher codes,
retrieve destroyed evidence, and sift clues from
debris made him the most respected agent in
the field. He had a reputation for hard work
and never left any stone unturned in his bid to
solve a case. He was famous for his famous
bust of the Marine Mafia and Drug Cartel
which had been terrorizing and killing police
officers for over 8 years. He went undercover
and infiltrated the Cartel. He was put to
various tests. He faked the deaths of police
officers and transportation of guns and hard
drugs to rise to the level of Trusted Knight.
There were only two people who had this
position and they protected the King of the
cartel. For years no one heard about the
Colonel until one day he brought the Cartel to
the cleaners. He single handedly destroyed the
He retired seven months after the operation at
the age of 45. No one knew what he looked
like after undergoing facial reconstruction. He
had many dark organizations on his tail. He
retired into a deep village in Ibadan and had
been living peacefully since.
He had made many enemies. He had to cool
off. Two years had passed without incidence.
Only six people had his number. The person
calling him had to be family. The Colonel
picked Ahmed’s call at the second ring.
“Hello.” A hoarse voice spoke from the
“Uncle, it’s me.” Ahmed replied.
“Son! It’s been a while. How are you?” The
colonel asked
“Hello Uncle. There is something going on I do
not understand.” Ahmed replied.
“What is the matter son? You sound very
worried.” The colonel replied.
Ahmed could visualize the frown on the
colonel’s face as he spoke the words.
“Uncle, you know that I only call you when
situations are out of hand. I am sure you can
vouch for me that there is hardly a situation I
cannot handle. However, this is beyond me.
Believe me when I say you would be very
interested.” Ahmed replied.
There was a pause at the other end of the line.
“Hmmm. You have my attention. What do you
need?” The Colonel said.
“I need your help Uncle. I know you are retired
but this is beyond me. And I think it started
when you were in office.” Ahmed said
“What started? How do you need my help?
Come out with it son.” The colonel said
hurriedly and impatiently.
“Uncle, we need to talk about this. Face to
face. I can be at the villa in 3hours.” Ahmed
“No. Don’t come. I will. I haven’t been out of
this place in three weeks. I need the journey. I
will be with you in two hours son.” The Colonel
“Thank you Uncle. Please be careful.” Ahmed
“I may be retired son, but I am still an agent.
Old soldier never die!”
They both laughed at his joke. After
exchanging pleasantries and asking about
loved ones, the colonel was about to hang up
when Ahmed said
“One more thing Uncle. Mercy is dead.”
He could feel the tension. He imagined his
Uncle’s stony face all soft at hearing the
news. Ahmed had never seen him shed a tear.
He always held it back. After a few seconds,
the Colonel replied:
“I will see you in 2 hours son.”
He hung up.
Directly to the right of Ahmed’s compound,
there was a brown painted bungalow which
had just recently been completed. Bruno and
Marshal sat opposite each other in the living
room by the door, with a wooden table in
between them. There were earphones in
Bruno’s ears. He was listening in on the
phone call Ahmed was making. There were
various boxes scattered on the floor, some
were open while the rest were locked. The only
other piece of furniture was a huge mattress
which was placed on the ground in the middle
of the room. Marshal was cleaning his gun
and settling it into a briefcase. He left Bruno
on the chair and carried a small gallon
containing the remaining goat blood he had
used to write the inscriptions on the huge
white papers. He poured the contents in the
toilet, flushed and covered the gallon. He
dropped it on the floor and resumed his
position opposite Bruno, awaiting his orders.
A few days earlier, Detective Ahmed was in his
office trying to decipher the status of Agent
Mercy, when Bruno and Marshal entered his
compound. They had gotten a copy of his keys
and entered the house with ease. Bruno
marked the spots while Marshal planted the
bugs. Tiny powerful micro cameras, which
were the size of a Coke bottle cork. They were
designed lemon green, the same color with
which the rooms were painted. There were two
in his bedroom, four in his sitting room, and
one each in his bathroom, toilet, kitchen and
store. After assessing the work and confirming
the stealth settings, they exited his house. It
did not take 20 minutes. The Ghosts
Corporation had previously bought and
renovated the bungalow beside the detective’s
compound. They were only waiting for the
right time to move in.
Bruno brought out the keys and entered the
bungalow, with Marshal following just behind.
There was just a bed and a table with two
chairs. That was all they would need. They set
up the devices and Bruno left Marshal in the
bungalow. Marshal was to watch Ahmed for
two days before they made their move. He
could take care of himself.
At 6pm on the night of the scare, Bruno took
a taxi into the detective’s estate while Ahmed
was at work. He brought the guns and the
blood that would be used for the job. Marshal
woke up when the door opened and went
immediately back to sleep when he saw it was
Bruno woke Marshal. Marshal carried his
heavy frame out of the bed and sat on the free
chair opposite Bruno. Bruno had already set
up the small palm top screen which had four
different views. The bedroom, sitting room,
bathroom and toilet. They went over how the
operation was to be done for the third time,
covering all possibilities and loop holes.
Bruno gave Marshal the artillery, while he took
the huge white paper and spread it on the
floor. He scribbled a message on three of the
At 12:17am they played cards over a light
bottle of Vodka. Bruno was letting Marshal
win the games and the bets were getting
heavy. That was his strategy. Marshal always
performed excellently when he was in a
fantastic mood. Bruno increased the bet to
5000 naira per game. Bruno lost the next four
games. Deliberately. Marshal did not suspect
a thing. All the while they were watching
Ahmed sleep in the palm top monitor on the
At 3am, Marshal made his move. He sneaked
to the front of Ahmed’s gate and watched for
any movement within the premises. There was
nothing. He threw his knapsack over the gate
into the compound and jumped over the short
gate. Gun in hand he moved slowly and
stealthily towards the front door. He got to
the door, kept his gun inside his belt and
entered with his spare key, shutting the door
behind him noiselessly. He checked the
countdown timer on his left wrist. He had four
minutes and fifteen seconds more. He was
already behind schedule. He opened his bag in
the sitting room and pulled out one of the
huge papers. There was a small white earpiece
hanging in his ear. Bruno was watching him
from the bungalow and directing him. He was
done in 90 seconds, hanging the two papers
in the sitting room. The tricky part was the
bedroom where Ahmed was lying down,
asleep. Bruno had watched him for close to an
hour. He decided that they could enter.
Marshal tip toed into the bedroom and opened
the door slightly, just enough for him to
squeeze through. As he was about to go in,
Bruno spoke into his ears
“Hold on. Don’t go in yet. He is stirring.”
Ahmed turned in his bed and changed his
position. He was now sleeping with his back
to the door. After 26 seconds, Bruno said,
“Go in now. And please, hurry!”
Marshal entered the room and pasted the
white paper with the inscription on the door.
He was done in less than 20 seconds. He
didn’t bother to lock the bedroom door behind
him. He checked his wrist. 1min 59ecs left. He
picked his knapsack and zipped it as he
walked out of the sitting room. He closed the
door shut and was locking the door when he
heard the wicked snarls of two huge
Rottweilers. He was taken aback. He left the
door and backed up on it as the bigger of the
two dogs came towards it. They were angry
and snarling, saliva dripping from their
“I have a situation here Bruno. Two dogs.
What do I do?” Marshal said through clenched
teeth. His hand was going to his gun.
“I can see. Take them out. Use your silencer…”
Bruno was saying but did not finish.
Marshal was trying to locate his silencer from
the knapsack when the huge dog came at him.
He turned just in time and shot the dog
squarely in the face. There was a loud bang. It
fell to the ground. The other dog began to
bark as loud as it could. Marshal had gotten
his silencer now. He shot the second dog.
There was no sound.
“Shiiiittt! He is awake. Get out of there,
now!!!!” Bruno said.
Marshal ran to the gate and escaped just in
time. He took a back entrance to the
bungalow and sat on the bed panting. His
hands were bleeding. He went to the
bathroom, washed off the blood and came to
sit with Bruno. Bruno looked at him and
nodded. Marshal nodded back. They both sat
down to watch as Ahmed paced, sat beside
his dogs and after a long time went to his
room. They saw him get some items from his
drawer and go to his electric meter. A few
seconds later, they could not see anything
The screen went blank.
Bruno was pissed.
“Shiitt!!!” He cursed.
He buried his heads in his hands. Suddenly an
idea occurred to him.
He brought out a small device, turned it on
and adjusted a knob by the side. After a while
he got the correct frequency and smiled.
Voices came on from the device. One of the
voices was Ahmed’s. He was making a call.
He quickly called Tawo.
“Hello” Tawo answered with a very alert voice.
Music was playing softly in the background.
“Trace Ahmed’s call. It’s a code 11” Bruno
Bruno, Marshal and Tawo listened to Ahmed’s
conversation with the Colonel till the very end.
When Ahmed dropped the call. Bruno asked,
“Did you get the location?” Bruno asked.
“Positive. Well done, Bruno. I’ll take it from
here.” Tawo said.
Tawo called Shina.
“The Colonel has finally come out of hiding.
Dispatch some of your guys at Berger and I’ll
be at the other entry point to Lagos. Ready
some of your best buggers. The Colonel is
coming to town.”

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Episode 14

Eva stepped out of her room at a few minutes
to eight. She looked very pretty and sweet. She
wore a short red flowered gown which stopped
just above her knees. Below that was a tight
ash colored jegins which accentuated her hips
and brought out her bum. She looked good.
She walked into the sitting room and went left
towards the dinning. Shina was already seated
and he beckoned her to come and sit beside
her. There were two other men with stern
looking faces. She sat at the table and joined
the others as they waited for Sophia to arrive.
She came in at exactly 8am, looking fresh as
usual. She wore a pink silk shirt with stopped
just after her elbows. She was in a blue bum
short jean. Her ars3 was out of this world. Eva
found herself staring at Sophia’s hips all the
way from the door to the dining table. Sophia
got to her chair and Shina immediately got
up. The other two guys got up too. Eva joined
them. They waited for Sophia to sit first, after
which the rest followed suit. Each person had
his favorite meal already prepared and covered
in front of him. Sophia said a very short prayer
and opened the cover to her plate. Every other
person did the same. Eva concluded that they
all had to do what Sophia did. Eva was
amazed at what she had in front of her. She
had indomie in her plate. Not just any kind of
indomie but her favorite kind. It was
garnished with diced carrots, green pepper,
prawns and best of all two huge snails. She
looked at Shina with a wide smile on her face.
Shina nodded back at her as if to say “We
had a small grin on her face too.
“Let’s eat” Sophia commanded. Eva could not
Colonel Giwa Haruna got out of his house and
walked to his garage. He had previously given
his driver a key and asked him to wash the
red Murano jeep, informing him that he should
get ready to drive him to Lagos. He was ready
in record time wearing a body hugging black
t-shirt and white loafers. He added a brown
‘kangor’ cap to the mix and was ready to go.
His driver started the ignition as the Colonel
approached the car. He got into the back
“Let’s go” He ordered his driver.
As the driver shifted the gear to reverse and
began to move the car, the colonel stopped
“Stop the car James.” He said.
James stopped.
“Drive back into the garage.” The colonel
commanded. James obeyed.
When James was back in the garage the
Colonel opened the door and got out of the
jeep. He went inside the house, without saying
a word to James. In ten minutes he was out.
He had changed his clothes. He was now
wearing a pure white linen attire, with
matching trousers. He still retained his
‘kangor’ cap and loafers. He had a key in
hand. He walked to another car, a black 2003
Honda Accord and opened the door.
“I changed my mind. I will drive myself. You
can take the rest of the day off. I will call you
when I get back.” He said to a bewildered
“Okay sir. Thank you sir.” was all James could
James watched his ‘Oga’ drive out of the villa
and into the dirt road that led out of the
He picked his phone, pressed and held 0 on
his phone.
“He decided to drive himself. I had planted the
tracker in the car he asked me to wash. He is
currently driving a black Honda Accord with
plates AA106SMK. It is a very ordinary and
plain car. His rims are alloy and gold plated.
He just left.” James said to the mouthpiece.
“Where is he likely to pass through? Challenge
or Sango?” Tawo asked.
“Sir, I cannot really say. His actions this
morning took me completely unawares.”
James said.
“Ok Agent James. Keep this up.” Tawo said
and hung up.
Tawo had been waiting a long time to take
out the Colonel. Tawo hated him because he
was the only one whom he could not figure
out. The Colonel was the General’s ward in
military school and loved him like a younger
brother. That was the only reason he was still
alive. Moreover, the Colonel had done The
Ghost Corporation a huge favor by taking
down a huge rival, The Marine Mafia and Drug
Cartel. The Cartel was loud and everywhere
and raking up the profits. They blocked
business for The Ghosts Corporation who
preferred to operate in the shadows. The
General’s gift to the Colonel for his effort was
his life. However, the General made sure that
the Colonel was being watched at close range.
They had place over fifteen different agents
around him in the past three years. Cooks,
drivers, fiancées, hookers, personal assistants,
and even family. They knew where he lived.
They knew when he had facial reconstruction.
They knew everything about him. It was their
job to know. Just in case a day like this came.
And that day had finally arrived. Tawo was so
happy his father, the General had entrusted
him with this operation. He had also warned
him in clear terms.
Tawo was a very patient agent. He had a
strong feeling that a day would come when he
would finally conquer a worthy opponent.
Even though he could not still do anything
now, he was happy that the Colonel was
finally making a move. A very silly move. He
had initiated and planned the ‘scare’ at
Ahmed’s residence hoping that Ahmed would
contact his beloved Uncle. All was going
according to plan.
He went into his control room. There were
three touch screen plasma monitors on the
wall. Two trusted agents sat adjacent each
other decrypting codes and aligning
coordinates on keyboards connected
‘Where are we?’ Tawo asked.
“We are currently monitoring the status of Iwo
Road and Ring Road. We are watching other
major areas Challenge, Sango and Apete. All
lights are green at the moment sir.” One of the
agents said.
“The situation is dicey sir. He is driving a very
common car and he is going to be hard to
pick out.” The second agent said, zooming in
on the images on the large screen.
“Which satellite are you connected to?” Tawo
asked looking closely at the screen.
“The Saturn-U134 sir.” The agent replied.
“Not good enough Ope. Merge the connection
between Saturn –U134 and Mecury-00A.”
Tawo said.
The agent did as instructed.
“Now, bridge them and merge their
transitions. Use the WSPTA protocol to rewrite
the imagery and log into all CCTVs, mobile
phone and every fuccking device that has a
lens and is in proximity. Launch a new
search.” Tawo commanded.
He watched intently as the agent obeyed his
command, moving his hands on the keyboard
in light speed and writing codes. After a few
minutes a new clearer map appeared on the
screen, different lines and route lined up the
screen. Tawo nodded.
“Parameters sir.” The agent asked.
“Begin Ibadan, End Lagos. Data ID: Number
plates. Content: AA106SMK. Database:
Vehicle Registration. Unique Search: Plate
Numbers.” Tawo spelled out.
Ope entered all the details swiftly and a red
button flickered atop the screen. A search
sequence was initiated and the screen began
to change in milliseconds. Images and images
flashed on one section of the screen while the
other screen had a small dot running around
in all directions on the map.
“Now all we have to do is wait.” Tawo said.
Thirty minutes later, the screen stopped
moving with a large rectangular box showing
a message: “MATCH FOUND”
“We have got a hit sir.” Ope announced,
hitting a key on the keyboard.
Tawo rolled his swivel chair beside agent Ope
and watched as a green dot was moving
slowly in the map.
“Zoom in on that.” Tawo ordered.
Ope zoomed in and they got the location of
the Colonel.
Tawo called Shina.
“The Colonel is about to pass through Mowe.
Set up your guys at the MFM area. This
should be as easy as taking a pee.” Tawo
Shina hung up.
45 minutes later a black OPMESA patrol Van
was parked across the Lagos – Ibadan
express way on the route coming into Lagos.
The 3-lane road was now reduced to one as
men in military uniforms were stopping and
checking cars. Shina did not get down from
the Van but had given directions for the plate
number they needed. After a while the army
officer doing the search radioed Shina that
they had the car in view. Three cars away.
Shina was excited.
“Make sure he parks and do as instructed.”
Shina radioed back.
They motioned the black Honda Accord to
stop. They directed it to pull over just behind
the patrol van.
The man knocked on the door.
“Can you roll down your mirror?” The man
The mirror rolled down.
A young lad who looked like he was in his
early twenties was at the wheel.
The Colonel was nowhere in the car.

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Episode 15

Two years ago after the Colonel had brought
down the Marine Cartel, he was riding on his
success. His name was on every islander’s
lips. Criminals feared him. Mobs shook at his
presence. He got a letter from Headquarters at
the Silicon Place in Abuja, asking him to
appear for a second debriefing and a possible
promotion. Although no one knew this, he was
overjoyed. People still saw him with his
trademark straight face and no signs of
flooding emotions. However deep inside, he
was very excited. The Silicon Place was the
highest command of hierarchy of the West
African Union Intelligence Force. The Force
was overhead by a group of seasoned spies,
exceptional detectives with unbelievable IQs
and soldiers who had fought in the fore of the
2015 West African War.
He was shocked and delighted when he
entered the Conference Room at the Silicon
Place and saw that his mentor, The General
was part of the board. After the debriefing,
cross examination, and encouragement, he
was dismissed and told he would be
contacted. The General showed no sign of
recognition and he felt bad. He was surprised
however when later that evening, he opened
the door to his hotel room and saw the
General standing in his room, his back to the
“Come in Giwa Haruna” The General said in an
unfriendly tone, still backing him. The
Colonel’s smile disappeared.
“Good evening General. I thought this was
supposed to be my room sir?” The Colonel
“It is your room. No one knows I am here. I’ll
be quick.” The General said. He turned to face
the Colonel and took of his glasses.
“You did a good job with your last operation.
No one thought you would pull it off. For that
I am going to give you the best gift you could
ever imagine. Your Life. Leave town. Go
somewhere remote. Resign. It is for your own
good. You have another option. You can
ignore my advice. You won’t live to celebrate
your birthday. Good day Colonel.” The General
finished and walked out of the room.
The Colonel was surprised and dumbfounded.
He watched as the General left the room and
shut the door behind him. This was hardly the
man who he took like an elder brother. This
was not the man who dotted on him all
through his stay in Military School. Something
had definitely gone wrong. He was not about
to dig into the General’s past. He knew better.
He did as the General commanded.
From his experience on the force he knew
better than to trust anyone, so he always took
extra precautions. He always had plans A-Z
just in case. He was aware that there were
spies set up around him in his villa. He did
not know who exactly the spies were but he
was very sure at least one of the people
around him, from domestic staff to Personal
assistant was a spy. He shuffled his staff
randomly without warning. It kept the number
of spies reduced but did not totally eradicate
them. He knew this, so he was always private.
Always. He always stayed one step ahead.
So right from the time he received Ahmed’s
call, he became extra vigilant. He called one of
his mechanics who ran interstate errands for
“Wait for me at your shop. I will be there
soon.” He said.
He knew he was going with the black Honda.
The black Honda was a brand new car that he
had not used before now. He was saving it for
a day he would need to get Watchers off his
back. He knew there were eyes on him, but he
has not had any cause to shake them off
recently. Now that he did, he deliberately had
his driver get the Jeep ready. He was not
ready to make his movement known to
anyone. He saw the alarmed look on the
drivers face when he switched cars. He had
suspected James for a while and his actions
that morning sealed the coffin. He wanted to
sack him immediately. But he knew that
whoever planted him there would suspect that
he knew about James and would probably
plant someone else who would even be
deadlier than James and that would take him
sometime to figure out. So he decided not to
sack him. He planned to give him a raise
when he came back. This way he could
monitor him closely, at least now he knew who
his enemy was.
When he got to the Redeemed camp, he picked
the mechanic he called earlier. They did not
stop the car. The Colonel moved very slowly
allowing the man to jump in. He opened a
lower compartment in the car and brought out
a brown envelope. He handed it to the
“Did you bring your passport photograph as I
texted you to?” The Colonel asked.
“Yes Oga.” The mechanic replied.
“Good. This is what you will do. You will drive
this car like a normal human being from here
to Ojota. Don’t drive the car like it’s your
Danfo. Do not over speed. The envelope in
your hand contains the particulars of this car.
Everything is in your name. If any policeman
harasses you, give them my number. Do you
understand?” The Colonel asked.
“I dey feel you baba.” The mechanic said
nodding his head. The car was moving slowly
at snail pace.
“Good. When you get into Lagos, go to that
Total filling station at Ojota and act like you
want to buy fuel. Stay in the car. When the
attendant is done fuelling the car, come out
and create a scene. Make enough noise and
demand to see the manager. He is tall, fair,
has a moustache and is bald headed. He will
ask you if you want to go with him to his
office. Tell him you need to pee first. Don’t
forget! You need to pee! He will show you the
rest room, and then take you to his office. He
will ask you for the thing and give you a small
paper. Write your account number on that
sheet of paper and the account name. DO NOT
SAY A WORD. 100,000 naira will be credited to
your account in two weeks. The manager will
give you 40,000 for the trouble. Remember, do
not say a word!” The Colonel finished, stapling
the mechanic’s passport photograph on one of
the papers.
“Na the job be that, Oga mi?” The mechanic
“That’s all you have to do. After you get the
money, you leave the premises then do
whatever you like with the money and the car.
If anyone asks you how you got the car, after
today, tell them it was a gift from me. And if
police gives you trouble give them my
number.” The Colonel finished, stopping the
car and getting out.
The Colonel moved to the service lane of the
road while the Mechanic got into the driver
seat. He pressed the horn a few times and
was so excited to own a new car.
“Tuale!!!! Baba o!!! You are mouthed. Iyalaya!!!
Won gbe leko yi se! Awon omo covenant ma
ku. Olosho meta ati Ogidida!!! Lale yiii!!!!!
Let’s go to Moscow!!! Baba o!!!” The Mechanic
was saying and pressing his horn.
“Hey!!!” The Colonel said bending over at the
passenger window and showing him a finger.
“From now till you leave the filling station,
behave like a human being! Or else!!!! Am I
clear?” The Colonel warned.
“Oga mi, you clear pass pure water o.
Olorun!!!” The Mechanic said.
The Colonel frowned at him.
“Sorry sir. I will totally ‘behafe’ myself.” He
said and drove off.
The Colonel stopped a Danfo and entered it.
Shina approached the Black Honda. He could
not believe his eyes. They had monitored the
car all the way. This could not have
happened. How did the Colonel get out?
“Yes officer, what is happening here?” Shina
asked the man who stopped the Black Honda.
“Sir, I am guessing this car is stolen property.
He says it was a gift and the number he gave
is not going through.” The man replied.
“What about his papers? His license? Are his
documents complete?” Shina asked frowning.
“Everything is perfect sir.” The man answered.
“Olorun oba, Wahlai na dis kain tin na him dey
vex me pass wahlai. Wetin be dis na? Which
kain yawa be dis? I say dem give me gift, na
offense? Mo ma bora sibi yi o.”
Shina had a bug between his fingers. It was a
very tiny pin that he would insert into the
wrist of his target. It was the size of a rice
grain. Even experts had a hard time figuring it
out when it was inserted in a target’s body.
He approached the Mechanic and spoke to
“Sorry for taking your time sir. But next time,
try and make sure that the number you have is
always reachable. Other police men may not
be this nice. Thank you for your time.” Shina
finished, outstretching his hand.
The mechanic took the hand and the shook.
As their hands met, Shina inserted the bug in
the mechanic’s wrist. The mechanic did not
notice a thing.
“Have a good day sir.” Shina said as the
mechanic entered the car,
“Thanks sir. Jabor lona fun mi jare. Olobe!” He
said to the man who stopped him.
He drove away.
“Let’s pack up boys. Today’s done.” Shina
said to the leader of the pack.
He got into his own car and started the
ignition. He picked his phone and called
“Target was not in the vehicle. He somehow
maneuvered his way and we lost him. I put a
tracker on his decoy. Trace it and have a man
on him.”
Ahmed was woken by a ringing bell. The bell
rang only in his room and the sitting room.
The ringing continued. He opened his front
door and stood at the entrance. He stared for
a long time at the person at the gate. The
man at the gate was looking like a hippie.
Dark shades, huge T-shirt, baggy jeans and
white trainers. He wore a hood over his head.
He looked like a mistake from a fashion book.
He was waving at Ahmed beckoning him to
come closer. Ahmed wasn’t scared. He just
did not want another mugger. He felt his gun
at his sides, covered by his pyjamas.
After serious thought he approached the gate,
all his senses alert.
He was at the gate and looked at the man. He
did not recognize him.
“How can I help you?” Ahmed asked the man.
The man pulled his dark shades a little low
just above his nose and said,
“Don’t you recognize me son?”
Ahmed opened his mouth, surprised.

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Ahmed was happy to see his Uncle after quite
a while even though he was hoping it were
under ‘prettier’ circumstances. He opened the
gate and tried to hug him. The Colonel backed
away, shaking his head slowly. Ahmed
understood and stepped aside for his Uncle to
come in. They walked into his house making
sure that there was a wide gap between them.
He opened the door allowing his Uncle to
enter the house first. He followed soon after.
As soon as The Colonel was in the house, he
saw the white paper with the inscriptions in
blood on the two opposite walls of the sitting
room. He walked up to one of them and
smelled the ink.
“Blood. Probably from a cow or a goat” he
thought to himself.
He motioned Ahmed to come close to him. He
hugged him tightly and whispered into his
“Is there a room you hardly ever use?”
Ahmed nodded and led the way into a small
corridor. There were two rooms at the end of
the small corridor. He opened the one to his
left and flashed a torch. A rat ran across the
floor. There were a few cobwebs on the ceiling
and the room was dusty and dirty. It didn’t
look like anyone had been here in months. The
Colonel took off his disguise clothes to reveal
the sparkling white linen he had earlier worn
from home. He spread the large t-shirt he just
removed on one of the stools he found and sat
on it.
“This room is perfect.” The colonel said.
“It is so good to see you Uncle.” Ahmed said
rushing to his uncle and hugging him.
“Sometimes, I wish I lived a normal life Uncle.
Being a cop is a difficult life. I keep looking
over my shoulder. I wake up every day not
knowing which of my enemies is close to
taking me out. It freaks me out sometimes
and there is always no one to talk to.” Ahmed
said looking at his Uncle.
“Son, our profession is a dangerous one. Till
we die, we are always going to be wanted by
the bad guys. You know that. And if you say
you are scared, what should spies, double
agents and people like me say? Each day you
wake up is another opportunity you have.
Look at the bright side. You are better than
the average man on the street. Your senses
are sharper, you have strong instincts, you are
trained in hand to hand combat, martial arts,
and you have excellent skills in weaponry. You
cannot be taken down by just anybody. So
son, use this amazing skill set you have to
make a difference in the lives of the people
you have sworn to protect.” The Colonel
“Always Uncle, always.” Ahmed said.
Typical Colonel. He never misses an
opportunity to give his ‘son’ a lecture. Ahmed
was used to it now. They caught up on old
times, telling each other about what has been
happening in the past few years. The Colonel
loved to play video games just like Ahmed.
They talked about what games they were
currently playing and the stages. The Colonel
said he just stumbled on HITMAN SUICIDE
MISSIONS. Ahmed was going to try it out.
Recently a lot had been happening around
him. He had not had time for himself let alone
video games.
“So what brings me here son? Let’s hear it.”
The colonel said.
Ahmed cleared his throat and began to narrate
the story. He started with waking up in a
hospital, and losing his memory of the past
few weeks. Doctors said he had slight amnesia
and may recall the things he could not
remember over time. He also talked about how
he found out about the death of Mercy, how
his office was burgled and the guards were
killed. The Colonel raised up a hand to stop
“Your office was burgled? What was stolen?
What really happened? Describe every detail.”
He questioned Ahmed.
“I had just left the office and was about to
drive into the Estate when I got a call from
Sheila that I should come back immediately…”
Ahmed said.
“Sheila still heads the Combat Department?”
The Colonel asked, interrupting him.
“No Uncle. She is now the Head of the
NIGHANA Intelligence Operations department.”
Ahmed said
“Hmmm. Go on son.” The Colonel said.
“So I got to the office and found an
ambulance, a few coroners and Sheila. Sheila
said that there were two guards dead, a
corrupt file system on our database and a
missing hard drive. Mine. The alarm from the
disrupted servers sent a signal to the local
police and they were here in 6 minutes. They
did not see anyone as they came in. The
guards’ necks were twisted from behind. There
was no trace. There were no clues”
“Any fingerprints, hair strands, blood, bullet
casings?” The Colonel asked.
“None. The only bullet casing was from the
gun of one of the dead guards. His finger
prints are the only ones all over it.” Ahmed
The Colonel sighed. He was rubbing his
temples. Ahmed had seen this a lot of times.
Whenever he did this he was getting some
ideas and thinking seriously.
“These guys must be professionals. And they
must have been watching you. What have you
been doing on your computer during the days
before the hard drive was stolen?” The Colonel
“Just monitoring Agent Mercy. Following up
on her leads, and matching finger prints. When
I got a message on my phone that she was
just buried, I rushed to the office to confirm. It
was true as her file had been deactivated. I
could not continue with it so I left the office.
Barely an hour later was the theft discovered.”
Ahmed finished.
“What agency was she infiltrating?” The
Colonel asked.
“Something about a ghost organization. She
was still a rookie in their ranks so she was not
really privy to any confidential stuff.” Ahmed
The Colonel bowed his head. He should not
have resigned. He closed his eyes. Everything
began to make sense. The stealth, the
perfection, the absence of clues. No mistakes.
That was their style. Now he understood why
Ahmed had called him. The Colonel had been
doing preliminary tracking of the Ghosts after
his time with The Marine Cartel but dropped it
after the General’s warning. He could sense
Ahmed watching him. This was too much for
Ahmed to handle. Sheila was a fool. She
should not have sent Agent Mercy in. What
was she thinking? Just because Mercy was an
excellent spy did not automatically translate
to invincibility. She still had a lot to learn
physically and psychologically. Mercy did not
have the slightest idea about the Ghosts. The
name alone said it all. They were invisible.
And only someone who could be invisible
could undertake such an infiltration. Ahmed
was a fantastic detective. The perfect cop. But
he was a terrible spy. He always allowed his
emotions get in the way. He did not know how
to mask feelings. That was the number one
criteria for a double agent.
“Are you okay Uncle?” Ahmed asked.
“I am fine son. Tell me what happened in this
house. I saw the banners.” The Colonel
Ahmed narrated how he wasn’t comfortable
that night. His instincts told him to get up but
he felt reluctant to. He was tired from a busy
day. A loud gunshot woke him and he got up
to see one of the banners on his bedroom
door. He got to the sitting room and saw
another two banners. He opened the door to
the house to find his two dogs dead. His
instincts told him he was being watched. His
doors were not tampered with. They were
opened from outside, which meant that the
criminal had access to his home. He
immediately cut the electricity to the house
and has been in darkness since. He did not
know what else to do so he called.
“I think I have an idea what is going on. But
first we need to do some work. You will get
out of the house now. Go to any mobile phone
store. Get a new phone and a new sim card,
preferably a very low tech phone. The cheapest
Nokia phone or China phone would be perfect.
Do not register the sim card. If the attendant
gives you trouble, get it somewhere else. You
would be followed right from the time you step
out of this house. I think you are being
watched. Do not take your car. Enter a
commercial bus. Do not head straight to your
destination. The nearest shop is 15 minutes
from here. Get there in one hour. Zig zag your
way across town. Come down at any random
bus stop then start walking. Turn back after 2
minutes of walking and start jogging. Look for
shops with mirrors and stand in front of them
abruptly while walking. Look behind you
through the mirror. You should see the agents
tailing you trying to catch up. Since they are
following you, it’s going to take a while to
shake them off. It is not going to be easy but
try and enjoy yourself while at it. Be sure to
have them lost before you get the items.
Repeat the same thing on your way back to
the house. The whole journey should normally
take you about 30 minutes. Make sure you use
over two hours. When you come back to the
estate there will be agents already around the
gate watching you enter. You won’t see them
but believe me they are there. Not to worry.
They don’t know where you were and what you
got. You will have them guessing at where you
have been. These guys hate guessing. So they
would be tighter next time. But that’s not a
problem, son. I know what to do.” The Colonel
“D–n it. Uncle, this is what I have to do
every day?” Ahmed asked.
“Yes Ahmed. This is just the beginning. If
these people are who I think they are then we
still have a lot to do.” The Colonel said
getting up.
“Who are these people Uncle?” Ahmed asked.
“Son,” The Colonel said, putting a hand on
Ahmed’s shoulder
“Just do as I say for now. You would know in
due time.” He finished.
They walked towards the door of the dirty
room. As Ahmed stepped out into the corridor,
the Colonel held him by the collar and drew
him back inside. He shut the door.
“What the hell is wrong with you son!!??” The
Colonel barked through clenched teeth.
“This is no longer your house. I am sure this
place is bugged! Until we get out all the
devices that have been planted here, you
behave as if there are land mines at every
step! You have to calculate every step, be very
alert and always be patient!!!” The Colonel
“Noted sir.” Ahmed replied. He was scared.
“Let’s go to your bedroom.” The Colonel said.
They moved to his bedroom very quickly
without saying a word. The Colonel pulled
Ahmed close and asked him for a DVD disc.
Ahmed rummaged through a drawer and found
one. He handed it to the Colonel. The Colonel
took a chair from the sitting room and stood
on it. Carefully, he placed the disk on the top
left edge of the bedroom wall and began to
scrape. He was scraping gently and moving
slowly sideways. He was almost half way when
a small cork sized object fell to the ground.
Ahmed bent to pick it.
“Don’t!” The Colonel stopped him.
The Colonel got down from the chair and bent
to examine the object. He took a pencil and
flicked the object over a few times.
“This is a very high tech digital surveillance
camera for enclosed spaced usually installed
in pairs, called ‘screw and knot’. You can
install one called the ‘bolt’ which works well,
but is not as efficient as the pair. After
installation and boot up, these devices must
never be handled with bare hands. They have
been designed to be sensitive to the touch of
the skin and would immediately inject the skin
surface with a deadly toxin that would
paralyze the handler if handled for more than
two seconds. If you had touched it, you would
have become a ‘vegetable’.” The colonel said,
turning the device around with the pencil.
“Oh my God! Who the hell are these people?”
Ahmed said putting both hands on his head.
The Colonel looked up at Ahmed from his
crouching position. He pitied the poor boy. He
had not even seen anything yet.
“Get a plier, a small plastic bag and another
DVD disc. This is a ‘screw’. The ‘knot’ should
be opposite this wall, beside your bed. The
Colonel climbed the bed and began scraping
the wall gently with the disc in his hand. He
was scraping gently and moving slowly. He
was almost at the center of the wall when
another object fell to the ground beside the
bed, similar to the one before. Ahmed picked it
up with the plier in his hand and added it to
the one that fell initially.
“Now, your bedroom is clear. I have to do the
other rooms. Go and get the items I told you
to. I expect you in not less than two hours.
Let’s synchronize our watches. Stop watch
timer should be set to 2hrs and 5minutes.
One. Two. Now!” The Colonel said.
They synchronized their watches as Ahmed
got out of the house and the Colonel moved
to the sitting room with a chair in one hand
and a disc in the other.
It was home cleaning time.
After breakfast, Sophia asked Eva to wait
behind. She beckoned her to the huge 4-
seater leather sofa in the sitting area of the
big parlor. After getting drinks from the bar,
she came to Eva sitting opposite her in a
small reclining chair. Eva took the offered
glass of red wine.
“I know you must be wondering why you are
here Eva. You really want to be with your
loved ones. Your mum and your fiancé. That
has been arranged. We have huge, huge plans
for you sweetheart. Believe me, with time you
would be glad with what we want to do with
you. Meanwhile, you are seeing your mother
tonight. I am giving you an extra day to be
with her. We have made plans for Kunle to
spend three days in the country. He is coming
in tomorrow. In your own interests, utilize the
time well and do not raise suspicion. Out of
the goodness of my heart, I am going to let
you be with Kunle till he travels back. I am
usually not this nice. You will see him off to
the airport. When he has boarded, someone
will pick you from the airport. If I smell any
foul play I will kill every single person that
matters to you. Every single person.”
Sophia was talking and smiling so pleasantly
at the same time. Eva used to have a Boss
like that who was so deadly, so she knew
Sophia was not bluffing. Eva simply nodded
and gulped her drink. The threats suddenly
made her throat dry. She swallowed.
“Oh, silly me. I forgot to introduce myself. My
name is Sophia. Just call me S. Few people
do.” Sophia finished.
“When can I leave for my mum’s please?” Eva
asked meekly.
“Your escort would be ready for you at 3pm.
Be ready then.” Sophia finished
Although she did not feel comfortable around
Sophia, Eva was in love with her finesse. She
had class, and looked like a runway model.
She loved Sophia’s light use of make-up, her
beautiful way of combining colors and the way
she carried herself. She was lost in admiration
of the physical qualities of this powerful
Sophia’s laugh brought her back to the
“Do you do girls?” Sophia asked. Sophia
already knew the answer to this question.
“I used to. But I stopped since I started
working. I haven’t felt the touch of a woman
in a long time now.” Eva replied.
“Would you like to have a taste of me, Eva?”
Sophia asked batting her eyelids and giving a
sexy smile.
Her dimples went even deeper and she bit her
lower lip. Eva blushed. She did not know if it
was the alcohol or her secret admiration of
the woman before her but she felt herself
tingle down below.
“Ermm…Ermm… I really don’t know.” Eva said
looking down at her glass. She was holding
the glass with two hands now, her heart
beating fast.
Sophia dropped her glass on the table beside
her and walked to where Eva sat, taking
calculated, sensual steps. She sat beside Eva,
took the glass from her hands and dropped it
on the floor. Sophia stroked Eva’s fine natural
hair with her hands, slowly and passionately.
Eva’s legs shook. Sophia bent to kiss her ear,
flicking her tongue in Eva’s ear in quick fast
succession. Eva closed her eyes and her body
shook with lust. Eva licked her lips.
Sophia held Eva’s hand in hers. Eva opened
her eyes.
“Let’s go inside. Follow me.” Sophia said
Do I have a choice?” – Sean.
“There is actually a choice. You can walk out
that door and call the police. You will not be
alive to finish the call. And they will never find
your body” – Sophia
“I know I am supposed to be scared right now.
But the funny thing is, I am not.” – Sean
“Thomas.” – Sophia
In one very quick motion, she pulled her pants
(Trousers) up at the ankles and brought out a
small gold embroidered pistol. From her
sitting position, five meters from where he
stood she pointed the gun at Thomas and
pulled the trigger. Blood splattered on the
wall behind him as he fell down in one heap,
the tray falling from his hands. He was
breathing softly and was in pain. He groaned.
Sophia got up, walked to the body and stood
in front of Thomas, looking at him. She aimed
at his heart and shot him again. He was dead.
“Lesson number one: Be Ruthless. Be very very
ruthless. Be as gentle as a dove and as
dangerous as a shark. Stop shaking and clean
up this mess. You have two hours to scrub
this room clean and get rid of the body. Chop
it into pieces and feed it to the dogs in the
fortress. Bring the head to me. See you at
11pm.” – Sophia
“Hello Eva.” – Shina.
“Where am I? Who are you? What’s
happening?” – Eva.
“You have been here for two days. You are at
The Mansion. Breakfast is at 8am. Someone
would like to meet you.” – Shina
“I have a situation here Bruno. Two dogs.
What do I do?” – Marshal
“I can see that. Take them out” – Bruno
“Shiittt! He is awake. Get out of there, now!!!!”
– Bruno
– Banner with Blood.
“Hello Uncle. There is something going on I do
not understand.” – Ahmed
“I will see you in 2 hours son.” – The Colonel
“The Colonel has finally come out of hiding.
Dispatch some of your guys at Berger and I’ll
be at the other entry point to Lagos. Ready
some of your best buggers. The Colonel is
coming to town.” – Tawo
“I changed my mind. I will drive myself. You
can take the rest of the day off. I will call you
when I get back.” – The Colonel
“He decided to drive himself. I had planted the
tracker in the car he asked me to wash. He is
currently driving a black Honda Accord with
plates AA106SMK. It is a very ordinary and
plain car. His rims are alloy and gold plated.
He just left.” –James.
“Where are we?” – Tawo
“The situation is dicey sir. He is driving a very
common car and he is going to be hard to
pick out.” – Agent Ope.
“Merge the connection between Saturn –U134
and Mecury-00A. Now, bridge them and
combine their transitions. Use the WSPTA
protocol to rewrite the imagery and log into
all CCTVs, mobile phone and every fuccking
device that has a lens and is in proximity.
Launch a new search.” – Tawo.
“Zoom in on that.” – Tawo.
“The Colonel is about to pass through Mowe.
Set up your guys at the MFM area. This
should be as easy as taking a pee.” – Tawo.
“Target was not in the vehicle. He somehow
maneuvered his way and we lost him. I put a
tracker on his decoy. Trace it and have a man
on him.” – Shina.
“Don’t you recognize me son?” – The Colonel
“Are you okay Uncle?” – Ahmed
“I am fine son. Tell me what happened in this
house. I saw the banners.” – The Colonel
“Don’t!” – The Colonel.
“After installation and boot up, these devices
must never be handled with bare hands. They
have been designed to be sensitive to the[nextpage title=”Episode 17″]

Episode 17

Sean woke up startled. He was sweating
profusely despite the intensity at which the air
condition was blowing. He just had a
nightmare. Was it? He saw himself chopping
off a young man’s body limb by limb. Each
time the sharp machete made contact with the
dead flesh, little spurts of blood were
deposited on his face. The dead man was
screaming for help and begging for pity as
Sean cut him mercilessly. Ignoring the man’s
pleas, he took the huge pieces of meat with
the bones dangling on one side and
approached the den in the Fortress. The sight
of the dogs alone brought fright to him. The
dogs were huge and menacingly wild. No one
in his complete senses dared to enter the
fortress when the dogs were not leashed or
caged. There were three Rottweilers, two
German Shepherds, one Husky, and one Wolf
dog Hybrid. Ferocious dogs that were usually
made to go very hungry before they were fed.
The last time they ate was the evening before.
And they were quite hungry, and ready to
pounce. As Sean approached they began to
bark in their den, the Rottweilers spewing
huge amounts of saliva from their mouths.
Sean stood a few meters away from the Den.
Even though the cage was locked tight, he still
did not want to risk taking any chances. He
began to throw the pieces of flesh into the
cage. Some got in. Some did not. In the
demented rush for the meat, the Wolf Dog
Hybrid forced the cage open. It came after
Sean and the remaining pieces of flesh he had
with him. Sean ran for dear life. He ran as fast
and as swift as his legs could carry him. But
Sean was not fast enough. The Wolf Dog
pursued him and caught up with him. It
pounced on him, sinking its teeth in Sean’s
right arm which he used as a shield to cover
his face. He screamed.
Sean woke up.
He was sweating. He turned on the bedside
lamp, partially illuminating the room and
casting a small shadow on the walls. He
looked up at the wall clock. 3:26am. He could
not go back to sleep. He was haunted by the
dogs. He got up from his bed and opened a
door to his left. He entered the bathroom and
saw a large brown bucket stained with a
reddish liquid. He moved closer to inspect the
bucket. He was shocked at what he saw
inside. There was a human head soaked in a
pool of blood. His heart raced. So it was not a
dream after all. He suddenly wished it was all
a dream. He remembered all that happened
the evening before. He recalled how Sophia
had wasted the life of a promising young man
just to prove a point. A ridiculous point. What
in the world did they want with him anyway?
He stopped starring at the bucket and face the
small rectangular mirror on the wall by the
sink. He washed his face and looked up at his
reflection. He was looking very haggard. He
hadn’t shaved in days and looked very
unkempt. He made a mental note to ask for a
clipper in the morning.
Sean got back to his room. He switched on
the lights and looked around. He had
previously scrubbed the tiled floors clean. The
walls still had a little blood stain. That could
be ignored, he told himself. He opened the
drawer attached to his bedside table, pulling
out a file. The first few pages contained a
summary of his whole life and the past 4
months were summarized in more detail. He
skipped that part and concentrated on the
second module of the file. This contained a
list of things he was supposed to do and a
timeline for the completion of the tasks. He
was expected of produce a 90% accuracy at
the least.
There was a 3 months special online course
on Cybersystems and Cyberspace. After that, 2
months of Router Hacking and Password
Decryption. He had another four days of
Wireless Systems, Radio Configuration and
Cloud Redirection. His performance after all
these would determine if they would continue
with him to the advanced stage or discharge
him. He did not like how that sounded.
‘Discharge’. He had a feeling that he would
not be let go so easily. He feared the worst.
He closed the file and thought about his
girlfriend in Canada. He had not spoken to her
in over a week. He missed her. He missed his
mother. He knew there were agents at her very
doorstep and that really worried him.
He heaved a huge sigh. He was going to get
to the bottom of this. No matter what it would
take, he was not going to give up until he got
to the end of the line.
He closed his eyes and drifted into dreamland.
Tawo was furious. He was angry at himself
and at the whole team. He was raging and
venting his anger at anyone who as much as
spoke a word to him. He sat on his swivel
chair swaying left and right, both hands on
his forehead. He was rubbing his temple and
trying to find out where everything went
“Sir, there is…” Agent Ope started but stopped
when he saw the bloody look of anger in his
superior’s eyes
“You have 15 seconds to say what you wanted
to blurt. If I am not impressed, I will have you
monitoring the CCTV at Park ‘N’ Shop by
tomorrow.” Tawo threatened.
The Agent hesitated for a few seconds. He
kept quiet. He knew that if he still did not
speak, the same fate awaited him. He decided
to say what he wanted to and hope that it
impressed his Boss.
“Sir, upon gruesome scrutiny of the playback
tapes of the bugging operation, I noticed a
blind spot. We overlooked that little glitch but
upon proper inspection, I noticed that it was
actually not a glitch.” Agent Ope said.
“You’ve got my attention. Go on.” Tawo said.
“There was a point that the target was
stationary for about 90 seconds. That was our
blind spot. I decided to check it out. I was
able to override one of the surveillance
cameras around the Redemption Camp. The
nearest camera was a CAM70-Extreme. I
zoomed in on it and adjusted the capture
area.” Ope said, getting up and moving to the
large touch screen monitor on the wall.
“This is where the target was blinking for 90
seconds,” He said touching a portion of the
map. The touched portion grew large filling
the whole screen. He continued.
“From here onwards for about 500 meters,
there was no traffic and there are no fuel
stations, restaurants, shops, fast foods or
anything to make him stop. He was constantly
on the move.” He touched a smaller portion of
the now expanded map.
“This is the most acute angle that the camera
could pick. I will rewind the footage of the
camera at this point of the map sir.” Ope said.
He pressed a button on the screen and a
video footage appeared in very slow motion, at
the exact point the mechanic came out from.
It showed the Mechanic coming out of a small
hut which served as his workshop, crossing
the road and going left. There was nothing
after that. Exactly 90 secons later, the Black
Honda zoomed past.
“Impressive Ope” Tawo asserted a smile on his
“Thank you sir. The Colonel is very smart. He
had the Mechanic come meet him at the exact
spot where he knew that he would not be
captured by the cameras. He deliberately put
this Mechanic on the spot. We have no
records against the young lad sir. I am sure
he knew that. We can’t make him talk. It
seems he is going to win with this one.” Ope
Tawo was thinking. His fingers were playing
with small beard. As the video replayed,
something caught his eye.
“Stop that. Yes. Start the footage all over. And
pause it on 03mins:14secs” Tawo ordered.
Ope obeyed. They watched the video all over
again. From the beginning, cars were passing.
At 01mins: 16secs, the Mechanic crossed the
road and started walking left. He was not
visible anymore. At 02mins:55secs, they
watched as the Black Honda zoomed past.
Nothing happened for the next 17 seconds.
Two seconds later, Tawo half screamed,
“Pause Now!”.
There was a Danfo in the footage, pause as it
was accelerating.
“That Danfo is just accelerating. Zoom in on
the front passenger seat.” Tawo barked
Ope did that. A blurred face with a white
“Now take that that image and move it to the
facial ID defragmenter. “ Tawo commanded.
Ope pressed a button on the screen, used the
tip his fingers to trace the edges of the image
and pressed another button. With his two
thumbs, he flipped the traced image in one
very swift fast motion onto the next screen by
his right.
“Image received. Scanning and
Defragmentation in progress” came a
computer voice from the screen.
They waited 12 seconds and then an image
appeared before them.
It was The Colonel in his white linen,
Tawo smiled.
“Get me that bus registration plates.” He said
to Ope.
“Yes sir.”
Ope zoomed in on the registration plates,
defragmented it and printed it out.
“Done sir.” Ope said.
“Good.” Tawo replied getting the printed sheet
from him.
He pressed a button on his table. His voice
went into loud speaker mode in another office
on the previous floor below them. There were
eight trained search agents in that room. Give
them a tiny detail (a name or a place or a
phone number) and they would search out and
deliver every single information regarding it.
They had access to any electronic device that
had access to the internet or used a database.
They were the best.
“Bee Hive. This is Super-Agent Tawo. I want
all routes taken by commercial van with
registration plates BZ739FST between the
hours of 6:30 and 7:30. You have 15
He pushed back his chair, put his legs on his
table one on top of the other. He put his two
hands behind his head and closed his eyes.
“I am going to nail this bastard.” He said to
touch of the skin and would immediately inject
the skin surface with a deadly toxin that
would paralyze the handler if held for more
than two seconds. If you had touched it, you
would have become a ‘vegetable’.” – The
“Oh my God! Who the hell are these people

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Episode 18

Ahmed shut the gate behind him as he got
out of his compound. He walked towards the
bus stop to join a bus going to Ajah. As he
was about to turn the corner that led to the
main road, someone bumped into him. The
person was a female. Tall, light in complexion,
busty and very pretty.
“I’m sorry sir. I wasn’t looking. Please.” She
said pleading and making eyes at Ahmed.
Ahmed had a weakness for fair skinned
women. He could give his right arm for such
women. He smiled at her and told her it
wasn’t a big deal. He tried to flirt with her a
little but she was in a hurry. She gave him a
fake number. He smiled as she hurried along
and left him to continue his journey. After
walking a few meters, she put her left
forefinger in her left ear and said
“Bug planted.”
As Ahmed walked towards the shade at the
bus stop, he tried her number. The number did
not exist. He smiled. He turned and got into a
mild run. He wanted the girl. He figured that
since he still had about 2hours to spend, he
might as well while out time trying to get the
girl. He turned the bend and was walking
stealthily close to the fair skinned lady when
he saw her put her finger in her ear and say
those words.
He was angry with himself for falling so
cheaply. He decided he was going to play
them at his own game. He turned and walked
back to the bus stop. The girl had hit him by
the shoulder when they collided. He checked
his collar and both sleeves. There was
nothing. His watch was on his left wrist. He
took off his wrist watch and scrutinized his
hands. Something caught his eye. There was a
very small silver dot covered by his
wristwatch. It looked very foreign. He
scratched the surface of the object. It came off
his wrist and came on to his palm. There were
two very tiny pins attached to it. The pins
were barely visible. The pins tried to fasten
themselves onto his wrist. He quickly shook it
off and stepped on it with his heavy boots. He
crushed the bug.
He entered the Ajah bound bus, sitting by the
window in the middle row. It was a 14-seater
passenger bus. The bus moved at snail pace
and picked some more people at Lekki Phase
1. They looked very smartly dressed and
smelled good. One sat behind him and
another beside him. He was not comfortable.
He suspected them. He got down at the next
bus stop. He crossed the road and took a bus
going to Obalende. He got down and began to
walk very fast. He passed the Obalende canal
and walked towards the round-about. He
stopped abruptly, acted like he forgot
something and turned quickly walking back
the same way he came. He saw someone
quickly dodge behind a parked danfo. He
grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. He
walked towards the parked danfo, acting like
he was innocently looking for someone. His
stalker continued to back off slowly. From the
corner of his eye, Ahmed could see the agent
moving back slowly and slowly.
He turned and crossed the road to the UBA
bank. He walked along the street, stopping at
intervals to buy a bottle of water. There was a
glass panel covering a building beside him.
With one eye on the bottle and one eye on the
glass panel, he saw a man in a black mafia
suit walk past him. He was staring at Ahmed.
He did not know Ahmed saw him. Ahmed
finished gulping the water and rushed to the
bridge. He heard a bus call “Ajah, one more
chance”. He quickly got on it. He got down at
Falomo and took another bus back to
Obalende. The guys trailing him were lost.
They continued their journey to Ajah. He
circled Obalende a few times to be sure he lost
them. When he was sure he had, he saw an
umbrella shed. He sat down and got a new
sim card. The attendant insisted Ahmed had
to register the sim card before he could leave
the place. He brought out three 1000 naira
notes and handed it to the attendant. He
smiled and allowed Ahmed to leave.
Ahmed circled Obalende twice again taking a
different route this time around. He made sure
he stopped abruptly at intervals, turning and
walking back the same way he came. When he
felt someone was trailing him, he would enter
very cramped streets and crannies, going
through places he knew from his 14 years in
the area. No one could keep up. After minutes
of circling, he walked to Onikan Round-about.
He stood at the place for close to four
minutes. There was a long stretch of road on
both sides of him. There was nowhere to hide
and it was impossible for anyone to pretend
not to be trailing him. He entered the bus and
headed home.
Eva woke up to find herself in a beautiful
bedroom. The room was large and decorated
with flowery curtains. The walls were painted
pink and almost everything else was in pink.
The huge kingsize bed rested majestically in
the middle of the room. She was nak3d. She
saw her clothes littered on the ground. There
was a pink colored candy panty beside her
leg. It was not hers. She recalled the events of
the past few hours. She bit her forefinger
seductively. She had not experienced such
intimacy with anyone before. It was explosive.
She had multiple satisfactions and did not
want it to end. The alcohol played its part too
in the experience.
She got up from the bed tying just the duvet
around her body. She admired herself in the
mirror and smiled. She stilled looked good.
She had a bath, dressed up and waited for
8pm when Shina would take her to see her
mother. She was in high spirits. At exactly
8pm, there was a gentle knock on her door.
“Finally.” She said to herself.
“Come in. It’s open.” She said loud enough for
whomever it was that was at the door to hear.
She had a huge hunch it was Shina coming to
take her to her mum.
A strange face appeared at the door. He came
in, put his hands behind his back and said,
“Ma’am. There is someone here to see you.”
He said.
“Who is it?” Eva asked already worried.
“Your mother.” The man replied.
“Where is she?” Eva asked, suddenly animated
and full of life.
“She is in the waiting room.” He replied.
She got up, brushed past the man and headed
for the Visitor’s room.
Sean had not heard from Sophia. He had
called her number and left her messages. He
did not want to barge in on her in her room
but now he had no choice.
He left his room and crossed to the other side
of the huge Mansion where Sophia’s wing
was. He passed by the Fortress where the
dogs were backing crazily. He remembered
last night’s events and felt a shrill down his
spine. He half jogged to Sophia’s wing and
entered without ringing the bell. He got into
the small corridor and decided to go to the
Visitors Room first.
He stopped dead when he saw the most
beautiful girl he had ever seen. Eva looked up
as he entered the room. Their eyes locked for
As he made to approach her, a voice called
from behind him.
“Sean! Over here.”
Sean turned momentarily.
It was the devil herself. Sophia.

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Episode 19

Ahmed got home to see the Colonel sleeping
in his bedroom.
“He must be exhausted. Tired Old man.”
Ahmed said quietly to himself.
He dropped the small bag he was carrying on
the floor, turned and made to exit the
bedroom. As he opened the door, he felt a
sharp pain at his back. He looked behind him
as he turned trying to touch his back where he
was hit. He felt his back soaked. He brought
his hand to his face. There was a reddish
liquid on his hand but it was not blood. It
was some form of poster color.
The Colonel who he thought had been asleep
was arched on the bed, a toy gun in his hand.
He had a raised eyebrow and the gun was
aimed at Ahmed’s chest. He fired again.
Another poster color ‘bullet’ hit Ahmed in the
center of his chest.
“Ahhh!!!!!” Ahmed shouted in pain. “What the
hell was that for?” he finished, wiping the
stain from his shirt and moving towards his
The Colonel sat upright and patted the free
space on the bed beside him.
“Sit, son.” The Colonel said.
Ahmed obliged him.
“Son, the fact that you need to be very very
vigilant can not be over emphasized. What if
it was the enemy, on the bed with a real gun?
We would not be having this conversation.
You have to be very very alert Ahmed.
Everybody is a suspect. Even me. Trust no one
at this point in time.” The Colonel finished.
“But Uncle, I left you in the house. I knew you
would still be here. There was no need to be
over zealous about this sir.” Ahmed replied
“Keep quiet Ahmed!” The Colonel barked,
getting up. He was furious.
“What is wrong with you? Think boy! Think!
They got into your house, planted bugs and
you did not know. They even planted a banner
on your bedroom door while you were busy
snoring! Where is your sense of guard, boy?
You are lucky they did not want you dead!
You are being very careless and I will have
none of that boy. Just listen to yourself. You
knew I would still be here. What if I decided to
go get something outside the house and
someone else came into the house? Just look
at the way you came into the room. Totally
clueless and without any sense of guard! What
if they came in here and overpowered me? You
are a dead man. A dead man!” The Colonel
finished angrily.
He was upset and his face contorted with
rage. He had lost his son due to negligence
and saw Ahmed as a carbon copy of his
deceased son.
“Get up boy. I want fifty push-ups. Now!” The
Colonel said angrily.
Ahmed began to protest. The Colonel came in
front of him, pulled him by his collar, dragging
him to his feet. Ahmed used the back of his
right hand to hit the Colonel’s wrist
attempting to free himself from the choking
grip of the Colonel. The Colonel saw the move
coming just in time and released Ahmed.
Ahmed’s hand hit the air and he staggered
backwards. The Colonel moved closer to him.
Ahmed was angry. Why would the Colonel
hold him like he was a criminal? He was not
the least happy. He moved forwards too to
attack the Colonel. He threw his fists at the
Colonel. His right fist, then his left in a swift
one-two-jab motion. The Colonel weaved
Ahmed’s right punch and ducked the left
In his ducking position, the Colonel landed a
straight hard right hand punch into Ahmed’s
stomach, knocking the air out of him. Ahmed
moved backwards, gasping. He was out of
breath. He fell on the bed, holding his
stomach, turning and trying to catch his
breath. The Colonel towered above him.
“Have I not told you never to go into a fight
without a clear head? Always have a clear
head, you’re your anger is good but you do
not know how to channel it. I have always told
you. You should…”
The Colonel was still speaking when Ahmed
turned on the bed and kicked the Colonel with
all the strength he had. The kick landed on
the Colonel’s g—n. The Colonel grimaced but
it lasted only a few seconds.
“Impressive try Ahmed. But the mind is always
lord over the body.” The Colonel said.
Ahmed got up very quickly and tried a left
hand punch to the Colonel in the stomach. It
was meant to be just a decoy. Ahmed knew
his punch would be stopped. But he had other
plans. As the Colonel used his palm to deflect
the punch coming to his stomach, Ahmed
immediately swayed left and launched another
punch to the Colonel’s face with right hand.
The Colonel did not expect the punch but saw
it just in time. He countered the punch with
his left arm, wrapping his arm around
Ahmed’s punch and twisting the arm. Ahmed
yelped in pain. He kicked Ahmed by the feet
and swept him off the ground. He landed on
the ground with a very loud thud. Ahmed
turned and tossed groaning in pain.
The Colonel bent over him.
“You are very rusty boy! And as long as I am
here, I would have none of that. Training
commences at 04:00hrs. You’d better be
ready.” The Colonel said.
He picked the nylon bag from the floor and
left the bedroom.
Sean followed Sophia into a very small room.
He caught a glimpse of a small aluminum
caption on the room before they entered.
Sophia sat behind a desk and motioned Sean
to seat opposite her.’
“There are a lot of things going on that many
of our citizens are blind to. The current
government is corrupt. Its very bane is
corruption. I belong to a very strong
organization that seeks to end this corruption
and bring smiles to the faces of every
disgruntled citizen. We are raising a team to
help us with this. You have been selected to
be a part of this team. That is the major
reason you are here Sean.” Sophia said.
“What organization? What am I supposed to
do? How will you achieve this feat of ending
the corruption which permeates every fiber of
the nation?” Sean asked.
“Have you perused the file I gave you?” Sophia
“Yes I have. It’s quite a lot of work.” Sean
“What you have on that file is nothing
compared to what we have in store for you.
We just want to see if you have what it takes
to be a part of this team.” Sophia answered.
Sean looked at Sophia. She was really cool
when she was not blowing up heads and
asking him to chop off limbs. She was actually
very pretty. She looked amazingly s3xy in her
short rimmed glasses and her ponytail. She
wore a blood red lipstick and no earrings.
Sophia could read his mind.
“What’s going on in that slurty little head of
yours, Sean?” Sophia said removing her
glasses. She leaned back on her chair, her
bosoms heaving and her ambience relaxed.
“Nothing really. Just some progesterone stuff.
You know how it is.” Sean replied.
Sophia unlocked her Ipad and swiped a few
“The last time you had s3x was two weeks
ago. With your girlfriend who travelled to
Canada. On the average, you have s3x every 3
days. That is not acceptable. And sorry, your
charms don’t work on me.” Sophia said and
“You are free to go.” She finished.
Sean got up and left the room.
Tawo got an email alert on his computer. It
was from Bee Hive. It contained all the routes
that the commercial van plied as he had
previously requested. He transferred the
information from his computer to the large
screens on the wall. There were four detailed
pages, showing the four different routes he
plied, how many people got off and on the
bus. He was particularly concerned about
when the Colonel got off the bus. He got off
on the third route at Oshodi bus stop. There
were timestamps to every route.
Tawo shouted at Ope.
“Access the traffic surveillance at Oshodi
intersection. Rewind the recorded footage and
get it to 7:15am. That is the point where the
bus dropped the target.”
After a few minutes of fumbling, Ope spoke.
“Sir, I cannot seem to override the access
codes for the surveillance cameras. I keep
getting blocked out.” Ope said, sweating.
“Let me see.” Tawo said.
Ope moved his chair sideways as Tawo came
closer. Tawo bent low, inspecting the screen
for a few seconds. He touched his beard. He
was thinking.
“This is a complex firewall. You have to first
mimic the algorithm, and then unlock its
psuedocodes.” Tawo said.
Tawo pressed the keys on the keyboard very
quickly, mimicking the algorithm of the
surveillance camera. He battled with it for a
while and then was prompted for a password
override. He got up and paced the room. The
password was just a one trial option. He had
to get it right the first time.
He faced Ope.
“Ash, question mark, Shift Delta, Raven,
Orange, Peter, twenty percent Gamma.” Tawo
called out.
Ope entered the password and the screen
changed. Ope smiled. Tawo kept a straight
face. He slowly retraced the video footage till
he got to the time stamp. They saw the
Colonel getting off the Bus. 6 minutes later he
boarded a taxi.
Tawo got the plates of the taxi and asked Bee
Hive to track its routes and location. Minutes
later, Bee Hive sent back its report.
Fortunately, the taxi made just one trip that
morning. The only place the taxi went to that
morning was Ahmed’s Estate.
He called Bruno.
“Target is now red hot on the radar. Get ready
to pull the trigger.”
For the first time in a long while, Tawo smiled.
A genuine contented smile.
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Episode 20

The Colonel sat in the living room, scrutinizing
the sim cards that the detective had just
gotten. With his personal phone, he called
Customer Care and complained that his
number was not going through. He could not
make calls neither could he receive calls. He
was asked to call the digits of his phone
number so that they could help ascertain what
the issue was. He called the digits on the new
sim and was put on hold. After a while of
holding on, he was told that the number was
not in use. It could be a new number or an
incorrect number.
“How long have you been using this line
please?” the Call center agent asked
He hung up.
He tore the sim from its pack. He was going
to insert it into Ahmed’s phone later, probably
at midnight. He relaxed on the couch and
touched his g—n, rubbing his ball5 gently.
The kick Ahmed gave him had hurt. He was
surprised himself at how he was able to fake
the absence of pain. But such sacrifices were
necessary. He needed Ahmed to be ready.
There was still a lot of work to be done. The
Colonel’s eyes moved to the small table in the
center of the room. The bugs he had taken out
of Ahmed’s bedroom and also the ones he
took out from the living room lay scattered all
over. He had forgotten about them.
The bugs were powerful high functioning
cameras. But they could only be deployed and
monitored over a 200 meter radius. The
Colonel was in deep thought. This meant that
whoever was watching Ahmed had to be close
by. Very close. He had not seen or heard any
strange sounds in the house. This meant that
the control device was not there. Ahmed
walked lazily into the sitting room, holding his
waist. He sat on another couch, a
considerable distance away from the Colonel.
He did not want another lesson so soon.
“Son, have you noticed anything strange or
out of place in the attitude of your neighbors?
Or estate residents?” The Colonel asked.
Ahmed almost asked why but thought better.
“I have not Uncle. I do not have the time to
monitor my neighbors. I don’t speak to
anyone. The Old woman who lives two houses
away says a greeting every time I drive by. I
always murmur a reply. I barely hear myself. I
am not concerned about their affairs.” Ahmed
“Detective Ahmed Haruna! Don’t just say
whatever comes to your head boy! Think! Have
you noticed anything strange lately?” The
Colonel insisted.
“If I had said the first thing that came to my
head, we would be having another fight by
now.” Ahmed thought to himself.
“Uncle, nothing strange has happened. Believe
me, I would know. Other than a new resident
moving in the next house beside us, and then
the reconstruction of the drainage system,
nothing has happened over the past 7 weeks.”
“You have a new neighbor? Since when?” The
Colonel asked suddenly very interested.
“I don’t know. A couple of days back or so. I
was coming home from work and a truck
blocked half of my gate because it was trying
to off load furniture into the new house. I
asked for the owner of the house but whoever
it was wasn’t available. I haven’t seen or
heard anything since then.” Ahmed finished.
The Colonel’s brain was at super speed. He
was thinking deep and trying to draw logical
conclusions. Patterns formed in his
subconscious. Ahmed watched his with keen
interest as the Colonel drummed his fingers
on the table.
“From the moment you heard the gunshot and
the moment you got to the veranda, how
much time do you figure had passed?” The
Colonel asked.
“About two to three minutes. I even checked
the streets. There was no sign of any one. It
seemed like they just disappeared into thin
air.” Ahmed said.
He was thinking in the same direction as the
Colonel now. The escape was too quick and
perfect. It must have been planned and
properly rehearsed. His assailants had to be
close. Perhaps, too close.
“There is only one way to find out. My guts
tell me they are the occupants of that
building. We will have to draw them out. This
is what we will do. You are going to make a
call with your old sim. Let us hope it is still
being monitored. You will call Sheila. Tell her
you were attacked. Your dogs were killed. You
went out today and you noticed suspicious
men trailing you. You shook them off. You
know where their hideout is and you will need
backup to take them out.” The Colonel said.
“How does draw them out sir?” Ahmed asked.
“These people have a zero tolerance for
failure. The only reason they are called The
Ghosts is because they do not exist. They
leave no trails, no clues, and no souvenirs. The
do not make mistakes. They are thorough and
highly trained. The best part is, they do not
respond well to threats. If they sense a threat,
it is quickly neutralized.” The Colonel said.
“And my call to Sheila is a threat they will not
be willing to let lie fallow, thus bringing them
out and then we nab them?” Ahmed asked.
“Exactly, my boy!!! The phone call to Sheila is
a threat. They will make a move after your
call. Now this is the detective I know!” The
Colonel answered happily.
“I will send a cryptic message to Sheila after
you call her, telling her not to respond to your
phone call. We are on a trip together and we
just decided to play a fast one on her. We will
laugh over it. I have already ‘photoshoped’
you into a picture I took during my visit to
Massachusetts, USA. I will send it to her as
proof to calm her.” The Colonel said.
“I still do not understand sir. When are we
doing all this?” Ahmed asked.
“You will call her two hours from now. I will
send the message immediately after. Any
moment from then, we should expect
company.” The colonel finished.
“How many agents are they likely to send?”
Ahmed asked suddenly jittery.
“They are silent assassins. They do not draw
attention. Maybe one or two. They would want
to act quickly before Sheila’s fake backup
arrives. Then, we’ll have them for dinner!” The
Colonel finished and showed his spotless
white teeth.
Ahmed did not have cause to smile. The very
thought of the assassins coming to get him
made him shudder with fear. The Colonel
noticed this.
“S–k it up boy. I did not raise a coward! Be
ready when I ask you to.” The Colonel scolded.
Ahmed could only nod.
Bruno was sleeping on the chair in the
bungalow when Tawo called. He acknowledged
Tawo’s orders and dropped his phone on the
table after he hung up. He had underestimated
the detective. His men had lost the detective
for over an hour and saw him later when he
approached the estate gate. Where he was
and what he went to do was a mystery. Bruno
did not like mysteries. He was still pondering
how he was going to unravel the detective’s
past hour off the radar when Tawo called
telling him to ready himself for the kill. He
woke Marshal and told him to get himself
ready to take out the detective. Marshal
grinned. He had not killed anyone in a while.
He was really happy he finally had a chance
to. When Tawo ordered for the trigger to be
readied, it did not take long before the target
was wiped out. The longest it ever took was
18 hours.
Bruno relaxed in his chair and noticed a red
indicator on his transmitting device. Ahmed
was making a call. He quickly plugged in the
earphones and listened to Ahmed’s voice.
“…found out their hideout. It is beside my
compound here. I cannot say for sure how
many they are. Send backup just in case so
we can move in tonight. 2 hours. Good. I’m
ready. Bye.” He heard Ahmed finish and hang
How the heck did this happen? How did
Ahmed know? Bruno was never one to throw
blames. He now needed to act. And fast! He
checked the time. 8:14pm. Marshal was fixing
the silencer to his .45 automatic pistol. He
called Tawo. It rang for a while and there was
no response. He tried to call Shina. It was
switched off.
This was his call. If he decided to wait, the
whole operation would be blown. If he decided
to flee, he would be ‘discharged’ by the
Ghosts. He had only one option. He had to
take out the detective.
He got his gun from a hostler strapped to his
waist. He fastened a silencer to the gun and
put the gun in his trouser by his waist and
covered it with his shirt. He picked his phone
and sent a text to Tawo.
“Operation at risk. New development. Moving
to take out target.”
He waited for the message to deliver. He put
off his phone.
Marshal was so happy. He would finally get to
shoot and kill someone. He was ecstatic. He
grinned at Bruno. Bruno’s mind was racing.
This could be the end of them. It could as well
be the best move he could take. But he could
not afford to sit idly by or to flee. It was
against The Code.
“It’s going to be a clean sweep. Get in, get
out. No trace. No mistake. Copy?” Bruno
Marshal nodded.
They packed their bags, wore their gloves and
got out of the bungalow.

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Episode 21

Tawo got out of his 2 hour self-psyche feeling
very refreshed. Every day he dedicated two
hours into self-meditation and communication
with the cosmos. Nothing was allowed to
distract him. No phone calls, no knocks,
nothing. His steward had barged into his
Psyche Room one day while he was
meditating. His legs were crossed under him,
his palms on his knees and his head was
“Master, master, you get visitor.” The steward
said from the door.
When there was no reply, he moved to where
Tawo was and repeated himself. Tawo hated
the interruption but kept calm. He did not
move nor open his eyes. Later that night, he
almost had the steward ‘wasted’ but decided
against it. He called him and gave him stern
instructions never to disturb him when he was
meditating. The Steward never made that
mistake again.
So when Tawo’s phone kept on ringing
incessantly, the steward almost took the
phone to him in the Psyche Room. He was
already on the stairs when he remembered his
Master’s strong warning never to invade his
privacy. He shrugged and went back
downstairs, dropping the phone on a table in
the sitting area of the house. Tawo came
down an hour later whistling. He was in a
terrific mood. All he had to do was wait for
The Colonel to make a move and target would
be history. The day’s session was
magnificient. He had soared beyond the
cosmos and was gaining higher levels of
understanding. He picked his phone at the
same time talking to his steward.
“Was my phone ringing?” Tawo said as
unlocked his phone.
“Yes Oga. I been wan bring am for you when…”
The steward was saying when Tawo’s rage
caught him unawares.
“Shittt!! No!” He shouted.
He had just read Bruno’s text.
He tried to call Bruno back but his number
was switched off. Bruno had no idea that the
Colonel was now with the Detective. Tawo
knew that Bruno was very capable and had
never been found wanting. He was the best
field agent The Ghost Corporation had asides
from The Deadly Quartet. He was being
considered to understudy Ambrose and maybe
get promoted to a Super-Agent. Yet he did
not have the level of clearance to be privy to
that sort of information. Only the Super-
Agents were in the know of The Colonel and
his operations. Bruno did not qualify. Tawo
had spoken to Shina and Sophia earlier about
informing Bruno of the new developments so
he could be better prepared. The agreement
reached was that Ambrose should be at the
Bungalow at 02:00hrs to support Bruno. The
Colonel would be taken out at 05:00hrs.
Tawo wanted to call Bruno immediately the
decision had been taken but it was already
time for his personal meditation session. Now
Bruno had taken matters into his own hands
and gone in without up to date information on
the target. Tawo was sure that whatever it
was, Bruno had a good reason to go in all by
He thought for a few seconds. He switched on
his Ipad.
“Please give command” A voice prompt came
from the device.
“Open Damage Control on Mission Ahmed.”
Tawo spoke to the Ipad, folding his hands
The program opened all possible methods of
invading Ahmed’s compound and taking out
the Colonel. It also provided him with a brief
outcome of every method, giving each a
certain percentage of success or failure.
After watching the program for a few minutes,
he took out Ambrose and Shina from the
simulation and pushed in Bruno and Marshal
as replacements. He ran the program from the
beginning a second time.
In all the possible methods, the average
success was at 23%. The possibility of failure
was 89%.
He was disturbed. He was not really worried
about the safety of Bruno and Marshal. They
were agents and they could handle
themselves. He worried about losing The
Colonel. He had a difficult time catching up
with him before. Tawo did not want a repeat
He called Sophia.
“The Colonel Mission is on a code red. Of the
four of us, you are closest to the detective’s
location. Please move in. Your protégé
Bruno’s life depends on it.” Tawo said.
“What? You call me at this time of the night
and expect me to jump at your instructions?
Who do you think you are talking to one of
your dogs?” Sophia asked irritated.
“Please S. I really need you.” Tawo pleaded.
Sophia knew that Tawo had a reputation for
being arrogant, proud and cruel. So when she
heard him beg, she had no choice than to help
him out.
“Send me the details.” Sophia asked.
“No details S. Bruno is going into the
detective’s compound to decommission
Ahmed. He is not aware that The Colonel is
there. And I have a hunch that he is falling in
to a very big trap. If we don’t move fast, he
may not survive it.” Tawo explained.
“No. Nothing is going to happen to Bruno. I
will send a report in 90 minutes.” Sophia
finished and hung up.
She got up from her bed and opened a small
closet hanging on the wall beside her
bathroom door. There were different guns,
cartridges and bullets on the shelves inside
the closet. She picked a glod embroidered
pistol and a .45 silenced automatic.
She faced the mirror in her room and applied a
pink lipstick. She touched up her face and was
looking very pretty and s3xually provocative.
She wore a very short and tight purple mini
skirt, put on a white tank top and wore a
purple net over the tank top. She put her guns
in a medium sized purse. She entered her Benz
E280, began the ignition and drove out of the

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Episode 22

At 8pm The Colonel was ready. He got
Ahmed’s phone and inserted the old sim.
Ahmed took the phone from the Colonel and
dialed Sheila’s number,
“Wait son. Don’t make that call yet. We have
got to be ready immediately after the call.
How many guns do you have?” The Colonel
Ahmed frowned and shook his head.
“Not much Uncle, about two to three guns. Let
me show you.” Ahmed said, getting up.
He led the Colonel to the corridor inside the
house, opening the room adjacent the one
they were in earlier in the day. It was the last
room by the wall. The room was empty. Asides
from a stack of plastic chairs by the tiled wall,
the room was nothing to write home about.
There were no rooms, no entrances, nothing.
Ahmed looked like he was lost. The Colonel
waited for 70 seconds expecting the detective
to say something. Ahmed was mute. He gave
the impression that this was the wrong room.
The Colonel looked at him.
“There’s nothing in here boy! Is this a joke?
We have to move fast!” The Colonel asked
Ahmed smiled. He had just gotten the
expression he wanted from his uncle. That
feeling of disappointment. He moved the
chairs, dragging them a little bit sideways
away from the wall making sure he marked the
exact height where the stack of chairs
reached. From the point he marked, he
counted four tiles north. When he got to the
fourth tile, he moved a finger to the edge of
the tile and pressed. The tile turned inside out
to reveal a small digital screen and a
numerical keypad. There was also a finger
print scanner and a retinal activation. It was
a high tech security safe. He looked back at
his Uncle. The Colonel was not impressed. He
had broken into more complicated vaults. He
could take down Ahmed’s safe in four days
max. Ahmed pressed a yellow button.
“Welcome Ahmed. Please provide retinal
recognition.” A voice said from the device.
Ahmed leaned closer and a mild infra-red
signal scanned his retina.
“Retinal Scan complete.” The voice said and
continued. “Please provide fingerprint
Ahmed placed his forefinger in the scanner
and another infra-red signal scanned his
“Prints accepted. Please enter password or
Voice recognition.” The computer said.
Ahmed was dying to impress The Colonel who
so far was staring with a straight face. His
arms folded across his chest. Ahmed pressed
a button on the device.
“Please enter voice password.” The voice said.
Ahmed read out the letters of the alphabet in
a song like fashion.
“A,B,C,D,E,F,G…Now I know my 1,2,3. My
name is Ahmed Haruna. Take it away.” He
The Colonel laughed hard. What a joke, he
thought to himself. He almost turned away to
leave the room when the was a soft whooshing
sound. A part of the wall where Ahmed stood,
caved in and moved to the left, creating a
small entrance into a room. Ahmed walked in
and turned on a switch. The bulbs came on,
illuminating the small room.
“Here we are.” The detective said, pleased with
“I can see where you keep your two or three
guns boy. This is impressive.” The Colonel
The colonel smiled as he walked into the
enclosure. He was delighted at the caliber of
artillery he saw. He went to a shelf and picked
a rifle. It was a Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault
Rifle. One of the best he ever handled. He
remembered his time at the military academy
13 years back. It was the perfect weapon.
While he stroked the AK-47 in his hand, his
eyes scanned the room looking at the other
guns. There was a Thompson M1921 Sub
Machine gun, an F-2000 Assault Rifle, a 1965
HK416 Assault rifle (a rare spec), an SPG
classic, six .43 automatic pistols and a Uzi
Sub-machine Gun. Ahmed shared the same
taste with him when it came to ammunitions.
He turned and nodded at the detective smiling
pleasantly. As he checked the cartridge of the
AK-47 assault rifle, his eye caught something.
He bent low and pulled out the butt of a gun
from the lower chamber. It was a DSR 50-
Precision Sniper Rifle. His all-time favorite.
Every spy loved to have this deadly piece of
“Where did you get this my boy?!” The Colonel
asked delightedly.
“Scavenged it from a crime scene.” Ahmed
Ahmed picked one .43 pistol and inserted
bullets in it while the Colonel took another.
They corked their guns and got ready for
action. Ahmed closed the ‘door’ after his
uncle and pushed the chairs back. They exited
the room and went into the sitting room.
“Make that call now.” The Colonel said
handing the phone to Ahmed.
Ahmed dialed Shiela’s number. She picked on
the first ring.
“Hello ma. My house was invaded. My dogs
were killed… I don’t know. I can’t say. I did
some research on some clues I got. Unknown
men trailed me throughout today. I managed
to shake them off. I found out their hideout. It
is beside my compound here. I cannot say for
sure how many they are. Send backup just in
case so we can move in tonight. 2 hours.
Good. I’m ready. Bye” Ahmed said and hung
The Colonel nodded at Ahmed.
“They should get here anytime from now. Be
ready. I will stand watch by this window and
join you later.” The Colonel said.
Ahmed left the bedroom, took station by the
bathroom, and waited for the Colonel to join
Bruno and Marshal exited the bungalow,
walking in the shadows and avoiding the
‘street lights’ shinning on every area of the
street. They backed the fence, moving slowly
and quietly. Bruno signaled for Marshal to
hold on. They had gotten to Ahmed’s gate.
Bruno crossed to the other side of the road.
He walked past Ahmed house for 10 meters.
Marshal watched him. Bruno walked back
towards Ahmed’s compound stopping in front
of the gate. He looked inside and knocked. No
response. He knocked again. There was no
reply. The initial plan was to pretend to be
looking for number 12 of the street. If Ahmed
came to the gate, Bruno would ask him for the
street number and directions on how to get
there. While they were talking, Marshal would
appear from nowhere and take him out. So far
Ahmed did not come out. He nodded to
The Colonel waited at the window for twenty
minutes. His instincts told him to move to the
roof. He would have a better view from there
and see whatever was happening outside the
compound. He climbed the ladder attached to
the water tank, continuing up until he was a
few inches above the roof. He leaped gently
from the ladder, landing softly on the padded
roof. He walked to the edge of the roof and
prostrated, keeping his jaw in both hands, his
elbows acting like a tripod. For six minutes,
nothing happened. On the seventh minute, he
saw a man cross the street and walk pass the
house. He immediately sensed danger when
the man crossed back to his side of the road
retracing his steps. When the man stopped at
Ahmed’s gate and began to knock, the Colonel
knew it was time. Immediately, he got up, half
ran across the roof and jumped on the ladder.
He raced down the ladder and got into the
house through the back door. He made it just
in time to see Ahmed moving to the front
door, about to open it.
As fast as lightening, the Colonel moved to
where Ahmed was, dragging him by the hand
just as he was about to grab the door handle.
Ahmed looked back frightened and almost
pulled the trigger of his gun, when the Colonel
put a finger on his mouth indicating that
Ahmed be quiet. He signaled to Ahmed that
they had company and that he should be on
the alert. Ahmed nodded. The Colonel signaled
again that Ahmed wait at the door and do
nothing, while he went to keep watch at the
back entrance. The Colonel was as calm as
ever. Ahmed’s heart was racing. He swallowed
saliva and nodded again like a dummy.
After Bruno nodded his head at Marshal,
Marshal leaped over the fence from outside,
landing in Ahmed’s compound. As he landed,
he simultaneously brought out his gun from
his hip area and scanned the area. He did not
want anyone to take him unawares, especially
dogs. When he was sure no one was alerted,
he moved cautiously to the gate and silently
opened the smaller area for Bruno to come in.
Bruno shut the gate behind him noiselessly
and moved ahead of Marshal. They decided to
take the back entrance.
Ahmed saw the way the two men entered his
compound. He noticed they had military
training. Their signals, silent communication
and perfect sync scared the living daylight out
of him. He watched them move very slowly
taking calculated steps toward the back of the
house. They moved like they knew where they
were going with the heavy one behind looking
behind and scanning for aerial and ground
threats. He decided he would attack them
from behind. Two quick head shots and they
would both be dead. They would not see him
coming. He smiled.
As the thought crossed his mind, his uncle
stole into the sitting room.
“Any luck?” The Colonel whispered, barely
“They are going to the back entrance. I will
take them from behind. It would be easy.” The
detective said.
“No! Don’t! I will handle this. Just cover me.”
The Colonel ordered.
As the Colonel took silent steps towards the
back entrance, Ahmed felt disgusted. Why
would The Colonel want the glory for himself?
For God’s sakes he was retired! His uncle did
not completely trust him. He felt he was not
good enough. All these thoughts ran through
Ahmed’s head in milliseconds. He decided he
was going to show his uncle that he was no
sissy. He turned and headed for the front
door. The Colonel turned and noticed Ahmed
heading for the front door. He tried to call him
back but he was too late. Ahmed was already
“Shiitt!!!” The Colonel cursed and raced after
his nephew.
Ahmed was already way ahead. The Colonel
did not want to run. He did not want to draw
attention. So he moved fast, but very quietly.
Ahmed could now see Marshal. Bruno was
right in front of him. Ahmed moved closer
taking his aim at the back of Marshal’s skull,
moving closer still to get a clean shot. 3
seconds later, he had the perfect shot to take
out Marshal. As he took his final step to pull
the trigger, his boots crushed some gravel.
Marshal turned. Bruno looked back too.
Ahmed’s heart skipped a beat.
Marshal brought up his gun to take his aim.
Ahmed was quicker. Ahmed pulled the trigger
and his bullet caught Marshal squarely on the
face. Blood splattered everywhere. Marshal fell
to the ground, his brains scattered everywhere.
Bruno rolled on the ground and fired two quick
shots at Ahmed. A bullet caught Ahmed on his
left thigh. He screamed, falling to the ground
and holding his thigh. As Bruno ran closer to
finish him off, The Colonel appeared from the
corner. He fired three perfect shots at Bruno.
Bruno rolled on the ground and ducked behind
the wall. A bullet caught him on the arm. He
was bleeding.
The Colonel approached Bruno, shooting at
the wall. Pieces of bricks scattered around
Bruno. Bruno moved backwards. The Colonel
got to Ahmed and knelt on one knee, not
taking his eyes off the wall. He felt Ahmed’s
pulse. He was still alive.
“Hang in there my boy.” The Colonel said.
As the Colonel got up approaching Bruno,
there were gunshots at the gate. The Colonel
backed into the wall. He saw someone jump in
from the fence and roll to the gate. She got up
and continued shooting sporadically at the
Colonel. The Colonel backed away dragging
Ahmed with him. He was out of rounds. He did
not expect this much firepower. Bruno saw
Sophia and ran towards her, shooting at the
Colonel’s direction with his good hand.
Sophia covered him, her back to the gate while
Bruno opened the gate and went out. Sophia
moved slowly to the gate still shooting at the
She got out of the gate, got into the car and
sped out of the estate.
“How are you?” She asked Marshal as they
sped along Palm Groove, Ikorodu road.
“I will be fine. Marshal is dead.” Bruno replied.
Sophia did not say a word. Marshal was her
cousin. Her eyes were red.
She stepped on the accelerator and bit her
lower lip.
Someone was going to pay for Marshal’s

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Episode 23

Eva spent three days with her mother in the
mansion. A separate suite was arranged for
them where everything was provided
adequately, ensuring satisfaction and comfort.
Eva was upset initially that she was not
allowed to leave the mansion. She questioned
why her mother had to be brought in to see
her as that was not the original plan. She got
over it after Shina explained that plans had
changed. The corporation constantly changed
plans and made last minute cancellations just
to throw any tracker off guard. Besides, she
was safer here than anywhere else.
On the third day, Eva explained to her mother
that she would be going on professional
course outside the country. The course would
span three years after which she would set up
her own company. Her mother did not ask too
many questions. She was glad that her
daughter was moving up the corporate ladder.
She admonished Eva to remember her younger
brother and to always check on him from time
to time. As Eva helped her mother pack her
bags, pangs of guilt enveloped her. She knew
she had to tell her mother the truth. But she
knew her mother could not handle it. Besides,
she was afraid of what Sophia would do if she
spilled. The very thought scared her to her
very bones. She shuddered.
“Eva, please seat down. I want to talk to you.”
Eva’s mother said moving on the bed for her
daughter to seat.
“What is the problem mama?” Eva asked
sitting down, concern on her face.
“I know you have been working hard. And I am
very glad that you are doing very well. Your
father would be very pleased with you. Only if
he were alive.” Eva’s mum started. She sobbed
softly wiping her face with the edge of her
wrapper. Eva pulled her mother close, hugging
“It’s ok mummy. We will pull through.” Eva
said, rocking her slowly.
“I know my dear.” Eva’s mum said sniffing and
“I was at the window area yesterday. I saw a
number of men in black suits and wearing
dark shades. What was happening?”
“Oh, those men. They are the security details
attached to my boss mummy. She came into
town yesterday.” Eva replied.
“Okay my daughter. God will bless her. I have
to thank her before I leave.” Eva’s mum said.
“No problem ma. I will arrange for you to see
her mummy.” Eva said.
Eva got up from the bed and went into the
bathroom, shutting the after her. She left the
shower to run while she sat on the toilet seat.
She put her face in her hands and began to
cry. She hated the fact that she just lied to her
mother. She was sad and scared.
Deep down inside her, she was troubled. She
may never see her mother again.
Sophia drove into the gate of The Mansion,
parking the car in the garage where there were
other very expensive cars. She turned off the
ignition. She closed her eyes for a few
seconds and opened them again. She unlocked
the seat belt around her, looking at Bruno. He
held his arm and winced as he unstrapped
himself from the seat.
“I think someone should check that out. It
looks pretty messy” Sophia said.
“No! I am fine. I just need a few stitches. Can
I get first aid in your room?” Bruno asked.
“Yes I do. Let’s go.” Sophia said.
They got out of the car and walked to the
front of Sophia’s wing. As they entered the
house Bruno collapsed on the couch in the
sitting room. He passed out. Sophie shook her
head as she sat in a chair opposite him. She
took off the holsters on both ankles, setting
the guns on the table. She kicked off her flats,
walking barefooted to the bar in the far right
of the sitting room. She poured herself a full
glass of strong vodka and drowned half the
contents. She had not been this shaken in a
very long time. She was renowned for her
ability to keep her emotions in check, and her
clear thoughtfulness in very unpleasant
circumstances. But the emotions were flooding
in now. This was getting too much for her to
bear. She blocked every thought of Marshal
from her head. All she wanted to do was to
get back at whoever killed her only living
She finished the vodka, looked at the glass
cup for a while then smashed in angrily at the
wall. It broke into a million pieces. The noise
was not even enough to wake Bruno.
She pressed a button by the bar. A young
man dressed in a white shirt and black pants
came in from a side entrance.
“You rang ma.” The lad said.
“Yes Jeff. Clean up that mess over there and
get Emmanuela to attend to that man over
there” She said pointing at Bruno.
The lad nodded and hurried out of the house.
Sophia walked sluggishly to her room and
opened the door.
The Colonel dragged his nephew inside the
house. He lifted He looked for the first aid
everywhere and eventually found it in the
store. He took the big box into the sitting
room where Ahmed lay, groaning and
breathing softly. He searched the first aid box
and did not really find what he was looking
for. He had to make do with was available. He
got out some disinfectant and a towel. He
sterilized a pick-scissors with warm water and
the disinfectant. He dabbed the blood off
Ahmed’s wound, cleaning it and getting it
ready to be closed. Ahmed winced.
“Steady boy. You are lucky son. The bullet
grazed past your flesh. You quite some
amount of blood. But you will be fine.” The
Colonel said,
“Did we get them uncle?” Ahmed asked
The Colonel kept quiet. He concentrated on
bandaging the wound.
“I think we did. But we were outnumbered. So
I had to retreat.” The Colonel said.
“I am sorry Uncle. I should have listened to
you.” Ahmed said, very sober.
“It’s okay. I will give you 15 minutes to get
yourself together. We have to leave here
immediately. I will inject you with a serum
that will make you feel no pain. It will help you
move faster. Pack only the things you need.
They would come back. And this time, we may
not be so lucky.” The Colonel said.
“I am fine uncle. I don’t need 15 minutes. I
can start now.” Ahmed said trying to get up. A
tearing pain seared through his body. He
screamed and lay back down on the bed.
The Colonel looked at him and shook his
“I may be retired son, but whenever I tell you
to jump, you jump. And if I ask you to run, or
crawl, or hold your breath, you do exactly as I
say! You do not know what you are dealing
with here. I do. I will be back in 15 minutes.”
The Colonel said and walked out of the
A black kia optima parked six houses away
from The Mansion. A tall man with average
build got out of the back seat and strolled
leisurely forwards. He walked confidently
towards the gate of The Mansion. He knocked.
A very small rectangular part of the gate
opened which gave room for the gateman’s
eyes only.
“Yes, wetin you dey find?” A rough speaking
gateman said, eyeing the man suspiciously.
“Please sir, I am looking for one woman. She
said I should ask for Oga, and that you would
direct me. She gave me this card to give you.”
The man said. He resisted the urge to poke
out the red eyeballs that were staring at him
“Which nonsense card? Make I see.” The
gateman said.
The man put the card through the small
rectangular hole and the gateman collected.
After a few seconds of scrutiny, he handed the
card back to the man and opened the door for
the man to come in. The gateman directed the
man to Sophia’s wing of the house and told
him he would meet someone at the door. He
thanked the gateman and walked to the door
leading to Sophia’s wing. He pressed the bell
a few times. A very pretty steward opened the
door for him. She asked him what business he
had and he showed her the same card. She
smiled at him, handed back the card and led
him to the visitor’s lounge.
“Please make yourself comfortable sir. I will
let her know you are around.” The steward
Five minutes later, the steward came back.
“I am sorry sir. She is not around. She will not
be back till tomorrow.”
“Okay.” The man said, raising his head from a
magazine he was reading.
“Can I show myself out when I am done
please?” The man asked, showing all the
charm he had.
“Okay sir.” The steward replied, chuckling.
Ten minutes later the man got up. He did not
go outside. He climbed the stairs and went
into Sophia’s room.
Sophia felt weak and exhausted. She decided
to just relax a bit after taking that much
liquor. She climbed the stairs, heading for her
She opened the door to her room, shut the
door behind her and switched on the light.
She almost jumped out of her skin at what she
“Hello Agent S”.
It was the General.

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Episode 24

Sophia was shocked. A million questions ran
through her mind. When? Why? How? The
General never makes himself available
physically. On one hand she could count the
number of agents in the Corporation that had
seen the General face to face. Whenever the
General makes an appearance, something was
definitely not right. She opened her mouth but
no words came out.
“Hello Agent S” The General said
He was seated on the far left corner in the
room on a wooden chair by the reading table.
He crossed his legs and smiled.
“Good Evening General. What do I owe this
huge visit?” Sophia replied with a little bit of
restored calm. She backed the door and folded
her arms.
“S. Of all my lieutenants, you are the closest
to my heart. I place you even above my son,
Tawo. So far, you haven’t given me any reason
to regret my decision.” The General said,
getting up from the chair.
He walked towards Sophia and stood less than
two yards in front of her. His eyes pierced
hers. His stare was strong, authoritative, and
commanding. She didn’t flinch. She
maintained her calm demeanor. She almost
“Sophia, is anything wrong? Is there
something you need help with? I can reassign
Project Eva to Shina and give you a long
deserved break, maybe a vacation at the
Caribbean.” The General said.
Sophia did not break the gaze.
“I am perfectly fine sir. I will deliver the
project. Things are looking good. Sean is
already on his prerequisite professional
training and Eva has been emotionally
stabilized for her role. Getting her to give up
her emotions, her loved ones and her career
was the tricky part, but that has been done.
She understands what needs to be done and is
ready to begin. We are getting her ready for
the physicals.” Sophia replied.
“Okay. Anything else I should be aware of?”
The General asked.
Sophia paused for a while. She tried to read
the General’s expression but it was blank. The
man was as cold as ice.
“I have everything under control General.”
Sophia insisted.
The General shrugged and walked away from
Sophia. He went to her bed, dipped his hand
under the wooden support and dragged out a
small bottle of Vodka. The bottle was half full.
Sophia was surprised. How did the General
know that she kept a bottle under her bed?
“Don’t look so surprised. I know everything
about you.” The General said. He took the
bottle and walked to the door. He turned.
“I know what you just did and where you went.
You did your best. Sorry about Marshal. I
have sent an elite squad to pick up his body. I
do not expect the Colonel to be around when
the squad gets to Ahmed’s residence. But if he
is, he would be taken dead or alive. I know
everything that goes on with my Lieutenants.
If I keep doing everything myself, how would
any of you be good enough to become
General? I lie low because I need you to prove
me wrong. I am disappointed in all of you.
You are still on track with Project Eva. I will
still leave that to you. But just one mistake
from you and you will be sorry. Leave the
Colonel to me. I am going to handle him.” The
General said and walked out of the door.
Sophia had had enough for one night. She
didn’t bother taking off her clothes as she laid
on the bed, drifting into a long, much needed
The Colonel entered the bedroom in exactly 15
minutes, holding a syringe. He grabbed
Ahmed’s leg and shook them, waking him up.
He sat up sluggishly. He still felt sleepy. The
Colonel gently slapped Ahmed’s cheeks
several times.
“Wake boy. We have to move!” The Colonel
He tapped Ahmed’s wrist. When he got a vein,
he injected the serum into Ahmed’s body.
“That should fix you. Do not carry anything
that would slow us down. Just your phones,
your ATM cards and a face cap. Remember
your guns,” The Colonel said.
Five minutes later, both men hurried out of the
compound in Ahmed’s Mazda mpv with the
Colonel at the wheel. As they turned into the
freeway, two black military Ford Vans went
passed them and into Ahmed’s street. The
Colonel sensed danger and stepped on the
accelerator. The Colonel checked his rear view
mirror as he drove, looking out for any tracers.
He had driven for about 6 minutes when he
noticed a black land cruiser jeep tailing him.
“Son, look in the rear view mirror. Notice
anything?” The Colonel asked Ahmed.
Ahmed looked in the mirror. He studied the
mirror for a couple of minutes.
“We have a tail Uncle.” Ahmed replied.
“Now, this is how you lose a tracker. Watch
me” The Colonel said.
The Colonel stepped on the accelerator,
increasing his speed to 100km/hr. There were
few cars on the express way. The Land Cruiser
jeep was no longer in view. Ahmed smiled.
“That was easy.” Ahmed said grinning.
The Colonel kept a straight face and his eyes
on the rear view. A few minutes later, the jeep
“What took you so long?” The Colonel said to
himself, a little smile creeping up his face.
“Put on your seat belt Ahmed. It’s going to be
a very rough ride.” The Colonel said.
Ahmed quickly strapped himself in his chair.
The Colonel switched to the final gear and hit
the accelerator. He sped past other cars on
the high way, swerving left and right without
reducing speed. The tires screeched as the
swerved. Ahmed was surprised at how the
Colonel was still able to switch on the
trafficator just before he swerved and overtook
the cars. The Colonel had completely forgotten
that a brake existed.
The jeep was coming very close to them now,
as both vehicles moved at high speed. The
Colonel swerved to the right lane, taking his
feet off the accelerator. As the car’s speed
dropped steadily, the jeep got closer. The jeep
left the car’s rear swerved left and was
coming level with The Colonel.
“Yes. More…Just a little more…” The Colonel
“Ahmed, Give me your gun. Now!” The Colonel
Ahmed handed over his .43 automatic pistol
to his Uncle. As the jeep reduced speed, the
colonel took the gun in his left hand. He rolled
down his window, aimed and shot the jeep’s
front tyre. There was a deafening sound as the
tyre burst and began to wobble. The Colonel
suddenly stepped on the accelerator, catching
his tracker unawares.
He was about 20 meters away when he
suddenly stepped on the brakes and swerved
the steering in a U-turn. The tires screeched.
The jeep was moving at 40km/hr now, trying
to balance and park properly. The Colonel put
the car in gear 2, approaching the jeep’s
direction. He hit the brakes, got his head out
of the window and aimed at the jeep’s driver
as the car got closer. The man driving the
jeep, sensing danger opened the door and
tried to get out. The Colonel pulled the
trigger. It was a head shot. The bullet pierced
the windscreen, hitting the driver on his
The Colonel put the car in reverse. As he
reversed, he aimed at the fuel tank on the
jeep. He fired. The jeep went up in flames.
Ahmed curled up in his chair as he watched in
awe at everything his uncle did. The Colonel
turned the car around, moved forwards far
away from the burning car and parked.
He looked at Ahmed. He smiled as he opened
the door.
“Take the wheel. Let’s get out of here.”

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Episode 25

Sean’s private jet touched down at exactly
6pm. He wore a white tailored shirt, his black
tie slightly loose. His sleeves were folded and
stopped a few inches just below his elbows,
while his jacket was on the seat opposite him.
He looked very handsome and rich. His hair
was cut very low and dark with sporting waves
flowing on it. He wore finely shaped pretty
side burns. As the jet taxied to its hangar, he
finished the glass of champagne on his table,
looking out of the window. The limited edition
diamond watch on his left wrist glittered. A
man in black suit walked over from the cabin,
handing Sean an Ipad. Sean brought out a
Cuban cigar from a small gold case.
“We are here sir. This is a list of five star
hotels we have for you to choose from.” The
security detail said, swiping the screen of the
“Wait. Wait. Go back. Yes. That one. What
hotel is that?” Sean asked with confidence,
nibbling his cigar.
“That’s WheatBaker Hotel, Ikoyi.” The man
“Take me there.” Sean demanded.
“Wonderful choice sir. I will make the
arrangements.” The man said.
“Thank you, Austin.” Sean said.
The door to the jet opened, and the automatic
ladder was released. Sean picked his jacket
and got up from the leather seat. He put the
jacket on, his cigar in his mouth and walked
to the door. As the cool evening breeze blew
his face, he smiled. He had missed home. He
walked down the ladder to a waiting black
limousine stretch. Austin who was behind him,
got the door for him. Sean got in the luxury
car, relaxing his muscular frame in the chair.
Austin entered through the opposite door,
reading out the itinerary of the evening.
Sean put up his hand, signaling that Austin
be quiet.
“I really want to close my eyes for one hour
and not have you rambling in my ears Austin.
Okay? I would really appreciate it.” Sean said.
“Okay Boss” Austin replied, putting off his
He pressed a button and a small black barrier
which separated them from the driver opened
“Hotel number three.” Austin said to the
The driver nodded.
As the compartment closed again, the driver
pressed a button on a screen to the right of
his steering wheel. Different hotels appeared
on the screen with a navigation guide to each
destination. He continued to press the button
until he got to the third hotel. WheatBaker
Hotel showed on the screen. Beside it, a
navigation route to get there. The driver knew
the place perfectly well. He did not need the
navigation system. He shut down the screen,
put the Limousine into gear and drove away
from the airport.
Sean opened the small gold case he took the
Cuban cigar from, got out a small cutter, and
took a little bit off the head of the cigar. He
put the cigar back in his mouth. Instinctively,
Austin got out a lighter, feeding Sean’s cigar.
Sean puffed and blew smoke.
He could not wait to really relax. He was
happy to be home.
Eva kissed him passionately like her life
depended on it. As she kissed, she rubbed his
pot belly and pushed her other hand inside his
pants. He grunted as she touched him,
squeezing her br3ast through her gown and
scattering her hair. He was experiencing
pleasure from a professional runz girl. He had
only his trousers on. Eva used her tongue on
the sensitive parts of his upper body,
caressing the massive hair on his chest. He
almost went into a spasm, blabbing
incoherently. She kissed him lightly on the
cheek, getting up from his bulky frame.
“No baby, don’t stop.” The man begged.
“Relax honey. The fun is just about to begin.”
Eva said, winking and blowing him a seductive
He licked his lips and rubbed his palms
“Baby, let me freshen up. Better be ready when
I get back.” Eva said slowly and deliberately,
dragging the ‘ready’.
“How about the pool, baby? Do we have it to
ourselves? You know how I am with other
people in the same water I swim in.” Eva
asked pulling off her top over her head.
“Oh, that. Give me a few seconds.” The man
He made a phone call.
“Done sweetheart.” The man said.
She blew him a kiss, got her purse and took
out a female contraceptive. She brandished it
in front of the man seductively and turned.
She wriggled her bum as she shut the door
behind her. Eva took out a lipstick from her
purse. She turned the lipstick anti clockwise. It
opened. There were two drugs. A red capsule
and a green one. She put the drugs in her
mouth, hiding them under her tongue. She
stripped nak3d and had a quick shower. Eva
got out of the bathroom with only a towel on.
Her hair fell behind her shoulders as her
sparkling dark skin shone in the bright room.
She smiled as she shut the bathroom door.
She walked erotically to the bed where the
man was lying down, wearing nothing but his
boxer shorts. She kissed him again, igniting
his whole body with fiery passion.
She kissed his ears, trailing her tongue from
his earlobe to his fleshy neck. As she kissed
his neck, she kept her eyes on him, waiting for
his most vulnerable point. As he closed his
eyes, enjoying the tease, she released the
capsules from under her tongue and broke
them with her teeth still inside her mouth. As
the capsule began to melt in her mouth, she
immediately went to his lips and began
kissing him furiously, passing the contents of
her mouth into his. He was too excited to
notice. The odorless and tasteless candy
capsule melted in both mouths as she kissed
and touched his most sensitive parts.
The red capsule was designed to stop the
user’s heart 15seconds after melting. The
green capsule was going to neutralize the
detection of any foul play when the forensics
team checked for cause of death. He would be
certified dead from a heart attack. They were
called Twin Silencers and had to be
administered at the exact same time. As Eva
kissed him, she began counting down silently.
She kissed him faster and kneaded his
nippl3s. When she had counted up to 8, she
began to feel her heartbeat slowing. She got
up from the man.
“Hey baby. Where are you going?” He asked
trying to get up
“Hold on baby. Let me get the contraceptive
from the bathroom.” She said pushing him
gently back on bed.
She felt herself getting out of breath. She
hurried into the bathroom and got her purse.
Inside one of its very thin pockets, she got out
a small syringe about the size of a toothpick.
She tapped her arm, got a vein and quickly
injected the syringe. It contained the antidote
to the Twin Silencers. She was already losing
breath when she injected herself. Her
heartbeat began to rise and then stabilized.
She opened the bathroom door and got out.
The Chief of Army Staff was dead.
Now she had to leave the premises. Their suite
was on the first floor. She went to the balcony
and looked down from the railing. The pool
was empty and there was no one in sight. She
put on her panty and her sexy bra. She had
practiced diving at this height twice a day for
six weeks. Missions like this irked her. They
were too simple and straightforward. It did
not really give her the kick and adrenalin rush
she was used to for eight months now.
She took in a deep breath and plunged from
the railing of the balcony, into the pool. She
felt tempted to remain in the water and enjoy
the cooling sensation it gave. But time was of
the essence. She got to the edge of the pool
and came out, dripping wet. As she
approached the changing room she silently
prayed that Shina had her escape route ready.
She entered the changing room. She saw a
shopping bag on the floor. The bag contained
everything she needed. She smiled.
She took out a towel from the bag and
mopped her body. There was a waitress outfit
in the bag. The exact type as the one used in
the hotel. She dressed up as quickly as she
could. By now she was sure that the Chief’s
body would have been found. She removed the
blue contact lens in her eyes and replaced
them with green ones. She took out her
artificial detachable fingernails and the
eyelashes. There was a face contortion, a
piece of gum, a lighter, a wig and scissors in
the bag. She removed the wrapper of the gum.
A small map was designed on the gum. It was
her escape route. She memorized the map,
threw the gum in her mouth and chewed. She
closed her eyes. She loosened the Brazilian
hair the chief had bought for hair earlier in the
day and cut it into tiny shreds. She wore the
wig and the face contortion. The face
contortion was like a transparent mask. It
changed her facial features, giving her an
oblong face and high cheek bones. She put the
shreds of hair into the shopping bag and set it
on fire. She threw the lighter in the flames and
shut the changing room door.
Eva opened the back door. She walked through
a long corridor till she came to the kitchen
entrance. There was only one Chef on duty and
he seemed to be more concerned with the
carrots he was chopping. He looked up, saw
Eva and continued with his carrots. Eva took
an aluminum tray from the cutting table and
moved to the restaurant section of the hotel.
There was no one in the restaurant. She went
left and opened a door leading to the
reception. A pretty lady was at the desk. Eva
leaned forwards on the reception table, hiding
the tray behind her and mumbled a few
incoherent words. The receptionist could not
hear what Eva was saying so she came closer.
As the receptionist leaned forwards, Eva hit
her hard on the side of her face with the tray.
The receptionist slumped.
Eva smiled at the cameras. She knew that
everything was being captured by the
cameras. She cat walked out of the reception,
with the tray in hand.
A parked black Lexus Jeep to Eva’s left
flashed it headlights twice as Eva stepped out
of the hotel. She crossed her hand across her
shoulders. The Jeep sped to where she was.
She got in and they sped away.
“How was it?” Shina asked at the wheel,
looking sideways at her.
“Piece of cake.” Eva said.

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Episode 26

The Colonel woke up slowly, stretching his
arms and trying to stifle a yawn. It had been a
long night. He had driven for hours and his
back was beginning to ache. He was now in
Akure, hours after driving nonstop from Benin
City, Edo State. He had booked and paid for
the hotel reservation online using a fake ID
and money from one of his alias bank
accounts. Hiding was easy but expensive. He
was glad that the country had gotten to the
stage where everything was done almost
paperless. The hotel sent him a 4 pin code
that served as his suite key. He arrived at the
hotel in the dead of night, punched in the 4
pin code and got to his suite. He landed on
the bed fully clothed sleeping off almost
immediately. Ahmed however was more alert.
Over the years he had now become very
vigilant. He suspected everything. He even
suspected the air he breathed sometimes.
Ahmed did not sleep. He went from the toilet,
to the bathroom, to the living room and then
into the bedroom, looking carefully and
searching for anything remotely suspicious
and out of place. He lifted vases, opened
covers, searched the wall for bugs, ran the
taps, and checked the furniture. He was
extremely thorough. They had been to half the
states in the country in the space of 35
months. They never stayed in one place for
too long. That was the price they had to pay
for pitching their tent against the Ghost’s
The Colonel looked round the huge bedroom of
the five- star hotel they had lodged in. Ahmed
was nowhere to be found. Throwing the duvet
aside, he climbed out of bed, and walked into
the living room. Ahmed stood arms akimbo
facing the wall. Newspaper clippings in
different shapes and sizes were pinned to the
wall. For three years Ahmed had been
carefully observing perfectly orchestrated
assassinations, high profile murders and
unexplainable disappearances of political
hotshots. Every morning when he got the daily
newspaper, he cut out parts that caught his
fancy and kept them. Wherever they set up
camp, he took the clippings out and studied
them. He tried to find a pattern. He
desperately wanted to understand the motive
behind the killings. Every day at dawn, he
painstakingly scrutinized the clippings looking
for any form of clue. And every time he ended
up angry and frustrated. He got more
confused by the day. He had no doubts in his
mind that the Ghosts were behind these
murders. They were efficient and invisible. Yet,
he strongly believed that there had to be a
weak spot. There had to be a slight loop hole.
And it was that loop hole he sought to find.
Two days earlier, the Chief of army staff had
died in a hotel in Lagos. Autopsy reports had
it that he suffered a strong heart attack.
Rumor had it that the woman who he had
intimate relations with was too hot for him to
handle. Others said that he loved to
ma5turbate and had done one too many, the
last one being his undoing. The official report
from the Army Barracks had it that he was
only resting after a long meeting when he died
in his sleep.
After Ahmed read the news, he cut it out and
added it to his collection of clippings. He
hacked into the hospital’s server to access the
Chief’s medical history. The Chief had no prior
heart issue, and for five years running had
never missed his appointment with the
doctors. The doctors passed him fit at the last
checkup two months back. His wife and four
children were based outside the country and
kept in touch regularly. He got an
unannounced promotion just recently and was
a very happy man.
Ahmed suspected foul play.
The Colonel walked up behind him, placing his
left hand on Ahmed’s right shoulder. Without
looking back, Ahmed greeted,
“Good Morning Uncle. Trust you are refreshed
after that irresistible nap?” Ahmed said.
“Yes boy. I am. What was it with the entire
search you were conducting last night? I was
too tired to get up and ask you. Do I sense
some form of paranoia boy?” The Colonel
sounded worried.
“Uncle, you have taught me a lot these few
years. Part of what I have learned from you is
to always be aware of my surroundings. One
can never be too certain of how safe he is.
Extra precaution has to be taken Uncle.”
Ahmed said, his eyes still fixed on the
newspaper clippings.
“Spoken like a true soldier. Any luck with
those?” The Colonel said pointing at the wall.
Ahmed shook his head.
“Uncle, do you know anyone in the late Chief
of Army Staff’s cabinet that we can coerce to
speak to us? I smell a rat in the stories going
round about the cause of death. Something is
not right.” Ahmed said facing his uncle.
“I actually do. I personally got Mustapha the
position of Chief of Army Staff six years ago.
And along with that, I planted my spies. One
of his security details is a trusted servant.
Hold on.” The Colonel said.
The Colonel got out his phone and inserted
the new sim card he got the day before. It was
registered to the Alias that paid for the hotel.
“Son, set your stop watch to 18 seconds. It
takes 20 minutes for a pro to trace a call. I do
not know if the mole has been compromised.
When I start talking, begin the countdown.
Stop me immediately the timer ends.” The
Colonel said and Ahmed nodded.
He dialed the number.
There was a click on the other end of the line
showing that the mole had picked the call.
The Colonel signaled to Ahmed to start the
timer. He obliged.
“Chameleon Brown. It’s Alpha speaking.” The
Colonel said
“Sorry. Wrong number please.” The voice at
the other end replied.
“What really happened to Strong Man?” The
Colonel persisted
“Baby, d–n. Did you see that? She just killed
that man and dived into the pool through the
window. Wow! She left her gown and that
rough bouncer has picked it up. Baby you are
missing! In fact it seems I am going to wait
for you to finish so you can join me o. This
movie is so interesting. I want…” The man was
saying but the Colonel cut in.
“Excuse me? Please can I talk to Chameleon
Brown? It’s really urgent.” The colonel
“Oga, I said this is a wrong number. What is
your problem? Can’t I enjoy my movie in
peace? Can you…” He was saying angrily but
the Colonel dropped the call on him.
“How many seconds?” The Colonel asked
asked Ahmed
“16 seconds.” Ahmed replied and continued,
“Seems like you dialed the wrong number.”
The Colonel put off the phone, opened the
back cover and took out the sim card. He
scratched the gold area of the sim with the
back cover of the phone, and then broke the
sim in two.
“Actually, it was the correct number.” The
Colonel said, walking to a chair. He sat down
and crossed his legs smiling mischievously.
“I don’t understand Uncle” Ahmed said folding
his arms across his chest.
“Mustapha was killed by a female. She
escaped through the window, diving into the
pool below their hotel. She may have forgotten
to take a piece of clothing along. It’s with one
of the bouncers.” The Colonel said.
“Or Uncle, she may have left it deliberately to
set the police on the wrong track. The Ghosts
are very smart.” Ahmed said walking towards
his uncle. He continued.
“Can I access the internet from this building? I
want to dig into the hotel surveillance. I also
want to check the architectural design of the
hotels. Doors, windows, suites, corridors,
pathways, and everything that I can lay my
hands on.”
“I know some access codes and encrypted
hash tags you can use to override the Access
Control Protocols that protect the firewalls
you may encounter. However, I just made a
transmission from this location by calling my
informant. Making another transmission is
pushing it too far. I know a place where we
can go. We leave at dusk.” The Colonel said
with a tone of finality.
He picked up the Intercom and called kitchen.
Sean finished his early morning ritual drowned
in his own sweat. His muscles rippled under
his sleeveless shirt and his skin glowed under
his own perspiration. He was not satisfied
with the day’s work out. He still had more
energy to burn. He prostrated on the gym
floor, balanced himself on his hands and toes,
and began to do push-ups.
“1, 2, 3, 4…” he counted as he pumped. He
was feeling the strain and bulge in his biceps.
He loved it. He loved the pain. He had become
so accustomed to pain. In the previous year,
he had spent four months in interrogation by
the harshest standards.
“51, 52…” he counted as he pumped.
He switched to pumping with one hand.
“58, 59… 60.” He groaned the last number and
turned on his back. He was breathing hard
and fast, his heart trying to adjust to the huge
demand of blood from his body.
As he breathed, he fell into revelry,
remembering all that happened eight months
8 months ago:
Sean hurried to the roof of the Civic Center. It
was 5am. He was disguised as a member of
the Lagos State Elite Sniper Team. It was
campaign season in the country and every
eligible candidate was flaunting posters,
carrying out different campaign strategies and
lobbying for voters’ support.
The governor was running for second term and
was scheduled to hold a campaign parade
later in the morning. The Governor and his
entourage would start their open air parade at
9am, starting off at Ajah, up until CMS bus
stop. Therefore the amount of security
provided was immense. There was a convoy of
police cars, a huge number of armed foot
soldiers and helicopters flying around. The
Ghosts had worked their magic and Sean had
been included in the Sniper team. There were
50 snipers in all. His designation was at the
top of the Civic center. Snipers lined almost
every high rise building on the Ozumba
Mbadiwe road. He was dressed in a police
uniform with “SNIPER” written boldly behind
and in front. He kept radio communication
with the rest of the team as he set up his
Sniper rifle adjusting the focus and scanning
other roof tops for similar weapons.
Earlier that morning just before the snipers
were dispatched, the Sniper Commander had
assembled them and gave them a harangue.
The order from the Sniper commander was:
“Make sure there are no infidels out there!” He
charged and continued
“The Governor is in full view of the public.
Make sure there are no smart as5es up on
that roof! You see a threat, you take it out!!!
Nothing and I repeat Nothing happens to the
governor on my watch! Copy that?!!!” The
Sniper commander yelled.
“Yes sir!!!” The snipers replied.
However, Sophia’s instructions were simpler:
“Take out the Governor”.“I know you have been working hard. And I am
very glad that you are doing very well. Your
father would be very pleased with you. Only if
he were alive. I was at the window area
yesterday. I saw a number of men in black
suits and wearing dark shades. What was
happening?”– Eva’s Mum
“They are security details attached to my
boss, mummy. She came into town yesterday.”
– Eva
“Okay my daughter. God will bless her. I have
to thank her before I leave” – Eva’s mum
“I think someone should check that out. It
looks pretty messy” – Sophia
“No! I am fine” – Bruno.
“Steady boy. You are lucky son. The bullet
grazed your flesh. You lost quite some
amount of blood. But you will be fine.” – The
“Did we get them uncle?” – Ahmed
“I think we did. But we were outnumbered. I
had to retreat.” – The Colonel
“Please sir, I am looking for one woman. She
said I should ask for Oga, and that you would
direct me. She gave me this card to give you.
Can I show myself out when I am done
please?” – The General
“Hello Agent S” – The General.
“Things are looking good. Sean is already on
his prerequisite professional training and Eva
has been emotionally stabilized for her role.
Getting her to give up her emotions, her loved
ones and her career was the tricky part, but
that has been done. She understands what
needs to be done and is ready to begin. I have
everything under control General.” – Sophia
“Wake boy. We have to move!” – The Colonel
“We have a tail Uncle.” – Ahmed
“Now, this is how you lose a tracker. Watch
me. Put on your seat belt Ahmed. It’s going to
be a very rough ride.”” – The Colonel
“We are here sir. This is a list of five star
hotels we have for you to choose from.
WheatBaker Hotel, Ikoyi.” – Austin
“Take me there” – Sean
“How was it?” – Shina
“Piece of cake.” – Eva.
“Uncle, you have taught me a lot these few
years. One can never be too certain of how
safe he is. Extra precaution has to be taken.”
– Ahmed
“Spoken like a true soldier. Any luck with
those?” – The Colonel.
“Do you know anyone in the late Chief of Army
Staff’s cabinet that we can coerce to speak to
us? I smell a rat in the stories going round
about the cause of death. Something is not
right.” – Ahmed
“Actually, it was the correct number.
Mustapha was killed by a female. She escaped
through the window, diving into the pool
below their hotel. She may have forgotten to
take a piece of clothing along. It’s with one of
the bouncers.” – The Colonel.
“Make sure there are no infidels out there! The
Governor is in full view of the public. Make
sure there are no smart as5es up on that roof!
You see a threat, you take it out!!! Nothing
and I repeat NOTHING happens to the
governor on my watch! Copy that?!!!” – Sniper
“Take out the Governor” – Sophia

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Sean’s heartbeat rose as the seconds grew
closer. It was a few minutes to 9am. The
Sniper commander had just radioed, saying
that the Governor and his convoy were very
close and would pass by any moment. He
demanded sharpness now more than ever.
Beads of sweat broke out on Sean’s forehead.
He was nervous. Who wouldn’t be? Asides the
fact that he had to take out the number one
citizen of the state, this was his final test. His
performance would determine the next thing
that happened to him. Still sprawled on the
roof top he looked through the lens of the
sniper rifle positioned on a small tripod stand.
The street beneath him was free of cars but
filled with armed police men who were
desperately trying to control the teeming
crowd and still watch out for strays. He
slotted in the only available single long silver
bullet and snapped the bullet chamber shut.
He needed only one shot. He closed his eyes
and waited. Closing his eyes always helped
him gather his thoughts. It made him focus on
the task at hand and helped block out any
form of distractions.
A few minutes later, he heard sounds of
drumming and fanfare. The trumpets blared at
heightened tempo while the drummers
desperately tried to match the intensity of the
blasts. They were close by. He opened his
eyes. His heartbeat was intense. But he had to
do it. He had come too far to stop now. He
could not help it. He put his left eye on the
lens and closed his right eye. The Governor
was about 5 knots to his left, standing
through the open roof of his car and waving to
the ecstatic crowd who chanted his name. He
waited as the Governor’s car moved slowly
into the target zone. Sean’s hands were
sweaty under his black cotton gloves. He
suddenly felt the need to ease himself. He
fought it. Sophia’s words rang in his head:
“Take out the Governor”.
He put his right forefinger in the trigger hole.
As the Governor’s car moved, slowly entering
the target zone, Sean’s finger slowly grabbed
the trigger. The Governor was finally in the
zone. The target mark was on his head. Sean
pulled the trigger. 20 meters to his left, the
Governor fell on his head. Dead.
There was commotion everywhere as the
crowd scattered in different directions. The
Campaign carnival had suddenly turned into a
blood bath. The Governor was immediately
pulled inside the car. The once slow cars that
moved at snail pace during the parade now
sped dangerously through Ozumba Mbadiwe,
rushing to get the Governor medical attention.
The armed police men were confused and
surprised at the same time. Nobody envisaged
this. Nobody knew what to do.
From his ground position the Sniper
Commander stood perplexed. He looked
through his highly powered ultra-binoculars at
the rooftops of the nearest buildings.
He spoke into his radio:
“Snipers! Maintain your positions! No body
moves! I repeat, NOBODY MOVES!” He
As he spoke, he scanned the entire sky rise
buildings, making sure that each sniper was in
place as commanded. As he radioed the
choppers for a head count, whilst scanning
the rooftops with his binoculars, he noticed
one of the sniper posts without a sniper.
“Code Red. Track down Sniper 038 now!” He
Sean got up very quickly, moving away from
the edge of the roof. There was a small door
on the roof which also served as a fire escape.
He opened the door, revealing a stairwell that
led to the ground floor. As he hurried down
the stairs, he took off this sniper uniform. He
had another uniform underneath which had
RRS written back and front. He was on the
third floor when he heard the radio call from
the Sniper commander. There was a gun and a
helmet by the landing of the second floor. He
wore the helmet and took the gun. He got out
through the back door looking very smart. He
saw a team of RRS soldiers and joined them.
They nodded at him as they walked in a
group. They had walked for fifteen minutes,
searching every nook and cranny when a grey
Peugeot car pulled over. A man opened the
door and called to him.
“Hey you. Come in here.” The man pointed to
Everything was going according to plan. This
was the exact way Sophia had said he would
be extracted. He felt relieved.
Immediately he got into the car and shut the
door, he knew he was in trouble.
There was no one he recognized in the bus.
As he calculated his options on how to
escape, a punch hit him on the face from
nowhere. He felt blood trickle from his nose.
Before he could react, someone put a wet
handkerchief on his nose. He could not
breathe. There was some form of liquid on the
handkerchief. It smelt like sulfur.
Sean passed out.

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Episode 28

Two men walked into a huge bakery. One of
them was tall dark and huge. He looked like a
thug. His biceps and chest rippled and
struggled against his tight black body
hugging t-shirt. He walked behind the other
man who was plump, had a bulging stomach
and was dressed in a suit. He was below
average height and smoked a cigarette. Smoke
filled the whole atmosphere as sweaty workers
mixed flour. They divided the mixed flour,
cutting it into different sizes and panning it.
They did not bother to acknowledge the men
as they walked past them, opening a small
door that led into a corridor. One of the men
was the Boss and had previously warned that
the workers always carry on with their work
anytime he came by. He detested recognition.
They closed the door behind them. There were
in another room now. It was a very tiny room
with pipes carrying water lining the walls on
both sides. They walked quietly for a while till
they got to the end of the room.
There was yet another man sitting on a chair
by the wall. Bloodied face, swollen lips and
one black eye that was now temporarily half
closed. The man looked up at his visitors, his
hands tied to his sides on the metal chair he
sat on.
“Water. Wa..tttt..ee..rrrrrrrr” The man muttered
almost out of breath. He was barely audible.
One of the two men, who was the Boss,
brought out a plastic bottle of water from his
jacket and handed it to his partner.
“He want’s water. Shark, Let’s give him some
water.” The boss said.
“Yes Boss.” Shark said.
Shark opened the water and approached Sean.
As Sean opened his mouth, Shark bent the
bottle in a vertical position and began to
gently pour. As Sean began to gulp, Shark
moved the bottle away from his mouth. He
slowly and deliberately poured the water on
the floor beside Sean, laughing wickedly as
the contents of the bottle emptied on the dirty
floor. Sean almost cried. He leaned his head
backwards and closed his eyes. He knew he
was going to die there. When it would
eventually happen, he had no idea. But he was
very convinced it would happen pretty soon.
The room was very small, cramped with pipes
on the walls on both sides. The only source of
light was a small bulb on the ceiling that
came on only when he had visitors. There was
a fan on the ceiling that croaked and worked
at an agonizingly slow pace. He was sweaty
most of the time. The whizzing of the pipes
when water passed through them was now
music to his ears. His only companion was
his thoughts.
He had lost track of day and time and had no
idea where he was. A very frail old man who
seemed in his late 70’s had brought him food
before his current visitors arrived. He did not
know if it was twice a day or once a day. The
last time the Old man visited seemed like an
eternity. He had tried to converse with the
man. The old man did not speak English or
any of the languages Sean had mastered. It
sounded to Sean like he spoke Tiv. The Old
man eventually managed a little, “me don’t
hear. Me speak” before feeding Sean with the
usual meager bowl of tasteless rice just
enough to sustain him. He was not even
strong enough to question the old man or to
strain his brain, so he let the Old man be. He
knew they were keeping him alive for a
reason. Maybe these two men were going to
tell him.
Shark dropped the bottle of water, squatting in
front of Sean.
“Did you kill the Governor?” The Boss asked
just behind Shark
“Who? What Governor? Is he dead?” Sean said
Shark landed a heavy punch to Sean’s
stomach just below his rib cage. Sean yelped
in pain as spurts of blood escaped his mouth.
He tried desperately to catch his breath.
They waited for Sean to get himself together.
“I am going to ask you one more time Sean.
Did you kill the Governor?” The Boss queried.
Sean looked up at the man. He was feeling
faint. He just wanted to die and give
everything up. It was not worth it. He wanted
to just spill everything but he thought about
his mother. She had done nothing and she did
not deserve to die for his crimes. He was
going to do this on his own. The Ghosts
always keep their word. As long as he kept
mute, his mother would be safe. They had
honor. These men interrogating him did not.
He had no doubts about that. He was ready to
“I..do… not… know… what…you… are… talking
about.” Sean said very slowly.
“Are you crazy? You are talking back at the
Boss like that? What the fvck is wrong with
you boy?” Shark said irritated at Sean.
He made to hit Sean again but the Boss
stopped him.
“Stop. Easy Shark, easy.” The Boss said.
Shark moved away for the Boss, going farther
away from Sean. The Boss now took Shark’s
position. Only he did not squat.
“Sean, you are within an inch of your life right
now. We can protect you. Change your life.
Give you a new identity. Anything you want,
just name it. It would be documented and
signed. Its full proof, fail safe and very
genuine. We need people like you on our side
Sean. But first we need to bring down the bad
guys. And we need your help. We will make
you disappear. The whole government is
behind you on this one. You can disappear
anywhere in the world. It’s totally your choice.
The man you killed had a family. A wife, kids.
A duty. He was loved by everyone. The
Government is working at super speed. We
have a lot of good clues. The people won’t
rest till they have the killer’s head on full
display. That head doesn’t have to be yours
Sean. Do you understand me?” The Boss
Sean nodded.
Sean closed his eyes. He smiled within him.
These men were very good, but not good
enough. If he was a rookie, he might have
been bought over. He knew this routine the
way he knew his name. Good cop, bad cop.
The bad cop comes first, threatening and
abusing. Tries to scare the living daylight out
of the suspect. Then when that doesn’t work
out, then the good cop comes in. He acts like
he really cares, tries to be reasonable. Offers a
bottle of water, coffee or food. He tries to
warm up to you. He is the deadliest.
“Are you with me Sean?” The Boss asked.
Sean opened his eyes. Slowly he said “Yes, I
“Good boy. Now who sent you to kill the
Governor?” The Boss asked.
“I do not know what you are talking about.”
Sean repeated.
The Boss kept his cool and walked to Shark.
He whispered something in his ears. Shark
gave Sean another trademark punch. Sean’s
chair rocked. They left him there and closed
the door.
The visits continued and the torture increased.
The food reduced and he hardly got enough
water for a day. Every time, they asked him
the same question. Every time they got the
same answer. He had emaciated so much.
The sixth day came. They visited him as
usual. He had sores on his skin. He could
barely talk. His breathing was labored.
He could not open his eyes.
They met a pool of vomit and blood by his
“He won’t make it. He can’t die here. Take
him to the electric room. Let’s end his
miserable life there. What a waste!” The Boss
said to Shark spitting beside Sean.
Shark untied Sean and carried him like a
groom lifting his wife for bedding.
Sean said a short prayer in his mind.
The end had finallly come.

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Episode 29

Sean woke up in a very comfortable bed. He
felt the drip in his right hand as he shifted on
his side. He closed his eyes and opened it
again. He was not dead after all. He was not
in a hospital. That much he knew. He was in a
prepared room. The walls were padded with
white wallpapers. He needed to ease himself of
the pee that now filled his bladder. He felt
stronger than he ever been a few days ago. He
got up slowly from the bed and grabbed the
iron stand that held his drip steady. He
opened the bathroom, eased himself and came
back on the bed. He closed his eyes and slept
As the days went by he got stronger and his
bruises healed. He got back a lot of lost
weight and looked as handsome as he once
was. He had begun doing exercises now. On
the eight day he started doing ten push-ups.
He gradually increased to twenty and then
fifty. He thrived in the pain. He loved the
strain in his muscles. In his entire life he never
really exercised. He was just a computer geek
who loved the keyboard. Now he added a little
muscle in his game.
A pretty nurse came to the room twice daily.
She was his gossip companion. She brought
him food, checked his vitals and made sure he
was okay. He had tried without any luck to get
her to tell him how he got there. He asked her
who employed her and where he was. She had
told him that she did not know anything and
was just a nurse. Every day she was picked
from home, blindfolded in a car and the
blindfold was taken off only when she was in
the flat. She was being paid handsomely for
her job and she did not mind the blindfold.
Her father needed the money for the treatment
of his arthritis. She was blindfolded on the
way home too and released at her door step.
“How did you get the job?” Sean asked.
“I got a call from a strange number telling me
about a job offer. It was too good to be true
so the man planned a meeting. We met at
KFC Yaba and reached an agreement about
the fee. He told me about the blindfold. I did
not hesitate. I have not seen the man since
then” The nurse said
“How many men pick you from your house and
drop you off every day?” Sean had asked on
the eleventh day.
“A black Mercedes E Series pulls up outside
my gate every morning. I go in the back seat
and have small talk with the three men in the
car. I get blindfolded till we enter a
compound. I am guided into a living room by
one of the men and then the blindfold is taken
off. When I am done with you, I walk back into
the sitting room and knock on door that leads
outside. Someone comes in, blindfolds me and
leads me to the car. I have never seen the
same person twice. Why do you ask?” She
“Nothing really, I was just curious.” Sean
Sean had previously wandered out of the room
he was in. The house was a mini flat which
had just a single bedroom that served as his
‘hospital’, and the living room. The door that
led out of the living room was securely locked
from the outside. He had been carefully
planning his escape. But he needed the girl.
He had developed a soft spot for the nurse.
She was intelligent, pretty and sexy. He had
always dreamed of dating a nurse. No matter
how hard he tried, he could not get her off his
mind. She was the only person he had contact
with for about two weeks. Their conversations
had gotten more personal and he was freer
around her. He was no longer on drips so she
only brought him food and kept him company.
On the sixteenth day, Sean had just finished
working out and decided to have a shower. He
got out of the shower and came into his room
clad only in a towel to meet Bimbo the nurse
in his bed. She turned as he closed the
bathroom door. Her jaw dropped when she
saw his wet body, his muscular chest and his
tight six packs. She almost wanted to run her
hands around his torso. He looked so fit and
“Ehmmm…Ehmmm… I did not know you were
going to be ehmmm… wow” Bimpe said.
“It’s okay jor. It is not like I am totally nak3d
or something.” Sean replied and continued
“What brings you here so early?”
“I just came to inform you that I would not be
coming here after today. I came to say
goodbye.” Bimbo said.
Sean sat beside her and took the card she
gave him. It was a very pretty card which
described how much she was going to miss
He took her hands and looked into her eyes.
“Thank you so much for everything Bimbo. I
will never forget you.” Sean said.
As Sean finished his statement Bimbo leaned
forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips.
The kiss lasted for a little less than five
seconds. Sean looked pleasantly surprised. He
broke the kiss and eyed her suspiciously.
“I have been dying to do that for a very long
time.” She said and blushed.
“And I have been dying to do this…” Sean
He leaned forwards and kissed her lips. He
held her face in his hands as her lips
swallowed his. They rolled on the bed, their
bodies intertwined; their lips still locked in a
kiss and proceeded to take themselves to
heights of unimaginable ecstasy.
Three hours later, Bimbo was dressed and
ready to leave. She smiled at Sean as though
acknowledging that she had a wonderful time.
As she made her way to the sitting room, she
noticed footsteps behind her. She turned and
saw Sean following her.
“What do you think you are doing Sean? You
cannot be seen with me!” Bimbo whispered
Sean walked up to her.
“Do you trust me?” He asked holding her
“I do but…” Bimbo started but Sean cut her
“Then please believe in me. Go ahead. Knock
on the door.” Sean urged her.
“Are you sure about this?” Bimbo asked, fear
in her eyes.
“Yes baby. I am sure. Now go.”
Sean sandwiched himself beside the door.
Bimbo composed herself and knocked twice on
the door. He heard a lock open and then the
gate squeaked as the door opened. A man
stepped into the room. He saw Sean. Before
he could react, Sean hit the light switch. The
room went dark. With lightning speed, he
dashed to where the man was. He disarmed
the man and twisted his neck from behind.
Sean went back and flipped on the lights.
What he saw scared him.
Bimbo held the man’s gun and pointed it at
“We have been waiting for you to make this
move for days now. What took you so long?”
Bimbo said.
Sean was dumbfounded. He was sure that
there was something else at play here.
Bimbo picked the man’s phone and dialed a
“This is Brenda. Yes. He has made the move.
He is ready.”
She dropped the phone and lowered the gun.
Sean did not move.
“What the hell is going on Bimbo?” Sean
“You just passed your test Sean. We are on
the same side. Let’s get out of here.”

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Episode 30

Present Day:

Sean was jolted out of his revelry by the
persistent knock on the gym door. He got up
and walked to the door to find Austin smiling
coyly behind the door.
“Good Morning sir.” Austin greeted, still
standing behind the transparent door. He held
an Ipad close to his chest while his other hand
had a small briefcase.
“Morning Austin. What is it with your smile?
Out with it.” Sean demanded, unlocking and
opening the door for him.
Austin entered.
They walked together into the gym and Sean
lay on a small bench which had weights
attached to it.
“I know how much you hate being interrupted
during your session sir, but this is really
urgent. Corporation just sent you an email.
You are supposed to respond before 10am.
You are to be present in a dinner party
organized and hosted by TDA Oil and Gas to
celebrate their 5th year annivesary.” Austin
“Where is it holding?” Sean asked carrying the
weights as he lay down, and pushing up and
down to his chest and then up again,
Austin flipped through the slides on his Ipad.
“Lekki Astoria Event Center. Red carpet is at
7pm.” Austin replied.
Sean struggled to push the weight up at the
20th count. Austin dropped his Ipad and tried
to help his Boss lift the weight from his chest.
With clenched teeth and a very squeezed face
Sean warned Austin not to help him.
Sean grudgingly but painfully managed to lift
the weight and put it in its holder. He got up
from the padded bench, breathing heavily. His
eyes watered and his biceps bulged. After
catching his breath, he looked at Austin.
“Skip the red carpet. When is the programme
kicking off?” Sean asked.
“8pm.” Austin replied.
“Any notes from Corporation?”
Austin smiled. This was the part he loved the
most. He stood up and made to perform like
he was the chief performer in an orchestra.
“Sit, Austin. And cut to the chase. I have other
things to attend to” Sean ordered.
Austin’s face fell. He obeyed his Boss and
read the Corporation’s notes for the dinner,
sitting down.
“Target is Rtd Brigadier Kehinde Braihmoh
Ibikunle. Military commander, Business Mogul
and Entrepreneur. He owns chains of
businesses and sits on the board of the
Nigerian Stock Exchange. He is the Chief Host
and is to be watched throughout the duration
of the dinner. He must be taken out before he
gets to his home. Modus Operandi is Stealth.
We will be watching you. Good luck Agent
Bravo.” Austin finished.
Sean cracked his fingers and turned his neck
both sides. He paced the gym, deep in
thought. He had been out of action for a
while. He needed the adrenalin rush. He
contemplated dropping the job. It seemed a
very easy take out. However, experience had
taught him that the easiest of missions were
always the most complicated. Little things
were usually taken for granted and there was
a tendency to flop.
He walked back to where Austin sat.
“Do you have the blueprints of the Hall?” Sean
“Yes sir. Just a minute.” Austin said.
Austin walked to the wall and flipped the
screen on his Ipad unto the cream colored
wall of the gym. He swiped and flipped the 3D
images that now appeared on the wall. Sean
stood behind him as he watche Austin bring
out the blueprint design of the event hall.
“These are the exits, here and here,” Austin
said pointing to some images on the wall and
“There are three different entrances. Here, here
and here. You can decide to exit through the
balcony. There’s a ladder that leads from the
first floor to the fire escape below. It is here,
behind the building and not readily accessible,
unless you are inside the Janitor’s room. The
hall seats 200 guests comfortably and your
seat is just by the exit door here.” Austin said,
looking at his Boss.
Sean was looking at the images now on the
wall. Something caught his attention. He was
trying to figure out what it was.
“What does this place do?” Sean asked
pointing to a small door in the 3D display on
the wall.
Austin touched the spot where the door was
on the wall and expanded it. The spot
revealed a door with VVIP written on it.
“This suite was not in the original design. I
think it was a last minute inclusion by the
owners. It serves as a getaway for anyone who
wants to have a really good time and has
what it takes financially.” Austin replied.
After thinking for a few minutes, he made his
“Accept the mission. It should be fun.” Sean
“I took the liberty of ordering a tux sir.
Versace custom designed.” Austin finished
“Anything Austin. Just make me look good.”
Sean replied, turning and walking towards the
door. He picked his towel and went out of the
Austin shut down the 3D presentation which
he had projected on the wall and closed the
cover of his Ipad. He was very excited. He had
not seen his Boss in action for a long time.
Tonight he was going to be Sean’s Robin.
Eva was up early the morning after her
mission, waiting for the 7am news. She had
waited up throught the night up until the very
early hours of the morning trying to get
information of the mission she just completed.
She was on every social media and popular
blog, keeping her ears on the ground for any
breaking news. The military was doing a very
good job of covering up what happened. She
threw popcorn in her mouth as the clocked
ticked. She needed to know what the media
had to say about the death of the Chief of
Army Staff and what special cover up story
they had cooked up. Finally the news came
on. As expected the news broke the
information that the Chief of Army Staff was
dead. Cause of death was tagged at Heart
Attack. She smiled. The military was doing the
exact thing she hoped they would.
She had wanted them to cover up the story.
That was her original plan. Such a scandal
would put the military at such a huge
discredit and paint them in a very bad light.
She deliberately left her gown in the hotel
room, hoping that someone would stumble on
it and try to trace it. So far the gown had not
been mentioned. That meant that someone
had found it and was probably searching for
prints and trying to trace its owner. She
She changed the station and settled on
SonyMax. She got out her phone. She had an
e-mail. It was from Corporation .She opened
it. A box popped up asking for a password.
She paused for a while. It was a one-time
entry password. Enter the wrong password
and the email and its content would be
She entered her password.
The email opened and she read the contents of
the email:
“Dinner party at 7pm. Lekki Astoria Event
Center. Dress to turn heads. Details later.
She smiled.
She stretched her legs on the long couch and
called her stylist.
Heads were going to turn.
“Park here” The Colonel instructed, pointing at
a part of the busy road which had a very
conspicuous ‘NO PARKING’ sign.
“But there’s a no parking sign here uncle. I
can’t…” Ahmed started but the look his uncle
gave him made him shut up.
He obediently parked the car near the gutter
in front of the no parking sign. There were
parked besides a white one storey building. As
they alighted from the car, a gateman
approached them.
“Oga, you no fit park for here. You go carry
your car comot for here. I say you no fit park
here.” He said facing Ahmed and blocking the
entrance into the building.
“Hey you. Better mind yourself! Who you think
say you dey follow talk?” Ahmed quizzed
walking to meet the gateman. He towered
above the gateman and could easily beat him
to a pulp if the situation warranted it.
The gateman did not look intimidated.
“Oga, I no know who you be but you no go
enter this place until you comot your car for
here. You no dey read? You no see no
parking?” He was determined. He stood his
As Ahmed made to rough handle the gateman
the Colonel stopped him.
“Please we are looking for your Boss. Just go
inside and tell him that DaVinci is outside. If
he says I should go, we will leave. Please.”
The Colonel pleaded with the gateman.
The gateman eyed Ahmed a few times and left
to inform his Boss, locking the gate firmly
behind him. He came back three minutes later
looking like he just got scolded.
“Oga say make una enter.” He said very
The Colonel entered the gate first, followed by
Ahmed who nudged the gateman with his
elbow as he passed him. They went in the
house and sat in the waiting area.
A bald man in his early 50’s came out from a
room around the corner. He wore a sweatshirt
on top of a jean shorts. He had glasses on
and smiled as he approached them.
“Da Vinci!!! It has been years. You look good.”
He said opening his arms for an embrace.
The Colonel got up and accepted the man’s
“It is so good to see you again, Hawk Eyes.”
The Colonel said releasing himself from the
hug and continued.
“Meet my nephew, Ahmed.”
Ahmed shook the man. They all moved into
the man’s study and were treated to cups of
“Hawk Eyes, I do not have much time. Can you
help retrieve the blueprint of Hotel Domino,
where the Chief of Army Staff was killed? I
also want the security footage from 48 hours
before he died and 12 hours after.” The
Colonel demanded.
“Right on it Vinci.” The man responded.
Two hours later, Ahmed and the Colonel were
back in their hotel going through the tapes
when they got to the part where Eva had just
hit the receptionist with the tray and was
smiling at the Cameras.
“Pause that. Right there.” He screamed at
Ahmed obeyed him.
“Rewind slowly. Slowly. Wait!” He ordered.
Eva was posed for the cameras. With her lips
“Do you know this girl, Uncle?” Ahmed asked.
“She looks very familiar. Take off her hair and
run a match with all available hair styles on
the database” The Colonel asked.
Three minutes later the computer beeped.
There was Eva’s image on the left and another
very identical Eva look-alike on the right, only
that she had braids on and wore a drawn
“She doesn’t look familiar to me. Do you know
her Uncle?” Ahmed asked.
The Colonel rubbed his forehead with his
palm. He was uncomfortable.
He turned to face the window, backing Ahmed.
“I know this girl. This is Eva.”

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Episode 31

“Who is Eva?” Ahmed asked the Colonel
Ahmed had not seen his Uncle in this kind of
emotional state in a very long time. The last
time his Uncle was like this, was when he got
the news that Ahmed was shot in an operation
and would nearly not survive. Ahmed got out
of the coma and the first image his eyes fell
on was his Uncle’s sad face. It shattered his
heart that the only person who ever loved him
was going through such emotional torture just
because he did not want to lose him. That
was eight years ago.
The same countenance was now very visible
on his Uncle’s face. He was sure that whatever
it was, this Eva girl was behind it. He left the
computer and joined his Uncle on the couch.
“Uncle, can you please talk to me? Please?
Who is this girl?” Ahmed asked
The Colonel raised his head up. His eyes were
red. He was close to tears. Ahmed had NEVER
seen the Colonel shed a tear. A tiny little tear
drop fell from the Colonel’s eyes. It fell on his
right thigh. He cleared his throat and heaved
a very heavy sigh.
“Eva is my daughter.” The Colonel said.
Ahmed could not close his mouth.
Sean finished scoping the two exits and stood
by railings on the overflow inside the event
hall. There was one exit to the left of the small
stage at the far end of the hall, and another
exit by the door that led to the bathroom. All
he needed now was to see what the VVIP
Suite looked like and he then he would make
his move. As he descended the stairs, he
scanned the hall, trying to make out faces.
The hall was not at full capacity. He wondered
when the ‘Nigerian Time’ factor would come to
an end. Most of the people in the hall were
standing in little groups of twos and threes.
He guessed that they were greeting, making
acquaintances, getting business deals or
introducing proposals.
As he got to the last step he saw a lady who
looked familiar sitting at a table a few meters
to his right. Her back was turned to him as
she was bent typing away on her phone. She
wore a black sleeveless gown. Her exposed
shoulders glistened in the fluorescence emitted
by the chandelier in the hall. He had this
strong feeling that he knew her, that he had
seen her somewhere before. He approached
her and tapped her gently on the shoulder.
“Good Evening my lady.” Sean greeted,
flashing his most amazing smile.
She looked up from the phone in her hand to
see who had disturbed the game she was
playing. She looked so pretty. Her pretty eyes
lit up in recognition. She lips parted slowly as
she took in the handsome hunk before him in
one single gaze. Tall, broad shoulders, cute
dimples, well-built and a pretty smile.
“Evening” Eva replied
“May I sit down?” Sean asked.
“By all means.” Eva answered with a little
Sean positioned himself beside her, settling
his frame inside the chair adjacent her.
“You look very familiar. I think I have met you
somewhere before” Sean said.
Eva giggled.
“Are you for real? Don’t tell me that’s the best
pick up line you’ve got, handsome.” Eva said.
Although Sean did not mean it as a pick up
line, he laughed at the lady’s wit. She seemed
funny and very bold. He had not had a
relationship in years. She seemed a good
prospect. He was sure he had seen her or met
her somewhere before, but he could not really
remember where. He decided to relax and be
free with her.
“Oh dear, Silly me. Pardon me my lady. Pretty
ladies have a way of making me uneasy.”
Sean said laughing and continued,
“My name is Frank. My friends call me
Frankie.” Sean finished stretching his hand
across the table.
“I am Rebecca. You can call me Becky.” Eva
said, taking Sean’s hand.
Still holding Eva’s hand, Sean got up and bent
low, kissing the back of her hand lightly.
“It’s a pleasure to be acquainted with you
Beckilicious” Sean said, releasing her hand.
Eva put her free hand on her mouth as Sean
flattered her. She was wowed by this romantic
gesture from a total stranger. Butterflies
danced ‘skelewu’ in her belly.
“The pleasure is entirely mine, handsome.” Eva
They engaged in small talk for a while, talking
about similar interests, sports, politics, and
books. Eva was explaining why she loved
horse racing and preferred it to car racing
which Sean liked when the target walked into
the room. Sean noticed him immediately he
walked into the room. He made sure that Eva
did not notice him as he monitored the
Brigadier’s movements from the corner of his
eyes. Eva also noticed the Brigadier’s arrival.
She also noticed Sean’s sudden interest in the
man, but she continued the discussion like
nothing had happened.
Sean stopped her as she was gesticulating,
trying to demonstrate the way she handled the
reins during her first horse ride.
“So sorry to cut you short Becky but I have
got to go.” He said bringing out his phone.
“Can I have your number please?” He pleaded.
“Sure. Not a problem.” Eva replied taking the
phone and putting her number.
“Thank you very much. I hope we can continue
this conversation sometime soon?” Sean
asked getting up.
“Absolutely. Call me” Eva said and winked.
“I sure will.” Sean said and walked away from
He walked across the hall, buttoning his
jacket as he moved. The target was
surrounded by three other men who looked like
they were important people. As he got to
where they were, he took out his phone and
began to type an imaginary message. He
bumped into the target and his phone fell on
the floor scattering into a few parts.
“I am so sorry,” Sean said as he bent to pick
the parts of the phone he could see.
“It’s okay. Did you pick up every part?” The
Brigadier said as Sean got up.
“Yes sir. Please forgive me.” Sean repeated.
“You can go. It is wrong to use your phones
while walking. Don’t let this happen again.”
The Brigadier scolded.
“Thank you sir. It won’t.” Sean said and
continued to the bathroom.
He entered a cubicle in the MENs toilet and
locked the door behind him.
He took out a tiny white wireless earplug from
his pant pocket and put it securely in his left
ear. From the pocket inside his jacket, he
brought out a small circular transmitter which
had a tiny screen. The screen fit perfectly in
the center of his palm. He pressed a button to
put it on . A red dot blinked on the screen.
“Austin can you hear me?” Sean whispered,
pressing the earplug in his ear
“Yes I can sir.” Austin replied through the
Austin had a similar transmitter designed as a
wristwatch. He looked at it as Sean spoke.
“Target is activated. I need my eyes.” Sean
“Your eyes are ready sir. Ready whenever you
are.” Austin replied.
“What is the target status?” Sean asked
“Target still in the hall. About 20 meters to
your 8’oclock.” Austin replied, watching his
“Right where I left him. Don’t go blind on me.”
Sean warned.
“I will not sir.” Austin replied.
Sean opened the cover of the water closet and
dropped his transmitter. It sank to the bottom
of the water closet.
He flushed and walked out of the toilet.
Someone was going to die tonight.
Eva watched as Sean walked across the room.
She saw him slip something up the Brigadier’s
sleeves just before he bumped him
deliberately. He was very good and executed
the move perfectly. But she had trained eyes.
She had spent 13 months watching and
learning different methods of bugging targets.
He was definitely a professional. She watched
him go into the bathroom. The Brigadier and
his pals continued their discussion oblivious
of what just happened.
Just then she received a text message. It was
from Shina.
“Is the rooster happy?”
She did not know if to inform him that there
was someone else involved in the whole
operation. Her instruction was to watch the
Brigadier and report any form of suspicion in
his behavior. She decided to take up her new
acquaintance on her own terrain.
She sent Shina a reply.
“Weather is as clear as the summer time.”
She got up and went towards the bathroom
determined to get to the bottom of whatever
Sean was planning.
Code Red. Track down Sniper 038 now!” –
Sniper Commander
“Water. Wa..tttt..ee..rrrrrrrr” – Sean.
“He want’s water. Shark, Let’s give him some
water. Did you kill the Governor?” – The Boss
“Who? What Governor? Is he dead?” – Sean.
“I am going to ask you one more time Sean.
Who sent you to kill the Governor?” – The
“I do not know what you are talking about.” –
“Take him to the electric room. Let’s end his
miserable life there. What a waste!” – The
“Are you sure about this?” – Brenda
“Yes baby. I am sure. Now go.” – Sean.
“We have been waiting for you to make this
move for days. What took you so long?” –
“What the hell is going on?” – Sean
“You just passed your test Sean. We are on
the same side. Let’s get out of here.” –
“Corporation just sent you an email. You are
to be present in a dinner party organized and
hosted by TDA Oil and Gas to celebrate their
5th year anniversary. Target is Rtd Brigadier
Kehinde Braihmoh Ibikunle. Military
commander, Business Mogul and
Entrepreneur. He owns chains of businesses
and sits on the board of the Nigerian Stock
Exchange. He is the Chief Host and is to be
watched throughout the duration of the
dinner. He must be taken out before he gets to
his home. Modus Operandi is Stealth.” –
“Accept the mission” – Sean.
“Pause that. Right there. Rewind slowly.
Slowly. Wait” – Colonel
“Do you know this girl, Uncle?” – Ahmed
“She looks very familiar. Take off her hair and
run a match with all available hair styles on
the database” – Colonel
“She doesn’t look familiar to me. Do you know
her Uncle?” – Ahmed
“I know this girl. This is Eva.” – Colonel
“Who is Eva?” – Ahmed
“My daughter.” – Colonel
“Good Evening my lady. You look very
familiar. I think I have met you somewhere
before. My name is Frank. My friends call me
Frankie.” – Sean.
“I am Rebecca. You can call me Becky.” – Eva
“Target is activated. I need my eyes. What is
the target status?” – Sean.
“Target still in the hall. About 20 meters to
your 8’oclock.” – Austin
“Right where I left him. Don’t go blind on me.”
– Sean.
“I will not sir.” – Austin
“Is the rooster happy?” – Shina
“Weather is as clear as the summer time.” –
“I have a plan uncle. I know how much you
love Eva and don’t want her dead. There has
to be a motive behind the murders. The more I
think about it uncle, the more convinced I am.
She definitely is not working alone. Uncle, let’s
get to her before someone else does. We can
help her. I can’t do this alone. I need you
Uncle. Are you with me? – Ahmed
“I am determined as an agent of the law to do
everything in my power against crime and
negative forces within and without. Eva may
be my daughter. She is also an enemy of the
state and has to be stopped. We leave for
Lagos at dusk.” – Colonel

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Episode 32

Ahmed could not believe what he had just
heard. It seemed like he was in a dream. He
pinched himself to ascertain if truly he had
heard right. His uncle’s crest fallen face said
it all. But how was this possible? He had lived
with The Colonel since he was four years old.
He thought he knew everything. This did not
feel right.
“But how can this be? I have a sister? Please
explain to me Uncle.” Ahmed pleaded.
The Colonel sighed. He let out a gust of air
through his mouth, heaving heavily.
“Son, there is something I ought to have told
you. My plan was to wait till you finished
Military school and then I would tell you
everything. Unfortunately, I went undercover
and did not get to see you again. I had Eva
when I was twenty five. Her mother, my fiancée
got pregnant and desperately wanted to keep
the baby. I had already enrolled in the
battalion that was to fight in the 2015 West
African War and would not be there to support
her. I begged for Mary to reconsider. She said
she would have the baby and wait till I came
back. I was just a recruit but was placed in
the 16B Squadron, responsible for back up
attacks on the enemy. After the war ended in
2017, I came home with only one thing in my
mind; reuniting with Mary and the baby. It
was an effort in futility. I searched for months,
looking everywhere, calling friends, asking
families. I searched for her on the internet to
no avail. After three years of search, I
concluded that they were either dead or
missing. However, I met Mary five years ago
when I was still undercover. She was working
as a chef for the head of a rival gang. We
reconnected. As desperately as I wanted it, I
could not risk getting too close to her. I sent
her money regularly and got her a new
accommodation. I visited her only twice. I did
not want her in danger. In one of those visits, I
saw pictures of Eva. I desperately wanted to
talk to her but she was in school outside the
country. I haven’t spoken to Mary in two
years.” The Colonel finished.
“Wow. This is huge.” Ahmed replied getting
He went to the wall where he had his
newspaper clippings. He studied the different
headlines. Taking a red marker, he drew
circles on different perfectly carried out
As he did, he turned to his Uncle who was
looking very downcast.
“Uncle, I am beginning to feel that Eva carried
out these murders.” Ahmed finished.
“Why do you say so?” The Colonel asked
walking up to Ahmed
“I just have a strong urge that she is. These
men all had one thing in common. They had
no history of heart disease, addiction to any
foreign substances. I checked the records of
the Ambassador to the USA. He changed his
flight plans at the last minute. He was
supposed to travel a day later. And guess who
his personal adviser was? A certain beautiful
lady who was redeployed two days after his
death.” Ahmed finished.
“This still is not conclusive son.” The Colonel
“I have a plan uncle. I know how much you
love Eva and don’t want her dead. There has
to be a motive behind the murders. The more I
think about it uncle, the more convinced I am.
She definitely is not working alone. Uncle, I
need your help now more than ever before.
Let’s get to her before someone else does. We
can help her. I can’t do this alone. I need you
Uncle. Are you with me?” Ahmed said, facing
the Colonel and shaking his shoulders.
The Colonel looked up at Ahmed with a
changed countenance. His sadness was gone.
His unhappiness disappeared. This was the
Colonel Ahmed knew.
“I am determined as an agent of the law to do
everything in my power against crime and
negative forces within and without. Eva may
be my daughter. She is also an enemy of the
state and has to be stopped. We leave for
Lagos at dusk.” The Colonel finished with a
tone of finality and walked to the bedroom.
For the first time in three decades, The
Colonel hurled himself face down on his bed
and cried like a baby.
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Episode 33

Eva walked slowly towards the bathroom. She
walked past the Brigadier who was now with
only one man. As she turned right to enter the
bathroom, she bumped into Sean.
“Sorry” They both said at the same time.
Eva chuckled while Sean just smiled. She
looked so beautiful. Sean made a mental note
to ask her on a date.
“I’m sorry princess. I have to leave now. I’m in
a bit of a hurry” Sean said, side stepping her
and making to leave.
As he walked past, Eva caught him by the
hand and pulled him backwards towards her.
She shoved him towards the wall, pinning him
by the shoulders. She was strong. Sean did
not fight back. He was initially shocked at the
brute strength this seemingly gentle and frail
lady had. He smiled as she pinned him to the
wall, getting his tux a little rumpled.
“I saw what you did with the Brigadier a few
minutes ago. Who do you work for?” she
whispered into his ears.
“You are strong sweetheart, but not strong
enough. Watch your step my lady.” Sean
Eva looked confused. She wondered what he
meant by asking her to watch her step. She
had him where she wanted him, yet he was
acting very calm. She wondered what he was
up to.
In a matter of seconds, Sean clasped his
hands and put them in between Eva’s spread
arms which she used to pin him. He opened
his clasped hands with such force, hitting
Eva’s hands off his shoulders. Before she
could react, he bent low and with his right leg
hit her heels in a swift back slide motion. She
fell to the ground on her back on the clean,
tiled floor.
She had a surprised look on a face.
With a mock grin, Sean said
“I told you to watch your step my lady. I’ll see
you soon.” He finished and made to leave.
However, Eva was not done. Placing her
hands on the floor behind her head, she forced
her weight onto her hands and got back on
her feet acrobatically in a quick flip forward
motion. She made to grab Sean by the back of
his collar. He saw her just in time and moved
quickly to the left. Eva’s hand caught the air.
He faced her, his face now looking very
serious. He was beginning to get irritated at
this girl. He had a job to do. He did not want
to hurt her. But she was leaving him with no
choice at all. She wasn’t happy at how he had
just made her look like a rookie. She was not
going to let him leave. She needed him to at
least explain to her.
She moved two steps closer. She launched a
punch with her right arm to his belly. He
gently palmed the punch away. At the same
time she threw him an upper cut with her left.
He saw it quickly enough and blocked it with
his huge right palm, trapping the punch in his
palm. She struggled to get her hand out of his
but he held tight with a smile.
She tried to hit his face with her free left palm
but he blocked that too, trapping the hand
under his armpit. She winced and moved two
steps forward, launching a head butt. Sean
did not see that coming and the impact made
him stagger backwards, freeing her hands and
holding his head. He felt a little bump on his
forehead. He was now really angry.
She came closer and launched a high kick with
her right leg at his chest. He moved away just
in time, her wedged shoe denting the padded
wall. She went after him in the small corridor
to the bathroom, throwing punches and kicks.
He defended himself superbly, blocking her
every punch and predicting her every move. All
he wanted was to wear her down and possibly
get her to tire out. From the look of things,
she was not ready to give up.
Just them he heard Austin say,
“Target heading to execution area. Advance
now sir. Do you copy?”
With huffs and puffs in replies to Eva’s
punches and kicks, Sean asked,
“How much time have I got Robin? I’m held
up by a little lady here in the loo.”
“If you leave now, you have five minutes sir.”
Austin replied.
“Thank you Robin.” Sean finished.
He now spoke to Eva,
“I am really enjoying this my lady, but I am
afraid I have to leave now.”
As Eva attacked again with a high kick, Sean
was already anticipating it. He had been
studying the patterns of her punches and
kicks, observing that she launched a right kick
after four successive punches. So as she
kicked high, he went low, splitting on his legs.
He caught her flailing leg, and hit a punch
under her thigh. She yelped. He quickly went
to her as she limped, took her hands and
turned them behind her back. She let out a
soft cry.
He whispered to her ears,
“Sorry my lady, but I really have to go. Sleep
He found the artery on her neck and squeezed
it gently. She passed out.
He dragged her gently into one of the male
cubicles, closed the toilet seat and had her sit
on the floor. He put her arm on the toilet seat,
acting as a pillow for her head on the closed
toilet seat. He closed the cubicle and went to
the mirror.
He adjusted his clothes as he looked at the
mirror. His forehead had a small bump.
“How much more time do I have Austin?” He
spoke softly, putting his hand in his ear.
“Three minutes sir. Target is mobile in the
execution area.” Austin replied.
“Copy that. I’m en route.” Sean finished.
He closed the bathroom door and headed for
the VVIP suite.
Tawo was obsessed with finding the Colonel.
He saw himself as the smartest man in this
part of the world. He did not think that
anyone could beat his level of intelligence.
However, the Colonel was proving him wrong.
He was the only person in his entire career
that Tawo had a hard time tracking and
finding. He hated to admit it. But deep down
he knew the Colonel was good. Very good.
And that fueled his desire to get him at all
Three years and counting, Tawo never lost his
desire to bring down The Colonel. His father,
the General had warned him to stay off the
Colonel’s track. He despised his father. Hated
his guts. He never listened to his father. He
was always delinquent. He kept tabs on Eva
even though the mission was entire Sophia’s.
He did not care. His ultimate aim was to find
the Colonel. And he was not going to rest
until he did.
Tawo was streaming the online security
footage of Eva’s last mission when he got
blocked out suddenly. He had been overridden
by another access from an unknown node. He
tried to trace the access codes from the new
intruder but he got blocked by the firewalls of
the new hacker.
Tawo loved a challenge. He smiled. It would
take the smartest intruder approximately three
minutes to get access into the security
footage. However, he had recently developed a
new algorithm to hack into any security
surveillance in 90 seconds. He had enough
time to trace the intruder.
He got up and duplicated the screen from his
notebook to the large screen on the wall. The
screen was black with a single cursor blinking.
He touched a button at the edge of the screen
and a keypad appeared on the screen. He
began to type code after code, writing his
newly developed algorithm and inserting the
coordinates of the intruding transmission.
Sixty three seconds later he got a hit. The
screen displayed the coordinates of the
intruder’s location and the ip address after
bouncing off different routers and virtual LANs
Luckily, Tawo found another surveillance
camera in the building where the transmission
was coming from. He still had 40 seconds.
That was enough time for him to do what he
had to do. He redirected the camera to face
the gate’s exit. Then he waited patiently.
Two hours later, he saw Ahmed and the
Colonel leave the compound. His joy knew no
Sean walked towards the VVIP slowly,
surveying the door’s entrance. There was only
one escort at the door. The door to the VVIP
was hidden inside a short corridor, with
another door opposite it. It was the janitor’s
room and was meant to be Sean’s escape
route. He walked into the small corridor and
went right, making for the Janitor’s room. He
looked drunk.
“Hey. You are not allowed in here. Please go
back into the hall” The escort said in his very
thick Igbo accent.
“I need to use the toilet.” Sean spoke in a very
slurred voice.
Sean tried to force the janitor’s door open. He
spoke incoherently as he turned the door
knob, acting drunk. The Escort left the door he
was guarding, and came towards Sean. Sean
waited for the escort to get within reach. As
the escort grabbed Sean’s left arm, Sean
turned very quickly and landed a very heavy
and precise punch on the escort’s throat. The
escort tried to swallow saliva. Before he could
regain himself, Sean was behind him. He
snapped the escort’s neck. He fell in a heap.
Sean entered the VVIP suite, closing the door
behind him gently. He heard moans of
pleasure from the master bedroom and
intervals of soft grunts. He checked the two
remaining rooms. There was no one else
asides the Brigadier and the woman giving
him so much pleasure. He went back outside,
dragged the escort into the room and shut the
door again quietly. He got out his
handkerchief and took the escort’s pistol from
his jacket making sure that his hands did not
touch the gun.
He picked a throw pillow and went to the
bedroom door. He listened and waited.
“Ahhh…yeeaahhh..i’m coooommiiiing” the girl
“Me too. Hmmmphhh. Argghhh..grrrrr” The
brigadier replied
That was the cue that Sean was waiting for.
Sean entered the bedroom noiselessly and
stood behind the brigadier who was moving
his hips in very quick motion in and out of the
lady who was on all fours on the bed.
He put the throw pillow at the back of the
Brigadier’s head and pulled the trigger. There
was no sound. Blood splattered on the girls
back as pieces of cotton scattered all over the
room. He pushed the Brigadier’s lifeless body
away from the girl’s body as she turned,
curling up on the bed with her hands
embracing her knees.
She saw the emotionless, cold blooded killer
look in his eyes. He did not look like someone
who would show mercy. The Brigadier’s blood
tricked down her shoulder and chest. She
pleaded with Sean to spare her life.
Just then he remembered Sophia’s first
“Be Ruthless. Be very very ruthless. Be as
gentle as a dove and as dangerous as a
The lifeless body of Thomas flashed before his
eyes. He remembered dismembering his limbs
and head.
There could be no witnesses. No compassion.
She was collateral damage. She had to be
taken out.
“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. Just close your
eyes.” Sean said.
For some strange reason she obeyed.
That was her last moment on the face of the

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Episode 34

Eva squinted as her eyes opened to the nearly
blinding light from the fluorescent above her
which illuminated every part of the room. Her
head ached. She managed to sit up. She tried
to remember where she was and how she got
to this room. She looked around the large
bedroom. Every single item had an accent of
pink. The sheets, the walls, the furniture and
the blinds. She remembered the room. It was
Sophia’s. How did she get to the mansion?
She had not been here in two years. She
recollected the only time she had been in the
room. She had explored her deepest fantasies
and satisfied her lust with Sophia. It seemed
like only yesterday. She got up slowly, putting
her feet in the ready sleek slip on that was
waiting on the floor.
She opened the door that led into the living
room and walked in. What she saw almost
made her jump out of her skin.
Sitting in the living room on the single couch
was Sophia. She turned to look at Eva as the
door opened. But Sophia was not alone.
Sitting on the long three-seater couch
opposite Sophia was Bruno, Shina and
The last person she saw was the source of her
discomfort. Seated adjacent Ambrose on a
small reclining chair was Sean.
“Frank? You!” She shouted, pointing at Sean
and walking towards him.
Sean got up, buttoning the only button on his
“Nice to meet you again, Eva.” Sean replied, a
grin on his face.
Eva stopped dead in her tracks.
“How? Who? What?” She began to say
obviously confused.
She looked around the room for some sort of
“Sit down Eva. It’s time for you to officially
meet Sean, your anchor.” Sophia said
motioning for her to take the empty seat to
her left.
Eva just looked dazed and confused. She tried
to piece the pieces together but her brain was
just refusing to cooperate. Shina got up,
holding Eva by the waist and supporting her
frame on his body, led her to an empty settee.
“Relax dear. You will get the whole picture
soon” Shina said patting her back and
touching the hair on her face.
Shina had been her mentor for three years and
had developed a soft spot for her over the
years. Watching her metamorphose from a
good homely girl to the ultimate weapon had
made him fall in love with her. He hid his
feelings from her, always acting like the big
Sophia cleared her throat.
“We have gotten to the final stage of this
operation. This final mission is the most
difficult and tasking this Corporation has ever
dared to embark on. However, as long as we
stick together and act as a body, a family, a
unit which is close knit and compact, we will
achieve a code green. You my friends, will
never need to do anything anymore. And with
the General at the helm of affairs, nothing can
go wrong. For the first time ever, the Deadly
Quartet will be involved in the same mission
including Bruno, Eva and Sean.” Sophia said
and paused.
She looked at the faces of the agents in the
room. They all looked indifferent. She knew
they wanted details. She smiled.
“I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. But I
can tell you this much: Eva and Sean are the
pole archers. An encrypted email will be sent
to your individual accounts at 14:00hrs. It
would self-delete fifteen minutes after delivery.
In your own interests, be with your various
devices. We reconvene tomorrow at mission
time.” Sophia finished.
Sean was the first to get up.
“I guess my business here is done then. I am
leaving.” He said, moving to where Sophia sat.
He got behind Sophia, bent low and kissed
both cheeks gently. He picked the half-filled
glass of vodka on the drinking table besides
her, finishing the contents in one gulp.
“I’ll see you soon S.” Sean said walking away
towards the door.
He shut the door behind him without looking
Tawo got down from the commercial plane
looking very angry. He hated flying, especially
within the Nigerian Airspace. He had had two
near death experiences flying locally. He
avoided it if he could. He had not travelled by
air in seven years. If it were possible, he would
send Ope to do his bidding. But this was a
case he had to tackle head on. There was no
time for delay. Speed was of the essence. So,
twenty minutes after he had deciphered the
location of the intruding transmission, he was
on the next available flight to Akure.
He got a taxi from the airport heading
straight to Hawk Eye’s residence. He paid the
cab driver when they arrived and knocked on
the gate.
“Who be that wey wan break my gate? U no
get respect?” The Gateman screamed, opening
a small rectangular space on the gate wide
enough for only his face.
“Please I have a delivery for your Oga. Can I
drop it here?” Tawo asked, shoving a paper
bag in the man’s face
“Wetin dey inside the envelope?” The gateman
“Would you like me to drop it? Or you want
me to go with it? I don’t have time for your
nonsense this man.” Tawo said, sounding
The gateman scrutinized Tawo again,
assessing him carefully. Satisfied, he opened
the gate to allow Tawo walk in.
That was his mistake.
As Tawo entered the compound, the gate man
turned his back at him to lock the gate. Tawo
brought out a handkerchief he had prepared
specially for this purpose from the pocket
inside his jacket. He moved quickly, covering
the man’s nose with the treated handkerchief.
The struggle was very minimal. The gateman
passed out. He dragged him into the small
room beside the gate Tawo knew served as his
He shut the door and went inside the house.
The Colonel sat in a chair in the living room of
the hotel, his right leg crossed over his left
knee, arms folded across his chest and a grim
look on his face. He checked his wristwatch
for the umpteenth time. It was now 6:45pm.
He had been waiting for Ahmed for fifteen
minutes now. He hated working behind time.
Now he was beginning to boil. He just could
not afford to leave his nephew behind.
Otherwise, he would have checked out long
before then.
Ahmed walked slowly to the sitting room,
holding his stomach. He sat heavily in the
long couch and sighed. He breathed like a
woman in labor.
“Uncle, I think you have to go without me. My
stomach really hurts. And very little poo
comes out when I go to the toilet. I think I
have diarrhea.”
The Colonel looked at Ahmed with scorn.
“Can you make it at least outside Akure? We
can lodge at Ore, then continue the trip to
Lagos tomorrow.” The Colonel said.
“I can try. Let’s go” Ahmed replied.
As he picked his bag and got to the door
behind the Colonel, he immediately dropped
them and ran to the toilet. The Colonel could
hear his grunts from where he stood.
After a few minutes, he walked to the toilet
holding his nose.
“I warned you not to eat that whatever you
saw on the menu, Bujunoir means boiled
octopus. Now, you are shitting your intestines
out. How do you feel?” The Colonel inquired.
“Not good Uncle, Not…
hhmpphh….not..good… at… all ooooo” Ahmed
“Alright then, we leave in the morning.” The
Colonel replied.
He dropped the bags in the living room and
went into the bed room to rest his head.
Tawo opened the door and walked into the
house. As he moved into the waiting area, he
brought out a silenced .45 semi-automatic
from a holster strapped to his back. He saw
movement in the brightly lit study ahead of
him. Hawk Eyes was deeply engrossed in
whatever he was reading, his back to Tawo.
Gun in one hand and the parcel in another,
Tawo sneaked into the study tapping Hawk
Eyes on the shoulder.
Upon seeing the gun, Hawk Eye shrieked in
fear. He made to move to the table to his right
but Tawo pointed the gun at his head.
“Tsk tsk tsk tsk. I would not do that if I were
you. I have limited time on my hands. I am
going to ask you this question only once. The
life of your wife on holiday in PortHarrcourt
and that of your three children in Ghana
depend on what comes out of your mouth.
What is the location of Colonel Giwa Haruna?”
Tawo said.
Upon disclosure of the location of his family,
Hawk Eyes spilled everything he knew,
including the hotel where the Colonel now
“Thank you Abel. You are Hawk Eyes but you
never saw this coming did you?” Tawo asked.
Before Hawk Eyes could plead for dear life,
Tawo pulled the trigger. Two bullets lodged
themselves precisely in the eyes of Abel. He
fell backwards, scattering chairs as he
screamed. Tawo waited till he lost
As Tawo left the compound he hoped that the
gateman would come to quickly enough to
save his master’s life. If not for anything, for
Hawk Eyes’ own good.
Tawo got to the hotel the Colonel lodged in
dressed in a flowing white Agbada. He smelled
good and looked important. He went straight
to the reception. There was a pretty petite lady
on duty.
“Good Evening Dear. Did anyone lodge here
recently? Two men? They are my brothers and
I want to pay them a surprise visit.” He spoke
“What are their names please?” The
receptionist asked.
“We are the Harunas. But I am sure they did
not use Haruna to register.” Tawo replied.
“Are they expecting you sir?” The girl asked.
“No, I said it’s a surprise my dear.” Tawo
“Sorry sir, the hotel policy does not allow us
reveal the identity of our guests unless they
request it. I am sorry sir, but I cannot help
you.” She replied.
“But are they here?” Tawo asked.
“Maybe, maybe not.” The girl replied.
Tawo smiled.
He reached into his agbada and pulled out a
bundle of 5000 naira notes. He threw it to her
and she quickly grabbed it put inside her bra.
“I have two men here that came in two days
ago. They are the only ones that have been
here a while. All our other guests are married
couples. They are in room 013 but are
checking out tomorrow morning. Would you
like me to take you there?” The girl asked.
“You have done enough my dear. Thank you.”
Tawo said and left the hotel.
He went to the car he hired for the night and
took off his agbada. He repositioned the car
to face the hotel exit and waited.
Finally, the time had come.

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Episode 35

At the instructed time, Shina was in his home
waiting for his email. He played Solitaire on
his computer while he waited. He was yawning
when he heard the email alert sound.
He quickly opened the email, eager to see its
“Agent Shina. You are required to pick up Eva
at noon tomorrow and drop her off at a
location she would disclose to you. Thereafter,
she will give you the destination you should
head to next. That would be all. Thank you.”
Below the email content were two buttons.
He clicked on the ACCEPT button. Seconds
after, the email vanished from his inbox. He
did not panic. He was already used to it. He
put on his jacket and went outside. He needed
a drink.
Ambrose was pounding away on his new chick,
her legs on his shoulders. They had taken a
lot of alcohol and were now supercharged and
over excited. The bed croaked under their
weight as they unleashed pent up desires in
pure unadulterated lust. The girl was moaning
softly, urging him to go deeper and faster. He
felt himself reaching the peak. An alarm rang
somewhere in the sitting area of the house. He
looked up at the wall clock while he satisfied
himself. The alarm was to let him know that
the email had arrived. He poured his essence
into the girl and withdrew, from her.
He walked nak3d into his sitting room and
picked his tablet. He had an email. He opened
“Agent Ambrose. You are to infiltrate the
presidential security detail. Your ultimate
target is to stall any move by the presidency
on his travel plans to the United Arab
Emirates. We will send you the full plans
Ambrose clicked on the ACCEPT button and
went back to the bedroom to continue his
Bruno was making orders online from the
newest online mega store. He had bought a
new 5D Tv, a 38mega pixel camera and was
ordering for a pair of gold cufflinks when he
got the email.
He opened it.
“Agent Bruno. You have been assigned as the
Personal Assistant and guard of Agent Bravo.
You are to do whatever he tells you. He will
contact you.”
Tawo opened the car and got out. He sat on
the bonnet, smoking a white London. Smoking
cigarettes had a way of clearing his mind and
making him think deeply. He had discarded
the flowing Agbada he wore a few hours
earlier, now wearing a short sleeved shirt and
jean trousers on top of a pair of white
sneakers. He looked very simple and
inconspicuous. He felt uneasy.
He had received an email from Corporation
earlier asking him to be at the Mansion at
noon the next day. He was not bothered about
what the corporation had to say. He was on
his own mission and settling this vendetta
with the colonel superseded anything the
Corporation wanted him for. He was so close
to having the colonel now, he could not go
For the first time since he graduated from the
Spy Academy, Tawo was nervous. He was so
close to having the Colonel in his grasp. The
Colonel had killed Francis and Marshal, very
fine agents whom he had personally recruited.
Although the death of the men did not directly
affect him, that was enough reason for him to
want a pound of flesh. The Colonel was a
threat to his intelligence and to the
Corporation. His father had promised to deal
with the situation. Three years and counting,
nothing was yet to be done.
“What has he done? What?” Tawo said to
himself, blowing smoke from his nostrils. He
“If I had not tracked the Colonel now and even
taken drastic steps, I would not have gotten
this far. For three years, he has done nothing.
Nothing is going stop me. Nothing!” Tawo
He threw the butt of the finished cigarette on
the asphalt, stepping on it.
It was dark now. He opened the back seat of
the car, got in and closed the door. He put on
the Air Conditioner and closed his eyes as the
cold air cooled his skin.
He put his arms behind his head and relaxed.
Nothing was going to go wrong.
He had barely closed his eyes for twenty
minutes when he heard a gentle tap on the
window glass. He ignored the intrusion into
his quiet time. Whoever it was would leave
when he was tired. The knocking on the glass
continued. This was beginning to get
He opened his eyes. There was a man
standing outside the car, smiling. It was pitch
black and Tawo could not see the man’s face.
He had a feeling this was a familiar person.
He pushed a button by the door handle and
the window wound down slowly. As the glass
went in, he could not believe his eyes.
“Hello son. Warm night don’t you say?” the
man greeted.
It was his father, The General.
Eva was listening to music on her iphone X
when she got her own email. She clicked on it.
“Agent Eva. Agent Shina would pick you up at
noon tomorrow. You are expected to be at
Hotel Paradise at 15:00 hours. A suite on the
west wing has been prepared for you. You are
to lodge in the hotel and await further
Eva accepted the mission. She walked to the
bathroom and posed in front of the huge
mirror on the wall. She needed a makeover.
Going back into the sitting room, she called
her stylist.
“Afternoon jare. I need a new hairdo. Can you
be here in two hours? Thank you.” She said
and hung up.
She plugged the earphones back into her ears
and resumed listening to the music on her
Sean was reading the latest edition of Style
magazine. He had a bad taste when it came
to mixing colors. If not for Austin, he would
look terrible each time he was at a ball, a
dinner or any event. Now, Austin had been
redeployed and until he got another
handyman, he was on his own. He had a date
in the evening with Brenda, the pretty nurse he
met when recovering. He had not seen or
spoken to her in months. She had been in an
operation in the Northern part of the country
and just arrived in Lagos. They had quickly
arranged to meet at the movies. He frowned
as he could not make up his mind as to what
he would wear. He was still flipping the pages
of the magazine when his Ipad beep and
“Email from Corporation.”
“Message content please.” Sean said.
The Ipad recognized his voice command and
read out the message.
“Agent Bravo. Agent Shina has been
compromised. Take him out. Leave no trace.
He would be at Hotel Paradise. Arrive at noon
and wait for him. Leave no trace. When
mission is accomplished, return to the Hotel
and ask for a room key in the name of
Alexander Bashorun. It is a suite in the west
wing of the hotel. Further instructions will be
given to you later. Good luck.”
Sean was not the least surprised. His time
with the Ghosts had prepared him for
anything. He only wondered what Shina had
done to deserve death. It was not in his place
to ask questions.
He picked his ipad and accepted the mission.
Shina was a member of the Deadly Quartet.
Taking him out was not going to be an easy
job. But Sean relished the challenge. This was
the ultimate test of his capabilities.
He dropped the Ipad and climbed the stairs to
the roof of his one story duplex.
He lay on his stomach watching the flowing
water in the lagoon below him. He needed a
plan. A very good plan.
Tawo was shocked to the bones. How in the
world did the General get here? The General
interrupted his thoughts.
“Tawo, come. We have a little catching up to
do.” The General said, pointing to his car.
There was a black shiny BMW XIV jeep behind
him and two armed fierce looking thugs on
guard. Tawo did not argue. He came down
from his rented car, shut the door and walked
past the General heading for the car.
“Tawo, you will not be coming back here. Is
there nothing you want to take from that
thing?” The General said, pointing to the
rented car.
Tawo stopped walking and turned.
“Nothing General.” He replied angrily.
“Perhaps the white agbada you wore earlier?
What about the parcel you have with you? Are
you forgetting the treated handkerchief and
the syringe in the car?” The General called
after him.
Tawo was pissed. He was angry that his father
knew everything. He had not spoken to
anyone. He had done everything himself. The
General was denting his ego and he knew it.
There was nothing he could do now. He just
had to obey. Sometimes, you could not afford
to disobey the General, even if you are his
Tawo picked every exhibit from his car, put
them in a small knapsack and sat with his
father at the back of the car. The driver
started the ignition but did not move the car.
The Air Conditioning blew mildly.
“Tawo, you are my son. However, you are also
a Super-Agent accountable to me, The
General. I will forgive this indiscretion of yours
one final time. I have been tracking the
Colonel. I know everything he has been up to. I
monitor all my Super-Agents, you inclusive. I
do not want you to do something silly like you
have already done today. Are you listening to
me?” The General barked.
“Yes sir.” Tawo replied meekly.
“Good. I intend to go into that hotel. I do not
trust you enough to go back to base and be a
good boy. And I don’t want you guarded. You
will come with me. I want no incidence. I want
no trigger happy actions from you. Understand
me?” The General warned.
“Yes sir.” Tawo replied, with his head bent. He
could not afford to look at his father in the
“If you disobey me, I will kill you myself.
Follow me” The General said.
They got out of the car.
The General nodded at one of his thugs. He
understood the sign and immediately entered
the jeep with his partner and drove off.
Tawo and his father entered the hotel. There
was a middle aged man at the reception,
behind a long desk. Immediately he saw the
General he got up and saluted.
“Welcome sir!” he said.
“Easy Lukman. Are they still there?” The
General asked.
“Yes sir.” Lukman replied.
“Good. Thank you.” The General replied.
He went into the elevator with Tawo closely
“What just happened there?” Tawo asked as
the elevator passed the second floor.
“I am the General.” His father replied.

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Episode 36

The Colonel was asleep when he heard the
sound of the doorbell. He woke up startled.
Who was at his door at this time of the night?
He let the ringing continue for a while. When it
did not stop, he grudgingly got up and went
to the door.
“Who is it?” The Colonel asked pressing a
button which enabled the microphone.
“Maintenance.” A voice replied from the other
The Colonel peered through the tiny glass
visualizer on the door. He saw a man holding
a tool box and looking round the corridor. He
was wearing a dark blue janitor’s apparel
which had the hotel logo on the bosom
pocket. He also wore a blue cap which
covered part of his face.
“Sorry, I did not call for any maintenance.
Wrong room.” The Colonel said and left the
As the Colonel was going back to sit, Ahmed
came out of the bedroom.
“Hi Uncle. Who was that?” he asked.
“One maintenance guy, He probably got the
wrong room. How do you feel now?” The
Colonel asked.
“I feel better than I was before. I am ready to
go in the morning.” Ahmed replied.
Just then the doorbell rang again.
“Ahmed, please see what that guy wants. I am
so angry right now; I fear I may blow his head
off.” The Colonel said closing his eyes.
Ahmed approached the door and looked into
the glass hole. He saw no one. He shrugged.
He left the door and was half way across the
room, when he heard the doorbell again. He
was furious. He stormed to the door and keyed
in the 4-digit pin to open the door.
All the while the Colonel was in deep thought.
Why was the so called maintenance person
not at the door? Why did the reception not
call to inform him before hand? Why was he
being persistent after he had clearly been told
to go away? As he pondered this things,
Ahmed was already at the door inserting the
pin code to open the door.
“Noooo!!! Don’t!!! Stop boy!!!” The Colonel
screamed at Ahmed, getting up from the
It was too late.
In his enraged state, Ahmed flung the door
open and made to scream at the intruder from
maintenance when a heavy punch hit him by
the side of his face. Before he could
understand what was happening, a kick hit
him on his chest, sending him sprawling on
the floor back inside the house. The Colonel
took just one quick look at Ahmed who was
clutching his ribs. Ahmed grimaced, turning in
The Colonel’s sharp eyes darted immediately
back to the door. He almost knew who it was.
He became alert. Very alert. He did not rush
to the door like Ahmed did. He waited for
almost a minute to see what it was that
knocked Ahmed off his feet.
The General walked majestically into the room
through the open door with a grim look on his
face. He walked past the Colonel, sitting on
the chair that he occupied a few minutes ago.
Tawo came in after the General. However, he
did not follow his father to the chair. He
slammed the door shut and folded his arms
across his chest, relaxing his heavy frame on
the metal door.
The Colonel did not take his eyes of Tawo. His
subconscious sensed the General behind him,
watching him, trying to predict his move.
Ahmed who was groaning on the floor earlier
sat on the ground, surprised at the effrontery
of the intrusion of these two men. Ahmed
looked at his Uncle and what he saw scared
him. There was a particular look he saw on
the Colonel’s face. He knew that look. It was
a look of rage and blood. His Uncle was now
angry beyond reason yet calculating and
careful. Ahmed shifted away from his Uncle,
resting his back on the wall leading to the
bedroom. He did not want to be caught in the
cross fire. The Colonel’s eyes did not move.
He continued to glare at Tawo.
Tawo had killed his only son albeit indirectly.
Tawo and the Colonel’s son Abbey attended
the same Spy Academy. Tawo was two years
ahead and had achieved the status of
Chameleon Prime. He was now responsible for
recruiting younger members of the academy
and training them into Chameleon Spies. The
Chameleon Spies were members of the Spy
Academy who had performed excellently over
their first three years. The Colonel’s son had a
fantastic record. He was always topping every
category. By his third year in the Spy
Academy, he had rubbished every record that
Tawo had set. Twice Abbey was heavily
recommended to partner Tawo in his missions.
Tawo had declined. He had not met the boy
but he already hated him.
So when Tawo met Abbey for the first time
during the Chameleon Recruits Orientation, he
made up his to do everything in his power to
wreck Abbey’s career.
He engaged Abbey in all kinds of mini-
missions too high for his level of clearance,
but Abbey scaled them all excellently. All the
while The Colonel continued to encourage his
son, telling him that Tawo meant him more of
good than harm.
However, Tawo had had enough. Abbey’s
success appalled him. He was no longer
comfortable because he saw Abbey as a threat
to his supremacy. In the second year of
Abbey’s training, Tawo sent Abbey on a
deadly infiltration mission, deliberately
including fake extraction details. Abbey
finished the subtle infiltration superbly and
was ready for evacuation. The radio link he
was given to call came back as static. No
response on the other end. Abbey had no
choice but to find his own escape route. He
had not been trained to that degree. He fell
into enemy hands and was killed.
During the debriefing, it was discovered that
Tawo had provided incorrect extraction
details. The penalty was dismissal and death
if found guilty by the Spy Court. The General
had intervened and shielded his son from
justice. He made Tawo disappear and swept
the case under the rug.
The Colonel however was undaunted. He dug
relentlessly into the family of the General in
his attempt to unravel the location of Tawo.
He was not ready to let his son’s death go by
without justice being served. The General
found out the Colonel was digging too deep
into his privacy and had the West African
Intelligence force send him undercover to
infiltrate and bring down the Marine Cartel.
The General hoped he would not come out
All these thoughts flashed through the
Colonel’s mind in seconds. He squeezed his
fingers into a fist. He had been looking for
this opportunity for a long time. Tawo had to
pay for taking the life of his son. He had to
“Giwa, I know what you feel. I know how you
feel. No one has to die tonight.” The General
said in his cold, baritone voice.
The Colonel did not look back.
“Marcus, I am not sure you know how I feel.
My son was murdered. Yours is still alive. You
know what I think? I think you would
understand how I feel when your son is dead.”
The Colonel replied.
His eyes were still on Tawo. His eyeballs were
fiery red. Tawo felt uneasy. His fingers
caressed the .43 automatic that was inside
the janitor overall he wore. He felt the need to
use it but his father’s warning replayed in his
The Colonel saw the tiny movement of Tawo’s
fingers inside the overall. His instincts took
over. He ran towards Tawo in a zigzag
motion. The Colonel’s action took him by
surprise. As Tawo saw the Colonel
approaching him, he quickly brought out the
pistol, aiming at the Colonel. He was not
quick enough as the Colonel was in front of
him in a flash. He landed a huge right to
Tawo’s cheek while simultaneously giving a
powerful left punch to his lower bicep. The
pistol went off Tawo’s hand falling on the
With his rage and anger, the Colonel rained
punch after punch at every part of Tawo’s
body. Tawo tried to ward off some of the
Colonel’s punches but the Colonel was too
fast for him. Tawo held up his arms to block
the Colonel’s punches. The Colonel threw a
strong swinging right punch to the side of
Tawo’s face. Tawo fell on the ground
Just then, the General got up. He took out a
gun from his hips and aimed at the Colonel.
The Colonel turned, facing the General. He was
panting strongly, his countenance still filled
with rage and anger.
“I did not intend for this to end this way.
Obviously you are not ready to be sensible.
Bye Giwa.” The General said, turning off the
safety of the gun.
A gunshot was fired.
The General fell on the couch holding his
The Colonel turned.
Ahmed was holding the gun that fell from
Tawo’s hand. Ahmed looked scared. The
Colonel went to his nephew, helping him up
from the ground.
Instinctively, the Colonel had this strong
feeling to look back. As he did, he saw Tawo
pulling out a gun from his hips. The Colonel
immediately grabbed the gun from Ahmed and
pushed him away from the line of fire. Ahmed
stumbled to the side of the room, almost
hitting his head on the wall.
The Colonel bent on one knee and fired two
shots at Tawo. The bullets hit him on the
chest. Tawo fell, surrounded in the pool of his
own blood.
“Let’s get out of here” The Colonel said,
helping Ahmed up.
They took their belongings and hurriedly left
the hotel room.
Thirty minutes later, the General stirred. He
came to slowly, touching his chest. There was
a little blood stain on his shirt. He took off
his shirt and took off the bullet proof vest he
wore. He threw it aside and assessed his
chest. The bullet had pierced the vest but did
not really get into his body. It grazed his skin
and had caused him to bleed. He got up
slowly, looking around the room.
Just then, he saw his son lifeless in a pool of
his own blood.

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episode 37

Shina got out of his beautiful silver colored
convertible Hyundai Envy. He was parked
outside a small bungalow in the exquisite
Northern Foreshore Estate. Leaning against
the driver’s door, he pressed the horn twice.
He was waiting for Eva. He checked his wrist
watch impatiently. It was three minutes past
Eva opened the glass window of her sitting
room and called out to Shina,
“Just a minute please.” She said waving at
She blew a kiss at him as she closed the
window. Shina shrugged.
Eight minutes later, Eva came out of her house
carrying just a sling bag across her chest. Her
beautifully conditioned hair tumbled in waves
at her shoulders as she walked towards him.
She wore a pink silk semi-transparent blouse
which had white polka dots. A short black
mini skirt and white flat ballerina shoes
completed her outfit. Her black lacy half bra
was slightly visible under her blouse, her huge
br3asts struggling against the tight fabric.
Shina felt his heart skip a few beats. He really
was crazy about this girl. He fought the urge
to walk up to her and sweep her off her feet.
He was afraid. Afraid of how she would react.
Afraid of what she might say. Afraid of losing
her forever. Like they say, half a loaf is better
than none at all. He was content with just
being in her life in the current capacity that he
was, rather than lose her forever because of
his feelings.
“What took you so long? We are far behind
time. See the time na.” Shina said as Eva
opened the passenger door and got in.
“Ahn Ahn na. Shebi it was just five minutes
now. You know I have to look good. You never
can tell if it’s another job I have to do, you
know.” She said putting her arms around
Shina as he started the ignition.
He glanced at her and she winked. He had
butterflies in his tummy. He could not help
feeling all mushy mushy around Eva.
“It was not five minutes my dear. It was
eight.” Shina countered and eased the car
slowly into the road.
“Ehn five minutes oh, eight minutes oh, it is
still the same. Could you please close the
roof? I’m a bit cold.” Eva said.
“Why won’t you feel cold? When you are
dressed so provocatively” Shina said pressing
a button.
The roof unfolded from the back of the car and
stretched itself over their heads.
“Happy?” Shina asked nudging Eva gently.
“Yes daddy.”
“Seat belt please.” He said to Eva.
She obliged, strapping herself on the leather
They drove in silence for a while till they got
to an intersection on the road. The traffic light
turned yellow, and then red as Shina slowly
brought the car to a stop. The road before
them spread out into two different paths.
“Destination please?” Shina asked.
“Hotel Paradise.” Eva replied.
Shina knew the place. It would take them
about three hours to get there. He shifted the
car into gear and turned left as the traffic
light went green.
“As your Royal Highness commands” Shina
said with a gentle bow.
They sped away on the freeway.
Sean drove into a petrol station at Ore.
“How much sir?” The attendant asked.
“Six thousand five hundred.” Sean replied,
turning his window down halfway.
The attendant finished selling the required
amount of fuel and hanged the nozzle back in
its cradle. Sean handed the attendant seven
thousand naira, telling him to keep the 500
change as tip. He made to drive off, then
suddenly remembered something.
“Excuse me. Yes you.” Sean called at the man
who just sold him fuel
“Yes sir?” The attendant answered eager to
“How do I get to Hotel Paradise? I seem to
have lost my way” Sean asked.
“Oga mi, you never lost your way o. You never
lost your way at all at all. In fact na the
correct way na him you face so. If to say you
don go chook your head for road like say you
wan enter Akure, na that time your way go
lost o. He go lost finish. You no go even fit
find the way again. To come outside ehn, e go
hard you like person wey wan swallow big
stone o. And when person lost way for this
kain area, e dey hard to see road come out o.
E go just dey do like canoe wey no see road
comot for water. Oga mi, I remember the day
when I lost my way, I just dey…” The attendant
rambled on.
Sean did not have time for his spectacle. He
had a job to get to.
“Excuse me, I am really in a hurry. Do you
know how I can get there or not?” Sean asked
“Oga mi no vex I just wan explain as the thing
be for you. Na inside Ore GRA the hotel dey.
Just dey go straight. You go see one big
signboard wey them say slow down. Make
sure say you slow down o. Because I
remember my sister husband. Na speed kill
am for that same place. He see say them say
make e slow down e no gree. Na so him motor
enter gallop. The car tumble tumble tumble
tumble so tey…” He was saying, demonstrating
the tumbling motion with his hands.
”Can you just tell me how the heck I can get
to the place?” Sean said infuriated.
“Oga mi, you sabi vex o. Na wetin I do now
wey you don dey vex for me? Anyway, Na the
next turning after the signboard be the street
of the hotel. U no fit miss am at all. When you
enter the turning, na the last building for the
road. The hotel big well well.” The attendant
Sean mumbled an inaudible appreciatrion,
wound uo his window and sped off the petrol
“Oga no speed for there o!” The attendant
called after Sean.
Sean did not hear him.
Sean was directed to the parking lot as he
drove into the huge five-star hotel. He found a
free space in the already filled parking lot and
parked his ash colored Infinity Audacity jeep.
He checked his gold Hublock wristwatch. It
was exactly 11:56am. He was required to be
at the hotel by noon. He was four minutes
early. He decided to wait in his car till noon
to see if Shina would be on time. At exactly
noon Sean received another message:
“Target is en route. ETA is 3 hours. Stay
The message deleted itself as usual after Sean
finished reading it.
There was nothing to do for three hours. He
decided to explore the hotel; possibly he may
extinguish the target in the premises.
He went to the reception. A man wearing
horn-rimmed glasses looked up at him.
“Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?” He
said with a welcoming smile on his face.
“Yes please. Is there any reservation for
Alexander Bashorun? It should have been
made by now.” Sean said with an air of
“Just a moment please.” The receptionist
He checked the computer in front of him,
searching for a reservation in the name that
was provided. He found none. He checked
again just to be sure.
“I am sorry sir, no reservation has been made
in that name. I wish there was a way I could
help.” The receptionist said.
“It is okay. I will talk to my agency. Thank
you.” Sean said and left.
He had wanted to play a smart one. The
instruction was to go into the hotel after he
had smoked Shina. He wanted to know what
was in the west wing of the hotel. He left the
reception and went to the Cinema section of
the hotel.
At two-thirty, Sean was in his car watching for
Shina. At exactly 2:53pm, Shina drove past
him to a parking space six cars away from
him. He watched as Shina walked with Eva
into the reception of the hotel. Sean quickly
got out from his car and walked towards the
convertible. He was turning his car keys in his
forefinger as he approached Shina’s car. When
he got to Shina’s car, he spun his car keys so
fast such that they fell beside the
convertible’s rear left tyre.
As he bent to pick the keys, he planted a tiny
tracking device under the car. He got up and
quickly retraced his steps. He got into his car
and waited patiently.
Shina came out the hotel twenty minutes
later. Alone. He got into his car and drove out
of the hotel. Sean started the car and the
tracker came on. A tiny red dot blinked on a
navigation screen on his dashboard.
He traced Shina carefully for hours. Shina
stopped by a petrol station to buy fuel. Sean
zoomed past and parked 100meters ahead of
the petrol station. He waited till Shina zoomed
past then got into his car and followed the
tracking beacon in his car.
Shina was overwhelmed by what he felt for
Eva. He needed to clear his head and only a
drink could do that. After driving for two
hours, he parked his car at a bar at Ogudu
and went in. He watched the champions
league final between his favorite team
InterMilan and Arsenal. It helped him take his
mind of Eva.
Three hours later, He was on his fourth bottle
on beer when Sean walked in with two pretty
girls in tow.
“Rambo my man!!! What are you doing here?”
Sean said, hugging Shina.
“It’s a dull Saturday. I just wanted to have a
few drinks.” Shina said waving at the bottles
on his table.
“Well, I am here and no more dulling!!!” Sean
He introduced the two girls and had one keep
Shina company.
They talked, chatted and had a lot of fun.
Sean continually slipped poison pills in
Shina’s drinks while the girl danced with him,
making sure he was engaged and arous3d.
At 9pm, Shina got into his car and headed
home. He had not moved for more than
twenty minutes when he began to vomit, He
parked his car and began to throw up, spilling
a lot of blood through his mouth from his
intestines. He opened the door to get fresh
air. He fell on the floor and into the gutter.
Blood came out from his eyes, ears and
Three minutes later, his heart stopped. Shina
was dead.

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Episode 38

Eva was bored. She had been in the hotel for
six hours now, yet there was no word from
Corporation. She knew she would be
contacted. One of Eva’s strengths was her
patience. She was never in a hurry. She had
kept herself company with a bottle of red wine
from the well-stocked fridge. She opened her
email for the umpteenth time to check her
messages. Still nothing. It was a few minutes
past 9pm. She couldn’t take another second
of the boring hotel. She went on the internet
and searched out the nearest club. The wine
was beginning to have effect on her and she
needed to unwind. There was a strip club
about 30 minutes south of the hotel. It was
the perfect way to unwind and let loose.
Wearing a provocatively short mini skirt and a
chiffon see through blouse, she stepped out of
the hotel. Eva routed all her emails to her
mobile phone just in case Corporation decided
to send her a message. She had not had fun
in quite a while. She had every intention to let
loose and go wild.
Sean passed by the Redeemed Camp at
exactly six minutes past ten. He put off his air
conditioning and wound down the windows.
He needed the gentle wind that blew him as
he sped through the Lagos-Ibadan
expressway. About an hour earlier Sean had
driven by Shina’s convertible. A small crowd
had gathered around the car. He knew what
had happened but he had to be sure. Parking
his car away from the growing crowd, he had
walked over to the scene. He managed to
make his way through the barrage of bodies
and got to the front. Shina’s lifeless body lay
face up in a shallow gutter, both hands on his
stomach. Sean looked round at the faces of
the different people that gathered. Gloom,
sadness and fright could be seen on every one
of them.
As he walked back to his car, he heard tiny
whispers of how it was possible that the man
in the gutter was a ritual killer and had met
his waterloo. Still others whispered in low
tones that he must have done something
terribly evil to have met that kind of fate. If
only they knew.
As Sean got into his car and sped away, he
had a slight feeling of guilt and remorse.
Shina did not do anything against him to
deserve to die. He had pondered for hours,
how he would take Shina out. He had settled
for the poisoning, feeling that poisoning him
would give him a quick, painless and private
death. It was not his intention for Shina to be
humiliated this way. Shina was a very good
man. A man of honor. Class. Taste. Finesse.
Sean was even in awe of him sometimes.
There were times that he wondered how a man
could be so meticulous. Shina was good at
noticing every single detail. Pity he did not
see his death coming. Orders were just what
they were; orders.
As Sean connected Ikorodu road to the Lagos
Ibadan Expressway, he called Sophia.
“Voice recognition. Make me one blabber
blubber bulging bunch of balderdash.” Sean
spoke to his high device phone now connected
to the sound system of his car.
“Voice recognition initiated. Welcome Agent
Bravo.” A mechanical feminine voice replied
from the speakers of his car.
“Thank you Iris. Call S.” Sean said, not taking
his eyes off the road.
He wound up the windows and put on the air
“Calling S… Do you want to block all incoming
transmissions?” The Voice replied.
“Yes Iris. This is a Code Call.” Sean replied.
“Call Connected. Call Secure.” The voice
The next voice that came on was Sophia’s.
“Hey baby. You miss me?” Sophia said
“I wish I did. Sadly, I do not.” Sean replied
and continued
“Target is deactivated. What next?” Sean
“Good. Can you come over? I really miss you
inside me.” Sophia said sounding er0tic.
“I am currently en route Hotel Paradise as the
instructed in the Mission Command. I guess
I’m next on the hit list, aren’t i?” Sean said
with deep seriousness in his voice.
“Sean, I recruited you myself. No one touches
you. Besides, if you are going to die I will have
to do it myself. And I don’t see that
happening anyway. You, my love are in the
master plan of the Corporation.” Sophia
assured him.
“Why did Shina have to die?” Sean asked.
He had been dying to ask that question ever
since he read the Mission command. However,
bringing up such questions at the time would
mean he was questioning authority. It had
happened before. Mission commands were
switched and the initial target had
automatically become the executioner. He
knew better. Now that he had achieved ninety
percent of his mission objective and was now
heading to the hotel, he felt it was safe
enough to ask.
Besides, he and Sophia had developed a bond.
“Shina was compromised. He made contact
with the other side. Four years ago we noticed
his unusual distaste for Execution Missions.
He rejected three execution missions,
preferring Extraction Missions. He was the
best Extractor the Corporation ever had and
one of our best agents, so we really did not
think anything of it. However, when he rejected
the last mission to take out the Governor, the
General had me look into him. So I planted
Eva in his care. I knew he had a soft spot for
her right from the first day he extracted her.
He dotted on her and took her in his wings.
So when I made him take up Eva as his
protégé, he was more than happy to. What he
did not know was that Eva had her
instructions too. She was to spy on him and
make him fall madly in love with her. However,
she had to be subtle about it and make sure
he was scared enough to tell her his true
feelings. She passed in flying colors and
delivered Shina to our hands. Are you still
there Bravo?” Sophia said.
“Go on S.” Sean said.
He slowed down to 80km/hr. and kept to the
right lane of the road.
“The Governor Mission was a very important
one and we needed it to be very clean. Only a
Super-Agent could perfectly execute it. Shina’s
refusal to take it up only shined more doubt
on his loyalty. The rest of the Super Agents
were busy with other assignments, so no one
else was available”
“Then you guys decided to hang the mission
on my neck. What if I had flopped? What if I
could not pull it off? The Super-Agents have
56 years’ experience combined. I had a
meager two. You surely were betting on the
wrong horse, weren’t you?” Sean interrupted.
“We took a huge risk. We had no choice. But
deep inside, we had this confidence you could
pull it off. You are the fastest risen agent ever
in the Corporation’s hundred year history.
That was the little hope we held on to.”
Sophia replied.
“So after I had taken out the target, who the
hell came up with the idea of torturing me?”
Sean asked
“Actually, that was my idea. I needed you to
be strong. Besides, I can’t have a weakling as
my right hand man. I fell for you the first day I
saw you, when I picked you up on that lonely
path. Ever since then, all I wanted you to be is
what you are now. Besides, is this not
supposed to be about Shina?” Sophia asked.
Sean was passing through Ogere now. The
once very busy road had now become
isolated. During the day, scores of young lads
would flock around the window, advertising
different kinds of edibles. There was usually
light traffic and cars moved at an agonizingly
slow pace, coupled with the policemen who
were conducting searches and checking
Now, Sean just cruised through. No hindrance.
“What did he do exactly?” Sean asked.
“Shina became born again. He wanted out. He
did not want a part of crime anymore. How
that happened, I cannot tell. Eva intercepted
one of his phone calls. He was watching
football with friends and had left his phone in
her room after one of his visits. A certain
number had been calling him continuously.
She picked his call, acting like she was his
wife. It was the Superintendent of Police and
he wanted them to meet at the usual place.
Eva began to keep track on him and
eventually had him bugged. We have six tapes
of different meetings. He wanted to confess
everything in exchange for protection and
100million USD. He even squealed out that
something big was going to go down. He did
not know what it was yet and was waiting for
the information before he finally spilled his
guts. That is why you had to take him out.”
Sophia explained.
“Serves him right anyway. I have to go now.
I’m already behind schedule. See you soon
sweetheart.” Sean said.
“I’ll be waiting dear. Be safe.” Sophia said.
Sean waited a few seconds then said more
“Thank you Iris. Terminate Call.”
“Call terminated Agent Bravo. Anything else I
can do?” The computer asked
Sean thought for a while.
“Iris, how long is it from my current location
to Hotel Paradise at current speed and
altitude?” Sean asked
“Processing Data… please wait.” Iris replied.
After thirty seconds, Iris replied
“Approximately forty five minutes, Agent
Bravo.” Iris said.
“Thank you Iris. That would be all” Sean said.
“Have a safe trip sir.” Iris replied.
Sean shifted gear and increased his speed to
120km/hr. He wound down the window again
and put off the air conditioning.
He just wanted to get everything over with.
The General stood at the back of his house,
rain pouring on him. He wore a long black
mafia suit and gazed on the ground before
him. His hands were behind him as he stood
motionless, his dark shades protecting his
eyes from the drops of water that fell from the
heavens. He did not shed a tear as he stood
alone as he had done for three days now. He
bent on one knee and dropped a single
hibiscus flower on the tombstone.
On the tombstone the epitaph read:
“Here Lies The Remains of Tawo Marcus
Kushim. Brother, Friend, Son.”
The General got up and took off his glasses.
Not a single tear dropped from his eyes. His
eyes were red. Fiery Red.
He walked to the head of the tombstone and
kissed it gently. He smiled.
“You had it coming, didn’t you T?” He said to
“But guess what? Our code still remains. An
eye for an eye. An arm for an arm. A tear for a
The General walked away from the tombstone
and moved towards the huge brick house.
As he opened the door, he turned and took
one last look at where his son lay buried.
“A life for a life.” He said.
He entered the house, shutting the door
behind him.
Ambrose got to the Capital where he was
ushered into a dimly lit office. He waited for a
while before he was joined by a grim looking
man with three tribal marks on each cheek. He
got up to greet the man but the man waved
him off, asking him to sit. He presented his
special letter to the Head of the Presidential
“I see that you come highly trained and
recommended. Your statistics are really
impressive. Why do you think we should bring
you in?” The HOPS asked.
“It has always been my dream to serve my
country in a special capacity. I only want to
help my country in the way my talents can be
fully utilized. What better opportunity than to
be in the Special Presidential Protection
Squad? None sir.” Ambrose replied.
“Have you been interviewed?” The HOPS asked
“Yes I have sir. I have been interviewed in
archery, sniper shots, hand to hand combat,
gun slinging and infiltration.” Ambrose replied
“How long did that take?” the HOPS asked
“Four hours sir.” Ambrose replied.
“Are you sure you went through all the
prerequisite interview drills?” the HOPS asked
“I did everything that was presented to me
sir.” Ambrose replied.
Just then his computer beeped informing him
he had an email.
“Your interview results just came in. You were
in the 99th percentile in all drills. Really
Impressive. How soon can you resume?” The
HOPS asked.
“In a week’s time sir. I would want to clear
with my family back in Lagos sir.” Ambrose
“Alright then. When you are in the Capitol, call
me directly. Congratulations Peter.” The HOPS
said and gave his mobile number.
“Thank you very much sir.” Ambrose replied.
They shook ends and Ambrose left the office.
As he prepared to board a plane to Lagos, he
sent an email to Sophia.
“I’m done.”
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episode 39

Sean got to the hotel at midnight. He met a
different person at the reception this time
around. In his most exquisite manner he
“Good Morning. Is there a reservation in the
name of Alexander Bashorun please?”
“Just a minute sir.”
She checked her computer, looking up at Sean
a few times. Sean kept smiling pleasantly.
“Sir, there is a reservation in the name of
Alexander Bashorun. It is on the west wing of
the hotel sir. The password for entry into the
room is your year of birth sir. The password
allows only two attempts sir.” The receptionist
“Okay. How do I get there? You know this
hotel is massive.” Sean said getting his wallet
from the hip pocket of the jeans he was
She printed out a hotel guide and gave it to
He got to the west wing of the hotel and
located the suite that was prepared for him.
He typed his year of birth if the keypad that
was beside the door. The door clicked open
and he walked in. He had been through a long
day. He fell on the couch and slept off.
Eva had a wonderful time at the club she went
to. She danced, and flirted with a few girls.
She met new guys and was amazed at the
beauty of the strippers. She was conscious of
time and did not want to be too familiar with
any of the people in the club. So at about two
thirty, she left. There was a certain handsome
hunk that would not let her leave without
some form of contact detail. She liked him. He
was bold, straight to the point and wanted
just s3x. She wanted it too but she knew that
once he had tasted her, he would not be able
to let go. She knew how crazy she was in bed,
most especially when she had not gotten laid
in a while. She got his number and promised
to call him. She intended to, maybe after
everything was all over.
She got to the hotel, and went straight to her
suite. Immediately the door opened, she knew
something was not right. Eva was very careful
with her belongings and knew exactly how she
left the room. But now the room was in
disarray. The throw pillows were scattered on
the floor. The magazines on the coffee table
where not stacked. And there was a glass of
wine on the table. Who was in her room? As
she shut the door gently behind her, she heard
the sound of the shower in the bathroom.
“So the intruder is still here?” She thought to
She went to the couch and lifted it up gently.
She took out a .23 caliber automatic pistol
beneath the couch, laying the couch down
noiselessly. With gun in hand beside her face,
she tiptoed to the bathroom, listening carefully
for any change in sounds. The shower was still
running and the smoke from the hot bath
clouded the bathroom.
She got to the entrance of the en suite bath
and yanked open the door in one swift move,
pointing her gun threateningly.
The bathroom was empty.
Before she could turn and decipher what was
happening, the gun was slapped from her
hand, pushing it near the sink. A strong hand
grabbed her neck from behind, while another
held her firmly on the stomach. He pushed her
to the bathroom wall and pinned her steady,
the side of her face grazing the tiled wall.
“Shhhhhhhh….It is me. Don’t do anything rash
Eva.” Sean said quietly and smoothly into her
His grip on her was so strong. She tried to
fight herself off his grip but he was just too
strong and she was hurting herself in the
process. She could see his bulging biceps
from the corner of her eyes.
“Who the hell is this guy?” she wondered
“There is no use fighting my lady. I would not
want a repeat of our last meeting dear. I am
going to let you go now. Be a good girl.” Sean
He felt her tense and stiffened body loosen up.
He released her gradually and took three
steps, backing up away from her
He did not see the slap coming till it was too
late. Her right palm landed on his left cheek.
He grimaced as the pain seared through his
body. He felt a little blood on the tip of his
“That was for leaving me in a Male Toilet for
hours. Couldn’t you think of somewhere else
to put me?” She said her hands on her hips.
Eva’s anger turned him on. And when she put
her arms on her hips, her br3asts popped out
making them larger than they seem. He was
not angry. He was arous3d. She saw the look
in his eyes and the bulge in his jeans that now
appeared from nowhere.
She now realized that he was actually
shirtless, his fine body glistening in the
radiance of the fluorescent bulbs. She noticed
his abs, his muscles and his huge, broad
chest. The hair on his chest was smooth and
fine, and ran through his torso, disappearing
inside his jeans.
“You should not have done that.” Sean said
smiling and taking two steps towards Eva.
She kept quiet and kept her eyes on him. Her
mind was running wild. Her heart was beating
faster than normal. She saw the look in his
eyes. She knew that look. She prayed silently
that her legs do not give way and that he
would really take her.
As he approached her he had only one thing in
mind. It was that same thing he had in mind
since the evening he met her at the Brigadier’s
party. He held her neck with his right hand
almost choking her. She did not resist him. He
kissed her with his blood stained lips, taking
her tongue in his mouth and s—–g on them.
He took her two hands, impaling them above
her head with his, while they kissed and
s—-d each other’s lips. Their eyes were
Eva rescued her hands from his and grabbed
his head as they kissed. He lifted her with
brute strength, his hands in her armpits,
pinning her on the bathroom wall above him.
She looked down and circled his waist with
her legs as she pinned her body to his.
Without warning he tore her blouse to reveal a
pretty pink bra. She smelled sweaty and in the
Carrying her in that position, her legs circling
his waist, her arms around his neck and her
lips in his, he took her to the bedroom and did
what he been wanting to do for a long while.
Scratching, nibbling and gasping for air they
pleasured themselves with no inhibitions
The General picked his phone and dialed Ope’s
“What is the status of The Colonel?” He asked
“I have been watching him for three days as
you instructed sir. Bee Hive traced his
location to the suburbs of Festac town. They
were lodged in a hotel around Old Ojo road
and I am currently outside the place. All exits
have been covered and I am positive that he is
still within the premises.” Ope replied.
“Good. What else do you have for me?” The
General asked.
“I have placed some hookers on red alert and
have them working for us. I have concrete
information that Ahmed fancies a particular
chubby girl. She can be bought. I have three
agents inside. They have taken up positions
as bartender, housekeeper and gateman
respectively. The Colonel and Ahmed are in
room 407. Tomorrow night is going to be a
really wild one because there is going to be a
strip party in the lounge of the hotel. We know
Ahmed will be attending. That is where we are
sir.” Ope finished.
“Good. Stay alert. Nobody makes a move. If
this slips by, I will have all your heads. It is a
promise. Ease out soldier.” The General
finished and hung up.
He turned and looked at Sophia. They were in
Sophia’s room in the big Mansion.
“You are getting desperate sir.” Sophia said.
The General was on the bed, his legs crossed.
He looked at Sophia who was standing before
his, her hands behind her.
“You underestimate me girl. I don’t do
desperation. Never. I made a mistake with
Giwa once. I never make the same mistake
twice.” The General retorted.
“I am sorry sir. What is the plan?” Sophia said
“What is the status of the operation?” The
General asked
“Ambrose has effortlessly blended into the
SPPS and did great at the interview. He
resumes in a few days. Shina has been
smoked. Eva and Sean should be getting
acquainted right about now. All we need to do
is wait sir.” Sophia replied.
The General got up and paced the room.
Sophia did not move from where she was. He
came back to his former position.
“I am pained by the death of my son, really
pained. Even though he had it coming, I was
not expecting it to happen so soon. However, I
am looking at the grander picture. This final
mission is more important than revenge. I
need a cool head to prosecute this. Do you
think I do not feel the urge to tear down this
town just to prove a point? Sometimes,
revenge is best served cold. Don’t forget that,
Sophia. You have done tremendously well and
I am happy at your progress.” The General
“Thank you sir” She replied.
“How did you smoke Shina?” The General
“I didn’t. Sean did.” Sophia answered.
“Are you scared to get your hands dirty,
Lieutenant?” The General asked.
“Negative sir. I just felt that Sean needed to
prove himself and kill all emotional pull backs
he may have.” Sophia replied.
“I also know that you have been sleeping with
him. Remember, he is going to have to die.
And you are going to do it. So do not get too
attached.” The General said and moved to the
“Sophia. It’s going to be you and I left
standing when all this is over. Don’t
disappoint me.” The General said and left the
Deep inside, Sophia doubted if she was going
to make it out alive. She was worried. Very

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Episode 40

The Hotel bubbled as music blasted from
highly powered surround speakers. Half Unclad
girls paraded the dimly lit bar, looking for
clients to patronize their willing bodies. It was
the perfect way to spend a Friday night, away
from all the hiding and looking behind his
shoulders. Ahmed smiled as he blended with
the already teeming crowd in the bar. He
walked to the barman and requested for his
favorite beer. While he waited, he turned and
watched as the girls on the iron poles did
their thing, grinding their bodies against the
cold metal and pulling acrobatic stunts to the
sheer amazement of lewd customers. So this
was what his Uncle wanted him to miss? He
hissed and shook his head mockingly.
Collecting his beer after generously tipping the
bar man, he walked to an empty seat in the
far corner of the bar. It was going to be an
evening to remember
Sadly for him, it was going to be his last
evening alive.
“Target green. Visible from this point.
Awaiting orders.” The barman texted Ope, who
was now inside the hotel, begging the
receptionist for a room to spend the night.
“Copy that. Keep target in focus. Wait for my
orders.” Ope texted back.
The barman got the text and immediately
deleted it off his phone.
“Na wa for una o. Just ordinary room una no
fit give person. Shey I tell you say I no go pay
ni?” Ope queried the receptionist.
“No sir, we are fully booked. I am so sorry but
there is nothing I can do.” She replied.
“Shey I sha fit go the bar go take one or two
bottles?” Ope asked.
“Of course sir. Right that way.” The
receptionist said, pointing to the direction of
the bar.
Ope winked at her and she blushed. He made
a mental note to check on her when he was
done with the current mission.
“I am moving in sir. I would like to confirm the
code of this operation sir. Take out or delivery
sir?” Ope said, pressing his left hand into his
left ear.
“I have changed my mind. Deliver him to me
at the Mansion. It has to be a clean job. I will
do the rest.” The General replied.
“Copied.” Ope replied and took out the tiny
white transmitter in his left ear. He crushed
the device witb his boots and entered the bar.
Sophia looked at the General as a smile
beamed across his face. He had never seen
him smile since she was 15. Even when he
promoted her to a lieutenant in his
Corporation, he had a grim look on his face.
“That’s a look one doesn’t get to see every
day sir. What is the secret?” Sophia asked
dropping a glass of cold water on the table by
which he sat.
“Let’s just say, I am going to have my pound
of flesh.” The General replied.
“I thought you said you do not do
desperation. If you kill the boy, is that not
exactly what it is? A desperate act at
revenge?” Sophia questioned.
“I lied.” The General replied and continued.
“Cheers sweetheart.” He finished pushing his
cup of water at her.
She just smiled and blew him a kiss.
She was beginning to get worried about this
Eva yawned and stretched as the rays of the
early morning sun peeped through the slightly
opened curtains. She was completely nak3d as
the duvet fell off her body as she sat up. She
remembered what happened the night before.
She felt good. Just then a shirtless Sean
walked in with a tray which had a warm cup of
coffee and sandwiches.
“Rise and Shine sweetheart.” He said dropping
the tray beside her and kissing her softly on
the forehead.
“Did we?” Eva asked surprised, a look of lust
in her eyes.
“What do you think?” Sean replied and then
“Come on, gobble up. You need your strength.
I will be back. I need to use the gym.” Sean
Eva watched as Sean went of the bedroom.
She could not stop staring at his perfectly
curved body and his suave. She felt herself
tingle below and she chuckled.
“Hey bro, is this seat taken?” Ope said to
Ahmed who was on his third bottle of beer.
“No it’s not. You can have it.” Ahmed replied.
They shook hands. As they pumped and
snapped, Ope lodged a tiny tracker in Ahmed’s
hand. They talked about the country, the
improvement, and the failures. They got round
to the subject of women and how filled the bar
“So what if your wife call you now, wetin you
go do?” Ope asked Ahmed, opening his second
bottle of beer.
“I no get wife o. That is why I come here. All
these girls just dey enter my eyes and I no
know which one I go fit choose sef.” Ahmed
His eyes darted to and fro the large room,
falling on different pretty girls. He did not
have enough cash to spend.
“You like that yellow one there? Wey get big
yansh and bosoms?” Ope asked
“Ah, na dat one dey my mind since! Brother, u

get eye o.” Ahmed replied smacking his lips.
Ope signaled to the girl and she came over to
their table. She was among one of the hookers
already bought by Ope. She sat on Ahmed’s
laps and began to touch him in places that
drove him crazy. He was on his sixth bottle of
beer and was already drunk. His eyes were
blurred and his utterances were slurred. With
the girl on his left and Ope on his right, he
was guided out of the bar.
The Colonel was worried. Ahmed had not
called or texted. He was supposed to check in
every half hour. But three hours had gone by
and he hadn’t heard from him. He decided to
go see for himself. As the Colonel got off the
stairs, he looked left and saw Ahmed been
taken out of the premises. He was shocked.
His gun was not on him. He ran and
screamed. By the time he got to the gate, they
had zoomed off in a waiting car. The Colonel
was furious. He held the gateman by the collar
and threatened to kill him. He wanted to know
where they were taking his nephew to. He was
choking the gateman now, stifling him to
death. Four heavily built bouncers in black
fitting tops and tight pants suddenly appeared
from nowhere. The Colonel eyed them one
after the other. He could take all of them out
conveniently without breaking a sweat.
However, he decided the drama would not be
necessary. He apologized, left the gateman
and went back to his room. He had only one
thing on his mind. Getting Ahmed back.
He woke as a bucket of water was splashed on
his face. He tried to adapt his eyes to the
darkness of the dimly lit room. He could see
figures of two men but his vision was blurred.
Gradually he could see the two men. He
recognized one as his friend from the bar the
night before. He didn’t know who the other
man was. He tried to get up from the bed he
was in but discovered that his legs and hands
were tied to the small bed in the middle of the
room. He still had a little hangover but the
current fear he felt had sent a cold shiver
down his spine.
“What…wha.. what.. am…i..doing…here. Wh…
who…who…are…you…people?” Ahmed
stammered as the other man approached him.
“Shhhhhhh. Quiet. The General hates noise.”
The man said.
He gave Ahmed a hard slap to the right side
of his face. Ahmed yelped in pain.
“Did that hurt?” The man asked.
Ahmed kept quiet, his head turned away from
the man. He was sobbing quietly. He was
afraid. He didn’t plan to die like this.
The man bent low and turned Ahmed’s face
back towards him. He squeezed Ahmed’s
cheeks with his thumb and forefinger.
“I said, did that hurt?” He said to Ahmed
Ahmed nodded slowly.
“Good boy. Because what you just experienced
is nothing compared to what is going to
happen to you pretty soon.” He finished and
backed away from Ahmed, heading for the
door and going out.
Ope came to Ahmed and patted his hair
“I am sorry bro, but I don’t call the shots. See
you in hell.” Ope said and left him.
Ope knocked twice on another door within the
same room and stepped out, locking the door
behind him.
After what seemed like an eternity, the door
that Ope knocked opened and Ahmed almost
poo his pants.
The General strode out of the room gallantly.
He smiled as he approached Ahmed.
“How are you boy?” The General asked looking
down at the scared man tied on the bed.
“Pppp…le…aa…seeee. Ppppleeeaaasssee.”
Ahmed begged.
“I am sorry but that word does not exist in my
dictionary. I need to send your Uncle a
souvenir.” The General said and continued,
“Then I am going to take off every toe, every
finger, pluck out your eyes, your tongue and
dismember you gradually till you die. Now
which toe do I send to your Uncle?” The
General threatened, bringing out a huge sharp
“I think I will just take the two big toes. Don’t
worry boy, I am quite skilled at this.” The
General finished.
Ahmed wet his pants. The General did not let
that affect him. He cut off Ahmed’s big toes in
swift snaps of the plier. Blood poured from the
wounds. Ahmed shrieked in pain. The
General’s black shirt was stained with blood.
He kept the cut toes on the floor.
“Now, to the main course.” The General said,
snapping the plier in the air.
Ahmed’s cries and shrieks pierced the air and
went through the hallways. No one would hear
him. No
one would help him. The General left him
barely alive and exited the room with his
exhibits. He planned to send them to The
Colonel later. Ahmed was breathing very
slowly. His heart gradually gave way. He died
a slow and painful death.

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Episode 41

The Colonel paced the Hotel room, deep in
thought. He was upset, angry but not
disoriented. His original impulse was to react
immediately. Follow the trail Ahmed had laid
down and eventually catch up with the
abductors. He had seriously been
contemplating taking rash action when he got
a delivery. It was a small pocket sized
package with no posting address.
“Who sent this?” The Colonel asked the
delivery boy.
“I have no idea. My job is to deliver what I am
given. Please sign here sir.” The delivery boy
The Colonel acknowledged receipt and locked
the door as the boy left. He scrutinized the
parcel wrapped in a pretty blue foil. He was
wary. He did not know what it was. Could it
be a bomb? He held the package close to his
ears, expecting the ticking sound of a
countdown timer. He heard nothing. As he
turned the parcel around trying to ascertain
the contents, something caught his eye.
He saw a very faint black ink. It looked like
some form of hurriedly scribbled words. Or
carefully concealed information. He got his
magnifying glasses and read the scribbled
information on the bottom right of the parcel:
“ отмщению ”
“Payback” in Russian.
Only one person knew ever used that with him,
The General. Immediately, he feared the worst.
He quickly tore the parcel open. What he saw
broke his heart into a million shreds. The toes,
eyes and heart of Ahmed were neatly arranged
inside the parcel. He fell on the chair, holding
the parcel in his hands. He could not believe
his eyes. Ahmed was dead. He felt like
opening fire on the Corporation. He had had
enough. First it was his only son. And now,
the just took Ahmed. He was done running. He
was done playing nice. He was done being the
victim. He made up his mind. They had taken
too much from him. Marcus was going to pay.
As he remembered all the loss he had suffered
from the hands of the Corporation, anger got
the better of him. He dropped the parcel on
the table in front of him, got up suddenly and
screamed at the top of his lungs.
With clenched fist and his teeth gnashing, he
walked forwards and punched the concrete
walls until his fists bled and the pain became
unbearable. Tears fell freely from his eyes.
Breathing heavily, his chest heaving, he
walked dejectedly back to the couch and sat.
He held his head in his bloodied hands. He
had to do something. He knew the General
was expecting a reaction from him. The
General knew everything about him. The
General taught him many of the things he
knew. There would eventually be a face-off but
when? He continued to think, raking his brain
for any possible subtlety that Marcus would
not see coming.
He found it hard to think. Anger, pain and
sadness made it difficult for him to plan a
proper course of action. He decided to take a
nap. As he lay on the couch, his eyes fell on
Ahmed’s newspaper clippings on the wall. He
began to feel bad all over again. He turned on
the couch, facing the west wall away from the
newspaper clippings.
Suddenly, there was a glint in his eyes. He
had a brain wave. The sadness in his eyes
immediately disappeared and was replaced by
excitement and anticipation.
He got up from the chair and went to the
newspaper clippings on the wall. He had never
given much thought about Ahmed’s obsession
with finding a mystery killer. For all he cared,
The Colonel believed that the slain political
officers were greedy criminals who deserved
their fate. But now, as he studied the clippings
he came to a shocking realization. Ahmed’s
work was actually his ticket to finishing off the
Corporation. He studied the patterns Ahmed
had drawn, improved on the inferences already
suggested and connected the dots Ahmed had
failed to see. He made calls and begged old
friends for favors and access into surveillance
archives. The Colonel traced calls, decrypted
emails and intercepted a few.
With each passing hour, he got closer and
closer to finding the target. He worked like a
maniac, working the phones, asking for favors,
eliminating possibilities. He followed up on
past leads and made reasonable progress.
Ten hours later, he was done. Cans of Coca-
Cola littered the room. He now had eight
different images on the screen of the computer
that he had been working with . One of the
images in the mix shocked him. He could not
believe what he saw.
He took his phone and dialed a number.
“Frankenstein. Its Da Vinci.” The Colonel said.
“You promised never to contact me again.”
Frankenstein replied with a cold voice from
the end of the line.
“Frank, you know I would never come to you if
it was not a matter of immediate attention.
My nephew is dead.” The Colonel said.
“What can I do?” Frank asked
“Remember those blueprints of the Ghosts
organization I gave you six years ago?” The
Colonel asked
“What about it?” Frank said
“I know what a curious mind you have my
friend. I intentionally sparked your curiosity
when I handed you that chip years ago. I gave
you very skinny details just to whet your
appetite. Although you showed no signs, I was
very sure you would dig. I know you have done
extensive work on that Chip. I want to collect
Frank.” The Colonel said.
Seconds went by. Silence. No reply from the
other end. This was a battle of wits. Whoever
speaks first concedes defeat.
Thirteen seconds later, Frank spoke.
“You had me bugged?”
“No my good friend. I had my chip bugged. I
need to collect immediately. How do I get it?”
The Colonel asked impatiently.
“I am going to deliver the Chip to you tonight.
Here is your passkey. Alpha Alpha Singleton
Open Zigabyte zero”
“Thanks Frank. Now we are even.” The Colonel
“If you contact me again Da Vinci, the next
time you wake up will be in hell.” Frank replied
And the line went dead. The Colonel knew that
Frankenstein did not threaten. He promised.
He copied out the passkey that he had just
been given
He scribbled the passkey and transcribed:
A A 1 O Z 0.
The Zero meant he had to take the passkey
from the back so he re wrote the key
0 Z O 1 A A.
He folded the paper he wrote the key on,
putting it in the inner pocket of his jean. He
took one last look at his laptop and shook his
The pictures of Eva, Sean, Bruno, Sophia,
Tawo, Shina, Ambrose and the General starred
him in the face. He typed a code to initiate the
self-destruct option to permanently wipe away
all the contents of his computer. When that
was done he took down the newspaper
clippings, burning them in a small tray. He
had everything he needed. He carried his
knapsack and stepped out the hotel.
Eva and Sean sat on the Veranda of the
penthouse. They had been talking the whole
day. They spoke about their missions, their
fears, what they had been through, how they
felt about the killings. They bonded. They took
a break in the afternoon to have lunch and go
at each other again. It was more explosive
this time as they now had more intensity
between them.
Eva’s head was on Sean’s chest. Her fingers
were picking the smooth hair on his chest. He
caressed the hair on her head. None of them
spoke but the chemistry between them was
evident. Sean wondered why he was so
comfortable with her.
“when do you think all this would end?” Eva
asked out of the blues.
“When would what end?” Sean asked feigning
“Go jor. You know what I am talking about.
The Corporation. Will we work for them
forever? I don’t know about you but I think I
am tired of killing people. It used to be fun.
But now, I’m not just into it anymore.” Eva
“It is what we signed up for. We have no
choice. Are you ready to live the rest of your
life on the run? Constantly watching your
back? Afraid of even your shadow? The food
you eat? The next person beside you? Is that
what you want? Sean asked.
“I don’t know. I just…” Eva started but was
interrupted by the doorbell.
“Did you call for room service?” Eva asked as
the ringing continued.
“No I didn’t. Let me see what they want.”
Sean said, kissing Eva lightly on the forehead.
Dressed in only his boxer shorts, Sean walked
to the door and peeped in the keyhole. He saw
a man in his early forties looking away from
the door. He wondered what the man wanted.
He looked very harmless.
Sean opened the door.
“Yes, is there something I can help you with?”
Sean asked.
The Colonel launched a fierce and powerful
kick to Sean’s ribcage. Sean spiraled to the
floor, holding his stomach. He was not
expecting such.
Eva heard the crash and ran into the sitting
room. As she entered, the Colonel brought out
two .45 semi-automatic silenced pistols from
his hip and pointed them, one at Eva and one
at Sean on the floor.
“Dad?” Eva said recognizing the man whom
she had only seen in pictures.
“Hello Eva. Our family reunion is long

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Episode 42

Dad? Is this really you?” Eva asked moving
close to her father.
She did not mind the gun that was now
pointed at her temple. She had shock and
surprise written all over her face as she walked
towards her father.
“Stay where you are Eva. We don’t want to
have ourselves a blood bath.” The Colonel
replied not taking his eyes off Sean who was
still on the floor.
Without turning, the Colonel kicked the door
close with his left leg. With the sides of his
eyes he kept an eye on Sean and saw his
daughter moving closer. He gauged the
distance between Eva and him. He fired a
The bullet shattered the bottle of Vodka on the
table close to Eva. It was a precise shot.
With his eyes still on Sean, he barked:
“I said don’t fucckking move girl!”
Eva froze in her steps. If this man could take
such a shot, she did not want to experience
what it would feel like if he actually aimed at
her. She stooped. The look she saw in his eyes
was one she had never seen before. His eyes
were very red. His face was expressionless.
But somehow she was able to connect with his
countenance. And what she saw there scared
her. Her father was hurting. Her father was
desperate. Her father wanted blood.
“You, get up.” He said to Sean waving the gun
at him and directing him towards Eva.
Sean crawled up from the ground, backing
away from him. He walked backward hitting
his legs against the couch. He was now side
by side with Eva now.
“Good boy.”
“What do you want?” Sean finally asked.
He now realized that whoever this man was he
needed something. And he would not get it if
he killed any of them. Then he had heard Eva
call him dad. He would get back to that much
later but first, he needed to know why this
man had burst into their privacy and
threatened them.
The Colonel turned and had them sit on the
couch. He faced them and sat on the couch
directly opposite them, aiming the guns at
both foreheads.
“I am sure you are wondering why I am here
and what I want. I am going to make it very
simple. I want to talk. Just talk. I want to
drop my guns now. But don’t go having any
ideas.” The Colonel said.
As he finished he nodded at their chests and
they both looked at their chests at the same
time. There was a tiny red infra-red target
marker on their chests. They looked up at the
The Colonel smiled
“I brought a few friends, just in case things
got, you know, a little bit out of control. You
know how stubborn you children usually are.”
He said and continued.
“But trust me; none of you will leave this room
alive if you decide to act funny. All I ask is
that you just listen to me. Give me a few
minutes. Listen to what I have to say. And if
you don’t like it, I walk out. And I will never
bother you again. That simple.” The Colonel
He pressed the cartridge release buttons on
both guns and the cartridges containing the
bullets fell to the ground.
“You see? No guns from me. Now, hear what I
have to say.” The Colonel said.
Ambrose touched down in Abuja at exactly
12:30pm the day before he was to resume in
the SPPS. He wanted a feel of the
environment, acclimatize to the weather and
maybe find one or two hotspots to cool off
after a hectic day. He decided against a taxi
and took the bullet train instead. He got on
the train, checked with the coach and dumped
his luggage in the suspender above his seat.
He got the window seat which he always loved
because it granted him ample view of the lush
scenery wherever he went. The speakers above
his head came alive and it was announced
that the train was about to move and the
journey would take twenty minutes. He shifted
in his chair, making himself more comfortable.
There was no one beside him. He closed his
eyes, desperate for a quick nap.
After seven minutes he opened his eyes. He
could not sleep. He felt uneasy. His stomach
rumbled. He got up and made for the toilet.
Just then a man who sat three seats behind
him got up too. He was slim, six feet tall and
wore glasses. He wore a tailored three piece
suit and had a gun inside his inner bosom
pocket. He walked slowly the same way
Ambrose went, towards the toilet.
As Ambrose closed the door behind him, he
quickly put his ears by the toilet door,
listening for footsteps. One of the rules for
every spy was, “Always Study Your
Environment.” Immediately Ambrose entered
the train and sat down, he noticed the man in
the three piece suit come in after him, He
could feel the man’s gaze on him. He knew
something was not right. Another part of him
told him he might just be over reacting. He
drew the conclusion that he had to be careful.
However, now the footsteps drew closer. He
now had no doubts in his mind that this was
the same man. The footsteps were calculated,
slow and precise. They were ordered. He
moved away from the door and waited. There
were three cubicles in the male section. He
was in the last one. The footsteps stooped and
a door opened. Ambrose guessed it was the
first cubicle. He was not too sure. He hated
being unsure. So, he made a deep sound as if
he was having trouble getting his business
done. He waited. A door shut and the
footsteps came again. Slow, calculating and
precise. He approximated the distance from
the first cubicle to the next. The second
cubicle was open so if he was a man in need
of a poo, the footsteps would stop. But it
didn’t. The footsteps continued and stopped
at his door. Ambrose groaned again for effect.
He was facing the door preparing for the
worst. He looked around the toilet and the
only thing he could see was a towel. He took
it and folded it in two. The door had a tiny
knob with no key hole. Even air would have a
hard time peeping through.
The knob turned and the door opened
Ambrose kicked the door with all the strength
he could muster. The door hit the man on his
face and the gun fell off his hand. Ambrose
rushed towards him before the man could
regain his composure. He rained blows on the
man’s face and upper body.
He tied the towel around the man’s neck,
shutting the air out of him. The man gasped
for breath. Ambrose dragged him into the
toilet and put his head by the window. The
train was moving very fast. Trees and forests
were everywhere. There was a tunnel coming
up in the far distance. In a matter of seconds,
the man’s body would be headless if not
dragged back into the train.
“Who sent you?!!!” Ambrose barked, pinning
the man’s legs to the wall, his head and
shoulders outside the window. He strangled
the man tighter. The man coughed. He did not
“I said, who sent you!?” Ambrose shouted
again punching the man in the face.
The tunnel was visible now. If Ambrose did
not drag the man inside, the man would die.
He would not have any clue about who sent
him. He decided to let the man die.
“You brought this on yourself.” Ambrose said
pushing the man’s body farther out.
The man got this strength from nowhere, freed
his legs and hit Ambrose’s g—n with his knee
cap. He felt the choking hold on his neck
loosen, so he punched Ambrose on the face
and quickly pulled himself back into the toilet.
Immediately, the train entered the tunnel.
Both men panted and looked at each other
with cold stares.
The man was first to speak.
“My name is Special Agent Ken. You just
passed your interview.” The man said panting
and bringing out a badge from his pocket. He
threw it at Ambrose. Ambrose ran his hands
through the gold crest of the elephants on his
badge. It was genuine.
“What interview?” Ambrose asked.
“What you had at the Capitol was just a
courtesy visit. This WAS the interview.”
Special Agent Ken replied.
“One of us could have been killed! What sort of
crazy people am I working with?” Ambrose
said, standing up. The man got up too.
“This is my job. I have been interviewing
members for the SPPS for eight years. Let’s
just say, I like to gamble with my life.” Agent
Ken said.
Ambrose was about to retort when the
speakers above them came alive.
“We have two minutes before we reach
Gwarimpa. Please get ready.”
“Time to go.” Agent Ken said.
They cleaned up themselves and went back to
their seats.
“What have I gotten myself into?” Ambrose
As they got off the train he got a message on
his phone.
“Code Red. Abort Mission.”
It was from Sophia.

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Episode 43

The Colonel spoke in hushed tones captivating
the attention of Sean and Eva with his unique
plan. He told them about his history with the
General and brought to light secrets they never
knew. He explained how his son was killed
and how he had been on the trail of the
Ghosts Corporation. He made his speech quick
and straight to the point, with no emotions.
He spoke as a matter of fact and did not hide
his intentions. He wanted the General dead
which also meant taking down GhostCorp.
They were either with him on this or against
He explained that he had killed Tawo in self-
defense when he was ambushed in his hotel
room. In return Ahmed was killed. The Colonel
wanted retribution. And he would not stop till
he got it.
“It was so easy to get to you two. If I wanted
you dead, you would be dead. Taking you
down along with Marcus would be silly when I
know I can have you on my side. Think about
it.” The Colonel said.
He handed them a little chip attached to a
small paper. Sean looked at the note.
“This whole room is bugged. Get to a safe
place and use this chip on a brand new phone.
Make sure you are alone.”
Sean looked up at the Colonel and nodded.
“One more thing. I have relocated your
parents. I have released both your mums from
the men who were keeping them hostage.
They are currently on a plane out of the
country as we speak. You are not required to
act under duress anymore.” The Colonel
Sean could not believe his ears. He had tried
to locate his mum but all his efforts were
futile. He knew his mother was safe. He spoke
to her regularly. He knew she was in Mushin
but he did not know where exactly she was.
She was moved around a lot and she was not
allowed to disclose her location.
He had called her one night and she had
broken down in tears. She was scared. One of
the goons that the Corporation had protecting
her had just shot and killed someone in front
of her. She was scared and was begging Sean
to return home as soon as possible.
Sean reassured his mother that all that was
happening was for her own good and that he
would be home soon. Now this man had taken
his mother from under his nose and relocated
her. He was beginning to take this man
“How do I know you are not leading me on?
How can I trust you?” Sean asked.
“For one, you are still alive. Second, no matter
what you decide, I will hand your mother to
you. I just want you to read up everything you
have on that chip. Then make your decision.
We’ll go on from there.” The Colonel replied.
“How do I get in touch with you?” Sean asked.
“You don’t find me. I find you. I will establish
contact at 18:00hrs.” The Colonel replied.
He turned and looked at his daughter.
Emotions welled up in his heart. He wanted to
reach out to her. Hug her. Listen to her and
catch up on all the years they had been apart.
But he couldn’t. At least not yet. Before now
no one new that he had a daughter. The
people closest to him were all dead. Ahmed
was dead. Abbey his son was dead. His wife
died during a complication while giving birth
to his son. Involving Eva in an emotional
triangle would not be good for any of them.
“Eva, I know about all your take outs. I have
passed some fake information to the police
and it has taken them off your trail. I am
aware of every move you have made thus far.
You were pretty careless.” The Colonel said.
He brought out a tiny mini disc from his hip
pocket and handed it to her.
“Here is all you need to do to take the agency
off your trail. Marcus had been so blinded by
his desire for revenge that he forgot to cover
his loopholes. I have done that for him.
However, when you finish cleaning up the
mess, you need to get out. Lay low. By the
time I am done, you will be a free woman. And
if I am still alive, we will talk.” The Colonel
Eva made to get up, but the Colonel gave her
a very stern look. Eva remembered the infra-
red target marker and relaxed again.
“I am done here. I will contact you in nine
hours Sean. Or is it Agent Bravo? I think this
would be a good time to call your Sidekick,
Bruno. I intercepted his email too. He is
waiting for your contact. There’s a full chicken
in the oven in the kitchen. It would be
completely cooked in ten minutes. When you
hear the sound, then you can get up. Not
before.” The Colonel finished.
He picked the cartridges on the floor and
inserted them back into the guns. He put
them back in the double gun hostler he had
strapped on. As he walked towards the door,
he looked back at Eva. They were still rooted
to the spot their bums on the chair.
He shut the door after him without another
Immediately they heard the sound of the Oven
that the chicken was done, Eva and Sean got
off the chair with light speed in opposite
directions. Eva turned the table in the sitting
room and hid behind it. Sean crouched behind
the couch, using it as a shield. Both were
expecting a barrage of gun fire. They stood
still for seconds expecting the windows to
shatter any moment. Nothing happened.
After two minutes of waiting, Sean got up and
courageously walked towards the window. He
kept to the dark side of the room, avoiding
getting into the line of fire. He stood by the
side of the glass windows and bent slowly, his
eyes trying to catch a glimpse of the sniper
who was aimed at them. As a trained sniper
himself, one of the trainings he had undergone
was how to locate a sniper in the tallest of
buildings. His eyes had been carefully
adjusted and perfected to single out snipers at
whatever distance they were shooting from.
He was careful at first taking care to make
sure only his left eye was visible from the
window. He quickly pulled his head back.
Nothing happened. He repeated this again.
Still nothing happened. He got bolder, put out
his whole head and pulled back in one swift
motion. No gun shot. He relaxed by the
window and breathed hard. Eva was watching
him and was scared to death. She worried that
Sean might get himself killed trying to dare
the sniper who was somewhere outside the
hotel. She shook her head at Sean. She knew
he was about to do something crazy and she
feared the outcome. Hiding behind the table,
she shook her head vigorously at Sean,
communicating with him not to try what he
was thinking of doing. Sean winked at her and
smiled. He nodded.
Sean put out his right hand expecting it to be
shot at. Eva closed her eyes. Nothing
happened. Sean waved it a few times. Still
nothing happened. He noticed the infra-red
target marker on his palm as he waved.
“What in hell?” Sean said as he came to a
sudden realization.
He left the side of the window and stood in
the line of fire, arms akimbo. The target
marker was on his neck. He moved sideways
to his right and stretched his left arm. The
marker was on his shoulder.
“Come on out Eva. There’s no sniper out
there. It’s a decoy.” Sean said, standing again
directly in the line of fire.
Eva got up and came to where Sean was. She
stood beside him, and waved her hands
around the target marker. Nothing happened.
She turned and hugged Sean very tight. Seeing
her father had brought back memories and
emotions that she had buried for three years.
She cried on his shoulder. Sean held her tight
and didn’t say a word. He let her express
Five minutes later he whispered to her ears.
“Your father is right. He would not have come
all this way for nothing. Let’s get out of here.”
Sean said.
On the roof of an insurance building 100
meters north of Sean’s window, The Colonel
lay flat on his stomach. He knew Sean had an
eye for spotting snipers, so he had already
painted his sniper rifle blue. He painted his
face blue as he drove to the building and wore
a blue face cap.
He watched the drama in the pent house and
smiled as Sean stood in the line of fire. He
was tempted to take him out. When Eva
hugged Sean tight and cried, The Colonel’s
already weakened heart gave way. A tear fell
from his left eye, while his right was glued in
the scope attached to the rifle. He pressed a
hand to his right ear. He had dropped a bug
in the room immediately he barged in.
He heard Sean say they had to leave and how
he was right. The Colonel silently prayed that
he had done the right thing by bringing Sean
and his daughter in. He had no choice. He
needed every one he could get on his side. He
packed his weapons and left the rooftop.
Ambrose was walking towards a parked car
when he got the message from Sophia. There
was nothing he could do. He was walking with
Special Agent Ken. He had no doubt in his
mind that once he got into that waiting car he
was going to be history. He had about thirteen
more steps till the door opened. Ambrose
looked around the terminal. He picked out
about 6 cops in strategic positions. They were
watching him but were hiding it very perfectly.
He smiled as he remembered the story that
Agent Ken had cooked up. He was good.
Agent Ken was supposed to kill him but when
that did not work he had quickly concocted a
backup story and was now leading him to his
Six steps more.
Ambrose needed to take a decision. He needed
to act.
As they got to the car, Ambrose hit Ken in the
ribs with his elbow and broke into a run. Two
cops got out of the car and screamed at
“Stop!” pointing their pistols at him.
He was already twelve meters away,
zigzagging through the crowd. The cops could
not risk taking a shot as innocent civilians
might be harmed.
Half a dozen cops pursued him threatening to
shoot and shouting at civilians to give way.
The whole train terminal was in commotion as
Ambrose pushed bystanders aside and ran
through the crowded station. People dived
away from the path of the ensuing fracas as
the cops gradually closed the gap between
them and Ambrose.
Just then the train began to move. It started
to move slowly and gradually picked up.
Ambrose moved to his right and ran after the
train. The train gained momentum and was
picking up pace. Ambrose tried to get in
through the last door but it closed shut before
he could put his hand in between the doors to
close it. There was a tunnel approaching. The
cops were eight meters behind him. The crowd
was thinning. He had no choice.
He took one last bold step and plunged
forwards. His right hand caught a panel at the
back of the train while his boots grazed the
rail track. He managed to pull himself up and
hold on to the panel that saved his life. The
cops paused and shot into the darkness at the
train. Ambrose was already on the roof of the
“Set up a blockade at the Maitama
intersection. I need eyes in the sky! I want him
dead or alive! I prefer the former. Somebody,
get me that bastarrd!” Special Agent Ken
shouted to no one in particular.
The cops around him scrambled away, making
calls and walking away.
The Agent did not move. He continued to
stare surprisingly into the darkness of the
Why did Shina have to die?” – Sean
“Shina was compromised. He made contact
with the other side” – Sophia
“Serves him right anyway. I have to go now.
I’m already behind schedule.” – Sean
“Here Lies The Remains of Tawo Marcus
Kushim. Brother, Friend, Son.”
“You had it coming, didn’t you T? But guess
what? Our code still remains. A life for a life”
– The General
“Have you been interviewed?” – HOPS
“I did everything that was presented to me
sir.” – Ambrose
“When you are in the Capitol, call me directly.
Congratulations Peter.” – HOPS
“Shhhhhhhh….It is me. Don’t do anything rash
Eva.” – Sean
“That was for leaving me in a Male Toilet for
hours. Couldn’t you think of somewhere else?”
– Eva
“You are getting desperate sir.” – Sophia
“You underestimate me girl. I don’t do
desperation. Never. I made a mistake with
Giwa once. I never make the same mistake
twice. Let’s just say, I am going to have my
pound of flesh.” – The General
“I thought you said you do not do
desperation. If you kill the boy, is that not
exactly what it is? A desperate act at
revenge?” – Sophia
“I lied.” – The General
“What…wha.. what.. am…i..doing…here. Wh…
who…who…are…you…people?” – Ahmed
“Shhhhhhh. Quiet. The General hates noise.” –
“Frankenstein. It’s Da Vinci.” – The Colonel
“I am going to deliver the Chip to you tonight.
Here is your passkey.” – Frank
“Thanks Frank. Now we are even.” – The
“If you contact me again Da Vinci, the next
time you wake up will be in hell.” – Frank
“Dad? Is this really you?” – Eva
“Stay where you are Eva. We don’t want to
have ourselves a blood bath. I said don’t
fucckking move girl!” – The Colonel
“What do you want?” – Sean
“I will contact you in nine hours Sean. Or is it
Agent Bravo? I think this would be a good
time to call your Sidekick, Bruno. I intercepted
his email.” – The Colonel
“Your father is right. He would not have come
all this way for nothing. Let’s get out of here.”
– Sean
“My name is Special Agent Ken. You just
passed your interview. Time to go.” – Agent
“What have I gotten myself into?” – Ambrose
“Code Red. Abort Mission.” – Sophia
“Set up a blockade at the Maitama
intersection. I need eyes in the sky! I want him
dead or alive! I prefer the former. Somebody,
get me that bastarrd!” – Special Agent Ken
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The General paced the huge sitting area in the
mansion. He was furious. His face contorted
with rage. He looked at Sophia for the
umpteenth time.
“How the hell was he uncovered?” The General
Sophia was surprisingly calm. She sat on the
single sofa and crossed her legs, with a glass
of champagne in her left hand. She had gotten
used to the General now. He had stayed with
her for days now and the enigma which she
saw him as had gradually worn off. She had
huge respect for him. She still saw him as a
father figure. Even though she no longer
cowered or trembled at his every bark.
She sipped the alcohol slowly and dropped the
glass back on the table beside her.
“It was The Colonel.” Sophia replied after a
few minutes looking straight into the
General’s eyes.
“Giwa Haruna?” The General asked surprised
and continued
“I thought Ambrose’s cover was 100 per cent
fail safe. I need a d–n explanation!” The
General screamed hitting the glass center
table with his right fist.
The table broke in pieces with some pieces of
glass lodging in between the General’s
knuckles. He showed no sign of hurt or pain.
He stood straight and carefully picked out the
tiny shreds of glass that his knuckles had
“Tell me how it happened” He said, taking out
the last two visible shreds of glass.
Sophia was unmoved by his sudden burst of
anger. She knew he was losing it. She had
only seen him this uncontrollable once, when
he was denied autonomy over the South West
Region of the African Conglomerate of
Undercover Operations. Sophia was able to
calm him and help him re-strategize. He later
went on to win the appeal and was the head
of the Conglomerate till date. That was seven
years ago.
She was not ready for all that at the moment.
She had her own demons to take care of,
which included finding Eva and Sean.
“The Colonel left clues. He wanted us to know
he did it. He was able to crack the server
codes and bypass the rigid firewalls. He had
help from a certain Frankenstein. Bee Hive is
finding a hard time tracking Frank. The
Colonel has not made any demands yet but I
am sure he will soon.” Sophia said.
“I should have killed him when I had the
chance!” The General retorted.
“It is not your style. You bit the tiger’s tail
when you smoked Ahmed. You know how
much he cared for the detective. I wonder how
you got desperate and lost control of the calm
and demeanor that made you the most feared
person in all quarters.” Sophia replied.
She had long dropped addressing him as sir.
They had returned to the way they were years
ago when she lived under his roof. He
preferred it that way.
“I needed to stamp my authority! Killing
Ahmed was the only way to send that
message S. Don’t you see?” The General
replied, sitting on a chair opposite his ward.
Sophia felt sorry for him. His hand was
bleeding slowly.
“You need to take care of that.” Sophia said.
“I’ll be fine. What else do I need to know?” The
General asked
“Bee Hive deployed a smoke screen and they
now have the coordinates of The Colonel’s
location. We are looking at a very wide area
and it will take about fifteen agents to flush
him out. It’s too risky and a long shot. I
would not advice it. Besides, something tells
me he would be expecting a barrage of
agents. He has most probably set up bosom
traps and little diversions.” Sophia advised.
“What’s our best course of action?” The
General asked. He took out a handkerchief
from his shirt pocket and bandaged his
bloody knuckles.
“Wait him out. If we rush, we would be playing
directly into his hands. He is on his turf. We
need to draw him into our terrain. We need to
look unconcerned. Act nonchalant. But we
would be vigilant. He is currently out for
blood. He wants to avenge Ahmed as soon as
he can. And he knows he has an advantage.
When he sees that we are not acting, he may
feel that we did not get his message. He
would want to strike again. This time, a little
deeper and harder. And he can’t do that in
hiding or on his turf. He has to come out. And
then, we’ll have him.” Sophia said.
The General pretended to think for a while.
Sophia’s intelligence had always astounded
him. He had initially been thinking about
storming the coordinates Bee Hive had given
and take out The Colonel with brute force. He
had done that before. Three years back, he
had stormed the Gulf Coast south of the
Bakassi when he got intel that Drago was
hiding there. Drago had cloned Bee Hive and
was negotiating with the British to sell the
information. The General had been searching
for Drago for months and when he had finally
gotten his location, he stormed the hideout
and took down Drago, assault style.
He was thinking of taking similar action
against The Colonel but he had doubts. The
Colonel was very smart. He had taught The
Colonel many of the things he now knew and
could use them against him. The Colonel
could predict his moves. He had to do
something he would not normally do under the
circumstances. Sophia had given him the
perfect alternative.
“Where are we with Bee Hive?” The General
“All data files have been rewritten and coded
with Radeon encryption. All agents’ history
have been wiped and replaced with forged
identities. All missions have been changed.
Our database is safe. If The Colonel were to
present his hacked evidence anywhere, he
would be running a wild goose chase.” Sophia
“Hmmmm…” The General snorted.
There was a moment of silence between the
two veterans.
After a few minutes, the door to sitting room
opened. Austin came in, supporting Ambrose
on his shoulder. Ambrose was holding his
stomach. His once white starched shirt was
now stained blood red. Sophia got up
instinctively and helped put Ambrose on the
long couch. The General just sat on his chair
looking. He showed no sign of emotion, care
or feeling. He just stared coldly at the events
unfolding in front of him.
“How is he doing?” Sophia asked Bruno,
putting two fingers on his neck to feel his
pulse. She got a weak pulse.
“He’s lost a lot of blood. I tracked his distress
call to a toilet in a mall in the outskirts of
Lokoja. I could not take him to a hospital. It’s
a miracle he is still alive.” Austin replied.
Just then Ambrose groaned. He opened his
mouth but no words came out. The General
got up and walked to where Ambrose lay.
“Lieutenant, how are you feeling? What really
happened?” The General asked.
“He needs to rest sir. I think he’ll come
around. Can I have some time alone with him
sir?” Sophia said, looking at the General and
then Austin. The General folded his arms while
his right arm came up to his jaw. He
scratched his hairless jaw for a few seconds
as if in deep thought. He needed to know what
exactly happened. He needed to be there when
Ambrose came to. However he needed him
alive. He put his hands in his pant pockets.
He felt the tiny but powerful voice transmitter
in the depths of his right pocket.
“Okay. I will be in the Visitor’s lounge. I
demand that he be made available to me
immediately he comes to. And that is an
order.” The General said, walking towards the
“Roger that sir.” Sophia replied.
Austin also got up from the arm of the four-
seat long cushion settee. He looked at
Ambrose, shook his head and went after The
General who was already ahead of him
heading towards the door. The General
brought his right hand from his pocket to
open the door. As he turned the knob, he
released the tiny bean sized bug that was in
his hand, blocking the bug’s landing with his
legs so no one would see. It landed softly on
the Persian rug that filled the wide room.
The General opened the door and stepped out,
turning right towards the visitor’s lounge.
Austin wasn’t any wiser. He had no idea what
had just happened he went out after the
General and turned left heading to the guest
As Austin shut the door behind her, Sophia
She had seen the little stunt the General
pulled. Her trained eyes had caught the fall of
the transmitter. He was hiding something and
she had since had her doubts about him. If he
trusted her, why did he want to eavesdrop on
her? She walked to the door and squatted by
the tiny bug. She did not touch it. She
examined it carefully. It was an ultra-powerful
listening device. The NODE-01 Jaguar. It had
the capacity to relay sounds clearly up to 100
meters. She got up, leaving the bug where it
She went back to Ambrose and whispered in
his ears.
“Coast is clear. Meet me in the bathroom
Ambrose opened one eye. Then the other. He
looked around. Sophia was already headed
towards the bathroom. He got up from the
chair and grimaced. He actually hurt himself
when he jumped on the train. But it was not
as bad as he made it seem to Austin and The
General. He had contacted Sophia when he got
off the train and thanked her for saving his
life. She had asked him how bad the situation
was and he had told her everything he knew.
She advised him to fake being hurt, get some
more blood on himself and contact Austin.
Ambrose had had a tricky moment when
Austin tried to take off his clothes to access
the extent of injury to his stomach area.
Ambrose knew that he could not afford to
have his fake injury found. He had groaned
and screamed terribly and Austin backed off.
Austin felt sorry for him and promised to get
him to the mansion so Sophia could look at
him. He did not attempt to check Ambrose’s
injury again.
When Ambrose got to the bathroom, the tap
attached to the hand wash sink was rushing
at full capacity. The shower was also running.
The sound of rushing water would interfere
with the transmitter’s reception, blocking the
bug from detecting their voices. Sophia sat on
the closed toilet seat and beckoned him to
come close to her. He got in front of her and
sat on the ground, leaning his back on the
bath tub.
She got out her phone and typed a message:
“Did you bring the chip?”
She handed the phone to Austin and he read
it. He cleared the message Sophia typed and
replaced it with his.
“Yes I did.” Ambrose typed.
Ambrose handed the phone back to Sophia.
He got up and walked to the hand washing
sink and bent low before it. He put his ‘peace’
fingers in his mouth, gagged on it, and
vomited in the sink. He put his hand in the
disgusting goo and fished out a black
rectangular micro sim.
He opened the tap, flushing the goo down the
sink and rinsed the micro sim. He walked back
to Sophia and handed it to her.
“How did you get it?” Sophia asked curiously
in a barely audible whisper.
“As we approached the police car that was
supposed to take me to the Capitol, your
message came in. I freed myself from the
agent by hitting him just below the ribs. I
used the opportunity to grab his smartphone
from his side pocket. When I got on the train,
I realized that I was being tracked with the
phone that I had stolen. I took out the sim
and left the phone on in the train. It would be
a while before they realize that they have been
barking up the wrong tree.” Ambrose replied.
“Good job Ambrose. Are you sure you don’t
want anyone to check you out?” Sophia asked,
getting up from the toilet seat and heading for
the door.
“I think I am fine.” Ambrose replied.
“Good. You need to keep up the act a little
while longer. Maybe until after tomorrow.”
Sophia said with a tone of finality.
“Can I get some sugar in my room? It would
really speed up my recovery.” Ambrose asked
with a mischievous smile on his face.
Sophia smiled, turned and walked up to him.
She kissed him deeply and fully on his lips,
s—–g his lower lips, her tongues flicking in
and out, teasing the palates of his mouth.
Ambrose squeezed her br3asts as his essence
stood at attention, raging like a wild bull.
After what seemed like forever, Sophia
detached herself from him, eyeing him
seductively and stepping two steps back.
Ambrose tried to come forwards, attempting to
continue the action.
“Hey tiger. That was just to say thank you.
Will send a hottie into your room in ten
minutes.” Sophia said, putting a hand on his
chest to stop him from coming any closer.
She licked her lips, bit her lower lip and looked
at his gr0in area. His body went up in flames
of desire. She turned her back on him and
wiggled her hips as she shut the door behind
her. Ambrose unbuckled his belt and looked
into his pants. His desire needed to be
satiated. He walked out of the bathroom and
went to his room.
It was a very hot afternoon. The sun was
scorching hot and people were sweating as
they walked along the streets. Sean walked
along the busy Obalende road, heading for the
lonely street North of the small roundabout.
He got to a very tiny busy street. He heard
screams of “Yaba!!! Yaba going bus!!!” from
the scores of commercial buses that lined the
streets. As he took a left turn, someone
bumped into him hitting him by the shoulders.
Sean did not look back. He just smiled and
continued moving. The person who hit him
wore a hood which covered his entire head.
He already knew who it was.
He put his hand inside the side pocket of his
blazers and felt the tiny piece of paper that
was not there a few minutes ago. He kept
moving forwards, not knowing exactly where
he was going. When he saw an empty tricycle,
he quickly sat in it. He took out the paper and
read the content:
Tearing the paper to tiny shreds, Sean got out
of the tricycle and tracked back the same way
he came. He walked for a while, turning
corners abruptly, stopping suddenly and
sometimes just turning and heading back the
same way he came. He continued to move
around in circles, making sure that whoever it
was that was tailing him got lost along the
When he was certain that he had lost any
trackers, he moved beside buses, crossed the
road a few times back and forth, and
zigzagged his way until he got to the Barracks
and opened the back seat of a grey G-wagon.
“How did it go?” Eva asked as Sean settled in
beside her in the back seat.
He just looked at her and smiled.
He looked at the rear view mirror and met the
gaze of his driver
“DRIVE!” Sean commanded.

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Episode 45

The Colonel laughed gently as he sat on the
roof of the UBA building in Obalende. When he
hit Sean a few minutes before, he had dropped
a tiny note in his pocket. The note had a bug
on it. There was no way Sean would handle
the tiny paper that he would not get the
transmitter onto himself. It was a tracking
device which would allow The Colonel monitor
Sean’s movement. He knew he had won Sean
over to his side, but he was not completely
certain that it would remain that way. He just
had this gut feeling that just as Sean agreed
to work with him, he could easily decide to
switch sides again.
However, he knew Sean was very smart. Even
though he did not know the exact degree of
Sean’s intelligence, putting the bug on the
tiny note was the perfect test. And to his
chagrin, Sean passed perfectly. That was the
reason for The Colonel’s laugh. The Colonel
had been looking at his hybrid wristwatch
which was configured to act as a monitor for
the tracking device. For five minutes, the red
dot on his wrist watch was static, unmoving.
It was just blinking a few meters from the
location he had hit Sean. Sean definitely did
not have the bug on him.
The Colonel had half expected this. He had
concluded that if Sean failed to detect the
bug, he would not be involved in the bust to
take down GhostCorp. But now not only did
Sean detect the bug, he had suddenly
disappeared from view. He was nowhere to be
found. The Colonel searched the whole of the
Obalende axis with his powerful custom made
binoculars, looking for Sean at every angle.
This was his backup plan. He had thought he
would be able to catch a glimpse of Sean if
the tracking stunt failed.
As he looked behind him, peering down
through his binoculars 45 degrees South East,
he saw Sean slowly snaking his way behind
the red BRT buses that were parked and
waiting for passengers.
“Gotchya!” The Colonel said to himself.
He pressed a button on the right panel of his
binoculars to activate X-ray Detection Mode.
The view changed, wiping every other element
off and displaying just the image of Sean. He
was coming back the same way he just went
and was now crossing over to the other side of
the road.
“You can run friend, but you can’t hide.” The
Colonel said softly again.
Sean crossed the road and waited. The
Colonel wondered what was keeping Sean.
Could he be waiting for someone? He
activated Face Detection and zoomed in on
Sean’s face. Sean looked completely
indifferent. Totally unreadable. He did not look
anxious, scared or worried. He just looked
sideways a few times as if he was waiting to
cross the road. The Colonel had tracked down
a lot of very good spies. He was very good at
it. But at one point or the other, they always
gave themselves away especially when he
used his binoculars and gauged their facial
expression. No one had ever escaped him. But
now, he could not read Sean’s countenance.
“What is on your mind boy? What are you
trying to do?” The Colonel asked himself.
A commercial bus was calling for passengers
and stopped just where Sean stood. Sean
waited a while and then entered just as the
bus began to move. The Colonel saw this. He
took the registration plates of the bus and
typed it into his palm sized satellite computer.
As the bus moved just about 100 meters, a
truck carrying fuel crossed the road causing
traffic to build up. Sean got down from the
bus with other passengers and mixed himself
with the crowd. He went to the side of the
truck and entered through the passenger door.
People were looking at Sean. The Colonel was
watching everything with keen interest. His
view of Sean was blocked by the rising number
of people that were now trying to move the
truck away from the road. He could only see a
little part of Sean’s body in the truck. Another
man entered the driver’s seat of the truck and
attempted to start the truck. It refused to
The man got down from the truck and opened
the front compartment of the truck’s engine
chamber. Sean was no longer in the truck. It
was just a few seconds. How did Sean get out
of his sight? He quickly scanned the whole
area, imprinting faces and looking for Sean.
The results were negative. Sean was not in the
vicinity. Two minutes later while the
binoculars was still scanning, the driver of the
truck got back into the truck and started the
engine. It revved to life, emitting thick black
smoke from the exhaust pipe. The truck
reversed and gradually got off the road,
parking on a safe part of the busy commercial
axis. Still, Sean was no longer in view.
When the truck driver got out and got out his
phone, The Colonel had a sudden brainwave.
Zooming his powerful binoculars on the
driver’s phone, he took several pictures of the
phone’s screen until the driver put it back into
his pocket and began to walk away from the
The Colonel transferred the pictures onto his
Ipad 7 Unlimited and zoomed in on the
pictures. The first picture showed the menu of
the truck driver’s phone. He continued his
scrutiny of the pictures till he got to the
seventh one. It was a message from an
unknown number.
“Thank you.”
The Colonel continued to scroll. The remaining
pictures showed the truck driver deleting the
message and exiting the screen to the main
menu. A truck came out of nowhere, blocked
the road, granted Sean entrance and allowed
him disappear. The truck which had seemed
totally bad suddenly got working and was able
to leave the road. And barely a minute after
Sean’s disappearance off the radar, the truck
driver got a text showing appreciation.
The coincidence was too true to be ignored.
The truck driver had been Sean’s diversion
and means of escape. The Colonel nodded his
head and smiled. He was impressed. Sean had
outwitted him and totally knocked him off his
trail. Nobody had ever done that. He shut
down his devices and packed them in a small
briefcase. He headed for the fire escape and
proceeded to exit the UBA building. He had
made up his mind. Sean was definitely going
to be his right hand man.
The General got into the Visitors lounge,
shutting the door behind him. He scanned the
walls and corners, looking for any form of
surveillance or hidden bugs. After less than a
minute of scrutiny, he brought out two
wireless ear plugs and inserted them in his
ears. Once they were in his ears, they started
blinking purple – a sign that they were
He listened intently, hoping to hear whispers
or any form of activity in the room. He only
heard the sound of rushing water. He waited
for seven minutes. He was beginning to get
worried. The shower or whatever it was had
begun to take too long. Besides, seven
minutes was too long a period to wash off
Ambrose’s wounds and bring him back to the
sitting room. Even at that, there still had to be
some form of communication or small talk. So
far he had not gotten anything and that
worried him. He pressed the earpiece deeper
into his ears. Still nothing.
Just as he was about to leave the lounge, he
heard voices.
“How do you feel now?” The General heard
Sophia say.
“Much better. Thanks a lot for the injection.”
Ambrose replied.
“So what really happened back there?” Sophia
“It all happened so fast. I do not even recall
all right now. Still looks hazy at the moment.
But I think I need to rest.” Ambrose said.
“Okay then. A room has been prepared
upstairs for you. I will ask someone to lead
you there. What do I tell the General? He
would need information.” Sophia asked
“The General scares me. I fear he may shoot
me himself if he doesn’t get anything out of
me.” Ambrose replied.
When the General heard that, he smiled. He
was glad he had not lost the fear factor he
had on his lieutenants. Sophia inclusive. He
had heard enough. He walked out of the
lounge, taking out the buds in his ears as he
approached the sitting room. He opened the
door as a steward was leading Ambrose
upstairs to the room that had been prepared
for him.
“Where is he going?” The General asked Sophia
who didn’t seem the least startled at his
He was beginning to lose his power on Sophia
and they both knew it. But he had no choice.
He had lost his most intelligent Lieutenants.
He had only Sophia now. She was the calmest
and the most calculating. She worked best
under pressure. She always delivered. She was
his only hope if he was to come out of his
brewing war with The Colonel. He had no
doubts whatsoever that Sophia knew that she
was his only powerhouse in this ensuing
battle. He also knew she was cunning and
could snake him. Tawo and Shina were dead.
Ambrose was temporarily out and he had only
Sophia. So he would stick with her till this
was over and take her out. He had thought
about rendering her inactive, deploying her to
a remote island or taking her away to a
different section of GhostCorp. But with every
thought he always came to the same
conclusion: She had become too comfortable
and it was not healthy for him. She had to die.
He preferred his enigma status and if Sophia
did not feel threatened by him, she could
influence others to feel the same. And then, he
would no longer be The General that everyone
really feared and got trembled at.
“He is going to his room. He needs to rest.”
Sophia replied.
“Has he said anything?” The General asked.
“Nothing yet. His thoughts seem unclear at
the moment, nothing a good rest will not
solve.” Sophia replied.
“Where are we with Sean and Eva?” The
General asked.
Sophia was shocked. She hadn’t expected that
the General would have known so soon. It had
been barely 48 hours and she was hoping she
would get concrete information by the end of
day. She had no idea where they were.
“I have everything under control. They are
ready for their part. We just need to get a way
to blend them into the new scheme now that
Ambrose has been compromised.” Sophia
“Where are they?” The General asked, walking
to the water dispenser and helping himself
with a cup of cold water. He drank the water,
keeping his gaze on Sophia as he waited for
her reply.
Sophia was quiet.
“Ahhhhhhhhh. Refreshing!” The General
exclaimed as he set the cup down and licked
his lips.
“I asked a question S. Where is the location of
Sean and Eva?”
“My best guess is that they are now working
with the Colonel. They were visited by the
Colonel in their hotel suite and have gone
rogue since then. We got know this from the
surveillance footage in the hotel. He
intentionally let himself get captured by the
cameras. They have been spotted around the
city but successfully shaken off all our best
trackers. I have taken over supervision of
finding them and I will get something soon. I
think they will let themselves be found when
they are ready. We trained them too well.”
Sophia explained.
“Are you giving me excuses lieutenant?” The
General said raising his voice angrily.
Sophia was unmoved.
“I would never give excuses sir. I am just
saying that we have studied the Colonel. He
wants revenge. He is blinded by his current
bloodlust. We can use it to our advantage. If
we wait him out, pretend to be unaware of him
and his vices, he would be forced to act. Then
we would nail him. We have the upper hand
sir. We need to gather our resources, stock
pile our strategies and expect an attack. Then
we’ll counter in such a way he never saw
coming.” Sophia explained sitting down and
crossing her legs, staring straight into her
Guardian’s eyes.
“Let me know when Ambrose comes to. If he
has nothing concrete to present, you will have
to kill him. Use him as bait, smoke him,
anything. He is now a liability. You have
twenty hours to find the missing love birds.”
The General said and walked out of the room.
He did not wait for a reply. Sophia had none
to give. She had plans of her own.
As the General shut the door behind him, she
got up and headed for Ambrose’s room.

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Episode 46

Two weeks had passed. Sophia had been
keeping tabs on the activities of GhostCorp.
The General had ordered her to oversee affairs
till he got back from sabbatical. She worked
tirelessly, looking for clues and tracking every
bit of intel she got from BeeHive. The Colonel
seemed to be in no hurry. It had been sixteen
days and he had not made a move yet. He
had not left his supposed hideout. She could
wait him out. She had all the time in the
world. It was Sean and Eva that concerned
her. They had been highly trained. They had
risen through the ranks faster than anyone in
the history of the Corporation. They most
disturbing issue was the fact that they already
knew too much.
Sophia stepped into her room after spending
the whole day in the fortress, tightening the
security, updating the firewalls and creating
new anonymous drifters. Exhausted after a
tedious day, she didn’t bother with the usual
routine bath and Jacuzzi. She just kicked off
her loafers and lay on the bed face down. Just
then her phone rang. She grudgingly went to
her bag that was on the bedside table and
took out the phone. She opened the message
that came in. It was from Bee Hive.
“Targets found.”
The location of Sean and Eva had been
identified. That was the best news she had
heard in a while. She got up at the speed of
light and went back to the fortress. She
entered the mission room and waited for the
door to shut behind her. The room was very
dark. She brought her palm to her face. She
could not see a thing. She waited a few
seconds, straining her sharp ears and listening
for any foreign sounds. At this time her eyes
had acclimatized to the darkness and she
could now see the outline of her fingers. When
she was satisfied that she was alone, she
snapped her fingers and said audibly:
“It’s a lovely day.”
“Password accepted. Welcome Agent S.” An
electronic voice replied.
The huge room came to life. The previously
dimmed lights gradually came on. There were
three huge 60-inch touch screen computers on
each wall.
Sophia folded her arms across her chest and
moved to the screen to her left.
“What do we have Ope?” Sophia asked.
A small box appeared at the top corner of the
screen showing a video of Ope in his tiny
office. There were cans of soda scattered
across his table. The remaining part of the
screen changed, now showing a map.
“Good evening ma’am. Sorry to drag you out
at this time.” Ope replied smiling.
“Save the pleasantries Ope and cut to the
chase. What do you have for me?” Sophia said
“Eva got careless. We intercepted an online
payment she made for a ticket to the premier
of a movie at the Galleria. She used her
mother’s maiden name during the transaction
and a Master Card that she had not used in
four years. Our Saturn-Extreme 145 satellite
got the hit and intercepted the server,
declining her request. She tried several times
giving us the needed time to scrutinize details
and complete tracking. On the fifth try, we
were able to get her location.” Ope replied.
“Where is she?” Sophia asked.
“Our coordinates indicate that she is on the
outskirts of the state. Abule Egba to be
precise. However, I have a strong feeling that
she is not alone.” Ope replied.
“Leave the feeling to me agent. Anything else I
need to know?” Sophia asked.
“Asides the information on the movie
premiere, I have nothing new to tell ma’am”
Ope answered.
“Tell me about the Premiere.” Sophia said.
“Please look to the screen behind you.” Ope
Sophia obeyed and turned. On the screen there
were images of the Galleria and the Cinema
section of the building. Ope showed her the
exits, the viewing rooms, the reception and the
red carpet area. He suggested possible
vantage posts and also explained the possible
movement of people in the cinema. They went
through it a few times together. When Sophia
had memorized it all, she asked Ope about the
possibility of an assault while she’s mobile.
“I had thought about that option too but it is
too complicated. We do not know how much
help she has and how many people she would
be with. I strongly suggest we move cautiously
and approach with tact.” Ope advised.
Sophia thought about what Ope had said for a
few minutes and agreed with him. It would be
foolish to act hastily without knowing what
the odds were. She nodded.
“Thank you Ope. Good Job. I will contact you
with the details as soon as I am done.” She
Ope’s image disappeared and the screen went
white. Sophia tapped the screen twice and a
touchpad appeared. She had to reconfigure
and change the codes, passwords and settings
as she had just used them. She made sure
that there was always a different code for
each day and always tweaked the settings.
When she was done, she shut down the
computers manually and left the mission
The Colonel was seriously studying a tracking
device he held on his left hand while Eva sat
beside him, trying to get tickets for the movie
premiere. Sean sat across the room, checking
the .45 automatic pistol he loved to carry
around. He cleaned the cartridges with a white
rag, watching the Colonel closely.
“The card is not working. The portal is
rejecting it.” Eva said to the Colonel
“The portal is not rejecting it. Someone from
GhostCorp has intercepted the signal and is
now tracking your card.” The Colonel said.
“D–n! I need to stop now!” Eva panicked.
“No girl. Don’t stop. That is the plan. We need
to let them think we have been careless. Let
them track you. I am monitoring the
intercepting signals from here too. If they get
to you, we get to them. Keep going Eva.” The
Colonel said with authority.
Eva looked back at Sean seeking for
reassurance. Sean laughed and nodded at her.
She tried again and again until she was
allowed to get it.
Just then the device in the Colonel’s hand
“They’ve got us. But we got them first.” The
Colonel said.
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Episode 47

It was a bit rowdy when they got to the
premier of the movie at the Cinemas in
Victoria Island. The parking lot was filled to
the brim and cars had begun to park on the
streets. The chauffer driving them found a
spot just adjacent the Galleria entrance and
parked the white Range Rover Autobiography
Exquisite Edition neatly. Sean and Eva were
attending as a couple and were all smiles as
they got off the jeep and walked to the red
carpet. For Sean it was an opportunity to get
out of the house and get some air after eleven
days of compulsory house arrest. He saw
nothing amusing about the whole charade. He
was not going to be in any sort of action. The
Colonel’s instruction was to be all smiles and
play nice. He itched for action. He had not
used the gym in close to two weeks. His
muscles already felt flabby. He wanted to feel
alive. He fought the temptation to break away
from Eva and snoop around. He knew he was
not going to get any chance to do that. Eva
was to make sure of that. He kept up the act,
smiling dryly at the cameras and posing
intermittently for the paparazzi.
For Eva it was another day to show off her
curves, to display her beauty and to be
naughty. The Colonel was on the thirteenth
floor of a bank, three hundred yards opposite
the Galleria. He had already set up his
devices, and was looking through the eyes of
his powerful binoculars, monitoring guests
and waiting for his golden fish to arrive. There
was a sniper rifle set up on a tripod to his left,
overlooking the street through an open
window. For the Colonel it was a night to
strike the predator. He was going to wait for
the perfect moment, and then he would attack.
Unseen. Unnoticed. As the Video Jockey
interviewed Eva who was holding on to Sean’s
arm, Sophia walked in to the Galleria. She was
dressed in a beautiful red short sleeved gown
which accentuated her curves. She wore light
make up and her beautiful face shined in the
illumination of the room. Sean saw her first.
His eyes met Sophia’s. They were locked in
that gaze for about 10 seconds until someone
accosted Sophia, asking that she take a
picture with him. Eva was busy replying the
questions from the VJ. However she had seen
Sophia too, but none of them noticed. Sean
scratched the middle of his head with his
The Colonel saw the sign.
“Roger that papi. I see her.” The Colonel said.
Sean heard it through the wireless earpiece
that was carefully and strategically placed
inside his left ear. He brought his hand to his
moustache, rubbing it gently. It was a sign to
tell the Colonel that he had lost visual of
“Sir, you look really good. What are your
expectations for this movie?” The VJ asked
“I think it is going to be a great watch thank
you. We want front row seats so we have to
go now.” Sean replied, cutting him off and
leading Eva away from the red carpet and
towards the cinema room. As they walked,
Sean whispered to her ears,
“Is she alone?”
Eva did not turn or look sideways. She knew
the message was not for her but for the
“For now she looks alone. But I doubt that she
came here unaccompanied. Soon, I will be able
to sniff out her goons. They are doing a good
job of blending in right now but they will give
themselves away before long.” The Colonel
replied to Sean’s ears.
“Okay Davinci.” Sean finished.
They stood in a queue, waiting for the cinema
room to be opened so that they could go in
and watch the movie.
Sophia was still on the red carpet taking
pictures and signing autographs. She was
widely known for her varying range of designer
clothing called SophFactor and the
humanitarian works she was deeply engaged
in. She watched as Sean and Eva moved to
the waiting line and noticed how close he
whispered to Eva. She fought the desire to
grab Sean and kiss him softly on the lips. He
was looking very handsome and cool.
However, she was not alone.

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Episode 48

There were a few agents in the room in
strategic positions and a handful outside the
building. Sophia wore a gold necklace with a
golden Versace head pendant. It was not just
a pendant. It was a tiny but powerful indoor
camera. There were five agents in a black ford
van six buildings away from the Galleria,
working the phones and watching every single
surveillance footage within a kilometer radius
of the vicinity. Ope was in the van and he was
responsible for Sophia’s safety. He had access
to the tiny powerful camera embedded within
her necklace.
“A lovely couple, aren’t they?” Ope said
The golden studs that Sophia had in her ear
holes were not just earrings. They were audio
receptors to listen in on whatever information
Ope and other agents had for her.
“Ope. You really want to look for trouble don’t
you?” Sophia replied, walking towards the
cinema entrance to join the already long
queue of waiting people. She spoke very
subtly, barely opening her lips. Nobody
noticed anything.
“Pardon me ma’am. It was just a harmless
observation.” Ope replied.
Sophia cleared her throat, making soft
grunting sounds. Ope understood what she
“It’s a code green. Targets are visible and the
weather is good enough to tango. We are
keeping close watch on the two lovebirds. If
we get a point of entry, we will pass the
information to you at once.” Ope said.
“Okay. Good. What can you see from CAM 2?”
Sophia said again, very quietly covering her
lips with her left palm
CAM 2 was the surveillance camera attached
to the door allowing entry into the viewing
“All clear. Sean has been whispering into
Eva’s ears too often. I’m thinking they may be
scheming something. Be careful Agent S.” Ope
Sophia did not reply.
She reached into her pretty diamond studded
purse and took out a small lipstick. It had a
button attached to it. It was not a lipstick but
an ultra sound disrupter. When activated, it
sends very high pitched frequencies through
the radio waves, disrupting any kind of signal
for the 50 meters. She had brought the ultra
sound disrupter just so that she could
ascertain if Sean was having help from
outside. She had earlier warned all agents
working with her that when Ope gave the sign,
they should all deactivate their ear buds so
that they do not get affected by the disrupted
Sophia brought the lipstick to her chest level
so that Ope could have a good view. She held
it there for three seconds. It was more than
enough time for Ope to warn the others. As
the queue began to move slowly she pressed
the button.
Immediately Sophia pressed the button, Sean
held his head in his hands. He was in
excruciating pain. Eva tried asking him what
the problem was but Sean was in too much
pain and unable to reply. He tried to control
the pain, but it was sharp and tore through
his head. The device in his ear was delivering
a very high pitched sound and only he could
hear it. The people behind him wondered what
was going on. Eva tried desperately to talk to
him but he would not reply. Still in pain, he
put his left forefinger into his left ear and
pulled out the tiny round device. He felt
relieved. He held the tiny device in his hands
as they entered the very dark viewing room.
“I think it’s faulty. It almost turned me deaf.”
Sean said to Eva, handing the device to her.
Eva collected the device from him, keeping it
in a small area of her handbag. As they
climbed the stairs in the viewing room and
walked through the row of seats, Sean looked
round and backwards. The room was dark but
he was hoping that he could pick out a
familiar face. He could not.
Sophia smiled. She had witnessed the small
drama. Her instincts had been right after all.
Sean and Eva were not working alone.
The Colonel opened a plastic bottle of Coke
and drank the contents up till half. He had
lost contact with Sean a few minutes back. At
first he almost panicked. But when the
transponder came on again, he understood
what had happened. Someone had used a
Sound Disrupter. Before the connection went
off, there was a brief static. He had heard
Sean’s barely audible groan before the
connection came back on. He had tried to re-
establish contact, calling Sean’s name several
times to no avail. Some one knew that Sean
was not alone. The Colonel knew that if he
decided to go in, the whole operation would be
jeopardized. That was exactly what they
wanted him to do. Draw him out of obscurity
and nail him. Sean was going to have to find
a way out of this one on his own. Deep inside
him, The Colonel had no doubts whatsoever of
what of Sean was capable of.
He sipped his coke and prayed that all would
go well.
Ambrose was sitting in a chair inside a large
and beautifully furnished office. He was laid
back and relaxed, his back resting on the
swivel chair and his legs crossed on the desk.
He had his hands behind his head as he
listened to the soft jazz that played from his
very old Ipod Unlimited. The office formerly
belonged to Tawo. Upon his recovery Ambrose
had been instructed to take control of the
Operations of BeeHive. The current objective
was to isolate The Colonel. Ambrose was also
monitoring the Galleria Operation, serving as a
back end last resort if things got out of hand.
“Incoming message from BeeHive Agent
Ambrose.” An electronic voice said from the
42 inch computer screen on the wall in front
of him.
“Let’s hear it Iris.” Ambrose replied.
“The Colonel left target coordinates eighteen
hours ago. He was spotted in a black Mazda
Mpv Le with unregistered plates. Sean and Eva
were in the same car.” Iris finished.
Ambrose jerked from his chair and got up
immediately. He pressed a button on his
“Tell me you have more than that.” Ambrose
The button was a direct connection to BeeHive
working in the floor below him.
“Actually we do.” Someone replied.
“Is that Agent Nedu?” Ambrose asked.
“Reporting sir. After we sent that mail, we
tracked the car carefully, noting all landmarks
that it had passed through. It stopped S70W
degrees and has not moved beyond that for
fifteen minutes now. We tracked the
coordinates and it is just half a kilometer
before the Galleria. The images are being
transferred to your screen as we speak” Nedu
Ambrose turned and faced the huge monitor,
hung on the wall. The satellite image of a
map on the computer zoomed in on a street.
It automatically got out the image of the car
and its surrounding.
“Nedu, deploy the micro sensors and give me
an automatic scan of the whole car.
Fingerprints, hair samples, saliva, fart,
anything! I need to know who and who were in
that car. Get me the footages from the nearby
CAMs. Streamline them and pick out any
relevant information that may be of use to us.
I want that report immediately. I’m just got a
cup of warm coffee from the mug. I’d better
get that report before this coffee gets cold.”
Ambrose threatened.
“Roger that sir.” Nedu said and went off the
Ambrose opened the drawer to his desk and
took out a long white ear piece. It had a
single cable that connected his ears and his
lips. He pressed a button on it and waited as
it rang in his ears.
“Ambrose. Any updates?” Ope said as Ambrose
listened in through his earpiece.
Ambrose was pacing the room now, one hand
on his hip while the other swiped an ipad.
“The Colonel is near you. We spotted his
transport not too far from you. Bee Hive is
currently looking for additional info. Be on the
alert.” Ambrose warned.
“Copy that Ambrose. I will keep a watchful eye
on proceedings although I think Agent S has
an idea already. She has frozen the
communication between Sean and The Colonel
by activating the Ultra Sound Disrupter. Sean
was wired and he fell out. I don’t know what
she has planned and I haven’t been able to
talk to her. I guess she wants no interference
whatsoever.” Ope replied.
“So we wait?” Ambrose asked
“No. Nobody waits. Just keep a tab on
BeeHive. Be our eyes out here. We have five
Cams around this 1kilometere radius. You can
hack into them and control the survelliance
system. Have Bee Hive maintain a constant
trace, looking for matches between the
exhibits they have and the available frames
the surveillance would produce. If the Colonel
makes a move you should be able to see it
before I do. Then we can counter.” Ope
“Alright then soldier. Over and Out.” Ambrose
replied and the line went dead.
As Ambrose sat back in his swivel chair, the
door to his office opened.
“Hello Ambrose. Thank you for holding forte. I
will take it from here.”
It was the General.
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Episode 49

Sophia hid herself well among the large
number of people ascending the steps in the
viewing room of the cinema. She watched
Sean and Eva from the corner of her eyes as
they settled in their seats. Sophia walked past
their row and turned right two rows after
Sean’s. She sat in a chair directly behind
them, settling in comfortably. She had no idea
what she was going to do or how she was
going to proceed. She had no clear cut
strategy or premeditated plan. And that was
how she wanted it. She knew the importance
of planning. Even Ope had suggested that they
come up with various attack and defense
options just in case things got out of control.
Sophia had carefully listened as he presented
his strategies for extraction and infiltration.
The objective of the operation was to bug the
targets, trace them to their nest and then
Sophia had seen a lot in her career with
GhostCorp especially since they began to deal
with The Colonel. He was always one step
ahead no matter how failsafe their plan was.
With every check and balance, with every
possibility factored in and with every loophole
envisaged, they always came second best. The
Colonel was always in the know and was
usually more intelligent. Initially, Sophia ha
felt that there was someone leaking
information to The Colonel. However after a
series of serious investigations, she arrived at
the answer; The Colonel knew everything
about GhostCorp and always predicted every
possible step they would take. The chip she
collected from Ambrose contained every
information about GhostCorp prior to
BeeHive’s reprogramming. She had no doubt
in her mind that The Colonel was aware of
their little plan to rendezvous with Sean and
So she made her decision. She was going to
go in with only one plan; to follow her
Settling in her seat she removed her necklace,
putting it carefully in the small purse that she
carried with her. The movie started and the
room went graveyard silent. Sophia’s eyes did
not leave the back of Sean’s head. She
pondered different ways to place the bug in
Sean felt very uneasy. He was constantly
aware of eyes behind him. He desperately
wanted to turn and catch a glimpse of his
stalker but he thought better of it. He drew
Eva close to him, wrapping his big right arm
around her shoulders. They cuddled in that
position affectionately like long lost lovers. To
the normal eyes, it may seem like a lovers’
cuddle. But they did not just cuddle. Sean was
telling her how he suspected someone was
already onto them. He felt eye peering at the
back of his head. He could not just shake
away the feeling. He told Eva he was going to
use the rest room. If anyone followed after
him, then she should follow. Eva pecked him
lightly on the cheek and sank herself deeper in
Sean’s embrace.
Five minutes later, Sean got up and went out
of the viewing room.
Immediately Sean got up, Sophia thanked her
stars. Finally she would get the chance to be
alone with Sean. She immediately got up and
followed Sean out of the room. As she stepped
out she asked the guard standing outside the
door where Sean took. The guard signaled
towards the ground floor. As Sophia began to
move towards the same direction Sean had
gone, she slowly but audibly whispered to the
“Stop her.”
The guard did not need any further
explanations. His orders were clear. He
immediately stood erect and at attention,
waiting for Eva to come out of the door at any
moment. He checked his baton and
straightened his starched black police uniform.
Not too long after, Eva got up from her chair
and walked through the door.
“No one is allowed to leave the cinemas lady”
The guard said stopping Eva as she tried to
leave the viewing room.
Eva ignored him and continued away from the
door as the guard was talking. She walked
fast, forcing the guard to come after her. He
grabbed her by the elbow.
“I said no one is allowed to leave the viewing
room.” The guard repeated, yanking her
towards him with a strong, turgid pull on her
That was a huge mistake.
As he tried to force her hand behind her back,
she punched his biceps with her free hand.
She turned and twisted, freeing herself from
his grip. He made to grab her neck with both
hands but she saw it coming. She clasped her
hands together and put them in between his.
She opened both hands forcefully, making his
arms fly sideways. She punched him fiercely, a
left punch on on the chest and a right one in
the belly. The guard was dazed but still
strong. He made to get up from his sprawling
position but she jumped in the air and
launched a black flip kick to his face.
The guard fell on his face. He was not moving
Eva walked-ran into the male toilet. She half
expected to see Sean and Sophia making out.
But the toilet was empty. She was disoriented.
There was a near tear in her eyes as she
thought of where else to look for Sean. She
had no idea where else to look. She hurried to
the staircase, jumping three steps at a time
till she got to the second floor. She checked
the male and female toilets in the second
floor. Nothing. She was worried. She was
desperate. As she walked down the stairs
dejectedly to the ground floor, hot tears fell
from her cheeks. She had looked everywhere in
the cinemas and could not find a trace of
Sean. Eva knew how ruthless and dangerous
GhostCorp was. She had once been an
instrument in their employ. Once you were
marked, you could not escape. She could not
even begin to imagine the kind of torture that
Sean would be going through at the moment.
Her heart was beating three times faster than
normal. She checked where they had parked.
The car was still there. She touched the
bonnet to feel whether the car had been driven
before she got out. There was no single sign
of warmth.
After fifteen minutes of fruitless search, she
walked back into the viewing room to get her
handbag. She expected to see the guard
waiting to pounce on her but he was not. Eva
could not be bothered. She was already
emotionally drained and was already on edge.
She walked slowly to her seat, picked up her
bag and began to walk out of the viewing
room. Then suddenly she remembered
something. She opened the small area where
she kept the device that Sean had given her
and took it out. She walked briskly to the
stairs, got to the car park and entered her car.
She was panting as she got in the car. She
closed the doors and engaged the central
lock. She adjusted the rear view mirror as she
peered into it, making sure that she was alone
and not watched.
She put the tiny device inside her ear and it
glowed green.
“Hello DaVinci. This is Diana. Are you there?
Come in pls. It’s a red alert.” Eva said,
pressing her hand against her ears.
She silently hoped and prayed that a reply
would come in from the other end. She looked
sideways, turning left and right as she waited
for the Colonel to reply her signals. The car
park was getting deserted. People were
thinning by the second as they went in to see
the movie of the night. It was dark and eerie.
“Hello Da Vinci. Come in Davinci. This is a red
alert over!” Eva said, raising her voice.
She was desperate now and almost in tears.
She stifled a sob and bit her lower lip. She
sniffed and cleaned her nose on the back of
her palm. The Colonel doesn’t usually take
this long to reply incoming messages.
As she rested her head on the chair
dejectedly, two hands came out of nowhere
and grabbed her. One holding her mouth and
another covering her eyes.
She tried to let out a scream but nothing
came out. Her screams were muffled by the
palm covering her mouth.
“Shhhhh….Shhhh…. Be Calm Eva. It’s me.” A
voice said.
Eva recognized the voice and relaxed. At the
same time the hands that were holding her
relaxed and loosened its grip.
“Dad?” Eva asked, looking back amazed.
“Shhhhh….” The Colonel said,
“Quiet, Diana.” He finished, taking out the
device from her ears.
“What are you doing here?” Eva asked the
Colonel feeling relief and worry at the same
“I sensed danger when I lost contact with
Sean. So I had to come down to see things for
myself.” The Colonel said.
“They took him away. We need to get him
back. They took him from under my nose. I
was a failure. Now I have no idea where to
look. Please help me. Let’s get him back dad.
Please.” Eva cried.
She had lost every bit of mental and emotional
strength she had mastered over the years as a
deadly spy. This was a very different person
from the agent that killed targets in cold blood
and did not care for her own life nor that of
any one else. Yet here she was crying her eyes
out and acting totally out of order. She was
beginning to show that she was going to be a
problem if she did not get back to her killer-
agent self immediately.
“Diana! Snap out of this! What has come over
you? I demand some composure. Now! Or I am
going to waste you myself!” The Colonel
threatened brandishing a silver .23 semi
Eva buried her face in her hands as she
gradually got herself together. For the next
two minutes, The Colonel watched her
carefully as she transformed. With a final
heave and sigh, she raised her head. The
crying Eva had disappeared. There was a
deadly glint in her eyes. It now seemed like
she had now found a renewed zeal to kill.
“Better Diana. Now, this is the plan. Sean was
the bug. We deliberately left you out of the
loop. We planned the whole charade and
excluded you. We needed your reaction to be
real and convincing because of the agents
that would be watching you. We were counting
on G.C to go after Sean once he went to the
toilet which he did. He has been taken by
Sophia but I know where he is. He has an
undetectable wet bug inside him that works
with his heartbeat.” The Colonel said.
He brought out his iphone, opened an app and
showed it to her.
“The bug is directly connected to his heart.
Once his heart stops beating this red dot
stops blinking.” The Colonel explained to Eva
showing her the red dot.
“This is also a tracker. We can find out where
they are.” The Colonel finished.
Eva was not interested in any of the
technological gibberish her dad was spewing.
With clenched teeth, she spoke.
“I am ready Da Vinci. Just tell me who I have
to kill.”
The General pushed the button on the table
connecting him to Bee Hive.
“Who is in charge of things down there? This
is the General.”
There was a momentary pause. Seconds later
a voice replied.
“I am now in charge, Marcus. Things are
going to change from here onwards.”
It was the voice of Sophia.
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Episode 50

Sophia watched the small 14 inch screen on
her table as she spoke. The General looked
very upset. He had never been confronted by
any of his Lieutenants ever in all his time as
an enigma in the force. She smiled to herself.
The General had no idea she was watching
him. She had instructed Ope to rerun the
cabling in BeeHive the night before. She had
bugged the Control Room where the General
now occupied, attaching a very small unique
surveillance camera on the wall. It was a very
flat device which was adjusted to fit into the
light switch.
Sean sat across her on a couch inside Bee
Hive. He was disoriented and drowsy. Sophia
had injected him with a kind of serum to make
him lose consciousness. Sophia had got him
quite easily. She knew the kind of attraction
she had on him and she had never doubted
her ability to use her charms on any man.
As Sean walked out of the viewing room,
Sophia had followed him immediately. He
walked briskly and descended the stairs,
taking a right as he entered the Gents. He
entered a cubicle, unzipped his fly and began
to pee.
Sophia had entered quietly behind him without
him noticing. She held a very small jack knife
in her hand, placing it just on top of Sean’s
d1ck cap. Sean’s urine ceased abruptly. He
could not continue.
“Hello baby. Miss me?” She said softly into his
ear, using her tongue to stimulate the edges of
his right ear.
“Sophie. How did you find me?” Sean asked.
His urine finally found a way of resuming, the
barely transparent liquid flowing into the
“I always knew where you were Sean. I only
needed to wait out the goons who were always
around you. Most especially that Dam who is
always clinging onto you like she owns you.”
Sophia finished spitefully, the jack knife
lowering harder on his limp d1ck.
“Easy baby. I don’t know you to be a jealous
lover. There is enough of me to go round you
know.” Sean said in a mock manner.
Just as Sean was shaking the last few drops
of pee off his d1ck and putting it back in his
pants, two tall men in black suits and dark
shades opened the door to the cubicle and
dragged Sean out. Sean did not even try to
fight. They injected him with some form of
serum and he immediately passed out. They
dragged him through the emergency exit.
Locking the door behind them, the men
carried Sean through the staircase behind the
building with Sophia following closely behind.
There was a chopper waiting on the landing
already fired up and ready for lift off. The two
men had bundled Sean into the chopper
sandwiching him between them as Sophia sat
beside the pilot. Sophia and her crew were
midway through their journey when Ope
radioed in. One .of the two men who had
captured Sean, handed over the phone to
“Target is visible. Looks disoriented. She’s in
the car park. Seems like she is looking for
something. What’s your command Sophia?”
Ope had asked
“Just keep an eye on her. I doubt that she
would be a threat. She doesn’t do when she is
emotionally destabilized and that is what we
have done. I do not see The Colonel around
but you have to make sure that you have your
eyes wide open. He is the remaining part of
this Take Out operation. As long as The
Colonel is at large, we cannot relax. We have
not won. He is the only one who can cause us
problems now and inflict real damage. That is
not an option. However, if you notice anything
funny or the least suspicious, do not hesitate.
Take her out. Keep your senses Ope. This is a
very crucial stage.” Sophia replied.
“Roger that ma. We have found the location of
the Colonel. After careful scanning and
infiltration of the perimeter, we located their
temporary hideout. However, he was not in the
building when we got there. I have increased
the number of agents and collected a few
exhibits. We are totally aware of his ability to
blend in with his surroundings and disappear
within the blink of an eye. We are leaving
nothing to chance. We plan to box him in once
we sight him.” Ope said.
“Very well then soldier. Carry on. Keep me
informed on all proceedings. Over and out.”
Sophia finished, ending the conversation.
It had been a very quiet twenty second flight.
Sophia did not really feel comfortable that she
was leaving Ope alone to handle the Colonel
by himself but she had no choice. She had a
greater demon to face and she had no shred of
doubt in her mind that no one else could pull
it off asides her. She swallowed saliva and
closed her eyes as the chopper descended to
eighteen feet above the ground. They were
600km away from Bee Hive. A huge Mack
cooling truck came out of a right bend and
sped on ahead of them. The chopper moved
carefully towards the van until it was directly
on top above it. The Van increased speed,
moved a little distance away from the chopper
and parked in the middle of the road. The
chopper moved forwards, reducing its speed as
it got to the van. The chopper was back above
the van. Carefully, the chopper landed on the
roof of the van, its hinges sitting comfortably
on the van. . The pilot killed the engine of the
chopper. He stepped out onto the roof of the
van and bent low, using customized iron
restraints to fasten the chopper to the van.
When he was done he hit the roof of the van
twice and screamed at the driver below them:
The van began to move slowly, gradually
increasing speed, carrying the chopper along
on its roof. Seven minutes later, they got to
the gate of the building where Bee Hive carried
out all its operations. The gate was deserted
and the surveillance cameras did not scan
their vehicle for automatic access. Sophia
smiled. All was going according to plan.
The pilot dropped a ladder from the chopper
to the ground and got off the chopper first,
followed by Sophia and then the two thugs.
The second thug carried Sean on his shoulder
as he descended the ladder. Sophia waited at
the gate as the thugs approached her.
“I guess this is where we part ways. You
promised I would get a full reward.” The pilot
said to Sophia as the thugs stood beside her.
“Yes I did. And I do not go back on my word,
Never.” Sophia said. She nodded to the second
He put his hand inside the bosom pocket of
his jacket and took out three bundles of
hundred one thousand dollar bills. He handed
it to the pilot, who collected it with a very
pleased grin on his face.
“Would you like to count them before you
leave?” Sophia asked.
“No. That won’t be necessary at all. Thank
you. It was nice doing business with you
madam.” The pilot said.
“You are welcome. Now leave. I am expecting
guests any moment. And remember, do not
start ignition till you get to the point where we
joined the Van. Am I clear?” Sophia asked.
“Crystal clear ma’am” The pilot answered and
headed back to the ladder.
He threw a bundle at the driver of the truck
who had been in the truck all along. He
climbed the ladder, folded it and signaled to
the truck driver to move the truck. The truck
reversed, faced the road and slowly picked up
speed as it headed back to the high way.
Sophia had carefully estimated the time it
took for them to get to BeeHive from the
moment the chopper landed on top of the van.
It took about seven minutes. She had already
set her stop watch as the truck drove away
from the premises. She waited patiently for the
alarm on her clock to go off. On exactly seven
minutes the alarm went off. She took out a
small black detonator which had a red button
on it. She pressed the button.
The Chopper exploded, its many parts
scattering in different directions. The Van was
not left out in the combustion as it also burst
into flames, the fire consuming everything
inside it. None of the men survived.
There was a small keypad attached to the gate
which allowed for entry into the building.
Sophia entered the password and the gate
opened inwards. They walked into the building
with Sophia in front and the thugs behind.
Sophia got out her .43 gold plated automatic
pistol from her hip, corking it twice and
attaching the silencer as they approached the
door. As they got to the front door and tried
to enter, an agent came out from the back of
the building walking towards them.
“Good Evening Agent S. What brings you here?
Is that not Sean?” The agent said surprised.
The agent was a snitch, one of the numerous
spies who were faithful to the General. He had
a record of not keeping his mouth shut and
running to the General with every bit of new
information he got whether the information
was relevant or irrelevant. Sophia could not
risk the chance.
In the twinkle of an eye, she pointed the gun
at his forehead and pulled the trigger. The
bullet pierced his left eye, coming back out
through the back of his head. Blood splattered
all over his face. He fell in a heap. Dead.
Sophia turned to the second thug who was not
holding anything.
“Take care of that. And make it snappy. When
you are done, stand guard out here and watch
out for anything. Let me know if you find
anything out of the ordinary” She said, putting
the gun back in her hip.
The thug nodded and went to the body. He
pulled the corpse by the hands, dragging him
behind the building. Sophia waited till he was
out of sight then pushed the buttons on the
keypad again. The door re-opened and they
went in. The thug carrying Sean moved him
from his left shoulder to his right one.
“He is heavy, yeah? You’re getting tired?”
Sophia asked him.
“No ma’am. Just balancing the pressure on
both sides of my body.” The thug replied. He
knew the danger of answering in the
affirmative. Sean was indeed heavy, weighing
almost the same as him. He was actually
getting tired, but he dared not say that he
They walked quickly to an elevator and rode it
to the third floor. The elevator stopped and
they got out. They stepped out onto a long
corridor with the walls decorated with
sparkling white tiles. The ends of the corridor
could be seen from where they stood. There
were no door, no windows, and no entrances.
It was just a corridor.
Sophia smiled. Tawo was smart but not very
smart. He had redesigned the building and
had the BeeHive floor reconstructed with no
entry point. It was the perfect design. No one
could enter BeeHive from outside. The agents
in BeeHive were geeks, experts and gadget
freaks who had no interest in any form of
socialization. They lived, breathed and drank
secret codes, information, satellite redirection
and all other form of technological needs.
They had no family. The random times they
had to leave BeeHive, Tawo had specifically
designed a special kind of goggle which
rendered anyone who wore it blind as long as
he had it on. Anyone except Ope.
Ope had been able to find a way to bypass the
goggle’s programming. And to make matters
easier, Tawo had a lot of respect for Ope. He
saw him as his successor, the younger brother
he never had, and the friend he could rely on.
He trusted Ope, perhaps a bit too much. He
had told Ope the secret passage into entering
Bee Hive.
And Ope had told Sophia.
Sophia walked right, advancing to the end of
the corridor. She stood face to face with a
brick wall. The thug behind her was beginning
to pant now.
“Lay him down over there and stand beside
him.” Sophia instructed pointing to the
opposite wall behind him.
He did as commanded, gently laying Sean
down on the ground, resting his back on the
wall. Sophia turned and began to count the
tiles from her right.
When she had gotten to the last tile count, she
used her finger nail at the edge of that single
tile, trying to claw out something. After a few
claws, the tile face pulled off like a fake
coating. She pulled the whitish skin-like cover
off the tile to reveal a transparent screen like
panel, the exact same size as the tile. She put
her whole left palm on the screen and applied
a little pressure on it. The screen lit up and
seconds later, some text appeared on the
screen with a small box underneath the text.
It was Russian for “Password”.
Sophia clicked on the small box and a small
keypad appeared covering the whole screen. It
contained entirely Russian characters and
symbols. Sophia typed the characters as she
had been taught several times by Ope and
pressed the activate key. The screen went
blank. After several seconds, the wall beside
her to her right split open from the middle
sideways. It was not actually a wall but a
door designed with bricks and tiles to look
exactly like the other parts of the wall. No one
could tell the difference.
“Welcome agent Tawo.” A computerized voice
said as Sophia stepped into the enclosure.
She signaled to the thug and he quickly
carried Sean and brought him inside the
enclosure. The door closed and the small
cubicle spun clockwise 180 degrees. As the
door opened Sophia had pulled her gun out
and had it behind her. They stepped into the
large room which was divided into several
sections with lots of cubicles. There were
twenty seven workstations in all, with different
agents seated before them typing codes,
tracing routes, writing algorithms and
monitoring surveillance. A few agents looked
up to stare at the new entrants but quickly
continued with what they had been doing
before. They did not seem to be too bothered
with who this woman was. None of them was
trained in any form of physical combat so
accosting them would be useless.
Sophia walked confidently to a big table which
was at the extreme end of the room. A man in
a sweat shirt and jeans stood with his back to
them and his arms akimbo. He was starring
seriously at a screen in front of him.
Sophia walked to the table, hitting it a few
times with her free hand to get the man’s
attention. The man turned and looked at her,
staring in disbelief at the person who now
stood in front of him.
“Sophia?” The man asked.
“Hello Agent Nedu. Who is in charge of things
down here?” Sophia asked, sitting one butt on
the edge of the table.
“I am.” Nedu replied.
Sophia pulled out the gun from behind her
hip, pointing it at Agent Nedu’s chest. The
frightened look on his face almost made her
change her mind. He was a handsome lad,
someone who could someday satisfy her
s3xual fantasies. But she had a job to do. She
could always find a boy to indulge her
“Not anymore Nedu.” Sophia said.
She shot Nedu on the chest, sending him
backwards. He fell, hitting the screen on the
wall and dragging it down with him as he fell.
He was groaning softly, fighting to stay alive.
Sophia climbed the table, standing over him
like an eagle surveying its prey. He tried to
reach into his pocket slowly, with the last
strength he had.
Sophia shot him again, twice.
She turned to face the agents in the room who
were now looking at her with fear written on
their faces. They had all stopped what it is
they were doing. Sophia sat on the table,
swinging her legs. She removed the cartridge
of the gun, checked the amount of bullets left,
and inserted it back.
“Have no fear agents. My name is Sophia. I
am your new Boss. Does anyone have any
objections, questions or comments?” Sophia
asked looking round at the agents.
A white chubby lady in glasses raised her
hand, getting up on her chair. She wore a pink
flannel shirt on top of a black flair skirt with
black high heel shoes..
“Oh. We have some one. Please step forward.”
Sophia said.
The lady got out of her seat and came
towards Sophia, standing six yards away from
“What is your name please?” Sophia asked.
“My name is Anna.” The lady replied meekly.
“You are a very courageous woman, Anna.
Goodbye.” Sophia said and shot her in the
“Any other person?” Sophia asked
sarcastically, looking around again.
The room was very quiet. All that could be
heard was the silent humming of the servers
and the soft breeze from the air conditioners.
Nobody spoke.
“Good. Just as I expected. Now that we are
clear, I want every single one of you to resume
your normal duties. If I find anyone slightly
suspicious, that would be the end.”
Everyone went back to their normal duties and
acted as though nothing had happened. The
thug dropped Sean on a chair and took away
the two bodies. She sat on the chair that
Nedu had initially occupied, watching a little
screen to her left.
Thirty minutes later, the General had called
and she had answered. She waited patiently,
watching him through the screen. He
scratched his bald head and paced the room,
his hands held together behind him, deep in
thought. After five minutes, he pressed the
“Sophia, let’s talk. Can you come up?” The
General pleaded.
“I will tell you when I am ready Marcus. Keep
your fingers crossed.” Sophia replied.

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Episode 51

Eva drove out of the parking lot, moving
slowly and carefully so as not to arouse
suspicion. The Colonel lay low at the back
seat of the car, instructing Eva to take it cool.
There were agents following them and they
needed to be thrown off track. If they
suspected anything, they would corner Eva
and have her smoked. That would be the end.
“How many cars do we have on our tail?” The
Colonel asked, still crouched at the back seat
of the car.
“I am seeing two sedans. They are doing a
very good job and they are alternating very
well. Only a trained eye would notice this.”
Eva replied.
“Good job girl. Now follow the road that leads
through bar beach and get to Bonny camp.
You have to take Onikan through to Awolowo
road and enter the Total filling station there.
That’s where we would lose them.” The
Colonel said.
“What happens when we get to Total, dad?”
Eva asked.
“Let’s just say, I have got friends of mine.”
The Colonel replied and continued.
“Just make sure that we get there in one
piece.” The Colonel finisged.
“How is Sean doing?” Eva asked.
“He is still alive. How long that remains so
depends on how soon we can get to him.” The
Colonel replied.
Just then, one of the Sedans, a Toyota Quest
overtook them and moved into their lane,
driving just in front of them. The jeep behind
continued to drive closer while the one in front
reduced speed drastically.
The Colonel could not pretend anymore. They
could not afford to be busted this way.
“Do you notice what is happening, girl?” The
Colonel said, getting up and sitting on the
“Yes Dad. They are trying to box us in.” Eva
replied with a smile.
“You know what to do don’t you?” The Colonel
“I was born for this Da Vinci. Hang on” Eva
They were in a Ford Mustang which had iron
suspenders and a strong metal barricade
around its front and rear lights. Eva changed
gears and stepped on the accelerator, hitting
the car in front of them. The Toyota Quest in
front of them swerved left and right, in an
attempt to gain balance after the collision.
Eva stepped on the brakes, swerved right and
overtook the car in front of her. She switched
gear again and stepped on the accelerator,
hitting the 80km/hr mark on the speedometer.
A Toyota Tundra came out from nowhere, hot
on the trail of Eva’s vehicle. It was closing
gap fast and would make impact soon. Eva
stepped on the accelerator. They had just got
to Bonny Camp and were speeding towards
Onikan roundabout. Eva was going at 100km/
hr now trying to out run the Tundra. The
Colonel saw that the Tundra kept gaining
speed and was almost close. Eva would not be
able to out run it.
“Hit the brakes girl and swerve left when I tell
you” The Colonel commanded, taking out
a .23 semi-automatic caliber pistol from his
As Eva stepped on the brakes in little
continuous pumps making the car jerk
forwards a few times, the Coionel pressed a
button to wind down the windows. Jerking and
slowing down from the huge speed that they
were initially driving at, the car gradually
slowed down allowing the Tundra to catch up
with them. The Tundra came left, trying to hit
the rear of the Ford so that the car would skid
and spin off the road. The Colonel was
watching the Tundra carefully from the rear
mirror. As the Tundra almost got to the tail of
the ford, the Colonel shouted,
“Swerve! Now!!”
The Tundra narrowly missed hitting the Ford
as Eva swerved hard to her left crossing the
road. The Tundra failed to make impact with
the Ford, causing it to lose control and swerve
right. The moment was perfect for the Colonel
because the driver was now directly opposite
him. He bent forwards at the window and shot
two straight bullets at the driver which caught
him on the neck and on the chest.
The car continued to swerve right until it fell
into the lagoon.
They reversed and turned into Onikan
roundabout moving into Awolowo road. Eva
sped forwards and the Colonel checked his
bullet chamber, winding up the window. A
BMW X6 appeared on Eva’s rear view tail.
“We have another stalker. Any instructions?”
Eva asked,
“Just head to the filling station as instructed.
I will handle things from there.”
Eva sped through Awolowo road, running the
red lights and swerving away from slow cars.
There were two cars behind her now, trying to
catch up with them and they were doing
impressively well. In no time they got to the
filling station and drove straight into the
garage with the door closing behind them.
One of the cars trailing them continued along
the road while the other also turned into the
filling station, but parked inside. The driver
came out and approached an attendant
asking that he needed to align his wheels. He
used that opportunity to study the garage and
hope that the garage door would open and
Eva would come out any moment.
Eva parked above a round manhole covered by
a metal lid. On the Colonel’s instructions, they
uncovered the lid and climbed down the man
hole which was supposed to act as drainage
but had not been used in many years. The
manhole led to a tunnel which in turn led to
an opening behind the filling station. There
was a car waiting for them as they got out of
the man hole on the other side of the tunnel,
with The Colonel taking the wheel and Eva
getting in beside him.
“Now, we finish this.” The Colonel said as he
started the ignition.
They sped off north and headed towards
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Episode 52

Sean was not really happy to be the pawn in
the take down operation but they were left
with no other option. Eva would not be able to
manage it properly and using the Colonel was
totally out of the question. Confronting
GhostCorp in a head on, direct attack was
also going to achieve no positive result. Sean
had been the perfect candidate. Sophia was
crazy about him, and he had perfectly
mastered the art of infiltration. So when
Sophia caught up with him in the bathroom
earlier in the day, he was glad she fell for the
bait. He had worn false flesh-like finger prints
on all ten fingers. These prints were designed
to serve as false prints so that his real finger
prints would not be left anywhere. Most
importantly, it served as an imprint device. All
he had to do was to put a little pressure with
his fingers on any desired spot for three
seconds and that spot was marked. No one
could see it except you had on a specially
designed pair of UV glasses which only the
Colonel had at the moment. Sean had been a
very important agent for GhostCorp and as
such, he knew almost every operation mode
that was in the rule book. He was very
confident that Sophia would not want to risk
creating a scene in an attempt to bring him in.
She had only one option: Stealth.
For GhostCorp this meant rendering the
desired target helpless and unable to struggle
during pickup or takeout. Sean had been the
leader of the team that designed the Serum
Approach. The other members of the team
were Sophia, Tawo and Shina. Together they
designed a serum which had a very complex
chemical composition. This serum was meant
to take out or demobilize intended any target.
The serum was so complex that it changes
and rewrites its organic structure on its own
after eight hours. This meant that there was
usually a very unique preparation to be done
anytime the serum was to be administered.
The side effect was that the serum had no
specific antidote because whenever the serum
is prepared, the one-time antidote is prepared
alongside it, and if not administered in eight
hours, the victim dies. Due to the unstable
nature of the serum, there was only one
antidote for each preparation. Every antidote
expired after eight hours and a totally new one
had to be created. No single antidote could
work for separate preparations of serum. The
serum was that deadly. Whoever prepares the
serum, prepares the antidote. It was a
powerful tool and had served GhostCorp well
in the past.
However, Sean had worked hard and put in a
lot of effort to develop a universal antidote to
all possible chemical structures of the serum.
It had cost him a great deal of money and
several lives were lost during the laboratory
testing but at the end, it was worth it.
Knowing that this could well be Sophia’s line
of attack, he had taken the antidote just
before peeing. It was a tiny red round tablet
which sat on his forefinger. He put the tablet
under his tongue and waited for it to melt.
Just as it melted and he began to pee, Sophia
came in. At first he was scared that she might
actually chop off his organ but when she
began to whisper seductively into his ears, he
relaxed. The two agents came in and
overpowered him, injecting him with the
serum. He immediately felt drowsy and closed
his eyes. Three minutes later, the antidote had
battled with the serum inside his blood stream
and won. He regained consciousness and felt
himself at a very high altitude. He opened his
eyes slowly and carefully to catch a glimpse of
where he was and who he was with. He
opened his left eye just wide enough to see
himself sandwiched between the two guards
with Sophia in front with the pilot.
They got to Beehive and the agent kept Sean
on his shoulder. Sean desperately needed to
imprint on the surrounding so that The
Colonel would have an idea of where they had
been. As they got to the third floor and about
to step out of the elevator, Sean carefully put
his forefinger on the board beside the button
that took them to the third floor. He made
sure he did not stretch or shift his body
weight so that the agent doesn’t get aware.
Sophia was stepping out first and the agent
would follow later. That gave him all the three
seconds he needed to imprint beside the
button that said, “Third Floor.”
Sean’s joy knew no bounds when he heard
Sophia order the agent to drop him by the
wall. It was an opportunity that he utilized to
the fullest. He imprinted on the ground and on
the wall around him as much as his deceit
could allow him to. At intervals when he got
the opportunity, he imprinted on the walls
when the agent was not looking. He watched
Sophia carefully as she opened a secret door
and stepped inside, ordering the agent to
follow her. He picked Sean up and carried him
into BeeHive.
Carefully Sean waited and plotted, looking for
the right opportunity to snap out of his faked
comatose. He listened while Sophia killed
Agent Nedu, dictated orders and took the life
of the young woman who came forwards. Ten
minutes later, the General called Beehive.
Sophia with the agent tagging along decided
to go meet him in the floor above them. That
was the opportunity he needed.
The Colonel drove like a man possessed,
running the traffic lights and hardly using the
brakes. Eva sat beside him strapped in her
seat and praying that The Colonel would drive
faster. With every second that passed, she
feared that she might lose Sean. The Colonel
very well knew how important Sean was to the
whole operation. He was the key to bringing
down GhostCorp. He was also the source of
Eva’s morality. He calmed her, steadied her,
and acted as a fulcrum for her. He was her
anchor. If anything happened to him, she
would lose it. She was going to go over the
edge, uncontrollable. And in that state she
was dangerous. Very dangerous.
The Colonel glanced at her briefly. She was
focused on the road ahead, her mind
wandering far away. He took his hand off the
gear and put it on her left lap, squeezing
gently. She looked at him. He smiled at her,
trying to reassure her that all would end well.
She gave a plastic smile in return and turned
her face back unto the road. Still driving at
incredible speed, The Colonel took out his
Iphone and launched the application that
acted as a monitor for Sean. He handed it to
Eva and asked her what she could see.
“He is still alive. I think he is in BeeHive. The
red dot has not moved.” Eva replied.
“Good. We cannot afford to waste any more
time. How many guns do you have on you?”
The Colonel asked.
“None.” Eva replied.
“Good. You will have mine. You know how to
handle Twin Silverballers?” The Colonel asked
with a smile, facing his daughter.
“You need a demonstration?” Eva retorted
turning to meet his gaze.
The Colonel smiled. Just as he took his eyes
back to the road, a huge tipper carrying gravel
appeared from nowhere and turned into their
side of the road. The Colonel was already on
high speed and could not step on his brakes.
In a swift second, he swerved hard to his left
to avoid collision with the tipper. He ran onto
the low curb, the street lamp breaking the
car’s side mirror. Taking his feet off the
accelerator and stepping on the brakes slowly,
the Colonel swerved back onto the road. There
were few cars on the road and the asphalt
ahead of them was free. On another day he
would have stopped, parked and given the
truck driver something he would never forget
in a hurry. But this day he had more important
agenda to catch up with. He was back on the
freeway now. He tested his brakes, checked
his steering and studied the car for any form
of problems. He did not notice any issues with
the car. The sound was fine. Handling was
still intact. They were now ten minutes away
from Bee Hive. He stepped on the accelerator
again, pushing up to 100km/hr.
Eva shrieked.
“The dot is not blinking anymore!!!” Eva cried,
handling the iphone to the Colonel.
The Colonel reduced speed, taking the iphone
from her. The dot signifying Sean’s location
on the GPS was no longer blinking. It could
only mean one thing. The Colonel put the
device off and back on again. This could not
be happening.
“Be Calm Diana.” The Colonel said.
Eva was ready to explode. A mixture of
feelings welled up inside her. She watched the
Iphone with eagle eyes, hoping that the red
dot would come on any minute as the Colonel
launched the GPS application. They waited.
Three minutes. Five. Nothing.
“Sh1t! Sh1t!! Sh1t!!!” Eva said hitting the
dashboard with her fists.
“We need to hurry. He may still be alive. S–k
it in Eva. You need a clear head.” The Colonel
barked. He increased speed to 120km/hr,
trying not to think about what may have
happened to Sean.
Eva nodded and bit her lower lip. Different
mixtures of emotions were threatening to burst
from her insides out. She tried to hold herself
together. It was not really working but she
just had to. A few seconds later, a message
came in on the phone. The Colonel opened it.
“DaVinci, I’m going solo. Hurry. I need you.”
It was Sean.
“Your boyfriend is alive” The Colonel said,
passing the phone to her.
The Colonel could see her countenance lifted.
Even though he was also relieved and
delighted, he kept a straight face.
They got to Bee Hive but parked about twenty
meters away from the main building. They
walked quickly to the gate, with Eva watching
their back. The Colonel took out a small palm
torch from his back pocket. The torch was a
password decryptor. It had a small screen at
the neck which cracks the password once the
rays hit the keys. He pointed the torch at the
password panel at the gate and saw the keys
that Sophia had pressed.
4 9 6 1 6.
He pressed them and the gate opened.
They walked inside the compound, with Eva
walking with her back to the Colonel, facing
the gate, with the silenced twin Silverballers in
each hand by her cheeks. She was watching
every spot, every angle, just in case there were
in for an ambush. They got to the door
leading into the building and the Colonel used
his password decryptor again. As they were
about to enter, Eva stopped the Colonel
pointed to a spot on their far right. The spot
had a reddish liquid on the tiled floor.
“Blood” Eva whispered.
They walked slowly and stealthily to the point
and the Colonel bent to access the situation.
Just then they heard footsteps. The Colonel
backed up on the wall and carefully turned so
that only a fraction of his left eye could see
who was approaching. It was one of the
guards that took Sean from the movies. Eva
was crouched besides him. In eight or nine
steps, the agent would get to them. He turned
only his head and whispered to Eva who had
got up and was not standing close behind
“Agent. 6 steps till he gets to us. I’m going to
jump him. If I fail, weaken him.” The Colonel
Eva nodded.
The Colonel began the count down with his
fingers, showing it to Eva.
After he counted the last number, the Colonel
stepped away from the wall and into the path
of the agent. The agent was shocked and
surprised. Before he could find time to react,
the Colonel gave two quick jabs. He gave one
punch to the agent’s right lower rib cracking a
bone, and then the other punch to his Solar
plexus. The agent gasped for air, staggering
Just then the radio with the agent cackled to
“Mario, where the hell are you? What is taking
you so long? The madam wants you
immediately. Come in, over.” came a male
voice from the other end.
The Colonel didn’t hesitate. He went behind
the agent and snapped his neck from behind,
letting him fall in a heap. He dipped his
hands into the agent’s pockets, looking for
anything that might be helpful. He found a
bunch of keys, an access card and the key to
a G-Wagon. He took the items he found and
side stepped away from the corpse. He moved
towards Eva.
“Let’s go. We need to hurry” Eva said.
The Colonel nodded, walking briskly away from
the scene and quickly through the door. He
brought out the special UV glasses that were
inside his mafia suit and handed one to Eva.
“Put this on. We should see Sean’s markers
from here.” The Colonel said walking ahead of
her and wearing his own pair of UV glasses.
The Colonel looked left and right on the floor
they were on and his eyes caught Sean’s
imprint on the door of the elevator.
“Here. Follow me.” The Colonel commanded.
They walked into the elevator and the Colonel
found Sean’s imprint on the panel beside the
third floor button. Eva saw it too.
“Bless you Sean.” Eva whispered with an
expectant and eager look in her eyes.
The Colonel pressed the button to take them
to the third floor, and then turned to look at
Eva. He was very worried about her. He knew
that she was capable as a field agent and
could very well take care of herself. But right
now a bit of fear gripped him. He suddenly
doubted if she could handle herself given the
emotional conditions surrounding this
operation. He needed her to think clearly, have
a straight and calm head. He had told her
countless times. He could not snap at her now
that they were very close. He heaved a very
long and heavy sigh. Eva looked at him.
“Dad, I will be fine. I have everything going on
well right now. Trust me.” Eva said, pointing
her forefinger at her head as if to say she’s
thinking straight.
The Colonel smiled. Just then there was a
short elevator sound to tell them that they
had reached their destination.
“This is it Diana. Let’s do this.” The Colonel
said, bringing out his silenced .45 automatic
caliber pistol.
Eva took out the silenced twin Silverballers
from her hips, one in each hand and waited.
The elevator opened.
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Last Episode

The General paced the room, eager and
waiting. How could Sophia decide to betray
him like this? Where did she get the audacity
to? Was she working for someone? Did she
know something that he didn’t? Different
questions ran through his head as he waited
for her to arrive. He had taken her in when she
was just a kid. Trained her, schooled her, and
made her what she was. And now she wanted
the Corporation for herself?
“No! It cannot be!” The General exclaimed
smashing the glass of water in his hands
against the wall.
The steel door opened inwards and Sophia
walked in, accompanied by the agent who was
acting as her guard.
“Why am I not surprised? You even have the
access codes to this room. And is he
necessary?” The General asked, nodding at the
agent but maintaining eye contact with
Sophia ignored his question and moved to her
left to the part of the room that had a small
round table and two chairs. It was the
lounging area of the office where you could
relax, have a drink and even take a nap. After
she had settled well and poured herself a cup
of juice, she said to the General,
“Would you care to join me please?”
It was more of a demand than a request. She
had the General by the balls and they both
knew it. He could decide to take her out, but
that would be detrimental. He needed to know
what was really happening. He needed to know
why she was going rogue. Was she working for
someone? Did she want money? All these
questions needed answers. The answers he
got would shape his decision. He walked
grudgingly to the lounging area and sat
opposite Sophia. He had an unreadable look
on his face. It was a look that Sophia had
seen uncountable times, that it did not mean
anything to her anymore. She just smiled.
“A cup of juice, General?” Sophia asked.
The General just stared at her, trying to read
her mind. He was trying to connect with her
resolve, trying to get some form of emotional
weakness, any form of spiritual connection. He
was very good at it and had used it on her a
lot when she was still his loyal lieutenant. It
was not working this time.
“Does he have to be here?” The General asked
“Is that important? He is here just in case you
try anything funny. I have never trusted you
Marcus.” She said, finishing the orange juice
in her cup.
“I knew you never have. I was not counting on
that.” The General replied.
“You wanted me here. Did you summon me for
small talk? Or you would like to really get to
the point. I have things to attend to.” Sophia
The General was fast losing his grip. He was
no longer in control. He needed to take control
but how? He did not want Sophia dead, at
least not yet. He could finish her in seconds.
He thought for a few seconds. Maybe he had
to. She was proving really difficult. She had to
go. But the guard she brought in was going to
complicate issues. He could not kill two
professionals at once. He decided he was
going to warn Sophia.
There was a small button inside his right shoe
by his big toe. He squeezed the big toe
against the button, sending a signal to
Ambrose who was hiding in the store, inside
the room they were in. The store was directly
to the left of the Sophia. The door opened and
Ambrose came out, gun in hand. It all
happened in seconds.
Ambrose shot at the guard, releasing four
bullets as he came out confidently from the
room he was hiding. The bullets hit the guard
on the chest, belly and face. The guard fell
sideways, hitting his head on the brick wall.
Sophia was very well aware of her
surroundings. Immediately the door opened
and Ambrose came out, she kicked the table
from under with her legs, sending the top of
the table forwards in the air, hitting the
General’s face. In a split second, she took out
her .43 gold plated automatic pistol from her
hip, turned and shot at Ambrose. The single
bullet caught him in the g—n area. He
screamed, fell down holding his ball5. She
turned immediately to face the General who
had been hit by the top of the table. He
crawled on his back, moving away from
Sophia as she walked towards him, pointing
her gun at him. He crawled backwards until he
got to the wall and could not move anymore.
“Keep crawling!!!!!” Sophia screamed, shooting
the wall just above his head.
The General kept still, blood dripping from his
forehead down the side of his face.
“The agent Ambrose just killed was my pawn. I
knew Ambrose was in here but I did not know
exactly where. I was counting on you to want
to use him against me. But deep down, I
hoped that I was not in the same category as
your other fallen Lieutenants. I hoped I would
be indispensable. I hoped that I was more
than an agent to you, that no matter what
your love for me would let you keep me. I
served you. I killed for you. I loved you as a
father! And this is what I get? You want me
dead? Huh?” Sophia said slowly, firing another
shot a few meters to his left.
The General just stared at her breathing
slowly. He did not say a word.
“Answer me goddamitt!” Sophia said, pointing
the gun at the General’s head.
Just then a voice said from the entrance of
the main door.
“Drop the gun Sophia. He is not yours to kill.”
Sophia turned to see Sean standing by the
door, an SPG rifle in his hands. He winked,
smiled and nodded to her to move sideways.
She melted at the sight of Sean.
Sean waited for about three minutes after
Sophia and her bodyguard had left Bee Hive
before he opened his eyes slowly. The
illumination of the room almost blinded him,
as he had deliberately had his eyes shut for
too long. He got up slowly, turning to look at
all the people in the room. He stretched his
joints and twisted his upper body. His joints
made cracking sounds as he twisted. He felt
pity for the young lady who was still on the
ground, her lifeless corpse decorating the
mahogany floor. He took out a tiny pen from
his back pocket. It was a low voltage
electrocuting neutralizer. He hit his chest with
the pen, sending tiny but powerful electric
waves through his body. The electric signals
went straight to his heart, neutralizing the
tracker that had been previously inserted by
the colonel. He took out his phone from the
inner bosom pocket of his blazers and sent
the Colonel a message. He moved to Nedu’s
table, put his hands under the long table and
ran them to and fro while his eyes scanned
the frightened BeeHive officers.
“This baby should be here somewhere.” Sean
said to himself, stretching further beneath the
table so that his hands could touch the edges.
“Ah ha!” Sean proclaimed as his hand hit
He pulled out an SPG riffle, corked it twice and
“May I have your attention please?” Sean said,
tapping the table with the gun.
The officers in Bee Hive looked at him, many of
them very scared. They had just watched two
of their colleagues murdered in cold blood
without reason and here another gun slinging
maniac was calling their attention.
“Who works after Nedu here?” Sean asked,
raising his voice so all could hear.
Nobody answered. No one was ready to die.
“I am not the bad guy. All I want to do is to
take down this Corporation, so I suggest you
start planning new exits, new jobs, and new
safe havens. I need to know who works here
after Nedu or what you just witnessed Sophia
do would be child’s play.” Sean threatened,
corking his gun threateningly.
A short man stepped forwards, very chubby,
and wearing a pair of huge framed lenses. He
stepped out of his chair but remained on the
same spot. He was too scared to move.
“Please, don’t be afraid. Do come forward.”
Sean urged him pleasantly.
The man walked slowly forward and stopped
just a few meters in front of Sean. Sean
approached him gun in hand and put an arm
around his shoulders. He walked with him
back to the table. Putting his hand into his
tight right pant pocket, he brought out a flat
microchip and handed it to the man.
“This is a virus. It erases every data from the
corporation data and writes into the registry
of the backup servers, stopping them from
automatic data backup. It also cripples the
firewalls so that they are weakened to fight
against the intrusion. Can I count on you to
carry this out perfectly?” Sean asked.
The man nodded weakly.
“What is your name?” Sean asked again sitting
on the table and facing him.
“Patrick sir.” The man replied weakly.
“Patrick, I do not plan for any one of you to
die here tonight.” Sean spoke slowly and
deliberately. Then he raised his voice as he
continued so that the whole room could hear
his voice.
“Your life and the lives of those in this room
depend on this one small favor that I ask of
you. Would you please follow my instruction
to the letter?” Sean asked conclusively.
“Yes I will.” Patrick answered meekly.
“Could you be more audible for the sake of the
rest of your friends here?” Sean said.
“Yes I will!” Patrick said raising his voice.
“Good. Very good. I go in peace. Don’t make
me find you Patrick.” Sean threatened,
handing the chip to him.
Sean stepped out into the corridor and
retraced his steps the same way Sophia came
in. As he walked into the enclosure, he put his
hand over the keypad and pressed the
passcode to take him to the floor above him.
Just as the enclosure was about to move, he
caught a glimpse of familiar figures in the
It was the Colonel and his beloved Eva. He
quickly stopped the elevator from moving and
got out of the elevator. Eva could not believe
her eyes as she saw Sean come out from a
hidden enclosure on the wall. She ran towards
him and jumped at him, hugging him tightly.
She kissed him fully on the lips as he held her
tight, kissing her back. She held on for a while
kissing and hugging him tight. After what
seemed like an eternity, she let him go.
“I feared you were dead!” She said, still
holding his hands in hers.
“I am here sweetie. Flesh and blood.” Sean
The Colonel approached him and shook him
by the shoulder.
“Good to see you Bravo.” The Colonel said.
“Missed you too Davinci.” Sean replied.
“So what is the next step now?” The Colonel
asked looking at the rifle in Sean’s hands.
“Sophia has gone up to the control room to
meet Marcus. I am going to intercept them
there. You will come with me, while Eva will
stand guard here at BeeHive to make sure all
goes as well as planned.” Sean finished.
The Colonel nodded while Eva hugged him
tight again before letting him go. They left Eva
in charge of Bee Hive as the rest of them went
upstairs to meet the General. As they
approached the door, they heard gun shots.
They immediately rested their backs on the
wall by the door, waiting for the gun battle to
subside. Then Sean heard Sophia raise her
voice. She was talking to the General. He
tiptoed to the door and keyed in the passcode,
the door opened noiselessly. Sean peeped first
to assess the situation. Sophia had his back
to him as she lashed out words at the
General. As she raised her gun at the General,
Sean stepped in.
Eva was pacing on the floor of Bee Hive,
making sure that all the agents were behaving
and injecting the virus into the Corporation
when she heard sound behind her. She turned
quickly to find out what it was that suddenly
made the sound but she was not quick
Agent Ope stood at the entrance of Bee Hive
with a .23 semi-automatic pistol, smoke
drifting upwards from the nozzle of the gun.
Eva had ducked, rolled on the floor and fired a
shot of her own catching Ope in the neck.
Blood guzzled from the hole, flowing like a
fountain. He fell on the floor slowly, trying to
mumble incoherent words. Eva got up from
the floor holding her stomach. Ope had shot
her. Blood flowed from the gunshot wound,
painting her hand red. She gasped for her as
she staggered to the door, trying to exit. As
she struggled with her feet walking past Ope’s
lifeless body, clutching her stomach and trying
to breathe, one word repeatedly came out of
her mouth, although barely audible:
“Drop the gun Sophia.” Sean repeated, raising
the SPG threateningly at Sophia.
Sophia dropped the gun beside her and kicked
it just a few meters away. The Colonel strolled
in with confidence, walking past Sean and
towards The General. Sophia was looking at
Sean, her back to the General. She wished she
could just disappear with him and forget this
whole blood bath.
Suddenly, the General moved. He pulled out a
jack knife from his boots and sprang up
acrobatically from the floor. The Colonel
aimed at him but did not shoot because
Sophia was in the line of target. The General
held the knife to Sophia’s neck, pushing it
gently against her soft fair skin. A little blood
trickled from the contact.
“Drop the guns. Both of you, Now!” The
General ordered.
None of them moved. Sean saw the look of
fear and helplessness in Sophia’s eyes. He
could not believe he felt something for Sophia
after all. Sophia did not want to die.
“I said drop the guns motherfuckers!!!” The
General screamed, pressing the knife further
deep on to Sophia’s flesh. The blood was
rushing faster now and Sophia had begun to
squint. Sean could not take it anymore.
He bent carefully and dropped his rifle on the
ground. He stood and raised his hands.
“Happy now?” Sean asked.
“Your turn!” The General screamed at the
The Colonel did not care who died and who
did not. He wanted Marcus dead. He raised
his gun higher, targeting Marcus’ head.
The General knew that he could not win the
battle. Sean saw the glint in his eyes.
Everything happened like slow motion.
In one sudden move, the General slit Sophia’s
throat with the knife, pushing her on the floor.
As he bent to pick the gun Sophia dropped,
the Colonel opened fire on him. Sean had
already bent and picked his rifle. Standing on
one knee, Sean emptied his bullets on the
General while the Colonel continued to shoot
at him too. The General managed to stagger
and get up, trying to shoot. They rained
bullets on him, while he staggered. His white
starched shirt covered in blood. As he tried to
pull the trigger of the gun, Sean gave a
precise shot to the middle of his head.
His brains splattered across the room and he
fell to the ground. His body was still shaking
as Sean and the Colonel walked to him. They
rained the remaining of their bullets on him
until his body stopped moving. Sean spat on
his corpse.
He moved to Sophia and bent down. He held
her hand and closed her eyelids. She looked
so beautiful even in death. He wished things
had ended differently.
Just then an alarm began to sound in the
whole building.
“DEFCON4 activated. 50 seconds till self-
destruct.” A computerized voice said.
“What the hell is that?” Sean asked.
“Marcus had programmed GhostCorp to end
with his death. This building self-destructs
once his heart stops beating. We need to
move. Now.” The Colonel explained as the got
out of the room.
They got to the Bee Hive floor and saw a trail
of blood. The followed it and turned the
corridor to see Eva coughing blood and
breathing heavily.
“This is not happening! Baby, I am here. I love
you. Stay with me. Come on. Stay with me.”
Sean said, lifting Eva and resting her on his
arms while he knelt.
“Se..ee…aaaa…nnnnn” Eva said with labored
“I looo….ooovveee……” She said but coughed
out more blood.
“20 seconds to self-destruct.” The Computer
“We need to leave Sean. There’s no time.” The
Colonel said.
Sean lifted Eva, carrying her in his arms like a
wedding bride. They hurried out of the
premises with Sean repeated assuring Eva and
tears in his eyes, even though her eyes were
“I love you baby. Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me.”