[STORY] Amanda (episode 1-12)



Episode 1

The evening breeze danced along with the trees as they swayed to the windy rhythm, another day had come and gone, but tonight would be different, tonight the stars would dance on her face, tonight she would taste the wanton side of life.

‘Are you sure you want to do this Mandy’? Her mother said to her.

‘Mum? I am not twelve, I can take care of myself’ the blue eyed blonde replied.

‘Honey, parties could get complicated, I don’t want anything bad to happen’ the woman expressed her fears.

‘Mum, come on, stop doing this. I am an adult besides it’s not like I am going for the party, I am just paid to usher there; I hear it’s organized by some really rich folks’ Amanda replied.

‘Okay…is Alex coming with you’?

‘Sure, she is, we are riding in her car’ Amanda replied.

‘You don’t have to worry , I know you’re scared but nothing bad is really going to happen, you know how much this would help; I need the money, okay’? Amanda rushed and planted a sweet kiss on her mother’s cheek.

‘You know, sometimes I really wish I could do something to help you, I feel so bad that I am pulling you back; I am drowning your efforts’ the woman groaned.

‘Mum…stop’ Amanda began to shake her head.

‘No, it is my fault that we are living like this’ tears welled up in her eyes as she recalled the events that had led to her being crippled.

She had gotten married to the love of her life, Amanda’s father; the marriage was a youthful one, her parents and friends had not been in support of it, but she was too blinded by love to hearken to their words.

Her husband turned abusive and pushed her off the balcony, one year after Amanda’s birth and that was how she lost her legs.

‘It is not your fault, you fell in love with a man; falling in love is not bad’ Amanda had heard the story over a hundred times.

‘No, falling in love is a good thing, but it is better to walk out of it when you see the signs that love is gone forever. I knew he was crazy but I still stayed; I thought I loved him, but he ruined my life’ she cried.

‘Mum, it’s been twenty something years this happened, you need to move on. I know it’s hard for me to get and keep jobs so I can take care of us both, but I am not complaining. Everything would work out eventually’ Amanda offered her another kiss.

‘Thanks Mandy, you’re so smart and intelligent; you’re a hardworking woman and I wish I were half what you are when I was your age’ she smiled proudly at her daughter.

‘Thanks, Ma, now, I think I need to go’ Amanda peered out the window of their tiny bungalow.

Alex had arrived in her convertible; she announced her arrival with the blasting of the horn, very loudly.

‘Are you trying to turn deaf or something’? Amanda shouted.

‘No, something better, I am practicing Studio’ Alex grinned.

‘Crazy girl’ Amanda smiled and rushed towards the door.

‘Promise me one thing’ her mother’s words halted her.

‘What mum’? She swirled round.

‘Promise me you will never fall in love with the wrong person’ she returned.

‘Heart on my chest, I promise’ Amanda smiled and rushed out of the house.

She thought her mother’s behavior really weird but could she really blame the woman? Her mother had been terribly broken, physically and emotionally by the man she loved; she didn’t want the same thing for her and she clearly understood that.

‘Don’t worry mother, I don’t plan to fall in love anytime soon’ Amanda sighed as she reached the car.

Amanda Atkins was a twenty five year old student of Humboldt State University where she majored in “Business management” with the hopes of getting an internship with one of those high flying firms in New York.

She was in her third year in school; her grades were doing fine, the only problem was her financial power, it was really weak and that was why she needed a job.

Like this one she was paid to do, ushering at a party.

She was too engrossed in bettering her life to engage in anything romantic; she never had a boyfriend, she didn’t have time for one.

‘Hey come on, don’t tell me that’s what you’re wearing for a party’? Alex’s face feel as her friend moved closer to her.

‘Seriously? This took me great effort’ Amanda rolled her eyes and joined her friend in the car.

Alexandra was her best friend; they hit off at an event two years before and remained close ever since; she was out spoken and kind hearted and she always looked out for Amanda.

‘Who wears a T-shirt and worn out denim for a party? Girl, step out and go get yourself a short dress’ Alex snorted.

‘Hey, I am waitressing not partying. I wanna feel comfortable’ Amanda replied.

‘Comfortable my dear, is totally boring. You never know who you would meet, we still got time’ Alex stared at her designer’s watch.

‘I am fine really. Let’s go’ Amanda said.

Unlike her, Alexander came from a wealthy home but she made sure this did not affect their friendship.

How could she tell Amanda that the clothes she’d put on were her very best clothes? She couldn’t afford designer wears or accessories, so she made do with what she had.

‘And your hair? You could have fixed it up Mandy; your curls are wild. You are one sexy girl who actually has no inkling on how to pull sexy off’ Alex scanned her briefly.

‘At least I wore lipstick, see’? Amanda pouted her lips hoping her friend would talk about something else.

‘Suit yourself, I intend to get a man for myself tonight. You know what I mean’? Alex winked at her friend.

‘Alex! You just broke up with Bellamy last week, gosh! You should be taking it easy’ Amanda stared at her friend in bewilderment.

‘Honey, life is too short to stick to one man. Since it didn’t work out with Bellamy, I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. That’s the difference between me and you. I am a river; ruthless and always moving but you? You’re a pond. And ponds are boring’ Alex sighed.

‘Now that really hurts’ Amanda said.

‘Sorry’ Alex gave her hands a squeeze.

‘Um, you should probably get a boyfriend tonight; fall in love; have sex and do wild things with him’ Alex chuckled.

‘Alex! Focus, we don’t wanna get involved in car crash, do we’? Amanda scoffed.

‘I’m focused’ Alex muttered and focused on the high way.

They listened and sang along as they headed towards the Rocky spur where it was going down that night. It was an architectural masterpiece surrounded artifacts and flowers. Lights surrounded the walk way.

Amanda felt nervous as she took in the sheer magnificence of the building. She had never seen such beauty in her life. The night was about to come alive. Already she could see scantily clad females troop in, some with their partners and others with their girlfriends.

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Episode 2

Wow do you see all that?’ Amanda murmured.

‘I certainly see a lot of h—y males seeking me’ Alex laughed.

’ I feel out of place’ Amanda released the breath she held.

‘That’s because you wouldn’t listen and wore that tacky dress. I gotta go now’ she announced, after placing another coat of lipstick on her thin lips.

‘I thought you were gonna help me locate Mr Shultz?’ Amanda wished her friend would stay.

‘No, I wasn’t’ Alex patted her shoulder and jumped out of the car.

‘Alex! Come back’ Amanda called out to her.

‘Sorry honey, I gotta boogie’ Alex grinned mischievously and rushed into the hall.

‘Shit’! Amanda swore. She stared at the mirror and shuddered at her reflection. Maybe Alex was right, she should have done better with her clothes.

‘Whatever, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this’ she muttered the words to herself and stepped out of the car.

Amanda walked unsteadily towards the building. She spotted a group at the entrance. They seemed to be paying attention to a man in a tux. She noticed they had tags so she hurried over.

‘Hi, I’m waitressing’ she said breathlessly.

‘Name please?’ the man asked.

‘Amanda Atkins’

‘Ok ‘there was a pause as he checked the list in his hand. ‘Third floor’.

Loud music blasted in the background as she found the stairs. She found Mr Shultz.

‘Honey why aren’t you dressed?’ he asked in dismay

Her lips moved but nothing came out. He signaled one of the other girls.

‘Brenda, show her the changing room, fix her up,. Brenda gave her a friendly smile and led her away. Moments later she emerged wearing a mini red dress and fishnets , her blond hair was folded up in a loose bun. She had looked at the mirror in dismay wondering where the real Amanda went. The lipstick was outrageous; she was sure she looked ten years older.

She joined the others as they picked their trays. The bartender was in his elements, mixing, pouring and singing along at the same time. She watched the others carefully as she gingerly picked up her tray filled with glasses. She basically had to walk around and offer guests the drinks.

‘Hi there, I need some drinks’ Amanda smiled at the young man, feeling nervous.

‘Obviously’ he murmured and continued filling the other glasses. He didn’t return her smile.

‘So which table ordered this’? He pointed at her tray.

‘Table’? She rolled her eyes in confusion.

‘You don’t just walk in here with a tray. You take their orders’ he pointed at the dancers.

‘Oh, I never knew, I was not told’ Amanda shrugged and swirled round. There were a lot of tables without drinks; where would she start from?

Her eyes fell on a table with three young women; they were all smoking and they kept laughing loudly, even the sound of the music, couldn’t drown their laughter.

‘Excuse me’ she set the tray on the bar and moved towards them.

‘Good evening, please I’d love to take your order’Amanda fiddled with her hands.

‘Fu#k off b—h’! One of the girls screamed at her.

‘Oh, Fergie, you didn’t have to be so rude to this poor Bambi’ another laughed.

‘Just get us martinis, dirty’ the least drunk one stuttered.

‘Okay’ Amanda was visibly shaken by their outburst. This was the first time she was around drunken people.

She released a breath and turned to leave, but she wasn’t fast enough to see the man that approached.

‘Geez, I am so sorry’ she murmured a dozen apologies as she bumped into a guy.

‘No problem’ he smiled kindly at her.

It was as if something clogged her throat, her mouth felt dry as she stared into the most beautiful set of green orbs she had ever seen.

‘Nathan’ he offered her his hands.

‘Amanda’ she smiled shyly and took it.

‘Um, I have to go now, I have drinks to serve’ Amanda pulled her hands away and hurried to the bar.

‘If you’re done flirting, there’s a note for you’ the bartender guy said to her.

‘A note’? She wondered who would send her a note.

‘One of the ushers dropped it here, she said it’s for the blue eyed blonde’ he replied.

‘Oh’ she fetched the piece of paper that was stuck in between the glasses, this had to be interesting.

‘What is this’? Her features contorted into a frown as she read the note. Why would someone send her something to so rude and obscene?

‘What does it say’? The bar guy noticed her discomfort.

‘It doesn’t matter; did the girl tell you which table this came from’? Amanda swallowed.

She hated it when people disrespected her; she needed to find the writer of this obscene note and deal him a heavy blow.

‘Um, table 26’ he lifted his brow.

‘Thanks’ she shuffled the note into her jean pocket and scanned the room for the table.

Once she found it, she drew a deep breath, feasted her knuckles and trotted purposively towards it.
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Episode 3

There you are’ she sighed as she finally found the owner of the obscene note, he had to be the one.

She took a brief glance at his handsome face; his eyes were chestnut brown;he had dark hair and a pair of sensuous lips and she suddenly imagined what it would be like kissing him.

She forced the disturbing thoughts out of her mind and moved nearer to the table.

‘Hey’ she drummed the table with her slender fingers.

‘I would like a tequila’ his sensuous lips moved.

‘Baby, I want something more than a tequila’ the red head that sat next to him placed a soft kiss on his face.

‘Me too, I want your kiss’ the blonde that sat at his other side begun to caress his hair.

‘You heard my queens, now got get us some wine Blondie’ he said laughing.

Amanda eyed him angrily. He couldn’t even apologize for sending her such an obscene note and here he was ordering her around.

‘Well, that’s what you’re paid for,what’s the face for?’ he replied and the trio burst out laughing.

‘Here, have this’ she moved nearer to him and landed a slap on his face.

His face burned from her slap; the liquor slowly faded from his brain as he realized that he had just been slapped by her.

‘Did you just slap me’? He rose to his feet.

‘And I will do it again, you psycho’ she fetched the note from her pocket and threw it on his table and then stormed out of the hall.

‘Trudy, didn’t you get the note I sent to you’? He turned to the blonde beside him.

‘No’ she shook her head.

‘I wonder how that crazy girl got to the note’ he staggered and fell on his seat.

‘It doesn’t matter honey, just forget her. She is a lame blonde b—h’ the red head sneered and there all burst out with laughter.

‘Where are you’? Amanda rushed towards the car as she dialed her best friend’s number.

Her phone kept going to voice mail.

Amanda’s face was flushed as she thought about what had just happened; she wished she could’ve followed up with some blows too. She felt insulted and denigrated by his crazy note.

‘Mandy, why are you out here’? Alex walked towards her.

‘Thank God you’re here’ Amanda gave her friend a hug.

‘Yea? What happened? You look very pale like you have just seen a ghost’ Alex replied.

‘Something worse, can we get the hell out of this place’? Amanda sighed.

‘What?! The party just started and I am really having fun’ Alex wore a frown.

‘What’s up with you? Don’t be so uptight, loosen up’ Alex quickly added.

‘Someone harassed me tonight’ Amanda exhaled sharply and cringed as she remembered the words of the note.

‘Geez, what happened? Are you hurt’? Alex moved closer to her.

‘No. Nothing physical, it’s just an obscene note’ Amanda retorted.

‘An obscene note? Can I see it’? Alex asked.

‘No, I threw it at the crazy guy along with a slap’ Amanda’s lips curled as she remembered the astonishment that had been written over his face.

‘What! what if he called the cops? You know, you don’t look bad tonight, you shouldn’t have slapped him’ Alex shrugged and pulled open the car.

‘Whose side are you on? You needed to see this note’ Amanda tried to explain the reason for her actions.

‘What did the note say’? Alex settled in the car.

“I want to s–k your p—y and f#ck you till your knees go weak’ Amanda said.

‘That is really weird for a secret admirer, are you sure he wasn’t drunk or something’? Alex chuckled.

‘Not funny. Now you see? He deserved that slap and more’ Amanda gave a long hiss.

‘Alright, remember I told you a lot of rich folks are at this party’ Alex started.

She knew her friend quite well; the things she loved and the things she hated. Amanda was not really thrilled by pity and undue generosity and that was the first mistake she had made in their early days of friendship.

She had offered to pay some of the faculty dues for her friend and Amanda had really gotten mad about it.

“I don’t need your pity or your money. I can handle myself” those were the words she had spoken to her that day.

‘Yea’? Amanda waited for more.

‘I heard rumors about some vacancies in the Beecroft Empire; they’re hiring’ Alex announced.

‘You mean that multibillion Software corporation’? Amanda’s blue eyes blazed, in surprise.

‘Yes, I thought you should check it out. You really ought to give it a shot’ Alex suggested.

She had a lot of rich friends and it would’ve been an easy thing to get her friend a spot, but she didn’t want to interfere. Telling her about it was enough; Amanda loved to fight for things on her own. She was a very independent person.

‘That’s really sweet, but there’s a little problem’ Amanda sighed.

‘What’? Alex lifted a brow.

‘What if am not good enough? Beecroft Corps is a huge business empire; a lot of people would want to seize this opportunity, what if I don’t make it’? She voiced her fears.

‘Hey, you don’t need to waddle in negativity; all you need is to prepare for the interview. You can do this’ Alex reassured her.

‘Thanks Alex, you’re the nicest person in the world’ she leaned forward and gave her friend a hug.

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Episode 4

The shrill cry of the alarm clock interfered with his sleep and he straightened on the bed; he cursed and fell back on the California king sized bed.

The sun’s golden rays streamed into his room and he felt like going back to sleep but he couldn’t.

‘Another day, another dollar’ he groaned and jumped out bed.

His head throbbed like he’d been hit with a club or something heavier; this was his aftermath after some wild partying.

Greg Beecroft was the C.E.O of the Beecroft software Empire; he had taken over the company when he was just twenty as he showed so much promise; he had worked so hard to take it to the level where it was now.

Now he was thirty, he had not given up on the software empire; he had bigger and better plans for it, except that his father was starting to get in the way of that.

He turned on the shower and stepped into it. The water was cool to his skin; it quenched the ache he felt in his head; it relaxed and soothe him.

As the water ran down his thick black hair, he took a mental trip to the events at the party.

Before he got dead drunk; he remembered a girl slapping him for something he didn’t do.

Why she was so mad? He would never know, but there had been a mix up obviously; he had sent the note to one of his numerous girlfriends, Trudy and somehow the note had gotten to the crazy faced blonde.

‘Savage’ he murmured and stepped out of the shower.

He was Greg Beecroft and no woman had ever laid hands on him before; no woman had ever disrespected him. He was a god and women swooned over him, they lived to worship him.

He wished he knew a little bit about her, maybe he could teach her a lesson or two; he had been slightly tipsy when that had happened, that was why she was able to go scot free.

As he dried his body with the towel; there was a light knock on his door. He stopped.

He lived alone in a penthouse; far from his father or other members of his family; he hated any form of family interference.

‘It’s me Wendy, open up’ a voice called out to him.

His heart froze at the mention of her name. Out of all the girls he dated, Wendy was the only one that he really liked; she loved the things he loved; she was ruthless and ambitious, not to mention sexy.

She was tall and slender; her breasts were perky and round; her eyes were bright green like emeralds and her hair; a mass of auburn curls.

‘Are you going somewhere’? Wendy sauntered into her boyfriend’s bedroom.

‘Yes. Work. I’ve got an important meeting’ he replied.

‘I came here with your father’ she replied with a frown.

‘My father? Are you on his side now’? Greg scoffed. Ever since his mother passed, he had fallen out with his dad; they hardly got along except when it came to business.

‘When will you ever grow up Greg’? Wendy’s green eyes glowed angrily.

‘I don’t understand you? He slipped on a shirt and quickly worked on his buttons.

‘Look’ she took a deep breath and showed him some pictures; they had gone viral on the internet.

“The Sexy Billionaire goes wild again” said the caption along some photos of him kissing the girls from the other night.

‘Where did you get this’? Greg snatched the phone from her, this would be the third time something like this was happening and it wasn’t good for his image as future CEO.

‘The internet of course! why are you so irresponsible, you’re thirty Greg not sixteen. You are the C.E.O of Beecroft, don’t you think your wild habits are getting in the way of that’? Wendy was exasperated.

‘You don’t have to call me names, I know I cheated on you again and I am sorry. I know you are hurt that I cheated, but it just happened, it was a mistake’ he stuttered.

Greg and Wendy had begun their relationship five years ago after they were introduced by their parents at a dinner event.

‘I can’t believe this, you’re such a liar. I don’t have anything to say to you Greg, but I think your father does’ Wendy hissed angrily and stormed out of his room.

‘Phew! What now’? He rolled his eyes and moved out to meet with his father.

‘Morning dad’ he murmured a greeting.

‘Sit’ the older man ordered. He was an older version of Greg, but still very handsome for his age.

‘I handed over the company to you in good faith. I thought you were hardworking and smart and against the advice of so many, I resigned and then you took over’ the man begun.

Greg moved to the fridge and fetched a bottle of water he fidgeted abit .

‘When you started sleeping around; partying and going crazy, I ignored it. I felt you were young and would come out of it someday; but as the years rolled by, you have only gotten worse. Tell me, what do you think our partners and competitors would think when they see that picture of you? This is the third time this crap is happening Greg and I am really sick of it’ his voice rose as he spoke angrily.

‘So I made a mistake and some crazy person took a photo of me, what do you want me to do about it? Partying does not make me less efficient at work; you’re all making a big deal out of this’ Greg sipped his water coolly. He was not in the mood for any argument.

‘There’s only one way that I can give up the hold I have on Beecroft Softwares; I can only will everything to you when I know that you are responsible’ he rose to his feet.

‘And what’s that supposed to mean’? Greg saw the dangerous glint in his father’s eyes; he didn’t like the tone of his voice.

‘Get married to Wendy before your thirty first birthday else I’ll take Beecroft away from you’ the older man said with finality.
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Episode 5

Slowly, Greg dropped the bottle and focused on his father; maybe he had not heard well, but the words had really sounded funny and so he laughed.

‘All my life, I have served this company with loyalty, commitment and dedication; you cannot take it from me, there is no one else that can run Beecroft like I do. No one else, it would crumble in two weeks should you give my position to someone else’ Greg scoffed.

‘Prove it, get married to Wendy, or you forget it’ the man repeated boldly.

‘And what if I don’t’? Greg returned.

‘I’ll give it to my other son, Nathan’ the man replied firmly and walked out of his house.

‘You cannot be serious, that bastard knows nothing about running a company’ Greg spewed angrily. He felt hurt and betrayed that his father would threaten him like that.

‘I am’ the man replied and shut the door.

‘Shit’ Greg’s face paled as he watched the car leave. He reached out for his phone and quickly texted his best friend, he was greatly confused; he had never seen his father in that mood before. Determination and confidence were written all over his face and it terrified him to see his father that way.

The morning was bright with promises as she served her mother a breakfast of pancakes and syrup. Amanda was unusually excited as she thought of the job interview that was to come up in seven days time.

‘So how was the party’? Her mother asked.

‘Fine’ she replied coolly.

‘You returned rather early’ her mother observed.

‘Yea, I did, got a little choky in there….oh I’ll be applying for a spot to intern at Beecrofts ‘Amanda announced cheerfully.

‘That’s a huge honey, how did you hear of it’? The woman asked.

‘Alex. She got a gig from last night. I already sent an email to my school and they responded. So I’ll use one year with the company for my Industrial Training’ Amanda answered hopefully.

‘That’s a good one, you are the best ’.

‘It will work out’ she nodded her head confidently.

Her mind still strayed to the man at the party. She couldn’t wrap her head as to why he sent her such a note.

His eyes were highly penetrating; they could bore into one’s soul and as she thought about their seductive glare, her legs felt weak.

‘Why are you smiling’? Her mother had been observing her.

‘Smiling? I am not smiling’ she grinned.

‘Yes you were, tell me about it’ the woman was curious.

‘Nothing. I am just so excited about this job, I want everything to work out perfectly’ she replied.

‘Okay, if you say so’ the woman chuckled. Her daughter wasn’t a very good liar and it was written clearly on her face that she wasn’t willing to share whatever was on her mind.

Amanda focused on her meal and the thoughts of the stranger kissing her again; the buzzing of her phone shut the thoughts out, Alex had sent her a text.

ALEX: Hi hun, how are you?

AMANDA: Morning, happy, you?

ALEX: More than happy. Guess what?

AMANDA: You know I am not very good at guessing.

ALEX: I had the best sex of my life and this guy turns out to be an asset.

AMANDA: Really?

ALEX: Yea, coincidentally, he works with the Beecroft Softwares Empire; he is friends with the C.E.O, Greg Beecroft.

AMANDA: Wow that’s really nice.

ALEX: Aii, I have to go now, he’s out of the bathroom.

AMANDA: Whatever. Love. You.

‘You like someone, you’re have a crush’ her mother scanned her face briefly.

‘Mum’! Amanda protested with a laugh.

‘Come on darling, tell me about him’ the woman pressed on.

‘There is nothing to tell because there is no one’ Amanda smiled and sipped the hot chocolate from the mug.

‘Who was that’? Morgan asked as he stepped out of the bathroom. He had met Alex at the party and they’d clicked instantly. They had exchanged numbers and had decided to meet up later.

As they had made small talk the night before; Morgan had briefly mentioned that he worked with Beecroft and they were hiring.

‘Amanda, remember? I told you she could use a job’ Alex replied.

‘Okay…I do remember her. I really have to go now’ Morgan announced.

‘Really’? Alex pouted her lips as she stared at the blond.

‘Yes, Greg sent me a text, it’s definitely work related. So we’ll do this some other time but in a classy restaurant, over some good food and wine’? Morgan climbed the bed and planted a kiss on her face.

‘Are you asking me on a date’? Alex grinned and chuckled.

‘Call it whatever you want darling, but I really enjoyed your company’ his hands encircled her creamy boobs.

‘Hey, you better hurry, else you’d be late for work’ Alex laughed and pushed his hands away.

‘Alright, stay cool, goodbye now’ he blew her a kiss and trotted out of their hotel room.

‘You too’ Alex murmured in a shaky voice. This was the first guy she had really connected with since her break up with her last boyfriend.

She was unsure of what she felt but this was sure, thinking about him brought butterflies to her tummy and she couldn’t help but wonder what it was.

‘It’s just the sex. He is very good in bed’ she thought aloud.

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Episode 6

It had not taken him much time to reach his office where he was to meet with Morgan, his best friend and employee. His father had not been joking about the marriage issue, he couldn’t get married to Wendy or any other woman, he wasn’t ready; he had his whole life planned out and marriage was not one of his plans.

‘Good morning sir, there’s a little problem’ Gwen followed him into the office.

‘Now it’s not the time, tell Holly to fix me a coffee, I could really use one now’ he snapped at his secretary.

‘Um, that’s where the problem lies’ Gwen shrugged.

‘What problem’? Greg was getting impatient, he just needed time alone.

‘She is not coming back’ Gwen drew a deep breath in readiness to share the news.

‘What’s that supposed to mean’? Greg asked.

‘She resigned and left for Nevada’ she said.

‘What? How on earth am I supposed to find another personal assistant at this short notice? What the fuvk’? Greg swore under his breath.

‘I am really sorry sir’ Gwen stuttered.

‘Just go, get out’ Greg swallowed. How could Holly quit like that? She had not even given him a sign; he quickly let her pass and focused on other important matters. Holly was trivial, his company was hiring and that was the opportunity to find himself a personal assistant.

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‘Morning Fresh prince, I got your message, you ready for the meeting’? Morgan swaggered into his office.

‘Sit down Morgan, this isn’t about the meeting’ Greg rose to his feet and shut the door.

‘Whoa, this is really serious; spill! Did you cheat on Wendy? Oh my God, you broke the internet again’ Morgan chuckled as he found the answer.

‘It’s not funny; I don’t know who took photos of me last night, you assured me that the party would be safe’ Greg blamed his friend for everything.

‘I thought it would be, so, Wendy can handle that, she is your Media Management officer’ Morgan shrugged.

Wendy also worked in the company and she had handled the first two problems of Greg that had gone viral.

‘My father wants me to get married to Wendy’ Greg blurted out.

‘That’s a good thing, getting married of course’ Morgan nodded. He almost laughed as he scanned Greg’s face; he had gone as pale as sheet, like he saw a ghost or something.

‘Morgan! This is d–n serious, I have never seen my dad this way, I am in some deep shit, he could even cut me off his will’ Greg sighed.

‘Cut you off? Wait, he can’t do that, you have worked so hard for this company. Beecroft would be nothing without you’ Morgan straightened on the chair, this was getting serious.

‘He wants me to get married before my thirty first birthday else he would hand over the company to Nathan’ Greg said.

Morgan scoffed, he knew Greg’s half brother was a real jackass, they never got along.

‘Nathan doesn’t have the experience to run Beecroft, the old man probably just wants you to get serious’ Morgan decided.

‘You needed to see his face; I know that man; I know when he wants something so bad. He could play dirty just to earn it’ Greg groaned.

‘Hey, getting married to Wendy is not a bad idea, if that’s what will please your dad, then you gotta do it’ Morgan advised.

‘Are you crazy? Wendy? I know she is my girlfriend officially; I like her a lot but I don’t see myself getting married. Ever. Greg ruffled his hair.

Why couldn’t anyone understand him? His parent’s marriage was a rocky one; they only managed to stay with each other to avoid a major scandal; he didn’t believe in true love or marriage.

‘Calm down, take a deep breath and think. What do you want Greg? If Beecroft is of any value to you, you’d get married to her; you don’t need to love her to get married; what are your fears anyway? You just get to sleep in the same bed, have sex every night and grow old together’ Morgan tried to paint a good image of marriage.

‘Isn’t that sad and boring? You’re not helping me Morgan, I called you here to get your advice and not your teasing. I don’t want to get married to Wendy and I love Beecroft too much to let it go. What should I do’? He was desperate.

‘When is your thirty first birthday coming up’? The words rushed out of Morgan’s mouth.

‘Oh shoot, I am supposed to remember that because I am your best friend’ he quickly fetched his phone and searched the calendar.

‘I know, I am screwed’ Greg exhaled; his birthday was coming up in a month’s time.

‘You have thirty days’ Morgan bit his lip.

‘So’? Greg drummed his fingers on the table.

‘Tell your father the truth, that you are not ready for marriage. He either takes it or leaves it’ Morgan advised.

‘That would mean standing up to him’ Greg had a bad feeling about this.

‘Yes’ Morgan rose to his feet and moved to the mini bar, he was thirsty for a drink.

‘That reminds me, Holly is gone, I’ll need a new personal assistant’ Greg joined him at the cellar.

‘Okay, we’ll have a lot of people coming up for the interview, I could get you one. What’s your spec’? Morgan offered Greg a glass.

‘No blue eyed blondes, they’re just plain stupid’ Greg snorted, Holly had been a blonde.

‘Okay boss! I need to take this’ Morgan reached out for his phone, Alex was calling.

‘Who is that’? Greg stared at him suspiciously.

‘New catch, you know what, I may have just found you your new personal assistant’ Morgan winked; he remembered Alex had told him of her friend who could really use a job.

‘Whatever, I really need to talk to my father and Wendy’ Greg gulped the red content in his glass

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Episode 7

She had laid everything out for the interview; she felt a bit nervous but she knew she had what it took. She needed the right oufit to boost her confidence.

‘So what should I wear’? Amanda laid out all her clothes.

‘Gosh!, you shouldn’t be asking me that’ Alex rolled her eyes.

‘Come on, this is a huge one for me and we both know that; we’re talking about the Beecroft Softwares Empire here’ Amanda said, she noticed her friend was distracted.

‘Um, what did you say’? Alex dropped the phone and quickly turned to her. She was sexting Morgan.

‘Alex? Why are you so busy with that phone’? Amanda dropped a dress she had fetched and moved over to grab the phone, but Alex had been quite fast.

‘Is that the guy you told me about’? Amanda smiled and stared at her friend arms akimbo.

‘Yes’ Alex seemed evasive; she was not ready to talk about Morgan yet.

‘You seem really happy to be with him’ Amanda lifted a brow.

‘Sure, feels like I’ve known him for ages’ Alex placed a hand on her chest.

‘You’re just infatuated, be careful before you get yourself hurt’ Amanda returned to choosing a dress.

‘Look who’s talking, you should be encouraging me to pursue this, but how would you understand? You don’t have a boyfriend, you have never been in love or a relationship before’ Alex picked her phone and continued texting.

‘ I think Amanda has found a guy, she has chosen to keep him secret’ her mother wheeled into her bedroom.

‘Good day Mrs. Atkins’ Alex moved towards the woman and gave her a warm hug.

‘Hello Alexandra’ the woman returned the hug.

‘Mum! Don’t start now’ Amanda’s cheeks were flushed.

‘Is this true Amanda? How could you hide such from me’? Alex grinned.

‘No, don’t listen to mum, there’s no one’ Amanda avoided Alex’s penetrating gaze.

If only they could read her mind, they’d be surprised to see that she was still thinking about the stranger back at “Seductress”. How could she forget his chestnut eyes, they were the finest pair of brown eyes she had ever seen; pools of golden brown, pure and crystal and they called out to her.

She dreamt of his lips; they were cute and plump and she yearned for a kiss. Her desire and hate for him was conflicting, it confused her more.

‘Really? But I told you about the dude I met in the club’ Alex threw her hands in the air, not quite understanding why Amanda would keep her boyfriend a secret.

‘You said “guy”, doesn’t he have a name’? Amanda asked.

‘Morgan. Morgan Wills. That is his name, are you cool now’? Alex fetched her buzzing phone.

‘I will be if you help me figure out what to wear’ Amanda replied.

‘Honey, you should wear that purple dress, it would look good on you and it matches your eyes’ her mother wheeled towards her.

‘Are you sure about this mom’? Amanda was uncertain about getting fashion tips from her Mother.

‘Ok? sooooo…. something else came up gurl!’ Alex announced excitedly.

‘What’s that’? Amanda asked.

‘Would you like to work as the C.E.O’s personal assistant? The pay is great and from what I’m being told, he is a nice guy’ Alex beamed.

‘Are you kidding me? Why not? Yes! Yes’! Amanda screamed.

‘Oh’ Alex’s face fell as she read the incoming message.

‘What’s that’? Amanda asked.

‘Um, nothing, just that the interview demands include wearing a hat’ Alex replied. How could she tell her friend what Morgan had just said? She wondered why his boss did not want blue eyed blondes, a description which fit Amanda perfectly.

‘Why! That’s Cool, wearing my Sunday Hat isn’t going to be a problem at all’ Amanda’s eyes glowed confidently.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had paid his father a visit; they lived separately and far from each other. He hated the house that brought back painful memories that he had tried to forget; that was the house where he had been raised; the house he so much hated now.

A flicker of light pierced his eyes and transcended him to another realm of memory.

“Always remember this Greg, I love you and I will always be with you” those were his mother’s words when he had just been five.

Now she was gone and he blamed his father for it.

He was barely seven years old, but he remembered everything quite vividly; an older woman had showed up at their doorstep one day with a green eyed brunette; that was the beginning of his mother’s sorrows.

From that day on, he noticed she was withdrawn; she no longer played with him or sang his favorite songs or read him a bedtime story before he slept. And then his father was always yelling and breaking plates; he was quite young but he remembered everything and he knew that his mother was unhappy. Five years later, she died and he grew to hate his father, because everything had been perfect before his mistress showed up with their love child.

‘Welcome Mr. Greg’ his father’s security welcomed him.

‘Thanks Gates’ he shook hands with the man and stepped into the house.

One thing he’d learnt about his father was this, Silas Beecroft was quite the decisive man, there was no bone of wavering or indecision in him; once his mind was fixed on something; nothing could sway it.

Greg scanned the walls of the room ‘same old, same old’ he muttered to himself.

Everything seemed dead to him; there was no life in this cold room; this wasn’t a home, it was just a building like the numerous ones his father owned in other states.

‘Greg’? A familiar voice called and he swirled.

‘Good day dad’ Greg faced him.

‘You didn’t call’ he said to his son.

‘Really? Do I have to call’? Greg asked.

‘Honey! I am still in need of that lemonade’ a female voice called out.

‘I see, same old you, drinking and whoring yet you make me feel bad for partying’ Greg snapped angrily.

His dad was just a huge hypocrite; he definitely had one of his girlfriends at home and that was the reason he didn’t look so welcoming.

‘Stay put Beth! I’m coming’! His father ignored him and moved to the refrigerator.

‘Just like I thought, you have nothing to say’ Greg moved to a chair.

‘What do you want me to say Greg? That I am sorry? I know you hold a grudge against me, but I don’t care. You are my son and I don’t need to explain myself to you’ Silas poured himself some brandy.

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Episode 8

He had been married to Greg’s mother for some years; they had been happy at first; but then he made a mistake, the love affair he had with a woman few years back produced Nathan, his other son.

He knew Greg’s love for him waned from that moment; but he couldn’t blame the boy; there was a lot of things Greg didn’t know about his mother, she was far from perfect.

‘Well, your personal life is your business. I came here to tell you that I would not be threatened; I am not getting married to Wendy. I know I messed up but I promise it wouldn’t happen again’ Greg said.

‘When I told you about my plans for you earlier, I wasn’t negotiating, it’s an order. You need to get married to Wendy else I give Nathan Beecroft’ Silas replied.

‘Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to punish me for just one mistake? But look at you, you have someone over your house’ Greg gestured with his hands.

‘Hey, keep your hands and voice down. Beth is different, I want something serious with her, I have not been with any other woman since your mother died’ Silas replied.

‘Whatever, just get my point. I am not ready for marriage; I don’t wanna end up an unhappy person, so please, take back your words and let’s go back to living our normal lives’ Greg retorted.

‘Wait, you think I am threatening you because I want to punish you for being irresponsible? That would be quite shallow of me; you have no other choice but to marry Wendy else we would lose her parents, I guess I never told you they owned 10% of Beecroft, they’re silent partners’ his father explained.

Silas had another reason why he wanted Greg to get married to Wendy but he wasn’t prepared to tell him now.

The river of brown in his eyes became turbulent, why hadn’t his father told him this before? Why was he just saying this now? Was that why he had insisted on him dating Wendy?

‘How come you never told me this before’? Greg felt sabotaged.

‘Well, it wasn’t necessary at the time, but it is now. Think of this, should her parents pull out and invest more than 10% in our competitors company, where do you think that will leave Beecroft’? Silas asked.

‘I can’t believe this; you’re a real joker, I actually thought you wanted me to get married because you cared about me, because you wanted me to be more responsible; but all I see now is a selfish man with selfish interests. I am sorry to burst your bubble, I am not getting married to Wendy or anyone else for that matter’ Greg rose up and made for the door.

‘That means Nathan would get to run the company’ Silas relaxed against the chair.

‘He has no experience, Beecroft will crumble within a week’ Greg stopped.

‘You think? I knew a day like this will come when you will disobey me and that’s the more reason I sent your brother to the best business school in the world. Havard. So now you see? You are not indispensable’ Silas marched towards him.

‘I can’t believe this’ Greg felt weak at what his father had just revealed.

‘Get married to Wendy or you’ll lose the company’ Silas repeated.

Suddenly the front door creaked and fell open, Greg and Silas turned.

‘Hello dad, Hello Greg’ Nathan walked into the house with two boxes.

‘What are you doing here’? Greg scowled as he stared at his half brother.

‘I’m home for good’ Nathan gave him a wicked smile

‘So are you sure you really want to get married to Greg? I know I and your dad thought you two best for each other and that’s the more reason we invested in Beecroft; but from the look of things Greg is not ready for marriage’ Elena said to her daughter.

‘That’s the more reason I want him mother, he would learn to be responsible for us and his child’ Wendy’s hands went to her belly.

‘I don’t understand? Are you pregnant Wendy’? The woman dropped her little dog and rose to her feet.

‘Not too sure, haven’t been on the pill for a while and I have been feeling a little bit funny’ she continued to rub her stomach.

‘I don’t want this for you Wendy, I want you to get married to a man who will love and cherish you and not someone like Greg, look at this’ Elena flipped through the pages of a magazine that had carried Greg’s latest escapades.

‘It was just a mistake mum, Greg is a nice guy, I know he has a weakness of flirting around but I still love me and I know deep down that he loves me too. I really want this marriage to work; I told Silas that I was pregnant and that’s the reason he is really pushing Greg over’ Wendy replied.

‘That boy better make things work else we’re pulling out of Beecroft’ Elena hissed and stormed out of the room.

‘It’s going to work ; it’s really going to work’ a mischievous smile appeared on Wendy’s face.

She had fallen in love with Greg from the first day she laid eyes on him; he was tall, had a sexy and lean frame; his jeans had hugged his lean hips perfectly; his hair was soft and raven; his lips called out to her for the kissing and his eyes?

‘They’re just perfect’ she smiled and fetched her phone.

They’d dated for two years now and she was ready to take their relationship to the next level; she didn’t see herself with any other man except Greg, he was the love of her life and her soul mate

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Episode 9

And so she lifted her phone and dialed his number.

‘Pick up, pick up’ she wiggled her fingers nervously.

‘Greg…’ she drawled his name.

‘Now is not a good time Wendy’ his voice was tense and stern.

‘I really need to see you right now, I am so confused and I don’t know what to do’ she broke into sobs.

‘What is it’? He asked gently.

‘I am pregnant’ she answered.

‘Hey, your mum don’t lie, and from the way you’re avoiding my eyes, there’s something you’re hiding from me’ Alex moved closer to her friend once Mrs. Atkins had wheeled out of the room.

‘Come on Alex, you know how dramatic my mother can be, I assure you there’s nothing, I don’t keep secrets, remember’? Amanda licked her lips nervously.

‘Really? You’re stuttering, I want you to be honest with me’ Alex wouldn’t give up.

Amanda knew her friend would bug the life out of her, so she threw her hands in the air and decided to tell her about the guy she’d slapped at the party.

‘I think I have a crush…’ she begun.

‘On’? Alex asked.

‘The guy that sent me the obscene note, I just don’t know but I can’t stop thinking about him’ Amanda sighed; she had never felt this way before.

‘Really? I thought you hated him, you were so upset, what’s he like’? Alex returned.

‘He’s really cute with the sexiest brown eyes I have ever seen. He is tall and lean; his body is hard and firm; his muscles are well shaped and his lips? Oh my, pure heaven’ Amanda rolled her eyes dreamily.

‘Wow, you really like this guy’ Alex winked, she had never seen her friend gush about a guy like this.

‘It’s just a crush, it’s going to fade, besides I would never see him again. I give myself two more days’ Amanda raised two fingers in the air.

‘Better, you don’t need any distraction now. Focus on the interview’ Alex replied.

‘I wonder what my new boss would be like’ Amanda shrugged.

‘Maybe we should Google him, you know, read about him, see the things he hates and likes; it would help you flow better with him’ Alex suggested.

‘No, I love the element of surprise’ Amanda shook her head, not really interested in checking her boss out.

‘Whatever, just wear the hat and look nice in your purple dress’ Alex replied.

‘Thanks very much Alex, for helping me out, cause I know you put in a good word for me’ Amanda was grateful.

‘It’s nothing, just get ready, I’ll pick you up by eight; I love the element of surprise too’ Alex winked.

Morgan had asked her out on a date; she decided that she liked him very much and she was going to show up at his work place unannounced.

‘Give me a five’ Amanda raised her hand.

‘Yea baby’ Alex received her palm.

‘I am so f—-d, my whole life is over’ Greg loosened his tie and sank into the sofa. He had just asked Wendy to come over so they talk more about her pregnancy; how could she allow that happen? he felt trapped and uneasy.

He had a feeling his dad knew about her pregnancy and that was the very reason he was pushing them to get married.

‘There is no way out for me, no way’ he drank the scotch greedily, it burned his insides, it swirled his head.

‘I am here’ Wendy walked towards him.

‘How long have you known’? Greg bit his lip angrily.

‘Hello darling, is that anyway to welcome your girlfriend’? Wendy winked.

‘How long have you known about the pregnancy’? Greg yelled at her.

She swallowed and moved back, she had never seen him this way ‘Easy tiger, I just knew, I am a month gone and please don’t blame me; I always insisted on condoms but you loved it raw’ she grinned and settled on a chair.

‘Does my father know about it’? Greg curled his fingers together.

‘Yes, I told him. I am sorry, I know I should’ve checked in with your first, but I was so scared and confused’ Wendy’s eyes lit with tears.

‘D–n’ Greg swore and settled back on the Sofa, he felt weak, all his energy had fled him.

‘And why didn’t you tell me your parents owned 10% of Beecroft’? Greg focused on her eyes.

‘Actually, I never knew that, i only got to know that today’ Wendy replied.

‘I can’t believe this’ Greg rose to his feet again.

First, Nathan was in town; and he had been trained to run a company; now this? The odds were against him, he felt trapped in dark cave; there was no way out.

‘Why are you not happy Greg’? Wendy walked towards him.

‘You don’t understand Wendy, I like you as my girlfriend, but I am not ready for marriage. We cannot get married, we will be a total disaster, so, you can keep the baby, we’ll figure out a way to raise it’ Greg said his mind.

The notion of marriage was a scary one; he’d seen how unhappy his mother had been and he never wanted to end up that way.

‘Baby, we have been in a relationship for two years now; I love you very much and I know you love me. I am the only woman that can tolerate you, your boozing and playing around; I stuck around because, I knew one day we would end up together’ Wendy caressed his face with her palms.

Why couldn’t Greg see that there was no other woman for him? Why couldn’t he reciprocate her love.

‘I know Wendy, but us? We can never be married’ Greg replied. He was ready to stand up to his father; he wasn’t going to be force into something that his mind rejected.

‘Are you saying you don’t love me’? Wendy swallowed the bitter lump that clogged her throat.

‘I love you Wendy, but I don’t want to get married’ he replied.

‘Fine’ she drew a deep breath and released it.

‘Fine’? He lifted his brow.

‘Yes, I guess you know what you really want’ Wendy nodded and stormed out of the house but she was not getting any of that. She loved Greg very much and he would eventually belong to her.

She slid into her car and quickly fetched her phone, she dialed Silas Beecroft.

‘Hello Silas, Greg is adamant. I don’t want to have a child out of wedlock; my parents are Catholic and wouldn’t approve of an abortion. You must really work fast else I tell them everything that is going on’ Wendy complained over the phone.

‘Sure. I’ll handle Greg’ Silas murmured.

‘Yes! I got this’ she rolled her red curls into a bun, started the car and sped off.

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Episode 10

Are you okay dad’? Nathan stared at his father, he thought he looked rather pale.

‘Fine’ Silas replied tightly.

Why was Greg so stubborn? Why was he bent on destroying the relationship he had built with Wendy’s parents? It baffled him. He had a feeling Greg would do all in his power to avoid a marriage to wendy.

‘You aren’t fine dad, here, sit , tell me everything’ Nathan led the older man into a chair.

A smile carved Silas’ face at the gesture of his younger son; in many ways Nathan had shown so much concern for him unlike his elder brother Greg.

‘Is this about Greg’? Nathan asked nervously.

‘Yes. He is refusing Wendy; I don’t know what to do’ Silas’ head swayed back and forth.

Nathan drew a deep breath and watched the man he called father; he had known from an early stage that he was less loved and less preferred to his half brother, Greg.

His mother had told him about the affair she had with Silas that gave birth to his existence; it had hurt him those years, when he had yearned for a father; one to accompany him to his baseball games; one to read him a bed time story; one to look up to but Silas had never been there.

He only sent him and his mother money; but money wasn’t everything.Nathan’s green eyes were unsettling as he stared at the older man, thinking up a suitable plan that would align with his’.

Greg had their father’s love and favor; though Silas kept saying he would hand over the company to him, deep down he knew his father was just bluffing.

Deep down, he knew Silas didn’t trust him as much as Greg; didn’t believe in him. If he did, why had he placed Greg as the C.E.O at the tender age of twenty?

However, he wasn’t perturbed. Beecroft was equally his birthright and he had returned to fight for her; he had carefully planned every moment of his ascension to the Software Empire.

First, he needed to appear like the good guy; he needed his father to play into his hands, that was the only way to hurt Greg eventually.

‘Greg can be handled, even the toughest rebels were tamed’ Nathan replied.

‘Not your brother Nathan, you don’t know a thing about Greg. He is purposeful, strong, self willed and his decisiveness scares me at times’ Silas felt frustrated with Greg, but he couldn’t beg him. He would never allow Greg see that side of him.

‘Have you told him that Wendy is pregnant with his child’? Nathan inquired.

‘Does it matter? Greg would still refuse to wed her and that means her parents would pull out’ Silas replied.

‘Or not’ Nathan breathed.

‘You have a plan or something’? Silas scoffed.

‘Of course, it’s time to employ tact’ Nathan replied.

‘Tact? Tact doesn’t work when dealing with your brother; hell, I don’t even know what works’ Silas replied.

‘Invite him over for dinner, I have something in mind’ Nathan’s emerald orbs gleamed mischievously.

‘And what could that be’? His father wondered.

‘Just make him come home’ Nathan replied and returned to his laptop.

‘Okay then, I’ll do just that’ Silas left for his room.

He grinned as he watched the pictures of a drunken Greg and his side chicks; he had been at the party and he had taken the pictures and leaked them on the internet.

‘How fun, daddy’s boy always gets into trouble’ Nathan sniggered.

Greg had been so drunk that he couldn’t recognize him and that was when he seized the opportunity to discredit Greg before Silas.

What was so special about Greg? Why couldn’t Silas choose him?

‘Done with that’ Nathan murmured and shut his eyes for a while.

He still remembered her lovely face; her light brown curls that cascaded to her shoulders; the glow of her sapphire eyes, her luscious pink lips and her shy smile.

‘Amanda’ he drawled her name.

She was the most beautiful blonde he had ever come across and he couldn’t stop thinking about her; he had searched the internet for her, but no results came.

‘I’ll keep looking’ he shut the computer and rose to his feet.

He would search the town for her later but now? He needed to work on his plan.

The sound of the doorbell halted his steps and he made for the door.

‘Who’s there?’ He asked.

‘A mail for the house, a man responded.

He opened the door and the uniformed mailman thrusted two envelopes towards him.

‘Please sign’

‘Why couldn’t you leave it in the box’? Nathan peered outside.

‘Because it is filled, thanks’ the man replied and rode away.

Nathan shut the door some agression.

‘What is that’? Silas observed he held two envelopes.

‘I don’t know, so have you spoken to Greg’? Nathan dropped the envelopes on the table.

‘Yes. He would be joining us for dinner’ Silas announced.

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Episode 11

Mandy,still up? you need to get some sleep, you got an early start tomorrow’ her mother wheeled close to her chair. She tried to peek at what her daughter was doing.

‘I need to be like extra prepared you know; this opportunity could change a whole lot for me,for us’? Amanda sighed as she envisaged all she needed to accomplish. It was now or never for her.

‘I know honey, but you don’t need to wear yourself out a day before the interview, get some sleep, you’ve done enough reading; the woman insisted.

Amanda truly felt tired. She needed no further persuasion. ‘Ok mom,’she said.

‘Good. Now, off you go’ her mother grinned.

‘Goodnight, I love you’ she kissed her mother on her frail cheeks and trotted to her room.

‘Night Mandy’ the woman smiled as she watched her daughter. She was hopeful. It’ll be fine,she thought to herself.

‘I need sweet dreams tonight Amanda thought as she dived under her duvet. She couldn’t wait to land a job at such a prestigious company. Her eyes were wide open as she looked around her room.

Her eyes strayed to her purple dress that hung on her closet along with the nude beret that she planned to wear.

‘Beautiful’ she smiled and shut her eyes as sleep dragged her into a world of fantasies.

She found herself in a field of flowers; hydrangeas, roses, irises, Honeysuckles and Yellow bells. Everything smelt so beautiful; the azure clouds were impeccable; it snowed silver; everything was at peace in this place.

‘Where am I’? She thought aloud.

‘Here with me’ a male voice whiled

‘You’? Her face lit as she turned and faced the handsome stranger.

‘Darling, you are so beautiful’ he advanced towards her in a kingly match.

She stood there smiling; he was so handsome tonight; his deep brown eyes seduced her, called out to her and she couldn’t resist him.

‘You’re mine, forever’ he took her into his arms and caressed her golden head.

‘I love you’ she whispered and buried her head on his chest.

‘I love you too’ he whispered and then adored her lips with his kisses.

He was hesitant at first; why did his father invite him over for dinner? The man never ceased to baffle him. He felt so pressured and he knew he had aged over the past few days.

‘To accept that little bastard of course’ Greg scowled.

He had tried reaching out to Morgan but it kept going to voicemail; the job interview was the scheduled for the next day, Morgan was in total control of that. He trusted him to handle all its logistics.

He had never gotten along with his half brother Nathan; he liked to think he was the reason his parent’s marriage was strained. Everything had been perfect and blissful, till thate fateful day he showed up with his mother on their doorstep.

Nathan was a self absorbed egomaniac; the last time they met, there had been a very huge fight.

Nathan had come to spend the holiday with them; but he wouldn’t keep his hands off Greg’s things. He seemed to be all over the place. They were worlds apart.

He had sneaked into Greg’s room and had mistakenly broken the vessel that held the ashes of his mother as she had been cremated; all hell was broke loose and they’d fought so hard with each other.

Greg tried to push Nathan out of his thoughts and decided to focus on what was right in front of him; he was still going to stand by what he’d said earlier: He was not getting married to Wendy or any other person for that matter.

He slipped on a blue shirt and pulled up tight fitting denim pants that clung to his toned torso and left for his car.

He knew his father was trying to punish him for having been so reckless at the party; a lesson he had learnt quite well. Now he was going to put a stop to partying altogether, he needed to focus on taking Beecroft to its next level.

He drove out with determination written on his face.

It took him thirty minutes to arrive his father’s mansion.

‘Devil’s den’ he cursed and stepped down from the car. Yes, his father was a devil for trying to manipulate his life; he was a bird and nothing could cage him.

‘Greg! You came’ Silas rose to welcome him. For a moment he seemed pleased to see his older son.

‘Yes father, I came.’ Greg drew a chair and settled close to the table.

The table had been set and assorted dishes graced it; but he wasn’t in the mood to neither dine nor wine; he knew his father had called him for something important.

‘Good evening big brother, remember me?’ Nathan sauntered into the dining room.

‘No, clearly I have amnesia’ Greg growled.

‘Hey boys! No time for all this, this is the first time in a long while that we would be dining as a happy family, let’s not ruin it’ Silas gave a warning to his sons.

‘So, how have you been little bro?’ Greg stared at the green eyed monster that had made him lose most of what was left of his mother.

‘Awesome!. You never cared to check up on me; it’s been a long time Greg’ Nathan poured himself a drink.

‘Considering what you did the last time, you’re the last person that I wanted to see’ Greg replied.

His father gave him a stern look but he ignored it.

‘So what now? You’re back in town for’? Greg asked.

‘Beecroft. I’ll be working there’ Nathan replied confidently.

‘Well, I am the boss , I’ll think about it’ Greg’s voice dropped low and became deadly.

Nathan sensed his brother was threatening him, but he wasn’t perturbed, Beecroft was also his’.

‘Before you guys cut your throats out, I have good news for you Greg’ Silas fetched a document from an envelope and offered it to him.

‘What’s that’? Greg took it without looking, his throat was patched, and he needed some wine.

‘Microsoft wants us to send over six of our workers for intensive training, sign here, to affirm’ Silas handed him a pen.

‘Wow, that’s great news’ Greg was filled with joy at this, his plans of taking Beecroft to a higher level was gradually coming to life.

‘There, done and dusted’ he placed his signature and returned the papers to his dad.

‘Congratulations Mr. Greg’ Nathan raised a glass and chuckled softly.

‘Thanks’ Greg replied, he failed to note the mocking glare in his brother’s eyes.

‘So, what date would your wedding take place’? Silas grinned.

‘What wedding? I told you already, I am not getting married’ Greg’s appetite fled.

‘Of course you are getting married before your thirty first birthday else I give the company over to Nathan’ Silas replied.

‘What nonsense! You cannot force me nor threaten me’ Greg decided this dinner was over.

‘You’re right, I cannot force or threaten you because you already agreed to it’ Silas exhaled.

‘What are you talking about’? Greg’s jaw tightened.

‘Here, you signed the papers’ Silas offered him the documents; his face paled as he took time to read the words that were written on it.

His head swirled in a confusing maze; his heart raced; his legs felt weak as he realized that he had just been played

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Episode 12

Amanda was in high spirits, singing and dancing as she dressed for her interview.

‘Someone seems excited and beautiful’ the woman smiled in admiration as Amanda stepped out of her room.

‘How do I look mother’? Amanda asked.

‘Elegant! That beret though…’ her mum replied doubtfully.

‘Its ok, its not waaayy off!Thanks mum, I’ll see you soon’ Amanda walked over and placed a light kiss on her forehead. Here goes nothing she thought.

‘Sure, now run along, don’t keep Alex waiting’ the woman waved at her, as Alex’s horn almost blasted their ears.

‘Bye mom’ Amanda made her way out of the house.

She wore a flowery purple dress; a pair of nude pumps and held a clutch purse.

‘Looking good gurl!’ Alex screamed across, then rolled her eyes as she realized Morgan would be very mad at her once he discovered Amanda was blonde, but she didn’t care. Why would someone have a thing against hair color? Wasn’t that even illegal? She thought it was a huge joke. Amanda would display her intelligence and they would love her, she told herself firmly.

‘Thanks hun, I did my best’ Amanda’s face lit with a smile.

‘You sure look happy today, look at that glow’? Alex scrutinized her.

‘I am always happy’ Amanda laughed.

‘No. If you weren’t a virgin……hmmmm I’d be thinking something else’ Alex replied and she meant every word.

‘Well, I dreamt about my crush’ Amanda blushed.

‘Oh my God, was it a sex dream? Did you guys have sex’? Alex was curious.

‘No! He just lifted me in his hands and kissed me deeply, it felt so good and perfect’ she recounted the dream to her friend.

‘Wow, that’s sweet; I wish we knew this guy, maybe you two are meant for each other, like soul mates’ Alex teased.

‘It’s just a crush, I’ll be fine I’m sure’ Amanda released a sigh.

‘Speaking of crushes, Morgan says we are running late!’! Alex exclaimed as she looked at her phone.

‘What’?! Amanda’s eyes grew wide, she hated being late for anything. She hoped she wouldn’t be too late when they got there.

‘Put on your seat belt its time for take off, we are gonna fly’ Alex dug the key into the ignition and fired the engine.

‘Wait! you mean you just signed a document without reading its content? How could you make such a silly mistake? Gosh!you’re business man Greg, what if that document wasn’t given to you by your father? What if someone else tried to outsmart you’? Morgan paced the room.

‘I don’t know Morgan. I am done beating myself up about it, I don’t know what to do now. My father has just gotten me into the corner where he wanted and he is about punching me in the face’ Greg replied.

‘You have to take a decision Greg, Wendy is not that bad, you could marry her and divorce her once your father dies; but giving up everything you have built to Nathan is sickening. That guy is crazy, I don’t like him’ Morgan complained.

‘Don’t you think I should call my lawyers’? Greg felt slightly irritated that his friend Morgan was fiddling with his phone at the heat of this important discourse.

‘No, you’ll never win because you weren’t coerced to sign that document’ Morgan replied.

‘What’s so important’? Greg pointed at the phone.

‘Oh, I got you a personal assistant, Alex just texted me, she has arrived. I am sure you’ll like her’ Morgan replied.

‘Alex? Who’s that again’? Greg asked.

‘You’ll see, let me speak to Gwen to get us some coffee, you could really use one’ Morgan moved out of the office.

‘Hey, Gwen could you kindly get us coffee’? Morgan asked sweetly.

‘Oh,sure’ Gwen snorted and left her work.

‘Morgan’! He swirled as he heard his name.

‘Alex’? Morgan was surprised to see her, she had not told him she would be coming along with her friend.

They had arrived Beecroft an hour later; Amanda had been so awed and intimidated by the architectural beauty of Beecroft that she failed to notice any other thing or person.

‘Meet my friend Mandy’ Alex grinned and pushed Amanda forward.

‘Hi…’ Amanda jerked back to reality.

‘Nice to meet you, Amanda…’? Morgan raised his brows questioningly.

‘Atkins. Amanda Atkins’ she supplied.

Morgan took her in briefly; she was simply dressed, not that he cared; he just hoped she would be good at work and making coffee.

‘Um, why are you wearing a head covering’? Morgan noticed the beret, he hated it.

‘Its a fashion accessory, is that a problem’? Alex chipped in.

‘No, I hope Greg likes it, come with me’ Morgan beckoned to her.

‘You can do this Mandy, be confident’ Alex gave her hand a squeeze.

‘Thanks’ Amanda smiled and trotted after Morgan.

She stepped into the office after him; there was another man in it, obviously that would be her boss, but she couldn’t see his face because his back was to her. He was taking a call.

‘Have a seat Amanda’ Morgan gestured with his hands.

‘Thank you Mr. Morgan’ Amanda replied with a smile, and sat on the edge of the chair.

‘Morgan please’ he replied. He was already liking her; she seemed nice and easy going and that’s just the kind of person they needed around here.

‘Coffees are ready’! Gwen sauntered in.

Greg had just been on the phone with his brother; Nathan had called to apologize for the trick their father played on him.

‘Get me some milk, I would like some milk’ Greg swirled and held his breath as his eyes landed on the stormy blue eyes, her face was familiar, he had seen her somewhere.

Amanda’s heart raced like never before as she stared at the man she had seen in her dreams; what was he doing here? Was he the boss?

‘Greg? Are you okay’? Morgan noticed the coldness on Greg’s face.

‘I am sorry Morgan, I have to go’ Amanda couldn’t stand the humiliation; she rose to her feet and rushed out of his office.

‘What was that about’? Morgan’s eyes widened.

‘That was the girl that slapped me at the party, what did I tell you about Blue eyed blondes’? Greg scowled.

‘Is she blonde? and is that really necessary?’ Morgan had not seen her hair.

‘Maybe I am blind’ Greg snapped.

He was enraged that his father tricked him and he took all the anger out on his friend; he was surprised to see her again; this time, in broad day light. His heart raced as he thought about her innocent blue eyes, they seemed soft and gentle; a contrast to the slap she had offered him the other night.

He was about rendering an apology to his friend when a loud scream filtered the air.


Greg quickly rushed to the window, his heart stopped as he realized she had just been hit by a car.
To be continued

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